Have it all.

When I was young and stupid, I once got drunk and climbed on top of a 6 foot amp in Miami’s Crobar and danced, let’s say, rather expressively until I fell off and almost killed the guy underneath me. I should have been embarrassed, but it was one of those close races between completely mortifying and ridiculously funny and, given the way my arms flapped to save my fall and the way my legs landed all cock-eyed like one of those crime scene chalk drawings, it was an undeniable victory for Funny. Let’s face it. Being a few sheets to the wind in your 20’s wearing something fabulous and believing that, whether or not your mama gave it to ya, you’re shakin’ it…well, that’s fun. Irresponsible, possibly…but still fun. Then you get married and have kids and wearing something fabulous means nothing more than not wearing pajamas and shakin’ it refers only to the way you have to wiggle your butt to weasle it into a pair of pre-baby jeans.

You have girlfriend nights here and there where, sure, maybe you’ll grab a bite to eat, slam a beer or huddle around someone’s coffee table swapping birth stories or comparing milk supplies but, for the most part, gone are the days of collapsing on amps and chalk drawing landings. And rightly so.

But, then there’s this secret appetite for it that dwells within. You feel it once and awhile–when you’re in the car and this fantastic jam comes on. And you catch yourself tilting the rearview mirror down to reapply some lipgloss. And you want to dance, but you’re in a seatbelt so you just imagine yourself dancing. And in your mind, you’ve got moves that clear the crowds out to one big circle where they’re all standing there around you screaming your name, clapping to your fabulousness because you are, most certainly, the World’s Best Dancer (Oh God, please tell me I’m not the only one who’s had that dream.) You feel it when you’re watching a movie and you see a bunch of girlfriends laughing, dressed like goddesses, throwing their hands in the air and their hips to the rhythm of some hypnotic beat that trances you into sucking the marrow out of life.

And right when you’re about to jump off the couch and join them, you trip on a Playdoh can or feel your milk coming in and you remind yourself that you’re a mom. And moms stay home and love on their babies and know that life is really about family and home and reading Goodnight Moon. Moms don’t wear heels and moms don’t go to clubs and moms don’t shake their hips to hypnotic beats.

Or do they?

So, I confess. I felt the appetite. The sirens were calling and I wanted to feel it again…to see if I still “got it.” And as Saturday night approached and our arranged GNO loomed closer, I strangely was riddled with this guilty confusion. I wanted to wear sexy jeans and cram my toes into crippling heels but at the same time, I wanted to put my girls to bed and fall asleep to nothing more than the rhythm of their breath. I wanted to wear red lipstick and jam in the bathroom to Madonna while I pulled curlers out of my hair for our pre-night pep rally, but I also wanted to pretend like I was too good for this folly–that I was far too mature and in tune with what really matters than to fill high school cravings for dance clubs and daquiris.

And then I pulled the “special needs” card on myself (gasp!), like D.S. defines me differently, holding some kind of higher standard for motherhood. But I proceeded, smoking out my eyes with sultry shadows, straightening my hair, trying to feel the mood we created in the bathroom as we girls primped and prepped together to the Black Eyed Peas. Lainey asked “where are you going, mama?” and I felt it again…this conflicting guilt, like I shouldn’t be doing this. So, I included her, asking her to gloss my lips, seeking out her input for black heels or gold, hair up or hair down.


We snuck out the back door so she wouldn’t see us leave and four other girls slithered in the back seat as I drove, scanning through stations searching for the perfect song that would fix it–this conflict of Mom vs. Fun. I felt like a centaur–caught between two natures, my upper body nurturing and matronly, my lower, wild and fun.

Our first stop was dim and swanky, a luxurious bar that sat us in plush couches behind fancy drinks. I crossed my fabulous heels and fingered the stem of my drink glass and only snuck my phone out once to glance at my girls.


An hour later, we arrived at Fifth Avenue’s finest, right as it was transforming from dinner to gettin’-our-thang-on crowd with its flashy lights and its mohawked deejay ripping out grooves. And I started to feel it. My hips were moving, and I couldn’t stop them. I grooved slowly at first, questioning my moves, taming my game. But it was there. I still got it. Centaur is in the house tonight.


And it got me thinking, can we be wild and fun, crazy and cool and still be really good moms?


Can we feel sexy and free and slip into slinky tops and sky-high heels even though we’d rather be wearing yoga pants and baby slings?


Can we groove to the Wiggles by morning and Justin Timberlake by night?
Can we have it all?

The answer, my friends, is…hell yeah.

By the time we arrived to Blu Martini, I had embraced it. The fact that I am a great many things and while I may not have them perfectly balanced, I thrive in many worlds–in digging deep into the loves and passions of motherhood and family while still feeding the crazy parts of my soul that need to dress up and dance and drive around in a car full of girlfriends at two in the morning belting out Firehouse songs into our shoes (yup, it happened).

We can have it all.


Because having it all–from the challenges of raising a love with special needs and keeping a three-year-old (aagghh, I said THREE!) out of my make-up case to glossing my straight hair with some fancy pomade that promises to make it shimmer all night–is what makes life rich and intricate. And peeling back the many layers to the women we are inside–strong and fun and sexy and compassionate and loving and vulnerable and insecure and confident and hopeful–all of that? That is what makes us live big and beautifully.

I had so much fun last weekend.


And, by the last few songs, I wasn’t even thinking about where my arms were flailing or whose toes I was stepping on. I was thinking about how amazing it is to be a woman who loves. I was thinking about my family–my unique and beautiful family and all the richness they bring to my life. I was thinking, without even the aid of a photo on my phone, of my girls and the happiness they bring me. And that’s when I brought out my best moves. Thinking about all that amazingness, I let loose–threw my hands in the air and my hips to the rhythm of the hypnotic beat. And I danced and laughed and thanked all things holy that I am where I am. That I can have it all.




We’ve all got a little bit of centaur in us, conflicting opposites that somehow find a way to live peacefully with each other. It’s what makes us interesting.

I may be a really good mom, but I am also a really good have-funner.

By Sunday morning, the Centaur had taken over our home with perfect balance. Its hindquarters kicked wildly in the living room where sleepover mattresses and cold pizza strewn about resembled a frat party gone wrong while its head dwelled peacefully in the kitchen with coffee brewing, waffles sizzling and babies cuddling up with my friends.



Yes, we can have it all.


I am a mother, a wife, a writer, a blogger, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a dancer and I love life…every bit of it.


Now with that out of the way, can I just say I am looking forward to this very, very much. Picking out my outfit.

Life is fabulous. I am Centaur, hear me roar.


And, aforementioned Firehouse car ride below. But read the disclaimers first:

A: There are three girls in the black abyss in the back lest you think it’s just Heidi and I and we are lost and driving in a community, not a major road.
B: Someone f-bombs, so sorry for that.
C: Because I nurse, I am the designated driver so the craziness is concentrated fun with no additives. Promise. I don’t promote DUI. lol

D: If you’re not comfortable with thirty-year-olds acting like highschoolers, don’t watch. If you are…then sing with us, baby.

And the Oscar goes to my husband who woke up with the girls the next morning and dragged them with the coffeepot out to the garage so we all could sleep in. xoxo


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  1. You are SO right. We CAN be mommies and still have girl’s nights out, dancing and singing in the car until 2am! Love the video…looks (and sounds like)an amazing group of women!

  2. No Kermit! You do look a little like Jennifer Garner, though. Oh, I’m jealous—it looks like you all had so much fun!

  3. Kelle…….I am starting a little project for the summer and you need to be my poster girl ! :) Thank you for sharing about the joy and freedom you find in life.

    You are an inspiration. Thank you.


  4. Your pictures are amazing! I love the pacifier and make-up one. So creative.

    Beautiful as usual :)

  5. Love it! We should be able to have it all! :)

    It’s funny that you mention Sex and the City 2. My girlfriends and I have already planned a girls night out to see it! So what if two of us are weeks away from giving birth, one is nursing and the other has to small ones at home.. we’re going to have fun!

    Thank you for sharing your love of life in so many different aspects! :)

  6. Awesomeness! Love that you got out there and boogied girl! All mamas out there need to read this post!

    Thank you for reminding us that we can have it all if we WANT to have it all!

  7. woot woot! I love this post. :) Way to shake it girls!

  8. SUCH a fun video! I think I have a few very similar ones with my friends…although I’m not brave enough to share them with the world! :)

  9. Love it!! I consider Naples my second home and I have NEVER experienced nightlife like you ladies do it:) Will have to look into a GNO next time I am down there with a girlfriend or two:)

  10. Oh so familiar with that centaur! In fact, just scheduled a GNO next Friday to see Sex and City 2 with my girls! And I think me and my girls and you and your girls would really have fun together if we all ever met up! :)

    Glad you have such good friends and especially glad you took the time to get out and enjoy yourself!

    By the way, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your writing!!!

  11. This MIGHT be the best post I have ever read. It SO describes where I am right now.

    Somewhere between the twenties-something single and the thirties-something mom.

    Somehow I wonder how I got to this great place and sometimes I wonder how I got this different place.

    This post will be emailed to all of my friends (who rock some heels and also sing very loud when we are together) who will appreciate the…in between.

    because we CAN have it all.

    Thank you.


  12. You really had fun!

    where I live, Moms got together for breakfast almost every week while the kids are in school. Also go out at night from time to time. Our Kids are between 3 and 7 years old. Having a girls night is always good but I also have that feeling when I’m getting ready to go out.


  13. LOVE IT! I’m so jealous. After I had my boys, we moved back home and I no longer have “my girls”. Would love to go out…but alas, no girls to do it with.

    It looks like you had a FABULOUS time! And yep…you can have it ALL.

  14. Love it!! You have made me want to call my girlfriends and go out and party!! MNO is the best, especially when you get to get pretty!!

  15. This post so makes me long for my slightly younger days. Such fun to relive these wonderful, wild memories vicariously!!

    It wasn’t all that long ago that I was in veterinary school with long periods of working very hard mixed with brief periods of playing hard. There were post-exam parties, dress-up parties, bachelorette parties, post-marathon/triathlon/century ride parties, just-because parties…

    Glad you had a fun (and safe)GNO :)

  16. I loved the video, there are a lot of things in life to treasure and one of them is being able to let loose and have a good time with great friends and act like you’re back in high school again without a care in the world!

  17. How fun! Makes me miss my 20’s when I used to have nights like that too. Not anymore. :( Maybe again one day, though. And no you don’t look like Kermit! I actually think you resemble the main girl in Pearl Harbor. I can’t think of her name, though!

  18. Fun! Good.For.You.

    Looks like you and the ladies had a fabulous GNO! Jealous! GNO is just not as much fun when you’re almost 8 months pregnant and want to climb into your bed before you even begin applying lipstick for the big event HA!

    BTW…your dad is so awesome. He left me a message in response to a comment I had left on one of your posts…I was having a rough day/evening dealing with my undetermined babe’s DS diagnosis…and his words lifted me up. As I delved into your blog and read some back posts, I discovered he is a hospital chaplain. Really…could he have a more fitting job?!!!

    Lots of good, no great days, lately and looking forward to my little man’s arrival. Instead of focusing on what I don’t know, I’ve been painting/wallpaper bordering/shopping for my little men and their shared nursery/big boy room…vintage toy theme!

    Looking forward to a GNO this coming summer…even if I have to be the designated driver! HA!

  19. Kate Beckinsale is her name!!!! That’s who I think you look like!!!

  20. I always struggle with that feeling, almost everyday, for the last 7 years haha. I recently just got married and it just intensified. It’s so weird, but I guess that’s just life right?

    And can I just say… I am IN LOVE with your heels! I can never find gorgeous heels. I’m starting to think I’m looking in ALL the wrong places!

  21. looks like so much fun! recently had that feeling when I was getting ready to go to a Bon Jovi concert w/girlfriends from all phases of my life. 2 of us were getting ready together and we were so giddy! my mom told my son we were acting like we were in high school, and we were and it was fun–for the moment!

  22. Oh gosh. It looks like yall are having a total blast. Cute.

    Marla @ http://www.asthefarmturns.wordpress.com

  23. Those shoes are fabulous! How can anyone not smile after reading that post/watching that video? :)

    I hope to be just as exceptional a have-funner as you as I grow up!

  24. Uhhh, and where are the kudos to Poppa who thought you and your posse would never leave the house so I could nestle in with my Nellabean? I got her to sleep and we snuggled together until you came home…happy! I love your girlfriends…I love to see you out being girls together…for I know those same ones joining you in silly song and wild dance were the same ones who held you in your brokenness and wept with you before we fully unwrapped what we thought was sadness before we found it’s sweet center. And there are so many recurring names and blogsites in these comments that are more of these beautiful sisters who grasp life’s goodness and, when thrown into a dark night, learn to dance in the moonlight! Crescendoes…that is what we make of all life’s little notes…we line them up and build a crescendo! I am filled with love for you all tonight and wish we could rent some great hall and bring our babies and biggers, out spouses and lovers, our broken and fixed…and standing awkwardly together at first, begin to hear the beat…and move with the energy and finally, break into all our best moves! Ahhhh…that’s the Club we need! Love ya!

  25. fun! fun! fun! In february I went to Vegas with a few girlfriends. away from my kids. for 2 whole nights. and we partied like we were 22 again. It was a a BLAST! and then I came home, and became mommy again- and it was comfy and good. I love that we can have it all.

    and I LOVE the pic of Nella in sunglasses. I truly laughed out loud when I scrolled down and saw her adorable face.

    and it looks like you ladies have a wonderful night. YAY for girls night out and a fabulous hubby to pick up the pieces the next morning :)

  26. Oh you still got it!!! Just the fact that you OWN a pair of killer shoes like that… Yeah you got it!!!

    Looks like a fab night

  27. This makes me realize how much I love that moment where you feel like you can, and do, have it all. And what a moment that is!!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    So great! I had to laugh out loud at the song you were singing – my 2 year old son’s favourite thing to say lately is “Mom I need you” many, many times throughout the day and usually when I’m nursing the baby. So to switch up the bedtime songs I thought I’d sing him “I Need You Now” and as I sang it brought back so many fun high school memories.
    Me thinks it’s time for me rock it out – 4 kids in 6 years – yup, it’s definitely time.
    Thanks for the fun post!


  29. I haven’t even finished this post before I had the intense urge to comment. I totally dance in my mind! Whether it’s good music on a commercial or in the car- I am so daydreaming about bustin’ out my moves.

  30. Hi Kelle – I’ve been your beautifully written blog since your post about the day Nella was born, which is about the same time that I had my twins, Juliana and Alex. I just wanted to let you know how much I love reading along and being a witness to the joy you and your littles are bringing to the world. And I loved this post – I was reading it as I was finishing nursing Juliana and once the music started she was ready to dance! So thank you for giving me an incredible moment of dancing with my darlin’ on my lap with my lil’ man smiling at us – it made my day!

  31. I think the same weekend I had a girls night out as well! I am 30 with two children (1 yr and 4yrs). And I agree we can have it all….
    Bottles and baby food, best girlfriends and high heels!
    Love it!

  32. Anonymous says:

    It looks like you had a blast, and I’m so glad! Man, I wish *I* could have been there! (;

    I definitely think life is about living a multitude of different ways – it’s what makes life so dang rich!

    Your post reminds me of a friend of my mom’s who is on a diet for the rest of her life – literally, get this, no sugar for the rest of her days. I just cannot imagine anything sadder than that. How is that living?

    Anyway, carry on Centaur – continue to strive to find that happy place of balance and joy. (:

    (Also, I so hope I’m not the only one that jumped up from my bed to BOOGIE it out to Madonna first thing when I came on to your page. D’oh!)

    – Kayla.

  33. See- I told you your life would still be normal! Looks like ya’ll had a blast! And yes, I have the dance dream too:)

  34. Girl, you really know how to make someone smile!! I miss those GNO with my girls – it’s been a long time. You look like you had a blast – good for you!

  35. You girls looked so fly (20 something lingo shout out), I’m pretty sure it was a “give those boys a fake name and dance until your feet go numb in your shoes that totally make the outfit” kinda night! You sirens rocked it out with Hot Mama style!

    “I need you now…La La La….more than words can say….”

    LOVE. IT.

  36. You have the best of both worlds, honestly. It’s great that you are aware that you can have that sexy fun diva in you, but also that loving caring mama. There’s nothing wrong with that! shake that groove thing, and nurse that baby. Nothing wrong with both.

    It looks like you all had so much fun. The video was so funny, because you guys just were so into the moment. I love seeing people like that. Acting like a high schooler is sometimes very fun (considering I am one lol).

    the picture of lainey putting gloss on you? LOVE! The picture of nella and you sporting the shades? precious, precious, precious.

    You have some really awesome friends, kelle. Awesome friends, amazing family, what a great combination. You’re truly blessed.

  37. And in your self description, you forgot also a fab photographer!

  38. Anonymous says:

    This post makes me so thankful for my own amazing group of girlfriends with whom I have a “girls weekend” every year – which always includes great food, fabulous drinks, dancing and lots of fun! I think having that outlet reminds me of the whole person that I am – being a mom and a wife is part of my idenity, but so is the “fun crazy” part.

  39. That picture of you and Nella in your shades is, hands down, THE CUTEST pic I have seen on here yet.

  40. Love this post Kelle – I too am a mama and a new one at that with a 4 month old and Saturday I had my girls night too :) It was just as you described :) FUN FUN FUN we can have it all

  41. Didn’t you know that 30 is the new 20?
    It’s necessary to cut loose once in a while. I’m still doing it in my 40s (which are the new 30s) and you probably will be too, Kelle.
    I think it’s OK occassionally. Just remember when your girls are old enough to do it, that you did it/do it too??? I hope you’ll be OK with that!!

  42. OMGOSH HOW FUN!!! If you have satellite radio 80s on 8 and 90s on 9 are the best for nights like that. The other night I was totally jammin out to Salt n Peppa “Push it”. My 4yr old and 9month old were even boppin around in their seats, lol. What was the next song ya’ll got so excited about? I couldn’t hear it good enough and it’s driving me crazy. Was it the Police?

  43. Anonymous says:

    I am SO GLAD to see you having so much fun! It’s good to yell and move and laugh in a different way than we do with our littles. It’s healthy….and so much fun…

  44. LOVE this post. and those pictures of makeup and binkies… jewelry and goodnight moon.

    Yes we CAN have it all!

  45. YES.
    You gotta shake it like a poloroid picture-
    shake it, shake it….
    I am with you, for the whole post-

  46. I don’t know why this made me want to cry. Perhaps its the happiness of knowing we have it all, mixed with the odd reality that my friends and I are growing up. We’re wives and mothers, it’s bizarre and amazing.

    Headed out this weekend for my best friends bachelorette. I’m pregnant so I’ll be the driver people think is drunk:) And she is taking a short vacay from her 2 littles. Life is so amazing.

  47. Thank you Kelle for this post. This was a busy week for our family. Visits to the Children’s Hospital and IEP evals. AAI and thyroid screenings and therapists testing my beautiful baby who has DS. But, on Friday, a few of my girlfriends and I are escaping after the kids’ bedtime and I CANNOT wait. Oh, yes. We can have it all and guilt be damned!

  48. So fun! You look fabulous! Kermit smile and everything!!!

  49. I love, love, love your blog. You inspire me. Because of that I nominated you for an the Versitile Blogger award. I would be honored if you would visit my blog and check it out. http://www.dellsdailydish.blogspot.com

  50. Wow, I couldnt agree more :)
    Glad you got out, you totally deserve it.

  51. Great post… Every Mom needs a girls night out once in a while. Having a newborn again, I totally relate to the guilty feeling of leaving but I think we need those few hours of feeling like a woman again to make our job as a “mom” even better. I love the video…my girlfriends and I are gulity of singing in the car with whatever we can find in the car for microphones…

  52. I’ve been following your blog since Nella’s birth… I admire everything else you do, but this post is maybe my favorite so far because you really do keep it real – and not just as a fantastic, deep-thinking and creative mom but as a real woman who actually knows how to have fun, baby! I love it. Thanks for giving me hope for where I can be in 5 years. ;p

  53. Thank Heavens for this post! I am a ballet dancer and a mother to a sweet little girl… This last week I was at a Gala for a performance I was in and a few of my dancers friends wanted to club it for a little bit after the gala…. I have never danced so free and with no inhibitions… so happy… I enjoyed it way more than my friends did… I have more to celebrate!

  54. The centaur still kicks its heels up in its 40’s. ;o) Even with a few special needs kids… just not as often as it would like in my case – LOL!

  55. I absolutely LOVE the way you write. I look forward to reading your posts. This one was so much fun!! Thanks so much for enlightening, entertaining and keeping it real. You’re such a talented writer and, as a photographer- you rock, girlfriend!

  56. You just put in to words everything I feel! Love, love, love it. Thank you!

  57. ahhhhh……i heart this blog- and this post even more! you’re amazing- and a wonderful example of all that a mommy can be. found your blog through libby’s blog {blessings and glory}. i should tell you that as a l&d nurse i have had 2 deliveries since “finding” your blog with parents embarking on the same journey as you with sweet nella and have sent them your way. what an amazing blessing you are for them- so thank you!

  58. Yes, moms CAN have it all – and you certainly took the bull by the horns and did it right!
    Looks like you have a great bunch of girlfriends!

  59. Fabulousness at its BEST!!! I had this discussion last weekend with a group of friends and we decided that acting like we were 19 again (responsibly) and completely engulfed with fun and booty shaking should be a requirement for motherhood along with coffee table conversation about milk supply :) LOVE IT! You girls are HOTTIES! :)

  60. What a great post! Thank you! I’m only a 20-something and not yet a wife or mother, but your post definitely gives me hope that some day I can have it all. But in the meantime, I’ll keep dancing!

  61. Ok…I am cracking up….your lip gloss comments from your girls night out blog and previous blogs made me think of this really really funny funny song called “Lip Gloss” by Lil’ Mama. It was a song being played by some street dancers I stopped to applaud on a Chicago street…It just might be your next girls night out bathroom mirror theme song.

    Caution….this song will make you giggle AND move your butt all at the same time. Better not chew gum to be on the safe side. You might throw your cool mom game off. HA HA! Tell Heidi I expect a choreographed performance to this little diddy in the very near future. giggle…giggle.

    I just have to say

    …cool Kelle…and cool friends. The combination is just a great life dessert. Keep indulging in these sweet girlfriend moments…these kind of calories count.


    Try Stainiac by The Balm. Color- Beauty Queen. One of my favorites.

    “Goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight noises everywhere.”

  62. How did your lip gloss look after sweet lil’ lainey applied it?
    …I asked that with a little bit of sarcasm and then I remembered she was your daughter and that it probably looked pretty darn good. I love love love the pic of you and Nella pimpin in your sunglasses! Too cute! Great post as always!

  63. This is so me…I’m so glad that there are other mommas out there who have that inner struggle between good and evil… LOL. I used to think that I missed out on the really crazy times…We had our first child when we were 21…we just had our 7th child in March…although I did have some crazy times when I was 18-20 😀 I think I still “got it”, but my body doesn’t look the same! Thanks for posting this, it is so “real”. Love it!

  64. hahahahah I LOVE THIS!!! i feel like a rockstar when i just READ about YOU feeling like a rockstar!

  65. Greta S. says:

    OMG love the pic of you holding Nella and she is in sunglasses! Sooooooooooooooooo cute :) Something about babies in sunglasses!

  66. Charlotte says:

    I love your blog, and it makes my heart happy to see you having fun! Good to see a mother going out and shaking her booty. When I have kids I hope I am half the mother you are!

  67. I have definitely had that dream!!! Hahaha!!! And you, my dear, do not look like you have to wiggle into any pre-pregnancy jeans! You look amazing and make me feel so guilty about the ten lbs I still have on my thighs from my 7 month old daughter!

    Glad you had so much fun, you deserve it all :)

  68. You keep rock’n it! Love your blog and photos, they inspire me.

  69. Ha, I’m not sure I had that much fun BEFORE I had kids! Glad you could get out.

  70. so fun.
    i too attempted a night out on saturday … and it ended so poorly … a drunk girl spitting on me while she talked and sitting in traffic for an hour and a half … pumping. while driving. because the traffic was jammed. at midnight.
    and i pretty much decided that i was done. no more nights out. thought maybe i’m JUST a mom now.

    but maybe not.
    i just have to reduce the sitting next to drunk girl and stay closer to home.
    thanks for the reminder that the mom part doesn’t have to be all.

  71. Cheers to you for embracing all sides of girl-woman-friend-mommy-wife-goddess that you find within yourself! I agree that it is such a pull to try to juggle all of the balls that are ever present in our lives, but sometimes it feels good to remember that we can throw them high and that there are people we love to help us keep them in the air.

    And you are NOT the only one to believe, with absolute certainty, that there is some universe in which all our dance moves are circle-worthy and rhythym personified.

  72. I could have wrote this! I know that guilty mixed with excited feeling I get before going out…glad to know that I’m not the only one who can shake it all out:)

  73. You are awesome!! I don’t have kids yet but am ALL for continuing GNOs and still shaking what you’ve got! Being a mommy doesn’t mean you have to shut off your other selves :) Thanks for being an amazing inspiration. PS where did you get your iphone cover, looooooves it!

  74. Penelope says:

    i love your shoes! i wish i had the calves to pull them off 😉

    my friends and i check your blog every day– it’s such a joy! please post a “how brett and i met and fell in love” blog post! please!

  75. Anonymous says:

    This makes me a little sad… not because of your night out (you go girl!), but because this is something I’ll never do. I was brought up in a religious group where dancing of any kind was TOTALLY forbidden, and despite having escaped in my 20’s from this group, I am, unfortunately, still dance-impaired. I feel the rhythm, want to dance, but am just too self-conscious to be able to… except on my own with the curtains shut, lol! Don’t think this is likely to change before I get to heaven, but I’m really looking forward to dancing up a storm once I get there!
    Donna from New Zealand

  76. Love it. I TOTALLY get what you mean about dancing. I LOVE to dance and miss it. I don’t miss getting hit on by stupid boys, but I miss dancing. There was one time in the car when the revised long version of Lady Marmalade came on and I just pulled over into a parking lot, cranked the music up and just started dancing. I didn’t care. I just needed to dance right then and there.

    As always Love your blog! :)

  77. What fun you girlies had! I giggled throughout the entire video…all I could think of was “I wear my sunglasses at night” LOL. This post makes me want to go out on the town and dance the night away!

  78. Rock on girlfriend! I’m glad you had a blast… you so deserve it. You are very lucky to have such a fun group of close friends… I’d love to have that someday :)

  79. I love this post a million times over! I only wish I had a crew of girls to go dancing with! You all look fabulous and so happy.

  80. You’re shoes are FABULOUS!!!

  81. w/ Randy’s comment:
    “My lip gloss is poppin. My lip gloss is hot.”

    *snap snap* girlfriend.
    This 21-year-old thinks you ROCK.
    I want to be a mom like you someday.

  82. I didn’t think I could love your blog any more than I already did… then you break out the Centaur! You have such an amazing way of getting to the essence of things… the whole dichotomy of being a good mommy but wanting to still be a booty-shakin’ girlie is one I think we all struggle with. It is so easy to get caught up in the Mother-hood & lose ourselves in the process. Thank you *again* for the reminder that it is time to round up my girlies for a fun night out!

  83. Oooooh yeah, baby! Mother is so central to my identity. But so is wild, crazy girl. And sexy, loving girlfriend (well, wife)! Rock YOU.

  84. Anonymous says:

    How awesome! Glad you got a night to let loose! Makes me want to call up my girlfriends, too! You rocked it!

    -Jenny T

  85. Anonymous says:

    Yeah.. so you totally just reminded me that it *might* be nice (for myself) if I got OUT of these yoga pants for a change and slipped into something more.. hmm?… whats the word?…. FUN! =)

    Mommies are allowed to have a great time too! And, honestly, I personally think that its waaaay more fun to be a mom/occasional party girl, than to be a 22 year old bar hopping “hasnt learned any TRUE life lessons yet” kinda girl. Because we get the best of both worlds baby!!

    We get to hand off our precious littles into good hands for the night while we can have ridiculous FUN.. yet we still know in the back of our minds while sipping our cosmos that when the night is over and done.. we get to morph back into “mommy mode” and completely enjoy that side of life as well!

    Sure beats a one-night-stand, a massive hangover, and a wondering mind that can only HOPE at the time that we will one day have it all!!

    *sigh* Its nice to be such versatile women now isnt it??! =)

    Good nite moon, Good nite Mrs. Kelle, and Good nite FIREHOUSE!!

  86. Girl, you are proof that a Mom can in fact still groove after reading “Goodnight Moon.” The picture of Lainey putting your lipgloss on for you is so “healthy” it hurts. Good for you girl! You shake it!
    P.S. I love how at the end of the video when “Ill be missing you” comes on you all immediately stop singing to cheer for your next favourite song. That is sheer proof of a great night with the girls! You go girl!

  87. Fantastic post – makes me want to arrange a girl’s night! You are so right – there is this strange feeling of ‘can I still get away with this?’ The Centaur is the perfect analogy. Love it.
    I think I have been in that bar too – which is freaky considering I live across the Atlantic!
    Louise x

  88. Anonymous says:

    You are one cool mother. I LOVE the photo of Nella in the rainbow glasses.
    Glad you had such a great night out.

  89. Ahhhh, I LOVED this post….I love your spirit Kelle, and am inspired to let my own Centaur loose again. Thanks for reminding me that being a mother doesn’t mean we can’t work the dancefloor or a sky-high pair of sexy shoes. You are a ROCKSTAR!!!

  90. yes!! you reminded me too… I need a girl’s night out and soon. I’ll go email my girlfriends now :)

  91. Anonymous says:

    I love your gorgeous photos of your beautiful family, your fabulous writing, your cool music selection, and most of all your wonderful capacity for enjoying the small things in life.

    So I hate to be the only nay-sayer here, being such a big fan:( And I know I’m bucking the status quo here…

    But the lifestyle you are promoting in this post has so many heartbreaking results. Broken marriages, painful addictions, and drunk driving deaths to name a few.

    It is estimated that over 3 million teens between the ages of 14 and 17 in the United States today are alcoholics.

    One half of all traffic fatalities and one-third of all traffic injuries are related to alcohol abuse . Accidents and suicides that are associated with alcohol problems are especially prominent in the teen years.

    Our littles ARE watching us. And while a designated driver is a great idea..our kids generally tend to “go us one worse.” I don’t want my daughter in a fatal accident involving alcohol some day, because she watched her Mommy (role model) going on GNO’s while she was growing up….and trusted that things would be ok if she did the same. I want her to “have it all” …but not at that cost.

  92. HAHAHAHA! I love the video, it is so much like my friends and I (I’m 23). Glad you haven’t lost it!

  93. Where were you when I was a young mom?! Oh, don’t answer that. You were…in kindergarten…but we’re soul sisters, my blog friend.

  94. Thank you :)…so much!

  95. hei:) i am 15 yers old girl from norway and i love your blogg, my blogg is http://www.aasencamilla.blogg.no

    are you from usa? we have a hose in usa in florida

  96. Marianne says:

    This make me look forward to the bachelorette party I’m going to this week end even more! :) The little one will be with her daddy all day and all night long, the freezer is stacked with breastmilk. I’m a bit terrified of leaving her for that long, but I think I’m the one suffering, not her… Great pictures as always!

  97. To Anonymous…
    I appreciate your prudent concern…but I also know my daughter well. I was there and can attest, my girl needed a girl collecting, girl connecting night out…and her silliness is sober silliness–that simply comes from the intoxication of fun and friends. She gets that way just sipping on life. I did the daddy-scold about the driving, (I believe “Keep your eyes on the road!” was sternly expressed) and learned the attached video was not out on the road, but rather they were lost on a dimly lit drive in a nearby housing development, picking up a friend…whew! But I know her and she would not risk not coming home safely to her littles even for fun with her friends. And those other beauties in the photos–I had to look twice to recognize them without their babies and toddlers wrapped around their hips–they looked pretty “fly!” I think it is also helpful to have our children see the same impulses and energy for life felt within them are shared by their mommies…and expressed with joy, freedom–and common sense and care. Just sayin’. But seriously, I know your words come from a heart of care and they balance what should not be a total abandon of responsibility! I welcomed these girls home after there night out and they were in good shape! I was the daddy-at-the-door welcoming the thirty-somethings home after curfew.

  98. Anonymous says:

    Kelle – loved this so much! And btw, you and Nella in sunglasses – this is too precious for words. As I scrolled down and caught a glimpse, it made my heart sing.

    Poppa – I think that lovely place you write about might be a little like heaven … I sure hope so.

  99. You inspire me… to want to be a better mom… to want more in life and know that I can have it all. Thank you! =)

  100. dear kelle…all i can say is wish i would have been in that car having so much fun! all of my girls have left town and i only get to do this once in a blue moon…you keep having fun!

    i will just comment on something that was said in a post that really bothered me. about the “broken marriages.” ok…not trying to offend. but broken marriage have happened in my church..between two couples that have shared the same church pew for years..see it has to be in your heart to do that…ok. it can happen in a grocery store..or workplace..you get what i am saying. has to be something in your heart first…it is not where you are.

    so again i love the video…i love you and heidi..you are my kinda people! ♥

  101. Hey hot mama, im at the airport when all of a sudden, jeff hears me say, “aw mah gaush!! Omg, she posted THAT video.”

    I see you, that video, and raise ya one…as soon as i get off this plane, ha.

    What a great night and those booties need a special place in ur closet. Beautiful.

    Your an amazing mama. Brett rocks and poppa did lovingly kick us out so we could get the party started. Love the men in ur life too. Love you. Xoxo

  102. Shelley says:


    You inspire me! What a great nite out, by the way, loved the shoes!

    I agree with Poppa’s comments. I admire your love of life and joy! Also, absolutely adorable pic of you and sweet Nella in the sunglasses!

    Love, Shelley

    PS I know every word to most all Firehouse songs! Ah, the 90’s!

  103. ps..the comment “broken marriages: was made in one of the comments left on this post not in one of your posts..just wanted to make that clear.

    hey just to let you know kelle, i came back for a second view of that video..love. love. love…i’m singing with you…rock on girls..jealous is what i am feeling right now. ♥

  104. Girls just wanna have fun!!!

    I just came back from a girl’s weekend out of town and it rocked! Although, I have to confess, we could never make it to the dance floor after dinner and 3 drinks, as we had planned. HA!

  105. PS Rock on from one Designated Driver Mama to another!

  106. Deborah says:

    Oooohhhhhh MS Kelle, You rock, and you’re very HOT in your pre-baby jeans and black stiletto high heels…You surely can still do that outfit and do the club scene…for you hardly look a day over 25 sweet Kelle…Isn’t wild that you ran into kermit at that club, lol…kidding, your smile does NOT look like his, your smile is beautiful Kelle, what do they say about some friends, and enemies ..lol …Never mind…!..*winks*
    But anyhow, I am sure if you had to make a choice, to pick one life over the other, the being MOM life would win hands down, and I am sure if you could NOT have it all, as you did, you would pick being Mommy, to never ever having to do the club scene, never ever having to start over, I mean over to do the girl club scene to find a Man, and so on and so forth !!!…(wonders where you did meet Brett ?)
    All the moves and grooves you certainly still have, and all the ones you fantasize ’bout….Well, yes I think we do, or I still do too imagine having all the right moves, but not all of us actually get out to test it, or at least I have not in quite some time now *lol* …Especially at my age, pushing 50, pushing it way far back…In fact holding on to 49, and old enough to be your Mom Kelle !…Ouch, that though hurts a lil here, but there is nothing wrong with my ability fantasize…lol !!!…
    And BTW, I love Sex in the City, the series, of which I paid over $700.00 for a few yrs back now, so I could watch it all complete, and I even let my teenage dght at the time watch it …*shrugs* ..I loved the movie too… My Mom, who is only like 16 yrs older then me, officially a senior at 65, well she went to the theater to see the movie, something she had not done in so many many of yrs even… Yet she went with one of her girl friends, after having 2 twin cerebral aneurysm surgeries, (9 to 12 hr brain surgery) she went to see Sex in the City, and enjoyed herself completely …lol…For her too, her fantasy life lives on after such major surgery …So I guess we women, are always just girls at heart, no matter what age, we all like to dream and fantasize we live like those City girl’s …*winks*
    And Mommy Kelle, I just love love the pic’s of you and Nella, she rocks too in her shades …So lil, but rocking down with Mom in shades ! …
    How sweet it is to be a girl, a woman, a mom, a Nanna even, how sweet it is …*smiles n winks*
    Deborah, the Canadian Nurse

  107. Ah, the power of girlfriends. I haven’t had a night like that in a long time. Looks like you ladies had a great time. I can’t wait for Sex and the City 2 too.


  108. It looks like you ladies had a blast and you DESERVE it! Every mommy needs a break and your kids were fine at home; I’m sure they missed you but they won’t be scarred from it. And the picture of you and Nella w/ the sunglasses is priceless!

  109. Anonymous says:

    ALWAYS remember that you’re a better Mommy and Wife when you take care of YOU – and heading out for a night out once in awhile falls under this concept!! Takin care of the footloose and fancy-free girl that you’ll always be! LOVE LIFE – LIVE IT – FEEL IT!

  110. Oh, you make me LAUGH! And, may I just say that you looked HOT on GNO! Thanks for reminding me about balance…I vacillate between my mommy-side and fun-side with too much guilt sometimes. :-)

  111. You are also a fabulous Photographer! Love your blog, your zest for life and your sexy black heels!!!

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. nella’s sunglasses…$2.50

    Kelle’s sunglasses…$50.00

    photos of nella & mama…priceless

  114. Go Kelle! I think this post SHOULD be shown to young people everywhere! YOU (the designated driver) are having a blast, dancing, being crazy, and you DIDNT drink! The designated driver CAN have fun!!!!

    “12:27 AM Anonymous” – it’s not a “lifestyle” she is promoting. Good grief her post made it sound as if she hadn’t been out like this in years. She’s a fun wonderful mama who took some time out for herself and did it in a totally safe, responsible way. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but make sure you know all the facts before you judge a fellow mama. We need to be less judgmental of other mama’s choices.

    Kelle has not chosen to be a “role model” for anyone other than her own children. She is not purporting herself to be a role model for young moms, Floridians, or even a parent of a child with special needs. Why is it that we are so quick to make people we don’t know into “role models”.

    Her responsibility is to be the best mama to HER kids that she can and if that means bustin’ loose every once in awhile then that’s her prerogative.

    (ok now i have bobby brown stuck in my head…it’s my prerogative, i can do what i wanna do…)

    Love you Kelle!

  115. ok… all the moms are gonna be out on the dance floor this weekend because of this post! I love a good GNO every once in a while and to find out – “OH YEAH I STILL GOT IT!”

  116. “In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”
    Albert Schweitzer

    I love that you and your friends were able to get out and rekindle the spirits of young care free women if only for a few hours.

    And Nella is filling out so nicely. I love chubby little baby arms and legs. So cute!!

  117. Anonymous says:

    I commented yesturday that I share a birthday with your little one,then i happened to read some of your older posts( i wanted to see little lainey as a baby) and i discovered we share more than just our birthday, i was also born with an atrial defect or a hole in my heart……Liz

  118. Fun–you are inspiring, Kelle! Your zest for LIFE is so beautiful. You remind me to stop and smell the tulips even when a rotten circumstance lurks at the edges of my reality, wanting to consume me. That song–oh, that song! One of my faves, one of mine and dh’s songs from way back when…your video reminds me that I need another music jam session in the car with my oldest(17) dd…and of a day when my youngest(4) was trying to sing Unskinny Bop… Thank you for a beautiful distraction, and the inspiration to do fun things with “the girls” (though they will probably be my daughters) instead of focusing on what might be on the horizon.

  119. like on the video how when the song ends and the next one is going to begin you hear “oooooh this song…!” Like the craziness is about to start all over on the next song lol.
    I want to go to the club poppa’s talking about 😉

  120. Just found your site – LOVE it! Your girls are just beautiful and your photography is awesome. I was linked here from another site and am so glad I came on over!

  121. HAHAHA LOL…just peed my pants (after 3 kids, not hard to do)…next time..PICK ME UP!!!! in CO! :) that was hysterical and YOUR RIGHT! Shake your groove thang mama!

  122. Kara Brown says:

    LOVE. IT. Yes!!!! Momma’s can be cool, and can have fun, hell yes! Looks like such fun!!! You girls ROCK!

    Kara Brown

  123. I struggle with that feeling often! The other day the song Black betty came on and I rocked out for 2.5 second before i remembered oops!….there is a sleeping baby in the back seat

  124. I just lived vicariously through this post. Thank you for describing it so wonderfully and I now want to go get “my groove on”. :)

    The video was priceless, by the way! Put a huge smile on my face!


  125. Anonymous says:

    This is the best post! There are so many moms out there that struggle with wanting to still be young and go out, and being a mom. I think so many just don’t want to say it out loud. Love this!

  126. I was so stuck on GNO…it took me a while to get that acronym…all I could see was GMO and I didn’t think you were talking about genetically modified organisms.

    Of course we can have it all. And should. Especially if that’s what we want our daughters to have. Nights like that are just as important as nights at home with goodnight moon…they both model to our kids that we are multi-faceted people with different needs. And, no, kids can’t give us everything we need. But we have to get all that we need to fully give to out kids.

    Feed the Centaur.


  127. I just heart you so much. Needed this today.

  128. Yes! Just had a girlfriend’s night out – and while Jo held my jacket, danced two songs like a crazy girl, then ducked out of there like maybe that’s enough of that world for now, and thinkin, “I still got it!” And so much more fun now, that I have it all, just doing it for me and not looking for any affirmation, not dressing for anybody, not playing that old game….just dancing for me! Love it.

  129. Good for yOU!
    I actually stopped the night club scene by the time I was 24, it just didn’t appeal to me anymore. But maybe since they have “no smoking” I might like it better now. But the fact I am a 39 year old, probably not! My girls night out consists of dinner and barnes & noble!!! LOL!
    glad you had fuN! great post! Glad you can still get out and dance, it must be great to hang out with the girls once in awhile!
    great pictures!

  130. This post went great with my morning cup of coffee!

  131. I LOVE this post!!! Just what I needed. I always feel guilty when I go out with the girls and have fun (which is very rare these days).

    Good for you! My favorite photo is the one of the soother and the lipstick. Hahaha. Made my day.

  132. Anonymous says:

    You are rad. Deal with it :)

    – Jen T
    (mama of two, and still shakin it)

  133. Anonymous says:

    you rock on girl! no guilt – everyone needs to get out and let loose…you NEED it, you are a BETTER Mom for it. if it happens every week, well maybe not (or perhaps my evil showing through since I don’ t have that opportunity). Glad you had fun, do it regularly…and without guilt!

  134. *(Same Kathryn, just finally deprivatized my profile and added a picture!)
    *I just moved across the country and left all my besties and our fabulous GNO behind, I miss them sooo much! I hope soon to find a new crowd and begin the GNO again because we DO need it (I’m sooo going to Sex In The City 2, can’t wait)!
    *To Poppa (because I read the comments to be furthered inspired by yours), I’d so go to that club, its sounds like the place to be!
    *anonymous who gently chose to point out some true facts that I don’t think apply to this post. She is NOT promoting a lifestyle, she is promoting LIFE. I hope her children ARE watching her, the zest for life, the celebration of living, the turning tragedy into treasures is a gift of beautiful example to her children.
    *Kelle, you go girl!

  135. I love you Kelle! You inspire me to be a better mom to my little one’s, to breath them in and just love them. When I am in a stressful “mommy” situation, I stop and think, “What would Kelle do?” LOL!!! I secretly want to be you! Thanks for just being you, for being so GREAT, and giving us all a view into your Fabulous life!

  136. LOVE this post, living it everday myself with both a 3 year old and a 9 month old!! I MUST KNOW WHERE TO GET THE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!

  137. Anonymous says:

    To Poppa

    You don’t know this anon reader, but I’ve come to know you a little through your writings on your wonderful daughter’s blog.

    I just have to say – Bless you, bless you, bless you! – a thousand million times.


  138. LOVE it!

  139. I am 38 years old and still have the “party juice” (as dubbed by my friend’s husband). I dance and sing in my car when I hear a good tune – I shamelessly love to dance. My kids and I even have dance parties in the hall before bed sometimes.

    I never forget that I am a “Mom” with two sweet little men at home. I live for them, but we as women need to nurture all of our sides – mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and girl who wants to have some fun!

    Indulging in a little harmless fun gives us balance. Our Mom’s told us we can have it all — the tough part is finding balance in it.

  140. This is a great post! Love it! Those sirens go off in my ming from time to time also. I love GNOs, regret the drinks the next morning, swear off forever…but, then a few months later hear the sirens again! Latest would be the calling of Cosmos, heels and looking Fab for Sex and the City 2!!!

    One of my favorite times is at home or in my car, with the radio up acting as if I am the best Karaoke singer EVER on stage for thousands and they love me.

  141. What a great post! It’s all about balance, and you seem to handle it so well.

  142. This post made me want to both cry and dance! I am a new mother who is is 800+ miles from “my girls” and desperately miss them when I need them most.

  143. Love the message of this post! Yes, we can be whoever we wish to be. Yes, we can have it all. Yes, we can do whatever we feel we need to do at any given moment. Yes, we have the right to enjoy our lives to the fullest…

    “And peeling back the many layers to the women we are inside.” I’m with you. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to make friends with our many layers.

    I’m ready to see “Sex in the City 2”, got my tickets. Love going to the movies. C:

    We are not just one static self, but many emerging selves. This view is inclusive, rather than exclusive -each part of us in necessary to give birth to the next. The self is complex, rather than singular. We are not either this or that, but an intricately designed, multileveled being within which many expressions of ourselves coexist.
    -Barbara De Angelis

  144. A girls night out is good for the soul. And good for us Mommas to be the best we can be with our kids. I’m so glad you had a great time. You deserved every bit of fun you had! The singing was awesome by the way. A little pitchy, but awesome. 😉
    Woot, woot! Go Kelle!!

  145. You are so cute! I love it. Three cheers for moms who still can rock it out :)

  146. This is great; Thank you.
    I’ve been stressing this.
    I’m 21 about to be a FTM..
    IDK where I belong all my friends are graduating college & partying, out drinking. And I am home waiting for my little guy to join us.

  147. Thanks for this post Kelle. In trying to make some life plans for the next five years and possibly planning for my own littles, I often feel scared that I will be required to trade these kinds of nights. Thank you for showing me how silly that is and that I CAN have it all! Your posts bring me such joy! I know I would have loved to grow up with my mom rockin’ out in the car and having GNOs with her friends. What a wonderful healthy example to set for your girls!!

    Poppa: You are such a sweet soul. Thank you for sharing your kindness!

  148. I whole heartedly support your GNO and agree that it’s VERY needed especially after being mommy all the time. You CAN have it all. I look forward to nights at home with my babies. I look forward to nights out with the hubs. I look forward to nights out with the girls. And please believe me and the girls will be out next weekend as well watching SATC too :)

  149. Anonymous says:

    This post DEFINES modern day motherhood! Thank you for being so honest and making women realize you CAN have it all without the guilt!

  150. Ah, this post is a little bit of heaven. So nice to know that I’m not the only mom out there that feels the pull to go out and have fun, while feeling guilty for wanting to do anything away from my precious kiddos. This may be one of my favorite posts yet!

    And I am so excited for next week’s premiere too! 😉

  151. I’m due with our first this Fall, and I’m hoping that when she arrives I’ll still have those Centaur moments where I can get out and cut loose with my very best girlfriends. I absolutely love this post, you are all beautiful women and prove it’s OK to have fun even if you’re a mommy.

    And I get that excited when Every Breath You Take comes on the radio too. . . 😉

  152. One of my favorite blog posts (of yours, of course!). Maybe it’s just b/c I’m in your same situation as far as having two teeny littles (girls) at home but, you HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!

    Please, please, please post your pics from your SATC 2 outing! We mommies out here in Vegas are also planning!!!

    P.S. Awesome choice of songs for this post!

  153. Caitlin says:

    You are SO not alone on the World’s Best Dancer dream!!

    Oh Kelle, you are so very inspiring, and I absolutely love when you share your stories with all of us. I think all of your posts have a way of reminding me to cherish and embrace life, and this one definitely reminded me that balance is key! I loved the happy, fun pictures and the video was so fun! You girls are rockin it out!

    Oh, and I’m with Penelope up there…please share the “how Brett and I met and fell madly in love story”!! :)

  154. Kelle- I so needed this post! I’m 26 with an 8 month old and sometimes it’s hard to beleive that 5 short years ago I was partying with the best of them with my sorority sisters. One of my college girlfriends is having a night out for her bday this weekend at a piano bar and I have been really struggling if I should go. Part of me is dying for a GNO, but the other part can’t stand the though of being seperated from my little Landon for a whole night. My husband has been pushing me to go, saying I need a night out, and I think after reading this post I am going to bust out the skinny jeans and heels and see if I can still shake it!

  155. Simply… you are fabulous!

    I think it is soooo important to have mommy time, and being silly in the car with our girls time, and you pull it off with style and flair.

    I am so excited about SATC2 myself. In fact as I type this post I am watching my DVD’s (I have the entire series and SATC1), to prepare for the move :-)

  156. Talia N. says:

    oh thank goodness!!! I am a young lady who plans to have kids one day soon, and have never heard someone explain it quite like you do. Thank you for reminding me that even when I do become I mom, I can still enjoy myself wildly! Most people don’t acknowledge this aspect of being a mom, so thank you. Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement.

  157. I’m totally with you on the balance in life: balance between family and work; balance between seriousness and silliness, balance between mature planning and juvenile partying.

    Because ultimately, I want to be a good role model for my son, and I think balance is one of the most important lessons I could teach him. I’m his mom, but I’m so much more, and I want him to learn that a person should never be defined by one role or responsibility. Because that would just diminish all the other fun, valuable and even boring parts of life that help us provide for our families and be self-fulfilled at the same time.

    Now, to convince my dear hubby to take me dancing for my 31st…at a nightclub he swore off when we were 26!

    Love it!!

  158. LOVE this post from the pictures to the words and struggles that ring so true for all mommies but I have to ask……where did you get your shoes???? LOVE them, very Carrie!

  159. That night rocked! I had such a blast with you all. You girls are fabulous!!!!

  160. Shoes are Bebe outlet store, last year.
    Headbands and flowers are all Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe…no more than $5, baby. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

  161. you are adorable! Glad to see that the moms can have a good time too. SO many of my “mom friends” have no balance between fun/friends and babies. You go girl! :)

  162. Oh you nailed it! I can’t tellyou how many times I’ve struggled with the be a good example vs. have some fun. Good for you “getting” this now. I have 4. My “baby” is a 6’1″ 17 year old and I still struggle with the balance. I love the centaur idea. Perfect.

  163. I love this. Love love love this, and soooo needed to read something with this tune!

  164. You said it all in two words: “Hell yeah!”

    Everyone needs to blow off some steam and shake it sometimes, if that’s something you enjoy! They are few and far between for me, but that makes them that much more delicious!

  165. ah yes…a cyder-terhunie reunion is due…and when it happens, there WILL be dancing!! i have been known to rock out a time or two to ICE ICE BABY, but get yelled at by my kids “no sing, mommy!”

  166. Awesome. You rock. Mommies deserve to rock, dammit! LOVE the photos… and of course the singing.

  167. OMGOSH – I adore you more and more every day. I miss my group of girlfriends that I used to go out with. Military life can suck sometimes. LOL That feeling you get from a good song that makes you want to get up and move…your blog does that to me, too.

    Thanks! Love the pic of Nella in her rockin’ rays.


  168. Good Grief! I go from laughing my head off reminiscing of the Centaur days to crying my eyes out to your “Three” post.

    You always capture everything so perfectly…

    Keep on keepin’ on…we love ya!!

  169. oddly as I read this I thought you sounded like carrie bradshaw & then sure enough you made the sex & the city comment… too funny!
    looks like you had a great time — how lucky you are to have a wonderful family & super fun friends!! enjoy it all!
    have a good weekend… I’m out of town with MY girlfriends this weekend for a very much needed girls getaway!!

  170. Hilarious. Looks like so much fun.

  171. I agree whole-heartedly with this post. I swore to myself after getting married and then having a child that I would stay who I am always. I would still take time for me but grow and change and become a better me. I love my girl’s nights, going dancing, going to concerts with my hubby and then coming home to be a mommy again. We can have it all!

  172. GNO sounds like it was a blast… That little voice inside tells me every so often, “u can still get your groove on – u just need a little Salt-N Pepa! Ahh, shhhh, push it!”

  173. Anonymous says:

    You are one amazing woman… such insight, such a talent for capturing the essence of mommmyhood, womanhood.

    I am humbled by you. YOu are half my age and a zillion times wiser. Your girls are two of the luckiest girls on the planet.

    And oh. That fairy party? I cried.

  174. I have an almost 7 month old son, and for me it is tough being a mom and anything else! It consumes your heart in a way I never could have imagined. I love your blog c:

  175. Awesome post! You so perfectly described what goes on inside my mommy brain conflicting with the girl that had crazy party days to the girl that DOES still feel it when certain music hits the radio! You nailed it right on! Good for you for finding that balance.

  176. I COMPLETELY agree!

  177. We can have it all! I am totally all for dreaming of the dance floor while driving to loud clubbing music! (And I do it very often!)

  178. You are the most awesome mom/blogger/photgrapher/GF I have come across..

    You rock! and yes you have “got it ” alright:)

  179. Potentially one of the funnest car ride/sing-it-sista video’s ever!! Good for you for having so much fun! You deserve it!

  180. Thanks for sharing this! I totally feel this way! I am a 28 year old wife, mother, career woman and I love those roles but I also long to be that crazy college girl I used to be! You are lucky to have such great close friends to share these times with. Sometimes when I am driving along, windows down, wind blowing thru my hair, the radio cranked, my little Laney is in the back singing away too and then I think “I do get to have my girl time!” I am just turning my daughter into a mini version of me! Thanks as always for sharing your beautiful life! You are so inspiring!

  181. Thanks for sharing this! I totally feel this way! I am a 28 year old wife, mother, career woman and I love those roles but I also long to be that crazy college girl I used to be! You are lucky to have such great close friends to share these times with. Sometimes when I am driving along, windows down, wind blowing thru my hair, the radio cranked, my little Laney is in the back singing away too and then I think “I do get to have my girl time!” I am just turning my daughter into a mini version of me! Thanks as always for sharing your beautiful life! You are so inspiring!

  182. That photo of Nella and you in your sunglasses is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I don’t think I love anything more than I love babies in sunglasses.

  183. Kelle-you are the epitome of a rockin good mama! The centaur was hungry and you fed it a feast. Good on ya! Your littles will be better, more confident littles and bigs because of the confidence you have in yourself and in your mothering.
    If I was a 30-something looking that great in pre-baby jeans I’d be shakin’ what my momma gave me too.
    You go girl!

    P.S. The end of your video had me doing the pee dance when you guys had to stop cheering about the first song to start screaming ‘I LOVE THIS SONG” When the next song came on….that defines a true and awesome GNO!


  184. I’m a big believer in yes. :0 You can have fun with your girl friends and still be an amazing mom.

    Sadly for me, all my girlfriends live elsewhere. but it makes those weekends away, loads of fun.

  185. I so love the pictures of your babies, each and every time I visit. But the picture of the lipstick/nail polish/pacifier spoke to me in a weird-I’m-about-to-be-a-mom-and-my-life-is-going-to-change-forever kind of way. But I can totally still be a woman who wears lipstick. Oh yeah.

    And then the picture of you and Nella rocking with your shades? Frickin’ adorable.

  186. natalie says:

    Love the picture of you and Nella with the sunglasses, it cracked me up! Also love the picture of the binky and the makeup, that’s my life right now. I want to go to Poppa’s club!

  187. I love it!!! While our family tends to be the focus of our lives, and rightly so, we still need to be ourselves and just get out and shake it!!! Kudos to you for being able to let loose for a night!!! Looks like you guys had great fun with some great music!!!

  188. Great post! You’re a fantastic writer, woman, and mother!

  189. I wish you were my friend. I almost forgot about that part of me. Thank you for making me remember.

  190. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for this post…it reminded me that moms are allowed to cut loose every now and then and not feel guilty. This makes the perfect balance to motherhood!

  191. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for this post…it reminded me that moms are allowed to cut loose every now and then and not feel guilty. This makes the perfect balance to motherhood!

  192. oh my goodness i so want to hang with you!! lol!!

    and I totally have that colored feather and sparkly center headband!! some of my students got it for me!! i love the white flowered headband too! where did you get it from?

  193. I love this post. I’m a new follower and I was sucked into your story. I felt as if I was reading into my own personal dairy. Thank you for sharing :)

  194. I have been moved by your blog since Nella’s birth, but have yet to comment. This post, however, is AWESOME. As an expectant mom of my first baby in October, I am struggling with this conflict already. I just got back from happy hour and couldn’t help but feel as though my root beer didn’t quite belong amidst the clanking glasses of cold beer. Thank you for your inspiration! I’m now on a mission to find an itsy maternity dress to rock for some Carrie Bradshaw!
    Sex in the City II is going to unite GNOs all over the world!

  195. Seriously, I read A LOT of blogs. A LOT.

    And yours has changed me, an almost 50 year old, mother of 2, step mom to 4, grandma, dog owner, pediatric speech/language pathologist, who happily works with babies and preschoolers with “Designer Genes”. :)

    This sentence is one of my favorite of all times: “Centaur is in the house tonight”.

    I feel I must use it in a sentence, as soon as possible, or I shall perish. HA I feel I want to use it in a sentence and NOT explain it to my listener, but instead, will walk off laughing at my own inside joke.

    So, yeah. Thanks for that. 😀

  196. You are an amazing person Kelle Hampton!
    I hope that I can be a rockin mom like you when I grow up… you look like you know how to have FUN!

    Thanks for always having a fun and interesting post to read as I am half awake before school and then something fun to read as I go to bed. you are so awesome.

    love your beautiful family.

  197. thanks for the headband tip…. woohoo, i’m going shopping tomorrow!!!
    i’m so glad you had such an awesome night. you deserve it….. as all us mamas do!

  198. you inspire me to do great things and be a better person… just in my day-to-day life, which is amazing. ever since finding your blog i’ve been trying to make it thru to the beginning (i’m at feb’09). thanks for sharing your life, you’re fabulous (but i bet you already knew that)

  199. AMEN SISTER! What a great post! This 34 year old (today!) is looking forward to spending an evening away with my best girlfriend tomorrow with both our hubbies – sans kiddos. Her birthday is tomorrow and we always celebrate our birthdays together since they’re a day apart. I can’t wait to have some adult time! Thank your for so beautifully expressing in words the balance of roles that we have, day in and day out. Glad you had such a good time – and I would have broken my ankle in those shoes!

  200. Happy Birthday Sara!!!

  201. Jimloey@aol.com says:

    how fun was that?!? I am 55 but I still go out and have a fun high school nite, either with friends, or just on my own. I love to dance!! Keep it up girl

  202. woah woah woah.. i so so so SO SO SO SO needed this post! seriously – you have NO idea!
    thank you!
    ps. those shoes- i WANT!!!!!!!

  203. Anonymous says:

    I love, love, love this post!

    Is there anything better than loosing yourself in a rare GNO with the best ever girlfriends?

    Is there anything better than loosing yourself in the laughter and happiness you find with your friends and is there anything better than finding out that “you still got it on the dancefloor!” By the way, you really rock the high heels…love the

    I have three awesome girlfriends and we do the occasional GNO and it is just so much fun to get out of the yoga pants and hair ties and put on our grown up clothes. I think every mommy needs to do this every once in a while, I find that it just makes me a better person.

    I truly enjoyed reading about your GNO. Thank you for sharing your writing and picturess.

    PS:Kudos to hubby for let you and your girlfriends sleep in!

  204. I just love your poppa…he is awesome:)

  205. I am sure that I am not the first to mention it…but every photo of you and your pals reminds me of the song “Leave Your Boyfriends Behind” by Leona Naess. One of my most favorite tunes, and your photos were like a video for it flipping by.

  206. Oh what fun! Moms can have it all :) Love the sexy shoes! Man, I long to have my “sexy clothes” back again…you go girl!

  207. amazing. THANK YOU from all those fabulous mom’s out there who are ready to throw in their Louboutins yet! I have a blog about a struggling mom trying to stay glam, http://www.fabulousinparkslope/blogspot.com. Keep it up! loved it :)

  208. Ahh, girls night! Looks like you ladies had a blast! I love your mini photo ‘study’ with the one part party girl one part mom in the photos. Each photo says so much. Have a wonderful weekend!

  209. We girls can so have it all. We get to be mommies and then go out and have fun with our girls and/or hubbys every once in awhile. It helps us be even better mommies. I loved the music you picked. Madonna is awesome to rock out to. You so are making me want to get some girls together and go out dancing. Or drag my husband out dancing. I will go for either. Thanks for the post and sharing your life. Love the picture of you and Nella in sunglasses at the end!

  210. Sometimes I think that the getting-ready-together part is better than the going-out-on-the-town part. My baby sister turns 16 in December and I can’t wait to take her out dancing!

    Oh, and I LOVE that Heidi still has her make-up on the next morning – my kinda girl!

  211. yup, we can … AND DO … have it all! and the sooner we realize it, the better!! loved this post (yeah, yeah, what’s new, right?) can you grab me a ticket (actually, i’ll take 3, one for me and each of my sisters) to poppa’s club? we’d love to meet up with you there!! how fun would that be? and the picture of you and your little bean with the sunglasses, you girls are a rockin’! and did i ever mention how cute you are with braids? well, now i did!

    happy weekend …

    ps – myles turns 5 this weekend!

  212. I am new to following your blog and love everything about it! Such an inspiration!

  213. Anonymous says:

    “And it got me thinking, can we be wild and fun, crazy and cool and still be really good moms?”

    I was like…please let her say yes. Please let her say yes!

    But It was better than a yes. It was a hell yah. You go girl!

    If there was anyone, who ever needed a night out dancing, it is a mom. And honestly so many mom’s forget that. They forget that we need to still feel sexy and have crazy fun. For the sake of our marriages, our children, a last but not least, ourselves.

    And for all those days in between getting out to dance I just throw dance parties at the house. We celebrate life. I play records and my babies and I dance together. Even my two year old boy is learning the moves.

    Ha! Even my kids know that I still got it. I am glad my 13 year old daughter gets to see that life is big and beautiful and no role has to define you. That you can still be who you are AND be a mother. That being a mom is not about filling some prescribed role but embracing life and being in love with them and the world. You keep showing them that! They will be all the better for it.

    And your husband! He has to be the sweetest man on earth.

    Keep on dancing kelle! 😀


  214. Most awesome post. I’m with you – AMAZING dance moves in my mind – while I’m stuck in the commute with the kidos in the back seat. You. Rock. It.

    Beautiful analogy too, that struggle is rarely spoken about because you feel so ashamed to want time away from what you love most!

  215. You and I need to be friends. I think that would be just the greatest things ever:)

    I just adore you and your adorable life.

  216. woah woah woah i Love LOVE LOVE this post! needed it so so so so so SO SO SO SO BAD! you have NO idea!
    thank you kelle… you deserve to have fun! and i love those shoes! i WANT!

  217. I am so, so, so excited that on Thursday night I am going to get together with my girlfriends and do that too! We are going to see Sex and the City and then out : ) Super excited.

    You are a great Mommy and a great girlfriend! A great lover of life.

  218. LOVE this post and the pics………you rock!!!!!!

  219. I need a GNO . . . badly. :)

  220. Kelle you are so beautiful inside and out! Your honesty and insight is so refreshing – I look forward to your posts!

    I love that you retain your inner girl and yet remain a wonderful woman, wife and mother. Thanks for making me strive to be honest and happy with what life gives me!

    You Rock!

  221. I am CERTAIN that I posted this yesterday but my post disappeared!! I posted that I am extremely jealous of your friend on the pull out bed snuggling with Nella. How sweet is that? What I wouldn’t give for just 1 minute of that sweetness!!! She’s one lucky woman!!

  222. After starting off the day with poop on a door from my 10 month old (antibiotics are like putting nitro glycerin directly into his colon — it’s bound to explode at some point) and just going downhill from there, I needed reminding that my life is good, that I enjoy so much. Thank you.

  223. OMG! You perfectly summed up this feeling. I can feel it creaping up sometimes in the car when a certain song comes on and I am instantly transported back to the ‘care free days’. Then I glance in the rearview mirror and see my little sweet pea and think, am I crazy? Thank you for putting it into words for all us mommies who sometimes wanna let the inner crazy-girl out!

  224. yes yes YES! You can have it all and you can be it all!

    And I can be a girl who likes to go on big adventures sometimes and stay home and bake alone the next day!! It’s amazing how people want to put us into neat boxes and get confused or upset when we want to break out and be who we want to be…which is BIG, and EVERYTHING and WONDERFUL. thanks for the inspiration!

  225. Tisha (May 20, 2010 6:04 AM),

    I’m not trying to start a fight, or even seem like this is a malicious rebuttal, but i saw your comment and new I had to comment back myself. Who knows if you’ll even think to check back at this, but I’m going to type it out anyway.

    Kelle hasn’t chosen to be a “role model” for anyone but her childen, true. So very true. But saying she is a role model to some of us isn’t like making her the next Paris Hilton. A role model is someone you admire, or look up to…it’s even defined as someone who is “worthy of imitation”. There is nothing bad in saying this.

    I think it’s natural for people to look up to someone who has had struggles and yet still triumphs. In my opinion, it’s beautiful. Better to make her a role model (for any age) than some trashy pop star or super model on tv.

    No one is asking kelle to act a certain way, say a certain thing, or change. We’re all just saying that we admire how she has shared some really wonderful things about her life, her family and her own way of rockin out.

    She really is a role model for a lot of us. I know she is for me because when I think of how I want my life to be, I think of what kelle has done and it makes me want to be a better person so I can better my life for ME.

    There’s nothing wrong with anyone doing that.

    With that said and done, I agree with your words to that anonymous commenter. I can’t believe someone could take this post as something negative.

  226. I always imagined centaurs to neigh not roar.

  227. Anonymous says:

    I recently came across pictures from college and all of the same feelings and thoughts from this post have been flying through my head since – I am glad to know it is possible to have it all. Even if I don’t get a girl’s nice out, I feel better having lived vicariously a little through yours. Well done.

  228. Meredith says:

    As I am reading this it feels as though I have written it!! I have those struggles of getting that urge to get out and have a fun, wild night like I did in my pre-kid days while at the same time feeling pulled to be at home with my family. A night out is refreshing for the mommy soul and then the next morning when you wake up you realize why it is that you don’t do it very often! Ha! Love the story of you dancing on the amp. So sounds like something my girls and I would have done in our college days. Oh have I come a long way since then!! A girls night out is in the works!! Thanks for sharing –

  229. Ok, just so you know –it gets better…when my son was playing 7th grade football, I was following the 7th &8th grade bus to the game, and when he got off the bus he was beaming…because the 8th graders told him that his mom was hot. me. lol

  230. That just made me want to call my girlfriends and schedule a night out.

  231. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE how you love life. I totally understand the ambivalence between motherhood and going out and having a good time. I tend to fall into the mother guilt trip. Your stories show that you can be a great mother and still go out with the girls and let loose. You inspire me and show me that you can do both.
    A lot of “mommy” blogs that I visit are always about the kids….I love how you are able to blend being a mother in with your wild, wonderful personality. I love reading your blog. I ALWAYS feel happy and inspired after any post that I read of yours because of your genuine happiness and love and acceptance of everything that life throws at you. You have no idea how many people that you have inspired with your love for life. Keep living and loving…
    Best Wishes,
    Collierville, TN

  232. This post SO inspired me to shake the cobwebs off the ole’ hips and indulge in a fabulous night on the town with my better half (I’m 32 and sadly it had been a few years since we’d REALLY gone out on the town!) WOW ~ it felt incredible to let my hips swing and my spirit soar. I’m pretty sure I had a bit more spring in my step today despite the 230am taco bell run and the 3am bedtime. And my littles (2 and 4 yrs) must have sensed my joy….we had a glorious summer day in the backyard with the bounce house and birthday cake! Thank you for continuing to inspire and balance my world!

  233. How do you stay so positive? You are so patient! Do you ever have “bad mommy moments” or days when you are so frustrated you scream? I feel like I’m a horrible mother in comparison to you! Every time I read a blog post of yours, I resolve to be a better mother and to love more. Thank you so much for blogging Kelle, you are changing people’s lives!

  234. Honey, like the saying goes when married women oogle other men (oogle nothing more)…you’re just married, you’re not dead. Same with being a mom. Yes, you’re a mommy…and? Does that mean you can’t still swank it up and go out with your girls? Hell no. You’re a mom, not a nun. Rock on, sister.

  235. Love it!! Every true mommy can relate to that entry 100%…
    I love the pictures of you getting ready. I know all to well what it’s like trying to get ready for a night out and having my daughters get into my makeup/hair products, all the while dragging toys and books into my bedroom.

    Looks like you and your friends had a great time…and you deserve it!


  236. Anonymous says:

    It’s nice to see this point of view for a change. I live in Utah-land of the mormons. People can be quite judgemental. Most people here would think there is no way to go out and have fun girl’s night out. Drinking here is the devil. I think I need to get out of Utah..where I can be a wonderful mother, yet go out with the girls when I need to and not be put on a huge guilt trip. I think getting a break only makes us better mom’s. It really is quite refreshing to get a mom’s point of view that lives in another state. I blog, but there is no way I could ever mention any sort of drinking. I love that you are able to blog about it, share pictures, share memories and people respect that and don’t judge you for that. If I blogged about a girl’s night out, I would have a lot of friends and family who would automatically think I was the worst mom in the world. It’s quite sad actually. I am a spiritual, kind, generous person who wishes I could be judged by that and not if I’m mormon or if I decide to have a drink. People somehow, somewhere have forgotten the important things in life.
    Thanks for the blog.

  237. This comment has been removed by the author.

  238. Kelle –

    This post sums up a woman’s world SO well. My best friend who is engaged to be married, and I, who am single, have already started making wifehood and motherhood pacts.

    The pacts include things like, never wearing yoga pants when going out, even if the going out only consists of running to the grocery store or pediatrician’s office, dressing our children like they are the babies of celebs, paying attention to the little details in our day like knowing the name of our lip gloss, because a day is ten times better when you’re wearing “VIVA GLAM” instead of year old drugstore chap stick. You, dear Kelle, give girls like us hope that we CAN have our cake and eat it too, that there are other rockstars living among us.

    From one rockstar to another – ROCK ON.

  239. I love this post. I went out Saturday night with my husband and we danced like fools to the most fabulous band. I’m 27 weeks pregnant, and I got a few weird looks, but we had a fabulous time!! Glad you did too.

  240. You’re a cool chick. :-)

    (I stayed out til 2am the other night rockin’ like a star…was fun and I’ll do it again!)

  241. Kelle, thank you for sharing your story of having it all … you give me hope for all of us having it all! I love the positive attitude and laughter you bring to me in front of my computer!

  242. Just what this 30-something, scared to take that huge step into Motherhood, needed. thanks!

    from a Florida transplant in Switzerland

    PS. I LOVE your shoes!!!!

  243. You know how to keep your 3 year old out of your make-up? Get a file box for a make-up case and use a padlock…lol. This is seriously how I have been keeping my 5 year old love out of mine for the past two years after two ruined comforters and some ruined carpet. I am so glad you got to really let lose.

  244. Love this post—exactly describes my life right now. My best friend and I are both moms and we still like to shake it on the dance floor in our killer heels for sure! Of course there is quite a bit more planning that goes into nights out now than in our younger days!
    Also I am in love with these heels—spectacular!

  245. LOL! I Love it! As a mom of a 15 month old contemplating another baby soon, I totally feel the dicotomy of Mom vs. Party Girl. We Can have it all and we Do! Party On Mama :)

  246. LOVED the video of you and your friends jammin’ out to Firehouse. I’m still giggling inside. Sometimes I read your blog and think I’m reading about my own life. We’re all in this together – it’s nice to know other women, moms, sisters, daughters, friends, bloggers live the same way. Thanks for sharing your soul. It helps a lot of us see our own souls more clearly. And clarity brings fulfillment.

  247. This comment has been removed by the author.

  248. Oh my gosh! I am so glad I read this post! I am in love with your blog and catch up all the time! I live in South Africa and found your blog through a friend of mine who recently gave birth to a beautiful D.S. baby girl. I am so glad I found you! I feel like I know you! You have the most amazing family and such a beautiful heart! You are beautiful, inside and out! This post in particular spoke to me. I am 25 years old and been married for almost two years now. We are hoping to have our first baby soon and my husband has a gorgeous daughter from a previous relationship. She is 8 years old and she is an angel! I love her totally! The only problem is I feel the need to be a mom and a wife more now than I feel I should be going out with my girlfriends and dancing until all hours of the night. I go through the same guilt every time I do go out (not very often) and it was so comforting to read that it’s not abnormal! I can totally appreciate you saying you re-gloss your lips when a great song comes on the radio and I want to stop the car and bust out a move in the middle of the highway! I can keep typing all day with the love and admiration I have for you and your gorgeous family, I just thought I had to post a comment on this post! It is like my daily dose of get up and go and love life and love family and friends and appreciate everything we have in life! There is a reason for everything!

    Thank you so much!!!!!

    Much love!
    PS I would love to give Lainey and Nella a cuddle :)

  249. So, I’m playing catch up on older posts again. Can I just say after watching that video and reading Bloom, I’d really love to be your friend!

    I’m at the point in my life where everyone is expecting me to “choose a hat,” so to speak. I don’t feel like who I am can fit into one mold. I fill so many different roles, and each of them help make me who I am. Thanks for helping me realize I don’t have to choose.

    Rock on, girlfriend!

    <3 Nikki

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