my first wedding

i’m breaking my keep-professional-on-other-blog rule, but yesterday was a big personal jump for me.

my first wedding, other than family.

and there is so much i can say about how big of a deal this was for me and how honored i am that they trusted me to do their wedding day. which is huge.

and there’s so much else going on that i haven’t had time to post because i’ve been preparing for this and we are so busy right now…

but with all that said, yesterday was such an experience for me…personally, professionally, creatively…

to the scott family…thank you for making me feel like family the entire day. there is so much i could write about…what a beautiful experience. i laughed. i cried. i didn’t want it to end. i felt so a part of things which only inspired me more to capture the essence of what existed yesterday.

whether or not i’ll do weddings again…you never forget your first one, and this one was certainly unforgettable.

erin… you. are. a. rockstar.

a few of my favorites after quickly perusing through the most gigantic stash of photos in the history of mankind…

congratulations, mr. & mrs. o’guinn.

…and a little present from a bride who knows what it’s like to wake up the day after and dream of reliving it again…

a little snippet slideshow…right here.


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  1. Oh my Gosh Kelle, I met Erin and her mom last weekend @ Tie the Knot when she came in for her final fitting. I was helping my girlfriend out @ her store last weekend while they were at market in NYC. How was her mom’s foot? She had slipped at Costco and hurt it right before they came in. What a lovely family they seemed to be. Great photos!

  2. kelle!!!! or maybe i should start a new nicknmae…
    j-dubs!!!! get it?!!!:)

    these blog pics and slideshow photos are soooooooo beautiful. erin looked gorgeous…like you
    said on the phone last night…”a supermodel!”

    these pictures are so creative and beautiful and perfect. i LA-UV the one of the bride in the field and the ones of the bride and groom jumping off of the bench….same one with the bridal party….and…i could go on and on!

    you are so amazing—your passion shines through in all of these photos!

  3. Out of the ballpark! What a fantastic family for your first wedding. I want you for Grace and Ellie’s big day. You know, when they are both physicains and over 30. You can feel the love soaking through the frame…amazing job!

  4. Anonymous says:


    OH MY GOSH!! No words…
    You have captured my dream wedding and have made our memories last a lifetime. For that, I am forerver thankful.
    You, my friend, are the rockstar :)
    – Erin

  5. They hit the jackpot when they chose YOU.


    You have to do more Kelle! You have such a gift!!


    I predict this is only the beginning…

  7. Well, someone nailed their first (non-family, lol) wedding gig! Just gorgeous, and each shot filled with so much emotion, love love love it. What a nice Sunday afternoon pick-me-up, thanks!

  8. Beautiful work! What a great thing you have done for this couple. Fun and breath taking pictures they will have for a lifetime.

  9. I’ve never comment on your blog before, but I’m a devoted reader and observer of Kelle Hampton’s stuff! I check everyday, maybe twice, if I’m honest to see if you’ve updated anything… (both blogs too). I love your style of photography and your writing that goes with it. It makes everything just that much more beautiful. Thanks for being willing to share a bit of your life with strangers. You did fantastic with the wedding. I loved it.

  10. congrats on your “first” wedding! you knocked it outa the park baby!

    great job! these are amzing, simply breathtaking!

  11. I remember you posting their engagement shots!! whoa – time flies! these pictures are very natural. you make` it look soooo easy!!

  12. UnREAL. if I could redo I would have has you been my photographer too. you rock it out every time but this take the cake girl. And Erin oh my beautiful…

  13. Are you KIDDING ME!?!?!?!? Crazy, insanely, unbelievably out of this world GOREGOUS work! (the bride and groom -what a GOREGOUS couple, too!) YOU NAILED IT! :)

  14. you did it, kelle! yay!!

    love the b&w veil photo, so stinkin’ adorable.

    happy week to you…

  15. You did yourself AND the wedding party proud young lady!

  16. Proud father of the photographer here. I loved that I received phonecalls through the day to chronicle your experience. I had no doubts…and it sure helped to have such beautiful people as your subjects! Thank you for sharing them…I just couldn’t wait to see the wedding through your loving lens. See ya’ next weekend!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Dear Kelle,
    I just can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm, professionalism, talent and most of all, your passion which shines through every photograph that you take! It was so much fun to have you aboard the “fun train!” You are amazing!! The day was magical and I am so happy that you were there to capture the moments! Love, The MOB!

  18. Anonymous says:

    OK Kelle- You don’t know me, but I just wanted to let you know I like to follow your blog and catch up on all the advetures you blog about. May I just say that for a first time wedding not only did you pull it off- you excelled!!! A wonderful and most excellent Job!
    – Enjoying the smiles!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Some words that come to my mind after looking at your wedding shoot;
    SUCCESS, amazing, gifted, talent,
    It certainly didn’t hurt to have such an exceptionally photogenic and fun couple, but you made them shine on one of the most important days of their lives.
    Recommendation: Bottle what ever you did and use it whenever you do photo shoots.
    From one photographer to another; welldone!

    Mike M.

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