I love mornings.


I love the way my big girl wakes up with a crusty face and a head of crazed spun sugar.

I like the way it is quiet, and there is no need for toys or t.v. because waking up is a process, and my girls like to work their way into it.


I like the magic of the eastern sun that seeps its way into my girls’ room and the way they casually soak up its warmth on the bed.


I like to hear the hum of the coffee pot, the way it gurgles and coughs as the rich black drink trickles into the heavy pot. I like the sound of its stream as the pot fills up my cup and the way the cream swirls its way through it until my coffee is golden and churned.


I like the way the morning sun melts Nella into an easy calm. My warm little kitten.


Mornings are somber and slow. We putter and pause and pass the time slowly, drinking it up, sip by sip.


And every night, I look forward to going to bed because it will soon be followed by another joyous morning.


And, behold…the return of the pouty lip.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Am I your first comment?!?

    The pouty lip kills me!

    I love morning faces too…almost as good as drunken milk breast-fed faces.

  2. That pouty lip is TOO MUCH! A whole lotta cuteness in those pics.

    Mmmm, and golden tan coffee – the best!

  3. Good morning to you!!! :) The 4th and 3rd to last shots are awesome. Glad you are enjoying some down time!!

  4. Love the pout! When I was a little girl I had a baby doll with a pouty lip (b/c I was pouty) and I rightfully called her pouty baby. :-)

  5. Where did this post come from…I just wanted to see my girls again, and here it was! Yes, I have always loved mornings…they used to be celebrated with YOU! I loved being the first to awaken…and wonder, which little tousel haired muchkin would join me…for our own solo time! Children are so cuddly, rag dolly when they first awaken. And you gently ease them into the morning…nothing loud or bombastic…just snuggling and soft morning voices at first. They just stepped off the shuttle from Dreamland, and their trance is still about them. I love their just awakening faces…and every day can be like Christmas morning as they look to you for their day. You make their magic now. And it can be the simplest things. Wonder is easier with these pure spirits…a chocolate chip face on their pancake, french toast cut in the shape of their initials, homemade cinammon and sugar on toasted bread…ahhhh, impress them while you have the chance! Mornings, they are the first steps to tomorrow!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nella’s pouty expression is just priceless!!! :) luv her expressions!

  7. i love when you post two days in a row!!!!!!

  8. Our newborn granddaughter has a fantastic pouty lip especially when something startles her. I don’t have your quick trigger finger though, and always miss it!
    Love this post.

  9. Oh, that little pout on Nella is going to cost Brett thousands…and thousands. Happy Birthday, Brett!!!! No presents could be as precious as these!

  10. That pouty lip face kills me. She is soooo cute!

  11. the pouty lip is ADORABLE!

  12. K- I love this post and your pictures- however what really ‘spoke’ to me is your Poppa’s comments- impress them while you still can! If those aren’t words to live by then I don’t know what would be!
    And also from P’s second post- I could not agree more about that pout costing beaucoup!
    AND happy bday to Brett!

  13. I heard this music and I wanted to see your girls running with orange fabric, covering the laundry waiting to be folded, the dishes that need to be done, the endless flow of mail that should be attended to…and they are giggling, laughing, spinning in the fabric like the ATT commercial, reminding us that every morning, we need to cover all the distractions and just celebrate what, at the end of life, will be the only true and important thing…our family!

  14. that pouty little face is too much! adorable!

  15. Anonymous says:

    calm mornings are so important. a great way to start the day. love your blog!

  16. Ditto—Happy B-day to Brett!!
    I also LOVE 2 posts in a row 😉
    Greedy, I know,lol, but it is a like a little kid on Christmas…..”hmmm I wonder if Kelle posted anything today??” “YAY”

    Happy Monday to you all,
    Leona~ Victoria, BC, Canada

  17. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, but this is my first comment…not only is your photography visually stunning, but your words are magical. Reading it makes me happy :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. I like to ease into mornings myself! Nice post. Oh and reading the comments I see you get your writing ability honestly. “Poppa” does a pretty good job of writing himself huh?! :)

  19. oh my gosh… too cute! i love the pouty lip!!!

  20. Kelle~

    I was introduced to your blog a few months ago…and shamelessly, like so many of your other readers…I have fallen in love with your words of encouragement, wonder and delight in this life! Your images capture me and have inspired me to develop my love of photography. Keep doing what you’re doing girl, because it just takes a flicker of that light to brighten a whole room! It truly is the small things that add up to make a full life. “My cup runneth over”…


  21. I love that pouty lip, but even more-Lainey’s face in that same picture! Kelle Jr.!

  22. Not gonna lie, I hate mornings. So not a morning person. But this post makes me want to love them. seriously…beautiful girls!


  23. omg the pouty lip is ADORABLE!!!

    <3 <3 <3

  24. get out of here … that last picture … are you kidding me? love it!!

    i love mornings, too … especially summer ones, where i get to have all my sleepy heads home and nowhere to rush off to – oh, vacation mornings are pretty fabulous, too!!

  25. This is so sweet. Gosh your girls are just so sweet. I always feel so overwhelmed in the mornings with my 3… I will try tomorrow morning looking at it this way. Thank you.

  26. love your kitten’s pouty lip!

  27. oh my word the pouty lip is the BEST!!

  28. Pouty lip adorable.

    Ah your morning sounds like the kind I dream of. My 2.5 year old starts her day at 5:30, bright and shiney…And chattering. Ah for a calm snuggly morning: I would treasure those for sure!

  29. Love it – you said it so well!!! Mornings are the best. It’s still dark here in NZ at 7am so we just snuggle in bed and read stories under the covers until the sun starts coming up and filters through the misty window. I have a little spun sugar head too…..cuuute!!!!

  30. 😀

  31. Such a treat to be away for a few days & come back to TWO new posts! I’m more of a late-night-owl than a morning person, but having little monkeys that wake up early has made me appreciate the beginning of the day as well. There’s just nothing like those first morning snuggles to start things off right.
    Soooo loving the pouty lip!

  32. As soon as I opened the page and saw her big yawn I started yawning!!! So stinkin cute and that lip, oh my, she’s gonna get everything she wants with just one little pout of the lip!

  33. uh! what a delicious post!

  34. That pouty lip is almost too much! How adorable! You are sure in for it when she is older and she pulls it out, just for you!

  35. That pout is precious! :) I’ve never been a “morning person”, but you make it sound pretty great!

  36. It dawns on me after reading your post that I have never taken the time to cherish each morning… I have more of the “OH NO! not morning again!” attitude This is a beautiful reminder to me! Thank you for posting!

    OH, and the pouty lip!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!! How precious is THAT?!?! Such sweet angels you have.

    ~ ~

  37. En lisant et regardant vos photos, ça nous fait aimer les petits matin aussi…

  38. I LOVE the photo of Lainey sticking her tonuge out! And then the pouty lip?! Seriously?! They are too cute!

    Atlanta, GA

  39. Oh the pout!! Love it :)
    And your mornings… I might try to sneak in a bit more calm to ours… my kids wake as though they’re running, and don’t stop!

  40. Hi Kelle
    the pounty lip is to die for!!! I love reading your posts as they so warm heart. I know that you have zillions of fans, just wanted you to know this little gal from So Cal is sure blessed by your heart and soul posts.

    Have a wonderful week ahead

  41. Hi Kelle,

    I have so enjoyed reading your blog! I typically don’t read the comments but I started a few posts ago and Poppa’s comments keep me coming back. Boy, would I love to see a father-daughter book from you guys someday! :) There is so much love, respect and appreciation–it’s truly beautiful to witness. Poppa could probably even publish a book of his own called Poppa-isms. :)

  42. I love their sleepy eyes in the morning and the way they yawn. The pouty lip is awesome.

  43. Oh Kelle~ I love the pouty lips. Jana did that when she was little so adorable. I also cherish morning time:)

  44. i love this post! it’s very fitting that Lainey had a fairy party b/c she really does look like a little fairy – so pretty and delicate, but also with some spunk in her. and Nella – she is just too much. adorable.

    and i agree with the other poster who said Poppa should publish his own book. seriously, his writing style is so magical… it reminds me of F. Scott Fitzgerald, who’s my favorite author. i know where you get it from! :)

  45. Wow!
    I have to admit, I’m a touch envious. Mornings here are the most chaotic time for us. My girls wake up wired! Most mornings I wake up to the sound of them shrieking and giggling – which is an absolutely delicious way to start the day – but there are definitely mornings I’d like them to be a bit more sloth-like 😉
    And I ADORE both the spun sugar morning hair and the pouty lip!! (How DO you capture all these precious moments and expressions?!)

  46. Oh my heart. The pouty lip is too adorable for words : )
    Spun sugar hair : ) Pretty.

  47. WOW! That pouty lip will get her anywhere and anything later in life, if it isn’t already! Gorgeous as usual.

    And with my two at (almost) 9 and 6, I miss those leisurely mornings! Mine are so active these days they are ready to go as soon as they wake up! Oh well, I am enjoying that too!

    Love to you!

  48. Shari H says:

    Oh the pouty lip, how precious. Poppa is right it is going to cost your husband thousands LOL!!!! Both of those girls cheeks just scream kiss me, kiss me!!!! Nothing better than a just wakened little climbing into your lap for the first morning cuddle.


  49. Your baby girls are sooooo precious! Thanks for sharing your life with us! :)

  50. How precious. =)

  51. ,,,pouty lips + nella = adorable,,,

  52. That sleepy look on Lainey reminds me so much of one of my favorite things in the whole world – when my girls stagger into our room in the morning, kind of disoriented and stiff. I grab them and pull them into bed with me and warm them up with lots of snuggles! LOVE the pouty look <3

  53. there is something about the pic of the two girls, the one where lainey has her tongue out, that really breaks me up (in a good heart warmy way). it really shows SISTERS to me.

    thanks to poppa for reminding me about the magic of sugar and cinnamon toast!

  54. The pouty lip made my evening. I need nothing else!

  55. 2 posts?!? Wow, what a great surprise. :)

    My girl wakes up singing…I call her my chirpy bird. She can be there for 15-20 minutes, sometimes longer. I either listen on the monitor or sneak down and watch her from a hidden nook in the hallway. Ahhh…love it.

    Thanks again for sharing the little things.


  56. Oh my – is there anything better than that pouty lip?

    I would love to be a morning person. I am naturally a night person, though. Night just feels magical to me – so calm and creative all at once. I keep trying to transition to mornings, but it’s not going very well!

  57. Haven’t been around much lately because my (youngest) brother, Sam (7 months-ish) swallowed a pink star sequin and was in the hospital. He’s good now, but it was freaky and crazy scary and took a lot of our time. Back now though! I love this sweet post. I love mornings, when I can wake up when its real early and the sunlight makes the curtains glow gold, and I can pop a k-cup into our keurig maker and have a chai or a nice mocha. The gradual wakening is slow and lovely.

    Much love! :-)

  58. Oh that pouty lip! Keep it comin’!

    This post gave me a whole new outlook on mornings. I think I love them too. Who knew? :)

  59. Aaaahhhh, Nella just looks so darn cuddly. And so PEACEFUL all the time. And I absolutely love big sister’s morning hair! You are a lucky mama!

  60. Sweet post. Lainey’s tounge face is cute and love nellabeans pouty lip.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. OMYGOODNESS! Laineys tongue picture is hilarious! Nella is like, “Yea, see what I put up with?” TOO CUTE! Love LOVE LOVE the pout!


  63. That little pout is the most adorable thing EVER!!! Just melts my heart. And Lainey’s sugar-spun morning hair? Beautiful. You are such a lucky mama to wake up to these two precious beings!

  64. Anonymous says:

    So great! Mornings are my favorite, too. nothing better than morning snuggles.

  65. Anonymous says:

    what a nice surprise to find another post so soon since the last! thank you, Kelle. your kids make my day.
    Happy birthday Brett!

  66. Sweet, sweet pictures of two beautiful girls…and one amazing Mom

  67. LOVE that pouty lip!!!! Precious!

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. I was the “author” in the above deleted comment. My wonderful daughter did not log out.

    mmmmmmmm…I can smell your coffee and I can feel your morning.

    It’s very nice!

  70. Kelle, your writing made me feel like I was having breaky at your house today….your photos made me smile, love the whole experience of your blog…..THANK YOU! x

  71. That’s wonderful. I love your descriptions. And the photos (lighting) is wonderful!

  72. 1) Lainey yawning in the first picture is pricelessly (is that a word) beautiful. I hope you frame that on your walls.

    2) And sweet baby Nella’s pouty lip… made me tear up with sweetness. Damn she is a doll baby!

    I love your perspective! Waking up is such a process. When will I understand?

  73. The pouty lip is so cute!!!

    You should really write a book – your writing and photography inspire me.

    I look forward to every one of your posts.

  74. Nella looks so much like Lainey! Such beautiful sisters. Mornings are precious. C:

    Thank you for letting us know Poppa. Happy Birthday, Brett. Wishing you all the best~

    “Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.”
    Thich Nhat Hanh

  75. I have to tell you how in love I am. Your blog brightens my day and helps me see my girls (5 and 3 months) in such a new way. Your words are beautiful and your pictures are stunning. I am now faithfully your blog stalker. 😉

  76. Kelle,
    I have been reading your blog for awhile. A friend of mine directed me to your site to read Nella’s story. I feel like I have cried with you and laughed with you! Sometimes I just come to your page to listen to music! You are truly an inspiration and you have two of the most beautiful little girls ever! I tried photography for awhile and felt like a big failure at it because I wasn’t as artsy or talented as others. Your ability to find beauty in anything and everything has inspired me to pick back up my camera and try again.

    Thank you!

  77. Anonymous says:

    OH, POPPA, please write a book, already! ha.. I am guessing, like many who are ‘regulars’ here like me – – After reading Kelle’s great stuff, I look for POPPA’s comments, ALWAYS! And I am never disappointed; I’m always amazed at his magical way with words and his heart that shines through. Oh my…As others have just written here, yes, you two could do a dad-daughter book. Or Poppa could just write his own book of Poppa-isms. Really, Poppa, if you just saved all your comments here and put THEM in a book, I know lots of us would buy it (and Kelle’s book too!). Thanks to both of you. You’ll never know how much you help to inspire me and to help keep me in touch with what is important and true and real! And help me stay sane. I dont know either one of you but, like SO many here, I feel like I do and WISH I really did, in real time! You are the best, Linda MG in Calif

  78. Anonymous says:

    YAY pouty lip! Fantastic. (:

    Also, I just CANNOT stop playing this home song. Last night I repeated it about. . .thirty times? Maybe more?

    It’s really good. 😛

    – Kayla.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Popping back in to leave you with a nice quote. (I just love a good quote!)

    I love the sweet smell of dawn – our unique daily opportunity to smeltime,
    to smell opportunity – each morning
    being, a new beginning. ~Terri Guillemets.

    – Kayla (Again).

  80. Anonymous says:

    THAT LIP!!!! I could just eat her right up!!! Lainey’s giant yawn was precious, too. Makes me sleepy : )

  81. Poppa, I lost my dad when I was a young girl. My 4-year-old son, therefore, has never met him. Could I borrow you? :) I find myself scrolling the comments to be inspired by your comment…..and I know I’m not the only one who does that!! You are an amazing person and have taught Kelle well. You are all blessed to have each other!

    Kelle, LOVE the pouty lip! Too precious!! :)

  82. So sweet! I love (most) mornings too. It’s funny how you cannot seem to wait for bed time and the peace it brings but by morning you miss your little one(s).

  83. That last picture is the most precious thing I’ve seen all week! And my daughter agrees. Whenever my Boo sees me reading this blog she always “awww”s over Nella and says she has “cute eyes” and wants clothes like Lainey’s 😀

  84. Ah…I love your pics! The are so beautiful, yet natural and full of energy. Your girls are so precious- and they make me come back and back to visit you:) Hugs, Heidi from Norway

  85. Anonymous says:

    Oh Nella’s pouty lip, priceless and adorable! And Lainy, her morning look is just the cutest ever!!!

  86. Anonymous says:

    Lainey’s tongue suggests “tongue-tie” …could cause a speech impediment. You have a great pediatrician, check it out….my son had it and as soon as it was released he instantly got his little mouth around words.

    Just love reading your life story…every blog holds my attention. I have suggested it to so many people with DS babies…I am a newborn nursery nurse.

    Thank you for sharing ! ♥

  87. Kirstin says:

    Pouty lips and check the GORGEOUS dimple on Lainey!!

  88. Do you have a special hidden camera on the tip of your finger that is just always there, i want one. i always seem to miss these types of photos, if not at work already, then i’m still sleeping!

  89. Oh my! That pouty lip is enough to make me fold! I would give in to anything she asked when accompanied by that pouty lip. As always, beautiful photos of beautiful girls!

  90. Oh, so sweet..
    Our 2 year old like to start the morning at 05 pm (!) jumping on us and pulling our noses, ears and hair. And tickle our toes… hehe..

  91. Oh sweet Carrie, how I wish I could! Somewhere in heaven, I am sure a dad looks proudly on you and yours. Love is his GPS to find you in this people-filled planet. It is his voice you hear in every suprising lesson learned, it is his pat on your shoulder you feel in every kindness expressed to you, it is his embrace around you in every heart melting moment at the movies. And those connections make his heaven brighter and better. He is near. He is hear. Dads who love never, ever leave us.

  92. Ummm…here, not hear…hear?

  93. Oh my, how I love the pouty lip. Too adorable. I love mornings too!!!

    Have a great morning ( and day).


  94. Just saw this story in the Irish Times today and thought of you. Another beautiful girl with DS who is enjoying the big and small things in life.

    Love your blog. xx

  95. That photo of Lainey totally just made me yawn. :)

  96. That 1st photo of Lainey and the pouty lip are both equally adorable :)
    I am always in such a rush in the mornings and I have no idea why. I’m a stay at home mum to my 16 month old son and it’s not like we have to be anywhere for a certain time. I think I may take a leaf out of your book and slow the mornings down a bit!

    By the way, I love 2 posts in 2 days!!

  97. It’s been a while since I’ve read your blog, as my computer was being worked on by hubs. Anyway, Nella has grown so much!!! Look at her!! She’s still just so adorable, with that baby bird fuzz on her head. Love the pouty lip. Hee hee.

  98. I love the pouty lip!

  99. I just noticed someone mentioned Lainey might be tongue-tied. I thought the same thing when I saw that picture of her. All three of my kids were tongue-tied. My two oldest have already had their tongues clipped and we are making the appointment for our youngest soon. It’s a simple procedure if you’re interested!

  100. Beautiful, light post. Exactly what I needed this morning! However, I wish my mornings were as slow and somber as yours. We rush around for work and daycare with my 19 month old resisting the urge to get up! I guess it just makes our weekends that much more special.

    Oh and Happy Birthday Brett!! (As seen in Poppa’s comment :)


  101. oh pouty lip!! 2 posts in 2 days yay!!! i wish i had time to enjoy mornings. *sigh* a few more years yet, so i will enjoy other small things… like the way jonah wanted to curl up to his brother in bed this morning and he fell back asleep. I will just ignore the fact that I had to wake him up again after a few minutes of this to get in the car to go to daycare. hmmm there might be something to the only writing the positive. if i just forget about the negative then maybe just maybe i will forget it’s there!

    thanks for letting me enjoy the small things of my busy morning!

  102. Our mornings always start out slowly too, and then rev up to a crescendo of fast and furious activity regardless if I want that pace or not. I have 8 boys and they just only know “GOOOOO” : )
    My 1 daughter is turning 6 in a little over a month and her spun sugar hair is changing over into ‘real’ hair, I miss the fuzzy spun sugar so much even though I’m relishing all the new and fun ways we get to give her a hair-did (what she says instead of hair-do)
    Poppa, I think you have several adopted cyberdaughters because of this blog! Your comments are the ones I look forward to the most! My dad died when I was 17, and I DO feel him in all the ways you mention + when I smell the scent of Camels…isn’t is surpising someone can actually find cigerette smoke indearing : ), its all in the perspective. I love your perspective, thank you for always sharing so generously!

  103. natalie says:

    Mornings are so blissful, everyone is calm and happy from a night of sleep. The morning is my favorite time and I think it is what I will miss most when I go back to work in the fall:( At least i will still have weekend mornings:)

    Thanks for the post it made my morning!

  104. I love this morning being surprised by your newly posted blog (2 days in a row). I was never a “morning” person but after I had my baby girl, I came to appreciate the morning. I just love cuddling with her. She usually likes to run around and only lets me give her a quick squeeze during the day. But in the morning, she takes her time stretching her arms, legs, eyes half closed, and lets me hold her for a bit.

  105. Kelle – Just a quick little note to tell you how much I love “Enjoying the Little Things”! It has been such a blessing in my life to discover you (I migrated over here at a bloggy-friend’s referral). Your daughters are beautiful, and your writing is filled with joy! Love & much happiness to you all :)

  106. There is something quite magical about capturing photos in the wee hours of the morning…I think there are a few precious moments when we first wake where our souls possess the strongest binds to heaven and the loved ones we have lost. (Having said that, I would lay my husband out flat if he attempted to take a photo of me early in the morning…pre-noon, I need tags for the bags under my eyes. My last shred of vanity is a persistent little bugger.) And Poppa, your words about how loved ones are always with you really touched my heart. I was reminded of the song “Silent Lucidity” by Queensryche. It makes me imagine that our people are always with us, protecting us, watching over us, loving us…the lyrics go something like this, “If you open your mind for me, you won’t rely on open eyes to see. The walls you built within, come tumbling down and a new world will begin. Living twice at once you learn, you’re safe from pain in the dream domain, a soul set free to fly. A round trip journey in your head, master of illusion can you realize, your dream’s alive, you can be the guide? I’ll be watching over you. I’m gonna help you see it through. I’ll protect you in the night. I’m smiling next to you…..”

  107. i really just love your blog.
    your words. thoughts. sentiments. open-ness. honesty. photos.
    i rarely comment because you have so many comments i think you could hardly have time to read one more. but… just wanted to say i love it!

  108. Poppa,
    If you started a blog page that we could also read along with Kelle’s that would be enough inspiration to last the week! I would love for you to do that and I think many of us would agree!!!
    This post is SO beautiful! Mornings are so special! Don’t your littles just look different in the morning? So soft and sweet! Love it! I just came on to use your playlist to get me through my work day and here was this surprise post!!! Made my day! :)


  109. last photo~ p r i c e l e s s!!


  110. OH, a quite morning house. Just PERFECT right down to the pouty lip.

  111. Love the pouty lip!!! Nella is amazing and she just has that magic :) My husband and I were looking through you blog last night and we just could not get over how similer Dylan and Nella are in there actions. We were cracking up with her simles and her look, the look that she gives that is reading eveything about you. I love that look!!!

  112. the pout is adorable but i truly love lainey’s yawn! jack henry used to yawn so dramatically when he was a baby and now, at night time, after we read books and he is sure he is NOT tired, he starts to yawn that baby yawn and it’s so sweet. xoxo

  113. love, love, love mornings and I love it when your poppa has left a comment! such great words! Thank you

  114. Melanie says:

    Beautiful! Your beautiful words on life, love and laughter have inspired me to stop, get a camera and capture the beauty of life which for me involves my girls. My seven year old and a two year old. I can not wait until your your book comes out! I shamelessley check you blog everyday, hoping, waiting like my girls on Christmas Morning for a new post to inpsire me to well…enjoy the small things in life. Because for us, your readers, your posts are a gift to us that we rush downstairs early Christmas Morning to unwrap and share and..well…fall in love with each line, each picture, each description and each small (bit Big to me) thing!

  115. Oh the pouty lip is just adorable! My computer crashed and I was having blog withdraws. So happy to be back to this warm and happy place.

  116. I just don’t think Nella could get any cuter!!! Love the pouty lip :)

  117. hey I was wondering what part of Florida you live in because my husband and I are going to be coming there in july. if you get a minute will you email me at if it worked out it would be fun to meet you in person!

  118. i adore anything and everything about mornings! best post ever :)

  119. Ha ha…poppa teases me that I better treat him good in life because if I ever don’t, all he has to do is start a blog and give a holler that I was mean to him and, as he says, “your readers will ditch you in a New York minute.” ha ha. He likes being a virtual father to many. And I like sharing him.

  120. I’ve been a bit of a lurker around here, but I had to come out of hiding because I can’t stand it anymore. Your daughters are so amazingly beautiful. I love the smiles and the cute faces they both make. Thanks for sharing so much of your family and your life with all of us out here.

  121. I love that little pouty lip! You encouraged me to sit down this morning and write a blog. I usually blog when my baby is in bed and after I’ve had time to watch a little tv and settle down but both my baby and husband were asleep so I jotted down a quick little blog. And as I am typing this, they both wake up! Thanks for your blog. Reading it was a good start to my day. :)

  122. what fantastic pictures! the mornings that we get to sleep in are my favorite. we snuggle, yawn, and stretch our way into the day.
    slowly, and at our own pace.


  123. I love Lainey’s split tongue!!! That’s called something and I can’t remember what it is, but my girls have a friend with that exact same tongue!!! And Nella’s pouty lip is precious. I could eat them both up with a spoon!!!

  124. Found it “ankyloglossia” is the tongue thing. :) I think it’s cute!!

  125. I adore all of these pictures…but that little pout is awesome. Ha.

  126. Anonymous says:

    Linda MG in Calif,again. No worries Poppa – I love how you “corrected” yourself, for using HEAR, not HERE in your reply to Carrie. I think we all know what you meant and can surely overlook such a small thing! Especially when you give us all SO much that is important, in all your words. And, KELLE: you wrote just a bit ago how you like sharing Poppa and how he loves being a virtual dad. Boy, aren’t we all lucky and blessed becasue of it! So glad he doesnt mind AND that you don’t mind. Thanks for sharing him with us, Kelle. Especially us who maybe need that father-figure in our lives! And such a great one, at that. Love to you all (and happy belated Birthday to Brett)

  127. I love the pic of Nella and her pout! Cuteness!!

  128. Clearly you are a mom of girls. Quiet morning? Here my boys wake up screaming and running at 6 :30. HA!

    The pouty lip is [proceless!


  129. mommy of two girls too says:

    Loving that pouty lip on Nella!! Your little beauties are just precious!

  130. How beautiful! I love my mornings with my little guy, we lay and cuddle and after an hour he falls blissfully back to sleep in my arms!

  131. I too LOVE the pouty lip!

    you have an award waiting at my blog!

  132. Okay so I love the pouty lip. I was like where’s my check book. Nella girl is going to get lots with that look. lol! love the Lainy yawn. She’s cute!! I just love watching your girls grow-up. My baby was born in October so its cute that they are about the same age and doing the same faces. Life is so good.

  133. I am so right there with you! I adore mornings…for most of the exact same beautiful reasons you wrote about. Every day, one of my very last thoughts before falling asleep is…when we wake, it will be a lovely morning again.


    First time to post, I also read this story in today’s Irish Times and thought of you guys. I first came to your blog through Nella’s birth story and have checked every few days since. Your family is beautiful, I hope that the small things continue to inspire you and us. Blessings, Claire, Dublin


    First time to post, I also read this story in today’s Irish Times and thought of you guys. I first came to your blog through Nella’s birth story and have checked every few days since. Your family is beautiful, I hope that the small things continue to inspire you and us. Blessings, Claire, Dublin


    First time to post, I also read this story in today’s Irish Times and thought of you guys. I first came to your blog through Nella’s birth story and have checked every few days since. Your family is beautiful, I hope that the small things continue to inspire you and us. Blessings, Claire, Dublin

  137. Thank you for making me smile, i needed that. I’m actually looking forward to waking up in the morning because of you.
    And as always, I’m dazzled by your writing skills even just with a few sentences.

  138. i <3 the pouty lip!!!!

  139. Man do I wish I had your mornings! :-) When I was pregnant I dreamed of snuggling with my daughter in the bed and slowly waking up together and giving kisses and hugs and nestling into her sweet baby neck and drinking in her sweet-smelling hair. But fate had something different in store for us. She wakes up and goes from 0 to 60 in about 4.5 seconds flat. There are no morning snuggles or sleepy faces. She wakes up and is instantly shrieking, running all over the house, chasing the dog, jumping on the bed, wanting to play…you get the drift. Being pregnant with twins, I still have a secret hope for those slow-to-wake mornings with lots of cuddle-time, but truly, I think I’m fooling myself and am sure to have the same chaos times 3!

    BTW, I have been reading your blog since baby Nella’s birth and have loved every minute of it, but this is my first time commenting.

  140. hi Kelle!

    I am inspired by your blog as many others and also inspired by your music.

    I have a couple selections for you that would be a good fit for your lifestyle:
    OneRepublic–Good Life &
    Lenka–Live Like Your Dying

    Enjoy <3

  141. This comment has been removed by the author.

  142. oh yes, mornings are soooo good . . . the most sincere hugs and kisses and cuddles come in the morning – nothing clouded by the day’s events. Maybe this is why, since having kids, I’ve totally become a morning person.

    oh, and the Lainey yawn and the Nella pout – absolutely priceless.

    Thank you for the smiles!

  143. My youngest used to give me “the lip” as we called it too… it’s so precious and sad at the same time, it just makes me laugh and run to kiss him all over!

  144. katie weinberger says:

    love the skull and crossbones!

    my 3 month old son and i enjoying reading your blog every morning w/ our morning cup of coffee!

  145. LOVE your “Passport to Grandeur” post! What a WONDERFUL and EMOTIONAL post! Lots of tears and smiles! Thank you so much for all you are doing!

    Be happy … You have the very best of all the worlds … Most important … you have the family you are MEANT to have … All is well~

    Nella will continue to grow healthy and strong. Nella is as unique as any other individual and she is going to be like herself. She is going to walk and talk and do all she is capable of doing whenever she is ready. Just like everybody else, she is going to have her own strengths and talents. She will find some challenges more difficult to overcome than others, just like everybody else. What really matters is that Nella is deeply loved and all the people that love her will focus on all her strengths, abilities, unlimited potential and the infinite possibilities of her future…

    Wishing you a Happy Anniversary! Of course, Brett loves the sea, he is a genuine CRAB. C:

    ps: voted in the 3 different categories today and I will vote (: once a day :) till July 12.

    “I am absolutely unique, I am me, I am incomparable.” -Tagore

  146. Seriously crazy about that pouty lip! As if that girl hadn’t already stolen the hearts of all your readers! Sheesh, she is a doll baby!

  147. ha! her pouty lip is awesome. :)

  148. I went back to Washington last week for ten days, tempted to read each new post that popped up, but reminded myself that my parent’s ancient computer couldn’t load the pictures fast enough. So I waited. And you posted a LOT!!! Anyways, we got home on Monday and I finally caught up yesterday. It was like spa for the soul, reading all of those delicious posts one after another.

  149. Oh I love the pouty lip!!!!!

  150. I look forward to every new post!!! And those sweet,sweet pictures of your babies!!!!

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