My Sweet Girls,

When the night is dark and the stars slip out of slumber,
When the moon hangs bright and the sun sets to sleep,
When the city settles and the streets are quiet and babies just like you are being kissed and loved and snuggled…

There is magic.



When the coming and going of the day is long gone and all that is left is you, my loves…you to drink in with your sleepy bodies and little eyes that look deeply into my soul and soothe all the stresses away…when night welcomes us all to the security of the big bed where we stretch out and surrender to the beauty of all that is us…all is right with the world.



You blink and yawn, fan your fingers and kick your legs…consuming every last bit of the day’s energy lest it go to waste.



You whisper made-up words to the stories we’ve read to you many nights from this same bed…except tonight, you sing them–softly and sweetly–as little sister intently listens.



And, once again I attempt to put words to just how much I love you both…



At night I am reminded of just how little being little lasts. For it seems just yesterday both of you were swaddled against me, tiny and grasping my skin in the dark. It seems just yesterday we slept sandwiched together on your first night in our home…when Mama woke up in the night to feed you and hot, happy tears rolled down my cheeks for just how blessed I felt.

But you grow. We grow. And on nights like this I drink you in. Your littleness. The scuffed feet of your soft worn jammies. The way your lashes scoop and curl and make feathered little cups when your eyes are closed. The way your lips beg me to kiss them. The way your hands lie open until I lie my finger in them and you–even in your sleep–close your fist and grasp on. I know you know I’m here.



The enchanting sleepytime rituals we share are gifts I cherish so. Yes, there is magic in the night. I love you both so very much my sweet little fireflies. Sweet dreams, Baby Girls.



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  1. A few more tears as I fall asleep can’t hurt, right?

    Thank you, as always, for your beautiful words, Kelle.

    Sweet dreams.

  2. beautiful. the words, the photos, the music, your girls. i love how you love them.

  3. Oh, yum…I can smell their soft sweet scent…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love, love, love your blog. Look forward to checking it every day! Your pics are so sweet and your girls are so adorable. My youngest is 7 and I miss having little ones around. Glad you are enjoying every minute of it :)

    Melanie from Kansas

  5. Your words are beautiful and heartwarming. You make me ache for kids more than I already do. Your girls are lucky to have such a loving Mama!
    Sweet dreams, sweet girls!!

  6. I just love Nella’s sweet little smile when her eyes squint. That will make me sleep that much better tonight. :-)

  7. Beautiful as always. Wish I had your way with words :)

  8. If I could read your words every minute of the day I would be exactly the kind of mom I want to be every single day.

    As it is, I read your words whenever I get the chance, and I start again and remember to love each second.

    Thank you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Excellent, as usual. Thanks.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Oh my…..oh my…..what a perfectly lovely post. Makes me want to go take a long bath and crawl into bed and sleep for hours and hours. Another AWESOME AWESOME read. Thank you.

  11. Time does fly, doesn’t it?
    They are so beautiful your babies.

  12. soft pj’s and stories and snuggles before bed are the best parts of the day :)

  13. I bet they have the most lovely dreams……..

  14. Kelle you make me realize that every moment spent with my littles is magic. Because of YOU I do not take one single second with them for granted like I once may have. You have opened my eyes to how beautiful my life really is. I am so grateful to have stumbled apon your words. Thank you.

    I love “Edward’s Lullaby.” The photographer who just took amazing photos of my kids set our gallery to this song and as I viewed my babies through her work I could barely see past my tears. Such an amazing song.


  15. What a great way to end my night….!! Now to go kiss my sleeping babies goodnight…for the 100th time!

    Sweet dreams!!

  16. I totally love snuggling and sharing a bed with all 4 of my babies. This post and the song have brought me to tears, but they are happy tears. Thank you!

  17. You words and pictures are amazing. I get excited when ever you post something new but rarely leave comments because I can never come up with the right words to tell you how stunning your pictures are and how strong and sweet your words are. Love it. Thank you.

  18. Ok. So not only are you beautiful, talented, and a wonder-mother…you have FAB taste in music. Can we be friends? 😉 hehehe

    Love the post (as always). Also love Edward’s Lullaby. I often check your blog just for the music! hahaha

  19. What an amazing way to end the night! Beautiful music, Beautiful post, Beautiful pictures..makes me so excited to have a little one to kiss goodnight!

  20. Love. That is all.

  21. Your poetic words and photos are magic, Kelle. I can’t tell you what an inspiration your blog is to me.


  22. and,,,,when you tune to a blog as beautiful as yours, and see beautiful pictures of beautiful babies with beautiful words that sink in your soul like they were meant to remind you of something bigger than yourself…it’s magic! I will be first in line to buy your book when it comes out someday :) Now I’m off to snuggle with 3 pair of sweet freshly painted toes girly feet.

  23. Bedtime stories and snuggles are my favorite part of the day with my kiddos. My almost 2 year old boy snuggles me for the only time of the day and my baby girl sleeps sweetly next to my chest. Thank you for the inspirational words. How do you get such great photos at night? What setting do you use since I’m assuming it’s getting dark? Your photography is one to admire!

  24. Yesterday in the Melbourne (Australia) Herald Sun there was a front page article about two families who are suing their doctors because ther babies were born with DS. All I could think of was Nella and you and how much love and joy you experience because of Nella. I am trying not to be judgemental of those two families in the article but at the same time it hurts to think they are saying they would have not proceeded with the pregnancy had they known the babies had DS. It just hurts. I am forever thankful to you and Nella and your family for sharing with me (and everyone else) that DS doesn’t have to be the end of everything, in some cases it is just the beginning.

  25. Too Sweet! I love Edwards Lullaby. Wow, top 5 in 2 categories, Awesome! Did you ever imagine your blog would be that popular? Pretty cool huh? I was looking at the live feed, it’s like every couple seconds someone is viewing it. CRAZY! Anyhoo, once again great pictures, great words…I get this warm fuzzy almost teared up feeling when i read your blog, I guess because what you are writing is in the words you wrote, but I live those words too. Thanks for reminding me how great life is and how sweet our babies are. They are so little and so innocent. It’s so cute to hear them make up words when they are looking at their books and the yougest one looks at them and takes it all in with their beautiful eyes. Ahh, I LOVE IT! Thanks again for your inspiring pics and words. I’m still taking pics with my Nikon and enjoying every moment, I did not use it really until I saw your blog. I know I’ve told you that before, just gotta remind you of one more person you inspired, LOL!!

  26. Right before bedtime is one of my favorite parts of the day. My baby is tired and snuggles on my chest and sits still for stories. It’s the only time he sits still, so I so enjoy it!

  27. Oh Kelle ..I SO know where you are coming from! you wrote exactly what i felt at bedtime tonight! holding my little miracle so close and listening to her breathe as my eyes welled up with tears because I just can’t believe how blessed I am! Maybe one day my little angel will be as lucky as Lainey is and will have a baby sister too!
    -Rania in NYC

  28. p.r.e.c.i.o.u.s! every last detail of this post.

  29. Jennifer C. says:

    I have been reading your blog for a month now. I found it through “Modern Mommy” blog as one of her favourites.

    I live in Vancouver, B.C. I just turned 32 on July 15th. I am Mom to three year old Jack and 4 month old Kate who was 6 weeks early. I know all about what it feels like to have your life stop for a moment and the double take “What the heck just happened”. I am a kindergarten teacher on a year maternity leave, but wish I could take the next 5 years off. I love being a mom SO much.
    I feel like we are alike in so many ways.

    THANK YOU for your inspiring words. YOu are an incredible writer who captures moments with words just as clearly as you capture moments with a lens.

    I am in awe of your talent.

    My world is a better place because of you.
    Thank you Kelle.

  30. I’ve only just stumbled accross your blog and I love it so much. The photo’s, the words and the love is amazing. I have read different blogs from time to time and I get over them. But I know I’ll always come back to this one. So beautiful. :)

  31. This is one of the sweetest posts I have ever read. Thank you.

  32. Linda Mg in Soquel, CA says:

    Oh, Kelle, this was SO beautiful and so perfect – I just finished getting my 2 yr-old Grandson to sleep! He is here for a sleepover. And this is exactly how I feel when he is here and I get him to sleep – in the bed, reading books, listening to music, him getting out his last “wigglies”, and snuggling up to me. ANd it brings back those precious memories of when HIS mommy (my daughter) and her sister were littles and I got them to sleep. You are right, they ARE little for such a short time. I love how you call them fireflies. You have SUCH a way with words and my heart just melts! My grandson now has a new baby sister (1 month old). I look fwd to the day SHE will be big enough to sleep over with me, too! Thanks for helping us all to remember what is truly important in Life~

  33. :) LOVE!!

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  35. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t be judgmental of the parents who are suing their Doctor. You don’t know what kind of heartache they maybe suffering. And until you are put in that situation, you don’t really know what has happened. Every heart is different.
    I know I Love my Granddaughter who was born with DS with all my heart. She has changed my life. Material things ( Throw em out the door). All that matters is love, life and the pursuit of happiness!

  36. What a lovely post :) Trust you to make bedtime a special time for your girls :)

    Thank you for inspiring me to be a better mom!

    Oh and I love the doggie on the bed listening to Lainey read her story :)

  37. sweet post, thanks for sharing!
    i used to lay down with my little ones when it was bedtime, but now its a hug and kiss and a ‘sleep in your own bed mommy!’
    They are 3.7 yrs and 2.7 yrs old, how did they grow up so fast? Enjoy every moment with your girls!

  38. just beautiful. i feel like you “get me”- even though you don’t know me…you are part of my mommy tribe! :-)

  39. Magic words… loving your blog every day more!!! hugs…

  40. I think those are my favourite series of photo’s, ever. And considering some of the photo’s you have posted, that is saying something!

  41. Lainey is the most amazing big sister. I know she makes you proud. She is such a little Momma to sweet Nella and you can see it in every picture tonight.


  42. Blessed as I go to bed from reading your words and looking at your pictures…..

  43. Ahhhh…bedtime. In your putting your littles to sleep, you awakened memories within me…of your own reluctance to close a day and I always wondered and worried, did you chase enough butterflies, did you enjoy enough giggles, did you fill your eyes with wonder, did your hug meter reach “full?” How strange that the hour of sleep so resisted by the little is so savored by the old! And I agree with a commenter above–while we seem to have an inclination toward judging others, it only stresses our own spirit. Others make choices we might not from hearts that are different than ours–different–not bad, just different. We can only hope that we, in the end, offer a hand to hold because the journey of life can be lonely at times. That first reaction of others, when I tell them about our Nella, is too often met with a despairing expression and words of consolation spoken with sadness…and I smile, and say, “Oh, there’ll be none of that for our sweet gift…we did sadness, for a moment, until our eyes met with Nella’s she told us there is abounding joy ahead.” Maybe our little crusade is to let others see too…oh, and also to celebrate bedtime with lavish love and lullabies!

  44. beautiful post and I love the music too. I need to get that book. It looks very sweet.


  45. Our family loves big bed snuggles, too. Sleeping side by side is a gift your kids will always cherish. Our gorgeous crib sat in a quiet room ignored while the real sleep happens all together in “Mommy ‘n Daddy’s big bed.” We finally took it down!

    Hope you all woke feeling rested and ready for another day of memory making!

  46. Happy tears over breakfast with my little girl…
    What a great way to start the day! Thanks Kelle…

  47. We choose not to cosleep and I am very much against it for my own family, but beautiful post and beautiful words. Precious girls!

  48. Your blog and photos, more than any other I read, always makes me smile. Beautiful, as always!

  49. This makes want to go snuggle in bed and I just woke up! Haha!

  50. Thanks Kelle. We just had a fertility procedure this week and it was a very discouraging time. Thanks for the joy, the hope, and the reminder that when they do finally come to drink in every moment because it just won’t last, even if it means setting aside a Computer Science Master’s degree.

  51. oh the words, the pictures, combined with the music. good grief girl!

    its too much. too beautiful. xoxo.

  52. What was amazing to me is that when i clicked on this post to read, the song “Edwards Lullaby” was playing on your play list. Well “Edwards Lullaby” is actually called “Kiss the Rain” by an amazing pianist named Yiruma. I know this because it is the same music my daughter listens to all night long. How werid that you post about bed time and the music makes me instantly think about our bedtime routine with my daughter and how this music is incorporated. Thank you for reminding me how sweet the “sweet dreams” time is :)

  53. Anonymous says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the last picture with the furry dog in Lainey’s loving arm with Nella Bean looking on! Melts my heart!
    How’s the book coming, girlfriend????? Remember……50 copies for Christmas presents! Oh, and if you could sign them, all the better! 😉

  54. oh man, i am crying right now. thank you for reminding me not to race my precious girls to bed but to cherish the bedtime ritual…to breathe in the scent of their hair and skin, hold them, snuggle with them, read “one last book” though the glass of wine and my own book waits for me downstairs. because you cant get these moments back. ever. and they are precious. thank you for the preciousness here. YOU are a gift.

  55. After a long night (seriously little boy, why were you up from 1-6:30??) this post snaps me back to reality. There will be a day when my littles will not want to snuggle against me in the night, when I will be able to sleep stretched out & undisturbed. I wish for it in the dark of the night but know how very bittersweet it will be! Thanks for always seeing such beauty and setting an example of how important it is to drink in each moment with our little loves.

  56. Hmmm…baby feet…best.thing.ever…

    Love this, as always.

  57. Shari H says:

    Beautiful, simply beautiful!

  58. Everything about this post is absolutely amazingly beautiful!

  59. Those pics are so soft and sweet…I can almost smell the sweet fragrance of your little girls. Just precious…pure poetry!

  60. Sweet pictures!! 😀

  61. Sweet pictures!! 😀

  62. Anonymous says:

    I have just found your lovely blog and just had to tell you how fabulous I think it is….you are an amazing and talented Mummy and your girls are so incredibly cute and beautiful…thank you for writing so honestly.

  63. Oh dear… I am lying in bed this morning because my little firefly grumbled and nursed aaaaall night long and I just can’t get out of bed because I’m so tired. Well, after reading your post I am SOOOOO sleeeepy, I just want to grab my kiddos and curl up and go BACK to sleep. But alas I’m supposed to be at work in 15 minutes ha! Lovely post, thank you!

  64. so sweet, tears are shedding. Your writing is so beautifully crafted always, but here particularly!!!

  65. Beautiful girls! Beautiful day! Happy Six Months Nella!

    Love Edward’s Lullaby too. C:

    “Get drunk on love…because love is all there is.” -Rumi

  66. What a great way to ead the day. Beautiful!!!!

  67. love all your places to love

  68. I read every post, but rarely comment. I’m one of those bloggers who just loves to read. Today, however, that is a different story. Today you made me stop and realize, someday, I won’t have little ones to hold at night. My oldest is 20 and my youngest will be 1 in September. I should already know how fast it goes, but because I am so busy will all 4, I forget to stop and smell the babies. Thank you for putting it into perspective and making me realize for today, I need to do just that. God blessed you will the gift of your beautiful girls and the ability to see each and every day just how precious they are. Thank you for sharing your life. It makes me realize I have to really start enjoying the small things.

  69. And I think about and am saddened for those littles who put themselves to bed…no magic, no story, no smoothing of their little locks or little voice prayer…no Good Night Moon or fairy dust…just ending a day…Thud! It can be more. It can be memorable. It will too soon be gone, and so will they.

  70. “That first reaction of others, when I tell them about our Nella, is too often met with a despairing expression and words of consolation spoken with sadness…and I smile, and say, “Oh, there’ll be none of that for our sweet gift…we did sadness, for a moment, until our eyes met with Nella’s she told us there is abounding joy ahead.”

    Indeed. Much of life is how you make it. Simple things add up to incredible things.

    Sugar, flour, and butter make cookies….sweet and good.

    Nella smiles, crinkly eyes and milestones make for a heart warming reminder that life is good.

    Sad has a place in life….but only briefly, as an accent to the savory goodness that is the rest of the banquet.

  71. so sweet and beautiful!
    have you read them the book: Big Sister, Little Sister by Marci Curtis yet?! My girls who are 19 months apart wanted me to read this book to them ALL THE TIME! I think it would be a very fun book to re-enact with the camera and make your own! soooooooo sweet!
    they always re-enacted it and I should have gotten it on video or in pix! bummer! I still remember it though! hugs!

  72. Last night my husband put our nine month old to bed without bringing him to the living room to let me kiss him first…I almost cried.
    Thanks for putting into words what all of us mommas and daddys feel.


  73. Last night my husband put our nine month old to bed without bringing him to the living room to let me kiss him first…I almost cried.
    Thanks for putting into words what all of us mommas and daddys feel.


  74. Love the one with Latte!

  75. So many of your posts are beautiful, but this one? Oh…this one is up there at the top. I can’t even think of words to describe. Just tugged at my heartstrings. The love….it’s just felt through your words and pictures. It’s amazing.

  76. Love this one. There really is nothing sweeter than sleepy babies.

  77. Such a lovely post.
    And the third picture of the post (of Nella) is absolutely beautiful.

  78. mommy of two girls too says:

    So beautifully put, Kelle! I love the way you are able to put the ways I feel about my girls, when I cannot!!!



  79. Oh, and I also think of all my working mom friends, who–in spite of their mega-fatigue and dread of their own early morning coming chaos, still take time to snuggle and savor their littles and little largers to end their day with a “Mommy loves you so” and “Sweet dreams!” before they themselves collapse into bed. They may have to choose shorter books and quicker rituals, but they are completely present for their babies. Yes, they are champions in my eyes!

  80. Lorraine says:

    Oh my goodness, these pictures are amazing! I especially like the first picture of the girls feet! And the one of Nella yawning – 100% adorable! You have two beautiful daughters!

  81. i agree with everyone else – beautiful!

  82. Pure LOVE!

  83. I double dog dare you to try to write a post that doesn’t make me cry… You CAN’T do it. HAAA You are simply amazing…and you words are absolutely beautiful. Patiently awaiting your next post. Enjoy your day! Sending love from Rockford, IL. xoxoxo

  84. Anonymous says:

    Kelle – I have been reading your blog for months now…very difficult months as my life is not currently in a good place. I am in the midst of an (emotionally) abusive relationship. The good thing is, I am fully aware of this, know I deserve better, and am taking steps to get out of it and to make a better life for myself and my children. I have two young daughters about the same ages as your littles. The light at the end of my tunnel is approaching, and I can almost taste the happiness that is to come on the other side. But in the meantime, there is your blog and your words and these give me the strength I need to make it through each day. Not only that, but they help me to actually find bits of joy here & there, despite my curtain of darkness, especially when it comes to my beautiful girls. Life is testing me & you in very different ways, but you have no idea how much you have helped me, ARE helping me, get through this. And, at the end of each day, when I put my littles to sleep, I do breathe them in, and forget about everything else. I truly do not know if I would know how to do this, without your inspiring words helping me along.

    And Poppa – thank you for recognizing us working Mommas – I really needed that!!!

    Kelle – do not stop doing what you do, don’t you even, ever, question it. The fact that you have touched so many lives, mine included, and helped so many through our own personal struggles, no matter how different they may be…it’s absolutely fascinating. I can’t thank you enough.

  85. Heather in Colorado says:

    Absolutely beautiful, both in words and pictures.

  86. How is it you always have me crying? It’s like your writing to me. I was just crying the other night when I came out of my son’s room for the 15th time because he was looking for ways to keep calling me back in. My husband asked why the tears and the smirk. I said “Because one day, he won’t want me to tuck him in. He won’t want me to sing “You are my Sunshine”. He won’t let me kiss him on the lips. I won’t be his world..his wife will be.” Oh the tears.. he laughed saying I was getting ahead of myself a bit since he was only 4, but I don’t think I am. It is all going by so quickly! Thank-you for writing what you do. Thank-you for sharing your beautiful words. I actually did a “tribute” to your blog on my blog. Hope you don’t think it’s too weird, lol. If you get a chance, stop by! You rock :)

  87. I look forward to your new posts. You are inspiring. Reminding me to truly, enjoy the small things :)

  88. I feel this same way at night when the day has come to an end. Last night I read to my son and then held my baby girl for hours asleep in my arms until it was time for me to sleep. The pinkness in their cheeks and the perfect shape of their lips as they slumber so sweetly is priceless.

    Another beautiful post and such a joy to read first thing in the morning.

    Happy day to you.
    Lisa in California

  89. 2 more thoughts…the Cookie book looks precious and I bet is written by the same author that wrote about lessons on Christmas (sharing, family tradition), teaching vocabulary through telling about Christmas cookies. I’ll have to get the sugar cookie one and you’ll have to check out the Xmas one.
    I am a teacher and sometimes feel so exhausted and guilty/sad that my students get the best of me some days. so POPPA your words made me cry. I do read to my daughter at night but am so worried about how I’m going to juggle that this year as well as putting the baby to bed too. Maybe I can just do it together like you do, kelle. Poppa I simply can not tell you how meaningful it is for your say that it is ok that the ritual is shorter! amazing how when someone just acknowledging our life story, it becomes worth the exhaustion some days. God Bless you dear people!

  90. I should add about bedtime routines that often Daddy does it, too, so maybe that is advantage of working is that when Mommy is too tired, it gives quality time there, too. My true champions are the single working moms, and yes my heart goes out to the littles whose parents can’t/don’t do it.

  91. U R A M A Z I N G! This post just made me cry as well! I just absolutely adore your posts and your life and your girls and your pictures and your words! Thanks for sharing with the world!

  92. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. The girls look sooo sweet and snuggly in their jammies. Everything is just oozing with love :) You have such a way with words.

    ps. i almost clapped with excitement when I heard Yiruma’s “River Flows in You” on your playlist. He’s the original composer of this beautiful piece, even though, yes, I do heart Edward too. LOVE this song :)

  93. love!!! as always!!! and i was about to post our Bedtime routine on my blog too later. =) i love ending the days with beautiful things. ending them with love and some lullabyes and a prayer. =) thanks for sharing!

  94. Stephanie says:

    LOVE your blog!

  95. What are your settings? It’s so hard to take pictures in the evening with bedroom lights. So beautiful the girls, and peaceful. Mine are wild in the evenings but it doesn’t help that 1 is a 2 year old boy.

  96. Thank you for the reminder to slow down and enjoy the nighttime routine. Sometimes (being a stay at home mom) bedtime equals free time…me time….but I needed this reminder. To stop, slow down and BE with my children as the day ends and let them know how much I love them, care for them. Looking forward to tonight…..Thank you.

  97. please write a nighttime storybook.

    oh just make it this post.


  98. You have such a gift of story telling… and putting your emotions into words. We’ve had some challenging times lately (with a 3 year old and 16 month old) but remembering how quickly the time flies when they’re little, is important. I find it incredible that you can take photos of your daily activities (bedtime) and still take in all the details of what is happening. You capture it so well in your photos and then express it perfectly in words… thank you for getting me to take a deep breath, slow down and take in the sweetness of having my 2 little girls.

  99. Your little Nella’s personality is starting to shine in your photos of her…she is just beautiful! I can also see the love your two girls have for one another. My two boys are 18 months apart…my oldest is still too young to know his brother has an extra chromosome, but they have this special bond, one that I truly believe is bigger than typical siblings. It is like he was meant to be that older brother. The pictures are amazing!!!

  100. Kelle, I nominated you for a blog award! I look forward to reading every one of your new posts. Your girls are so beautiful and your posts are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing the small things with all of us!

    Here’s the details about the award. :)

  101. Oh, Kelle…this is the best, best, best post so far…and you’ve had some amazing ones. So many have touched my heart and brought back the smells and stickiness and laughter that made up the days when my sons were little (they’re now 21 and 22), but this one? Absolutely magical. I’ve never cried – teared up a little, maybe – but never cried while reading your words. This one got me. You so get it. And this absolutely beautiful homage to the most gentle, enchanting, and tender time of a mother’s day couldn’t have conveyed that more perfectly…Bravo, Kelle…keep slathering the love on those perfect little souls, and keep putting those moments out there – for all of us who get it.

  102. Wonderful post Kelle. Not sure if my previous comment saved, so this may be a repeat…I’m curious if your “Poppa” has a blog or has written a book? I find such heartwarming wisdom in his words and guiltily admit to sometimes sifting through the Comments section just to see if he left one! You are blessed with wonderful people in your life.

  103. Oh you write such a beautiful bedtime story… one of my favorite things in the world is inhaling the smell of my just washed littles as they snuggle close for their nightly story. Such sweet times!

  104. Beautifully said, incredibly touching. You certainly have a way with words and pictures, Kelle. You never fail to make me smile and cry.

    Thank you!

  105. Sniffle sniffle, beautiful. Just beautiful.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Take it from this Mama who now has 3 who surpass her bed time and are often giving the kisses and hugs while they are up playing a game with each other, reading, or watching a show… goes too fast to not savor those moments. I miss the Good Night Moon, Moose of Course and Harlold and the Purple Crayon moments so, so much. There were days that bedtime was a welcome relief to an extraordinarily exhausting day, but mostly a time to quietly connect with their thoughts and our joint prayers.

    I’ve never posted before, but have read often. My beautiful 4 year old niece has that extra special chromosome and she is the Bright spot in our family. I truly pray her everyday life is met with such thrill and excitement for the moment and the hope of a bright future.

    Thank you for feeding this Mama Soul with such authenticity!!

    God’s Many blessings to you and your very beautiful family!

  107. oh so sweet …
    When I went to read this in the morning, my 3 yr old who now knows your girls by name, haha, said mama read it (she knows when I look at your blog I’m reading). So I started reading it to her and she was so into it, it was like reading a little story to her (esp the beginning parts). Again, just so sweet.
    So, it’s settled- I think you should write a children’s book about bedtime. :)

  108. You’re entire blog is just beautiful. the way you breathe life and meaning into every word and photo and the way you portray special needs so eloquently.
    I went back and read Nella’s birthing story and to read what you wrote today is such an incredible evolution I will continue to follow.

    Thank you for giving a voice to all our planet’s children… extra chromosomes, missing ones or misaligned. ♥

  109. I read this just as I was nursing my own little girl to sleep last night. My baby is only a few days younger than Nella, and I love seeing the similarities between the two little babies. These last 6 months have flown, haven’t they!?

    Bedtime is a special time for us as well. I work out of the home and getting into our big bed each night, baby snuggled up against me, is one of the most refreshing, recharging times of my day. She sleeps best when next to me, often reaching out to me in her sleep. I love it.

    Last night we were playing around on the bed, taking sleepy, silly pictures of the wee one as my husband and I were putting clean sheets on. So much love. Who knew that this could be possible!?

    Your blog is one of my very favorites. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  110. Just looked at my comment and I can’t believe I wrote “my 3 year old”…she just turned 3 yesterday! aaaaaah… =)

  111. I was led to Nella’s birth story a couple weeks ago and immediately dove into your archives. So many things that you’ve said about this life path you’ve been placed on have resonated with me.

    Almost 10 years ago, when I was 16, I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Most people haven’t heard about it, but it’s a genetic lung disease which has no cure as of now.

    It was a huge shock, especially at 16 when my biggest concern was boys and prom. I’ve only really just started to deal with what having this diagnosis means – and have finally started taking care of myself.

    I am determined not to live my life any differently just because I have CF – so your approach to Nella’s gift is something I can really appreciate.

    Thank you for being so open – it’s truly inspiring for someone like me.

  112. Thank you for this precious, precious post. My sweet boy is almost six months old and almost without fail when he wakes in the night I groan as I roll out of bed to get him… and yet by the time I’m finished nursing him I’m wishing and hoping that it could just last a little longer. These are priceless moments. {God please burn them into our memories forever.}
    Thank you,
    adriel x

  113. A beautiful post, and I just have to say – that little dog!! SO cute, and really into the book!

    Also moving words from the Anon commenter who is going through difficult times, I wish her luck to keep going and find a better place for her and her girls.

  114. Thank you for your reminders for us to stop and meditate on what’s most important.

    I loved these photos so much. To have a baby in the house is so glorious. To hug and cuddle littles to sleep is such precious moments.

    My little isn’t so little at 12 going on 21! But, we do fit in snuggle times!


  115. Linda Mg in Soquel, CA says:

    To Anonymous, who wrote that she is in emotionally abusive relationship and sees the way out. Oh, sister, I was so touched and I am thinking of you and your kids. There are so many of us who have walked the path you are on. You nailed it – a curtain of darkness. Just know that when you lift that curtain and are free, and you heal and you know you will never choose an abuser for a partner again – there will be such light. And POPPA!! Oh, stop, please, your words made me cry, just as Kelle’s did. You have such a big heart, the biggest heart ever. You and Kelle too. Love…

  116. Kelle, I have to tell you that I saw Lainey’s “little” twin today. I had to do a double take and ask myself what the heck you all were doing so far from home when I realized….it wasn’t Lainey.
    Great photos of the bigger little reading to the littler little. Love it!

  117. Beautiful post. Only a mama of two small girls can truly appreciate just how awesome that they are in those sweet moments… with slightly crazy hair, stuffed animals, and blankets. So sweet!

  118. Oh so sweet, did you notice in the 4th picture from the bottom Nella’s mouth is shaped like a heart?

  119. Oh so sweet, did you notice in the 4th picture from the bottom Nella’s mouth is shaped like a heart?

  120. Seeing little Nella’s fist touching Lainey while she reads just warms my heart!! Beautiful girls and you are right to enjoy them so much.

  121. How absolutely beautiful. Thank you, Kelle, for the posts that you make. I have been inspired the past several months to take hold of life and enjoy it… because of your words. And life has been SOOO much more enjoyable. Today I look for each moment to cherish. Happy Half Year, Nella!

  122. i don’t think i will ever ready your posts and not tear up or flat out cry! you speak what my heart feels about my girls that i can’t put into words….THANK YOU!

  123. Thank you for reminding us what is truly important in our lives as mothers. And congratulations on the National Media Award–yes, you were truly born to do this!!

  124. Beautiful Post…I came in from another blog a few months ago after they mentioned your birth story post and I was hooked. :) I even gave you a blog award on my site.

  125. I was just blogging around and came across your blog. Just beautiful pictures, beautiful children, such beautiful words and music to go with it. Thank you so much for sharing.

  126. You have such a gift for writing, Kelle! It is beautiful….

  127. Okay, I know this is so very random of me, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and all your pictures, it truly makes me happy to read about your beautiful family- AND…
    I’m pretty sure our dogs are twins!
    I have never seen another dog that looks like mine before (he is a 5 lb. Yorkie/Maltese mix named Hampton) and your dog is his twin!
    I’m not kidding!
    Check it out for yourself!

  128. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful. Just beautiful!

    Love the Sugar Cookies book. We also have Yes Day! It is a favorite as well.

    Jill B. (Overland Park, KS)

  129. After arguing with the husband about who the hell knows what, I needed something sweet to read, so I came here. thank you.

  130. Have you ever thought of writing children’s books? Because I really believe you would write a bedtime classic. Except instead of illustrations, I would just post photos of your little girls. Oh wait — I think your post is going to be my littles’ bedtime story tonight. Thanks for a timeless classic….. Now I’m just going to have to print this sucker out and try to figure out how to bind it up. 😉

  131. Sometimes I think blogs should be like facebook where you can click a “like” button that says it all!

  132. I like to read your blog first thing in the morning so that I’m inspired to be the best mama that I can be that day :)

  133. Just came across a super cool blog about do it yourself projects. single young man living in New York…great writer and fun pictures! If anyone is bored….

  134. Congratulations! Happy 6 months baby Nella :)

    Your blog is an endless source of inspiration and encouragement to me. Although I am just a regular plain nineteen-year-old, I read your blog every weekend and it makes me feel refreshed, love life more and look forward to a better future.

    Thank you, for you have touched many many more hearts than you think you have. <3

  135. Liz Ward says:

    I love your blog! I found it because someone has posted a link to Nella’s birth story and all I can say is BEAUTIFUL! your little girls are adorable, and seem like such sweet girls, like their mom! Love reading, so keep posting! Your an inspiration and I can only hope to be as wonferful a mom to my 2 children as you are to yours!

  136. Love this! My littest one is 5 months! So fun! I have to ask…where did you get Nella’s beautiful cream flower band? I love it! Hugs!

  137. Julie Hathaway says:

    Thank you, Kelle. As a mom I can become so consumed by the craziness of all I think I need to accomplish. Your words remind me to cherish and adore, to scoop up all of these wonderfully sweet and perfect moments that pass so quickly, to just hold on and breathe it all in. My six month old baby boy is laughing on my lap as he sees the pictures of Nella and Lainey. I can hear my 3 year old daughter “reading” her version of Mother Goose. Your words remind me of just how incredibly blessed I am.

  138. Danielle says:

    Reading your blog helps me fight my resident pessimism. I’d much rather be like you, with my glass half full. Thanks for inspiring me to see the small things each day that make life truly awesome. I especially love that page from the kids’ book with the cookies. Thanks for sharing!

  139. I love everything about this post. The sweet thoughts, the feelings it evokes, the beautiful photos…LOVE.

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