the new bed…and other happy ramblings.

hello little blog…

i’ve had all these words stashed away for your sweet blank slate and no time to do it…all these moments where i was inspired by bright blue skies or a delicious bite of heavenly food, moments where life poured its splendor deep into my soul and i wanted to run and write…string together the perfect words to ignite even more all those wonderful feelings i want to remember about the little things that make our days so much more than little. but we’ve been busy and sometimes life trumps writing about life. and so be it.
however…i have a quiet break from work here while the little is sleeping and the tea is steeping and my big mug sits with its peppermint tea bag awaiting. to the nook to catch up.

beginning with…

i guess i didn’t realize just how anxious and scared and worried i was about this ‘lil babe until my ultrasound friday when, after i heard that the blood clot was shrinking and things will probably be just fine and i can proceed as normal and chill out, she’s perfect…i walked out with tears and months of tension that finally released their wicked stress through a massive two-day head ache. oh, but relief…sweet relief…and the image of our little bean who was practically bent in half suckin’ her toes on the ultrasound. i forgot how cute they are even when they are only eighteen weeks…and perfectly formed and developed already. this week, i finally felt those first heavenly flips and somersaults.

“does it hurt?” my neice asked.
“does it tickle?” she went on…
“a little bit.”
“what does it feel like?”
hmmmm. i thought…and smiled…it feels like someone is giving you a butterfly kiss in your tummy.

i love these butterfly kisses and the metamorphosis of growth and love that is happening all at once…almost half-way…

oh, the love.

my dad brought my sister’s littlest down to stay with us this weekend, and it has been such a joy watching her and lainey play and interact, two girls…doin’ their thing.

which happened to, i’m sorry, include…dressing up latte and taking her for a walk.

our poor dogs.

we went out for a pizza dinner, snuggled on couches for movies, slid down big slides at the water park, dipped in the gulf, and enjoyed a late-night family pool party…

so somer will take home sweet memories.

and the big news at our house these days is the big girl bed…all set up…and i love it.

it’s everything i wanted it to be, but better because we got crazy deals on everything…the bed, trundle and two new mattresses on craigslist…
and then as if things couldn’t get any better, i had this dream for an old quilt. one that would match the room perfectly with hints of pink and black but nothing overpowering. i wanted it to be heavy…there’s something about a good quilt that lays heavy on you. and, being that there are no current quiltmakers in our family, i set out to look on etsy and ebay but came up with nothing under $300. but then, in a moment of sheer glory, i happened upon this beauty in marshalls on clearance for $20. yes, $20. and i practically wept.

it’s a beauty. and all the pillows and cases, i found tucked in our linen closet. mind you, some needed to be dyed which a few tea bags and boiling water took care of it, but throw in some books, floppy bunnies, ratty teddies…and there you have it. my dreamy big girl’s bed. she climbs on her little stool and reads up there…several times a day. and while we are gradually getting her used to the idea of night time in there, naps are going splendidly.

for some reason, the bed changes everything. new routines at night…reading together..all of us lying among pillowy clouds…

oh, yes…the boys are home and the reunion was monumental. lainey walked in the house, saw them all three sitting indian style on the floor awaiting her arrival…and she shreaked. like blood-curdling happy screams, smiling, jumping…running and kissed and hugged each of them down the row. and did it again. wish i had the video camera, but then again, those unscripted moments in life don’t often get recorded. it was beautiful, none the less.

..and new traditions are born. something i’ve always wanted to do with my littles…
a night-night tradition of dream dust. i found the corked glass cruet at target, burned the edges of some linen paper, glitter-stickered it all up, tied a ribbon, funneled some baby powder and shimmer into it…and voila. magic dream dust.

we sprinkle it on her pillow before bed…a little in my hand, a little in hers…and the pixie dust falls. sssshhhh, i whisper as she smiles. it’s magic. it will give you good dreams…sssshhh. don’t tell anyone.
she smiles again and whispers back…ssshhh. don’t tell gaga.
you can tell gaga…but nobody else. ssshhhh…it’s magic.
i hope she always remembers dream dust. and someday, when off to college she goes, i will send her care packages of dream dust. because everyone needs sweet dreams.


and finally, the girls and i headed to the beach this morning. early…before the seagull and sandpiper prints were brushed away, before the good shells were taken, before the sun scorched the sand with its late summer heat.

the sky was vivid, like a painting, and this tranquil blue saturated everything with pure happiness. we were unprepared, without suits or towels, but sometimes i think those are the best trips. lainey stripped down to her saggy little rose-bud unders and somer opted to dive into the gulf fully dressed.

and we sat in the sand, not saying much, but completely happy. there was no need to entertain them anymore than the beach was doing on its own. no pails, no shovels, no piles of beach-to-dos. just shells. and sand. and seagulls to chase.

and on the way back to the car, we stopped at the corner beach store for some ice cream.

freaking love this picture.

somer, still dripping wet from her dip in the gulf, lainey covered in melted ice cream and sticky sand, her crocs all backwards on her little feet…it was so…summer. the last bits of it.

and, on our trek over the boardwalk, i realized…my girl has a quirk.
she doesn’t step on cracks. no, she babysteps one plank of wood at a time, tediously moving her crooked crocs across the small span between cracks, carefully making sure not to edge her toes over the empty strips between the wood. and this went on for about fifty planks before i noticed what was going on and being that we had about 494 planks to go, i finally swooped down and carried my little monk across the rest of the stretch lest we never make it to the beach.

i love you, my funny, happy, quirky big girl.

leaving you with my sandwich. because good food must be shared.
i made this sandwich three times this week.

after the first, i was so excited about how delicious it was and how stoked i was to create the masterpiece, that i called my sister three times. she didn’t answer, so i finally texted… pick up your phone. i have to tell you about my sandwich. because that’s what sisters do. and, within three minutes, she called back and listened as i retold, in detail, the making of this little piece of wonder. in fact, i pretended i was on a cooking show and she was my audience.

sesame bagel…soft.
tons of hummous shmeared (yes, shmeared) on both sides.
feta cheese sprinkled.
cold cut cucumbers.
sliced tomatoes.
alfalfa sprouts.
purple onions.

and there you have it.
it’s so good.

and…reminder…they’re booking up and my calendar is starting to get all peppered with shoots. offer ends september 1st…you will LOVE these cards!

little christmas preshow today with sweet baby chase…

and loving the storyboards lately! wonderful holiday gift! (20×20 here)

also, i have only THREE slots left for Fall Mini Shoot Day (September 26–see post below)…will be a fun thing to bring the kids to…music, refreshments, craft table, and you walk out with a mini shoot, a CD and 25 cards to send out. E-mail me if you want one of the final spots!

…enjoyin’ all that good stuff. ~k


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  1. yay for a new post! And a sweet sweet one at that. Somer and Lainey are adorable together and her big girl room turned out fabulously! Margot loves her bed and we too have the new family ritual of reading together on it at night. And then she gets down, throws toys all over and sleeps on the floor. Hilarious. Next spring. We can’t wait.

    Oh and those beach shots are to die for. I need an ocean dip. Maybe next fall…xo

  2. And how can I forget to also say yyyaaaaaaaaaay on your great ultrasound. I knew that news but it seems more final and real and fabulous now that you’ve documented the moving on that you’ve so been craving.

  3. SO glad your u/s was great….I hoped, & prayed, & knew it would be! :) Where to begin!?!?

    LOVE the belly pics, you look GREAT preggers! Somey & LL…oh, need I say more! TOO CUTE! The pic of the girls and their ice cream…to die for!

    Lainey’s new big girl bed…the quilt, SO FABULOUS! Glad she likes her big girl bed.

    OH, how could I forget the dream dust!? How sweet….love it!

    Ok…it’s 2:27 AM, I went to bed SUPER EARLY & now I can’t get back to sleep. I’m gonna make some tea & try to get some zzzz…

  4. great post. thanks for the smiles. while you’re getting your girl used to a big-girl bed, i’m getting mine used to first grade. and while there were tears streaking my face yesterday, i know she’s gonna love it!

    i know we moms hear it all the time … they grow up so fast. but, seriously, THEY DO! and all we can do to slow it down is enjoy each moment … as you write about so well.

    have a great week. that baby belly of yours is adorable.

  5. first off…baby bump…so, so sweet. seems so quick. it is the cutest baby belly!!! i love seeing you grow!!!

    lainey’s big girl bed is georgeous. you are amazing at tea bagging and finding treasures like that quilt. her room looks…heavenly.

    ice machine photo…my fave!
    so t-dubs:)

    christmas photoshoot…so excited to see it on here bc it means its coming!!!! sign me up!!!

  6. forgot about the dream dust…
    love it! love the tradition, and the way you made it. you are amazing!

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Sorry…I deleted the comment because baby’s name was in it and Daddy wants to keep it a secret!

  9. I’m glad Leah and I aren’t the only ones that make a frantic call to eachother after we’ve discovered something delicious!!

  10. Oh!, I posted to late and missed the name! Dang it! And why is there a page from the Pottery Barn Catalog on your blog…oh, wait, that’s your real life nursery/Lainey’s room. Geez Louise, beautiful!! P.S.-on your comment-the “prevention” is now in the trash, so we’ll see what happens! Maybe I’ll have somethin’ brand new to blog about soon.

  11. um, ok, so does Heidi know what it means when she says you are amazing at tea bagging???!!! hahahilarious.

    Sorry to dirty up your sweet blog, but that has me laughing inappropriately loud at work.

  12. Kelle, I am glad to call you a friend because you my friend are a genious!!I had so much fun with you today and I love the pics of my sweet boy. LOVE the storyboard!! You’re wonderful;)

  13. quite sure she did it intentionally. can’t stop laughing now.

  14. I’ve had that sandwich for every meal since I saw you making it on Sunday. And I said “mmmm” out loud everytime… because some sandwiches just require an “mmmm.”

  15. So glad to see new pictures and the baby bump! What sweet pictures of Chase. Lainey looks like she is in heaven in her big girl bed.

  16. what a pretty post…..pretty girls and pretty pictures and pretty new bed. your baby bump is BEAUTIFUL!! miss you guys. xo

  17. ….what the……???? “tea bagging”?? Heidi!!???? Kelly I’m so happy to hear your amazing news…..God is good :)~

  18. Amy Ancona Franckowiak says:

    Oh Kelle! I wish so much that we lived closer to you! I SO want you to photograph my sweet girl! I’m so glad all is well with your little bean! And Lainey’s new bed is gorgeous! When will you next be in MI?

  19. i love that dig posted a wikipedia link…lol!

    came back to visit the storyboard…BEAUTIFUL!!!! he is such a love!

  20. love this post, something very happy about it . . . after reading about your mouth watering sandwich, I drove myself to publix to get the necessary ingredients, I counted down until lunch time today and after properly cutting and fixing the sandwich took my first bite, YUMMMMM is all I have to say! thank you for such a delicious idea!!!

  21. Kelle… seriously loving the pics of the girls with their ice creams! And such good news about the ultrasound…. glad you have that weight off your shoulders :)

  22. Been thinking of you…Insert generic excuse here_________. Glad things are on the mend. Love your belly and I want one of those sandwiches. My baby brother gets here tonight for two weeks. We must get together, not just saying we will, but do. Saturday the 5th or I can host at my house on Friday the 4th. Let me know. Tell heidi I miss her too!

  23. Oh Kelle,
    I’ve been meaning to ask you…I must know were you found that gorgoeus two-tone crib…I’ve been searching for one like it(for the nursery in my head for a someday baby of course) for months.

    Thanks bunches,

  24. Nicole…Lainey’s bed and dresser are called Ma Marie by Stanley’s Young America collection. Never a day I regret buying it. I love it! Hope you are shopping for furniture soon!!

  25. I love her bed! Isn’t that so great when you find a treasure at Ross or Marshalls? I am heading out to Home Goods today to look for some huge picture frames. 16 x 20. I am crossing my fingers. We have almost been here 3 years and I buy pictures and frames for everyone else but never for me… today that is changing. Picking up some fabulous prints tonight and then framing away!

  26. I was just collecting some information about my upcoming Baby i found the new one thing in the shape of 3D ultrasounds it’s amazing and really awesome now i can see a preview of my upcoming new born in clarity it’s a miracle and have a really New experience for me……..

  27. I loved re reading this post.
    Your posts always make me smile.
    Every single time.
    I totally needed an extra one today.
    I went back to work today, My job closed down on June 29. Well, not my whole job, but my department. The company offered me a new job but it was for 95% paperwork. I am only a social worker because of kids. Not because of paperwork. I don’t mind 30% or even 50% but 95%? Why? I could never do it. I like children too much. Today I left my baby. And the baby that we bring from the city every summer to go to the city and learn a new job. I think I will like it. I am a little scared. Maybe a lot. I think it will be ok. I hope so.

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