Weekend Highs.

If days of the week are ice cream flavors, then Monday’s about a vanilla and leads up the flavor wheel respectively until the weekend which is definitely a Peanut Buster Parfait. It’s nutty and chocolatey and melts into sweet puddles of milky swirls that pool at the bottom of the cup.

I love weekends.

I love sunshine that fingers its way through curtain openings and wakes us with its happy plea to join it for coffee on the lanai and pajama trike rides in the driveway. I like my girl’s crazy hair that twists into wild tufts of spun sugar overnight and stays that way until our bath.



It was the perfect weekend. Nowhere to be in the morning so we lazily moved about, refilling coffee cups and lying around in sun spots, playing with babies and dogs and taking breakfast short orders.




We’ve tested just about every ‘waterhole’ in the house for Nella’s baths, alternating between tubs and sinks until we found her favorite–safe and secure nestled into the small bowl of the bathroom sink with folded towel cushions and Burt’s Bees bubbles. She loves it.



She fits perfectly and snugly, and the sight of her little froglegs curled up in that pool of water with her drippy lashes and rosebud lips and the way she coos when I wring out the washcloth with warm water that rains down on her little cherub cheeks…well, I wish I could share that with every scared pregnant mama out there who knows she’s getting a little something extra too. It’s pure loveliness and just the kind of love I thought I was going to have.




This weekend brought its usual loveliness with sunscreen-greased cheeks and sweaty babies. We had company and stayed up late sipping wine and swapping stories, and I cooked–like really-good cooked–pasta with homemade alfredo sauce and lemon caper chicken yesterday and taco soup and biscuits today. Brett washed cars in the sun today to the sounds of the Zac Brown Band humming from the little beat-up radio in the garage while rivers of sudsy water rinsed out faded chalk stains on the driveway. And the sprinkler once again proved its worth as it double-dutied drenching parched, brown grass spots and sun-kissed blonde pigtails simultaneously.



We were blessed to celebrate the birthdays of two of our sweet friends this weekend.
Chase turned one…and I’ll never forget walking in the delivery room just minutes after this sweet boy tasted his first breaths one beautiful year ago.


And our bud, Samantha, turned two and celebrated today with an Elmo party at the park.


And I could not stop laughing at this scene…


Elmo just showed up and walked across the park to the party under the pavilion and it was hilarious watching him make his way there–like he was just there, taking a walk and happened to say ‘hi.’ Lainey was glued to my hip during his stay, but she did manage to shake his hand…and was very proud for doing so. Me shake Elmo’s hand was the first thing she told her daddy when we got home.

In traditional Hampton fashion, I ran through the house fifteen minutes before the party, scrounging for some kid wrapping paper. We found none. We did, however, find some nice Christmas paper which rocked out nicely with a white bow.


If weekends are Peanut Buster Parfaits, then celebrating a little’s birthday on a weekend is the heaping dollop of whipped cream on top and watching them play and grin and drink in each others’ company? Well, that’s the cherry.







High on life. Because it’s delicious and grand and missing out on loving it would be such a pity.






“I will not die an unlived life. I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire. I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible, to loosen my heart until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise. I choose to risk my significance; to live so that which comes to me as seed goes to the next as blossom and that which comes to me as blossom, goes on as fruit.”
-Dawna Markova (thanks again, KC)


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  1. I was supposed to go to bed early tonight. Instead, I read every. single. post. you have ever made on this blog.

    And then! Happy day! A new post! Is is bad that sometimes I come on here just to look at pictures of Nellabean?

    Gorgeous as always.

  2. Yummy baby belly in the bath!

    She’s a beautiful flower.

    Love how much she loves you in that pic!

    – iColossus

  3. Oh my goodness, that Nella belly makes me smile! She is so cute in her flower towel.

  4. I suspect as a mom of 2 you already know the magic that is bathing with your baby, but just in case…

    Next time sweet Nella needs a bath, climb in the tub with her. Lay her on your knees, sing and stroke her, nurse if she’s hungry. Drink eachother in. There is almost nothing better. My son is 11 months old and has taken exactly 1 bath on his own. I’m not looking forward to giving our co-bathing up, and I suspect neither is he!

  5. Amazing photos! I know you’re going to address lots of photography questions sometime soon, but please make sure you answer the question of LIGHT! I have a DSLR, and I often have a hard time getting a photo I really like unless there’s lots of natural light. Please tell me, do you keep every window in the house open all the time?!?!? Your pictures never seem lacking for light!

  6. Love the bath pictures of Nella- what a precious gift God as given you! So glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend!

  7. Anonymous says:

    You are the best mum!! It’s all about the little things… ice cream and rain puddles and rainbow hats and vintage sunglasses…

    Thank you so much for showing the beauty of DS!

  8. lovely way to wrap up my weekend, reading of yours :) Nella looks bigger in these pics like she just had a growth spurt. I swear sometimes my kids wake up noticeably bigger in the morning 😉

  9. So glad I checked one more time before going to bed tonight. Love the weekend=ice cream analogy. Beautiful pictures as always!

  10. You’ve got the cutest little girls- EVER.

    Marla @ http://www.asthefarmturns.wordpress.com

  11. I have just recently been introduced to your blog, and I am hooked!! Your writing and inspirational thoughts about every day life are truly uplifting. I check every day (sometimes more than once depending on my schedule) to get a glimpse of sweet Nella, those big blue eyes, cute feet, and of coarse her flirty smile.
    You have a beautiful family.

  12. all the pics are so great kelle! i love the one of nella in that flower towel – SO CUTE! and at first when i saw her in the sink, i thought it was the toilet, and i was like nooooo way that’s the toilet! it’s the end of the day and i’m very tired.. but had to read your new post… nella looked so cute in the sink :)
    and lainey seems to be moving from cute to pretty.. like a real girl.. not a toddler.. and i’m sure me saying that just gave you anxiety and i’m sorry for that! but she has a mature look about her – still so innocent and young, but so beautiful and wise…
    i lvoe your kids kelle!

  13. and now? i’m totally craving a peanut buster parfait.
    and the kids are in bed.
    tomorrow my cora turns 3. t.h.r.e.e.
    and we might just celebrate with a trip to dairy queen. and not one of the fancy.schmancy. ones.
    one of the walk up to the counter and order. sit yourself upon the sticky picnic tables. and down something cold while watching the cars drive by on mainstreet.

  14. What a great way to spend your weekend! And there is nothing better than babies in a bath. Hope you have a wonderful vanilla Monday!

  15. It’s been rainy and stormy up here in Ontario all weekend, so it’s lovely to see that the sun was shining somewhere!

    Have you heard about the Puj tub? You can see it here – http://babybathtubs.com/ – I wish I had known about this tub before my wee ones needed it, but it looks ideal for sink-lovin’ babies! I’m planning on ordering one for my brother and his wife when their first arrives this fall.

  16. Oh sigh. I wish my life could be just like yours. So filled with magic. I’ve been reading your blog since you first posted about Nella’s birth. You have a magical life and are so blessed!

  17. I have been waiting for this post all day :) I could feel it coming. And oh they never disappoint. Those girls of yours – their smiles are pure delight! I looove the picture of you and your bunny grinning at each other! And the beautiful picture of Lainey’s friend offering her a refreshing drink. And the close up of Nella with her gorgeous almond eyes.

    You have an amazing way of capturing every moment of living you can, of seizing the day and claiming it for all it’s worth. And of photographing it. Your photos speak of such love and joy and contentment and at the end of reading one of your posts, I feel it. I dig it.

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face :) I needed that tonight.

  18. It’s funny, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, but I starting reading all your old posts, I’m back in 2008 now and it’s amazing how grown up Lainey looks now compared! I love looking, every day for some Nella love as well.

  19. I found your blog right after Nella’s birth and have read it religiously ever since. You are so great! I love your photography, your precious, adorable children, and your outlook on life. It’s cool how the way you’ve framed your blog is shaping you into a person who not only enjoys the small things but has an eye out for them.
    LOVE the picture of you and Nella with the flower headbands. Oh my WORD, that’s adorable.
    I suspect that, if we lived near each other and I got over my hatred of you for being such a freaking all-star mom, we could totally be friends. : )

  20. Nicole says:


    I just want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for changing my life… for allowing me to look at the everyday in a more positive light, hug my kiddies a bit tighter each night, and inspiring me every day. You truely are an amazing woman, and a “peanut buster parfait (with extra whipped cream and cherry)” MOM! Your family is absolutely beautiful!!!

  21. The picture of you and Nella looking at each other smiling is one of the best pictures I’ve seen…love it!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I just happened to sit down with a bowl of ice cream to help beat the heat up in the north east when I decided to check your blog to see if a new post had been added. I smiled when I read the first line, continued reading and simultaneously enjoyed my end-of-a-great-first-warm-weekend-in-the-northeast bowl of ice cream. I enjoyed my ice cream and devoured every drop of your blog! I check daily for new posts and enjoy watching Lainey and Nella laugh and smile and grow through the lens of your camera.

    There is nothing better than a littles bath in a bathroom sink!

    The picture of you and Nella is breathtaking! Her smile is priceless and no words could accurately describe the beauty of a baby girl and her momma! You’re children are blessed to have such a wonderful mommy taking the time to take pictures throughout their days, write down almost daily what you’ve done with them and thought about. Your children will cherish your blog when they get older.

    Have a happy-vanilla-sundae-monday!

  23. may, that totally made me laugh.

    amber,LOVE co-bathing. that’s my absolute fave, but my tub needed a good scrubbing today. because post-baby hormones are making my hair fall out, and it’s everywhere. lol.

    erinsfoodfiles, I am drawn to natural light like it’s gold. we have a great exposure in in the morning in all our main rooms, so it take advantage of it. I never use a flash (if I can help it) and from taking pictures in our home for so long, I know where the best light spots are and know how to make the other spots look good.

    kristin, pujtub looks totally awesome. what a great gift. we got one of those huge new-fangled things for lainey and never used it because all it did was take up space.

    and, p-nut…ha ha. it DOES look like a toilet!

  24. Oh MY!!!!!
    the one extra-close up…3rd from last…WOW! My NEW favorite of baby girl…amazing, and SO EDIBLE! Sleep well, and happy weekend! Janna

  25. Jess thatheavyheart@yahoo.com says:

    I agree with your perfect analogy on what ice cream flavor the weekend is. It’s lovely to taste that kind of happiness with family and friends, sharing small moments or big moments; but mostly just taking them all in with laughter and smiles.

    Your weekend sounds perfect, just as you said it was. Brett washed cars? I washed my mom’s car this weekend as well. It was a spontaneous teenager thing to do, boredom and the heat making me crazy so i decided to do something close to a chore. I found it quite fun though, with my music blaring. Afterward I played with the hose, and under those mist droplets settling on my eyelashes I got flashbacks of being a little kid again. It was an amazing feeling, because while growing up is rewarding on its own, it’s still pretty scary, too.

    Lainey looks like she has a bit of sunburn! Those cheeks look extra rosey with the hint of outdoor fun. Oh man, Kelle. Nella looks so gorgeous with her huge almond eyes that I swear just open up like a window of goodness, and her little baby feet that I’ve even come to love for being so adorable.

    I’ve been waiting all weekend for this post, and it has left me with a huge smile on my face. I’m glad your family had a great end of the week. Hope you have a great beginning as well.


  26. Kelle, your words just blow me away. If a person “read” chocolate instead of eating it, your blog would be the Willy Wonka factory!

    Your writing is just so smooth and velvety, I can “feel” the images you write about (even though you’ve attached beautiful photos to accompany your words).
    There’s just this beautiful sensuality to your words that bring a smile to my face every time I read your blog. My daughter is only ten days older than Nella so when you describe cherub cheeks and drippy lashes, it makes me realize that you have such a magnificent way with words that you are able to verbalize what’s in MY heart as well.

    Thank you for being you and for sharing your stories.

  27. Nella is just a beauty! I can’t get enough of her!

  28. I can’t stop staring at the last photo on this post….. it’s like her love is just oooozing from those big BEAUTIFUL eyes on that tiny flawless baby soft face…. I wish I could scoop her up and give her kisses like I do my little angel face that is only a few days older than her!!! Lainey is gorgeous and so funnnnn!

    My days are not complete without stalking your page morning, noon, and night… waiting for the next post! Thank you for sharing your life.

  29. Sound slike you had a great weekend. I loved the post and pics, like always.

    Like a true tree-hugger that I am. I feel the need to bring to your attention that sudsy water from washing your car in the driveway goes straight to the river untreated! Please use a car wash, or at the very least special environmentally biodegradable soap. (Maybe you did…)

  30. Your girls are just too sweet. Little Nella’s belly just begs to be nibbled. :o)

  31. I have never commented on this blog, even though I’ve followed it for a few months now – since Nella’s birth.

    Today, in church, I thought of you and your beautiful family. In my church there is a family with 5 children – all of which have had serious medical issues from birth. All 5. Their last one, their only girl, was born with – you guessed it – Down Syndrome. And during a song today, this little girl (who’s about 4) walked to the front of the church and started dancing. Full out, spinning-and-spinning-and-spinning dancing… with the biggest smile on her face. She closed her eyes, raised her hands to God and sighed a big happy sigh. It was the most beautiful sight. And there I was, thinking of sweet Nella, and all the beauty and joy she is going to bring to this world. Extra chromosome? Nonsense. Extra love – that’s what it is.

  32. Nella makes a beautiful, little flower – what a cute towel too!

    And whatever mom (or bakery) thought up those Elmo cupcakes – adorable.

    Your posts never fail to make me laugh and smile (sometimes cry too), I love them. I’m addicted!

    What’s your favorite lens/lenses to shoot with?

    If you’re ever looking for more blogs to check out, stop by:

    It’s all about my lovely little. I’m new to the photography addiction, well at least taking it seriously, but I hope I’m learning.


  33. Just had to tell you that reading your blog is the cherry on my day! Thank you for sharing with all of us!

  34. love the photo of you and nella smiling at each other. just too precious.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I would love to know where you got that beautiful flower towel for little Nella! And personalized no less!

  36. The photo of you and Nella looking at each other is the most precious photo I’ve ever seen. You are the love of her life.
    Wonderful post… another great way to start the week. Thank you for reminding me to have a positive outlook on life.

  37. I heart Nella’s belly!

  38. How much do I LOVE the photo of Lainey’s friend helping her with her juice at the Elmo party!?! Too adorable.

    But my absolute new favorite photo EVER is you with a crinkly nose & Nella smiling back at you… the way she is looking at you is simply priceless. That is what love looks like.

  39. That photo of you and Nella is the SWEETEST thing ever.

  40. Love that quote. You are having so much fun and what a good life you are blessed with…to be surrounded by such sweet spirits as all these children. You daughters eyes…both of them..such beautiful eyes! May God continue to bless you. Come say hi 😀

  41. How do you have enough room on your walls for all these AMAZING photos?!?! I’m so glad I popped in tonight just one more time to check…
    so happy Nella is using her towel — she looks adorable!!
    that picture of you & Nella with both of you in the flower headbands and the little giggles you’re giving each other — priceless!! did Brett take that? Kudos to him because it’s perfect! I hope that one makes the wall!!

  42. Oh lady, I love these posts of yours. These posts that are filled with happy brilliance and sweet moments. <3 so much for sharing :)

  43. Oh Kelle, I love all your pictures, I could NEVER EVER pick a favorite, they are ALL favorites! :)

  44. Oh, she loves her Mama!! Gorgeous picture of you and Nella.

    Beautiful girls!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Kelle ~ your candid portrait of a day in the life truly brings joy to so many. Thank you for sharing all that life is to you and your lovely family written from a place of mirth, and the transparent honesty which is truly the good ground of your heart. Blessings to you all. ~v

  46. A beautiful weekend with your darling family. Love the pictures…elmo rocks!

  47. whoops the humidity and heat in nyc is at it’s all time high so i woke up at ohhhh 4:30am. Here i am looking at your blog…i L@ve.

  48. My son Jensen was born on January 9th, and he too loved the sink baths. He has since grown too long for it, and kicks in the water way too much, but I have some adorable pictures and memories of him in that sink, the big towel folded underneath him and a washcloth over him keeping him warm. That picture of Nella smiling at you is just BEAUTIFUL and it makes me want to get my husband to take a similar one of me and Jensen. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  49. What a wonderful weekend!! Love the picture of Nella all wrapped up in her flower towel!! Adorable! Have you talked about what type of lens you mostly use when shooting your children? I am interested to know! Thank you!

  50. Kelle:
    Lovely entry, as per usual, with the expected great shots. Thought I’d share this AWESOME website/blog with you.

    I know you’ll appreciate it because in a way, you do the same thing — you help your readers appreciate the AWESOME-ness in the everyday, just like the above blog.


  51. Nella and Lainey have the same nose and mouth in the sprinkler picture series. Love that. And I love the subtle detail in the picture of the older girl holding Nella at the party. She has that worried expression like she doesn’t quite know what she’s doing and the grown-up hand stabilizing her arm is just genius. Beautiful snapshot that captures so much.

  52. Thank you…..that made my “vanilla” Monday much yummier!!! Especially those TOES!!! YUM YUM YUM.

  53. love..LOVE…LOOOOVEEEE third from the bottom! seriously, ridiculously priceless! and also third from the bottom, i’m pretty sure she’s flashing us the peace sign! thanks for sharing! (why do you always cause me to over-exclamation point everything?)

  54. You are a inspiration and your girls are absolutely stunning!

    Thank you so much for this wonderful blog xx

  55. LOVE this post! It is what weekends should be…fun, friends, and family! And love the pictures of you and Nella laughing with each other…priceless! Enjoy the week!

  56. Shari H says:

    I don’t think there is anything more sweeter than washing your baby in the sink, we have done so with both of ours and it’s just so cute to see Nella having her bath, no more pouty lip though, she must enjoy her baths more. Gorgeous pictures, it looks like Lainey had fun in her sprinkler.

  57. Ok, that little Elmo dress is A-FREAKIN-DORABLE.

  58. Marie in NH says:

    Oh my goodness . . . she is the cutest little pumpkin wrapped up in that flower towel with her name on it! I want to squeeze her all up! Nothing like a baby fresh out of the bath wrapped in a towel all clean and snugly! She is so beautiful!

  59. That photo of Nella peeking at you over the side of the sink melts my heart. Such BLUE eyes.

  60. Loved the new pictures Kelle. Nella is getting so big. I love the one where she is smiling at you. So adorable. I so wish our girls could meet some day.
    Have a great day.

  61. Kimberly says:

    That picture of the two of you looking at each other seriously melts my heart into a puddle. WOW, she knows her mama is in love with her precious self!! She is the most beautiful little girl!!!! I am addicted to your blog!!

  62. Love:
    Lainey’s sun kissed cheeks
    Nella’s sweet smile as she gazes at you
    The blue flower in your hair

    xo Malissa.

  63. Anonymous says:

    OMG – that photo of you holding Nella Bean and her smiling at you……..melts my heart. You were truly chosen to have this precious beautiful Nella! Gawd, is she cute!! Keep the pics coming – you can jumpstart my day with that face!

  64. oh my kelle…the picture lainey with her binky in her mouth reminded me of gracee..it actually made me tear up a tad. she used hers until she was 4!! everyone gave me their opinion (and most of the time it made me feel like a bad mommy) but hey…i just let her give it up on her own and she never asked for it after. no problems from it. i still have her favorite one in a box and it makes me miss my baby gracee everytime i see it. oh enjoy your babies while they are little because you blink your eyes and that time is over!!

    nella in the bathroom sink is exactly what we did for gracee…towels and burts bees baby bath. i love burts bees and to this day gracee is a lip licker, i swear i must have 20 bb lip balms in my car and house…and yet each time her lips are chapped i can find one so i go buy more!!

    thanks for the advice on the lighting. i am seeing everyday life as a continuous photo shoot and i am loving it! ♥

  65. O MY GOODNESS–all those pictures of Nella are soooo sweet! And the Elmo dress is too cute! My mom never remembers to buy special occasion paper either; I’m sure that the little girl didn’t mind at all!

  66. The picture with Nella smiling back at her mama, so sweet! I started reading your blog after Nella’s birth story was linked through a message board I frequent. You have an absolutely beautiful family! Your blog is so inspiring. Thank you. :)

  67. OK…so I’m reading your blog while enjoying my coffee (as usual) and I come across the giant Elmo picture . . . I laughed so hard, that I almost lost my mouth full of coffee! Too funny.

  68. Lainey is such a girly girl! I love her! :) And there is nothing better than precious babylegs on a precious baby!
    I just wanted to share my experience with you really quickly. Yesterday, in church, we sat across the aisle from a man who shared Nella’s magical chromosome. His happiness and love for life shone through. He absolutely adored my 9 month old, and was smiling at him and waving at him the whole time. He came with his mother, and you could tell what a joy he has brought to her life. He sang the songs and listened to the sermon with a smile on his face. He clearly lives a happy life and blesses those he meets. I know Nella will do the same! :)

  69. Lovely photographs! Your girls are BEAUTIFUL. I love the way that you write, making the details present. Your attitude toward life is also refreshing.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Your girls are beautiful!! I read on other blogs about neck instability associated with Down Syndrome- I’m just wondering about the position of Nella’s head during her bath- She is so beautiful- and I know you are wonderful parents- it just came to mind when I saw the picture.

  71. The picture of you two smiling at one another melts.

  72. I so look forward to your posts. I log in practically every day, and it warms my soul to read your inspirational tales of everyday life. Thank you for helping me realize how precious life is….how quickly it passes us by….and how blessed we are to have beautiful baby girls in our lives. Cheers to you!

  73. The hesitation about the characters doesn’t always go away, I quote my seven and a half year old and her friend doing a retrospective on the real Chuck E Cheese character part of the kiddy heaven, “Chuck E Cheese, where a kid can be freaked out!”. But they do love having SEEN the characters after the characters LEAVE.

    Sweet words and great quote at the end

  74. We enjoyed some peanut buster parfaits this weekend and I quite agree…drippy pools of melted chocolate is just about the best way to describe a good weekend…we had one too! Love you! (Nella in her sink bath is just cooey precious…I could almost hear her coos)

  75. LLLOOOOVVVVEEEE the pictures!!!
    I wanted to let you know that there is an award waiting for you here>

  76. Beautiful post, and pictures as always Kelle.

  77. Dianagoddess says:

    When my daughter was little she had a babydoll called a Jelly Belly Doll. The doll was soft, had a round belly and smelled the whole room like grape jelly. Someone should make a Nella Belly Doll with the scent being of Mommy, Daddy, and Lainey’s choice.

  78. We had a fantastic weekend as well! Spent time at the ocean, took in a parade and told the world #2 was coming after running a half-marathon yesterday. :-)

    Yay for peanut buster parfaits!

  79. oh I love nella’s belly during bathtime!!! and I love the picture of you and nella smiling at each other, that is so precious!

  80. ,,,blog + photos = “sweet” without the calories,,,thank you!,,,nella and lainey are special flavors,,,”delicious”!

  81. This made my morning, which started way to early and ended with me leaving my sweet baby for work. Thanks for sharing your beautiful girls and life with us. You are truly inspiring me to “let the laundry go and play with my girls in the yard.” It’s my new life motto and it’s thanks to you.

    Love- Gini @ http://www.themcglothinfamily.blogspot.com

  82. Saeryn, who is a month older than Nella, is enchanted by her pictures. And so am I.

    Love babies squished perfectly into sinks for Burt’s Bees baths!

  83. Thanks so much for sharing your life! We were blessed with our extra “magical” snowflake on Jan 6. Miss Eisley took us all on a rollercoaster ride with some health issues in addition to the DS. After stumbling upon your site I decided to “save” it for my hospital reading – but Eisley only stayed for 2 days after her heart surgery last week!
    Reading your writings has been nothing short of therapeutic for me. I so appreciate your sharing the raw side – sometimes I find it hard to admit I really have those feelings.
    Looking forward to a trip to Italy and now another to Holland! And digging out the manual to my camera so the pics can get better!

  84. You say that Nella changed you…but together ya’ll have changed approximately 4,290 readers. You have a gift with words and pictures and thank you for helping me to realize I should enjoy the small things and not worry about small things. I let my daughter play with playdough yesterday…and I let her mix the colors together…that’s a big step for me…hopefully her Daddy won’t find out. :)

  85. I am loving the picture of you and Nella smiling at each other, almost made me teary! Also, thanks for sharing that beautiful quote, so inspiring. Have a great week!

  86. Loving the photos… the one of you and Nella is so beautiful. :) The look on her face melts my heart into a puddle of lovely gooey goodness. :) I have to find the energy like you do to photograph everything that goes on each day. I miss so much… send me some of your photo mojo! :) Glad you had a wonderful weekend! :)

  87. Awww…I love that picture of you and Nella….so cute!!!!!

  88. Love the sink-tub! As a girl with a mentally disabled brother, there are so many rays of sunshine that await you! My brother went to a school where he was in the Student Body Presidency, and one Downs Syndrome girl was a cheerleader! This is the rule, not the exception. I can’t describe how emotional it was to watch my brother win an event during the Special Olympics, and how to comfort him when he didn’t win one during Olympic bowling. I can’t describe how it feels to go to a school party where you are covered in loving hugs and friendly hellos by my brother’s downs syndrome friends, and how sweet they are with him, and how HIGH FUNCTIONING some are! Some you can barely tell have it, but there is a sweetness there, an innocent sweetness that never goes away, even as they struggle to understand the adult emotions that flood their child-like minds.

  89. Vanessa R. says:

    I saw these Maryjane booties and totally thought of Nella.


  90. Oh that Nella. Just when you think she can’t get any cuter. She does it again. Where did you get that cute headband? I just may have to buy one for Bubbette. lol.

  91. Happy Monday! You are very welcome! Always. C:

    “I wish I could share that with every scared pregnant mama out there who knows she’s getting a little something extra too. It’s pure loveliness and just the kind of love I thought I was going to have.” Thank you so much for this, Kelle.

    Nella is Nella, your beautiful baby girl. Her 46 chromosomes share the genetic information of the Hampton’s and she also has the extra “magical” one. What a perfect combination! I love to see how you are showing the world that your journey is about love, family, friends, enjoying life and it’s not defined by Ds. Nella is just like any other baby and your family is just like any other family.

    Love the first and last picture. Lainey and Nella are irresistible, LOVE them both. The picture of of Nella and you smiling at each other is priceless. You have a beautiful and perfect family. C:

    I live my life High on Love too. Have a wonderful week~

    “A child, learning and growing, is not merely an individual engaged in doing his or her destiny…Rather, each child is all children, just as a star moving through space in accordance with universal laws mirrors in itself the whole cosmic order. A growing child, while also a unique individual, is the expression of a universal harmony.”
    -Piero Ferrucci

  92. K-
    I can’t wait to run out the school doors to go pick up my lil’ Kayin dolly and take her for an ice cream treat…and forget the drive through, schmancy fancy tables with rod iron matching chairs worrying about spilling…bring on the spilling, sticky mess of ice cream ALL OVER!!!! You have inspired me to enjoy the small things in life–including sticky messes and smiles filled with ice cream!! Also, if you get a chance and read the comment, where did you find Nella Bean’s flower towel?

  93. Laura F. says:

    I got choked up at “I wish I could share that with every scared pregnant mama out there who knows she’s getting a little something extra too.” It is SO true. At this point, a little over a year into our journey, I actually feel a little bad for my mom friends who don’t have a sweet one with the magic chromosome. Ian has brought such an awakening, such a new perspective, such an appreciation for living and loving one day at a time. I wish everyone could experience the pure joy, the gift of him. Have a great week! :)

  94. I have been keeping up with your blog for quite some time now. I absolutely love it! I look forward to reading it everyday :) I wanted to find out what you went through to make your books for Lainey. Is it an online program? Thanks!

  95. Kelle,
    I am in love with the picture of you and Nella looking at eachother!!! That smile on her face is insanely beautiful!!! Please frame that…blow it up…big!!! :)
    And Lainey drying her hair!! She looks EXACTLY like you in that pic!! Gorgeous post! Happy Monday to you.


  96. Looks like a beautiful weekend…filled with birthday parties, sprinklers, and sunshine galore. Missed ya on Sunday…
    Sorry for the last minute invite. Promise to do better next time.

  97. Anonymous says:


    Just found your blog and I love it. I love your pictures, your writing and your storytelling. You have beautiful daughters, and they truly are a gift. Will keep on following you.

    Regards Linda from Norway

  98. Anonymous says:

    I just love the pic of you and Nella smiling at each other! So precious!

  99. I adore that you referenced Peanut Buster Parfaits!

  100. i love peanut buster parfaits!

    and the pictures of nella in the sink are really the sweetest ever–just as you said, exactly right for a pregnant mama (especially bc my first girl is getting ready to arrive!).

    and i am a complete sucker for bedhead. too cute.

    i may just have to take avi for an ice cream cone this afternoon, too (:

  101. I just adore your blogs! Nella’s bath bowl is a perfect invention. As always, the photographs are breathtaking!

  102. Lovely…simply lovely!
    Thanks for sharing!

  103. My baby was screaming, screaming… and he finally calmed down as I read this luscious account of your weekend.

    Looking back at Chase’s newborn pics, I noticed he looks *exactly* like his mommy. So precious!

    I love love love the photo of you and Nella looking at each other with matching smiles and flowers in your hair.

    I raided our recycle bin for a piece of newspaper to wrap a birthday gift, then jazzed it up with twine and glitter pens. Who needs expensive wrapping paper?

  104. Oh my gosh, how out of control adorable, little nella in the sink bath. I love her.

  105. I just want to snuggle your little Nella so bad she is so stinkin cute
    my baby girl was born just before her and reading your posts I can so relate

  106. hi kelle- i’ve been following your blog for a while now and i am absolutely in love with it! your kind words seriously make my day. i always catch myself checking for an update if i’m ever down in the dumps because i know your stories and pictures will always put a smile on my face! your girls are gorgeous and seem like such fun! i’m extremely jealous of both of their wardrobes haha! i’m only 20 years old and lemme tell you i strive to live such a happy and enjoyable life as you do. god bless you and your family!

  107. Oh Elmo!

  108. Oh just had to tell you that this blog REALLY helped with my cleaning today. I love all of your songs so I just pulled it up and listened to them all and before I knew it, I was FINISHED!!! Better than my Ipod!

  109. I loved this post, especially your comment after Nella’s bath about wishing you could share it with every scared pregnant Mama who knew she was getting a little something extra too. I am a new follower, my friend recently recommended your blog after we found out that the little girl we are expecting has a soft marker for Downs. I have cried reading your blog, but so appreciate your raw honesty. It is really helping me to process what my future could look like. :) thank you!

  110. Beautiful! And yes, Elmo was a sight for sore eyes! Hilarious!! Your girls are gorgeous both in your photos and in person!

  111. Arughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That’s the sound of my ovaries crying because of your sweet fluffy headed toddler and beautiful buddha bellied baby :o) I just wanna snuggle them both and eat them up!!

  112. Love the bath and sprinkler photos. They look so blissfully happy. The parties looked like such fun. Thank you for your continued inspiration.

  113. So enjoying your blog. Just wanted to say my grandbabygirl, Kaelyn Grace (4 weeks old) has the exact same hat as Nella in the last pic! <3

  114. holy lol kell… 4 a moment there i thought u had that lil nella wafer in the toilet! 2 funny!!! she looks incredible in those snaps! i think u got another water baby on ur hands =)

    an how precious r those shots of the girls @ the park? just priceless! i’m feelin major warm fuzzies everytime i see lils interactin w/ 1 another… sharing, gabbing (in their own special language) an helping one another… it’s like they’re real, live lil people… imagine that?

    even cooler?… WE made em =)) perfect as they r 2!

    bein a mommy really is the BEST!
    an there’s nothin better than bein able 2 rock it out as well as u do, i mean come on, christmas wrapping paper at a child’s birthday party? only u could get away w/ that, ROCKSTAR!

    da, da, da, da da… i’m lovin it!

  115. Callie says:

    The picture of Elmo made me laugh, deep down where I have not laughed in a while. I don’t really know why. I side with Lainey, I’d be a little skeptical too….

    enjoyed the post and love the new layout.

  116. Taylor says:

    Hi Kelle! I was introduced to your blog a few months ago and I just wanted to let you know that it is amazing:) Your babies are beautiful! I absolutely LOVE the picture of you and Nella w/the flower headbands. Precious!

  117. I spent some time with Summer recently, and we are both (now as mothers!) so thankful for your photos and words. Love Nella’s belly in the the bath shots! HUGE and beautiful!

  118. Deborah says:

    Oh Kelle, Nella is surely loving YOU a big bunch when you both wear flowers in your hair, she’s like saying; “you and me Mom, we’s so pretty, we wear them flowers so well, and I love being like you Mom” …*warm smiles* And her pic where she is on her Daddy’s lap, (i assume, from the hairy legs, lol,) is like saying, “ops Mom You caught me, loving my Daddy up with such passion in my eyes and heart”…Beautiful pictures Kelle, even of the Elmo Birthday girl, Sam, and her pals at a Birthday Park, such yummy cup-cake-elmos…Oh to be a lil girl again, or to have a lil girl again…

    It brings back such beautiful memories of my Baby girl’s Birthday’s, we always celebrated on a grand scale too, with lil girls in pretty dresses, party favors, birthday balloons, special birthday foods, pretty girly flowers, big cakes and candles, them big lil party’s cost me lots, but all worth it to see my Baby girl so happy with her lil friends on her special day !…(like I’ve said before, my Baby now 23yrs old, I so want a grand child soon…)

    Wishing I lived close to sweet Nella and Lainey, i could be an adopted GrannySitter for your lil girls …*winks* …

    *giggles* when I see, a relaxed lil Nella in her just fits lil tubsink, cause she won’t fit for long, unfortunatly *giggles* that reminds me…

    Kelle, I most remind YOU, enjoy them lil girls, cause I assure You one day, You will turn around and say, where did my lil girl’s go, where did the time race off too, But i know You know this, but really, take them all in, enjoy them small to no end, cause believe me, time just fly’s after you have lil’s …*nods nods, sending warm v/t hugs to YOU Beautiful*
    Deborah, the Canadian Nurse …

  119. Okay – I have to ask where the sprinkler is from. I’m trying to find one for my baby girl and I love the way yours sprays in various directions (including straight up!).

  120. I recently discovered your blog, and I must say, I love it! Your writing style is amazing, and you take such beautiful photos!

  121. Oh! I love weekends too. Love them. Love them. Love them.

  122. Either every child you photograph is the most gorgeous child in the world….there’s nothing to follow that. Every child your photograph is the most gorgeous child in the world!
    Also I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your comment:
    ” I wish I could share that with every scared pregnant mama out there who knows she’s getting a little something extra too.”
    I have two sons with a genetic condition called Fragile X Syndrome, and they were diagnosed as babies and I was scared and horrified that my gorgeous babies were not “perfect.” But as it has turned out, (they are 5 now), there have been so many beautiful, perfect moments with them, and they are just amazing, wonderful people just the way they are, I wish every mom who gets a horrifying diagnosis for her little baby could get just a taste of the bliss that is also going to happen.

  123. Anonymous says:

    Hi, where did you get that adorable flower towel? My best friend is having her first child and yes it’s a girl and so want to get that for her. my email address is lorriewise42@yahoo.com if you happen to have a chance to let me know. thank you and I love reading your blog. it brings me to tears at times with the raw emotion you express.


  124. Love, love, love is what I see in every one of your photos. I love that you talk about the family bed too… We’ve been sleeping with our little since her birth and I can’t imagine it any other way. But we do need a bigger bed now, ours isn’t cutting it…

    Thanks for being so inspirational… I am going to start prepping for my Miss Lily 1st 6 months album. How to choose between the thousands of photos!!


  125. The picture of Nella smiling with you is so great. It’s like she sees her momma laughing at something she doesn’t know why but if you think it’s funny so does she.

    Also about wrapping paper my Grandma when it was a kid’s birthday would use the comics out of the sunday paper to wrap our presents up to give to friends or young family members. We don’t read the newspaper much anymore nowadays in this world but if you do maybe you can make a mental note for future reference. To use the colored sunday paper comics to wrap birthday presents up in. I think a lot of people don’t think to stock up on non Christmas wrapping paper.

  126. Beautiful photos!!!!!! A wonderful weekend indeed!!! :)

  127. oh what a fun weekend and such a sweet post. nella in the bath is adorable and so is that last picture with the colorful hat. and the pics at the party are awesome….i cant get enough of sammy and lily holding hands. so glad you guys were there to help us celebrate. even if sammy and lainey were not so sure about elmo thats all sammy talked about that night too. she said “elmo coming sammy mac party”. hehehe xoxo

  128. Your blog is simply perfect. You are an amazing photographer and writer. A friend told me about your blog and now I’m hooked. You have a wonderful way of looking at your world.

  129. I know that you get tons of comments on all of your post but I just wanted to say that I love your pictures and your writing is absolutely beautiful. I had my little Jesenia just one day before your little Nella was born. And the day that you had Nella was the day that I found out that Jesenia had Down Syndrome. Keep doing what you’re doing because you are reaching out to a lot of people. Thank you for your blog!

  130. I’ve been reading your blog for several weeks now. I don’t think I’ve commented before but I just have to comment on that ADORABLE picture of you and Nella looking at each other. She’s looking at you like y’all are sharing a secret. It’s too cute for words! Love it!

  131. I am convinced that if any slight imperfections appear to exist in Nella, they are only visible because they are in such stark contrast to the utter and complete perfection of her belly button.


  133. I’ve never posted but have read your blog since the birth of Nella.

    Your posts FILL me up! Your words just do something to my soul. Out of the many, many blogs I read throughout the week, YOURS is by far the one I look forward to.

    Like a breath of fresh, sweet and beautiful air!

  134. I promise I am not a cannibal, far from it… but I feel a need to bite that sweet nugget’s belly. Please take a nibble for me. Thanks for the uplifting beauty that you spread.

  135. I ♥ Nella’s Mommy-smile!

  136. Anonymous says:

    From one mamma who is waiting to find out if her little cherub has a little extra something too……thank you, thank you, thank you. I read your words and they keep me going.

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