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I love my home. I love weekends when hibernation seems to be the theme, caving us in to the walls of our den where all we see is each other, and the closest thing to a little black dress is the worn pair of yoga pants that fit me just so and whose black has been washed now to a soft gray. I live in these pants on home weekends, softening them a bit more as I stretch out on the couch with two lively littles, wearing out the seat as I sit against cement to chalk out bright colors on the driveway on a hot afternoon. But, what makes those cave days even better is when they are balanced with the ever teetering see-saw of life–the one that throws us out there some weekends, scrounging for social gatherings and friendly faces and storing all the good we get from them to hold us over during hibernation. And then we go on–see-sawing through the weekends that follow…sometimes in, relishing the joys of Home Mouse–baking, reading, sipping, movie-and-popcorning until the moon hushes our happenings into bed–and sometimes out, basking in the excitement of Social Mouse–dressing up, eating out, packing diaper bags to hold us over for a day of friend-gathering happenings.

This weekend was a perfectly balanced see-saw. A little in, a little out.

With Friday night’s huddle of friends at Lucarelli’s for good pizza and wine and watching littles play red light/green light on the edge of the little pond that has listened to many a Friday nights like these.



We gathered a few friends to join us and were pleasantly surprised to find more kept rolling in. And babies were passed and drinks were ordered, and lots of “Hey!”‘s and “Hi!”‘s and hugs were buzzing about the place.










And it didn’t even feel like we had ventured out of our cave. We just moved it to a new site and opened the doors for more to join us.





Ha ha…



And two baby showers this weekend for two of my pretty-mama’d friends…Andrea and Kelly (belly to belly)


And back to the cave where the playroom floor was properly pillowed for yoga-bottomed butts to sit cozily among friends.


She’s ticklish!


My friends add such a richness to my life. And my cave is all the sweeter for it.

Popcorn & Movie night, in our monstrous bed with my girls tucked beside me…the grand finale of a perfectly balanced weekend.



And because Mondays are always sweeter with giveaways…I have one for you.



My cousin is an extremely talented seamstress, and these apron dresses are always one of the first things we pull out of the closet. She custom creates these dresses in her Etsy shop, Willowbean Designs. And, she’s giving one away!


A random commenter from this post will be selected and announced Wednesday evening.

And FYI…creativity is in a lull…which means a good creative storm is a’brewin. Poor Brett. There is very likely to be a trip to the craft store…a glue gun…some party-planning…and a few loads of laundry overlooked. Setting sail. Ahoy.

And a frantic little wave to bid you adieu this happy Monday.



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  1. Oh my gosh! She can wave?! Too cute!

  2. The wave is adorable. ADORABLE. (It needed to be repeated.)

  3. Oh my goodness! Nella’s wave is TOO precious!!

  4. Love weekends like those…celebrations big and small.

  5. I love the little wave at the end so cute. Lainey looked adorable in those glasses she had on how sweet. Thanks for starting my Monday off with a smile!!!

  6. The photos of “ticklish Nella” are my favorite so far!

  7. Love the tickling picture of Nella. Too cute!

    Love Lainey’s glasses. Adorable.

    and the apron dresses you are giving away. PRECIOUS!!!

    Glad you had an awesome weekend

  8. Looks like a fabulous weekend! And I love your little sprite’s purple glasses! Both Lanie and her little sister are too cute! My little Olivia would be tickled to win one of those sweet dresses!

  9. Nella is doing amazing!!! I love weekends at home. There is something magical about them!

  10. You are a brave brave woman, letting your 3yo handle your camera! I won’t even let my teenagers handle mine, and I wig out just a bit when my husband takes it for a few minutes!

    And Nella… She seriously has the best baby smile EVER!!!! I can never get enough of her!

  11. Kelle, your blog is such an inspiration to me! I love how you capture every single precious moment and turn even the seemingly dull ones in to such magical ones! I don’t have a girl, but if I won a little apron dress, I would give it to my sweet niece!

  12. Yay – a new post! Love the Apron Knot dress – especially on your little loves!

  13. WHat a great weekend! Although I was taken aback when I first read where you went because Lucarelli is my maiden name!!! And the only other place I have “seen” it is in a bakery in Rome Italy in 1993!!!

    Beautiful mamas, beautiful babies, beautiful weekends! :)

  14. The dresses are adorable. I have two boys but I have lots of girls in the family that would love one for their birthday or Christmas!

  15. What a sweet smooshy nose and those blue fashion glasses!? Love the apron dresses and caving in general. That riverside restaurant hits the spot too though, would be nice!

  16. LOVE Lainey’s glasses! That little Pee Wee just ooooooooozes Swagger! She is a dollface. And Nella? Can I please have a spoon so I can just eat her up! Those little blue almonds are just entrancing! LOVE. Her.

  17. I’ve never commented, but I’ve been a follower for months now. You’re blog is beautiful, your family is beautiful & you’re beautiful! Thank you for sharing your life with us, you’re an inspiration :-)

  18. I love it when babies master a new skill, and look surprised to have done it. Nella’s expression in the first wave picture makes me melt!

  19. Tickles! Adorable pictures once again.

  20. Oh I could just eat up your little Nella!!! Happy Day!

  21. I just taught my 10 month-old with Ds Pat-a-cake!! I love watching them learn!! Love the pics, as always!!

  22. That little wave… just made my day. xo

  23. I am always in love with your pictures and words. They are such an inspiration for enjoying life. Thank you for always brightening my day.

  24. Love your Blog. My Husbands Cousin just had a Baby who has Downs Syndrome,and your Blog is such a inspiration. I recomended it to her. I Hope she likes it:)

  25. I love not only your girls, your photos & descriptions of your days, but also the music that you choose…. each song fits each entry so perfectly :) Thanks for letting us peek into your beautiful life…

  26. Oh! The wave melts my heart! She just keeps getting more and more adorable.

  27. you are lucky to have an amazing group of friends! love the glasses & nella is looking adorable as always.

  28. Love the pict of Nella laughing! She is so adorable. My daughter is the same age as Nella and I would love to put her in a dress like Nella’s for our trip next month to Mackinac Island.

  29. Your girls are sooo adorable. I love the red and turquoise apron dresses. So cute. I also love your style for your littles. Your blog is so enjoyable to read!

  30. Oh my word. That Nella. She is too cute. I read your words and I think of the poet (that is my sons namesake)

    I am a part of all that I have seen.
    Alfred Lord Tennyson

    And baby you have seen much love in your life and Kel you pour it back out so well. Love this.

  31. What a fantastic weekend balance — boisterous love and quiet love, all in the same two days. And the wave is priceless!

  32. Love Lainey’s glasses and big ole’ camera πŸ˜‰

  33. Love the pictures of Lainey with your camera… I must admit, in our house Mommy’s camera is off limits.

    The knot dresses are beautiful! I’ve admired them before. There are two girls at our house that would love to have one!

  34. Oh man, little Nella is so cute! Her eyes are so expressive! Love the last two pics of her!

  35. Each and every time I read a post and see pictures of your little Nella I want to meet her more and more. I would love to hold her and squeeze some of that little sweetness right out of her-she is SO precious!

  36. I have LOVED those apron dresses since you’ve first posted pics! I hope I hope! Thanks always for the perspective shift! I love your blog and your love of life!

  37. A post on Monday morning AND a giveaway – hooray!

  38. Kelle, your blog continues to inspire me. Thank you so much!

  39. I just adore your blog and all that you capture. I’m in love with little Nella’s wave, just adorable! And Miss Lainey is such the fashionista! Those glasses are the best!
    Thanks for always making me smile. Happy Monday!

  40. Looks like you had a lovely weekend! Love the wave!

  41. Well it’s a good thing the change of season is lurking around the corner, I’m sure that’ll jump start your creative juices like a shocking a cardiac arrest back to a rythmic pattern, CLEAR!

  42. My Monday is SOOO much happier since getting that little wave from Nella. Happy Monday to you and yours, as well!!!

  43. I love your blog! It’s so inspiring.

  44. Love the dress…..so creative.

  45. I so love that little WAVE!!! Oh my could that be any cuter on a Monday morning. I so agree with you about weekends and yoga pants…can’t get much better than that! I also love Lainey’s socks at the pizza place. Did you get those on etsy? So adorable. Have a great week creating!!

  46. Your posts are always so much fun to read. Glad your weekend was well balanced. Excited to see where your creative flow goes next!

  47. You’re such a talented photographer. I have to say I am addicted to your blog! I love looking at all your beautiful pictures and Nella has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!

  48. Creative. Crafty. Cute. Cozy. Chic.
    How do you stay so balanced with so much going on? I need your tips:) Can’t hold a candle to your charming life because the camera doesn’t lie…it may be enhanced but it does take the moment. Enjoy your many ‘c’s’ today:)

  49. Your cousin is very talented! Those dresses are lovely.

  50. love the ticklish pics!

  51. I LOVE weekends as you described! Those are the best kind. Adorable dresses! Would love one for my nearly 5 year old.

  52. Your blog inspires me. Where do you find the time for such expression. Love the photo of Lainey with the camera!

  53. NELLA! I can’t get enough of that kid — and she’s waving! πŸ˜‰ Such a sweet little muffin!

  54. I have been busy reading your blog from past to present, over the past few days. I love the pics, your words, and your sweet little family! I am addicted. Have a great week!


  55. Love those dresses! Pick me!

  56. Great post as always. You’re girls are just too precious! The camera really conveys the happiness and love you have! A big HUG!

  57. omg….i LOVE Lainey with the camera!!!! toooooo dang cute! and that lady “hiding” sipping wine? i had to chuckle whaile i was at work when i saw this. hahaha!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! and yey for give aways! we are trying to have a baby right now to give our little boy somebody to play with…and we are hoping to have a girl and dress her just like Lainey and Nella! =) love them!

  58. The love and excitment you have for your wonderful life spills over into mine and opens my eyes to the beauty in every second. Thank you. This blog has truly been a gift to me. Your little Nella waving brings a smile to my face :)

  59. Love the waving! Your friend’s shop has nice things, the dresses are cute and the nursery bedding is lovely!

  60. I have so loved seeing those great little dressis on your littles. I would love to see one on my little lady. Thanks for all your posts of great fun.

  61. I love the wave…too cute! Those dresses are so darling! Do you think my boys would mind if I dressed them in one! LOL

  62. What a true gift you are Kelle, an inspiration to many :) so thankful for you and your sweet blog! Lovely sweet dresses :)

  63. (Actually Poppa–morphed into Rik)

    Oftimes it is the simple and the ordinary moments and not the grand and exotic events that take our breath away. You certainly known how to celebrate the at-home routine as well as the New York adventures! I cannot wait for our trip in a couple weeks, back to do some baby lovin’ with Nella and moon searching with Lainey. How ’bout Lainey comes and stays overnight with us–I promise to return her with all appendages! Her with the camera is scarey–two papparazzi’s would be unbearable! Lovin’ you from Michigan where it is hotter than Florida, I do believe–without the pool or beach!

  64. Just looking at the picture of Nella ticklish made me laugh out loud. Like I could hear her giggle. Love the wave. Did Laney get glasses or is that her being fashionable? Either way to cute. I love the dress and I just know my Anna would look beautiful in it. I so have my fingers crossed on this giveaway.

  65. I loveeee the Nella wave! πŸ˜€ She’s getting so much cuter!

  66. That’s just what weekends are all about!

  67. is it even possible to fall more in love with your family? i had a great weekend with my family & friends too. so thankful for some amazing people in my life.. and glad to have a great balance, as well.

  68. Oh my gosh LOVE LOVE LOVE the wave!!

  69. Your girls are precious. I love the matching, yet not, dresses!

  70. oh my gosh – the wave. seriously.

  71. I just love how you take the most “normal” things and make it look so glamorous and fun! I need to capture moments like that more often!

  72. Thanks for the update! I love that Nella is ticklish, and I love that Lainey likes to wear cute glasses. What a fun weekend!

  73. Your girls are so beautiful and are both growing up so quickly! I am glad you had such a great weekend. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos.

  74. You’ve inspired me to buy a fancy Canon…and I’m loving every minute of my husband and I’s newborn baby girl with it! God has def gifted you with the eye of a great photographer, the hands of a wonderful writer and the heart of a beautiful mother.

  75. Nothing can make my Monday better than opening your blog and finding a new post! What a great way to start my week :)

    I saw these dresses at our local market and they were just to expensive for me to be able to buy one for my great-niece. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  76. So Fun!! We have My Fathers Pizza in Black Mountain, great pizza, cold beers, fun company!

    Thanks for another give-away!

  77. Home is the place where girls first learn how to limit their wishes, abide by rules, and consider the rights and needs of others. Home is an ok place to be when we need too be!!
    Lovin your blog!! Lovin the pics of the girlies!! lovin this giveaway!


  78. Your weekend sounds deliciously satisfying! Such beautiful photos to document the occasion!

  79. Nothing like good friends. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. The picture of Lainey holding the camera cracked me up! :) And the Nella wave? Sweetness!!!!

  80. Reminds me of all the precious cave days with my girlies. Love the wave! Too cute.

  81. Budding photog. Love it. And the artistic little glasses? Say no more – I am sold. :)

  82. What a lovely weekend you all had!! A perfect weekend in my opinion!! Love those dresses. It would be perfect for my little girl.

    Beautiful pictures as always.

  83. Every time my son sees Nella’s picture, he says, “Leah!” (his baby sister’s name). It’s too cute. I love the resemblance. :)

  84. I could not agree more…I love the feeling of getting everyone and everything ready for an adventure BUT I equally love pj days and just the coziness of our home on the farm.

    Love Lainey’s glasses and Nella’s wave :).

  85. I could not agree more…I love the feeling of getting everyone and everything ready for an adventure BUT I equally love pj days and just the coziness of our home on the farm.

    Love Lainey’s glasses and Nella’s wave :).

  86. How great it is to wake up to a new, refreshing blog. Gorgeous, as always!

  87. Hello pretty little apron dress…my sweet Anna would love to prance around in you. :) Makes me wish I could sew!

  88. Your girls melt my heart and you just dress them so darn cute!

    Our little Stella is due to arrive in a few weeks and I definitely look to your girls as style icons for her :)

  89. Glad you had a great trip to NYC and that you’re back home snuggling with your littles. They’re both so adorable; love Lainey Bug’s purple glasses and Nella’s little wave!

  90. I love those apron dresses, I love hibernating on weekends and I love this post!

  91. I love nights like that where all the BEST people show up and all the kids get along and it just goes on and on. So much fun.

    I’m LOVING Lainey’s glasses and Nella’s fuzzy little head!

    My little girl would LOVE a dress like that-LOVE IT! So cute!

    Have a great Monday, Kelle!

  92. Oh the wave!….

    Oh those apron dresses!……

    Thank you for both!…

  93. Love the pictures of precious Nella waving!! :) We’re are trying to get my now 4 month old to wave l0l i know it’s a bit early for that :)

    what a fab. weekend you had! Mine was spent hanging out with my grandma creating memories for my boy & enjoying time with my bestfriend who is due with a precious little girl in 14 days!!

  94. Your blog is so touching. Such a trite way to say how much your journey, which started for me with Nella’s birth, has changed my own walk through this crazy life. I have three teeny tinies, my youngest is just a month or two younger than Nella. Your snippets of life as shared on this blog have reminded me to be the me I mean to be (but often forget to be in the shuffle of work, home, house, activities, fun)… Enjoying the small things, little moments, a funky set of leg warmers and a fabulous hair bow on a tiny girl, attempting and failing at those damn Dora cupcakes. And most importantly, reshaping my concept of beauty. Thank you for putting it out there and bringing this one novice blog reader on the journey! Have a great day! Stacey

  95. Lainey is starting early… she’s going to be a photographer like her mommy one day! :-)

  96. Nella is so beautiful and I love how her and Lainey have matching apron dresses. Those are gorgeous!

  97. I love ticklish Nella! Too cute!

  98. Oh my gosh, the wave is too cute for words and so are those dresses!

    I have a two yaer old who loves your site. “Baby!” she says over and over again. :)

  99. i LOVE it when babies start to laugh from being tickled!! the most adorable thing ever!

  100. LOVE pillowcase dresses! Would love one for my little!:)

  101. Omg Nella wave, too presh.

  102. I’m not going to say anything more than anyone else said, because I agree! Wave, dresses, pools & friends-sooo lovely! :) We had a great weekend too, with friends & home–equally balanced & I love it! We have a little girl, not yet 2 & she looks beautiful in a paper bag–so an apron dress would be icing on an already beautiful cake.

  103. Your words and pictures are equally beautiful! I have two little girls myself who would look darling in apron dresses :)

  104. precious littles! Loving nellas new moves!

  105. Love this post! I love going out… but sometimes I just crave being a homebody. And that is lovely too!

  106. Always enjoy your posts! Precious girls…great pics!

  107. beautiful beautiful!!

    the apron dress is about the cutest thing EVER!!

  108. Oh my, such goodness galore. Love the darling garments!
    And your Nella is too cute for words!

  109. Amazing as usual. I really enjoy reading your blog and watching your amazing children grow through your creative eye. Such a wonderful jesture from your cousin as well. Have a great day. Kristen

  110. thank you for welcoming my yoga pants bottom into yours…..what a wonderful way to start the week seeing those cute little munchkin faces………i hope you are able to enjoy a snuggly little monday finger painting and reading……. :)

  111. New reader of your blog here! How cute is her little wave?!? ADORABLE! The apron dresses are CUTE too!

  112. Love the wave….and the tickles. And do they sell the rhinestone glasses in bigger sizes???

  113. Just found your blog a couple of weeks ago. I love it. Your children are adorable. I agree, I like to be social, but also stay at home. It’s hard to manage both well sometimes! I usually tend to be more of a social butterfly during the week with the kiddos, and then my house suffers…maybe one day I’ll be able to teeter totter without falling off! =)


  114. And sorry…this is Marissa but the gmail account is in my husband’s name. πŸ˜› He would die to know he just asked about rhinestone glasses. πŸ˜›

  115. I didnt know Lainey wore glasses! Too cute! :)

  116. Looks like a perfect weekend!

    I know this is off topic but why do you chose shutterfly for you photo books? I am going to make one for my little and can’t seem to decide between picaboo and Shutterfly! thanks for the help!

    by the way your posts cheer me up!! not matter what the topic! thanks a lot!

  117. This comment has been removed by the author.

  118. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

    Those dresses are amazing! I love the colors.

  119. Love the photo of Lainy where she is wearing glasses and looking into your camera. It is like she is trying to be like Daddy with her glasses and Mama with her camera.

    I will never forget when a three year old little Owen showed up at my parents house with sweat bands on both wrist. When I asked my brother who dresses his kid he laughed and said, “He did! He wanted to be just like daddy today.”

    Love the way littles think!!

  120. Oh Nella Bean, you are growing up much to quickly for my liking. It won’t be long that you will be chasing Lainy through the house. Slow down precious little.


  121. Love the dresses and Nella’s wave!

  122. Love those sweet dresses! And your sweet girls of course:)

  123. Sounds like bliss!

  124. That wave has got to be the cutest thing ever! Love the dress, I have the most perfect bloggy friend to give it to.

  125. What a beautiful weekend. I love those dresses!!.. and the wave of course!

  126. Love yoga pant weekends where littles need nothing but a diaper to run around in! There’s nothing better.

  127. Your posts always brighten up my Monday mornings :)
    Thank you

  128. Love the gathering of friends!!!! crunchy leaves are upon us, but “squeeze the life out of the last bit of summer”…that’s our motto!!! Love your little sprites glasses…MUST get those for my 4 year old….

    crossing my fingers for that dress…that is a MUST have!!!

  129. Sounds like such a wonderful weekend! Those kinds are my favorite, indeed!

    Your girls are precious, by the way! :)

  130. I can see Brett in that adorable little face of Nella’s!!!

    Oh, and I’m DYING for a little girl to wear dresses like that!

  131. This comment has been removed by the author.

  132. adorable lil wave!
    those dresses is adorable too!
    although i don’t have a daughter, i know the sweetest lil girl I’d give it to!

  133. Your blog has inspired me! I am getting my Nikon D90 this week! Thank you, Kelle!

  134. Friends and family are what makes life so fun.. Thanks for sharing you weekend with us. I can’t wait to read the next post.. I am so addicted.

  135. My niece is turning 2 next month, and this would be a very special gift for her! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  136. It sounds like you had the perfect weekend! Although I got to see my family, it was under sad circumstances. Thank you for sharing your weekend-perfectness with the world!

  137. There really is nothing better than a ‘sweat pants’ day, where nothing sounds better than a tub of ice cream and a great movie. What makes it even better is being surrounded by the best of friends!

    -Lindsey G

  138. ahhh relaxing weekends! How I love them so!

  139. Sounds like the perfect weekend!!

  140. Sounds like the perfect weekend!!

  141. Enjoying your state this week!! I have been drooling over those dresses. I hope I am the winner!

  142. Enjoying your state this week!! I have been drooling over those dresses. I hope I am the winner!

  143. Enjoying your state this week!! I have been drooling over those dresses. I hope I am the winner!

  144. Love, love, love the apron dresses!!!

  145. Ahhhhhh your kids are so cute! How wonderful that you have such great friends. Can’t believe she is waving so cute!

  146. Sweeeeet I luv those aprons dresses! Can’t believe Nella can wave, that is amazing.

  147. ah….yoga pants. Love. Your girls are just so, so beautiful!

    Would love for my girl to have a dress like that!

  148. Oh my gosh, so on Friday I took my girl to Disneyland for some gool old fashioned adventuring. Well, I can’t help but check out the shops, even if I have no plans on buying anything, and I found the cutest, funkiest pair of sequined mary janes. Obviously, I’m not going to pay 30 bones for them, but I am going to make them this weekend! I can’t wait, hot glue, sequins, here I come!

  149. Oh my gosh, so on Friday I took my girl to Disneyland for some gool old fashioned adventuring. Well, I can’t help but check out the shops, even if I have no plans on buying anything, and I found the cutest, funkiest pair of sequined mary janes. Obviously, I’m not going to pay 30 bones for them, but I am going to make them this weekend! I can’t wait, hot glue, sequins, here I come!

  150. Home is definitely where the heart is and I’m not sure your heart can get any bigger with those two loves in it!!

  151. Kelle- I am learning to take different photos of my granddaughter than I ever have before thanks to you! Its so much fun :)

  152. Oh my Nella Bean is waving frantically…she is saying Hello to all her internet friends!! we love you Nella!!

    Lainey in stylish new glasses…are they for fun or real!!
    She is rockin them…Love that she is learning all Mommy and Heidi’s photo tricks!!
    Good to see you are starting her young!!

  153. Oh, what FUN! ANd staying home too. You ARE so blessed to have so many friends. Not all are that fortunate. Thanks for sharing. HOw great, another giveaway! I would LOVE to win this,like so many others. Enjoy those littles, mama~

  154. Just love how wonderful your weekend seemed.

    Would love to be entered for the dress!!

  155. Oh that wave is just too precious!! And am loving the pic of Lainey in her glasses with the camera….so sweet.

  156. I LOVE Lainey’s purple glasses with rhinestones! So stinkin’ cute! The apron dresses are precious too! Thanks for sharing the little pieces of your fab weekend!

  157. LOVE the pic of Lainey with the camera! Shes following in her mamas footsteps, lol!

  158. Nella is getting so big and so beautiful! I reading your post!

  159. Lainey’s glasses…oh my gosh. she is the cutest.

  160. Thanks for the photo of Nellas big giggles, it made my Monday morning.

  161. I love how Nella can wave now!! Those apron dresses are TOO CUTE!!
    I love bein a momma and love reading about you raising your beautiful girls!!

  162. I love how Nella can wave now!! Those apron dresses are TOO CUTE!!
    I love bein a momma and love reading about you raising your beautiful girls!!

  163. I love the dress and my daughter would love to have one!

  164. Oh, I love the matching dresses for the sisters! My little chicks would look so cute in matching dresses too!

  165. Lainey’s glasses totally ROCK!!

    And those dresses are divine. My little Bekah J would totally do justice to one of them :)

  166. Love the glasses on Lainey! Oh POPPA* – I love it (morphed into Rik!) haha. You NAILED it, as always. I think we often get just as much joy and happiness from those simple little random moments, and being home. And too funny, how you said yes its a bit scary, Lainey with a camera! Love you Poppa Rik

  167. Kelle – you make me want to be a better person, woman, mama… thank you for sharing your observations of the world with me!

  168. Kelle – you make me want to be a better person, woman, mama… thank you for sharing your observations of the world with me!

  169. I absolutely love the pics of Nella’s ticklish laugh and her waving. I’ve been in love with your work (pics/writing) for some time now but this is the first time I’m commenting. I must say as an aspiring photographer I am blow away by your work. You are a strong woman. Even though I know you don’t write on a daily basis I still check everyday to read your musings. They never fail to bring a smile to my face and sometimes tears of understanding. All I can really say is “WOW…you are amazing!”

  170. Love everything about this cute little “everyday” post!

  171. She’s waving to me!! She’s waving!!

    Hi Nella!! Can you see me waving back at you?

    Hi Nellllla!!!! ::::waving::::

    She’s sooooo wonderful :)

  172. Love those kind of weekends with just the right mix of friends and home . . . Also, loved seeing Nella’s wave–it brings back memories of small accomplishments that are so exciting. I actually order my girls the dress just like Lainey’s red, white and blue one. They are adorable and we had family pictures made in them. So sweet.

  173. What a fun-looking bunch of friends! I can only hope that when my husband and I decide to start a family and settle somewhere, we’ll have a grand group of friends with which to spend similar times like the ones you captured in this entry.

    Oh, and Lainey’s glasses! Love….

  174. How cute are L’s glasses and N’s wave!?!! Love it!

    Those dresses are precious, I’m going to check out her etsy site pronto!

  175. Those are the cutest dresses!!! Would love to win one for my little lady!

  176. Oh, what fun! Your cousin is extremely talented too! Love the dresses on your girls!!

  177. I love your blog but you already knew that. I think the thing that I love the most (besides your gorgeous pictures and beautiful writing) is that you really know how to make the most out of every moment. Where ever you are is the perfect place for you. Whether it’s the city, the beach, the mountains, the country. Or whether it’s sunny, rainy, or snowing. Or whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall. You appreciate and celebrate it all. And I love that!

  178. Oh the wave!! Could she be sweeter? I am trying to teach my 8 month old to wave and helooks at me like I have lost my mind! I have to agree… I love my weekends full of activities jumping from thing to thing…and then also love those quiet weekend that seem to last forever with my family at home… You said it in the most perfect way, and that balance is what I am lacking lately! I can’t wait to see what creative thing you have brewing!

  179. I love me some Nella- She just brightens up my day ! Thank you Kelle

  180. after seeing the popcorn, all i want to do right now is drop everything, sit & eat popcorn while watching a movie. those dresses are super cute. I love nella’s wave! too precious!

  181. I love reading your blog so much you have no idea. I always read it in the morning with my cup of coffee before my kids wake up and turn our house inside out. LOVE IT!!!!!

  182. i love how lainey is wearing those cute glasses.

  183. Wow, could Nella be any cuter with that smile. And of course all of that baby roll goodness! My heart is swelling.

    I too love my “cave” and welcome visitors to add to the delight of my day. I feel sometimes my poor kids are craving to get out into the world but it is so hard to leave our nirvana here!

  184. What a fun and yummy time with friends!

  185. Those dresses are beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway.

  186. Nella is just wow. I love the wave. Those dresses are so cute, I have a two year old who would love to sport one. Thanks for the inspiration. I marvel at your momness and come here for doses whenever i’m having a bad day.

  187. Nella’s precious smile just brightens my day everytime. Thank you for sharing her with us : )

  188. Oops! Forgot to say how adorable the Nella wave pic is!!!!

  189. So excited to see a new post :) my 3 girls all in school today….. It’s soo weird with them all not here! We all made your version of fairy dust this weekend! Love seeing all the cool things you do with your sweet hearts!

  190. I love that wave! Bye bye little Nella Bean!
    I love that you share your life so honestly with us. It is a beautiful one and I am richer for reading it. :)

    nikki Cooper

  191. You, your camera, and your “littles” going crazy in the craft store. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  192. Aw a sweet little wave. Those apron dresses are to die for, so cute!

  193. We had a similar weekend! Out with adult friends on Friday night and family time the rest of the way through. Glad you had a nice weekend too!

  194. ACK!! I love me some Nella smiles – these are some of the BEST yet!

  195. adorable!! I love mondays!

  196. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I can’t get enough of your pictures and the way you tell a story! AMAZING! Thanks for giving us a chance to win those cute aprons!

  197. *waves* Hey Nella!
    Gotta love friend-time. We got together in a local beer garden this weekend. A mixture of Medics, parents, kids. Conversations about research and work punctuated by pregnancy and potty-training. I love my dual life! Sometimes the two seem to marry somehow and I don’t feel like two separate people. Do you ever find that?

    Loving the dresses. I’m sure my little girl would love to wear one! (Ok, she’s not born yet… but we entered the 3rd Trimester today – its all getting real!)

    Big love from England xx

  198. My husband always asks if I’m reading the blog of the lady I don’t know. Yep, I sure am! And I look forward to every post. Thanks for reminding me to “enjoy the small things”!!

  199. happy monday!! : )

  200. I would live in yoga pants if I could

  201. to. die.
    love love love those dresses – always have drooled over your girls a bit in them…

    Sending a little Fairy Dust your way to help with the creative jolt…as if YOU need any. Happy crafting.

  202. Kelle, you are such an eloquent writer! I am honestly just inspired constantly to one day be a loving and compassionate mother like you! I am always so excited to read a new blog so that I can snuggle up in my bed with my comfy pj pants and steamy mug of green tea and just let your words flow into my mind. Your blogs make me anxious to have my own “littles” one day and to let myself grow through them, just like you’ve done through Lainey and Nella. Thank you for your words. Please keep writing, we’ll keep reading!

  203. I love baby waves, they are the best followed by a blown kiss!

  204. Love, LOve, LOVE Nella’s waving and Lainey’s glasses!!!!

  205. You make me look at all the little moments of life so differently. I can actually hear YOUR voice in my head when I’m living my life…each moment a poem with my munchkin girl.

  206. Just recently found your blog and I am enjoying it so much.
    The apron dresses are adorable!

  207. Totally jealous that you get to play both worlds. My husband has been working out of town for three months so it has been pretty much completely home time for us this whole summer.

  208. what a lovely weekend!
    my niece would look adorable in one of those dresses.

  209. Geez… it feels like just yesterday i read Nella’s birth story – now look how big she has gotten… so precious!

  210. Love the pictures of sweet Nella laughing! Too cute :)

    And I would LOVE to see my sweet Selah in one of those adorable dresses. I’ve been a fan of those for a long time!

    Happy Monday :)

  211. Those dresses are absolutely adorable ! Hope to win one for my 14 month old little princess… I ll send you a picture of her wearing it, I promise !
    Your blog is such an inspiration to me … your creativity has no end ! Keep up the good work. You and your gorgeous family has a place in our hearts here in Belgium !

  212. I love the apron dresses! I get a little flutter in my stomach each time I see you have a new post. Thank you for reminding me enjoy all of the small things, sometimes I overlook those wondrous moments!

  213. All I could think is that Little Lainey looked like her mommy in training holding your camera! And Nella…. come on! Too Cute!

  214. What a wonderful weekend with friends – they never fail to make ours a bit brighter as well. I love the pics of Laney with the camera, before you know it you’ll be teaching her your craft! Please enter me in the giveaway, love those cute aprons dresses!

  215. Thanks for the dose of Monday afternoon inspiration!! In love with the apron dresses!! I have two littles who would look mighty sweet in ’em!! :-)

  216. It was one of those weekend in Washington, too! We had rain for the first time in a long time and we snuggled down as a family and played Hi Ho Cherry Oh endlessly with our girls! Happy Monday!

  217. LOVE those dresses. Happy Monday to you, too!

  218. Nella looks so grown up in this last post! Precious baby girls!

  219. Oooo…I love these types of dresses. DD doesn’t have a single one, and I think they would look SOOO cute on her!!

  220. Lainey in her glasses and Nella being tickled made me smile. Your posts always make me smile.

    Love the dresses. Your cousin is very talented.

  221. Love the blog, the girls are beautiful…love the weekends, can’t wait for the next. And the aprons are too cute :)

    Happy Monday

  222. Always an enjoyable morning with a cup of coffee and a new post from you.

  223. I love you! I don’t even know you but you brighten my day every time I read your blog. I have 4 daughters and when I feel grumpy and tired I am reminded of your zest for life and it makes me a better mom! Thank you! Your girls are just absolutely gorgeous!

  224. Gasp!! I LOVE those apron dresses, ever since I saw them in an earlier post. And, wow!! Nella keeps on hitting on those milestones – good on her!

  225. OMG, Nella is growing so fast. Beautiful pictures as always!

  226. She had me at Hello… The wave is priceless:)
    Hugs from Jana and I.

  227. Perfect weekend. :)

  228. I would like to surprise my husband with a trip for his 40th birthday (January). I was thinking the Keys but you always mention the Capri? Would tell me which one you would recommend and why.
    Thanks you for your help. Also, thanks for your blog and always brightening my day.

  229. I think the creative lull has semi-entered our home as well. I am attributing it to the change of seasons approaching. I feel so in-between on my ideas and activities. And just as you have said.. big things are coming, I can feel it!

  230. Your Nella and my Lucy are so close in age… It’s incredible to see the stages! We are working on Lucy’s wave, it’s almost there!

    Beautiful pictures as always!

  231. I love the wave! Adorable! I totally agree with the see saw of life, we went away this weekend to the city and I will happily stay home next weekend to balance out the fun we had. Looking forward to a relaxing long weekend :) As for the yoga pants, I’m wearing mine right now!

  232. Your blog makes me wish I could move back to Florida for the sole purpose of playdates with our babies. Lainey and Lillian would be great friends, and my Shepherd would fall in love with your sweet little Nella. But, I basically live in the desert. At least I can still read your blog!

  233. (Formerly known as Poppa)
    Alright, the photo with Beckham, Peyton and Lainey…Beckham so has that “…ya’ talkin’ to me…” look on his face–LOL! And my dear, the day you have a creativity lull, there will be flowers circled around you and soft organ music playing…you are always creative, my belief is EVERYONE is, we just find different ways to express it.

  234. Fantastic wave! Go Nella!

  235. You have such a wonderful vibrant community. Such beautiful colors and smiles and babies. Beautiful!!


  236. I like thinking that a creative lull is leading to a rockin’ storm. That’s a great way of thinking of it…cause I’m in a lull. Gives me hope.

    What a sweet post full of babies. So yummy. Love the last one:) Hope I win a dress…too cute. One of my girls would be lovin’ that!

  237. Love those dresses ! They are so adorable ! I would love to win one for my daughter Caitlyn True who is now 14 months. I promise I will send a picture of her wearing it !
    You are such an inspiration, your talent has no end. You and your lovely family have a place in our hearts here in Belgium. xoxo

  238. okay. if you could only see how often i view your blog. you probably can, but i hope you don’t because that would be thoroughly embarrassing. i am an addict. i should have started leaving comments months ago when a friend first sent me nella’s birth story. but i didn’t. so now i am. i am so in love with your talent and in awe of the moments you catch of your little love sponges. you make me want to steal more kisses from my sweet little ones. so thank you.

  239. I wanna come hang out with you for a week. Your life looks like so much fun! (Of course I know that it’s not all about fun, but the fun looks SO FUN!)

  240. The cutest wave caught on camera! :)
    Your cousin is very talented! Would love one of her dresses.

  241. This comment has been removed by the author.

  242. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE one of those apron dresses for my 9 month old or my 7 year old!! Also love those hibernation weekends too! Glad you enjoyed, as you always do – FULLY! Enjoy you day.

  243. Jealous of your life :)

    Keep livin’ it and and will keep on wishin’ I was too!

  244. nella is too too sweet waving in those last pics!
    and lainey and nella look so adorable in those sweet apron dresses!
    would love to win one for my grandaughter emily.

  245. Wearing my yoga pants right now too! Happy Monday !!!

  246. Yoga Pants Rock!!

  247. so…i would love to win me something new…especially on this first day of school, and i am feeling a little bit sad about it. :( happy monday to you too. mis..

  248. Your posts always inspire me to get going on a project…to hug my little…and to really look deeply for special moments and details.

  249. its hard to beat cuddeling up in bed with popcorn movie and the little ones!
    LOVE LOVE THE APRON DRESS!!! Too Precious!

  250. Sounds like a lovely weekend!!! Beautiful girls you have!!:)

  251. Love love love the photo of lainey with the camera and glasses!

  252. It was a lazy pants kinda weekend over here too! I love Nella’s wave! See you soon Nella!

    Thanks again for letting us look into your life. It always gives me something to smile about when I go onto the interwebs. :)

  253. Nella gets sweeter and sweeter with every picture you post.

    Love the dresses!

  254. I’ve been looking forward to reading your next post! I love my yoga pants, wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in them?! I wish!

  255. great post – thanks for the awesome start to my week!

  256. you really must pick me! i have 2 girls that would look super cute in those dresses

  257. Love Lainey glasses…love Nella’s wave…..love one of those apron dresses for my little granddaughter.

  258. You family is absolutely gorgeous!

  259. it’s so sweet to see all your friends loving on your kids. nothing melts my heart more than when my little one is passed around from family member to friend to family member… getting kisses, loves, cuddles, tickles, giggles…

  260. Lets not forget a couple naps too! Love Mondays!

  261. Pick Me! Pick Me! (at random, of course!)

  262. Weekends at home are pure magic!
    Your girls are absolutely adorable!
    My little Addisyn would look oh so cute in an apron dress :)

  263. Loooooove Lainey’s glasses! She looks so much like you!

  264. Love your blog – a friend recommended it and I am hooked!! You are an amazing photographer, but more importantly, a mom! I just had my first baby 5 1/2 months ago and am in love with her more every day!

  265. Happy Happy weekend here in the desert too! Your blog is lovely and inspiring as always. Have a fabulous week-

  266. My 2 1/2 year old loves to take my point-and-shoot camera and take pictures, mostly of her feet and the floor though!

    Karen H.

  267. Your girls always look so cute and stylin. I would love to have one of these dresses for my niece. Love the wave too! Nella has such a sweet spirit about her.

  268. I think Lainey and Nella need to come over and play at our house in So Cal

  269. I may or may not have worn yoga pants ALL weekend. Just goes to show- great minds think alike! THanks for brightening my day! Loves to you all!

  270. Nella’s little wave is tooo cute! I very much enjoy reading your blog and find that your girls often mirror my girls. They are almost the same age and share the same sister moments. like Abby shoving a paci in Bella’s mouth and Bella clearly is not that impressed by the paci. :)

  271. Such a beautiful weekend! I too, enjoy my black yoga pants on the weekends, I like to call’em my weekend pants! :)

  272. Kelle – I always look forward to your posts! So inspiring!

    My 4-year-old daughter would love the dress! I can’t get her to wear anything but dresses these days!


  273. I know I’ve said this before… but I.CANNOT.GET.ENOUGH.OF.YOUR.BLOG!! I check everyday for a new post and then just drool the entire time I’m reading it. I know… I’m a freak… but your writing and photography skills are OUTSTANDING!! Thanks so much for helping me to remember to enjoy being a mama!!!!

  274. hi nella *waving* and sweet lainey looks like a rockstar in her glasses….oh to be young and carefree :)

  275. My 8mo daughter, Jane and I just had a mini afternoon dance party to Tom Petty. Thanks. (She was being a bit of a Krank before.) :p

  276. I love the picture of Lainey with the camera that looks like it weighs almost as much as she does! And the wave, how cute! Those dresses are adorable. I have an 8 months old baby girl who I would love to dress in one of those!

  277. Those dresses are adorable! Also, from one Gator to another, I dig your hat, Brett! I think that’s the only hat I’ve ever seen on him – and that is OKAY :) Go Gators :)

  278. love the wave send off!!!

  279. Ahh, I would love to win one of these amazing dresses for my baby girl on the way! Btw- your girls are adorbs!!

  280. Awww! Nella’s wave is adorable and the photos of her laughing just made my day! x

  281. You really look like you have the best of friends! That’s so awesome.

    And the dresses are really cute! :)

  282. So, your Friday night looked like so muchn fun, nothing better than good friends and good drinks!
    I have been wondering where those adorable apron dresses were from! Too cute, I know my little miss would love prance around in one with her newest obsession, glitter ballet flats from target! Got to love 2 year old sass! Your the best Kelle!

  283. I love those little dresses! My little Pearl would look so sweet in one of those…

    Your blog is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  284. Hi Nella!!!

  285. Such a fun post! Thanks for sharing!

  286. Nella is getting hair!! Love it!

  287. Wooo! A giveaway I can enter! I love how having a 3 year old boy makes my 4 month old girl very girly!

    You see blessed with great friends, and they see blessed with all of you. We had a great weekend with family and friends, and seeing that you had one, made my heart happy.

    You should have been here in Norway today, because fall is on it’s way.


  288. OMG the picture of Nella waving- the cuteness is overwhelming!
    And her laughing at the tickling-even more precious.
    I think Lainey will be taking after you- she looks like a pro with the camera!

  289. Love the glasses…and the popcorn in the massive bed looks very yummy!!!

  290. Love the little dresses:). Love the one bowed pig tail, love the yoga pants, and the wave made my day. so delightful, as always
    ;), thanks Kelle!

  291. I can’t believe how big Nella is getting..so precious. And Lainey’s glasses..ADORABLE! She looks like such a little grown up. Love it! Hope your wonderful weekend is followed by a wonderful week! Happy Monday!:)

  292. Love balanced weekends too, time for friends and extended family but then love jumping into my yoga pants and cuddling with my favourite girl too.

    Love the dresses, too cute.

  293. I have often “Oohed and awed” over these dresses on your sweet girls. What fun it would be to see it on my little girl!

  294. I too spent the weekend cooped up with wonderful friends!! I love my friends and the excitement they bring to my heart!! Those apron dresses are too cute!

  295. love Lainey’s glasses, love Nella’s huge blue eyes, love reading your blog every week.

  296. A weekend with friends is always a treat be it in the house or out of it! Yoga pants, broken in just right, are also a fan fav in this house:)

  297. the wave made my day….thank you sweet Nella Cordelia..i’m smiling :)

  298. I don’t think you realize how addicting you are LOL! I was told about your blog in May by a coworker that has a little boy with DS and I have been so completely addicted ever since! Sometimes I need you just to be able to start my day/week off! Keep up the wonderfulness! :)

  299. Baby waves are equal to baby giggles…can’t wait for my little one to start waving!

  300. I love Lainey’s glasses! I may have to find my little one a pair. So very cute. Happy Monday!

  301. Oh my, those last two Nella pics are super cute!!

  302. Weekends that ebb and flow – that is what life is made of. Thank you again for sharing some of yours.

  303. Things that make me smile right now: Lainey’s purple glasses and Nella’s wave… too cute! Thanks for the ray of sunshine in my boring work day!

  304. Adorable girls in adorable dresses!

  305. Oh! I would love love love to give one of your cousin’s dresses to my best friend’s newest baby girl, Chloe!! She’s such a blessing – especially after her big sister, Calista, recently passed away shortly after her birth from complications caused by Trisomy 18.

  306. Oh my word!! The wave!! How cute is that!!

    My little who is blessed with that blessed extra chromosome too flashes her grin at anyone she sees at the store, calls out a friendly “hi!” and accompanies it with a little wave. I love the way this special child can bring any somber-faced grownup to forget (if only for a second) the burdens of the day, the cares of their life, when they take the opportunity to look at her and respond to her greeting.

    Just wait…it gets “funner and funner.”

  307. Love the waving! Always look forward to your posts!

  308. These pics are so joyful…you sure know how to live life and those dresses…TO DIE FOR!!!

  309. Those dresses are adorable! I’d love one for my little girl! But goodness does sweet little Nella just get cuter and cuter!

  310. Gorgeous all around. Your photos remind me how sweet life is with little ones around.

  311. Love weekends like this with a wonderful balance of both worlds!


  312. Kelle,
    I love reading your blog – it’s brings me down a notch and makes me really take time to focus on the important things in life.
    Thank you!

  313. You never disappoint Kelle… ever. Girls are beatiful like always.

  314. I love reading your blog! It inspires the contentness I’m working towards!

  315. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Some of the best photos yet of Nella!!! What a sweetie :) I feel a trip to the craft store brewin’ too…
    *waving back to Nella!*

  316. Too cute…. Little L’s quite the fashionista…..ALL GIRL!

  317. The green pasture of cows outside my back window likely doesn’t smell as good as the ocean being nearby…but there’s nothing like a warm breeze blowing in and making the window curtains dance. My niece would ROCK that apron dress!

  318. Oh your sweet little family brings me such delight! What a wonderfully blessed life you have! :)

  319. beautiful girls. inspiring words. love your blog.

  320. My daughter would LOVE one of those dresses. In our house, dresses get top billing, then jeans (like you, mama), then boring ol’ short, skirts, and shirts.

  321. I’ve always loved these dresses since you first posted a picture of Lainey!

  322. As always, another beautiful post! I am seriously in baby heaven right now and you are givng me baby fever (but dont tell my finacee that lol)…
    Love Lainey’s glasses they make her look so much older and sophisticated and adore the picture of Nella being tickled. Rock on, Kelle!

    Kim from NJ

  323. I want one so i can present it to my daughter the day we go for our c section.. Then she can meet her new brother in said beautiful dress…I love your babies wish i could join you for pizza on a friday..

  324. LOVE the dress – it’s adorable! Your cousin is very talented!

  325. sounds like the perfect weekend! ps, i think our girls might be cut from the same mold!

  326. I’ll be honest. I want one. An apron dress, that is :)

    What a glorious weekend–and why don’t I know of that pizza place?! We too had a heavy social calander this weekend, and several times throughout all of the pack and play fold ups and tear downs, re-packing diaper bags and littles cat naps in the car, I realized how wonderful it is to have such a great network of friends. Hooray for you for getting to enjoy it ALL this weekend!!

  327. Look at little Miss Nella sitting up like such a big girl in her cute little apron dress – love it!

    I have two boys and I think my husband would KILL me if I put either one in an apron dress. :) But…if I win I think my niece would look oh so cute in one of these dresses! Thanks for the giveaway…it definitely makes Monday better.

  328. Cute dress!

  329. AWH! She waves? That’s AWESOME!!!!! She’s SOOo cute!

  330. Oh my gosh, that pic of Nella in the dress is absolutely adorable!! The waving pictures make me so excited about my own little bundle of joy on the way :)

  331. Okay, that dress is about the cutest.dress.ever, and right up my girl’s alley.

    Beautiful pics, beautiful post, as always. Still waiting to see pics of the chaos… (just kidding)

  332. Lainey with the camera is too much! And Nella’s wave….presh!

  333. I love the waving- she is so precious!! Love the dresses also!

  334. Love the wave.
    Love the weekends of friends.
    Love the weekends of home.

  335. I have been following you blog since Nella’s birth. You are such an inspiration and I know that I can always find my smile by just reading your blog. Your life is one that is truly blessed and I pray it continues that way! My sweet daughter Izabel (12mo old) loves looking at your beautiful pictures … especially of Nella. She points and calls her “Nene” and sometimes a little giggle. I have to say, the wait for your New York pictures was torture! LOL Just wanted to say you’re #1 on my blogger list! Izabel and I send the biggest parts of our Texas love to you! Keep up the good work, and keep the love and smiles shining through!

  336. nella’s eyes are so gorgeous! loving the cutey-pie matching sister dresses!

  337. So glad to see a post! Having withdrawals!

    It is so refreshing to spend weekends with friends. We did the same on Saturday night and they shared their baby with us and she is just so much fun!

    Looking forward to see what you create!


  338. Your babies are the absolute cutest ever…would love to see a video of Nella waving! And I LOVE your headboard. It makes your bed look so luxurious!

  339. I love Nella’s wave!!! Such gorgeous pictures! Thanks for being you!

  340. I love Nella’s wave! My daughter is 10 months and now since we encourage her to wave to “hi” and “bye” if we say either in any context she waves! Example: me to my hubby “don’t forget to buy juice” (baby waves) so cute!
    Time in is so nice, time out with good friends that feels like time in is wonderful!!
    Your words continue to amaze me with their beauty. :-)

  341. I checked here first thing when I got into work this morning…nothing updated yet. I come back 2 hours later to a beautiful post and tons of comments! Like all other posters I love the wave and the little glasses Lainey’s wearing are too cute! Oh how your pictures make me green with envy. I wish I lived in Naples and had all the “family” you have surrounding you!

  342. enjoying the small things all weekend…. and hopefully all week. you are an inspiration.

  343. I just started to follow your blog about two weeks ago. A friend of mine posted a link to your blog and the birth story of Nella. I have a daughter who was born about 3 weeks before Nella, after years of trying to conceive she was out miracle and it didn’t hit me that she was mine to take home until the Nurse was wheeling me out of the maternity ward, and the tears started to fall. I love looking at the pictures of your family, and I have been starting to take more of my little girl because of it. I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your life with everyone, and your two beautiful girls!

  344. I swear, I was going to ask where you buy Lainey´s cute apron-dresses from!! (Before I saw the give-away)

    Soo many good-looking friends and cute kids btw :) hehe

  345. Hooray for “a little in, a little out weekends!” They are the best. They are like home base check-ins with all that is going on in our crazy lives.

  346. Ahhhh… the yoga pants! a must have really.
    We are just “enjoying the small things” today and hope you are too!

  347. Sounds like the perfect weekend after a trip, relaxing and catching up with friends.

  348. Your girls are adorable!! Love their (your) style! 1st time posting!

  349. Ah, the waving bye picture and the ones of Lainey emulating her mommy with that camera. Love.

  350. Love, love, love the wave – you go Nella! I’ve got boy/girl twins just two weeks older than Nella so I especially love to see the pictures of her and how she’s growing so quickly. I find great inspiration in your words and wanted to say thank you for bravely sharing your thoughts – you really are making a difference encouraging others to enjoy the small things. Thank you so much. It’s so nice to read about a wonderful

  351. Your girls are beautiful! And I totally live in yoga pants. Every day.

  352. Those dresses are adorable and I would love one for my little girl. I have never left a comment before but I love the stories of your life with your precious girls. You inspire me to do the same with my own. Thanks for being so open and honest.

  353. Looks like you guys had a great weekend. Ours was similar with a saturday at home and then a sunday family reunion. Those dresses are adorable.


  354. The pics of Nella waving are absolutely adorable. I cannot say enough how inspiring your writing is. Thank you again for inspiring my week!!!

  355. Sounds like a perfect weekend-friends and family! Doesn’t get much better than that does it?! Would love to win a sweet dress! :)

  356. LOVE the pic of Lainey in the glasses with the camera! So adorable!!

    Jen G.

  357. Love the wave!!! Thanks for getting my me Nella fix :) The apron dresses are just too cute :)

  358. love love love the wave!!!

  359. O your girls are so beautiful!! The other day I was looking at your blog…as I check it every day…And my little Ella (who is only 2 days older then your Lainey) asked who she was…Then she told me that she wants Lainey to come over and play with her! I just love it! Kristen

  360. The wave, the dresses, the girls, all adorable. I loe a good balance between home and social as well.

  361. love following your blog, i have twin daughters, one diagnosed with a genetic disorder, Noonan Syndrome. i’m a photographer too! feel like we have a lot in common!! love the dresses, your girls are too cute!

  362. Those dresses are adorable!
    And look at her waving! Too precious

  363. Kelle, I so enjoy reading about your beautiful family….even without the pictures, your words bring the vivid image to my mindseye!! You have such a gift.

  364. As a young mother, it is always nice to find a balance between staying at home and being social. There aren’t many times that I get to play Social Mouse, but I live for the times that I do. And I love that your social life is just like mine. It’s still just as much about your family and your girls as if you had stayed home. Sweet post!

  365. Sounds like a great weekend!

  366. Beautiful pictures, as always. Would love to win an apron dress for my six year old daughter, who is just now really loving to wear girly little outfits.

  367. I love weekends that are just like that! Especially when they involve my favorite sweats and my two princesses with me the whole time! I’m so anxious for fall, because this will happen much more often!

  368. Loved this post! And the little wave at the end? Perfection.

  369. She is so effin’ cute. LOVE.

  370. The pictures of Nella waving- MELTED ME!!! Great pics- great post- as usual! Creative storm- BRILLIANT! My creative floodgates are bursting! I made a HUGE trip to Joann’s… can’t wait to get my projects started and really hope you have just as much fun with your projects! : )

  371. Love Nella’s wave! I would love to win too. I am having a little girl in December, Sophie, and she would be adorable in that when summer comes!

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  373. This comment has been removed by the author.

  374. sounds like a perfect weekend. Relaxing and fun! I would love to win an apron dress, I think they are so beautiful. We’re due in November with our first little girl and I am loving all the girly selections out there! :)

  375. Oooh, after seeing your girls in their gorgeous apron dresses a while ago, I tried to make one of my own (see, you do inspire me!) but it’s no way near as pretty as yours! Love your weekend, it sounded perfect. I want one of those too :)

  376. Few things can compare to the warm and fuzzies two sweet jammied’ babies can bring to their all too grateful parents. I’ve got two sweet girls myself, my younger born just two days after Nella. I love watching them grow at the same time. You have beautiful pictures, beautiful girls, and you are such an inspiration to be a the best mommy and photographer that I can. Thank you for this.

  377. For me it’s rainy Sundays…where you have no choice but to stay in and snuggle your babies, read books and watch movies! Even though my babies are 8 and 12 it’s still one of our most favorite things to do! Lovin’ the wave Nella!!

  378. I love the little pink head band on Nella and those apron dresses are adorable!

  379. LOVE your photos!! Maybe someday I will be half the photographer you are!! lol!!

    Your girls are too cute!

  380. I love, love, love your photos!!! They bring your post to life! Have a wonderful week!


  381. Have you heard back from the Oprah nextwork as to if your show will be picked up? I hope so!!!

  382. Have you heard back from the Oprah nextwork as to if your show will be picked up? I hope so!!!

  383. Love the pictures of Nella waving..How cute!!!

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  385. Thanks for the giveaway!

  386. Ah the hibernation of weekends in revive my life. I am in desperate need of life to slow down so that I may live in my yoga pants for the weekend. Thanks for the opportunity to live vicariously through you and slow down for a bit.

    Love your girls and your words! Thanks for the blessings you have caused me to witness!

  387. Kelle,
    Listening to your playlist and smiling at your blog! What a way to start a Monday!

  388. Weekends at home are the best. I have two girls also and LOVE when they are in matching outfits! So cute!

  389. Your blog always brings me a little extra “happy”! :)

  390. thanks for making Monday sweeter.

  391. I just happened across your blog last week, and spent a great part of the weekend reading your entries, and admiring your pictures! You have got such talent! You also seem to be an amazing mom! I love your style, your attitude, and your two sweet little girls!

  392. I LOVE your blog! I love how sometimes it makes me laugh and sometimes it makes me cry, and every day I look forward to reading what you have posted for all of us to read!

    I love how you capture every precious moment, and we all get to watch your babies grow! Thank you for sharing!

    I LOVE the pics of Nella waving!! Super cute!!

  393. I love Lainey’s glasses! Those are darling, and Nella and her wave. Such a sweet babe.(:

  394. So sweet…weekends are the best! And it would make my week if my little Ivy girl could run around in one of those apron dresses!

  395. I love those smiles!

  396. Your friends and the people you surround yourself with seem so absolutely amazing. I’m glad you and Brett have so many amazing people to share your little gifts with. :)

  397. So the last pic of Nella waving totally screams, “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!”

  398. I have adored that red and blue apron dress since it’s debut on your blog. Seriously…so adored that I got the fabric to learn to make it. Not even kidding.
    It would be SO awesome to win won…cause..the soonest that dress will be made is next summer for my own little :)
    And Nella waving? It broke the cute meter.

  399. Love the shirt…sweet like mommy…mommy sure seems sweet!!

  400. You have a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it. What a lovely weekend! And what a fun giveaway! Heather

  401. Dress-too cute. I can see Kate in one.

  402. those are the best kind of weekends, jumping from one fun thing to the next with people that you love!

  403. Love family/friend themed weekends!

  404. beautiful post and pictures as always!

  405. LOVE Lainey’s glasses and really LOVE that she seems to like to wear them! My little would rip them right off :-)

  406. Love the little wave! My little guy has recently mastered the wave as well! So much fun!

  407. precious…absolutely precious….

  408. As always, I love your posts. I look forward to them and check frequently!

  409. love lainey’s glasses! too cute!!

  410. Love the Nella waving pics! Her smile makes me smile, every time. Even while I am here at work with a case of the Mondays, I just start smiling when I see that face!

    And yes, I have the equivilant to your faded yoga pants. Mine are black faded workout pants, and I wear them after work and on the weekends. For whatever reason, while wearing them I feel as if I am doing as good as excersising. ha!

  411. What a refreshing time to just sit back with friends. Always good to read your blog and be inspired for the week ahead.

  412. Love that sweet little wave at the end! And those apron dresses are adorable! I had planned on making my daughters each one this summer but never got around to it. Very cute!!

  413. Love your blog!

  414. Yoga pants are the best!! Love weekends like the one you just had:) Soo proud of Nella for waving!!

  415. Nella is priceless in the apron dress. I’m lovin’ the arm chub! πŸ˜‰

  416. you have the cutest little girls! every time I read your blog it just makes me want to go snuggle and love on my little girlies–ages 2 1/2 and 4 months.

  417. Thank you for allowing us to watch your girls grow up! I’m in love with Nella’s wave. So precious!

  418. What a fun weekend! I love the wave :)

  419. Nella’s smile and little laugh are more precious every day!!! And Lainey always melts my heart! I love your little family, keep them close and continue to enjoy the little everyday things with them for they grow up sooo very quickly.These are the moments that add the greatest riches to your memory box.

  420. Thank you for always adding a little something extra to the day. Your photos are so inspiring and you find beauty in the simplest daily events.

  421. I would love to win a little sunshine..my 4 girls love sweet dresses and I love to match them.
    Good Luck to me!!

  422. Sure love those dresses!

  423. What a great weekend….balanced with friends and time home…..Nella waving is the best!!! She brings a smile to my face every time!!!!

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with from the craft store.
    Have a great week, Kelle!

  424. I love reading your blog. It makes my heart smile!

  425. Love spending quality time with friends on weekends. How fun!

  426. Oh my stars-Nella’s wave melts my heart!! You’re cousin is a champion woman of amazingness, her sweet dresses are a dream!!

  427. the wave. oh my god the wave. ok ps is every person in your life just gorgeous?!? honestly, it’s not even fair to the rest of us normal people in this world. so many beautiful people out for pizza. craziness.

  428. Hi Kelle!
    I love seeing your recent photos of Nella. She and my daughter, Iris, are just one day apart and have conquered their milestones together. They sat up at the same time and are now waving! Too cute! Thank you for sharing the photos of your beautiful weekend. Cheers to that perfect pair of black (gone gray) yoga pants! I’m rockin’ my pair as well!

  429. Your girls are soooo cute!

  430. LOVE Lainey’s little glasses! looking forward to what u may create!

  431. I LOVE the wave!! How cute! And I love the apron dress! My baby girl (who turns ONE on Saturday) would look adorable in one. Time goes by so quickly, but I love finding joy in the small things with my children – and your blog helps me remember to do just that!

  432. Hi! This is my first comment, although I’ve been blog-stalking you for quite some time. I love you blog. I love your pictures. Your babies are precious, and I love how you’ve captured them.
    (*Oh, and I love those apron dresses!)

  433. Those dresses are adorable. Sadly I have 2 boys who wouldn’t be happy to wear a dress even if it’s for Mommy. Well, ok my 14 month wouldn’t know the difference but I won’t do that to him. ;o) Though I do have a beautiful 15 month old niece who would look great in one!

  434. I am in love with how you tell a story. Beautiful. I am also in love with those dresses! I am thinking my almost one year old (sigh…how is she so old?!) needs one!

  435. Alright…
    I am adding “Be the first to post a comment on Kelle’s blog” to my bucket list…
    I can’t believe that I am four-hundred-something!!! Grrr!!!
    LOVE Lainey’s glasses – when did she get glasses? – and Nella’s wave! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – she is just delish!!!

  436. Oh Dear! That waving hands of Nella!!!! You made me smile on a sweltering Monday.

  437. i love that picture of nella at the end!! hello right back to you sweet girl!

  438. Your posts always touch my heart — thank-you!

  439. Lainey looks fabulous with those glasses. I especially love the photo of her in the glasses AND with the amazing camera. She’s going to grow up a photographer like her mama.

  440. Nella has the cutest expressions. Simply delicious.

  441. Love the dresses, and LOVE your blog!

  442. The way you describe your days is like reading poetry — thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. I wish I could capture my kids’ life the way you can . . . lovely!

  443. My little princess would look quiet lovely in that sugary dress! Thanks for the post. I always look forward to reading them!

  444. I heart the wave, the eyes, the soul of that baby. She is very special, along with her family.

  445. Your writing is as beautiful as your girls. Love the blog!!

  446. nella and lainey sure know how to pour it on for the camera! love love lovely :)

  447. Love those dresses!!!!


  448. I love the pics on your blog! Thanks for sharing. My daughter would love one of those adorable dresses.

  449. Yoga pants are essential. Loved the pictures, as always. Your words are always beautiful.

  450. What gorgeous photos! You’re very talented! Love he dress! my 2 year old would love it too! πŸ˜‰

  451. My little Isabella who just turned one and I both LOVE your playlist Kelle. Every time I am reading your blog, my littles eyes light up and she starts swaying back and forth to the music!
    Happy you all had a nice weekend!

    Cheryl D in Michigan

  452. My little Sass would love, love that dress. The fun colors, and the fact that it is a DRESS, she would be tickled PINK! I can see the twirling that will happen when she tries it on.

  453. The dresses are adorable!

  454. I just adore those dresses!!!

  455. Loving the little girls in rhinestoned glasses and baby Beatles shirts! Your kids are genuinely cool.

  456. I love the Coors Lights in the playroom :)

  457. That wave kills me. So full of life! You are a breath of fresh air Kelle!

  458. Love these posts, love those dresses. I’d love one for my granddaughters first bithday which is one month from today.

  459. Oh look at that “melt your heart to mush” wave!! I could eat her up with a big spoon! And the dresses are so, excuse me…damn cute! :)

  460. Love that Nella is so excitedly waving! So very cute! She seems to be saying, hey don’t forget about me, I want to say bye too!

  461. Can’t believe how big Nella’s getting with her cute wave. Looks like a weekend full of fun. Those dresses are way too cute!

  462. Love seeing pictures of your girls. They’re darling. And I’d LOVE to have one of those apron dresses for my little darling πŸ˜‰


  463. Your girls are beautiful, and get more beautiful each time you post new pictures. What a wonderful weekend!

  464. For about a thousand reasons, we’ve been stuck indoors for the last little while. This post has inspired me to reach outside of my little cave, and arrange an emergency froyo meeting – STAT!

  465. Thank you for inspiring me to find the joy in, not only they great moments of life, but in every moment!

  466. I don’t know how you deal with all that cuteness with your girls! It’s almost overwhelming :)

  467. Love your blog! Beautiful family, incredible pictures! Thank you for sharing you and your family!

  468. After 2 boys, I’m lovin’ having me a baby girl and digging all the cute girly stuff I can put her in… those dresses are so cute!!

  469. loving the giggles and wave. oh, and nella’s hair? love how it’s starting to stick up. absolutely adorable!

  470. Yoga pants are my favorite cave attire as well. :) That and comfy pjs! We’re enjoying the last sails of the season.. trying to fit in all the people we love to share the beauty of the lake with.

  471. Kelle,

    I don’t even remember how I found you (some time ago), but I’ve followed your posts closely ever since. Your words and pictures have a way of calming my soul. If you should ever stop, I will surely miss you!!

  472. Kelle,

    I don’t even remember how I found you (some time ago), but I’ve followed your posts closely ever since. Your words and pictures have a way of calming my soul. If you should ever stop, I will surely miss you!!

  473. Kelle,

    I don’t even remember how I found you (some time ago), but I’ve followed your posts closely ever since. Your words and pictures have a way of calming my soul. If you should ever stop, I will surely miss you!!

  474. 500 comments in 10 minutes, seriously??! I LOVE that dress and could so see my Lily in it…
    Love Lainey’s glasses!! πŸ˜€

  475. I cant wait for my friends to be married and have kids so we can enjoy Friday nights like you :)

  476. Would love one of those dressed, too cute! Love the pics of your beautiful life, as always!

  477. Love everything about this…. minus the Gator hat (no offense! UCF and FSU fan here) ha. ha.

  478. ahhh….love love and love the apron dresses…as well as sweet and dear friends that just make life richer!!

  479. She waves!?!? Can she teach my little to do that?? :) Do you have any plans in the future to travel to the Windy City???

  480. Glad to know I am not the only one living in yoga pants on the weekends… and hibernating!

  481. How talented your cousin is! I know my neice would look adorable in one of those apron dresses.

  482. Love the dress and glasses! I have a little miss who adores getting dressed up too!

  483. lazy Sundays are the best!
    great photos!

  484. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I would live in my yoga pants!

    Nella is just too cute with that wave!

  485. Love Nella’s little wave-

    Great Giveaway- thanks

  486. You girls are just adorable!

  487. You girls are just adorable!

  488. Thanks for brightening my day! Can’t stop thinking how cute my niece would look in one of those dresses… And a frantic little wave right back at ya! Happy Monday!

  489. Awh Nella! She is waving. That melts my heart!
    Your weekend sounds simply perfect… my favorite kind.
    Have a fabulous week… enjoy your projects. I have a hankering to make a new wreath… something “fall-ish”.

  490. But creativity is much more fun than obligation!

  491. Oh Nella.. I think you are just adorable.. :) The dresses are too cute too!!! We love etsy!


  493. I think we have also found the perfect balance between friends/social and family/home life. My sanity and our marriage is better because of it!

  494. What a beauty, her wave is heart warming!!! They are both as sweet as they can come :)

  495. I love love love the apron dresses and have (almost) three little girls. Love reading your blog, thanks for adding a giveaway too :)

  496. Oh I LOVE your blog so much!! I get so happy every time I see a new post. Would love to win one of those dresses – I’m expecting my first daughter any day now! :)

  497. I just smile when I’m here “Enjoying the Small Things”. I’m new here and I have gone back and read Every. Single. Post. I really can’t even put into words how I feel about your writing and pictures, all of it just drips with ooey gooey happiness & LOVE. You made me want to move to FL, go to the Isle of Capri (Baby), have my little girl play with Lainey on the beach, snuggle little Nella and introduce her to my little man. I have no doubt all would be fast friends. I’m smiling.

  498. Love reading your blog!! Your photos are great and your girls are beautiful!!!!

  499. I love the wave!!! I’m waving back at Miss Nella. Love the dress too.

  500. oh yes, yoga pants are a staple around here;)! and that dress, my girl would do it proud!

  501. I don’t yet have any littles of my own, but since I started reading your blog (at Nella’s birth story) I continually find myself hoping I am as blessed as you when the time does come.

    Thanks for sharing!

  502. Kelle, a friend passed on your blog to me and I am so grateful! I adore the way you look at the world and how amazingly precious your babies are! I look forward to your posts…they are so fun and touching! Nella’s wave is fantastic, made my day! Have a wonderful week! πŸ˜‰

  503. I love checking in and reading your new posts! Makes me wish my little one would hurry up and get her (13 more days)!

  504. Here we go again! Another try! Are the winds of chance blowing my way?

    Fingers crossed!

  505. Oh my land that WAVE – it melted my heart into a puddle of Nella-lovin’ goo.

    So. Sweet.

    And I love Lainey’s glasses! Purple and rhinestones, a girl after my own heart!


  506. That wave is just too cute!

  507. she is ticklish?! Oh heavens! How perfect. Does lainey have glasses? I didnt know that!

    Also…the giveaway is awesome!

  508. I love Lainey’s glasses! How wonderful to be able to enjoy your friends and family…such a lovely group of people.

  509. Are Lainey’s glasses decorative or prescription? If the latter, I’m totally jealous. They didn’t have cute glasses when I was a kid!

    (Please count me out if I happen to hit your RNG – I’ve got two boys and a nephew. No girls in the family under the age of 27. :p)

  510. You always seem to enjoy life to the fulliest…regardless of what you have going on!!! One of your “fav” readers!!! Heather from New Brunswick!

  511. You look like you have a wonderful group of people in your life!

  512. I love the insight and love of live in your words. I started reading your blog as it linked to Nella’s Story… but it is just the normal life that keeps me reading (and the amazing photos) I often forget Nella has a story, she is just Nella as much as Lainey is just Lainey, happy sweet girls :-)
    The dresses are so fun and one of my 3 girls would love to wear one.

  513. I live in Yoga pants as well on the weekends… and most of the week! :) I love Nella waving! She is getting so big!

  514. I LOOOVE Nella’s wave and Lainey’s cute glasses. Looks like you had a great weekend! Happy Monday to you, too!


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  516. Ugh. If Nella were mine I would never get a thing done. I’d just want to squeeze on her all day long!

  517. Ugh. If Nella were mine I would never get a thing done. I’d just want to squeeze on her all day long!

  518. Love your blog! Those dresses are adorable! Would love to have one for my yet-to-be conceived granddaughter :-)

  519. Is it your superior picture taking or is your world just insanely full of color all the time? I love how your girls are always so full of color too.
    Friends came for a surprise visit to town this weekend, which meant we had a reunion with bunches of old friends, even more kids and an impromptu soccer game. Oh and the kids (toddlers on up) beat the adults. Awesome weekend, glad yours was the same!

  520. Love the Coors Light on the box…and love having girlfriends over to sit and just natter on….
    What a perfect balance. Love the apron dresses, need to get one for my niece Avery- must have!

  521. too cute. sounds like a great weekend. those are the best…

  522. Super cute! Love the wave and thanks for sharing the give away with us!

  523. “Sweet like Mommy” SO TRUE!!!
    Great post! How I would love to be a friend at your pizza dinner table! You always seem to have so much fun!

    LOVE Nella’s tickle faces and Lainey’s glasses!!! Now that’s a girl with an old fashioned soul. Lovin it. Happy Monday!


  524. Love Almond Joy’s chub in the apron dress picture. Love to see my little girl in one of those!

  525. Why do your posts ALWAYS make my throat tighten? Love the little dresses!

  526. Ohh MAANNNN!!!
    I love Nella’s precious tickly-face dimples!!! Made my entire day!
    And can I just say how very much I love seeing you with your friends?! I’ve been lacking in the girlfriend department, but I might have to go out there and make a few more…
    Happy Monday! πŸ˜€

  527. Love Lainey’s new specs πŸ˜‰ too cute! Once she can lift that camera I’m sure she’ll be snapping pics herself.
    Happy Monday!

  528. Love those dresses! I tried my hand at sewing cute things for my girls. Uh, yeah, I’ll leave it to the professionals!

  529. Your posts never fail at putting a smile on my face. Thank you for that!

    And a giveaway? So much fun!

    Happy Monday, friend …

  530. Im just so glad to hear someone else has their very own, staple yoga pants they live in. I’ll admit, sometimes I forget when I washed them last! Think it’s time to invest in another pair? I think so.

    Love today’s blog (and looking forward to seeing the results of your creativity moment!)

    Rach x

  531. I’ll look forward to the creativity blog. I may just sit in awe and not even attempt it, or you may make it sound easy?!?! not sure which I’d prefer, actually! ha…kidding.
    Cheers to you and your family for a fabulous week!!!

  532. Those apron dresses are adorable!! And Nella’s wave at the end is even more adorable!!! πŸ˜€

  533. My husband caught me waving good bye at the monitor so he said “you know it’s only a picture right?” I just couldn’t resist. LOL :)

  534. Lainey is definitely growing up. Her face seems to be changing a little bit. :)

  535. Lainey is definitely growing up. Her face seems to be changing a little bit. :)

  536. Sounds like THE perfect weekend.

    I love the apron dresses!!

  537. Oh, sweet Nella and her wave. I highly anticipate your posts JUST to see the latest pics of your girls. I wonder if Lainey dresses herself or if she has the help of her fashionable mama?

  538. Such great photos!

  539. I love those dressses. I admire them every time I seem them on Lainey. My daughter has even asked for one and I told her I don’t know where to get one but now I do.

  540. I live in yoga pants…wear them to bed, wear them to work. (I love my job!)

  541. Oh my, I’ve been reading a lot of your past blog entries lately, and it amazes me now to look at this and see how much Lainey has grown! And if Nella’s little wave isn’t just the cutest, then I don’t know what is! Thank you for sharing :)

  542. yay for cute apron dresses! (and I love that frantic little wave!)

  543. Yoga pants make me smile :o)
    BIG smiles!!!
    those apron dresses are so adorable!

  544. loVe you and your sisters work. Keep it up. It is amazing

  545. Could your girls be any sweeter?? Oh I could just squeeze them! Happy Monday! :)

    PS: I am wearing my comfy yoga pants right now, and I don’t plan on changing out of them any time soon HA!

  546. Cute dresses and wonderful photos. Your blog brightens my Monday. Thanks!

  547. she is very talented! i have a couple nieces who would love one of those!
    i also have the social/house thing going on

  548. Life’s richest treasures at hand- friends & family! Good times :)

  549. Your girls are way too cute!

  550. I was just thinking the whole way through that post, I really need to find out who makes those beautiful knot dresses your girls are always wearing they are gorgeous to say the least. I would love to win one, but either way I think my Little Lily might be wearing one come Summer, here is Australia C:

  551. Oh how exciting…a creativity burst! Can’t wait to hear what becomes of it! And the wave at the end of the post, seriously?? Beyond Adorable!!!! Happy Monday to you!

  552. Those girls are getting cute by the day! That Nella Bean, well I want to just smooch her to pieces! LOVE Lainey’s glasses! VERY chic!

  553. Home mouse and social mouse – I love it! I also love the apron dress and my little would LOVE one!

    ~Tina from Houston

  554. Nella is so beautiful– Her personality is showing more and more!

  555. Love the glasses. Love the wave. Love reading about your adventures. :) Makes me appreciate mine!

  556. Love that wave.

  557. I absolutely love how you catch the most “normal” things in life on film and make them look like a miracle. We should all learn to love the little things in life as much as your photos inspire me to!

  558. love the wave. love the blossoming photog. love the tickles. love the yoga pants.

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  560. LOVE the pics this weekend!! Everyone looks like they are having such a great time :) The wave is just TOO cute!!

  561. thanks for an all always feel-good post! especially good for a monday morning x

  562. your two sweet cherubs melt my heart. i really enjoy your blog.

  563. Wow Kelle! What a great blog. I am leaving my comment now and I see that you already have 536 comments – awesome! I read your blog faithfully and LOVE it!!!! I have twins that are pretty much the same age as Nella!! I would love to win that cute little dress!!!!

  564. Those apron dresses are insanely cute!!

  565. Funny, I had this inner dialogue all weekend about in and cozy v out and about. And I decided both are awesome :)

  566. thanks for making my monday a little bit brighter :) loving your perspective….as always!

  567. I bet your friends LOVE getting together with you….not only to snuggle your littles and to spend time with you BUT also in hopes of a new snapshot of them with their loved ones….oh how wonderful it would be to be friends with you on many levels. :) I continue to LOVE your blog!

  568. As always, thanks for smiles.

  569. I have 3 boys but I recently got a new niece and would love one of these cute dresses.

  570. Pick me! Pick me! :)

  571. In my house of girls, that dress would get a lot of use. Keep enjoying the small things…they sure do make a lot of people(readers)happy!

  572. finn just started the wave last night to a chorus of giggling girls and one happy daddy. and i think bedtime got delayed by about 30 minutes documenting the thing. because this whole last baby thing means that i take every single little second to incredibly soak up these baby steps. which are spilling too too quickly.
    and those dresses?
    gorgeous. i have two girls that would likely love to wear them!

  573. I live in my yoga pants also. Life is so fun being a stay at home mom being able to lounge in those comfy pants and be with our children and be the greatest influence on their lives. What a blessing! To get in a little yoga here and there in those pants is even better.

  574. This post makes me want a weekend “do-over” STAT! A random fan frantically waving back from AZ.

  575. Making my day yet again! I love reading your blog and letting your love for life spill into my home. Thank you for sharing with us!

  576. Taking a 5 (or 10…haha, sorry to my handsome husband who is making dinner and wrangling the kids!) minute break from my c.r.a.z.y. life right now to check in on you and your gorgeous ladies! You never disappoint, thank you for sharing!

  577. Once again an awesome blog!

  578. Those dresses are lovely … if I don’t win one then I’m placing a order :) I can’t wait to read about your creativity project. I’m glue-gunning today myself.

  579. You inspire me to suck the marrow out of life. Love your blog, love your girls, love your pictures, and enjoy reading about your life. We do Sunday afternoon movies…love to be all snuggled up with my littles. Bye Nella *waving back*

  580. I love to come and check out your blog, It always looks like you are having a great time with your family and friends. Your girls will love to be able to look back at all the pictures you took of them over the years. Keep up the good work.

  581. so, i typed a long comment to say thank you for your blog and tell you how much i love your kids (even though i dont know them)

    and my stupid computer restarted itself…oh how i just LOVE technology!

    anyway, thanks…and i love your kids! haha

  582. Yes, I need the apron dress! In fact, I need two!!!

  583. Thanks for always reminding me to enjoy the small things! While reading about your Friday night with friends, it made me want to be there to enjoy it with everyone, what a nice night! And I love the pics of Nella waving!!

  584. Hello, sweet Nella!! Love her! Love the shots of her nekked and laughing, too…edible. Seriously! Lainey’s lookin’ all sorts of fashionable, too, with her shades! Darling!

  585. LOVE your girls!! They are both so beautiful, and I LOVE your blog! I am so glad that you are doing it!!! Keep up the good work girl!! ;o)

  586. Oh your little girls with all their cuteness! :) :) And Nella waving! So precious. Those dresses are seriously adorable, sigh, I don’t have a little girl yet though, but if I win, I will save it for her one day! And if that one day doesn’t come, I will give it away to a very special little girl, like maybe a niece ( since I have three younger sisters) or a granddaughter!

  587. I so much enjoy reading your blog and being inspired and thankful for everything life throws our way! Would love to win a apron dress. Thanks for sharing from the depths of your being!!

  588. Lovely post, and so fun to find a giveaway once I read to the bottom of the page :) Thanks for sharing your fun weekend!

  589. It sounds like you had the perfect weekend! And I love the wave!!

  590. would love a dress…or two…for my “twin” girls who are 6 and 7. please, please, please, let me win.


  591. Nella, the cutest little wave I’ve ever seen. You’re so lucky to have weekends (and weekdays!) which two such cuties xoxo

  592. Oh that wave! I’m in love. :)

  593. Love love love Nella pics! Thank you!

    The pic of the three little girls together is adorable. Nice w/e shots!

    And these aprong dresses are darling!

  594. My neice could sure use one of those darling dresses!! =D I loved this post as usual!

    God bless

  595. Love the apron dresses. Simply adorable for mud pie creations on my little lady.

  596. Do beautiful blue eyes just run in the blood in Florida???

    Cracked up out loud at Nella’s wave! :-)

  597. I’m writing from Italy, and you and your family are so inspirating to me!!

  598. I would love to have an adorable dress for my 2 year old. They are too cute!!

  599. Baby Nella, you take my breath away! Look at you waving!!!! Look at you! And your ticklish. You’re too much.

    Lainey, I LOVE your glasses! You rock!

    Thank you for the greatest Monday pics ever!

    Off to cook dinner for my littles…

  600. Love that tickled baby!

  601. Love the dress… my three little girls would look adorable in one. May have to order two more if I’m fortunate to win.

  602. Your babies are so precious! I’m expecting my first, and your posts excite me for the beautiful memories to come with my own little ones. Keep it up!

  603. Love the apron dresses! They are adorable on your sweet littles :)

  604. Love Nella waving and Lainey looking so seriously at the camera!

  605. Sounds like a great weekend. My favorite weekends also have a mix of at-home time and social-outing time.

    And I love the apron dresses. Adorable!

  606. Nella’s smile always makes me smile. She has such joy in that smile.

  607. She is such a doll!! She’s getting so big.

    My little girl would look so cute in one of those aprons :) Crossing my fingers!

  608. oh precious nella!! i love it when babies learn to wave!!

  609. Perfect post as usual Kelle! I too sit in yoga pants as I write this note to you. LOVE the apron dresses, they are too adorable!

  610. How awesome it is to see little Nella’s personality really starting to come through in your pictures as the months go by! Just want to eat her up! (and big sis too!:)

  611. I’m amazed at her waving too! She seems too young for it! But she is a smart cookie, that girl!

  612. I LOVE Lainey’s glasses. So cute!

  613. ohhhh love it all

  614. Love it, love it, love it~~~

  615. I would look so awesome with an apron like that….while making my kids some boxed mac n’ cheese. WHOHOO!

  616. What a devine weekend! I love how you dress your girls, so cute!

  617. oh my laundry pile looks like i’ve been spending weeks at our craft store LOL can’t wait to see what creativity you’ll be working on!!!

    beautiful family as always

  618. Such beautiful dresses for what looks like it was another amazing weekend in your happy home!

  619. Ohhhh, ya, I’m with Jennifer b/c my husband says ” oh, are you reading about your “friend” in Florida?”
    I say, “Yep, she emailed me and took the time to look at Leo’s pictures, so be quiet!”
    Anywho, Leo is waving too;
    My girls would LOVE an apron dress and Leo would love looking at the patterns!
    Peace out!

  620. love the arm rolls!

  621. kelle, sounds like a lovely weekend for a wonderful little fam and friends :)
    as for the creative brew and gluegun crafts- have you tried making your own flower headbands & clips for the girls? super easy and cute! especially with little rhinestone centers!

  622. NELLA! her beautiful little wave! i was getting burned out working on the computer and that has just revived me. now off to go see my own sweet little ones!

  623. NELLA! her beautiful little wave! i was getting burned out working on the computer and that has just revived me. now off to go see my own sweet little ones!

  624. Thanks for adding some happiness to this Monday!

    And my little blonde niece would totally rock that dress! Crossing my fingers!

  625. looks like such a fun weekend! As always, I love looking at the pictures of your beautiful girls!

  626. Oh my gosh! That wave is TOO precious!! She looks like a total pro at waving too!

  627. Your girls are GORGEOUS!!

  628. You need to catch that wave on video please :) Sounds like a great weekend. And your cousin’s shop just became my new favorite store on Etsy. In fact I am heading there now. She better be able to keep up with the demand your blog is about to bring her. What a good cousin you are :)


    PS I am up to April 2008 on your blog and still going steady. :)


  629. I love that apron dress. My daughter would go bananas over it.

    As I scroll down your blog, admiring the photos, I wonder how you always capture kids looking right at you with wide eyes. The eyes cut right through me. I think I need some better photos of my littles.

  630. Kelle ~ Your blog is such a great part of my day. I wish you would change this to a daily blog…yep I like it that much. Just an idea from one busy mom to another:)

  631. Hey, does it up my chances of winning if I leave 40 or 50 comments? Just kidding, but I do love the dresses!

  632. Gosh Nella is beautiful. Love those chubby arms!

  633. I love the waving!!!! She is just too cute!

  634. Its so awesome that the dress is the give away, as soon as I saw it I wanted to know where it was from.

  635. I hear you on the yoga pants!!!!

    Precious faces, the usual.

  636. Those are beautiful little dress and I have 2 little ones that would look fab in. Thank you for the chance to win one !

  637. yah for fun weekends with friends and family….love nella’s tickle face laughing away, makes me smile too! seems like i’m living for the weekends these days now that i’m back to crazy weeks being away at work. kisses to the girls. happy new week! xo

  638. Adorable dresses!!

  639. Nella’s wave sent me over the moon!
    Too precious for words!

  640. Love the wave!!! & love the pic of her in the apron =)

  641. What a wonderful weekend! Lately I’ve been a house mouse. With a new baby, I’d rather just snuggle and enjoy her sweetness minute by minute on a lazy day at home.

  642. Nella is so advanced!! love the wave! :)

    and your weekend sounds perfect. absolutely perfect.

  643. love. the wave. too cute. thanks for all you share…i’d love to win that apron dress!!

  644. Oh my gosh – she’s waving! How CUUUTE! *waving back at Nella*

  645. You’re never lacking creativity, Kelle!

  646. you have such a way with words and perspective on life… love it! and how bout your cousin’s color combinations on those adorable apron dresses…stunnning! <3

  647. Love the apron dresses! The girls look too cute in them!

  648. Love the wave!

  649. What a fun weekend! Are you nursing Nella when you are standing there with your hand over her head? I love that you can do that just standing up wherever you are and still look calm, cool, and beautiful.

    Love her wave!

  650. Thanks for a chance to win a super cute apron dress! Been drooling over them for awhile now!! :)

  651. I love, love, love your blog!!

  652. Nothing that cuter than a wee baby waving-well maybe my little Lucy who has figured out how to play ‘peekaboo’ with herself!

  653. Good vibes and see-saw joy from Indiana!

  654. As always your beautiful pictures and words brightened my day a little more. I have a WONDERFUL friend having a baby girl that dress would be so loved by baby girl. <3 Wonderful wished to you and your family.

  655. Love the tickles and waves!

  656. I can not believe how big Nella is getting! They are both SO beautiful, and I absolutely love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful family.

  657. I LOVE those dresses, and yoga pants, and cave like weekends, and that WAVE, and your blog!!!!!! :) Pick me! :) hahaha.

  658. What a cute little wave! I have not commented before but I have been following for awhile. You are inspiration to me as I learn to parent our new daughter that has a disability. Thank you for inspiring me to enjoy the small things!

  659. Love your blog! Thank you for sharing your family with us.

  660. that wave is precious!

  661. LOVE the pictures of everyone’s kids-soooo cute!!

  662. oh my! i love your blog. and i am so in love with your nella (big hugs and waves back) and your so sweet lainey growing up so fast. what a precious sprite she is. thank you. and i would love for you to live closer so you can take some great pics of my 4 month mama’d daughter. i’m enjoying watching her belly grow with her little!

  663. Oh wow, that wave is adorable!

  664. I LOVE hibernation weekends. And yoga pants!

  665. Hi! I’ve been subscribed for quite a while but not commented yet (not that I haven’t been super blessed by this blog, but I know that my comment would be little noticed among the throngs!) My daughter is 22 months and would look beautiful in a dress like this! Thank you and your cousin!

  666. oh my gosh, Nella’s little wave is absolutely adorable!! What a clever wee girl πŸ˜€

  667. oh i just those dresses everytime you show your girls in them!! i would love one for my little avery, shes three!!

  668. Love reading your blog each day. Love the apron dress. So sweet. your little one’s always look so adorable.

  669. Lainey looks adorable in the specs!! and baby nella and those eyes! love it! xoamy

  670. Ah the craft store! I am in FULL party planning mode as my little turns 3, and a fairy party it will be! Love your blog..and those dresses too!!

  671. You and I could be such BFFs. You inspire me everyday. We all have our struggles, but you put such an amazing twist to life. Just got back from a week of wearing my washed out yoga pants and a using a glue gun…..

  672. You and I could be such BFFs. You inspire me everyday. We all have our struggles, but you put such an amazing twist to life. Just got back from a week of wearing my washed out yoga pants and a using a glue gun…..

  673. The dresses are amazing!! Would love one for my sweet girl <3. Love love love the blog, I look so fwd to reading each new post.

  674. Nella is such a beauty. They both are!! I love those apron dresses!

  675. Your giveaways always bring about so many more comments than normal haha! Beautiful photos. Oh, I’m currently in labour with our first baby – a little girl. Yay!!!

  676. I LOVE Lainey’s glasses, so cute! I just bought a cannon DSLR and used it this morning as my oldest went off to 1st grade and my middle (only girl) went off to Kindergarten! Love it, just need to do some practicing w/it! She would LOVE one of the apron dresses, very much a girly-girl!

  677. Nella is just too adorable!! LOVE the giggles and the wave!!

  678. Apron dresses make my heart flutter! They’re so perfectly matched to a child’s fun little life!

    And the photo of Lainey and your camera…love…love so very very much!

  679. oooh, the craft store…i bid you farewell and happy shopping!!! your girls are lovely as ever :)

  680. I so love that you took pictures of your social gathering. How fun. These are hte moments that always get overlooked. I’m great with my family, but the everyday festivities beyond that….thanks for the inspiration.
    Love the apron dresses too. My 6 year old would look great in one. Off to create a wish list!

  681. Creativity is in no lull, as I read, I am deeper and richer for it. Thank you! P.S. I got new yoga pants this weekend :)

  682. Sometimes I just want to jump in to your life for a day. It seems like so much fun.

  683. another great read into your precious lives. those littles sure are cute, too!

  684. Lovin’ the wave! She is such a cutie!

  685. love your blog! your photos are amazing! love the apron dresses too!!

  686. Aw, I’d love an apron dress for my friends little girl! I can’t believe how big little Nella is getting. And I love the glasses on Lainey! haha so cute

  687. Yoga pants while 2 weeks from having my baby girl = my exact idea of a little black dress DAILY! :)

  688. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! Addicted. You inspire me to be a better mother, person and wife.

  689. We love our home grown weekends too! Nothing like them!

    Every time I see a picture of that sweet Nella, I can’t help but smile. She is gorgeous and happy, so happy!

    You are blessed!

  690. I’m always drooling over the apron dresses you post!

    So often your posts remind me to sit back, relax and enjoy my kids. Sometimes I find myself going, going, going. Tomorrow- I’m thinking of sitting at home and hanging out. Doing lots of home things :)

  691. Hey Kelle!

    I have been thinking of you a lot lately as I am planning my little’s Second birthday party! I love how your did Lainey’s party! I hope that your newest trip to the craft store will be shared! Maybe it will inspire me! I only have one and a half months left to plan!

    I think that it is too funny that you are giving away the smock dress b/c as I was reading I was dreaming of my little having one just like the one that Laney is wearing with the cute capris!

    Also, LOVE the Nella wave goodbye :)

    As always I love your blog!

  692. Kelle, I love your blog… I check in everyday to see if there is something new for me to read:) You are inspirational and amazing… I wish me and my little girl could come spend the weekend with you:)

  693. Kelle, I love your blog… I check in everyday to see if there is something new for me to read:) You are inspirational and amazing… I wish me and my little girl could come spend the weekend with you:)

  694. Kelle, I love your blog… I check in everyday to see if there is something new for me to read:) You are inspirational and amazing… I wish me and my little girl could come spend the weekend with you:)

  695. My wife and I have a little girl on the way that would look adorable in the apron dress :) As always, we love your blog!

  696. I LOVE your blog! Your words brighten my day :) You have such beautiful girls. I enjoy “watching” them grow up :)

  697. Love Nella’s arm chub! What a perfect weekend.

  698. What beautiful dresses! I don’t have a little girl of my own (God blessed me with two boys – He knew what he was doing!), but I could find someone to give it to FOR SURE!

    Love weekends like that. Some of the best weekends we’ve had have been the lazy ones where we’re just enjoying each other.

    Thanks for another great post, Kelle! :)

  699. I love how your group of friends seems so perfect. You always inspire me to make connections, enjoy time at home and get out to have fun!

  700. LOVE LOVE LOVE those kind of weekends!

  701. As always…your photos are stunning & this post is beautiful. My little Miss 2 is also obsessed with popcorn/movie nights at the moment…one of my favourite things to do with her lately {it’s winter here in Australia} so it’s perfect snuggling weather :)
    Have a fabulous week! xo

  702. those dresses are adorable!

  703. LOVE Nella’s waves!! I also feel so comforted having my friends near. It’s such a great feeling to see my loved ones loving my littles :). Super cute apron dresses. Your cousin’s very talented!

  704. So I am officially de-lurking (and what better time when I could win a fantastic dress?). I have been reading your blog since just after you had Nella.
    Like you, I have 2 little girls…and boy with the “magic” chromosome. I was home-schooled for a while, went to a small Christian college for a few years, and was a teacher pre-kids. I love to laugh and am willing to do many-a-stupid-thing to make others laugh too! I am not a photographer, but I love to dabble in the artsy-craftsy world.
    I love your idea for a blog. I think it is so, well, HEALTHY, to look for the beauty in ,and reflect on, all the small pleasures of life.
    I am loving little Nella’s wave! What a great start to my week!

  705. Love her lil wave. Those dresses are too cute.

  706. Could that apron dress BE any cuter? πŸ˜€ lol But seriously, it is super cute!

  707. I love those dresses. I recently bought a pattern to make one for both my niece and my lollipop. But I have loads of baby items for an almost-new-to-the-hood baby girl. Happy Monday. Thanks Kelle.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis.

  708. I giggled like an idiot at that last picture of Nella, because we just captured one of our baby girl (almost six months) doing the same thing a few weekends ago and every time I see the picture (http://www.flickr.com/photos/smallandfierce/4925069164/ in all of its no-flash terrible lighting glory, at that!) I giggle at it, too.

    Nella’s getting so much hair, look at her!

  709. Love the last picture of Nella waving. Sweetness

  710. Every picture of Nella laughing just cracks me up. . .too freaking cute!!

  711. The apron dresses are charming on both your girls!. You have a beautiful family. I have a little girl just a month younger than your little Nella. I would love to have one for her!

  712. The apron dresses are charming on both your girls!. You have a beautiful family. I have a little girl just a month younger than your little Nella. I would love to have one for her!

  713. You are AMAZING!!!

  714. I love all of your pictures. Every picture and every word is just dripping with love.

  715. Thank you for the new journal! It made my night!

  716. YOU are so fun and inspiring! xoxo

  717. Thanks for making my day as a Mom great, you always have the ‘brighterside’ out look, and there are some crazy days around here when I need it!

  718. I, too, love my time at home on the weekends but also times where I go out with friends. Having that balance keeps me happy. And when my little enters this world I will love those weekends even more.

  719. Gorgeous glasses that your dear little Lainey was sporting! We too love to hibernate in the cave that we call home. Blessed are we to have such a large family to gather with, but on the rare occasion that we get to stay home…we savor the small things! Thank you for your ever-evolving dose of what is important in life!

  720. L.O.V.E… all you need is love. :)

  721. Love the little dresses and Nella’s cute little hats:) Makes me want another baby girl!

  722. Man the yoga pants you mentioned brought back memories of my favorite yoga pants that I wore until there was a hole in them!! Those are the best days, sitting at home in comfy clothes and playing with the kiddos!

  723. Adorable dresses on beautiful girls! You are truly blessed!

  724. I hate when I’m so late to post that I must scroll through literally hundreds (yes, hundreds) of other comments to get to the place where I can leave you my drops of love dew.

    So here’s my love dew for you: “Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential and fight for your dreams.”

    I love how much you inspire me! Your attention to the details in life leaves me thirsting for my own small details too. So thanks for inspiring me to smell the rain and feel the wind.

    Much love, Em

  725. your blog is amazing!

  726. your blog is amazing!

  727. What a fun weekend…thanks for sharing!
    Those dresses are too cute…I hope I win!!!

    You are such a rockin momma…have a great week!


  728. Again, there’s so many things I could go on and on about in this post. But I’ll stick with, “Dear Darlin’ Annie Arlin!! Laynie’s star-studded glasses are…perfect!”

  729. gorgeous- my daughters would LOVE!

  730. Precious little wave!

    How cute are they in their matching little dresses. I love dressing my girls alike. I swore I wouldn’t do it, but Big gets a kick out of it when Little is her “twin.”

  731. Precious little wave!

    How cute are they in their matching little dresses. I love dressing my girls alike. I swore I wouldn’t do it, but Big gets a kick out of it when Little is her “twin.”

  732. Full belly baby laughs are the cure all for having a case of the blahs! I don’t think there’s anything more contagious than a little’s laugh. I can almost hear your girls laughing when I look at your pictures.

  733. Yoga pants are the best things ever invented. Lainey’s glasses are adorable! My girl just picked herself out a bright pink pair. Nella’s last 2 photos are wonderful.
    Those dresses? To die for!!

  734. u are so inspirational! i hope that when i become a mother, if i am half the mother you are, i know i will be a great one!!!!

  735. Nella is spectacular!! Love her ticklish giggles!

  736. ooooh…I love the wave! and yoga pants…. :)

  737. love the pics of your little one in those glasses!

  738. OMG, keep the posts a comin’. Your family makes me feel so cozy and more in love with my own little one. Thanks for helping so many to relish in the little things.

  739. I hope I win!!! I just love reading your blog :) You and your family are adorable!!

  740. I just recently found your blog. What a beautiful family you have and your photos are amazing!!

    Looks like ya’ll had a wonderful weekend!

  741. I just recently found your blog. What a beautiful family you have and your photos are amazing!!

    Looks like ya’ll had a wonderful weekend!

  742. So absolutely adorable. Thank you for sharing the sweet heart of a mama on this blog!!!

  743. definitely love the wave.

  744. Your blog is so wonderfully written. Your girls are going to love the record of their lives that you have kept so well.

  745. I am going to take that little, precious wave,carry it in my pocket, and take it with me to pull out on rainy days like these when I need to be reminded to smile :)

  746. Nella has such an infectious smile! And that wave- so cute! I love it.

  747. You inspired me to create a blog about the daily joys of life….and I’m surprised every day at how many simple joys we share. I love being in our cave; love the times when we venture out. Love the see-saw. And love you and the way you write.

  748. Love it! A trip to the craft store is bound to bring happiness!

  749. That green dress you’re wearing in the baby shower picture. Love it. A perfect shade of green.

    I just want you to know that after I’ve obsessively checked multiple times every day for a new blog post on here, I then save it until a moment when it can be perfectly enjoyed.

  750. I’ve been meaning to ask the name of your cousin’s Etsy shop since you first posted pictures of you girls in those dresses! L….O….V….E….

  751. Love it all–the dresses are adorable too!

  752. I love reading your blog. Those aprons are so adorable!

  753. wow, lainey’s hair has grown so much!! those pigtails are adorable!! and that frantic wave..oh my, so cute!! what a lovely family and bunch of friends you have.

  754. I could look at your pictures all day…love the looks of happiness on everyone’s faces!

    The apron dresses are beautiful! Off to check out her etsy shop. :)

  755. Beautiful photos, as always! And,
    I have a beautiful niece that would look adorable in a dress like that!

  756. The glasses, the camera, the wave, oh my! And I could go on…what a great account of your weekend and what awesome pictures, once again! Thank you for sharing!

    And I have to tell you that at the end of this post I linked to the post from December 23, 2008. Your account of how you pictured the saddest Christmas song ever came about was hilarious! And you are soooo right about that song. When it comes on the radio at Christmas, I change the station. Cannot listen to it.

    Beautiful dress! It would look darling on my best friend’s new baby girl!

  757. The glasses, the camera, the wave, oh my! And I could go on…what a great account of your weekend and what awesome pictures, once again! Thank you for sharing!

    And I have to tell you that at the end of this post I linked to the post from December 23, 2008. Your account of how you pictured the saddest Christmas song ever came about was hilarious! And you are soooo right about that song. When it comes on the radio at Christmas, I change the station. Cannot listen to it.

    Beautiful dress! It would look darling on my best friend’s new baby girl!

  758. LOVING Nella’s wave!!! Awwwww… :) And the dresses!! I want one for my baby niece!!!

  759. I love that even when you are staying in, it seems like a party!! You are fortunate to be surrounded by so much love – and I cannot wait to see what you create!!

  760. Love the dresses! I have been admiring them in your posts for a while now. :)

    Also love adorable, waving Nella!

  761. Those dresses are too/two cute! Happy Monday!

  762. Yours is my most favorite blog of all! I always look so forward to your posts and pictures. I love how you capture it all, and write about it. Thanks for adding to my day!

  763. Sounds like the perfect weekend!

  764. Oh man, how I love me a pair of very worn-in yoga pants. I currently alternate between my favorite black pair and my back-up green pair. They hug my ever-growing pregnant self and then hug my shrinking post-baby frame after delivering. Great post and awesome giveaway!!!

  765. Love your NY post.

    Love your FL post.

    Love everything about you and your family. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy days to share with us!

  766. Love the little dresses I was just looking at it on your princess the other day. Working on stuff for the new hospital…if you were a bit closer I’d recruit your little ones for a photo shoot…and maybe their mom to shoot it:)

  767. I love the picture of your daughter looking at the camera. Precious! Your girls are beautiful!

  768. Love your pictures as always. Your girls are adorable.

  769. I LOVE your Blog!!! You make me smile everyday! Thanks for sharing your story with the world!!!

  770. I just love give-a-ways… and those dresses are adorable. Ever since the first time you posted a picture of them – I have been thinking about making one for my little girl!

  771. I love all the beautiful people at your pizza dinner.

  772. love love love your blog. inspiring. you have a gift for writing as well as photography. and you have a beautiful family. thanks for sharing with us in the blog world!

  773. Love love love … Lainey with the beloved camera and adorable glasses … gorgeous Nella waving like the cutie she is … thank you for my Monday fill of happiness in the little things!!

    I share your love for the balance of life … I too enjoyed a weekend that is good for the heart & soul!!

  774. I LOVE those dresses!! Nella makes me smile :)

  775. Ack! Love the wave. And the dress! Gorgeous!

  776. Love love love … Lainey in the sweet glasses with the beloved camera … gorgeous Nella waving like the little cutie she is … thank you for my fill of monday happiness for the little things!!

    I too enjoyed a balanced weekend that was good for the heart and soul!! You described how wonderful they are to have perfectly!!

  777. The pic with Lainey with the camera is great. Love it!

  778. Those dresses are adorable! I’ve thought about trying my hand at making one or two for my girl Littles :) Emerson is 3 and Lydia will be here in about 5 weeks!

    I’ve loving Lainey in glasses! How cute it she?!