Home and Peaches & Cream

We look forward to weekends like everyone else, making plans all week, dropping ideas of all the adventurous things we might do. Like we might go to Clam Pass Beach. And we might take Lainey to see a movie. And we might drive to Captiva for the day.

But when Saturday arrives and we might get out of bed, the thought occurs that it might be kinda nice to just chill. And our big plans get moved to later in the afternoon…until 2:00 arrives and we’re making grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup and suiting up for a family swim. And so the plans get bumped to Sunday…until we wake up and it’s raining and we decide we’d rather mull indoors with coffee watching the Backyardigans and building forts out of couch cushions and piles of folded laundry that never made it to drawers.


I’ve always been a let’s-get-goin’ girl. A do-it-and-see-it kind of person. But, the older I get, the more I realize just how very much I love the pleasures of home. Having a place that is peaceful and safe. And, although our house might not be the most organized and laundry might not always make it to the drawers, it’s homey. With its flashcard piles and dumped-out doctor kits, sprawls of dollhouse furniture-turned-bath-toys that litter the bathroom rug, the empty paper towel roll that hasn’t been changed in three days. However, there’s always freshly-ground coffee, cold beer in the fridge and big pillows on the couch that have been broken in just so.

This weekend brought sunny blue skies that were interrupted in the afternoon by cozy gray clouds and torrential downpours which timed nicely for the girls’ naps. They both slept in our bed together this afternoon curled up next to each other and lullabyed to sleep by deep thunder and this massive choir of bullfrogs and crickets that sang from the woods. When the skies finally cleared again, we tromped out to the edge of the woods to see our dry path turned into a refective lake and frog friends emerging from pine needle blankets to explore the marsh. Needless to say, no picnic today.



We did, however, indulge in one of my favorite summer delicacies. Fresh ripe peaches soaked in cream, sprinkled in sugar and kissed with a dollop of whipped cream.


Nella practiced sitting up some more…


(propped up by an airplane neck pillow stacked on top of a Boppy…works great for her!)

…and Lainey and I met the post-storm sunshine with a basket of water balloons which were tossed and burst with a welcoming splash.


I love how her little face winced up, anticipating that water gush…





And though our only outing this weekend may have just been a family grocery trip…



…it was hardly a wash.

Sometimes, there really is…no place like home.

And some Sunday dessert…I couldn’t decide which ones to post because she has just way too many expressions, so here they all are–from her explorative gasps to this deep soulful stare that just drinks us in and makes me weak in the knees…she has so many looks.


My favorite:

And when she gets all worked up and happy, she gets her flirty eyes going and musters all her strength to make an excited little “Bbbbuhh” noise that’s always accompanied by this little bundle of bubbles and spit because she gets that excited to get it out. And we all–even Lainey–“whoa!” and “whoo-hoo” after she does it, and she looks so proud.


And, after all that work, she drops her head, rolls to the side, and rests with a gentle smile.


Yeah, Baby. It’s like that.


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  1. I love it! I thought the same thing today when our daughter (#3) woke up from her nap, I said to my husband…”if we want to do something, we need to go before other daughter (#2) needs to go down for her nap. We were sitting on our front porch swing, drinking our coffee when our neighbors wandered over in their pj’s with their coffee. We ended up sitting there for over an hour and planned a front yard, pool and popsicle making party. It’s ALL we did today…sit on our front porch!


  2. i want to squeeze that little nellabean of yours!! she’s so scrumptious!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    We threw water balloons in our backyard too today!!-it was our littles’ 6th birthday-Zippity Zach and his crew of Scurvy Dog Pirates sailed the seas, went on a treasure hunt, took a trip to Pirate’s Pub for Rum & Cod fish (water & fish crackers) and fired black water balloons (canon bombs) high in the air and hollered with triumph as the water burst all over them…fun times!!! I LOVE summer!!! The list is getting longer and with school out this coming week I can hardly wait to start checking it off :)

    Happy summer days to you!
    From Canada (where we are finally having some HOT days)

  4. You’re girls never fail to make me smile. :) Thanks for sharing!! I love reading your blog and have shared it with many people.

    hmmm…never soaked peaches in cream. It looks YUMMY!!

  5. OOPS…How could I write YOU’RE girls!! I’m a teacher for crying out loud!! lol Of course, I meant YOUR!!

  6. Hi Kelle! I was introduced to your amazing blog when Nella was born and have been inspired by you ever since. I look forward to this time of day when the house is asleep and I can enjoy your photos and writings. (I have linked to your blog a few times…hope you don’t mind!)
    Just wondering…where did you find that precious little purple-ish gray-ish outfit Nella is wearing today? I love it!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Precious babies…..makes me smile. Your writing is so magical, thanks for sharing. Jade

  8. awesome post! (nothing new)

    We love weekends as well. Today began with church, then we had Pad Thai… because its just a Sunday afternoon must. We live in Washington State, so we’re not having the dreadfully hot weather as most of the West coast is… its been a cool 72 degrees, so homemade beef stew is in the pot, simmering right now. We have some friends over, we’re getting way too competitive with the wii and having a blast.

    I have to say it (again) Nella is positively beautiful! When I see her smiling, I can’t help BUT smile. I love that about her eyes. Joyful bliss bounces around in them.


  9. Sounds like it was a great weekend! That Nella is just too sweet!!!

  10. Such sweet pics! I love the little rain boots:) Sounds like a great weekend.

  11. Anonymous says:

    …me again, just wanted to say that I just love all those Nella faces-hard to pick a favourite, but if I HAD to, it would be the gentle smile after all that work- that smile says “I’m so proud of myself and I feel the love baby”


  12. Another awesome post Kelle! And these pictures of Nella are simply killing me and bringing me back to the days when my Ryan was a baby and we were just starting out on this T21 journey!

    Back then, there were no blogs, (like I’ve mentioned here before!) It was just me, and my warped assumptions of what our life with “this” baby would be like!

    Lo and behold, this week was one of the most amazingly educational weeks of “our” lives down this “Down Syndrome Road” lol (pun intended)

    Check out the week WE just had!

    Wishing you and your family (including Poppa!) a wonderful summer!

  13. I just love your photos!

  14. just. precious.

  15. And I thought we were the only ones using the dollhouse kitchen table and dresser drawers as bath toys! Nice to know we’re all living through the flash cards and laundry mess together!
    Nella’s faces are precious, and so are Lainey’s socks!

  16. Your girls are just absolutely precious!

  17. Loving the Nella pics, so beautiful!

  18. How cute the tier of boppy and boppy like pillows to hug Nella while she practices sitting up! She is just blossoming so much!


  19. My favorite is the one of Nella with the little spit bubble in the corner of her mouth. Love that one. She is just a little dream!

    And Lainey has the coolest socks EVER!

  20. Just reading this post of yours relaxed me. Thank you!!

  21. We went ice skating and to the library and the pool. It was busy and perfect.

  22. Those sweet baby blues of Nella’s get me every time! I love your girls’ pictures!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for not making me feel guilty about doing nothing this weekend but setting up Little People villages and co-mingling the farm animals with the Princess Castle and Noah’s Ark! I always feel like I’m wasting away the weekend when we do nothing but the “family grocery outing” which we too did today…but there is a real sense of peace just lounging at home. And I need an excuse to escape some of this Naples heat! Nella bean is simply GORGEOUS! Those pictures of her are delightful in every single way. Wow. And Lainey’s “anticipated getting hit with a waterballoon face” is priceless! Beautiful girls, beautiful pictures, beautiful stories. Keep it up!

  24. Looooove the close-ups of Nella. She does have a bazillion different amazing expressions. I think she looks like you in the 4th one down.

  25. Nella looks so much like Lainey in the last pic! Lazy weekends are the best!!

  26. What a fabulous weekend you had! Those last pictures of your Nella remind me so of my little Ava that is getting to be so big now. She is 3.5. I just love those little upside down eye smiles. Sigh… They make me melt. Just wait. It gets better and better…

  27. What a fabulous weekend you had! Those last pictures of your Nella remind me so of my little Ava that is getting to be so big now. She is 3.5. I just love those little upside down eye smiles. Sigh… They make me melt. Just wait. It gets better and better…

  28. Sounds like an idyllic, refreshing weekend. Nella is getting so big! Love the photos of Lainey enjoying the water balloons.

  29. I cannot get enough of your gorgeous girls – I just adore your blog.

  30. Oh Kelle!! LOVE those Nella pics with all of her expressions!! She is SO SO beautiful!!! It really is so fun to watch her grow!
    And Miss Lainey’s wardrobe in this post is to die for! LOVE the socks! Can I ask where you get those? I’ve been on the hunt with no luck! Thanks for warming my heart tonight.

  31. WHERE did you get those fabulous tube socks that Lainey was wearing while playing with the water balloons?? They are precious!

    Glad you had a fun weekend relaxing at home.


  32. Anonymous says:

    Ohh so sweet. I love your sweet fam and I love to see the sweet girls as always. It just reminds me when our 3 kids were little, now the oldest being 34 and with 2 grandchildren 1 and 4 years pof age, we are re-living it all over gain. Blessings to you all. Hugs~

  33. Glad we’re not the only family whose clean clothes never make it to the drawers. Today, Diego was walking around playing with daddy’s socks and underwear!
    Your grocery trips look like so much fun…Lainey’s a lucky girl. Last time I went, we had three carts for three things…the kids must each have one, of course, and I spend most of the time checking my heels before I get painfully run over.
    And lovely Nella. Are there any words to describe her? I’m speechless.


  34. Lainey’s tube socks came in a two pack at Target in the girls’ accessory aisle.

  35. CourtneyB says:

    De-lurking to say….Your girlies are just utterly delicious! Lainey’s knee-high sock? Rockin’ ’em! Nell pic #3, the one with the slightly squinty eyes, is my fav. And do I ever just wanna stroke and smooch (And sniff, I’m a baby head sniffer. :P) that sweet little peach fuzzy head of hers!

  36. Love, love, love the many faces of Nella. Soooo cute! Where’d you get Lainey’s socks? I’ve never seen them in that size.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this lovely post. I had to smile at the darling photos of Lainey in her bright rain boots having fun in the grocery store or with the balloons! Nella’s many looks are just precious – again I sat here smiling back at her.
    Your photo of the puddle in the woods is gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing your life.

  38. Bethany Joy says:

    Hi Kelle,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your blog. On the surface I really don’t have much in common with you. I’m single, in my 20’s, not particularly creative, and completely uncomfortable around children (can’t remember the last time I held a baby), but I just loved reading your blog and taking in all the pictures. Even though I can’t relate to motherhood, I’m always inspired by your upbeat outlook on life, and the way you can turn the most ordinary objects into extraordinary pictures. You’ve made me laugh, made me think, and have helped to shape what I want my outlook on life to be.

    I’ve also enjoyed seeing Nella grow from such a tiny newborn to a baby who can sit up and has a smile that could melt anyone’s heart. And Lainey is, of course, equally precious.

    So all this is to say thank you – thank you so much for sharing your life, your story, and your amazing optimism with the masses. Life can get somewhat dull day in and day out here, and I’ve found myself trying to ‘enjoy the small things’ more and more. And of course there are days when that doesn’t work, but hey, life’s a journey.

    Many blessings to you and your family. I look forward to smiling over many more of your posts. :)


    P.S. I discovered your blog from a college guy who had posted a link of it on facebook. You must have quite a wide range of readers!

  39. Ohhh, my Truman is gettin’ some tube socks :) Boys can wear purple, right? Or are those blue?

    Nella is getting so expressive, what a peanut!

    Love the wee frog!

    Happy last few hours of the weekend.

  40. Anonymous says:


    First time commenter here. I love checking in with you and seeing “what’s up with the Hamptons?” (Sounds kinda like a sitcom title, doesn’t it? ha!)

    It seems strange to say “Thanks” for doing something like blogging that you love and did well before you had a large following, but really….thanks. I have 4 kids with #5 on the way in December, so sometimes my life gets to be a blur of getting chores done, getting where we need to be and constantly helping wipe bottoms/change diapers/fix meals and snacks and keep some sort of order to our life. I have started to try very hard to slooooow down and just stop loading the dishwaser halfway through to help draw Spongebob for one of the boys or dress my little girl’s Barbie in her micro-bikini for the umpteenth time. I have found joy in the kid’s expressions of surprise that I’d just STOP my “mommy work” like that and I love it. (Granted there are time I can’t but I’m sure you have those “can’t-take-this-anymore-without-taking-out-this-smelly-trash,” etc moments but just don’t blog about them!)

    Anyway, your blog is pure sunshine to me and I am really re-discovering the mama I wanted to be when I grew up. I wish I had more IRL friends whose priorities were like mine (and most definitely yours) b/c it would make it all the more sweet!

    Love from SC,

    PS. You hear it a million times but the girls are precious! :)

  41. AWH!!!!!!!!!!!! Nella is just the most adorable baby everrr!! I LOVE the last one when she’s relaxing on her side. <3

    Sounds like you guys had a WONDERFUL weekend!

    uhm…the peaches made my mouth water! Wish I had REAL peaches in AZ! :(


    <3 you guys!






  43. Boppy pillows are amazing! I wondered at first why I needed more than one, but after my LO’s first few therapy sessions, I too learned the value of the Boppy stacking tower. They work wonders for so many other exercises as well!

    I love Lainey’s rain boots! Too cute.

    P.S. If you could somehow channel your housekeeping philosophy to my husband so he “gets” that I am not crazy for not being overly concerned with cleaning and that a “lived in” house full of love is better than being boring and uber-clean and sterile—it would be amazing!

  44. She is just getting so much cuter! Sounds like a blissful weekend.

  45. DELICIOUS photos!! The LOVE is radiant amongst you all <3

    Thanks you for sharing your perfect weekend with us!

    Leona~ Victoria, BC, Canada

  46. Isn’t it funny how quickly we can turn from “on the go, all the time” to kind of homebodies, when matched with the perfect husband and little ones? I used to always want to be out and about and doing something, anything, but since Landon has been born I really have come to enjoy and cherish the weekends were the three of us just hang out at home, watching movies, playing board games, swimming and napping together. Those days really make me appreciate what I have and how lucky I am.

    I love those last pictures of Nella, she is getting so big and strong, and talk about personality! Girlfiends has got it going on! I can’t believe how quickly time is passing, it seems like just yesterday I was reading about Nellas birth story and look at her (and you!) now! Love it!


  47. beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

  48. Hi Kelly, LOVE your blog of course! Such an inspiration. I was curious though, do you have a way to look at your sites stats? like site views and that sort of thing? or do you even care. If you do, i’m curious how I could find them out for mine. Thanks!

  49. Nellas little smiles just make Me smile. I love your pictures and get excited when I click on your link to see if you have something new for me to look at or read. thanks for sharing your family with us!

  50. What a little beauty that Nella is. And Lainey with those socks just makes rainy days sweet. Your little beauties bring sunshine to our world. Thank you for always sharing the good stuff.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I’ve come to accept lately that it’s okay to be a homebody. When I have my babies, we’ll be going out and having adventures plenty, but there really is nothing like home.

    “There’s nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” -Margaret Elizabeth Sangster.

  52. When I see all the recent blog posts on my dashboard, I read around yours. I read those above and those below it… Saving yours. Because you know what they say- best for last.
    Your posts inspire me to enjoy the moment, cherish my babies, and live up my life.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  53. Hi Kelle!
    i enjoy reading your posts and
    watching the beautiful photos!
    You’re the best mom ever!

  54. ,,,delicious,,,

  55. Anonymous says:

    Aah sweet Nella, she really does brighten up my day with her gorgeous little smiles. What a joy she must be!
    And how cute the two girls taking their nap together-I can imagine you just standing there watching them the whole time, they would have looked so peaceful and adorable I bet :)

    And yes, family weekedns lazing and just being comfortable together in each other’s company are the best! 😀

    Allison in Australia :)

  56. Love those weekends when you can just hang out at home and not feel like you have to go do something to have fun! Nella is getting so big and more beautiful every day! I love reading your story and watching your girls grow.

  57. Anonymous says:

    so, my 5 year old just woke up and climbed in bed with us it’s 1 a.m. and my hubby and I are still up talkin, not wanting the weekend to end. So Cass was reading your blog with me, she loves her some Nella n Lainey….she just said “Nella is so cute, I wish she was a real baby.” I said “Cass, she is a real baby.”and she says ” I KNOW Mom, that’s not what I meant, I meant i wish I could really see her” Too cute! Just thought i’d share :) and one more thing….LOVE THE TUBE SOCKS!!!! -Kelly from Michigan

  58. mommy of two girls too says:

    Just love the cute pics of Nella….they are all so adorable. So lovely and expressive! My hope is to one day be caught up on the laundry….*sigh*. 😉 Have a great week, Kelle!


  59. I love your blog. I have recently found your blog and am enjoying reading all your posts. You have an amazing talent with words and photos. It’s inspiring to read your love of life and contageous as well. Keep up the amazing work.
    You remind me to savor the moments with my daughter.

    Best wishes,

  60. PrettyBubbles says:

    I cant believe how much Nella looks like Lainey when shes smiling! Gorgeous! And i gasped when i saw the picture of your water bombs, i took the exact same picture at home yesterday! Great minds, eh? Love this journal Kelle, it brightens my day! xxx

  61. Anonymous says:

    Linda here, in Calif. I always love reading what you write, and seeing your pics. You’ve heard similar stuff so many times, and dont mean to sound too over-the-top, BUT…You make so many of us be better people and better parents. Period. You are helping make this world a better place, I truly believe. Your outlook/attitude is infectious, contagious and thank heaven for THAT! One of my fave things you wrote some time ago, is something I have been trying to practice for a long time and spread the outlook; it was something about how all moms work, whether at home or outside of the home. AND all moms are trying to be good moms, and doing the best they can. there is no ONE right way or best way. thanks, kelle, for adding your voice. I see and hear of too many moms who judge each other because they work at home or others do, blah blah. So sad – we women should be supportive of each other; we MOMS should be – and respect each others’ choices. And may I say, I always look for POPPA’s posts/comments. What a great writer. Like others have said, I wish he would adopt ME!

  62. Anonymous says:

    gettin my girl some tube socks tomorrow!!!
    lovely, as always!
    keep on rockin it, Kelle!

  63. oh, nella makes my heart melt!

  64. Love digthischick’s Florida shirt. L. rocks it!

  65. Home really is a nice place to be when you have little ones. I know I have said it before and I will say it again but your girls really are too cute!

    You should pop over and enter a giveaway I am running at the moment- http://seasidesiblings.blogspot.com/2010/06/bedroom-inspiration-and-giveaway.html

  66. Yes, “Travel East, Travel West, After all, Home is best!” My grandma used to say that…and in spite of the wanderlust we all feel sometimes, to make home happy is to make it a chosen destination. If it is a place where every person feels cherished, where everyone has a voice listened to, where serendipty is more visible than rules, where real games and play trump video games (a personal peeve)–our children will grow up into our friends and they will make us very, very proud. Oh, Nella’s little expressions–she is becoming a little person! I can remember holding her on those first days, still in the fog of ignorance, and wondering if she would respond like all babies–to laugh on prompting, to reach for me to hold her when she sat on the floor, to get mad at me when I took something from her. Now, I know, she is so fully, wonderfully our precious Nella–aware, growing, becoming. I can’t wait to see my girls…and maybe have another water balloon fight–I am killer! Loving you this Monday morning!

  67. Superb pictures of very pretty Nella!

  68. That is the life! Beautiful end and beginning to your week. :)


  69. 1) The Boppy pillow and neck pillow combo… brilliant!

    2) I have never been to Florida, but until reading your blog and seeing all the forest pictures I had no idea it was so woodsy. When an untraveled Texas gal thinks of Florida we think oceans and alligators. :-)

    3) Love those socks on Lainey! That girl can wear anything with such style. I wish I had a girl or two, but I will settle for loving all these boys I’ve got.

    4) And Nella. Sweet baby Nella who my children and husband hear me talk about so often like I know you guys. I LOVE that last picture. Every image you capture of her and share just makes the ache to hold her in my arms more achy breaky hearty. I just adore her! Her smile makes my day!

  70. Hi, my name is Tatiana and I just wanted to say that your blog is beautiful, just like your family. I know you have like a million followers who leave a million and one comments, so I promise not to comment too much in the future, but I just had to introduce myself and say that I’m so happy to have come across your blog. I’m devouring it as we speak!

    Thank you for your inspiring words. Enjoy the rest of your summer! And God bless those beautiful, perfect, little girls!

  71. Mark my words…that Nella is going to have one heck of a personality. :)

  72. Your posts are like little tiny presents. I love to open them up and see what’s inside!

  73. I love the water balloons! I’m going to have to get some ASAP.

    My daughter is on her second pair of those very same frog boots. She wore the first pair so much they started cracking. :)

    The last set of pictures made my day.


  74. Once again your pics are gorgeous, though it must be easy with such beautiful subjects as Lainey and Nella.

  75. Anonymous says:

    That Nella never fails to bring a smile to my face.
    That girl, she is going to do amazing things. Be proud mama.

  76. This makes me click my heels together three times, close my eyes, and say, “There’s no place like home…”

  77. What a perfect post for my Monday morning because that is exactly how our weekend went! Plans pushed a little later and a little later as we enjoyed our home…then the rain coming off and on throughout the weekend. “Oh, we better just stay home then!” 😉
    We did manage to go to literally the best park that was ever built though. Just opened a few weeks ago near our house. It was so amazing. As soon as you step foot in the park your inner kid is sparked. You could see all the adults as excited as every kid there. Haven’t had that experience before, how fun!!

    And love the Nella pics!!! I smile right back at her. =)

  78. Shriek that’s all I can say to those pictures of Nella. It’s Monday morning for me and I have to work but I know I’ll be coming home to look at those, that Nella smile is magical. I love Lainey’s face with the water balloons too sweet!!!!! Looks like you all had another great weekend.

  79. My whole comment was eaten up! Darn, I like it too..straight from the heart!
    Oh well, guess it wasn’t meant to be!
    Love the post, love the photos, and of course Poppa!

  80. i too am a go-go-go girl.. i love being on the go, having things to do, doing anything OTHER than staying home. but since i had my son who is now three…. sometimes the entertainment at home far out weighs anything that we could do outside of it. i love staying at home with my little man while he entertains! he is my muse, that i can’t get enough of! i like that i have taken the time to SEE THIS cause all the things i might have missed had i not!

  81. Yesterday was exactly that kind of day for us. My daughter and I took an early nap, since we had friends over the night before and I let her stay up until 9 (gasp!! lol). And then we picked flowers out back :) Great idea with the water balloons. Am thinking of using that idea for Canada Day.

    Check it out here!

    PS – So jealous that you can purchase beer and wine in the grocery store!! One downside to Canada

  82. Love lazy weekends! Nella’s face in that second picture is precious…Can’t wait to play with water balloons this summer with my kids too!

  83. this morning you and your beautiful blog are the cream in my coffee! happy monday, kelle (and your delicious duo)!!

  84. finn droppedhis beloved plastic ring o’ keys … grabbed the edge of the desk and stared at nella. with a huge gummy smile spread across his face. i think she has an admirer here in mn.

  85. Hey Kelle,

    We just made the long drive back to our Ohio home from sunny Florida. I had read your road trip post from last year so it was really special to make that same drive on I-75. I thought of you when we passed Jellico, TN (if it hadn’t been midnight I would’ve stopped for pictures) and again thinking of you as we crossed the bridge from KY to Cincinnati, OH. We even ate at Cracker Barrel on the way :)

    Love your posts, you’re awesome. Can’t wait for the book…Oh, and I voted for you on the Oprah link. But even before that I was on the Oprah website (a couple of months ago) requesting you for one of her shows. Love me some Kelle Hampton :)

    Have a blessed day! Love ya, girl :)

  86. lovely as always!

  87. Kelle,

    You ROCK. Your blog was just what I needed to start my Monday. I can always count on you to remind me to celebrate every day!

    Our weekdays-nights-and-ends have been filled with constant work and trips to Home Depot as we slowly turn our first house into a home. Sometimes I wish we could just play! Your post reminded me to cherish the work, too. Last night, Mike and I sat in our cast iron tub scraping off scabs of thin-set mortar with razor blades to prepare for more tiling and grouting this week.

    I look forward to the day when I can rest in my “mess”!

    P.S. Nella-girl is growing up so fast. She has killer eyes! And Lainey makes me so happy. Good grief! I don’t know you and your family but I have a tender place in my heart for you guys. Sending you Monday love!

  88. I understand “weak in the knees” Dylan does that to me everytime. She fills my cup so much it overflows, and i still never seem to get enough of her. I wish that I didnt have to work so i could just spend the days enjoying every sec.

  89. Sweet, sweet, sweet babies. As I always say to my kiddos, what’s not to love? They are just precious!

  90. Gorgeous photos as always! Love that baby face!

  91. Hi, Kelle

    I love your blog. I came across your link through a friend of mine Rebecca(becky). I’m a new blogger. I have my own blog that I started back in January of this year. I would love for you to check it out. I get so into it all by you and your photos. You are trly an amazing woman, momma, wife, person etc!!! I don’t know you and I luv U! Check us out at

    Take Care

    Christine Miller
    London, Ontario

  92. Beautiful post. I love your writing style… you know how to make the ordinary into something extraordinary.

    Looking forward to the next entry :)


  93. LOVE this post. I love the expressions of miss Nella :) What a little sweetie!

  94. Anonymous says:

    Nella is precious! Those almond shape eyes are so BEAUTIFUL! love the pictures and your favorite pic is my favorite too!


    PS: I opened your blog and as soon as I heard the song HOME by Edward Sharpe I thought I was looking at my own blog…because that’s the first song that I have on! Awesome music taste!

  95. Mmm… peaches and cream is delicious!!! i love hearing about your adventures! your girls are absolutely beautiful!!!

  96. Nella’s little smile is pure joy to see.

  97. That is one beautiful baby. She makes me sigh – and want another. Hmmmmm…..

  98. I have to say I think the first and last pictures you put up in the last little series of your little Nella pics are my favorite…. but they are all so very cute!
    love the water balloon ones, too! :)

  99. How amazing does your woods look now? Your girls are just beautiful and I can’t wait to see them.

  100. Hi Kelle,

    Long time reader, first time commenter…It all started with Nella’s birth story which just really hit close to home. I also have 2 daughters but mine are a little further apart in age, like 20 years! My oldest is 23 and my youngest will be 3 in September. As you can imagine I was somewhat older when the 2nd one unexpectedly came along. There was a 1 in 20 chance she would have Ds and she did. Although we were prenatally diagnosed I went through a lot of the same emotions that you did. Emme has been such a blessing to us all!
    Although, Ds was the original draw to your blog, it is now only a small part of why I love it. Thank you for your inspiring posts!
    And thank you to Poppa for his inspiring comments. Like so many others, I too scan the comments until I land on his. I think he needs to publish his own book called “Poppa said…”. It would be a best seller!

  101. Hi Kelle, Thanks for this post. I don’t know why, but It just makes me want to gather everyone that I’ve ever known and loved in my life and get into a giant group hug. Home is home. :)
    Have a great day!

  102. There’s nothing better than a quiet weekend at home, with good trips to the store and forts :) I love that you captured the mischief that can happen in the aisles at the grocery store!

  103. OK, would you quit with the absolutely to die for cuteness of your girls please. My pocketbook can take it no more. Everytime I read a post it seems I have to make a trip to Target. First, cute socks to make leg warmers and now I will be on a manhunt (or should I say sockhunt) for those adorable tube socks. My Josie can sport those with the Converse Chuck Taylor hightops I had to have for her after seeing Lainey in some and don’t even get me started on the crocheted hats. I apologize to you upfront because I totally take credit like I am the fashion queen of the midwest when she gets compliments about how cute she looks in all of this attire. Honestly though, I love your blog, it is the only one I read faithfully, and for more than just the great fashion tips for my girl. Your pictures rival those in magazines, your words those of best-selling authors, and your outlook on life and all that comes with it, the good, bad and uncertain, is so inspiring.

  104. Anonymous says:

    Luv the new pix of Nella! Is her hair coming in blonde just like Lainey? It kinda looks like it might be. Both of the girl’s are just precious!

  105. Thank you for introducing the “Home” song to me! My husband and I are just in love with it. “Jane? Alexander…”

    I washed some windows, played with my daughter at the park, and had a sandwich and green tea frappuccino at Starbucks this afternoon. A yummy simple day. :)

  106. Denelle Downhill says:

    I’m sure you already know of them but I’ll mention it anyway. A Bumbo would help Nella sit up. We LOVED ours when my daughter was a few months old. It was her seat at the dinner table for many, many family dinners. :)

  107. Anonymous says:

    POPPA, POPPA!!! Y O U, I think, are also developing quite the “following” here – we, who look for YOUR comments. You are such a great, gifted writer, and your big open heart shines through. No wonder you have such a wonderful daughter! I always savor what you write and it is so real, and true, and touches my heart! THANK YOU!! From, Linda MG in Calif, who comments at times. And I am in such a different space than Kelle. I am a 55 year-old grandma of two. But I feel like I am a part-time parent to those (or more time) cuz I care for them while the parents work. I’m glad their mommy (our daughter) works just part-time. And I couldnt do this without the help of my hubby (grandpa)!

  108. Oh, for the love of all things good—have I mentioned I could just eat them both up with a spoon?? What?? Oh, only 273 times?? So scrumtious!!

  109. Oh, for the love of all things good—have I mentioned I could just eat them both up with a spoon?? What?? Oh, only 273 times?? So scrumtious!!

  110. LOVE.

    I, too, have become quite the homebody as I’ve gotten older. I’ve also accepted the fact that my home will never be fully clean (that sterile, medicinal clean you see in some homes); it’s impossible with 2 children, 2 cats, and 2 dogs!

    My favorite weekends are those with no plans that just kind of come together with our family. Having fun together making memories.

    Love the pictures! Miss Nella is getting SO big!

  111. This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. man, that little Nellabean is cute!!

  114. I have to start off by saying Nella’s series of smiles is killer. Ah, my heart melts. She is spectacular and thriving. And Lainey with water balloons – LOVE her expression in anticipation. I was guessing that the socks were a Target find – but in the boys section, not the girls. Lainey is rocking her footwear once again.

    Gosh, we love summer, and I love it tenfold since moving to Annapolis. We call our house the “vacation home” – at the end of a point surrounded by 13 other homes and 2 marinas. I can spend the entire weekend going no where and have a great time. Yes, the older I get the more I appreciate everything, especially the simplicity of staying home. As long as we have enough food, coffee, chocolate, popsicles, craft supplies and a dingie full of gas…it’s going to be a good time.

    Thanks for reminding us of the beauty of NOT running around.

    Have a great week!


  115. Peaceful weekends are good for the soul! Love Nella’s faces. C:

    I am having the most exhilarating time saying and acting just as I feel and think, lately -speaking when and what I want and keeping quite when I want and saying to myself with a daredevil feeling “Oh well, that’s me. If they don’t like it, so much the better to know now.”
    -Anne Morrow Lindbergh

  116. Be still my heart! Beautiful – all of it!

  117. Kristen says:

    Nella. is. ADORABLE. Seriously, lovelovelove her face. The pouty lip in the post above this one kills me. And the rolled over head to the side smile is ridiculously cute. I want to squeeze her and cuddle her. OMG the cuteness. And Lainey is such a big girl! Love the Florida long-sleeved t-shirt and how she rocks her own quirky style. Her eye color is awesome – it’s like dark greenish gray! Your blog is my favorite thing ever. Ever ever.

  118. Oh.. beautiful girls!
    I love your blogg, u take some lovely pictures!

  119. Another comment from me…

    I want to make my blog look like yours. I like the clean look of it with the simple header!

    How do I go about doing that?

    my blog is:


  120. dear kelle:

    your blog makes me happy. just sayin’.

    – molly

  121. I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but Photobucket has removed the “anticipating a water balloon face” photo as “violating their terms of use” — I can’t imagine why, just based on the description.

  122. Nella is so so beautiful. 😀

  123. yipppeeee for weekends at home and water balloons and rainy afternoons….loving all of nella’s sweet expressions. she is looking so much older….already…and i just want to kiss her little cheeks. we have been soaking up all the goodness of being home too and you know the last couple of times we were out for an extended period….sammy would say “home now mommy?” there’s nothing better!! hope to see you soon. xo

  124. Those bonnets are so delicious I could eat them like a popsicle. The only thing I can think of that could possibly be cuter than Nella in her bonnet would be MY baby girl in a bonnet, just because I’m a biased mama.

  125. Oh my goodness I love Lainey’s little knees. They look like a baby horse growing. I remember when my girl was young and the knees stand out. Like a beautiful baby pony ready to run into life.

  126. Thanks so much! I cannot put it into words….how much I love this blog. It makes my day each and every day I read it! KA

  127. Hi Kelle, I came across your blog by accident and am so glad I did. You’ve fast become a favorite place to visit and I love how you showcase the way everyday things can be extra special. My husband and I are in the process of adopting two little girls and I will be shamelessly using a couple of your ideas to make them feel welcomed, special and loved. I’ll give all the credit to you when somebody asks me how I thought it up. You rock, lady.

  128. Hey Kelle!
    Love your Blog… I am SO voting for you to win the 2010 blog luxe award! you go Sistah!-Josee

  129. LOVE IT!! One of my favorite, you are quite witty as well!
    Regina…mother of a beautiful little boy that embodies both Italy and Holland as well!

  130. The blog today hit a sweet nerve with me. I too get those days where you want to be sad and mad etc… I unlike you have trouble letting go of that sometimes – but reading your thoughts (especially the Holland and Italy reference) help make it a little easier to let go and enjoy the small things!

  131. I love your blogs and your girls pictures too!
    Of course I voted for your blog! Good luck Kelle.

  132. I’m jealous of Lainey’s rain boots. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen them in Target or Walmart (I think Target) and said “I wish they made these in adult sizes!”

  133. I love that first photo of Nella on the Boppy. When she makes that inquisitive face, raising her eyebrows, she is the image of her big sister Lainey. Congrats on your beautiful babies -x.

  134. Love me some Poppa! Nella’s expressions are priceless. Love the way you capture them.

  135. They are just precious. Our weekends go very much the same way. We usually end up doing nothing. Which is really the best weekend of all.

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