preparations. …and snow.

we had our first snow.

artificially concocted and blown from machines attached to street lights along a lovely light-speckled street of our little downtown, but it was magical nonetheless.

after a busy day running errands and tidying corners in the house, a photo shoot and some computer work, we joined the throngs of locals.

…toting strollers and wagons full of coolers and backpacks and bright-eyed littles anticipating visions of snow. and yet how i yearned for her to see the real stuff, dusting needly trees outside my dad’s place…on our sledding hill. for now, we’ll take third street.

besides these last two months of extreme energy-depletion, i’m settling into this very happy place of anticipating much beauty in the coming days and with that comes this blanket of contentment and gratitude and in-the-momentness. like the twenty minutes i enjoyed relaxing on the couch tonight while she very tediously brushed my hair with a pasta ladel.

like beginning to prepare for our thanksgiving celebration. amid other boringish tasks today, i commenced the readying of our meaningful day to come. …with spreading my grandma’s crocheted tablecloth under the carefully placed ‘good’ dishes. flowers. candles. peeling apples for pie and freezing my mom’s rolled-out pie crusts.

and consequently, our kitchen nesting transferred a bit into the girls’ room as i arranged a small basket into an empty drawer, filled it with the first tiny bunches of rolled newborn socks and soft hats…and then stared at it for a good several minutes after and smiled.

early last year, i thought we’d have a newborn in our home during the holidays. but, how blessed we are…and i was reminded of that the other night reading this old post. and how the tears came when i read, at the very end, the hope of…

and i may not be holding a baby this christmas, but i hope to be a house carrying one.

and how perfectly and entirely grateful i am that this year, i will chop and stir and hustle apron-tied and flour-handed in the kitchen, listening to football games and the sounds of my family…with this little dream nestled safe inside.

oh, the gratitude is snow-balling, and by thursday, i’m sure an avalanche will be good and ready.

for now, we are thankful for home. for its crayon-stained walls, old-caulked tubs and perfectly scuffed baseboards. for every little sequin and googly eye hidden among carpet threads. for magic dream-dusted pillows that hug our sleepy heads at night. i love the character of our home…and every imperfection that spells the story of a very lived-in love. for every memory made in our happy place…and every perfect one to come.

happy prepping.


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  1. Can’t wait to come…and enjoy hot turkey sandwiches and put up the tree and read Lainey a Christmas story I am bringing…and see sunshine…and smiles. Go to bed. Rest your baby.

  2. So excited to see you all Thursday.

  3. Whenever I need a little bit of positivity and love, I read your blog and I’m given a ray of sunshine. Thanks.

  4. Ok Kelle those apples look AMAZING…Can I have the recipe?!?

  5. Yes, I agree, I always come to this place to re-adjust my perspective. Funny how the grass is always greener some other place. I sit here in Salt Lake City, with cold toes & noses, a blanket of snow outside, knowing that for the next 5 months everything will be frozen…. a sandy beach & warm water would be amazing right now.

  6. like the others … i’m thankful for your words too. they remind me so much of what there is to be thankful for … and make me take a moment of silence to realize it in the midst of crazy children and a hopefully-not-for-too-much-longer messy house.
    if i could bottle the real stuff and send it to your neck of the woods, i would, darling.
    it may even be coming tonight.

  7. again…beautiful post! love the two of you two in the snow. really looks like you two are in a blizzard…in naples!

  8. what a sweet, sweet post. happy thanksgiving, kelle!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving…I will see you tomorrow! I understand you have welcomed a little cold front–the opportunity to wear a sweater and stoke up the fireplace! We welcomed ours some time ago–and it has taken up residency here until, oh, maybe May! I will enjoy your sunshine and your sunshiney Lainey Love–and of course my only grandSONS this weekend. I want a hot turkey sandwich tomorrow night…the best lingering legacy of today’s feast!!
    Loving you today!

  10. Oh, Kelle the apples look great and your words were so touching. God is great and knows what we need.

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