Diggin’ it with Dig.

Sometimes I have great intentions. And my intentions were to post last night, but there we were–two long lost friends snuggled under afghans, sipping wine, laptops perched before us, typing away but stopping to chat every few minutes or so. And it was late, even by Mountain Standard Time. And my brain was clearly not capable of transferring words onto the computer. When Nici finally looked up and said, “Hey, wanna go to bed?” I jumped at the chance.

So Monday I traveled 12 hours across the country schlepping bags, shhhhing babies and shaking exhaustion all to meet someone I’ve never met before. And, as passionate as I was to get this all happening–booking our flights, packing the suitcases, googling Missoula weather–about two hours before we landed in the mountainous town, I went white-knuckled…and not just because of the turbulence (which, by the way, had every passenger gripping their armrests and bracing their whiplashed heads–all except Lainey who was shreaking with laughter and squealing, “This is fun!”). It dawned on me that I was going to be spending a week with someone I’ve never really physically connected with. And what if, on Day Two, it was a total bust and I wanted to go home? What if we bored each other and I dragged my girls across the country for nothing? What if this was a blind friend date gone wrong? What if she was…crazy? You never know.

Two hours later, my fears melted when I stepped off the plane into the quaint lodginess of the little Missoula airport and saw her standing there waiting for us. Her wild curls were pulled loosely into two twirly buns and an artsy string of turquoise beads dangled from her ears, distinguishing her as the creative free Missoulian I had come to love through words and chats.

And, just as the mountains had me at hello, so did my friend I’ve never met. I knew there in the middle of the airport as we hugged and cried and barricaded the exiting passenger route for a good minute or so while we huddled, that this week was going to be just fine.

Our girls have settled into this delicious comfort zone brew of holding hands and skipping and trading tennis shoes seasoned with a few good “I had it first” face-offs to keep it real. And the fact that there are piles of our crap in their living room corners and I don’t even feel compelled to clean them up goes to show you just how welcoming they’ve made us feel. It feels like family, and we are drinking it in.

So, as two blogging mamas memorializing this experience, Nici and I are asking each other five questions about this whole gig on our blogs.

Nici’s Questions:

1. How do you like Montana, you Floridian? What’s how you thought it’d be and what’s different?

Dude, for starters, your mountains slay me. I always talk about the beach being my church and this spiritualness I get from sunsets and salty craters on Isle of Capri, but I feel it in a different way here. It’s gorgeous. Even your sunlight is different. Our sun is exuberant and wild, yours is lazy and care-free. Both good…but different. From how you’ve described it in the past, I’ve always felt Missoula has this major creative energy flowing from it, and I certainly feel it being here. As far as what’s different that what I expected? It feels more like home than I imagined which just goes to show you not only how much you’ve shared of “your place” but how you can be anywhere and find something to relate to.



2. So you met me, a person you’ve talked to for years and thought you knew. That’s crazy. How’d I measure up to your expectations? Be honest. And please don’t talk about my b.o. yesterday morning.

I know we’ve talked about this, but it’s amazing how much hasn’t surprised me in that I feel like I already knew you so much even without ever having hugged you or shared a cup of coffee with you just through your words on your blog and our e-mails and phone chats. And my expectations of you were simply that you were a beautiful person with a beautiful soul, someone I connected with over our passion for life and living and being mamas and wives and friends and women. And meeting you in person only confirms that connection. So, it’s all good, Baby. Even the B.O.



3. I am completely in love with the fact that, despite our different lives, we’ve connected in a real and powerful way. I mean one doesn’t just pick up and travel across the lower 48 with two babies for nothin’. There’s something really cool and unique here. How do you think the medium of blogging has contributed to our friendship? How might it have been different if we met on a playground?

I think blogging allows us to reveal a part of our being that a chance encounter on a playground or at a party doesn’t allow. I may have generalized, not in a bad way, but in a she-likes-different-things-than-I-do kind of way that may not have had us pursuing a friendship. I don’t can or grow my own food or may not share your same views on some political issues, but because of what we are passionate about and the goals we are trying to achieve and the way we live life, we really are more alike than different. And the way we have connected has, to me, opened up my eyes to realizing the bigger picture…that we are all more alike than different.

4. Margot bloodied her whole sweet face when she fell onto concrete from four feet up. She wanted you to help her pick out a new shirt. Lainey let me read her a book and put her to bed. Both events were surprising because we both would have staked millions on our girls wanting their mamas. Huh. What do you think about that?

I think that it’s just pure evidence in the cosmic forces that have fatefully collided our kindred spirit souls. In non-galactic mystical terms, I think the wise little souls in our littles sense the same kind of love and passion we share. And they’re cool with it.



5. We’re on day two. What’s your favorite so far?

Oh, don’t make me pick. I still love that first night…the way our girls instantly connected and ran off to Margot’s room to play…and those awesome hours after putting the girls to sleep when we curled up in the living room and lost track of time talking about each other’s lives.

And because I have way more pics to share, I’m expanding.

My favorite was kitchen table art after coffee.


And watching my girl love your chickens.


And the other chickens too.


And getting to visit a place that’s a big part of who you are.





And walking past these character-filled houses on your streets, pulling a rickety wagon full of 60 pounds of peaches knowing they will be transformed to sweet peach butter in your annual ceremony that we are privileged to be a part of this year.





But mostly…the girls. Knowing this is a purposeful adventure for them too…and looking forward to how they will know each other in the future and what they will learn from each other…how they will love.





And Dig…it’s only Day Two. I love that. And I have a feeling these first days are just the icing. There’s good cake underneath. With pudding filling.

Diggin’ in.





Read Dig’s Questions HERE.

Cheers to that.



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  1. Amazing. What a great post. This is exactly why I love the internet. I’ve met friends on here too that have become so so important. Love the photos – especially the one of the littles in their matching jammies. >3

  2. Amazing! Great post! I’m so glad God has brought you two ladies together and that you were able to make the trip possible! I love the matching jammies photo! Hope you continue to have a blast.

  3. is her house as awesome as it looks??? the wood floors look AMAZING.

  4. I, too, have a friend that I “met” over 5 years ago, and have only met in person once. I flew the whole way to California from Maryland to meet her and I also had all of those same thoughts “what if she is a raging maniac”, ha ha ha. But then the tears came and the bonding and I know in my heart she will be my best friend for life, even though I will only be with her a handful of times. This is what life is all about….fate….and love!!!

  5. Oh I love this. I have a friend (I did get to fall in love with her in person unlike you two cyber friends) and nothing can fill a heart more then knowing there is a friend who loves you and your babies almost as much as you do. I love this Kel! I LOVE reading about your value in relationships because we have a world that is full of “islands” and people who are missing out on how great life can be!

  6. How fun! Long lost ‘sisters’!

  7. oh it just made my little heart leap when I read that you are in Missoula……my husband and I just moved from Missoula after living there for 8 years, and now we are in the Alaskan Bush and golly do i miss those Montana mountains and the creative soul of that city……..cherish those little moments……….enjoy some sweet potato fries at the Iron Horse or a martini at the James Bar…….ooo and those littles might love a Big Dipper ice cream cone!! :)

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  9. I think there is a town, somewhere betwixt Missoula and Naples, and it is called Missouples. There, kindred spirits enjoy reunions and tiny hands that yesterday held dripping starfish hold juicy fresh peaches and pet feathered chickens and stretch to receive the grasp of a new friend. Enjoy your visit, Kelle. Learn about composting and recycling. Celebrate your shared love of the wonder of littles. See the mountains you have been climbing all the while. Laugh with a glass of wine. Whine with a glass of laugh. Squeeze the goodness out, knowing it’s restored with every Missoula sunrise. Thank you for this post–I was so eager to see you all together. What beautiful children you two have created! I believe you were sisters in another realm…soul sisters.

  10. How amazing!!! I’ve been up to Montana once … breathtaking. I hope you have time to take the girls to the Missoula Carousel! I love the story with you two, very sweet!

  11. Yummy!

  12. Girlfriend bonding is magic like none other.

    Little Margot has such a darling haircut!

    Enjoy that sweet Montana cake Kelle! No soap in this icing bowl! :)

  13. OhMyGosh… 4 beautiful girls in matching jammies = my heart totally melted! Enjoy your trip! I <3 my internet friends too :)

  14. That sounds like a magical time! I’m glad its better than you could have imagined!
    And I adore Nella’s little hat!

  15. Awesome! Drink in every second!

  16. Oh what fun – double post reading today!

  17. love this, I have a few online friends I can’t wait to bring into real life. glad your time is going so great!

  18. It’s SO great that you two finally got together! Seeing those photos makes me miss my mountain town. :)

  19. Sweet fun. Enjoy your time together.

  20. I’m gonna say the same thing I said on Nici’s blog…Beautiful!

  21. Your stories rock my socks off! Love reading your adventures. =)

  22. you always have such wonderful adventures. As it seems your friend does too, Can we follow Nici’s blog to? Is there a link somewhere?

  23. INCREDIBLE post, and the history- meeting through your blogs- BEAUTIFUL!

  24. never mind :) lol thanks

  25. Craftastic, the link is at the very end of Kelle’s post where she suggests you see Dig’s questions. Dig has some great photos and words to enjoy!

  26. Finding a friend like that is amazing. It’s truly amazing that you found eachother.

  27. I love seeing all the great friendships that are developing. Okay, and how freakin cute is Nella in her piggy hat.

  28. Yay! For amazing friendships big and small. All you girls look like you are having a blast! I love both your blogs so much!

  29. So sweet. As a reader of both of your blogs it is so much fun to see ya’ll together, ESP the 4 girls with their matching jammies!! That really made me smile.

  30. I smiled the whole time while reading. I can just imagine the excitement, the nervousness in the anticipation of it all. It is amazing to think a medium such as this played a role in your worlds’ colliding. Crazy just what this world has to offer when we step out of our comfort zones. Enjoy this ‘new’ level an ‘old’ friendship has taken.

    -Lisa in Louisville

  31. Breathtaking! …the girls, the sunflowers, Nici’s curls, the mamas’ bond, the matching jamms, the photos (as always!), EVERYTHING – breathtakingly beautiful. Enjoy every moment of the rest of your trip, fill your tanks to last you until you get to be together again, make fabulous memories, suck that Montana Marrow, baby!

    Thank you for sharing,
    E – (nkymama)

  32. Oh, this is such a feel good moment, which isn’t a surprise coming from this blog! Thanks for sharing.

  33. So freakin’ beautiful.

  34. Enjoy lady! And suck the marrow of every moment! Thank you for sharing your life with us strangers….you are an inspiration to “enjoy the small things.” As a certified pessimist, I come here to remind myself that pessimism is a waste of time and energy. Yes, you do that for me!

    Thank you!

  35. AHHHH I love the piggy hat on Nella!!! I saw it at Baby Gap last week and was dying to buy it… but couldn’t bring myself to spend the $29.50 it costs up here in Canada. :(

    Glad to hear you’re having such a lovely time. I love it when you meet somebody new and just click… it doesn’t happen all that often these days, so when it does, it’s pretty special.

  36. I adore this post. Love the photos.

    Mostly though? I love that is wasn’t just me who found someone, a new best friend, a thousand miles away. I remember that first plane ride to meet her. I too had that moment of panic, as well as the first hug that makes the panic fall away. Loved reading this. It made me remember.

    I hope you all have a great remainder of your trip.

  37. When I was 15 I met a 14 year old boy on the internet who lived across the country from me. We talked every day for several years and when we turned 18 & 19, he flew across the country to meet me. It was amazing. Isn’t the internet amazing?

  38. Awesome. AWESOME!!!

  39. tears and I don’t even know why…I am a Missoulian and I LOVE the way you put our enchanting little town into pictures and words and feelings. ENJOY the rest of your stay…sorry for the rain, but I’m sure you’ll make it beautiful!

  40. Gorgeous!

    Was that a pasaphire in Lainey’s mouth? Did the little fairies give one back? 😉

  41. I’m blog-bouncing between you and dig and it’s making me dizzy (in a good way – like a playground ride that spins you around so fast that you cannot get your grounding afterwards…and die laughing in that momentary clumsiness). I figured that you two would to a tandem posting, so here I sit (ignoring the financial analysis that I have to complete today) to suck up the moments from both of you. It’s good to see that both of you had “oh crap” moments of anxiety and that those fears were unfounded. And I love the fact that the 2 of you answered 5 questions. You are sisters and friends and kindred spirits. No go back to spreading some creative energy.

    Enjoy your remaining 3 days in the big old West.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  42. Oh Kelle, I recognize your joy! My BFF & I met online 12 years ago. We only talked on the phone or by email for years & years. At about the 10 year mark, Larry & I flew to her to meet. I adore her & love her & was soooooooo ecstatic to meet her IRL for the first time. And let me tell ya, the tears were brutal when we had to leave & go home. That sucked dirt. Enjoy your time! Sometime told me when I got home from that trip “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

  43. There are 2 people I have “met” while blogging. I feel like they are my friend. I would love to meet them one day and I imagine it would feel like we were friends forever. Getting to know someone through written words is such a unique process..Cool times!

  44. I love this! And that picture of the girls, all 4 of them, dressed in the same jammies? THE BEST!

  45. Wow! So crazy to see my two favorite bloggers on one page! Oh do have so much fun this week my friends. I love the Q & A’s! Love the picture with all of the girls together! I wish I could run up there from Idaho Falls and have a dirty martini with ya all! Have a great rest of the week! xoxo M.

  46. Looks like you are having a blast in Montana.

    Have a fun rest of the week

  47. I have been anxiously waiting for this post – so glad to hear you are having a great time with Digs! And your girls are too! Love all the pictures but those 4 babies together – simply beautiful :)
    I also have great friends that I met through forums and then met in real life, spent vacations together, went to their weddings etc :) love it!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip! Can’t wait to hear more!
    I would kill for a piece of bread with peach butter right now!

  48. Ohhh the photo of the four of them in matching p.j’s – perfect! All of this – is so freaking amazing. You are both so inspiring.

  49. I have never posted anything on your blog before. And I am sorry for that!
    I absolutly love reading every little detail. I think that it is so wonderful that you enjoy and drink in every ounce of this life.
    You have inspired me… and even to create and write too.
    Hope that you have a wonderful time out West. I have never been but feel as if I could walk through any of your pictures… simply beautiful.
    And I love all of the girls in the PJ’s. My favorite!
    Oh and how could I forget… ONE day when I have children of our own I hope that I can love like you love… and enjoy all of the small things good and bad!
    You are wonderful!

  50. Ohhhh my! It’s even better than I imagined. Keep on enjoying …

    PS – I just love seeing Dig’s house and life through your lens, how cool!

    PPS – I am so excited to hop over to DTC and read Nici’s take on it!

    So much fun, thank you, thank you for sharing … hugs …

  51. Oh how fun! I am excited that you get to make peach butter with Nici. I actually just made a batch of my own using her instructions.


    It is eat-directly-out-of-the-jar, lip-smacking good.

    What an amazing adventure. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  52. Wow. What an awesome idea you ladies had. I LOOVE the picture of all 4 girls in their pink jammies. TOO cute for words to explain. Its so amazing to me how you can meet someone now days and form life long friendships like you have done :)

  53. “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

    ~Dr. Seuss

    So glad that your dream of meeting Dig has finally become a magical reality! Enjoy the moments that will make your heart skip a beat everytime you recall them….

    And in honor of your almost fall and Digs boob save:

    “Friends are like bras: close to your heart and there for support.”

    Glad the red boots are getting a passport stamp from Montana.

  54. Oh, oh, oh. The matching pajamas!!!!! Oh. I am in LOVE.

  55. OMG! I am glad you two don’t live in the same town because there would be all that much more blogging going on and I would not get ANYTHING done!

    As for the question about.. “Both events were surprising because we both would have staked millions on our girls wanting their mamas. Huh. What do you think about that?” I believe with all the love you two have grown over the years, written about it, photoed about it, talked on the phone about it, shared the sadness & joy in it…there have been two VERY observant sets of little girls eyes watching there mamas and knowing they too already loved and trusted you both…Perfect!


  56. Dang it, you made me cry! I can’t believe you’ve actually gotten to meet your online friend! Someday I’ll meet some of mine…

    My favorite pic?? Margot and Lainey’s legs in tights and feet in awesome shoes!

    Can’t wait for more!

  57. Sorry… that is “their” not “there” mamas! :)

  58. love it, love the curls, love the pacifier! xoxoxo

  59. Life has a funny way of bringing the people we need most into our lives when we need them the most… even if they are hundreds of miles away from us. ENJOY!

  60. My best friend I also met online. Blogs are wonderful wonderful things. And Nikki’s blog is one of my all time faves!

  61. What a glorious meeting!!! Love the photos…cant wait to read more!!!

  62. So special! I have a few ‘imaginary’ friends from the internet. <3

    And I have to say your playlists are the BEST! ALWAYS! I find such good music on your blog! Thanks for sharing the goodies! :)

  63. Super fun times. The mountain air suits you well!! :)

    Love those pics!

  64. i cant believe you got to meet “Dig this chick”. i have been following her blog for quite some time now.
    I also got to experience something similar but my friend and i met in a sewing forum, i got kicked out (of the forum), and we still emailed each other and now we keep in touch through facebook AND she came to Michigan to see me after my second daughter was born. AND THE BEST PART, i didn’t know until i saw her at the airport. My husband took me there with sweet lies. 😀 my hormones were going crazy. i cried so much but i was so happy to finally meet her. 😀
    What a wonderful post.
    BTW… the first photo i saw where the orange boots and i thought “Those are Margot’s boots”. 😀 LOL.

  65. Awww! This post made my heart smile! I love the photo of the four gorgeous girlies in their matching pyjamas. Enjoy the rest of your week with your blogging soul sister!

  66. Have a fantastic time!
    Your girls in the striped jammies are adorable!

    So cool that you met online and are meeting in person now – that’s how I met the man I married! The love of my life and my rock :) Online friends first!!!

  67. Awesome post! I love the picture of the four in matching outfits! So cute!

  68. I’m so excited for you both! I too have several “virtual” friends…some of which I feel more of a connection to than my “real” friends! That sounds crazy…but I know you know what I mean! So excited you all are getting to share this time together. Drink in every moment!!!! Have lots of (peeing in your pants) laughs! Oh…and btw…don’t know if she has ever been told…I’m she she has…but Nici so looks like Elizabeth Shue! Have fun!

  69. Love the lovin’ going on up North!!! The girls all together in their jammies made my day.

    I had always been an internet skeptic… but after Quinn was born & we found so much love, support & advice out there on this world wide web, it made me take a second look at the *different* kinds of connections the internet can bring to this strange modern life. Enjoy getting to know each other on a new level. Loving the dual posting – thanks for sharing your visit with all of us.

  70. LOVE that you took a leap and got on a plane to meet this friend, with two little ones along for the ride too! I’m so impressed. All the girls are just so pretty! Luv it. :)

  71. Would love to order some peach butter to send with my husband when he goes on his next deployment with the Navy!

  72. Your photos are utterly awesome.

  73. Your photos are utterly awesome.

  74. Oooh the bliss of 2 souls {and their gorgeous girls} finally meeting in person! I CAN NOT wait til the day I meet my bloggy friend who lives in a whole other continent from me….I hope it’s just as puzzled together & connected as this one!
    Enjoy the rest of your time together ladies!
    I just LOVE all the photos!

  75. love the matching pjs!

  76. How fun!!! I’ve always wanted to go to Montana and this just reminds me of why.

    Last summer we adopted a little girl from an orphanage in Kyiv, Ukraine. A few months after our adoption I was contact through my blog by another adoptive mother that would be adopting from the same orphanage. I was able to share my experiences with her and we kept in touch via email. Well, when she was in Ukraine this summer to adopt her three beautiful children (two little girls with Down syndrome and a little boy with limb differences and a heart condition) things were not working out how she had planned for her trip home. Her husband had to come home after court and she still had a few more weeks in Ukraine, but knew she couldn’t travel home with 3 children under 3 by herself. So, what happened??? Well, I found myself on a plane (3 planes actually) to Ukraine to help this woman that I only had emailed with bring home her children. I was nervous since we had never met, but it was a match made in heaven. We spent so many nights up talking for hours and really became the best of friends. Being able to go through an experience like that with someone really connects you. Getting off the plane in the US with her and her children was one of the best experiences of my life! I will cherish my time I spent in a tiny apartment in Ukraine and the bond we formed for the rest of my life.


  77. I just wanna see when you will come to Brasil, to visit me …
    It will be a great pleasure to have you here…
    Great pictures as ever !!!

  78. OMG, I love the 4 girls in their matching pajamas! Who’s responsible?

  79. I’d love to imagine that I was trusting enough to catch a flight and meet someone in person that I’ve only ever shared words with. Although, I know I am far too much of a worrier. Oh, how I would love to take more chances on this one journey that we get to endure. That my dear speaks volumes of your trusting heart; and I mean that in only the kindest of ways! As always I have been touched by your fabulous way with words.

  80. Hmmm… I think this peach butter recipe needs to be shared! I have a good 20 lbs of peaches that are crying to be turned into peach butter. Ü

  81. The girls in the matching pj’s is too cute :) Loved reading and seeing your first couple days and can’t wait for you to post about the rest of your week. Enjoy this special time with your long lost ‘soul sister’!

  82. i love this post! i lived in missoula for about 5 years…there’s nothing like it. have a wonderful trip-i love that you two found eachother through your blogs. taylor

  83. MMMMmmmm. I looovvve the mountains – mine are a little bit south of these ones, but just as majestic. (They are my isle of capri). So glad you had a great opportunity to experience them. Looks like you had an amazing time and what adorable sweet little girls.

  84. Amazing!

    Also, I must know where Margot’s orange shoes are from. They are to die for!

    – Kelly

  85. What a great post!! LOVE the tights and how you snuck in a pic of them I know you were so excited about your littles in tights in September 😉 LOVE the newsboy hats on the 2 girls….love the chalkboard wall in the kitchen…talk about entertaining while preping dinner. Her house looks awesome the girls are all gorgeous and im so glad the two of you are enjoying each other!! Have a great weekend!!

  86. What a trip to read two blogs and the two bloggers meet! I had butterflies just thinking about how you must’ve felt on the airplane ride. Heck, I would’ve had butterflies for days before the trip even started! Have fun! :)

  87. Thanks for letting us into your world today and for and letting us watch you take a friendship to a new level. Smiling, and loving.

    -Jenny from Iowa

  88. This is beautiful. Last year, my husband, our 3 daughters and I went to 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks and stayed with 31 families (17 of them we’d never met–I met them thru my blog). It. Was. Awesome.

  89. Nella’s hat is by far the cutest thing I have EVER seen! Love it!

  90. I absolutely love the picture of all four girls in their matching jammies – the B&W one. Lainey looks SO big!! I also love the one of just Lainey and Margot’s styling tights and cute shoes! I love the one leaf on the ground in front of them! Enjoy your dose of fall! I am definetly a summer lover but I’m enjoying the slow changing of the leaves and the crisp cool freshness September brings!! Enjoy the rest of your trip! Can’t wait to read the next post!

  91. Oh and I agree with Bikini by 30 – no soap in that frosting bowl!!

  92. So neat that you guys have the opportunity to meet! Love all the photos!

    Have fun on your adventure! :)

  93. love love LOVE.
    just wish i would have the chance to meet the two of you also!
    remember that email / comment takeover way back when with kelly? and then we all got pregnant. and dreams were ushered into baby belly wishes.
    so happy for you two.

  94. I actually met one of my greatest friends online… through baby contests on Myspace some 3.5yrs ago. We got to meet last year when I begged my husband to drive us 12+hrs through the night from SC to IN. You would have thought we see each other every few days. It was nothing like I thought “meeting” for the 1st time would be. It was so comfortable and relaxing and SO much fun! It was a great experience. The only sad part was leaving and knowing it would be some time before we’d be able to get together again.

  95. Both of your blogs just break my heart in two…and build up something so much bigger in appreciation for such amazing friendships!

    you two are so beautiful, and your babies are beautiful.

    I love it. I always get so many warm and fuzzies from reading your blogs.

  96. I <3 Montana! Enjoy your stay – sky from the feet up!

  97. Hi Kelle,
    Love these photos of your trip to Montana.
    The internet is great the way it brings about such friendships.
    Nice to see photos of Lainey and Nella and their new friends together. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

  98. I love this! I have made the best friends a girl could ask for through my computer screen. Women who have laughed with me and cried with me and stood by me through everything. I am getting on a plane tomorrow morning with two of my three littles and heading to Boston for another wonderful visit with my “computer friends”. I can’t wait to be with my friends and see our kids together. Enjoy your week and love every single second of it so that when you are home you can think back and sink into the warmth of those moments shared.

  99. I have met a few of my best friends online as well. It’s such a special friendship. It’s sweet to see you two seal such a wonderful bond :) Have a great rest of your week!

    P.S. Another vote for lovin’ the matching PJs!

  100. “I don’t can or grow my own food or may not share your same views on some political issues, but because of what we are passionate about and the goals we are trying to achieve and the way we live life, we really are more alike than different. And the way we have connected has, to me, opened up my eyes to realizing the bigger picture…that we are all more alike than different.”

    This answer is perfection. I just love the way you love, Kelle. I love your acceptance, not in just the obvious ways but in every way.

    This answer is perfection…

  101. Awesome. I stumbled into Nici’s blog (before I even really knew what a blog was–yeah, I’m a little slow) while trying to get more info about my midwife being banned from the hospital. And I was hooked. Then Nella was born and Nici lead me to your blog.

    The fun part for ME, as a reader, is to see you in Nici’s setting, through the eye of her camera. And to see Nici, her house and kids, through the eye of your camera. So different! And yet the same. And totally unsurprising. What an amazing thing this blogging is.

    LOVE the photo of Nella and Ruby by the chalkboard.

  102. Okay, the matching jammies! Love, love! Who planned this? The big question is….where is the picture of you and Nici in your matching pj’s?

    Enjoy the rest of your time together! I know you will!

    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

  103. I love that chalkboard wall! Great pictures!

  104. Oh my goodness. I think this is my first comment. I’ve commented so much in my mind though, so maybe not. Regardless – I love that you are in Montana. I am in Montana! But I was in FL when I first discovered your blog. It is a long story. Ha! But anyway, I utterly adore your blog and I just can’t believe that you are here too. Isn’t it just an amazing place, this Big Sky Country? My two littles and I have been here for the better part of four months while our Daddy is deployed, and it has been a trying time. But your blog brings me joy and hope and inspiration. This is so rambling, but I was just so excited. I can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. I think this is the coolest thing ever. I’m so glad you two are hanging out and finally meeting and hugging and laughing so you can see it with your own eyes and hear it with your own ears.

    I, too, have a friend I’ve never met- but I met her from online. She’s someone so special to me and I just know the moment we meet is going to be a “oh no what if!” moment but something will happen and it will all click. It will all click into place and be like it has been for the 4+ years I’ve known her. We’re both still sorta young yet (i just turned a legal adult, she’s still underage) so it’s harder for us to get our friendship to become this real lets-hang-out thing. I think it’s great you and Nici got to do that.

    Your kids obviously feel the vibe you too have, as they clearly are great friends too. I think while the internet can be a burden in some instances….it others it has created these wonderful ways of finding the people you need to have in your life. It helps you find these people that touch your heart and won’t let go.

    <3 Happy weekend. have fun in the mountains.

  107. I think this is the coolest thing ever. I’m so glad you two are hanging out and finally meeting and hugging and laughing so you can see it with your own eyes and hear it with your own ears.

    I, too, have a friend I’ve never met- but I met her from online. She’s someone so special to me and I just know the moment we meet is going to be a “oh no what if!” moment but something will happen and it will all click. It will all click into place and be like it has been for the 4+ years I’ve known her. We’re both still sorta young yet (i just turned a legal adult, she’s still underage) so it’s harder for us to get our friendship to become this real lets-hang-out thing. I think it’s great you and Nici got to do that.

    Your kids obviously feel the vibe you too have, as they clearly are great friends too. I think while the internet can be a burden in some instances….it others it has created these wonderful ways of finding the people you need to have in your life. It helps you find these people that touch your heart and won’t let go.

    <3 Happy weekend. have fun in the mountains.

  108. I think this is the coolest thing ever. I’m so glad you two are hanging out and finally meeting and hugging and laughing so you can see it with your own eyes and hear it with your own ears.

    I, too, have a friend I’ve never met- but I met her from online. She’s someone so special to me and I just know the moment we meet is going to be a “oh no what if!” moment but something will happen and it will all click. It will all click into place and be like it has been for the 4+ years I’ve known her. We’re both still sorta young yet (i just turned a legal adult, she’s still underage) so it’s harder for us to get our friendship to become this real lets-hang-out thing. I think it’s great you and Nici got to do that.

    Your kids obviously feel the vibe you too have, as they clearly are great friends too. I think while the internet can be a burden in some instances….it others it has created these wonderful ways of finding the people you need to have in your life. It helps you find these people that touch your heart and won’t let go.

    <3 Happy weekend. have fun in the mountains.

  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. yaaay! Come to California and Visit me now:0) Im not a momma but I’m an aunt to 27 nieces and nephews for Lainey to play with!

  111. Kelle-

    Feel free to visit me anytime! (although be warned, you might end up with a sweet beagle as a bedmate!)


  112. that green chair…the chalk in the matchstick holder…the martini’d laughter…chickens…museum…you must be doing cartwheels in your sleep right now.

  113. It’s like a 21st century version of penpals!

    How awesome and she has liquor too! FUN!

    (I hope “Emily” doesn’t show up…(((rolling eyes))))

    Have a great time and it’s so cool that the girls and babies have become fast friends.

    Nice to meet you Dig!

  114. This reminds me of my best friend and I so much! These relationships are such a blessing!

  115. Please, before you submit your manuscript to LJK, find another phrase other than “Sucking life’s marrow” or anything having to do with sucking anythig. It is not an attractive phrase – to be a marrow-sucker. With your grasp of the English language, I bet you can do it.

  116. awesome post. saw your feature on SITS. i loved what you said about life being hard and rocking out anyway. both of my sons died within 10 months of each other, and yes life is hard….but my dead children are only a portion of who I am as a whole. life is hard, but i press on…choosing to live. thanks for sharing your family with the world, you children are beautiful.

  117. Beautiful – thank you for sharing! The photos are candy for the eyes. :)

  118. I love seeing the mountains, home and the fun the kids are having through your photos! Beautiful! Friendships are wonderful! Hope you have a great SITS day!

  119. GREETINGS! I am visiting from SITS. What a lovely post. All the girls look so cute — love your baby in that little piggy hat — She looks so adorable! It was brave of you to visit your blogging friend and brave of her to have you! One never knows what one is getting into. So glad for you that you all had such a wonderful time. Looks like such fun — especially the cocktails! :)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Best regards,

  120. found your thru SITS!!! what a beautiful story and amazing pics!!! i agree with everyone….the jammie picture is PRICELESS! i am off to read more about you and your family! thanks for sharing your life story! have a great weekend!!! xo

  121. This is great. So brave, to reach out and build a real relationship over distance and differences and no physical contact….you ALL look so happy!

  122. What a beautiful post!


  123. What a beautiful blog! Found you via SITS!

  124. How awesome that you guys have connected through a medium that is often way too impersonal and cold and hard to forge bonds other than superficial. Magic baby.

    Have fun! LOVE Nella and baby sitting by chalkboard wall in kitchen. How cool!! :)

  125. Amazing post. Looks like you had a BLAST!!!

  126. I’m visiting from SITS! It i so cool when you meet a friend from the internet and your BFF when you meet in real life too!

    I loved the photos also! Thanks for sharing about your great week!

  127. Those pics were sooo good. Love the one with the girls all in the same matching jammies…sweet! I’ve had the privelege to meet some of my blogging buddies in person. And it was like meeting up with long lost sisters. It’s a beautiful thing. So glad it didn’t go the other way for you. That would have been bad…especially for a WEEK:0

  128. I love the mountains! It looks like you are having so much fun.

  129. I drove two hours last Saturday to have dinner with a blogging friend I’d never met before. I completely get flying across the country to do the same.

    Thanks for this story!

  130. What a beautiful story. I am loving your blog. Your children are so incredibly lucky to have such a vibrant, beautiful, caring mother.

  131. oh my, i knew it was gonna be good! ha, love the story and the pics and the falling down with a little grabbing of boobs and all…so you! i was cracking up. i can’t b you are there!

    so weird seeing you there! glad you are having fun and those mountain…holy beautiful!

    love you, miss you, now hurry your butt home!


  132. Love, love, love! SO glad you are enjoying each other.

    On a random note…I think you and Nici have the EXACT same nose. The picture of Lainey and Dig with the chicken…you can see the cute little bump that you discovered you had not that long ago. See, you really ARE sisters :)

    xoxo, Angie from Ohio

  133. Stopping by from SITS and I’m afraid my grown up words are failing me…miserably.

    I wasn’t expected to be touched by anything today…or this week for that matter (been a not so great one)…so much as I am now typing with tears in my eyes — for so many reasons…

    I suppose mainly from my longing for a connection that you have found with this woman who is seemingly so unlike yourself yet a connection so strong that it transcended distance.

    I will admit (risking the wraths of Mom’s everywhere) that I don’t typically follow ‘Mommy blogs’ — and I mean zero disrespect by that. It’s just that I have two grown children (one of whom has ‘Asperger’s’) and I guess ‘I’ve been there, done that’ kind of thing, but, honestly, I’m so moved by this post and what I read about you on ‘SITS’ that I feel compelled.

    I know it sounds like an backhanded compliment but truly it was heartfelt and with the BEST of intentions and meaning (so hard to convey tone and meaning in chat, eh?).

    So, I’ll quit being verbose and bring this to a close by saying that I LOVE this ‘Mommy Blog’ because it’s really so much more than what meets the eye — and I thank you for opening MINE, as well as my heart — and had I had a more open mind (and a less bitter heart after so many let downs…) I, too, might have found a connection like yours.

    I’ll happily be returning.

    Peace and serenity,
    -‘The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy’
    -‘Rabbit Food: A Vegan Blog’
    and my latest…
    -Stranger Than Diction’

  134. Do not let your fire go out,spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swaps of
    the not-quite,the not-yet,and the not-at-all. do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonley frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach.the world you desire can be won. It exisits..It is real..It is possible. it is yours.

  135. I have no idea why this friendship between you two tears at my heart strings. I value friendship so much (as you obviously do) Friendships our the family we get to choose! I love how Nici (oh, I guess I should’ve written this part as a comment to her blog) but anyway, I LOVE how she wrote — that you two are fearless. You would’ve been safe and comfortable where your friendship was at — good. But you wanted a GREAT friendship and that’s why you guys took the next step. May god bless your lives, you friendship, your families! Lovin’ you — okay, who’s either was the matching pajamas — LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! …. LOVE!

  136. Wow. Sounds like the start of a beautiful friendship for all. How grateful and full your heart must be to have had so many treasured moments. I’m a new follower for sure! Here from SITS!


  137. oh, dude — I meant who’s IDEA was the matching pajamas? so, who was it?

  138. this makes me happy.

  139. This is all great fun.

    I gotta give my mom props for the pjs! 100% Gram’s brilliant idea.

  140. ,,,it all sounds wonderful,,,

  141. This post is all kinds of wonderful. There are two AMAZING women in particular that I have also become so close to, yet never met. We have gone through the journey of having children together, emailed on a regular, sometimes more than once a day basis and they were actually two of the first people I told about our third miscarriage and then this subsequent pregnancy that seems to be going great. It is amazing the way women can bond over their words. I can’t wait to meet both of them someday, and your blog post today got me all teary-eyed just thinking about it!

    P.S. I am in love with the blackboard chalk in the kitchen! We are in the process of repainting our kitchen cupboards and I am 100% certain that I’m going to have to copy that gorgeous idea!

  142. I just found you from SITS and I’m sooooo incredibly happy I stopped by. I’m not entirely sure why, but I read this post with tears in my eyes. It’s just so beautiful. Your words, the accompanying photographs. I’m happy you have found such a beautiful friendship with a bloggy friend and that you are enjoying this adventure we call life. Off to read some more. Thank you for this :)

  143. Aww..I love this story of unfolding friendship. Sounds like you are having a grand time and thanks for updating us while you are away! What a change of scenery for you. YES< love the matching PJ’s – kudos to Grams. And to SHER – you are so funny, I love it! (rolling of the eyes about you-know-who).

  144. Jo again here just wanting you to know that I dedicated today’s post to you and your blossoming friendship:


    Thank you for the inspiration. :)

    Peace and serenity,
    -‘The End OF The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy’
    -‘Rabbit Food: A Vegan Blog’
    -‘Stranger Than Diction’

  145. Congrats on a successful journey! Wishes to you all for many more!

  146. If I’d just looked at the pix and not read the post, I would have thought, “What a beautiful family” thinking all of you are connected by blood! Amazing pix and wonderful story!

  147. You are a wonderful photographer! I love that you have connected and made a really good friend. Friends are not easy to find.

    Chaplain Donna

  148. I went into the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and SUCK OUT ALL THE MARROW OUT OF LIFE…to put to rout all that was not life; and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.
    – Henry David Thoreau

    Heck, if it’s good enough for Thoreau, arguable one of America’s most lauded authors and taught in pretty much every high school, I think it’s good enough to be repeated here. As much as possible. :)


  149. How lucky you are! I have had the pleasure of meeting a few of my blogging friends and so far I have not been disappointed. There are many more that I would like to meet.

    You are a very talented photographer – I especially love the ones with four all in matching pjs.

    I came over from SITS — so congrats on being featured. Have a great week!


    im dying here!
    rolling on the floor laughing!
    you are so right though.
    you re keepin it real.
    kelle and rik are both excellent writers.
    even tho-some naysayer said rik writes kelles blog for her.
    makes you wonder sometimes
    what is wrong with some people?
    loved loved loved your comment.
    ~have a blessed day~

  151. rik,
    i have one question for you, okay?
    when are you going to start your blog?

  152. I just recently started following your blog and fell in love with your little girls. Today as I was going through my reader and I saw Missoula in your post! My favorite town in the world. I lived in Missoula for six years and just moved to Boulder, CO, which is lovely too…but Missoula is amazing. Enjoy your time there!

  153. What a brilliant post. i love meeting people and seeing their lives through their eyes. This post and many of your others are clearly just a glimps of what gives you joy…

    thank you for sharing.

    PS. can you please tell me the name of the song/band that is playing on your blog? I love it!

  154. Somehow I just knew you would love my favorite place one Earth! Missoula – good for the soul!

  155. 1) Love, love, love the picture of Nella playing in the chalk bucket. Oh em gee!!!

    2) How awesome! How totally awesome. And all the stories people are sharing in the comments. So touching. Esp the Ukraine09 story!

    3) I thought everyone in the whole wide world read your blog… because if I am reading it then the rest of the universe must me too, right? Then I noticed you were featured on SITS today and I see there are lots of new readers. How awesome is that?

    4) And as someone said on Dig’s blog, Kelle you have a way of just being in your element no matter where you are. You look like you’re supposed to be there. In Montana. With Chickens and compost. AND then… you look like you’ve been a Floridia girl all your life. You just might be Spiderman…. let me ask my boys. :-)

    Have an awesome weekend and a martini for me!

  156. IColossus, was that Chardonnay talking? Ha! And Cathy, I’m so busy ghost writing Kelle’s blog I have no time for mine! LOL! But thank you to all the sweet readers who read my words here! I wish we could just book a hall and have a blogger reunion…I think we would all cry when we hugged each other! I think it is because we connect with hearts first…sharing sadness and celebrating joys together. Have a day rich with feeling today!

  157. Love love love everything about this post! Hope the rest of your trip is just as wonderful as the first two day! =)

  158. Wow… what a great post and great pictures!

  159. RIK – too funny and yes, hearts connecting here. Oh CATHY and ICOLOSSUS>MONSTER – yeah! Too funny, Icolussu – – , yes, indeed if it is good enough for “henry david”. Oh my..Some people, gotta critique, huh? I just love it, thanks for the great laugh!!

  160. What a fun adventure! Oh – I know I didn’t spy a paci in Lainey’s mouth in the art museum?!

  161. Thank you so much for this post! I have been struggling with the nature of relationships recently and this gives me renewed hope in humanity and the connections that we can have, despite difference and distance.

  162. Beautiful…remember how the Susan Boyle story took the world by storm. my theory on that is that we all hated ourselves for believing she couldn’t sing b/c she wasn’t as attractive, and we were all relieved to be wrong, to know that we can’t always judge a book by its cover. I think it is so sweet that you two friends know that if you met at a party you might not have connected the way that you have through blogging, which then opened up this beautiful friendship between your hearts and your families…The point is that we really want to know someone inside, their soul. we don’t want to judge people by the exterior even though we all do it.

    Bless both of your families as you are feeling and loving each other this grand friendship.

    And POPPA…I love the idea of a reunion. in the meantime, know that i love your sentiments and words!

  163. blogging at its best! its like an internet fairy tale!

  164. Welcome to Missoula, we love living here! And FYI the special needs community is great too. ( My daughter is 15 months with a genetic dupication). Have a great stay. Daria

  165. ric,
    i like your idea of a blogger reunion, that would be soo awesome!
    maybe emily would come and she would have so much fun that she would be forced to open her eyes and see how kelles positive outlook
    just makes us all smile more!
    and im sure there would be lots of hugs and lots of tears!

  166. RIK here again…oops…did I just give away that Kelle’s Poppa also writes MY blog as well?!!!

  167. Laughing at iColossus / Monster. I also think ‘sucking life’s marrow’ is an awesome phrase – it’s the very fact that it’s so graphic that does it.

    I can see myself lifting life to my mouth with two sticky hands (who needs a knife and fork?), enjoyment and marrow dribbling down my chin.

  168. To NICOLENELSON – Oh i can understand THAT struggle, as I think many can at various times. To THEINSATIABLEHOST – if you scroll all the way down to the bottom, there is a Playlist with the titles of tunes and artists. OH POPPA RIK – I love your words about the town in between. And a reunion! As always, your words are just the best~

  169. Stopping by from SITS. Your blog is wonderful…your photography is amazing…and your daughters are beautiful. I will definitely be back.

  170. Stopping by from SITS. Your blog is wonderful…your photography is amazing…and your daughters are beautiful. I will definitely be back.

  171. I love internet connections! In fact, I married mine! 8 years and 3 boys later we’re still going strong in all of our kindred spirit and eccentricities that are just…us! I’m glad you’re having a good time up there! The babies are precious as always! I do hope you post some more pictures with the mountains in the background. Reminiscent of our Wyoming days. Keep having fun, and enjoy a turbulence free trip back to Florida!

  172. rik,
    okay okay
    i see now you are too busy to write a blog of your own what with ghost writing kelles bog and icololus/monsters blog!and who knows how many more! so how about what another reader wrote, you could do a guest blog on kelles(er,i mean your own blog, tee hee!)and you could tell us all more about you, not that your an adoring dad and poppa(we know that)
    what your passionate about
    your life with gary
    how you stay in such great shape(you make 60 look great!)
    and where d you learn all those great dance moves!
    so how about it, one little guest blog.
    your freind,

  173. I stumbled across your blog through SITS. Your blog is so charming, and I’m enthralled by your photographs. They are beautiful.

  174. The documentation of your friendship and your love of your family is beautiful.

  175. Brillient and just loveing those orange shoes!!

  176. Visiting you from SITS…I love the photos! They are incredible. Sounds like an awesome visit with a great friend. :)

  177. I do hope there is a plan for Margot and Ruby to slip their wiggly toes into the sand at a beach in Naples someday…if I can help provide some housing, you know I will. There is no greater joy than the joy we feel vicariously through our children. We smile in their smiles!

  178. Kelle,

    I am a Missoula native who is currently uprooted and living in Spokane. I love Missoula so deeply and I hope that you are able to experience all the richness Missoula and the mountains have to offer. I friend introduced me to your blog a few months ago and it has literally changed my perspective on life. I’m so grateful that you share your story. I work at at Children’s Home with children whose parents can’t take care of them because of drug/alcohol addictions or other similar issues. It is kind of like a big group foster home. Most days it is exhausting.Your blog reminds me to “soak up life”…and I am beyond grateful. You’ve shown me that even though this isn’t what I expected my life to be like at 24…it’s uniquely wonderful. Thanks for the stories and the beautiful pictures and for reminding me to LIVE life…even as crazy and unpredictable as it is.
    Tell misSOULa hello for me. :)

  179. You are so lucky to have found what most search endlessly for. Thanks for sharing!

  180. Was reading your blog today and my most favorite band in the whole wide world starting playing through my speakers…..I now love you more than before….just for loving Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. 100 extra cool points for you :)

  181. Truly loved this post, way to connect with friendship. The photos are amaizing specially cute the ones of the pjs. 😉

  182. Thank you all for the comments. I loved reading about how many others have made great friendships before really meeting someone. So many neat stories out there, and I always enjoy hearing about other people’s similar ones!

  183. I’ve commented already, but felt compelled to comment again after reading your story again in Parents Magazine. Wonderfully done!


  184. Nella looks so big in that picture with the blackboard paint near the kitchen! Have a great week! :)

  185. Suck the marrow or muck the sorrow. It is a choice. It was a beeeeautiful day here today–clear skies, crisp air–football game weather and MSU beat Notre Dame (our apologies to the blessed Mother). I washed the car, we went for a walk downtown by the river, watched a movie and we’re grillin’ thick steaks outside. It’s all good…and savoring the good strengthens us for when we have to deal with the bad! Squeeze your lovah right now, everyone.

  186. How amazing, I think I’m a little envious.

    I found you through SITS and am so glad I came by. Your pictures are amazingly beautiful and I love the way you write. I will be back for sure.

  187. I found you from SITS Girls and you made my day better. Beautiful style of writing, amazing pictures, and cute girlies!

  188. Hey,Kelle~ So good to see you pop in here! Hope you are having a great time…

  189. This gives me tingles! what a cool story! you girls are too fun.
    If you keep on this kick come on up to Canada!

  190. Stopping by from SITS…

    This is incredible! I love that you got such a unique opportunity. We should all be so lucky as to find those kind of friends here in blog-land.

  191. Awesome! I’ve met many of my girlfriends online while I was planning my wedding 8 years ago. We’ve all become so close. It’s such a cool thing!
    Beautiful pictures! The girls look like they are having so much fun together! Enjoy your time in the mountains!

  192. UGH! LOVIN it!!! Love her house, love the matching jammies, love the chalk paint… SO fun. Thanks for letting us live vicariously!

  193. i love her chalkboard island – perfect for the kids to play while Mama’s cooking! :)

  194. Yippee for kindred spirits and passionate moms!! Your positive energy is contagious-thank you~!

  195. I have been watching the mailbox for my Parents magazine for what feels like weeks. Cracked it open and read your article. Felt the tears stinging my eyes again. So beautifully written.

    It’s always a pleasure to read about your life and adventures.

  196. Beautiful. Just beautiful. So thankful you are having this adventure. Laughed my head off about the turbulance making Lainey smile and laugh. Goodness that kid is AMAZING : )

  197. Just happened upon your blog through a friends and I love it! Love the pictures, the theme, everything about it. I love the small/simple things. Glad you can put it all so well in words.

  198. I love the music you have playing on your blog! This post is absolutely beautiful as well, love it! Such great pictures & a great example of the benefits of blogging, friendships! Hope your having fun!!

  199. You have inspired me to write a book. :)

  200. So while you gals were rally-ing in Montana all your blog readers were anxiously awaiting the epic blogging that would come out of it, I felt like I was waiting on a new CD from my favorite band to come out. You guys delivered and I’m so glad you got to meet each other. I’m not sure I would have the nerve to travel across the country and spend 5 days with someone I’ve never met. Keep on keepin’ on you guys are great!

  201. Kelle, you constantly inspire me to LIVE and LOVE and do it well.
    Thank you, you beautiful woman, you.

  202. Kelle, you constantly inspire me to LIVE and LOVE and do it well.
    Thank you, you beautiful woman, you.

  203. inquiring minds want to know where lainey’s green and tan hats are from! :)

  204. thank the universe for the moments that feed our souls.

  205. This is amazing! I am from Missoula and my Aunt in San Fransisco sent this to me! What a wonderful story and pictures! It makes me feel like I am not even from here but at the same time made me appreciate all the wonderful things that surround me and most of all friendship!! Thank you for this wonderful blog!

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