Half Way Point

How can it have only been half a year when she has so wholly filled our hearts?


Today is my girl’s half-year mark.


Six months ago on a sunny afternoon, her little body slipped out and I reached out to grab her. Six months ago, her eyes met mine and ripped apart my soul, stretching it to fill what would follow…just love.


And in six months, I have learned more the deep truths of motherhood and life and accepting the ebb and flow of life’s events and molding my perceptions like clay, rolling them out, kneading them over and over to make something beautiful.


We all have our journey, we all have our souls that mold us whether they are young or old, different from others or very much alike. We all have stretches in our life that are difficult to tread and so we take our time and walk slowly and carefully, learning along the way.

So much I have learned…and so much I still have to learn.

But, right now…in this moment…I have so much. My expectations of these months have been so far exceeded. In this moment, I have her. Her little body that molds across me, her eyes closed, her arms stretched out above her, her song of breathe-and-suck, breathe-and-suck humming as she falls asleep against me.


Nella, you were so very meant to be. And while I thought I had life figured out, I realize no one really does. Life is too grand to contain into the box I thought it should fit in. And it is made up of so much more than I thought I’d ever know.


I don’t know the answers or the future or what it all means. But I do know I was made to be the mama of two sweet little girls, each destined to fit into our family in their own unique way. Watching you fill your space with squinty-eyed smiles and cuddles that mold into our nook has been beautifully soul-stretching. And I yearn for more…for what I will learn being your mama, for how we will love as a family. For many birthdays, picnics, Christmases, coffee mornings, late-night movies and hand-held walks to come.

One thing is certain. You are ours, Little One. And we are blessed.




And on this half birthday, I love you a whole bunch.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sooooo beautiful! She’s just gorgeous. Happy half-year little Nella!

    A friend in Canada

  2. So precious!

    Were the birthday candles in her oatmeal? I love it!

  3. Whoa Nelly! This just popped out of no where! :o) So sweet!

  4. Happy half a year birthday little Nella. She is so cute and sweet. What a lucky mamma you are!

  5. Happy half birthday Nella!
    You are so very clever sitting up and blowing out candles.
    Here’s to lots more fun for the rest of the year, gorgeous girl.
    Love Carly xx

  6. Oh happy half birthday. You’re such a beauty. Mommy takes such wonderful pictures of you to share with the world.

    Thanks for sharing!


  7. I’ve been following your blog for months and love reading your inspirational posts. I have a beautiful 1 year daughter who fills my world and recently lost my son when I was 19 weeks pregnant. His passing has taught me so much and I’ve felt more love then I ever thought was possible. I love reading your blog because you are so honest about those moments that touch your soul and change your life forever and like you so many of those come in everyday moments. Your daughters are beautiful!

  8. Happy Half Birthday Sweet Baby Nella!

    Kelle, she is more beautiful by the day. I love watching her development and the facial expressions she is mastering. Those smiles are priceless!

  9. Shari H says:

    Happy half year to you sweet Nella!!!! Wonderful blog and I love absolutely love the pictures of her. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  10. Happy 6 months Baby Nella! We love seeing sweet pictures of you and rejoice with your family on the blessing you’ve been in their lives. God had a special place for you here and I think you’ve filled it to overflowing. We look forward to seeing how the next 6 months of life are for you – the surprises and thrills you bring your Daddy and Mama’s way.

    Love the Arnolds

  11. Look how happy and proud she looks! Keep it up, Nella Bean!!


  12. Marie in NH says:

    I can’t believe I have been enjoying your lovely blog for six whole months . . . but it also seems like I have been reading it forever! Happy half-birthday Nella you beautiful, beautiful baby! Hugs and kisses to you and to Lainey and Mama too!

  13. Happy 6 months little Nella! Lucky you…. Your mom is the BEST! You are going to have the best possible life.

  14. My five year old daughter saw the pictures of Nella and fell in love. Every day we have to see if there are new photos. She is a beautiful little thing.

  15. Mrs. Armstrong says:

    I got goosebumps and tears in my eyes reading this pouring out of your momma’s soul. Happy 1/2 Birthday Nella. Thank you Kelle.

  16. aawwwww, you made me cry (happy tears of course) we just celebrated zachary’s 6 months on the 11th and i feel the exact same way!!

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  18. i’ve read your blog for a while but never commented, but i couldn’t resist! the B&W of Nella is PRECIOUS!!! i cannot get enough of her adorable smile!! you are blessed!

  19. so beautiful!! we just celebrated 6 heavenly months of our own on tuesday! our babies are so close together!

  20. i am a new reader of your blog but this post made me come out of “hiding”. what an incredibly sweet, heart felt post about your beautiful baby girl!! i love the picture of nella sleeping yet smiling :)

    you truly are blessed!

  21. Happy half-Birthday to your sweet little girl! Gorgeous photos as always!

  22. Happy half a year to you Nella Bean!! Our family has enjoyed watching you and Lainey Love grow up!!
    Friends in Nebraska

  23. Oh how perfectly you articulate the love of a mama!! happy birthday Nella bean!

  24. Such a sweet, pretty girl! Happy half birthday!

  25. Happy half birthday sweet sweet Nella!

  26. Happy 6 months sweet Nella wafer! Oh such a gift you have given to all of us… it is because of you I found this blog & get to enjoy your Mama’s incredible writing & beautiful pictures. Looking forward to seeing you grow the next 6 months.

  27. Happy 6 months baby girl

    Cheryl D. in MI

  28. she is ever so lovely!! happy six months sweet baby.

  29. Gorgeous Baby girl! Happy, Happy Day!

  30. Happy 1/2 Nella!! Sweet baby Girl!

  31. dearest Kelle,
    oh my has it already been 6 months? 6 beautiful soul inspiring months where i have held you all in my heart, 6 months since i have lifted you and your lovees into my daily prayers,6 months since i giddly opened my laptop daily just hoping to catch a glimps of my favorites?,i cannot even tell you the impact you have had on my heart these last 6 months,you have given me the gift of learning to enjoy the small things,im sure you here it often how special you are to all of us, but sweet Kelle,Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.When i see the pics of those gorgeous littles my heart is so beyond full.Full of the love i feel for my own littles,full of gratitude towards your beautiful souls.Happy 6 months sweet sweet blessed little soul nella:)
    love siobhan

  32. Can it be true??? Can Nella Bean really be 6 months old already?? She gets more beautiful with every picture!!!
    Loving your Nella Bean from afar!!
    Happy day sweet baby girl!!
    Sunnie in NC

  33. Happy 1/2 B-day Nella!!
    Love from us here in Norway

  34. oh her smile!!! it makes me smile every single time i see it!!
    6 months of pure sweetness!!
    how blessed you all are!!!
    rania in nyc

  35. Yay, happy half birthday Nella! She’s so beautiful, it’s been a real pleasure watching her grow up these last 6 months.

  36. Happy, happy half-way birthday sweet baby!


  37. Happy 6 months Nella! You are so special & beautiful! I have fallen in love with you so much over these past months.

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  39. Anonymous says:

    I love you ! I really wish to be like you in the future : D(I’m only 15) You take good photos, youre a really good mom, and you have a perfect family ! It looks like youre family is heaving fun every day, and i love that !

  40. She is so beautiful! Seeing her smile is so heartwarming. She has the cutest clothes and accessories too!

  41. And I thought no post could get sweeter than last night’s post!!!

    She is a lucky girl to have you as her Mama!

    I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason – and Nella was a gift to you, your family and the whole world. Her presence brought volume to your voice and your words are priceless and comforting. they bring smiles and simultaneously they bring tears – sweet tears. Nella has already changed this world in here mere six months here…

    And it’s only just begun!
    I see big things in her future!

    Happy 1/2 Birthday, Nella!!

  42. Happy 6 month birthday, sweet Nella!

    ~Debra at http://ourimperfectlife.blogspot.com/

  43. Happy half year Nella!!

    That smile of hers… would melt any stone cold heart..
    My smile reaches ear to ear!
    Even though she has Down I can still see more and more traits of sister in her! Esp the way her eyes talk!

    And for you a big hug! You have come so far and you are doing great!!!

  44. and now hot tears roll down my cheeks as well.
    I’m reading these beautiful words, this tribute to 6 months of wonder and looking at those gorgeous eyes and I’m getting that “throat is closing because tear ducts are taking up all of the energy” thing.
    Just beautiful! Happy 6 months Nella bean!

  45. We celebrate half birthdays at our house too! Oh yes we do! And some people (like my bestie and my Daddy) say ‘that’s crazy!’ but to us, half birthdays are special. Every single day is a gift. A precious gift.

    Happy Half Birthday Baby Nella!

  46. Gorgeous photos! Such a beautiful little girl. Happy 1/2 birthday! Enjoy the years to come. Trey, editor, downsyndrometoday.com

  47. the months go by too quickly. My nephew/Godson is 10 months..almost a year. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around that. I love these words that you wrote-We all have stretches in our life that are difficult to tread and so we take our time and walk slowly and carefully, learning along the way. Those words speak very powerfully to me right now. I think I found a new quote I love.

  48. WHOO HOOO!!

    Thank you, Kelle, for letting us into her little (or GREAT BIG!) life. I’m so excited to be allowed to watch her grow up and celebrate little (or GREAT BIG) milestones like this one!

    :)Go Nella Go!

  49. so sweet.. happy birthday to you!

  50. Happy 6 mos Nella Bean!

    You keep getting more beautiful everyday!!

  51. Meant to be indeed! Happy 6 months Nella!

  52. Kelle, thank you once again for a blog post that lifts my day and makes it better. Happy 1/2 birthday Nella! You are blessed in this wonderful family of yours, and they are blessed beyond measure by you.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Happy half birthday beautiful little Nella!

    Your girls are so lucky to have a mom that can so beautifully record all the little sweet moments in their lives.

  54. Happy half birthday Nella!

    Love the photos, as always.

  55. So so beautiful. What a privilage – to be the mother of a little girl who so many of us hold dear to our hearts, and who has taught all of us so much already.

  56. She is absolutely the sweetest thing I have ever seen (and I even have my own little 6 month-old!). Your words are amazing and I think you are the best mother in the world. Thanks for your example!

  57. Kelle & Nella,

    I sit here reading this as I make the last preparations for my Kaden’s 5th birthday tonight … filled with the same love and amazement for the wonder that each child brings. And reminder each day of the privelege being Momma is.

    Happy birthday little ones.

  58. I absolutely love this post. You get it Kelle. We are not supposed to “figure” this life out and when we are brought to this point, whatever the situation , it could be DS, our own illness or other life-stretching challenges and we let go and just be,we find peace. This was meant to be, this is a good thing. For how much better do we know Joy now after the depths of sorrow…..for me maybe I never really knew the joy that was right before me. Keep on girl, you are such an inspiration.

  59. Hooray! Happy half birthday sweet Nella. :)

  60. Kelle,

    I really think you should write a book! Your images and language are so amazingly beautiful. No one’s writing captivates me like yours


  61. happy half birthday, nella!! and even though i don’t know you in ‘real life’, i’m so very glad you were born. i love watching you grow up through the words and lens of your mommy!

  62. Kelle she really is beautiful! How blessed you are indeed! I would have loved to have had a little girl just like Nella and Lainey! Happy 1/2 Birthday to Nella!

  63. Anonymous says:

    Happy 6 month birthday Nella!! What a blessing that you were born.

  64. Happy 1/2 birthday, Nella!!

    That smile beams through the computer monitor – she is full of joy and light!

  65. HIP HIP HOORAY! Happy 1/2 Nella! You, little one, have done so much for all of us! We love watching you grow and we grow to have bigger and better hearts along the way! Thank you, little Nella bear! XOXO!

  66. Happy Half Birthday, Nella! It has been such a wonderful half year since you have all entered my life with the 1st post of the birth of this sweet little girl. Thank you for sharing your lives with us and for constantly reminding us to take pause and enjoy the small things :)

  67. You have changed so many lives just being in this world. You have changed my life beyond words. Happy Half Birthday sweet baby.

  68. Beautiful…brought tears to my eyes. There are so many truths you have told here in this one blog post. Putting into words what so many of us can not…thank you


  69. Oh sweet Nella…how gently you stepped into this world at 4:24 pm six months ago. You were ready. We were not…so what was undone within us you, with your magic, completed. Those little creased hands grasped ours and invited us to follow. Those precious almond eyes reflected nothing but love, and looking into them, we found a light that led us. We were the broken ones…and slowly found the pieces on the path. And somewhere far away…in heaven or Holland or wherever this magic begins, an old soul angel smiles and says to another, “I told you it would happen.” We were meant for you and you, my sweetness, were meant for us. Happy half-birthday. It has only just begun…yes, it has only just begun. Keep stretching our hearts.

  70. Happy Birthday Little Bunny! You are beautifully perfect. You and your family are so blessed to have each other. Your smiley pictures always make me giggle a little. Thank you, Kelle, for your blog. It always brightens my day!

  71. Happy 1/2 Birthday, sweet Nella!
    You ARE so meant to be…

  72. I photographed a birth yesterday and I’ve been teary eyed all day as I edit those photos. I kind of thought I was all cried out. Nope. Not the case! Your post made me cry some more. I can’t believe Nella is 6 months old already. She is absolutely gorgeous and has touched lives all over the world, including mine. Thank you for sharing your little piece of heaven with all of us.

  73. Happy half birthday Nella! :)

  74. Happy 6 months, Baby Nella!! Such a beautiful post for such a beautiful girl.

  75. Happy 6 months, Baby Nella!! Such a beautiful post for such a beautiful girl.

  76. Happy 6 months Nella Bean ! You have delighted us with every ounce of your being and your Mumma well what can we say . . . she is just Ace. Thanks for bringing us into your lives only to makes ours so much more sweeter. You’ve inspired me to do so much and be present so often with Charley my 8 month old gorgeous daughter. Thankyou xox

  77. Much love to Nella on her half year birthday! And what a lucky girl to have that Poppa in her life, his words were just LOVELY!


  78. Nella is such a beautiful, beautiful babe. Happy half year, sweet girl!

  79. Cried when I read this post, and then cried more when I read Poppa’s comment. She is so lucky to have you as a mama, and you are so lucky to have her as a daughter. You two will learn so much from each other, and you we are thankful that you share your lessons with us! As I “try” to write this comment I have a little 10 months old fingers trying to follow mine over the keyboard, and I keep having to back up and start again! Time to go play with my guy and see what lessons he might have in store for me today!

    Happy 6 month bday Nella, you have so many who love you!



  80. God – she is just gorgeous. Breathtaking.

  81. Happy 1/2 birthday little one! You are indeed a blessing.

  82. Your posts never fail to bring a happy little tear to my eye… just so moving to read – and your photos! Just breath-taking!

  83. What a wonderful day! Nella is seriously so amazing and is so blessed to have you as a mommy! I am so grateful I found your blog a few days after you posted Nella’s Birth story… you have brought so much to my life and made me grateful for the little moments I have daily with my family! Happy half birthday little Nella!!

  84. Those bright almond eyes are so full of wonder and bring so much joy to so many!!!! Happy half birthday Nella!!!

    And a BIG thank you to your mama who shares a little of your beautiful life with the rest of us… making our eyes a little brighter!!!

  85. Happy half-way birthday Nella!!!

    Lorena from Mexico

  86. Andrea…you are in my heart tonight. Your precious son leaves handprints on your heart and someday, you will know his little angel voice when he greets you with, “Wecome home mommy, come see where I’ve been!” Saying a healing prayer for a momma whose heart still hears the little boy she longed to love.

  87. Last week my little brother had his 27th birthday. He has several friends who have Downs, and they are so delightful! They carry on conversations so pleasantly, and I don’t think I have ever seen them not smile. They are all a varying degrees of severity. One girl is so mild it’s almost easy to forget that she has Downs. I’ve always thought Nella would be a lot like her, because her severity seems pretty mild. Her parents have expected a lot out of her and never treated her any differently than any other child. I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, it just is. She was a cheerleader in High School, and aside from her special needs class, was mainstreamed with the other students, as was my brother. The hardest part for them was when they graduated from High School at age 22. It was really tough because they had all of this support socially until then. I think as long as you plan ahead for that, and are aware of the options, everything will be fine. I think a lot of parents don’t realize this and don’t really have a good plan for what will happen next. Nella is up for a delightful life. I don’t know if I am being very helpful. My brother has a group he goes bowling with, and activities he regularly attends, but you have to seek out these opportunities to keep things active. My brother loves seeing his buddies, and there is always a new generation of little ones that adore him, brothers and sisters, and then nieces and nephews, and Uncle Ben is the favorite, no doubt! 😀

  88. Beautiful. Love you guys. Happy Half Birthday, Nella. Amazing.

  89. Happy Half Year :)
    She’s beautiful… as are your words!

  90. Awww Kelle, give that girl a big kiss from me. And maybe a snuggle too. Happy 6 month Birthday little Nella. You are simply beautiful.

  91. Nella has the best arms, ever! Thanks for reminding us to enjoy the small things!

    Happy half-year mark!

  92. ESpencer says:


    You are one AMAZING person!! I absolutely love your postings and often shed a tear. You know how to say all the right things. I find myself checking your site several times a day just to see if something else is added. Tonight when I looked I saw this post…simply AMAZING!! My daughter is 10 months old today and I feel the EXACT same way as you! They are simply breathtaking little people!

    God Bless!!

  93. Anonymous says:

    Happy half – birthday Nella! I’m seeing more and more Lainey in that little face – she is just lovely!

  94. She looks like a baby doll in that last picture!! What a sweetie!

  95. Anonymous says:

    Oh Kelle,
    This post has warmed my soul and I am feeling the love tonight! Give that sweet baby a happy half birthday kiss from Arizona!!!!

  96. happy half birthday, sweet nella!

  97. That Black & White photo melted my heart….how BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Half Birthday, sweet girl.

  98. Happy 6 month-day Nella! What a beautiful little girl you are…such a blessing to your family and so many others!

  99. Happy half birthday sweet Nella! I have to say, I almost enjoy seeing what your Poppa has to say as much as seeing what you touch on each day. Thanks to you both for keeping me inspired.

  100. She is one beautiful baby. Congrats to little Nella on her 1/2 b-day:)

  101. My goodness, she is SO beautiful! I can’t believe she’s already 6 months old! The time has flown by.
    Happy Half Birthday, sweet Nella!

  102. What a great way to start the day! HAPPY HALF-BIRTHDAY, NELLA! Eating a pink cupcake in your honour today! So proud of you, sitting up and enjoying your candles! You’re so precious! God bless you and your family, little one :)

  103. Linda Mg in Soquel, CA says:

    Oh, HAPPY HALF-YEAR TO YOU, NELLA BEAN! Kelle, you are so right; none of us ever knows about the future in any arena. We just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and keep breathing. And yes, each of your daughters has their unique destiny. Nella, sweet precious angel, you have broken open my heart and so many others, thru your mommy’s blog and her words and photos and sharing your spirit Nella. It shines thru your beautiful eyes, in the photos your mommy takes. I wish I really knew you in real time and I could give you a hug.

  104. Linda Mg in Soquel, CA says:

    *OH, to ANDREA – I was so touched by your comment and am sorry for the loss of your baby. I had tears in my eyes, when I read that. I am thinking of you. From Linda in Soquel, CA (next to Santa Cruz)

  105. So beautiful it gave me chills :)

  106. Kaitlin Cole says:

    Nella you are a loved little girl. Your sweet smile and extra chromosome has filled the minds and hearts of thousands of people that you will never meet. Know sweet girl that you are so loved.

  107. Kelle—thank you for sharing sweet Nella with us for the past 6 months. I love this little baby whom I have never met except via a mama’s loving words and photos. Happy 1/2 birthday beautiful Nella.

  108. Dear Nella,
    You’ll never know just how much your Momma and Daddy and Lainey and the boys love you. You’ll never know just how much the world cares. You are an incredible soul, and an inspiration to us all. We love you, and we wish you a very merry half birthday.

    Anna Kate….only 5 months older and hoping to be your blog pal

  109. Happy half birthday sweet Nella bean! you are so perfect for yor mama and fit just right in your beautiful family. you make things just the way that they are meant to be. your journey really has just begun little spirit, and we love being a part of it. we love your mama and poppa for letting us share on this wonderful adventure with you and your gorgeous sissy. xoxo oh happy day little one!

  110. Diana L. says:

    Happy 1/2 year birthday, Nella – you are so blessed to be placed in such a wonderfully loving family.
    And we who get a sneak peak are blessed to share all that with you.

    Kelle – what a gift you give to your girls…to share your love so openly for them, and for them to someday be able to read your words themselves.

    Love on…and happy celebration!

  111. ….aaaaand now I’m crying before bed!!

    Happy 1/2 birthday sweet, beautiful, perfect Nella. Xoxoxo

  112. kelle, how is it that i cry each and every time i come to your blog? maybe because my story is one in the same with your’s. i too thought that i had a complete picture of where i was headed and what was to be. but the love of a little enhanced one altered my course and led me on a much higher path that i would have never known before his entrance. let’s take this adventure where it leads and ride this wave while we can! and in the meantime, i’ll keep checking in with my box of kleenex nearby…

  113. Happy Half Birthday sweet Nella Bean. Your story has touched all of our lives. Bless you sweet baby girl.

  114. I can’t believe it has been 6 months already!
    Nella, it is a gift to watch you grow.
    Happy Half-Birthday from the TMs in Hawaii!

  115. happy 6 month bday little nella!! the next 6 months are going to be so fun watching you grow and change and keep your mama on her toes :) hugs to you all!

  116. Happy 1/2 birthday Nella! What beautiful smiles she is showing off :) Proud day!

  117. Nella, how is it that you have touched so many hearts in your sweet six months of life? You are precious and I’m so glad your momma shares you and your big sister with us :) Love to you on your half birthday and every day.

  118. I love how you love your children, and your life. Happy half birthday Nella.

  119. Happy 1/2 birthday… wow that went really quick!
    Beautiful photo’s as always :)

  120. Happy Half Nella!! I’ve enjoyed reading about you for a half a year and look forward to a WHOLE lot more Lainey and Nella to come :)

  121. I was sent by my sweet second cousin…Your words are beautiful , just as your pictures are… What a tribute to being a Mother and loving both of your girls.. May happiness always stay with you…

  122. Anonymous says:

    Happy 1/2 birthday dear sweet Nella….you are a true gift from God !!! You are such a beautiful little girl and I cannot help to smile when I see you smile….love you lots~~ hugs

  123. Beautiful.

    Sweet, pure and simply just beautiful. Little Nella and her sweet mamma.

    Happy half mark birthday to a precious one!

  124. * Beautiful * Beautiful * Beautiful, as always! Happy Half-Year Birthday sweet Nella! You are a very lucky little girl to have such wonderful, loving parents and a blessed life. Congratulations, Kelle, your family is truly beautiful. I love that you really appreciate the beauty in everything…. thanks for helping others see it too!
    Much love from a fan (and fellow Mom of 2 littles about the same ages as yours) in Canada :o)

  125. Happy Birthday Nella!! We just came home from our place at the lake, our “Isle of Capri.” No internet. I settled on the couch to catch up on emails and Bryn jumped right beside me and looked up and said “NELLA?” She wanted to see what you all had been up to. “Like me mommy!” Yes Bryn, Nella is just like you..beautiful!
    Nella & Lainey you make us smile!!

  126. you are very blessed! Praise Jesus!

  127. Nella Cordelia, you are a blessing. You are so beautiful, so perfect, so loved~

    Lots of tears! Thank you so much for sharing your girls, your lovely family and your beautiful life. Love how you keep opening people’s hearts and minds all over the world!

    Nella was born to be your greatest teacher. She has been teaching you things about yourself you didn’t even know you had in you. She has been sharing with you the treasures of her being and her pure heart. Her powerful spirit will always inspire you and give you the strength and courage to conquer anything. Her wise soul will continue to illuminate your beautiful and amazing journey. You are learning from each other … growing together … helping each other become more fully who you are … C:

    “Awareness born of love is the only force that can bring healing and renewal. Out of our love for another person, we become more willing to let our old identities wither and fall away, and enter a dark night of the soul, so that we may stand naked once more in the presence of the great mystery that lies at the core of our being. This is how love ripens us -by warming us from within, inspiring us to break out of our shell, and lighting our way through the dark passage to new birth.” -John Welwood

  128. Happy 1/2 birthday Nella! love that smile, melts my hear everytime I see it can’t imagine what it would do to me in person! :)

  129. i wrote a check this morning and realized that today was nella’s half birthday. which sounds slightly stalkerish. but less so if you realize that finn’s 1/2ers is about to follow in the next four days.
    so there.
    see? she really has made a whole lotta difference in a whole lotta lives if some mama in mn actually knows when her half birthday falls.
    happy day miss nella.

  130. Happy Half-Birthday Nella !!!!
    You are such a big girl sitting in your highchair. Don’t grow too quickly.

  131. Anonymous says:

    Happy 1/2 Birthday Nella! You have the most beautiful smile.

    Happy 1/2 Birthday Momma! I love your blog, your words, your pictures and most of all the way you speak your heart. Thank you.


  132. Happy 6 months Nella!! You are beautiful! Tell mommy thank you for sharing you with us :)

  133. You had me at the second photo… crying buckets of tears.

    I’ll have te re-read because the tears fog my eyes, but I just adore her.

    She certainly has changed and touched many many lives.

    I would give anything (excpet one of my own children) to hold her and kiss her sweet forehead. :-)

  134. She’s too precious for words. Happy half-birthday Nella. :) You are so sweet!

  135. She is gorgeous! Happy Birthday! :)

  136. Sweet Nella. Happy 1/2 year birthday.

  137. Happy 6 Month Birthday Nella!! What a sweetheart!

  138. Anonymous says:

    Big congrats to the Hamptons. You are doing such a lovely job of raising your beautiful children. Much love…

  139. Happy “half birthday” sweet Nella! You’re absolutely beautiful, and your little smile warms our hearts more and more with every new post!We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

    Kelle, I thought of you all this evening. We are away on vacation, and sat down to dinner at this little local restaurant tucked neatly in the crook of a mountain top. The view was stunning, absolutely breathtaking. We found a little table in the center of the place, my youngest was fast asleep, with her little head propped against my chest. I was in heaven, or close to it, I’m sure.

    Well, a few minutes later a family came in…mom, dad, and their three children, and they found a table close to ours. At first glance, I noticed the two sisters laughing and playing together. They were giggling, and blowing kisses across the table to one another. The third child, a little boy kept rolling his eyes at them, but at the same time, he kept begging them to tell him what was so funny. Finally, the oldest of the two sisters, in a heavy southern accent said to him, “We’re sisters, cause that’s all”. Mom then piped in to tell them to settle down, and then something crashed in the kitchen and the youngest of the two turned over her shoulder to see what the fuss was all about. It was then that I had noticed that she had been blessed with an extra special chromosome.

    I immediately thought of Lainey and Nella, and how lucky they are to also share that special bond, “We’re sisters, ’cause that’s all”….melted my heart!

  140. KC’s quote from John Wellwood hits a chord about how love allows us to be born from the darkness. Her birth was not just about her arrival, but it marked your family’s re-birth into this life. How cool is that! Today’s post is a beautiful and poingnent. Congratulations Little Miss Wafer on your half birthday! God gave her life. God gave her a purpose. And God will never give you more than you can handle.

    Thank you for giving me and many other mothers out there the inspiration to enjoy every sip of every day. Just like a cup of Joe, life is “Good to the last drop.” Thank you dear from the bottom of my cup….I mean heart.


  141. Beautiful post!!!

  142. Happy 6 months to Nella! I have loved watching you grow through this blog.

    Kelle – Your words always touch me and bless me. Thank you.

  143. KC – love your new profile pic with your adorable little niece, and your quote as usual is perfect… the last words hit me, new life.

    I’m so grateful to this new life, the beautiful Nella, she’s an infinite gift of pure possibility. Because of Nella, I am enjoying the small things and feel like I’m experiencing new life myself.

    Kelle, you are truly extraordinary. Through your gifts, you are telling a story that has me riveted and at the edge of my seat. So grateful that we get to watch it unfold, day-by-day, like some exquisite blossom.

    Love ya!

  144. Happy Half birthday Nella!

  145. She’s just so pretty.

  146. Hi Kelly,
    Happy 1/2 Birthday to your precious little girl. My littlest turns 6 months next week. I love love love your blog and your photos and your sweet and inspiring stories about your girls. I have two sweet girls too…one who is 2 and the other is 6 months and you inspire me to love each and every moment with them. I have started taking a lot more photos of them to just try to get a few as cute as yours.

    I have big brother who has down syndrome. He is 35 years old and is doing well. He loves my sister and I so much and he’s a brother that tells us that everyday and it’s wonderful. He also will tease my sister and I and can make us so mad until he makes us crack up laughing (I believe just like any brother would do). He loves birthdays so much…everyones. He doesn’t care what he gets for his birthday just as long as everyone sings:>

    Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  147. HI!!
    Happy 6 months to your little angel. I am new here and I really enjoy reading every little thing you write, it fills my soul with joy!!!!You are blessed indeed.
    many more birthdays and celebrations to come, your daughters are beautiful
    jamie–mimi as I prefer to be called as I am a mimi to 1 and 1 on the way

  148. This song makes me think of you. All my best to you and your beautiful family.


  149. mommy of two girls too says:

    She is just adorable! Happy half birthday sweetie-pie!! So happy that your Mama takes the time to share you with all of us. Hugs to you!!

    P.S. I heart this song…It was our ist dance at our wedding. Makes me cry tears of joy everytime I hear it..even after 7 years.





  150. Happy half-birthday sweet Nella ♥

    Sending much love and best wishes to your gorgeous and inspiring family Kelle. My son has Autism and you’ve inspired me beyond words by sharing your lives with us.

    Stacie and Kaleb in Australia

  151. Happy 6 month birthday, beautiful girl!

  152. She is such a beautiful baby! Have you ever heard the song ‘Baby Girl’ by Will Hoge? If not, Google it- it’s such a sweet song…. I think you will like it Kelle : )

  153. You are blessed Kelle. Nella, is the most lovely little girl with a smile that could melt any heart x

    Happy half birthday Nella!

  154. Happy 6months Baby Nella!!!!!

  155. Happy half-birthday precious little Nella Bean!!

    Kelle thankyou for the privelege of opening your heart and Nella’s journey with us for the last 6 months.

    She has taught everyone so much in such a short time – I can’t begin to imagine the blessings she will heap on everyone who knows her in the next 6 months

  156. Oh my goodness, tears, tears, tears today! Your love is so beautiful and real, ah it’s what life is about! Thanks for sharing (again!)

  157. Beautiful. Happy half-birthday, Nella! Very blessed indeed. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts, truly a blessing to all your readers. :)

  158. Happy Six Months Beautiful Nella!!!♥

  159. Sweet little Nella- Happy 6 month Birthday! And, thank you Kelle, for sharing your life, love, incredible inspirational words and littles with us!

  160. Happy half-birthday beautiful Nella! The world is rooting for you little lady!

  161. oh kelle, she is just way too cute. oh an ps… when i was back home a few weeks ago, we came across a video tape of the time you all came to visit over thanksgiving. and there we all were, in all our argyle glory.

  162. Happy 1/2 birthday Nella! if you only knew how loved you are by so many who know you as just pictures and the words by your mama! We have watched your grow and watched your momma grow with you! It has been amazing for us so I can’t imagine how amazing it has been for you and your family. and your poppa is right, it has only just begun.

  163. She has the most beautiful and content face that I have ever seen.

  164. Anonymous says:

    Happy half birthday beautiful little Nella.

  165. What a cutie! Happy Half Birthday!

  166. nancy k. says:

    Kelle, this is such a beautiful post.
    Nella is such a special gift…a gift to the many that you share her with.
    Nella is truly a blessing and she will continue to teach so many of us,…through your beautiful posts and words… about life, love and how things are exactly as they are meant to be even when we have doubts.
    Happy Half Year Birthday sweet little girl!

  167. Happy half birthday to precious Nella. She stunningly beautiful and so sweet!

  168. What a beautiful post, Kelle! A very happy half birthday to Miss Nella! :)

  169. Your post is so beautifully written. I guess one never has life totally figured out. Happy 6 month birthday to Nella.

  170. Anonymous says:

    Little Nella Bean fills my heart every time I see that face………she was truly put here for a purpose…. and the future will be bright & beautiful for her!
    She is pure magic & love………..I see it in her eyes & in her smile! Thank you for sharing these 6 months with us, and I know I speak for all………we can’t wait to see what the future brings for both of your littles!

    Happy, Happy Day!

  171. She had got to be the CUTEST thing i have ever laid eyes on!!!!!!! :0) Happy half-birthday Nella!!! You are teaching all of us moms a whole lot about life! You are such a blessing! And thank you Kelly for sharing!

  172. Happy 1/2 Birthday Superstar!!!Our daughters are exactly 6 months apart, and such little special rock stars they both are!

  173. Happy 6 months to a precious little girl & happy 6 months to a mother who could not raise an angel more gracefully & beautifully as you do! You were made to be a mother! Thank you for sharing your life for all to read – it sure blesses many!

  174. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Nella,
    Happy Birthday to you!!!

    I can’t believe she is 6 months old already! It seems just yesterday my sister and I were checking your blog to find out if you gave birth yet and now your little one is not so little any more!

    She is abolutely LOVELY!



  175. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Nella,
    Happy Birthday to you!!!

    I can’t believe she is 6 months old already! It seems just yesterday my sister and I were checking your blog to find out if you gave birth yet and now your little one is not so little any more!

    She is abolutely LOVELY!



  176. Happy six months Nella! I wish you nothing but happy days and peaceful nights, warm hugs and giggly snuggles. The world is your oyster, slurp it up or dig for the pearl . . . either way I’m certain you will make your mark, in fact, you already have. Can’t wait for all the other beautiful milestones in your future. You are loved! xo

  177. Anonymous says:

    Happy Half year Lil Nella!
    Kelle, just thought you might appreciate this being you love to bake. We mad our LIl Mia a 1/2 birthday cake when she was a half year 2 months ago.. just made a regular cake and cut in half and put them on top of each other! It was a great way to mark the day.. Enjoy yours.. Karen

  178. happy, happy half birthday, nella cordelia!! you are amazing, baby girl …

    (kelle, i just love you and your heart!!)


  179. Happy 6 Months Nella!!! How exciting!!! Kelle, I say this everytime but Nella is honestly the most beautiful baby!! She really has such a glow and light to her. She is so delicate. That’s the best way to describe her sweet face. What a great post this was! Enjoy your weekend!


  180. Happy 6 months… to BOTH of you! Just beautiful.

  181. I love that you celebrate half birthdays and when your under a year 6 months really is a true birthday! Love all the Nella pics today and in one I could see a resemeblance to Lainey Love!

  182. Happy 6 months Nella! Kelly, she is such a beautiful little girl. Those eyes burn holes in everyones soul. She is doing so well. What an amazing little girl.

    You’ve done an amazing job momma.

  183. She’s absolutely perfect! I love her smile; it lights up the screen and I’m sure a room. You’re a very blessed Mommy! Happy 1/2 Birthday Nella!

  184. Happy Half-Birthday sweet Nella!!! Those pictures of her are just so beautiful, I love the B&W one where she’s smiling :)))

  185. I’ve been lurking on your blog since I read your story about having Nella and I love your stories about motherhood (I have two little boys; six and four) and the photos of your sweeties. Happy birthday to Ms. Nella…she really is just about the cutest thing in the world! Love those smiles!!

  186. Oh Nella you are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Kelle, you’re a great mother and quite an inspiration to us future mommies. :) I want a pair just like Lainey and Nella some day!

  187. <3 Happy 1/2 year birthday little Nella! <3
    She is completely adorable! Thank you for your blog! I can’t believe it has been 6 months since I found it but it truly is amazing to see and read all of the love that you emit. I feel I am a better person and mommy because of you. Thank you so much!

  188. Happy Half Birthday sweet Nella and our baby Liam! You are truly inspiring and it is amazing to me that I found you and now have become an avid follower anxious for every new post! Liam is sitting in my lap now watching little Nella as if he knows they share the same special day! Thank you for touching our family… we think you are pretty special!

  189. Oh sweet Nella…happy day! My mom celebrated 1/2 birthdays too and I love seeing you do that….she froze our bday cakes and had it on our half; my mom is super sentimental! Nella, you are a little angel and you have much celebrations in store for you!

  190. Happy Half-Birthday little Miss Nella. :)

  191. Breathtaking….she is just pure love. And your words are always amazing. Then I read Poppa’s word and burst into tears. Thank you for sharing your life and your love.

  192. Happy Half-Birthday Nella!
    Your short 6 months have impacted so many people and have taught so many lessons you may never be fully aware of. You are a beautiful little lady and you matter to so many. Your family is so blessed to have you and we are so lucky your family shares little glimpses of your life with us.

  193. Happy Half-Birthday Nella Bean! Wow, time flies!!

  194. Anonymous says:

    You are an incredible writer and an even more incredible mom. Your blog inspires me everyday. Thanks for sharing… lots of love and admiration, Steph

  195. Anonymous says:

    Happy Half Way Birthday Nella!

    Those pictures of you and your big sister Lainey, always make me smile!

    Kelle your words always melt my heart.

    Love from Canada.

  196. Happy half year Birthday Nella.
    She is growing into a beautiful little girl, love seeing her develop!
    Thank you for sharing with us, I love reading your posts.
    Still inspiring me

  197. Happy half year Birthday Nella.
    She is growing into a beautiful little girl, love seeing her develop!
    Thank you for sharing with us, I love reading your posts.
    Still inspiring me

  198. Oh Kelle, you have done it again. Love your blog! :)

  199. Happy half-way to the first year, Nella. Love that sweet, smiling, & peaceful little face!

  200. Oh my goodness…every time I see pictures of Nella..and those eyes..and that smile…and that look she gives…yes, that one!—my heart melts..and she’s not even mine! I can’t imagine what your heart feels. How blessed we are with our ‘littles.’

  201. Beautiful!! And ridiculous cute! And so so sweet! Happy half-birthday Nella!

  202. Happy half-birthday, Nella bean! :)
    ~Paula :)

  203. Kimberly says:

    WOW, what a beautiful post!! Happy half Birthday Nella! You have done so much for so many in 6 short months. Thanks for your inspiration and for this blog!! It is A-MAZING!!!

  204. Anonymous says:

    Happy six months beautiful little Nella! Kelle, you’ve done it again, brought me to tears. It’s amazing how someone you don’t even know can inspire you to be something greater and re-evaluate the important things in life. You’ve shown me how to be a better person and your girls are beyond blessed to have you as their mom. This post is great and the song is perfect. Don’t ever stop blogging- your posts inspire so many.


  205. Here I am in tears. Again. Happy Half Birthday Nella! Her sweet little face just melts me…she is SO beautiful!

  206. “So full of wonder
    Your curly cues
    Your contageous smile
    And as I watch
    You start to grow up
    All I can do is hold you tight”
    “in My Arms” Plumb
    This song always makes me think of you and your girls!
    Happy 6month Nella!!

  207. Happy 6 months to beautiful, angelic little Nella!!

  208. Happy 6 months Nella! She’s oh so very beautiful. This post was so touching!

    Congrats momma!

  209. Happy 1/2 Birthday Nella Wafer! What an amazing little beauty you are!

  210. Anonymous says:

    I swear I have to stop reading your blog — those pictures of your baby make me want to have another baby, she is dangerously adorable, as is Lainey! I absolutely love your blog, and have to comment (albeit super-late) that I 100% agree with your philosophy about going to Holland and how we all, pretty much sans exception, experience things in life and with our children that we are not necessarily prepared for (my first experience with this being my oldest child’s diagnosis with an autoimmune disorder as a baby). Thank you for sharing your life, your thoughts and your beautiful family with everyone.

  211. Anonymous says:

    Happy Half Birthday Beautiful Nella! Your coming into the world has changed me for good. Thank you! May God bless you all the days of your life!

  212. Nella is gorgeous. I love all these pictures. Happy 6 months to her!

  213. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday to Nella and her family. I can’t even describe how much I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Some days I feel like you’ve taken the thoughts right from my brain and worded them elegantly to describe life with a child with DS. It’s just beautiful. It was always so difficult for me when people said “so sorry about your son” and “you obviously didn’t know about the DS until he was born.” I did know and I chose life. My son, just like Nella, were meant to be. Thank you for showing to others that this journey isn’t so bad, and that love conquers all.

  214. Her little smiles just melt my heart!! Love love love!! Happy 6 month birthday, Nella :)

    Thank you for this wonderful blog! I read every post and I always end up with a huge smile on my face! You are an inspiration :)

  215. She is just so beautiful.

  216. Anonymous says:


    There is something about the first picture of Nella in the highchair. Something that just made me stop. Her eyes, her expression, or something gives me the impression that she is a very old soul. That she has wisdom way beyond her 6 months of gracing this Earth with her beauty.

    She is simply dreamy……

    Susan from Boston

  217. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday to your lovely little wonder, and thank you for many reminders of how magical every moment should be.

  218. Happy!

    I wish you a lifetime of Happy.

    If your first 6 months, are any indication of what is to come, you should do just fine :)

  219. Happy!

    I wish you a lifetime of Happy.

    If your first 6 months, are any indication of what is to come, you should do just fine :)

  220. Nella you are so beautiful!! :-)

  221. Oh how I love reading comments…and the commenter above who mentioned Nella’s “Old Soul Look” is so right…there are times, when I hold her out in my arms and she looks right at me…her gaze so deliberate and deep…I swear she is saying, “You know I’ve been here before, don’t you?” Yes, there is a depth in the way she looks at the world around her that makes me think, she sees more than I do.

  222. Anonymous says:

    Happy 1/2 Birthday little one!

  223. Kelle, please tell your sweet Nella Happy Birthday from me! Every single day she is more beautiful. Her smile shows that she is so loved.
    You live life out loud and in color Kelle, what a gift you have in touching the lives of your family and having enough left over for us.
    I have a bit of a different story, yet the feelings I had when I gave birth 30 years ago were similar to yours. I knew, no one else knew, but I knew that something was different? I could not soothe my precious baby. I wanted to run away and yet my heart would not let me, I was already in love with my precious one. When we have good days they are glorious, bad days bring tears and heartache. Beneath all of the struggles, my son has a heart of gold that most people know nothing about, even his father.
    Years and many tears and smiles and prayers later, I now know that my son suffers from bi-polar disorder and now self medicates with alcohol. This has torn our entire family apart. Oh how I would love a hand to hold through the ups and downs of hospital stays, rehabs, etc. Without my faith I would never have made it this far.
    Your blog and sharing reaches out a hand to hold for so many, even me. While we all have different situations, we still need each other. You remind me to enjoy the good days, and to not ever give up.
    Thank you sweet Kelle :o)

  224. simply amazing. happy 6 months Nella.

  225. Tears, tears, tears. Beautiful kelly belly!

    Happy 6 month to Nellabean!

    Love you guys.

  226. O’ Sweet Nella you are growing up so fast.. It seems like yesterday we got to join the journey of stories and love of sweet little you… Time goes by so fast.. Us mommies just aren’t sure how you littles grow up so fast on us.. Kelle, continue doing what your doing! You do an awesome job! My little one is 13 months and I wonder how did over a year already go by.. Then I look at my 3 1/2 year old and think, your not suppose to be 3 1/2, you should still be little like your sister… Enjoy your weekend in Sunny Florida, as we will too.. Going to the lake this weekend for swimming and boating fun! I love living in Florida!

  227. Poppa-
    As always your words have touched me deep down, but this time it seemed to move me even more.. You are truly an inspiration and have such a way with words.. Kelle, Lainey and Nella are so blessed to have their sweet Poppa in their lives.. Love to you and your family..
    Jacksonville, FL

  228. she is beautiful! happy half birthday nella!

  229. Anonymous says:

    Happy half birthday sweet beautiful Nella!! You are one lucky little girl having the whole world fall in love with you!! and not to mention being blessed with the wonderful momma that you god gave you!!

  230. Happy half a year to lovely Nella Cordelia, and to all your family. That is one gorgeous girl.

    Congratulations to her and to you all for not only making this time so beautiful as a family but making your posts here for all of us too.

    I’m off to knead some of my perceptions!

    ps. Your writing is sheer talent. I feel so lucky to read it.

  231. “Halfy” Birthday, Nella! You are a peach.

    You are changing lives…. one heavenly smile at a time.

  232. Kelle,
    I clicked on a link to Nella’s birth story 6 months while randomly surfing facebook. A good friend of mine had posted it and let me tell you…when I was done reading I was changed. I, like others I’m sure have felt a silly sense of embarrassment to comment on any one of the posts you’ve left in the last six months, because I dont “know you”..but oh I do. I know the part of you that you share with the world on your love of life, your babies and all that is good. Kelle, you are a gift! Your raw honest words, pictures, and music leave me laughing, crying and smiling ear to ear daily. Thank you for this blog…I can hide no more. Happy half-birthday Nella. Your beautiful daughters are nothing short of gifts from God.
    Jenn- Calgary AB!

  233. Happy half birthday, sweet Nella. Seeing your picture melts my heart each time. Thank you for the post…just what I needed today.

  234. So beautifully written… again, as always.
    I love that little girl. She makes me smile every time I read your blog. She is a beautiful gift to all of your readers.

  235. Deborah says:

    Happy Happy Belated 6 month old little darling Nella, you are the sweetess lil girl I know in the virtual world…

    Kelle, Nella is darling in her 6 month posses, she realy is, she is gonna be alooker. *winks* she looks older then her months I tell you in them pic …love her all up from me will ya …*warm long hugs*
    Deborah, the Canadian Nurse

  236. Anonymous says:

    Happy 6 months nella!

  237. Anonymous says:

    Happy 6 months nella!

  238. SO sweet…happy tears, happy tears!

  239. HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY, SWEET NELLA!!! Hoping you guys have a wonderful day/weekend!!!!

  240. Anonymous says:

    6 months of sweet little Nella wafer and Lainey taking on the role of big sister! Now, that is a whole lot of fun and love!

    Jill B (Overland Park,KS)

  241. Oh so fabulously sweet! Happy half birthday to an adorable baby girl and congrats to an obviously loving Mama! :>:>

  242. Wow, your blog, words, photos and family are amazing. Found you through Adriel. I’m your 6,000th follower – I can see why so many people enjoy your blog.

  243. ahhh Nella….Happy Half year Birthday! I’ve been reading your mom’s blog since the day she posted about your beautiful entrance to this world! You are sooooo beautiful and sooooo perfect. You have a beautiful family that loves you a lot!
    Kelle-Can’t wait what you’ll write about Nella on her fist birthday…..you almost made me cry with todays posts…Im sure ill cry when she turns one.
    Keep it up Kelle! Heavenly Father will guide you and your family’s path! Im sure He’s been doing it.
    Poppa! I always look for your comments because they’re so beautiful,your words are like poetry….i know they come from your heart!

  244. Kelle,
    Sometimes I think we really are friends and then I realize it’s just me who stalks your blog! (Not in a creepy scary way! You know what I mean! :) ) You are amazing, an inspiration, and a celebrity in my eyes! Nella is absolutely beautiful, and Lainey is too of course! Never stop writing, your words are so incredibly powerful! XOXO
    Your long lost friend :),

  245. Anonymous says:

    Nella’s gift to me, hearing Edward’s lullaby…….beautiful, made my heart stop,
    how very much I love
    my sweet Edward
    how could music bring back so many
    memories, so much emotion?
    the gift of mothering
    we are so blessed
    to be
    thanks Nella and happy 1/2 birthday

  246. Anonymous says:

    Happy Happy half birthday sweet Nella! You are SO beautiful!

  247. Happy Half Birthday Nella,
    Someday you will find out how you expanded more than your families ability to love and see happiness even in the dark spaces. I look at my own children, my own life differently because of you.

  248. Kelle! it is not only Nella’s half year that we are all celebrating!
    I am celebrating all the inspiration that I got with your blog for the last 6 months!
    Thank you for touching my soul.

  249. Over the past several months I have fallen in love with your blog and sweet Nella’s story! She truly is an angel and I melt with each word you write about her (and Lainey)! Thank you for sharing that love and your memories with the rest of us!

  250. You are loved by a whole bunch of people Nella! Happy Half-Birthday!

  251. happy half baby girl!!!

  252. Happy Half-Birthday Nella! You are beautiful and bring so much joy to readers all over the world! :)

  253. Nella, not only have you stretched your Mama’s heart & your family’s heart, you have helped stretch mine!
    I know take more time to enjoy my two littles and appreciate the small things.

    Happy half birthday, little one ;-D

  254. Like! :)

  255. Nella, if you only knew how many people are so in love with your beautiful soul and inspired every day by the words and images your talented Mama string together so effortlessly. What a lucky girl to receive so many half-birthday blessings! Here’s one more, sweet angel!

    Kelle, thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.

  256. Anonymous says:

    She is absolutely beautiful! Happy 6 months baby doll!

  257. Happy Half Year Birthday Nella Cordelia!

  258. Happy half birthday beautiful girl! Not only did you bring so much to your momma’s world and heart but you helped bring your momma to so many of us who didn’t know we needed her, that we needed you. We are so grateful.

  259. She is so beautiful!
    Happy half year little Nella!
    Lots of love from Norway!

  260. Yes, she is yours. Even that extra chromosome is yours!
    Happy 1/2 birthday sweet Nella!
    Our daughter with DS is 13 and the light of our lives!

  261. Anonymous says:

    Happy Half Birthday, Bella Nella! You have brought joy to many lives and we are so happy you were born 6 short months (and two days!) ago.


  262. kellywhite@rogers.com says:

    Kelle – Nella is going to be huge in her lifetime. I know it, I can feel it. And Lainey will be there right with her. But Nella, my God, that face is just too amazing.

    I am in love with your family. You are helping me so much. My dad died when I was 20 yrs old and I miss him. I was jipped. I wish my two boys would have known him because the love would have been amazing. You are so lucky to have your dad in your life. Poppas are amazing!

    You are doing amazing things – even though I have never met you, I feel so proud of you. And Nella, I would give anything to hold that amazing soul.

    from another Kelly in Ontario!

  263. Happy 6 month birthday Nella! You are absolutely beautiful!

  264. You should check out the Sandra McCracken song “Halfway.” Beautiful images, as always. I’m loving the less saturated look – just a teeny bit vintage.

  265. Brit Girl says:

    First time I’ve been able to get on the internet in a few days, so a belated happy half year, Nella Cordelia! (I thought about you all on the 22nd though – this amazing family an ocean away whose blog has been a source of joy, inspiration and utter delight to me for quite a while now.) Hope you are having a fabulous weekend. Sx

  266. so many “I don’t know” situations in life…but yet, you do know how to just be. Or at least, it seems when things get a little hairy, you seek to find that place. This post is why I follow your blog (I think). The images mixed with your emotions and words…and our roads have enough similarities….I have comfort knowing I’m in a good place and when mommyhood is rough one day ~ I remember all the LOVE our family has…. This didn’t come out very clear, but at least you know I was touched! LOL!!!

  267. Congratulations little Nella and familly. I too am a mum of such an angel, my daughter is 16 months old and now we don’t understand why was it so difficult when the amniocenthesis result came with un extra cromossome!!! Sorry for any mistake, english is not my language, I’m writting from Portugal.

  268. the smiling nella black & white is a framer. 8X10. done.

  269. the smiling nella black & white is a framer. 8X10. done.

  270. One word…beautiful!!!! It’s crazy how your blog touches so many people. I look forward to reading and looking at the pics of your two beautiful girls each day. I’m a mother of three and my youngest is one month to the day younger than Nella. You have so much to be happy for and you can tell this by reading each one of your blogs!! You are an inspiration to mothers EVERYWHERE!!! Thanks Heather :)

  271. Beautiful!

  272. Nella is beautiful, Kelle! You guys are so blessed. Congrats on the sixth month milestone! Its just going to get better and better!

  273. Happy half birthday sweet Nella. And a happy half birthday to your mommy and daddy too, for we parents grow right along with our little ones.

    And those photos – she is absolutely darling. That smile is the best and is that a bit of hair I see?

  274. lightkeepersdaughter says:

    Nella – sweet baby girl – by now, you’ve already been feted and greeted and wished by so many….but, I simply have to add my wish too!

    Happy 1/2 birthday little one…. I can see that you had a wondrous celebration – Would you please thank your Mommy, Daddy, your big sister and your Poppa for sharing their lives and yours with all of us who only know you through the neighbourhood of cyber-space. It’s so easy to see why you’re so magical – you have magical genetics!

    I am so looking forward to celebrating your big #1 with you!


  275. One of your Eugene, OR faithful readers says:

    Half birthdays are the best, start ’em young! Love the shot of Nella checking out her candles.

  276. Happy Half Birthday to our favorite Nella-bean! Sending love from Lansing! :)

  277. Kelle, Kelle…you capture so many emotions in your posts. Thanks for sharing your heart with the world. Little Nella, happy half birthday. Thanks to you and your big sister for the gifts you share and the lessons you teach. Kel, thanks for the glimpse into your world. What a beautiful journey. Blessings to you. Hugs from Michigan….jodi

  278. The candles and her smile just melts my heart. Baylee said today that “Nella was her favorite baby.”

  279. Oh, Kelle! Yet another beautiful, sweet post! I laughed so hard when you talked about your family vacation in Colorado, because that’s the family LIFE I want. When I think about it, it sounds a little more commune-like(possibly COMPOUND-like).

    About a month or a month and a half ago, we took the pacifier from our 2 year old. (He’s now 2 1/2.) It was so easy. Everyone said it would be 3-4 days of hell, but it wasn’t at all. We just waited until HE was ready. That’s how we roll too. We’re trying to stay that chill about potty training too. So far, so good.

  280. Hi Kelle,

    congratulations on reaching the six months milestone with nella. What a beautiful little coul she is.

    I have been following your blog since reading Nella’s birth story a few months back and you are just incredible, you inspire me to be a ‘better’ mum and I love following.

    Thank you so much for letting us in to your life.

    Much love from a Aussie (melbourne) mum of one xo

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  282. This comment has been removed by the author.

  283. Your blog is my addiction and this post was a total rush. Happy Happy Half Birthday, Nella. You are totally blessed and your family loves you so much.

  284. I can’t believe it’s been almost half a year since you and Nella have been “in my life”! I know, it must be so weird to hear people say stuff like that. But just think of it as when you find a great new musician or writer you love and how you feel “changed” after you discover them. Yeah, that is how it is for us Kelle. :)

  285. She is just precious! I love watching your family grow! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  286. This comment has been removed by the author.

  287. happy half birthday Nella!

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