Enjoying the Small Things

It’s been a strange month.
Good, but strange.
Travel isn’t a big part of our lives. Not that we haven’t mapped out hypothetical vacations in our heads to the point it feels like we’ve been there. I think that’s a marriage rite of passage, one of those things you talk about when you’re out to breakfast or have managed to get some quiet time to yourselves after putting the kids to bed. We sit and dream about spending Christmas at a cabin in the Smoky Mountains or snorkeling in the clear waters of the Caribbean knowing in the present state of our lives and this economy, it’s not likely it will happen anytime soon. But dreaming is good.

Somehow the circumstances and planets aligned this month for some adventure and we are grateful for the opportunity. But, even on the grandest adventures, toward the end I am craving the simplicity of home and the comfort of routine. I dropped off my mom at the airport this morning, sad to say goodbye but ready to return home to reorganize. I need to comb through clutter, cross off to-do’s, sift through laundry and begin the rituals of October.

And because the part of my being that forms words and attempts to string them together in some sensable fashion is a bit exhausted, I will offer a simple Enjoying the Small Things post.

Florida Skies. I want to swim in them.


Summer/Fall Overlap. We’re climbing in the attic for the big bins markered with “Harvest Decorations” and beginning to plan Halloween costumes and yet we still set out, flip-flopped, in the evening light for night swims and hit up Third Street for the last Farmer’s Market of the season.






…and enjoy a nice early Saturday morning cup of coffee with my mama by the fountain downtown…joined by little birds who hopped from chair to chair, searching for pastry crumbs.




And nestled next to the little piece of me that starts to crave chilly winds and leaves whose tips turn scarlet this time of year dwells a bit of gratitude for the fact that the bare feet of my littles will continue to kiss the chalk-covered cement of our driveway all year long.


And, in craving crispy leaves and nubby sweaters, we make up for it with new cozy knits, treats of Angee’s Originals. Fall calls for her gorgeous hats!






And speaking of nubby knits, it is tradition when my mom comes to head to the other side of town just for a trip to the yarn store.


There’s something about being surrounded by a palette of colorful yarn and knits that makes me happy. Like a candy store. Except instead of Twizzlers, there’s red merino wool in a heavy worsted weight.



It brings back memories of being a kid and trailing behind my mom in the fabric store while she thumbed through patterns and bolts of soft colorful cottons dreaming of what she’d make next. This time, my siblings and I are not getting in trouble for playing hide-and-go-seek between pattern racks and knocking over material bolts.




My mom is good and kind, creative and funny. More than anything, she has passed down the blessed quality of finding contentment no matter where she is in life. It’s her greatest quality. She is always, forever…content.


A few sips left of September. Drinking it in. And grateful that this month, we filled every last nook of our cup with family.



Leaving you with a powerful quote that makes me smile. And feel powerful.

When it’s over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement. I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.”
~Mary Oliver

Dude, I hear chapel bells and I’m a’walkin down the aisle.




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  1. Am I the 1st comment!! :)

  2. Oh, your pictures are a dream come true! Such a lovely and gorgeous family you have….AND you are the first to get me all excited for FALL!!! Happy one to you and yours…

  3. Seriously – Nella looks so cute with those glasses!

  4. adorable!

  5. Sorry, now I can post a real comment! I was so excited to be the first commenter!

    I cannot get over how grown up Lainey looks lately and Nella in her hat, gorgeous! :)
    I love how you describe being at home and content with the simple things in life. You really do inspire me x

  6. so beautiful! & so thankful for wonderful mama’s teaching their daughters the art & joy of simplicity. thank you for this beautiful post kelle!

  7. I can’t believe Nella actually wears the glasses… my 7 month old would definitely be tearing them off her face. She loves trying to grab mine of my face and would be in her glory if she had a pair of her own! And the adorable blue knit hat is just ridiculously cute. I’ll be checking out the link to Angee’s right away!

    And the pictures of Lainey posing by the ladder?! Priceless! She’s such a little ham for the camera… I love it!

  8. Your mother is beautiful! I want her skin.

    xo M

  9. Fall is finally here in Virginia. I feel it in the air. The sounds of raindrops outside my window today tells me that chilly weather is around the corner. The damp air fills the house.

    I love Nella and Nana’s glasses picture.

    I will say it over and over again, your daughters are gorgeous. I definitely can see where the good looks come from in your family – your mother is gorgeous!

    I search for that contentment in my life, hopefully will find it soon.

    So looking forward to the winter and break from the humid weather we’ve experienced this summer and even just this past week with scorching temperatures.

    Football on the weekends take me back to my youth of being a cheerleader starting at the age of 8 that never left me, I’m a cheerleader still inside only to be jumping up and down in the comfort of my couch. :)

  10. ps. nella in glasses? what a dream!

  11. please, PLEASE share where you got your bicycle shirt (seen in the reflection shot of you and your mama!) i l-o-v-e, LOVE it!!

  12. Contentment is truly something that gets harder and harder to do-at least for me. You and your mama are such a gorgeous pair!

  13. Kelle, Oh My…those pics of the girls with the little hats on are precious-definitely canvas/framing potential there.

    I have been joining in on your struggle with yearning for fall too, being that I am from Ireland and live in Southern CA. Good to know I’m not the only one especially since everyone around me seems to love that its 107 here today, in late sept!

    Oh and that is a super cool coffee cup!

  14. You look just like your mom! I love the picture of the 4 of you – all beautiful!

    And I cannot get over Nella in those glasses – too stinkin cute.

  15. Marcie, we have seen Silence of the Lambs and know about skin stalkers. Please don’t. As for appreciating our routines, it is when they are disrupted–even by the grand and glorious–that we truly realize the richness of the everyday. Kelle, from New York City to Montana, with invasions of family punctuating those junkets, you haven’t have the ordinary. Enjoy it. That is one thing about autumn–it heralds the return of the school schedule, the end (for midwesters) of lawn duties and for all, the resumption of normalcy. “Same-O, Same-O” is not a bad thing–it is to be relished. Sweep a floor, fold some laundry, arrange the mantle for the season and hear again the hum of the refrigerator in a quiet home. Oh, and another shout-out to the working mom–I love you all who juggle demading schedules, handle work stress, pack school lunches and squeeze into your schedules your children’s big “I need mom” moments. And at the end of the day, love calls the last remnants of energy from deep within, and you tuck your littles into bed with a squeeze and a kiss. I just had to send a shout out because I see you every day and work with many of you and love one as my other daughter all the time.

  16. Happy Fall Ya’ll!

  17. I didn’t know that kids could get glasses so young! SOOO cute. I definitely think getting them at 6 months is preferable to getting them in the middle of your 1st grade year!

  18. My two sisters are pregnant, and today, I gave them the gift of your blog.
    As always so inspiring Ü.
    Can’t wait for my first nieces Sophie and Isabella!
    Love and light.

  19. Beauty is obviously a dominant gene in your family! Great pics of three generations of lovely ladies!

  20. Your girls are the BEST models! If I didn’t know better, I’d ask Nella what mascara she uses. I need eyelashes like hers!

  21. Love the picture of the four of you…so beautiful.

    And those knits! I think I’m going to have to get a hat for ME that matches Nella’s (although I’ll pass on the diaper cover!)

    Oh, and my brother and I would do the EXACT same thing, running around a fabric store, bored to tears as Mom spent HOURS there.

    In my youth, I used to think of contentment as some kind of “settling.” Now, I know that it’s an achievement, a declaration, a stand to defend, especially from one’s self.

    To the victory of happiness and contentment!

  22. I am in love with that sweet Nellas face that is so perfectly framed by those glasses! So cute!

  23. You all look SO much alike. I love how you capture everything in your photos.

  24. Your mother is beautiful and she reflects what you say about her being content. I can see it in every photo.

  25. Adorable girls, incredible ability to see goodness, desire to share makes yours on e of my fave blogs. I lived in South Florida from 72-2000. Your pics bring it all back to me. Both my girls were born there as well. An enchanting place and you enhance its loveliest features.

  26. We’re feeling the fall chill here… I love sweater weather! I put the kiddos in hats for the first time in a long time, and they’re just darling!

    I’m curious – how many kids’ hats are in your posession? Each one is cuter than the last! Lainey and Nella seem to be used to The Posing – they’re naturals!

    I’ve been teaching myself to knit – not brave enough to conquer a hat yet, but walking into yarn stores makes me feel the same way. All the possibility! And unlike candy stores, won’t add inches to my hips!

  27. Loved it. Looks like you had the most wonderful visit with your mother. You are blessed.

  28. I have just recently starting following your blog and I love your heart for your kids and the beautiful pictures. I sometimes can’t get over how much Nella looks like my daughter (who does not have DS). She is just a picture of perfection! You are truly blessed!

  29. Your blog is truly beautiful. I look forward to each & every one of your posts. Here’s to Fall!

  30. I just love those glasses. I cannot get over how dang cute Nella is in them!

  31. Oh my gosh that post by Rik brought tears to my eyes! Thank you SO much for talking about working moms! It IS hard for us to work and deal with the stresses of career and to harden ourselves to deal with a world dominated by men then come home and turn that “hardness” off and be soft and gentle and cuddly to our littles. Yes I have littles, one in college thank you, but I yearn and look forward to coming home and being “soft” for them.
    Thanks Kelle for your wondeful blog that brings all of us together :)to celebrate the small things.

  32. Nella looks a lot like your Mama in those spectacles. Nella definitely looks wise beyond her years. I could also say that in pictures Lainly looks like she is always content doing just about anything. Nothing wrong with being like a Nana.

  33. Love the pic of the four of you. Mom’s can really be the best.
    So excited to see a post from you and a comment from your dad. Happy Monday to your readers!

  34. Your girls are so stinking cute, I can’t get over it.

  35. Such an inspiration to life.

  36. What a beautiful tribute to your mother, sh must be so proud of you!

    xo, Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  37. Lovely photos as always. Your mom is beautiful, as are all of you. Good genes! :)

  38. I am so in love with Nella’s glasses! I have deep love for adult styles in mini format and I have those exact same glasses!
    And I am feeling the same deep yearning for a quiet calm weekend. September has been insanely fun, but insanely crazy. I cannot wait for a quiet October weekend.

  39. Kelle,
    Thank you for this sentence, “I need to comb through clutter, cross off to-do’s, sift through laundry and begin the rituals of October.” Indeed, as much as I love summer, there is something magical about performing a masterful, kick-ass cleaning of the house, hunkering down a little earlier as the days get shorter, building the first fire to bring the living room to a cozy bake, and preparing for a monster winter that’ll likely have me cursing like a dirty pirate after three days. Oh, and that picture of you four babes? C’est parfait. xo

  40. Your Mom is just beautiful! You have good genes on both sides Kelle!


  41. I have loved that quote for almost 10 years!!! It is beautiful as are y’all…love the sweet and excited looks on lainey’s face. It is so fun watching these little people who are so new to the world.

  42. Rik thank you so much for your words. I’m using this blog as my quiet 5 minutes before I go for a quick run and pick up my darlings from day care as they rise from their naps. I really appreciate your sentiments and the way you make me feel with your vote of confidence!

  43. Wow, you make even a yarn store look magical :). That’s an amazing gift – the world through your eyes is absolutly breathtaking!! Specially those of your baby in the blue hat, matching her gorgeous blue eyes, and even the background! A work of art, much like your every picture.

  44. Sweater on, rain falling, enjoying the small things in Ohio. Loved all the pictures. Former Florida girl who moved to Cincinnati- go figure. Susan

  45. Just about fell over from the cuteness of those two girls in their fall knits and Nella’s awesome specs. It makes me happy knowing that sweet girl is seeing her world a little more clearly. And your mom…who knew?? What a beautiful lady!! Enjoy your fall re-organizing and decorating – probably my favorite time of year :)

  46. So happy that your September was full of love and family! Gorgeous pictures they always illustrate what your thoughts and words mean. Happy Mothering!

  47. What a month! I’m re-organizing my home too! LOVE that Mary Oliver’s quote!

    LOVE this post! Such a beautiful tribute to your amazing mother! Your mom passed down one of the best qualities one can have. To be content with who we are and wherever we are in life. When we are content with our lives we can see and find the good everywhere. :)

    Enjoying today’s beautiful pictures. Loving your mom’s picture with Nella and the picture of the four of you. And, the picture of the bird touched a special place in my heart…

    “you can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you.” ~Frederick Buechner

  48. I’m. so. inspired! Thank you!! You’re writing is a blessing in my life! A highlight in my day. : )

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  50. I’m. so. inspired! Thank you!! You’re writing is a blessing in my life! A highlight in my day. : )

  51. I love your small things posts! There is something to being out and away and then coming home. They feed each other.

    There’s such peace and simple joy in these photos and words. I am so happy we got to meet. Now when I read your blog, I hear your voice. I see photos of Nella and I know her movement. I see photos of Lainey and I hear, “me go see chickens?” Oh sweet girls. All of you.

    Thanks for persevering and continuing to share your world. It’s changing lives in a wonderful, tangible way.


  52. I am so happy to see a new post! Just love the print behind Nella in the hat pics. What is that? Did I ever mention your mom is gorgeous? Well, she is! And your sister looks a lot like her …

    PS – That doesn’t mean that you’re not gorgeous b/c I tell you all the time you are … ha! I think it sounded kinda rude, though, when I proofread my comment. You know what I mean!


    OH! I was gonna send you Ella’s old frames, the pink ones with the rhinestone hearts, but I forgot we got new frames b/c those were broken! Disney has a pretty cute line of glasses, though. Ella loves the colorful plastic ones!

    Okay. I’m done now!

  53. I love the yarn store pictures. So pretty! I also love that your Mom can find contentment in everything. What a beautiful quality. Love that!

    September was dazzling. I love this month. So much joy!

  54. Nella is just to sweet!!! I can see my sweet baby Dylan in her eyes and it makes me full with love and joy!!!

  55. I think the second picture of Nella in the baby blue hat is the most beautiful picture I’ve seen of her!!!! She looks so stylish in her specs–good pick, mama!

  56. When I am stumped for something to say or my brain fog too thick, I just stick with single words. No sentence, just words.

    Wee girls

  57. I cannot get enough of Nella in her specs…
    And those knits on your girls are to die for! Beautiful kids you have, Kelle!
    Thank you for posting… I always wait until I read all my other blogs to read yours. Just like I save red skittles and pink starburst… save the best for last. :)

  58. Look at that baby girl rocking hair (!!) and glasses. Glad you enjoyed your Mum’s visit.

  59. Love the glasses!

  60. Your Mum and girls are just so beautiful! x

  61. Love all the pics in this post! It’s so great how you can see and smell fall even though the sun is still hot and shining over there! Makes me feel kinda guilty for not putting up my thanksgiving wreath yet even though i stepped outside this morning and totally breathed in crisp burnt air as i stepped on a crunchy leaf! nella is precious in those glasses and i love lainey’s hat and matching leg warmers!

  62. Kelle
    I always say the same but is so true, love your pictures, and how you live your life!

    Hugs from mexico

  63. Looks like a fantastic visit with your Mom. I’m sure the girls loved having her around as well. Those glasses on Nella are so adorable……I can’t imagine how hard it is to keep them on her……

  64. I love seeing ‘the small things’ through your eyes & enjoying them along with you!
    And how sweet is the photo of your Mama with the professor…both in matching glasses…2 old-souls loving each other…so sweet!
    And those knits from Angee’s Originals….GORGEOUS! I’m off to check them out now!! Even though it’s coming into an Australian summer here…a little girl can never have too many hats, beanies or head accessories I say!

  65. Nella is slaying me with those glasses! My little one has her eye appointment in a month, we’ll see if she is joining Nella in the stylin frame department!

  66. As if Nella weren’t cute enough already…you had to go and put glasses on her!

  67. not that she wasn’t super cute to begin with, but nella looks adorable in her glasses! way too cute!!!

    i always felt bad for little kiddos who had to wear glasses, bc i need them & they are a pain in the butt. at least they make cute ones. :)

  68. Nella in those glasses..oh my goodness..She is too much..And Lainey in the hats..just gorgeous..Also, I might be late commenting on this, but I just read your article in Parents (I believe it was) at my OB appointment today..You are an amazing woman, an amazing momma, and an inspiration. Thank you!!

  69. Nella is a MODEL! Seriously. Look at that pose with the blue hat. Wow.
    So sweet, I want to snuggle her right up!

    And Lainey too, my word – Kelle, the clothes she has are just too cute for words!

    *hugs* for you.

  70. The Professor is rockin those glasses.

    And the one of her and your mom is awesome.

    I love your mom, my Aunt Kris! I miss her! Miss you too..hurry for a visit.

  71. Love your Enjoying the Small Things posts

  72. Nella with her little glasses is the cutest thing ever…

    Happy Fall!

  73. You and your momma are just the cutest things. Mine comes Wed. Can’t wait to make fun memories with her while she’s here. Loved Nella in those glasses…made me chuckle to myself:)

  74. the last pic of nella reminds me of sarah jessica parker typing away on her computer on SITC!! nella looks so sassy and studious! love it.

  75. Once again, loved it. You so totally rock, squirt.

  76. Oh those Florida skies that can quickly turn dark with flashes of light. How I love and miss them.

    Hoping that chilly weather comes sooner for you this year than in February. =)

  77. Oh, SHER, I love the simple “single-words” post! And Poppa RIK, aww..yes, here’s to all the working moms. My daughter is one and I dont know how she does it. But as Kelle has written in past post, to paraphrase here, here’s to ALL moms, working outside the home; moms at home-who surely work hard. And I know that you share that sentiment too. Moms – what would we do without them?! (smile)

  78. Here I am, another random person that’s following your blog and being brightened day after day from reading it. You are simply amazing – your words – your pictures – your love for your family! Thank you for spreading LOVE to others, who in turn spread it to many, many more. Isn’t that what life is all about? I will continue to read about your life, so keep up the beautiful work. Thank you, Kelle!!

  79. Beautiful photos, as always!

  80. Love the photos! Lainey sure shines in front of the camera. Hope you had a wonderful time with your Mama. She LOOKS content-even in photos…

  81. aw. time with mom. the. best.
    we have spent oodles of time at night after the kids are asleep dreaming of possible christmas in florida. or hawaii. but either way, we might be making it happen this year …
    because although you might just be jealous of my crunch of leaves beneath my feet … i’m totally jealous of your ocean waves crashing.

  82. ,,,i recognize that t-shirt with birds and a bicycle it’s
    second favorite to diggy’s t-shirt,,,happy to read “mama” filled your cup,,,

  83. Wow you look like momma! I love silvery hair! :)

  84. Wow you look like momma! I love silvery hair! :)

  85. now this post speaks to my heart. LOVE seeing the pics into the yarn shop. maybe one day gramma could bring her little bundle of joy into our shop. how cool would that be…nella meet sarah…and the two could do some stitching together.

  86. I read your blog all the time and never comment. I have no idea why. But I love it. I love the pictures. You cannot looks at your pictures and read your words and not smile. Thanks so much for sharing. And Nella is pure delight in those glasses.


  87. Oh, my goodness. You, and your mama, and Lainey and Nella–I can so see the resemblance like whoa! You’re all beautiful.

    I love love LOVE your bicycle shirt! And I am loving the autumn hats–I just want it to get a teeeensy bit cooler here in Central FL before we break out all of our happy knits!

  88. O.M.G… those glasses!!!! seriously… i want to eat her up! completely and totally PRECIOUS!!!!! :)

  89. What absolute beautiful girls!!
    I adore Nella in her sweet new specs.
    Thanks for making me giggle with delight every time I see a new post from you.
    Mamas are the best, no matter what age you are.

  90. I always get warm and fuzzy feelings when reading your blog- always! P.S. that Nella is freaking adorable in those glasses! How can you not eat her up?!?

  91. Thought I might leave you with a favorite quote of mine.

    “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me”. ~ Erma Bombeck


  92. your mom is the cutest! and love the glasses on nella

  93. I love love love Nella’s new glasses :) Also, what is the damask background in those pictures? Is that an area of your home or a backdrop? I just LOVE it :)

  94. I’m so in love with Nella’s glasses, I can’t even begin to tell you! Your girls are simply gorgeous.

  95. I live in Florida too and I have totally been itchin’ for some fall weather! At the same time, I love that I can still hit up the beach and pool. Little Nella looks so dang cute in those glasses. The apple deliciousness below, looks so tasty!

  96. I love Nella’s glasses! Is she keeping them on pretty well? She seems really content w/ them in the pics.

  97. I love the pictures and simple honesty of your post. I did not want to leave this in a comment but you haven’t had a chance to respond to my e-mail. I got an e-mail from someone saying he was your dad and a chaplain in Michigan. Is this true? The e-mail weirded me out and he has since stopped responding after I forwarded the e-mail to you. I will be happy to send you the e-mail again. Please respond.

    Chaplain Donna

  98. Oh my word, Nella is so cute in her glasses! I love the one of your mom and Nella both wearing their specs!

  99. I wanted to tell you that the writing in your past few posts has been amazing. You have a beautiful gift. I can’t wait to get my hands on your book! And Nella looks perfect in her professor glasses :) Much love!

  100. Beautiful photos and beautiful girls! I am wondering how you are able to lug your camera with you all the time. I almost always opt to leave my big, heavy camera at home because it’s so tough to cart it around and chase my 3 year old. But you have 2 to keep up with…I’m impressed! So what is your trick…do you use an awesome bag, or just keep it around your neck most of the time? Any tips or tricks?

  101. http://www.kvue.com/home/Special-needs-students-named-king-and-queen-at-GHS-Homecoming-103763044.html

    I thought you might enjoy seeing this! I can totally see Nella as Homecoming Queen in the future! :-)

  102. Chaplain Donna, YES, that was my dad!

    Sorry you were weirded out, he was just so happy to see that you are also a hospital chaplain in Michigan.

    And sorry, I am not on top of returning emails but I just sent you one. Better late and all that.

  103. Hi, there! Still reading every post the very second they come out but just so behind on commenting! Love the pic of you, your mom and the girls! You sure had an amazing September — full of family and adventures! Can’t wait to read all about your October!

    “She is always, forever…content.”
    Wow, love this! I am striving to find contentment more often.

    Much love,
    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

  104. AS always, I emjoy your beautiful pictures, your gorgeous girls and your reminders to live the life I have been given. So thanks for that. If Nella gets any cuter, I think I might explode. The glasses KILL ME! They remind me of my little sister. So, so sweet! and your Lainey looks like a fun baby. Always so cheerfully dressed. I think that little girls should wear dress and colorfully and as fun as they want, because someday they will be expected to look a certain way. Might as well have fun when you can! Blessings,Megan

  105. i just can’t get over nella’s glasses. she is so adorable!!!

  106. LOVE your blog. Please please please tell me where you got your t-shirt with the birds and the bike on it. I must own every cool shirt with a bike on it. Please!?

  107. Just wanted to say that your blog so inspiring. I posted a link on my blog: http://happinessiseva.tumblr.com/

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, images and life with us.

    – Amber x

  108. Nella is BEAUTIFUL with the glasses. Wow, they are adorable. And Lainey too, of course.

    Gorgeous pictures and lovely post, as always, Kelle <3

  109. Looks like you all had a lovely time with your Mom. My favorite photo is the one with the four of you together. x

  110. You have your mother’s beautiful eyes! They look lovely on both of you!

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  113. Our temperatures here in Indiana have gone from the 90’s to the
    60’s over the weekend. Fall is officially here – the leaves are starting to change, and football games have commenced. This is my favorite time of year!

    Rik- thanks for your post about working moms – as I type this, I’m having a few moments of solitude before starting my day. Working full time, taking 10 credit hours (pursuing a 2nd degree – BSN), and being a mom and a wife all at the same time is not easy – it’s definitely a juggling act. But comments like yours help give me the confidence I need to keep going.

    Kelle – thanks again as always for a great post – the girls are gorgeous! I LOVE the photos of Nella in the blue hat! ADORABLE :)

  114. I have that old navy shirt you are wearing …except i bought it for my 8 year old…and she wears it belted with leggings.
    p.s. i wish you would open up your comments to non google accounts.
    I don’t have blogger anymore but still have to log in here with it.
    please add comments from annonymous or web site owners.

  115. This post just melts my heart. As I am away from home for University, I am trying to celebrate the beauties of everyday life here. But my heart is yearning for home. Home sweet home.

  116. LOVE the picture of y’all looking into the mirror in the fabric store – love it more that your mom is looking at Nella and not the mirror!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of all four of you gals! Isn’t that just so precious?
    Keep it coming, girl! I appreciate everything in life more after looking at it through your lens!

  117. That’s one of my very favorite Mary Oliver quotes!

  118. Great pix, Kelle. Per usual. Lila commented on one of Nella: “Look, she fell in the grass and is relaxing except her blue butt is in the air and I can’t find her head.” Holy Stream-of-consciousness over here.
    My fave is randomly the pic of your mom looking thru the book in the yarn store. She’s like, oh hello there. I needed to harness her zen last night. For all of the hours between 11pm and, well, now. AJ has decided to become a night owl, of the kicking and screaming variety. Fun.
    Anyway, I love your pix. Great stuff!

  119. Have you read the story of the High School boy who has DS and scored a touchdown? You should watch the video clip….brought tears and chills to me. It is on Yahoo news right now.

  120. Welcome home! As a knitter, I *get* the yarn store and I love the pics from there! I especially loved the pic of Lainey jumping in the pool, the one on the right as I look at my computer screen. Nella and those glasses slay me, too, too precious!

  121. OK, Wendy, you can replace my tear stained keyboard! What a sweet, inspiring story about Ike. How encouraging to see youth who embrace those who need one! That is the world that brings us hope!

  122. I must know…where did you get your tshirt…the one with the birds and the bicycle?

    I wish to swim in your florida clouds too…beautiful!!

  123. I love to visit… the girls.. and you.. it’s my guilty pleasure.. since I cut out sweets…
    I love the fall knits.. and the little panty.. diaper knit.. did your mom make??? LOVE IT…
    Your pictures always seem to shine thru with a peace and joyous… nature…
    happy fall

  124. To Rik,

    You are exactly right…his teammates that embraced Ike for his uniqueness and gave him a memory to last a lifetime are special people indeed. It did give me hope for the future, instead of seeing others tear those different then them apart, they are being encouraged and loved!

    For the record, I love reading your responses to Kelle’s blog and your defense of her to those who leave less than kind comments. If only we could all have Dads like you. Mine is very good, but more a product of the time he was raised (born during the Great Depression). The quiet, doesn’t speak his feelings very much but still kind type. It really does bring tears to see you handling Nella like a pro and going on the trip to NY with them. I can see where Kelle gets her adventuresome spirit from. Oh and the comment you left recently about 3 year old Kelle going to sit with an older woman who was alone was so heart-warming. I hate seeing older people alone. Makes me sad. Anyway, just wanted to say that you are awesome!

  125. I am a long time lurker, first time commenter. I just had to come out of hiding to tell you that Nella in glasses is so stinking adorable.

    Love your blog, you are such an inspiration to another special needs mom! <3

  126. Love Nella’s glasses! She looks so hip and wise!
    Question: I’ve been scouring each post all the way back to July looking for an Etsy shop link for a knit cap I remember seeing on one of your girls. I’m thinking it had a little tiny brim and a knit flower on it, or at least the flower. The shop’s name was the woman’s name, like AmyJ designs or something like that. Does this ring a bell for anyone? Or Kelle, could you help me out?? Thanks so much!

  127. Nella looks a-dore-able in her new specs…

    glad you enjoyed your visit with your mom… :)

  128. 1. Love this post. Especially poignant and bittersweet as my whole side of the family is in Seattle and my Mom is going through treatment for Breast Cancer right now. :( I know you enjoyed all the little “small moments” with her.
    2. Love Laineys moccasins and swimsuit. Can you please be my personal shopper for Stella??? :)
    3. Nella is absolutely adorable & love your creativity with her glasses!!!
    Andrea :)

  129. That close-up picture of your mom holding Nella is precious!!!

  130. Kelle — your mom is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen! My gosh!

    These are some of my favorite pictures. There’s so much love and peace in them.

  131. I am so glad that you posted – I was starting to worry! Side note – how do you keep Nella’s glasses on? My son might need a pair and I’m curious!

  132. Kellee – I just started reading your blog a couple weeks ago and was thrilled for you when I opened the latest issue of Parents magazine and saw your face staring back at me. Congratulations! Love your blog and look forward to reading many more entries.

  133. Andrea, if I could write in pink, I would, to remind you your mother is in my heart and in my prayers. We will continue to walk a million miles, invest bazillion dollars, encourage each and every loved one dealing with this disease until we find a cure.

  134. Andrea, if I could write in pink, I would, to remind you your mother is in my heart and in my prayers. We will continue to walk a million miles, invest bazillion dollars, encourage each and every loved one dealing with this disease until we find a cure.

  135. Kelle,
    Not sure if this was asked yet or not but what did you use as your background for the gorgeous pic of Nella in the teal hat? LOVE it. SO beautiful!


  136. Love the glasses. So glad your mom could come for a visit. Good times, good times.

  137. You must, must go to Fox Sports webpage and ready the story about the 17-year-old boy with DS (from Washington state) who plays football for his high school football team and scored their only touchdown in their most recent game. Made me smile…:)

  138. Kelle I feel your pain living in Arizona – it’s going to be 100 all week and I’m trying very hard to channel some FALL into my life!

    Beautiful post as always! Made my day!! Have a great week!

  139. Beautiful, lovely, gorgeous, and Lainey in her little leg warmers and Nella with her glasses? Ahh, life is good isn’t it?

  140. Please check out my blog! I am 15 and just started writing it. I have muscular dystrophy and scoliosis. Kelle, you inspired me to write my blog and tell my stories. Lainey and Nella are adorable and I love the pictures you take.


  141. Dude, your little chickadee has cooler glasses than me!! Such a trend-setting little punkin!

  142. That pic of your mama in the yarn store is to be treasured! I just adore your blog and the peek into your life!


  143. Beautiful! Love the birdy!

    toward the end I am craving the simplicity of home and the comfort of routine.

    That is exactly how I feel at the end of vacations!

  144. Kelle,
    I saw your pictures with the magazine article and thought to myself I have to pick one of those up for a keepsake… I totally forgot about it with the business of our life with a special needs daughter. Today I went and got my mail and my Parents magazine was the in the box. I put on a movie for the kids and sat down with a Coke Zero to read…. I turned the page and saw you and Nelle!!! I was BEYOND ecstatic! That magazine is going into a keepsake pile that I’ll keep forever! Thanks for sharing your girls and your journey!!! Courtney. Mom to a 2.5 with polymcirogyria and microcephaly :)

  145. The photo of Nella and your mom and their matching glasses was just gorgeous!!!!

  146. Kelle, I know you’re a Donald Miller fan. Thought you might find this link interesting…and you may already know about it too 😉

    Love your blog! What a sweet little family you have. Keep enjoying them….

  147. beautiful….all of it!

    love your blog 😀

  148. SUCH pretty pics of pretty girls :)

  149. 1) oh how I need lessons on being content. i struggle with it every day.

    2) your sister looks so much like your mom! i love that!

    3) still loving those glasses baby Nella!

  150. You don’t need a lot of words! Your pictures say so much! (I do LOVE your words though…so keep them coming!)

  151. wow, its my first time stopping by, i always thought I wanted to dive into the skies in Sydney but your pics put them to shame. what a beautiful story of love, strength and family that radiates from your images, i’m moved and will be back for sure. x

  152. Love the Mary Oliver quote!

    Love Nella’s glasses! She’s breath taking in the blue knit hat.

    Your mama is as gorgeous as you and Lainy!

  153. OK, in a moment of need, I stopped back and just enjoyed a glimpse of my greatest life accomplishment–my family. I love that Lainey has learned the poses and positions of Project Runway. I love that Nella seems to know how to “work it” for the camera. I love that genetically, I have enhanced mid-Michigan and south Florida. I love that your children are building memories with a Poppa and a Gramma Krissy that will hopefully enrich their hearts with enough love to last a lifetime. OK, now back to work.

  154. This comment has been removed by the author.

  155. They close all of our pools around her after labor day weekend which is silly because it’s still hotter than all get out! But on a positive note I did talk my husband into finally buying lightroom and he is IN LOVE!

    Check out our beach pictures! They are amazing!

  156. !! The first thing I thought when I saw the pic of Lainey and Grandma in the racecar was “Ohh, Lainey is going to love that one forever!” That’s the kind of pic…that later in life you hold in your hand and sit and stare at it and smile and are just sooo happy remembering that moment.

  157. Hurray for fall! We live in the desert and don’t get much color here…but I look forward to pumpkin spice lattes and harvest decorations all the same.

    I’ve been meaning to comment for a while…my four month old looks quite a bit like Nella! It’s too cute!

  158. Your mama is truly a beautiful woman. She is has aged elegantly and is stunning

  159. Oh how I love Nella in her glasses! Absolutely beautiful.

  160. Oh geez, that first picture of Nella with the knit blue hat is in the running for my favourite picture of ALL TIME! I….wow…just gorgeous Kelle!
    And the one of you, Gramma and kidlets is just too cute!

  161. I just love how Nella arches her little eyebrow, so cute!

  162. Awwww, RIK – I love that in a moment of need, you reflected on Family. It sure is what gets me thru alot of times! And to Andrea, thinking of you and your mom’s fight against breast cancer. It just affects too many people, indeed~

  163. Nella is growing up so so fast! She looks so smart and studious in her petite glasses. So adorable!

  164. SUCH a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing your words and amazing pictures. Your blog posts always keep me thinking… life, being grateful, content. It’s so true!!

  165. I just have to say Sher’s comment inspired a whole blog post on my blog. Even your commenters here are inspiring! :)

  166. Hoping the echo has reached you 10,000 fold and you have heard it.

  167. Your mom is adorable. I love her style. I don’t have a mom like that, so you’re very lucky.

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