two pregnant ladies climbed a fence.

a lot of posts, but doing a good job with keeping up with work these days. which, in my case, is splendid because getting behind means a rolling snowball of doom. a snowball that rolls and rolls and collects crap along the way…and then knocks people over with its gargantuan size. and it gets so big, the national weather association just declares the world is over and nothing can be done. or something like that. needless to say…i do not recover well from getting behind. sometimes i just huddle up in bed and cry because that, i’ve decided, is the mature way to handle things.

with that said…

my gorgeous friend, suz…who pulls off pregnancy with magazine-cover ease and beauty.

she’s due in a couple weeks with a little girl, and her belly is a work of art.

i’ve driven past this new spot several times and wanted to try it out and, despite the fact it is not friendly for passing feet (more red ant bites…burs…oh, and a big fence these two pregnant ladies literally climbed over)…it was worth it for the photos. very un-naplesish which is hard to find in these parts. that and incredible sunlight…and borrowing my f.i.l.’s 1.2 85 mm helped a little too.

i am in love with this one.

and this one.

which, for some reason, reminds me of this…

except modernized a trillion times. like farmer & wife got cool, lost the pitchfork, had some babies and agreed their heads best not be in the shot.

my favorite series…especially having a girl and expecting a girl…and knowing the value of these last few days for her…soaking up as much mommy & me time as possible and yet on the horizon of something just as beautiful but in a different way.

we left our secret, buggy, fenced-in, possibly-trespassed field for the beach just as the sun went down for our last shots…

i love that, at the end of the night, she took off her sandy skirt, handed it to me and said, ‘here, wash this. you can have it now.’ i love you, suz! and thanks for my skirt. xoxo

okay, i love this one too.

oh, pregnancy is so beautiful.
there is A CHILD in that belly.
a child ready for the world at any moment.
that’s crazy and funny and beautiful and miraculous all in the same.

i am so inspired by my camera this week. so much, i think i shall name her. i think it’s a she. it has to be because she kinda rocks.



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  1. AMAZED! these are the best belly bump shots i have ever seen…SERIOUSLY though. that first one, the one witht the heads cut off,…the last one.

    suzzanne is so beautiful and you captured this time so perfectly. amazing. amazed at the beauty of these. think that first one should be blown up and hung up in the welcome to naples welcoming center…if we have one.

    it says…we got some hot mamas-to be on our beaches!! come visit!


  2. oh yeah…you know i love that light pic…that may be my new favorite, but i’m not sure bc they are all fantastic.

  3. Goregous pics. of Suzanne! Love the heads cut off one and the one of her in the field, w/ the light. Hmmm…would it be wrong to have another baby just so you could take some pregnancy shots?! haha! LUCKY Suzanne!!!!

  4. Holy smokes! I am pretty sure she makes up the 1% of women that actually look better pregnant than not. Wow, she is so gorgeous and stunning and these photos are amazing. You have quite the talent little missy.

  5. Beautiful…I also love the mental image of you two scaling an old fence….what are you naming the camera?

  6. oh wow these pictures. makes me want to be pregnant so bad. a big pregnant belly is so healthy and amazing and beautiful. you captured it! the second to last one holding her daughter, my fav!!

  7. I think my favorite shot would be the one of you and her in handcuffs being hauled into jail for trespassing! Maybe some shots of the two of you in the cop car…a few of her in the jail infirmary delivering…some of Brett and Lainey coming for visiting day…or the two of you in the jail jumpsuits…STOP CLIMBING OVER FENCES, SWEETIES, POPPA IS BEGGING YOU! Sheesh, will they never learn! Love ya anyway, jailbird!

  8. Oh I wish I could go back in time so you could take cool photos of me while pregnant.


  9. I just might be needing some pregnancy pictures in this exact same spot! They are beautiful!

  10. Wow…in that last one you can almost “see” the baby under her shirt…like she’s just all snuggled up under there. This post makes me smile….I’m smiling right now. And, again, kerry is wondering why…hee hee!

  11. yo. These are fantastic. They sure beat my attempt at documenting my belly in the ancient, stained mirror in my bedroom! heh

    Nice field score. Worth the trespassing.

  12. ok if i could look that good pregnant i’d just stay pregnant forever! she has the most beautiful baby belly!

    love the pics! nice job on finding the field.

  13. I love that last one! the colors in the sunset…. : ) so pretty!

  14. suz you do carry pregnancy so beautiful. I just can’t wait to meet your new little angel. you photograph like no other kelle.

  15. That’s really pretty and you should carry one and i read above article and few months ago my wife get pregnancy condition and she get consults from many doctors anyway well thats is pretty.

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