grocery store fun

this made me laugh. an improv group in ny planned this grocery store musical unbeknownst to any shoppers. the first twenty seconds are the best.

funny stuff.
watch here.

i wanna start doing stuff like this. seriously. life’s way too short and these naples people need to be riled up a bit and have some fun. who’s in? publix. sunday. two o’clock. bring your roller skates. (in this town, we’d so go to jail after…and make the front page news).

(from this girl’s blog i have been following…someone who truly loves photography for all the creativity it ignites. her camera seriously equals nothing but fun. she never stops with crazy ideas to photograph).


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  1. seriously laughing out loud at this . . . the BEST is the stoner guy at the end . . . “first I thought that guy was bugging out, but no . . .”

    ummm, which Publix and which musical song? I’d love to see this live and in person!!! :-)

  2. 1:13 and the little boy who just stares. Love it.

  3. JOYFULL!!
    You can not imagine how nice your blog is and how it can bring joy to lots and lots of people in this blue planet.
    I always say that blogs are an internetic way to reach out and touch someone and today you touched me
    thanks :)

  4. I just posted it to facebook and gave you credit….loved it!

  5. my favorite is 1:30 where the dude in the tie jumps in and goes, “WHY?” makes me laugh every time. and then i rewind it and laugh some more.

  6. we liked the video a lot. I just tried embedding a video from youtube on my last post. i could see the code on the html page, but not on the compose page. however, when I published it, the video was there and working. if that was the problem you were having, maybe it will still work. Did that even make sense!!? ah well…

  7. What a way to start my day off, always good when you can laugh first thing.

  8. okay my dad has had this one dream forever, and that is to be brave enough to stand at the checkout at Meijer on Christmas Eve and sing Jingle Bells at the top of his lungs to see who will join in. I so want to make this happen. Except, of course, we’d all be planted in different lanes and singing harmony and we’d get the conveyor belts moving, doing a treadmill dance on them in synchronized awesomeness. yes I will be there. I’m wearing the ‘fro wig and rainbow striped kneesocks and 80’s jogging shorts and a halter top. I am so there.

  9. thanks just what I needed before I go to sleep. love you and your humor. this spring? yes. yes.

  10. Anonymous says:
  11. Kelle,
    This immediately reminded me of that one:
    Did you know it already? It brings me to tears every time I see it! Beate

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