…and we danced.

Still sailing. The family ship is docked…all of ’em. And last night, we partied.


Poppa turned 60. And we surprised him…big time. With all the kids and grandkids in town. And a big-ass bash where friends and family gathered poolside for much love. And my heart always does a skip at that moment…the one where the guest of honor walks in and everyone yells “Surprise”…and their eyes fill with tears and they run to hug as many bodies as they can.


And I won’t cheapen a magical night with too many words, but I will say it was one of those nights we’ll remember. There was a disco ball and lights and music and laughing and people shouting out names for bust-a-move solos. And Dude, did we bring it.





And the littles were laughing and dancing and beaming ‘cuz they thought they owned the place.



And it’s always a good night when my brother brings out his best moves.



There will be many more of these parties. Because there is much life to celebrate.

And when the sky turned black, we gathered around the moonlit waters of the pool to release 60 sky lanterns into the dark void while Forever Young blasted behind us.






And somewhere between the last papery glow floating away, my dad bellowing “Sixty is Sexy!” into the sky and watching my babies be passed from loving arms to loving arms while throwing my hands in the air with all the bodies of our village, I felt it again. The surge of emotion from moments like these that fuels me. Moments like these? You take what you get from them and store it…because when the flow of good recedes and the ebb of adversity that comes with life comes a’ knocking, you’ll need it. And it will pull you through. I’ve been there this year, and last night celebrating my dad’s life with all those I love…I felt it. Concentrated happiness.















Dad, I love you. Happy Birthday. Thank you for “hearing the music” and living life big.
And Gary, thank you for everything you did…for getting my family down here and for making it such an incredible night. xoxo

Heat Lightning Courtesy of God, thank you.

My family is here. And I’m floating. We’ll all hit the sanctuary of our salty-cratered heavenly place tomorrow…together. Do you have any idea what that means? Unicorns, Baby. We’ll be seeing unicorns.


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  1. Poppa – Happy birthday. And please “adopt” me over the internet, as my own “poppa” has passed on and I just love your joie de vivre.

    Bangin’ striped top, btw.

  2. Sensational!
    60 definitely is the new sexy judging by those moves.
    x felicity

  3. What a night! Happy Birthday, Poppa!

  4. Awesome party! Being together with family is the best time, and I hope you all have a magic filled day tomorrow. Happy birthday, Poppa!!

  5. Happy birthday to Poppa!

    I love that 60 IS SEXY!!!! Haha!

  6. Fabulous. That’s it. That’s the only word I can say.
    Have fun tomorrow Kelle!

  7. Happy Birthday Poppa … 60 is Sexy. :) It looks as though you all had an awesome time.

  8. That looks like a BLAST! And lucky Poppa, with so much love. Happy 60th!

  9. Happy Birthday to a special Poppa! Enjoy all the love and life that family brings and celebrate the beauty of life. Enjoy the rest of your weekend with your nearest and dearest.

  10. Wow! I cannot believe I am in the first five posts/comments!! (belated)VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, POPPA RIK! Oh, I feel like i know you thru all your beautiful words and thoughts here. Your spirit shines thru, and your big,open heart. Your compassion and positive outlook – I see the “apple doesn’t fall from the tree”, in Kelle! You all always look like you are having such fun, yes you know how to hear the music and live a big life! I am kinda envious and wistful. I, like many, would love to be adopted by you but, heck, I sorta feel like Kelle already shares just a bit of you with us here. Kelle and family, enjoy the special Sundays you always have. Thanks so much for the glimpse into your joyous family-filled lives!

  11. What a cutie your daddy is . Y’all have some good genes…love the party!

  12. Congratulations to your father for his 60th birthday and it is so nice to see you all had such a wonderful time. The lanterns you light are fantastic, I remember we did them for my brother-in-laws wedding, first time I had seen them. You captured the moment and it was lovely to see, hope you have many more wonderful celebrations.

  13. BTW, POPPA, love the “60” glasses! And yes,MOLLY, you nailed it – joie de vivre !

  14. Love the last pic!

    Happy Birthday Poppa

  15. Now that’s what I call a PARTY! Happy Birthday Poppa.

    Love the pic of the SURPRIIIISEE!

  16. Hooray for everyone being together! And happy birthday to your dad. Wishing you all a fantastic weekend together.

  17. happy birthday to poppa!! enjoy your time with the fam, can’t wait to see isle pics!

  18. Happy Birthday Poppa!!!!!!!

    Kelle, you did it again. You made me cry!!!

  19. So beautiful. What a way to celebrate a momentous family occasion, looks like an exciting time. You guys are all so much fun!

  20. Your dad seems like so much fun :) It is wonderful to see such a great father/daughter relationship…glad you all had such an amazing night!

  21. Poppa is definitely keeping 60 Sexy! You guys are so very amazing. I’m looking to rejuvenate my 13 year marriage and am thinking a trip to Florida to stay in one of the properties your Dad owns is in order!!

  22. “Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate. Without them, what would shape our lives? Perhaps if we never veered off course we wouldn’t fall in love, or have babies, or be who we are. After all, seasons change. So do cities. People come into your life and people go. But it’s comforting to know the ones you love are always in your heart. And if you’re very lucky, only a plane ride away.”
    -Sex and the City

  23. Happy birthday Poppa! Love that he was surprised! He totally makes 60 look like 30!

  24. Wow, Poppa makes 60 look amazing! Kelle, congratulations on the Parents magazine article. It was wonderful! Keep on inspiring!
    Natalie, Jesup Ga.

  25. Happy, happy birthday!! Now that I’ve turned 40 this year, I also think 60 is sexy!! I can see you had a TON of fun. I’m so jealous, because my family are all living overseas!

  26. Happy Birthday, Poppa!!
    Rock it out this weekend!


  27. I love the sense of ‘family’ I get from all your posts. And celebration.

    I have never seen those sky lanterns — where do you get them? They are spectacular and exquisite.

    Reminds me of when I was a kid and we wrote notes and tied them to helium balloons at school and let them loose. In the note we asked whoever found the balloon to write back with their location. We were in Toronto and some balloons made it across the US border.

    Beautiful images. Happy Birthday Poppa!

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  29. Happy Birthday Poppa!!!! I’m sure you had a great time – the proof is in these photos. Now I want to have a party where people are doing bust-a-move solos! I can see your brother has some moves by the girl who is pointing – hopefully someone got video!!

  30. what a neat family and a great time.

  31. Happy birthday Poppa! Now please, give us a gift and beg Poppa to start his own blog! I love his comments!!

    Have a magical weekend!!

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  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Happy birthday to Poppa! You simply are my inspiration, Kelle, to live ever so happily. Thank you. And how fun are family parties? Family is where it’s at.

  35. Aww. Happy Birthday Rik (the lover of life formally known as Poppa)!!

    I just love the photo of Poppa and Brett. It made me all teary eyed.

    In three years my brother will turn 35, Daddy will turn 60 and I will turn 30, all in one year. I think there will be some major celebrating to do and now I am going to have a hard time not planning immediately!!

  36. oh, kelle. i love your life, and i’m so glad that you share it on here with all of us. your dad rocks. :)

  37. Happy Birthday Poppa!!

    And what an amazing party! :)

    (Have to keep it in mind for next year when my in-laws turn 60… Hmmm)

  38. 60, WOW! I was thinking 48-50 years old TOPS!
    Happy belated!

    Jen G.

  39. Happy Birthday Poppa! Kelle I know you know how lucky you are to have a Poppa like yours. I do not…and I feel it often. But I take pleasure in yours! Thanks for sharing him with us. :)

  40. looks like one.AWESOME party!!
    Happy 60th to Poppa!

  41. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (((((Poppa)))))!!!!

    Love the globes you guys sent into the air. How awesome!

    1) One of my four year olds is in love with the sweet little girl in the grey dress. Who’s THAT girl momma? She’s pretty. Then, when we got to the picture of her wearing the 60’s glasses he will not believe me that it is the same girl. Cracked me up! She is so adorable! Sweet little girl in the grey dress, Luke from Texas says what’s up!!!

    2) Your brother is a riot! That is so funny!

    3) Finaly found a Parent’s magazine. After 2 Targets, a Walmart, two different drug stores… finally scored a copy at Barnes and Noble. Actaully, I bought 3.

    Have fun at the Isle of Capri… I assume that is where you guys are going…

  42. Happy 60th! Your dad is the most adorable Papa ever! Kel you throw a mean party! Love this!

  43. Happy Birthday Poppa!! What a magical night! Looks like the gift of family was plentiful and pure yummy love! Oh. My. Word. Dancing never looked so good on so many people! I can just hear it..your DANCE OFF cheering…GO KELLE…GO HEIDI…GO LAINEY…GO POPPA….GO POPPA!

    Have a great day at the Isle of Unicorns. :O)

  44. Happy Birthday to your dad….can’t wait to hear all about the unicorns you see tomorrow. :)

  45. wishing your father a great year , blessed by God and filled with hapiness, wisdom and health.God bless you all !!

  46. I am totally going to steal the phrase “concentrated happiness”…. And I totally love your Dad – he is adorable!

  47. I am totally going to steal the phrase “concentrated happiness”…. And I totally love your Dad – he is adorable!

  48. Poppa, you have so many cyber-daughters who love you and LOVE seeing this party light it up! Happy, happy birthday!

  49. That’s just beautiful that you chose to CELEBRATE turning 60 and not dreading it and wishing the birthday would pass like many do. I think it’s amazing and honorable to say you’ve been on the earth that long; you have kids to be proud of, and proud yourself to have said you raised them, you have contributed to the love and happiness your friend and family feel, you are still a part of something bigger and beautiful. Some people, like the girl in my grade who tragically died a teenager, will never get that. Being 60 is an accomplishment, not a curse.

    I felt the fun through your pictures, kelle, and im sure it was ten times more fun than even your pictures show. To be honest? The picture of your Poppa with the beer bottle thrust into the air while he’s pulling a pose? That is my favorite picture. I think it’s so funny and cute and portrays his personality even if I don’t know him.

    Happy Birthday, Poppa!! I’m glad your bday was perfect and may you have many more years to love and laugh and dance to music with your family.

    <3 Happy Weekend!

  50. That first picture when your Poppa is surprised? I love, love his expression. So sweet and dear.

  51. That first picture when your Poppa is surprised? I love, love his expression. So sweet and dear.

  52. That first picture when your Poppa is surprised? I love, love his expression. So sweet and dear.

  53. That first picture when your Poppa is surprised? I love, love his expression. So sweet and dear.

  54. Happy Birthday, Poppa. I wish you many, many more!

  55. Happy Birthday Poppa. You sure know how to throw a great party Kelle.

    I agree you will be making 60 sexy Poppa!!

  56. I must be hormonal! Your posts are driving me to tears EVERY TIME lately! Thanks for saying the things I feel. Thanks for living life large and letting us in to see what that looks like! Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with us … we appreciate it! More than you know!

  57. Look at Sexy Poppa bustin’ a move! Bow chicka wow wow!

    60 looks really good on him! Have a wonderful birthday weekend!

    Embrace the love!

  58. Happy Birthday, Poppa!! What a great way to celebrate 60 amazing years with those he loves most!!

    Okay, seriously, we were on our way home last night from dinner, driving down V.B.R. headed home around I don’t even know, maybe 9:00 and I notice those paper lanterns floating up over the fence. I about caused a ten car pileup because I was so stinkin’ excited about them!!! I tossed my phone to my oldest daughter and her friend and I swear to you these words fell right out of my mouth, “Dude, Google sky candle or somethin’…I HAVE got to know what those things are!!” And then it hit me like a freight train, and I followed that up with “Kelle Hampton lives in there, I just know it!”…..and we’ve been waiting on your blog post to see if there was evidence of those “Awesome floating Orville Redenbacher Bags”…as my oldest is now calling them and well, here they are!! AMAZING and we LOVE it!!!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend basking in the sun and loving every second of your family…enjoy!!

  59. Happy 60th Birthday, Poppa!!! Love the floating lanterns!!!

  60. Your dad is the poster child for “Sixty is Sexy” for sure! I loved these pics! Makes me want to go dancing! And the lanterns are too awesome…and the fact that you say “heat lightening,” too!

  61. Aw! Happy birthday, Poppa!

  62. 1. you cried in Walmart, i cried in the grocery store, where i frantically flipped through the magazine in search of Nella’s story, tho i’d read it before. i grabbed a woman i didn’t know and showed her pictures like she was something i could rightfully share. silly, but you make your visitors feel that way…that you’re ours too. and we are all yours.

    2. must know where those lanterns can be purchased! love. well…now that i think of it…i’m in the desert. i don’t suppose it’s such a good idea for such things in the desert. at any rate, what a grand celebration.

    may the unicorns bow to welcome you. besos.

  63. Joy!!

    Happy birthday unka rik :-)

  64. Awesome party and it’s the best when you can get all the family in one place at the same time. I love Poppa’s expression in the first photo. And how the heck did you avoid red eye that usually happens in night or party photography?

  65. Happy Birthday, Dude Pappa! You da man! Love your moves…..heck, we just love YOU! You know what they say………..the best is yet to come! Live it up, cause you only live once!

  66. The term “Sixty is sexy” will be ciculating the globe before you know it! Love it! What a great party…love the last picture! It was stunning! Cant wait to read about tomorrows outting! Have fun! Happy Birthday Poppa!

  67. The term “Sixty is sexy” will be ciculating the globe before you know it! Love it! What a great party…love the last picture! It was stunning! Cant wait to read about tomorrows outting! Have fun! Happy Birthday Poppa!


  69. What wonderful memories for all of you! Happy Birthday Poppa!!

  70. Happy birthday Poppa!

  71. holy smokes batman 60? foxy poppa is 60…it can’t be:) a rockin party for such a deserving man,so glad you celebrated him in style and loads and loads of lovin.Happy birthday poppa!!! enjoy every second with your littles and capture all of us some unicorn magic;)

  72. Happy Birthday Uncle Rik!!! What a great party! Love you all!

    P.S. Love the Vampire Weekend tunes too! :)

  73. Happy Birthday to Poppa!

  74. Happy Birthday, Poppa!
    And thank you for celebrating today (or at least posting today about your celebration!). Today is my mom’s (62nd) birthday – yes, today, September 11…a day that used to be “my mom’s birthday” is now filled with such heaviness. I turned on the news this morning to mass remembrances of 9/11/2001 and had to turn the TV off…instead called mom and talked about happy things – like the day she was born, and my kids – which make her happy! – and all of our many blessings. What a nice way to end my day – to see a beautiful post about another amazing life begun 60years ago. Let the celebrations continue in grand style. Enjoy your special place with your special people. How very nice to have them all together!

  75. Would you mind telling me where you bought the lanterns? My husband is turning 60 this month and that is such a great idea.
    ymoss@comcast.net (if you write back)!

  76. Looks like an amazing night… the pics of everyone dancing made me want to get up off the couch and dance too!!

    And your outfit was out of this world!!!! So fabulous- you look outstanding!!!

  77. Happy Birthday Poppa!!! I grinned that cheesy grin while reading this whole post!

  78. Happy Birthday Poppa!!!!! An AMAZING party for an AMAZING man!

  79. Concentrated happiness…love that term!! Poppa…I’m celebrating your life via this blog world; whatever you’ve done with your time on earth, it sure has been beautiful, useful and grand for you to be such a kind, spirited soul. Thanks for sharing that with all of us…

  80. Happy Birthday to Poppa!! I love the idea of the lantern release and forever young playing!!! I will have to keep it in mind for our papa in a few years!!!

  81. Poppa~It looked like a magical birthday get-together. I’m so happy that your whole family was with you. I feel like I know you all after reading this blog for just a few short months & I can feel the love. Wishing you many, many more in good health. I so enjoy you!

  82. I’m dancing right here with ya….in your concentrated happiness. What a party…what a night. Happy B-day to your daddy. Way to live life large!

  83. What a fabulous party! Moves were busted. Booties were shaken. You can see the love all around. A great big happy birthday to Poppa!

  84. happy birthday poppa!
    love this.
    love that your whole entire family is together.
    just love it.
    (and kelly’s cute baby belly!)

  85. 1950 was a good year, it turned out TWO great men….your Dad and Digs!

    Happy B~Day Rik!

    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  86. Happy Birthday Poppa!!!

  87. Looks like a great time! Can I just say Poppa has some very large feet! LOL

  88. Happy Birthday Poppa!!! Many Blessings in the year to come. xx

  89. I love all the pics, especially the one with your dad’s surprised face at the beginning, totally priceless! “Concentrated Happiness”, the best…enjoy your family!

  90. Happy Birthday Poppa! You ARE amazing!

  91. Love the first picture of Poppa; his face says it all! It looked like such an amazing party. Happy 60th … wishing you many, many more fabulous years!!!

  92. Happy Birthday Poppa! You do make 60 look Hot and Sexy! I want to dance like that when I am 60.

    Kelle~Love the pictures. LOVE the one of you dancing with your girl and her putting her hand up in the air. Priceless. Enjoy your time with your sweet family.

  93. Your family is magical!!

  94. For some reason, that outfit your dad is wearing just kills me! :-) What a fun guy.

  95. Happy Birthday Poppa….see what happens when you shed all that goodness and kindness and love among all those you love? It showers back on you and creates more joy and happiness.

    I hope the next year brings as many good moments as this year has and you “suck the marrow out of life” with those that love you and those you love back.

    And Kelle….good job.

    And Gary, you seem to hang back some, step up here man….you are special too, and I’d like to know more about you as well.

  96. Love your Dad’s expression as the ‘surprise’ was revealed….what a precious moment! And I love the photos of you rippin’ up the dance floor ;o) So much fun!

  97. WOW! Poppa knows how to get down! Those glasses are seriously happenin’. Lainey cracks me up as she’s gettin jiggy.

    Such a fun celebration. Thanks for sharing.

  98. Happy 60th Birthday to Poppa!
    Looks like an unforgettable night was had by all.
    I love parties like that when people are carving up the dance floor and showing their best dance moves!

  99. Sou brasileira e moro em Portugal. I love your blog and your pictures. The best!
    beijos (kisses)

  100. Happy birthday Poppa! :)

  101. Kelle, you really know how to celebrate (life).

  102. Happy Birthday Poppa!!! You are so awesome!!! Love!!!

  103. Damn! You guys really know how to party! He’s a lucky Poppa!

  104. This is what it is all about…….

  105. This is what it is all about…….

  106. Happy 60th B-Day to your awesome Poppa Kelle. Keep enjoying that family of yours!

    Cheryl D in Michigan

  107. Aww I love your Poppa. Happy Birthday. I can’t think of anyone whose life deserves to be celebrated so much as his.

    PS Those littles, especially the little cutie in the grey dress with the black lacey trim on the bottom… are totally showing up you ladies on the dance floor. You are right. They did OWN it!

    LOVE IT! Awesome job. XO

  108. Kelle,

    Girl, stop it! I’m going to have to buy stock in Kleenex :)

    I’m lovin’ that you had such a wonderful time celebrating this momentus occasion with your Poppa. It appears the two of you share the same “spirit”.

    Happy Sun & Sunday!

  109. The “60” glasses are ROCKIN!! I love his pose with the Corona in the air. Awesome!
    Great, great party and of course great pics!

  110. Happy Birthday, Poppa! Kelle, glad you were able to pull off the surprise! Looks like everyone had a blast!

    I finally tracked down a copy of your magazine article, so I’m off to lock myself away and read in peace…

    Can’t wait to hear about your weekend!

  111. most in shape, young looking 60 year old I have EVER seen in my life!!! how awesome is that!!!!
    happy birhday to your daddy!

  112. Looks like such fun!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPPA!!!

  113. Happy Birthday Poppa! You can be sexy at any age – especially with those glasses. :) Totally awesome.

  114. Kelle

    Hi! I’m Kat. I live in the Florida panhandle but love your area. We love to visit Marco Island, Naples and that whole area. I have been enjoying your blog for quite some time. It’s actually one of my favorites. I haven’t been commenting though because you get so many comments that it’s got to be hard for you to read them all. Just wanted you to know how much I love my visits here. You rock!


  115. Wow, three blog posts to catch up on (it’s been a tad hectic here!) And, boy, was there a whole lotta love packed into those three posts! Without further ado… Happy birthday, Poppa! It looked like a great party held in honour of a great gentleman. Next, congrats on the magazine article. Wish I could get my hands on a copy. I work for a parenting magazine here so would love to read a US one from a professional point of view and – it goes without saying – to read Nella’s beautiful story again. And you’re off to Montana! I cannot wait to read that post. You and Dig are cut from the same cloth! Wishing you a safe journey and fabulous week.
    p.s Can’t believe I was three posts behind! I missed you, Kelle Hampton! (Is it just me or does that sound like the title of a Judy Blume novel?!)

  116. love it when the kids get to see the grownup’s go crazzzy! reminds me of my childhood!

  117. Your party looked too fun. Your family looks like a hoot!!

    I had TWO of these nights in the same weekend. My mom and Joel’s dad turned 60 3 days apart and we had surprise parties for both of them. It was a blast!!


  118. I’m so grateful for Rosie O’ Donnell to introduce me to this site several months ago. I’m grateful for you to introduce us to Nella. It was easy to fall in love with your family. And through it all, I have deeply fallen in love with that sixty year old sexy poppa Rik! Obviously, you had an amazing family fun-filled evening! And the celebration will continue with the ENTIRE family at Isle of Capri! I just thank God that you share the wealth, Kelle! Much love to you all! Have a wonderful weekend!

  119. Happy 60th Birthday Poppa! The celebration seemed like something I’d find myself doing. Sometimes you just gotta dance.

    Kelle, I can’t tell you how much I love your posts. They just remind me every day to soak up all the happiness there is to be soaked up in life.

  120. you have such a beautiful life and family. you inspire me and remind what life is all about…living! thank you <3

  121. Happy Birthday!!! And enjoy your family, Kelle. Being without mine in Costa Rica the last year has been the hardest thing of my life. Enjoy them. Revel in their warmth and live life with them…for those of us who can’t. Marissa

  122. First time commenter here. I have been reading since Nellas birth story and I have to tell you that you touch my heart daily! Your blog is the one I look to see if it is updated first and you bring tears to my eyes almost weekly. I love it! I love your family, feel like I know you and wish I did! I know you hear it all the time but you are so inspiring. I love your outlook on life and strive for it in my own! Happy Birthday Poppa! I wish I had one like you in my life!

  123. What a stunning party! Your little Lainey looks like the perfect resemblance of you in one of the pictures you posted! The way you savor life is a true inspiration!

  124. I’m so glad to have this opportunity to wish Rik (yes, the artist formerly known as Poppa) a very happy birthday!!! Because I have so often enjoyed his words, and I am really really hoping that a blog of his own might be in the offing. Sixty is definitely sexy in his case!

    Also, are you a whole bunch of glamorous gorgeous women, you all look fabulous!

    It’s funny to think of all the things those lanterns represent. Just think, one of those lanterns was the year you were born. And two of them were the years Lainey and Nella were born. I wonder what lovely things lie in wait to be represented in the lanterns at 70. Because when it comes to firing up the good things to offset the bad, you’re all doing pretty well!

    Also, Montana!!!

  125. Happy 60th birthday Poppa!! You are a great grampy to those girls…you can see it in each picture of you with them!! Heather from New Brunswick…P.S You are the best dressed grampy I have ever seen!! lol

  126. Sweet! 60 looks like fun!!

  127. What a spectaucularly awesome time!

  128. happy birthday Rik, I see that it was prolly one of your best birthdays yet! let the celebration continue, have fun tomorrow!!!

    gary – you are an unsung hero of the Cryder clan. they are lucky to have you.

    Kelle – don’t blog till after they leave. enjoy your time and stay away from the computer! :-)

  129. Dear Poppa,
    While I have never met you or your darling family, but I feel like you have been an inspiration in my life. You have made me see how much love a father can give his daughter by just mere words. You have made me see how important that bond between parent/child truly is. Your sweet words have always been a highlight to the comments sections. (I often go searching for them) YOu have such a way with words. So, anyway…I hope your day was filled with lots of delicious cake (because I can all clearly see that it was filled with much love and dancing)

  130. A shout out to ‘Brit Girl’ and her Judy Blume reference-love it! Kelle you must share the playlist from the party. Any tunes that can get people dancing like that must be awesome…

  131. Poppa looks like he had a great night filled with lots of LOVE (and TONS OF DANCING!!)

  132. You couldn’t have said it better Kell. Somehow moments like these push the tank over full into that reserve saved for the times when the life tank is running low. My eyes swelled with tears looking at all of you celebrating together, knowing just how awesome that really is.
    Happy Birthday Poppa! You are so loved!

  133. What a fun night! How I wish I had been there! Alas, I must download Dynamite instead. Whenever I play it, I will think of your family and all the love you have.

    Happy Birthday Poppa!

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. My dad turns 60 this year too! I know there will be no disco ball, but I am fascinated by the paper lanterns into the sky.

    And I love indoor dance parties. Whoo-ha.

  136. Happy Birthday to Poppa! Gotta love any reason for a dance party!

    Michelle, IL

  137. Happy birthday Poppa!

  138. Happy Birthday Poppa! Sixty IS Sexy!

    PS. Poppa? He’s adorable.

    Also? I raced home to grab my Parents Magazinea and proceeded to tell my husband that I “know” these people as I showed him the article. He pointed out that in fact I don’t “know” you BUT I refused to believe.

  139. Your dad looks like so much fun! It looks like he had a blast and was very touched by the party!

  140. Very rough morning putting my crying 4 year old onto the big school bus for his 2nd day of Pre-K.

    SO glad you had posted and I didn’t check until I sat down with my coffee worrying if this will ever get better, and then your words remind me to soak it in, as it all changes so quickly…

  141. HAPPY HAPPY birthday poppa!!

  142. I’n with you, TIFFANY – OF COURSE you, I, we KNOW Kelle and her family!! I refuse to believe otherwise, too~ hehee….

  143. Happy Birthday to Poppa – my favorite comment to read on every one of Kelle’s posts.

    And Kelle – how GREAT to see you in so many photos! You’re beautiful, girlfriend! Keep spreading the beauty to the rest of us learning how to live life big.

  144. wow! what joy and excitement, I love how you and your family celebrate.

  145. Hot at 60!

  146. kelle,
    i love that your poppa kids and grandbabies all got together to celebrate him. you are making such wonderful memories, thats good cause we all know tommorrow isnt promised. i made a mistake of letting my daughter and 2 sweet grandbabies move in with me and my husband, even though i told her from the get go it wasnt going to work. shes been here a week and already going to run off and cut us off from the babies. she got mad because i wont “take her side”and tell my husband everything should be her way. shes ridicoulsy immature, and i try to help her all i can. but im not going to walk on my husband just to give her satisfaction. she breaks my heart by taking the babies away-her pawns. thanks for letting this maw maw vent. and keep lovin your poppa-your a good daughter.

  147. In the middle of reading this I went to pick up my Parents magazine and saw Brett’s picture. Thanks for sharing your life with us N. You remind everyday to savor the moment and bring beauty into life whenever possible.

  148. Happy birthday from California too!!

  149. ,,,poppa you wear 60 well,,,happy happy and many more,,,

  150. Thank you all for the kind and gracious birthday wishes. Dontcha think someone should be able to mark the move into 40 quietly, like in the woods or something! Ha…didn’t happen! If it is the life in your years and not the years in your life that measures time, then I am OK! I thank my wonderful children and their mother who allowed me the joy of being a dad, and my grandchildren and granddog for the incredible joys of being a Poppa! And Cathy, I read your comment and share your haertache…loving our children also makes us vulnerable for those moments when our efforts aren’t interpreted as love…just keep loving, sometimes with the necessary boundaries that bring growth and maturity. I am saying a prayer for you, your daughter and your little grandchildren that harmony returns soon…very soon. Have a day filled with tiny moments of joy, like the spray of a fountain!

  151. RIK,
    thank you for your loving comment
    and your prayer you are a man who has seen alot in life good and bad ,and you have a heart of pure gold.one day i hope my daughter can see my intentions have always been good and the things i do have always been out for love for family as a whole. i hope you had a wonderful birthday as it looked and god blesses you and your lovley family with many many more!

  152. A wonderful celebration for an amazing man! Wishing you the best Rik~

    I’m floating…creating beautiful memories…and seeing unicorns too…love them…they are leaving next week…will catch up on all your posts soon… :)

    “Memories of loved ones are like songs in our soul.” ~Margaret Wakeley

  153. Oh I want dips on being the oldest sibling, adopt me! LOL

    Way cool birthday party, sixty looks great. Poppa makes it incredibly sexy! :)

    I love the disco ball, made me crack up. Rock star status of lives indeed, you really know how to “live” life. After all isn’t that what it’s all about? Living Life!

    I get a breath of fresh air when visiting your blog. It also reminds me to not sit back and waste the days but to live them.


  154. awww happy birthday poppa!! what a great surprise for him!! i’m sure you loved having your whole family around too! xoxo

  155. Happy birthday, Poppa! Damn, Sixty IS Sexy! Looking good! Love your dance moves and couldn’t be happier for you that your family was able to gather and celebrate! The “60” glasses are a great accessory — did you save? Think they should be pulled out throughout the year for special occasions!

    Kelle- LOVE the picture of your brother showing his best moves! Enjoyed seeing your sister and her beautiful daughters!

    Happy 60th to an amazing man!

    Jill B (Overland Park,KS)

  156. LOVE THIS!!!! Happy Birthday to Poppa!!!! These are the best times! :)

  157. Omigosh, Kelle … Could your dad be any cooler??? It looks like a wonderful party.

  158. your family is freaking awesome. and your brother’s ‘stache is hilarious! (in a funny way if it’s meant to be funny… in a wow-he-rocks-a-stache way if he’s seriously rockin a ‘stache. either way, i like it! ha!)

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