fall mini shoots.

i couldn’t wait to wake up this morning. and i’m still in my pajamas at 11:43. because, after four hours of clicking littles yesterday…not to mention, landing in a pile of red ants who went particularly ferocious on my left calf…and throwing my back out…i am smiling. it didn’t rain. and, although my braids were sweat-ridden and shredded by seven o’clock and i looked a lot like tom hanks the day he was found on the island in cast away, i held in my hand 5 gigs of beautiful children. children who made my day yesterday.

so, thank you for that.

fall mini shoots

and so proud of my sweet baby…she shared her mama so well and left her daddy’s care here and there to randomly appear wandering the lawn to come play with the kids. by the end of the night, she cried only for my lap…and the last few pictures were taken with my little monkey completely attached. hence the thrown out back, perhaps.

and for all the mamas waitin’…
what beautiful, wonderful babies…and some not-so-baby anymore. all the same, a pleasure it was to be in the presence of all these little souls…and to attempt to capture just a bit of them.

kati & colleen


peyton & beckham


lucy (in-the-sky-with-diamonds)

(who i almost got a smile out of…but then ruined it with my loud, obnoxious peek-a-boo that sent her sweet, fragile heart into a fit of tears. ten points on her miraculous recovery though.)

honorable mention to precious little lily who, after just getting over being sick, tried her hardest to be photographed but wanted her mama.

she’ll come back with a couple other littles who weren’t having their best moments yesterday. hey, it happens to all of us.



baby chase

annabella, lena & michael

kiara, javia & tori

ellie & kyle

william & beckett

london & leighton

i love the crying one.

haley & ella
(ella calls me ‘helly kampton.’ i love that. her mama said she asked, on the way to our place, ‘are we goin’ to helly kampton’s?)

lizzi (gorgeous!)

and sebastian & joshua and their mommy & daddy…

and i think this is my favorite shot of the day…

the day was perfectly delicious in so many way.
and, i know i’m pregnant and overly emotional (not to mention billy joel’s and so it goes which kills me)…but looking over this post with all these pictures makes me very teary. because children are so very beautiful…and so innocent…and there is something about taking pictures of them that puts everything in the world into perspective.

“there is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer & the morning more fragrant than ever again.” ~elizabeth lawrence

more mini shoots in the future!

have a happy sunday. ~k


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  1. I’ve been waiting for these…and they are superb. What beautiful people…reflecting the splendor of the season…from the tinies to the teens! It looks like you are somewhere here in the midwest…Fall falls wherever people are in touch with its wonder. Thank you!

  2. OMG!!!! GEORGEOUS!!!!!! YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!!!! amazing pictures. they are truly beautiful.

    THANK YOU kell for being so genersous and passionate and making our kids look like like gap models!!!


  3. As your previous post stated…you love what you do, and I tell you and everyone this…it shows. Your love comes out in the photos you take. I don’t know how you did it yesterday, but Kelle you are superwoman. Thank you for capturing our little loved ones and being a special part of their lives. xoxo

    Thank you also, for making it feel like an autumn day in Michigan…despite the 100 degree sun beating down on us.

  4. I LOVE all the pics!! I could look at them all day!! Yes, all the kids are absolutely adorable but you are AMAZING for capturing them in all their glory. As I was pulling away, looking at you snapping away in the 100 degree weather, with your cute little baby bump, I thought how wonderful you are at what you do and how much passion you have! It shows in every single picture you take. Maybe I am just sentimental but I am definitely enjoying the small things:)

  5. Marsha Colbert says:

    I totally agree with your fave shot of the day! So cute, especially since the little stinker wouldn’t smile! It’s so cool to see the finished product after seeing you shoot most of these. You are just so good at what you do. So glad I was able to be a part of it all yesterday. 😉 THANK YOU!!

  6. love the mini shoots! nary o’ one the same and not a drop of sweat in sight!

    holy green eyed kids with the awesome hair!

    love all the extra touches like the crafty station.

    great job Helly!

  7. Kelle, your work is absolutely STUNNING.
    SOOO jealous of these mums and dads who live close enough to have you capture their sweet littles so beautifully.

    Really amazing. Beautiful, all.

  8. Oh my word, Kelle! I can’t believe you did all of those shoots in one day! They are all so beautiful! :)

  9. Nice work friend. They are all stunning…as I was scrolling, I kept thinking oh, I have to remember that one to comment on because it is my favorite… but then they just kept being wonderful and I lost track of how many perfectly beautiful photos there are. It’s so fall-y here today. Whah. I want a mini-shoot.

    Hope your back’s ok? that blows.

  10. Amazing! The pictures you took of all the beautiful children and families will be something they can keep forever.

  11. Gorgeous gorgeous pictures. Lots of new faces, too! So happy for you. Hope you got plenty of rest last night and take it easy today.

  12. I take full responsibility for the ant bites, I only hope we aren’t to blame for pulling your back too! Thank you for being so sweet and patient with Bridget. She definitely has a mind of her own and I love how you never gave up on her! You are really great at what you do!

  13. You seem to be able to capture the beauty in every child – they are all so different, and so beautiful!!

  14. A—MAZ—ING!!!!!!!!

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