Oh, Happy Day!

Four years ago.



…and I will never forget it.

The way he looked at me at the end of the aisle…waiting.


The way we held hands so tightly coming back…



The way he scooped me up and twirled.


It was the most perfect day ever, and I will never ever forget it.


I will never forget the way my entire family was together. Aunts and uncles and cousins who I love. Friends who are family and family who are friends. I will never forget the magic and the tears.



On that day, the clouds parted and the glory of heaven escaped. And it landed on the dancefloor where we hugged and held hands and clapped as kids breakdanced and adults shimmied and we threw our hands into the air and screamed when the D.J. played Numa Numa.




There was freedom and love and a fanfare of fun that weaved through that place and touched every soul in that room. Love that was so real, you could touch it.



I remember kicking my shoes off and hoisting tiers of satin to dance–dance so free, I didn’t care if the hem of my dress was scuffed or if my bobby-pinned curls fell.

It was a surreal kind of happiness–a love for not only each other but for life and family and the amazing opportunity to have everyone who matters to you not only in one place at one time, but there to suck the marrow out of life with you.

We sucked the marrow alright. And they were not sips, oh no. They were big, hearty gulps and life just kept flowin’.


We join in the cheesy anniversary traditions of mankind on this day…traditions like leafing through our wedding album that’s normally tucked away in its velvet bag hidden in the coffee table drawer. Except, this time, we have to push away peanut butter fingers while we’re looking.

And we watch our wedding video together on this day, but now we watch with frequent pauses, to fill up a juice cup, change a diaper, dig through the toy box for a set of plastic keys to dangle in front of a bored little baby.

We set out in the evening to repeat our first date, a dinner at the Japanese steakhouse and a walk on the beach–except this time, we call home in between to ask Poppa how the girls are doing and if Nella took her bottle.

Life has changed so very much in the past four years.

We’ve welcomed two babies…



…and have found so many new ways to love each other.

I found our wedding program this morning and looked through it to find a reading by Thomas A. Kempis. In it, he says, “Love alone lightens every burden, and makes rough places smooth. It bears every hardship as though it were nothing, and renders all bitterness sweet and acceptable.”

…and I thought about these past several months and how having Brett and our family and this rich, rich love really has made everything so smooth. And I’ve thought how destined everything seems to be–as if the planets aligned on that day four years ago so beautifully because this was all in store. And yes, our hardships are though as if it were nothing, and all bitterness has been rendered sweet and acceptable.

And for all the crazy fun we’ve had…



…there is so much more.

For all the tears we’ve shared…yes, I’m sure more of them too. But for the trillions of this-is-it moments–moments when the world seems to slow for just a bit for us to feel it, when we look around at our kids and what we have and how far we’ve come…yes, there are so many more.

This picture is, by far, both Brett’s and my favorite picture of the two of us. It was taken a couple weeks after our wedding at Isle of Capri on the most perfect day ever, and we were just bathing in happiness.

We don’t have the perfect marriage, no. We forget to communicate sometimes or get snappy or forget to invest in just the two of us. My Hansel-and-Gretel trail of messes annoys him, and it drives me nuts that he is late to everything. We don’t always agree on things, but we know that. We say sorry and we try harder and we continually perfect our battle of struggle and repair and struggle and repair and, in doing so, are building something bigger that slowly gains more strengths and less struggles.

Overall…we love. We love deeply and, in four years, we’ve added to the things we love and, consquently, have become happier.



And, we know what’s important…


…and invest in it like crazy.

So, here’s to that happy day, the four years in between, and the many more on the way.



And the Giveaway Winners are as follows:

Bonnet Winner, Comment # 825, Hannah: Oh Kelle, you always say the right things, the things I feel and can’t seem to put into words myself. I have a beautiful 16 month old daughter with special needs and I really believe I have never been to Holland, ok maybe, for a week, but that’s it. I also happen to be an occupational therapist and I am always so impressed with how amazing Nella is doing. She is truly an inspiration. Love your birthdays tradition! The dollar store rocks!!

Adult Flip-flops Winner, Comment #64, Amy: I love the birthday card. That is the best idea! Lainey has great taste.

And baby bling flip-flops Winner, Comment # 392, Anne: And I thought I couldn’t love the dollar store more! Thank you for giving me yet another reason :) I was seriously dying laughing when you revealed the card selection….just priceless. Oh – and you definitely have my vote!
Anne in Minnesota

Winners, please send me your contact info to: kellehamptonblog@comcast.net so I can pass it on to the giveaway providers. Thanks!

Now, we have some celebratin’ to do…



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  1. unbelievable photos of your wedding…
    your post reads like a true love story – and leaves me wanting to read some more.

  2. What beautiful pictures and what a beautiful bride you were (are). You’re just as gorgeous as a brunette as you were a blonde! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary :)
    You guys are beautiful. And the way you smile and look at each other, tells it all!!

  4. Well Done!!

  5. I was just thinking about you and your blog and how my comment is usually in the hundreds and look! I’m up top! (Just had to share)

    You have a beautiful soul and have touched many peoples lives and have allowed us to really enjoy the smallest things in life. You are an amazing young woman! Also, my 4 year anniversary is today! Happy Anniversary to you and Brett!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Happy anniversary! Enjoy your evening!
    Gorgeous pictures of your wedding…wow! So much love…you are very blessed!
    Leslie L.

  7. ahhh…love this!
    we celebrated our 10-year anniversary yesterday and this post makes me really happy.
    so many things i wasn’t sure how to say you said here, it’s all true…good times, bad times…all of it.
    happy anniversary to you…love this blog, so happy to have found this little spot to brighten my days!

  8. Oh I was hoping you’d put up wedding photos one day! The one that clinches it for me is your husband’s face beaming as he’s seeing you walk down the aisle, just lovely :)

  9. Happy Anniversary!!!!! Your wedding pics are amazing. Hope you two have many more happy years together. Marriage is a ton of work but so worth it. My husband and I will be celebrating our 7 years this month. It seems like just yesterday sometimes.

  10. Anonymous says:

    so adorable.

  11. Happy Anniversary Kelle!! You are beautiful :)


  12. Happy Anniversary!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    happy anniversary!!!
    i loooove seeing Poppa gettin jiggy with it on the dancefloor! (that IS Poppa right?)
    here’s to love, Kelle! more years to come!

  14. I just got married 12 days ago and this made my heart happy :) I can’t wait to see what kind of journey my husband and I will go through together. Happy anniversary!

  15. Happy Aniversary!!
    The pictures are great, as always!


  16. Happy Anniversary to you guys! I hope you have a wonderful night out tonight.

  17. omg just when I thought the blog wouldn’t make me cry it did. hah. What BEAUTIFUL pictures you have included in this post. I do have to say though, you look much better a brunette! LoL.

    <3 this post. Congrats on the FOUR years of marriage and hope you guys have a very special evening! :)

  18. SUCH a gorgeous couple! I love reading your blog, Kelle. Amazing pictures, amazing family, amazing stories. I look forward to every update that comes across my reader. Happy anniversary!

  19. Thanks so much for sharing your wedding photos – love them! ANd yes, the way you two beam at each other – if only every couple could love like that – so inspiring, and makes me want to be nicer to my husband! 😉

  20. Happy Anniversary!

  21. Sara P. says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! I read this quote the other day online & shared it with my dear husband, it seems to fit for you and Brett today…

    “You know when you have found your prince because you not only have a smile on your face but in your heart as well.”

    Wishing you much joy today & in all the days to follow.

  22. Wow, I adore your blog because even if I am having a crappy day your words lighten it, make me see the good in it, and turn that day around.

    Love the pictures of your wedding. We just celebrated our 14th a few days ago. We have two boys, seven and five, and it truly only gets better. Marriage is hard, work at times, but I love it and can tell from your pictures you do too.

    Happy Anniversary!

  23. Johanna says:

    Today is my fourth wedding anniversary, too! Congratulations! May we both enjoy many, many more!

  24. Happy anniversary! :)

  25. Happy Anniversary Kelle and Brett! You two look so genuinely happy together.
    Funny how night’s out change once you have kids, isn’t it?
    My husband and I sometimes forgo dessert just to make it home in time to tuck in our boy. Because, you know, those bedtime kisses are some of the best ones. 😉

  26. Anonymous says:

    He’s a lucky guy, and you’re a lucky girl. So great to see so much love in a family.

  27. Cameo Robinson says:

    I can not say it enough, I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your blog. The way that you talk about life is so contagious and your outlook on life is so magical, it just jumps off the page! Your wedding pics are just gorgeous and you my dear are so beautiful! I hope you keep letting the world into your little world because we all love it and wish that we were just a small part of it. Thanks again for a great read today and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

  28. Absolutely *love* this blog entry! Happy anniversary to you and Brett! You done good, girl! 😉 he seems to be an amazing daddy and husband. Here’s to many many more blissful years….cheers!

  29. Happy Anniversary Kelle and Brett! The pictures send such a loving vibe that we KNOW that there is so much more love there! To many more years of wedding bliss…

  30. Happy Anniversary Kelle! My stomach drops every time I see pictures, or see your wedding video looking at me…I so wished we could have come.

    I hope that awesome picture of you and Brett is blown up because it IS the best picture EVER. (the one you said is your favorite)I love it too! You look so happy!

  31. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your date night! Another incredible post! LOVE IT!

  32. Happy Anniversary!! You were a beautiful bride, Just as you are a beautiful mom!! Enjoy your date night!

  33. Anonymous says:


  34. Happy anniversary! What a beautiful post! :) Have fun celebrating…here’s to many, many more years of love and happiness!

  35. Happy Anniversary!Have a wonderful night!

  36. Happy Happy Anniversary to you! What gorgeous pictures! I can hear the music and laughter, see the dancing and him twirling you in that big white dress. Amazing! May God bless you with many many more years!

  37. Beautiful.

  38. Happy Anniversary! I so adore your blog! You write how I wish I could!!!

    Congratulations on 4 years of marriage and here’s to many more!!!

  39. Happy Anniversary! LOVE the wedding photos!

  40. mommy of two girls too says:

    Happy Anniversary Kelle and Brett! I have never met you, but through your words, I can tell that you are both such beautiful people (inside and out). Gorgeous wedding pictures, too! And Kelle you are gorgeous as a blonde, but even more so as a brunette!


  41. Congratulations on your anniversary! The wedding pics are beautiful – you all look so happy. I have to say, you look great as a brunette!

  42. A very happy anniversary to you and your hubby! Beautiful!

  43. Happy Anniversary! Do please share the story of how you and Brett got together as so many of us are dying to know :)

    And to Hannah–the bonnets are amazing! Congrats :)

  44. Goosebumps!!!!

  45. Beautiful wedding pictures! Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you have a good handle on this whole marriage thing! :)

  46. Happy Anniversary!!!

  47. Beautiful Post! Happy Anniversary!!

  48. What a lot you’ve achieved in four years. Even if you hadn’t, you’d still be blessed to be together I know, but you have, and you have so much to celebrate…enjoy!!

    It was my brother’s tenth anniversary party recently and it was very sweet because his little ones kept referring to the wedding photos as the anniversary photos…they couldn’t quite grasp the concept of the wedding, aka life before them!! And neither can I now..I can hardly imagine when my brother and his wife used to appear without three little people bobbing around them!

    Congrats again, here’s to your fabulous future!!

  49. Happy Anniversary! I know you two will celebrate to the fullest tonight. Enjoy yourselves, enjoy being a couple, and then enjoy coming home to snuggle with those two beautiful girls!

  50. Happy Anniversary.

  51. I would love to hear the how you met story! I love hearing those and telling ours…always makes me smile when people freak out about us meeting online and getting married within months-pregnant to boot! 6 years and two kids later I think we have a great marriage and a lovly life that we work hard at keeping together- it isnt easy and there is no perfect marriage. You always look so happy…Happy 4th to you!

  52. I definitely think dark hair suits you the most!!! :) Happy anniversary!

  53. Whoo hoo!!!!

  54. Happy Anniversary! Everytime I come to your site, I leave with tears of happiness. The love you share reaches beyond the screen and touches everyone who reads your words. <3

  55. Beautiful!! Happy Anniversary!!

  56. I knew when I first read Nella’s birth story that I had a connection with you. Your inner (and outer) beauty inspires me. Today is my anniversary also – 5 years for us. Happy anniversary to our anniversary twins! I hope you & Brett have a splended and blessed evening!

  57. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful post, beautiful photos. Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating love! :)

  58. Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary~

    A BEAUTIFUL couple and a lovely post!

    Thank you so much for sharing your GORGEOUS wedding photos … So much LOVE and HAPPINESS … Thomas A. Kempis’s quote is beautiful, love it… C:

    “Intimate relationship is a dynamic, often dizzying dance of contradictions that is sometimes delightful and seductive, sometimes fierce and combative, sometimes energizing, sometimes exhausting. This dance requires being able to flow continuously back and forth between polar opposites -between coming together and moving apart, taking a hold and letting go, engaging and allowing space, yielding and taking the lead, surrendering and standing firm, being soft and being strong …” -John Welwood

  59. Anonymous says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  60. Anonymous says:

    Happy Anniversary Kelle and Brett!!! Thank you for sharing your life of love.

  61. Happy Anniversary!

  62. You and your husband are so adorable together it kills me. He looks great in eyeliner too!

  63. Happy Anniversary to you both! Beautiful wedding pictures! They are just breathtaking.

  64. Happy, happy anniversary. Looks like an awesome 4 years!

  65. Anonymous says:

    Breathtaking but I didn’t expect anything else :) Happy Anniversary & many many more!!!

  66. Anonymous says:

    Oh Happy Happy Anniversary………I always say I wish everyone could be as happy and me and my hubby are (12 years and counting!!) and looks like you can say the same! Here’s to many, many more happy years together! Lots of love to you all! XOXOXOX

  67. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful day to remember! The photos are stunning and gorgeous, and your memories are magical!

  68. We played NUMA NUMA at our wedding too! Twice. What great memories! Happy Anny! Beautiful pictures.

  69. Happy anniversary! My husband and I just celebrated our 4-year anniversary in February. =)

    Congratulations on your very happy life together! =)

    And OMG – your husband as Alice Cooper. It is scary how much he looks like him in those pictures!!! LOVE it! (I am from Phoenix, where Alice Cooper lives, so he is pretty big in my home town). =)

  70. What a beautiful post! Congrats to you and your breathtakingly beautiful family!

    It brought tears to my eyes thinking of my husband I adore and how our life has been also blessed with two healthy and happy children. And even more blessed with baby #3 on the way! Life is good!

  71. Or maybe he’s not even trying to be Alice Cooper, and I just saw him that way! lol Either way…

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. What a truly beautiful day!! I wish you many more.I married my high school sweetheart 22 years ago!! And that was the happiest day ever! I love, love, your dress and the photos!

  74. Happy Anniversary! Love all those pictures from your wedding day, and the Halloween ones! haha
    My husband and I had our 8th anniversary this year…also our first anniversary as parents of 2…each year we have so much more to reflect back on. I look at myself in my wedding photos, the 21 year old girl, and think “oh, the places you’ll go” …


  75. Happy Anniversary!!! One day, could you please please please blog about the story of how you and Brett met & fell in love?

    You guys seem to have the fairy tale life, and yet, of course, I already know that your reaction to this comment would be: “Life is what we make of it. And we choose to make it… just so!” I check into your blog everyday and my heart squeals with delight when I see that it has been updated. Thank you for being the constant reminder to LOVE life, and the perfect example of how to “choose to make life… just so” :)

  76. Dianagoddess says:

    Always cry at weddings and this time is no exception. You were a beautiful bride and in his eyes he knows it too.

  77. Happy happy day! You were such a beautiful bride, and you’re definitely a beautiful mother! Congrats and many more to come!

  78. Happy Anniversary!

    I get to celebrate 16 years next month!


  79. Oh, and if it’s not too much, could you blog about how he proposed as well? :) :) :)

    Just looked up Numa Numa on YouTube and read this entire post again. Brings tears of happiness to my eyes, and I don’t even know you guys!

    Great post, Kelle :) Congratulations again!

  80. Anonymous says:

    My wonderful husband and I just celebrated 30 years together and believe it or not Kelle, he totally blew me away by getting Dave Matthews tickets! I hope you and Brett have a wonderful 4th Anniversary and have thousands of delicious and fun filled days ahead of you. Like you, we have had days of tears but like the song says,” you and me together, we can do anything baby”

  81. First off I can’t believe that was you. You look so different. I love the darker you:) Congrats on 4 years. You both are just too cute together.

  82. I was just talking about “that day” with one of my kids – remembering our whole family together and the love. :-)

    Thank you for having that day!!!!

    I love you and I miss you and I want another family day so badly!!

  83. You look STUNNING with blonde hair!!!!

  84. I have to wait for my computer to load all your comments before I can get typing and the wait sometimes……! :) One post, ages ago, I could see a photo from your wedding in the background and I thought, “I’d love to see those!” Yay! Happy Anniversary to you both. Enjoy the day and you know, The Honeymoon never has to end!”

  85. What a beautiful bride! And what a beautiful post! I wish you both another year of happiness and love! Happy Anniversary!

  86. happy anniversary!

  87. Happy Anniversary. Look at you sassy thing with blonde hair!

  88. Whoa. The b&w shot in the bathroom is HOT.

  89. Oh, Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds! As you well know, your wedding photos are gorgeous. The two of you look great together – truly, madly, deeply happy and in love – and you have a precious family. I love all the snippets you shared – especially the “crazy fun” with hubby wearing eyeliner.

  90. Ooh, you are just so beautiful…It just…just makes me want to cry…

  91. Happy Anniversary!!!

  92. Anonymous says:

    BEAUTIFUL!! You can tell just by looking at the pictures how in love you are. You really are inspirational.


  93. I didn’t recognize you at first in the wedding photos! I would love to hear more of how you two met sometime…maybe a future blog? :-) Happy Anniversary!

  94. Happy Anniversary! you guys look so happy!

  95. Happy Anniversary!!!

  96. Wow. One of my very favorite posts ever, and I say that to myself all the time! (although this is my first comment) Your zest for life and everything about it is incredible and so inspiring! Just beautiful! Happy anniversary!

  97. happy anniversary, kelle & brett! enjoy your night out …

    ps – i loved looking at all the old pictures, so much fun!!

  98. one more thing …

    did i ever mention that greg is late to everything, as well? well, he is, and it drives me crazy, too!!

  99. Other than initially being totally thrown by you as a blonde, I loved re-living your day through your photos! I love the picture of Brett watching you come down the aisle…such complete adoration in a look! Whenever I attend weddings, I don’t watch the bride…I watch the groom, b/c you get to witness the most precious looks of love!

  100. Happy Anniversary! It is also mine and my hubby’s anniversary today. Number 10 for us…CRAZY! It is also Canada Day (Canada’s b-day) and also the day I got confirmation that my daughter had Down syndrome. At the time I thought the news couldn’t have come on a worse day, but now I can celebrate it!

  101. Kelle,

    Love love love your blog.

    Much happiness to you and your lovely family.


  102. Shari H says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!! Wishing you many more years of happiness. My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this past May and the years just keep getting better!!!!!

    Shari from Canada

    We are celebrating too. 12 years ago today we got married and have also since added two children (and two dogs) to our family.
    Wishing you many more happy years together : )

  104. The love that is present in your wedding photos is so grand and illegally intoxicating….every photo. I LOVE the photo of you and your mom (I think it is her). The way her hand is giving you a strong gentle squeeze…like she’s holding on to “HER LITTLE” for just one…one…one…more moment…one more flash back of all the firsts you gave her….what a special day for you all. Your dad is a HOOT! This day for sure went down in the book of love.

    Congratulation’s to you and your handsome best guy.

    Who knew that the BEST wedding gifts would be opened later in life….wrapped with the most exquisite paper…tied with the most delicate bows….and a card signed….

    open with your hearts, your love, your patience, your laughter, your strength and sacrifices…

    With Love to mommy and daddy

    Lainey Love and Nella Bean.

    Enjoy your long celebratory weekend of family, friends and FUN!

    Randi xoxo

  105. We were married four years ago tomorrow! With a 3 year old and another on the way life is crazy and not always perfect, but we are so incredibly blessed! And I love him so much more today than I did four years ago…which I never would have thought was possible. I am madly in love with your blog. Thank you so much for letting us in to your beautiful world!

  106. The first pictures of you, Brett and Lainey and of you, Brett and Nellabean just kill me. there is so much love in your eyes, it’s amazing. I balled when I saw them! Beautiful pictures, Kelle!

  107. congrats! Happy anniversary!!

  108. Happy Anniversary! What a genuinely fun, real love story you have :) I hope you have a great evening celebrating!

  109. Happy Anniversary!! You were a beautiful bride, but an even more beautiful mother. Congrats on four happy years and may you have a million more…


  110. Happy Happy Happy 4th Anniversary! I loved these pictures!

  111. One of my favorite posts! Congratulations to you both!

  112. Fantastic post – Happy Anniversary! Beautiful photos, as per usual.

  113. Today is 10 years for us. Beautiful photos…beautiful family…be well and savor the memories!

  114. Happy Happy Anniversary! It only gets better :)

  115. Damn it, you always make me tear up.

    I love this:

    We don’t always agree on things, but we know that. We say sorry and we try harder and we continually perfect our battle of struggle and repair and struggle and repair and, in doing so, are building something bigger that slowly gains more strengths and less struggles.

    It is the story of my life.

  116. Probably one of my favorite posts…Happy Anniversary to you both! :-)

  117. Congrats to the both of you. Such a beautiful family. You are such an inspiration!!!

  118. Oh <3, in a place where it’s so easy to read about despair and misery, THANK YOU for posting about love and happiness. You guys are brilliant :)

  119. Kelle,

    Happy, Happy Anniversary! 4 yrs Congrats…wishing you many more!
    I love your blog…Words can’t express what I feel when I read it.
    Your truly awesome!!! I did vote for you-I’m sure you’ll get millions of votes(at the least)!
    I hope you had the happiest day(with or without your children). I love how u love each day to the fullest!

  120. you are such a gem! happy anniversary, i wish i could have photographed your wedding -it would have most definitely went into the books of most love-filled weddings of all times! :) thank you for so openly sharing your love, your life, and your thoughts with us. you are adored.

  121. A match made in Heaven…..God Bless your Special Day!

  122. your pretty face and your husband’s pretty face make some pretty babies :)

  123. your pretty face and your husband’s pretty face make some pretty babies :)

  124. Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a wonderful day. Love the pictures.

  125. Happy Anniversary, Hamptons!! It is so important, in life, to have a partner that is right there with you, helping, giving, loving, caring… I think everyone that reads this blog can see that you both have found that partner. Keep enjoying life and each other. You are truly inspirational!!

  126. Happy Anniversary to you both!
    I enjoyed this post very much, the wedding pictures are gorgeous and I could feel the joy!
    Thank you for sharing these moments with us.

  127. Happy Anniversary to you two crazy kids! Hope you are having a fabulous time on your date!

    Love the pictures, and just have to ask…..was Brett ever in an 80’s hair band? LOL I think I recognize that shirt! 😉

    And Poppa, hope you are “enjoying the small things” with your precious girls right about now!

    Laura & Ryan

  128. Mandy D says:

    I’m with Karen. I would love to hear how you met and fell in love.

    Happy anniversary to you. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

  129. KCanada says:

    Happy Anniversary – so glad you get a chance to celebrate together tonight. All the best in the years to come.


    PS Tell your dad, he sure can bust a move – love it!! :)

  130. It looked like such a lovely day! My hubby and I just celebrated lucky #7 in April…it seems like just yesterday!

  131. Happy Anniversary!

  132. You are one of a few people that actually look good as both a blond and brunette…I am partial to brunettes but very nice!
    Lovely post….I love how you express such wonderful and happy parts of life while being honest about they not so happy. The best part, you don’t seem to dwell on the “cons” in life. Kudos.

  133. Anonymous says:

    happy anniversary!!! we just celebrated 10 years this past march and after reading your post I realize we didn’t look at our video or even glance at a wedding pic… we flew out the door when the babysitters (a.k.a. grandparents) got here and we ran to dinner to sit alone in quiet and just enjoy a bib-free, sippy-cup free meal alone… not that the other 364 days a year aren’t fun but that one night when it’s just the two of us is just a little refreshing!!
    enjoy! and as always your post was a beautiful read… still waiting on that book which I hope has a sequel to follow!!

  134. Beautiful, happy anniversary to you!!

  135. Happy Anniversary! I love your favorite picture too – you can just feel how happy you both are. Enjoy your special day.

  136. Happy Anniversary, guys!! That photo of you two in the bathroom — wowzers! Love it!

  137. happy anniversary! those wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous. your dad never ceases to make me laugh/smile! :)
    and i agree – that picture of you and Brett is stunning! no wonder you two have such beautiful girls!

  138. Happy Anniversary – enjoy your celebration today and every day! :)

  139. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    You were both glowing on your wedding day. Kelle, you were beautiful. Your post brought me to tears. It was very touching.


  140. Happy Anniversary Kelle and Brett!
    Kelle, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and in my mind I envision that I will one day sit down and take the time to write you a heartfelt thank you for your lovely words and outlook on life. How I’ve learned a lot about being a mom(I’m a new one), letting go of expectations and enjoying every moment, oh and the shake-down; but I must face reality, I have a six month old and my chances for sitting down for long periods of time are fleeting! But I do want to FINALLY post AND toast to you. Happy Anniversary!

  141. Beautiful Kelle! Happy happy happy anniversary!

    This post inspired me to stop what I was doing (after I finished reading!) and call my bridesmaids and talk about how we’re going to kick off our shoes at my wedding next year and just dance our little hearts out. Thanks for that!

  142. Susan, Mum to Molly says:

    I love the little white shoe at the bottom of the first photo.

    Did you have an entire small child hidden under that dress??


    Happy Anniversary to you both!

  143. Happy Anniversary!!! So fun to see all the wedding pictures and then the hospital, post birth pix. You both looked amazing on your wedding day. I love, love, love your dress!! Also, the colors in your wedding were very fresh and vibrant. Love it – totally reflects your personality, which is always awesome.

  144. Happy 4th Anniversary! We just celebrated our 24th!!

    I love your pictures and your story….I really LOVE your blonde hair!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  145. Happy Anniversary! What beautiful photos and memories. You look so different with blond hair! Your dress was gorgeous and you both oozed with happiness.

  146. Kelle and Brett –

    Thank you for sharing the beauty of your wedding and the memories from the past 4 years. The beauty of your wedding comes from the amazing love beaming from your faces; Brett looks like he could burst! It must have been a wonderful event for you and a great way to kick start your adventure together. And Poppa, looks like you can bust a move like no one’s business!

    After being married for almost 18 years (yes, I was an embryo at the time), and dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly, I now see that the tough times helped us learn to communicate even better. I didn’t think it was possible to be more intimate, but we all have the capacity to dig down deeper, to speak more candidly, and to strip ourselves of barriers that we didn’t know existed. It’s pretty cool. And yes, we annoy each other here and there, but he still makes my heart skip, bend, and expand.

    Here’s wishing you dozens and dozens of years of happiness and growth. And with God’s help and a little “elbow grease” that will happen. God bless all ya’all.


  147. Beautiful pictures…even more beautiful words to go with them. You have such a talent for putting feelings on paper. I love reading your blog and seeing your girls growing up.

  148. oh Kelle- thank you for sharing your joys nad sorrows with all of us! I so much enjoyed your walk down memory lane of your Wedding Day! Happy Anniversary!

  149. oh Kelle- thank you for sharing your joys nad sorrows with all of us! I so much enjoyed your walk down memory lane of your Wedding Day! Happy Anniversary!

  150. *raises hand*

    hi, my name is angie and i’ve been lurking.

    happy anniversary, kelle. i’ve been reading your blog for 4 months now, and thought it was due time for me to introduce myself and say hello. is it weird and stalker-like for me to say that i have grown to really like you? (i’m harmless, i promise) i love your passion, your positivity and your beautiful outlook on life. i know you’ve heard it a million times already, but you are an amazing soul and an incredible inspiration to women everywhere. thank you for sharing so much of yourself, your girls and your life with the world. you just ooze love. :)

    happy love day to you and brett.

    xo – angie

  151. Happy Anniversary! You are such a stunning Momma!
    On a little side note, I love the playlist you have so much that today as I was working in my home studio with my kiddos running around, I stuck on your playlist as background music to our crazy life! It was lovely!

  152. The title of the post reminded me of my grandmother. Every time she was truly full of happiness, she would exclaim, “Oh, Happy Day!”

    I do love reading your posts. They remind me to be human, to love, to take advantage of life when I feel to spent to do so. I remember to love my husband, to understand him on his terms, and to love the heck out of my little man Max. Thanks for that. It’s too easy to forget sometimes. Happy Anniversary.

  153. AmyinTexas says:

    Hey, today is my 4 year anniversary as well! Happy anniversary to all of us. I look forward to many, many, many more… and I’m sure you do as well.

  154. Happy Anniversary!!! Your dress is STUNNING!!! :) And the pic of you in the cowboy hat (your fave pic)…I think your hair color is the BEST!! It’s so natural and beautiful!! Enjoy your special day filled with lots of love!

  155. loved your wedding pics! You are so amazing with words. I always fight the tears. I only wish I could sum up 4 years of marriage like you just did. We’re actually at 4.5 years. But I absolutely loved what you wrote. thanks.

  156. What I cherish the most about love is how it changes and molds over the years in ways you never could have imagined. The love you feel on your wedding day feels like it can never be surpassed, yet it is the momment you watch your husband hold your precious baby for the first time. Or when you catch him talking baby talk when he thinks no one is watching. On our bedroom wall, we keep our “favorite” picture of the two of us with words above it that say….”Grow old with me, the best is yet to be”. I love it!

    Happy Anniversary to you and Brett!

    -Jenny in Iowa

  157. Happy Anniversary! July 1st is my anniversary as well. Ten years today. Our wedding program quoted ee cummings:

    “Being to timelessness as it is to time, love did no more begin than love will end. Where nothing is to breathe, to stroll to swim, love is the air, the ocean and the land.

  158. Happy Anniversary! July 1st is my anniversary as well. Ten years today. Our wedding program quoted ee cummings:

    “Being to timelessness as it is to time, love did no more begin than love will end. Where nothing is to breathe, to stroll to swim, love is the air, the ocean and the land.

  159. Your blog makes me happy.

    And I kind of wish you were my Mom.

  160. jimloey@aol.com says:

    congrats to you both

  161. Happy anniversary Kelle & Brett, You guys rock!

  162. I tried to leave a comment last night but it wouldn’t let me :( so here I am again this morning trying again!

    Happy anniversary to you both. I hope you had a fantastic evening :)

    I love your wedding photos x

  163. Kelle and Brett, Happy Anniversary to both of you and to my husband and I too! Yes, 21 years ago we danced, celebrated, kissed and laughed the night away, on a happy July 1st too. One of my favorite memories is waking up the next day and seeing this giant poof of white on the ground and then remembering all of the details of that glorious day while in the safe haven of my new husband’s arms…heaven. Wishing you so much more love and joy, strength and bravery, admiration and compassion together. Congrats! ~Beth and John
    PS Happy 11th birthday to my dear sweet light Patrick on this magical day as well. :)

  164. Kelle and Brett, Happy Anniversary to both of you and to my husband and I too! Yes, 21 years ago we danced, celebrated, kissed and laughed the night away, on a happy July 1st too. One of my favorite memories is waking up the next day and seeing this giant poof of white on the ground and then remembering all of the details of that glorious day while in the safe haven of my new husband’s arms…heaven. Wishing you so much more love and joy, strength and bravery, admiration and compassion together. Congrats! ~Beth and John
    PS Happy 11th birthday to my dear sweet light Patrick on this magical day as well. :)

  165. Oh Kelle! You look so beautiful as a blonde! Love it! And this post rocks my socks off! I love the way Brett looks at you and the great dad he is to your adorable kiddos! You guys seriously set such an example for how a marriage CAN be if you work at it and I look forward to being that happy in 4 years. You have given me a lot to look forward to. p.s. I want to see MORE wedding pics! they are so amazing!

  166. Congratulations! In the photo of you and Brett walking back up the aisle I see so much of Lainey in you peeking out!

  167. Wow..a sooo very happi anniversary :)watta wonderful and lovable love account

  168. Natasha R. says:

    popppa, where are you??
    i always look for your comment first :)
    happy anniversary kelle and Brett!!

  169. Anonymous says:

    Here’s to the four glorious years under your belt and the countless more on the way, Kelle.

    Happy Anniversary dear. (:

    – Kayla.

  170. Love the photos! You’re such an amazing mother and inspiration to many. Brett seems like a well rounded guy! =) Hope you enjoyed your date night! Happy Anniversary!

  171. I love this! Happy anniversary!
    Your husband is so lucky to have you. To have a partner who sees the light in the dark is worth it’s weight in gold.
    In our wedding vows (which we wrote) my husband and I promised to always grow with eachother. I see it now (after nine years) as a special insight we had. No matter what comes our way, if we can grow together in it and not leave our partner behind, we will always stay together.
    Good Love to you both!

  172. Anonymous says:

    Wow Kellie, you never do anything half-heartedly do you?
    I’m constantly amazed by your ability to write and capture in pictures, to be so happy and creative with your kids, reading often brings a tear to my eye…

  173. I just want to type ‘stunning’ about 100 times! Your wedding photos, you on your wedding day, that photo of Brett at the end of the aisle, you and Poppa dancing, just all of it – STUNNING! You really are so lovable! Happy anniversary to you and Brett!! God bless you!

  174. Happy anniversay! May your love for each other continue to strengthen and help you in good and harder times! You really are an inspiration!

  175. Dude…your hair! :)

  176. Love it.
    6 weeks today I am walking down the aisle to marry the love of my life- this post brought a (huge) smile to my heart (and face!)

  177. super happy anniversary!! and happy 4 years of new things!! :o)

  178. I’ve been following your blog for months now. It’s my guilty pleasure while I eat my breakfast at work! I never comment because I’m afraid it’ll get lost in the hundreds of admirers you have but – hey – who cares! I adore your wedding pictures and happy you shared them. I am about to have my 4 year anniversary and am pregnant with my second child (keeping the sex a surprise). I lost my mother to cancer 2 weeks before my wedding day and understand the battles and struggles of life. It’s ups and downs. And how you just have to take it by the horns and enjoy it before it passes you by. I feel like you are my a great friend and know me so well. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, your artist look at life and your realness. Happy Anniversary to you and Brett!

    PS My life is happier with those calls made back home and bringing my monkey with me everywhere. I understand.

  179. You were a BEAUTIFUL bride! You also had a very elegant wedding–loved the colors, flowers & dresses! Hope you have a great anniversary!

  180. just a quick opinion, I think your gorgeous blond or brunette but the brunette is stunning:)

    Such a beautiful family you’ve made together!

  181. Anonymous says:

    absolutely awesome blog, kelle. my about to be 6-year old granddaughter loves to look at the photos of your family. she is going to be awed to see your wedding photos. little princesses are already and always interested in finding their prince and the wedding! she loves to take photos. yesterday, she was taking photos of your blog on the computer. what can i say?

    Happy Anniversary! Happy Life!

  182. Tammy Dinsmore says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! You were a GORGEOUS bride. Your wedding pictures were beautiful and I love the colors you chose.

  183. nancy K. says:

    Simply beautiful…the words, the pictures, the love.
    Thanks for sharing and wishes for many , many more years of love and happiness.

  184. Samantha says:

    Happy Anniversary! You were a stunning bride! How did you meet your husband? You guys are so cute together!

  185. I know I’m a bit late, but…
    Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Hampton!
    You two are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful all over the place.
    Thanks for sharing a bit of your marriage with us.

  186. I know I’m a bit late, but…
    Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Hampton!
    You two are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful all over the place.
    Thanks for sharing a bit of your marriage with us.

  187. Anonymous says:

    I love weddings and true love happiness! It brings a warm fuzzy feeling and smile to my face (and who could be immune from that) when you witness it, hear it or are lucky enough to experience it yourself. Cheers to you and Brett!

  188. Each post exposes more and more similarities between you and I. Happy Anniversary! Nate and I will celebrate four years in September. Cheers to loving and living with your best friend!

  189. Happy Anniversary Kelle! Keep on lovin’ hard and deep! It’s a beautiful thing!

  190. Seriously, the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read. You’re wedding day was just stunning!!!!!! LOVED every single picture. Happy anniversary, girl, and may God continue to bless the wonderful life ya’ll have built together and your beautiful family!!!

  191. Wow, can you be any more beautiful? Seriously! Cheers to an amazing couple!

  192. Congratulations!! Your journey of love and growth makes me smile.

  193. I have recently become addicted to your blog. You are inspiring! Your words have a realness to them, I get choked up almost every entry you make. You are a beautiful soul, and I can’t tell you how much your blog has made me want to do better in my life!

  194. You two are adorable!!!! Happy Anniversary!

  195. Once again, I find myself fighting back tears over your latest blog post (but these are happy tears).

    Is there anything left to say that hasn’t already been said?

    Oh, who cares? I’ll say it anyway. :)

    You two looked so happy on your wedding day! I could feel it through my monitor. 😀 AND you looked absolutely STUNNING.

    Thanks again for allowing me to peek into your world. :) Happy Friday!

  196. Another post that gives me chills. So beautiful. I’ve got to say, I like you better as a brunette though. 😉

    Happy Anniversary!


  197. Happy anniversary! You guys are stunning!

  198. happy anniversary!! let the love flow baby!


  199. Simply amazing. I enjoy each and every post. Thank you for sharing your life with us, I am sure its even better in person.

  200. My hubby and I will celebrate our four years next week. We got married in Yosemite National Park and just loved it! Stunning.

    I love your wedding day photos. You look so so happy.

    I read the dollar store story to my husband and we laughed and laughed at the card. Great thing to remember.

    Isn’t blogging the best? I love remembering the little stuff.


  201. Congratulations on 4 years of marriage! So nice to see wedding pics! They are beautiful!

    I love how you described life now -with the pauses wathcing the video and the stops on walks to make phone calls.. So in that zone right now!

    Hope you guys had a great anniversary!


  202. Seriously, Kelle … have you modeled? You’re just so beautiful – blonde, brunette, or in between. I feel like it’s the kind of beauty that’s not just on the outside – but is the kind that shows through. (Hope that’s not a freaky weird comment.)

    Anyway, Happy Anniversary! :)

  203. I’ve just been through your entire blog and I love it! I am due in October with a little girl and this has made it even harder to wait. I cant wait for tea parties, painting nails, and just loving her to pieces. You have such a wonderful point of view on life, more people should learn to enjoy the small things. :)

  204. Your wedding pictures are beautiful, congratulations on your 4 years!! But I’m left wondering… how did you meet? When did you fall in love?

  205. Happy anniversary! Your wedding pictures are beautiful! You were a gorgeous bride!

    I love how you stated how things were when it was just the two of you, and how grand it is now with two babies in tow. The more the merrier!

    Hope you guys had a fabulous anniversary!

  206. Anonymous says:

    Stunning! Beautiful pictures and you can feel the love and happiness!
    Happy Anniversary!

    Oh, and I should have guessed — Poppa has some serious dance moves!
    I bet that tux has never had more fun!

    Jill B. (Overland Park, KS)

  207. Christina D says:

    Happy Anniversary to You!!! Your girls are stunning….they and you only get better each post :)
    What was your 1st dance too??
    There is a song by Jack Johnson called, “My Little Girl” and I think you will love it as much as I do..check it out.
    Hope you have a wonderful celebration of love & life and an equally happy 4th of July!

  208. Love, love your wedding gown!!

  209. Happy Anniversary!

  210. Kelle, I just knew you had to be such a beautiful bride!! You look like an ad for perfume or something in your pictures, you’re so gorgeous. Congratulations on 4 years together!

  211. I have to tell my husband I love him when he comes home and how I am sorry that he has to work for all of us all the time and how I don’t know how hard it is to be the sole provider and I have to make sure he knows he is loved because we need to love deep as you say.

    I miss him and we need our love back.

    Happy Anniversary and thanks for yet again inspiring me and many others!


  212. PS- my mommy group of about 50 all agree you are so much HOTTER as a brunette!

  213. Happy Anniversary! Your wedding pictures are gorgeous, your dress was so beautiful, and I love your blonde hair. What is your natural hair color? You look great in both colors. Must be fun to change it up. I was a brunette for a few months in high school but caved back to my natural hair after all the complaints even though i liked it.

  214. Love you both so much! tell brett to go blonde and long again…hubba hubba!!!!

  215. Happy Anniversary! I love seeing that four years ago you had the same full of life and love smile that you have today, only today it is just that much richer! Enjoy your day to celebrate all of the joy this marriage has brought to you!

  216. Anonymous says:

    You should be in a bride magazine!! Beautiful!

  217. Anonymous says:

    Happy anniversary!!

    Gorgeous wedding photos!

  218. I am madly in love with your blog. I tripped over it, having the worst day at work trying desperately to find some joy in the world. As I typed in small things or enjoy.. I found you. I cried reading through your words, your pictures. Im a mom of 3. Stepmom, supermom, referee, negotiator-wife for 5 years to a great man. I’m a Director of a childcare center of 87 kids from 6 weeks to 2nd grade.. and I needed SOMETHING..someone to understand.. to like things I like, have rich words..and fairy wands.. as well as laughter.. and I have found it. Thank-you. Thank you. Thank-you.

  219. Happy Anniversary Kelle and Brett! What a gorgeous bride you were and what is amazing about those photos is the love that pours out of you and Brett looking at one another. Simply beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful night out and I’m sure Poppa is watching over his two little Princesses and having a blast!

  220. Your wedding photos are stunning…but seriously, dude, I LOVE the big hair shots! Where were you guys going? Wherever it was, sure wish I was invited. Looks like a blast! Happy day, friend.

  221. Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy every moment!!
    Blessings and Grace to you and yours…

  222. What a beautiful love story… thanks for sharing! =) Happy Anniversary!!

  223. Your blog makes me smile with happiness. Thank you

    Happy anniversary

  224. lots of love! happy anniversary!!

  225. I have not read your archives, so have never seen you blond. Wow. I love you in dark hair. What great wedding photos!

  226. Beautiful bride, gorgeous wedding! Happy Anniversary to you & Brett… hope you had a wonderful night out. July 1st is the anniversary of the day my husband & I first met… 9 years ago. Thanks for sharing your wedding pics with us!

  227. Oh Kelle…Happy Anniversary to you. Marriage. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Pefect? No. Hard? Yes, sometimes. But wonderful, nonetheless. Here’s wishing you and Brett 99 more wonderful years of being together, being married,and being happy. God Bless you both.

  228. Okay…forgot to ask…are you a blond? or brunette? the wedding pics through me off :) You look gorgeous either way, but which one is your natural color? or should I be asking that? ha ha. Have a wonderful weekend!

  229. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I are celebrating our 6th anniversary today! I LOVE reading your posts! It’s crazy/scary how similar many aspects of our lives are…my messy trails throughout the house that drive my husband batty, his habitual tardiness, Florida residents that can’t get enough of the ocean, a child with DS (ours is 9 months old) that makes me feel like we live in Italy, but visiting Holland is a great experience too! As I read the Birth Story of Nella and the rollercoaster of emotions you experienced and posted, I feel as though I’m reading my story (only you have a much greater gift of articulating every detail). I feel as though I have a positive attitude on life in general, but you always keep me in check! Thank you for sharing!

  230. You guys sure have come a long way in four years! Congrats and blessings to you!

  231. What gorgeous pics … thanks for sharing!!! I think we all wish for a marriage like that. :o)

  232. I love, love, love your necklace. Such a wonderful gift!

  233. A big congratulations to you and your husband!!! You were a beautiful bride!

  234. What a gorgeous bride!! I wore the EXACT same wedding gown!!! Great taste 😉 Love seeing the pics from the past! So fun!


  235. What a gorgeous bride!! I wore the EXACT same wedding gown!!! Great taste 😉 Love seeing the pics from the past! So fun!


  236. I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and have been totally enthralled ever since. Thank you for opening a window into your beautiful, inspiring world. I have laughed and cried just scrolling through these pages! I’m a born-and-raised Florida girl now living in the Carolinas, and I’ve been married exactly one day less than you have :) We celebrated our 4th anniversary on July 2nd. I’m glad it was a weekend of absolute magic for us both!

  237. Kelle! I had that exact same wedding dress! It is nice to see it on someone else so beautiful!!!
    We are so princesses… :)

    Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  238. This post is simply, and yet so intricately beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

  239. dear Beautiful Love Story,

    I have not read through your archives, except for Nella’s birth story and a little past that. So today when I clicked on the Anniversary story I was very happy to see wedding photos and read of your special day!
    My FiberglassMan and I celebrated 31 years on July 7. We actually “celebrate” or at least acknowledge the day on the 7th of every month. We make it a game and whoever says “happy anniversary” 1st after midnight, ‘wins’ and then extra points if you say how many years+months it is.

    The quirky ones who are still crazy about eachother

  240. Oh wow. I must say, that is the most beautiful cake-eating picture I have ever seen!

    You are gorgeous with dark hair, but with blonde curly hair… you a freakin’ knock-out!

    Lovely pictures as always, mama. You inspire me <3

  241. i just found your blog… and love it! i’m getting married in 40 (!!!) days and reading this makes me know my life will be as happy and full as yours. thank you for sharing your life!

  242. But what I wanna know is – how did you meet? How did you fall in love? I’ve got a hunch there’s a good story there. And I love a good love story.

    You’re a beautiful bride and an even beautifuller 4th anniversary wife.

  243. I love these wedding photos… you are glowing, and Brett is dashing!

  244. Such so sweet picture of your wedding. Wish I could have memorable wedding like yours. —Concrete Floors

  245. Wow, Kelle, I must admit, I have been reading your blog for a long time but I have never read this post!! Your wedding was beautiful and I LOVE all the pictures of you and Brett… It reminds me of the love I have with my husband… Congrats, again, years later 😉

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