Love Divvied Up

I spent the morning with my firstborn today. Left Nella snuggled in her pink kitten jammies right next to her Daddy under a mess of tangled sheets while the bigger girl and I snuck off to the bathroom to get ready for our date. She stood on the stool next to me and glossed her lips while I brushed my teeth and twisted my wet hair into a ponytail.


I’ve missed this. Sure, there are myriads of moments where we’re together, but sometimes I’m turning the pages of The Wide Mouthed Frog while simultaneously balancing a baby. And, in the middle of a puzzle with her the other day, I jumped up to calm a startled Nella. “No, her not crying,” Lainey said as if her denial would convince me to stay and play.

I thought I’d be really good at this when I was pregnant. I had rehearsed every possible situation with balancing two and had a plan of action. We were going to have Lainey & Me dates weekly. We were going to be aware of all jealous cues and fire planned responses to fix them. We were going to take our love and carefully divvy it up in perfect equal portions, no more, no less.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t offer the Perfectly Planned option. In the ebb & flow of our home’s activities, there have been days where Lainey is rained upon with praise and puzzles and baking and book-reading and others where I’ve actually uttered the words, “Not now, Babe, Nella needs me” as if her needing me wasn’t as meritable.

And then there are days like today when I give her my undivided attention and we dress up and sing made-up “We’re going on a date” songs in the car. When there’s only one carseat to buckle and one face to focus on in the rearview mirror.

We started at the bookstore where we spent most of our time riding the escalator or, as she calls it, the “up-down.” You would have thought we were at a theme park. She held her breath and smiled and jumped off at the end with a “wheeeeee,” and suddenly, I too was feeling the exhileration. We read books and sorted the stuffed animal shelves and finished our visit with a red velvet cupcake with a thick swirl of heavenly cream cheese frosting.





It felt good to be back in the swing of things, to know that life being altered a bit doesn’t change everything and there are so many more of these dates–with both my girls–to come.

We continued our morning together at a local produce market where she picked out small potatoes for Daddy and I added shallots and garlic and a big, fat, dirt-covered onion that together tasted amazing in a pan of sizzling butter tonight.




She stole a strawberry before I noticed half of it oozing down her chin.






Finally, it was back home where we spent the rest of the morning hurdling streams of cold sprinkler water outside where the sun calmed us and the sight of my happy girl not only reminded me of every sweet memory we’ve shared so far in this yard but excited me of all the ones to come.


Then multiply that excitement times two.


Nella joined us outside for a shady nap and, after a good dose of one-on-one time with the big sister, I felt content and happy to share the afternoon loving my girls as perfectly as I know how. And, although it was soon followed with dangling a hungry ten-pound girl in one arm and a thrashing almost-three-year old in the other while I dodged sprinkler sprays to head in for naps, it still felt, might I say, balanced.


The scales will, I’m sure, tip again soon and teeter between too much and too little, but days like these will return and restore the balance of just enough love…and then some.




And this little kitten?


The sound of our voices excites her so much, she gets all breathy and wide-eyed and worked up when she hears us, batting the air like little Karate Kid. She stretches her hands to touch Brett’s face when he holds her close, and when I feed her, she reaches up and wraps her fingers around mine in the most tender grasp. Love Machine.



Her most favorite spot in the world? Pressed up against Brett’s chest. The girl goes into a total love trance and, well, so does Brett.


And, speaking of Karate Kid, she’s a black belt in tummy time, conquering the head lift with our applause…and a smile.


Brett approaches Tummy Time like he’s a marathon coach, clocking it and coaxing her through it. And he drills me at the end of the day…”How much Tummy Time did she have today?” I’m scared of what would happen if I answered “none.” Dude means business.



On our way to some friends’ house the other night, Brett & I were debating NY vs. Chicago style pizza, completely oblivious to the silence in the back seat when Brett finally says, “Do you smell that? Smells like nail polish.” Turns out Lainey packed some in her backpack and was having a little car manicure session, awkwardly bending over the straps in her carseat to reach her toes.


And her lips were all plastered with this frosty pink too. I looked in her bag to find Merle Norman. Girl was packin’ some serious make-up.


She never fails to make us laugh.



Bed awaits again and, although I’ve worded it a million different ways, I can’t express how welcoming it is at the end of the day to crawl into our monster of a bed and glide into soft sheets, wedging my side next to my little willow and pulling the weight of my bunny into my chest. It is both the celebration of a good day or the reward to a trying one–to conclude a day’s worth of work nestled between what matters most. To listen to midnight rains between the comfort of warm bodies, to hear Brett’s heavy breath over the quicker, shallow ones of the girls and to close my eyes knowing we get to do it all over again tomorrow.

That’s just completely delicious.


You might as well get used to little bunny smiles…they’re happening all the time.

Happy Days.

Several readers asked about the photos on our family wall a couple posts back. I actually got the idea of the photo wall from another photographer…but it’s simple and affordable. They are 16×20 prints framed in glass clip “frameless” frames (I got mine $5 each from Ikea, but they are also available at Michael’s or Joann’s for a little more).



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh – I think I’m first! Had a feeling one was coming! Thanks for posting!

    Heather :)

  2. Uhhh, Love those sweet Nella smiles. I’ve been waiting to see those.
    The picture of Lainey and you is wonderful. Smiles abound!

  3. Oh, that baby smile! It’s swoon-worthy! And how fashionable is Miss Lainey? WOW! She puts me to shame, and I’m about eighty-five times her age.

    Our baby girls are about the same age and tummy time is SERIOUS in our house as well. Oh, daddies.

  4. Your posts never fail to make me all kinds of happy.

    Thank you for each and every one.

  5. Every time I read your posts it inspires me to play a little harder each and every day with my little one. You seem like one hell of a mom!!!!

  6. Sounds like an awesome day. Love Nella’s smile!

  7. Love the post! Glad you and Lainey had amazing morning!! The best part of it was her painting her toes in the car!! Cracks me up! As always, I am loving the pictures! Nella is so strong during tummy time! She is growing so quickly and is so beautiful!! They both are!!

  8. gorgeous. loved your date, Lainey looked so happy to have some mommy & me time :) love Nella’s sweet smile too

  9. Oh, your girls. They are so lovely. And I know the feeling of trying to balance the love.

  10. I am so addicted to your blog. It is a lovely thing to read and always makes me smile. I especially love the juxtaposition of photos and caption/ stories. Your photos tell great stories! Have a great week :-)

  11. Totally off subject, but do you wanna share where you got the striped leggings Lainey is wearing? They are too cute and I’d love some for my little girl!

  12. Such a sweet post! Your family is beautiful and it looks like you’re doing a wonderful job with your girls.

  13. I love Lainey’s dress in the third to last photo! Beautiful! Where did you get that?

  14. Both of your girls are so beautiful and lovely it almost hurts. Gorgeous!
    Oh, and btw … how do you take such awesome self-portrait snaps with your big camera? I have a hard time doing the same with mine!

  15. In case you were wondering, I totally just squealed when I saw a new post to be read :)

  16. Love your posts! Nella is just beautiful!! I love to see how she is changing each week. So glad you and Lainey had fun today. I have three kids and when my second was born I remember feeling the same way about my precious firstborn daughter and missing alone time with her. Enjoy these precious days, my firstborn is now sixteen and I can’t believe it. Don’t feel guilty about not having enough time to do everything for everyone. You’re a great mom!

  17. Love the photos of your sweet girl. I do crave moments with my first born and this post has reminded me that I need to spend some time with him, just the two of us!

  18. Wow, 10 pounds, you’re doing great feeding that girl, congrats!

    And those pics of you?

    Lainey in the backseat with make up and NAIL POLISH?

    And Nellabean in the black & white tummy time pic?

    Sounds like a yummy, juicy day. Thanks for a great post, yay!

  19. What struck me first is how much Lainey looks like you in those first few photos with her hair pulled back.

    Lovely blog, lovely girls and I’m happy for all of you, including a very special Dad who’s so hands on.

  20. The little finger grab when they are nursing (sigh…) It is sometimes the simple reminder that I need to pay attention to the one in my arms and not the sisters running circles around us:)

  21. oh kelle… you are SUCH a good mommy! time with your #1 IS so special…and good for YOU too!…reminds you that with so much change, you are still part of who you were ‘before’ the magic…glad your relaxed!
    & Baby Girl…holding her head up! YEA, big stuff!…and that smile, can I eat those soft cheeks! Have y’all started the therapy thing yet? &…how far is Naples from Rosemary (in June)?? xo & nite-nite

  22. Anonymous says:

    thank you for sharing! I look forward to a little slice of your lovely days.

  23. Bravo, another post that I can relate to in so many ways.

    I do like you. A lot.

  24. Thanks for sharing a part of your special day with us..take care and love and hugs to you and yours..

  25. The nailpolish CRACKED me up! Too cute! And my Kris used to call the safety things at the railroad crossings “up and downs”, LOL!
    I understand your balancing act. It’s hard. I started out with TWO, so I never knew what one was like. However having #3 when the first two were 7 yrs old was more like having one. And if you can have two, you can have 3 or 7 or 10. 😉
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures and glad you enjoyed your day with #1!

  26. Back again because I keep forgetting to ask you where you get your prints done? I have got them done locally and not very happy with the results.
    A couple of people (photo people, lol) have recommended Mpix… have you ever used them? Any feedback or suggestions are GREATLY appreciated :)

  27. Ahhhh, I am so excited about the things that Evie and I have to look forward too. I feel like now is the best but you make it sound like the best is yet to come! Thanks!

  28. I just had to tell you how much I love your writing. It’s a breath of fresh air. You are real, but honest, and in the midst of it all, you find a way to celebrate life every single day, and it has encouraged me to do the same! Thanks for making me stop and smell the roses!

  29. Miss Lainey is quite the glamour girl!! Too funny about sneaking the nail polish!! Beautiful girls!

  30. your girls are adorable. you guys seem so happy!

  31. Ahhhh! I think these are some of my faves ever! Great work! :)

  32. Always happy to see a new post. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us. Beautiful!

  33. Such a wonderful idea!! You can tell this day meant the world to Lainey. Way to go momma!

  34. what a beautiful, colorful, fun day with Lainey! dates with mommy (and daddy!) are the best!

    I must paint my toes more!

    thanks for sharing!

  35. Anonymous says:


    I have been reading for just over 2 months. My friend had a baby boy with Down Syndrome a week after Nella was born and coincidentally (or was it?), I happened upon your blog a few days later.

    I adore your love of life, your passion for sharing beauty and that I now await your posts to make me smile. I especially thank you for your honesty and the feelings you shared regarding your journey with a beautiful baby who happens to have Down Syndrome.

    When my friend and I finally get to talk after ballgames/homework/dinner/bedtime with our kids and she reveals some of these same thoughts and feelings, I dunno…I just feel like I can relate better from reading your words.

    I love this happy place you have created in cyberspace. You are a talented writer and I leave your blog feeling happy to have read your latest entry! :)

    Angela in SC

  36. I have two girls, a 4 year old and an almost 4 month old. And I know the feeling… having to put the older one’s needs aside because the little one’s needs are more pressing for the moment. It’s hard to juggle, but you seem to manage just fine. :) You have two beautiful little girls.

  37. Can’t believe I am beating Poppa, darn, now I will have to come back because I love reading his gentle words of advice.

    Noticing that in the pic of Nella with Brad that she is looking very much like Lanie. I started with Nella’s birth story and then went back and read all from day one, it is so nice to see the girls grow up. They are both getting big so fast.

  38. Kelle, Nella’s smiles are wonderful, she looks so healthy and content… Daddy is so right about the importance of tummy time, and especially important for toning her lil muscles, *giggles n winks* it’s is so great that He is so hands on …Thanks again for sharing Your girl’s and your days…Deborah the Canadian Nurse

  39. Lainey with make up & nail polish – those are the most priceless pics!!!! your girls get more beautiful & cuter with each post — keep ’em coming!!!!
    great way to end my day…

  40. I logged in to my blogger account like 4 times today. Not to blog. But to check to see if you had a new post. Does that make me a nerd?!? Your sweet girlies are beautiful! I feel your “pain” trying to shuffle two kiddos! I have three…It gets easier though. When they are older. By the way, I love nellas “profile” pic! It’s probably the cutest I’ve seen so far! Thank you so much for sharing!

  41. I have been waiting for a post. Thanks Kelle. I love the pic taken of you with Lainey. She has such a blissful look on her face. I think it was just as wonderful of a day for her as it was for you. Nella is really growing into herself. More and more we can see her personality through her expressions and the shots you take. I can’t wait to be on summer vacation and spend all my time with my two wonderful boys. I look forward to your next post.

  42. your blog just makes me smile. the hard days of being a mama are always surpassed from the happy moments…thank you for reminding us to embrace the happy moments.

  43. Oh yes, the love balance can be so elusive… it is such a treat to find it occasionally. For me the transition from one little to two was quite shocking… I worried that I wouldn’t be able to give each of my monkeys all that they needed each day… luckily it all settles in eventually. Special dates with each one are such a wonderful treat. Love the pix with Lainey at the produce market. And good gumdrops!!!! Miss Nella is just blossoming before our eyes. She looks so wonderfully strong… the queen of tummy time indeed.

  44. Your girls are simply delicious! My heart just aches when I see those precious smiles from Nella. You are one lucky Mama!!

  45. wow… lainey certainly ‘hammed it up’ 4 u @ ritcheys! her expressions r 2 much!

    i see u guys were hangin @ our favorite spot… upstairs @ books a million in front of the big window overlookin the parkin lot. i sit on the floor propped up against that polka dot couch an watch aniston an her cousins tear thru the racks of stuffed doras an parade around in the window on the horsies on sticks!
    meanwhile the corner of the store is now in complete an total disarray… i always wonder what the employees are sayin about us when we leave… “wierdos… don’t they have any toys @ home?!?”

    an that nella wafer, i’m sure her day was equally as entertainin hangin w/ brett! i can only imagine the things he says an does w/ her when no1 else is aroun… (we need some hidden video footage in the girl’s room… hint hint) that would make 4 a real blog pleaser!

    she is gettin more beautiful everyday! an the pics of her w/ that little squinty lookin eye always remind me of u!

    xoxo t

  46. mommy of two girls too says:

    So adorable….I love the quick Lainey self-Pedi in the car! What a doll!! And that Nella is just as precious as she can be!! Such a beautiful family. It is hard to divide time among the little ones….but you just make it seem so easy breezy! 😉

  47. also:


    does some1 else always take the pics w/ u in them or do u ever use a tripod?

  48. I too struggle with the feeling of shortchanging one child to take care of another. But if we all just love them a ton and share our time with them as best we can, I think it makes them happy. You do a greatjob and you are creating wonderful memories for you girls to look back on, both in their mind and in these beautiful pictures you take and words you write.

  49. What a beautiful day for you and your daughter. I can only imagine the struggles of two children, yet I can’t wait until my time comes for those experiences. Amber :)

  50. Anonymous says:

    Another amazing post. i have been looking multiple times these last few days since sunday. Love every minute of it. :) can’t wait till the next

  51. Kimberley says:

    Aw, Bless Lainey and her backseat pedicure. That got a few giggles form this end.

    That picture of Nella, in her pink hat with a bow and striped jumpsuit, just laying there, gazing upwards, is just divine. She is like a tiny little cupcake or a porcelain doll. Yummy!

  52. I love Lainey’s sense of style. I know she’s only two but part of me really hopes that she comes up with those combinations herself :)

  53. Hello,
    I have been following your blog since i saw your story pop up on AOL I became interested and read on and then started reading your blog just like many others. So after reading a few post, I started from the very beginning and read and read and read. i have read your blog front to back, back to front and I just can’t get enough. I wait each day for a new post. Your way with words is amazing and the photographs you capture are stunning. Any chance I get I tell your story and rave about how much i love reading your blog. I think my friends are starting to think i am obsessed, especially my roomates. Any time they walk in my room and i am staring at the computer they know instantly.
    I will be waiting patiently as possible for your next post :)


  54. Anonymous says:

    Your photos never fail to make me smile. (: Never. Just thought you should know.

    Also, I am dying over the clothes/outfits Lainey wears. LOVE them – and Nella just could not be any cuter. Not possible.

  55. I was feeling withdrawal not getting a new post the last few days! :) I love winding down my night or taking a break with a new post. Thanks Kelley. Your girls are beautiful and a reflection of God’s beauty!

  56. Anonymous says:

    thanks again for making my day, by sharing your beautiful girls and your beautiful, real life with readers like me. you are very inspiring!

  57. Oh, how I love your blog! I work with families who have children with DS… actually work more with the little ones. So, your blog has a special place in my heart and on my laptop!

    On another note… I was chatting with a group of moms the other day. One mom talked about how hard it was for her to have a newborn and not feel guilty for having less time for her older child. Someone suggested this, and it makes sense to me… It is okay for a baby to cry for a minute or two. Sometimes, it is okay to say “Just a minute baby, I am playing with Lainey” or whatever. The idea is that the baby will be okay and the older one knows that time with him/her is just as important. Of couse, it really is for a minute, but the older one still benefits from hearing mom verbalize it. :)

  58. Loving the picture of you holding Nella in front of the picture where you are pregnant. So sweet.

    did you ever listen to the song Two Little Sisters (Carly Simon)?

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. You are such a fantastic Mummy and such an inspiration :)

    Fabulous post, as always xx

  61. so tricky to feel the balance …. I have 4 kiddies and I know te 2nd one seems to fly under the attention radar a bit much…sigh…my theory is love the one on your knee/seat/car/chatting etc as hard as you can for the minutes they want/need you – seriously a tricky tightrope to walk on – great job doll, great job. x

  62. so tricky to feel the balance …. I have 4 kiddies and I know te 2nd one seems to fly under the attention radar a bit much…sigh…my theory is love the one on your knee/seat/car/chatting etc as hard as you can for the minutes they want/need you – seriously a tricky tightrope to walk on – great job doll, great job. x

  63. Love spending the day with your cute family! Gorgeous pictures!

  64. That’s so funny about the back-seat manicure! My daughter who is 8 took nail varnish on a country walk and I turned to find her painting her nails as we walked! Crucial time for nail care?! Lovely post as ever – balancing between two children or more is hard…but being aware of the balance is half the battle. LB x

  65. this a good day or what…i started my day with heidi’s post and ended with yours!

    bookstore is normally our girls date…gracee is just like her momma, she loves pictures and words. she gets her lovely sweet treat and i get my cappuccino and we share books, stuffed animals and we always meet a new friend. My dad was a teacher and he could say no to a toy faster than a speeding bullet…but ask for a book and he would spend his last penny getting it for us. i just love when i say to gracee that we are going to barnes and noble and you would swear i told her we were going to disney…she is just like me (love sayin’ that)!

    nail polish in the backseat of the car is why there is a quilt spread the whole way across the back of our car…still trying to get glitter polish off my leather!! but a girl needs her fully loaded makeup bag so we sacrificed a quilt to the makeup god and the backseat beauty shop is in full moving my rearview mirror to capture that little face that at time looks like the heath ledger’s version of “the joker”..holy where is my camera moment batman! being a mommy is heaven on earth and you get to do it lucky dog! ♥

  66. Such a cute post :)

    I know it’s tough, but it’s important for Lainey to learn the concept of sharing/realising others needs. She may be too young to grasp the concept just yet, but it’s a really valuable life skill for her to learn, so don’t feel too bad about having to place Nella’s needs above hers on some occasions.

    You’re doing an excellent job and it’s great that you’re cutting out some time for just you and Lainey. This whole thing will eventually teach her that while you love her very, very much, you also love Nella very, very much and you can only do so much at one time.

  67. I have to say, your blog is an excellent cure for a bad day! Thank you for bringing some joy into my busy day!

  68. Nothing like a little one on one time!! So good for the soul! Your pictures are amazing as always!!

  69. I know exactly how you feel about having enough time for 2. I try to carve out some time each day just for Joey (the key word is “try”!), usually during a bit of Ian’s nap. Sometimes I feel bad for Ian because Joey can get/demand more attention from me than the baby but then I remind myself that Ian has something Joey did not have — a big brother. Their love is something so amazing… I get all filled up with tears when I watch the two of them. There is this intense, unconditional love in their eyes, in their smiles, in their laughter.

    And I wanted to say again that I love the sieve analogy. I was talking to my husband the other day and told him that I realized that since I had Ian, I’ve never again had a “bad day.” I’ve had tiring days or long days, but no “bad” ones. All because this beautiful gift of a baby showed me what matters.

  70. Color me glad all over…to be able to see my littles before I get ready for work dresses me with a smile to last all day! Dividing love is like the magic lens on your camera that allows you to put one thing in focus and momentarily allow everything and everyone else to be masked in a blur–still there, but for the moment put into a resting mode. It will soon be there turn to be in perfect focus. Each of you three children are so precious to me…I used to love rising early and hearing one of you stirring. I didn’t know which until you snuggled next to me on the couch while I drank coffee and watched the news. And I drank you in as well. I didn’t want anyone else to wake up yet…and sometimes it was with no words, no activities–nothing but silent snuggling that seemed to just refuel us both. Yes, those moments spent not only refresh our children but they teach us the thrill of escalators, the beauty of tiny potatoes and the ecstasy of slowly licking frosting from a cupcake. Keep using that life lens…you are in mine! Love you and yours today. Can’t wait until Laineylove’s birthday party! Assign me some jobs!

  71. Love this post Kelle….a great way to start my day!

    xo, Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  72. I’ve been reading your blog for about a month now and have read it from beginning to end and then back again. I love the photos, the music, the words! But more than any of that, I love your “embrace and enjoy” approach to parenting. I wish every child could have a parent that lived the magic and wonder of childhood so deeply with them and cherished them so dearly. My baby girl is almost two and I can relate to so many sentiments you share here, espescially the desire to capture and breathe in every moment with them. I often read and think, wow – she just said what I’ve been feeling, but could never put into words so well. Thanks for sharing your story and your family. You are such an inspiration to us all ot focus on what is most important.

  73. Ohhh, that black and white of Nella with her hand on her chin is SO great! Love it. :)

  74. The ability to teach the heart to speak its wonder in words…and the energy to be its daily scribe. Thank you, Kelle. Keep on.

  75. You make even a trip to the farmer’s market stylish and poetic!

    Love it!

  76. Anonymous says:

    I do love reading your blot, it always bring a heart felt smile to my face.
    You are a real inspiration, in a world that is so cluttered with superficial pages.
    Thank you!

  77. I read somewhere that smiling is contagious . . . I guess that’s why I find myself smiling back at the computer screen every time I read one of your posts. Lainey’s toothy grin and Nellas ear to ear smile are just adorable! Thank you!!!

  78. I literally just squeelled (?) out loud over the last 2 pictures- AMAZING! Kelle, you rock mama- :)

  79. I’m tucked up at home with a chest cold and mug of hot tea and this new post was just what I need to kick start my day!

    I love that Lainey is such a girly-girl and look forward to seeing more details and pictures of her birthday party.

    Please give Nella a hug from Canada today! – minus the cold germs of course! :)

  80. I look forward to seeing to Nella’s little smiles and Lainey’s adorable outfits! Thank you for always making my day!

  81. Dawn Murphy says:

    I have a sweet little girl, Katrina…she’ll be two next week. I’m preggo again and due in November. While on the What to Expect when You’re Expecting message boards, I came across a link to Nella’s birth story. I fell in love with her and now your blog. I love your writing and love love love all the pictures.

    What a great way to capture your life!!!!

  82. Anonymous says:

    Little Fashionista Lainey Love! Too funny – the girl just knows she wants to look good and just does it!! Oh, Kelle, the memories your girls will have of all of the fun times you have with them and the fact that you make them your priority! Remember my favorite saying:
    “Every day you make deposits into the memory banks of your children!”

    I’m not a mom, but am one of 8 children – and my mom quit working (she was a HS teacher) and stayed home to raise us all (she did without much!) and still, to this day, says she’d do it all over again! And do we have wonderful memories???? YOU BETCHA!

    Keep inspiring those moms who are learning to refocus because of reading your blog! They are learning to Enjoy the Small Things! 😉

    Happy Day and smooches to the munchkins!

  83. oh i’ve miss you hamptom family!!!
    i love your date with lainey!
    i think all mothers of two feel that way.. thanks for putting it in words…
    and i love the pics of nella in the moses basket… love her outfit too!
    all of it – love love love.. so much love!

  84. Oh – the balancer – yes that is the tough part. When I found out I was having triplets, my biggest concern was mothering FIVE children. Just the trwo we had ran me ragged. But as you find out, it can be done and you arise to the occasion.

    Lovely photos too.

  85. last 2 photos = priceless & breathless


  86. What a happy post to start my day! I love your beautiful Mother heart!

  87. Oh Kelle…you are enlightened.

    Please keep writing…please publish a book.

    From your Brazilian fan,


  88. Kelle, what a cute post! I love that Lainey is doing her nails and puting on makeup in the car. So cute!!!

  89. Thanks for the pic info. I happen to have several of those glass frames on hand from old world market art I used to have hanging. I wonder if I can blow up our pics that big though, I bet I’ll get the “low resolution” warning or whatever. That seems to happen when we go bigger than 8×10 😉
    Anyway, all I can say is I feel ya mama. It’s been the balancing act for us since our baby was born almost 9 months ago. I have to say though, that everything has gone way better in terms of time and spreading the love, than I ever could have dreamed! So much so that sometimes I think, could we/should we add another?! Then I remember how tired I still am =)
    And go Nella on your tummy time!!! She is awesome!!

  90. I just love your music selection. Sometimes after i’ve read your post, i’ll leave the page up just to let the music keep playing. You give me so much motivation to just be happy. I have a one year old little girl and she loves seeing pictures of baby Nella! Sometimes she will even try to hug the computer monitor….so squish the little one between your arms today from my Molly. Much luv!

  91. I cannot handle the cuteness of those Nella smiles…What an angel!

  92. I love the pictures of her putting on your make up (and Merle Norman rocks by the way:)! It’s so precious! And Nella’s beautiful baby smile….it melts my heart!

    I too have also asked myself when the times comes and we have another child how am I going to balance the time? You seem just like me, you thought it out while you were pregnant, which is what I would do, and then when it happens and baby #2 arrives your story plots don’t go quite as you had them written out in your head! I worry that my first born will be too jealous and will favor daddy more than me; I worry she’ll act up and won’t want to help me out; There’s just too many worries to list but for now I cherish the moments we have.
    Thank you for sharing, you gave me some insight and I appreciate it!
    God Bless!

  93. i love your blog! every time i see a new post in my google reader, i get a little excited! you have a beautiful family.

  94. Balancing between two kiddos is quite a job. You keep asking yourself am I spending as much time with each of them as I should be, but I have come to learn that it is ok no matter what you do. They will be fine with you hanging out with both of them at the same time. My boys are 12 months apart so it was hard for me to divvy up the time between the two fo them but they are the best of friends right now and always will be. My boys are always fighting over my lap but I tell them God gave me two legs so I have enough room for both of you. Keep having the dates with each of them. They will treasure that alone time with you. I know my boys do. Enjoy those girls they grow up so fast.

  95. In the picture where your hubby is holding Nella….she totally has a Lainey expression on her face! Very cute!

  96. I freakin’ love your blog. It brings me to tears, makes me laugh and inspires me. You put into print so many of the thoughts that run in my head. I’m a mom of 3…. my youngest is working his way through autism. The simple and beautiful things of everyday life keep me going, too. Thank you so very much for sharing.

    <3, Kelli

  97. I don’t know where to start so I’ll just start typing what my mind is smiling about. Nella in those polka dotted pants with the ruffles on the bottom. Good Lord in Heaven they are cute and she is scrumptious in them. I sew a lot and I make those same pants for my girls, but NEVER have seen any so little. Dying here. And Nella’s smile, could she get ANY cuter? I think if she does, you better watch out cause I might come and eat her!!! I can hardly stand it, and I am totally serious. And the picture of her asleep with her head tilted. Now I LOVE baby toes, but those tiny ears, the Ds ears, could just gobble them right up. It’s a wonder my son has any toes or ears left on his body from mommy nibbles!!!

    And Miss Lainey. She is the splitting image of you, cept for the snow white hair!!! I love her expressions and yes it is hard to love them both and give them equal attention. I used to think that my Noah would lack in attention when he was born. Because he’s the one with Ds, ya know. But turns out my girls lack attention, and not because he was a newborn. Even as he grew through the years, I still found that people were flocked to him, obscessed with his sweetness and loving spirit, and his ability to give a hug where he saw someone needed one. The girls took a back seat, and sometimes they still do, even as Noah is about to turn 11. With therapies, and getting Noah into a special baseball team, and finding just the right teachers and aides, well it takes time, it’s all worth it, but it takes time and my older girls (16 year old twins) they understand now, but Halle, who is 9she struggles for that front seat of attention and on a daily basis we have to remember to give it to her. She is important too.

    Lord this is long,didn’t realize your post would have me rambling, but hey, ever since Noah was born my mouth hasn’t stopped. He brings out the best in me!!! :)

  98. I’m a new fan but now a devoted one of your blog. Your photography skills put me to shame. How lucky your family is to have such memories captured so perfectly. I’m jealous! Also jealous of the girls’ clothes – WHERE do you get them?! I’m pretty sure my daughter went to daycare today wearing a pair of her older brothers’ jeans and a monster truck t-shirt. I could use some help!

  99. Ok, it’s official. I am totally in love with your whole family. Been reading fow awhile now and am inspired to find the beauty everyday. Some days it’s easier than others…

  100. ,,,tickled pink at the photos of lovely lainey making her self more beautiful with frosty pink lip gloss and magenta nail lacquer,,,what’s a girl to do while on her ride to her next event?,,,oh nella bunny nella, she is so yummy and right now needs no primping at all,,,her smile, her smirk, her almond eyes are her lip gloss and eye liner,,,

  101. After seeing yours, i worked for weeks on Jack’s 1st birthday photo book, and we got it in the mail yesterday – I’m so excited about it – thanks for the inspiration!
    After 3 days of the whole family having a stomach virus, it was nice to come back to work and see all the beauty on your page. Thanks.

  102. Had to laugh at Laineys denial! The other day in the car I heard our little 4 week old starting to fuss and my 4 year old said, she’s not crying, it’s just her stomach. What????

  103. I continue to fall in love with your blog each and every time I stop by and visit. Your words are captivating and I lose myself in the pictures that you share. Thank you for your stories. I am expecting baby #2 any day now and worry constantly about juggling two and finding the time, energy and abundance to love my first as I have for the past three years when another little one enters our world. Everyone tells me it just happens, it just works…and it will. But, your words give me the confidence to know that even when days aren’t perfect…there will always be that silver lining to make it worth it. :)

  104. first comment. long time reader. so many things that i enjoy about your blog but today i decided one of my favorite things is seeing sweet lainey with her binkie. my little ayla rose still has her binkie and will turn 3 in july. some things “we” just can’t part with! 😉 thanks for sharing you and your girls with us!

  105. what a lovely day! :)

    …and reading this was a wonderful way to start my day.

  106. scruggzy says:

    Kelle, I adore your blog! I am a pediatric speech therapist and I have observed that Lainey still uses a pacifier. I know this is none of my business, but you might want to look into the risks a child her age takes on using a pacifier at this age…changes the shape of the palate, causes tooth alignment problems, can delay expressive language skills, etc. Feel free to ignore this, but I let my son use one for too long for my convenience (and I knew better, being a professional and all!)and because I didn’t want to take it from him when a new baby had just arrived, etc. Sound familiar?? He is 26 now and orthodontics couldn’t correct the damage done to the palate. Love the blog and the pictures!Found out about you from a parent of one of my former patients!

  107. says:

    Kelle – i just have to say that I burst out laughing when I saw Lainey’s painting her toe nails – she does mean business!!! :)

    And with regards to the pizza debate – I think that New York pizza is a definite winner! But then again, I am a bit subjective, being from New York and all:)


  108. I am so glad you are doing this second baby before me. I will be all the wiser in October when i give birth. Balance is a balancing act in itself, yes? Also, I am glad my toddler isn’t the only “tee tee” (Pacifier) user! Oh, and so glad I officially know you co-sleep now. so perfect!

  109. I don’t like to gush. I’m not young enough to pull it off with any real sincerity. However, I wanted to say how much I love your photos. I regularly hold them up as an example of what I want to be when I grow up.

    Thank you for giving me a good example to strive for and forcing me, with grace I might add, to improve my skills.

  110. my girls so need a day like that. each of them.
    will you hold me responsible to do it by the end of may?

  111. As baby #2 heads our way this fall, these are good lessons for me to learn! It’s one of the things I’m afraid of as well. Jack is sooo perfect that I’m terrified of not being the best mommy possible for him. I suppose I will learn as time goes by. :-)

  112. I love this post, I have the same feelings! My son is 20months old and I just had a little girl (3.5months old).

    I love the pictures of Lainey painting her toes, hilarious!!

    Where do you get all there adorable clothing?

  113. I’m happy to see pictures of Lainey’s one-on-one time with Mommy. Her joy in the experience is so obvious, especially in the third picture. It warms my heart. I love her critical inspection of the onion. She looks like a produce expert! LOL

    The crochet diaper cover is really cute. Did you buy that or did someone make it for you?

    The picture of you holding Nella with the poster of you pregnant holding Lainey on the beach in the background is classic. A perfect example of a big reason why I love your blog. You turn everyday life into art. Thanks for sharing your gift with all of us.


  114. lainey looks so happy on your date! love the make up story, hilarious.
    i cant get enough of nella’s smiles!

    balancing 2 is quite a bit more challenging than i had expected. i try to parent with love and not with guilt, but sometimes its hard.

  115. Dearest Kelle,
    once again your words fill my soul,your words serve as a gentle reminder of the loveliness in this world and the promise everyday of beauty,I often find myself turning to you when i have reached a moment of failure, a failure to fully embrace the small things, i turn to you and sweet Kelle you urge me to go out and conquer my days and to fill them to the brim with loveliness, i often sit with my girls looking and giggling upon the beauty you display and once we reach the end,we gently close the computer and we step out and try and capture our own beaty in the world,because of you i no longer see mundane at the groccery store,i see an opportunity to love and play and to enjoy each and every second of my littles precious fleeting loveliness and in the perfect little moments i say a little prayer not only for myself but for you dear friend, thankyou and much love always.

  116. LOVE it!

    A quick uplifting story about middle school queen, who just happens to have DS :)

  117. Lainey is all girl…love the lip-glossing and nail-polishing! Looks like ya’ll had some nice quality time together. Those times are treasures.
    I always tell people that I had such a beautiful love affair with my first-born, Ian. It lasted three years until Chloe was born. These days, I try to recreate that love affair with her….when it’s just the two of us. It’s not the same.
    Nella is rockin’ the tummy time!

  118. So glad you had some serious mommy time with Lainey. I feel guilty not getting more of that with my little (er, “big” *sniff sniff) girl, but the babe refuses a bottle so I can’t be w/o him for too long. I’ll have to put a short Mommy date on the calendar.

    We laugh at our kiddos all the time, and when we can finally catch our breath we wonder how much amusement our parents got from us when we were little, and what kinds of things made parents laugh in ye olden days.

    My 4-month old gets so excited when he sees/hears me (esp if he’s hungry) that he kicks kicks kicks and practically kicks his way out of whatever position he’s in. When he sees Daddy, he gives him the biggest grin and the most delightful, raspy coo. I don’t want this stage to end! Babies and their daddies are so precious.

    Hehe… love the makeup.

  119. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! When my second was born I tried to make a point to say “not now Nella, sissy needs Mommy, I’ll be there in a minute, etc.” It made a huge differnece in my 2 year old still feeling like her needs were important, even if it was finishing a puzzle.

    Love your blog!

  120. Hi:).
    I was introduced to your blog through Donald Miller’s blog. I read Nella’s birth story (and several more posts). And I want you to know that I really enjoy reading about your perspective on life.
    If you don’t mind, I think I’ll keep reading (and interacting with) your blog.
    With love…

  121. Hah! You’ve just helped me decorate the huge mess of space behind my couch! What a wonderful inexpensive way to decorate wall space, and it can grow with each new picture. Again, you are a huge inspiration! Much love to you and your family

  122. Okay, so Nella in the Dr.Seuss onesie might be the yummiest picture I’ve ever seen. With a blog as beautiful as yours, it’s pretty hard to pick a favourite, but that one is definitely up there.

    Thanks for another wonderful post, they never fail to make my day brighter! Happy Thursday to you!

  123. Christy says:

    I started reading a few weeks back after being refered to your blog by my sister, aka, best friend. And, well, since then, i come back SEVERAL times a day. I bawled when i first read your birth story about Nella, as i’m sure MANY people have. I am a mother myself of 3 children, 11yr boy, 8yr girl and a 2yr old girl. MAN do i LOVE LOVE to see your Lainey during the days when i am here at work! I enjoy Nella as well (who can’t resist an AMAZINGLY adorable baby)however, not to be taken the wrong way, but LAINEY, she just MELTS MY HEART!!! just the sight of her, i get the BIGGEST SMILE!!! reading this blog today, about your special time w/her and only her, you made my heart skip a beat! your words are amazing…your pictures, well, gosh i just envy your eye…and I can tell you know how blessed you are!!! I look forward to so many more posts and pictures…..You are an AMAZING woman! Keep up the great job! ~Christy

  124. Hi!! Love you’re blog!! I saw your birth story and was totally inspired by you!! I do have a question… I saw your “Laney Love” Book and wanted to know what program or website you used to create that? I want to make one of those for a family member.
    Thank you so much for being a great example of a good mom and woman. :)

  125. You know what? I am 25 with very little money, trying hard to scrape by and make a career and be a good daughte/girlfriend/cousin/sister/person/citizen and frankly, i get so dead tired of waiting and wondering and worrying about the future. And then I read one of your post and I feel….soothed. Soothed, because the world is bounteous and colorful and full of kitten pjs, bookstores and cupcakes. Hard work, yes, but it’s worth it. You make me so excited to become a mother someday. You make me think….okay, I will have all this one day, when the time is right. And i simply cannot wait!! thank you!

  126. Balancing everything is so difficult at times! I love that you do dates with Lainey. We have three precious little ones now – and the time goes by so quickly! I love taking a moment to read your blog, it really helps me to adjust my lense. I am usually very positive and optimistic person but love a little sprinkle of fairy dust on my days to remind me how lucky I am in the moments I forget.
    Also, what kind of camera do you use? We need a new one and yours takes amazing photos!

  127. I don’t even have kids, but your blog makes me happy. Just thought I should tell you : )

  128. Courtney Erickson says:

    I have made your blog part of my meditation in the morning. The beautiful photographs and music put me in the “right” place every time. Thank you for this gift.

  129. Kelle,
    Been reading your blog for about a month now, and I love how you love your family. You totally get it. I’m the proud mama to five beautiful girls and a baby boy. You always inspire me, because God doesn’t give you what you want, but He always gives you what you need, and you live that out so openly and so well. I loved the Mommy date! I take all of our girls on regular, individual Mommy dates, and we all love it!!! It’s soooo fun to hang out with them, and hear what’s on their hearts. Being a Mama is such a privilege, and I thank God every day that I am so blessed.
    So are you, and thank you for sharing Lainey and Nella and the boys with us, they are just amazing!!

  130. i have to say both you and your dad’s words bring me to my happy place, each and every day! thank you, thank you, thank you. oh, and did i mention the music selection? pure harmony!

  131. I just want you to know what an inspiration you are to me. I stumbled upon your blog just when I needed it most. I have alot going on with 3 kids and alot of other family turmoil right now, but you put it in perspective for me. My youngest is struggling with a speech/learning disability and it has been hard on me after already having her fight leukemia at 10 weeks old and then seizures. I thought we were on a smooth road now but this is just one more bump. You have made me realize she was given to us for a reason and that she is perfect no matter what. I strive to be more like you. Thank you for your wonderful words and beautiful pictures. I think I am in love!!!

  132. Beautiful post! Love the picture of you kissing Lainey and Nella’s picture with Brett. Nella looks so much like her big sister in that photo. C:

    “If the essence of my being has caused a smile to have appeared upon your face or a touch of joy within your heart. Then in living -I have made my mark.”
    -Thomas L. Odem, Jr

  133. Sounds like you had a fabulous day! Your girls look so happy!

    Your pictures are soooo vibrant – they’re beautiful!! And I love all the cute clothes your two chickies wear!

    Hilarious that Lainey decided to stash some make-up and nail polish in her bag and have a make-over session in the car…sneaky girl.

  134. Oh those Nella smiles are delicious!! It looks like you and Lainey had a wonderful date day.

  135. I love reading your blog! I’ve just recently found it and it’s so inspiring. Your photos are BEAUTIFUL! Do you photoshop them or are most as is? Your birth story was so beautifuly written – it brought tears to my eyes. Keep up the great posts!

  136. Another gorgeous post. Thank you.

  137. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to hear how you and your husband met! You guys are adorable!!

  138. You continue to amaze me! Your attitude, your photography, your creativeness (I try so hard and it’s so natural for you)! I would really love to know your “secrets” for making such a beautiful Shutterfly book. I have been working and working and it just doesn’t compare. Where did you get all your cute prints, etc? Advice please!! Let us be as creative as you! XOXO

  139. Stop it with those adorable Nella smiles. Just stop it.

    I really love how you change up your music on your blog to fit the mood of your most recent post! Totally adds to the reading experience.

  140. Laniew is very cute I love your haisyles

  141. Laniew is very cute I love your haisyles

  142. When I was pregnant with #2, I was worried about loving the ‘stranger’ as much as I loved my #1. A wise woman told me love is like lighting a candle from another candle, instead of decreasing the amount of light the first one gives off it just increases the amount of light altogether because now there are two lights burning.

    My husband and I lit the one wedding candle from our two separate candles, and now we have two more candles burning from our one candle. I have always liked the analogy of love shared just makes more love to share.

    When my girls were little, I could never make things equal between them, and fairness is totally in the eye of the beholder. So I tried to make sure NEEDS were met and other attention was given as plentifully as possible. I think there is a certain measure of comfort for littles, (even if they can’t put it into words) knowing that their needs will be met. Even if mom has to delay giving attention for a moment because sibling is crying, knowing if you were the one crying you would be getting mom’s attention is a huge internal security blanket.

  143. Well, Kelle…I’ve been lurking long enough. My sister told me about your blog a while back, and I finally went to it a few nights ago. I’ve gotta say, I love you! I LOVE my two kiddos (3 1/2 and 19 months) SO MUCH, but I think it’s TOUGH being a mommy sometimes!!! But you INSPIRE me!!! Thank you for your amazing outlook on life in genereal! You seem to make everything more fun! :)

  144. This comment has been removed by the author.

  145. Reading your blog always reminds me about the universality of motherhood. Your experiences as mama to 2 are so similar to mine and so many others. You really are the “mom-next-door”.

    Your words are so eloquent and you are so open that it seems to elicit two main responses from people: Those who are asking you for advice and those who are giving you advice…I have to wonder if it drives you crazy!!! Probably not, you seem to be pretty zen! Anyways, nice post as always!

  146. Your post reminds me of my own struggles in being a mommy of 2. I love my 2 boys with everything in me and it breaks my heart that I can’t tear myself in two sometimes. I recently had a date with my precious first born last week – we went to Sesame Street Live. Just he and mommy. It was wonderful, and I cherished every moment – especially his awe at seeing Elmo and all the other characters on the stage. There’s only so long to witness the wonder that our children have – even about some of the things that we might consider mundane.

    Thank you once again for your wonderful words and for perfectly capturing what many of us are also feeling and struggling with in our daily roles as mothers, wives and women in general. You truly have a gift!

  147. Your babies are beautiful! What a special day you had!

  148. I think it’s wonderful you and lainey got a mommy-daughter day. I’m the first born in my family, and I think the reason I acted up alot was because (and i was around laineys age too, the age where you want attention and love and praise for everything you do) I was jealous of my new baby sister and all the attention she got. not to say I was forgotten, but it’s easy for people to get worked up over babies. It’s beautiful that you realize your daughter still needs & wants your attention as desperately as she did before Nella.

    You are goregous, Kelle. You’re so pretty, inside and out. You’re a one of a kind person, and your daughter is going to get that from you & brett, and that’s great. We need more people with an easy smile and heartwarming demeanor. Your daughter is going to be a funny, amazing little girl. The toe nail thing is so CUTE! I would have laughed so hard if I had a kid and she did that.

    Nella is so big. I say that in every comment but she is just growing like a weed. Her smile is just delicious! In some pictures she literally looks good enough to eat, that’s how sweet she is.

    I think at the end of the day, people forget what’s really important. Nella may have Down Syndrome but I think she’s going to be better off than a lot of “normal” child are going to be. You and brett were honestly meant to have Nella. She is not defective, she is not a mistake, she is a little gift from Heaven and I look at these pictures and actually envy what you’re going to have, and what you already do have. Don’t ever let anyone feel sorry for you or your family, and try not to get down about this road less traveled. You’ve got support, you’ve got family and you have Nella’s beautiful baby smile. Your daughters have two beautiful souls, just as their parents do, and no matter what they have, no matter what medical terminology is thrown about, that’s the most important thing.

    Loved this post. Glad you & lainey had fun. Hope you all have a great weekend.

  149. The twisted Lainy Love hair do reminded me of my Hanna’s twisted hairs dos. It’s been quite a while since she has let me twist her hair! Thanks for the memory!

    I start everyday with Beauty in the World and play it for my 5th grade students! Thanks for Beauty in the World!!!

  150. Anonymous says:

    This is one of the best site/blog I’ve ever seen. Your pictures.. the things you say.. the way you write.. You’re amazing ! I have to admit that some of your post has made me cry -the way you describe your feelings is so beautiful, especially “The Birth:Nella” You seems to be a GOOD mother, and Lainey and Nella is so lucky to have you !

    Sorry if I’ve wrote something wrong.. but I just had to comment your blog! I will keep reading it!

    Hugs from Norway!

  151. Jessica DeLo says:

    I’ve been following you for awhile now and right after my own super sweet girls, your blog makes my day. I love/admire the honest beauty in all of your posts and try to take in and apply your insights.

    Sometimes after a particularly challenging day I feel better after reading your thoughts. I laughed particularly hard at you lugging home the shopping cart, stroller, and two kids. We, as moms, are often much more stronger mentally and physically, then we first think! :)

    Thanks for sharing your world with me.

  152. yeah, your blog is pretty life changing!
    i’m glad so many are reading, we are all better from it! thank you!

    ps- IN LOVE with your patchwork chairs … where did you get them? or did you make them?

  153. What a wonderful day you had- love to hear about your adventures in mommyhood Kelle! Both girls look adorable in the pictures!!!!!

  154. How did I never notice Nella’s PERFECT belly button??? Now that is truly yummy!

    Thanks for sharing your words…they truly make my day – every day!

  155. why am i such a cry baby. these pictures are STUNNING! i never knew joe’s produce could be so beautiful, but you made it that. you are amazing.

    LOVE, LOVE the self portrait of you and lainey love-her-to-pieces. and nella bean…i need to hold her soon! 6 more days.

    i am going back to look again because i can’t stand how amazing these are!

    b keeps asking where lainey is and why she’s not at her house here…in mi! think he remembers the rt.

    and peyton finally wants to have kids and she’s decided to name one of her twins, nella and the other beckham. bless her little heart.

    love ya

  156. Libby Mathis says:

    I love the way you describe going to bed at night. I sleep with my little ones too and love it!
    The story about Lainey and the nail polish made me laugh. The other day I walked in on my 4yr old painting my 2yr old’s toenails while she sat on the potty chair. So cute!

  157. Simply perfect day.

  158. Nella is growing so much! It’s such a delight to see her growing and changing from one week to the next! I continue to LOVE the blog and look forward to new posts! So glad to see that Poppa is posting, too! He’s just such a jewel. I do have a question, though. Being a mommy to 3 young sons and only a very hobby photographer gal, how in the world are there so many photos of YOU in the picture? I’ve taken thousands of photos over the years and the one thing that makes me sad is that I’m in almost none of them – because I’m always the one taking them. What is your secret? Timer – remote? They all look so perfect…..spontaneous. Magnificent! Wish I could do that!

  159. I have to tell you that I simply adore you and your little family! I had my first little girl just 2 days after you gave birth to miss Nella! I love reading about your family…it is like a good book that I just can’t put down! You are definitely an inspiration as a mother and I only hope to convey the love I have for my little girl the way you do for yours!

  160. I love the living room chairs! 😀 So colorful and fun, did you make them yourself? Thanks for all the creative inspiration you give me. :)

  161. Anonymous says:

    The picture with Nella’s hand up at her face? I actually gasped and then sighed! Too cute. Seriously. That is one cute baby girl.
    I laughed when you talked about Karate Kid. I used to call my now 7 month old son, my Little Kung Fu Baby… he had one mean karate chop. It makes me laugh still to think about it.

  162. A few words that come to mind on what I see when I look into your world.


    I could go on and on but I wanted to share the first words that came to me.

    Here’s two more: Thank you.

  163. Isn’t it wonderful when they reach even the smallest of milestones? I’m mom to Simone who is 10 yrs old with DS. She was my 1st of 4, and the diagnosis was unexpected. 1st smiles are great. Wait until she says “I love you.” for the 1st time. Enjoy your beautiful family.

  164. Anonymous says:

    I just can’t get enough of those little bunny smiles. She is so incredibly gorgeous…I could just squeeze her…thanks for sharing her sunshine with all of us…

    From Canada

  165. I am due with my second boy in September and I have been concerned about how it will change my relationship with my son. Your post made me feel so much better.

    And oh goodness, that last bunny picture. I giggled out loud at my desk at work.

  166. I just have to say: I LOVE your pictures! I just bought my first camera, and looking for inspiration everywhere, and here I found lots :) Can I ask you what camera and objektiv you use?

  167. The pictures of Lainey and the nail polish made me laugh out loud! My boyfriend is in the other room probably wondering what is so funny. Oh my that is too cute! She puts on makeup quite well for her age too. Makeup Artist in the making? :)

  168. Oh yes !! I have a 3 year old and a 6 month old and it’s hard most days to balance my time with each girl . I would love to be able to have one on one with my 3 year old more but it just doesn’t work out that way and she gets jealous really easy some weeks.

  169. Those last two pics of your two beautiful girls are so wonderful! Heartwarming and joyous.


  170. Yes.. it does get rough trying to balance two kids, but they know even if you can’t give all of yourself, they still know your love. Looks like Nella is progressing well, we would put our angel on a excercise ball on her tummy and when you roll it and back and forth, they will automatically raise their back and head(WORKS GREAT!!)
    LOve the love that you and your family have, many don’t have that, cherish it. Nella is in FABULOUS hands!! and.. she is fabulous!!

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