Memorial Day

It’s quiet. The hush inside the house with most of its inhabitants settling into late afternoon naps is complemented nicely with the staccato downpour of a comforting rain outside the house.

And by ‘most inhabitants,’ I mean everyone except myself and the little one who stretches happily next to me.


The girl has found her thumb. And I am quite entertained with cheering her on as she frantically fumbles her fist in front of her, rooting at her cluster of fingers until she finds it–that blessed thumb–and satisfactorily settling into a rhythmic suck.



Not that she needs the comfort. The little bean exemplifies the beauty of Chill and spent the weekend contented by nothing more than being surrounded by much love.



We welcomed friends this weekend. Good friends who came into our lives this year and have settled into new places in our hearts. And when new souls come into our lives for good reason, there’s just one place to take them to initiate new friendships…new futures.

Why, it’s the Isle of Capri, Baby. And our place delivered. Bringing us another magical day where we simply be. Existing contentedly, happily amongst sun and sand which saturated us with their presence and their reminder to drink it all in.

And that we did.





We swam. We kayaked. We sipped cold beer, dipped grouper in thick tarter sauce and slurped hot seafood chowder. We watched as littles ran from crabs and attempted to contain the gelatinous goop from jellyfish in their grasp.




We hugged hot babies that were cooled by the sea breeze and made beds for them between chairs in the shade.







We kissed the salty cheeks of sweaty toddlers and later marked the salty craters of low tide with the footprints of our friends.





We celebrated with dock dives and rollicking splashes.



…and then came the sunset. Oh, the sunset. The ceremonious end to a magical day.


The cue for last hoorahs and the grand finale of multi-hued light that slowly fades past the horizon while bodies transfigure to mystical silhouettes.




And, as darkness curtains over the beach, we head inside the tiki hut for just a little more. The last dance of the night…another dollar on the bar beam, another notch on the belt of Really Good Times.



…and the last of her sweet smiles for the night before the jammied little body, souveniered with sand, settles into her sleep hunch in the car seat next to her sister on the long ride home.


To our new beautiful friends–David & Nadya and Meg…you’ve been sworn in. You’ve shared “our place.” That’s love, you know. And to our “old” friends…thank you for joining us again for an incredible weekend…where many more memories shall bloom.


…and that’s Memorial.


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  1. No way, I might be the first comment! As for this blog — what a way to celebrate all our military men and women have fought to give us. Beautiful, and thanks for taking me along.

  2. Your girls are beautiful! :)

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow – I love those silhouette pictures! They would be on my wall for sure! And those smiles – priceless. :)

  5. I am wishing i was at the beach!!! But really you help me to see the beauty in everyday… I always look forward to reading your posts, never fails to make me smile, cry, just plain feel alive :)

  6. i wonder how far that is from my inlaws. . . they live in cape coral. looks like a magical place!

  7. What a wonderful weekend! I just put my boys to bed and I’m enjoying the silence (except for the fabulous music on your blog!)as the sun fades away into night. I find myself recapping our weekend – fantastic Indiana weather, the hum of the race cars at the Indy 500, and lots of good times with family and friends. Memories.

    It looks like your weekend was just as wonderful – as always, thanks for sharing with us and for inspiring us to stop and enjoy the memories that we are making even in the smallest things. 😉

    By the way – love the sunset silhouette pictures. They are gorgeous!

  8. that last picture of nella smiling so big just put a smile on my face for like one entire minute straight! what a fabulaous place that is! and so glad you all had a wonderful time!

  9. What more could you ask for in a weekend – family, friends, sun, relaxation….and Nella’s all encompassing, vibrant baby laugh. I can actually feel it through your pictures. As always, true beauty is expressed through your pictures and words…. Thank you for sharing with the world. (And thank you for Renee & Jeremy – love it! I bought one cd for my 6 month old Kate and one for an expecting friend.)

  10. Great sunset pictures!

  11. As usual, gorgeous pictures and a perfect description of your weekend. Love how you capture all the little fun things, like jumping off a dock – those pictures are so fun to look at!
    Have a great week!

  12. I always get so excited when I see there is a new post, I grab something sweet, get cozy and drink it all in. thank you for sharing your world with us, it makes me look around and see all the beauty in mine as well!!

  13. Lexi L. says:

    Once again you never fail to make me smile! Lubbing Nellas big smile, and Laineys beautiful eyes! Isle of Capri looks sooo much fun! Its already got a place in my heart! What a wonderful way to spend Memorial Day, the weather was absolutley bootyful! Cant wait to see you again! Send my love!
    Lexi L.

  14. Knowing her as I do, I can just feel the determination and destination in Lainey’s walk on the dock…she is her mother, on her way and no one better get in the way! And the thumb…our little sprite continues her march into life, with the same determination as her big sister. I keep saying, I expecte much from her, and will accept all that arrives. I just want to help her to always hold high her beautiful face, look to the brightest lights around her. I want her to take her place at the table. I want her to initiate conversation. I want her to walk ahead and not behind. I want her to embrace her “differences” as “distinctions” and not deficits. I want her to claim a lead and not a supporting role in our life together. And it starts with little things…like finding a thumb. Happy Memorial Day…the sun sets and covers us all with its magical hues and puts to bed a good day, a good weekend. I love your friends–that you have them, and that they…have YOU!

  15. Poppa, I like the notion of her taking the lead…thats just how I feel about my kiddos most days when all seems to be going their way! If only everyone looked at differences as distinctions, not deficits…that should lead to world peace, ya know!
    Kelle, I sit here after a perfectly wonderful Memorial Day, but its like the cherry on top of a Sundae to see that you’ve updated! I can feel the peace and love from the Isle, and now my day is complete!

  16. natalie says:

    I have a little thumb sucker as well! Sunset pictures are so beautiful, as are all the rest!

  17. Anonymous says:

    So perfectly written Poppa!
    Kelle, another gorgeous post!! They just keep getting more delicious to read. You have a beautiful life and your Isle of Capri is such a MAGICAL place to create memories with loved ones! Thanks for sharing!
    From Canada (where it snowed ALL weekend! YES, snowed, so I really do love the beach pictures…brings warmth to our cold weather)

  18. oh that isle of capri looks splendid! wanna go there so bad! SO bad!
    happy memorial day!

  19. Love this happy post and all of the amazing photos in it! Love that Brett can’t help but look at his girl instead of the camera in these photos! Love the look of happiness on all of your faces. Reading this might just be the perfect end to an awesome weekend! Thank you! :-)

  20. A simply scrumptious post…thank you for sharing, always. Much love

  21. Thank you for sharing your day. Beautiful as always. I need to know how you do your sunset shots. I have tried a few, and cant seem to capture those true colors. The one with the Daddy & Lainey…wow!

  22. what a beautiful memory indeed.. and nobody can comment like Poppa

    bless :)

  23. I would definitely have to agree – a day that was very memorial. I found your blog last week and I have a 4 month old little girl, love seeing yours making some of the same expressions as mine and the thumb sucking. Your posts help remind me of all of the good out there, especially in the tough time in my life lately. Thank you for writing your posts and sharing pictures of your beautiful family!

  24. Simply beautiful…you always make me want to move to Florida so that I can “have” an isle of capri to visit! The pictures are of course gorgeous and you all look like you had a wonderful time. Once again thanks for the chance for some vicarious living…I needed that tonight.

  25. oh and boy do I just love your dad! Way to go Poppa, you are the best!

  26. Anonymous says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sunset pic of Lainey and Brett!! I have been following your blog for almost a year now and I must say it gets better everytime, every post. Thank you for opening up and sharing your life. You make me (us) want to aspire to be better…people, parents, neighbors, friends. Thank you!

  27. Eek!! Nella is so edible! She is getting to be a little chunker! You must want to munch on her arms all day long. Her smile just warms my heart… Your pictures really capture her personality!!

  28. I went kayaking for the first time this weekend. Super fun! Love this post!

  29. Thanks for sharing! I am so inspired by you!!! I love seeing all of the different photo’s.

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  31. Pictures are great and the girls are so lovely . I really would like to enjoy the fun at the beach with you , so come on please invite me .

  32. I love your blog and your willingness to share. I stumbled upon it more than a month ago (or did I? – a stronger power leads us to what we need). I have been a special ed teacher for 32 years. Your family will be fine as you embark upon a journey that you did not anticipate. You fill my heart with your upbeat family news. I am divorced after 30 years of marriage (wow! – it was never in my plan – major life changes occur in a heartbeat, don’t they?). Our only child – 22 years old – is working on a renewed relationship with her dad after four years without his parenting. They are together at the beach this weekend and the phone has rung constantly, especially today, with her heartbreaking pain as she makes sense of his past neglect . I needed your beautiful words and pictures today! Take care!

  33. I too am always excited when I see a new post. I love your enthusiasm for life! I love reading your Poppa’s comments as much as your blog! Thanks for sharing

  34. Loving the growing chubby arms! She’s just so beautiful. Thanks for once again sharing your special Isle with us. Here’s to soaking up life….

  35. Anonymous says:

    Don’t have much to say other then: (: Thanks for sharing another magical day in the life Kelle!

    – Kayla.

  36. Where is Isle of Capri? It looks magical….

  37. says:

    A beautifl day for my family too. No beach or sand but we spent the day with family and friends BBQ ing and just being us. Me, the baby whisperer,holding my 4 week old grand daugher, watching her sleep in my arms, with all the others laughing and talking. a beautiful day!!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    You and your girlfriends are some hot mamas…looks like a blast!

  39. Oh my that Nella smile is BREATHTAKING! Love that picture! Missing my US Memorial Day weekend way up here in Canada!

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  41. love your blog, I always enjoy seeing your beautiful pics and reading about your adventures, but I have to admit I love poppa too!!! I always read his comments, you see I too have an adoring father and grandfather there is just nothing like em!! Keep on keepin on poppa and Kelle.

  42. The first of the two family photos is exceptionally GORGEOUS!

  43. did i ever mention i have a weak spot for thumb-suckers? i was one myself and think it is one of the cutest things ever … a baby sucking their thumb! now add a binky (blanket) to the mix and it would be all over!!

    your girls are beautiful, and i love watching them “grow”!

    love the vibrant pictures from IOC! my faves are: nella in her basket, the b&w one of you loving your bean and the last family pic!!
    (i just realized, it’s been a long time since i wrote out my fav pic list … and i’ve missed it!)

    happy memorial weekend, dear friend!

  44. Absolutely love that last photo! I always look forward to your posts, Kelle. They are fabulous!

  45. Your girls are so gorgeous. As are you. I really, really, really love the close ups of Nella. You’re so right. She is an old and wise soul. And the ones of her laughing? There maybe no sweeter sight in the world. I now check your blog every night before I lay me down to sleep. You never fail to inspire my mind to retrace my day to remember all the magical, simple moments that make life so beautiful. And believe it or not, my dreams are visually prettier now, too. They must be taking queues from your incredible photography and beautiful words. THank you Kelle Hampton. You touch thousands of lives in so many meaningful ways, just by allowing us to share your life. From thousands of miles away.

  46. Ohhh Kelle.
    I am always amazed at the way you take what can easily become – and sadly most often is – “ordinary” day-to-day life and make it completely MAGICAL. Every one of your days feels like Christmas morning. So many presents just waiting to be unwrapped and savored.
    Your zeal for life and all of its little wonders – the way you are in awe of them every day – it astounds me. And I’m so very glad to find that it is contagious.
    You have such great attention to detail – salty, sweaty toddler cheeks, and jammied smiling babes, you notice and the beauty of it all is not lost on you.
    Sometimes I will read your blog thinking, “Sheesh! Why don’t I notice these things?!” but then I find that after walking away from the computer, I do notice them.
    It’s catching. This crazy me-lub-life thing is catching.

    So glad to catch your ‘tude :)

  47. I swear I can hear Nella’s laugh in your photos… how do you do that?!? Convey smell & sound & touch through your images…. just delicious. So glad you had an amazing day at your magical place.

  48. my favorite is that on one of the close ups of Lainy, you can see little speckles on her cute nose. Such joy!

  49. That last picture of Nella smiling so big would put a smile on anyone’s face.

  50. Lainey*

  51. Anonymous says:

    Saw this blog ( and almost thought it was yours!!

  52. Sunsets… silhouettes… smiles…. sharing it with friends…what a splendid Memorial Day!

    Another beautiful post.


  53. My little one is only a few weeks older than Nella and she has discovered her thumb too. It is the cutest thing and it fascinates me as my 2 year old was never a thumb sucker.

  54. Beautiful words and photos! So enjoy reading your posts!

  55. Anonymous says:

    I wrote for the second time yesterday mentioning I liked your Poppa’s entry. After reading your blog today, I found myself looking for his entry.

    I now look forward to reading his posts. What a great man to have as a father…you are truly blessed.

  56. Thumb suckers roooock ^_^

  57. Loving your Isle of Capri and loving seeing the love you have for it.

    Happy start to summer!

    Question: when you take pictures as the sun is setting, how do you take them so the silhouettes are so clear?

  58. Kelle- I can’t believe now big Nella is now! She is such a doll – how I wish I could stretch my arms and give her a huge hug and a kiss! And Lainey – she is so grown up! It is so wonderful to be able to watch your girls grow:)

  59. Nella.Is.Divine!!

  60. Shari H says:

    The pictures of Nella sucking her thumb are adorable. Her smile is so cute!!! Lainey loves going there, you can see it in her smile. Thanks for sharing with us

  61. Your Memorial looks and sounds fantastic. I love all the photos especially the happy babies. I love everyone’s smiles. Definitely captured the fun and love y’all had.

  62. Abosolutely gorgeous- you seem to be surrounded by true beauty, inside and out.


  63. Looks like a fantastic long weekend.

    My Kat, who is nearly two, just loves looking at pictures of your girls and is so cute when she says “tickle tickle nella” trying to tickle every pic of nella pudgy little toes!

    Thanks again for sharing in your beautiful life. And hello to Poppa and all his wonderful wisdom.

  64. omg I love Nella’s eyes closed smiles =)

  65. you should not allow your child to suck her thumb. i cannot believe you are promoting this on your blog.

    – anonymous.

    Bwahahahaha, i had to. love you!

  66. ok so joking aside, i LOVE that nella sucks her thumb! “thumbsuckers” are just so stinking cute!!! thumbs are so convenient for mama and baby to find! 😉

    love to thumbsuckers all over!

    – from a former thumbsucker and a mama of a thumbsucker!

    oh and i think i counted only 2 swimsuit changes and 1 outfit change for Lainey…did my eyes deceive me?

  67. ,,,she found her thumb,,,yahoo! i echo the comment above “thumb suckers ROCK! (smile),,,
    oh it tasted so good in the day,,,i remember when (smile),,,

  68. Awe she found her thumb! My daughter was a thumbsucker/hair twirler. Be it my hair or her’s. She did it till 8 years of age and to our amazement she has the most impeccably straight teeth! So, out with all the “data” that it isn’t good for teeth! My child proved it wrong. And everyone who spoke against it! I could not take her thumb away! So, enjoy your thumb Nella! :o)

  69. What a fantastic day! So glad your Memorial Day was filled with sun and sand and littles. That equals magic for sure!

  70. Laylani says:

    You and your friends are gorgeous! Brunette brigade!

  71. What a great blog and what a great Poppa you have! I look forward to his comments almost as much as your posts! You’ve been such a source of inspiration to me. . . you music (added some to my blog), your outlook, and those swimsuits:) Wishing you all the best.

  72. Every time I see you falling / I’ll get down on my knees and pray / I’m waiting for the final moment / You’ll say the words that I can’t say…

    Beautiful family! Beautiful pictures! What a magical weekend!

    Your girls look just like you and Brett. C:

    “Whatever relationships you have attracted in your life at this moment, are precisely the ones you need in your life at this moment. There is a hidden meaning behind all events, and this hidden meaning is serving your own evolution.” -Deepak Chopra

  73. OMG, that first song! It’s Frente!! I haven’t heard them since I was in college at the University of New Hampshire! Love it!!

    Beautiful pictures…..and you have a beautiful family! I so enjoy following your blog!

    Photography question – if you have time – I’m am amateur who is learning as I play – and I want to learn how to take those silhouette beach pictures! Any tips?

  74. You have a mida’s touch, whatever you capture through your lens, becomes beautiful!

  75. It’s hard to capture the full glory of a sunset, but somehow you manage. I know I say this every time I comment, but seeing you girls grow in front of my very eyes is so cool. And I love that you take the time to get to know one place so well. I do too, with my small town in Vermont…somehow, every visit is magic. Thank you!

  76. Hi Kelle… lovin your blog… it brightens my day. Your family is the cutest. I’ve read all the way back to the beginning, and I love the way you’ve evolved from your first posts… Anyways, I know your love of “Dick & Jane” shoes for kids, and was wondering if you’ve heard of the brand See Kai Run. Their shoes are classic w/ a funky twist, and buttery soft leather. ( I’m not affiliated with them, but looking at their website today reminded me of you. Hope you’re having a fantastic day (as I’m sure you are). Your daughters are lucky to have you! XOXO

  77. Your pictures NEVER cease to amaze me. Just beautiful!! :)

  78. I have a thumb-sucking-sweeting too! Thank God for the thumb. It promises for a future date with the orthodontist – but I welcome it!
    Great Memorial Date pics mama! Beeee-uuuu-tees!

  79. Hey! Im a 21 year old girl from Norway (so my english is not the best!) I felled in love with your blog the moment i found it! And im reading it every day! I got tears in my eyes reading about nella cordelias birth, and think you are fantastic! And so is your family! Nella Cordelia is beautiful…She tok my heart the moment i saw her, she is the cutest and sweetest baby with ds i have ever seen! You must be so proud…I also felles in love with the name, Nella Cordelia, i know its not a norwegian name, but the moment i read it, i knew, that is what my baby girl is gonna be named! When I get one:p I was reading it out loud to my self, for minutes, it was so perfect! So no, i have put it on a shit of paper, and its laying in my wallet:)

    I just love your blog, and your family! Even if i dont know you!

    From Malin.

  80. Fun day!

  81. I spent the weekend falling in love with your blog and your family. You are incredible!

  82. Ooh……… the 2 family pictures are absolutely adorable. So incredibly sweet. I feel love when I look at them. : )

  83. That girl in the white dress is stupid beautiful.

  84. I have been reading your posts for several months and I am truly amazed at the beauty in your life. You seem to capture it in the most unique way and to spread that beauty to everyone who reads your blog. I have never been disappointed and it always inspires me to try to cherish every moment with my sweet 14 month old daughter, Marin. Now if only I had someone to take beautiful family shots of us! I’m so jealous of the memories you will have when looking at these pictures in the future.

  85. i think everyone would agree with me…poppa needs a blog!!! we’d all be followers!! what a beautiful family with beautiful friends!! makes my day to read a new blog post from kelle!!

  86. Kelle, the colors and silhouettes of sunset gave me chills! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing another fantastic day with us!

  87. yah for nella finding her thumb. I look forward to that discovery for my little Molly b/c she hates a paci. Anna Cate (4) tries to push it on her as if to say, “listen sister it is as good as crack and I wish I could still suck on one!”

    Beautiful pics and precious thoughts! I’m so glad I started reading you!!

  88. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last picture of your family!! And the picture of Nella laughing just melts my heart, it’s so stinking cute! Looks like you all had a wonderful holiday!


    ps. you and all of your girl friends are so beautiful!

  89. Great pix per usual, Kelle. So nice to see you Sunday.
    Yes, let’s definitely do lunch! Would love to find a seaside dive……….

  90. That picture of Nella smiling is ADORABLE!! You can’t look at that picture and not smile! You have the most beautiful family and remind me that everyday can be beautiful.

  91. Nella’s jaw breaking grin is wonderful. Glad that you had another magical day on your isle.

    -Jennifer (Tallcurlygirly)

  92. dear merciful heavens. just when i thought nella bean couldn’t get any cuter then you post a picture of her sucking her thumb??!! I die. I die.. I was still oohing and ahhhing over that when i hit the giggle face. too stinkin cute for words!!

  93. Anonymous says:

    I just love your blog. You are such an inspiring mama with a beautiful family. Thanks for something great to read :)

  94. Anonymous says:

    Well, its officially Winter here in Australia, so your Isle of Capri post was the exact presciption of warmth that I needed today :)
    I just love that Nella sucks her thumb- self-soothing babes rock.

    Allison in Australia

  95. Anonymous says:

    seeing the sweet pictures of your baby is theraputic for the soul thank you for sharing them :)

  96. wow. your sunset photos are gorgeous.but what i really enjoy is your wonderful writing.i like how you describe your daughter and her new interest in thumbsucking. it reminds me of God’s love, and how he knows us inside out, down to the details, including a babys’ new found fascination in her own thumb.

  97. Deborah says:

    Kelle, some more exeptional pics of Nella, just beautiful, my favorite has to be the one of her in the mirror with you, she’s possing with you, she’s starting to know the camera I think …*winks* …You know often second and third children usually don’t get as many pictures of themselves, parents don’t have time etc, but I can see it will not be the case with Nella, you capture her beauty so well and so often …Thanks so much for sharing her with us ….
    Deborah, the Canadian Nurse …

  98. OMG, your shots are beautiful. I especially love the sunset ones. and of course I love the way you share your experiences.

  99. What a great way to spend the long weekend! My grandparents used to winter in Naples, but I’ve never been to Isle of Capri – obviously that has made its way to my to-do-in-life list!

    You’ve really inspired me to capture the little things in life – I’ve made it a point to take photos every day of what makes me happy and I love looking at my photo blog and reminding myself of what makes it all worth it!

  100. Kelle,
    Fantastic post as usual! What an amazing weekend! And Nella smiles!!! OH those smiles!!! I literally laugh out loud! They make me so happy!

    I am in tears after reading your comment. Your words are so touching. And what you said this time hits home for me. Especially these words:
    ” I want her to take her place at the table. I want her to initiate conversation. I want her to walk ahead and not behind. I want her to embrace her “differences” as “distinctions” and not deficits.”

    My daughter was born with a large tumor on her face which grew as time progressed. It has since been removed but leaves a dark yet beautiful scar covering her left cheek. I have learned to love and embrace her for it. Gives her such great character and your words are my exact wishes. You worded them beautifully. Thank you for picking my head up today and making me smile knowing my little girl is going to be just fine :)


  101. I’m sitting here snuggling my own Florida baby, and just wanted to let you know that your pictures make me want to visit the Isles of Capri so badly. I think I have my husband talked into it…it’s only a few hours away! :)

  102. Souvenired with sand – I love that!!

  103. i LOVE the color in your photos! do you edit? what program do you use?

  104. love love this post! love your cute suit too!

  105. Anonymous says:

    god is sooo good, isnt he?
    your babies are adorable
    a marshmellow, and a minauture marshmellow.
    so sweet you just wanna eat em up!

  106. I always feel so zen after reading your blog. Looks like a great time!

  107. I love your pictures and your words, they always touch my heart!!! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your joy!!!

  108. What a beautiful place! Oh Nella’s gummy grin. I love it. You can tell she is full of so much love and joy.

  109. What a beautiful place! Oh Nella’s gummy grin. I love it. You can tell she is full of so much love and joy.

  110. Anonymous says:

    Your blog has become my therapy. Thank goodness it’s so cheap! It’s working…

  111. Tara, I wish I could meet your precious one, draw her close and whisper, “You’re beautiful” in such a way, she hears it for a thousand tomorrows.

  112. I was already excited about parenthood before Don Miller suggested I read your blog.

    And when I read Nella’s birth story, I fell apart (ugly crying) because I thought, I’m not the only person who is afraid of the not-perfect (or what I thought was not-perfect before I read your blog).

    Thank you for your honesty. I am so so so excited to be a mommy because you reminded me that every gift from God is good and perfect even if it looks different from what I expected.

    You rock. I hope I am as present and as invested in my family and sweet future-babies are you are with your own family.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  113. Your last few posts have got me so giddy for summer – I’ve pulled out our “summer tunes” – the collection of dusty cds we blast in the backyard or in the car wherever we go – and our 3 year old dances around as her 8 month old sister looks at her like she might be a little crazy, until finally it gets the best of her and she breaks out into the grin our little Ava had been looking for all along. Its wonderful & beautiful and only summer can bring this kind of joy. As I read your posts about the Isle of Capri, I can hear Jack Johnson’s Better Together playing in my head. Give it a listen – if anyone does summer music, this man has it down to an art. Thank you once again for showing the joy of motherhood, the joy of being a wife, and friend.. and the joy in loving someone with an extra 21st.

  114. Anonymous says:

    ,,,triple love the “new” header/banner,,,

  115. Anonymous says:

    Love, love, love….your new blog header!! So full of laughter and happiness. Also, cute that Nella looks to be waving or signing “mommy”.

    Jill B. (Overland Park, KS)

  116. What a lovely new header Kelle : )
    I love your blog, its amazing!

  117. OMG i am totally loving your new header!!! you never fail to amaze me, miss kelle. awesome.

  118. Christina says:

    Wow, Kelle LOVE the new blog look,….you are GORGEOUS..on top of all those great characteristics that make you beautiful…gorgeous & are blessed!!

  119. I love how you look at all the world around you and find the good in those small places most people overlook. Your girls are absolutely amazing – thank you for sharing your words and beautiful pictures. You have inspired me to learn more about the amazing camera my husband gave me for Christmas this past year, and to start documenting our life! I hope you continue this wonderful blog for many MANY years to come…

  120. This comment has been removed by the author.

  121. Poppa,
    Thank you so much. You are an amazing man. I’m using your last words as advice and will make sure she always knows just how beautiful she is.


  122. one of these days i’m going to have to take a trip to this lovely place of the isles of Capri!

    looks like you guys had a blast! and nella is beautiful as ever and growing fast.

    looking forward to reading more as summer arrives and your adventures contiue.


  123. I LOVE this…absolutely LOVE it. Thanks so much:))

  124. I love your blog! It gives me such hope…God Bless you for having such a great attitude on life.

  125. What a beautiful little life you have! Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  126. First of all I have to say I love love your blog. You make me want to be a better mom *and photographer* You’re way of thinking is so inspiring! Love it, and your girls… gorgeous! 😀

    Anyway, a friend of mine on facebook just announced her new etsy shop… and after looking at the stuff she has I thought of you! There are little woodsy fairy crowns and knit hats with bunny ears! I thought, that is SO Kelle Hampton! :)

  127. Yup! And I forgot to post the link! 😀

  128. dear kelle,
    I hope you read this comment.
    What a great way to spend your memoorial day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your little kids are very cute

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