…and then there are some…

some photoshoots that are different.


i’ve taken a lot of pictures of babies.

but today was different.
and i’ve been looking forward to this shoot since this little angel was born.

this is miah jane.

and her mama and daddy wanted her and dreamed for her just like every other mama and daddy.

except once the miracle of her life came along, her daddy sadly died in an accident.
and i can’t fathom what her mommy went through, but i’ll tell you this.
her mama is strong and beautiful, and one look at sweet miah jane tells me this little apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

she is loved by many.
and her mama is already making impressions on this little heart…impressions of the daddy who loved her so.

jeremiah was his name. and he was a surfer.
so, how fitting that the little love fell fast asleep on his long board…for the perfect announcement shot.

and when i took it, all of a sudden everything fell into place. she stopped fussing, grew quiet and settled right into the wax left on it from the last time he used it. i looked over at her mama and saw a river of tears streaming down her cheeks. and i couldn’t keep mine from falling either.

her little band-aid, mama calls her.
sweet miah jane.

joann…i am so honored to be part of your moments today. she is beautiful. special. and i have a feeling there are great things in store for her…and you. i am touched, inspired and a little more grateful for all my blessings.

and where all the sorrow lies…
great joy is slowly healing.

so, so much love. ~k


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  1. My thought has always been, if children are gifts from heaven, than those who are in heaven must see them first, give them sweet kisses and send them to our hearts. I am sure Jeremiah held her close as he had in his hopes, kissed her long and sent her to this world to continue his light and love…and maybe someday she will feel him near when she catches the energy of a wave on a bright summer morn’. She is beautiful!

  2. oh my….the tears are a-flowin. that is so sad. What a sweet post Kelle. Noone could have captured that sweet babys heart like you did. her dada will be smiling down.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! KELLE THESE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. so so so so so so perfect.

    little m is precious, beautiful, and inspiring. i know her mama will cherish these forever and ever.

    daddy loved her so…the surf board…goosebumps.

  4. What a little beauty! Absolutely amazing. You know her daddy is smiling down her.

  5. OMG…crying.what a little beauty. i know her daddy was smiling down on her today. and on his wife. that shot, the wedding shot. with the rings on lil M’s toes. that’s what did it. the story itself is so moving. what a strong woman & momma. but that pic, there are really no words. BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Had to come back to see them again! The baby on her daddy’s longboard. insanely poetic and beautiful. And that last one, where she is SMILING…oh my word!

  7. Oh, beauty. Kelle you did it. Your heart shows in these photos. I’m so glad her mama found you to take these pictures.

  8. Full-blown unexpected Tuesday night cry-fest. Smiling though my tears at Miah’s beauty, captured so perfectly, and hugging my love a little tighter tonight. Thank You.

  9. Oh wow…lump in my throat. Can’t ever EVER imagine.

    Beautiful pics…beautiful baby. Love the surfboard and the story that goes with it.

  10. I am truly speechless. The photos are amazing and Joanne will cherish them forever. Chill bumps all over. I’ve reread this post like 4 times…

  11. Speechless…the pictures, the story, the love….the strength that this mama has…

  12. i read this right before i tucked my big sweets into bed, and i’m back to comment (after i rubbed their backs just a little longer, and let the love linger until they were fast asleep!)

    what a beautiful post, kelle. it’s hard to say, but i think these might be some of your best newborn shots. the b&w with the teddy hat and the announcement, are just a few of my favorites.

    life is precious, love it up!

    *oh, the colorful blanket, love it! any idea what kind of yarn?

  13. I wanted to check the photos this morning even though I knew I would cry. What a beautiful miracle and gift for the mom of this little angel.

  14. April…funny you asked. Okay, I’m going to try and be humble here. …I wonder what kind of yarn it is. Oh wait, I know. Because I made it. for the baby http://www.digthischick.blogspot.com/ is having. almost done with it, but the colors are too spectacular not to photograph with it. it’s soft and chucky…wish i would have used the same yarn for our baby’s blanket. I think it’s Payton’s Melody yarn…I’ll double check.

  15. Wow, I can’t stop crying. Joanne, she is is absolutely beautiful and truly an Angel!! Kelle once again you are not only a amazing photographer but you have such a way with words. I love how she fell asleep on Miah’s board and I LOVE the one with the wedding picture in the background! She is truly one of the most beautiful babies!!

  16. oh this story and these pictures. Stunning and so full of life and love. I am just blown away with this child… she is precious and beautiful and you have captured it so well. What a keepsake for this mother, and what a story she will have to tell. I can’t imagine, but I am sure it is these things that make for the most amazing people.

  17. double-check and let me know! i’ve gotta get me some of that yarn! dig’s a lucky chick. she’s got one cool blanket a comin’!!

    and the baby belly, just love it! i might have to go get myself one of those…

    happy day! i’m loving this post-fest you’re having.

  18. These two strong girls will make their way through. How beautiful and painful at the same time. My thoughts are with them.

  19. God blessed Joanne and the world with this masterpiece of love. I have no doubt Jeremiah’s spirit is watching over Miah and Joanne and loving them infinitely.

    We’re all so blessed that someone like Kelle can capture this beautiful blessing in all it’s purity.


  20. Positively beautiful.

  21. what an amazing gift that you just gave that family. absolutely beautiful.

  22. ok first: I had to read and then come back…hard to absorb, stories like that. You are The Photographer to take these photos. A perfect gift for that mama. Holy cow it’s hard to even imagine. Definitely one of my worst fears. Of course it is. You have a beautiful heart friend.

    second: Margot is on my lap catching up on the kelle blog mania (thanks for all the new stuff!) and every time a song nears an end she says, ‘more song mama.’

    third: shut the fuck up. that blanket is for my kid????!!!!!!! I was going to comment on it. Is it beautiful and makes the tears already there swell even more.

    Lots of love to you and your Love.

  23. oh and I LOVE that that blanket has been wrapped around this little pea before mine…

  24. tears. that is one amazing mama.

    great shots, miah jane is a beauty.

  25. I know this post is old, but I am a follower of your blog from Nellas birth story. I wanted to go back and read more because honestly I can never get enough of it. I just had to let you know this post literally took my breath away! I often find myself with tears rolling down while reading your blog but this was different. Amazing a beautiful! What a precious little girl!

  26. This post is now 3 years, 4 months and 10 days old…but I’m sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks as I read it. I’m picturing this beautiful baby as a grown up little lady becoming more aware everyday how much her Daddy loved her. What a special, yet painfully sweet reminder she must be to her mama x

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