I didn’t always love where I live. Crazy, I know. Sandy beaches, blue skies, palm trees…totally blows, eh?
I used to crave for something different. The mountains of Colorado. The culture of Boston. The crazy fun of Chicago. The cool hippy vibe of places like Austin or Ashville.
I am learning though, as I grow, to look for the beauty of where I am. It might not be what I expected, but it’s where I landed, and I can rock it out. (Theme of the year, anyone?)

My dad always says to be a thermostat and not a thermometer. Thermometers only measure the temperatures around them. Thermostats change them.

So, while I used to think this town could be a little hoity-toity, a little frowning on public breastfeeding, a little I-can’t-believe-you-sit-in-lawnchairs-in-your-driveway-and-watch-your-kid-run-barefoot-for-two-hours, I own it now. I love where I live for its beauty, its sunshine, its four-minute-drive-to-the-beach. And the stuff I don’t so much like? I’ll change.

We live in a beautiful city. It’s small enough to bump into neighbors in the produce aisle at the grocery store and yet big enough to offer cheap t-shirts with Naples slapped across palm tree decals. Our skies are blue, our air is kissed with sea salt, and our highway medians are peppered with palm trees. This past year, I’ve met so many wonderful people in this town–people who dig public breastfeeding. People who join us in the driveway while we, together, watch our barefoot kids trace bodies with sidewalk chalk and stain the cement with melted chocolate from the ice cream sandwiches they’ve failed to finish.

I’ve completely fallen in love with where I live this year. And I own it.

Yesterday, we spent the day at the beach with friends.



And as I sat and watched kids dodge white-capped waves and Lainey change into the fourth bathing suit of the day, I thought once again how the grass may be greener on the other side but our skies are still bluer.


My friend Julie whose twins, Cash & Rocco, are only a week older than Nella.

The babies enjoyed intertwining their feet in a make-shift rattan chair playpen.




…and while I did my share of lovin’ my beach babies and catching up on some reading…



…I forgot to apply sunblock to my shins. And now they are burnt. And I learned my lesson.







And because I love, love, love my new retro suit and I found a cool boutique in Oregon that specializes in retro swimwear just like it (can’t wait to get this one) along with Portland swimwear, I’ll share a little discount. Pamela, who designs the Popina line herself, has offered to give a 15% discount to all readers. Type in the coupon code “kelle” at check-out.

Watch out, Esther Williams.

Sunny days to come. I love where I am right now.

(and thanks to the comment suggesting the Sim Redmund Band!)


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  1. HA….so funny…I just posted to my blog yesterday and it was the same thing…bloom where you are planted dahling! love the bathing suit!

  2. You swimsuit is adorable. It’s making me anxious for my trip to Virginia Beach in a month!

  3. Ooooh, that sunshine looks so fabulous! And I love your bathing suit :-) Definitely something along the lines of what I’d wear!

  4. I’m so jealous! Flordia looks hot! Arkansas is still cold! Beautiful pics as always :) Send us some sunny days!

  5. I particularly love today’s set of photographs and you look so glamourous!!!

    What is the name of your nail polish on your toes?? – LOVE it!

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s so great you have made Naples your own. I just moved away from Naples and back to Texas because of all the things you said. Looks like you have a fabo support network though and I think that makes all the difference in the world. I don’t miss much but I DO miss the scenery! Beautiful!

  7. Quite jealous that you and your friend look so amazing in your swim suits. Gives me motivation!

  8. I am in Chicago and boy would I kill for a day at the beach right now. I guess you always want what you cant’ have. The music helps!

  9. thanks for checking out my photo’s…I am forever grateful to you and heidi for making me realize the best pictures are not the perfectly centered, everyone lined up in a row…your way is much more fun!!! oh and the camera…I would sleep with it if I could! You inspire and that is the most important thing in life.

    “Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”…Ralph Waldo Emerson.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Love the pic of Lainey leaning on her daddy’s knee – so cute! Enjoying where you are makes all the difference. I realised the other day that right now, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my whole life. The busiest (with 4 kids under 7 that kinda goes without saying!), but also the happiest. And I’m so glad I’ve realised that now, while I’m still in the middle of it!
    And that is partly due to this blog – you help me to remember to stop and breathe and enjoy the madness, rather than just rushing to do the next job. And by the way, our clean washing pile is such a permanent fixture that it has a name – Mt Washington!
    Donna from New Zealand

  11. wohooo for sunny beach days. man do i need a tan and i have no excuse! love your new bathing suit…lookin hot mamma! i’m headed to hood river oregon this summer…which is right next to portland. maybe i’ll have to do some serious shopping, huh? hehehhe. love lainey and her daddy on the beach. lets make some beach playdates for the summer. xoxo

  12. I don’t know what it is, but your tiny little baby just makes me really, really happy. I come to your site just wanting to see her cute little face and I always leave feeling – well, just better. Like all is right in the world.

    How lucky you all are to have each other….

    All the best…

  13. As soon as I saw your swimsuit I was going to ask where you got it!!! LOL! Then I read another few lines and VOILA :) Living in the chilly north, we’re JUST getting some milder weather, so I’m VERY jealous of your sunshine and beach weather 😉

  14. I agree with you! The grass is definitely greener – I’ve lived in Colorado, Boston, and even Australia, but I somehow always crave something different! I’m learning, just like you, to find the beauty right where I’m at.

  15. Caroline says:

    Great pictures as always!! I couldn’t live in a different place than Florida! Even tough I’m not from here originally, I feel this this is my home!
    Looking forward to some pictures from the beautiful Naples sunsets at 8:00 o’clock!

  16. Ohh I always forget one spot when applying sunscreen and being a pasty white girl who burns with anything less than spf40 I feel your pain. Literally.

    I love your bathing suit! If I wore bathing suits I would want one just like it!

  17. love retro suits too! in San Diego we too have that horrible hover craft called the sun. we complain about having no seasons, blah, blah, but in the end we get to own a lot of suits! looking forward to my new popina suit! u r more than a busy mom, writer, philosopher! u r a source for sexxxy suits too!

  18. Oddly Esther Williams was immediately who I thought of when I saw your fantastic retro swimsuit. Girl, you exude glamour!!! Love the pics of Nella with the twins…and holy cow, how in the world did you guys get yourselves into swimsuits so soon after giving birth. After my twins, my stomach sags down like a wrinkled shar-pei snarling on my tummy. As always, your life looks so beautiful and you are so right, you need to rock where you are and Kelle, I think you could rock WHEREVER you were…

  19. I love the swimsuit. It reminds me of my mom’s photos from the 50’s! Great photos, as always


  20. I saw a bathing suit like that at Target I thought I had to have( a few months back) and realized, no shipping to Canada….sadness :(

    and we own the same sunhat :) That made my day 😀

    p.s Love your dad’s quote, that guy is genius!!

  21. I LOVE reading, your blog. I was driving home from the grocery store today, just thinking the same thing to myself. I LOVE where I live too. I knew I liked it, but never realized I LOVED it until today. I hope you and yours have a FAB week.

  22. “I-can’t-believe-you-sit-in-lawnchairs-in-your-driveway-and-watch-your-kid-run-barefoot-for-two-hours”

    I moved to New Zealand from the U.S. and love the beach life–you describe it perfectly! There is nothing like it. And yes, children run barefoot everywhere here and it’s not frowned on–it’s encouraged.

    New Zealand is where I live and I own it. Thanks for the reminder about loving where we live. Life is more beautiful with this mindset.

  23. AHHH it’s my birthday and it’s a gloomy rainy day and I was hoping you would make a post!!! Thanks for brightening my day!!!!

  24. I was just thinking what a dreary day it is here in NW ohio with rain, rain, rain! Thanks for putting a smile on my face with your beautiful pictures and words of wisdom….again. Yes- your sky is definitely bluer and your skin is defintitely tanner!!!- but my grass is greener thanks to all the rain! Maybe I’ll go let my little girl dance in the rain for a while!!!!

  25. I live in those Colorado mountains you speak of and I am SUPER jealous of your beach weather!! We are far from summer days still…my school teacher hubby just had a snow day on friday!! Love your blog, it always leaves me with a smile on my face, especially seeing how real and unperfect other mom’s are, as I struggle with the perfect mom syndrome…you also inspired me to start writing to my kids about how we spend our days and make memories…if only I could say it as wonderfully and descriptive as you can!! Thanks for writing!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Okay, so what’s your secret to looking so fabulous so quickly after having Nella?! I workout and eat pretty well but I’m struggling to lose my last five pounds after having my third kiddo. So whatcha been doin’? Yoga, Pilates, marathons…selling your soul to the devil?!

  27. Kelle you look like a screen siren in that swimsuit – love it! That last photo of your husband and daughter holding hands looking out to sea – I have the exact same of my two, in Naples, taken about 5 years ago. Spooky. Your posts always bring back great memories of that holiday. Love Naples and continue to love your blog. Louise x

  28. Kelle, your couch my be piled in reminders of what you need to do but girl, you always look glamorous! Good on ya! The pics of the beach are great. You always give a push to step back and soak in the rays of whatever sunshine we have (in Canada, maybe not as much lol).
    Great suit!

  29. I LOVE your swim suit…my mom had a yellow one just like it..way back!
    Love the girls and I loved your day…and here I thought we had the bluest skies…the earth is so filled with beautiful places. We live in a land of red rock country and love it so much. I would love a day at your beach though! Keep on being happy sweet sis…you are awesome! Come say hi 😀

  30. I needed this post today, all the way in MI. Love the suit!

  31. What a fantastic post! As I look out onto our rainy Spring Pennsylvania day that is just a little too nippy, as the boys clamor over each other and wrestle on every imaginable surface, as I say for the one thousandth time ‘don’t spill your drinks in the living room.’ I know in my heart that I am thankful for this day : ) Just as it is. I must enjoy these many small magical moments.

    I love your suit. You look so pretty.

  32. Ah, I wished I loved where I live. I grew up 5 minutes from where I live now. On the Gulf Coast outside of Houston. Your beaches are much prettier than our Galveston. Weird we share the same gulf but the view is quite blah here! :oP

    Love Austin! I was concieved there. :o) Love telling people that! LOL I’d rather be living in the Texas Hill Country right now. Guess I am a thermometer and have been for a while. It’s hoity toity here and I am just ready to leave it all and start new.

    You are a rockstar in your new bathing suit! :o)

  33. Your photographs are just beautiful! Our youngest who has Down syndrome was also a micro-preemie (2lbs 7oz). We were living in Dallas at the time, but the medical bills (even with good insurance) broke the bank. We ended up moving to Roanoke, VA and livid with my parents until we could get back on our feet. It’s one of the best things that has ever happened to us – LOL! We’re 5 minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway and we just love it here. You are a woman after my own heart. Own Naples, and enjoy!

  34. LOVE your swimsuit! And those beaches and that sunshine make me ache for warmth like that! You’d hate where I live – no culture! lol.

  35. So loving…
    *your retro swimsuit
    *Nella tangled up with her buddies
    *that you are reading “the middle place” (just finished her latest, “lift” – a short, but oh-so-rich little read)
    *the sim redmund band!

    We were lucky enough to have a sunshine day too… but instead of the beach my guys got busy with buckets of water & paintbrushes to “paint” their playhouse.

    Am learning to love where I am too. Thanks!

  36. Ahhh, yes Kelle, relish being Neopolitan! While it is still a place I visit often, the skies seem bluer, the air fresher, the sun sweeter there…and the last time I was there the birds provided a symphony unrivaled! Every place we are has its own limitless beauty that we see only when we aren’t wishing for another place. I always say: the house we find dull and confining–someone else would make a palace! The job we think is boring and unfulfilling–another will rock into a thrilling career! The city we call home that we think is cultureless and uninspiring–somebody else searches to find its jewels and creates wonder on the way! So, get to the beach, sit in that lawnchair on the sidwalk-chalked driveway, push the bungie-corded stroller down the sidewalk and do it all with your own sense of style and abandon! Just clear a little place for me on the couch when I come to visit…I don’t need a clean bra to fall on my shoulder! Rock it, sister. All of this is why God picked the Hamptons for His angel, Nella.

  37. We spent the weekend in the “dreaded” sunshine too! Water park, beach…tough times, isn’t it? This is a hard place to bring up children (not our first choice, but it’s where we have planted our roots). It might be beautiful – a vacation destination, but it’s hard to pipe into any sense of community, a sense of belonging…it’s way too transient, surface-like around here.

    Great photos of the beach babies!

  38. You look like a model from the 50’s in your suit and those shades. Rock it girl!

  39. I’m just south of Portland by 30 minutes and they have tons of great stuff like that. I love where I live and I am glad you are getting a whole new experience now with where you live. And those little babies are SO cute!

  40. shins match your toe nail polish – ha ha..
    yuppers kelle, you’re totally rockin that one piece! LoVE it!
    wish i could look outside to palm trees… but as we’re all learning – the grass is always greener right? but you know it, and you’re not wasting life – or the “little things”…
    i can’t believe how big nella is getting… time time is slipping awayyyyyyy..

  41. Kelle ~ Along with your ‘sunshine post’ (which as per usual left me feelin’ mmm mmm good!), I just got an “extra scoop” of blueskywords reading your Poppa’s post…….you both SO know how to dazzle a reader with those “26 letters”……today’s thank you extends to Poppa too! Oh and by the way….your Family Thermostats??–they are working ‘so fine’!!! :o)

    God Bless,

  42. I came to FL when I was 2 so I dont know any different, but I think we live on the greenest grass possible here in the tropical paradise! Love the pictures of Brett and LL holding hands. And those pictures of C&R with Nella are full circle for sure! Yumo!!

  43. This is Joyce. I think we all wish we lived somewhere different from time to time. It’s funny, when our sweet Sarah graduated from high school she asked for just one thing for graduation – to have her graduation dinner at the Turtle Club Restaurant and to stay at the Vanderbilt Beach hotel (we live in Cleveland Ohio). So that’s what we did – in June. I was so afraid it would be sweltering hot but it was beautiful. We hired an awesome photographer – Peggy Farren from Avant Garde who captured the best photos we have of Sarah. And now we have several hanging on our walls – our little bit of Naples in Cleveland. I continue to love your story Kelle.

  44. Kelle, I can’t tell you how much I love seeing a new post from you. It just makes my day. I feel like we are friends as I sit and read about your life and look at your beautiful pictures. There’s always something in there to inspire me as I try to be the best mom, friend, wife I can be. I just told my husband that we have to take a trip down to you so you can photograph our kids!

  45. omg, i’ve only been out of town for like four days and i feel like i haven’t seen you guys in months!

    i hear ya on not always lovin’ naples, but i do now!
    LOVE the new suit! it was meant to be.
    cash and rocco have stolen my heart…
    nella and lainey too!

    pics are so beautiful and vibrant and that beach club is stunning!

    miss you guys! xoxoxo

  46. Such beautiful pictures as always! I live about 3 hours from Portland in Central Oregon. I love it here. But, I didn’t when I first moved here. I thought it was too small and was used to living in a larger city. But, I love it now and it’s a beautiful place to raise my kids! Enjoy your beautiful sunny weather!

  47. It’s been rainy and wet for the past couple days now where i live, and while I can enjoy rain in its own right, when you’re trying to have a bonfire with friends, it’s not that welcome. We toughed it out there, and waited long enough to get smores done before heading inside. It’s nice to see you all enjoying the sunshine you’ve got, and having fun in the water.

    Yikes, your legs look painful! Apply some aloe ASAP. Haha. Nella is so big! Lainey looks so cute in her bathing suit. The picture of you & her, and lainey & her daddy are just precious. :)

    I enjoy reading your blog so much. Not for the extravagant things, or because you’re this popular superstar, but because you’re a great mom, a great wife, and a great human being. It’s so wonderful to see a woman who can have personality, share a smile, see the good things in life, but also understand the world around then and view it in a positive light even when it’s hard.

    You seem very down to earth and although I don’t know you at all, your blog gives us a piece of you that is beautiful and I think I can speak on behalf of all the readers, that we all would love to have you as a neighbor and a friend.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful week!

  48. Absolutely! It’s all about owning and loving who we are, our experiences, where we are in life and being grateful for all of it. C:

    Loving your beautiful pictures, Sim Redmond’s “Life is Water” and Brett Dennen’s “The One Who Loves You Most.”!

    Last time I went to the beach, I took a 30 minutes nap and woke up to a red apple face with white circles around my eyes (I was wearing sunglasses). I forgot to apply sunblock to my face. I know the pain of making such a mistake C:

    Love reading all kinds of books! The Middle Place is a great book about life, family, relationships, challenges. I feel that Kelly’s beautiful relationship with her dad is very similar to the amazing relationship you have with your Poppa…

    “The great opportunity is where you are. Do not despise your own place and hour. Every place is under the stars, every place is the center of the world.” -John Burroughs

  49. I think you would love Maine. Our beaches aren’t the same. They are always windy and freezing but its beautiful. Just the opposite of Florida. You could get a taste of the other grass. Our grass isn’t necessarily greener but we have a lot more snow. I live in a tourist town and people seem to love it here. Our quaint little town of 5,000 might be a nice change from busy Florida. We may be cold but we’ve got a lot of heart up here 😀 You could also visit busy Boston on your way. Seeing as its only an hour and a half away.

  50. I’m almost at the end of The Middle Place. Absolutely loving it. My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer last Christmas, so the book has been very moving for me. I have laughed out loud and sat with tears streaming down my face. I appreciate her honesty. A lot like I appreciate yours.

  51. your dad is a genius — love the quote!
    you look FANTASTIC in that smoking hot red bathing suit!
    and does your friend realize how NOT normal that is to being wearing a bikini so shortly after twins & looking so phenomenal in it?!?! jealous!
    glad you had a great weekend!!

  52. Oh what I would give to live down in Naples!! I guess you really do always want what you can’t have! You are SO beautiful Kelle! Inside and out!!!


  53. I knew I liked you…and you use Sharpie pens too? Coolest.Blogger.Ever.

  54. Love your sandals!! And the retro suit is super cute!

  55. Oh your poor shins!!! I bet your next list of “favorites” includes aloe lotion, haha 😉 But seriously, I hope they feel better soon! When we were in Naples for your wedding, Jon didn’t totally apply the sunscreen evenly and ended up with a few SUPER burnt areas on his shoulders and back and he couldn’t get enough of that aloe!
    Naples rocks! I wish I could be at the beach right now!!!

  56. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kelle,

    There are very few people who inspire me to start my own blog as much as you.

    I’ve tried starting up a blog three times now, and never followed through, but each time I read a new post from you I want to try again.

    You inspire me to write.


  57. Hi there Kelle. My name is Tanya- long time reader, first time commenter. Your blog has, dare I say, inspired me to make my own! I get a lot out of reading your posts (my couch has been covered in clothes for days at a time as well) and look forward to checking on it everyday- sometimes multiple times a day. I just want to thank you for being honest in your posts- mommyhood isn’t always clean and organized and calm! Your girls are adorable and I love the name Nella- where did you think of it?!

  58. I envy your place, your closeness to the great BIG Ocean…I want to live there too! *sighs* …And the girl’s look right at home there, and you look great in a Bathing suit, so ENJOY it Kelle …but DO NOT ever forget the sun screen again …ok ~!~

    Deborah, the Canadian Nurse …

  59. Anonymous says:

    Home is where the heart is.

  60. totally get you on this one. I used to hate where I lived, now I remember that home is where your heart is. Love my little hippy town.

  61. I’d trade places with you in a heartbeat. Does CT interest you at all? LOL! You can rock that suit! Love it!

  62. I’d trade places with you in a heartbeat. Does CT interest you at all? LOL! You can rock that suit! Love it!

  63. I truly hope you’re enjoying that book! I’ve read it twice and loved it even more the second time!

    Such beautiful sunny photos. Looks great, except for those shins. Ow!

  64. i loved lainey’s swimsuit. so cute

  65. i loved lainey’s swimsuit. so cute

  66. i loved lainey’s swimsuit. so cute

  67. i loved lainey’s swimsuit. so cute

  68. i loved lainey’s swimsuit. so cute

  69. The beach is wonderful, but all of those baby toes at one time… still my heart!!!!! :)

  70. Love your blog. Love the music. Love Naples. LOVE Kelly Corrigan’s book.

    I needed this reminder tonight. So thank you.

  71. Love, love, LOVE the baby legs. So sweet.

  72. Emily Hunter - Nova Scotia, Canada says:

    Be thankful for the sunshine :) I live in nova scotia, canada where it definatly is not always sunshiney. I am a nanny to 3 year old twin boys. your blog inspires me too take pictures of them everyday. however, due to living in canada snotty, yucky noses always get in the way haha. thanks so much for your blog. I am a photographer myself and you are a fellow photographer that inspires me :) be blessed

  73. Emily Hunter - Nova Scotia, Canada says:

    Be thankful for the sunshine :) I live in nova scotia, canada where it definatly is not always sunshiney. I am a nanny to 3 year old twin boys. your blog inspires me too take pictures of them everyday. however, due to living in canada snotty, yucky noses always get in the way haha. thanks so much for your blog. I am a photographer myself and you are a fellow photographer that inspires me :) be blessed

  74. Kelle, I’ve been reading your blog for the last week or so, and I have to say, thank you. You are such a great positive influence in my life, even after such a short time. You’re made me remember that the important things in life really are the small things. Thank you so, so much!

  75. there are some days where even though i absolutely love my home … i would run down to your neck of the woods in a heartbeat. that ocean. those waves. they call.

  76. So glad you liked the song :)

  77. Nella is sooo so so so cute. tiny little baby. Love the photo of you and Nella on the beach.

  78. Nella is sooo so so so cute. tiny little baby. Love the photo of you and Nella on the beach.

  79. mommy of two girls too says:

    Love, Love your swimsuit! Red is definitely your color!! Soo glam!! The ocean just looks so pretty! You all are so lucky to live that close to the ocean! Such fun!

  80. I LOVE your potography, and your writing. You live in a Heavenly place!

  81. I LOVE your potography, and your writing. You live in a Heavenly place!

  82. Poppa is right, thermostat it is!!! It’s so true too. I live in upstate NY and while I’m not fond of the taxes I pay lol, I love the 4 seasons, I love how close we are to some awesome places (boston, NYC, Vermont, and etc) and try to make the most of everything. Bloom where your planted, is what I think of!
    I love your swimsuit!! What fun it looks like you all had! :) Thanks again for sharing!

  83. these are beautiful! my absolute favorite is the one of all the cute baby feet (yummy) — gave me tingles…so sweet! :-)

  84. I see in your pile of books the one called “The Middle Place” by Kelly Corrigan. Watch her on youtube, if you haven’t already. It’s absolutely one of the most moving things I’ve ever watched & I’ve seen it a hundred times.

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. I’m from the Portland area in Oregon and let me say that the boutique is fabulous. :) You should come visit here during the summer. It’s a different coast but worth every moment.

  87. Love The Middle Place. Have you seen her video on Transcending? If not, email me and I’ll share it with you. I’ve posted it on my blogs several times and it brings me to tears each time. Such powerful words.

  88. ‘My dad always says to be a thermostat and not a thermometer. Thermometers only measure the temperature around them. Thermostats change them.’

    That’s 1 smart poppa! I just printed that out an taped it 2 my computer! We all can use a little reminder sometime!

    FYI: That new suit is incredible an u totally rock it out… MILF!

    Kiss that lil nella wafer 4 me =)

  89. Love you, love your blog… you truly help me get through the day some days.

    Love the swimsuit and actually went on the site to buy it (among a few other things) and could not find a coupon code area… am I losing my mind and just not seeing it? Would love to take advantage of the discount.
    Please let me know if/when you can.


  90. good reminder that I needed- even Utah is an okay place to live, because I can own it!
    Love the swimsuit. Can’t wait to order one!!

  91. You change that city, girl! Git it.

  92. i absolutely love your dad’s thermostat philosophy. i am living a zillion miles away from our home in phoenix right now and that sums up my total way of thinking. i would love to use that in my blog- giving your blog and your dad full credit. :) It just struck such a cord with me as i enjoy my new beach side town 1/2 way around the world. xxo

  93. Anonymous says:

    Writing Down the Bones is an awesome book. You would probably also dig Bird by Bird and Writing and Being (by Lynn Nelson).

    Your beach looks amzingbeautiful. I can’t wait to see a beach again!

    “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with” became my motto after moving to the desert. It’s hot, dry, and hard to grow things here…but what does grow is strong and purposeful. Plants are fierce. They don’t give up even in the most trying circumstances. It’s a place you can learn from. :)

    Have a lovely week!


  94. Hi Kelle,

    I’ve been following your blog ever since I found Nella’s story. I even went back all the way to the beginning to get the whole story.

    I’m not a big commenter but when I saw that you use my fave sharpie pens I thought it was time to say hello.

    All my best to you and your beautiful family.


  95. I can’t get enough of your blog Kelle! Love it Love it Love it!
    I really enjoy your writing and adore all the pics of the girls <3
    Hope your shins are feeling better… I’ve done the same thing, except kayaking on the river and knowing they were frying and being powerless to do anything about it, and then of course paying for it for the next week 😉
    My fave home remedies in case you need new ideas… aloe vera juice, not gel, poured into a spray bottle and stored in the fridge, and spritzed on as many times a day as ya like-such sweet relief! And almond oil applied several times a day til it’s past peeling will help the skin tan and not peel or peel less.
    Hugs and love all around,
    Chelsie in AZ

  96. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoy reading, your blog!
    and your kids are beautiful!

    Love from reidun

  97. Isn’t it wonderful to embrace the place where you live? At this moment Holland is at her best: the tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are flowering, very carefully the trees are showing some baby leaves, the café terraces are filled with happy people still wearing their coats and last but not least this coming Friday our Queen Beatrix Van Oranje will celebrate her birthday with the Dutch people. Small little Holland will turn Orange again. The Queens last name is “Orange”, so that is the reason you’ll see Dutch sport teams running around in Orange T-shirts. Anyway, this Friday the Dutch will have this united royal feeling again and celebrate Spring at the same time.
    I am proud, I am happy, I am content.
    Sometimes I ask myself why did we buy a home in Naples Florida? Why is it that we travel 7000 km. several times a year to this tropical place? Why Naples? Well, for all the reasons you described so well Kelle.
    The warmth, nature, white sandy beaches, the food, the people, the shells. There is something about southwest Florida you can not describe. When I saw your blog pictures today, I felt the need to count the days again before I see the swampy land of collier county again.
    My legs are in a splits, 1 leg in Holland and 1 leg in Naples. Best of both worlds!
    I am sure we share the feeling……

    Oh and Poppa: It is a golden rule in Holland that grand parents must spoil their grand children a little. The queen of Holland has 7 grand daughters: Amalia, Alexia Adriane, Eloise, Leonore, Zaria and Luana. The Queen thinks that as long as the princesses appreciate the extra presents they receive on special occasions and they empty their pig banks once in a while for charity reasons like Haiti, it is okay to spoil them every now and then.
    I loved the pictures of Lainey with the Lanie Holland doll!!!!!


  98. Gorgeous!
    And I would love to LIVE there!
    Love your blog and looking forward to every post!

  99. Oh Francien,
    You just remind me how much we miss seeing you and your beautiful family. I will wear orange. I will wear the wooden shoe slippers you gave us. I will sing Happy Birthday to Queen Beatrix from Michigan. After all, Holland has become quite homey for us all! Sending love across the waves! And yes, spoiling is my strategy!

  100. I love your Dad’s quote about being a thermostat.. I think we should all live by that!

    The photo of all 3 babies feet = Adorable :)

    I live in London, England and this post has made me crave sandy beaches, blue skies and palm trees.. I guess that I will have to make do with cloudy skies, big red buses and LOTS of tourists!

  101. Looks like a wonderful day! I want to be a thermostat!! T will try :) Thank you!

  102. I love your daddy’s sayings! I forgot to sunblock my shins a few weeks ago, painful lesson learned.

  103. I grew up in Asheville and didn’t think I could possibly ever move away from those beautiful mountains. We now live in Naples and I have fallen in love with it. I would go back to the mountains, don’t get me wrong, but I would miss Naples just as much. I have also met some of the most wonderful friends here to!

  104. Pretty sure the coupon code is visible at check out…double checking with her though!

  105. Um, If you two Mamas didn’t have the munchkins to prove it I would not believe you gave birth months ago. Hotties!!

  106. I am new to your blog and I have to say that you are adorable! I love your bathing suit:)

    You better LOVE where you live girlfriend. I just moved from sunny Florida to a suburb of Cincy and I am having a hard time with my new surroundings. I will try and take your fathers advice and do better.

  107. You are ROCKING that swimsuit, lady!! :) I needed to figure out what I do for a swimsuit this summer, and I think you just helped me. My babe is still in my belly for a few more weeks so hopefully I’ll be rocking my suit like you by July.

  108. Ouch! Sorry about the burn. No fun!
    Love, love, love that last picture of Lainey and her daddy. Love!

  109. Dear Kelle,

    I have been following this blog since shortly after Nella’s birth – a friend tipped me off! I have yet to comment – but have thought of doing so many times. Your blog always moves me – but this post did so in a completely new way – like being hit over the head with a jar of optimism! To top it off, you added Sim Redmond Band to your play list – the perfect sound for enjoying some sunshine! I must say, since this is my first comment – that Lainey and Nella are both magnificent. Nella is simply a bundle of perfection! I am new to the Journey of parenthood – with my 14 month old daughter teaching me something every day. I am getting my PhD in Epidemiology and studying health and behavior in children with Down syndrome. Your blog has become an inspiration to me – getting through a PhD can feel like a never ending battle – but your story reminds me of how my work will help families in the future – which makes each day worth it. Enjoy the sunshine – it is truly inspiring – as are you!

    Claire – Rochester, NY

  110. Wish I had had the nerve to look you up when I was there a few weeks ago! We enjoyed that same lovely beach and time with grandparents. My own swimsuit has to wait until next year because the preggo belly won’t fit! xoxo!

  111. Hi this is Pamela from Popina Swimwear — thanks for all the nice comments and thanks Kelle for sharing my swimwear line with your readers!

    I need to update my website to make it more coupon code friendly. For now look for the coupon code box just after placing an item in the cart.


  112. I LOVE the picture of you with Nella on the beach (with all the people in the background). The way your face is lit is just divine. I’m jealous of your beautiful weather and sandy beaches! :)

  113. oh blessed me, that swimsuit is AWESOME!

    and seriously, your friend just had twins and is in a bikini now? lol if you guys lived in MI that would so not be the case. lol. Naples is magical.

    laughing at your poor shins. how does one apply sun screen to thighs and feet, but forget shins? lol.


  114. I am wondering if Kelle thought, with a nursing mother’s ample shape, the shins would be in the shade…not so, my dear, not so.

  115. Thanks for reminding me to be a thermostat and not a thermometer. Really needed that today! Have a great day!

  116. Your swimsuit is soo awesome!! Thank you for the discount code! What’s your secret to looking so fabulous after having two gorgeous babies??

  117. I’m a FL girl too. Right outside of Orlando. And though we complain occasionally about the never-ending heat and lack of seasons or the over abundance of tourists we really love it here and couldn’t imagine a more wonderful place to live. The beach for us is 45min. away but we visit frequently. Loving our FL home!

  118. It is soo true….the grass is always greener. I live on the east coast of Florida in Melbourne. We are just 10 minutes from the beach, but I long for the beaches of the Gulf. I grew up going to the beaches in the Panhandle of Florida and to this day I think that they are the best! Beautiful pictures!! You should join the board of tourism.

  119. Anonymous says:

    beach blow hair is the best – your family is beautiful

  120. Kelle, My husband and I are fifty-somethings and will be relocating to Naples (not by choice but for complicated economic reasons) within the next few years. I am struggling with this, but then these words came to mind -“Nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be. It’s easy. All you need is love, all you need is love,
    All you need is love, love, love is all you need.” I have an abundance of love in my life and it is evident that you do too, so no matter where we land that is all we need.
    Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

  121. I meant to tell you how great I thought it was that you included a picture of you nursing in the last post, but didn’t get around to it, and then you reminded with mentioning breastfeeding in this one. Thank you!!! Us nursing mama’s need all the support we can get and that starts with showing the world how wonderful and normal it is. Nella is so lucky to be getting her mama’s milk and I’m sure that it will help her immensely down the road.

  122. Popina swimsuits are adorable! I live in Portland and work very close to that store…I’ll admit I’ve never purchased one from there but they are just absolutely adorable.

  123. I’m so jealous you’re reading Writing Down the Bones!

    Thanks for today’s beautiful words from you and Poppa. My lovely dose of sunshine.

  124. Love the new suit! And I really love that picture of you and Nella on the beach. You are a rock star!

    Sorry about the sunburn – I always seem to forget the top of my feet! But, I did enjoy Poppa’s comment about the shade from the girls :)

  125. Kara Brown says:

    Is it possible that Nella is getting even more beautiful?!!? I think so!!!

  126. Anonymous says:

    beautiful post, again! i would kill to live by the beach. you are so lucky!
    your bathing suit is sooo cute! and so is lainey’s… nella is getting bigger! your girls are such sweethearts!

  127. first things first. I spy vogue on your beach reading list. and im pretty sure thats the sarah jessica parker edition.

    but mostly I wanted to say i hear you on the not always wanting to be where you are. metaphorically and literally. like you, more recently I realized (and im relating this to my artistic pursuit) that wanting to be liiiiike someone is fab until you wish you were more like them than who you are and until you overboard compare yourself to them. oh and trust me–this is relating to your bloom where you are planted theme.

    Im just extremely supportive of going to the max, sure you take influences of others and you stop to shout out to the people you think are rocking it out but without forgetting to stay authentic and without apology. exhibit a- shopping cart carraige combo. and exhibit b- lawn chair chalk mural afternoons.

    theres this amazing truth about the gap that exists between wishing you were somewhere else or someone else and who you ARE. The smaller that gap is, the more content you are. Its so true. I try to love up my place in life and push it to the max.

    you obviously do.

    people eat this blog up bc of that.

    “carry on”- Tim Gunn

  128. Okay…you (and your friend that just had TWINS) look way too good for just having babies…sick.


  129. Anonymous says:

    You look amazing for just having had a baby!!
    Enjoy the sunshine for those of us who are still sitting in the Spring Showers!! :)


  130. be happy says:

    I know your feelings… sometimes we get into “ruts”, whether it is where we live our marriage, etc. But… I have learned to be happy, even when I don’t feel like it, I fake it.. LOL!!! I have written before, I have a 3 1/2 DS daughter who has brought us so much Joy!! It is very easy to look around and wonder why we didn’t get what others have and it is hard to not be envious, but.. I am learning although I don’t have what others have… they don’t have what I got!! God is so good!! Love your blog, it had brought me to tears reading Nella’s birth, because that was me. I think you are a true inspiration and you inspire me. Would love to talk to you one day! Keep living those days to the fullest, and loving your family like you do!! We don’t know day to day what will come or what will happen to each of us, so LIVE!!
    Have a great day!!!

  131. Now, I got myself logged in right, I just wrote the comment above( be happy)
    Love your shoes by the way!

  132. I live in Rhode Island, the ocean state… but I just can’t do a crowded beach! I think if I looked as hott as you do in that awesome bathing suit, I just might change my mind. :)

    Love the baby legs!

  133. Hello! I have been following your blog for awhile…it has inspired me to start one of my own!, anyhoo I noticed your reading The Middle Place…one of my absolute favs! Just wanted to say hello, and let you know your thoughts make me smile! Have a great day in sunny florida…I’ll keep wishing for sun in Massachusetts!

  134. Thanks for the swimsuit discount! Now can you please give me some advice on how to convince my husband I need yet another swimsuit? We too live at the beach and there is no greater joy than watching our little girl splash in the water and boss our puppy around :)

  135. Writing Down The Bones, one of my most favorite books ever!

  136. Kelle – I’ve been addicted to your blog from the time I found it a few weeks ago. Thank you so much for sharing your story so openly an honestly – and beautifully! I am pregnant and expecting my first child May 13th – and we have already found out that she has that magical extra 21st chromosome you talk about. From the time I heard the news I dove into research on what it meant – but what has helped me the most is hearing stories of others who have been thru it and are living and loving and enjoying life – and you have done just that and it means the world to me.

  137. I was making my daughters’ birthday invitations today and I was talking to my oldest who will be four about who she wanted to invite. She named the usual assortment of people and then she said “the other Lainey”. Her sister who will be 2 is named Lainey, so I asked her to whom she was referring. she said, while rolling her eyes, “MOOOOM, the Lainey with the yellow hair on the computer, the one with the new baby!” She reads your blog with me! SO your family is cordially invited to Kentucky Memorial day weekend for a backyard birthday party!!

  138. Beautiful pics! Bloom where you are planted indeed. I have that battle within myself on a daily basis–wishing I was in San Diego or New York instead of smack dab in South Central Texas. Lately, though, I too have been trying to embrace the “where I am” instead of dreaming of how it will be when I get to “where I want to be.” Hope that made sense! Remember…SUNBLOCK!! TeeHee!!

  139. Adorable post, but unrelated comment. check out this video: Lainey may love it, but more importantly the singer reminds me of you!

  140. Oh Adrienne, I have that magical 21 child too and she is 3 1/2
    I just read your comment and that you are having your first child- how awesome!! I am so happy to have found this blog to, I feel connected and it is comforting to have others out there that can share experiences with. All I know Adrienne, is that the Joy and love you will recieve is amazing!! I wish you lots of luck and I have to throw this out there that the abortion rate for Down’s is over 90% and I am sure it is people just don’t understand, but it saddens me, cause I look at my precious angel and I cannot imagine her not being here!! Hope everyone has a GREAT night!!!

  141. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to live where you do! It’s soo gorgeous. Your retro swimsuit is amazing I love it.

    Great photos as always, love your blog.

    Melissa h

  142. Ahhhh! You’re wearing your new swum suit! Cute!

  143. I am a 31 year old happily married mother of 2 young girls but can I tell you I have a HUGE crush on Poppa! Such a blessing to have such wonderful family!!

    Rock on Hamptons!

    There is something about a picture of a little girl and her Daddy that makes my heart sing. And oh that Nella’s baby blues!! Gorgeous

  144. Merrilyn Johnson says:

    I totally identify with the idea of learning to love where you are. We live just a few hours north of you in Zephyrhills, which is definitely NOT a mecca for young families. And Florida in particular was not anywhere I ever wanted to live after spending summers with my Grandma in Orlando as a kid. But guess what? We are so happy and content with our little life that we can’t imagine living anywhere else, at least not right now.

    Thanks for sharing your life with us–I so much appreciate the reminders to slow down and treasure each moment.

  145. I just have to say, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!! The pictures are so incredibly beautiful which is the main reason I visit. Thanks for sharing!

  146. lightkeepersdaughter says:

    Where does a little girl from Florida learn to put “eh” at the end of her sentences!? :) That is such a Canadianism – We’re forever the butt of comedians’ jokes for our “eh”! You must have a Canadian root or two!

    As always your blog, your pictures, your family and you are just perfect! You are indeed rockin’ that bathing suit!

    Enjoy – thanks for sharing with us – and keep up the good work, eh! :)……….Rosemary

  147. When I moved to the village we live in I hated it for the first year, I belived we had made the bigest mistake, I didn’t know anybody and stuggled to break into the Mummy crowd with my then 17 month old daughter but then something happened, I lost a baby, when Haydon died all of a soudden I could see the wonderful people I had around me, the support was amazing and helped me survive. We will soon have lived in this tiny village for four years and are now crammed into a house thats too small for our family (we had a little boy 11 months after Hayden died) but refuse to leave the village, so many friends, such community, a little village with allot of joy and I plan when the time comes in the distant future that I will be buried in the village church grave yard, I have found my home. I laugh to think of how I hated it and how I wanted to leave as soon as we could however hating it at first was a good thing as I now apricate how much I love this village and what it means to me and my family, hating it at first is what makes me love it so much now. All the best to you and your beautiful, perfect family, your girls are breath taking xxx

  148. Oooh, Nella has a fella. Or two!

    Gorgeous post…and blue skies to you from Los Angeles, where it was 53 degrees Fahrenheit in our house the other day, ha.

    – iColossus

  149. Hi Kelle, I saw where you are a photographer, I knew it! Your pics are amazing of your family!!
    I wanted to tell you that I bought my Priss one of those door way jumpers and as soon as she could hold her head up, she was in it! I wish I had a $ for everytime she jumped, I think it really helped her leg muscle development cause she walked at 18months. And…. I was always putting her on one of those exercise balls on her stomach and rocked the ball back and forth and it would make her lift her head and back, and that helped speed up her head and back muscle development, so she sat up on her own at 7 months. Just wanted to share what I did to help her. Hope that helps!

  150. One more thing, what kind of camera do you recommend? The quality of your pics are great!! You inspired me to do a blog myself, check it out!

  151. I absolutely LOVE your blog Kelle! I have been reading since Nella was born. I know this is going to sound completely corny – but your like one of those Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul books. Whether you try to be inspiring or not, you are!!

  152. before i read your comments about your new suit…i thought…i love her bathing suit! you look fab :)

  153. I’ve been reading for a while now..first time commenting. I live in Naples, mommy of two,love to write, try really hard to continually improve my photography skills..your blog is simply wonderful reading for me. It’s incredibly inspirational. My feelings about Naples are much like yours some days “hoity toity”..but it’s growing on me over time and I know I’d much rather be here than my hometown in Wisconsin.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful wonderful reads. For the beautiful pictures. For sharing your unbelievably gorgeous, normal, life with us. That’s why I love it so much. It can relate to so many people. The laundry, the party planning, the dirty faces and bare feet, the park moms (particulary LOVED that post), I could go on forever. You’re an amazing woman. Amazing mother. Amazing photographer. And that Nella..she is a real gem :)

  154. As always, I love peeking into your life. Nella and my baby, Kate, are only a couple weeks apart in age and I am assuming that Lainey and my son, Nathan, are a few weeks apart as well as his firefighter birthday party is fastly approaching! Since you loved the Macy Gray song…what about Michelle Featherstone’s ‘Sweet Sweet Baby’ and my new favorite is b.o.b’s ‘Nothin’ on you’!!! I sing the sweet parts (since I can’t rap!) to Kate and she is all smiles. Much love to you. I’ll trade your beach with mine anyday – the water in Maine never warms enough to enjoy!

  155. Thanks for the boutique, I think I just might order me one.

  156. I love your blog so much Kelle it is so tuoching

  157. Today as I was reading your blog, the pic of Brett and Lainey reminded me of a song for you. Paul Simon – Father and Daughter. Granted, he needs to make daughter plural for you guys but you catch my drift!

    Love the music choices of late. I often pop out your player and have them randomly playing in the background. My 6yo is often caught singing Macy Gray’s song the past couple of days to my little 4 month old!

    Soak up some of that Fl sun for me. So nice to see the Gulf water. Makes me homesick a bit, but I will be content with my new hills and springtime coolness in my new home of NC.

    Keep on rockin’!

  158. This comment has been removed by the author.

  159. We just adore you! My girls and I cuddle and read yoru blogs, and it makes my day!

  160. Love the sunbathing photos…might I suggest the song Hey Soul Sister by Train…my favorite line is “Your sweet moonbeam, the smell of you in every single dream I dream” The song is catchy, even my 9 month old starts bobbing along :)

  161. Love the beach pictures! Absolutely ADORE your bathing suit! What a cute family once again. :) I know you get questions all the time (the price of being ridiculously talented and creative. lol) but how did you size your blog header picture to fit so well? What dimensions did you use and was it from a regular size picture or did you have to do something different when you took the picture? Thanks! Trying to re-vamp my blog. :)

  162. Loving the pictures of your family, as always. Beautiful daughters, so beautiful. I love your scandals, where did you get them?
    Blessings Cheryl

  163. Hi – I just wanted to say that I hate blogs – well, blogs of people I don’t personally know. I always roll my eyes at my sisters when they tell me about people’s lives they know about because of their blog. But now I am a 100% hypocrite. I don’t know you. And I just clicked,”Follow this blog”. I love your writing, I love your pictures. I hate myself for making you a superstar in my head but you are. I have never ‘joined’ a blog and just wanted you to give yourself a pat on the back for me :)I am an aspiring photographer and you inspire me. I have a daughter the same age as your oldest and it is so great to see how you soak that little thing up – it reminds me to do the same with mine. :)

  164. Yes, Yes and Yes! Now, i have to fold the huge pile of laundry on my bed so I can sleep tonight.

  165. My first comment! I have tears in my eyes from your daughter’s story. Utterly beautiful and perfect. I am loving your point of view and honesty. I also have a pile of laundry. Thanks for your wonderful words. I look forward to reading more!

  166. Your blog inspires me so much most of the time I just sit on your site while I do other things on the web just to listen to the music you have on here. This reminds me I thought of your blog while I listened to this song.
    Lullaby by the Dixie chicks you should look it up I think you might like it.

  167. love your posts, love your pictures, love your kiddos.

  168. Kelle, long time reader and first time commenter. I am in the process of adopting a little jewel that has Ds and it was my adoption worker who suggested your site. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing the beauty of these blessed little ones. I am spending my time with my little one at the hospital these days due to some very serious heart issues. Today I am trying to see the beauty of where I am sitting. You would not think that you could see beauty in the NICU, but you can. I see life all around me, and little ones fighting for life. I see such deep love from parents for their children. I see the beauty in the face of the little one I so desperatly want to live. This is not what I wanted or expected but it is where I have landed. Treasure you Nella and Lainey and continue to share about the gifts that are so often overlooked and are right in front of us. I like many need to be reminded about those.

    P.S. Tell Poppa, I always search for his comments because they are filled with such wisdom.

  169. I look at my little angel and I read where others have their angels too and Kelle; you have yours with Nella. I cannot put into words how awesome I feel inside to not only read the posts and the love that we all share, but the fact that we/I am not alone. We are scattered throughout the world but we share a common bond, a treasured gift from God that others may not understand. I thank God for bringing me to this site and thank Kelle for being a strong and honest mom with a heart of gold and a GREAT sense of style.. :)
    True Love comes with no judgment and no stereotypes. My son was the first to show me, cause he loved our angel from the moment he saw her and his words (he was seven at the time) letting me know that he would love her even if she had no arms or legs.
    Let God be give all the glory!
    I just want to say thanks for being REAL Kelle!!

  170. Just laughing at all the people searching for Poppa on the comments! Makes me smile!

    I smell a Facebook fan page for Poppa!

  171. Lol I too look for poppas comments! What an awesome dad you have!!

  172. Anonymous says:

    First of all, I absolutely love your blog and look forward to each new entry you post! I couldn’t resist but comment on this one because it hits particularly close to home. I’m a late 20-something living in my home state (Kansas of all places) and my husband and I always kick ourselves for never moving out west, like we always thought we would. While we love our state, the grass is always greener, right?! Reading this entry reminded me about all the little things I love about where I live and why we’re still here on the plains– THANK YOU!

  173. I love your beach pictures. I wish I was there. I love the ocean but live in a land locked area. But I do love my mountains as well.

    Your suit is too cute.


  174. I couldn’t have needed this more after having just returned from my true home Colorado to my adopted place of residence for the last 15 years in Kansas City. Thank you for the fresh perspective. I love the idea of being a thermometer instead of a termostat. I am going to embrace that concept when I step outside my door. Thank you!

  175. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Kelle! Lovin’ all your recent blog posts and enjoying your music playlist! We mainly dance to Barney or Signing Time songs around here so it is has been fun to see the new moves to Macy Gray…my daughter giving a little butt shake and my son doing his horse gallop! Just love how children really do “dance like no one is watching”.

    Much love,
    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

  176. Rebecca Beaubien says:

    I just wanted to say I love reading your blog. You inspire me in my weak moments. I have two girls as well…the oldest six and the youngest just turned three. The youngest has Down syndrome. Your birth story hit close to my heart because it has so many similarities to my life. You had the same baby carrier, you bought the same book for your oldest, but most importantly, you felt and walked a similiar path when handed the diagnosis of Down syndrome. Your pictures and attitude are making the world a better place for those who have Down syndrome and their families. Continue to post those beautiful pictures and show how our lives are as “normal” as anyone elses. My youngest, Kristen, has truly taught me to enjoy all the small moments in life, and we are so blessed to have her. I can tell you feel that way about Nella too…

  177. I LOVE your blog :) A friend showed me a few weeks ago and I’ve been following ever since. You have inspired me to make my life beautiful.

    Anyway, I found a website with something for Lainey’s birthday party and had to tell you! It’s called and it’s my new love. They have a fairy cupcake decorating kit with adorable cupcake liners and little fairies to stick on top. :) Crazy, I don’t even really know you and yet I thought of you instantly…haha.

  178. You inspire me daily, but your post about laundry REALLY inspired me today to take the name of your blog to heart. I wrote a lil’ blog about it? Like to read it? Here it go!


    And Naples is beautiful! I have four Aunts who live there and I went to Wiggins beach last time. I was there for SIX hours. They don’t have beaches like that over here in Texas!

  180. i am so impressed at how you always look great! your hair always looks fabulous and you always have on lipstick. very impressive!

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