let it begin.

i’ve learned, in the six years i’ve spent the christmas season down here, that, if i am to satiate any of the craving of the northern holiday magic i have known all my life…i have to create it.

and so we began.

it’s chilly this weekend.
and the house smells like balsam & cedar.
and the christmas music has played.
the lights have been lit.

and, following healthy heaps of thanksgiving leftovers friday evening, we ignited our first fire of the season…and opened the magic of stored boxes from the attic…with papa’s help.

we watched our girl as she, bundled in her christmas jammies, unraveled strands of twinkly lights, unwrapped the tiny cradle ornament from the year she was born, and smiled at the memory of her nutcracker from last year. or, as she says…mine buttcracker.

oh, it was heavenly. and i know i’m hormonal and emotional and my sentimental heart beats wildly at these kind of things, but really. this season is so special and having this little one to carve out traditions and memories and childhood magic with…what an honor.

embracing the honor like the author of a timeless masterpiece of literature. i am writing her book. and so i fill it with every bit of magic i can think of. and, far greater than gifts and santa and all the hub-bub…are the little things.

our advent pails have been filled with little treats that will begin on tuesday morning…

(target dollar bin pails, two paint pens, a yard and a half of 2.99 fabric and a pair of pinking shears…inspired by this one for twice the price…and our pails are big enough to fit two or three treats for multiple littles)

and last year, anna ruth had the fabulous idea after christmas to take advantage of the bookstore’s 75% christmas books…so we stocked up, and she will unwrap one every night before bed in december…and we will cuddle and read and make memories.

i am working hard to finish the holiday work so i can take a break and drink in our family and last weeks of our ‘only daughter.’ and yet, the anticipation for this season and family and all the beauty that this month holds still can’t hold a flame to the anticipation i am feeling for this tiny one to join our family in january. i love her so much already…and just cannot wait to meet her.

while we wait, we are enjoying crisp hot cocoa mornings.

and cozy hats that seem to don her sweet head just about every moment of the day. she loves her hats.

merry magical season.


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  1. Look at us simultaneously Christmas bloggin’ away, lol, i love it! and i must have a thing for tiny toes…because those those little ones on the stool…yumm. oh, and thanks to you, i am now officially on the hunt for some tall girl xmas jammies, my husband will be thrilled i’ve found another holiday item I can’t live without. I resent you that invitation too. Happy decorating!!

  2. Love photos so real that we can fell them. Lainey is lovely and very cute with the dogs. God bless you and your lovely family and cozy home.
    Here in my house down the shore we also started to decorate our home,too.

  3. omg…that last picture is soooooooo sweet. i love it!! love how the pails turned out and how you got them done in one hour after you bought them….your amazing like that though!!! it’s inspiring!

    love the house…it looks magical just like the memories you are making for your family. i can’t b that next year, you’ll have two little girls in front of the tree to snap up. i can not wait!


  4. How in the WORLD did you get that last pic!!!


  5. Do you get comments about how you carry your baby?!! You seem to carry as small as I did. I had to get ultrasounds done all the time b/c my tummy measured small, but all was well every time. I love that last picture, too!

  6. i have to admit, i was waiting for this post!! your house is looking especially warm & cozy. makes me want to throw my christmas jammers on and hop through the screen!

    it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas around here, too. this year i’m doing it a little at a time, and enjoying it a little extra, i think :)

    i LOVE your advent pails. i’ll take an order of those! as for your girl, LOVE the hat pics.

    when is that little bean of yours expected to make her arrival?

  7. With the last photograph, the evidence is in: Sophie has no top teeth–just a bottom set. Great photo. It was so nice to be with you again for “The Trimming of The Hampton Tree” which has all the lustre and significance as a State Dinnner at the Whitehouse–and they don’t have buttcrackers there! See you next weekend!

  8. I just adore how much you adore the Nov-Dec holidays. And how you document it all for us to share in. Thanks. Look at your belly popping right out there! Hello! Oh so soon you’ll have two girls. It’s the best, Kelle.

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