I’ll take ‘Stream-of Consciousness’ for $500, Alex (and a giveaway…yay!)

So, I’ve sat here in my chair for five minutes wondering how the heck I am going to de-jumble all that’s on my mind, shave off a writable bit and actually have it make sense. I’ll peck a line, read it and just as quickly backspace, backspace, backspace until I’m again left with the bright white screen of an unfinished post.

However, when the formatting portion of my brain is shut-down, there’s this really cool back-up portion that runs on a generator apparently…and it’s called stream-of-consciousness. Stream-of-consciousness and I are great friends. We coffee together in the morning and popcorn-and-beer it at night. Stream-of-consciousness knows me and loves me for who I am. Random and completely and utterly Type B.

So, Stream-of-consciousness…dance with me tonight, my friend. Take me.

Beginning with my chair. Let me tell you about my new desk chair. After cracking two cheap Craigslist chairs in half and spending a week sitting on a metal folding chair, I had it. Well, that and the fact that I was going to be Skyping an international interview for CNNI from my living room and I didn’t want to be doing it from a folding chair. It dawned on me that in a hidden corner of our kitchen eating area, there’s a favorite chair of mine that goes unnoticed and unused…and it’s a beauty of a chair. It’s comfortable and butts up nicely against my old white desk. The thing is, it’s not a desk chair at all. It has tall arms that rise from the base like walls so that when butted against a desk, you’re sort of pinned there. That doesn’t stop me. I like the chair. Even if I have to get a running start and jump into it like I’m Bo hoppin’ into The General Lee.


I enjoyed a much-needed Girls Night last weekend that started with drinks at The Pub and ended at the movies. And, can I just say, if you haven’t played M.A.S.H. as a grown-up, you’re missing out. It’s way funnier when you’re in your thirties and that little piece of paper tells you you’re going to live in a shack, drive a riding lawn mower and marry the pimpled, crack-exposing plumber down the street when you grow up.


I hope we never grow up.
At least Anna Ruth hopes she never grows up because her M.A.S.H. has her working the streets.
Happy Birthday, A.R.


Any excuse to be out with the girls huddled in a dark movie theater with a bucket of popcorn, a box of Sour Patch Kids and my jammied little babe is a good excuse.



I hereby announce the first time in the history of mankind that we returned library books when they were due. This may not be a major accomplishment for many, but for us…top five of my life, I’m thinking. Regardless, she is in love with “mine libary books” — carries them around, shows them to company, takes them to bed with her and counts down the days to exchanging them for new ones.


She is also loving the bin of about a hundred old beanie babies a friend gave her. She counts them, names them and knows when any are missing. Because I took Jolly the Walrus and within five minutes, she knew he was gone.


Dude, did we actually spend $5 a pop on those back in the day? I worked at a hospital when I was in college and, I swear, when news got out that the gift shop had new beanies in stock, there was basically a stampede of middle-aged women in scrubs knocking each other out to be the first ones to get their hands on Willy the Wombat. I was one of them a couple times. That’s embarrassing.

The Sprinkler’s Back. Because today the sun was bright and happy, and it felt like full-fledged Spring was begging us to join it in our yard. And so we did.


I think watching a child play in a sprinkler is a spiritual experience. There is nothing more free-spirited or carefree than this willowly heavenly creature hopping sprays of cold water, braving the steady stream with her face and squealing with delight. It’s poetic.

We got new bonnets from our friend Nicole, and after we fell in love with the one she made us last year–the one that has shaded that blonde head many a Sunday on Isle of Capri–we couldn’t wait for a good hot, sunny afternoon to sport our new ones.





After a strange long string of cold snaps, I am happily anticipating more warm afternoons. More barefeet in the driveway. More late-night bonfires and sparklers. More afternoons at the park.


This afternoon, we ventured out for a late-afternoon walk where I let Lainey push Nella all by herself. She was too proud, hiding her shy smile as best as she could and stopping at any slight whimper to console her little sister.




And the warm sun and the bump-bump-bump of sidewalk seams put Nella fast asleep.


Much better than our earlier attempts to push her in a doll stroller. That lasted all of thirty seconds.


…and warm afternoon sun makes for great little girl shadows.


Fairy Party planning continues with invitations almost finished. We are enclosing a little magic for invited attendees…


…and have been talking a lot about how to catch a fairy. We did a little party preview with decorating a couple fairy houses.


But mostly? Mostly, right now, despite the random stream-of-consciousness, I am enjoying being a mama so very much.



Between drinking up the blessed little moments of mamahood and having good writing opportunities lately, I’ve felt so fulfilled. And drawing so much inspiration from these past eight weeks and being challenged to really think about the broader scheme of life and circumstances, events and what we make of it, I’ve arrived at this greater understaning of purpose. Wanting to live purposefully and knowing that, at any given moment when things seem just as they should be –whether it’s enjoying an afternoon on a blanket on the grass watching my girl dance in the sprinkler or sharing conversation with Brett over our morning cup of coffee — my awareness alone for the good little things of our life is the beginning of my purposeful journey.



And either that came out understandable and half-way poignant, or there’s a really good chance I’m tired and am going to reread that in the morning and say What the – ?

Closing this post with two really good things:

Daddy and his girl hanging out in the garage. They do this all the time…sit in his car in the garage and listen to music. Except now she wants to learn the words to the song…and she wants to dance…and she wants to make my cheeks hurt from smiling because it’s so cute.
Watch it here.

And Oh, what have we here?

A giveaway. For you sweet readers. A randomly drawn commenter from this post will be receiving a peice of jewelry (up to $100 value) of their choice from Lisa Leonard Designs.

Be happy.



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  1. Wow, those are beautiful necklaces-great for Mother’s Day! Kelle, I sure love your updates, and I’m so happy that you are hitting your stride.

  2. Beautiful, like always!

  3. such a sweet sleeping baby – i love the uber pink stroller too!

  4. I’m so needing a girls night too! MASH…haven’t thought about that in, oh 16 years or so!! Awesome, I’ll have to try that :)

    A perfectly random post, my favorite:)

  5. Love the fairy party preps, and the pics of your beautiful girls. :)

  6. Amy from KC says:

    Wow, I just happened on your site thanks to AOL, and I have to say that it is beautiful. We all have a powerful story, but you have such a way of telling yours. Thank you for this blessing.

  7. my girls love the tubs of beanie babies, too. {and yes, WHAT were we thinking?!}

    there is NOTHING like living purposefully and standing right in the middle of where you are supposed to be. i’m so happy for you.

    thank you for sharing some of your journey.

  8. Kelle, You are amazing and Nella is the most beautiful baby! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing and heart wrenching story! Your reminders of how beautiful life is, have truly inspired me! Thank you!

  9. Kellie,

    After coming across your blog from the link on AOL and reading about the birth of your precious Nella, I had to go back and read the other posts. You have such a beautiful spirit and are a wonderful mama to those two beauties of yours. Enjoy the time, it does go by much too quickly. Thank you for sharing your joy with us.

  10. Kelle-

    I first stumbled upon your blog about a week or so ago on WeddingBook (crazy I know). But as the mother of a special needs child I have to tell you how much your story of Nella’s birth touched my heart. What a beautiful talent you have! Nella is absolutely perfect! I’m so glad that you could join all of us in “Holland”!! Congratulations on your new baby girl!

  11. I love reading these Stream of Consciousness posts on different blogs! Such a great idea!

    Beautiful photos as usual!


  12. The video of your husband and daughter is so adorable. I love that she is singing along. My son sings a long too, its precious.

    can I just say how much I love that your computer desk is a disaster? It always makes me feel better to see that someone else’s looks like mine.

    Have a wonderful day!

  13. The photos that you take of your girls are absolutely breathtaking. Even if you didnt write anything out, I would know the story. =)

  14. I loved the randomness of your post…

    Nella gets prettier everyday…

    You’ve inspired me to start blogging again…might take a few more weeks for me to actually do it.

    Thankyou for being continually inspiring.

  15. Anonymous says:

    am still reading your blog and still loving it! :) Beautiful pictures… and beautiful kidos!
    Kelly Knecht

  16. Anonymous says:

    Love the fairy houses, super cute. Thanks for another fabulous post!

  17. I am in love with Lisa Leonard Designs.
    I also am in love with your beautiful family and your beyond beautiful story. I came across your blog just a few days ago, through Don Miller’s blog. I just want to say thank you. You have inspired me and moved me in more ways than I can possibly articulate. For that I am beyond grateful.

  18. Love your bigger sweetie pushing your littlest sweetie in the stroller. That’s so sweet!

  19. lovely post. i hope to one day capture the beauty of my children through a lens like you do. your photos are inspiring to say the least.

  20. The story is beautiful, as are the pictures that accompany it.

  21. It has taken me a long time to get up the courage to comment on your blog, Kelle. I guess I have always just figured you’ve got so many adoring readers, and who am I to try and reach you? But I must say, you are lovely and make me long for the day when I have my own little babies. I can only hope that they are as loved and well-rounded as your little fairies are. Happy day to each of you. : )

  22. I found your blog today after reading an article about you on aol news. I have been stuck reading for hours when I should be doing homework. I was in tears reading about your story. Especially seeing the picture of your oldest girl proudly holding her sister for the first time. It’s true…children can teach us a lot about true unconditional love. I’m not a mother but one day I hope to be. You are truly blessed. Thanks for reminding me what matters most. You have such a perfect beautiful family. Please give your little bunny a big squeeze for me…she is adorable.

  23. poohwear says:

    I work in he newborn nursery in a NYC hospital…I just discovered your blog and read every last post from the beginning…I also love photography although shots from my second home in St. Thomas are my great love…my kids are grown, I’m ready for grandbabies…you inspire me, you are my hero, I love your girls and I’ve only just met them. I have had many moments like your first introduction to Nella, but from the other side of the baby blanket….I hope I can inspire others the way you have inspired me tonight…God Bless your family ♥

  24. You make me a better mom! Love your zest for life!

  25. I LOVE Lainey’s green hat!!! I need one for my 4 year old. But I love your blog even more. I have a January 2010 baby boy so I kind of feel like our little ones are growing up “together” :)

  26. Added to my list of things to do:

    Get bucket of Beanie Babies down from the attic for my little girls to play with.

    Your blog is beautiful. Your family is gorgeous. You words are inspiring.

  27. Kelle…my calendar’s quote for today:”I had the most satisfactory of childhoods because my mother…turned out to be exactly my age.” — Kay Boyle

    My first thought when I read that quote was…”Yes!!! I always “want to be their age”. What a great goal! And since I have four kids ages: 17, 14, 10 and 3 I’m pretty much allowed to be whatever goofy way I am at any time!

    My second thought was…you. I paused and smiled to myself. That’s the way you live, Kelle, and it truly is inspirational, wonderful and just plain fun. Most importantly, it shows your children just how much they matter. They feel it to their core and what a precious gift that is.

    May we both always be our kids age(s)! :) Beth

  28. What is it with little girls and wanting to put real babies in their play strollers, just precious. I have spent the last couple hours reading some of your old posts and you truly are amazing, you’re one very blessed mama!

  29. Love your blog. Love Nella. Love your inspiring words!

    Wishing many (more) blessings upon your family.

  30. beautiful pictures, beautiful girls, and I love the chair!

  31. I can’t wait for sprinkler weather here. We still have a few more months though. Beautiful pictures as always. And your thoughts on living purposely were perfect–something we all need to do and remind ourselves every morning that that’s how we are going to live each day.

  32. That jewelery is GREAT!

    I love it!

  33. The comment form doesn’t usually open for me, so I’m just a lurker who loves learning from your amazing perspective on life…thankful that you’ve reminded to “stop and smell the flowers” with my precious children more often!
    You’re a gift!

  34. Lainey seems like such a wonderful big sister :) so cute.

  35. Beauty exudes from you, Kelle… in your photography, in your writing, in the way you phrase what you say, in your smile, in your actions… I have been truly inspired and touched by you!! We just visited my brother in law in Sarasota, and the next time we visit I would love to come to Naples for a session. You’ve helped make my world a little brighter and help me to appreciate my husband and precious son even more. I come here for a little pick-me-up… even when you are down, you are still shining!!

  36. LOVE Nella’s sunhat. Adorable. And the fairy dust is awesome. I can’t wait to see the photos from Lainey’s birthday party. I’m sure its going to be fantastic.

  37. Now THAT is an office chair:)

    Love the photos, as always.

    Rockstar and a half today. Seriously.

  38. Horray for a post! :) I was SO needing a pick-me-up today from a “friend.”

    We got to enjoy the park today too- I’ve always been a rainy/snowy weather kinda girl… and now I have an almost toddler and just love to see his eyes light up when we explore the outside world.

  39. I am seriously loving those bonnets! Little Nella looks so precious in every single hat she tries on! And I love Lainey’s green hat! It looks like her birthday party is going to be so fun! My own little one is currently in love with Tinkerbelle and wears little fairy wings around all day! So we are definitely a fan of the fairies over here! Oh and ps…my mom has 3 or 4 rubbermaids FULL of beanie babies! We stood in lots of long lines to get those! :)

    Love all of your words! Thank you for sharing!

  40. i adore your pictures–they make the countdown to spring very exciting! i can’t wait!

  41. Ok…this may show up twice – not sure what happened there.
    I love, love, love the pics of Nella taken after she’s fallen asleep from the bumping down the sidewalk!! I could eat her with a spoon; absolutely delish!!
    I’m also a HUGE fan of shadow pics – great job! :) You continue to delight…thanks!

  42. I’ve been reading your blog since Nella’s birth. It’s an incredible story. We have a story of our own and although I usually don’t comment, I would love a necklace as a tribute to my little one. Thank you for your wonderful outlook on life. You’re inspiring me to take more pictures of my little ones.

  43. ChristiB says:

    As always, a smile was brought to my face. :)

  44. I want to thank you for sharing your wonderful journey through motherhood! I am a mom to 3 boys so I have enjoyed the beautiful pictures of your girls in their precious hats. My favorite picture is the one of Nella is the doll stroller!

  45. I love reading your blog! I have been reading it for the last two weeks now. I just love the way you write and the pictures you post and most of all, your honesty.

  46. oh how I love stream of consciousness. with an 8 month old at home, i feel like that’s how I live my life these days.

    you’re girls are so sweet together. just love how lainey is with nella. i so look forward to your posts and pics.


  47. Cynthia Helms says:

    I’ve never really done this before…Ok nevermind… I have but I don’t think myspace and facebook count much (nervous laughter)..So I came across your blog courtesy of AOL.And I just love it! It makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Tears of absolute joy mind you. I feel connected to you in some way and we come from two different walks of life. The connection (for lack of a better word) came to me when you referred to your girls as “my girls”. I am a mommy to a 5 year old little girl and 8 month old little girl and when I first referred to them as “my girls” it was a feeling like no other. Thank you for sharing your life with us! You inspire me to be the best mommy I can be. God bless you each and every second of every single day. Your words have transformed my life. Thank you!

  48. 1) Baby Nella is the sweetest most beautiful sleeping baby ever! Look at those long eye lashes!

    2) I owe one library close to $100 in late fees, another local library at least $50 in late fees. Currently looking for a new library. We are horrible with deadlines and due dates.

    3) Lainey and her Daddy are so cute! Zac Brown Band rocks, too!

    I am doing my first giveaway on my blog right now! Check it out if you get a sec!

  49. I came to your blog via the parent dish article linked to aol news. Wow! Am I glad I clicked on that link, or what?!? πŸ˜‰
    You’re an inspiring woman and mama, and so blessed. Those girls are gorgeous! Just love all the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing your world with all of us.
    Chelsie in AZ

  50. gorgeous photos……..

  51. Well, I really like your streams of consciencenous…don’t change a thing when you wake up!
    The girls look so adorable in their bonnets, I may try to order one of those for my only little girl (she has 8 brothers) so a hip little bonnet would help her rock that out!

  52. I love all the hats in this post…the sun bonnets, Lainey’s green hat, and the adorable one Nella was wearing when she fell asleep in the stroller!!

    If you are able to put wheels on your new desk chair, it might be easier to climb in and out of!!

  53. My mom and I have emailed back and forth about some of your beautiful thoughts on life and children. You are a great writer and I am a faithful reader of your blog. You have inspiring words and I look forward to every post.

  54. I love the sun shades! I’m so excited summer is here, its an instant pick me up when the sun is shining and the warm sun is out.

  55. I love the picture of Nella in the doll stroller. I guess many little girls think alike- http://junerose81clarkcorner.blogspot.com/- and have so much fun in pretending to be “mommy”

  56. I found your Blog thru a Photog forum and have been reading ever since, You are a great photographer, Mom and Awesome Blogger!. I just updated mine after a year! Oh and your little Nella. What a beauty! and a miracle too. She is destined for Greatness I can just tell!

  57. My mom used to always tell me that babies with DS are sent to the world to bring peace and happiness to all those around them.
    I thought that was her way of shedding light into an obscure situation, but every time I read your blog I am reminded that my momma was right. =) XOXO

  58. I love looking at your beautiful pictures and reading about your days with you beautiful daughters

  59. loved your post, as always, kelle. and love lisa leonard designs!

  60. I just came across your blog & love it! I am a mother of three, my youngest is turning 8 weeks old on Saturday. I was touched when I read your blog, you have brought more of a realization to my life of appreciating all we are blessed with, especially the tender moments we spend w our lil ones. I tend to overlook them sometimes when I am focused on trying to get housework done. Thank you for documenting all you have been blessed with!

  61. Beautiful pictures as always. Nella and Lainey are just so photogenic!

  62. I love how much of you we can FEEL in your photos. I can almost here Lainey giggling, and Nella making those newborn sounds because I can FEEL you in both the photos and the words. LOVE it

  63. A friend of mine linked me to your blog just shortly after the birth of my littlest love….which was just two days before the arrival of Miss Nella. The photos of your girls together bring me to tears every time. An unbreakable bond that only sisters can share. Such a lucky Mommy you are!

  64. Your photos of your girls always put a smile on my face, so lovely.

  65. You are so inspiring Kelle, I am writing Bayley’s birth story soon and I have you to thank for the courage to do so. Love the fairy house and your precious pics of the girls!!!

  66. I read the birth story of Nella several weeks back… probably sometime shortly after you posted it. I was pregnant at the time (my baby boy is 5 weeks old today) and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever read… and I read a lot. :o) I read the AOL interview today and decided to pop back by. I love the way you write… I have a feeling I’m going to become a regular reader. :o)

    Anyways, just wanted to say that your girls are beautiful. :o)

  67. Love your photography so much! Thank you for sharing so openly!

  68. Oh my goodness, I was just thinking about M.A.S.H. the other night… but I’m an Aussie and the version we played was slightly different. So funny :)

    And what is it with these kids knowing exactly which toy is missing even when they have way too many? Now, if only they could remember where they last put said toy, we’d be set!

    Great post as usual :)

  69. I don’t think there was one thing in any of those pictures that wasn’t adorable. At least from your pictures, you seem to have the cutest life ever. Thanks for sharing!

  70. I’m lovin’ the sprinkler photos! Too cute:)

  71. I love the shadow pic of Lainey!! Very cool.

  72. Awww! The best dance moves are always in the car with the radio up!

    And I love baby Nella in the baby stroller.

  73. Even your stream-of-consciousness posts are amazing and inspire me! I love all the pictures! You really are a great photographer and capture the moment so perfectly! Glad you had a girls’ night out. We all need those !

  74. Lisa Leonard jewelry is adorable, so is your blog! :)

  75. The Fairy Birthday invitations are so cute! Sounds like a fun party! Beautiful pictures as always!

  76. I love reading your blog! There is always so much happiness and love. Thank you so much for writing.
    I absolutely love the girls bonnets! They are adorable. I think I will have to get my little princess a few :)
    Where did you find such a cute sprinkler?????
    Thanks so much for sharing your life with us!!!

  77. Ok, so this is how I read your blog. First, I pretend I am an adult and I can read and view the pictures in the order in which it is presented. But within the first few words, I just start getting all googlied eyed and need to jump all around. Viewing the pictures and reading small snippets really randomly! Then, once I have finished, I go back and actually read it from the beginning! MAybe one day I might be normal.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing! I really am inspired once again by your great points of view! I am constantly striving to tell my story in a new fresh way. So, thanks for the inspiration!

    Oh and thanks for knowing how to use that umbrella stroller cover. I have that same stroller and never knew about the cover! LOL I really should have since I live in Seattle!

  78. I can’t believe I just only found out about your blog and frankly, I’m in LOVE. I cried reading your story and your pictures are just out-of-this-world awesome. And Nella, oh, she is so beautiful!

    I’m going to figure out a way to fly over from Singapore to have my kids’ pictures taken by you sometime. I’m telling everyone I know about your site. Can’t wait to see more!

  79. I LOVE the pictures of Lainey pushing Nella in the stroller! Too bad my son is only 2 1/2 months old or i’d be already for a little sibling for him to push around too lol!

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. as i was getting ready to try and sleep, i stumbled upon your blog.. i must say that i really enjoy the way you write, even most of your sentences have some sort of poetic beauty to them. it makes me smile reading about all the simple things you notice that everyone else seems to forget.. i also really love your photos, you have quite a keen eye! & your little girls are soooo precious!

  82. That green hat Lainey is wearing is adorable … did your mom make it?

    I spent a fortune on beanie babies too, but I was a young mother back then. Now I qualify for middle aged mom or perhaps older. Is 49 middle aged ?

    Loving the honesty in your story and the telling.

    I’m practicing my stream of consciousness delivery too.

  83. I love your blog. I read it holding my baby (born 12/11/09) and almost always end up crying happy tears. The pictures of your girls are gorgeous and you inspire me to be the best mommy I can to my two littles.
    Thank you.

  84. I must live under a rock! Please tell me how you play this game called “Mash”? Sounds Amazingly fun. Or twisted. LOL!

    Thanks for the give-away chance. You are SO fun!

    But more than that, I love coming here daily and being SO inspired. Inspired in ways that I could never put into words. I adore the way you write. The way you think.

    You have the most beautiful family.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Your posts never fail to make me smile, you know that?

    – Kayla.

  86. I was drawn to your blog by an AOL story about your growing popularity, and I have to say, I was brought to tears on more than one occasion. You and your family are just beautiful; I almost feel as if I know you! My fave pix are the ones with a doting Lainey pushing Nella in the bright pink stroller. Precious! The most important thing I have gotten out of reading about your new life with a Down Syndrome baby, is that, as much of a blessing as Nella really is to YOU, the true blessing is that YOU are her mother. How lucky this little girl is that she will grow up with such unconditional love from her whole family! That is the ‘tear-inducing’ blessing to me. Lucky Nella. πŸ˜‰

  87. Kelle-

    Your blog has been a huge inspiration to me. Especially little Nella. I’m younger than most of your readership (I assume so; only just entered my second decade) and this has just inspired me to not waste a minute of it. Thank you.

  88. You really are an inspiration. Your two beautiful, perfect girls are so lucky to have you as their Mama.

    And your photos are beautiful.

    Maddie x

  89. you, quite possibly, have the two most beautiful girls in the world. lainey is such a rockin’ big sister. nella is so lucky.

    those lisa leonard necklace are to die for! fingers crossed for a win!!

  90. I just adore your girls! They are so precious and your ability to capture all the sweet little moments inspires me to do the same.

  91. Beautiful pictures! I was laughing at the mad libs and beanie baby memories. Love Lisa’s jewelery.

  92. I’m not sure if your giveaway is open to people outside the US but I will comment anyway πŸ˜›
    It’s quite funny looking at all your spring photos when here in NZ our weather is slowly cooling, the slip and slide has been put away, days are getting shorter and winter is fast approaching. At least your little window into the other side of the world makes me feel a little warmer :)

  93. I’m not sure if your giveaway is open to people outside the US but I will comment anyway πŸ˜›
    It’s quite funny looking at all your spring photos when here in NZ our weather is slowly cooling, the slip and slide has been put away, days are getting shorter and winter is fast approaching. At least your little window into the other side of the world makes me feel a little warmer :)

  94. Anonymous says:

    Could you dress your daughters any cuter? They are so adorable! Great post today. I always enjoy reading them.


  95. was instantly taken with your story on AOL. I’m always inspired to keep my head up when I read other mommies painting their life beautiful by blogging. Thanks for reminding me to shed the shallow stuff.

  96. Beautiful pictures! i had a beanie baby addiction for a while I cringe at the thought of all the money I spent…yikes!

  97. Okay, so it’s 3 a.m. here in and I was awakened by some pretty freaky dreams. So, what do I do????? What else is there to do but get on Enjoyingthesmallthings blog and view your adorable family and read your funny and inspiring words:) Thanks for keeping me company at wee hours in the a.m.:) Loved the video of your hubby and Lainey:) Absolutely adorable!!!

  98. A friend of mine shared your blog with me, and within minutes I smiled until my cheeks hurt, cried until I couldn’t see, and was truly inspired. Thank you so much for sharing.

  99. The video of Lainey and her Daddy is so adorable, it brought tears to my eyes!

    I am loving the desk chair!

    Once again.. Awesome xx

  100. The video of Lainey and her Daddy is so adorable, it brought tears to my eyes!

    I am loving the desk chair!

    Once again.. Awesome xx

  101. Kelle, I love reading your posts and seeing how the little things make you and your family happy. Your family is beautiful!

  102. I swear, reading your blog has awakened my insides:) I am 15 weeks pregnant and have been pretty much in shock since I found out. I am however, 28 married and happy and financially stable, but it wasn’t in “the plan” to have a baby yet. I’ve been waiting for the day to wake up and just cry my eyes out because I’m so happy to become a mother. And that happened tonight after I caught up on your blog. I started reading right after sweet Nella was born, and I feel like the me that has been missing in action for the past 2 years is awake again. And I’m ready to start living again and be the best mom ever. Thanks so much for being so inspiration Kelle, you are really really special.

  103. Your girls are so gorgeous and I love your writing!

  104. I look forward to each new post and tonight was no exception. Thank you for a wonderful view into your world, I am so blessed that you share it with us all.

  105. It is 3:48am est it is always a treat to have a new post for me when I can’t sleep! Thanks Kelle…..here’s to sunny afternoons

  106. I am totally new to this world of ‘the blog’, I have been reading yours since it showed up on a birth board. I have followed since the birth of Nella, but I am allowing myself some time in the evenings to read back through all your blogs to the beginning. I also check every morning when I get up at about five thirty with my littles to see if there is anything new. I feel like I know you all though your words and you photos.
    I like ‘Family of girls’ am in New Zealand, so too far away for any giveaway but I am glad to have finally left a comment after all this time, it seems a little rude to just ‘read and run’.
    Anyhow your girls are beautiful and you have insipred me in so many ways that I cannot begin to explain. Here’s to all the beautiful things in life x

  107. May every day be filled with sunshine and sprinklers for you xxx

  108. I loved your stream of consciousness post! Your daughters are beautiful.

  109. Hey you lovely rock stars!

    Love those cute hats the girls had on and Lainey’s fab pants she has on on the swing… :-)

  110. I love your blog, I love how open and candid you are, it is refreshing and divine. It is stunning.

    Thank you Kelle.

  111. Thank you for touching my world, Kelle, and putting things back into perspective.

  112. ooooo I do love Lisa work – its precious….sweet, swwet photos Kelle, your wee dolls are adorable.x

  113. Eunice M. says:

    Lainey is such a cute little fashionista:) Nella is sooo adorable! I’m so addicted to your blog! Haha. Keep ’em coming…

  114. Eunice M. says:

    Lainey is such a cute little fashionista:) Nella is sooo adorable! I’m so addicted to your blog! Haha. Keep ’em coming…

  115. Eunice M. says:

    Lainey is such a cute little fashionista:) Nella is sooo adorable! I’m so addicted to your blog! Haha. Keep ’em coming…

  116. I am always excited when I see you posted in my google reader. You are doing such a great thing with your blog. I love looking at all your beautiful pictures.

  117. Gorgeous video and beautiful girls…your blog is a new favorite!

  118. I just tried to post and don’t think it came up, so if I double up, sorry!

    I stumbled upon your blog shortly after Nella bean was born and I have been so incredibly inspired through your thoughts,writing and beautiful pictures.

    Your girls are adorable and I love Lisa Leonard’s jewelry, also so inspiring.

    I look forward to your next post!

  119. I love reading your blog, thank you for being so open and sharing with us.

  120. Your girls are just heartbreakingly beautiful, and I’m so glad you and your friends had a blessed time out together…

  121. ahhhh sprinklers… such lovely memories from childhood, but living in australia, which has been in drought for years now, sprinklers are a thing of the past… we are not allowed to use then, so sad my kids dont know the joy of running through a sprinkler on a hot hot day….

    oh and the pic of nella in her jarmies, all i could think was miss nella bean wearing ice cream…

  122. What beautiful bonnets!

  123. You’re the best! I am giddy with excitement over seeing the finished product of your fairy party. Such a sweet theme.

  124. Ok. I’ll make your day. You have made mine. I am also a parent of a special needs child. Although with my Rebecca Rose, it tooks me a while before I knew what was going on. That year when she strugged was so heart breaking. I so wanted to help her, but did not have all the tools in place. When I got her diagnosis, it was big, and scary and so, so sad. After a week, I got over being sad and got Fierce! She’s now got everything she needs to be successful and she is. Rebecca Rose is my Rock Star. I am so so proud to be her MAMA! here is to Nelia and you MAMA!

  125. Carol xx says:

    More Beautiful photos of your precious little girls. You brighten all of our days with your words and photos. You are very special! xxxxxxxx

  126. I love your stream of consciousness! Keep it going! Beautiful as always.

  127. I love your stream of consciousness! Keep it going! Beautiful as always.

  128. your posts make me smile!

  129. Beautiful post as always.

  130. You have a beautiful family and your photography amazes me!

  131. Oh my goodness, Kelle, I just love your posts…this one might rank up there with one of my top five favs. Your girls? Adorable. Your words? Beautiful. And those sweet bonnets? Ordering one ASAP!

  132. I so love your photos!

  133. I love her designs, and your photography, writing, and those sweet girls of yours even more! I hope you have the most blessed day!

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. another gorgeous post. thank you so much for all the beautiful things you capture. And Damn, you don’t mess around with your movie snacks. :)

  136. Beanie Babies are awesome! I have lots, they’re for my future kids you see, I’m planning early (like 5 years early) πŸ˜‰

    Your bubbas are so adorable! And so stylish!

    Your photography is stunning. I wish my photo’s were so nice, one day I hope they will be πŸ˜€

    If you ever need to rid of that chair I have first dibs! (dunno how much shipping to NZ will be but I don’t care cos it’s so beautiful!)

  137. Rebecca Hamilton says:

    Just discovered your blog and love it. I also love jewelry, so I hope I WIN!!!!! Thanks!

  138. Those sunbonnets are AWESOME! Love them. And I love that last picture of Nella…so cute.

  139. Oh those bonnets are so darling! I’m headed over there to sort through them! Yay for some GNO time as well. What movie did you see?

  140. Anonymous says:

    I love Lisa Leonard, if I don’t win one of her giveaways soon, I am just going to have to buy a piece on my own. We are having a baby girl in June, I can’t wait to put her name on one!

    rebeccajeanbradley at yahoo.com

  141. Having just found you, I am catching up with your wonderful blog and amazing family, smiling through tears and sending love your way.
    Gorgeous photos of a beautiful family, I look forward to sharing some of your times with you xxx

  142. Your girls are beautiful, your pictures are gorgeous, and I just love your writing…. lucky, lucky, lucky lady :)

  143. Anonymous says:

    Love Lisa Leonard but especially look forward to your updates! Such sweet babies! Aren’t they scrumptious? I think I need to go bury my face in the neck of one of my shorties.

    Judy W

  144. Just beautiful. All of it.
    You make my scheduled, planned, Type-A personality want to try to be more Type-B. If I can fit it in the schedule, that is. πŸ˜‰

    Sending warm wishes from North Florida for you and your family!

  145. I LOVE the pic of Nella in the doll stroller! ADORABLE!!!

  146. Love reading your blog. I always feel better after reading. Your girls are adorable.

  147. My daughter is the exact same way with beanie babies. If she loses one of them we have to hunt for hours until we find it. It is the funniest and sometimes the most frustrating thing. Especially frustrating when she sticks it in one of her many hiding places.

  148. Alethea Lee says:

    Love the pics. Hopefully, one day, we will have the money to afford one. For now, I jusst use the camera phone for mine.

  149. Beatiful.

  150. Cute post!

    I love the bonnet pictures! While on vacation last summer, we were driving thru southwestern Missouri and realized we were mere miles from Laura Ingall Wilder’s homestead…with Almanzo. Of course, I insisted we make a detour and visit the family farm and homestead.

    In the gift shop, they sold the most amazing bonnets. I bought one for my daughter. I love it when she wears it in the Kansas sunshine…so fitting!

    Great give-away…and just in time for Mother’s Day. Thanks as always for reminding me of the small things that I too should be enjoying!

    B/c really, eating cheetos at 8:00 AM is not truly the crisis that I sometimes make it out to be…even if it involves little orange fingers on the couch!


  151. The photo of Lainey pushing the stroller is priceless. It’s amazing to watch an older sibling become a big sister or brother.

  152. Just discovered your blog and I love it! I’ll comment more later, still a little raw…

  153. Beautiful pictures as always. Your girls are so beautiful. I love the bonnets, I have boys, so I don’t think they would look as cute on them lol.

  154. I can’t get enough pictures of your sweet Nella sleeping. The lips, the eyelashes! I think she looks a lot like you.

  155. Oh wow…don’t know where to begin. My cousin sent me a link to your blog late last night and said, “you must read.” I started to read your daughter’s birth story and started my day off crying and not because I feel bad or sad but because you have reminded me that life is about the little things that we take for granted on a daily basis (or at least I take for granted on a daily basis).
    Your talent with the camera stirs envy in me. Gorgeous way of capturing life. Thank you so much for sharing.

  156. Oooh your sprinkler weather pics are such a teaser, we’re nowhere near that blessed turning point up north yet! Your girls are of course darling, the bonnets are so sweet, and I think your desk chair is perfection.

  157. beautiful pics once again of your children. Enjoy the sunshine and being outside with your girls!

  158. Your girls are gorgeous!!

  159. You have a beautiful family. Love your whole outlook!

  160. You have a beautiful family. Love your whole outlook!

  161. Your messy desk escaped my attention until another commenter mentioned it. I like that you post real photos of your house without embarrassment.

    Love Lainey’s kelly green crocheted hat. She’s a hat girl!

    You may be nostalgic for Michigan, but I’m a little jealous of Florida. It will be a long time before we get out the sprinkler here.

  162. I lovvveee those bonnettes! AND Lainey’s pants in the swing pictures. AND your new chair! =)

  163. Living purposefully – so true…it’s a very hard thing to remember as often you get mucked-up in life’s daily tasks or struggles – it was nice to have this reminder – thank you.

  164. Anonymous says:

    LOVE the chair! Nella is such a beautiful little angel! and Lainey such a good big sister! I for one hope your book is BIG and is half pictures! Thank you for sharing Kelle!

  165. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for sharing them with us!!

  166. Hi – I asked this question on the CNN pre-interview spot on their site, but it wasn’t addressed in your interview (which BTW I actually set an alarm so I wouldn’t miss it!)- you mentioned that you were homeschooled – do you intend to homeschool the girls?
    I llove your outlook on life – thanks for making my day, every day!

  167. It’s kind of embarrassing how excited I get when I see you’ve got a new post up!! I kept checking and checking last night…what a great morning treat. My daughter Hannah and I read it and watched Lainey sing with her daddy before Hannah headed off to school. She said, “Mom are there more pictures of the baby?” So we looked at all of them together too.

    I love your “stream of consciousness” writing…it’s like a nice little sampler of all that’s going on with you and your family, and it’s so much fun to catch up with you again.

    Have a great Thursday, Kelle.

  168. Total lurker here. :) I LOVE your beautiful pictures! I’m trying hard to learn how to take pictures, but being a mom of 2 cute blondies myself, plus working doesn’t give me a whole lot of time to work on this hobby. :)

  169. Kelle – I was just touched by the sweet picture of Nella yawning with her hat on. Thne i saw the picture of her with the head held so high. Too precious…it can’t get cuter…then is the picture of her all stretched out, lounging. She is just precious. thank you for sharing!

  170. Tallcurlygirly says:


    Finding inspirations in the little things – ah yes, that always resonates with me. Your posts remind me what I tell myself everyday – you have one life. There’s no rewind. Find joy everyday, even if it’s only for 5 minutes.

    It’s 7am and I’m tired because after an evening with my giggly, singing 22 month old daughter (she is my lollypop), I sewed little treasure bags until midnight. So much fun and the time flew and my stress from work disappeared. And I relish the reward of sewing for children and barely for myself anymore.


    Jennifer (aka tallcurlygirly)

  171. Love your blog. Love Lisa Leonard! Pick me!

  172. When I was younger I was notourious for lateness on the book thing (now I am just known for total lateness..on everything! I even got my Mom’s card revoked..they use to do that..she was sooooo mad at me. If we would see the Librarian anywhere public Mom would run the other way..geez..you would have thought I stole something..well actually that is another story (I will never forget that lesson)! I had like 6 books extremely (like years) overdue book stashed away in the attic and then the heavens looked down upon me and McDonalds had a special day that if you brought in your OD books you got a cheeseburger…woohoo..I fed the neighborhood that day! So it is ironic that I do library at Gracee’s school…I take it REALLY easy on those that are ALWAYS (it is like they are my own)…I have been known to hide an overdue book card or two!
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the new hats! And as for the chair..I am eyeing up a chair that I have that I could redo and put with my desk..I too have an lovely old desk with a chair that is from our first kitchen set that our first puppy used as a chew toy….Have a good day Kelle..and this post was just fabulous to read..nothing is shutting down on you! ♥

  173. That picture of Lainey leaning over Nella in her stroller…sigh. My heart can’t take it!

    Love randomness posts. They are my favorites.

    And I love Lisa Leonard and her jewelry. Thanks for the chance to win!

  174. Beautiful, as always : )

    I am going to order a chromosome necklace for Sara’s 18th birthday : )

  175. Oh my word, we try so hard to return our books on time. . .sheesh.
    Your girls are so beautiful and your photos so lovely. Thank you for inspiring all of us!

  176. im so glad this blog exists.

  177. You inspire me to be a better Mom. To slow down and let Corporate America spin past me. To grab my little beauty and rink in her sweet littleness that will be grown-up-girlness far too soon! I adore your blog, and your outlook on life! Thank you!
    Oh, and just let me give a shout :) I’m from Michigan!

  178. I love this! Your pictures are beautiful.

  179. Another amazing post. You are so inspiring. I love those bonnets and may have to order a few :)

  180. Thank you for sharing your random thoughts- they were very well put together.
    I now would like to play MASH and afterward run through a sprinkler. Thank you for reminding me how important the little things in life are. As always your girls are beautiful! Such sweet faces!

  181. As always…I enjoy reading your blog…the photos always make me smile.

  182. Anonymous says:

    My friend just has a baby with Down’s Syndrome; they knew from the start that she was the perfect baby for their family. Your blog is such an uplifting encouragement, too.

    emilyslinger at juno dot com

  183. As always, Kelle, your post has me smiling and tearing up. Such beautiful littles, captured so perfectly by you to share with us! Nella did not look too impressed with being in the doll stroller πŸ˜‰ But Lainey leaning over her baby sister in the real stroller? Precious. Thank you once again for sharing your beautiful photos and bits of your life! ♥

  184. Lisa Lapeyrouse says:

    Love you, Kelle!! Keep writing…keep loving those babies…and please, keep being random! I so understand :)

  185. kelle. you’ve taught me to slow down and enjoy every precious moment with my two little nuggets. thanks!

  186. this is the best thing on earth to read while drinking my coffee in the morning…prepares me for my 3 little beauties that will awaken any second! you are honestly such an inspiration (hope you don’t tire of hearing that) for me to be a better mom!

    sidenote: we did fairy party for my elle’s 5th and sprinkled poprocks, aka fairy dust, on the top of each girl’s punch cup. great fun! πŸ˜‰

  187. Thanks for all the little reminders, that life is beautiful and every moment counted and enjoyed.

  188. I love the way that Lainey’s party decorations are coming along…beautiful! As always I look forward to your posts as they inpsire me to enjoy the little things everyday. The jewelry is gorgeous!

  189. I love the way that Lainey’s party decorations are coming along…beautiful! As always I look forward to your posts as they inpsire me to enjoy the little things everyday. The jewelry is gorgeous!

  190. Wonderful post.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Kelly C’de Baca


  191. mmmm, that was a good post. makes me feel fulfilled. Love all those cute pics. Love the new bonnets. Seems like all is right in your world.

  192. Your words are always so beautiful and the pictures are breath taking! Thanks for sharing your world.

  193. I have been having a horrible week just reading your blog makes it easier to breathe. Thank you so much. I envy you being able to spend those precious moments with those girls of yours!!! Please keep posting. How is the book coming???? lol

  194. A friend of mine sent me your blog last week and I can’t stop reading it! I check it daily to see all your beautiful pictures and you’ve inspired me to write more, which was never very easy for me. You have a beautiful family!

  195. I’m expecting my first baby in August, and your blog makes me more anxious and excited than ANYTHING ELSE to have this baby in my arms already! Thanks for writing and for posting such precious pictures, they make my day!

  196. Hi Kelle,
    Love the shadow picture! I think you should look at the submitting some of your pics for greeting cards. Keep finding joy all around you! Thanks for continuing to share.
    Happy Thursday!

  197. It makes my morning to see your pics, and your ramblings are quite entertaining too!!

  198. Ohhh, LOVE Lisa and you too!

  199. I was so happy to find a new post this morning. Your small things remind me of the small things in my life. Thank you! Keep telling your beautiful story…

  200. Another beautiful post and an awesome giveaway.

  201. Kelle,
    I have become an addict – of your blog! God has truly blessed you and his works through you gives us all inspiration. I wish I could reach through this screen and hold your baby Nella. She is a beautiful little girl….such an angelic face. Loved the close-up picture of your older daughter in the green cap strolling and the close up of Nella in her pink cap. You are a great photographer. Look forward to reading all the ways your family is blessed and all the ways you uplift us readers – every day.

  202. A friend forwarded your story to me. I have been able to look at most of the pictures from the birth story but only got a few words in before absolultely balling my eyes out. I will try again to read tomorrow because I think your story is worth it. Your daughters are so beautiful! My son, and also my third child, just celebrated his 1st birthday on the 14th. He has Trisomy 21. We knew before he was born. He came early and had some complications, but in the end it ended up perfectly how it should have because we found out about a wonderful, wonderful organization, The National Association for Child Development (www.nacd.org) and my little guy is doing so great. I try to pass along the information to anyone and everyone and am thankful for this organization each and every day. Thank you for writing and sharing your story!

  203. The fairy theme looks great!

    Your writing is so inspiring! This week my family is celebrating the 12th year of life we’ve had with my baby sister Grace Anne. Like Nella, she has Down Syndrome. Every year my dad has a dozen tulips delivered to the house for her birthday πŸ˜‰ She’s given SO MUCH LIFE to our family and we just can’t even imagine what we would be like without her.

  204. I came upon your site about a week ago from a message board for women that have miscarried. I have spent many hours (at work & home) reading. You have a special gift and thank you for sharing. I love your writing, your pictures, the outfits for the girls…. everything! So precious and beautiful. Thank you for giving me hope! :)

  205. Ah, I also cannot wait for warmer afternoons using our sprinkler! You’re right, it’s spiritual to watch :)…and I love the mama necklace in the giveaway, too cute. Might have to nudge my hubbs for mother’s day if I don’t win!

  206. Rebecca Balderas says:

    Your blog is one of the first I check every morning. I love your writing and reminds me to treasure the little moments with my own two little girls.

  207. Anonymous says:

    FORGET the necklace………….it’s some smooches & hugs from those darling little princesses of yours!!! Oh my, Nella is no longer a “newborn” – she’s changing daily! And Lainey is loving her more every day is appears! (Hope Bunny is not being neglected!) Happy Sunny Spring Days to you, Mama Kelle!

  208. i LOVE lisa leonard, i love your posts, and i love your babies. they are seriously adorable. i’m really hoping for a girl for baby #3 whenever that is….

    but in the meantime, i’d LOVE to sport a lisa leonard necklace <3

  209. I absolutely LOVE reading your posts and seeing pictures of your beautiful girls! :-)

  210. Kelle,
    I have to admit it. You’ve become my guilty pleasure. Sneaking away from my morning routine to see if you’ve posted. What the heck, it’s only work and I don’t punch a timeclock anyway. You help me to recognize my ideals and live up to them each day. Thank you for that. To be true to one’s own heart is the best gift to self ever.

  211. Every time I read your blog you inspire me to be more present in my daily life. Thank you for helping so many of us to be better Mamas:)

  212. I was able to read Nella’s Birth Story because I found a link to it from a fellow blogger. Since reading it, reading your blog from the beginning- Enjoying your posts, pictures, and your general sunny view of ordinary, every day life. It’s so refreshing and is a constant reminder to me of how blessed I am and the pure joy I can take in “enjoying the small things.” You and your family are such an inspiration!

  213. The first thing I thought when I saw that picture of your desk (actually the second, after I admired the chair) was “Rock on; she’s got a can of whipped cream to snack on.” Then I realized… compressed air. A very practical and smart alternative. Just not quite as much fun!

  214. Another beautiful post with loads of great pictures!! I’m lovin the springtime photos, even though it’s still a little chilly where I live…

    I also just found the perfect chair for my office-y space, and I totally understand how it perfectly completes everything like yours!

  215. what a sweet post. I love love LOVE Lisa’a Jewelry!

  216. Your blog continues to inspire me every time I read it. You are a super hero mama!

  217. What precious little girls! I love Lainey singing and dancing! Love your blog!

  218. p.s. as my daughter was drooling over the picture of Lainey with her beanies…she looked close and said hey she has the same snake that I have…WHAT..this is the same girl that I sent upstairs twice to get her pink glitter sneakers and came downstairs empty-handed. I on the other hand opened her bedroom door and FELL over them! OH!!!! Seriously find the snake in the picture..it is like finding Waldo!

  219. Thank you so much for sharing your story with the world. I love how you see beauty in all the small things. Too many of us take those small things for granted and just don’t take the time to enjoy what we do have instead of fretting over what we don’t.

  220. You are an amazing mother and photographer. Thank you for being so honest. Your talent and openness are inspiring! I wore my hair in braids last week, thinking of you. Can’t remember the last time I did that :)

  221. Kelle…
    I know you’ve heard this almost a million times now (literally!) but your blog is the very first thing I check each day. I wish you could see my joy when there is a new post which is quickly followed by intense concentration as I read along. Thank you for continuing to share:-)

  222. Reading your blog has made me re-examine my days of being a mom. It makes me slow down, enjoy the day, and reminds me to be patient which is hard sometimes with a 2.5 yr old and a 6 month old. Thank you.

    I’ve been eyeing up a couple of pieces on lisa’s website for months now.

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  224. You are so creative and take such wonderful photographs! I wish I had the patience and experience to make my pictures look that good!!!

    PS. Love the Zac Brown Band too :) Great song, and too precious!!

  225. wow!! count me in!!

  226. I love reading of a mama soaking up her babies and loving every minute of it. Reading your blog always gives me a boost and a glass half full.

  227. How fun! I think I like stream-of-consciousness best of all. Thanks for all the inspiration and beauty you have given to this older mama (43 and just had my 4th baby–a beautiful, tiny daughter–six months ago). Even after totally “enjoying the small things” with my older daughters who are now 17 & 12, and adopting a 3 year old son from a Russian orphanage six years ago, it’s all new again with this sweet surprise. I feel like you are a kindred spirit, and your words and photos keep me on track. It has been too long since my pals and I have had a Girls’ Night Out and I’m motivated now to set another one in motion–a movie sounds like a great idea! Love the necklaces and thanks for a chance to win!

  228. I really love reading your blog and have been so inspired by your story! May God bless you and your little family!

  229. You inspire me with your posts. You make me want to be happier, to try harder, to simply enjoy life – my kids! – more.

    Thank you.

  230. Your pics are delicious! Such a great veiw of the world through the lens. Your babies are as always, incredibly beautiful.

  231. Your girls are so beautiful! I love thier outfits and cute hats! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family!

  232. Love the little bonnets..you have such beautiful girls.

  233. Your posts always make me smile!

  234. Me, you, sweet babies, and a warm cup of coffee is how I love to start my mornings!!!

  235. Don’t you love those umbrella strollers? We just got that same one (in gray, I have a boy). He is loving the spring sunny walks.

  236. Don’t you love those umbrella strollers? We just got that same one (in gray, I have a boy). He is loving the spring sunny walks.

  237. Seriously cannot pass by your blog in my feeder without reading it! I am so in love with your writing and photography!

    We are expecting a baby in just a few weeks and I am so in love with your name pick for Nella! We had Nelly on our list but it was quickly replaced with Ellie and now I totally have my heart set on Nella! It is funny really because both names were compromised. My husband loves Ella (I don’t – so Ellie it was) and I love Nell (he doesn’t like the ‘y’ ending) so Nella would perfectly suit our wants in a name. Crazy!? Perhaps. Just love Nella’s name!

  238. Love bonnets, bonnets everywhere
    Love you laying under the swing to take a photo
    Love Lainey’s shy smile
    Love Nella’s clever head lifting
    Love fairy houses
    Love fairy dust
    All gorgeous.
    All beautiful.
    Love your sharing!
    Thank you…

  239. Total blog stalker, but I love your blog. Great pictures and the sweetest little girls.
    Keep up the good work!

  240. Seeing your post this morning made me smile… good way to start off the day! I absolutely LOVE the chair! :) I’m so glad for sunnier/warmer days too… it’s about time. Oh, and did you paint the fairy house? Awesome job!! :) The girls are looking as cute as always… Nella looked so big in the doll stroller, but so tiny in the regular one. :) Have a good day!

  241. Kelle,

    Thank-you for always sharing and inspiring others through your story. I always look forward to starting my days by reading your blogs. I especially love the video of Lainey and Brett.

  242. What cute little girls you have! I just love all the glimpses we get into your world. You are an inspiration in so many ways! Thanks for all your positivity.

  243. So eloquently written, as always. Your girls are so beautiful and I just love to see little Nella holding her head up!

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  245. Your girls are incredibly beautiful. I love catching up on your blog—it always reminds me to take a deep breath and relax because these moments with 2 young kids go by so fast—and I know I’ll be missing the craziness!

  246. So eloquently written, as always. Your girls are so precious and I just love seeing little Nella hold her head up!

  247. Nella is just the most precious little bundle of sweetness! I love reading your blog and love seeing new pictures of her!

    P.S. That green hat that Lainey is wearing is FAB.U.LOUS.

  248. Love the idea of fairy dust. I also love lisa leonard’s necklaces. especially audrey’s necklace.

  249. You inspire me to take better pictures! I’m in my first photography class, and come to your site for ideas, plus a dose of happiness and comfort. Such cute babes you have. I’d like to know what you did before you became a photographer. You mentioned you worked in a hospital- what did you do there? And where is that lovely chair from?? I adore that fabric.

    Keep enjoying your warm weather! It’s getting more spring like up here in MI, so keep sending it our way.

  250. Oh boy, after over 200 comments, not sure where mine will end up, but wanted to say that first: Nella in the babystroller is awesome! And I like the shot of the 2 girls in their bonnets – Lainey’s back of the head w/ Nella yawning. So freakin’ cute! And you totally make me want to bring out the sprinklers too! Yay for SouthFL weather, right?!

    And I have a question regarding your beautiful photos.

    What do you use for storage for the digital ones? Who do you use for printing?

    Thanks! And keep that happy stride, mama!!

  251. Your babies are absolutely gorgeous. And although I only know you from your blogging, I think your an amazing mama.
    And now onto those necklaces. Pure beauty. Love love love the one with the little birdie, super cute and very Spring!

  252. Such beautiful pictures! I absolutely love the fairy dust idea! :)

  253. Such beautiful pictures! I absolutely love the fairy dust idea! :)

  254. too much yumminess for one post! My daughter is a year old in april and i just can’t believe how much they change in one short year!

  255. Okay 2 things:

    1 – I love the Type B post.

    2 – I love that you had Nella in tow for your girl’s night out. Thank heaven’s I’m not the only Mama who doesn’t think about leaving my little bunny when getting with the girls. (Okay my little one is over a year old and not breastfeeding, but still…)

    As always, thank you for sharing!

  256. Christina says:

    The pic of Nellabean in the doll stroller is too cute!!! She looks like such a hugable bundle. And Lainey, pushing the big girl stroller, she looks so grown up, such a beauty already.
    I can’t wait to see her bday come together, you are the most creative person I know…I feel inadequate in that department, forgive me if I “Steal” all the fairy party ideas for my littles 3rd bday in December :)

  257. There is no better way to start my day(s) than reading amazing posts written by you. You are a soothing soul, aren’t you? You are a blog blessing. :)

  258. I absolutely love the pictures you post…you make everything look so beautiful. Your daughters are adorable!

  259. Kelly, I have become addicted to your blog. You enlighten my day.

    Thank you.

  260. Kelly, I have become addicted to your blog. You enlighten my day.

    Thank you.

  261. Your girls are so precious! I love the Faerie Dust idea, super cute. I love reading your blog, I check for updates everyday!

  262. This post was very understandable, no worries there LOL!! Lainey with her dad was so sweet. Nella in the doll stroller gave me a good laugh, I think it’s so sweet that Lainey was pushing her when you went out for a walk and had to console Nella when she heard the slightest whimper. Those bonnets are beautiful!

  263. I would love to be entered in the drawing for the Lisa Leanord Jewelry! It’s beautiful!

  264. Fairy party dust is such a great idea!!! Very cute πŸ˜‰

  265. I adore your new chair! It’s GORGEOUS!

    And your girls are just beautiful in those sun hats! SO CUTE!

  266. Love Lisa’s designs and LOVE your writing!

  267. I can’t believe how big Nella is getting!

  268. You got library books back on time?! This may be the most amazing thing you’ve ever written. You’re now officially a rock star in my book! Beautiful photos as always.

  269. I love their little bonnets – so cute!!! It’s still chilly here in Ohio but I can’t wait to dig out the sprinkler and take some awesome sprinkler photos of my kids. Loved seeing yours.

    Great giveaway – Lisa’s jewelry is beautiful!

  270. i have so enjoyed your blog and the little glimpses of your gorgous girls!

  271. The first thing I do when I get to work each morning is check your blog for a new posting. Thanks so much for making the time I have to spend away from my own kids just a little bit better by sharing ways that I can enjoy them even more at night and on the weekends.

    Keep smiling!

  272. Love the pic of Nella in the baby stroller!! She is getting so big. We are looking forward to warmer weather here too..in St. Louis! Can’t wait to read the next one!! And thanks for sharing your ramblings with us!

  273. You girls are so beautiful. You inspire me so much:)

  274. So, I found you while trying to check my email at AOL [which I still haven’t done…] and I must say, I am so very glad I got sidetracked.

    I love your photos, the way you tell your story and all the PINK. I’m a mother of two boys…very BOY-ish boys. So I’m going to keep reading and basking in all the pink you have in your life…until I can get some pink of my own in this house! :)

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  275. i love stream of consciousness posts, i feel like we’re having a conversation.

    love the chair, it was made to be seen and used. beanies, lol.

    do they make bonnets for boys? somehow i’m not thinkin’ that bonnets are unisex ever, but i’m hoping you will tell me otherwise cuz they are Stinkin’ Cu-ute!

    poor nella in the doll stroller, she does not look amused.

  276. I love, love, love your blog and check everyday for a new post. This was one of your best. keep up the good work!

  277. M.A.S.H.! Oh man, I haven’t thought of that in YEARS! And being that we are in new fallen snow up here in Manitoba, Canada I am thoroughly green with envy that you are all running around barefoot. I keep telling myself ‘soon, soon’. :)

  278. I love the pants in the swing!

  279. My baby is due in a week–tick..tick..tick.. love the blog!

  280. Love the girl in the garage with daddy, made me smile. Enjoying your blog and pictures.

  281. Thanks so much for posting your life story. I’m such a blog stalker and check your blog a couple times a day to see if you have updated yet!

    You really show that your really enjoying the small things in life. And have taught me to do the same thing! Thanks so much!!

  282. Ha – your desk looks like mine! I tell my husband all the time that it IS organized!

    Really enjoy reading your blog. I was a mama for the first time in September and it’s been so nice to read about another mama’s love for her babies. I’ve never felt anything more powerful or complete.

  283. Your daughters are beautiful, your family seems wonderfully happy. I love reading your words, seeing your pictures and opening my eyes to the joys that my family also holds, which we sometimes are too busy to notice.

  284. Beautiful photos as always!

  285. You are such an inspiration to women and mothers everywhere. Your pictures are amazing and I look forward to reading your blogs everyday!

  286. Your girls are so darn cute :)

  287. I found your blog when a friend linked to it on Facebook. I also have a child with Down syndrome. A boy who I can’t believe is going to be two in a few short months. And I love that you are putting a face to Down syndrome for so many people who don’t get to see it every day like we do. So many people now can see that a child is a child, perfection is perfection, sisters are sisters, beauty is beauty, and love is love. No matter how many chromosomes. :)

  288. Oh Laineylove is too adorable. and sweet Nella. Your updates ALWAYS and I mean, always brighten my day.

    Looking at life through your eyes is really such a blessing, it definitely pushes me to want to see things that way too!

  289. amazing post as always. love her jewelry.

  290. I think my favorite picture in this post is the one of Nella in the doll stroller. :)

  291. Your girls are beautiful… and pic of the library books cracked me up – very creative… :)

  292. I love your blog. I love the way you love your girls….how beautiful to fill the world with fairy dust and pretty little girls in dresses pushing their baby sisters in strollers…

    Oh joy. :)

  293. I love love love your blog and find inspiration, both as a mama bear and as an enjoyer of the small things in life! Thanks for all that you do.

    And, BTW, I’m so jealous of March in Florida! I can’t wait to pull out toddler-sandals…come June!

  294. I am addicted to your words as I am my morning coffee. I enjoy watching your family grow. What wonderful blessings you have :)

  295. that video was so sweet!

  296. Such beautiful girls. Just wanted you to know I showed my 12 month old daughter the last picture of your sweet Nella and she kissed the computer. She loves babies!

  297. Kelle you are inspiring in more ways than one. After discovering my husband and I can’t have children of our own back in October, we are on our way to becoming foster parents. And I try every. single. day. to enjoy the little things as we trudge a long this path that was chosen for us. Much like you, I find myself sitting and enjoying all the little day to day things that will all change once we get our first placement.
    Keep on trucking, my friend and know that I will be tuned in as fairies come and go and even when the leaves change into their brilliant colors.

  298. I’m so thankful to have found your blog through another blog friend! Your family is beautiful and I’m so very blessed by your “realness!”

  299. Love the fairy dust for the invitations…priceless! Oh and Nella in the doll stroller so cute!
    Hope it is a beautiful sprinkler day in your part of the country.

  300. I love the idea of “birthday dust” that is such a cute idea! You are so creative!! Her party is going to be so cute. I can’t wait to see pictures!!


  301. I think you have a gift kellehamptom. Its to find the beauty in things. Not many can do that. You have been doing it for a long time – its all documented here. We can all see it. You have found the beauty in Nella. And she is beautiful. You are a big part in that. Thank you for reminding us all to find the beauty in our lives.
    God Bless you and yours.
    Laura (houston)

  302. My heart melts when I see the personal touches like the handles to the baby stroller AND the bonnets. I love love the idea of little girls in BONNETS and ruffles =)

  303. Always happy when I wake up and see a new post in the morning. It is like a little extra ray of sunshine :0)

    I have been clicking away on my new camera – and have a question. How do you get your pictures to post so big, clear, and pefect on your blog. I have tried photoshop elements and picasa …. changing the html codes….. and nothing makes them come out clear when posting them in my blog.

    Have a wonderful day – Enjoy the sunshine!

  304. Love your pictures. The colors and focus are so beautiful!

  305. LOVE the video of Lainey & Daddy singing & dancing together!

  306. Jennifer G. says:

    Ooh, ooh, ooh! Gorgeous! I’m thinking Mother’s Day….

  307. This post just makes me smile. I’m glad your days have been happy! :)

  308. I absolutely love reading your posts! I stumbled upon your blog through a friend, and I can’t tell you how much you’ve helped me. That particular day I needed a heavy dose of perspective, and reading your blog was the most beautiful way to get it. I am inspired by you to take something that may seem like the end of the world and embrace it. Thank you so much for your blog.

    P.S. Your girls are absolutely precious! I adore the pictures you post….I wish I could take such wonderful photos of my kids.

  309. Kelle- You inspire me everyday to be a better mom…you rock!!


  310. Beautiful pictures of your beautiful girls! I love the fairy dust idea for the night before the party! Absolutely adorable!

  311. I see everyone is having their morning coffee with you today and leaving comments!

    Nella’s cheeks are delicious!

    Had to laugh at Nella in the stoller – my daughter rolled the wheels off of ours by carting around her baby brother. Kids!

    Enjoy the day Kelle.

  312. I so look forward to reading your blog….it really does inspire me to slow down and “enjoy the small things”.
    Thank you for that!
    Your girls are beautiful as always.

    p.s. the chair looks great!

  313. Your children are both so beautiful! I love your site and your pictures are always gorgeous!

  314. Nothing like a giveaway to bring out the commenters. :) I just want to say that I love your eye for the beautiful, and I adore the positive outlook with which you view all of life. I know that parenthood, marriage and life in general must bring you as much frustration as the rest of us, but you–at least here–have really captured the gift of optimism, and that says a lot about you as a person.

  315. such beautiful pictures all the time … love looking at them everyday, and reading your wonderful words.

  316. 2lil_princes says:

    Wow. I am in awe of you! I just found your blog and am enjoying your pictures and posts.

  317. The picture of Lainey in her short little skirt and green hat checking on her sister is priceless! Beautiful work, you have a gift!

  318. I love love love the bonnets!! Too cute!
    Your pictures are so great! They always make me smile! Lots of hugs!!

  319. love, love, love the picture of nella sleeping in her stroller. there’s something about smooshed up baby lips that gets me every time.

  320. I can’t wait to see pictures from her birthday party! Does she have fairy wings to wear?

  321. Julie in TX says:

    Found your blog through reading sweet Nella’s birth story. Your beautiful writing and gorgeous photographs keeping me coming back each day. I always smile when my reader shows you’ve written a new post. Thanks for sharing your family with all of us. Best to you!

  322. Came across your blog sime time ago… Thanks for sharing a corner of your world with us. :)

  323. Ah yes, Beanie Babies. We have three daughters, all grown now, who were mad for those things. We had MANY. I have given most away, in fact, I carted a whole bunch to Rwanda last October to give to our World Vision children. It was interesting explaining that to the customs agents in Uganda and Rwanda.

  324. Thank you for sharing your journey. Your girls are beautiful, and so are you!

  325. I’ve been following your blog since sweet precious Nella was born, but I can’t rightly say I remember how I came upon it! Actually, I think it was a writer friend of mine. Anyway, since then I check in daily and can’t wait to see what you’ve posted, I especially enjoy the pictures and picture book pages that you share. They’re AWESOME!! I’m an aspiring amateur photographer and love all your shots. I’m also inspired by all the raw emotion and honesty you share in your posts, especially with Nella’s birth. It was not doubt an easy thing to discover that she had down syndrome, but I have confidence that with yours and Brett’s help, Nella WILL DO GREAT THINGS!!! She already has by touching all the people who have come to know her and you all through this blog. Congratulation on your most beautiful gifts of life!!

  326. Oh I just love that last picture of Nella. She is so beautiful.

  327. Love the pics… and sure the birthday party is going to be a blast :)

  328. One of my favorite memories is from the sprinkler last summer. My hubs and I had worked in the yard all day and it was HOT. We turned on the sprinkler and ran through the sprinkler with Zoe with all of our clothes on. At first she thought we were nuts but before long she was laughing with us and having so much fun. Sprinklers are magical- I have always felt that too. Try it with your clothes on one day- its a whole new kind of magic I tell ya!

  329. Laughing about the part about the beanie babies. I worked at a Hallmark in college and it was madness, I tell you, MADNESS!

  330. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It seems like so many people are afraid to say the things that you have, but I know that is ok. I feel like a kindred spirit reading your blog; we share the same story, interests, etc. and your story, and mine are beautiful. My little girl, Lillian is now 16 months and just started crawling on all fours this week! We are so excited! What an accomplishment! Thank you for sharing the way you do.

  331. Love reading your blog and seeing the beautiful photos – loved the shadow photo. thanks for sharing your family with us :)

  332. Ashley Campbell says:

    Just found your blog last night, and I have to say I am in love. You have such a honest and intriguing way of writing, and the pictures are worth a thousand words! So nice to see the honesty you have, the fun and the love you give your girls. So so precious. Keep up the good work!


  333. Oh, that video of Lainey and her daddy is beautiful.

    Also, love your desk chair. A little incovenience is worth it to sit in such a lovely chair.


  334. That last picture of Nella is absolutely gorgeous. I still can’t believe you’ve had no formal photography training. You truly have a gift.

    How warm is it down there in FL that y’all can break out the sprinklers already?

  335. That picture of Nella in the Doll stroller is so cute. Such beautiful girls you have.
    Oh and that video is priceless. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  336. Just beautiful!

  337. i kind of wish i had a little girl sometimes. But i love my little man so so much. Thank you for your beautiful posts!

  338. I not only love to read about your beautiful family, but your pictures of them are amazing. Thanks for being so REAL and honest. I would love to win one of those necklaces. I have been secretly wanting one for awhile now.

  339. What a great way to start my day, reading your lovely words and seeing your beautiful pictures of your gorgeous girls. So cute Lainey with her daddy singing in the car!!!!

    Have a wonderful day Kelle!

    Cheryl in MI

  340. I stayed up reading past posts last night. I feel like I’ve found a book that gives wonderful inspiration to “see happy.” Only it’s better than a book book because there’s no end. There’s a new post just around the bend. Thanks for investing your time and energy to encourage others and make us smile. :)
    Ali (mom of 1 baby…so far)

  341. Beautiful pictures! I love the fairy dust, such a great idea! You inspired me to take a photography class. I start on Monday, such excitement!!

  342. my oh my such adorable pictures! Maybe u can send that sun to Oklahoma??

  343. Anonymous says:

    Kelle…have you and Lainey read the book “A Very Big Bunny” by Marisabina Russo? It’s the new favorite in our house and I’m sure that you and your girls would love it too.

    Take care,
    Jenny V. from MA

  344. I ran across your blog from your photography but became a fan of you as a mother. I am a mother to two children and I admire how you handle day to day situations as well as the new challenge you are facing. You can tell that both of your babies are blessed and LOVED dearly and one day they will thank you for that (in their own way).

  345. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that chair too, you have great taste. Thanks for sharing today and inspiring many.

  346. Wow, I had to scroll down really really far to post a comment! :) I have enjoyed reading your posts but mostly drooling over your photos. Like a cup of sunshine. :)

  347. I love the hats- all of them! The green on Lainey is such a cute hat! Beautiful pictures, as always!

  348. Anonymous says:

    WOW! I am so in awe of you! Your posts and pictures are beautiful beyond words!


  349. Love the singing clip. My oldest loves to sing Taylor Swift, didn’t know at age 4 how quickly she could pick up the words and sound like she is 15. Love Lisa’s jewelry, what a fun giveaway before Mother’s Day. Still enjoy the blog posts, as I am on a very similar journey with my little ones as well.


  350. Your daughters are absolutely beautiful and the bonnets are fabulous too :) Such a great way you are documenting their lives and sharing them with the world.

  351. Love this post. Have a lovely day. :)

  352. Your posts are always so inspiring and uplifting. You are doing an amazing job and already have two wonderful daughters. Keep it up!

  353. I’ve got to say, your girls are so lucky to have a mama like you :) The fairy party sounds so awesome! Having a boy, myself, I doubt that any fairy parties are in our near future, so I’ll live vicariuosly through your blog for my pink fix πŸ˜‰

  354. I have a 5 mo old baby girl and you have taught me how to treasure each moment with her….even the over-tired, barfed on, whiney. mommy needs a break ones. Your girls are beautiful and I wish you and your family the best. Awesome chair, by the way.

  355. I love the fairy dust with the invites! Baby Nella is just precious. There’s nothing cuter than a baby socks!

  356. Wonderful!! I love your updates and the pictures! Brightens my day :)

  357. Hey, stream-of-conscious worked well didn’t it? Bathing suits and flip-flops? Way too teasy for this northern gal who must face below freezing temps for a few days here.

    Here is a moment of nosey lady in the check out line for you:

    Next time Lainey cracks open the crate of beanies, have her sort them into categories by animal/colour etc. Then lay them in lines on the floor to creat a sort of graph. I promise you that doing this will magically give her one of those math brains everyone finds so elusive. My one son who was the benefactor of an older brother’s extensive dinky car collection did this as a favorite activity ad infinitum when he was three and four. Now he is a math lover and he has a very lively and productive spacial brain. Spacial is always good. Spacial helps you buy furniture and read a map. It gives you the inate ability to navigate a mall, or a city.

    Think of the possibilities.

  358. Kara Brown says:

    Beautiful!!! I save time in the mornings to read your posts…when I have coffee and no little voices in my ear, because I enjoy it that much! Love it all. Thanks again for sharing. I SO look forward to new posts!

    Kara Brown

  359. Awesome giveaway…I love her pieces. I’m hoping to be able to watch the interviews this weekend. Your story has been amazing to see.

  360. Ooops. Wanted to add, save the Beanies for Nella, her teachers will want her to categorize stuff. What could be more fun than Beanies?

  361. You are what all mommas strive to be – fun, young at heart, creative, patient, beautiful and spontaneous, and a great photographer. I never grow tired of reading your posts! I can’t wait to see pictures from Lainey’s fairy party! I love my son, but reading your blog makes me want a daughter!

  362. Great giveaway!

  363. Madyson, my 3 year old, loves the library too. Its the “BIG SHH BOOK PLACE”! Great job on the interviews! I am loving having you as a friend, one day we will meet!

  364. Megan C. says:

    Love the baby in the doll stroller—that happens here too! You must be having a lot warmer weather than us up here in Orlando! No sprinkler days for us yet. Can’t wait though. I’m sure it won’t be long. I am also one of those embarrassed to say that I have a bin of beanies that I paid too much for when I was a college student working at a Hallmark store.

    *hope this doesn’t double post. My first comment seems to have disappeared.

  365. Lainey and daddy singing is priceless and that picture of her through the stroller hood? BREATHTAKING! Wow.

    But most of all you know what I love? Her obsession with rain boots. Hahhahah. LOVE IT.

  366. I don’t know the last time I read your blog without crying. Thank you for inspiring, encouraging, and rambling. I love Lainey’s beanie babies, Nella in the doll stroller, and the pinkity pink pink stroller!!

  367. Beautiful pictures! Love the sun hats!

  368. Thank you for reminding me to take a step back and see the beauty where I might not be looking because I’m so caught up in the “daily grind”. Your posts encourage me to let go of worry and embrace life and everything it throws at us.
    I look forward to your posts…reminding us to find the beauty in each day…and letting us know where you find cute stuff and photography tips :)
    I hope you and your adorable family remain well. You are a truly lucky lady!

  369. Sweet, sweet post. And I love that the song Lainey and her Daddy were listening to is all about the love between a father and his child.

    Absolutely beautiful.

  370. I just need to know why you took Jolly the Walrus???


    I think the randoms are the best, just open your brain and let it pour out onto the paper and voila, the post is just perfect.

  371. I’m jealous of your warm weather and girl’s night out!! And great job on your parentdish interview :)

  372. Kara Brown says:

    OOHHH, and I just watched the video, LOVE that song!!!! They were too cute!!!!!!

    Kara Brown

  373. I’m in awe of your photos. They are beautiful.
    LOVE the fairy birthday idea!
    Enjoy your beautiful weather! It’s still much too cold here in Maine for sprinklers!

  374. Beautiful as always Kelle! :) your girls are absolutely beautiful. perfect babies.



  375. Love your blog! It makes me try harder to be a better mom and live in the moment with my kids.

  376. love the green hat! i have a lisa leonard necklace and i love it.

  377. Have you seen the fairy scientist? http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/little-scientist-hunts-for-fairy/1ab0cilvo It’s ADORABLE. It fits well with your fairy plans…maybe you could incorporate that into her party! :)

  378. I just happened upon your blog yesterday. Beautiful writings. Thank you for sharing!

  379. Your photography is amazing and you have a such a beautiful way with words. I am glad I have stumbled upon your blog! Adorable little girls!!

  380. thank you for sharing your all with us

  381. I read every day but usually don’t comment….you totally lured me in with your give-away though. I’m a sucker for a freebie.

    Wonderful photos today…and I love that chair! The Fairy Party looks like its going to be a real memory-maker for Lainey.

  382. You are able to capture the beauty of life with kids so well. I am so happy to stay at home and spend the same precious moments with my own children.

  383. the pictures in this post kelle are enough to melt me into a puddle. nella in even more hats, lainey mothering nella in the stroller…it’s all so precious, real and good. so very good.

    p.s. my office mate and i check your blog for updates every morning now and ooh and ahh over your girls. you should hear us!
    “oh did you see nella’s new bonnet?” “NO, let me see…awwwwwwwwwwww!”

  384. Love your posts, Kelle. I’m hopelessly in love with being a momma too, but we all need encouragement to slow down and notice/appreciate the small things, so thank you.

  385. Beautiful! You are super mommy!

  386. LOVE the stream of consciousness & love your new chair. i must say, i noticed it right away on your CNNi interview.

    you inspire me. plain & simple. thank you for being you!

  387. I love your computer chair! And all your pictures! Both your girls are beautiful!

  388. I love the second to last picture of baby Nella! That little round tummy is precious.

  389. I am so happy to have found your blog, Kelle! You move and inspire me with every picture and every soft word you publish.

    Love, Therese

  390. Thanks for letting me join you and stream-of-consciousness for coffee this morning. I’m really enjoying your blog and am so thankful Nella introduced me to it.

  391. Love the pics

  392. Love reading your blog and seeing how much your adorable kids are growing! I also wish we had weather like yours!

  393. I’m not sure if I’m coveting the sunshine and warmth where you are more, or something from Lisa Leonard. Hhmm…

    I love your pics; I can practically feel the warmth!

  394. I haven’t thought about MASH in YEARS! Hillarious! I think we may just have to do that on a girls night out! Wish I still remembered what that game was we played where we folded the peice of paper into the lil pac man type thing, that you opended and closed with your fingers..and picked a number, which led to a hidden message…boy I am going to think on that one! Great!

  395. Stream of consciousness, nothing! Another well crafted post.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures you take and post and weave throughout your posts. They are the true story.

    And, as always, Nella brings an automatic smile!

  396. Kimberly McGuffey says:

    As I sit here holding my sweet Aiden, I think to myself, do I dare post only to be in the drawing for the free jewelry, and I answer myself….. sure, why not!!!! I wish that I had as many opportunities with a little boy to put cute bonnets and crocheted (is the spelling correct) hats on him. I love all your cute things you put your girls in. If you had a little boy, how would you dress him? I would love some inspiration.

  397. I am a new blog follower…I enjoy watching you and your family grow!

  398. Believe it or not your post makes perfect sense…I too work with a random “stream of consciousness.” It allows us to reflect on all the beauty our lives have without pausing. Many blessings to you and your family.

  399. Love your story!! :) Thanks for the chance to win.

  400. I love the line “watching kids in the sprinkler is a spiritual experience.” So right!

  401. You have two very beautiful girls. I love your photos and I love your blog. And as a fellow momtog, I can’t wait for more photography posts!

  402. Your kids are so beautiful! I especially love the pics of Lainey pushing the stroller.

  403. OMG! That video made me cry it IS so precious. And I NEED one of those bonnets for my little girl.

  404. I always enjoy your posts! Thanks for sharing your beautiful life and family with us.

  405. I love reading your blog. I especially love the photography. It makes me want to take more pictures of my little one.

  406. You have such beautiful and wonderful babies. I LOVE the video of Lainey and her daddy. Totally made me cry happy tears. I’m so glad I found your blog. You don’t know the joy it brings me.

  407. I am really enjoying reading your blog. My favorite picture in this post is your tiny baby dozing under her sun bonnet- sweet!!

  408. Loving the sun bonnets…it’s so hard when you have light skinned and hair babies in our Florida sun! Please tell Brett I also appreciate his consistent support of our Gators. Stand proud for the world to see (since EVERYONE knows about your blog now! :P) that we love our Gators!

  409. I just found your site right after Nella was born and you inspire me so much. I like that you see the beautiful in every day. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by parenting, especially in situations like yours when you are thrown a curveball, but you are handling it so beautifully. I am in awe of you.

  410. Anonymous says:

    Oh my…that little video of your husband and daughter in the garage brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet memory for them!



  411. I think you are such an inspiration to all mothers! I love seeing all the pictures of your girls and hearing your story.

  412. Your photography is absolutely exquisite – and your daughters are just precious. Thanks for sharing your world with us!

  413. Marie in NH says:

    Nella is the cutest little pumpkin, I could just eat her up! Love, love, love the sun bonnets! Not only are they adorable, they look like they keep sensitive little heads sun free! I love the old-fashioned look they give the girls . . . like bonnets our mothers would have put on us! You are all beautiful!

  414. Another wonderfully beautiful post!!! Enjoy that warm weather, and send some to Iowa for me!! lol Love the fairy magic, you gotta tell us what that is?!

  415. gorgeous pictures of the girls as always!

  416. Beautiful images Kelle!! Beautiful words.

    And YES! I would LOVE to won your give-away!! Love Lisa Leonard jewelry!!

  417. Love all the pictures of your beautiful daughters!

    I came across this cute website and remembered the fairy party accessories. Can’t wait to see pictures of your fun party!


  418. I think your writing makes God happy.
    Thank you,

  419. Your posts never disappoint, and always leave me shedding those happy sweet emotion filled tears. Thank you for sharing that video, that was the SWEETEST thing ever!!! All the best!

  420. I love the flowery pants Lainey is wearing in the swing pictures!!
    The fairy party invites are adorable! So clever!

  421. I’m glad you have found someone who appreciates your old beanie babies. I have tubs of them (thanks to a mom who was obsessed for a while) and my 3 boys have no interest in them other than to eat them (the youngest 2 are 14 mths and eat anything and everything)!

  422. love how you “found” your desk chair. :) and Nella’s tummy time shots are amazing! what a girl!

  423. Thank you once again for a beautiful post, my 10 month old daughter and I read your post each morning after breakfast. It starts our day with a breath of fresh air.
    Thank you!
    Rosa and Alyssa

  424. Kelle, I love your blog. You are such an inspiration. Your girls are precious and you are such a talented person!

  425. You are the type of mom that I hope to be someday!

  426. Kelle, I just found your story through Don Miller’s blog. How beautiful! Thank you for being so honest and sharing your story with the world. You really have a way with words and photographs. God bless you and your sweet family of four!

  427. Your blog is so beautiful. I find myself checking it every single day awaiting the inspiring words you will type next. Your girls are beautiful. Your blog has inspired me to be a better mother and to enjoy every minute of being a mommy to my children.

  428. Love the pictures…Lainey pushing your lil sis is adorable! And I loved both of your interviews! You did a great job!

  429. Your girls are beautiful! I’ve been following your blog recently and have been trying to catch up on older posts. You give me so much inspiration!

  430. What a perfect day for me to come across your blog. I have been feeling so overwhelmed by things going on in my life right now – from family issues to health issues to just generally feeling worn down. Your positivity and wonderful outlook on life has been exactly what I needed to “hear” today! I have been so engrossed in reading, I have been neglecting my own sweet children! I will be here every day for thank little oomph I need!

  431. kelle is…..

    type type type….
    backspace…backspace…hmmm….trying to type..the thousands of words floating around in my mind..words that are sitting on my closed eyelids…

    kelle is simply…a mindful of colorful inspiration…and an eyeful of amazing grace.

    thank you for filling my mind with wonderful colorful adjectives and for creating a grace that travels beyond your shutter and into the souls of us all.

  432. I wait and wait for your next post. To hear in your beautiful words, the things I feel! Thanks!!

  433. Love your chair! But those bonnet wearing girlies take the cake… cute cute cute!

  434. Your girls are so sweet! I love how you capture them on camera.

  435. Debbie R says:

    Just found your blog and loving the pics and heart felt words you share with us. You are the face of God for so many people. Thanks for sharing.

  436. I have gone to many magical places with little ones in parked cars. I want to know how Brett got to drive I usually have to ride shotgun!

  437. you have such beautiful girls! One day you’re going to look back at this and read what you have wrote, and show them all the pictures you took and they’re going to love you even more <3

  438. Crystal in IL says:

    I was going to click on another blog in my bookmarks and your blog popped up on my screen instead. It must be my back brain working too :) I love your pictures. They make me want to take better ones myself.

  439. I don’t think I’ve ever commented, but I love your blog. Those sweet little sun hats remind me of something out of “Little House on the Prairie”. . . and although I have never won a Lisa Lenonard giveaway, I faithfully enter them all the time. :)

    p.s. stream of consciousness was really fun. :)

  440. LOve the clothes you put on Lainey. Makes me want a little girl…but then I remember how much I love the little boy stage I am in now. :)

  441. What precious pictures of your girls!

  442. You have a beautiful family. I love the way you love them.

  443. Isnt it funny how the beanie babies are so easy to come by now. My son has a bunch too. He loves them!

    BTW…beautiful jewelry! Who ever wins it is very lucky.

  444. A friend sent me Nella’s birth story a few weeks back and ever since I have been hooked to your blog. Your words & pictures bring a smile (and sometimes tears) to my face every single day. You have such a beautiful family and a wonderful way with words, you should most definately fulfill your dream of writing a book one day.
    Just wanted to say that your outlook on life is a true inspiration to me, I am a mother of two small boys & it’s so easy to get caught up in the daily “to do” list of life, your writings always remind me to “enjoy the small things” like walks outside and sprinkler time…so thank you for that.

    ps your chair, I have an ottoman with the exact same print on it, loves.

  445. What a great giveaway!! You both are so great!Thanks

  446. You and your blog are so uplifting to me. Thank you.

  447. I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog, you are an inspiration to me and so many other Moms out there. You remind me to “enjoy the small things”

    Keep it up!!

  448. ahh…to give your daughters the gift of the love of books and music…..so wonderful…

  449. Thank you for sharing your life. The struggles are always easier when shared and the joys even bigger when celebrated! God bless!

  450. Your words inspire me to be a better mommy each day. To take in the small things-breathe them in as deeply as we can, and not let go. Thank you.

  451. When I first read your blog and your birth story of little Nella I cried. You see I had twin boys in January and after many days in the NICU we were finally home. I was holding one of my precious boys and reading and just realizing how hardships come in different ways. Now I just love reading and seeing how much you love your children and expressing it so much better than I could. Thank you and I will continue to read and watch as our children grow up.

  452. Thanks for inspiring me to be a better mom!

  453. Thanks for inspiring me to be a better mom!

  454. Thanks for inspiring me to be a better mom!

  455. Lovely photos as always! And I LOVE the idea for Lainey’s birthday – how do you come up with such creative ideas?

  456. Thanks for inspiring me to be a better mom!

  457. I think your stream of consciousness makes complete sense…but I think like that all.the.time.

    We have that same sprinkler at our house and love it! I’m a little jealous that you have broken yours out already! It will be another couple of months till it’s warm enough here.

    Beautiful photos as always!

  458. What a precious family you have…and such a wonderful, inspiring outlook on life!

  459. I love the fairy dust idea! Soo fabulous! :) We did a fairy princess birthday party last year and it was so fun! :)

  460. Lovely post, as always!

  461. your photography and words get me started each and every morning. You inspire my creative mind and I thank you for that….enjoy your day!!!!

  462. You have the most beautiful family! Your girls were so lucky to have been born to such a loving mother.

  463. Happy fairy hunting!

  464. I found your blog a few weeks back..I have loved reading your raw, honest thoughts about life and it has inspired me to look beyond life’s sometimes rough circumstances. Your family is beautiful and you are blessed! Thanks for your honesty.

  465. I know that with hundreds and hundreds of comments, two sweet babies, and limitless things to get done in your day, it will be difficult to find my comment in the sea of others…

    However, I wanted to send you a quick note about your blog. I love it. I love your truth and raw words. They are beautiful, as is your life.

    Be blessed. And know that you are blessed!

    With love,

  466. Finding your blog, 10 weeks before my own due date, just reaffirmed something I’d been thinking about the first 30 weeks (and somehow missed in my first 28 years)… that this little man growing inside of me (and every human being) is wonderfully and purposefully made, his own person from the moment of conception, and I am graced with this opportunity of knowing him. Thank you for reminding me of the simple joys.


  467. Love the fairy dust idea! I love seeing pictures of your beautiful daughters.

  468. Caron-Iowa says:

    I make sure to stop by your blog at-least once a day. Your way of words and pictures is totally amazing. I almost feel like Im right there experiencing this all with you. Your posts make so many emotions come out each time. Somedays its pure happiness as I see the smiles, and some days brings tears to my eyes- mostly though its tears of happiness!
    Keep up the great work. You are such an inspiration!

  469. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Your children are adorable and I love the way you have with words. I’ve read your birth story many times and it still makes me weep.

  470. You make mundane days seem magical! And what a great giveaway!!!!

  471. We are in love with your blog! My cousin has DS and is the most beautiful, sweet and amazing woman you will ever meet! She is now 24, is going to college and has a boyfriend. She is the happiest person I have ever met. We are so lucky to have her in our family!

    Your girls are gorgeous. How blessed you are!

  472. I think you have realized that enjoying the small things IS THE BIG THING :)
    P.S. Love EVERYTHING about your blog!

  473. my favorite part of your post was the last line. be happy. i needed those simple words today. i love your blog. it makes my days brighter!

  474. I think you’re about to have to hire someone to help you maintain your blog! Beautiful stories + beautiful pictures + beautiful family = BLESSED! Thank you so much for sharing so honestly.

  475. Nella is absolutely precious (and of course, Lainey, too)! I look forward to reading your blog everyday and seeing what new pictures you have to share. Absolutely beautiful!

  476. You have the most beautiful family Kelle, you are such an inspiration!

  477. Your girls are so adorable!! LOVE Lainey’s little green hat and the video…precious! Nella is just the sweetest little thing with that tiny little face and she seems so laid-back. Is she?

    I’m glad you got a girl’s night! Those are the best!!

    I love the fairy party! I’m kinda bummed that my daughter just had her birthday in January because I totally would have stolen your ideas πŸ˜‰

    Keep writing…I’ll keep reading!

  478. Brit Girl says:

    We’re so behind in returning our library books right now! Also behind on my comments! Here goes…

    I thought of you and your family on a beach half a world away last Sunday. The ‘3-21′ post made me smile and tear up at the same time – it looked like such a perfect celebration of Nella, family, friendship and – most of all – love. Because love is all that matters at the end of the day, right?

    Great interview on AOL! Do you have any other media engagments coming up?!

    Love the stream of consciousness post. We need some sunshine over here! Despite it being a drizzly day today, we went to the park earlier (I thought to myself: Kelle wouldn’t let grey skies stop her!). We were the only ones there but C loved it!

    May you and your beautiful girlies have a glorious weekend!

  479. Random comment about the gorgeousness of your family and your hearts! :)

  480. You are such a strong person. I love your way that you put everything into perspective.

  481. fairy dust… what a magical idea. you and yours are simply beautiful.

  482. Your photos are always amazing! :)

  483. love the pics and can’t wait to see the bday party pics!

  484. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better mother. To enjoy the small things (eh? eh? lol!), to stop taking my beautiful children for granted.
    Also, for inspiring me to take more pictures.

  485. i love your updates! and i love those bonnets!

  486. I have to confess that after I devour your gorgeous images and poetic words, I check to see what “Poppa” has to say.

    Your family is just precious!

  487. as I sit here reading your beautiful post, I think about the carefree moments that I will spend with my precious children someday. You have inspired me to be a loving/ fun momma, one day if I am blessed with children, and if not I will be one heck of an aunt :).

    Thanks Kelle, you are a wonderful woman.

  488. I am so happy to find a new post… I have to admit we are friends and when I click over to your blog and there isnt anything new I am a bit sad! The birthday party is going to be great- look forward to seeing all of your creations!

  489. Your posts make my day a bit brighter!

  490. So beautiful! I love how you view life and inspire me to do the same…

  491. Just had to say, Lainey with her Daddy… soo precious. I love Daddy-Daughter moments.

  492. This comment has been removed by the author.

  493. Those necklaces are beautiful!
    I love your blog. I think this is the first time I’ve left a comment, but I’ve been reading since your birth story and I love it. It is the first blog I read when I sign into my Google Reader. Your daughters are beautiful! I’ve gotten so used to seeing pictures of Nella that when I see another baby on a blog I think “She’s not as cute as Nella!” Have a great weekend!

  494. I absolutely cannot get on the computer fast enough anymore to see if you have posted!! I adore your pics and the precious love you share with all of us!! Oh…counting my blesssings everyday! Thank you for reminding me ..

  495. i am utterly inspired by your words and your journey. thank you for sharing your life and your gift.

  496. Anonymous says:

    Love this post Kelle!
    My favorite though is the video…Zac Brown Band is one of our favorites right now. How cute Lainey is dancing and singing with her daddy! Kristen also dances and “sings” to their music, especially “Chicken Fried”. Your girls are so sweet! Yay for warmer weather, finally!
    Leslie L.

  497. love that swing photo from underneath. i love how you change your view and it gives such an amazing picture. thanks!!!!

  498. Mom2QuinnAndNolan says:

    Reading this as I always do with my morning pumping session. Like i have said before, you continue to inspire me to enjoy the little things with my kids every day.
    Thank you
    By the way, i love the bonnets..i must go cruise etsy for one.
    off to play with the kiddies…take care.

  499. All of Nella’s jammies look SOOOO snuggly! :) Precious little babe.

    Thanks for the chance to win a necklace!

  500. Haha! Oh.. the beanie babies. I’ll say that I have a few… (few being more like over 50). And I remember being so excited over the new ones! Although granted, at the time I was only about 8.

    I absolutely love the photo of Lainey consoling Nella during your walk. How sweet is that?!

  501. Kelle-
    Love your blog and lisa’a jewel’s !!!!

  502. I love your pictures! Just wondering how you got the shot under the swing looking up…without getting kicked =P

  503. Kelle,

    I came to your blog from My Special K’s, and I have been hooked ever since. Your writing is amazing as are your delicious girls!

  504. Ok, so i have to be honest i was never into blogs, until somebody sent me yours with beautiful Nella’s story. How could i not be hooked after that???? I had created a blog of my own, mainly to write down the funny things my 16 month old does, until i read yours, and oh my! i realized i don’t know how to write…hahahha…your words and the way you live life are inspiring. The pride you take in being a mom, amazing! I believe God, in his perfect plan, has amazing things for your life, i guess one just have to be as close as possible to him to find out exactly what those things are.
    here’s a link of pics so you can meet us: http://picasaweb.google.com/yukikodesigns/ABlessingCalledLucca#


    keep posting and taking amazing pics!!! you have an innate talent!!

    i’m a graphic designer, not a photographer by any means, but i do love taking pictures and looking at them over and over again :)


  505. I love Lisa Leonard! In fact, I sent you something from her – you should be receiving it soon. I hope you love it. i’m so happy you are my sister’s friend and that she introduced me to your blog. you inspire me daily. much love from nashville!

  506. the fairy dust idea is so sweet!

  507. This post is so sweet! (Just like all of your others!)

    I enjoy reading “stream of consciousness” posts, as they seem to reflect the way thoughts run through my head as well.

    I also have to say, the other day I was in line behind a lady in Target who had a little girl with DS. It made me think of you and little Nella. And while she was just bing herself, I saw the challenge that it was for her mom, and I just wanted to go give her a hug and tell her how gorgeous her little one was… Thank you for giving me a greater understanding of what it means to be the mother of a DS child. You opened my eyes on a very deep level, and I thank you. Your little Nella is a blessing and an inspiration. What great things God must have in store for both her and your family!!

  508. 487 comments?! seriously?! something might be wrong with my computer because how could I have missed this post until just now?! and how do you have time to read them all?!?!
    just wanted to say that the pic of Nella in the doll carriage had me laughing out loud… and I needed that this morning! she has this look on her face like “ok… too many people have said I look like a doll and now Lainey really thinks I am one”

  509. I can honestly feel the love you have for family and all the little things in life just through your words! It doesn’t matter what you write about it always manages to inspire me!

  510. Hi Kelle,

    I love your blog. It seems so real and honest. I am fed up with self righteous, self absorbed bloggers.

    Nella is growing so quickly. It is amazing to see little beans sprout.

    Where do you buy Lainey’s clothes. I love the prints!


  511. Kelle, I’ve never commented before today but I’ve been reading since a friend sent me the link to Nella’s Birthstory. I just love you and your precious girls and the way you tell us about your life and the way you love them so much. Your blog is a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing your story.
    Love from Alabama, jennifer

  512. I want you to know I LOVE your blog..I ran across your birthstory about 3 weeks and have been following ever since. You INSPIRE me! I am a stay at home mother of 2 young children, a 2 year old boy and 9 month girl and find myself overwhelmed sometimes. However reading your blog has taught me to take a step back and really enjoy these precious moments with my children. The pictures of your girls are beautiful!

  513. I am a new reader of your blog after your inspiring events of Nella.. whom I LOVE… She is gorgeous. We have a baby with special needs who is now 4 and I find you very refreshingly honest.

    PS.. LOVE the lisa leonards.. in the SHEER hope I win one.. if not … Maybe I can send a link to the hubby

  514. I would love one of these necklaces!!! So cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  515. your sweet girls have been so fun to come see/watch/read about! my sister-in-law gave birth to her 2nd daughter on january 15th. they, too were suprised to learn she has Down syndrome. Nothing like a new baby, which is always an extra challenge in life, to truly start Enjoying the Small Things! =)

  516. I love reading your blog and I love lisa leonard!! keep blogging your an inspiration to woman everywhere :)

  517. Short stream of consciousness:

    -love your blog

    -love your girls

    -never heard of M.A.S.H.

    -loves me some Lisa Leonard

    Have a great day!

  518. Scrolling down to the bottom of this long list… wow, I remember when there were like 8 comments! :)

    Anyhow, we covet our library books too and I have been meaning to tell you and dig about a good one called “The chicken of the family” By Mary Amato. So funny, you’ll love it. So many good simple messages there.

    What is it with little stuffed animals! My girl loves them too, and if one of the cheap McD’s bears is missing… she totally knows. Ah, the things they love.

    Thanks for the post, I really related to this one. Trying so hard to just enjoy the moment, and find purpose in it…. let everything else go, all of the worries, and just be happy in the now.

    Oh, and yes, I love lisa leonard too. What a nice giveaway!


  519. Nella is getting so big! And her neck is getting so strong! Soon she will be running around with her big sister! Your family is gorgeous!

  520. Your blog posts are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Your girls are gorgeous and your photography is incredible. Thanks for sharing your life! =)

  521. LOL That video is priceless!! Too cute!

  522. what a beautiful post! I just want you to know that I love your outlook on life.

  523. Kelle, you inspire me every time I read your blog. You make me strive to be a better person and to be happy where I am now at this moment in my life.

  524. I could read your blog all day… and look at your beautiful pictures.

    I’d love to do that wearing a Lisa Leonard necklace! :)

  525. big fan of this streaming conciousness blogging style. love the blog! love the little girls. so precious.

    522 comments? you’re famous!

  526. Kelle,
    I found your blog about 2 weeks ago and fell in love with your beautiful story and photography. You are very talented! Your blog has really impacted my life since finding it.

    I married my high school sweetheart and we had plans of the way our life would go. We wanted children, but we wanted to do our own thing for a while and get a house first. But, God had different plans for us and I got pregnant a little after our 1 year anniversary. I love our son so much, but I’ve been sad some. You said it perfectly when you put it in one of your posts that you were mourning the life you thought you would have. That is exactly what I’ve been doing. I am so blessed and have so much good in my life.

    After reading your post my viewpoint really changed and I haven’t been mourning anymore. I’ve been enjoying everyday with my family. So, thank you for writing so honestly!

  527. every time i see a new post on my reader from you I am beyond happy. you do not need to worry that our words are jumbled or that they do not makes sense. they are awesome and you inspire me.

    lovely girls!!

  528. Holy cow. Nothing like scrolling through 400 comments to find Poppa’s wise words. I still haven’t found them, but I still have 200 more to sift through.

    P.S. Thanks to you, I’m officially addicted to hats. Etsy will love me.

  529. whoops, signed into wrong account – this is shannon again.

  530. love the picture of Nella in the stoller!

  531. What gorgeous girls! Love the garage video! lol!

  532. Ann Schwieso says:

    Your story is touching and so very inspiring. I find myself appreciating the small things because you remind me to do so!

  533. Lurky Mommy says:

    Your stream of consciousness is beautiful! Thanks for another sweet glimpse of your life!

  534. Hi Kelle,

    Thank you for continuing to share these daily stories with your readers. I, for one, can’t wait to see all that you create for Lainey’s birthday party.

    Please enter me in the giveaway. I’ve been looking at Lisa Leonard Designs for Mother’s Day gift ideas.

  535. You inspire me to be better person and mother. I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your updates. I just wish I had the time to keep up on my blog. Thanks for being my daily inspiration!

  536. Love getting up in the morning to see what’s new with your little family! I also want to thank you for leading me to Donald Miller’s, “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.” If only we would ALL realize that we have a story and desire to make it a good one regardless of the unexpected chapters…

  537. OMG You have such a lovely family,blog,sense of humor,positve look at life and your photography is amazing….
    I applaud you!!!

  538. I love the Fairy scheme and all that goes with it. You are so creative and I’m sure every little girl loves coming to your daughters birthday parties – they seem like they would be so much fun and you put so much thought into the tiniest of details!

  539. Thank you for reminding us to enjoy the small things. I stumbled across your blog last night on my way to bed after a little blurb on the AOL advertisement. It caught my interest and needless to say I stayed up way to late. I love all your inspiring words and beautiful photos. You have a BEAUTIFUL family. I am the Mom of two girls and I try to cherish every moment I am with them. Thank you for being here for all of us. You are a remarkable lady!

  540. As a mother who just had a her baby girl in Dec and she also has DS (we didnt know). I thank you over and over!!! You have helped me in more ways then i could ever thank you!!! Reading your blog makes me know its all going to be ok!!! So again I THANK YOU Kelle!!!

  541. Your blog is so inspiring on many, many levels! After having a house fire last year, one of my first goals when we get home is to make those beautiful photo books for each of my six children. They have their creative memories books, but there is something about a hardbound book that is so appealing! Thanks for sharing your life with us!! Your family is beautiful!

  542. I’m so thankful to have found your blog through another blog friend! Your “realness” is a tremendous blessing to me! I love looking at your beautiful photos and family!

  543. Anonymous says:

    little children- babies- sigh. i, too, am enjoying my babe, and the budding relationship she shares with her older sister. i’m an only child, and i feel such gladness seeing my two girls loving each other. i truly wish every mother (every parent) had the opportunity to relax and enjoy their children- it’s sad that the stress from finances, jobs, spouses, etc. takes away a lot of the golden moments. and you never get them back.


  544. I love how you let Lainey be part of Nella: push her in the stroller and take care of her. Those are things Lainey won’t forget.

  545. How perfect. I am on a jewelry kick right now. But there are already 235 comments. If I win, it will TRULY be fate. πŸ˜€

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – you are one inspiring lady! Thank you!!

  546. thank you for writing out your life for us. i love sitting down to the computer and seeing a new post from you. thank you

  547. you have beautiful girls and i love reading your blog! thanks for sharing a little taste of your happy life with the world. I appreciate it.

  548. First time commenter. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. It’s been beautiful.

  549. What beautiful girls you have, and a lovely way with words.

  550. Gosh I love that chair! And because of you, I’m saving my nickles and dimes (literally, and probably for like a gazillion years) to get a Canon 5D or similiar. I have a Nikon D40 right now, but I want to be better, and I need a better camera for that. Thanks for the inspiration!

  551. Kelle, the stream of consciousness totally works for you and makes for such a lovely read! And the video of daddy with his little girl is so precious! Thank you for sharing your inspirational life with us!

  552. Your pictures and stories are incredible. I love hearing about Lainey and Nella

  553. I always get happy when I see a new post from you on my Google Reader. Your pictures are so beautiful. We have the same sprinkler toy and the kids just love it. I can’t wait to start using it again soon. Maybe this weekend! Oh, and I just want to eat your little Nella up, so precious.

  554. I always get happy when I see a new post from you on my Google Reader. Your pictures are so beautiful. We have the same sprinkler toy and the kids just love it. I can’t wait to start using it again soon. Maybe this weekend! Oh, and I just want to eat your little Nella up, so precious.

  555. You’re pictures are just fantastic. I’ve been trying to “not try too hard” as you mentioned in a previous post. I still need more work :-) So happy I found your blog. Enjoy looking for new posts every morning.

  556. Your blog and the pictures of your beautiful family make my day. Thank you so much for sharing!

    I just found your site the other day and I am so glad i did..


  557. You my dear need to be a professional party planner because your designs and ideas are inspirational!

    Beautiful blog as always

  558. I liked your comment in the CNNi interview, “these first 8 weeks have been exactly the same” as the first 8 weeks with a typical baby. So true, and it continues! We mamas love our T21 little ones just the same.

  559. I just have to say that I love reading your blog. I love how you write and your photos are absolutely beautiful. Your girls have completely captivated me :)

  560. I am loving Lainey’s green hat, and the fairy dust :-) Too cute.

  561. Kelle — you and your family are part of my day…every day. I check your blog far too often and always find myself inspired. I love that reading your honest words leaves me looking at my own life and my own family in a new and exciting way! You are a blessing!
    Hugs from Texas,

  562. I was running late this AM so didn’t check for your new post. (shhhh, I’m at work now)

    Thank you for all the color in this post – both in your writing and your pictures. Perfect dose of happiness!


  563. I recently discovered your blog and your beautiful on-going story. I am loving catching up with you. Your writing is just gorgeous, wonderful, perfect – and your photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing your life!

  564. i LOVE your blog, it’s amazingly written and so sweet and full of love! i came across it one day when someone posted the link to your daughters birth on fb. i’ve been hooked ever since. your daughters are beautiful and you are one blessed mama :)

  565. I have been reading your blog for sometime now and have yet to leave a comment. I am so inspired by your story and the way you lead your life. Just 5 days after your sweet Nella was born my beautiful daughter Lyla was born. I find it quite funny, because we call her Lylabean! Thank you for your brave thoughts and encouraging words. You truly make me be a better mom. Keep this up!

  566. Kelle, it is so evident that you are living in the moment with your beautiful family. Blessings to you all!

  567. Your beautiful photos of your beautiful family inspire me each time I read your blog.

  568. I was sent a link to your blog two weeks ago and I have spent that time catching up on your story.

    I canNOT stop reading…or crying. Your posts and pictures bring me joy :)

  569. Thank you for reminding me to cherish every little thing in every day.

    When I was just out of college I had a long-term substitute teacher job teaching kids with Down how to do everyday things so that they could learn life and job skills. That experience forever changed my life because I found that people with Down are shining examples of how to give unconditional love to others.

  570. found your blog recently via tumblr, and it featured beautiful Nella’s birth story, so like many others, thats how I found you. Just gotta say love your blog and I’m excited to watch Nella grow :)

  571. Lovely pictures of lovely little girls :)

  572. Your posts make my work day better! I have something to look forward to! Your photos are so uplifting and beautiful!

  573. Again…I love your family! The video of father and daughter is so so sweet!!! Take care and much love to you and yours.

  574. Thank you for your words. I love reading your blog!

  575. Always enjoyable!

    Now a confession: We lived in FL for eleven years. Tim and I were in Gainesville (Jax for a year), my mom lived in Naples, the in-laws are in Tampa, our friends are scattered about the state and beyond.

    I never thought of myself as a Florida girl. I’m just not meant for that kind of heat what with my eastern european genes and midwestern upbringing (NE OH). We’ll be moving again in a couple of years when my husband finishes his training. We talk about moving back to FL to be nearer to our family and friends. We miss them all terribly and are learning the hard way how much more difficult raising a child (or children, we hope) is when you’re on your own.

    When I read your posts about the weather and see the familiar foliage in your lovely photos I start to think that maybe moving back to FL wouldn’t be so bad after all. Maybe I didn’t give it a fair chance? There are a few things I miss. I could learn to appreciate and embrace it for all that it is. Besides, the things that are important in my life? Those don’t change based on where I live.

    Acceptance and giving up control – these are my lessons from the universe lately. For a “completely and utterly” Type A this is huge.

  576. Kelle, You are amazing!!!!!!! I had a dream about you last night. You owned a childrens boutique and I came shopping there and I was so happy to finally meet you :)
    Love the fairy dust idea. That is really cool….Good job momma

  577. new reader. Loving your blog. Your girls are beautiful. You are tremendously blessed.

  578. It’s all in the eyes. You are so lucky to have four sparkling jewels to greet you each day!

  579. I find such warmth and enjoyment from your postings. My new favorite blog.

    I pray sun and sparkles on your day today.

  580. JaimeJenn says:

    Your girls are so beautiful! :)

  581. So I’m loving the random thoughts as much (or maybe even more) as their more organized and developed siblings…hot coffee, sleeping baby, quite house, and reading your post…a perfect start to my day. Thanks.

  582. I LOVE Lisa Leonard necklaces!! Super awesome!

    Your girls are beautiful – I just came across your blog last weekend and I’m hooked!!

    Happy Thursday.
    Lisa B

  583. I think if everyone blogged in random streams of consiousness, the world would be a much better place:). Another beautiful peek into a rather extraordinary life. Thanks Kelle!

  584. I think if everyone blogged in random streams of consiousness, the world would be a much better place:). Another beautiful peek into a rather extraordinary life. Thanks Kelle!

  585. Nella looks so angelic sleeping in her bonnet. I just want to hug her.

    Wrap her up and just breathe her in :) Hugging a baby that sweet is like hugging warm cookies and happiness all at once.

    Another beaut of a post!

  586. I think if everyone blogged in random streams of consiousness, the world would be a much better place:). Another beautiful peek into a rather extraordinary life. Thanks Kelle!

  587. I think if everyone blogged in random streams of consiousness, the world would be a much better place:). Another beautiful peek into a rather extraordinary life. Thanks Kelle!

  588. haha, there’s sure a lot of comments on this one! :) I love the girls’ clothes and hats, esp. Lainey’s green one! adorable. :)
    God bless you today.

  589. BTW…3000 followers! Umm, wow.

  590. I found your blog just last night. I wept. I wept in admiration of your journey. I wept over the candor of your words. I wept in appreciation of your precious baby girls. Thank you for sharing them.

  591. You make me so excited to be a mama at some point in my life. The way you love your girls is truly inspiring. Thank you for being so honest!

  592. Thank you for this giveaway! I am in love with your blog–your photos, your insightful and touching writing, and your beautiful girls! You are touching many, many lives with joy and beauty. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  593. erin-bird says:

    your photos make my day! i love the vibrancy your life takes on in the “technicolor photos”… i was having a soul battered morning… you cheered my heart!

  594. I’m so glad I stumbled accross your inspiring and beutiful blog!

    And I looove Lisa Leonard’s custom necklaces. I would love one with my new baby’s name on it.

  595. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with all of us!

    Vanessa CA.

  596. I’m a new mom, and I just have to tell you how much I love your blog. Your gorgeous pics, cheerfulness and beautiful babies remind me how much fun it is to be a mom (and I NEED that reminder some days!). Keep up the great work.

  597. I always love reading your posts…your pictures just exude happiness and love.

  598. Kelle
    I wanted to say – thank you. Thank you for this wonderful blog. A fellow surrogate shared your birth story with me and I have been reading your blog ever since…. I then shared it with my sister….and shared with her how very close to my heart your story was. See – my son was born with – not DS – but a cleft lip and palate. And your picture with the “toast”….I had seen that look before…the look on your face….in my birth video. It brought back so many memories and emotions. That was 16 1/2 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. It was such an emtional day for me. It made me look back at how scared I was…not only for myself as a mother – but for my son and what life would be like for him. If he would get teased at school because he “looked” different. I cried many tears early on and now… I cry happy tears. He is a sophmore in high school and wrestles for the Varsity team…going on 3 years now (he wrestled varsity in 8th grade). And not only that – but he’s such a leader and so smart. He has a girlfriend who is so beautiful and when she looks at him…. she doesn’t even see “it”! (It brings tears to my eyes as I write this!)

    There have been good times and bad times throughout the years… and early on – it was so hard to watch him so through so many surgeries…but now….life is so much better and easier. He is special and God made him that way! I know now – that he was perfect in every way.

    OH! and I want to share this – because I think it’s important. My son’s father and I are divorced now…. and he (my son) now has step brothers and a sister. His step brothers both have DS and my son volunteers with the Special Olympics every year as well as other events throughout the year for soecial needs kids. He really is a great kid in more ways than one!

    Thank you again for this wonderful blog.

    From one mother to another….May God bless you and your family each and every day.


  599. I was introduced to your blog soon after your sweet baby was born and have appreicated your candor and grace more than you’ll know. If I lived anywhere near you, I would beg you to take pictures of my sweet baby, who is almost 2. :) I peeked at Lisa Leonard Designs. I don’t suppose I win amongst hundreds of other readers, but will likely have to treat myself anyway. All the best to you and yours!

  600. i TOTALLY understand it … but then again? i might just be really tired too.

  601. Such beautiful words and pictures…you are so extremely blessed!

  602. Thank You Kelle…once again my cup of coffee was joined with your words and pictures and songs flowing throughly to make my morning ritual complete. Lainey n daddy dancing = <3 so cute i ran to show my husband! ANd he then asked if it was time we tried for a girl!!! i was like awwwwww!!! so thanks again as always.

  603. What beautiful photographs and beautiful children!

  604. Such sweet photos!

  605. Beautiful necklaces, and a lovely post. Certainly made my morning!

  606. Your posts are always heavenly to me — like little gifts throughout the week — but I LOVED this one! Stream of consciousness is an amazing tool, friend, whatever you want to call it. It totally works for you!

    And by the way, had to laugh when I saw that you have over 600 posts just since last night thanks to your giveaway! Face it, we are all just greedy — dying to get any little piece of you we can — we love you so much!

    Enjoy the day! — Angela

  607. I truly love reading your words. You constantly remind me to make to best of every day. Thanks so much and thanks for such a great giveaway.

  608. I swear, Lainey has the most adorable little outfits. I have a two-year-old boy, and boy clothing, while super cute to find little-man outfits, are just not as scrumptious as little girl outfits!

    I was introduced to your blog recently from a friend, and had to immediately share it with everyone I know, and link it from my own blog. Your words are inspirational, and your family is beautiful!

  609. Thank ypu so much for sharing your family and your journey. Your girls are gorgeous.


  610. Love that chair and Lisa Leonard’s work, too! Thanks for such a great giveaway! =)

  611. I loved the post. I really enjoy getting to see your pictures and read about your life. So inspirational and I wish I could be half the mom you are.

  612. Your babies are so beautiful!

  613. My confession – sometimes I visit your blog just to hear the music you’ve chosen. It’s such good working music for me. Even better when there is a new post to read. I hope your area gets warmer weather soon too – we are visiting my parents there in a couple of weeks! Beautiful post and pictures as always!

  614. steph wall says:

    I do not why I even bother to wear make up anymore!! I always end up in tears after every post!!

  615. Beautiful post as always, and I have my eye on a Lisa Leonard design for a friend! Thanks again for sharing your sweet stories and charming pictures.

  616. I just found your blog through your Nella birthing story and I keep coming back for more. Thank you for your raw honestly and sharing your beautiful life.

  617. Darling, darling darling, that is what comes to mind when I read your blog and you and your family have become my favorite reads…when I only have time for one blog I turn to you, because part of me thinks..that kelle is really cool, I think we could be friends and the other part of me thinks and completely understands that enjoying the small things in life is what it is all about, even more then the really big things even though those are cool too! keep writing….you fulfill my need for deep, indepth reading! xo

  618. Oh wow. Your posts generally make me smile and remind me to take a little extra moment to cherish my son, but the video you posted brought happy tears to my eyes. Your lil lainey is SO cute singing with her daddy. I hope that she will always be close with her daddy. and Nella is SO cute. She’s getting so big!

    Thanks again for sharing your world with us!!!

  619. Anonymous says:

    I love your pictures.. perfect just perfect!! Your family is just perfect!! So much love!!

  620. What a great giveaway!!!Thanksfor the chance. I really enjoytaking a break in my day to check if you have a new post—thank you!

  621. Love this post-Please make it a regular thing and give us one once a week or just “every so often” as a treat. It is a little snapshot of “real” and “right now”

  622. Love the photos. Can’t wait to see how the fairy party come out.

  623. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  624. I just started reading your blog and I love it!

  625. You never cease to amaze me with your posts. I love your honesty and your outlook on life. Thanks for sharing!

  626. I love your blog and am super excited to see the party pics when the day finally comes! :)

    keep up the good work.

  627. Hmmm… M.A.S.H. as an adult … I’ll have to give it a try. I have noticed that playing the games we played as a child is a bit like magic … for it takes you back to those carefree days of fun and laughter …

  628. Hmmm… M.A.S.H. as an adult … I’ll have to give it a try. I have noticed that playing the games we played as a child is a bit like magic … for it takes you back to those carefree days of fun and laughter …

  629. your girls melt my heart;) As a fellow mama of a princess, I know how blessed we are to be given this opportunity to be entrusted to raise these amazing girls! I LOVE the necklass, so generous of your reader! and always your pictures make me smile. Thank you, as some days, right now, between the ten loads of laundry and the sick baby, i forget to slow down and smell the roses:)

  630. I love your blog, your writing is beautiful and so are your pictures. But more importantly, I love that you remind me to find the joy in the simple things as they are what matters most!!!

  631. I love your photography, LOVE your girls, love Nella’s story and how honest you are about it, love your writing and LOVE how you love your family and friends. This blog is beautiful and makes me smile! You are amazing!


  632. You’ve blessed me again with your beautilful words and even more beautiful pictures. I want to eat Nella up in that little bonnet! Those necklaces are lovely!

  633. Kelle, your story has inspired me and encouraged me more than you’ll ever know! I love your photography, but it certainly helps with you have beautifully exquisite subjects! Keep rockin’ it, Kelle.

  634. Thank you for inspiring me with your words and photos. I have an uncle with Down Syndrome and he is one of my favorite people. When he was 8, he was the ring bearer at my parent’s wedding and when I got married 5 years ago, my husband and I asked him if he would do us the same honour. I will never forget when the minister asked him for the rings and he proudly stated, “Of course I have them. I’m the ring bearer, you know.” And then he turned to my husband and said, “Take care of my niece, she is really special.” It is so wonderful to see you recognize all of those kinds of moments too.

  635. Your words, pictures, and love have inspired me in the exact ways that I need/needed. It amazes me sometimes because I feel like I am reading about my inner-self, just in ways that I would never think to write it. But ways that it should be written! You have an amazing spirit and talent for life. Keep shining and being a light to all who need it – and boy do we all need it!!!


  636. So thankful that I found your blog! You are a beautiful and phenomenal woman. Your children are quite the beauties, as well. I am absolutely in love with Nella and Lainey!

  637. I love reading your blog. It is a tru inspiration to read about someone taking such joy out of life. I have recommended you to all of my friends because it is such a joy to read.

    I almost feel spoiled that you are now doing a giveaway! Thanks for being you and sharing your life!

  638. “Holy Galaxies Batman”! When I left to do some work there were like 150 comments…sitting down with my much needed second cup of cappuccino I came back to read more comments (I just love the comments on this blog) and what do I see “633” comment! To quote a book that we are reading at the moment…”Terrific”, “Radiant”,
    “Humble” and this is the give away “Some Pig”! I am thinking Rockstar level..and maybe even a little more!

  639. The birthday fairy dust is adorable!

  640. I found you through a friend… of a friend. I love your story, and that you proudly share it with the world. I especially love the photos of your beautiful girls!! I am passing your stories along to a friend who has recently had a son, also born with down syndrome. There is strength in numbers!

  641. I love reading about your journey as a Mom and I love the awesome pictures you take! Thanks for sharing!

  642. Great post as always. That you for making my day brighter withyour positivity and beautiful images.

  643. have an almost-three year old daughter and an 18-month old daughter with special needs and am a photographer also. love your blog – it’s one of the few i make time to read. i’m sure you understand. love my two girls and holland becomes more like home each day.

  644. I absolutely love the magic fairy dust!!! You are so creative :)

  645. I don’t usually post comments but I stop by daily to read your blog. You are an encouragement to ALL mothers. Thank you for your honesty and beautiful thoughts of life.

  646. Thank you. You inspire me to be a bette mommy. Thanks for sharing you beautiful daughters with the world. We are blessed because of you.
    PS LOVE the office chair!

  647. I look forward to your posts, like I look forward to my morning coffee. I sobbed when I read your Sunday post…and not sad tears. Thank you for reminding me that I’m not alone on this journey.

  648. I feel so blessed to have three full of live, beautiful boys, but once in a while I long for a girl. It’s the bonnets, hot pink cowboy boots and fairy parties that do it to me. Thanks for sharing!

  649. You have two beautiful girls! I love Lainey’s little capris with the ruffle!

  650. its been 41 days. 41 days since someone told me to read Nella’s birth story. 41 days of me obsessively checking your blog, in hopes of a new post. and what an inspiring 41 days it has been. youre family is beautiful-and the way you do life is beautiful. so thank you, thank you for motivating me to live a free life.

    and a side story. my little cousin who is lainey’s age, happens to look remarkably similar to lainey. after showing her yalls pictures, she was so confused and couldnt seem to remember going to the carnival, picnicking outside, getting a manicure, having a new baby sister, or having a mommy with dark hair. but, she was unwaveringly convinced that lainey was in fact her. hilarious.

  651. Found my way back to your blog today :)) i read your birth story a long while back and am so happy to see you happy. beautiful girls, beautiful pictures and beautiful writing. can’t wait to stick around and watch you all grow.

  652. Love the fairy dust idea! (And that chair is gorgeous)

    Hope you’re having a great week.

  653. Love your blog. Love your perspective on life. Thank you for always being a bright spot in my day!

  654. wow, thanks for the chance! Love her necklaces!
    I’ve been lurking since Nella’s arrival, and it has been so amazing to watch you all grow over these last few weeks. Thank you for sharing so many of these special moments with us.

  655. Love the library book thing! I am excited for the excitement of the *LIBRARY* to happen- My 2yo loves to run and sceeeam in the library, sigh…Next year maybe.

    And Nella’s eyelashes are to die for! They’re getting so long and thick. No fair. Love your posts. (and NAK: sorry for the scatteredness/ typos)

  656. you are an amazing mother to two very lucky girlies!

  657. This comment has been removed by the author.

  658. i love lisa leonard…

    and i love returning to your blog day after day. for inspiration on how to live. & inspiration to photography my life more often…

    so thank you.

  659. I found your blog from your AOL interview (who didn’t?) and have to say you’re children are beautiful inside and out. You’re very blessed.

    I’m not sure if any one has asked this before – but what camera and lens do you use? I’m a amateur learning photography and love your photos.

  660. Love love LOVE that shy girl smile!!! :) Can’t wait for my daughter to have one of her own.

  661. Your girls are beautiful. Love reading your blog! :)

  662. a friend of a friend sent me the link to your site, as she has a brother with DS. i check it everyday for more updates because i am inspired by your energy and enthusiasm that you put into being a mom and a wife. the Lord has truly blessed you!!!!

  663. Your daughters are so beatiful, you do an amazing job capturing it!


  664. I’ve been coming here for weeks now and I cry every single time. You have such a beautiful loving family. Thank you for sharing.
    Now that my third baby is here and our family is complete I’ve been thinking about getting a necklace with my boy’s names on it.

  665. I haven’t commented before, so I think it’s about time.

    Your words are almost as beautiful as your photos. And neither are as beautiful as your two girls. You make me cry on a daily basis. The good kind of cry, y’know? You’ve ensnared a reader that will be around a long time. I can’t wait to see what the future brings your lovely family.

  666. i just have to tell you how beautiful your girls are. congrats on your new addition. i love reading your blog and looking at your stunning pictures.

  667. Anonymous says:

    I’m jealous of your stream of consciousness… it makes sense! Mine is more like Blue, Elephant, Upside-down, Lost socks. No tie in at all!

    miscjenn at gmail dot com

  668. Kelle, I read your blog every morning! The first thing I do when I turn my computer on is go directly to your blog and just read it! and it makes my heart melt everytime! Your are truely an amazing woman and I envy you! Your daughters are just sooooo beautiful and precious! I just want to squeeze their beautiful faces! Your doing a great job!

  669. ,,,lainey’s pink,fairy,garden party appears to be shapping up nicely,,,can’t wait to see the photos,,,baby bunnie nella looks like she is shaping up nicely too,,,she is growing by leaps and bounds and cute as a button,,,the dolly stroller is a stretch,,,(smile)

  670. Every day I look forward to a new post from you and pictures of your littles. I’m not a mama, yet, and the beauty and love in your life makes me want to be one so much more. You have a beautiful family!

  671. You have a beautiful family, I am seriously loving your blog!

  672. Lovelovelove the glitter you sent to the fairy invitees. genius.

  673. your photographs are absolutely STUNNING! i love the unique angles you always get. of course, it’s hard to go wrong with such beautiful girls!

  674. Your photography takes my breath away. My dear friend just introduced me to your blog and I’ve been reading like crazy! Her sweet Lily has blessed our world in the 2 months that she’s been here. Our hearts are so very full of love for her. Love to hear similar stories! Thank you for sharing and thank you for your giveaway.

  675. Anonymous says:

    Love your blog, love your photography, love your babies and love you! Don’t ever stop blogging, you’re so talented!

  676. Amanda Anderson says:

    Love your blog, love your photography, love your babies and love you! Don’t ever stop blogging, you’re so talented!

  677. I am LOVING Nella in the doll stroller!!! She is just so precious Kelle! And Lainey looks SO grown up pushing her down the street! Oh those girls make me smile!

  678. You have a beautiful blog and I have become a rapt follower. Your birth story released a flood of unexpected tears and made me focus on the blessings that our little precious bundles are – differences and all, they are treasures. I love how you have embraced the path life is taking you on, and your determined strength.

    Your girls are absolutely beautiful – thank you for sharing with us.

  679. gorgeous photos! I love the shot of the little girl shadow. You have two beautiful girls.

  680. Okay, Nella in the baby doll stroller — that’s just a priceless picture, to be sure. I love it! You enjoy your girls so much. I love that about you. Every mama should be this way.

  681. I just love the fairy birthday party ideas. Keep them coming :)

    And I adore that chair of yours. It is gorgeous.

    And nothing better than a rambling post about all the good things in life πŸ˜‰

  682. those sunhats are precious! as all the photos are…that shadow one was quite awesome. lovin’ the small things you point out to us.
    that party’s going to be awesome…I think we’ll do one just for fun this summer…have you seen these cute mushrooms? http://www.filthwizardry.com/2010/03/aluminium-foil-fairy-circle.html
    I stumbled across them somehow…and thought of you.

  683. My five-year-old twins love Lainey and want to play with her. My son Christian says she is beautiful. My daughter Patience just wants to be her new best friend, maybe because she is a fashion diva and is in love with Laney’s clothes. Then there is my 15-month-old Chance, he can’t stop touching my computer screen when he sees little Nella. He jabbers to her non-stop. Have a beautiful day!

  684. My five-year-old twins love Lainey and want to play with her. My son Christian says she is beautiful. My daughter Patience just wants to be her new best friend, maybe because she is a fashion diva and is in love with Laney’s clothes. Then there is my 15-month-old Chance, he can’t stop touching my computer screen when he sees little Nella. He jabbers to her non-stop. Have a beautiful day!

  685. I read this blog for the first time today. All of it. Every entry. I cried. I smiled. I laughed. I loved it. I still have a little catch in the back of my throat from the emotions that might be there all day. I am a working mom of three boys – ages 6, 2 and 1. Our life is messy, crazy, hectic…but most of all, fun. Thank you for reminding me of the important things today. Your story is touching and beautiful, as are you and your daughters. Even without the words, your photos tell a powerful story. I am inspired to write more (which I love as well) and to apply some creativity to those photos and scrapbook pages that have been collecting dust. Oh, and maybe buy a new camera, too. :) I will hug all of my boys today, tell them that I love them, and think of how sweet little Nella will be spreading her wings in the same small world that they are. Take flight, little butterflies.

  686. What a beautifully sweet family. I swear those girls are more gorgeous every time you post new pictures.

    Cheers to stay-at-home mommies that LOVE what they do!!!


  687. Thank you, I really can’t say it enough… I am a step-mama but not a full mama yet. I love reading your blog and in the hopes and dreams of my imagination I think this is the kind of mama I want to be. I sometimes feel like a cheater reading and not always being able to relate, but soon I hope I will and I will still read your blog and try to figure out your secret to life. I am starting to understand bits of it and I am pretty sure it has something to do with those beautiful little faces, and hands and feet and oh their little minds….I am so excited to be the kind of mama that can go to Holland and wear the shoes, maybe we will meet somewhere I will be the one with the tulips and the ticket to Italy. Thank you!

  688. Wow, Lainey is going to have a beautiful party!! You have talent being able to plan really neat things like that. :)

  689. I love Lisa Leonard Designs and I also love seeing photos of your sweet girls!!

  690. Kelle – a (chance for a) necklace seems as good as any reason to leave a post!

    I’ve been reading for such a short time, but was instantly enamored and have also been looking through your archives. You see, we’re expecting our first babe in August, and I am filled with some doubts and uncertainty, but reading about your beautiful life as a mother is making me SO excited for this next step in my journey – thank you!

    And love your pics of your beautiful girls.

  691. Thank you for reminding me to cherish every little thing every day.

    Right after I graduated from college I had a long-term substitute teacher job teaching kids with Down Syndrome job and life skills. That job changed my life because it taught me that people with Down Syndrome unfailingly give unconditional love. They are truly special people.

  692. Love your blog and photos. So precious!

  693. I love how much Lainey loves Nella. It’s really, really overwhelmingly sweet!

  694. I started following your blog shortly after Nella was born. Thank you for sharing all your thoughts and beautiful photos. You have inspired me to carry my camera around and take more pics of my children. The only problem is I want a better camera now:) Have a wonderful day!

  695. Thank you for this. I was having a crazy morning and my mood was awful. I came to your site and started reading your stream of consciousness and decided to write one of my own, to vent. I felt much better afterwards. :)

    Love love love those pics of your girls! Just beautiful. You are SO blessed to be their mama.

    Love <3

  696. Thank you for this. I was having a crazy morning and my mood was awful. I came to your site and started reading your stream of consciousness and decided to write one of my own, to vent. I felt much better afterwards. :)

    Love love love those pics of your girls! Just beautiful. You are SO blessed to be their mama.

    Love <3

  697. 687 comments, and Lainey and Nella’s Poppa can finally jump on here! As one who just melts with every glimpse of my girls, my heart warms with others’ kind compliments. Our sweet Nella…whose arrival with something extra was so quickly swaddled in our blanket of love…is such a gift to us all. In a world that pursues and polishes perfection, she is so perfectly Nella and always will be. I was thinking this morning, she didn’t leave Heaven at night, slipping out in the darkness with no fanfare or farewell. She left in the daylight, with all the saints and angels lining the corridor and cheering her on. So many our right, these little ones still glow with magic dust and love light and call out something special within us. They aren’t the broken ones…for they remind us of what we never knew before. And Nella has taken us around the world, has tendered hearts and helped dry eyes to meet sweet tears that clear our vision. AOL embracing Nella must stand for All Our Love!

  698. So I lurrrrve the fairy party decorations! What a lucky little birthday girl she will be!

  699. 1. Thank your for not tidying your desk for the picture.
    2. MASH?
    3. I found a library that doesn’t charge late fees. PRAISE GOD!!! lol
    4. The pic of Nella in the folded bonnet – makes my womb hurt.
    5. LOVE the fairy dust idea.
    6. WHERE did you get Lainey’s pants from the last shots? Want those!

  700. Anonymous says:

    We are all shamelessly in love with you and your family too!
    Love the sun hats,,,,,We are so ready to need a sun hat here in NC where the winter was brutal!
    Happy Spring…

  701. Your pictures are beautiful. The one of Lainey leaning over the check on Nella in her little short skirt and green cap is priceless!

  702. Hi Kelle! Thanks for making me smile again amidst my worry because right now we are in the hospital. My 11 month old baby is very ill…and I sit here in the bed watching him and I remember you and the kids….so I came here to check how are you doing and thanks again for making me feel grateful for the small things in my life. Anyway, I am your lurker from the Philippines and the first story I read in your blog is Nella’s birth story. I love it very much.

  703. Just recently found your blog, Kelle, and I love looking at all the pictures of your sweet girls. Since I read of Nella’s arrival I have prayed for adjustment and love for your family. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  704. I absolutley love all the different hats your girls where!!!! Are you a knitter/crocheter? Cute Cute Cute!!!!

  705. Looking at pictures of your daughters brings a smile to my face! When I have kids, I hope I too can capture their little lives on camera.

  706. Love this post. Love you. Love where you have let life take you. And I Love Lisa Lenaord jewelry! Really though, your intro to this post, stopped me and gave me chills. I love the way you write. You are gifted.

  707. Love the pics, love the video, love the stream-of-consciousness.

    We just found out yesterday that our new baby will be a girl, so I’ve been scouring your site for clothing ideas. I love your girls’ style!

    And I will none too subtly be making sure hubby sees a link to Lisa Leonard’s Designs before Mother’s Day. πŸ˜‰

  708. Love your blog! You make the little beauties of childhood so blessed!

  709. LOVE your pictures! Lainey’s bathing suit is so cute too!

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    I love reading your blog every day. Your daughters are beautiful, and your pictures are stunning.

    Thanks for sharing your life with all of us.

  714. Jessi Hausserman says:

    You have such beautiful girls! A friend posted a link to your blog on her Facebook page, and I have so enjoyed reading your story and getting a glimpse into your life this last week. :-)

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    Your new desk chair is divine. Just perfect.

  719. Carrie W says:

    Totally would love to win! Might order a piece for myself just cause. Today is my birthday and I am kind of having a crappy day so I popped over to your email to remind myself to “enjoy the small things”. Your girls are amazing and I love how trendy they are. I so need a daughter!

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  723. Amy from Buffalo says:


    I came across your story and blog last night. At 28 yrs of age I never considered myself as the type to be a wife and mother but learning more about you and your beautiful family has caused me to shift my focus somewhat.

    Wishing you and your family nothing but happiness and blessings!

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    When my sister and I were little, we added an O and a P to MASH – so it became MASHOP. The O was for outhouse and the P was for palace. Haha…I dont know..we were obviously dorky little girls. πŸ˜‰

    I love all of the hats the girls have – especially the green one that Lainey has. I wish they made them in adult sizes!!

    Your birthday ideas are so cute and creative! Hope Lainey has a splendid birthday!

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