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Bonnie was a total dud. And by Bonnie, I mean Tropical Storm Bonnie.


She was nice, delivering only enough showers to keep me huddled up during naptime, scouring the Internet for the cool hypothetical luggage I will be taking on my cool, hypothetical vacation which, let me add, would be a two week stay at a lodge in the middle of the mountains in Colorado where every last member of my family would be present. And it would be snowing, and there would be stone fireplaces. And we’d skip skiing just to huddle together in some big common room where we would wear fuzzy slippers and be served hot chocolate. And babies would be passed and kids would be laughing and we’d drink buttered rum and stay up ’til God-awful hours of the night, trading stories, crying, laughing, rigging up some make-shift family version of karaoke where my sister and I would deliver interpretive dance moves to I Will Survive and my brother would chime in on the chorus, stealing our hairbrush mikes and finishing the chorus to applause and encores. And, mark my words, this will happen in the next five years and when it does, I will nearly hyperventilate with joy that cannot be contained. I’m just sayin’. In the meantime, I have a product review coming up for something I’ve always wanted. It has nothing to do with cabins in the woods but has everything to do with things that are fabulous and red and can be worn out dancing. So…yes, to come.

Back to Bonnie. While Brett yearns for some weather drama (he thinks power outages, lighting candles, huddling under blankets in the closet and battening down the hatches is fun), Bonnie gave us nothing but some uneventful rains.

Not that we didn’t make an event out of it. A couple pairs of rainboots, some cool umbrellas and a few welcoming puddles and we were set.







And, when all else fails, you whip your boots off and let the cold splash of dirty rain pools cool your bare feet. And you dance and you kick and you teach your kid Singin’ in the Rain. Because that’s what you’re supposed to do when it rains.





It’s been awhile since I’ve bought something for our house. And I enjoy feathering my nest–even if it’s something as simple as new dish towels or scented tea lights. Which is why I was very happy indeed to switch out some store-bought art above my tub for real art…a picture of my girls all sudsy and smiling. I love it. So now, when I tip my head back all cock-eyed to rinse my shampoo, I’ll have something far better than painted palm trees to look up at.



Huge news in the house this week: the goo-goos are gone. Pacifiers, that is. And yeah, they should have been out of here a long time ago, but we’re just not those parents. The ones that do everything when they’re supposed to. We talked about it a lot–when we would do it, how we would it it, and how exactly our girl would respond because they’ve been a part of her for so long. She loves them.

So, this week we colored and stickered and painted up a package for the Goo-goo Fairies. We collected every last pacifier we could find in the house and packed them up. Walked them down to the mailbox and closed the door. “The fairies will take your goo-goos to all the babies who need them tonight…and in their place, they will leave you with presents,” we told her. “Lots of little presents for you to keep because you’re a very big girl now.”


And it was a long night, that first one. She had tears the size of raisins that fell hot and hard on her cheeks as she fell asleep. And the worst part? She buried her head into her pillow at one point and lost it. “Please tell the fair-wies to save just one.” At that point, I had tears too. And I realized I was probably more broken-hearted than she was. And, while it’s been five days now with no goo-goos and she is moving on, Brett and I have realized it’s we that are having a harder time. It was her last bit of babyhood. A silly little thing, yes, but monumental at the same time. She’s big now. And there’s a few shreds of glitter from the fairy dust pile those pixies left to prove it.



Nella’s obsessed with this twirly toy. She spins it like the Price is Right wheel and does this little cough-giggle every time it lands on the bird and goes Caw! Caw!


And she loves Cash & Rocco and they love her. I like the way Cash is holding her leg like, “Don’t worry…I gotcha, Babe.”


They like to lie on the big blanket in the playroom and have a stare down. Rocco’s always out first because he can’t not smile.


And Lainey is the best little feeder in town. She’s gentle and patient and scrapes green pea residue off Nella’s chin like a pro.





And finally…today. Sweet today. I’ve been going a lot it seems lately and I’ve been craving settling down a bit. My girls needed some good one-on-one time. And I needed one-on-them time. So, to the bookstore we went. Lying across the carpet with a sprawl of books in front of us and we lie there, thumbing through Fox in Socks and Three Little Pigs.



Lainey makes up words to her own stories now, and I love it.



And there’s more…but the dress-up trunk has just been opened. And I’m being beckoned.


Tutus and click-click shoes await.

Happy Week.


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  1. Love the rain boots. And Nella’s hat. So precious and sweet…

  2. I can’t believe I may be your first comment! I laughed hysterically when you said Bonnie was a dud…I thought what did I do to Kelle totally forgetting about the storm. We too took a trip to the bookstore this Sunday to have some much needed mother daughter time. Have a great week you a such an inspiration to me to be a better mom.

  3. that was supposed to be you are…

  4. Hi Kelle – it’s just past midnight here in the UK and I can’t sleep…grrr – must have been that Sunday afternoon nap I had earlier! So lovely to read this post and while some time til I get sleepy. May I just say I adore Nella’s look; those socks, those shoes. Awesome. I always enjoy your stream of consciousness posts… so thanks for making the staying awake a nicer time. Lou x

  5. I LOVE your bathtub pic!!! Now I’m on the hunt for a great pic like that…thanks for the inspiration! And I’m super excited about being in the first ten people. That might be a record for me. :) LOVE Sundays! ~Beth

  6. Love the post. Nella looked so cute in that hat!!! Loved Lainey’s rain boots and umbrella!!!!

  7. I have 20-month old twin girls and I thought I would have the binkies gone by now! At this point, I’ve decided to wait until they’re a little bit older (2.5-3 at the latest, I think!) and do the Binky Fairy. I figure they can’t understand that yet and like you, I can’t bear to hear them cry. Hey, I sucked my thumb until I was 11 and the only bad side effect is my overbite!
    Love your blog. It makes me so happy.

  8. Stephanie says:


    You always make my day with your words – thanks!

  9. Anonymous says:

    beautiful. thanks so much for this fun post. i love nella’s pink leopard shoes.

  10. Your new picture in your bathroom is too darned cute!! What a wonderful photo to look at!!
    Nella bean and those shoes are adorable!!
    Glad the hurricane was uneventful :)

  11. The bathtub photo is my favorite. Scrumptious. My little man is turning 2 this next weekend and I keep thinking when do the binky fairies need to come? Since he just had a little sister and it doesn’t really bother me that he enjoys them to sleep I always tell myself “whenever it feels right”. Now I feel validated that that’s okay. Thanks!

  12. Do they make Nella’s shoes in adult sizes?!?!?! They are soooo cute, almost as cute as her:)

  13. You sent the binkies away? Im crying thinking about it… I have 2 boys, ages 2 and 4, that are binky addicts. I know- believe me I know- the 4 year old should have been rid of his a looooooooooong time ago… but I value sleep more than I care about paying orthodontist bills later… *sigh*. one day. He tells me “when I get 5, I will give up my binkies.” We will see.

    Lainey with Cat hats on her feet- im still laughing. that picture totally made my day!

  14. I loved this post so much as it was just full of FUN and LOVE!

    I loved what you did with the goo goos! So creative! My daughter never took a pacifier she sucked her thumb and she stopped that at age 8. She is now 12 and has perfectly straight teeth. Don’t know how that happened!

    AYE to the storms! We are still scarred from hurricane IKE almost 2years ago. I pray all the storms just fizzle before land fall anywhere!

    Oh and so creative on what to do with Dr. Seuss hats! Perfect slippers!

  15. Am I the only one who thinks that Lainey is looking more and more like you as she grows up?

    Gorgeous, all of you.

  16. And dear daughter, I must commend you and Brett for turning Lainey’s loss into a gain…of memories and making a moment of this little transition. It is grief we feel when our littles grow and leave behind the mispronounced words, attachment to little stuff and yes, even their reliance on us for everything. It seems they are finished with those things earlier than we are. Wait until you are old and can still feel your littles enjoying pony rides on you when you sit and cross your legs…or you hear them call “Daddy” down the hall when a thunderstorm passes in the dark of night or you, or while standing in the check out line at the grocery store you know exactly the candy they are begging for…and can draw from your memory their pleading expression. More than goo goos will be bundled into envelopes and mailed away in the next years…so forgiveness and understanding to all those parents who didn’t make all the deadlines for infancy’s departures. Somewhere, new babies have discovered fairy-delivered goo goos from a blonde haired sprite who sleeps soundly without hers now. I long to hug my babies again and see their big brothers too. Throw out an anchor, this little ship is moving too fast!!!
    I love you oodles of poodles!

  17. My favorite part was the pair of Ladybug shoes that are on backwards. I see Alex’s rain boots on the opposite feet all the time and it makes me giggle. Thank goodness they are large and forgiving.

    Have a great week.


  18. I absolutely adore Lainey’s outfits. She’s the best dressed little girl I’ve ever seen! Where did you get Nella’s shoes? We’re welcoming a new niece in a few months and I’d love to buy a pair of those for her. :)

  19. The bathtub photo is darling! Enjoy dress-up time. :)

  20. Love the goo-goo’s being sent. Our girly sucks her thumby and we get comments all the time about how bad it is for her even though she isn’t even two yet. Since she is special needs I often let people know that if that is what brings her comfort amidst MRI’s and doctor’s appointments…then suck until your hearts content. Beyond that I don’t know of anyone who went to college sucking their thumb, and haven’t found any studies about it increasing your likelihood of being a convict…so I try to worry about the bigger battles. :)


  21. oh my gosh, Nella is GORGEOUS!! Love those adorable shoes :)

  22. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo in the bathroom. It’s perfect and beautiful. I also love that you took your girls to a bookstore to relax and spend part of the day. What an amazing mother you are to raise your girls amongst the wonders of literature!

  23. OH NO! The Goo Goo’s. In our house they are “Tee tee’s.” Ugh. baby boy is 26 months and I am not ready to give them up either. I am happy that I still have time and maybe we will do something of the same sort. Congrats. They just tear our hearts out, don’t they?

  24. Anonymous says:

    I adore reading your blog! I’ve been reading it since about April of this year. I love your pictures and you are such a fun writer! The girls are so precious. My children are all in their twenties and reading your stories just brings back my happy memories of being a stay at home mommy! I loved it!!!
    I dare say the best days of my life! But then again every chapter has been eventful…Thanks Kelle Hampton!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Our nuks lasted until at least 3 years old (one in each hand and one in the mouth no less). Still nursing and pacifers I thought others said about my little. Oh my goodness such travesty! Fear not Kelly! There will always be things that others look down upon. Now he is 20 and very confident without his childhood vices.:) Rock on!

  26. Nella’s shoes are the cutest thing ever!

  27. Kelle what a beautiful family you have and what gorgeous photos you take!
    I love reading your words and seeing how you capture such gorgeous moments with your Nella and Lainey.
    Nella looks so cute in the hat from “Cat in the Hat” and I like the photo of her painted toe nails!

  28. Loved your creative way of getting rid of the goo goos. I fear my daughter will probably be the same down the road. She is quite devoted to her binky. Loved all the photos. Doesn’t ‘spin, spin a letter’ get stuck in your head all day?! :)

  29. Anonymous says:


    I just love how you can put your finger on, and name, the important yet sometimes suble things about parenting: “just not those parents” and “last bit of babyhood”. Perfect words! I can sooo relate! Belated congrats on your well-deserved award, and happy half-birthday to darling Nella! Again, thanks for sharing your talent,

    Carmen in Boston

  30. sweet pictures!!
    My oldest kept her pacifier until age: 3years and 4 months, when the Dentist told her it was time to go. I think I was more sad than her also! She handed it to me in the car and told me to throw it away and that was that!

  31. Anonymous says:

    I’m an avid reader and love your laid back attitude filled with love as you parent.

    So I was surprised when Lainey had to give up her paci. I let my son have it for 5 years because he seemed to need it. It helped him be the baby that all humans are for about 5 years, and it was his comfort everywhere when he needed it. Oh well, what’s done is done.

    And we did ours the same way. We decorated a Nuki box for the Nuki Fairies, and put all the Nukis in it. In the night, the Nuki Fairies came to get them, and left him some tiny little gifts in their place. And his teeth are fine; that’s a myth.

    Keep up your beautiful work!

  32. The girls are just BEAUTIFUL, Nella is really growing. The leopard slippers too, too cute!

  33. Poppa’s comment to this post brought tears to my eyes! Now I see where your way with words comes from…it runs in the family!

    -From a long-time reader, first-time poster =)

  34. Bonnie was a dud at my house too (South La), ONly a little thunder and hardly any rain.

  35. OK LOVE the photo in your bathroom!

    Also, I love how you posted about the “goo goos,” otherwise known as the noonie in our house. My husband and I have had the same conversation many times and we said she wouldn’t have it this long (she is only 21mos) and so on and so on….BUT it broke my heart reading about Lainey’s night of breaking down….just courious, how many nights did it take? I am dreading the departure of the noonie…

  36. Haha I love the Dr. Seuss hat and both the girls!

    I’ve been able to keep my tears at bay (except for Nellas birth story of course, there was no holding back there)…

    but the Goo-goo story had me crying me again! She’s so sweet, I hope she forgets about being sad about them soon!

  37. Anonymous says:


    Spectacular photos as usual!! Our pacifier story…..our Lindsey was 3 when I was told by the dentist to get rid of the “sucky” as we called them. Sooooo…..each time one broke (the nipple pulled away from the plastic part and became a choking hazard) I would show Lindsey and explain it was broken and needed to be thrown away. She easily through each of them away. After the last one broke and she pitched it, she looked at me with her gorgeous face and said “Now Mama go to the store and buy a new one”. When I explained they only sold “suckies” for babies and not for 3 year olds, she was totally cool with it!!

    Wait for it, wait for it……..the very next day she started sucking her thumb and she still does to this day at age 12(only at night in bed).

    I say “Hmph” to the dentist!!

    Susan from Boston

  38. What a brilliant idea about the Binkie Fairies. I could’ve sworn I’ve read about that somewhere – Oprah, a magazine, etc. – and it’s so fabulously smart to do it that way (via mail). When I heard that Bonnie was hitting Florida, somehow I knew you were over there rockin’ it out and that you four were all safe and making the best of it. :) :)

  39. my big girl is also 3 and a big sister to a chunky 11 month old boy (who will all-too-soon be a big brother himself!). it has long been her most favorite activity to “read” to herself… a wickedly delicious combination of different books we’ve read and her very own imaginations. what a joy to cuddle with your girls at the bookstore – one of our most favorite activities as well!

    emory did not give up the “a-bees” until she was biting them into shreds making us nervous of possible choking. she could have had them until she went to college for all i cared! there are too few simple pleasures in this life.

    and, my favorite art in the entire house is a very similar photo of my wee ones in their bath too.

    so good to find kindred spirits!

  40. LookingUp says:

    That bathtub photo is so great, but then…aren’t all of your photos great??? Definitely one of the reasons why I enjoy your blog so much. As for Nella’s “twirly” toy, I must warn you, that toy can be very addictive. My son NEVER gets tired of spinning that thing. The sing-songy phrase, “spin, spin a letter” is permanently stuck in my brain. That, along with the themes to Baby Signing Time & Elmo’s World….a sure sign that I need more adult interaction, pronto. :)

  41. LAINEY, LAINEY, Sweet Little Lainey,,,you are such a beautiful little princess! You have the face of an angel, soft and sweet. Your mommy takes such beautiful pictures of you. I love the way you dress in fun and colorful clothing, the way you are so creative with your fun projects, and the way you love your precious little sister Nella! You remind me of my little grandson who has such a sweet spirit about him, always helping his little brother and teaching him new things. Today I read your mommy’s writing about the rain and how she took you to the book store. The photos of you and Nella at the book store made me smile. Just wanted to tell you that you are such a GREAT BIG SISTER. Nella will learn so much from you and your entire family is blessed to have you :o) Your Mommy and Daddy are so kind to share all of the love in your family with us.

  42. Love love love the shoes!!

  43. Kaitlin Cole says:

    I still can’t believe Nella is 6 months old! It seems like just days ago I stumbled to your blog and read her birth story over and over and over. Your girls are beautiful and I LOVE seeing Lainey grow up into this beautiful big sister!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Oh my, the little binkies! That story brought tears to my eyes as I remember very fondly my little Kelly going around the house collecting them all and carrying them around like treasure for months. Then the day came that they had to go–don’t remember exactly how it went, but I think she told us they didn’t “work” anymore. (She had bitten down so much on them that there were holes all through them.) In going through a couple special boxes I kept for that someday baby (who happened to be Kristen), I came across those used and tattered binkies. Of course I would never have reused them (can you say Yuck!), but I don’t think I could handle parting with them 10 some years ago and I wouldn’t part with them now.
    Glad to hear Lainey seems to be doing quite well without them! And I agree, these milestones of sorts can be pretty hard for us parents too. I’m constantly amazed at how resilient our kids really are!

    As I am catching up on your blog…
    Happy belated half birthday to Nella!
    Also congratulations on your award!
    Leslie L.

  45. We “shipped” Calvin’s pacies off to “the babies in Africa who don’t have money to buy a pacy” (Auntie is a missionary in Africa.) Worked like a charm!

    ps- Does every house in American have a pair of those green froggy boots? I think so. I hope so.

  46. Anonymous says:

    If you are like me, years from now you may move a bed away from a wall, etc and there hidden in a dusty corner will be one last pacifier and you will sit a while with it and remember…

  47. kelle, we have had kind of an off and on week here and i have been looking for a post from you because i knew it would brighten my mood, and it did :) so thanks.

    can you please come to MN and photograph the boys? i promise i will find the best stone fireplace and yummiest hot chocolate and you can come in january when there is SURE to be snow for the girls. your photos are magic.

    i am chuckling over the cute of nella’s outfit, the leopard print shoes are to die! and the cat in the hat hat! love it.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I thought I was the only one that had Colorado snow days & family time dreams. Those days are the best!!!!


  49. I love what you say about the goo- goos our almost 3 year old still gets one at church and at bed and nap times… and its so hard for me ( I think he would do fine with it) because we have been having fertility issues… at least someone out there understands what its like to give up that last shred of baby and hope with all your heart that there is another baby that will come to your family! (at least in our case… you already have sweet Nella)

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. In LOVE with Nella’s eclectic outfit with the animal print shoes! She’s styling!

    We didn’t ever use pacifiers (much to my dismay), but I have a 5.5 year old who STILL drinks out of sippy cups. He *can* drink out of regular cups and does at times, but quite honestly my house is less stained because we’ve kept them, and it just is what it is. I say if it has worked for you there should be no guilt in it!

  52. aw man! I was really grateful that my little one neevr took a pacifier…. just because I can’t handle the tears. I know taking it away would have hurt so so bad. I love all of the pictures once again!!! Those shoes are so sassy!! LOVE IT!

  53. It was a sad sad day in our house when the pacifier (wally) went away. I was dreading the day so much… but when it came down to it, it was much harder on me than her, for the same reason you mentioned- it was my last day with a baby. The day wally went away I suddenly had a big girl. :( And that is when I decided I wanted another baby.

  54. I don’t know anything about pacifiers, or as we call it here a dummy, but I do know although they have their time to go, it is better to have had them than not had them and developed the habit of sucking your thumb. That took me a big struggle to kick, and you can’t post your thumb, not with any successful outcome anyway.

    LOVE those bookstore pics, Lainey is sugar and spice and Nella in the hat!

  55. My husband was very excited to hear Phoenix as I was reading your post today. We’re going to see them in September and that is all he plays around the house. Love your blog! You have such a gift for helping others learn how to “enjoy the small things”. Thank you for that.

  56. Wow, I seriously have no idea how you do it all!! Look at Nella’s precious little painted toes! I love how you make every moment magical for your girls. So inspirational! :)

  57. My Mila is 3 1/2 years old, hasn’t had a “nuk” (pacifier) since she was 2 1/2, though she continues to talk about them – sometimes more than others, especially on hard days. But then today, while at Target, she asks me if we can go to the nuk isle and look. I was terrified she’d ask to have one and pick out the one she wanted to take home, but off we went. She stared at the aisle of glorious nuks for a while, then started naming all the babies in her life (some real and some not so real), and identifying which nuk belongs to which baby. So sweet, these darling girls we’re raising.

  58. i thought you might LOVE this little blog:

    thanks for turning me onto ‘color me katie’. i love rainbows and colors and smiles and children’s books and baby nella!!! :)

  59. Love Nella with her boyfriends. 3 adorable babes! Lainey just always looks so smart and intent and inquisitive! Beautiful!

  60. The passing of Lainey’s pacis made me cry so obviously that my husband looked up from his television show to ask me what was wrong. The story resonates because my son also loves his pacifiers, and I am not looking forward to the day (coming far faster than I would have it come) that his pacis, too, shall pass. He is still only 17 months, but they have been the fastest 17 months of my life. Babyhood is terrifyingly short! I’m afraid to blink sometimes.

  61. NELLA’S SHOES!!! I MUST HAVE THEM!!! Where’d you get them?

  62. Love it as always.

    I love Nella in the Dr. Suess hat.

    Sounds like your family had an awesome weekend.

    oh and ps. I like the trip idea to Colorado. I would love to go there someday

  63. Anonymous says:

    For our daughter it was the bottle fairy – the things we do to ease the transitions for our little ones!
    On a side note, I usually don’t read the comments left by others, I just scroll down to leave my own. Today your father’s message caught my eye. Boy did that bring more than a tear to my eye! He is gifted with words, as are you. He so beautifully put into words the bittersweet role of parents. Oh how I wish I could “throw an anchor in the water”….

  64. What a sweet little family you have there! xo

    oh… and… your Poppa leaves the best comments!

  65. I’m always admiring what the girls are wearing, your newest ‘artwork’ or craft project. The new milestones for your girls, but this time, there was only one small picture of you(well two) but the one of you in the bookstore, with your legs sprawled out with your kidlets around you, and I thought, how in the world, does she stay so slim and svelte!!? LOL! Haven’t heard that word in awhile eh!?!? SO tips girl, tips!! How do you do it!?!? I’ve had three, and struggling to get this extra poundage off, any good idees for me!?

  66. I’m just not that kind of parent either!! I can so identify with Poppa’s comment about how they outgrow mispronounced words. I LOATHE it when people dare to correct my littles’ speech. I mean it, I get angry. They will start to talk like us boring grown ups soon enough, for now I love how they use “f” for “th” and such. You keep up what you are doing, which is raising 2 secure girls who know their mama loves them!!

  67. Oooh I loved this post so much! So much love, so much fun, so much of everything!

    And if and when you plan your Colorado trip, check out Beaver Creek if you get a chance. Although I can’t say that I have been there in the winter time, we are blessed to visit there in the summer (just got back last week). Among its many wonderful and cozy shops, fun activities for the kids, and absolutely gorgeous views, there is this one place on the mountain called Beano’s Cabin. You can only ride up there on a huge sleigh driven by a snow cat in the winter time (a boring bus in the summer) but the view is so beautiful it will take your breath away. And the food and wine will melt you! The first time I went I told my husband it would be a beautiful place for a wedding reception. My daughter Casey Jane was a year old at the time. (She has the magic, too.) When he said that we should have Casey’s wedding there, I started crying over my delicious soup, because until then, I assumed that she would never get married. My husband however, has never questioned whether he will walk my daughter the aisle and already has his father/daughter dance song picked out. I know now that I was wrong to underestimate my daughter; she is the one who has taught me that there are no limits! Now when we eat there once a year, I love to imagine her party to be like no other! We will celebrate that day up on that mountain with so much dancing and crying and laughter that we might just scare all the animals away.

    Love you and your gorgeous kids and your amazing blog! So inspiring… thank you so much for sharing!


  68. Love all the photos on ths post, Kelle! Stunning as usual!

    I learned a long time ago to stop caring about when others think things should “go.” Like bottles, binkies and blankets. Only a parent and child knows when it’s time…the same goes with walking, talking, potty training, etc.

  69. This comment has absolutely nothing to do with your post. I have never commented before. I do however read each one of your posts, and have done since word of Nella’s birth fluttered across my screen while skimming here and there in cyber space…

    Anyhow, I’m not a commenter. I never feel what I personally say is going to be noticed when you have oh-so-many followers, many of whom comment with such beautiful meaningful words. My words are not so articulate.

    But because I have wanted to for some time now, and tonight, inspired, I decided to just suck it up and write to you and let you know that the playlist of music you keep here… your blog soundtrack so to speak, has brought me so much joy.

    I, on a daily basis, open your blog put on my headphones, and just escape the craziness that is my life. Even when there is nothing new to read, I leave it open in a seperate tab, and just groove/chill/relax/cry/whatever. You and I share a very similar love of certain musics I think, and we have superb taste.

    Also, my little girl Kairi (2 years old) and your little pixie Lainey share a birthday, which I think is pretty cool too.

    Keep doing what you do Kelle.

  70. Love the splashing in the rain!

  71. Yes, Sarah, I just pray no one corrects Lainey when she tells me, “Poppa, your garden is beau-fi-tul!” I will cry hot tears. It will never sound as beau-fi-tul to me!

  72. I love little Nella’s painted toenails and her hat. She’s just adorable and has such a wise little face.

  73. Kelle- thanks again for taking a very usual life event and turning it into something so much more. I cried as I read the pacifier story b/c i can completely empathize, and it brought me back about 8 months ago when our li’l Aurora gave up her “hossys” (her word for paci’s). and your right, it’s another piece of their babyhood leaving. Kinda how i feel about my 2.5 yr old and potty training, it’s kinda the only thing left that makes her a baby, so i’m in no rush. although at first i know i will appreciate not changing and washing diapers, that novelty will pass quickly.

  74. Kelle… I’ve been reading your blog for a few months (from my 120 year old house in the middle of England… just so you can picture it and read this comment in a British accent in your head… got it? Great) since someone sent me Nella’s birth story. I was debating whether or not to have the tests for DS, but decided against it in the end, as I knew a positive result wouldn’t change the love I already have for my baby girl (due November)! Want to say how I love seeing pics of your girls and hearing about your days together. Love, love. Can I ask where you got Nella’s shoes from? I have a good friend who moved to West Palm Beach a year ago… I could send her out shopping for me!

    Big love. B and Bump x

  75. Dr. Pepper…you had me at “120 years ago.” And then you had to go top it with “in England” and Girl, you KNOW I read it with a British accent. Congratulations on your pretty little lamb growin’! The little shoes were a gift from a friend, but I think they are from Target, believe it or not!

    And p.s. The little cottage in the movie “The Holiday?” My dreamhouse.

  76. And Angela…your Casey Jane story? Beau-fi-tul, as Lainey would say. I can see it. A big reception in the mountains where you will all hug and dance and cry. I love it.

  77. I too have been craving some one-on-one time with my little ones and was thinking how great it would be to head out to a certain bookstore and peruse through yummy children’s books. There’s so many yummy things about this post! The picture above the tub, all the pics from the bookstore, Nella’s shoes and ladybug umbrellas and boots! Great creative idea for getting rid of the goo goos. We’ll have to try that when its time for them to leave our house… THANKS KELLE! You’re incredible!

  78. LOVE the ‘I love my big sister’ bib!

    Oh your girls are DIVINE and you are one amazing mum!

    You are one of two of my favourite blogs and I was reading the other one tonight too and wondering if you know about it.

    Warning, this mama lost her little girl a few years ago BUT….oh she makes the memory of her girl SO utterly beautiful and amazing. Every year, a tea party will be held in this little princess’ honour. Maybe you want to hold a tea party with your littles this year in her honor too?

    This is the blog:

  79. Absolutely love the picture of Nella in the Cat in the Hat hat. Too cute!

  80. LOVE Nella’s little shoes! Your girls always look adorable in whatever they are wearing.

  81. says:

    Dude…love the converse! I got the same same!!

  82. Happy Week! Lainey feeding Nella = Pure Love! Had a “I Will Survive” time on Saturday. C:

    “It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.” ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

  83. Your vacation scenario made me smile, Kelle. That’s what my family would want, too. Just a nice chunk of time with everyone all together.

    Nella and her buddies on the blanket – priceless!

    Your family is precious and starting my day reading about them and seeing your photos has put a smile on my face, as always! :)

  84. Your pictures of the master feeder got me so excited to see the same interaction between my boys before too long!

    And “I Will Survive” is totally my go-to song. :)

  85. We just found a glittery card from the “chuponcito” fairy in our album, from when she visited us for the kids pacifiers long ago. I agree, parents take it much harder.

    Wonderful pics as usual. Love that bathroom one! What a great idea.

    Love your blog, Kelle!


  86. the look on ella’s face whilst eating is priceless!

  87. Kelle,
    Love this post! Felt like I was right there in that room in the cabin with you and your family :)

    SO happy for Lainey’s accomplishment with her goo goo’s! I know how hard that was for you! Michaela was JUST finally broken of her dada (bottle) last week! She turned 2 in May but it was over due. It was her comfort. She had surgery and it was so important for me that she have that piece of home,that comfort in the hospital.

    Oh and Nella’s shoes are ADORABLE on her!!!! What precious tiny feet!


  88. I started reading your blog through a friend of a friend and I just love it! You have such a beautiful family, you write poetically and your pictures are just amazing. I just had to tell you that the picture of Nella in the “Cat in the Hat” hat totally brought a smile to my face. May God bless you and your little ones!

  89. love what you did with the pacifiers! good job for not buckling and going out to dig out a forgotten goo-goo from somewhere. i probably would have lost it there and taken her to the store for a truck load of goo-goos.

    nella’s feet in those shoes…edible. the cherry on a delectable cake!

    can’t wait to see what you review!


  90. Your trips to the book store remind me of going to the grocery store with my mom. There was always this one stuffed toy monkey in a bin there that I got to carry around with me while we shopped. I had to put him back each time, but somehow I was okay with that, and it made going to the grocery store more special. Somehow that monkey always seemed to be there.

  91. so many things to love in this post! loved that bath pic when you first posted it. and it looks so sweet in the bathroom! fab pic of lainie feeding her baby sister. and i want nella’s shoes to wear on my big toe 😉

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. Love the bath tub photo art on your wall, truly perfect!

  94. Anonymous says:

    Kelle thank you for this blog always puts a smile on my face!!
    and Tina, Oh your sweet Ava just read your story. I will be flying home from michigan on the 22nd but will ask for a cup of tea on my way home and think of AVA

  95. Anonymous says:

    I love the pacifier story!! You are such a good mama.

  96. two beautiful girls with DS doing something that matters. Love these girls!

  97. As I read about the pacifiers I said in my head ‘oh no. the end of babyhood.’ I so hated when those days left. Of course their is the magic of the 2’s and the 3’s and the 4’s and the 5’s… It is all so fleeting though. Every year. My baby is 10 now and I can hardly believe how quickly the time flies. I miss babyhood for certain.

    Love the pictures. As always : ) Love. Love. LOVE!

  98. Kelle-

    Thanks for a beautiful post, what a great way to start my Monday morning! (Although some may argue that I should actually be working as opposed to surfing the blogs!)

    My son has never really taken the binky, only on rare occassions, and I know I should probably be glad that he doesn’t need/want it very often…. but man, he looks sooooo cute sucking away on it, sometimes i wish he liked it more! lol!


  99. i’m a reader from shropshire in england. i love your blog, it makes me smile every time.

  100. Hi there Kelle,
    I’ve been following your blog religiously for the past 6 months since Nella was born and I love it! I thought it was way overdue my leaving a comment! Anyway, your photos are amazing and radiate life, life and more life! I love how your live life to the fullest – so full of zesst and utter enjoyment. It is truly inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your world with us!

  101. Love the boots, love the umbrella, LOVE your new bathroom photo and LOVE LOVE LOVE Nella’s highchair face like she’s saying, “Why do I have to eat this green paste, Mommy? Penance for what exactly?” Made me giggle out loud. She’s a doll. As for the soother thing, my son, who’s almost 4, sucks on that thing like it’s laced with sugar. He calls it his “souce”, which I think is the French word for it. And every night, when I crack a book and say, “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss, he giggles. For he firmly believes that I’m saying “Dr. Souce”….so not only is his souce his favourite thing in the world, he now believes it’s a Doctor who is responsible for the most delicious stories on the face on the earth. I’m doomed! 😉

  102. Oh Vic, you had me with “Shropshire.” I am gobsmacked! We need to rename the majority of American cities. Yes, we do. You can name puddings after British villages. Not so here.

  103. Love love love Nella’s outfit love the hat love the baby legs LOVE the shoes. So cute! I love the rain. Love your post they always make my day :)

  104. This is the life, isn’t it? You inspire me so much, I just want you to know that. :o) ((hugs))

  105. Love the fairy idea – I will give it a try – thanks for sharing! : )

  106. Our Piper Layne, who turned 5 in April, still totes Blankie everywhere and sucks her middle and ring fingers…you can hear the suckling noise at night and it is SO sweet…none of the other 4 ever were attached to anything. I can’t take her fingers and I love that it is her last tiny bit of baby just right there anytime she needs it! I still make sure we have Blankie any time we go to leave-I DO NOT want to get caught out of the house with out Blankie-that would be so bad…

    Love the new print above the tub!

    Everyone should get to play in the rain :o)

  107. I’ve never commented before, but I’ve been following for a little bit. My little Bronwyn was born just a couple of short days after your precious Nella. I remember reading your post about her birth while I sat in the hospital. I cried. Mostly because of the hope I read in that post. In the craziness of new motherhood I didn’t follow each post, but a couple months later, I returned, and have enjoyed seeing our girls at the same ages. I had to comment, because I really enjoy reading. Also? Bronwyn has that same spinny toy, and is obsessed with it, just the same as Nella.

    Just thought I’d say hi!

  108. I am fighting the paci war as well. The paci is winning…actually my sweet little baby telling me “But I neeeeeeeeeeeeed paci” is winning. How do I say no? She says “5 more seconds” and holds and sucks for dear life!!! She is 26 months…still my baby…Im not ready…she is not it shall stay. Thanks for reminding me that its not a BIG deal for her to have it… she is still my baby :)

  109. Just a few things that I love: Nella’s leopard print shoes, the new picture you put up in your bathroom, and your song choice (Phoenix is the BEST! You need to check out some of their older stuff, like their Alphabetical and United albums).

    That’s all :)

  110. I love your vacation idea!!! I won’t be managing Colorado this year, but will be going to see my in-laws in Flagstaff, AZ, nestled up in the mountains, and very Colorado-esque. The lack of insulation will make it necessary to cuddle up together with blankets and hot cocoa next to the little heater stove, and hopefully the little bundle growing inside of me will help keep me warm. Aah, you have set off my holiday fantasies early, but like you, I stopped maturing about the holidays around the age of 10. Thank you for this wonderful little place that I come when I really need to smile.

  111. oh yah for happy memories at home. what a sweet post. sammy had that same spin toy and loved it too. except i always wondered about the xray fish and its funny sound. hehehe. gotta love a mommy/girl trip to the book store. so sweet. cant wait to see you soon! xo

  112. I think the “goo goos” deserve a special goodbye. My nephew had his until he was 4, we had a picnic at the park and tied balloons to his pacifiers and set them free.
    But you are right, it’s harder for us as parents because it’s just one more piece of proof that they are growing up.

  113. ok, I have to admit… I had to look two or three times at the reflection of the umbrella… At first glance it looked like a puddle of pee..

  114. Sometimes I come here just to listen to your music player. I like your music style.

    I can’t help but love Nella’s leopard shoes. So cute!

  115. i love how nella can rock the leg warmers AND the “cat in the hat!!” omg, your girls are TOO MUCH :). i never know which i love more – your photos or you words… i think its a glorious tie!! :)

  116. I love love love Nella’s crazy beautiful outfit ensembles! And that portrait above your tub – precious and priceless! I want my walls covered with family pictures… but man, does that get expensive! And then you have to pick between a million pictures. *sigh*

    You are so creative and loving in your endeavors to help Lainey grow up and become more independent. We, too, struggled with our toddler giving up her paci, but we just left it at “you’re a big girl – you don’t need it anymore!” But I do get so emotional when I realize just how grown-up she is.

    My mom has the same twirly toy at her house, and it’s been so much fun watching my first-born, and now my 8-month-old spin that little thing and bounce up and down to it. My babies crack me up!

    I’m surprised the pureed peas aren’t anywhere else on Nella’s person! Dinnertimes usually end with me not wanting to touch the baby, then resigning myself to giving him a sink bath. Hehe.

    Books are awesome. A toddler’s imagination, awesomer.

  117. Just thought I’d let you know. If I only had the time to check one blog for the day, it would be yours. I love your picts, your sweet girls, your poetic way of writing, and YOU!

    Lots of love from AR!

  118. Oh my word I am in LOVE with Nella’s little slippers. Those are PRECIOUS. Kind of makes me want to try for another baby… a GIRL baby… so I can dress her up in those precious little shoes. :)

  119. Anonymous says:

    The story about Lainey giving up her pacifiers was sad. Makes me so glad I never gave my daughter one. When I take my daughter and niece to Barnes and Noble, they destroy it. It’s exhausting. I don’t know how you watch 2 kids AND take pictures.

  120. Bonnie-Schmonnie! We were getting all sorts of warnings and watch threats while on vaca and I swear I prayed her away. Love those pictures of Lainey feeding Nella like a total pro!

    And does it get any cuter than Nella in a Cat in the Hat hat?

    I think not! As I sit in a cot. Feeling hot. I like to rhyme a lot.

    Ok, I’ll stop now. :)

  121. I had to leave a comment when I saw a comment from Vic from Shropshire, I too am Shropshire born and bred! (though live in Cambridge, Uk now). Looks like there is a few fellow Brits on here so lots of opportunity for you to polish up on the accent.

    I’ve been following your blog since Nella’s birth and I’ve been hooked ever since. My youngest son is also blessed with the little extra, he will be 2 in August and when looking at pictures of Nella oh those beautiful almond eyes get me every time. My boy knows it too and needless to say nothing gets done in our house but singing, playing and cuddles with my little man…. heaven.

  122. If your hypothetical vacation to Colorado ever comes true, do let me know!!! I am a Colorado native and would love to help you find the perfect spot to be for your fireside extravaganza! :)

    Not to mention (and I do realize I’m a perfect stranger) but maybe in the most perfect world your little Nella could meet my Marlee and Marlee could learn a thing or two from Nella and her extra magic! :)

  123. My dad said the night I ‘decided’ to give up my pacifier was the worst night of his parenting life. I think I was even older than Lainey! After we threw all the pacifiers away I cried. And cried. And screamed. And cried some more. My dad said if we hadn’t thrown those away on trash day he may have been digging through trash that night. :)

    Gorgeous photos, gorgeous girls. As always, thanks for sharing!

  124. Best idea ever!! Have the fairies brought and surprises for Lainey yet? I might be more excited than her to find out what they are! :-)

  125. Love the bathroom photo… am in the midst of creating our family photo wall… loving this project! The visit from the goo-goo fairies is such a sweet way to make that transition. When I was little my grandmother told me I must have swallowed my paci while I was sleeping one night & that now it would always be with me. I guess I believed her since my mom said that did the trick. My guys never got into pacis, but the bottle fairies will be making a visit here any day now for my 2-1/2 year old… just can’t seem to get rid of the nap & night bottles. Hopefully the fairies can help!

  126. our neighbor and dear friend named Bonnie just passed away at far too early an age, but I felt it soo fitting that this storm was named, Bonnie! And you got to experience the landfall, however mild!!! I loved those pictures. I also loved the bathroom art, Lainey feeding Nella AND Lainey’s smile at the the bookstore. Cash and Rocco could not be any cuter, either!!! Now, I’m off to see about a house!

  127. Brit Girl says:

    Kelle (and Poppa), I think they should feature your family on the TV programme “Who do you think you are” as I am certain that when they delve into your family history they will find some British connections somewhere!

    My house is also over 100 years old and is kinda falling down around our ears but your comment to a fellow British commenter reminded me I am lucky to live in this house! Still a teeny weeny bit envious of your beautiful, flawless, spacious American home, though!

    Oh, and Lainey sending her dummies (as we call them here although I think we should call them soothers or pacifiers as sounds soo much better) to the fairies? Well, I welled up. I think it was because C is still very much attached to hers and I am dreading the day we have to call in the fairies!

    And just have to mention Miss Nella: the pic of her reaching for her fave toy was one of my favourites!

    Sorry for the long comment. Goodnight! Sx

  128. Nella can’t be old enough for baby food??? NO! She needs to stay tiny forever!

  129. Yay! Love it! :)

  130. Such dear pictures of Lainey feeding Nella … LOVE those! And Nella’s shoes in the last pic are the cutest ever!!!!! Hoping you are loving your week!! (I’m trying, really, really TRYING!) :o)

  131. You, your girls and your words make me smile. You insipire me to be a better Mama, thanks for that.

  132. That was just what I needed tonight. Thank you, Kelle. Enjoy those beauties!

  133. oh I love it, I just love it all…

  134. Our journey has begun!… secretly though =)

    If I’ve left you this message, you’re a follower of my original blog ~OR~ just someone I’ve happened upon while sending out these invites and decided I would LOVE for to come along for the ride! Though I won’t be revealing who I am just yet – until we’re TO and THROUGH the first trimester! Just getting the word out about our new site – further explanation of all the secrecy and what we’re about on my first post now up. I’d love for you to stop by.

    Exciting things going on around here!

    ~ the {secret} *Maybe* Baby Mama

  135. your story about the goo-goos made me smile and remember when we took my daughters away. She was almost 3 and called them twinkles! She cried for a couple of nights too and i wanted to give in but we stayed strong and got throught it! She’s 8 now and is now attached to several soft toys.

  136. What a week! A lovely post!!
    Your girls are simply GORGEOUS! I love what you did with the pacifiers :) Our Miss 2 1/2 will be sending hers off to the Fairies soon! Wish us luck :)
    Enjoy the rest of this week with your 2 beautiful girls xo.

  137. Anonymous says:

    I need to tell my friend Sarah about your idea of mailing the “goo goos” which we all call “dibbies” to the fairies! Her little girl is 3 and still needs her dibbie . . . ours was a smooth transition to my amazement! My Addyson said goodbye to them 2 months shy of her 2nd birthday. But we still rock to sleep everynight, which is fine by me. I enjoy that time with her to snuggle, talk, sing, etc. By the way – love how Lainey turned the Dr. Seuss hats into boots!! 😉 Thanks Kelle!

  138. I just wanted to say that I’m so in love with your blog. A friend of mine told me about it a few months ago and I check it almost every day. I don’t think I’ve ever read it and kept a dry eye lol. Thank you for letting us into your world. I find that every time I read your posts I’m reminded to give my girl (she’s 2) a big ole hug & kiss and to tell her how much I love her.

  139. what a beautiful picture to hang above the tub. love it.
    just yesterday i found a nuk nuk that didn’t get destroyed in cora’s ode to cutting off the tips so that she didn’t suck them anymore. i tucked it away for a later memory spark.

  140. what a beautiful picture to hang above the tub. love it.
    just yesterday i found a nuk nuk that didn’t get destroyed in cora’s ode to cutting off the tips so that she didn’t suck them anymore. i tucked it away for a later memory spark.

  141. I am your newest follower! LOve the photos.They are amazing. You have a beautiful family. What precious times to be had in the early years of Motherhood, especially if we are wise enough to slow down and enjoy them.Happy Mothering!

  142. i hate giving up the pacifiers to the fairies. it was one of the most traumatic times of motherhood so far. i miss the baby sucking sounds and the quiet car rides. why do they have to grow up?

  143. This post just made me smile and smile and smile. I love the photographs and your girls are just too cute for words.

  144. Today as I read the words.. the thought struck me.. “these children are having the happiest childhood.”

    What a gift you’re giving them.

  145. Today as I read the words.. the thought struck me.. “these children are having the happiest childhood.”

    What a gift you’re giving them.

  146. Jamie from Colorado says:

    Ahh yes Colorado is everything you imagine and so much more. There is nothing like being “stuck” inside with your loved ones, dressed in warm jammies, sippin on cocoa, while more snow than you could ever imagine falls to the ground and NO ONE has to leave their house and go to work. Sometimes I think it might be God’s way of letting us stop and love one another uninterupted. I love blizzards! I dream of vacations on the beach, margaritas in hand. We could swap if you’d like? :)

  147. There are so many things about your blog that I love, it is hard to pick my favorites. I agree it is a beautiful gift you are giving your children. And a wonderful gift you are giving your readers: inspires me (and I would guess others) to do the same for my children. Thank you.

  148. Jennifer Andersen says:

    Hi Kelle, I’m a regular reader of your blog and just now had a few moments while my little girl napped to search your blog for some writing inspirations. I got linked to “could you tell me the way to flow, please?” written on January 21, 2009. In it you speak of hoping to have another baby. You also shared a writing prompt that included scents and memories. I normally never read the comments of anyone’s blog but I read these today because I was curious what smells other people found so memory inducing. You had a comment from a lady named Heidi as follows “you will hold that little baby, kelle. God is choosing the perfect baby for you to love…”. It was left on your blog on January 22, 2009. Is that not the coolest thing ever? One year later you did indeed get the most precious God given baby girl to love. I just had to point this out. (perhaps you already recall the comment anyway but happening upon it today was so cool. Your life really is magic!)


  149. Hopped over to your blog from “From here to eternity”! Such a beautiful blogger, and amazing photos!

  150. This is beautiful. I really love the family reunion dream.. sounds wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing about how you got rid of Lainey’s goo goo’s!

    Nellabeans hat and leg warmers and shoes – too cute!

  151. I love your taste in music. I am going to start listening to yourplaylist in my classroom in teh afternoons after the kids leave. The school won’t let me get on, so your site will be my music source! You are truly an artist. I love you blog!

  152. I really do love reading your blog. You have such a wonderful way with words and pictures that uplift me, even when I’m feeling overwhelmed with everything in my life. :) My 15 year old daughter was sitting beside me when your music started playing and she was like “PHOENIX!” and then she told me to tell you not to forget about Muse, Jack’s Mannequin and she said you really do need some Neon Trees on here as well, lol. She said she thought I was the ONLY cool mom that like that kind of music…so you’re “cool” now Kelle! Hmmm, maybe I need to show her some pictures of your step-son…..;P

  153. I’ll admit, I cried a little when I read about the pacifiers! I have a 15 month old and she’s already growing up too fast, and I see this day in our future!

    Nella’s shoes are too cute for words!

  154. Hey there, Florida friend!! You and your girls are always stylin’. Love the bean’s new shoes … adorable! And Lainey’s skirt, too … think they have one in my size? And the goo-goo story, have to say I’m with you on it’s so much harder on us than it is on them (at least that was the truth with both of my Nuk lovers!)

    Happy, happy night …

  155. Your words and photos are amazing. I love your grasp for what is important…and the perfections you find in our imperfect world.
    Your music spoke millions to me as well! Thanks for sharing your life!

  156. I can completely relate to the nuk story. I sometimes think about giving my almost 3 year old her nuk back – just so I can pretend she’s my baby again. I saved one and sometimes can’t help but pull it down from the highest point in her closet and dream about my baby. I wonder if she’d take it? If she’d spit out? Gag? But whoa – what if she latched right back on to it? I’d totally let her have it and know she wouldn’t be a teenager sucking on a nuk. Miss those sweet baby days…. I wanted to cry reading your words just knowing how painful it was to give the nuk to the fairies. Hmmm….hope things are better for all.

  157. you have the most stylish baby girls i have ever seen!

  158. Love, Love, Love your playlist. Just had to throw that out there. I listen to it at work all the time.

  159. Beautiful!

  160. Beautiful!

  161. Patiently awaiting another post! Keep checking every couple hours… :) You SO Rock Kelle!

  162. Anonymous says:

    That binky story was so freakin cute I can’t stand it. You are a beautiful writer!!

  163. This is the post I wrote about my daughter giving up the “goo goo”. We described our experiences very similarly.

    Also, we have that spinny toy as well. I babysit little ones and it is always a hit!

  164. First time poster :> If you ever do make it to Colorado, I’m totally kidnapping you to take pictures of my baby boy :> I find it funny that you have dreams of visiting Colorado, while I am in Colorado and have dreams of moving back to my family in Florida!

  165. where’s the next post. you’re posts are like happy drugs!

  166. Sorry Bonnie was a dud. Monsoon season in Phoenix has been a total dud! Bring. On. The. Rain. Dude.

    I’m dying for Nella’s leopard ballet flats. Ridiculously cute.

  167. Lindsay says:

    ive been reading you blog since nella was born but have never commented. but i thought you would like to hear this. i work at a daycare in the infant room. my boss told me today that we were getting 4 new babies in september. we were talking about the babies and she told me one of the little boys had down syndrome. i immediately thought about nella and i was so excited to have him. before reading your blog i probably would have been nervous but now i am just so excited to have a new snuggle buddy. thanks for all your sweet words, they really helped me today because they were all i could think about :)

  168. Holy Smokes! {baby} Nella is eating baby food!!!!!!

    Where does the time go?

    Love it!

  169. Holy Smokes! {baby} Nella is eating baby food!!!!!!

    Where does the time go?

    Love it!

  170. Holy Smokes! {baby} Nella is eating baby food!!!!!!

    Where does the time go?

    Love it!

  171. hi kelle-
    i know i say this every time but i just lov eyour blog!!!

  172. This is my first time visiting and I just love reading your blog. I was amazed by the “goo goo” story. I thought to myself as I was reading “It’s crazy the different names people come up with for those awful things.” In my house, it’s called a “pooty.” Imagine that. Haha. Out in public (mostly around family) people will say “what is a pooty?” :) I wonder sometimes how we got to that place of calling it that. My little boy has just turned one so it’s not quite time to take his “pooty” away yet, but I can’t imagine what it will be like once that day comes. Probably somewhat simular to how yours was. He is almost infatuated with his “pooty.” He even likes to carry around 2 or 3 when he can find that many.

    This was a sweet post and I’m glad she got better without her “goo goo” with time. I look foward to stopping in and reading from now on.

  173. Anonymous says:

    Kelle, only two questions.
    Khow what is modestiy?
    You khow what family privacy?
    Them are girls.They deserve all kinds of protection.

  174. Anonymous says:

    Thank goodness someone finally pointed that out. I think this mother is running a close first with Kris Kardashian for selling her daughters like they were products. I can’t believe the breech of privacy for poor Nella. How do you know she wants the details of her disability posted all over the internet? You don’t and I think it is so selfish when parents take it upon themselves to decide to post their kids lives everywhere for the world to see. Hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite you or THEM someday.

  175. Whenever I read your blog I have a smile on my face. Your posts are always so lovely.

    I have a little boy who just turned 3 and he still has his pacifier for bed (binky in my house! lol) I am dreading taking it away because you are right… it is his last piece of baby hood and I think I will take it worse then him!

  176. WOW,,,how in the world could Kelle be considered similar to the Kardashian’s???

    I see it as a wonderful way to reach out to other mom’s. We all need each other. Years ago most women stayed home and did not work. The neighbors would look after each other and that was a feeling of support and love. Remember “it takes a village to raise a child”.

    These days moms need to work or just enjoy it. I don’t believe they have as much support now with everyone working. So, I think this is an amazing way for mom’s to connect.

    I love the pictures and the way Kelle is totally honest instead of sugar coating her feelings.


  177. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t take a village to raise a child. It takes a parent to raise a child. It also takes a parent to exploit a child apparently.

  178. There is a great book written by Hillary Clinton called “It Takes A Village” and other lessons children teach us.

    I had the pleasure of running a Child Development Center for many years. I always took the responsibility of other peoples children seriously. These children spent a huge part of their life with me and therefore I felt blessed to be able to love and care for them as I would my own.

    I believe the more love and support parents can offer others the better off our world would be.


  179. Oh my, your pictures are always so beautiful!
    & where on earth did you find those pink animal print shoes?
    Please email me at if you don’t mind sharing:D

  180. I just sooooooo LIKE YOU! What joy you bring into a new morning! I seem to understand your heart so well…I like you!!!!

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