My Girl & Her Really Fabulous Party.

I could go the complete sappy, I’m-gunna-cry route where I wax on about what yesterday really meant–that she’s three. That she’s taught me so much this past year. That three years actually seperates me from the moment her little self was placed in my outstretched arms and my old heart was replaced with a new one. But I won’t…because she’s not really three until Tuesday, and that gets its own post. But I will tell you about her party.

Parties are my thing. I thrive on planning them. Used to throw an annual Halloween bash that was hard core and rocked my world during the three months I planned for it. But I don’t throw many these days…except when it comes to celebrating the moment they entered my world. Because I can’t think of anything better to celebrate so big than a birthday. A Birth Day. The Birth of love and wonder and goodness like no other.

So, we go big. And after months of planning, when it’s all unleashed, I cry. I cry watching all the littles arrive…watching my girl’s big eyes and shy smile and realization that this is all to celebrate her life. Her day. I cry hearing music and laughter and mamas and kids and knowing that this day celebrates not only the joy she brings to us but the joy our friends bring to her.

With no further ado…a very fabulous Pink Garden Fairy Party for my love, my girl, my sprite, and her very sweet friends.




We ate in the woods. Had a glitter path (fairy dust, of course) leading the littles to a clearing among trees and pink tissue flowers, hanging fairies and pine cones and there, in the midst, sat a flowery table of pink just waiting for their smiles. Oh, I loved watching them arrive…finding their lunches, making their seat selections. And we mamas stood by aching from smiles taking it in…our sweet fairy littles.







My girlfriend, Rebecca, came down from Indianapolis to be with us this week and be a part of Lainey’s party, and she handmade all these little wooden fairies which hung from trees.




And all our girl fairies found tutus and hats pinned to a clothesline while our boys–or garden gnomes, as we called them–found Peter Pan hats.




And my girls? Oh, my girls. They made the sweetest pixies ever. And my heart was so happy seeing them together on our special day.





We painted fairy houses and hung them in the trees to dry. And I do believe, Lainey took every party guests’ painted house and painted over it again because I saw her at the painting station all of about a hundred times throughout the day and heard a couple kids at the end when they went to pick up their house say, “Hey, someone painted over my house.” I said nothing, of course.




And the fairy dust was a big hit too…




The yard was covered in pink fairy feathers because, of course, those silly fairies arrived in the night bringing lots of birthday wishes for our girl and her friends.


Lots of sweet fairy things to eat…


And the most beautiful fairy garden cake ever, made by my dear friend Amy whose cakes not only scream talent and beauty but even more so love because she only does this for friends and she spends hours making sure it’s perfect. When she walked in the door the other night with this beauty, my heart flipped and I wanted to cry because it was more than perfect. Thank you, sweet friend.



But mostly what I love about these parties? I love the littles. I love watching them take it all in. I love watching them interacting, sharing, loving. I love hearing them laugh and squeal and knowing that we will be doing this for a very long time–taking turns celebrating every year of each of these sweet spirits. I love the celebration and the fact that the feeling of birthday and love and gratitude is so real, you can almost touch it. It really is magic.






We are so blessed to know these little souls and honored to have them all a part of our lives. They make it all the sweeter.





The littles went home with pails of dirt and seeds to start their own fairy gardens and the mamas went home with some enchanted bubble bath…



And at the end of the day…it was so worth it. Every hour of work, every hot glue gun burn. It just felt so perfect, and my heart was overwhelmed with joy for my girl and the celebration of life. Last year, at Lainey’s party, I was pregnant with Nella and didn’t know it. And I thought about that yesterday. Thought about how our family was complete then but I didn’t even know. But now…after a long year and long stretches of growth and challenges, here we are celebrating life again and we are so complete. I felt…happy.


My girl is turning three…



…and what joy this past year has brought.


And so we celebrated. With my girl and her really fabulous party.
Happy Birthday, you beautiful, lively little sprite.


And more to come this week from my first real night out in over a year and from the day my sweet girl turns three.

Celebrating life…and celebrating it as big and beautiful as we can.


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  1. I love it! It’s beautiful! and shame on you for making us wait a whole day for this post! hehe!

  2. What a great party planner you are! Everything looks perfect and so, so sweet! It looks to have been enjoyed by all…how fun!

  3. Thank you for sharing your life with us, the world!

    Your posts inspire me…to be the best that I CAN be, no matter what cards you are delt…just to be happy.

    Happy birthday to your darling girl!

  4. Wow! What a wonderful party! Great job Momma! You are creating such memories for your girls!

  5. They all look SO cute dressed as fairies! It looks like it was a real success.

  6. What a gorgeous party! Love the fairy theme & your girls look adorable. :)

  7. looks like you throw some really amazing parties! your girls are going to be so thankful when they’re older and able to look back on these memories :]

  8. What a great memory for Lainey! How very special to know you are so loved!!

  9. What a magical day your little sprite had! I too well up with tears at big moments with my kids. I just can’t believe how awesome motherhood really turned out to be!

    Happy Birthday sweet little one!

  10. As always… Beautiful!!

  11. Beautiful! I love the details you put into the party. That is truly a beautiful day and Lainey will always remember the fairy party. :)

  12. Your Lainey is so lucky. You are an incredible mother Kelle Hampton. I think you should start another section on the blog just devoted to crafting how to’s. I have much to learn. You are my inspiration. I LOVE how you love your littles. Xoxo Geenie

  13. Lainey looks so beautiful, as do you all! Happy Birthday to her!

  14. What a beautiful day it was indeed!!! So glad to see that everyone enjoyed themselves!!! I almost shed a tear just looking at the pictures and reading your story.

  15. What an amazing birthday party! I love the detail in all of it!! Happy 3rd Birthday, Lainey Love!!

  16. The party looks absolutley beautiful, Kelle! What an awesome job you did planning..such great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing the special day! LOVE it!

  17. You are beautiful in those photos with your big Kelle smile. I am in love with the photos of Love from the back, walking into her threedome. So glad it was the day you hoped for. And, looks like it exceeded Lainey’s expectations. Good job, mama.

  18. Beautiful, magical party! I can’t wait to throw the first one for my daughter this year. I love planning and creating parties too. And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who gets those darn hot glue gun burns.

    Thanks for sharing,

  19. What an amazing detail and all the hard work you put in on the party. Lainey and Nella both look adorable. You inspire me to be a better mother and a better person. Very cute fun party for all those little fairies. Happy Birthday Lainey!

  20. Thank you for shairing such a beautiful day with us all. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

  21. sooooo amazing!!
    beautiful party!

  22. that is so precious!! how creative and beautiful!!

  23. I am always amazed at the way you love your littles. I love my girls (of course!) but did not take the time to truly enjoy each and every stage and cherish them for the blessings they are. Now they are teens and our time in the same home is growing short. I know I cannot go back, but you encourage me to savor the moments we do have.

    I love the everything about the party! What fabulous memories.
    Lainey is such a cutie all decked out. And the pic of Nella laughing at the end is AMAZING!

  24. Also, did you coordinate everyone to wear pink and green? love.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Kelle Hampton-you are incredible! What a fabulous celebration of life, love, family and friends for your beautiful Lainey Love! That’s what I really enjoy about birthday parties-the positive energy that explodes when loved ones celebrate another year. You are blessed with such love!! Thank you for sharing Lainey’s day with all of us!

    And all the party details…you didn’t miss a thing! I too put a ton of time and details into my littles’ parties and YES it is all worth it…pure joy!

    We too celebrated life yesterday-our son’s 9th birthday, with a mini-triathlon theme and my 40th, a slumber party/martini night with the girls…a FUNtastic time at both celebrations!! ( I can’t believe I’m not in bed snoring the night away right now!?) And yes the “feeling of love and gratitude is so real” at these gatherings…”it really is magic”

    …and Nella’s HUGE smile tells it all!

    From Canada

  26. What a magical party! One she will remember for a long time. You did an awesome job Kelle.


    Jennifer Leal

  27. PLEASE O PLEASE come do my son’s first birthday LOL! That is just so awesome!!! We’re doing a firefly theme this year and for the life of me I can’t come up with any cute ideas other then the theme lol! Happy Birthday Lainey!

  28. LOVE it! Happy Birthday to your sweet Lainey Love. She looks absolutely precious, and the party looks like it was SO MUCH FUN ~ you did a fabulous job. The last picture of Nella has to be one of my most favorite EVER! BEAUTIFUL littles, beautiful family!

  29. I’ve been reading for quite a while. you are a Special Mommy, Your story and your Girls are beautiful. Your Photographs tell a story each and every one. Your Party Creating Skills are as Wonderful as your photos. I was born in Naples and when I read your Sweet Girls were born in Naples Community Hospital I was really hooked. I was born in that same Hospital 43 years ago. Small World, Please keep sharing your Beautiful life in words and photos, it puts a smile on my face each time I read your words and admire your photos. Jamie


    that is a truly magical setting, it …could it be that that is…your back garden? It is like a secret wedding dell, it is so exotic and stunning.

    When I was a little girl I would have been absolutely transported by that wonderful experience you created (in fact, still would be) – every detail will have been drunk in by their fantastic imaginations.

    I have to say Nella makes just the most perfect little flower fairy with that headband (and I know because big flower fairy fan). I should think Brett must have been just about overcome with the vision of loveliness in pink his three girls made!

    I love that collective photo, so much happiness and mothering and friendship and childhood joys all in one place. And it takes more than even the most fabulous decorations to make that happen.

    But the fairy dust! And the fairy dust bottles!

    Thank you for giving us this post which I’ve discovered just before bed…I hope I dream that I’m in an enchanted forest with exotic Florida plants…

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lainey, with that magic combination of blondeness and then those eyes, she is a little sprite…

  31. MMMMMMMMMMM I can’t wait to throw my littles extravagant parties such as this one! I love how much detail you put into it, I can see why you enjoy it so much. Happy 3rd Birthday to Lainey!

  32. I’m pretty sure you are the best party host…EVER! haha. I think we need to be friends, just so I can attend one of your fabulous parties!! 😉

    xoxo, Sarah

  33. Thank you for sharing your journey! I just had a girls nite at my house for my cousin who is getting married in 3 weeks, SO EXCITED!!! Your blog was all that her and her sisters could talk about. So when they left this morning I got right to reading all about your journey. You are so inspriational. I will continue to be a follower, and hope that you will follow my journey to being a new parent of a 3 month old boy. It took us quite some time to be blessed with conceiving him through IVF but every giggle, smile and cry makes it so worth it. Happy blogging:

    Napa, CA

  34. Incredible Kelle. I have never seen a party like that before, it’s amazing! You leave me wondering what fairly chariot wheels are made of….are those oreos tucked under there? From the shape of the pink pixie potion container down to the pink ribbons tied around the bubble bath, it’s absolutely perfect.

    Happy Birthday Lainey!


    P.S In LOVE with that last picture of Nella smiling!

  35. WOW~ so fabulous! Love every detail! And Heidi looks so beautiful in that picture behind the fairy dust sprinkling! But my favorite might just be the group shot of all the adorable children and the moms! Everyone looks so happy to be celebrating such a sweet girl’s little life!

    It truly looked enchanting! Thank you for sharing the details and hoping that the week continues with fun celebrations!


  36. Wow, the most anticipated post in the history of the blogosphere, the one that I’ve been waiting on…and waiting on…and waiting on….and it…


    Astonishing and amazing. Pure wonderment.

    Well, you swung for the fences on this one, and yup, it’s outta the ballpark!

    Oh my sweet goodness, that CAKE?!!!! I LOVE it, love especially the ‘schrooms…your friend is v. talented.

    And love all the signs, “Fairy fly zone.” HA!!!

    And all the sumptuous, luscious details in the tutus for the beautiful fairies, the hats for the handsome gnomes, the fairy dust and feathers, everything is PERFECT!

    Lainey looks euphoric and Nella looks so content and happy, all of you look like your hearts are brimming with joy that radiates from inside.

    You are an incredible momma.

    Congratulations on an extraordinary celebration!

    – iColossus

  37. What a perfect birthday party for your little girl! My little guy turned 3 just this past Thursday. But, with a party nowhere near that extravagent! Wow! So precious. I love all the little details! The fairy potion (aka..punch) and the fairy dust. So creative and cute!!! Good job!

  38. Also, we have that same beach ball sprinkler and my kids LOVE it! So cool! :)

  39. All I can say is…WOW!!! Your talents are immeasurable and your love for your daughters is beautiful. It looks like it was an amazing party – happy birthday, Lainey!
    Just so you know – I often slip onto my computer to read your blog in the middle of the night, right after nursing my little. It’s one of my favourite things to do. The house is quiet and still, and it’s just ME time…love spending that ME time with YOU!!
    All the best to you, Kelle – please keep filling us in on the joys of your life.

  40. mommy of two girls too says:

    Helllo Party-Planner Extraordinaire! What a lovely Birthday Party for Lainey! Looks like there was lots of fun to be had! Happy Day-O-Birth sweet girl! 😉 Sprinkle some fairy dust over my way!


  41. I turn 29 this year. Is it weird that I want a fairy party now? 😉

  42. Love it! Can you pull some strings with the “fairies” and share the details of the punch and fairy bubble bath?
    Thanks for the smiles!
    Carole in WA

  43. Simply fan-tanstic!!!! You did an amazing job… every little detail adding such magic… truly an inspiration, as always!

  44. Anonymous says:

    you are beautiful and your girls are beautiful, and what a beautiful way to celebrate life and love! truly inspired by you, kelle! happy birthday to your little one!

  45. I confess, ever since you started making preparations, I have been so excited to see how your party turned out! It looks just wonderful! Thanks for sharing your wonderful fairy magic with all of us!

  46. Anonymous says:

    nella’s big laugh made my heart burst!

  47. Beautiful birthday party for your beautiful girl. It almost make me wish I had a daughter. Two boys are pretty fun too.

  48. What an amazing celebration of Lainey! I love the beginning of the post and your reasons why you love birthdays. You have such a way of putting into words the emotions we all feel as parents. Birthdays are huge reason to celebrate. And celebrate you did. It all looks amazing. All of the hours of preparation definitely paid off. My favorite . . . the darling fairies hanging out in the trees. Adorable! And I love that Lainey ‘helped’ out a few unknowing friends with their fairy houses. Such a typical thing for a 3 year old party. Happy Birthday Lainey Love!

  49. Happy Birthday Lainey!! What a wonderful party…looks like so much fun for all!

  50. Today I want to be you!!

  51. What a BEAUTIFUL party!! You did such an amazing job!! I LOVE the fairy theme and all the little details you put into it! Your girls are SO lucky to have such a creative, loving mother!! I have a 3 year old daughter as well and planning her parties is one of my FAVORITE things to do, I so want to throw a fairy party now lol! I recently took a picture of her reaching for a fairy (silhouette) that would fit in so well with this theme, I wish I would’ve mentioned it before in case you liked the idea and wanted to try it with Lainey!! I used it as the header picture on my blog that you can see here if you want!!

  52. just devine!!! fav pic would have to be your littlist smile, 3rd to last photo!!

  53. What an amazing party?! It all looks like something out of a film or a story book because it’s so beautiful :) You should be so proud of all your hard work!
    Beautiful children everywhere, and Lainey looked so lovely on her special day. Nella’s little outfit was super cute as well, but not as cute as her beautiful smile xxx

  54. Wow! Just wow! I continue to be amazed by your creativity! Lainey will cherish the way you celebrate and remember this special occasion! Your littles are so very lucky!! :-)

  55. Darn you! I just put on my makeup to take my little boy to his doctor’s appointment and now I need to go clean up my mascara/raccoon eyes! Thank you for the lovely slice of life and happy tears this morning. How magical.

  56. Tallcurlygirly says:

    You rocked the details! Yes, it IS worth every hot glue gun burn and every ounce of lost sleep. What a wonderful way to bring giggles to your woods. Enchanting time for sure. Thanks for sharing. Lainey is loved.

  57. Incredible…down to the very last detail! It looks like a wonderful time was had by all – what a magical way to turn 3 – and what a party planner you are.

    Thanks for reminding us all to celebrate life! :)

  58. Anonymous says:

    Kelle – WOW – don’t know what to say – absolutely beautiful. Lainey is one lucky little girl. I must have checked your blog 50 times Sunday waiting for this post – and when it popped up I was surely not disappointed! Gorgeous girls, gorgeous pictures! What fun – thanks for making me feel like I was there too!

    Happy Birthday Lainey! You share your birthday with MY “little girl” tho turns 24 on Tuesday! I will think of you also!


  59. everything is so beautiful and pink! glad you guys had a fun day!

  60. What a wonderful Party for such a little pixie!!!
    You win, hands down, Mother of the Year indeed!!!!

    Lucky little girls you have!!!

  61. Deborah says:

    WOW, I am in Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh !!!
    Miss Princess Pixie Fairyness, Lainey Love,
    YOUR MOMMA is the BESTEST of all Mommas in the whole wide enchanted forest…
    Your Momma rocked the Forest with fairy dust, feathers and flowers, and of lil girls and boys, so many to celebrate your 3rd yr !…
    ooh and Lainey, you look so happy and proud at your party, and the lil’s so plenty to celebrate with you, friends and Mommas and Dad’s too, Grands, and sweetest lil Sister as well, everyone looks so perfect, just perfect Kelle, outstanding for sure Momma… I’ve had some lil parties in my day, but none to measure this one, BRAVO Kelle, and You look so very happy too Mom …You will have trouble topping this one Kelle, even with all the lil birthday’s you have to come in your future …*warm smiles* …Thanks so much for picturing it all and sharing it with us …I bet all the lil fairy lil’s all slept a fairy dream land night, I bet some were beat tired, and Mommas too…Bravo once more Kelle, celebrate all week Kell, only once will your eldest turn 3 !!!…Enjoy your week Hun …Deborah, the Canadian Nurse …

  62. What an amazing party!!!

  63. What a fabulous bash that was!!

  64. Happy Birthday Lainey! What a wonderful party you had!!

  65. What a very perfect Birthday! I agree! Go big or GO HOME! Perfection!

  66. What a beautiful and happy party! You did a wonderful job making Lainey’s birthday special and precious. Lovely!

    My little, Glynis, will be two on Wednesday, and we’ll be holding her party on Monday, May 24 (Victoria Day for the rest of Canada has become Glyn-toria for our family!) and I’m so looking forward to it.

    Happy almost birthday to our May babies!

  67. Too awesome! What a wonderful, neat, creative, fun, colorful party! Happy Birthday to an adorable 3-year-old!

  68. I think I want to be three again for a day so I can have a birthday just like this one.

    Gorgeousness abounds.

  69. so we shall add party planner to your resume. just stunning..what more can be said. i smiled a little more with each picture. i just love happy special celebrations…i think that God wants us to do it on a daily basis because that is how he intended for our hearts to feel 24/7..oh if only it could be so.

    if the photos of all those beautiful little faces could be funneled into a bottle and poured out on all the troubles and wars..seriously there. would .be. peace. everywhere.

    is beckham that beautiful in person..with the hat on he looks dashing!

    and your girl painting all the houses..hey it is her day and if she wanted to paint your house, i say let her!!HA! lainey is just charming and nella smiling..well..just no words to describe that photo! your little fairies are taking flight and it is magical! ♥

  70. My little Emma will turn 3 on the 30th and would love a party like this. By her choosing we are doing Candyland this year…but I think the fairy theme would be a great idea for next year.

    Kelle, you never disapoint! These posts inspire me to be a better person. Can’t wait to hear about your girls night out.

  71. What a beautiful day and a lovely post to wake up to today. Thank you for that.

    It’s so lovely that you had a party favor for the mamas.

  72. My oldest daughter turns 4 on Saturday and my next one ( i have 3) turns 2 on the 4th. we are having a joint party on the 30th and you have inspired me to get creative with our Bubblegum Princess/Elmo them!

  73. Such a beautiful party! Love the photos as always.

  74. That is the most beautiful party! Amazing!

  75. Oh wow! I don’t think I can even begin to grasp the fun that was had at that party. Amazing ideas.

    You’ve inspired me. :)

  76. Anonymous says:


    Could not wait to get down stairs this morning anticipating your post about Lainey’s enchanted day! As I sat at my computer drinking in all the incredible things you did to create such a dreamy setting for Lainey’s very special day, I e*v*e*r so s*l*o*w*l*y scroll down to enjoy each picture perfect picture. Your pictures are like gifts and I like to open each of them slowly….As I read, I suddenly heard myself saying “Oh my God, look at Nella!”. It was as if she woke me from a fairy trance……..oh the magic of sweet little Nella.
    Lainey…….your Mommy is the definition of the word LOVE.

    Susan from Boston

  77. What a WONDERFUL Fairy party!! You have me crying first thing in the morning! But I am just like you. I cry at all my babies parties! I love watching them interact with each other and all the excitement!
    Happy Birthday Lainey!!! :)

  78. ps- I LOVE Poppa’s rhinestone shirt LOVE IT :)

  79. I love love love all that you did for Lainey’s party! So cute!!! (ane makes me want to convinced my little that a fairy party is totally where its at for next year!). We just had a Cinderella party for her last week- and I love to put together a fun, girly little party. Thanks for the inspiration- it made me smile on this rainy Monday!

  80. so so so beautiful! love all of the photos & decorations…thanks for giving us so much to think about….love your blog…fantastic!

  81. Wow! What a wonderful party! Now I feel like a party wimp for having my daughter’s 3rd birthday at Chuck E Cheese! 😉

  82. oh my goodness Kelle! what a beautiful party. i had tears in my eyes looking at those sweet smiles!! my baby will be three this july and i just got some fabulous ideas from your party for hers!!!

  83. How much fun. I have not yet had a chance to plan a party for a little girl. But I will! Everything looked….magical. It looked like all a little 3 year old fairy could ever wish for & much, much more. Should I start planning now? I only have 6 months.

  84. yeah for Lainey! Good job on the party Mom ~ I remeber reading Lainey’s “ladybug party” post (it was one of my first) and thinking who IS this lady? But it wasn’t long until I found out this “lady” is someone who loves life, her family, & her friends.

    Way to go! Love the pics of Lainey walking into the Enchanted Forest – priceless!

    Happy Monday!

  85. I love this, every bit of it!
    Thanks for sharing it with all of us!!!

  86. how do you do it? how do you make me cry in :) Just beautiful. From one crafty (and thrifty) mom to another, thank you –I will be sure to bookmark this one for a future party theme for my little girls! xo

  87. Amazing and beautiful. I wish I had the resources to pull a party like that off, my daughter would be in heaven and my boys would have fun too.

  88. Have I told you lately how much I adore this blog? Oh my goodness, it never ceases to make me smile. What a beautiful birthday party. Every detail was so intricately planned with love. Lainey will remember it forever. A fairy party is every little girl’s dream!

  89. Hi there, Kelle! What a fantastic party you threw for Lainey. She and Nella truly are blessed to have you as a mom. Your ideas are perfect and I might just use some of those when I throw a birthday party for my soon-to-be-born child. Cheers from the Philippines!

  90. A D O R A B L E!!!
    I enjoyed this soooooo much!!!

  91. Gorgeous party! I love it!

  92. Happy Birthday Lainey Love!!!!

    seriously, kelle, you outdid yourself!!! you should start a party planning business!

  93. Awesome pictures and such a sweet party!

  94. Wow that was beautiful to see..
    Makes me excited to plan big parties for my identical twin girls.. Seriously how much fun did that look! I wanted to be there myself..
    I LOVE PINK – the more pink the better.
    The sun is actually shining here, but your post made my insides warm as well..
    Thank you!

  95. You are amazing! That is the sweetest party ever! Thanks for adding inspiration to my days as a Mama!

  96. *sigh* What a beautiful party. If these are the kinds of shindigs you throw when she’s still in the single digits, I can only imagine the likes of her Sweet 16!

    Absolutely precious, I loved all the big and little details. Truly magical. It’s giving me inspiration for my girl’s 3rd birthday this year!

    I grinned when I spied Poppa’s rhinestone shirt. He needs to make another one… in PINK!

  97. That was absolutely the best party ever! It was adorable; such great ideas! You’re so very talented! I hope Lainey had a great 3rd birthday party!

  98. I was looking forward to this all week! What a beautiful party Kelle, great job!
    Just wanted to let you know you inspired me to start my own blog. I’ve been following your blog for quite a few months now and you’ve inspired me in more ways then one.
    Thank you.

  99. Shari H says:

    What a wonderful party, the pictures taken capture the joy felt by all the littles on that day. Nella made a very cute fairy. Lainey is absolutely precious as a fairy!!! Glad she had such a wonderful time.

  100. Happy Birthday to your Lainey! :) What a wonderful way to celebrate life!!! :)

  101. What a sweet and beautiful party!!! It looked like a real fairytale!

  102. oh my word. that is amazing!!!!!!!!

    happy birthday lainey! and good work, mom, good work. what a lovely party.

  103. Every one of your posts inspire me, to drink in the beauty of my own life, see the challenges as stretching and growing as you say, and just to be the best mama I can be. I know you get hundred of comments each post and sometimes I feel like I have nothing new to add that someone hasn’t already said better but just wanted to take a minute and let you know how many lives you touch and inspire. with your words, photos, and heart. Absolutely beautiful celebration for Lainey, thank you for sharing your life with us!

  104. Kelle, my cheeks hurt from smiling. This party Seriously. And the picture of Nella giving that big ‘ole smile… just made my Monday a little brighter.

  105. How many little girls will now have fairy parties this summer?! 😉 I’ve bookmarked this for when my Heidi turns 3 or 4.

  106. That was the sweetest party ever… You make me want to have a fairy party for my little girl when she turns 4!

  107. How much fun! Kelle, you are such an inspiration to me- you outdo yourself everyday and it is amazing to read your post and see your pictures. Thank you. Have a wonderful day, Susannah :)

  108. Oh em Gee. =)
    Beauuuuuuutiful party! You are an amazing party planner, so much attn to detail. It looks like it was just a perfect day. All of the little fairies were precious, and Nella?! SOOO CUTE!!
    My Liliana turns 3 and my Vivian turns 1 in about two months. Your party post made me realize I now only have about 8 weeks till the big double birthday celebration. Now I’m kind of panicked b/c we have no idea what kind of party it’s going to be, esp since it’s for both of our girls. You have definitely inspired me to get started!! There you go again, inspiring inspiring inspiring. Is that all you do?!?! 😉

  109. i can’t even imagine all the work that you put into that wonderful party! Looks like every single person had a great day – and most importantly, your precious daughter, Lainey.
    Love Nella’s little fairy flower head band, so pretty – and your outfit was gorgeous as well!
    Have a great birthday week with your little Fairy!

  110. omigoodnes, what a beautiful celebration, absolutely perfect, every little detail. thanks so much for sharing your photos, your stories, your life, your love, your littles. you inspire me every time i visit :)

  111. Soooo beautiful! I’m glad it all turned out perfectly for you! I was thinking about a fairy party for my daughter and you have definitely inspired me and given me some great ideas. Thanks! I LOVE that last picture of Nella….. its adorable :)


    Your post made me wish for my own fairy party! How fun :)

    My heart always warms when I see your father’s rhinestone “POPPA” shirt that he made himself. I can see where you get your creativity from!

  113. Anonymous says:

    So magical & beautiful! I’m so glad everything turned out perfect and just as planned!

  114. hurray for lainey! happy birthday little one!

  115. Unbelievable…simply beautiful! Job WELL done!! Every little girls dream for sure…

  116. All I can say is HOLY WOW! Best. Party. EVER.

  117. You leave me struggling not to start doing the “ugly cry” and about to run to snuggle up my little! What a beautiful, magical party, Kelle! What a gift to give back to your babies that I’m sure they’ll remember forever. Realizing someday all the work and love you put into making their day special. You are an INCREDIBLE mommy!

  118. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

  119. Gorgeous. My little one has asked for a fairy party this year, so I might copy a few of your ideas. I love giving the boys Peter Pan hats. Your friends really made a huge impact- the wooden fairies and the cake are fabulous!

  120. sometimes, the idea of a big birthday party for so little a person has been something done for the wrong reasons, like showing up the other kids’ parties or whatever…it becomes some crazy competition between parents. BUT, your affairs just seem done BIG for all the RIGHT reasons! I’m glad you are not ashamed to do what makes you happy and what looks totally beautiful!! :)Beautiful pictures. Feeling the LOVE. Happy Birthday to Lainey!

  121. Deborah says:

    I had to check back on comment;s and things i missed from the first viewing, all the beautiful pics once more, *warm smilesas i whisper * …Kelle, already you got me anticipating Nella’s birthday parties now too, role on to Jan/2011 *giggles* …What magical pleasure they too will be, I am so so sure of it, Love you all !…
    Deborah, the Canadian Nurse …

  122. Looks like an absoulute perfect fairy party. What an awesome theme for a little girl! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun! What a beautiful family you have.

  123. I am SO impressed by all the little details that went into this party! I wanted to do one last year like this but was unable. I think I will try again this year with this thought in mind for my little girls 3rd birthday!

    Amazing, truly amazing!

  124. Oh my gosh! She is so cute in that fairy outfit! You are one great party planner, and props to your friend on the cake! It looked amazing!!! Happy Birthday Lainey!

  125. how absolutely beautiful and magical …
    what fun.

  126. Oh wow. Kelle, you are a fabulous mom who’s sole purpose is to live for your two girls. And hubby. :-)

    Our older girls share the same birthday – mine will be turning 3 as well on Tuesday, at 3:13PM. It’s a special day.

  127. I love the clear squish-their-fingers-in-it goodness of this party. Way to do the kid friendly thing! And as always, lovely pics.

  128. Beautiful party! Happy Birthday Lainey!

    As I have 2 boys, we are gonna have a pirate party this year!

    Lorena from Mexico

  129. Yowzers. One look at these photos made me halt all party preparations for my little girl…I have put down the styrofoam plates, paper bags and weiners and will reconsider my elaborate approach. I’ll manage, although I may just cover my entire backyard with cardboard posters of scenes from Lainey’s party.

    Your love for your children is overflowing and every ounce of their beings will be filled with your kindness, beauty, grace and zest for life. And that’s just about the best gift you can give them. Now tell me – is it wrong to demand a fairy party for my 36th birthday party?

    I’ve been away for some time so maybe someone’s asked you this already…where do you get those kick-ass headbands? They are gorgeous! I would love to get my hands on some, although then I’ll have to wash and style my hair. Again, I may resort to a cardboard poster of your head on my body.

  130. Absolutely amazing!!!!!!! So majestic and perfect!!!!!! :)

  131. A magical celebration! Loving all your beautiful pictures. C:

    “Creativity is your birthright. You miraculously appeared from nowhere. The Unseen that gave you Life is still nourishing you -and, if you remain open, it will inspire you endlessly…” -Metta Zetty

  132. Anonymous says:

    Sigh… a perfect party. Magical, lovely, charming.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful world with us. You help me to see the world with different eyes.

    A tiny question- what did you serve the fairies for lunch?

  133. What a cool looking party so perfectly full of magic and pretty things. We are having an Elmo party for my littles one’s 2nd birthday in a few weeks and I can’t wait. The smiles on the kids faces always make going the extra mile totally worth it!

    PS…where do you get your pennant banners? I noticed you had one at last years party as well.

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. The only thing to say is “sweet sweetness”!!!!


  136. Amazing!! I want a fairy party myself? I clicked on the link for Lainey’s party last year and low and behold…ladybugs. We are doing a ladybug 1st b-day party for my Stella bug. Um, will you come to Seattle and re-create Lainey’s party for me? I’m having it a week before baby #2 is born and I’m not sure I’ll be able to pull it off!

  137. Absolutely gorgeous. I may have to do something like this for my little boy’s first. Okay, maybe not that elaborate (and maybe not the fairies). :-) Great job, Mom and Dad. And, Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!

  138. Christy says:

    Amazing! absolutely adorable….I am a party lover myself but boy-oh-boy….to have your talent and drive! you are an AMAZING woman! Your friends are very blessed to be called “Friend”! :) can’t wait to see the 1st REAL night out pics! you definitely deserve it!!!

  139. Anonymous says:

    LOVE IT!
    Great party Mama!!! Your girls are super blessed!
    Also, love how nice the mommies all look…..our mommies are jeans and sweaters kind of gals…you are all so beautiful.

  140. Absolutely awesome!! She’s a lucky girl to have such a creative Momma. Such precious memories you guys are making. I am huge on my son’s birthday parties as well and now you have me researching his next theme…..and his birthday isn’t until December! lol
    The little details are so fun, aren’t they?
    Great job on everything!
    You snuck in that great big Nella smile towards the end and I giggled so loud. How adorable!
    Happy Birthday Lainey! :)

  141. I love reading your blog so much! Her party looked wonderful!

  142. BEAUTIFUL party for a BEAUTIFUL girl!

  143. From another fairy lover…what is the saying – Go Big or Go Home??? What an extraordinary party you made!!! I have been known to throw a theme party or two myself and you sure did it up right. Magical, the table in the woods and all the fairies flying above – just precious. Now go sleep for a few days!

  144. Beautiful party….and beautiful little girls! You did a wonderful job at this party stuff! Wow….everything looks absolutely perfect!

  145. ok, now i want to have a little girl just so i can throw a fairy party like this! if you had a son what party theme would you do? (i have a son who is turning 2 in august and another that will turn 1 in december an i’m in need of some ideas!)

  146. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely amazing!! I’e never seen anything like it. You are the most awesome mom.

  147. Great job!! I will definitely be having a fairy party for my little Selah when she gets a little older…and I will so be stealing your ideas :)

    Thanks for sharing your love for her with us!

  148. Thank you for sharing! Lainey and my Blake both have a May the 18th birthday. My “baby” is turning 10…..10! He will be in double digits. It feels like he was just 3 yesterday. If only we could slow down time. Sigh! Have a fantastic Tuesday! I know we will. :)


  149. Oh my goodness. I just was in Fairy land. What a wonderful party. Lainey looks just amazing as she takes it all in. Kelle, you sure know how to love and how to celebrate life, and thanks for sharing it with all of us.
    I agree with what was commented before me: if you share this joy and spread it over the world, we would have peace and beauty all over. Thank you!

  150. I love that you give the moms a party favor…such a good idea. Stealing it!

  151. Amazing! It puts every party I ever had to shame! 😀

  152. You will probably not even get to my comment being nr 152?? Anyway, I had to say this is just one adorable fairy party and my interest was peaked because my twin girls had a fairy party on their fourth birthday just a week ago! I had to see what it looked like! Just beautiful!!

  153. What a wonderfuly perfect day! I love all the little details! Your girls are blessed to have you to make each and every day special. I loved the cake!! and all the decorations, and the precious tutus! Absolute pink perfection!

  154. Kelle – as always I am teary eyed. Okay, that’s a lie…my cheeks are tear stained. Not sure why this one hit me so hard. It’s amazing, the way you love.

    Somehow you’re able to put all the feelings I have for my little girl into words. Much love to you…

  155. Anonymous says:

    What a great party! I too put a lot of effort into my kiddos parties. It started with our son’s first birthday. He miraculously survived his first year and we had a huge celebration of life and a thank you to those who supported us during a difficult time. Our daughter’s first birthday was equally big because she’s a true gift received through the blessing of adoption. My friends don’t get it but it’s okay. We do and even if they don’t get it they still enjoy it. I just wish I had your talent. Lainey’s party was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  156. I want to puke. Not because I didn’t like that party, but because it is so rare that you find someone so dedicated to her children and their happiness. I want to puke because I cannot imagine having the patience to do something so brilliantly, boldly beautiful. I want to puke because suddenly it is disgustingly obvious that there is good everywhere in this world, even when it seems darker than ever. You ROCK. And now I might go puke, or cry, or sprinkle fairy dust everywhere.

  157. You are a ROCKSTAR, girl! What an amazing party! When you throw a party, you THROW A PARTY!

  158. Love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love it!

    (lost for words..)

  159. It looked simply magical. You did an amazing job, Kelle. All the little kids looked like they had a good time, and Lainey looked like a princess…she just had an enchanted look on her face, you can tell in the pictures she was having such a good time. I think no matter how big or small your birthday party is, it’s special to have a day where people tell you they’re happy to have you around. You went up and beyond and made it even more special, letting her know just how much you love her being here with your family.

    Also I have to say I loved the wings, kelle! That’s so cute that you also got into costume with your girl. I think that shows just what kind of spirit you have. You can be an adult while also being in touch with that young fun side.

    Wish I could have been there. I’ve always loved making those glitter/sand bottle things- that’s where I would have been hanging out at!

    Also, your friend did an AMAZING job on that cake. Watch out Cake Boss, we got a new baker in town.

    Glad both of your girls had a good time, and that you could celebrate Lainey with family and friends on such a beautiful day- Her Birth Day.

  160. Anonymous says:

    What are those charriot wheels? They look sticky, sweet and oh so yummy!
    Boulder, CO

  161. You are such a special mom, talk about inspiring us to be better mommies

  162. yippee for fairy parties…..we had a blast kel. sammy loved every minute of the enchanted forest and looking for the fairies in the trees and painting and playing. everything was just so perfectly dainty and happy. love the pic of you and nella in the woods and of course the family shot with the big # 3 on the birthday cake. how special. so glad we could help you guys celebrate!! xoxo

  163. Great pictures of a fun day! What a great idea and setting for this theme party.

  164. Can we pretttttty please have a little party Q & A session? So many little details that I’d love to know about! Such a great party! Love the portrait of Lainey, too–so pretty! Had you posted any of those before?

  165. I’ve been reading since before your beautiful Nella was born, but I’ve never commented until now–how could I NOT after seeing this? What a gorgeous, magical, amazing party for such a sweet girl, I love it! You did an incredible job and I can only hope I do even a third as well for the “Princesses and Pirates” birthday my soon-to-be 7 year old has been asking all year for. Happy birthday, Lainey, and happy birthing day to you, mama!

  166. omg, cuteness overload. I LOVE it.
    What a beautiful day for your little fairy!
    I love how you incorporated the boys with their cute little peter pan-ish hats! what a treat!

  167. Oh Kelle, I needed to say ‘just the right thing’ after being captured by the magic of this post. They aren’t ‘my words’, but they seem to be SO perfect to relay what I “saw” here just now ~~~

    This is a line from J. M. Barrie (Peter Pan) and it goes like this:

    “When the first baby laughed for the first time,
    the laugh broke into a thousand pieces
    and they all went skipping about and
    that was the beginning of fairies.”

    …..Lainey, Fairies, 3rd Birthdays “&” a Mommy who created magic out of pure love for her Baby Girl.

    God Bless Kelle ~ This was beautiful…..just “over the moonbeam” beautiful!!

  168. This is my first time posting, but I have read your every single word, and viewed all of your photos. This was one post I was anxiously awaiting! :) Your family is beautiful, and your children are very lucky to have such involved, loving parents! After I view a new blog of yours, I take the time to appreciate ‘my little things’ and the world around me. Thank you for sharing your stories and life events, and know how much you touch our hearts!

    p.s. I absolutely love how you captured Nella’s open mouth laugh! Absolutely Adorable!

    ~Heather xo

  169. rania in nyc says:

    my daughter turned 3 this week too!
    What a blessed girl Lainey is!.. blessed with a sister! I pray I can give my daughter the same gift!

  170. Anonymous says:

    I am in awe, the party looks so magical, so beautiful! Amazing!! Can you throw me a party?? :-) hehe

    Happy 3rd to your sweet girl.

  171. I cannot even handle how gorgeous Lainey is! What a wonderful party it seemed like! And the picture of Nella snuggled up with your dad is one of the sweetest I have ever seen. xo

  172. Such a magical day :)
    Happy Birthday, Lainey!

  173. Absolutely beautiful. You create an amazing looking party i wish i had been an attending fairy haha. Everything looked perfect. :)

  174. says:

    You are an amazing women, Kelle. What a wonderful day for Lainey. The pic of Nella laughing,so pure and sweet…nothing better than baby laughs.

  175. Oh I just love your blog and the party was FABULOUS!! I like to plan about 3 months in advance as well :)

  176. saw Janita’s idea of covering our backyard with posters of scenes from Lainey’s party for our kids’ birthday party theme…LOL!!!!! I think that sounds like a good plan hahahahaha =)

  177. Beautiful party! I would love to know where you got Lainey’s cute outfit from – or did you make it yourself?

  178. Love love love your details.

  179. Happy Birthday, sweet Lainey! And that Nella – she is so wonderful. Loved all the pictures and your amazing party planning skills.

  180. Happy Birthday Miss Lainey! A big 3 year old, how exciting! Loved looking at the photos of your big party, look absolutely amazing! That Mommy of yours is so clever and creative!

  181. Happy Birthday Miss Lainey! A big 3 year old, how exciting! Loved looking at the photos of your big party, look absolutely amazing! That Mommy of yours is so clever and creative!

  182. cannot even order my words to tell you how much i love that you go big over life. but i assure you it is a ton! your attention to detail and heart are like a big ole happy shot! i couldn’t wait to see that babies party. it didn’t disappoint. way to go mama! you quite possibly have been told a thousand times but i think you resemble jennifer gardner! though she might not be as fun as you! thank you for sharing your life it’s made a difference!

  183. What an amazing party! Thanks for sharing all the special parts of her day. She will remember it forever!

  184. What a beautiful party!! Congratulations and thank you again for sharing it with us :) happy Birthday to yoiur sweet fairy :)

    Greetings from the Philippines!

  185. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas! My little girl turns 3 on 6th June, and her favorite things are also pink and fairies, so I’ve already taken alot of inspiration from Lainey’s party! XXX

  186. What a beautiful and magical party for your little sprite. You did an awesome job planning. It looks like it was a wonderful day. Oh happy day!!


  187. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful Party, Kelle! Precious little fairies. What a memorable day!
    More pictures of Poppa please!! He’s hot!

  188. OH my gosh, you made the birthday party so beautiful, your girls are sure lucky tohave a mother like you. It was amazing.. and I loveyour pictures.

  189. Happy Birthday Lainey Love! I wanted to comment on your actual day and wish you the happiest birthday ever. You have given so much joy to your family and friends the last 3 years. No wonder your middle name is “Love”; it’s very fitting! And damn, can your mom throw a party for you! Holy camoly! Have a happy one! xoxo

  190. Happy Birthday Lainey!!

    So Kelle – now in addition to being an amazing photographer…you have to go write your book, and also become a party planner!! Your attention to detail amazes me…and I’m so in love with her party (this year and last year). SPECTACULAR!!

    Love it. Love it. Love it.

  191. What a magical party! So fun, gave me lots of ideas :)

  192. Beautiful Party! You are so creative. I love all the intricate details! I think you may be better than Martha Stewart!! Amazing party :)

  193. The party looks awesome! My daughters 3rd birthday is Friday…think you could come plan it for me! We live in Maui if that is any incentive ;0)

  194. Happy 3rd Birthday Lainey! Many Blessings to you ~

    According to Numerology Lainey’s life path number is 5: “The Life Path 5 suggests that you entered this plane with a highly progressive mindset, with the attitude and skills to make the world a better place. The key word for your Life Path is freedom. In the pursuit of freedom, you are naturally versatile, adventurous, and advanced in your thinking. You are one of those people who is always striving to find answers to the many questions that life poses. The byword for the positive Life Path 5 is constant change and improvement…You may be one of the most compassionate of people as the 5 is surely the most freedom-loving and compassionate Life Path. Your love of freedom extends to humanity at large, and concern for your fellow man, his freedom and his welfare, may be foremost in your mind.”

  195. Anonymous says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday, Miss Lainey!
    What a magical party you had! Absolutely perfect in every way!

    Jill B. (Overland Park, KS)

  196. hello kindred spirit!

    i’ve been following your blog since nella’s arrival and love coming over here. i’ve never posted a comment before, but today i felt i should since it seems our daughters share a birthday! we are celebrating life today too! our second daughter, charlotte grace turns 1 today! we celebrated last sunday afternoon with a yellow & pink “vintage ice cream shop” themed birthday party… because life is delicious! today we will have a just us celebration… thinking of taking the girls to paint cake plates at a pottery place so they have a special plate each year, then we’ll go out to dinner and sing and eat cake again, and before we tuck her in tonight we’ll read “on the night you were born” (nancy tillman)… i highly recommend it… with a box of tissues. happy birthday to charlotte, and happy birthday to lainey!

    btw, your party was fabulous! my older daughter ava turns 3 this august and ever since we’ve been planning charlotte’s party, she has been talking about her own party and even told me she is having a fairy princess party! after seeing this inspiration, it looks like she was right! :)

  197. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little Lainey Love!

    I hope that your birthWEEK is unforgettable as you are, beautiful little sprite!

    – iColossus

  198. Dear Anonymous,
    I believe we are destined for each other. I will leave the door open…love is in the air.

  199. April in TX says:

    WOW Kelle! You are amazing!! I dont know how you do it all!! Awesome party!

  200. Okay, you have to have a little boy so I can steal some of your birthday party ideas :) Love it…Truly adorable party!

  201. Brit Girl says:

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Lain-ey
    Happy birthday to you!

    Wishing you a magical year full of fun, love and laughter.

    Oh, and that party? It was stupendous, Kelle – you’re amazing!

  202. Happy Birthday, Lainey Love! So glad we were able to celebrate such a magical day with you! <3

  203. just beautiful! it almost made me a bit teary. happy birthday to sweet little lainey. (and poppa, you’re awesome.) xx

  204. Anonymous says:

    What about all the litter from the glitter? That can’t be good for the woods.

  205. says:

    OK, it’s official…you really are superwoman Kelle…just the most amazing magical party I’ve ever seen. If you ever decide to give up blogging, writing and taking photos, party planning is your thing! :)

    You can see the love in the photos…thank you for sharing! Diana Doyle x

  206. beautiful pictures & amazing recap of such a special 3rd birthday. we had such an amazing time and i am so thankful that cameryn has lainey as a friend….not to mention you as a friend. kelle….you rock girlfriend. you are inspiration. you are Godsend.

    love you,

  207. Anonymous says:

    I am cracking up here seeing that someone is trying to pick up Poppa here on your blog! And his reply is a hoot! Too funny!
    (keep us all updated on THAT, for sure!).

  208. What am amazing party… You are so creative… I agree, birthdays must be BIG :)

  209. What am amazing party… You are so creative… I agree, birthdays must be BIG :)

  210. DId you hear? Martha Stewart was seen waiving a white flag declaring the newest “good thing” was you, Kelle Hampton!

    Amazing doesn’t begin to describe this birthday!

    Will you please plan my next birthday? And take photos of my life? And help me write a fabulous book?

    What a happy life you all live! Must be a great ride!

  211. Anonymous says:

    Um…wow…and I thought I was good when the cake matched the napkins and plates. Ha ha!

  212. Samantha N says:

    That has to be the coolest birthday party I have ever seen. You are SO talented and amazing and the LOVE you put into everything is so awesome! It shows what a loving Mom you are to Lainey and Nella. Your girls are so very lucky.

  213. Love, love, love the party!!! Looks like everyone had a great time. Very creative and adorable.

  214. oh my goodness! your parties look like as much work as planning a wedding. :) but i love it – so many perfect details! i want to do that some day when i have kids. :) Happy birthday Lainey!

  215. So beautiful–as always!

  216. The new camera strap was PERFECT for the party!

  217. what a beautiful party for a beautiful little girl! happy 3rd b-day Lainey!

  218. What a lucky littlr Birthday Fairy! It’s beautiful. Happy Birthday Big Girl!!!

  219. Just showed these pics of Lainey’s party to my 4 yo little girl. She said, “Ooooh, I like her costume. I think she will be my cousin.”

    That’s her highest honor. :)

  220. So… I think I will start planing my baby girl’s 3rd Birthday party (October 4th)…NOW!!!! I have several boy’s, who’s parties are fun, but nothing like that of a sweet litle girl! Lainey’s looked just as amazing as expected! YOU ROCK!!!

  221. Fabulous party, indeed! So many magical touches. Really, I would list my favorite parts – except that I’m pretty sure I love every little bit of it. Lainey is one lucky little girl!


  222. Oh and I have to say, your friend there, on the pull out bed, I am SO totally jealous of her snuggling with Nella. OMG what I wouldn’t give to be in her shoes, if only for a moment!!!

  223. I am so behind in reading your blogs….just caught up! I have missed you….loved the B~Day party!

    I feel summer coming too….I am sooo ready.

    Your little gals are just darling Kelle.

    It warms my heart to see young mamas understand the true meaning of a mother’s love….my kids are my life. Just wait the best is yet to come!

    xoxo, Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  224. What a truly adorable party idea.

  225. I love how your party turned out – absolutely amazing! I love a good theme party and you know how to do a theme right!! Thanks for sharing the magical memories!

  226. Bee-you-tea-full!! You can hear me singing your praises at Any Reason for Cake. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. Odd, since I’m older than you, but… A girl can dream!

  227. Kelle,
    Will you please please share where you got the glass bottles for the fairy dust??:)

  228. oh wow… so glad i checked out ur blog… this is fabulous… i will definitely recreate one like this if ever i get pregnant and have a baby girl hehehehe will come back for more i love your blog!

  229. What fun! I’m also a party thrower. My girls are exactly 6 years & 1 week part, both January babies & we partied for 2 weeks straight. I always gave 2 separate parties. They are now 14 & 20, so they are not really into the birthday party anymore, but we still have a huge Halloween & New Years party.

    Stopping by from SITS!

  230. I just discovered your blog today, and i really fell in love in the Fairy Party. WOW! Now I got some good ideas, and I can’t wait for my daughter’s birthdays.

  231. I absolutely love everything you did for this party. It’s just beautiful! Does your friend sell the fairies you hung? If so, can I have her contact information. Thanks so much!

  232. Pink, pink and more pink! This is a dream birthday party every little girl wishes for! birthday party places in brooklyn

  233. So lovely place in the WWW, It’s like home.

    Nice pictures.

    see also my blog

  234. This party is truly magical. I love everything about it. The tempting desserts, the glitter path in the forest, hanging fairies, costumes for both boys and girls. Simply delightful!

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