Father’s Day

I wish I could really find the words to describe what kind of father he is. How tender his heart is for these little beings he created. What it’s like to be witness to the magical love he has for these four blessed little souls.


And just typing the beginning of this post has me in a mess of tears. Because speaking of Brett as a father is a language of its own. It is magic. It is beauty. It is as if every cell in his body has been blessed with daddy genes–the kind that instinctively know how to cradle a baby, how to cure an attitude, how to soothe fevers and heal broken hearts, how to nestle a newborn into a secret nook where they fall asleep enchantedly.


And the very first time I ever saw Brett–before I fell in love, before we held hands in hospital delivery rooms and cried tears as our babies entered the world–before all that, I watched him climbing out of a car with his boys. And I saw something then. The way he loved them. The way he stroked their hair, held their hands, called them “Buddy.” He was made to be a daddy.



And the four luckiest souls to be called his children know it.



I am so blessed to have seen Brett as a father before we had our own babies together but that was just the beginning. Because the moment I found out Lainey was on her way, I discovered a new kind of magic…a deeper kind of love with the soul I chose to spend my life with–the kind of love you taste when you tell him you’re pregnant and his eyes fill with tears and he hugs you so tight, you think your insides will burst. The kind of love you know when you watch him spend four hours interpreting directions and alternating tools to put a crib together for his first little girl. The kind of love that rips you apart when the doctor tells you “Nella has Down syndrome” and you feel his grip on your shoulder a little tighter…and you don’t even think for a minute to question how he’s going to take it because you know. You know deep down in your heart that he’s there for the long run. That his daddy heart will stretch deeper and stronger.




Happy Father’s Day, Babe. I love you for the amazing father you are and for the amazing father I know you will be for the many years ahead.



I love you for how much you value family. For how much I have to push you out the door to go do something fun for yourself–and for how much I know when you actually say yes to going fishing that you wish you had your kids inside that boat with you. I love you for Isle of Capri Sundays and for popcorn and movie nights. I love you for talking baby talk to our girls and for the precious nick names you bestow upon them. I love when Lainey gets bossy and you call her Boss Hog or when Nella gets the hiccups and you call them “da hickers.” I love the way you get mad when I decide to take the girls with me for a night out because you’d rather they stay with you. I love the way I catch you saying “I love you” to your boys every night and the way your face beams when they say it back.

Thank you for giving me two beautiful, amazing little girls. I dreamed of this life ever since I was a little girl–this life of being a mama. And, because of you…it is so much more beautiful. I never worry about who they will become because you help me model so much love, I know they will be confident. I know they will be okay.

I love this journey we’re on together. I love it because I get to spend it with you. You were made to be a father, and you are so amazing at it. I will always be applauding you and the way you love, and I can’t wait for the day I get to hear our girls telling you how much you mean to them. How much this legacy of love you’re giving them has shaped them into the beautiful women I know they will become.

Happy Father’s Day, Babe. xoxo


And when I asked him what he wanted for Father’s Day, I wasn’t surprised by his response…a full day of family. With a family swim and a family picnic.

Wish, granted.









And later tonight, we will huddle around the picnic blanket that furniture’s been pushed aside for–an indoor picnic to celebrate our daddy because, Lord knows, it’s too damn hot outside.





It’s poblano pepper-stuffed cheeseburgers and sweet baked beans and homemade potato salad tonight…and the cutest BBQ themed cupcakes we made this morning…

(from Family Fun magazine: “kabobs” are cut gumdrops and carmels skewered on a toothpick, “steaks” are hand-formed carmels with piped black frosting and “hot dogs” are hot tamales)

And to my own dad…our Poppa…thank you for everything you’ve been. This year, I have needed you more than ever and you’ve been there every step of the way. I love you so, so very much. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!


And Happy Father’s Day to my F.I.L.–we love you, Grandpa Brian!

With that said…to all the mamas…make their day extra special today!


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  1. Wow, I’m the first comment? Amazing. Okay…the indoor picnic…what a lucky dad Brett is. That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…complete with those cupcakes! Adorable. He’s a great example of what a father should be!

  2. I saw this post in my reader and I knew it was going to make me cry. Beautifully written! Thank you!

  3. What a beautiful tribute to Brett, Kelle.

    You echo so many of the same sentiments that I feel about my husband. I saw him with his nieces and nephews long before we were married and our boys were in even twinkles in our eyes and I knew then – without a doubt – that he was going to be an amazing father.

    I’ve been in tears (of joy and thanksgiving)several times today – and so has he. Our almost 3 year old son, Elliott, gave him his card and presents and told him this morning, “Happy Father’s Day, Daddy – I love you!” And my husband – my strong, stable, rock of a husband -crumbled and wept. I am SO very blessed. It can get kind of hairy here – he’s a SAHD (running his own business from home) while I work outside the home full time. I know it’s not easy with our almost 3 year old and 9 month old day in and day out, but he does it with so much grace. He never would have predicted this life for himself, but I don’t think he would trade the time with his boys for the world.

    And my father – words cannot convey the very valuable life lessons he’s taught me and the love he’s given me, much like your Poppa.

    I hope that you enjoy your wonderful picnic and the rest of this very special day! :)

    (b.t.w. those cupcakes are TOO cute! – will definitely be saving that idea for a later date!)

  4. Ahhhh, I have waited all day for this! I always feel like I am the one who should be thanking my children…for pushing out the walls of his heart of mine to so love and celebrate life through your lives. It is the greatest joy to live long enough until your children are also your dearest, deepest friends–to see your own home duplicated in theirs. You three make me proud to be alive. You are my greatest accomplishments…a legacy I can always look back upon and feel it was worth the journey. Thank you for making ME crumble with “I love you dad!” It’s a good kind of crumble. I loved how you wanted to be with me–for a quick trip to the hardware store or for a walk down the aisle. I never stand so tall as when you are beside me! Hugs and kisses! And to Brett…I am so happy my grandchildren call YOU “Daddy!”

  5. Beautifully stated… Amazing family… those cuppies look awesome!

  6. So beautiful! I’ll bet this will make your husband shed a tear or two! So sweet!

  7. kelle,
    you have such a beautiful family.

    one day i want a husband who will be as such an awesome dad as Brett is.

    thankfully the weather was good enough today that me, my sisters and my parents could indulge in family fathers day barbeque in the back garden. it was so much fun.

    much love xo.

  8. Great fathers day post, great life, great love!
    Happy Fathers Day, enjoy that picnic…those cupcakes rock! My fav pic was the one with the little feet tucked inside the Daddy feet…and of course the pic with you and your Daddy…thanks for sharing Poppa with all of us!

  9. Thank you for allowing us into your “Father’s Day” Kelle. Your pictures and words made me cry and made me thankful for my husband and daddy today! with love Diana x

  10. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful post! I hope that someday I’ll have a husband as sweet as yours–someone to cradle those babies and tell me that he loves me even when I’m in sweats with my hair a mess. Sorry I never got around to commenting on that one post…life got in the way. Those cupcakes are the cutest ever–have a beautiful father’s day!

    Much love,

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now of your gorgeous family. What a wonderful tribute to your husband, you made me cry.

  12. Anonymous says:

    We’re in the middle of the breakfast rush here on the other side of the world, but just had to say how much I love the feet pics – Brett’s hand holding Nella’s feet with their beautifully painted nails, and then her feet squished between someone else’s – yours, maybe? – very, very cute!
    Donna from New Zealand

  13. Beautiful post!!!! Love the indoor picnic idea! And those brownie cupcakes- saw them in the magazine myself and have been dying to try them! TOO CUTE!! Gotta love Father’s Day- to thank those men who hold our hearts and are such incredible fathers to our babies! Thank you for sharing- I LOVE your blog!

  14. I totally saw those cupcakes in the Family Fun magazine, and thought how cute they were! So fun. Have a fabulous rest of the day! God bless the Hampton family.

  15. Love the picture of everyone laying on the ground in a circle, the umbrella pic (jealous of your post baby FLAT belly!), and the one of Brett holding Nella and lainey! oh and of course, Nellas lil toes are the cutest ever!

    So great you made fathers day to amazing! The indoor picnic is just too cute!

    Happy Fathers Day Brett!

  16. beautiful tribute! I love how you include the boys, Kelle…your heart seems so big and all four of those children are blessed to have both of you!

  17. This was so touching, Kelle. It sounds like you and your family are having another wonderful day in your beautiful lives. I can’t wait to witness to the love my own husband will exude when he becomes a first-time father in six short months.

    Um, also? Is there some secret to how your tummy was able to recover so quickly after having a baby recently?

  18. Lovely post Kelle…
    That last pic of you and Poppa, gosh, you’re so cute and the whole thing just had me lost for words! And the eyes, the eyes, the blueness of the eyes!
    Congratulations to Poppa and to Brett on being such great dads.

  19. Kelle, there is much about you & I that is different, but much the same. This post somehow spoke my hearts for my dear husband as a daddy. He also has 4 children, 2 from his first marriage. I just GET this…& I love it. I’ll be sharing with him.Happy Father’s Day to your husband. Have a beautiful rest of the day!

  20. Just beautiful. I love the idea of an indoor picnic!

    The photo of Brett holding Nellas feet in his hands is gorgeous! x

  21. Oh what a wonderfully worded tribute to Brett and of course to Poppa. Let me guess, you eyes were blurred with tears the entire time you wrote?

    I made Ben’s card last night embedding a picture and quotes together. The inside quote hitting so close to home: “any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” – Anne Geddes.

    SO darn true. Amazing how I loved my husband B.C. (before Children). And then after having Alex, how I fall in love with him again for the first time day-after-day just watching him comfort, play, and care for her. Oh, it’s nice to have your heart swell like a wave.

    Ok, back to your picnic. Off to pick up mine from Adams Ribs, and to sit outside as the sun melts. It’s hot here, but not outrageous.



  22. Beautiful post Kelle! You can see the love reflected in all of your pictures. How lucky your family is to have you!

    Today is our first fathers day, and when I watch my husband with our son I can’t believe how lucky I am to have this wonderful man who is also such a wonderful Daddy. You obviously got quite a catch yourself!

    I can’t wait to write my first fathers day post later, and although I don’t have your skill and talent, you always inspire me to make sure I am matching my words with photographs, that I am capturing the magic the best I can with my little digital camera!


  23. Shari H says:

    Beautiful post. I hope you and the family had a wonderful Father’s Day!!!!

  24. Tons of tears as I read this post. And just when I had composed myself, I read Poppa’s comment and was a total mess again. You have such a blessed and loving family. I didn’t have a Dad growing up so to see my beautiful girls be so loved by their Dad, my wonderful Hubby, it melts me. I hope one day they can realize how blessed they are.

    I hope Brett enjoyed this post as much as I know all of your faithful readers have/will.


  25. LOVE this post! What a fun day to spend together as a family. And I love that you’re having a picnic inside because it’s too hot out. I am excited today that I’m sweating outside because we’ve had so much rain and coolness lately here in Canada!
    Oh – and TOTALLY love those cupcakes, I’m going to keep that in mind for a fun bbq this year! Thanks!

  26. Love the picture of Poppa! He was really stylin’ the 80’s!


  27. Anonymous says:

    Linda MG in Calif here, again. Always anticipate your writings and today, WOW! What a tribute to your husband (and also your dad). What dad would NOT be touched and honored to have such words written about him?! YOU were in tears, Kelle? Well, I was in tears, too, before the end of the 2nd sentence! Oh YES< you and your kids are so very blessed, in having Brett there. And YOUR Poppa – i love your post here, Poppa as always, you and your way with words. I’m sure you all are enjoying this special day. And yummy, those cupcakes – TOO cute! And oh my but your poppa sure was the “looker” in his young days – that picture with you when you were young! He is actuall still quite the looker! haha..Love you, Kelle, and your family, and thanks for sharing your lives with us!

  28. So beautiful!! All your pictures ooze love.
    By the way, how much is Lainey a blonde you?!! She is so like that pretty lil girl with her daddy in the final pic taken all those years ago. -x-

  29. Beautiful post, we got a bit of bad news this week so we didn’t get to celebrate properly today so your post has cheered me up as my non tea drinking Italian is an amazing and special papa’ too:)



  30. Happy Father’s Day Brett, you and Kelle are both amazing and inspiring, I love reading Kelle’s blog and seeing all your faces smiling and laughing. Have a wonderful Father’s Day with that precious family of yours!

  31. i have always been jealous of how great of a dad your husband is. the piece your dad wrote, when he said Brett said “but we can take her home right?” and described how his home is his base camp or something similar made me feel like i know him. your family is so beautiful and you all seem like wonderful people. and i agree – I’ve always thought Lainey looks just like you, and that picture confirms it for sure!

  32. What a great mom/wife you are!
    Love the picnic set-up—what a special Father’s Day memory!

    p.s. I will definitely be making those cute BBQ-themed cupcakes for our family reunion next weekend!

  33. : )

  34. Brit Girl says:

    An amazing tribute to a man who is clearly an amazing father.

    Love the photo of you and your own amazing father – and if I may say so, Poppa, going by more recent photos Kelle has posted of your good self you have hardly aged at all!

    We had a picnic in the park here today with my daughter’s amazing daddy, and I welled up a few times thinking about his love for her. And how lucky I am to have such an amazing dad myself.

    Well, Kelle, have an amazing week (just had to get one more amazing in this comment!).

  35. I love the way reading about your family makes me smile. It makes me long for the days that are to come for me and my unknown Mr. Right.

    And forget the heat being the reason to eat inside…. the skies fell in Naples today!!!! We almost lost power four times! Your yard is sure to be a muddy mess!

    Enjoy the rest of the day!! Happy Father’s Day Brett!!

  36. Ok Poppa, I knew you were a good-looking man….but Miami Vice guy, LOLOLOLO!!!! I love it!!!! I can’t get enough of the collar, I keep going back up to look at it. My own dad sported the same look, however he favored the blue acid washed variety.

    Happy Father’s Day Brett and Poppa!!

    P.S.-Holy Cow, when did the boys get so big?!!!

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Kelle, that was beautiful!
    You are such a gorgeous positive person. This is one of my favourite’s so far, the pictures say it all.

  39. Simply beautiful! Your tribute to Brett had me in tears from the very beginning. Happy tears, that is… because I am also so lucky to have found such a man. One who knows how to love & father & laugh just as he knows how to breathe. I knew I loved him from the first moment I saw him, but once we heard those words “Down Syndrome” I saw a whole new depth to what love can be.
    Enjoy your picnic & ADORABLE cupcakes! We’re having Daddy’s favorite Chicago deep dish pizza… yum.
    Oh, and that picture of you with your Poppa… priceless! Thank you for sharing it.

  40. Those are some beautiful, wonderful, amazing, love-filled photos of Fathers day!

  41. I always look forward to your posts. Those pics of your hubby with the kids are amazing! You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing with us.

  42. What a great tribute to you man. So sweet! And look at you in that bikini- hot momma!

  43. love, love, love the photos of cute little baby feet! you’re a lucky woman to have such a beautiful family and wonderful husband.

  44. Anonymous says:

    this one made me cry happy tears. beautiful family. love all the pictures, especially the one where Brett and the kids are laying in a circle. that one is screaming to be hung on a wall. and lest i forget to mention your Poppa — the man is truly something special. Lucky, lucky, lucky girl you are Miss Kelle.

  45. I too am crying! This post was adorable. I too am blessed to have fantastic men in my life and I know it! Enjoyed the pics- looks like a perfect day!

  46. What a sweet post – you have such a beautiful family (complete with a great daddy!). Loved all the pictures of daddy and his kids…you are blessed Kelle Hampton!

    And those cupcakes? C-U-T-E!

  47. wonderfully beautiful post! hope the rest of brett’s father’s day was as spectacular as the first part!

  48. Happy tears! I am just bawling!
    I love my husband so much, and your post helped me find the words to tell him just what he means to me and our girls.
    Thanks for sharing your love with us!

  49. I just read this post with my 18 month old baby boy sitting withme. I think your blog is magical…after sitting here for 20 min. looking at this or that the second I pulled up your blog he swarmmed to my lap. He pointed at pictures and babbled about each of them…he seemed to like the Nella pictures the best. He even said awwwww a few times. My little guy doesnt really talk yet..not many words in his vocabulary. But for your blog he semed to have a bunch to say. :)

  50. Well now I’m just a mess of tears!

    Happy Father’s Day Brett…and all the daddies.

    Love the pic of Brett and Nella with her checkered dress. Looks like another beautiful day.

    Thank you for your blog AGAIN. You help me remember how incredibly blessed and beautiful life is!

  51. OK, normally I read your blogs, emotional as they are, and continue to smile a little more with every picture and every line because they make my heart fill with joy while stepping into your life for a bit…..but….this post…wow. I’ve got tears a rollin’. How special are these moments you’ve created today?! wow! great job Kelle! Looks like you’ve got a keeper. Beautiful post!
    Lovin; all that love!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! I feel the very same way about my husband and father…I loved this post.


  53. You have a beautiful family. My husband and I have been on a four year journey to create a family of our own, and while he’s not a ‘real’ father yet, I always smile when he cuddles our dogs when they have the hiccups, and says, “you got the hics?” in his dog-baby voice. So that part of your post painted a broad smile on my face. Thank you.

  54. Kelle, I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and haven’t posted any comments because you have soo many to read every time!! :) But this post brought me to tears–absolutely beautiful. God knew what he was doing when he thought up daddies!

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Good thing I can somewhat type without looking at the keys since my eyes are all watery after reading that and Poppa’s comment.

    Happy Father’s Day Brett & Poppa <3

  57. I just wanted to tell you how much better my day gets when I see that you have blogged!! I’m glad your family had a fabulous day!! xoxo

  58. Poppa!!! LOVE the pic!!!! =)
    Happy Father’s day!

  59. Looks like a lovely way to spend a fathers day!

    I love how you mostly post B&W pics of Brett with the kids, it is so timeless!

    But todays post had some color and just makes that wonderful father figure jump to life!!

    You are a lucky girl Kelle Hampton to have such a wonderful partner in life who loves you and your babes unconditionally….can you clone him? 😉

  60. Christine says:

    Beautiful post as always! Where did you get Lainey’s frog float/water wings? I would love that for my girl!

  61. You write so beautifully! What a blessing to be able to let your feeling be known in such an eloquent way. Love it!

  62. Your posts always seem to grab me at one point or another – they’ve either got me in tears or fits of laughter. This one grabbed me at THAT moment, you know, the one where you are told your child has DS. I remember when we were told our unborn baby had Down Syndrome. I phoned my husband in tears and blurted out that we were having a boy and that he had DS. His reply? “He’s my son, I love him and I can’t wait to take him fishing”. I knew at that moment the kind of father he is, I mean, I knew before but that moment just made it clear as day. I love the way he loves our children and am so fortunate to have a partner who loves the way he does.
    It’s nice, isn’t it?

  63. Your posts always seem to grab me at one point or another – they’ve either got me in tears or fits of laughter. This one grabbed me at THAT moment, you know, the one where you are told your child has DS. I remember when we were told our unborn baby had Down Syndrome. I phoned my husband in tears and blurted out that we were having a boy and that he had DS. His reply? “He’s my son, I love him and I can’t wait to take him fishing”. I knew at that moment the kind of father he is, I mean, I knew before but that moment just made it clear as day. I love the way he loves our children and am so fortunate to have a partner who loves the way he does.
    It’s nice, isn’t it?

  64. Anonymous says:


    I’ve been reading your journal since you posted Nella’s birth story. I came across it from another site that recommended it was an inspiring read. That it was!! I am in awe and envy of the person you are. I hope that one day I can honestly be half the woman you are. You definitely have changed my way of looking at life and make me want to live my life MORE and to the fullest, and not sweat the small stuff. I’m only 23, a recent college graduate, still living at home, with a fulltime job but the way you carry yourself and love your family is something that inspires me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my family, couldn’t ask for a better one, but everytime I read your posts, they make me want to spend time with my entire family, life is so precious and I feel as though I take it for granted sometimes.

    Your girls and even the boys are so very fortunate to have you. The love you have for them and show them is shown not just through the pictures you share but through the words you write on here. Your writing is beautiful, and it never fails there is always something that brings me to tears when reading each post. You said in this post that you can’t wait for the day when your girls tell Brett how much he means to them. Well…I can’t wait for the day that your girls tell you, they may not actually voice it in words now but the smiles show it all.

    And even though I’m just one more person that is leaving a comment like many that you have probably seen before, I still want to say this. I wish you the best in this journey we call life. You have shown the world that you can handle anything God might throw your way…Nella’s down syndrome which might I just say she is ADORABLE!! I love her little smile, definitely puts a smile on your face!

    Keep smiling, loving, and enjoying all the days that lie ahead!

    Jen (jens786@hotmail.com)

  65. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful post! Brett sounds like an amazing person!
    I know this is on a whole other level but how about a post on how you have such an amazing body with such young babies! How do you do it?

  66. Your post has brought me to tears. I can just picture how amazing your hubby must be to you and your children. I can’t wait until I am able to experience this same type of love.
    My DH and I are currently TTC & hope this is the last year we only celebrate our own dads.

  67. What a heart warming post!!! You are SO very lucky to have Brett as your husband and father of your peanuts!

    And Poppa! Happy Father’s Day!!!! WOW!!! SO handsome!!!! What a great picture!

    Thanks for the smile today!

  68. You found some perfect words. I’m in tears. This is a beautiful and emotional Father’s Day post. LOVE it!

    “I wish I could really find the words to describe”. I know exactly what you mean. Lots of times I feel so much more than I can possibly express. And there are times that I say so much, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. I’m crazy like that. C:

    Yes, Lainey(Mini Kelle) and Nella(Mini Lainey) are beautiful and amazing and because they are loved so deeply they will become beautiful and amazing women, as well. They are going to be OK~

    Fyi, saw your lovely audition video & have been voting for you on Oprah’s search for “Your OWN Show” too. C:

    When two people create a path together, it is a though their individual intelligence and wisdom join together in a synergistic way, acting as a larger, guiding force that can show them each where they most need to grow. As an expression of life’s basic movement toward greater wholeness working in and through their relationship, this “couple intelligence” can be an accurate and trustworthy guide. When two partners appreciate that their connection invariable points them in the direction of growth, they can begin to regard any situation that comes up in their relationship as a teacher. One way that such “couple intelligence” works is through a natural balancing process. Anything that one partners ignores, the other will feel greater need to emphasize. Whatever quality of being I deny … my partner will find herself feeling an urge to express more strongly … Regarding the relationship as a teacher means that I can trust that what is happening between us contains a certain intelligence …
    -John Welwood

  69. Wow, Kelle, you were a doll when you were little! Beautiful just like your baby girls. I see where they get such beauty from. I love the indoor Father’s Day picnic idea.

  70. I am not ashamed for a second to say that I teared up from reading your words. I’m a daddy’s girl at heart (well, half of it. Mama has her own special part) and he may not be perfect, but he’s my dad and that makes him so much more to me.

    I ended up getting sunburn and it was way too hot outside and it wasn’t exactly the most exciting game but we took him to see a minor league baseball game with our local team and it was fantastic. It was so great to spend that time with him when these past couple of years have been tough on us; on our whole family.

    I didn’t cry then, although the tears prickle at the back of my eyes now as I write this, but when we were getting ready to leave the game he turned to my sister and I and asked for a kiss, and he ended up smooshing us into a three-way hug. I know that he felt loved and appreciated at that moment. Most weeks he sometimes doesn’t see us often enough or has a hard time at work and things have been tough. Yet he knows deep down we love him and always will.

    Mother’s and Father’s day are the days I love the most because I say I love you to them all the time but on their days its just premission to give them the love that otherwise seems overdone on a daily basis.

    It seems that you all gave Brett a great fathers day and you can see the love in his eyes for his children. He seems like a wonderful dad. Your girls (and the boys) are so lucky.

    Have a great week!

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. awhhhh…kelle…i thought God broke the mold when He made my hubby, but it sounds like he let one more slip through before breaking it! just change the name to gregg and your description sounds so much like the man i married..the man who waited so long with me for the love of our lives..gracee..geez now you got me crying!

    cheers to the men who have tender hearts that raise girls who will want to marry someone just like their daddy…and cheers to the men who raise boys who will turn into men that say “i love you” to their boys even when they are grownup!

    can it get any better than this? ♥

  73. Anonymous says:

    Another beautiful post! How lucky you are to have such a wonderful father for your babies, and how lucky he is to have a wife that appreciates him the way you do! Thanks for sharing your beautiful words and pictures.

    Carmen in Boston

  74. beautiful post, beautiful family…

    and i made the same cupcakes today!!!!

  75. beautiful post, beautiful family…

    and i made the same cupcakes today!!!!

  76. beautiful post, beautiful family…

    and i made the same cupcakes today!!!!

  77. What a perfect post for a perfect day. Without these wonderful men in our lives, how different being a Mamma would be. Such a special day to celebrare the men who mold our children with us.

    Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s!

    -Jenny in Iowa

  78. Oh, goodness…..it didn’t dawn on me my “draw” to my husband until I read your post. Eric is just about as older than I am as Brett is than you, though he didn’t have a family before me. He DID have a 2 year old niece, and I will never forget his eyes lighting up when she sang us awake the day I met her. It’s as sweet as our Anna Kate cooing us awake every morning.

    I love your life. I envy you — yes, special needs and all. God chooses those most special to raise HIS most special. I wish he’d choose me. Honestly. Nella is gorgeous….let me tell you a great story — I was looking at your blog tonight, and came across that wonderful pic of Nellabean and her Daddy and my Eric says, “Who’s that cute little girl?” And I say, “Nella Cordelia, the little one I’ve been following”, followed by his comment: “That little girl has Downs, right?” “Yes…”…..”Oh, Because that litte girl looks very normal. She’s cute. She isn’t DS is she?”. My comment was — “She’s special, all right, but better so than most Downs kids”.

    We love you girls. I hope I can meet you someday, my dear friend.

  79. So wonderful. brought me to tears once again lady.
    Thank you

  80. I’m not sure my single girl uterus can take reading your blog much longer! How I long for littles and picnics on the floor! I can only imagine…what it’s like to fall in love with a good man, and see the love you feel for your babies reflected in his eyes….one day, one day!!


  81. Thanks for this. I just married a man who has a 6 year old son and I noticed the same thing about him. He is such a good daddy. I watch him carry his big sleeping baby out of movie theatres, I watch him comb his hair, and help him with his homework. Most of the time he has no idea I’m watching. I can’t wait to have some littles of our own because I already know hes going to be an amazing Dad. THANK YOU for posting the cupcake info. I saw those and was wondering what the hot dogs were made of…then I saw that you posted it right below. AWESOME. thanks

  82. WOW! What an AMAZING dad he is:) I just love reading your blog:) I can be having the worst day, but I hop on over here and I have a smile from ear to ear. You are a gorgeous momma and such an inspiration to us all:) Your girls? There are no words, they are just so precious! Tell Brett HAPPY FATHER’S DAY:)

  83. Your family is beautiful. It’s cheesy to say, but you are an inspiration. Glad you had a wonderful day.

  84. trying to hold back my tears b/c hubby is watching me look at your photos. he is always a little curious about your blog. cute xo i really love this post today.

  85. Anonymous says:

    What a breath taking tribute to your Man- the littles’ & boys’ DADDY!! I too am blessed with a man that celebrates being a Dada everyday to our 2 boys…I often feel like I’m raising three boys as he is right in there with them blasting the water blasters, building yet another fort, kicking balls, slap shooting a hockey puck, cannon balls into the pool, stinking up my kitchen with a famous “fart-nastics”routine, rocking it out to a favourite U2 song…oh the list goes on. He’s also their hockey coach & baseball coach-but most importantly he’s their coach in life- and he has won coach of the year since the day we brought our first born Matt home-I love you Babe (Gary).


    PS Thanks KC for letting me know about the Oprah’s search for you OWN show-vote for our Kelle everyone!!!

    Thanks again for another beautiful post-Brett is a great Dad, partnered up with a fabulous Mom-your children are very blessed!


  86. Kelle – how did I miss that your audition was up for Oprah’s Your OWN TV show?! Maybe other readers have missed this as well~ I only noticed a comment above by another reader. We need you!

  87. so great. so much love. those cupcakes are killer. what a great day for your family! x

  88. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kelle, it’s Monique from Canada-just wanted to let you know that I tried to vote for you (Oprah’s OWN show contest) but the contest is only open to residents in the United States. :(
    This is the comment I posted-don’t know if it will be posted because I’m from Canada-just wanted you to read it (or let your readers know how you touch many…even those in Canada) :)

    Oprah, Kelle brings so much love, laughter and inspiration to all those who follow her blog. She turns the everyday little moments of life into magical grand moments and demonstrates that parenthood-although challenging at times-is simply FUN!!! Her words and photographs are an indication of how amazingly talented she is BUT mostly they show us what an incredible Mamabean she is to her gorgeous Lainey Love and Nella. She has inspired me to love deeper & laugh louder, to soak up the little moments and have them last longer, to take a thousand more pictures of my boys, to “enjoy the small things” (and this is just from following her blog LOL…imagine what she would offer in a T.V program?) My vote is for Kelle Hampton!!
    You Go Girl!! Kelle, you would ROCK Oprah’s world with your Mama show!!
    Monique Pearce from Canada

  89. Hi Kelle, I’m Christin from Kansas. I stumbled across your blog by way of a friend’s blog, and I began reading and was hooked. I must say that as a newly married 25-year-old, having children is extremely daunting to me; however, after reading about you and your girls, I don’t feel afraid of the what-ifs that come with having children, but rather I’m inspired by your family. You’ve shown me how to appreciate the ups and downs in life, even if those downs take you to a place you never thought you’d go. Thank you for being you and sharing your life with us readers. God bless.

  90. You had me tearing up as I read. You got a good man there, and you don’t see that all the time.

    We had a day planned for the daddy of our family, and he kept saying he didn’t care what we did as long as he’s with his family. It was hot here, too, so we ended up just grilling lunch and dinner, and hunkering down inside to watch movies. :)

    Such precious photos.

  91. Oh! My favorites are Nella’s tiny painted toes alongside Daddy’s hand, and then next to Daddy’s feet. SO SWEET.

  92. Love this post!!! :) You have such a beautiful family.

    Do the boys live with guys full time?

    Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there!

  93. Absolutely loved this post!! Your father’s day looked awesome! And you look fantastic for just recently having a baby! Thank you for sharing your day with us and for inspiring some many people:) Have a great week!

  94. OhioGirls says:

    I can’t even type correctly because my eyes are overflowing with tears…Oh my goodness, what a sweet father’s Day gift to your husband. I love when I start my morning with reading one of your posts and it sets the whole wonderful tone of my day!! Thank you for always putting things in to perspective for me…a day with all the littles home & Daddy too are for celebrating…even if it is only just a regular old Monday :) Hope your day is wonderful too!

  95. ,,,nice tribute to the “men” in your life,,,great photos of “family time”,,,love nella’s little tootsies and lainey’s sweet, sweet smile,,,

  96. Kara Brown says:

    Tears, tears, tears.
    :) Beautiful.

    Kara Brown

  97. Brett IS amazing. I so much wish we lived closer so I knew him better. But it’s very obvious in the posts and videos and stories you tell how awesome of a father and husband he is. What a blessed family you are!

    I can’t even start on the pictures! They are breathtaking. I love him holding Nellas feet…awesome. I love the indoor picnic and seeing him wrestle his boys.

    This post was pure happiness!

    Love you!

  98. I love this! It’s beautiful! from nella’s blue plaid shirt that make her eyes POP to her piggy pinks! And all the wonderful praises to brett!
    those cupcakes – SO cute! I’m totally gonna try those!

    And i really love that pic of you and your dad! ummm hello lainey with dark hair! HA

  99. I am amazed by how Lainey ressembles to you . The pictures are fabulous and it is always a pleasure to come here and enjoy the small things
    God BLESS you and your precious family

  100. Geez Kelle…here you have me again in tears with another beautiful post. Between the song that was playing, your beautiful words and those amazing pics, I couldn’t hold back.

    It looks like Brett had a truly amazing fathers day. That family pic in the pool is just lovely!

    Me and my girls made Daddy breakfast in bed, gave him his cards and gifts and spent all morning snuggling in bed…just being lazy! It was just wonderful! The hubby went golfing for a little but then met us at his father’s house for cookout!

    How adorable is that indoor picnic idea!?! And those cupcakes!!
    Thanks for the continuing inspiration girl!! YOU ROCK!!

  101. That last shot of you holding a baby doll with you dad is beyond precious…wow, just wow! Glad you had a wonderful father’s day!

  102. I am still so thankful to have found your blog. You are an amazing spirit! And this father’s day post is just as amazing, I’m so happy that you have found perfect love with such a wonderful man. A great dad is the best!!!

  103. LOVE! this post. All the photos scream love. and your words, so beautiful.

  104. Thank you for making me a “mess of tears”. Great post.

  105. This was beyond precious and know your hubby’s Father’s Day was extra special!!!! :) Wonderful pics!

  106. Brett has awesome cannonball form. No wonder you fell in love with him :O).

    Great words for a really magical dad.


  107. just totally sobbing right now, but in a good way :)
    My husband is an amazing father too, something I don’t know how I ever deserved. He is an amazing step-father to my first (of 4 daughters) who is severely impaired… he couldnt love her more, and it makes me love him ALL the more. Good men may be “hard to find” but when they are found, it’s beyond amazing…
    As always, your word-pictures and photos are moving, and amazing.

  108. Anonymous says:

    One of my absolute favorite posts by you. Simply beautiful…Happy Father’s Day to Brett!
    Leslie L.

  109. This is the most beautiful thing ever! You have such a way with transforming your heart into words.

  110. I don’t think that there is a time I dont’t read your blog without a few tears and lots of smiles!! It always makes my day to read about yours!! Thanks for sharing!

  111. Umm I think I just fell in love with your husband, LOL. Seriously what a beautiful tribute to a wonderful father. Just a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing!

  112. this entry was simply beautiful! just beautiful,nothing else to say..but beautiful in every way!
    rania in nyc

  113. What a great way to end my day!!! Beautiful…..!!!!

    Love the indoor picnic! The pics are priceless as well!

  114. Well, I am officially in love with your husband! I hope mine won’t mind 😉
    Thank you for that post, and for making me cry for the 122nd time 😉

  115. Beautiful! Yes yes, it made me cry too….you have as beautiful way with words as you do the ability to capture emotions in pictures.

  116. that was so sweet!! you are very lucky to have such an amazing Husband who sounds like a perfect dad!! aren’t dad’s amazing??

  117. I was shedding tears in the 1st sentance… you have a way with words that grab at my heart strings…. almost always happy tears, and me being a pisces… known for emotion, I thank you, because it feels so good sometimes to cry a good happy cry. (((hugs))))

  118. your summertime pics get me every time! love those. here’s to good husbands everywhere!

  119. I was in tears!! How beautiful a testament! You are all so blessed to have each other. The pictures are absolutely amazing!!!

  120. Just as you, I feel in love with my husband and how he was an awesome dad to the two sons he had when we met. Twin boys, that have since become my pride and joy and my sons. I love my husband and the children he brought into my life. We don’t have any of our own yet; we lost our first early in pregnancy, but I hope one day to be able to share a story likes yours to add to our family with our own kids someday!

  121. Kelle, you and your family inspire me. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, admittedly jealous of your talent and constantly amazed by the beauty, joy, and grace in your life. Count me as another reader in love with your husband and Poppa! Fathers are so important, particularly for daughters, and you’ve been blessed with some of the best! Of course, I’m partial to my dad and husband as well – I’ll call it a tie. Thanks for the constant reminders of all that is good and right in life!

  122. As nearly all of your posts do, this made me cry! I am a new Mommy (my baby turns 3 months tomorrow) and my husband and I have been married almost two years… and I know what you mean about your husbands heart and how he was made to be a daddy… I see that with my husband, too, as he interacts with our little boy.

    Anyway, I love your posts and your pictures and everything about the beautiful ministry of your life that you are displaying here for all of us. Don’t stop!

  123. You and your family seem like the sweetest people ever! I started reading when Nella was a couple weeks old and I love checking back. Your IRL friends are very lucky to have you, Kelle! I get such a warm feeling reading your posts…THANK YOU!

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