It started with cream…

The day began delightful. Like the kind of delightful where you think, for a minute, that you’re out of coffee cream but then you find a brand new pint behind the pickle jar. And you dance a little happy dance right there in the kitchen, in your pajamas, with a baby in one arm and your new found cream in the other. Because sometimes, there is nothing sweeter than starting your morning finding cream when you thought you had none.

And, of course, cream that almost wasn’t is the creamiest of creams. Consequently, coffee made with that cream is the best tasting coffee your lips have ever sipped. And, I guess the argument follows that any reading material you enjoy while drinking that coffee is more interesting, any baby you hold while reading is more lovable, and any morning from which you drank that coffee, read that magazine, held that baby…is delicious.


You follow?
I suppose that’s all suffice to say…’twas a happy Wednesday…and Nella agrees.


Lainey’s sunflowers have finally bloomed their happy golden heads.


And it’s all I can do not to drag my Sharpie marker out there to draw happy faces on all of them. Because I see faces on sunflowers. Like the kid in The Sixth Sense saw dead people. I really do.

(no plants were harmed in the enhancement of this photo…ha ha. do I really have to say that?)

And if finding lost cream and discovering sunflower faces wasn’t enough…
we got a package from Grandma Krissy today.

My mom is amazing.
She likes European shoes, vintage baby dolls and scoring Italian yarn lots on Ebay. Put these likes together and you have the coolest grandma who gives amazing gifts that have included European shoes, vintage baby dolls and beautiful things made with Italian yarn.

So when I opened the box to find two complete matching outfits for my girls, perfectly detailed from hand-crocheted sweaters to the trim she added to the socks, I totally cried.



And the shoes. Oh, the shoes. My mama knows how to pick ’em. Soft and supple leather. No frills. No bells. No flashy lights or sequins. Just plain Dick and Jane t-straps and maryjanes. Me likey.



Lainey has mastered the mouse and computer time has just become her favorite reward. It’s still strange to me to see a three year old maneuvering a mouse, double clicking and properly responding to prompts from the screen. Not sure what I think about it, but, used moderately, I’m quite assured that pretty mess of fun plus educational can be nothing but beneficial.



One of the cool things living in Florida gives us? The Sonic Boom. With the space program ending soon, we won’t be hearing them anymore so we made a big deal of today’s, the last of Atlantis.


Boom Boom.


Celebration of Summer continues with picnic in the woods where we ate grapes and cheese and graham crackers with frosting from the comfort of our blanket…



Other than that, I could tell you that I left the clothes in the washer overnight again so they smell like a public bathroom. I could tell you that I found another moldy cucumber in my vegetable drawer. I could tell you that I wiped Lainey’s mouth with my sleeve six times today, that Brett and I had a silly argument walking into Costco that, I’m sure, made us look like the worst married people alive to anyone watching or that I had a sunblock reaction that turned my boob into something so leprous-looking, I actually photoshopped it out on the last photo in this post. I could tell you all that because that is life too. And delicious Wednesdays will always come with a few bitter bites, but really? At the end of the day, all I remember are the good ones. The pudding-filled bites. The butter-drenched ones. The sweet, succulent drips of a really good day.




Screw rank laundry and rashy boobs. I’ll take my glass-is-half-full, thank you very much.





We dance.



And we celebrate.



And that’s life.


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  1. I really enjoy your posts, they always make me smile, and this one was no exception. Absolutely wonderful pictures and out-look on life! Although … I did find myself looking at your boob in the last picture…lol!

  2. Great post. I’m telling you , you have definately inspired me. I am waiting on 50 pics to upload to my shutterfly right this minute, LOL!!! Why does learing this picture thing, edit thing, and blog thing have to take so long to learn and perfect? I guess i will get there soon. I had to figure out how to get my computer to recognize the RAW photos i took, i don’t know why i took them in RAW, never again! Anyhoo, thanks for the inspiration, i find myself logging onto blogger just to see if you posted something new, is that crazy?! LOL!!! Oh, i am not a creative writer, but i have been trying to pull it from somewhere, soo…. I guess we’ll see what i come up with. Beautiful Pics!

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  4. Absolutely beautiful photos!

  5. Kristin says:

    I love, love, love your blog. You have a passion for life like no one I have ever met, including myself. Reading your posts reminds me on a daily basis that I need to live life more and worry less. Thank you so much for sharing your world with everyone else’s world.

  6. Ummm, yeah sorry about that. If it shows a bunch of the same posts. The computer was stuck and i did the mad clicking of the mouse, LOL!!!! I deleted them, don’t know if it will show on your page or not.

  7. always a treat to find a new post. LOVE the sisters in the tub pix… such cuteness! sorry to hear about the rashy boob. (i never thought i’d say that to someone i’ve never actually met, LOL! but after breastfeeding two kids the boobs become much more public domain don’t they?!?)
    happy wednesday!

  8. Ohiogirls says:

    The matching outfits your mom made are gorgeous!!! Did she also make the little white shorts Nella is wearing in the last post? Precious shorts for a precious baby :)

  9. Utterly splendid, again…talk of rashy boobs and all.:) I don’t have one myself at the moment, but I did just throw out a mushy-about-to-wiggle-away zuchini earlier. Ah, moldy veggies, laundry, whatever…LIFE IS GRAND! 😉

  10. You know we were all checking your boobs out after you wrote that, right? lol… oh well, I think we’ve all been there. I’ve left the laundry in the washer too long more times than I’d care to admit… but in the long run, who cares, right?
    I truly love your blog. It’s inspiring.

  11. We live in Oviedo (just outside Orlando FL) so we get to watch shuttles take off from our driveway. However, we only occasionally hear the booms because of the direction in which they come home. When I heard that the booms were being reportedly heard in Naples this morning, I thought of your family, and wondered if you heard. I have a 5 year old who has some shuttle memories for sure, but my littlest is 9 months, and I am saddened that she won’t have this in her lifetime. Hopefully something else though. Enjoying your blog….

  12. SUMMER is arriving… enjoy these moments and be ever happy!!!

  13. Those sweet maryjanes and sweaters are about as close as it gets to absolute little girl perfection:) So darling!

  14. Your momma is so sweet with her talents and taste for European shoes. I have the same taste too.

    Loved the girls in their matching outfits. So so cute! Just creamy delicious! :o)

    LOVED the one of Nella on your lap when she is no smile to the left and all smiles to the right! Oh so sweet!

    Loved their tubby time! :o)

    My husband trained that Atlantis crew and worked MCC for the flight. It is so sad how the program is coming to an end. Florida will be hit hard too like Houston.

    Glad you are embracing history of these moments.



  15. LOve the outfits from your mom, they are wonderful and the shoes are TDF! Right up my alley!
    And I have laundry amnesia as well. White vinegar is your friend :)

  16. Your blog posts always make me smile even if there is a rotten cucumber and some smelly laundry here and there.

    Question–my 5yo has a bday coming up and I would like to do a book for her similar in style to the one you did for your lovely Lainey. Would you mind sharing which company you used to do it? Forgive me if you have already shared that information.


  17. I completely agree about cream and better coffee better reading, etc…
    But I must say, choosing glass half full is a challenge some “Wednesdays” and worth every ounce of effort! :)

  18. jimloey@ says:

    what a wonderful life you have. Reading your posts make my day. My life is full, with two grandbabies, who lift my spirit like no one else can and then I read your posts,, and I can’t help but smile. your girls are delisious, beautiful spirits, who light up my life, just like my two babies. Thank you for your blog

  19. I’m so thankful today you also posted the bit about your laundry and veggie drawer because I was beginning to think that with your beautiful makeuped face and precious dressed girls, maybe I shouldn’t read too much of your posts because clearly you are perfect, may even have a daily housekeeper, and it might make me start feeling bad about myself to read too much of your life. I’m mostly kidding, but I was just introduced to you yesterday and have completely fallen in love. After perusing your posts, you just remind me that you have perfect priorities! I have a set of girls (4 year old and a 3 month) so I’m looking forward to sharing this journey and being inspired by your perfect priorities! I love looking at you and your beautiful daughters, and have been so touched by your precious story and gifted outlook on life. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Amt from KC says:

    Well, the bitter bites make the rest seem sweeter, and without them the rest would just be…average. Real life is so much better than a sanitized one, in my opinion. It’s good to read your blog and find a reminder of that. And that picture of Nella on your lap grinning…priceless. Your two girls are SUCH a blessing! Thanks for sharing.

  21. More impressive than space shuttle sonic booms, more heart warming than long awaited sunflower blooms, more important than remembering to shift the washed to the dryer is the smile of a child, the warmth of their fingers around yours, the look of wonder in their eyes–especially almond eyes, and the love gushing, just learning smile on Nellabeans elfen face. A late night glimpse of these sights is better than Ambien for a happy night of sleep. Enjoy it. Squeeze the last drips like from a juicy orange in your hand. Scrape the last bits, like the peanut butter in the almost-done jar. Because…and this heart knows…the day will come and you will sit alone in the dark, looking for them on a screen…imagining how they would feel in your arms. I wish my clean living room floor had even a few of the many parts and pieces from Lainey’s doll house I would bet money pepper yours. And my heart would smile to see the fingerprints on my sliding glass doors I know are on yours. I would even celebrate exchanging my neatly rolled toothpaste tube for the smashed-in-the-middle tube I bet is in your bathroom. Yes–the litter and glitter of these years will be exchanged for order just at the time you learn their worth and wish them back. Have a good evening, and check your washer. Love you oodles of poodles!

  22. kelle i look forward to your posts EVERY day.. they make me smile so much! loved todays post especially because i had a lovely wednesday too!!

    you’re girls are beyond adorable. and i wish they had a pair of leg warmers like nella’s in my size :( i absolutely LOVE the pic of her where it looks like she’s kinda pouting her lips! so cute.

    have a wonderful rest of the week :)

  23. meh. laundry.
    you have no idea how excited i was when my daycare provider told me this morning that she would have to take tomorrow as a personal day.
    so? tomorrow. coffee in a mug. (with coconut creme creamer of course). lovin’ on my kids. (the chorus of three giggles brought tears to my eyes tonight). and pinkalicious cupcakes (as requested by cora).
    i can’t wait.

  24. I just love your posts. They always inspire me and make me smile.:) With that said, can I just say, I adore little Nella’s lips!! I could eat her right up!!! Such a sweet baby girl.

  25. Yay for wonderful Wednesdays!! is for little ones. Check it out! My little guy loves it!

  26. Awwww….I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.

  27. bells!
    cream…truer words have never been written;)

    the photos of nella in the bath with lainey…are my FAVORITE photos ever!! ever, ever, ever!

    i just love those little people, and their mama too!

    i love that today was so amazing. makes my heart sing. okay, cornball alert.

    love you. g’night.

  28. Hi :-) I am a new follower (from Australia) to your blog and I just LOVE it, you are amazing and so inspirational. Thankyou for being so real and honest sharing with us. I thought I took a lot pof pics of my two boys, but you have inspired me to take even more..and take pics of the details I want to remember and cherish xx

  29. I just read your dad’s comment….oh my gosh! Can he be any more amazing?!?!

  30. So much love! Nella’s smiling face as she chills in your lap – Lainey’s computer-time posture – Brett with one girl in each arm – sisters in the bath together – beautiful!

  31. Jess G. says:

    I wish I had a Poppa like yours. I always get a little teary-eyed when I read his comments because I have never had a Poppa.

    The pics of the girls in the tub are too cute. The face on the flower was fun and your comment about the flower not being hurt made me giggle.

    Maybe you should try sprinkling some fairy dust in the washer at night and the washer fairies will come and do all the laundry! jk… kinda, wouldn’t that be great?

    Sending love and hugs your way. Thank you for the daily cup of inspiration.

  32. yes yes yes- life is beautiful and messy and sometimes a tad rash-ish, but if at the end of the day I only got puked on a few times, had a few boogers wiped on me, and spent the day with my three little dolly’s?

    I call that a winner.

  33. Have I told you how beautiful Nella is? Those eyes…gosh,those eyes are incredible. Your mum’s outfits are just gorgeous – wishing I had a baby girl right now so that my mum could crochet me something similar!! Thanks for the middle-of-the-night smile again!

  34. you’ll have to introduce Lainey to I bet she’ll love it. my 3 yr old does!

  35. In the bathtub!?!?! WAY CUTE!

    Your whole first paragraph about the cream for coffee so reminds me of my life…I only do cream in my coffee too, and knowing that you may run out is terrible, until you find the new carton sneakily hiding behind them damn pickles….oh man.pure joy.

  36. Oh yes, and wanted to mention as well, we’ve all done the ‘laundry in the wash for so many days it’s embarassing to say what is growing on it and what it smells like’ thing. So no worries.

    And a new name from me for Nella.
    Stellah Nella.

  37. Your husband looks cute with his scruff!

    I live in the land of sunflowers…..Kansas. They make me happy, too.

  38. aww…I loved that post. I had one of those Wednesdays too. And it just ended on the same happy note by reading this. yay for good Wednesdays! Yay for life! :)

  39. YES…this is life at its best. i am living it too…knowing that there is beauty even in the imperfections. knowing that joy is a choice. i LOVE visiting here and seeing you fully living this out.
    i KNOW it’s probably totally weird, but i really do want to be your neighbor. [in the most NOT weird way ever.]

  40. Love this post of yours, as always.

    And I TOTALLY hear you on the creamer. Funny how creme brulee coffee mate can totally make or break my day. :-)

  41. Mommy of Two Girls too says:

    Awww..I just *heart* Poppa! What a wise and sweet man!
    Love the pics of the girls in their adorable dresses that your Mama made! Just too cute! Ahhhh….yes, life is just lovely..isn’t it?? And that is even with laundry that was forgotten about! (Send it for another ride, that will fix it!) 😉

  42. i’m gonna join you in the glass-is-half-full dance and celebrate! this has been a grand wednesday. and to top it off, i got my pictures off of my camera!! yay!!

    sweet dreams …

  43. It is freezing cold here today in my part of the southern hemisphere….. the cloud on the Ranges tells the story that it is probably snowing up there. So it is amazing to see you all in such beautiful summer clothes. I feel cold looking at them- but really I think that is just an envious reaction to your summer warmth!!!

  44. It is definitely better to look at the good instead of the bad huh? Love your outlook on life. And love the fact you can admit to photoshopping your boobies! haha

  45. oh …
    did i mention i love cream? especially the kind you found this morning? yup, it is the best kind!!

  46. I do not know if you have heard about this computer game but it’s called “Putt Putt: Saves The Zoo” Putt Putt is a car that goes through all sorts of adventures “Through Time” “Enters The Race” …
    Anyways, my preschoolers (age 3) LOVE to play this game. They are in charge of the mouse and they get to choose where they go.

    Lainey may love it. It’s around $20 for the game on Amazon but I’m sure you could find it at Target or somewhere else online for a better price.

  47. i love this post… the cream, the laundry, the grosssss veggie drawer. thanks for being so real and reminding us that the glass is always half FULL!!!! it such a great place to live.

    hope the boobs heal and that you and brett stop fighting in public..geesh!!!!! i’ve always loved you and everything you you became just like the rest of us!!! thanks for being transparent.

    have a great night.

  48. i love this post… the cream, the laundry, the grosssss veggie drawer. thanks for being so real and reminding us that the glass is always half FULL!!!! it such a great place to live.

    hope the boobs heal and that you and brett stop fighting in public..geesh!!!!! i’ve always loved you and everything you you became just like the rest of us!!! thanks for being transparent.

    have a great night.

  49. Thank you for sharing the good, the bad, and the stinky. I am sure all of your readers felt a stronger connection with you (if that was even possible)

  50. Anonymous says:

    Nella’s eyes seriously pierce your soul. When I was looking at those two shots above the “We Dance” label of her, I was struck by the incredibly intelligent, profound look in her baby blues. Absolutely amazing Kelle.

    – Kayla.

  51. Nella Bean is rockin the leg warmers! You have such great style and your girls….love the pictures so sweet! Happy Thursday!

  52. and yes..fighting while walking into costco is all to familure for me. Thanks for saying it out load and making me feel normal. that’ helps :)
    Tubby photos are precious!

  53. I thought I was the only one who did a happy dance over finding the cream I thought wasn’t there:)

    Nella is holding her head up so looks like she isn’t having any problem with low muscle tone? If you have time, I hope you do a post about any therapy you do with her.!

    I laughed out loud about your laundry,cucumber and rash. :) I think this was my favorite post!

  54. Kelle, finding one of your posts on my blogger reader list is like finding the cream in the fridge as I know I am going to spend the next 5 minutes reading another lovely post from you :-)

  55. Thank you so much for starting my morning with a smile and a joyful feeling. I know exactly what you mean about the cream and I also know that the container in my fridge is very nearly empty. I will check behind my pickle jar, but even if I don’t find some cream I will be smiling this morning just to know that there is someone else out there who feels the joys of this life as strongly as I do and finding them in the simplest of things. Life is good. Thank you for reminding us with every post!

  56. Yay! Love this happy post! I’ve been known to leave clothes in the washer a little too long and give them a good second round to make sure our clothes don’t smell like mold. Glad I’m not alone! Just when I think you’ve raised the bar to the highest point with your photographic talents, you go ahead and push it up just a little bit more! The bath tub photos are the best!

  57. Awww, the Comment from “Poppa” made me cry! He has such a beautiful way with words.. :)

    Beautiful post :)

  58. Your words, pictures, story are all beautiful along with your spirit. Love it!

  59. i too, am amazed at the ability of young children to navigate a simple website. i wrote a post a couple months back with the same comments about my son, who will be three next week.

    . . . at the end of this post:

  60. I used to open my blog reader at work, but because I open it quite obsessively in search of Kelle Hampton’s latest, I have been blocked. Solution…get my little one ready for the day while reluctantly taking her to daycare, wishing I did not have to go to work. After I place her in the arms of her daily caregiver I say goodbye, get in the car ( okay , who am I kidding… Mom van) and open my blog reader. How awesome it was to find a daily dose of inspiration from you and your sweet ones. Thanks for helping put an even bigger smile on my face this morning.

  61. I woke up this morning, opened up my laptop and thought, “Hmm…I wonder if Kelle has a post today. Oh, I hope she does!” and lo and behold…there was another beautiful post up. I always look forward and LOVE your posts…beautiful, real, heartfelt, funny, sweet, and some incredible pictures throw in the mix. Thanks for sharing your life with us. :-)

  62. Great post – had me laughing out loud at the computer. What wonderful pictures of the girls!

    And – we spend alot of time there too. My son loves that site – and I too am amazed at his skill on the computer. :)


  63. Oh – lovely shoes… And a delicious post – you’ve made me smile yet again. Thank you, xx

  64. you know, I loved the picture of the girls in the tub too. So cute. All of them were great, but loved the tub one. So, cool that you got to hear the sonic boom.

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately. Been reading, just feeling stressed and overwhelmed over here right now! Well, only 4 days and 1 hr of school this year. Then summer is here!

    And, now I want some cream for my coffee. Don’t usually have it, stopped buying it, now I want some. Thanks a lot :)


  65. KCanada says:

    Kelle – you’re right. That IS life. We must decide how to look at things. Not only is your positive outlook refreshing, but your photos show the proof. I love all your photos. My favourite this time – Nella straight out of the bath. That fuzzy head makes me want to kiss her through the screen. Enjoy your girls today – I’m going to snuggle mine right now!!! Lots of love to you and your girls from a Canadian admirer! :) ~ Kathy

  66. My favorite part of your pictures are the ones of Brett, in his hat or casual clothes. Three glammed up girls, and their totally chilled out dad. I love it!!

    And photoshopping out a rashy boob is the funniest thing, ever.

    Glad you had a great day!

  67. Have a wonderful weekend! It’s always a pleasure to see a new post. Your posts help me start my day with a positive outlook wanting to suck the nectar out of life.

  68. Poppa’s comments always make me cry :) The girls are so lucky to have a Poppa like him!!

  69. natalie says:

    Those girls get cuter every post! I love the tubby time pictures. Do you think poppa would be my pen pal? I just love what he has to say and the beautiful way he says it.

  70. I so love reading your blog in the morning.. It is like my own personal cream to the coffee I don’t drink!

    Having one year old twins I too can appreciate the little moments and realize that the load of laundry that has been sitting there unfolded for two days is not going to matter in the grand scheme of things when the reason it was sitting there is because I was outside playing with my girls all day!

  71. I love Nella’s smile in the photo with your coffee cup!! So precious! And just remember, no day can ever be totally perfect without a few bumps that come and quickly go! Thanks for enjoying life to the fullest and inspiring so many other women to do the same. You rock!

  72. Your Mom is just amazingly talented, since I’ve actually gone through your archives I’ve enjoyed some of the adorable things she has made!
    Poppa, what can I say…I always read the comments looking for yours, they make my day! I love your comments as much as I love being inspired by Kelle!
    Kelle, thanks for sharing your “glass half-full” day, so sweet of you to let us know *how* you put spin on life to make it glorious! I love that!
    The pics are precious, now I’m off to plan my day with my 2 sweets at home and the rest of my crew at school. Have I ever mentioned I have 9? 8 boys and 1 girl.
    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Life hit me hard the last 2-3 years and I lost my zest for enjoying the small things. Kelle, you helped me find it again and I can’t thank you enough for the reminder. My kids thank you too, and my husband. I’m enjoying the small things and making them big!

  73. A new post from you that I find in the morning is like my finding the cream in the fridge! Yeah, well, ok that totally didn’t translate into writing half as well as it sounded in my head. lol
    But you know what I mean.
    The outfits are precious and love all the pics of the them together. Nella’s eyes are so gorgeous and looking very blue.

  74. I look forward to checking your blog every other morning while I have my first cup of coffee. These last ones have inspired me to summer it UP!
    p.s. everything always looks/sounds/reads so perfect like there are NEVER rough days of cleaning or silly arguments. Thanks for mentioning the laundry and the silly argument NOW I know you’re totally normal

  75. I love the perfect little pucker of Nella in the pic after bath. She’s like, “muuuwaaa, eat me up baby”…. LOL

  76. Deliciously perfect as always.. I didn’t really see it until this post but your girls sure do look a whole heck of a lot alike. Beautiful.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t life grand even with all the bumps and bruises along the way?!?! I have enjoyed your blog for awhile now and love the stunning pics.

    <3 Thank you


  78. That picture of Lainey in the woods is fantastic!!!! I love your attitude, and I was LOL about the argument going into Cosco. My dh and i always have stupid arguments in the store too, where i know people are thinking we have a horrible marriage when nothing could be further from the truth. Your blog is like a fresh breath of air to me, thank you so much for sharing your life with us : )

    Just wanted to say that both of your girls are beautiful, they remind me of blonde versions of my two youngest girls : D

  79. Those bathtub hammocks are the greatest invention ever. And those sure are two beautiful girls in the tub using it.

    Love to read about your happy, sunshiney days!

  80. Ugh – laundry! I’m always forgetting about it.

    Your mama is one talented lady! LOVE those outfits.

    Happy almost weekend! :)

  81. Nella bean is just perfect!! She is getting so round and really changing form into that pudgy little baby, that is so irrestible!!
    Love the sweet dresses….and what a perfect backdrop you have in your little wooded area!! A perfect place indeed for an afternoon picnic!!

  82. oooh…the pics of the girls in the tub are my newest favorites. just precious! both of them have eyes that shine like beautiful stars. happy little monkeys. :)
    i laughed out loud at the laundry left in the washer smelling like a public bathroom. this i have done far too many times myself. gah!

  83. Jack has that same bath mat that Nella is in! Brings back memories…won’t be too long before I’m using it again! :-)

  84. am i so stupid that i actually wondered how you got the petals of the sunflower to jump off and then proceeded to think it was really marvelous timing that you caught it with your camera?!….no…i’m not that stupid…

    love the outfits and shoes!!! as for computer time – i think it’s great that they learn so young. using the mouse is great for hand eye coordination and it not like its a skill they wont NEED to know in the future. i think knowing and being comfortable with the computer is about as important as learning to read now a days. it’s a needed skill in lainey’s future.

    you can hear the sonic boom all the way from cape Canaveral?

    i got that boom boom pow…that chick is rockin’ my style…

    i think the record in our house for rewashing the same load of laundry is 4 times… sorry bout your boob…. and what is a mom’s sleeve good for if not to wipe a dirty face or a snotty nose?

    love bath pics!!!

    Oh. MY. Gosh. LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE the pics of nella on the towel!!! oh my word. send my a copy, it needs to be at work with me so i can look at it and melt all day. seriously, beautiful.

  85. tara pollard pakosta says:

    I LOVE your positive attitude! and I LOVE how you always have so many different pix on here! my 8 and 10 year old girls LOVE reading your blog! they think your girls are beautiful *of course they ARE!*

  86. Thank you Kelle! It’s going to be a good day! How can it not be when you start it off reading a post like this? (Plus, I read digthischicks nuggets too this am, so it’s going to be a rock star day!)

  87. Oh this made me laugh. Can’t count how many times I’ve had “rotten” laundry left in the washer overnight. Haven’t had a rashy boob, but when Noah (Ds) was a baby and still nursing, he didn’t have any teeth yet, but he was into this thing where he’d make this STIFF face, which in turn made his JAW stiffen up, WHILE my boob was in his mouth and then he’d PULL with all his might, so my boob ended up OUT TO HERE. I STILL have scars because it was like prying a dogs mouth off of a bone to try to get him off my boob. Breast feeding didn’t last long after that and he is 11 now and when I tell him that story he giggles to the bottom of his belly!!!

    Oh and LOVE Nella’s fuzzy curly hair. Those girls are amazing!!

  88. Love your Mama’s gifts. I know that they are a treasure for you. Something made by the hands of your Mom just for your babies…perfect! My Mom made 3 sets of little crocheted jackets, hats and booties for future grandchildren years ago. They stayed tucked away until the day I arrived home from China with my first daughter. I carefully changed her after exiting the plane and before getting to my parents in the waiting area. I had shopped and found the perfect dress for her to wear with the handmade goodies. I was so proud to finally put my daughter into those sweet clothes that I watched my Mama make years before. It was heavenly.
    Also, have you noticed how much your sweet babies favor each other. Their little faces are so beautiful.

  89. Oh Kelle, You always seem to know just what I’m thinkin’! I did that very same coffee creamer dance just this morning! We were out for a couple of days and I wasn’t sure if my hubby picked some up while I was out last night. Oh happy day, hubs came through yet again :)

    I also wanted to tell ya about something I picked up last night at Borders…”The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit”. Thought you might approve :) I’m hoping to start a collection of the classics. Can’t wait to read it to the kids this summer. You’ve inspired me in so many ways-but I say that EVERY time I leave a comment here.

    And thanks for being “real”. You didn’t have to post about your silly argument with Brett or the yucky laundry but you did. I appreciate your honesty. Makes me realize we are more alike than different.

    I’ve been reading ALL of your posts since I found you on here in Jan. I try and read a month at a time. Love watching Lainey and now Nella grow.

    Love ya!

  90. Nella smiles are amazing! And I am jealous of the happy pool jumping. I need that kind of fun.

  91. I get sunblock reactions all the time in the summer, but I’m not quite so skilled with the Photoshop so I’m just blotchy in all of my summer pictures!

    SO jealous of your pool – the Long Island Sound just doesn’t compare. Le sigh.

    Have a terrific day with your littles!

  92. As always, love your blog, photos, and approach to life!

  93. In one of the pictures it looks like Brett is controlling the space shuttle with a remote control (the one wear he is shading his eyes). So funny! :) Lovely blog, lovely words, lovely babies, a lovely life that inspires. You kindof rock my socks off.

  94. Your daughters are beautiful. Thank you for sharing glimpses of your life with us – I always look forward to what I’ll find when I visit your place in cyber space :)

    Many have said it before, but I want to say for myself that you have inspired me. For many years I’ve neglected my talent for writing and photography, and not only that but I’ve neglected to share my own story. As a young adult who had Leukemia at age 14, endured two and a half years of chemotherapy and has struggled and demanded nothing less than to live the fullest life possible – enjoying the small things has not always been easy, but I’ve learned that life IS beautiful. Even the sharp rusted parts hide a deeper beauty that often just take time to see.

    So I will write. I will document this journey. I will share with anyone who wants to know. I will stop fearing the dark places and the memories they contain, and I will focus on what really happened. I survived. I endured. I grew. I lived. Maybe it was all just a fluke, but I’m still here – almost 25, healthy and for the most part, happy. Enjoying each moment. Reminding myself that I’m not perfect, and that perfect isn’t what I want anyway. I just want to be. To thrive. And girl, I can REALLY thrive.

    You have experienced an amazing blessing in Nella. Sure at first it was scary (and still is somedays) – but as in all things (even cancer, trust me!) if you just stop and look at what’s really going on – it’s hard not to realize that what you’ve been given is the most amazing present! Thank you for reminding me.

    Your sister in this beautiful, crazy life,


  95. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for listing the not so shiney things in your day. You blog is a joy to read and very inspriational, but reading about the no so perfect things, makes it all more real.

  96. i love each one of these posts. your writing is so authentic… i feel like i’ve known you forever and i just discovered your gorgeous blog a week ago! thanks, kelle! i look forward to each brand new gorgeous post.

  97. Anonymous says:

    Ahhh.. the laundry, Ive had to rewash the current load 3 times as I forgot to put it in the dryer. Im glad Im not the only one! Loved that your able to share the space shuttle with your kiddos, we traveled from Seattle to watch Atlantis STS 129 launch back in November 09 – My kids talk about it all the time! Oh how we wish we were in sunny Florida as opposed to rainy cold Seattle!

  98. I love the 1st pic of Lainey and Nella on the picnic blanket in the woods- when I first saw it I thought, “Oh Lainey has the same rainbow bright doll Lia has!” Then I scrolled down and saw that it was an adorable Nella Bean doll instead! LOL :) I love the outfit! And oh, how many times have we all forgot the laundry in the washer overnight…

  99. To have your morning coffee just the way you like it is the best. I see faces on sunflowers (and on all kind of flowers) too. Love the picture of your girls with you! I can see so much of you in them. C:

    I agree. I welcome all my life experiences with open arms and learn from all of them. However, I also know that whatever we put our attention on will grow stronger in our life, so I choose to focus more on the good, beautiful and positives moments…

    Btw, went to the nyc dance parade 2010 last weekend, a wonderful experience and took daily trips this week to some lovely playgrounds. Fun times!

    “It’s not what’s happening to you now or what has happened in your past that determines who you become. Rather, it’s your decisions about what to focus on, what things mean to you, and what you’re going to do about them that will determine your ultimate destiny.” -Anthony Robbins

  100. I love the thing Nella is resting on the bath tub. What is that?

  101. love the post…love the pics of the kids…amazing how you capture life. I do the moldy laundry thing about once a week.
    Loved the cream story…I’m not a coffee drinker, but I feel the same way when I find a can of Coke way back in the pantry when I thought there was none. My heart skips a beat and everything is good again.

    You’re a great mom and inspire all the rest of us.

  102. Poppa, you are just so sweet! I want to hug you! (Is that super creepy?!?)

    Kelle, love the post! I always forget to switch the laundry…. and even when it makes through a full wash and dry cycle it usually stays in the dryer for several days before it is folded!


  103. When we were in Orlando a couple of weeks ago, we got to see our first ever Shuttle Launch, it was Atlantis. My brother in law then told us that the Sonic Boom’s are way cool too!

    Happy Summer to you and your little blessings! :)

  104. I’m having a tough time lately and your posts give me little rejuvination! Thank you!

  105. Rainbow says:

    You make me want to eat up the happiness of life! Thank you for my morning smile :)

  106. I randomly found your blog, and i’m addicted. Addicted to the joy and happiness you find in the everyday. Your photos are amazing, and your girls are adorable. Love it!

  107. Love the way you see life.

  108. Anonymous says:

    It’s actually good to hear about the rank laundry and Costco argument…I actually sometimes finding myself feeling depressed after reading blogs…the mothers that seem like they have everything figured out, that have a perfect day everyday, that seem to be happy in every single way. It sometimes makes me wonder where I went wrong with my life and my family. I am happy, I am thankful for all that I have, but somtimes being a mom and wife can be very hard. In my darkest moments, I dream of being alone in small Italian village, away from everyone. Like you though, even if I’ve had a day where I felt grumpy with the kids, have a filthy house, haven’t showered in days, let a lone put make-up on, I try to think about how thankful I am for my babies, because someday my house will be empty and lonely. I dread that day.

  109. Amen. Here is to delicious bites of days! Leaving the moldy pickles behind!

  110. Once again, love it. The anthropolgie mugs are my favorite, although I prefer the “Mr” mugs because they don’t tip over!

  111. Hurrah for finding cream tucked in the fridge. I found a box of butter quarters and was thrilled, because I wanted to see a Texas Sheet Cake in my future…

  112. I so love my creamer too! but most of all….today – I LOVE the pics of Nella and your coffe cup! That made me smile!

    Have a SWEET Thursday!

  113. Yolanda says:

    I am feeling sad and panicky because my dear hubby will potentially lose his job shortly(a very scary thing to a SAHM of two littles). I needed a pick me up and knew where to find it…in your words. I look forward to your new posts; you always seem to say the perfect things when I need it. So there may be some dark days ahead, but there is also plenty of cream for my coffee. Going to stop worrying and dance it out. Thanks, Kelle, and thanks to Poppa because his words truly touch my heart.

  114. Shari H says:

    Awesome post Kelle!!!! It’s so true how the laundry can be left undone because it truly is so much more fun to play with the littles!!!!! Hope your boob issue is all cleared up :)! Have an awesome day!!!

  115. Kara Brown says:

    OMG, everything you said in this post rang SO true to me, down to the cream you thought you were out of, and the laundry that smelled awful because you forgot to throw it in the dryer! LOVE IT….you seriously just brightened my pretty crappy mood…THANK YOU!

    Kara Brown
    btw….Nella is GORGEOUS!

  116. Thank you for being so real- the laundry, the old veggies, etc. Oh, and the music here is wonderful!

  117. Thank you for sharing your rashy boobs and stinky laundry. It is nice to know that even super mom has those moments in the day!

    I still look up to you so, and I try every day to live (to actually truly live) and be happy and “enjoy the small things” like you do.

    You are my hero!

  118. I love this post. It is so full of joy and the bath pictures are especially gorgeous and I love that you mentioned the smelly laundry and other glitches. Your life is beautiful and amazing and everytime I read one of your posts I am reminded that my life is beautiful and amazing too. That is a great gift. Thank you.

  119. Kellie, I so love your blog! I am so glad that I found because your perspective on life has made mine better! I so want to be you when I grow up! (Can I still say that at 28?!?!) Thanks for such an inspiring and real look at life…especially life when it takes turns we aren’t expecting!

  120. LOL for a really really long time!!!

  121. rank laundry and limb growing cucumbers don’t hold a candle to those suddzy(yes I made that up) littles in the bath or cannon-balling into the pool. Great shots! Oh and your mom wins best gramma award for sure with those perfect little cardigans….wow!

  122. Oh those bath pictures are delicious!!!!!!!

  123. Nice going…I found myself staring at your boob trying to find out what you were talking about….nice swimsuit by the way…I have been “stalking” your blog for a long time now..I look forward to every morning just so i can see if you posted again…

  124. I love your posts. You just put a much needed smile on my face. I am having a tough time right now and just being reminded about the simple, sweet tasting things our days made me smile and nod in agreement.
    Thank you for that.

  125. just reading back on some of your old posts…like I went way back to the beginning…just read where you said Lainey had her ped card checkup b/c she had holes in her heart. My baby has one she’s being monitored for too to see if it’ll close.
    Anyway, I think I’ve told you this before but as I read your old posts, the number of things that I find similar in our lives is pretty crazy.
    I think we’re kindred spirits lol

  126. Hi Kelle! I have been reading your blog for awhile now and finally figured out how to comment. I love all of your pictures, but especially the smiling Nella ones. Keep em’ comin! Glad to see you can stay cheerful through boob rashes and stinky laundry.


    ps. I like sunflowers too, I don’t see happy faces in them but they sure do make me happy!

  127. i had those white shoes when i lived in england (the bigger ones)! I think mine were red though. Somethings never go out of style i guess!

  128. Super cute outfits from your mom!

    Nice pics of the girlies!

    I love sunflowers and their very happy faces =)


  129. From someone who is having a few bad accumulating moments right this minute, I can understand how the bitter moments blend into a day, but the good moments need to out weigh those bad ones.

    Lainey is using the computer! How adorable. She looks so snug just chillaxing in her chair. My cousin is 5-almost-6 and she’s been a computer babe since forever. She loves playing games, and sometimes I think she can master the mouse better than I can, and I grew up around this technology business!

    Nella is just adorable. Those bathtime pictures? breathtaking. They look clean & fresh with baby and little girl sparkling eyes, and small smiles. They look so happy and content, you just captured a perfect moment in bath time. I think there is something so fun about bath time with littles, I love giving my cousin a bath even if she tries to splash me. She just has so much fun splishing in those bubbles (:

    I’m feeling like I live in Florida right now! Pa has been having hot days and it feels like a never ending sauna in my classrooms at school. It makes me want to leave school early and sit outside and tan. Which is so on my list of summer to-dos.

    Let me just compliment on your girls outfits. You dress them so unqiue & fun, and sometimes so beautifully. It’s adorable. And let me extra compliment on your mothers skills. ‘Cause she has ’em! I’m jealous of those amazing outfits she made, and those cute shoes. Your mama is very special.

    Have a great rest of the week & weekend! I’ll be running around and getting ready for my prom. Partially inspired by you, I’m going to bring my camera along to capture moments during the lively day. Those happy moments need to be remembered even in the darkest of times.

  130. Kelle, I have been following your beautiful life stories since Nella was born…… I have a dear, sweet friend, Julie, who also had a unexpected trip to Holland. Julie emailed me a link to your site knowing I would fall in love with you all, and I did! I am in midwifery school and feel that your open hearted sharing of your feelings and experiences with make me even more in tune with moms I meet who have many different challenges in their lives. I feel as though you are a cousin I don’t get to visit very often….and so I brag about you to my friends and family, how beautiful your girls are, how amazing your photos are. Thanks for being uniquely you and sharing it all with us out here!

  131. You have just become a part of my day….ABsolutley awesome photos, but also absolutley awesome family

  132. I love that u accidently leave ur wash overnight in the washer too! :-)

  133. I always leave my wash in the machine, darn it!! I have moldy veggies as well. I love your writing, please continue… makes me smile and love on my little one an extra few seconds a day.

  134. Thank you, Kelle, for your view on life and how it should be lived! I feel like you’re a good friend, and I’ve SO enjoyed getting to know you!

    With love, Amanda

  135. I’m sure a million other people wrote the same thing, but I just had to say… “OMG! I love the Sunflower smiley!!”
    I see smileys in flowers too, especially pansies :)

  136. i wish my wednesday was as nice and relaxing as yours. my almost 2 year old was a wee beastie all, and i mean ALL day! he was a stinker. today, thursday was much, much better. my little brother got married, i managed a trip to the gym and we had a celbratory dinner complete with champagne and cornish game hens and cake :o) today was much better! your wednesday was my thursday :o)

  137. i always love your blogs, but i think i especially like this one because there was a hint of the not so good stuff… just enough to make me laugh at the realness of it… and you are so right, the happy times outweigh those little tiffs and boob rashes LOL

  138. I loved this post!! Screw all the crappy, silly, and annoying things in life. I, too, only choose the glass-is-half-full drinks myself. LMAO. rashy boobs. Love it.

  139. Love to hear about your little tidbits of everyday life Kelle- and the pictures as usual are “to die for”!!!! I am really glad that I am not the only one whose laundry room suffers the stench of clothes once again left in the dryer…WET…OVERNIGHT!!!!! YOu help me realize that I have to laugh at myself a little!!!!

    thank you for sharing!!!!

  140. I just *love* the photo of the girls with the picnic basket! It’s like a scene out of Alice in Wonderland!
    I love coming here and reading your posts and *devouring* your photos! Your girls are just adorable!

  141. Anonymous says:

    Can you PLEASE Help/answer a question? When I go to your blog, there is music playing . I LOVE it, ESPECIALLY the very first tune that plays, with words like “It’s only you I think about”. Name of song? Artist? Thank you SO much, linda

  142. Your photography is art, truely. The pictures of your girls in the tub are amazing. And you always make me laugh, I especially think the “rashy boob” comment was hilarious.. love the outlook!

  143. Did you make your font/pictures/blog template larger recently? I have been reading for a few months now but all of a sudden the font is so large I have to use the scroll bar to read it, and am not able to see the full picture without scrolling. It’s annoying to me! How can I change this?!?

    BTW, love the blog and all the fun Sumer things you do with your girls. You pictures are AMAZING! I like the real life, not so glamours, things too…we all have those days, but who wants to read about someone elses problem? Good to keep the blog uplifting for the most, but remind us you are real and dont just live a fab life (like we all like to think you do!)

  144. I just have to let you know that you are truly an amazing women! I love, love, LOVE reading your blogs and the moments you capture inspire me everyday to live life to the fullest! Thank you for your blog for it has truly inspired me to go out and love my kids the best I can!!

  145. This comment has been removed by the author.

  146. Anonymous says:

    “Come What May and Love it”. You are a living example of overcoming trials in life. I really hope you’ll listen to these words. I’ve wanted to post them to you for quite a while now.

  147. Reading about your morning cream discovery, sonic boom experience, and even the rashy-boob-thing is like a cherry on top of my awesome day! In fact, it is the last delicious, “butter-drenched” bite before I call it a night. Thank you so much for sharing it all in the amazing way that you do. Love every word.


  148. Anonymous says:

    Wow, your mom is very talented. Beautiful sweaters! Love all the new pics and nice job photoshopping the rash on the last photo since it is such a fun picture. You know we all scrolled down immediately to check it out! ha! Really, I do hope it clears up asap.

    Jill B. (Overland Park, KS)

  149. Anonymous says:

    Again, you just ROCKED out another entry!! Love, love love your blog!! It’s my favourite read! I have danced that little happy dance in the kitchen over new found coffee cream…and YES it does end up becoming the best damn coffee to ever hit your lips!…and consequently it does make your day a little bit more delicious!!
    I laughed out loud at the laundry comment, reminding me that I too left the clothes in the washer AGAIN…off to put it through ANOTHER cycle!
    And thank-you for that whole paragraph, your honesty about the “few bitter bites”in our delicious days…that is LIFE too!! You Kelle just have a magical way of inspiring all of us to remember the great ones.
    I would love to have coffee with you (with the newly found cream), squeeze that adorable Nella of yours and ALLOW Lainey to rock out my make-up bag…because that’s what little (and big) girls do!! (in reference to your previous post and that blaa-blaa comment anonymous made on you allowing Lainey to put make-up on…) You’re a wonderful Mother-your girls are so blessed! Why put off tomorrow what you can slurp up today with all it’s goodness!! Keep painting those cute little piggies!
    From Canada

  150. I swear Nella has the most beautiful little lips in the world…sigh. Great post Kelle, glad to know I’m not the only one washing and rewashing the laundry sometimes.

  151. Anonymous says:

    I love your posts,your photoes and your two lovely children. You’re amazing, this is life!

  152. I didn’t know that anyone else had those kind of coffee creamer mornings! :) Your girls are beautiful!

  153. Totally agree Kelle. I take my coffee a bit different, only with skim milk, not cream. But when it isn’t there, like it wasn’t late last week because a busy mama hadn’t had time to stop and get groceries, my days just were not the same. But oh, that saturday morning when i just KNEW the skim milk was waiting to mix and mingle with my rich coffee. Coming downstairs at 6am with my little girl was like christmas morning for a 5 year old. i was that excited. and the day just seemed *that* much better all day long! thanks for reminding me of these things! love it!

  154. i sure feel inspired reading your blog posts. thank you so much. :)

  155. Anonymous says:

    Kelle, you constantly inspire me to be a better mother. Please don’t ever change.

  156. Anonymous says:

    Ha! I had to jump up and throw my laundry that I left overnight into the dryer (did a smell check – all clear) – thanks for the reminder!

    The pictures of your girls in the tub are stunning.

    I love the flag counter at the bottom of the page! How cool is that!

    Enjoy your day!

    Aimee in MN (momma of 4 young ones)

  157. the bathtub pics might be the cutest i have ever seen!

    love your paragraph on the real stuff in the day too :)

  158. Seriously, look how many of us forget our laundry!! I love it, lol.
    I have thought I must be the only one to struggle with smelly forgotten laundry……but no more, I will from now on, remember your coffee cream post and smile now when I smell that stanky forgotten laundry smell!!

    I think my 2 fave shots from this post, were of Lainey at the computer desk and Nella smilin’ it up big on your lap whilst you hold that delicious coffee :-)

    Thanks for such a fabulous post~

  159. Smiling Nella pictures just melt my heart!

  160. “Screw rank laundry and rashy boobs. I’ll take my glass-is-half-full, thank you very much.”

    …and that is why I’ll read your blog till the end of time! You’re the best, Kelle.

  161. Anonymous says:

    Literally laughed out loud at your “sunflower disclaimer”. You are too funny………

  162. I completely concur with the coffee!

    Loving the white shoe image…just precious!

    Fabulous red and white polka dot bathing suit!

    Nella Cordelia just happens to fit that lovely little baby PERFECTLY! It’s so fitting for her…she is so beautiful!

    What kind of bath seat do you have for her and do you like it? I’m looking for one for our baby…coming in about a month!

  163. After this one, I am inspired to go take a heavenly bath, and also to drink some creamy coffee. I LOVE that picture of Nella from your point of view, smiling and waving her arms. She looks like such a happy wiggly babe!

  164. ahh Kelle, I’ve been following your blog since Nella was born.(this is my first time commenting) You don’t know how many times I read your/Nella’s story and I cried EVERY TIME!
    I love reading your blog because every time I see your pictures and your beautiful girls…it makes me SMILE! Yes, they do!
    Miss Nella is a true beautiful soul and so perfect! Her big sister Lainey is such a cutie.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your pictures and lives with us.
    PS: beautiful dresses and shoes! Good job grandma!

  165. Anonymous says:

    glad to know i’m not the only one who gets stinky laundry :) your girls are precious!

  166. Nella’s eyes are like jewels.

    There is so much love in your smile. So refreshing to see, Thank you.


  167. Wow, your blog never disappoints.

    I dream of you taking pictures of me and my family for a day, just to see what you see.

    You bring this stranger alot of joy!!!!! Thanks!

  168. Anonymous says:

    You, your family, this blog…nothing short of amazing. I first found your blog from a link someone posted to sweet Nella’s birthstory on the I have been addicted ever since.

    My daughter was born with a rare kidney condition which required surgery at 14 months old to remove the badly damaged kidney. We found out on my 20 week ultrasound. I was devested and nearly drowned in my sorrow over what my sweet girl would have to go through. I felt so bad for her, for us, for our life that was supposed to be “perfect”…whatever that means. I spent her first 14 months in a constant state of anxiety and fear that something would go wrong during her surgery. I wasted so much time worrying. She’s now a completely healthy 23 month old sweet toddler. Sans one kidney, but that sure doesn’t hold her back. I wish I could’ve been the momma to her that you are to your girls, the momma who smiled through the hard times and just went with it. You are beautiful and amazing and you have seriously given me a whole new outlook on life. You make me want to be a happier, more carefree momma, wife, all of it. Thank You for that.

    Emily in Michigan

  169. The Little Nella Bean is really starting to look like Miss Lainey’s baby sister! Just looking at her eyes, I see Lainey! My little boy with the extra chromosomes is my only child who looks like me! Funny how those genes work! Tracy

  170. Anonymous says:

    I’m thirteen years old, and let me start by saying that I love all of your blogs. It’s my ever so unfulfilled dream to become a photographer, and a writer. I’m not sure how many thirteen year olds read your blog, but I think the reason I love it so much is because it makes me stop to think,”Hey, if she has been through alot and she is still a amazing photographer, writer, and a good person, then I can be too!” I also really enjoy hearing about Nella, and Lainey, because, I take care of my two little brothers all the time, we went through a hard time when my little sister died at age two months, and I’ve dreamed of taking care of a little girl, but I get to watch you and your beautiful daughters, so it’s all good! Your view on life is inspireing inspiring for me, Keep Writing,

  171. Anonymous says:

    I must share some more of my life with you, to let go in a way, I last told you about my little sister, but there, unfortunately, is more. Thank you for leting me express to someone, although you may not read this, Thanks anyway.
    After the death… well It’s not somthing I can say, but basicly, one of my family members started, ummm, not so good habits, it has effected us, and I’m the one who takes care of my brothers most of the time, and don’t get the wrong message, we are fine, safe, and lucky for the life we have, it’s just hard. But I do want to make sure you know that I thank you for your words of hope,

  172. Anonymous says:

    once more im writing, Just so you dont think that my lif is bad, because after reading what I wrote on the last two comments made it sound Way worse then it really is,luv the blog,

  173. crack me up! disclaimer..hahaha.

    am busy with end of school, beginning of summer (yum) and family visiting and have not had much computer time but just had to let you know…

    … crack me up!

    ps…all my white towels spent the evening in the washer the other day..FUNKEEE..oops..thank you God for bleach!

  174. I really think that Nella might be the most beautiful baby I have ever seen!!!

  175. “screw rank laundry and rashy boobs” might be the best line EVER. Haha, Love it!

  176. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog. I only commented once before, I usually just read the blog and some comments. I just read the one from Poppa…so sweet. I am preggo for the third time and praying for a healthy second child. My little girl just turned two and I am due in November. I work full-time and life will be hectic, but I will love every hectic minute, every finger print on the glass, and every toy on the floor. Because one day, it will all be gone….but exchanged for other great things.

  177. I just LOVE little Nella’s sweet smiles! :) You have a beautiful space here…I’ll be coming back for more!

  178. i like this. i like how you focus on the good and even though the little things happen that can make it bad – don’t seem to infere with your happy drunk view on life…(which is totally a good thing)
    thanks kelle.. love all the pics..missed you

  179. i like this. i like how you focus on the good and even though the little things happen that can make it bad – don’t seem to infere with your happy drunk view on life…(which is totally a good thing)
    thanks kelle.. love all the pics..missed you

  180. I don’t know you but I stumbled across your blog one day and I just love it. I love your voice in your writing and your photography is just breath taking. I especially love that I was having a bad day today and I just read this post. I feel better, much better and I have you to thank! So, thank you for sharing your life the way it is!! :)

  181. I love the shot of the baby with the coffee mug in the for ground. Great perspective.

  182. Hey Kelle, I just came on to see if you’d updated and noticed the new header…looks awesome!!!

  183. I just want to tell you that your blog is one of the things I look forward to reading every day. It’s like a little treat from the land of Motherhood and your pictures and stories are breathtaking! Your family is simply beautiful and I appreciate your honesty and frankness in describing your trials and tribulations along this wonderful journey of parenthood. I am a 40 year old mother to a 4 year old boy and thank God every day for the experience and honor to be his mom. Thank u for your life changing words..they make me feel like I’m not the only mom in the world who has doubts and fears and confusion but most of all they help me to feel connected. You are a gem!

  184. I must tell you. . . I really enjoy reading your blog. It always puts a smile on my face. My own blog can sometimes be a downer being about medical concerns however you always give me something brighter to look to! Thank you.

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