I can rally.

My favorite phrase of the week…

I can rally.

As in, I walk upstairs at 7 a.m. all bed-headed and jammied with two wild girls ready to start their day. And my eyes hurt just to keep them open because it was only three hours earlier Nici and I decided to call it a night after passionately huddling over wine and candles and the kitchen table to talk about the things we want to do and the people we have met and all these crazy stories that make us cry and laugh and say, “yes, yes” and “oh, that reminds me…” There is coffee hissing on the stove and two more girls waking up, and here’s Nici lying on the couch—a hot mess of exhaustion and regret. She tells me all serious-like that she’s learned peeling open just one eye on mornings like this actually saves a lot of energy that would otherwise be wasted on keeping both eyes open and then she demonstrates with this crazy pirate-like fluttering blink. And just when I think it’s pretty much safe to pull the plug on any expectations of this poor mama doing anything, I look over and sympathetically offer a “Dude, you gonna be okay?” And, like magic, she smiles and slowly comes alive. “Oh, don’t you worry…I can rally.” Girlfriend delivers on a promise. Time and time again.


We rallied for five days, Baby.


Sipping. Stirring. Laughing. Hiking. Lounging. Lingering. Listening. Watching. Loving. Being.





We sadly left Missoula this morning as we initiated our one-day, four-state skip which, we’ve discovered, is not for the faint of heart. Over the course of nine hours, three diaper changes, two greasy airport meals, three take-offs, a stroller that’s been beat to heck and more pitied glances and “Oh-Gawd-you’re-brave“’s than I can count on one hand, we have managed to make it home. Missoula, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale. And then lots of Brett hugs and an hour-and-a-half jaunt across Alligator Alley to my welcoming bed. And, just to prove I have more glasses in my stash than my favorite rose-colored ones, I’ll admit: traveling with kids and layovers and hair that didn’t get all the conditioner washed out of it this morning sucks. But we did it. Our stroller smells like ketchup and is missing the cup holder and there’s a good chance I’ll procrastinate on unpacking the heap of a mess in our suitcases for a good couple weeks, but we are home. I feel like I summited Kilimanjaro after single-mommin’ it across the country with all the crap I was hauling. But hey…I can rally.

Needless to say, I would do it again in a New York minute. Or a Missoula minute which, I’m pretty sure, is nothing like a New York one.
For starters, it’s slightly more laid back.





Talk about rallying, this girl showed me the beauty of both her town and her home in five days and never once made it feel like we were hurried to get out the door. A strategic blend of lounging at home and scouring Missoula pleasures all in one.

We prolonged pajamas and coffee-sipping every morning and even enjoyed a nap one day and yet we hit the museum and the ice cream shop and the Saturday morning market.







We lazed and dawdled in the backyard chasing chickens and pushing babies in the swing and yet we had time to ride horses–both real and pretend–and end an evening at a vineyard cuddled at the base of the mountains where we stayed ’til dark sipping and settling some very bad toddler fights over a hot pink hoola hoop.









And, I think my favorite of all was yesterday’s hike up the Rattlesnake–this astounding landscape of mountains and pines and rocks and creeks and, oh, for all the times I just stopped and stood and overused the word amazing.

We packed turkey sandwiches and peeled our socks and shoes off when we reached a secret spot by the creek where we spead our blanket and watched our girls. And it was…um…amazing.





I really freaking love this place.


And the comfort level of being in someone else’s home. Someone we’ve never met. Watching my kids be part of it all and knowing they feel loved and safe. Parenting together and breaking up spats over hoola hoops and the snowman cup and the green shoes Margot loved to wear…and feeling this amazing sense of camaraderie. That we’re all doing the same thing. Trying our best. And I think that’s why I love this girl so very much.


For all the times we rallied and stayed up ’til 4 and cried and loved and talked about life, there’s so much still we didn’t get to.

Women can be hard on each other. We have insecurities and we say things and we hold standards for each other that sometimes aren’t fair. We can talk about things we shouldn’t talk about and do things we shouldn’t do or maybe not help each other when we really should be doing more. But I believe in women and the amazing power we give each other. There are millions of amazing, inspiring, genuine women out there doing their best. And spending my week with this passionate, fearless, rallying woman has fueled my soul.


Nici, the planets aligned something fierce for our worlds to collide. I love you. I love your family. I love your girls…your spirited old soul and your fiery little rhubarb.



Thank you for rallying. What an amazing week.









We’re home and getting back in the swing of things now. I’ll be hosting a Tinkerbell Fairy Tea Party over at Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect Tuesday (11:59 a.m. – 11:59 p.m. EST). Check it out HERE!


Until then, we have so much sleep to catch up on…dreaming of Montana.



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  1. Oh my gosh! Nella’s sweet smile about kills me! Glad you had fun. Looks like an amazing trip. The pictures of the Montana sky seriously took my breath away. Amazing.

  2. Nella is SO CUTE when she laughs!!! Love that baby.

  3. gosh, i love that.
    “i can rally.”
    i think i have a new motto…
    and i love this blog of yours, this peek into your beautiful life.
    this life of love and honesty and really SEEING…good or bad. it must be all those glasses you have. hm.


  4. …and can you tell me where you got the hat with the ears?? I want one for Lils:)

  5. ahhhh bliss!!! i was hoping to read something uplifting and inspiring before i laid my weary head to rest…and as usual, you delivered, mama! you CAN rally, and you inspire the rest of us to do the same…


  6. I read the (anonymous) comment over on Nici’s post about her home looking like styrofoam and hoping that you’d vaccinated the kids. i can’t stop thinking about it. it’s so.Sad.
    and I wanted to say I’m truly impressed and thankful that you have shown so many people that we are more alike than we are unalike. and that friends can be found anywhere.

  7. Man oh man, you sure know how to capture the beauty of life with the click of a button.

  8. Looks like you had such a wonderfully sweet time. If I had known you had a layover in Atlanta, I would have met you at the airport with an organic meal and crayons. Sometimes the best medicine is meeting up with great friends and having a girls vacation. Looks like you had a big dose of just what the doctor ordered. 😉

  9. I love a man whose not afraid to hula a pink hoop!! My husband does it, we have lots of daughters too. Love Posie

  10. Oh I loved this post. So many fulfilling pictures. I’m sad for you the time is over already. Five days goes by *so* fast, it really does, and when you have someone you want to share the world and moon with, well, it goes by that much faster.

    My favourite pic of this post has got to be Ruby and Nella smiling together on the chair. So sweet.

  11. Wow. Just wow.
    That is all.

  12. Of all the photos of horses, hula hoops and hideaways, my favorites are of my little hot-diggity-winston-churchill-smiling Nellabean, saying “By Jove, I like it here” with her happy almond eyes scrunched into her smile! I am proud of you Kelle–this is so classic Kelle! This is the same little girl who used to, at the age of three, leave our booth at a restaurant and walk over to sit with a senior citizen who was sitting alone in her booth…and you would talk like old souls…and when I would step over to apologize, that little lady would say, “Oh, I have loved this–no one ever talks to me.” Your open heart leads you to rich moments and connects you to soul sisters. Applause here for following that heart on its wild and crazy journeys. Thank you for letting us tag along. Now–you and Dig need to collapse a little. Rally through rest!

  13. I love this post. The photos – Wow! those moutains! beautiful. Nella’s smile is totally adorable. And your words, makes me appreciate my friends and wish I had a few more. Good ones like you and Dig.

  14. Your blog is absolutely SPECTACULAR!! The pictures are breathtaking. Many favorites but the one that popped was the photo of the little red sneakers.

    Glad you had such an enjoyable trip !

  15. Great stuff, Kelle! And thanks to the garbage trucks clankin’ around our neighborhood at the ass-crack of dawn, I’m reading it at 6am on a Tuesday. And it’s a wonderfully pleasant way to start the day… (Not the trucks. Your post. Man, guess I’ve gotta rally…)
    I’ve always wanted to go to MT. Everything looks so crisp an alive… And for traveling so far on your own with a baby and a toddler, I give you mad props (not that I truly know what those are, but you seem deserving of them).
    Kudos on the wonderful pix!!
    “Friends are chosen family.”

  16. Just gorgeous Kelle!
    What a wonderful adventure & so many amazing memories made!
    As usual you photos are stunning….but the one of little Miss Nella holding the yellowed leaf & the 2 ‘bigger’ girls cheersing their ice-creams are my fave…so precious!
    Enjoy settling back into the groove of home!

  17. Beautiful, I can see why you fell in love with everything.
    I will be chanting ‘I can rally’ all week. I have to start working full time again, away from my two girls, and today I walked to work crying the whole way. I came here tonight to read your blog and remind myself of beauty and good things. Thank you for coming through.
    I can rally.

  18. Oh, Kelle….how much I enjoy reading your blog. It gets better and better. I also believe in women, in the power we give to each other and you definitely give a lot of that to many of us.
    The pics of Nella and Ruby sitting and smiling together made me cry. Each one with her own story, fighters!
    And Lainey its getting each day more beautiful…her personality really shining through.
    I’m sure this will be a trip that all of you will always remember dearly. Now Nici has to come to Fl……
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful moments…..for reminding us what’s important!!!!!!!
    for friendships!

  19. Alright, this probably crosses some ethical line, but I think I am going to print out pictures of grinning Nella, frame them, and claim her as one of my own. The cutest ever!

    Glad you had a great trip. Those huge brilliant western skies brought me home to Nevada.


  20. i know you must here this all the time, but your children are just so beautiful!

  21. “I can rally”. What a great motto for those times where I feel overwhelmed by motherhood, life, work, school, you name it!

    What a wonderful opportunity for you to meet Nici – love the photos and so glad you guys were able to finally connect in person! :)

  22. Wow, wow, wow!!! You are so amazing!! Nellas smile really opens the world. In her smile I see the astonishing, unlimited beauty and happiness that she so knows and own. I really wanna acknowledge you for holding her so Big that she never doubts it a second :-) She is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Breathtaking.

  23. So it’s 7:30am. I have to be AT work in 30 minutes. But I rolled over grabbed my laptop off my nightstand and opened your page looking for any new words across the top… “I can rally”. I smiled whole-heartedly before both eyes even adjusted to a bright blue skied, cold fall morning. I started reading and laughed when I read about Nici’s one eyed pirate look pretty sure that how you explained that is exactly how I looked! So I took a moment until both eyes were open and then embraced every word and picture. It looks like you had a truly amazing time ( I am also extremely guilty of overusing the word amazing- it has become a joke between my friends and I – If I even say ‘It’s’ they generally all join in for the ‘amazing’. It’s an amazing word!) The girls (all 4) look like they had a wonderful time.
    But now it’s time to head to work with a mere 5 1/2 hours of sleep under my belt to take care of 14 littles under a year old…
    But hey… I can rally!!

    Enjoy your bed, your home and your littles!! Not to mention the warm suniness of Florida… I’d give just about anything to be there right now!!

  24. Kelle, I am so in love with your family! But Nella has a special spot in my hear – when I look at pictures of her smiling, my heart melts. What a perfect little girl! You are so very lucky to have a family like yours.

  25. The landscape, the girlies and the mommas are gorgeous! What a stunning post!

  26. Glad to have you back. I thought about you and Dig’s story a lot over the weekend. Thanks for sharing more of your time with us.

  27. “I can Rally’ so so true. You might like this tune !…..
    called Rally

  28. OMG Nella’s bright little smile is just so precious, it truly makes you forget about all the bad things in this world. She is a true angel right there. Love the new pics and all the cute little hats!

  29. Nella’s sweet laughing shots-swoon! What an angel!

    The trip seems amazing and cozy. Thank you so much for sharing!

  30. Uh, speaking of AMAZING…. how ’bout your post??? It’s just silly how excited I was to read about the collision of my two favorite blogs. Gorgeous. And I definitely laughed out loud at Nella’s various faces. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Beautiful pics!! i especially love the one where you and Nici are nursing together, such a special moment. As a mother of five, soon to be six, that is a moment I treasure! My 16 month old just weaned 2 months ago and I miss it so much! SO glad you had a great vacay and you and the girls got home safe!! LOTS OF LOVE!! <3

  32. Beautiful pics!! i especially love the one where you and Nici are nursing together, such a special moment. As a mother of five, soon to be six, that is a moment I treasure! My 16 month old just weaned 2 months ago and I miss it so much! SO glad you had a great vacay and you and the girls got home safe!! LOTS OF LOVE!! <3

  33. i have read Dig and Small Things for almost 2 years now and I was anticipating your trip to Montana like I was going. Seeing yall there was so much fun. Nella COULD NOT BE CUTER!

  34. I just loved reading this and I’m so glad you had a wonderful time. I felt a part of it through your words and pictures and thats what I love about you, you pull people into the love instead of making them feel excluded from it! I hope she is able to come to FL soon! Get lots of pink hula hoops when she does!

  35. Hello, a friend sent me the link of your ‘Birth story’ today to read, and it had me in tears. I am a stranger to you but we shared a similar experience, and for the first time I was reading something that I too felt, but was not able to put into words. Thank you!! I was only 24 when I had Joshua and he was my first baby but I remember that day like it was yesterday. For me though I didn’t have the chance to bond with him right away because he was so sick when he was born, (he has a heart condition and needed open heart surgery at four months of age) but like you once I cried myself out ( I still have days) and I got to hold my baby boy, nobody was going to take him away again. Thank you for telling your story. Joshua is now 8 and he brings love and joy to our lives everyday, he is my blessing from god and I am thankful everyday.

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  37. amazing post per the usual, i just cannot get over ow beautiful nella is, i will say it over and over until you get sick of it i think!!

  38. kelle,
    what beautiful pictures.
    makes a person feel like they are right there too!
    i agree with philip may who said he thought about printing out pics of your adorable littles and claiming them as his own!
    if i put their pics on my picture board at work im sure others around me would just think they were some more of my adorable grandarlings!
    i look at your blog alot at work anyway so people around me are familar with nella and laineys cuteness.
    im so happy you got to meet your freind.
    deep freindships like that make life so much richer.
    take care and God bless you!

  39. Your trip looks amazing!! What an awesome connection you and Nici have made and in such a awesome way!! Thanks for sharing the pics and for introducing me to Digs blog!! Totally love it :) Your both inspiring mamas!!

  40. My mom and step-dad live about 45 miles south of Missoula in a small town called Hamilton. We don’t get out there nearly enough, but will be back again this year for Christmas.

    Missoula is a lovely area and I’m so pleased that you got to enjoy it…nothing is better!

  41. I’m so glad you had an awesome time! A kindred spirit is always a good thing to meet, and then relish the time with.

    We leave a little part of ourselves, every time we spend time in the mountains. there is just something about their majesty that is calming and almost worshipful…

    The pics are simply precious. thanks for sharing part of you time away with us.

  42. I’m so glad you had an awesome time! A kindred spirit is always a good thing to meet, and then relish the time with.

    We leave a little part of ourselves, every time we spend time in the mountains. there is just something about their majesty that is calming and almost worshipful…

    The pics are simply precious. thanks for sharing part of you time away with us.

  43. How um… amazing! What gorgeous pics, and I’m totally envious of your stealing away to such a beautiful place. Sometimes traveling brings so many treasures to life, despite the aggravations of airports and luggage. How wonderful that you met such a kindred spirit, one that I’m sure will be yours to share for life!

  44. Amen! You said something that really hit home for me and for that I thank you. It’s easy to forget how we should be or should treat one another. I have a book where I write phrases, sayings, quotes, etc., that mean something to me… and this one is going in there! :)

  45. I’m telling you (although I know you already know this) that Nella’s smiles are a ray of sunshine!!!! I love the pure joy she expresses in them. My favorite picture though is of her asleep and the dog sitting there guarding her. So glad you enjoyed your trip!!!!

  46. What an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. post to capture what I’m certain was an amazing journey (not sure it’s possible to overuse this amazing word…) Thanks for introducing us to the lovely Digster – I’m going to start reading her blog because I really enjoy her writing and her outlook on life. Me thinks she’s one of the good eggs. And that picture of the girls walking through the tall grass in the meadow, with the crisp blue sky and mountains in the backround, well, shiiiiooooot….that’s f—ing awesome.

    And to JennyCB, thanks for this beautifully structured description “…at the ass-crack of dawn…” There’s nothing better than a few snorts of laughter in the morning to get the blood pumping. xo

  47. Two nursing Mommas ~ how beautiful!

  48. I just love it. I don’t know what else to say except it is beyond cool to see the time you had together. Now I must head over to said Tinkerbell Tea Party. My 3 year old has already asked me 4 times in the past hour when her new Tinkerbell movie is getting here!? 😀

  49. I just love Nella’s smile!! She’s growing up so fast! She looks like such a clam baby

  50. oh kelle this is so warm to my heart, I have a year long blog friend who lives in pensacola and I can’t wait to one day meet her and hope our journey and travels are just as magical and just as fun
    love your outlook and as always it inspires me to be a better person

  51. I am always so excited when a new post by you shows up in my blog feed. I sit and read and smile. I get so lost in your blogs for a few…my little escape. Love the pictures of your beautiful babes. Thanks for sharing!

  52. I’m a first time visitor, and I’m amazed. What a great trip, and your pictures are beautiful.
    Here’s to many more outings!

  53. Lola…smiling. I had forgotten about the connection. Ruby and Nella quietly, contentedly chilled out a bit this last week and were cosmically connected. Yes, they share a little bond.

  54. your pictures are BREATHTAKING!!! of course your girls are beautiful too :)

  55. *sigh* What an enjoyable read with my morning coffee. I feel like I enjoyed Missoula right along with you. Oh, and your playlist is always perfect for your posts and pictures, makes the experience of your blog that much more enjoyable. I think I overused the word enjoy, oh well lol You and Nici are such beautiful women, inside and out, so happy for both of you that the planets aligned just right for y’all : D

  56. Simply awesome. Enough said.

    (I love the shot of the two girls in the meadow with the mountains in the back. I can see that you had a lot of “church” moments in Montana).

    You and dig have something wildly special.

    -Jennifer in Annapolis

  57. What a gift — a week with a soul sister.

  58. i love it! i love it all! the rally. the friendship. the kids scampering and fresh mountain air. how true that just knowing we are in it together can inspire the rally in us all! you girls are so cute together!!

  59. Well thank goodness for Niki! I was thinking of canceling all of my things to do and places to be today, but with those 3 little words, “I can rally…” I think I’ve got it in me! Kelle, thank you for loving our sweet little corner of the Earth that is Missoula the way it should be loved…I’m so glad that you’ve seen our “Isle of Capri”…

  60. Wow. I never thought I’d like to visit Montana until now. Beautiful pictures, Kelle. As always.

  61. I want to go to there!

  62. Something always gets stirred within while reading about your journeys! This connect happens that allows me to see things through your lens and enjoy your experiences! Just love your blog Kelle! So excited to watch your family grow and learn from your “free spirit”!

  63. It brings a smile to my face to hear that your trip was a success.

  64. Talk about rallying sister! It was hard for me to get a post up last night for my mamalode column and I didn’t travel for 13 hours yesterday. AMAZING. That’s a good word for you too.

    Lots more photos in tomorrow’s nuggets. Guess we are back to texting and skyping for a bit.

    Love you and yours.

  65. Pictures of one baby is plenty to make me smile, but double babies in pics-so so cute! Looks like a blast. So nice to see your photography on a different landscape too-you’re so talented.

  66. Great post! You have some awesome photos of Nella – she makes me smile :)

  67. Just a quick skim of the photos….NOW back to relish the words!

  68. Great motivator – thanks Dig & Kelle!
    And Rik’s comment about rallying by sleeping is important to remember that we can’t always keep going, but we can when we need to.

  69. I live in the mountains behind Missoula and I was sooooo tempted to come to Missoula and wander the streets hoping to see you and your girls. You have taught me so much about having joy in life and seeing the good in things… for that I am thankful. Glad you liked Montana… it is pretty much a blessed place to call home!

  70. What an incredible adventure! Your pictures tell such amazing stories-I almost feel like I was there, too. Nothing like some girl time to bring you back around!

  71. love the curly little eyelashes!

  72. I melt every single time I see sweet Nella’s smile with her tongue and eyes all squinting, almost disappearing!! I love her and I don’t even know her!

  73. Beautiful pictures. I love sleeping baby pictures. She is such a sweeite!

  74. Beautiful pictures. I love sleeping baby pictures. She is such a sweeite!

  75. I loved reading both your’s and Nici’s blogs and seeing all the pictures! Just a great story and love how it just melds together.

    The mountains is a rebirthing experience!

  76. Love your blog! So does my daughter she loves your pics you take. Anyway my boys were watching Sesame Street this morning and the indie singer “Feist” was on singing the counting song and my daughter said..hey she looks like that pretty lady on that blog you read “Enjoying the small things” LOL.

  77. i love it all!

  78. Looks like you had so much fun! The girls are all so adorable and Nella just cracks me up with that sweet smile!
    I think my favorite picture is the one of you and Nici talking to eachother and nursing your sweet babies. You can just feel the bond of womanhood (is that even a word?)It actually brought tears to my eyes.

  79. I can’t believe you posted so soon! But I’m glad you did :-) I looooove the two babies laughing in the chair, and that lime green double jogging stroller is the coolest thing ever! I like the pictures of you and Nici best :-) So glad you went! What an easy thing to put off and never do, but you did it.

  80. Glad you and nici had a great trip!! I love how you wrote about girls being too hard on themselves .. it’s so true and not said enough. if we just take off our critical glasses and try to look past our own insecurities we will see every women just doing their best.
    glad you are home safe :) xoxo

  81. Such beautiful photos as always. Looks like you had an amazing week with a good girlfriend :)

  82. Thanks for sharing your world! Love the smiles and friendship!

  83. Ohhh Kel I love this (I know I start every comment out like this but I DO love this)! First Nella is too cute with her squinty eyed smile (unfortunately, as an adult, I tend to smile in the same way:) )
    This is so beautiful and I really love your blurb about women needing to love each other. I love that you got to do this trip and meet your friend!

  84. Beautiful! This post made me cry at how beautiful our world really is and how two people can connect and be instant friends.

    You have managed to capture how the simple things in life don’t cost money yet are ‘amazing’ and priceless. Thank you!
    Diana Doyle x

  85. OMG, you are awesome! Love the pictures of the kids (especially Nella and her big smiles!).

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  87. Kelle, thanks for this sincere and lovely post… I so enjoyed your perspective on Nici, and hers on you! I have been reading her blog for several years now, and feel I too know her and am sure she is one of the neatest women I have ever met. I think I can add you to the list now too! Your insight on women and how we judge and criticize each other is so right on! What I love most about you and Nici, is how you both have transcended that superficial level and have found how to focus on what matters most. In a real way. It is so heartening to go to you and Nici’s blog and be reminded of the power of women, and our amazing ability to rally! Love Love!

    P.s. The little bit about Nici’s theory on saving energy by only opening one eye… totally made me giggle. Love both of your silliness.



  88. Amazing adventure! Did you say Salt Lake???? Next time! :)

  89. So glad you had the chance to visit our beautiful state and fun hippy town. After reading your blog, it’s crazy to see pictures of you and your girls in places that I totally recognize because I LIVE there! Yay!

    So glad you and Nici got a chance to meet and strengthen the already strong relationship you girls have.

  90. Love that these two generations collided AND that I get to be apart of it all! Your photos captured my hometown perfectly…..watch out Missoula get ready for a boost in tourism!

    I am glad you are home safe a & sound…I wonder what you are “rallying” in today…..I am sure Nici is up to her eyeballs, rallying in peaches!

    xo, Bug & Ruby’s Gram

    ps…..loved our skype date….MADE my day!

  91. I’m going to give my best friend a call right now:)

  92. As I sit at my desk and sip my coffee looking and smiling at the pictures that show such a wonderful connection, I also decide to hilight your quote about women being so hard on each other and either post it to my Facebook or send it in an email…probably both.

    And I come across the picture of Nella’s smiling face and it makes me smile and think “whatta lil’ pumpkin” and how grown Lainey looks with her gorgeous dark eyes…and I promise to pop out my camera and not be so impatient learning to shoot in settings other than “auto” and to have it with me at all times to capture the beauty around me.

    Thanks for being my inspiration!

    Rest up!

  93. i’m rallying today.
    like seriously bigtime rallying.
    (and pumping while reading blogs at work … which i guess is a part of the whole rallying part.)
    big sigh.
    lovely post.

  94. Oh Kelle…what a wonderful reminder that life is indeed beautiful. xo

  95. So so so amazing. Nella is getting so big! Look at her sat all by herself! :)

    I’m glad you had a great time and arrived home in one piece! :) x

  96. Wow. Your pictures really depict what life in montana is like. I love it! I’m glad to hear you & your lil ones made it safely home. Look forward to reading your next post!


  97. KELLE KELLE KELLE!!! These pictures have absolutely captured me! I want to leave right now for Montana! Wow! That Nella is the cutest thing! The picture of her smiling just melted my heart and made my day! Thank you so much for always sharing!

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  99. What a beautiful, amazing trip. Thanks for sharing.

  100. Nella in that hat with the braids is about the cutest dang thing I’ve seen all day. Thanks for sharing your trip. Looks AMAZING.

  101. KELLE and girls! Welcome home!! Loved this post and the great pics. RIK-oh, i loved what you wrote. Yes, rest up, Kelle. I am sure you need it~

  102. I adore this post. Mostly because I’m a mountain girl as well (Salt Lake City!) and love hiking, farmers markets, and all things good just like you and Nici.


  103. First time commenter here, even though I’ve been reading your and Nici’s blogs for a few months. I lived in Missoula for about five years, and I look forward to going back there for good some day. It is my favorite place in the world.
    Your friendship and your ability to capture it in words and photos are inspiring. Well-done, mama. And get some rest!

  104. You make me miss Montana so much. The mountains, the big sky, the crisp air … Glad yall had fun! Nella’s smile is so amazing! How do you keep from constantly kissing those cheeks?

  105. Lovely pics as always!

    I am glad you guys had a wonderful trip.

    Have fun hosting the Tinkerbell Tea Party :)

  106. My heart melted when I saw two pictures on this post – the first one of Nella and her young daughter cheesin REEEEEAALLLY BIG on the same chair together, so precious! And the other one of Lainey running through the “amber waves of grain” = stunning backdrop!

    And I love your words on women, so many are catty and harsh but then there are many more who are genuine and accepting and wonderful, it’s great to know they are out there.

  107. Just had to comment – I try to limit it to when your post makes me laugh out loud or shed a tear and this one did both. Makes me miss my oldest friends. Nella’s smile is just so precious and I think there should be a rally rally for all that we can achieve when we do just that! Lou x

  108. So happy to hear that you girls had such a great time together! Darin, Henry and I drove into Missoula yesterday (the day you flew out) and we’ve been enjoying it so far! Dinner and wine at Biga Pizza last night and a latte and scone at Le Petit Outre this morning. We leave on Thursday and hope to get in a hike and shopping on Higgins. Glad to hear that your trip went so well… you girls are wonderful!!!

  109. Oh my gosh! That Nella. I love how her hair is coming in and is so light like her big sister. She’s just such a gorgeous baby. That smile is intoxicating. I could look at that picture of her smiling all day.
    What an awesome time! So glad you had an amazing adventure!

  110. I have been waiting for you to blog on the rest of your trip! Missoula seems like my kind of place!I’m so glad that you got to have that experience! And thank you for introducing me to Dig this Chick!

  111. It has been so fun to watch this trip unfold. How awesome! So happy you had such a great time.

    Onlookers can be so funny. I can not tell you how many times a little old lady, or a well seasoned momma, has stopped me when I have all five of my kids in tow and I am clearly about to lose it. They always say, it will all pay off one day. Or- you’ll miss this when their older. Or- it gets better. Or- the brave comments, too! :)

    {Baby} Nella, I love your smile. I 100%, no questions asked, can’t get enough of your precious smile. Thank you for making my day over and over again, ’cause dude, YOU can rally!

  112. How do you get to this Missoula? I need to go yesterday!

  113. so happy to see these pictures and the happiness you found in friendshiP! I , too have found one of my very BEST friends in the whole wide world online! through the gift of scrapbooking at 2peas! it’s so awesome!

  114. Hey Kelle. I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I just wanted to say that you are truly amazing. And your love for your girls, your family and for life is equally amazing! You inspire me to want to be a better me, to love harder and enjoy life! Thank you!! Your girls are so adorable and I love reading your blog!

  115. I’m dying over here! For whatever reason, your pictures are not loading! It must be my work computer? I am anxious to get home and check.

    So glad you girls had a great time …

  116. Looks like a super fun time! I love friends like that, where its just so comfortable. You take the most amazing pictures, I would love to spend a weekend with you and just soak up your photo skills. And seriously, I just have to add, Nella is so freaking adorable I can hardly stand it.

  117. Long time reader, first time commenter! LOVE the pictures. I’m an American living overseas now and I am struck by how gorgeous our “purple mountain majesties” truly are. Thank you for sharing your journey. And with a newborn, a toddler, and starting to homeschool a first grader (all on precious little sleep), I am TOTALLY adopting “I can rally” as my mantra for fall!

  118. Let me start by saying that I never read blogs, ever. That is…..until now. I just read Nella’s birth story in Parents magazine…and now I’m hooked. I love your blog, and I love reading about your amazing family. I love your perspective on things and you help me to see the joys that I sometimes overlook during my hectic, stay-at-home-mom days. So, thank you!

  119. I’m a Utahn!! Hip! Hip! I hope you got a look at our beautiful mountains.

    It is really a rare thing to find a girlfriend these days. You know, a “bosom friend” – one you can live, laugh & love with. It is so endearing that you and Nici found each other and embraced one another.

    Love, Bree

  120. Just found your blog and I absolutely love it and use the word amazing wait too often too. I guess it is a good bad habit to have :)

  121. Nella’s smile – wow! I dare anyone, ANYONE, to look at that smile and not smile right back. Impossible.

    That girl is going to move mountains.

  122. Love that photo of Nella and Ruby sitting in the Adirondack chair. So sweet! What smiles!

    And that stoneware batter bowl sitting on the counter in that first photo? I’m certain we picked up some stoneware by the same potter when we were in Montana. Love it.

    Glad you had an amazing trip!

    Jennifer (Bug and the Sweet Banana)

  123. Can a mom ever hear too often how sweet her babies smile is? I think not…so…Nella’s smile is contagious. What a special soul. There is a verse I love and am not sure I totally can grasp, but 1 Peter 4:10 says, “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”

    When I read this, I hear:

    -We have all been given different gifts

    -Grace is shown in different forms

    -People need to feel Love and Grace in different ways.

    That babies’ smile and her soul are already administering grace. Be proud mama!

  124. Ok, so I totally enjoyed reading about your trek to Montana. I laughed at the thought of hiking two kids across the country all alone – I did that once and phew! It was hard hard work. And I enjoyed about reading your time while there; Nici’s home has to be one of the homiest homes I’ve ever seen and I’m totally stealing the chalkboard wall idea, right down to the bucket that held the chalk.

  125. Okay, the apple picture with your oldest girl is AMAZING and all the pictures of your youngest (sorry, not sure on their names) smiling are THE best…she is so adorable and has a great smile!!

  126. Nella’s laugh is crazy cute and I love the concept-

    That we’re all doing the same thing. Trying our best!

    True that true that.

  127. Welcome home! And a big congrats on your toddler travel adventure… you are one brave mama to pull off a cross country trek with two littles on your own. Looks like it was a fabulous time… love the pics at the river & sweet Nella bean with Ruby.

    Also love what you said about women & how we are with each other. It gets harder & harder to make new friends as we get older. Sometimes I really miss being a kid, when it was okay to just go up to someone & say “I like you. Wanna be friends?”… bonding over bubblegum flavors & favorite books & which boys we have crushes on. It gets a bit more complicated as an adult, but so worth the effort to find kindred spirits.
    Rest up & rally tomorrow!

  128. This Montana girl didn’t realize she was missing home until I saw your pictures. I love my sweet prairie home, but I miss mountains and playing in cold streams while surrounded by trees! Glad you enjoyed your trip to my home state.

    And the picture of the two babies laughing together in the chair is PRICELESS!

  129. Loving this post! Nici’s girls are gorgeous and her home is so beautiful! So happy you had such a wonderful time in Missoula! I have a feeling that many spiritual moments took place there. :)

    “Our soul’s vibratory frequency creates a field of resonance that surrounds us and attracts those people who vibrate at the same frequency…” ~Debbie Ford

  130. My dad grew up several hours north of Missoula in Whitefish, MT. His parents still live there and that place has been etched in my soul. There’s magic in the mountains of Montana.
    Thank you for the pictures.
    We made it to Montana in the summer of 2009, but now we’ve moved to Australia (from Maryland) and it will be awhile until we get back. These pictures make me miss home. But…I can rally.
    I love all your pictures and your writing. Thank you.

  131. Kelle, I’m the arm tapper at the Atlanta airport! I didn’t get to tell you that your blog and writing is fabulous, Nella’s birth story had me sobbing in tears {good ones}, it was SO beautiful, and I absolutely *love* your photography.

    I myself was on stupor inducing cross-country jaunt with my two littles, ah, I couldn’t really think straight, much less talk! Your babies are simply gorgeous:)


  132. Whew! I’m tired reading this…in a good way. Traveling alone with little ones is exhausting, but also totally empowering. I love it. Don’t know how Lainey and Nella get cuter and cuter, but they do. The picture of both babies outside in the wooden chair…be still my heart! Thanks for updating – we missed ya! :)

  133. I am 60 now, and my girlfriends are the most precious people in my life, right up there with my children and grandchildren. I’m so happy for you and Nic!

  134. Nella’s sweet little face with her grin – she makes my heart hurt, she’s so beautiful!

    And Lainey – oh darling Lainey, I want to read Beatrix Potter to her and have a tea party after! It is amazing watching her grow up!

    Kelle, I am so happy that you had such a fantastic time on this trip! You are an inspiration, girl!

  135. Hi Kelle, Lainey and Nella,
    Looks like you had a wonderful time in Montana! It’s lovely to see what a bond you and Nici and all the girls have. Such beautiful scenery too! x

  136. There’s nothing like that not quite rinsed the conditioner feeling! Congratulations to you, like someone else said it is so easy not to do these things, and I am so glad that it was all worth it. Spending time with your soul sister and breathing that mountain air, it is fuel for life as you say. I have wanted to go to Montana for so long, I sent off for so many brochures I had an email from the ‘governer’ thanking me for my interest..goodness knows if I will make it but I intend to. So happy for you and Dig and the girls.

  137. I love them all…every single image. BUT my favorite is the one of Nella smiling BIG. Made me smile big too. What a great week. Thanks for sharing.

  138. As always…your blog brings light and sunshine to my day. And I can rally may become my new calling cry. I also wanted to post a little link for some dolls that are an awesome possibility!! http://www.dollsfordowns.org/index.html

  139. I especially love the second last pic — with the 2 of you together!

    And all the pics of the stunning landscape left me breathless.

    And the expressions on the girls’ faces. They’re already buddies. Thanks for sharing an amazing trip!

  140. So fun and CRAZY to see you and your girls in the town where my daughter was born! I love your perspective on Nici: it meshes just perfectly with the self-portrait she paints on her blog. Fun, hip, spirited, crazy…in short, your kindred soul.

  141. I just happened upon your blog the other night, and I have to be honest…I’ve been obsessed ever since. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. I love forward to every post!

    p.s. I totally stole the song HOME for my blog…I love it so much.


  142. Loving the nursing pics. . .you go girls!!! Awesome! :-)

  143. Love that Nella’s smile!

  144. So fun! I actually found your blog through Nici’s (she and I have a mutual friend in Denver) a couple of years ago. I feel like blog worlds are colliding, which I’m sure is nothing compared to what you felt. Glad it was so wonderful and loved your words about what women can do with and for each other. True true.

  145. I’m a new follower (via SITS), and I have been so blessed by your blog!! I have been telling everyone about it, and have even made my husband read some posts! Your family is so beautiful and I can’t wait to read more! I hope my blog can be half as great someday!


  146. Good friends are magical finds. Happy day!! :)

  147. OMG! Nella is SOOOO beautiful! I just can’t get over those gorgeous eyes and that joyful smile!!! Words can’t describe her beauty! It’s ineffable!

  148. It’s been awhile since I posted a comment, but I really enjoyed this post…and now I want to go to Missoula — oh those mountains! Also, I saw a post on the Motherload blog that I though you would enjoy (as if I know you): http://parenting.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/09/21/is-it-harder-to-have-a-child-with-down-syndrome/


  149. Nella’s facial expressions in these pictures are priceless! She is growing into such a big girl! It has been amazing seeing her grow up through your photos. Keep rallying.

  150. dear Rallying,

    I love that word. I actually used it on friday when i THOUGHT I was done with this “change~of~the~seasons~cold” i have been dealing with for a week.
    To say i love reading your blog is an understatement….and this post is so special!
    I love that you went….a friend to share all the mothering things with. I am happy that “Florida met Montana”

    Nursing Mamas touch my heart

  151. Kelle, have you ever watched this video? Your blog post today totally reminded me of it. Be prepared to giggle & cry. It’s awesome! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_4qwVLqt9Q

  152. Oh Kelle, thank you. Thank you for taking me on that trip with you. I feel like I just had a few days with a new girlfriend and believe me there has never, ever been a time in my life when I needed it more! Congrats to both of you for finding each other. I love the pictures and now after I go back to New York (since your pictures inspired me so) I will have to plan a trip to Montana.

  153. Wow, I need some new mommy friends! What a wonderful, inspiring trip you had in Montana. I love reading your blog, it’s such a treat!

  154. love your inspiring words!

  155. If you are ever in Austin….Abbie would love to meet Nella! She is beautiful.

  156. Oh Kelle – looks like you had an awesome trip! Thanks for sharing. This makes me think of my dear friend, we had a “mom’s” weekend . . no kiddo’s, no hubbies, just us. I thought I wanted to catch up on some much needed rest. But NAAHHH – we stayed up waayy too late, drinking wine, talking about everything under the sun and it was GREAT!! We plan to do it every year! And good for you for traveling so far with 2 littles . . .you are def. braver than I!!! :=)

  157. I am a fan of the blog. Been reading for months. I find it real and uplifting. Thank you. However I have been curious about the drinking and breastfeeding. I am still nursing my two year old son. I am a supporter. I have had a few drinks in that time. How do you handle that? What about your friend…Was she nursing the day after with her bad hangover?

  158. I like how you pointed out that sometimes us women hold each other to these crazy standards and are not very nice to each other but we have the power and ability to be so much better than that. I love seeing women lifting each other up like sisters.

    Oh and if I could print out Nellas smiling face and look at it every morning, I’m sure I would always have a good day.

    Thanks for posting

  159. This post just makes me smile when I read it and see the pictures! You are all beautiful people, but several of the pictures of Nella just took my breath away! She is getting so big and old! Wasn’t it just yesterday that the world was rocked when you shared her birth story? :)

    Thanks for sharing this post. It made me smile and I needed a smile today!

  160. I love love LOVE the photo of the girls in the mountains. It so captures their littlness and the world’s breathtaking bigness. So glad you had a wonderful visit with your bloggy friend. It fills me with such joy to see women writing, thinking, laughting, raising powerful daughters.

  161. God that place is gorgeous…..’nuff said.

  162. Alright, so here it goes. I’ve been reading your blog daily since the birth story. I look forward to your new posts everyday, but always put off commenting for who knows what reason. Today I just cannot help but to tell you how I feel about you and your family. I am only a 22-year-old female and I have no kids of my own, but I do nanny. I love kids and all that jazz because of course, what is not to love? After you welcomed Nella into the world my ears have opened up a little more to learning more about DS children as well as opening my eyes to their brilliant smiles and love in their hearts. So, with that I just want to extend how beautiful I think your family is. All of you. You are inspiring and I am sure you’ve heard that line a million times. But there is something about the Nella’s smile that moves me to tears every time those eyes squint and that burst of smile and happiness and love shows through her. I think you are amazing. With the laundry loads and all. I am moved to see how amazing of a family Nella was blessed with and truly movingly beautiful she is. Thank you for all the blogging you do. <3

  163. oh Kelle, I love everything about this post. Love love love the pics and i was just having the same convo with a friend the other night about women and how we need to make connectons and embrace each other instead of the caddy immature behaviour that is almost rewarded in our culture.
    And congrats on the article in parents, just got it and read it and loved it!!! xoxo, Abbey

  164. First of all, I have troubled with two littles to Puerto Rico on a DIRECT flight and I felt like a ‘rock star’ but you woman 3 FLIGHTS???? 2 CONNECTIONS?? What in the world? You are conquering the world, I tell ya — I do not know how you do. The strength within, I guess. Secondly, EVERY SINGLE PHOTO OF RUBY & NELLA NEEDS TO BE FRAMED!! Geez, I love every single one — At least frame the one of both of them on a chair, it just would be a sin not to!
    Thirdly, the photo of Lainey with the apple and gorgeous backdrop — oh.my.sweet.goodnes…. absolutely love it. Is that like a whoppers (candy) necklace? Very cute! Would look great with my LBD. Anyhow, finally — the friendships you have inspire me to be a better friend to the women I love. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing the love. oh yeah, and one more thing — so glad Alice made an appearance, I was wondering where she was! Glad to know she watched over Nella. She just seems like the sweetest and coolest dog ever. Now go to sleep you two!! Welcome back home.

  165. I meant “traveled” with my littles to Puerto Rico….must proofread before sending….geesh.

  166. oh, and Poppa Rik, I loved what you shared when Kelle was little. Why am I not surprised she has been like this her entire life? She’s ah.maze.ing…

  167. In a strange twist of fate, I was hosting one of my blog BFs via Missoula at the very same time you were in Missoula. (Am I spelling that right?) I knew that you were off meeting Nicci and my mind wandered to the two of you and all those precious girls a time or two. I’m happy to hear that your time together was a screaming success, just like ours!

  168. Hi Kelle,

    I have been a reader for a while, but always a silent bystander. I love your blogs and the precious memories you document of the times you share with your daughters. You are the type of mom I want to be someday.

    I just blogged yesterday about an “I can rally” moment I had, as my husband and I have just found out that we are infertile and we need to move forward with IVF treatments. I referenced you in the blog and hopefully my friends can start to visit your blog and enjoy it as much as I do!

    If you want to read my little “I can rally” pep talk (ok, maybe it was about 10 paragraphs long 😉 ), you can find it at http://caseyandchuck.blogspot.com

    Thanks for all you do. :)

  169. As always — thank-you so much for sharing — your words always inspire. This made me think of my dearest friends — never get to see each other enough but when we do — we can rally :)

    LOVE the moments capturing your girls together — toasting ice cream cones and smiling together!

  170. This comment has been removed by the author.

  171. so strange seeing you magically transplanted to the place where I was born and raised…drinking the pale ale, hitting downtown/farmers market/rattlesnake trail head…I love it!

  172. so strange seeing you magically transplanted to the place where I was born and raised…drinking the pale ale, hitting downtown/farmers market/rattlesnake trail head…I love it!

  173. …and they all lived happily ever after. Leaning on the one who has the best rally powers of the moment.
    Thank God for sisters. Those who are related by blood and those who are related by spirit!

  174. I can rally. I completely and wholeheartedly embrace that mantra. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your morsels of inspiration and amazingness!
    A fan,

  175. the big montana sky…nothing like it. yeah for wonderful friends and the chance to just be!

  176. Your little sprite is getting to be so tall! And the bunny is getting cuter and cuter every day :)

  177. What a blessing finding a kindred spirit is! Thanks for letting us tag a long a little on your journey…Oh, and I just love how Nella’s eyes smile, too. Seriously priceless.

  178. My goodness, Nella is getting so beautiful! And I love the pictures of your girls playing with their new friends; my oldest is like that — every kid she meets is her new best friend and they run around doing wild kid things… sounds like you had a blast!

    Side note: I miss my best friend now. Time for a cross-country trip.

  179. Such beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for introducing me to Nici’s blog. I’m now reading through all of her past posts like I did with your blog when I found it. I love it!

  180. Wow, that is brave of you to travel across the country to meet a friend face to face for the first time. I think that is so awesome! Friendship is amazing!

    And that town is the most quaint looking picturesque town of all time. I must live there! Thanks for sharing your story and your wonderful pictures and your wonderful outlook on life!

  181. Oh traveling with babes. We do a few times a year from Fl to the West coast. Last time after a tantrum to end all tantrums (yes i was THAT mom) she got sick ALL over me. And I do mean ALL OVER. The flight attendant was nice enough to point out that she sure had thrown up a lot. Gee thanks. Good thing the man in the suit asked to be moved BEFORE the plane took off. Looks like you had a GREAT time and as it always is it’s worth it. Even if you do smell getting off the plane after not seeing your husband for 10 days. Good thing he loves us! 😉 Glad it was a great trip and SO beautiful!!!

  182. Just love that little Nella smile. It just makes this crazy and hectic day around here so much better. What a beautiful place to visit. Isn’t life amazing!!

  183. SOunds like a wonderful week and with someone you didn’t even “know” until the week began!

  184. How do you dress your girl in white and give her an ice cream cone – there isn’t a tide to go stick big enough to fit in my purse if I were so brave.

  185. oh, Margot — that looked like a really bad fall! :(

    I hope the friendship of all the girls will continue to deepen as much as their mamas’…

  186. Nella’s adorable smile is completely contagious!!!!!

  187. Oh my these pictures are AMAZING!!! These kids are amazingly beautiful also, and the place looks magical. Thanks for reminding us we can still have amazing moments like this with amazing people, even in the midst of our motherhood craziness!

  188. Kate- check out Kellymom on breastfeeding and drinking -lots of good info.


    “- Current research says that occasional use of alcohol (1-2 drinks) does not appear to be harmful to the nursing baby…

    – Many experts recommend against drinking more than 1-2 drinks per week.

    -Per Hale (2008), “mothers who ingest alcohol in moderate amounts can generally return to breastfeeding as soon as they feel neurologically normal.”

    – There is no need to pump & dump milk after drinking alcohol, other than for mom’s comfort — pumping & dumping does not speed the elimination of alcohol from the milk. “

  189. Did you see the movie “Date Night” with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell? She has an “I can rally” line in there referring to married people bedroom things that could almost go unnoticed, but I thought it was one of the funniest parts of the movie! :)

  190. Just came across your blog from SITS girls. I love your pictures. They are absolutely beautiful. Your girls are just adorable. Can’t wait to take more time to look around.


  191. What a small world! I live in Bozeman, MT. I have been following your blog since one week after your youngest was born. You are such an inspiring woman to me. Keep on keepin on, momma!

  192. This is the first time I’ve visited your blog and I must say I love it! Your children are beautiful and I love the pics you took of MY hometown! I’m so glad you loved visiting!

  193. I happened upon your blog for the first time today and I love it. Your writing and beautiful photographs have kept me glued to my computer. You have a beautiful family and you are inspiring!

  194. my 7 year old daughter Carter just saw the pictures from blog and said “that’s a very cute baby” I agree, Nella is beautiful and so are you!

  195. I LOVE the picture where Nella has her hands on her thighs & this sort of shocked look on her face like she just busted you saying a curse word or something.

    It needs a caption like

    “You did not just say that outloud did you?”

  196. What a wonderful trip!!! And a friendship that I am sure is to last forever.

    This post inspired me to do some of my own rallying…if you get a chance, check it out:

    It is the post about my brother Brent…

    Thanks for being such an inspiration to so many!

  197. Kelle, do you really get a chance to read all these comments? Wow, you are blessed :)I began perusing your blog because I loved your photography. Then, I began to read a little here and there and chuckled over some of your stories. Lately, I’ve learned a few things from you… to love more deeply and to drink life in with vigour. Thanks for sharing your heart with all honesty. May God richly bless your life even more.
    Love, Heather
    p.s. sending some colourful leafy thoughts and cool, crisp, fallish feelings your way from Canada :)

  198. thank you.

  199. It was so nice to see a bit of Montana through your lens. Such gorgeous pictures. So glad the trip was all you had hoped it would be. Looks like I have another blog to check out. 😉

  200. Hey, Baby! I’m back, remember I couldn’t see your pics at work the other day? Well, I almost forgot and then when I was reading the new post and scrolled down … there they were on my computer screen the pictures I couldn’t see! They are gorgeous, just like you (and Dig and the girls.)

    Happy weekend, friend …

  201. Oh my goodness these are some of my favorite photos of yours so far! I just love them all! Looks like you have an amazing time. I am glad we all got to at least a little bit of that heaven too.

  202. OMG!! I cannot believe you were right here in Missoula Montana!! Isn’t it wonderful!! Glad you enjoyed your stay!! :)

  203. hey there kelle

    my name’s elly…just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and I totally love it. you´re photos are amazing and your girls are great and it´s so cool you took it so well that nella’s got down syndrom. I´m working in a facillity for people with disabilities next to school. I´m 18 years old and I´m living in germany..so I hope my english isn’t that bad^^
    just wanted to tell you I love working where I work for about 3 years now..it´s so amazing how much you can give those kids and how much love you get back for it.

    oh and I loved the blonde hair…you gonna die it sometime again?

  204. I love your blog! It has been such a joy to find you and be inspired by your photos and words. I have to ask, where do you find Nella’s adorable clothes? I am particularly in love with her striped tights!

  205. I love your blog! It has been such a joy to find you and be inspired by your photos and words. I have to ask, where do you find Nella’s adorable clothes? I am particularly in love with her striped tights!

  206. “Oh, don’t you worry…I can rally.” Girlfriend delivers on a promise. Time and time again.”

    Are you kidding me? You and Nici are the greatest!!

    In college (ya, ya…10+ years ago now), we always said, “let’s rally” or “pride up” to our friends who thought they were too tired to make some killer memories!

    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

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