I cried. In Walmart.

I haven’t read the birth story in a long time.
I don’t need to…I know it well. It is our story. And though it seems like a million years have passed since that soul-stretching day, sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday.

We were in Walmart today to pick up a prescription. And as I pushed my cart towards the check-out while I rattled a toy to keep Nella happy and caved in to Lainey’s plea for Cheetos, I saw it from the corner of my eye.

Parents Magazine…the October issue.

I picked it up and leafed through the pages looking for what I thought would be a small article about Down syndrome and “our” story (and by “our”…I mean every one of you who we share this experience with).

And when I landed upon the spread, my heart lurched. It was…beautiful.

And when I see those pictures, my heart just throbs with love for that day and the way our family changed. Half of me wants to hug the woman in those photos–the me who was so heart-broken. But then half of me wants to drop-kick her to the ground and swipe that baby out of her arms and squeeze her close. I want to feel her littleness again, all sunken into the crook of my arms and smell the sweetness of the silky hair that spun into a soft swirl on her little head. I want to whisper in her ear that I had no idea how truly beautiful she was.

And suddenly, I was standing in the book aisle, holding my magazine, tears streaming down my face. And Lainey stretched her Cheeto-stained hands out to pull the pages back and see her picture. “Look Baby, that’s you right there. That’s you loving Baby ‘ella.”

It was a beautiful moment. Right there in Walmart.




…and how happy I am for our story.


We’re thankful to Parents magazine for drawing more light to the beauty and wonder of all children and to the soul-stretching experience so many mamas go through. …and Dana Points, the editor, wrote a beautiful recognition in the editor’s letter at the front of the magazine too! Thank you to all the readers who have helped bring beauty out of something unexpected.


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  1. Your story is beautiful just like your babies! Thank you for helping so many other people see the beauty in life! You’re amazing!

  2. I am really touched by your photos and the story they tell. My wife told me about your blog because I just got into photography as a hobby and I must say, your photos are inspiring.

  3. Your story makes me cry to this day… but not out of sadness. Just joy. And happiness. And optimism. And hope. And everything good.

  4. That is so amazing! I can’t wait to get my next parents magazine! Thanks for sharing your beautiful moments with us!

  5. Can’t wait for the arrival of this copy in the mail! Such a beautiful story..thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and insight. You are truely an inspiration to mothers all around (just incase you haven’t heard that one before 😉

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  7. kelle! that is SO exciting! I’m gonna have to go out and buy it right now. yup. leaving my apartment and walking to the newsstand on my corner now. not even kidding. love love love. congrats to you and baby ‘ella! you are changing so many minds and lives right now. you are amazing.

  8. And from one stranger to another, one mom to another, one photographer to another………I sit crying from my office. You and your girls are beautiful.

  9. Your story is so touching and inspiring! You truly view the world so beautifully. You and your family are so wonderful, so happy your story was published to touch more people!

  10. So beautiful to see the magazine and the star of the article in the background!


    Will pick up a copy tonight after work.

  11. I just read the article! Wow, you did one heck of a job! I try to be more like you – fun, relaxed, focused on the small things the things that really matter in mothering – the hugs, kisses, holding hands and snuggles at bedtime. It made me feel so much better the other day when you mentioned snapping at whining – that simple statement made me feel so much better about the days that do not go like I plan and I snap at my 19 month old. Not good but it happens! You are so right when you say that those days sometimes end up being our very best days! Thank you for sharing your family! What a blessing you are to me.

  12. Oh so glad that your story made the parent magazine. I think it needs to be told. You are helping so many people more then you know. Lots of love your way.

  13. How awesome! I LOVE that they did this story on you. For years I have worked with teen Mama’s in a group home setting where they live and learn to parent their babies. There are SO many mis-conceptions and sad things I have heard come out of their mouths because they lack education and because these young Mama’s at time can lack compassion and project selfishness. This is just ONE more way to keep breaking down the walls of people’s heart showing that there is BEAUTY in EVERY soul no matter how that soul looks or acts. Thanks for your bravery and honesty! You are a beautiful Mama inside and out.

  14. I love the raw emotion you show through every post. Your Nella birth story is a beautiful one that makes me cry everytime I read it.

  15. Wow! I remember when things were dark and scary those hours and days after she came. And I remember saying that we have yet to see what Nella will mean to each of us and let’s face it, to the world. She is changing hearts, one at a time and I am so glad I was there to witness her birth and the start of something amazing for you and your family. Congrats on this beautiful spread. I am going to buy the magazine and I think it is safe to say I can start buying the pink Sharpies you will need for all the autographs. Start practicing that John Hancock, girl! xo

  16. The first thing I did when I came to your blog was read “your story”. You had me from hello. I fell in love with you and your sweet Nella from that moment on.

    I don’t have a child with special needs… I don’t have to. Anyone out there can identify with how you felt and where you were coming from. Thank you so much for being real and transparent. I’ll buy that magazine…just ’cause you’re in it. Congrats!!!!

  17. I’m glad the story was given what it deserves – a beautiful piece.


  18. Well now I need to go to WalMart and get this magazine!! I’ll wait till I get home to read it though…because I’ll probably cry too.

  19. Thank you for sharing your story with more of the world. It’s an incredibly touching story and I’m so glad to see it run in a magazine! Congrats!!

  20. Your story is so inspiring and I cannot wait to get my Parents magazine!

  21. Your story has touched my heart, and I am forever grateful for getting to know you and your girls through your blog. You (and your beautiful family) are a wonderful gift from God. Thank you a million times for sharing your story with the world.

  22. Your writing is beautiful, and your story even more so. I’m so glad you get to share it with an even wider audience.

    (my son was born extremely premature and in the five years that have passed since his birth, I feel like I’ve healed and absorbed his frightening start, and then I read something I wrote from that time and it all comes rushing back in).


  23. I saw this on the newsstand this very morning! Had no idea your story was in it, but flipping through I saw the photos that I recognized and bought the issue then and there to share with my office :)

  24. Oh! I am headed to the store right NOW to pick this up! I need to read this article! You captured my attention with Nella’s birth story and I have been hooked on your blog ever since. I linger on every word. This mommy-to-be is touched by the way you are raising your girls. I am fascinated with your zest for life and the way your happiness is shown through your bubbly little Lainey and your smiling baby Nella. Keep up the stream of consciousness, and the glimpse of your day to day life. Your readers are loving it.

  25. Congratulations! I wish I had known about this, I was just browsing at Barnes and Noble!

  26. i can’t wait to pick this magazine up. i love the picture of you reading the article and nella beaming in the background.

    you’ve come a long way, baby. the boths of ya!

  27. I can’t stop the happy tears:) Because Lily was born with ds just a few days before Nella, I somehow stumbled on your blog in the few weeks after their births..I think I was looking for blogs about real live children with ds, not babies in the BOOK “Babies with Down Syndrome” -just to help me get a grip. This song still brings back memories of those early days, and I every time I hear it I get choked up. I wish too that I could go back in time and scoop my baby (and me) up from the NICU and tell her we were going to be okay! Thank you for being a voice for ds and also for replying to me emails in the past:) Can’t believe we’ve come this far already!

  28. I can’t wait to get mine in the mail! I love you, your babies and your story. I’ve been following your story since Nella’s birth and I can’t wait to check your blog everyday. Your photos and your words are so inspiring! I try everyday to be a mother more like you!

  29. Wow…amazing!!! I haven’t had the chance to open up my magazine and now I can’t wait! Thank you for sharing your story with the world:)

  30. How exciting! I will have to go steal my sisters copy of Parents magazine. I saw it lying on her coffee table the other day and did not even realize that you are in it.

  31. Oh Kelle- Mazel Tov!

    I am so happy for you and for all those mom’s that you inspire and continue to inspire.


  32. Kelle, I picked it up too last night while in Chapters, brought it home and curled up with my sweet little bundle. What a beautiful story. Thanks for bringing light to so many individuals lives.

  33. Woo Hoo! And brought me to tears too. I love the pictures in this entry. Nella appears so sweet and innocent. Does she know how many lives she and you have affected in such a wonderful way?

  34. You’re truly inspiring. One day I hope to be half as great a mother as you are. Thank you for your amazing writing and advice.

  35. I will be heading to Walmart to pick up a copy as soon as my littles are up from their naps! I am so very excited to read your story again!

  36. xoxoxoxoxoxo, you beauty.

  37. Wow! I will have to go out and buy it~Just to tell people that I “know” the lady in that story 😉

  38. oh sweet! now i am going to have to pick up a copy to see it!!! :-)

  39. I can’t wait to get my magazine in the mail. Once again I find my eyes filled with tears when reading about your beautiful girls.

  40. Love Nella’s expression behind the magazine in the second photo… it stands in perfect unison with the title of the magazine article. She looks a bit surprised about something, and joyfully so. Great picture!

  41. OMG – I’ll be running out to get my copy tonight! I had no idea your story was getting published in Parents! Hooray!

  42. (Eyes welled with tears of joy for you).

    Wonderchris said that your story got it’s a beautiful piece, but also think that you got your beautiful peace from the whole experience.

    -Jennifer in Annapolis

  43. and now I am crying… although I do not share the same gift of an extra chromosome in my life, I have the gift of you sharing your life with me. its beautiful the way you have embraced the changes and unexpected things in your life.

    Keep up the fabulous work Kelle. you are amazing.

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  45. Awesome! Even though I’m not a parent, I’m going to have to pick up this issue see you in there.

  46. You are such an inspiring person, I hope you know that I go to your blog to lift me out of the funk that I sometimes get in because I know how encouraging your posts always are and your outlook on life. thank you so much for sharing your amazing story.

  47. This is my first time posting, but I had to say “Congratulations!” I can’t wait to pick up a copy of Parents magazine, and I never buy magazines full price, it’s one of my weird, cheap quirks, but this is SO worth it! I’ve been following your blog for a few months and it’s WONDERFUL! You’re girls are beautiful!

  48. Kelle, can’t wait to pick it up! Brooke and I have been thinking about the time we found out. pop on over if you have time.



  49. Thank you Kelle for sharing your family’s story. I love your honesty and your ability to express yourself. You are truly an inspiring mother!

  50. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your story! I feel truly honored to know it and you!!

  51. How exciting for your story to get into Parents Magazine! :o) I am going to buy it!

    I cry too over my daughter’s birth story and it’s been 12 1/2 years! Infertility almost robbed me of ever having a child and it did rob me of having more. But, I have to look forward to what is now and to come and it is a beautiful adventure everyday!


  52. I just cried. In my kitchen

    The most poignant picture for me in the birth story is the one where you are looking a little like everything around you is surreal while everyone is toasting with the cool glassed. Very powerful.

  53. Thank YOU for sharing that beauty. I also loved your stream of consciousness post and your honesty. I am so happy for your getting to go Montanna to meet your friend and for you to have some Fall?!?

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  55. beautiful! so good of you to get your story out there

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  57. Can’t wait to pick up a copy of Parents next time I’m out. I’m sure the article is just beautiful!! I’m so glad that your story was shared from another friend. You are a breath of fresh air and your girls are amazing.

  58. I cried about you crying in WalMart! I am 4 and 1/2 years away from my daughter, Halina’s, birth story and I, too, look at pictures of me and her immediately after she was born – before we knew she had ds – and can’t rid myself of the shame I still sometimes feel that my initial joy turned immediately to fear and regret and devastation upon hearing the words, “We think that your daughter might have Down syndrome.” I would like to go back to when she was so tiny and new and love her as I do now…because I waisted precious moments, wrapped in my then hollow soul, when I should have been loving her instead of feeling bad for me.

    You have shown more courage and heart (and speed!) in accepting Nella’s diagnosis than ANYONE I’ve encountered in our “community.” I have had a running dialog with you in my head since Halina’s (amazing) sign language teacher sent me a link to your blog. Your positive outlook has lifted me up more than once – so thank you! Can’t wait to pick my own copy of the October issue of Parents!

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  60. Soul stretching. Love that phrase.

    Bug and the Sweet Banana

  61. Kel I love this. I love that (because of your blog) I feel like I am crying out of joy and happiness over a sister and her baby.
    In the church nursery we were given this sweet 2 month old baby girl with Downs and tears well up in my eyes everytime I hold her! She is SO loved by her mama and dad and it makes me smile.
    Thank you for being so open with your life and your girls’ lives. We love them!

  62. Wonderful – HUGE CONGRATS!!

  63. I can’t wait to get the magazine!! It’s so great that you shed a light on how beautiful a life with a child with DS can be! I just PRAY and PRAY that some mommy to be that is carrying baby with an extra chromosome and is thinking of doing the impossible, that your photos and articles will stop her in her tracks!!!! Go Kelle!!!

  64. i cannot wait to read this article when i steal my sister’s edition of this magazine!! :)

    God bless you all!!

  65. I cried on my bed late at night in the UK having just finished a post on my own blog(inspired by you by the way and such a source of comfort for me now) and saw that you had posted while I was posting!!! We are 14 months on from our son’s ‘story’ and I’ve said it before on here but you and your beautiful family and your attitude and your love make my heart sing. It’s like you take my thoughts and feelings and with your gift of capturing the moment in words and pictures make them beautiful xx I thank you and although we come from different sides of the atlantic I feel in knowing you (if only in blog) I know myself a little better. Please feel free to read what you have inspired http://www.vickielli.blogspot.com xxx

  66. It’s always a beautiful testament to how truly blessed you are when you see others that went through what you did.

  67. Your story is just beautiful. I cry every time I read it. I cried when you said you cried today. You’ve captured the complete essence of what it is to have an unexpected Down’s baby; and you did so with such brute honesty and grace.

    Thank you for being so open with all of us. You certainly didn’t have to. But for those of us that haven’t experienced Down’s up front and personal, I’m glad you did.

    Thanks again :)

  68. You are inspiring and I love reading your stories! you have a beautiful family.

  69. Oh Sweet Kelle,

    How did you know I was having a bad day and needed this post? As you would say the Bus hit me like a ton of bricks. I am really struggling because Jana is not walking yet. She turned two in June. It seems like all of my friends babies are walking before her. If I see one more baby walking clip on FB I just might throw my laptop out the window one of those days…. Then I thought about when she was born and how far she has come. That she is talking even said “Crap” last night. Whoops! I am once again reminded to enjoy the small things. So we did what any good Mom would do and made brownies:) Thanks again for being a light in a world that is sometimes scary. If you ever hit the bus about such milestones you have a friend in Michigan that will lend an ear.



  70. What can I say, now even more people will love you and your girls! :-)

  71. December/January were tough months for me. I was just back at work from maternity leave and feeling sorrow at having to leave my sweet baby at home every morning as I went to work. A friend directed me to your blog shortly after Nella was born, and I’ve been reading your posts avidly since. I tell friends your blog is like liquid prozac. The beauty and love that drip off every page remind me whats important and bring joy to my day. I am glad that the readers of Parents magazine are being introduced to your story. I hope they come to love it as much as I have.

  72. Oh! Thank you for continuously sharing your beautiful story, your outlook, and your life with readers like me.
    You are a gift to this world, Miss Kelle.

  73. Buying the magazine in support of you Kelle. Many times in our lives we say “if I only knew then what I know now”. Your birth story is one of those times. All that matters is that we grow, learn and love. And you have done that a million times over.

  74. How cool is that to be in Parents magazine?! I can’t wait to get mine in the mail so I can check out the article. Beautiful pics, as always.

  75. Thank you for sharing your/our story with the world. You are an inspiration! ((hugs))

  76. My kids are older and grown but Im going to get that magazine tomorrow at the store!

    You and your girls are beautiful Kelle – you’re changin’ the world one person at a time!

  77. It looks like they did a beautiful job with an even more beautiful story. I can’t wait to get my copy.

  78. Nella’s story is such an inspiration. You have touched so many lives in the short months that Nella has been here. Can’t wait to pick up the parents magazine and read “our” story to my little one.

  79. Nella was given to you for a reason. Nella is changing the world, but she needed you to be the one to help change it for her. The stigma, the regection.. You are the tool that is opening so many eyes.

    I’m the girl with the little brother that will never grow up. That’s why I love coming here so much, you soak it up, and shine the beauty in the difference.

  80. Kelle, Your story is beautiful, YOU are beautiful, and Nella? Well….we all know that little one is simply perfection incarnate. Thank you for always inspiring!

  81. I’ve only posted a time or 2 because after I’ve read most of your comments, it seems as if everyone else has said what I wanted to. It’s no different this time, but I have to say I adore your blog and I am just so excited that your story is getting even more recognition. It is truly one of the most beautiful stories ever told. Only God could write that kind of story. As with everyone else, I can’t wait to rush out tonight and get a copy of Parents.

  82. How awesome!!! You and your girls are stars, for such a time as this :).

  83. What wonderful news! Your family truly is an inspirations to mothers and women everywhere. I’m constantly letting my girlfriends know about your blog. Your family’s story needs to be heard! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  84. is it weird that I feel excited, like a friend of mine was in Parents Magazine?

    You don’t know me from Adam’s house cat, but you’ve been so open & generous about sharing your story I feel like you’re a friend. I have that same pride & protectful feeling I have for people in my real life.

  85. I absolutly LOVE Nella’s face in the second photo – what a priceless picture!

  86. Dude. That soooo rocks.
    I do not know you in “real” life but I am so very proud of you.
    Going out tonight to buy my very own copy.
    This month “Parents”, next month “Rolling Stone”… because you really are a rockstar!

  87. So, had I been standing in Walmart – I would have been crying right along with you…just like I am as I finish your post.
    You said, a long time ago, that you wanted to write a better story for your life. Well, here it is. In print for all the rest of those who haven’t found your wonderful talent with a camera and wordcrafting…
    How wonderful that your experience will open a world of this “something extra” kind of love to people who have no idea what that means. And they will be the better for it, all because of you, your beloved and your littles.
    Thank you for the inspiration you bring into my (and the rest of your readers) day.

  88. So proud of you Momma! And just so you know, you are of our daily ramblings at work. Emails being sent back and forth “Did you read Kelle’s blog yesterday?” And it usually continues with a comment about how we can relate to whatever inspiration you gave us that day. We’re teachers too! We try to express our love for our students the way you do for your girls. EVERY child is a precious gift!! I subscribe to Parents and can’t wait to see the article. 😀

  89. Aw Kelle! I didn’t realize you would be in Parents this month! I’m all teary for you…how exciting!

  90. I’m gonna go and buy that magazine!! I tell people your birth story and point them to your website ALL the time.
    Awesome. I love the title of this post too :)

  91. Kelle I cry EVERY time I read Nella’s birth story because it’s beautiful and real and raw and not prettied up. You felt how you felt and I don’t think any parent would have felt any different under those particular circumstances. Your story is inspiring BECAUSE of the honesty with which you tell it and because instead of fighting Nella’s DS, you’ve embraced it. You’re such an inspiration and I often share the link to Nella’s birth story with other women facing a possible DS diagnosis….because they need to know that it’s NOT the end of the world and that life truly is beautiful. God Bless you Kelle….Much love xo

  92. Thank you for putting yourself, your family and your emotions out there. Your words, pictures and life-loving attitude are inspirational.

  93. I read this as if you are my sister that lives across the country from me…weird how you become attached to a total stranger only I am really the stranger to you, not the other way around…and I am sharing this journey with you, seeing it through your eyes, hearing it through your words.

    You really are amazing Kelle. A great writer, photographer, Mom and probably so much more than I can see beyond this site.

    I LOVE when great things happen for lovely people!

    Congrats to everything good that comes your way because of that little blue eyed angel staring up at you and all of us from the lens of your camera.

    What a voice you have been for her.

  94. I love that your story will touch even more people in such a great way.

    You are a blessing.

  95. ahh.. my heart melts for you..

  96. i love your blog…love it! i have been a reader for quite sometime, and i have never left a comment…but today i am. you are inspirational and you are genuine. thanks for sharing your love and passion for life.

  97. kelle, I thank you for your story. Your story is my story. But you have brought so much attention to our beautiful daughters and the many children who have a little bit extra. Thank you for your words. I want you to meet my sweet Emma Grace I want you to hug her and to see what a darling and wonderful girl she is. i know that you did not ask for this assignment, to be thrown into the spotlight of Down Syndrome but you have and I am so thrilled how you represent our families, our children and our lives. Thank you for your courage. i really would love to have coffee with you some day. going to go buy the magazine! Thank you again, Ginger

  98. kelle, I thank you for your story. Your story is my story. But you have brought so much attention to our beautiful daughters and the many children who have a little bit extra. Thank you for your words. I want you to meet my sweet Emma Grace I want you to hug her and to see what a darling and wonderful girl she is. i know that you did not ask for this assignment, to be thrown into the spotlight of Down Syndrome but you have and I am so thrilled how you represent our families, our children and our lives. Thank you for your courage. i really would love to have coffee with you some day. going to go buy the magazine! Thank you again, Ginger

  99. I cry every time I read it too..love you and that sweet sweet Family of yours!!

  100. Oh my gosh- I’m RUNNING, not walking, to grab this magazine!

  101. Congratulations! Can’t wait to check my mailbox tomorrow!! I love Nella’s face in the 2nd picture! She.Is.Beautiful!
    Thank you again for sharing your experience! I cry everytime I read Nella’s story. It is so similar to our own. :)
    Karen H.
    ps-I don’t know if you have tried the Natural Cheetos. They’re still messy but not neon orange!

  102. That is awesome Kelle. :)

  103. Congratulations! Can’t wait to get my copy!!!

  104. cannot wait to get my copy in the mail!

  105. I would love to make a comment but I gotta run to the store to get myself a copy of the Parents magazine!

  106. Wow, congratulations on your article in Parent Magazine! That is really exciting and wonderful that your loving, acceptance message is being spread further, in hopes of stirring the hearts of many.

    You are infectious, Kelle, and it’s all good.

  107. I cried too, when I read this today. Happiness for you and your family, not sadness at all. What a blessing Nella has been and will be in your life.

    -Jenny in Iowa

  108. How fantastic! Definitely on my shopping list!

  109. I love your story – I have read it and cried many times, yep, right there at my desk at work. So much I had to get up and close my office door. it is so beautiful. Share it with the world, baby! You and your family are a gift in my life and for this I thank you!

  110. Your family’s story is inspiring in so many ways – look at your Little Nella, she is just perfect! Such a blessing! :)

  111. I just read your story again last night. Every time I cry. Happy tears, Beautiful tears……
    Nothing is coincidence….
    You are so special…..And Nella of course, and Lainey :)

    Can’t wait to read the article. Going to get a copy right now :)

    Congratulations again!!!!!

  112. Oh kelle, how wonderful! It is such a beautiful story and it deserves to be read over and over again. I really feel this story should be given to all of “us” new parents it is a modern welome to holland if you will. Of course it should be coupled with rik’s The Corridor. This story, your story & your dad’s version could give the hopless hope and allow the mourning to mourn and to know that it is okay. It’s going to be just fine.

    I just think this is so awesome and I am so proud of you and your family. You are gonna make Your girls so proud. When they grow up and realize what a powerful advocate you were and the amazing things you did and all of the people you helped along the way.

    Thank you thank you for telling OUR story!!!


  113. your story is beautiful, and your outlook on life is infectious. thanks for reminding me to enjoy the small things as well! (hugs)

  114. That’s so wonderful! I feel stronger reading this post…
    Have a nice Friday!

  115. Haven’t read Parents magazine in years, just felt it didn’t do much for me since my kids weren’t “normal”. I might have to go pick up this October’s issue, though…..my favorite blogger is in it.

  116. I love this post! SUCH a beautiful story! I can’t wait to pick this issue up.

  117. That is amazing that you are getting out there and telling your story in so many avenues! You are amazing! I cannot wait for my issue to arrive in the mail!!! Congrats!

  118. I’m a subscriber so I can’t wait to get the magazine!!! God Bless you and your family!!

  119. I can’t wait to see it! I’ve read your story countless times-it’s a part of me.

  120. So exciting! I’m so happy it will reach even more people. Your story is so inspiring!

  121. I’m not a parent (yet! one day!) so I don’t buy/read “Parents” magazine but you know first thing tomorrow I’m going to buy TWO copies…one for myself and one to hand off to someone who I haven’t introduced to your blog yet…spreading the DS and Nella love! (and the Lainey Love, too!!)

  122. Congratulations on bringing our beautiful kids into the mainstream — in Parents magazine and at the Gap!

    Mainstream parenting mags don’t usually cover our kids and families.

    There are some fabulous images at this photo competition by Mencap — a group in the UK that represents people with developmental disabilities:


    Happy day to you, Nella, Lainey and the rest of the family!

  123. just another thank you for sharing your life with us. I can’t wait to get my copy of parents magazine now!!! another commenter said your posts are like liquid prozac, oh my gosh. whoever that was….thats sooooo it!!! I look forward to reading your posts and sometimes “save” it for the end of my day (or for as long as I can stand it once I realize you’ve written one!!) I like it to be one of the last things I read before bed because I KNOW I will come away with my heart singing, and a beautiful way of looking at my life, the world. Our stories are really not THAT different except that my world turned upside down during my pregnancy when I learned my baby had a birth defect. I never considered NOT loving him but I spent wayyyyyyy too much of my time worrying what life would be like for him, our family, selfishly for me. How my “dreams” of everything would be shifted. I had NO idea how beautiful the world could be until I had my boys. To get to be a mama, its soooooo “soul stretching” in every amazing way. Thank you!!!!

  124. Oh my gosh!!! I am running out right now and buying that issue! That is incredible! I’m so thrilled that your story is being shared in all different forms (TV/radio/and now magazine!) All you need next is a movie and a book. And it will SO happen. Congrats Hampton Family!

  125. Yay! I can’t wait to receive my Parents in the mail. Congrats! :)

  126. Can’t wait to get my copy! Congrats! It is beautiful from the photos. I love the symbolism of you looking at the article in the magazine with little Nella Bean in the background. She is so beautiful and getting so big. I feel like it was just yesterday when I came across this small piece of your life which has become such a huge piece of mine, and now I think Nella’s birthday will be here before I know it. Can’t wait for the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas posting that is sure to keep me smiling right up to Nella’s birthday! :) xo

    PS: is there a way to still subscribe to your blog posts so they come right into my email? 😉

  127. Oh my goodness . . . I was reading through the October edition of the Parents magazine and came upon an article.

    I have followed your blog since your princess Nella was born. In fact, I have to say your blog is probably my favorite.

    Anyway, I looked at the photo and immediately checked to see who the article was about . . . Oh My Goodness, I KNOW YOU! Well, I don’t really KNOW you, but I certainly feel like I do.

    Congratulations Kelle on your beautiful girls and your beautiful story . . .

  128. Congratulations! I can not wait to get my copy in the mail!!!

  129. First thing tomorrow I will be at Walmart. I can’t wait to read your story. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us out here. You inspire me to look for the fun in life everyday!

    Thank you!

  130. Hi Kelle! I’m Erin… I used to work at Nickelodeon with Kim and Jessica (from A Parent in Silver Spring) and I just love your blog. I swear, I’m copying EVERY idea you have from your daughter’s birthday party. Anyway, this is a gorgeous spread… and a great article (I just looked it up!).

  131. OOH how it irks me that anything to which I subscribe hits newsstands before my mailbox. But I will love seeing it when it does arrive.

  132. Congrats! Your story will be a blessing to so many women who read that magazine and your blog!!

  133. This is exciting!! I love it when a blog I read is noticed for the wonderful stories that I have been enjoying. I am going to pick up this issue…it’s been a while since I’ve had time to read Parents but I can’t wait to see your story in print. Kuddos to Parents!

  134. How great! If only I was in the States to be able to pick up a copy…dang it!!!! Marissa

  135. I so excited and happy for this feature, for the way you all enjoy this one wild and precious life, for the encouragement you give every time you post and the example you are!! We are all truly blessed because you are a blessing. :)


    …from Michigan

  136. I’ve never commented before, but I’ve read your blog since right after you posted Nella’s birth story and I’ve probably read that post a hundred times since and I cry every time. Your story is amazing and inspiring and I try everyday to be more like you, to enjoy what is right in front of me and to never take for granted what I have in this life and I thank you for that. You are an amazing person and your family is truly an inspiration for us all.

  137. I’ve been silently following your blog for awhile now and was so happy to see you in Parents magazine, congrats! You’ve got such a beautiful way with words and such talent with your camera. Reading your blog inspires me to appreciate the small things, recognize them in places they have been over looked and to really enjoy the journey of motherhood.Thank you. Rock on Mamma!

  138. I can’t wait until my copy arrives to read it.

    I also want to say that your blog helps me appreciate my 5 month old baby, more. I’m reminded, through it, that he’s only little for so long, that he only needs me *this* much, for such a very, very short time.
    God bless you and your beautiful family!

  139. Kelle, I have been following your blog since Nella’s birth, and your posts have moved, inspired, amused, and delighted me. As a former elementary teacher and principal, I have often thought I should log on to leave a comment about the positive experiences I have had over the years with children and parents who have walked the road you now find yourselves navigating…but I never have. And then tonight I received this link about a former student, came to your blog to find today’s post, and just knew that now was the time to finally leave a comment. When you have the chance, please read the article. Bridget made me a better teacher and principal, and now when I read your blog, I smile and remember her: http://www.pioneerlocal.com/burrridge/news/2682610,burr-ridge-brown-090910-s1.article

  140. Can I just say that tonight as I was crying reading your blog (a usual for me), I couldn’t help but touch my laptop screen at pictures of Nella. I couldn’t help but think of how many doctors actually encourage people to consider abortion when they know the baby has down syndrome. I couldn’t help but think of the love that families like yours miss out on because they followed through with that horrible advice. And I weep, hard. Thank-you for sharing your story. Thank-you for showing people that what she has doesn’t make who she is. It’s her heart, her soul and that gorgeous smile that you wake up to everyday that makes Nella, Nella.

  141. You truely are a beautiful woman and mother. I love reading your blog and how you make me put many things in life into perspective for myself.

    I would also like to thank you for bringing knowledge, better understading, and hopefully tolerence to so many people through your blog.

  142. Thank you for allowing me to feel ‘normal’ as I felt my heart and emotions do similar things as I held my son, Oliver for the first time and took in his diagnosis with Downs. You put words to what my heart was feeling. It’s comforting to have someone to walk through this with me!

  143. You, yes YOU, are so amazing and strong. I hope you know how empowering you are for all of us, mothers and future mothers alike. I admire the love you have for your kids and all that you do to bring awareness to DS. Nella and Laney are so beautiful and they get it from their mother. Thank you for being a constant source of positive mothering. In a time where people get so lost in themselves and the hardships of being a mom, you restore the faith in me that being a mom is a wonderful and amazing experience. I can’t wait to have my own very soon.

    Thank YOU Kelle.


  144. kelle,

    you’re not alone and thanks for reminding me i am not either. our story is kind of long (aren’t they all) and it’s been a weird week, your post was a light i needed.

  145. Holy Moly…I didn’t see that one coming. I thought you were talking about the article and the people in them REMINDED you of your experience. Then I got to the photos and realized it IS your experience. Congrats…I’m going in search of my pile of magazines that I fully intend to read “one of these days” and see if it’s there! Congrats on being the light shed on the rest of us who really have no clue what living with DS is like.

  146. I can’t wait to get my copy in the mail! I’ll be reading it as soon as it arrives!

  147. I wish your blog was around 19 years ago for my parents when my brother Preston was born :)! You would have changed their lives…you are changing soooo many NOW! Keep making a difference Kelle!!!

  148. That’s so amazing. I can’t wait to read it myself. I’m so glad they’re bringing more attention to the amazing kids and adults that share those sweet smiles and almond eyes. ♥

  149. Ok so did I miss that announcement somewhere. I had the same feelings as a previous poster. I thought it was a story about another precious family but there you are!! I can not WAIT to go out and get the magazine and read it.
    Your birth story is just beautiful, loving, emotional, and what I love the most, raw. Every time i read it I see something that I didn’t see before. I get so choked up on the picture of Nella looking into your soul and asking you to just accept her. Just beautiful and so true. I am so thankful that you have opened my eyes even more to what it is meant to take care of children. You will never know how much you have affected my life, someone you don’t know. Amazing love my friend, amazing love!

  150. AHHHHH! I am so excited and happy for you, Kelle. I hope the rest of the world will be as blessed and touched and inspired through your story as I have been. :)

  151. Oh, Kelle, you make me laugh, cry, and positively ache for littles of my own. As always, thank you for sharing, and I’ll be buying the magazine tomorrow. Simply beautiful.

  152. Kelle,
    I have followed you since the day you so lovingly and selflessly shared the birth of Nella with the world. But I have always been too embarrassed to comment. You see, my Uncle had Down Syndrome. He was born ‘back in the day’ and when my grandfather passed away my grandmother had him institutionalized. After my grandma died my dad ensured that Uncle Gene be brought back into the community. He spent every Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas with us. Relatives thought it wasn’t where he belonged, but my dad always knew he did. I was young. All I saw was my dad struggling with the decision, the cost and the heartache of his decision and the toll it took on his family. I thought my uncle was a burden to him and I’m beyond ashamed to say that the thought crossed my mind many times that I hoped for ‘better’ for my future children.

    The thing is, my friend, you changed that. Nella changed that. The love you (and the world) have for Nella melts my heart. And instead of seeing my uncle as a burden I remember him for what he was… the happiest person to have ever walked the earth, with a smile wider than the sky and a heart full of love for strangers and family alike. His childlike wonderment never ceased in all his years and his curiosity made him a treat to be around. Christmas was spent with him sitting happily on the couch, enjoying all the sights and sounds, singing along to the carols played on the stereo, forever asking questions about my cat. How old is she? What’s her name? How old is she? What’s her name? He knew the answers but he loved to ask the questions. Each time as though it had never been asked before, the delight in the answers never faded.

    My uncle passed away just around the time Nella was teaching me what exactly was being lost in his death. And I can’t thank you enough. For showing me that my children would be lucky to be all the things my uncle was and Nella is. Loved and loving. Curious and Curiouser. And, above all, happy… and happiest.

    Thank you for changing my mind, my heart and my world. You did all this simply by loving your daughter… and letting the world love her too. And it is a far better place because of it. Because of Nella.

    Much love to you, my friend. I’m proud to be able to say I ‘know’ the woman in the magazine. And that she changed me. Many times over. xoox

  153. your girls are beautiful. your family is beautiful. i adore you.

  154. I completely understand what you are saying. If only I could go back and tell myself just to love her. Forget about the Down syndrome. She is my baby. I did love her, my fears were just clouding my vision. And if I hadn’t gone through that, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And I love this place. So, thank you God for bringing me here.


  155. I completely understand what you are saying. If only I could go back and tell myself just to love her. Forget about the Down syndrome. She is my baby. I did love her, my fears were just clouding my vision. And if I hadn’t gone through that, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And I love this place. So, thank you God for bringing me here.


  156. I posted earlier, but noticed how many posts were deleted…

    Seriously…do asshats come here and post? (((shaking head)))…


  157. Oh my gosh! I just love you! :)

    I also could not be happier for you! And for our little girls! Because this means that your beautiful story is getting out to more people that will see the true beauty in our children! What you have done for the Down syndrome community — I’m not sure anyone else has single-handedly impacted it like you have!


    Enjoy, celebrate… you so deserve it!!


  158. oh my goodnes… how did I miss that this was coming???? I am so thrilled for you and can not wait to go to Walmart and get my own copy! You are amazing kelle…. So thrilled that sweet nella got to be in your family, where she is loved to pieces. She is blessed to have you as a momma as much as you are blessed to have her as a little!

  159. I haven’t got October’s issue! I am excited your story will be in there. After following your blog for quite a few months now and after having already read your birth story – it’s super neat to see it in print in one of my favorite magazines!! I’d love to re-read it again because of how honest, moving, and beautiful the story is.

    I talk about your life as read in your blog to my husband all the time. I adore your girls as if I knew them. Nella is so incredible. I was talking to my husband about how she should be a baby model. I appreciate being able to see them grow up if you continue blogging for years to come.

  160. You are such an inspiration. I can’t even put into words how much I appreciate what you’re doing for those littles out there with an extra magical chromosome. Love like yours can change people. Thank you, Kelle.

  161. Beautiful!!!

  162. I’m going to have to grab a copy this weekend! Your story is so amazing and beautiful, you’re such an inspiration to me :)

  163. I cry everything I am on your blog- every time you post.

    But today, this moment, I am not crying. There are no tears.

    I am beaming. So happy for you guys. You are so honest and brave and have no idea how much your story touches every mommy- extra chromy or not.

    I am thrilled that baby Nella’s story is reaching more and more people.

    Look at her as she sits so beautifully. That Nella is such a doll baby. I just adore her. And Lainey is the bestest big sister ever! They both teach us all many things.

    And I can not wait to get a copy of this! One for me, and every mom I know.

    God Bless you guys!

  164. Kelle, Bless you. For those of us with Down Syndrome children. My son is a now a young adult. We know how truly blessed our lives are and continue to be. Medical, PT, OT, Speech, School, and a calendar of appointment dulls in the Sunshine in our daily lives. Nelle and Lainey, your Sunshine. Thank you for your blog. I can’t wait to buy several copies to pass along to the Special Education Infant Program I recently retired from so teacher friends and parent facilitators can pass them along to new parents.

  165. Your life. Your littles. Your story. They are beautiful. And they are apart of all of us in some way. Thank you for sharing such precious and real moments of your precious and real life.

  166. I have read Nella’s birth story so many times. I read it when I need to feel inspired. I read it when I need to let loose a few emotions. I read it when I need to feel inspired by the miracle of birth. I read it when I am having a hard “kid” day. I read it when I need to feel that women are brave and strong. It is so inspiring, special, and wonderful. IT has inspired me in so many ways. I feel like I owe you a huge debt.

    And this song….instantly brought tears to my eyes. It melts my heart every time I hear it.

  167. Congrats, Kelle! You are such an inspiration to so many. Keep being that.

  168. I would have cried too! Peace and blessings to your guys!

  169. I can’t wait to read this story! I will be checking my mailbox tomorrow!!

  170. SWEEEET! Okay, Nella’s socks/shoes- come on!!!!!!!!!! love it!

  171. I can’t wait to get my hands on the magazine Saturday so I can read the story all over again!

  172. There’s nothing that can compare to those feelings and emotions that come with remembering our birth stories. It brings back so many emotions. Still. Almost 8 years later. Can’t wait to buy the magazine. I couldn’t imagine anyone being more perfect as an advocate, voice and face for Down syndrome. You and Nella are such rock stars! You make us all so proud!

  173. How funny…i was just getting on to leave you a comment about how I was at walmart at 10 o clock tonight…picked up a parents magazine and opened right to your page and said got SUPER excited. I said Hey….i know her. well I don’t actually “know her” but, I feel like I do. Us Rodriguez people in Austin really love you Hampton people in Naples. :) We think about you daily and I can honestly say you’ve changed this mommy’s life! (i feel kinda cheesy, fanatical saying that) but, its true. WWKD often enters my mind during my occasional life sucks slumps. It was great to see your fam today…and, I cried in walmart too.

  174. today i cried…in target,its a little more classy you know;) i was flipping through parents in the mag isle like i usualy do and i stumbled onto your article,my heart swelled with pride and instantly my eyes did too,before i could even begin reading.I was so excited like a close girlfriend just got featured,i quickly showed my girls age 3:)who llooooovvve your blog and they each had to have a copy,they even put the dora books back as a trade:) i also picked up 10 copies for friends i love because i love sharing you with every momma i love,i am so proud of you dearest Kelle.
    love siobhan

  175. It’s almost impossible to believe that was just over six months ago. Nella grows more beautiful by the day, if that is possible. I am so thankful to share in this journey in this small way with you. It brings so much joy and many tears too. There’s you bawling in Walmart and here’s me bawling at my reception desk!

  176. Sharing the love! Spreading the wealth! Love it!! Congrats =) It must have been soo surreal to see yourself – your baby and your family in a magazine!! I have not yet gotten a copy but believe me I will!! I’ll probably tear up in Border’s tomorrow on my lunch break! I’ll thank you in advance!!

    I agree with everydaymomma – I kind of feel like I know that person in the magazine!! So totally awesome for you and your family — and for everyone who was just introduced to the Hampton family for the first time today!

    I’m sure you couldn’t have loved baby ‘ella any better in those first few moments of her life. You loved her and cradled her and cared so much about her you needed to know. I’m sure news like that would knock anyone out of stride – but you did it gracefully, you picked yourself back up and you turned something unexpected into something absolutely amazing!! And on top of that you didn’t keep your story for yourself… you didn’t hesitate to share every true emotion that you had. You have shown others that no matter what you’re given it is only as good as what you do with it… And you, Nella, Brett and Lainey (not to mention all the other people in this story – Poppa, Bailey, Bruh-Bruhs… EVERYONE) have made this something scary and unexpected into something phenomenal!!
    Keep rockin Hamptons!!

  177. WOW! Congratulations!

  178. I am teary eyed! How beautiful. You are such a joyful inspiration for so many moms and families. I talk to my family about you and they think I’m nuts because I think of you as a friend. But you are. Thank you for sharing your life with us and inspiring me to be a better mom each and every day!

  179. Kelle,
    That brought tears to my eyes reading Lainey’s words to Nella and hearing about your feelings.
    Nella is so beautiful as is Lainey. Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful family. xx

  180. I love your blog and reading about the love you have for your littles. I cried when I read your birth story, it was so beautiful. And I look forward to reading it again and seeing those precious faces when I get my issue in the mail.

  181. you and your girls are beautiful – many thanks for sharing your journey with all of us.
    Amber :)

  182. Kelle, You and your girls are amazing. Nella will change this world and her big sister Laney will be right there beside her making her own impression in this sometimes crazy world. Nella is beautiful beyond words. Laney is well, just as super cute as she can be too ! You are an inspiration and I can’t wait to buy a copy.

  183. Going tomorrow to get me a copy….one of the most beautiful gift I have ever read

  184. Thank you for being such a loving mama and for being such an inspiring role model for all of us mamas of beautiful babies with DS who walk the same amazing, soul-strecthing path.

  185. Sorry for the typo.. LAINEY.. it is late. Congrats again..

  186. Dude!! You rock! Did anyone come up and ask you for autographs and pictures? I would have been that person!!

    So happy for you! Congrats! How wonderful for Parents magazine to choose to feature your story and thanks for all you have done for the Ds community. Nella isn’t even a year old yet and you have already taught others so much! You are one beautiful and amazing woman, Kelle!

    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

  187. HI!!
    I will be running out tomorrow to get MY Copy as I feel like I know you, so I will exclaim with PRIDE AND JOY, I KNOW HER, I KNOW HER!!!
    How wonderful and how very precious this Gift of God is to you and your family and to ALL of us!!!

  188. love you. the mag is beautiful. xo

  189. (i dont think my comment earlier made it thru). Aww, KELLE! “Dude”, you are a star. I feel like I know someone famous! Oh, I was almost crying, reading about YOU crying in Walmart. So proud of you and your story appearing in Parents mag! You will enlighten and inspire so many more. I gotta go buy the magazine! I bet you never thought little Nella Bean would take you on such a path, on so many journeys~ Love and hugs from your Blog Mama, Linda MG

  190. Yeah!!! Oh I can’t wait to go out and buy a copy tomorrow – yahoo!!! I love that you saw it first in a Walmart, by picking it up off the stand there – that just seems so cool :-) Here’s to many more friends coming your way, and many more lives who get to be touched by your honesty and your love that sometimes…I gotta say sometimes it outshines the sun. I stole that from an old SS song. love you!

  191. That is amazing! How lucky!

    Now I’ll have to go out and buy a copy! We enjoy this journey with you :)

  192. I will rush out to buy the story, even though I’ve read yours. It touched me in ways that have only been able to make me stronger and closer to telling my real story about learning that our sweet Daniel had a heart condition and more. Thank you and God bless your beautiful, sweet, sweet family.

  193. Can I just say… the expression on Nella’s face in the second picture is awesome! It made me giggle. She’s too cute! x

  194. Hey Kelle…
    Thanks for sharing your story…again. I’m planning on finding a copy today. I’ll share it with my hospital pals. Hugs from Michigan….jodi

  195. What a journey it has been since that day in January. Can’t wait to see the spread!

  196. I’m a subscriber but haven’t received that issue yet, I cannot wait!!
    oh my, you’re going to have like a bazillion followers after this! Keep remembering “us”… 😉

  197. going to get my copy today!!! love pics of nella sitting up, how is it that she’s getting so big? it seems like just yesterday she was born and my heart was breaking for you when you called to tell me she was born and had DS.

    seriously, who woulda thought you’d be here now? nella c – you have a place in my heart right next to your mom and sister.


  198. I have said it before, and say it again Nella is here for a reason!

    Now this article will spread even more joy, tears and laughter, and open more eyes, like she did mine.

    Good job!

  199. I hope I get my issue in the mail today! I know Nella’s birth changed your family in many ways but the day I read it changed mine too! Thank you for all the inspiration you give me through your words and photos. You’ve made me a better mama. And I thank you for that!

  200. Thank you for sharing the joy of Nella. My cousin was born with DS and I remember him as a baby so loving and gentle. Nella’s story I can’t wait to re-read and possibly pick up Parent’s Magazine to read it in there as well.

  201. What an awesome moment, in the WALMART, I can’t imagine! Thanks for sharing.

  202. I will be buying that magazine the next time I am at the store, just because you are in it! You inspire me everyday to be a better mother and person in general. I tell everyone I know to read your blog because it is so *soul stretching*, to use your term : ) I have 8 children, but feel like I have learned so much from you, one day I will get it right.

  203. AMAZING.

    I cannot wait for my issue to hit my mailbox!

  204. This is huge Kelle…congratulations! I am going out to get this issue on my lunch break!

    Jenny from MA

  205. I cannot wait to pick up my copy of Parents magazine tonight. Every morning when I come into work I open blogger in the hopes of seeing a new post from you. Your words and pictures are a perfect addition to my cup of morning coffee!

  206. I cant believe how beautiful you are! Inside and outside.

    All my love – all the way from Norway

  207. I am trying to type through my tear filled eyes. Your raw emotion is beautiful and real. Your precious gift from God is breath taking and I am so happy to read about her every day. (or every other!) I go back every so often to re-read ” her birth story” and it brings a smile to my heart! I have said it time and time again, your are an inspiration to us all! Most of all…. you were chosen to be Miss Lainey and Nella’s mommy! How awesome is that??!!!

  208. I’m not even a parent yet and you make me want to run out and buy a copy! You are a constant reminder to look for the beauty in life and enjoy every minute of it. Thanks for sharing!

  209. How wonderful! I can’t wait for my issue to arrive.

  210. Crying…Congratulations! I’m sooo happy for you! Thank YOU so much for sharing Nella’s BEAUTIFUL birth story with so many!

    LOVE the article! Bought several copies for friends~family and I’m going to donate the rest to some hospitals-OB/GYN’s offices in my area. :)))

    Thank YOU so much for all you do! I get it, Kelle!

    ps: still catching up on your posts…

    “Unexpected destinations hold the promise of unexpected experiences, unexpected wisdom, unexpected awakenings, and ultimately, unexpected blessings.” ~Barbara De Angelis

  211. As a special educator, thank you, Kelle (and Parents Magazine and Gap), for recognizing how that kids are kids, regardless of the number of chromosomes they have.

    And as a mom of two under the age of 3, thank you, Kelle, for your blog. On days when I’m stressed out due to the fact that laundry needs to be done – but can’t because there are still clothes in the dryer – and dust bunnies are roaming the house, your words and pictures remind me that I should bake more cupcakes and just enjoy my kiddos.

  212. I cant wait to go get the issue- It is going to be a great read seating on the beach ! Even though I read the birth story at least 1,000 times- I cry every time ! I can cry just looking at the pictures ! LOVE YALL !!!

  213. Umm, so. THAT’S impressive. Geez.
    I am thrilled that your story is helping out countless other families and that there are so many smart publishers and editors out there who know it’s such an important story to tell.
    There are tons of people who get attention for being idiots (Snooki and The Situation immediately come to mind), so when someone like you, who is positive, beautiful, and deserving, gets noticed for being an amazing inspiration, it makes my heart sing.
    Bravo, girlfriend.

  214. So excited beautiful Nella, Mommy, Daddy and Sprite all made the pages of Parenting magazine. Such a touching story. I always tell people I need to get in my Zen place in the mornings or when I am feeling stressed. Zen = reading your blog :) It fills me up with patience and love so I am able to tackle my job, school and two boys (Aidan is 3 and reminds me so much of Lainey Love). He is a boy version of her. Too cute! Thanks for sharing such beautiful stories!

    Waving at you and the babies from Washington State! Rock it sister!

  216. Thanks so much for sharing with us, you save lives and families with you words. Therapy for the world through sharing. Thank you thank you thank you!

  217. I’ll definitely be swinging into the local Books-A-Million to pick up this issue ASAP! Also, Baby looks so much like her Daddy in that last photo. How she’s grown! Have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful family.

  218. Boy, I hate to say it but…
    I TOLD YOU SO! (hehe)

    I also look back at the pictures when my sweet twins were born and Braden’s Down syndrome was realized and hate how I greeted my wee one. I know now that all those feelings were part of the process to get where we are now but I hate that I greeted him with tears. Hushed voices, a quiet room and a mama’s tears should be saved for an unexpected illness not for the arrival of a baby, a love of my life! But now I know. And now you know.

    We were give an incredible gift and each day as we unwrap a little more of who they are… who we are… we can’t help but fall hopelessly and eternally in love!

    We can’t go back and change the past but we can forge ahead with love, pride and hope! Forge away, girlfriend!


  219. Oh Kelle, I’m sooooo happy for you! Had no idea you did an article and it was coming up, can’t wait to get mine in the mail! If you think you’ve touched a ton of lives so far, just wait. Just wait until that magazine hits larger circulation. I love the truth in your statement, you want to both hug and drop kick that woman in those pictures. I feel the same each time i recall Aurora’s birth story. It was traumatic, she was healthy, I was not. and I want to hug myself and tell myself it wasn’t my fault, the events of the delivery. But i also want to slap myself across the face, one of those come back to reality woman and wake up type of slaps. The kind you’d do if your friend was hysterical and needed to be shocked back to the present. I want to slap myself and say “you’re gonna regret this, you’re gonna regret allowing yourself into this trauma and not holding that precious baby in these moments after she emerged from your body.” b/c i do, i regret my inability to hold her for an hour after her birth, I was so caught up in my trauma. Anyways, it’s wonderful! congrats!

  220. I can’t wait to pick up a copy and read it!

  221. I’ve never commented on your blog before, but have read it since your beautiful little girl was born.
    This entry made me tear up. Thank you for sharing your story and your beautiful girls with us.


  222. You are amazing- your girls are amazing- and the way you have touched so many people is amazing! You are making a difference in this world and giving other people hope. Nothing stops you or slows you down and you are continually making a life for your girls that they will always remember. Thank you for sharing something so personal and life altering with complete strangers!
    Nikki- Laramie, WY

  223. How exciting!! I can’t wait to get my next Parents magazine! Your beautiful story matches your beautiful family and I guarantee I will cry in the Target checkout line as I read the article :)

  224. That is beautiful and a precious example of what a blessing your story is to others! :)

  225. YAHOO!!! I’m jumping for joy with tears running down my face. Every single time “our” story is told it will give just one more mama the courage to give “our” babies a chance at life. THANK YOU!!!!!

  226. If I loved you anymore, it would be a crime. Those babies are beautiful. Just like their momma.

  227. thanks for sharing your stories…stories that are special and stories that are real and stories that demonstrate we should all love our children unconditionally and be totally amazed at the wonder that our children are!

    (even how you can spread a piece of toast with peanut butter with one swipe…which is our amazing discovery this morning!)

    I am not a “PARENT’ subscriber…kids too old now…but will pick an issue up today to celebrate your story!

  228. I cannot wait for my issue of Parents to show up in the mailbox to have you in my home in a different form of media! As I read this post, I believe it’s your way of giving us all a “heads up” to have a box of tissue in hand when we open the magazine and read your story. I hope it arrives soon, the anticipation will be like waiting for Christmas (which I already seem to be experiencing, is it too early to hit the forest for tree cutting??)!

  229. Kelle that is SO cool! I’m going to go right out and get a copy of that magazine after work!! Congratulations!

  230. I have to go out and get that copy!!!

  231. I cried just now reading this post…thanks for being who you are…

  232. beautiful

  233. What an incredible journey you are traveling Kelle. One that I will continue to follow with you!
    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  234. So excited to get the magazine!!!! great blog, great arcicle I just love you 4 and I don’t even know you. :)

  235. I’m so proud of you…that might sound silly being that I don’t exactly know you…but it’s true. You make me smile!

  236. ~Hugs from Michigan~

    I was just thinking yesterday that it was time for another Nella-loving-birth-day-post…I love seeing those and I truly felt in my soul it was TIME for one!

    ~*Yup*~ It was time! *sigh* My miracle is 3 weeks younger than Nella and I just love this time…this moment. They pass all too quickly.

  237. I cried when I read your story for a few reasons. They told me when I was pregnant with my daughter that she had a 1:3 chance of having Down Syndrome. I felt like my child had died. I felt like I had to grieve the baby I thought I was getting before I could accept the child they told me I was getting. I tried explaining that to my family, and they didn’t GET it. You described a very similar feeling in your story, and I knew then that it was a normal feeling. Thank you for that! My daughter was born without Down Syndrome, but after reading your story, I know I would feel COMPLETE no matter what the outcome had been.

  238. Congratulations Kelle! That is amazing! I am so glad that I joined in with your family about the time little Nella was born.

  239. You do have such an amazing story, and I think we are all so grateful you are willing to share it with us. I can’t wait to go pick up my copy this week.

  240. Oh it is so awesome that they printed your story in Parents! Congrats!

  241. OH MY! I don’t have my copy yet!!!! Makes me want to go out and buy one to have it TODAY and not tomorrow. Oh, mailman, bring me my copy today!!!

  242. Your story and photography totally inspire me! I am so happy your story got published! Thank you for sharing your story.

  243. I bawled my eyes out while reading your birth story, it was so beautiful. I can’t wait to get my Parents magazine in the mail. :)

  244. Kelle, Got my copy this morning and I cried, too. First, for your story and then again remembering the birth of our third child, I had to be so strong for my husband and our other children. I locked myself in the hospital shower and cried and cried until I had no more tears. I dried my eyes and asked the nurses to bring me my baby boy with those sweet almond eyes we looked at each other and started our journey together. Hugs. Kudos to Parents Magazine.

  245. and I found myself crying as I read this blog entry – for the honesty you show the world by recognizing your very own transition and for sharing it with us all. You are beautiful and you are changing the world every day!
    p.s. I LOVE your music choices too.

  246. I am so grateful that I have been a reader from the start of Nella. I got to read in shock about this precious girl, instead of knowing about her before – and reading about her later.

    Nella seems to be doing wonderful! I would love to know how she is doing on her milestones compaired to babies without DS, and I would also love to read about Brett’s version of the night Nella was born.

    Much love from a stranger in Iowa… Niki

  247. I cannot wait to get my next issue of Parents Magazine to read your story. I’ve followed your blog since right after Nella was born and you truly light up my days more often than not :) Thank you!

  248. You do have a beautiful story and I can’t wait to read it. I am going to go and pick up a copy…. Happy weekend…

  249. I JUST read your birth story for the first time a few days ago. It was hard to keep the tears back. I am expecting my third around New Years and I completely related with all of the emotions you went through even though I do not have a child with Down Syndrome. They were so real and honest and I can see me feeling those same emotions.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  250. I read your article in the magazine and, like many things you write in your Blog, it made me cry with both happiness and sadness.

    Your girls are so beautiful.

    I love your attitude to life. Your writing has educated me in such positive ways.

    Su (London, UK).

  251. I just barely finished reading that issue and cried my eyes out. I googled your blog because now I’m intrigued by you and your poetic words and feelings. I hope you know that so many women look up to you and your strength. Thanks for sharing that.

  252. This made me cry, big joyful happy tears for you, Nella Brett (his boys), Lainey, and everyone else in your circle who gets to touch the treasure that is you!

  253. The article is gorgeous! I don’t subscribe but took the first chance I had to stop and pick it up. Your last line will stay with me for a long time!

  254. OMG! I am proud of you! I don’t know you, know you but I feel proud of you! And I am so happy to have been an outsider looking in on your amazing journey. And I am so serious when I say that Nella literally radiates beauty. She is amazing. And so made for you.


  255. umm…why hasn’t my magazine come in the mail yet???? OMG, i can’t wait to get it and show my husband. he calls you “the girl with the blog”. and i want to show him how inspiring you are! thank you for sharing all this beauty!

  256. ** To: ALOHAKEIKI – I just LOVE what you wrote, what you and other teachers are doing!!

  257. I am going to buy a copy just to read ‘your’ article! You are an inspiration to parents everywhere!

  258. I found the article online! :)

    I’ll read it that way. Love the pix in this post!

  259. I get goosebumps whenever I read a post of yours! Your story, your life….is just beautiful!

  260. Kelle….your post today totally hits home….I WORK AT MEREDITH!!
    How crazy…Parents is one of my magazines that I get and I can’t wait to see it….as if I will see something different than your blog. You are very inspiring to me to remember to journal and maybe someday blog more than a few pictures here and there. As I read your blog (daily), I sense the good and faithful servant in you and it is SUPERFANTASTIC!

    Krystal (from Iowa!)

  261. Adding that to my ‘to do’ list. Pick up latest copy of Parents Magazine. =)

  262. I so love reading your blog and I am delighted that more readers will now be able to “discover” you through the PARENTS article. You inspire me to live bigger and love better every day. You challenge me to see adversity as opportunity. And what joy can come from that opportunity if we embrace it instead of run from it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  263. I love the feeling I get when I read your blog. I can’t wait till I get my issue in the mail. I remember reading Nella’s Birth story after having our special needs daughter. It hit so close to home, I just cried. Tears of sorrow and joy. You have helped me more than you will ever know. Thank you!

    I noticed you have a play list at the bottom and have two suggestions for you. A friend suggested them to me after I had our daughter and I fell in love with them. ‘Something Beautiful’ and ‘More Time’ by NEEDTOBREATHE.

  264. YAY!! Congratulations on such a special article!! I’m totally gonna tell people to check out that issue…

    Happy Friday, friend :)So happy for you!

  265. Yours is a beautiful story indeed. How magical that we are all born to this world with our own story to tell, and how wonderful that you have begun to tell Nella’s…

    I had to comment and say I love the very last picture of this post. I remember when my daughter, Paige, who is now 13, and has DS, was just beginning to sit like that too.

    It was so freakin’ cute to see her prop herself up on her tiny little arms, elbows locked just so, and then she would tip forward just, just enough that a tiny stream of sweet baby drool would emerge out of her bottom lip. *heaven*

    Enjoy these days – in a blink they are behind you.

  266. Long time reader; first time poster. To anything. Anytime. Is it strange to be nervous?

    I reread Nella’s birth story *again* yesterday while I was searching for inspiration at work. I read it first when my little Eleanor was 7 months from her dramatic entrance into the world (which almost took place under the El tracks in Chicago). I’m not new to this birthing thing – she is my second – but reading the story then in my blissfully gigantic state was terrifying and comforting at the same time. It was so honest and so brutal and so…organic and perfect. Your little Nella’s life has such meaning – more than some of us will ever realize in our own. And you must be so proud of your percect little messenger of beauty and wonder – and her sweetest partner in crime, Lainey. I know I’m proud to pass on your URL to all my expecting mommy friends – as well as those of us who are seasoned professionals.

    Goodness knows I was crying, AGAIN, at my desk when I read it. So standing in line at Walmart, gazing at your gorgeous little ladies and recounting your own story must have been pretty overwhelming – in a national magazine, no less. Hurray!

  267. Yay! Now I’m anxiously awaiting my copy. Congrats!

  268. Just tears strolling down my face.

  269. Oh wow! I”m not sure how I had no idea you were going to be in parent magazine since I’ve blog-stalked you since January (lol) – but I didn’t! That is just too cool. I’m all shaky just thinking about it. How weird am I?! I’m gonna go buy it right now. You are incredible – can you believe everything that has happened to you since January? Everybody you’ve touched – who knows and adores Nella and Lainey? It’s unreal. I still can’t believe someone introduced me this beautiful blog and one mommy’s story one January day and now…that mommy is famous. lol. Congratulations – you’re life IS beautiful and we are so blessed to be a part of it.

  270. dude, was it your goal to get mamas all over america crying at once? because you succeeded! :)

    tears of joy, shared with you! much love from nashville!

  271. awesome! that’s so cool. Wouldn’t shop too much at Walmart though – exploitation of workers and all of that. Read Barbara Enrenreich’s (the spelling is wrong) Nickeled and Dimed if you get a chance.

  272. Amazing, Kelle!

    I was a hot mess running through Target to grab the essentials last night while Ella was at dance class. And just as I hit the checkout I remembered your post and ran back to the magazine section to grab the magazine!!

    I was in a crazy rush, but I procrastinated putting my essentials on the conveyer belt b/c I was doing my best to find page 186 as fast as I could!!

    Congrats to you and the way you find the beauty in the everyday.


  273. Looking forward to getting the magazine in the mail. Kelle as always you are a true inspiration to me!!

  274. oh I just got it in the mail…beautiful!!! xo

  275. I can’t wait to read it…again. Why is my October Parents magazine not hear yet…I hope I renewed my subscription?

  276. Kelle, you are on your way to being a TOTAL rock star! Bringing people together to see the beauty in children is a special gift that you clearly possess. We have our little DS buddy that just turned one. We love him to pieces, and don’t look at him as DS, but as a darling little person…hopefully your writing will encourage others to see the beauty in all things.

  277. Gorgeous :)

  278. beautiful, beautiful, simply beautiful.

  279. Looks like I need to go pick up the new issue of Parents! I love that story and have it saved in my favorites on my laptop.

  280. I NEVER buy Parents magazine. I will this issue. I think your birth story is they BEST I have ever heard, and I have 3 of my own!

  281. Hi Kelle~

    I can’t wait to go and get myself a copy! You are educating so many people on the total joy of having a child with a little something extra:) What you are doing is so very powerful…..

    Susan from Boston

  282. that’s it. i’ve had it. i’m taking you out of my reader.

    because you make me cry.


    love you.

    love your heart.

    love your story.

    don’t wish it away.

    don’t trade it for the world.

    story is what makes us real.

  283. That feeling you got? Reading that story? Is the feeling we all get reading your story. You have such an honest awareness. It’s beautiful.

    And in that last picture, Nella looks just like her daddy! So cute!

  284. So beautiful… Your story, Lainey and sweet, sweet Nella.

  285. Thank you for your beautiful and honest story. My son was born with Spina Bifida and I too know those feelings. Had to have a good cry and remember that time. Your family is beautiful!

  286. Thank you for your beautiful and honest story. My son was born with Spina Bifida and I too know those feelings. Had to have a good cry and remember that time. Your family is beautiful!

  287. I found you through your birth story not that long ago. I was amazed. It was the most beautiful birth story I have ever read. I think of you, your daughters, that story, often. That sounds creepy, doesn’t it. All I mean is, the inspiration, the love of life, the good instead of the bad, the just plain goodness of it, has made my life a little bit richer and a little bit fuller and I marvel just a little bit more at my son each day, just because. I kept waiting for a time to share that with you, a time when you’d be able to hear it, but you have so many voices all wanting to share that with you that I guess now is just as good as any other time.

    Thank you so much for sharing your life.

  288. I just reread Nella’s birth story last night, as my own 2nd delivery draws near. It gets better each time I read it. So happy to hear it is also in the Parents mag. Will go buy it, congrats!

  289. Congratulations Kelle! You’ve awakened the awareness in so many of us — even us that have our beautiful children with Down syndrome safely snuggled in our arms every evening. You deserve to be recognized for rising above your grief and celebrating Nella and her spectacular place in your family!♥

  290. Your story is inspiring, your pictures are amazing, and your family is beautiful. You guys look like you have so much fun! After reading Nella’s birth story in january, I cried. And now I follow your blog — the only blog I have ever followed, and probably will ever follow. I always love looking at your photos and reading your stories.

  291. Oh I do not think this little girl could get anymore beautiful than what she is now! What a precious face!

  292. What a beautiful story. I cried and cried. It brought back a lot of the same feelings. Not because my child has Down Syndrome. But my daughter has Angelman’s Syndrome. How my story differs is we didn’t notice one thing wrong with our daughter at her birth. We thought we had a healthy baby girl with many many dreams and expectations for months. Then as time when on, we realized something was wrong. She was not meeting any of her milestones. So through the course of 7 months of testing, we got a diagnosis. So that is where the story because similar. I felt like I died that day. I begged for the day to start over, because that morning all was “normal” in my world and hers. I cried and cried….had horrible and ugly thoughts…just wanting to end it all, start over, wake up from a horrible dream or prank. And then at some point I snapped and realized okay…she is still my Carmyn. A diagnosis with a name does not change that!! Days are hard, they come and go, but like you said, I wouldn’t change her for the world!!!

    Thank you for your story!! A BEAUTIFUL reminder of my angel!!!!

  293. What a beautiful story. I cried and cried. It brought back a lot of the same feelings. Not because my child has Down Syndrome. But my daughter has Angelman’s Syndrome. How my story differs is we didn’t notice one thing wrong with our daughter at her birth. We thought we had a healthy baby girl with many many dreams and expectations for months. Then as time when on, we realized something was wrong. She was not meeting any of her milestones. So through the course of 7 months of testing, we got a diagnosis. So that is where the story because similar. I felt like I died that day. I begged for the day to start over, because that morning all was “normal” in my world and hers. I cried and cried….had horrible and ugly thoughts…just wanting to end it all, start over, wake up from a horrible dream or prank. And then at some point I snapped and realized okay…she is still my Carmyn. A diagnosis with a name does not change that!! Days are hard, they come and go, but like you said, I wouldn’t change her for the world!!!

    Thank you for your story!! A BEAUTIFUL reminder of my angel!!!!

  294. Congratulations on your story. I’m new to your blog and also cried when I read your birth story. Your writing is so completely raw. I LOVE IT! My nephew has downs-syndrome and my sister went through the same emotions after his birth. Thank you for bringing a deep awareness of this disorder to the public.

  295. I just got my copy in the mail today and I was seriously freaking out and so happy that your story was told to the world. Every mom needs to read your blog because you are exactly what a mom should be-full of life and love for her littles. Thanks Kelle :)

  296. Those tears had to come, Walmart or not!

    Those pictures of the article with Nella playing so happily in the background, wow, that is a perfect idea. They proove everything, they show everything in the light of what you hoped it could be and what it is.

    That story will be inspiring so many more people right now, showing that you can take fear and turn it into joy. Well done Kelle and Brett, little Lainey and Nella, you did that.

    See this right here? This is why you’re the blog we learned most from.

  297. I’ve read your blog for a while now and it always has been a source of inspiration and love. The photos are phenomenal, and if you were in Canada, we’d be calling you! Maybe, one day, we’ll be lucky enough to experience the magic of your Capri…

  298. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are such an inspiration to so many mothers. You know how to say in just the right words what so many of us mothers feel…..thank you!

  299. You never cease to MOVE me. <3

  300. Congratulations on having your story covered in Parents Mag. I’ll look forward to reading it. I can’t believe how Nella is sitting and looking so mature already. Wasn’t she just born, like, a week ago? Where has time gone?

  301. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with the world. Thank you for letting all of us who have gone through the same thing know that we are not alone. My son Colton was born Dec 27 2009 we found out a week later that he had DS. It was scary and sad and all kinds of other emotions filtered in. It is overwhelming at first and you don’t know how to feel or what to do. Reading your blog has been wonderful for me. I wish I would have found your blog sooner. To tell you its ok we all feel that way at first. No one was there to tell me that and I felt bad for being sad and brokenharted. I now look into my 8 month old’s eyes and I thank God everyday for bringing him into my life. For letting me meet new and wonderful people like you.

  302. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with the world. Thank you for letting all of us who have gone through the same thing know that we are not alone. My son Colton was born Dec 27 2009 we found out a week later that he had DS. It was scary and sad and all kinds of other emotions filtered in. It is overwhelming at first and you don’t know how to feel or what to do. Reading your blog has been wonderful for me. I wish I would have found your blog sooner. To tell you its ok we all feel that way at first. No one was there to tell me that and I felt bad for being sad and brokenharted. I now look into my 8 month old’s eyes and I thank God everyday for bringing him into my life. For letting me meet new and wonderful people like you.

  303. Kelle :) this will crack you up! We were in the doctors office today for well checks. My 8 year old daughter was flipping through the parents magazine showing her little sister the pictures…. When all of the sudden….. She screamed “mommy OUR Nella is famous!!!!!!” I was like what???? And she showed me the article! You see kelle my little girls and I have followed your blog since the Rosie show. My little 3 year old Emme looked up at me and with passy still in mouth…. (our passy fairy is a push over :). Mommy ders are fwend :) Soooooo proud of you! My girls could not wait to show their Dr. The Birth Story ! They were both talking at once :) My oldest daughter has a form of Autism. I can identify with so much you are going through….Good and painful! Just know that this momma and her 3 littles adore your sweet blog! If you ever get a chance to post a HI to my 8 Year old Sara she would adore it :) your post has opened a new understanding for her about disabilities. She Like your lainey is her big sisters advocate! Keep spreading the word!!!

  304. Your story is beautiful, it is one that many of us share. It is exciting to have it out there for all to read and you were the perfect person to write the story. Thank you for sharing your life with us and bringing such positive exposure to Ds and all the special babies with that extra special chromosome and the families that they bless. I can’t wait to pick up the magazine!

  305. Can’t wait to get my copy in the mail!!

  306. Thank YOU for sharing your story. We all have a story and wish the world could hear it. So I kind of feel like my story is being told through you. The key to acceptance is understanding and thank you for your part in helping others understand. Even if just a little bit. <3

  307. Wonderful post filled with love and beautiful pictures. Nella has grown so much, I remember reading your blog right after she was born. You are truly blessed as a family and we are blessed to be able to experience through your writing the pure joy in your family.

  308. PAPPA RIK – say something please.

    You must be so proud!

  309. Kelle,
    Beautiful post, as always … any way to post a link to the Parents Magazine piece?

  310. Kelle– I immediately went out and bought Parents magazine and am now going to subscribe. My precious Joey was born two weeks ago on August 27th and I had been following your blog during my entire pregnancy when we found out about Joey’s extra chromosome. Your birth story helped me learn and helped me create a celebration for Joey at his birth. I just wanted you to know that I truly know the pain you initially experienced and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your story, helping me face my pain and helping me prepare to celebrate our precious son! Your blog is incredible and I thank you every day because it is where I go for a pick me up when I’m feeling a little “down” about my baby having Down Syndrome. Much love to you and your family!!!! Cheers– Jen

  311. I cried also, right here at work, when I read this post. Love the pics of the magazine with cute Nella in the background. She is such a lucky little girl.

  312. I found your blog a while back and I’m so glad I did. I love your style, your writing, your honesty, your grace and most of all your willingness to open all of it to people like me.

    You make me want to suck the goodness out of life and enjoy every moment in the way I believe God intended us to.

    And for that I say Thank you.

  313. As a mother who just gave birth to a premature baby with Down syndrome last week, this is such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing!

  314. Goosebumps!!! I can’t wait to go pick up the issue and read it. I am so happy that your life and story and Kelle-ness is being shared with the world. Nella and Lainey are just getting more and more beautiful!!!

  315. Hi, I’ve been following your blog for a few months now. Thank you for sharing stories from your life.

  316. Congrats on the recognition! You deserve it. Hopefully your story touches still more people, and inspires them to enjoy the small things and love on the kids in their life a little more, like it has for me.

  317. Picked up the magazine today while waiting in my grocery line and quickly turned to your story again, and reading the words which touched me so deeply again, tears ran down my face and the check out lady asked me if I was OK – I simply told her to read the story when she has the chance and to thank whatever higher being she believes in for the moments in our lives which make us realize how quickly life can change, and how amazing it is to love!

  318. yEA!!!!! I got mine & I’m saving it forevah! Congrats, Kelle!!!!!!!!!!

  319. I’m so bummed. I went to the grocery store today & immediately went to the magazine section to get “your magazine”. It’s not there!!! They still have the Sept issue out. I’ll be watching for the Oct issue!!

  320. tears are streaming down my face as I read your post. Your story is beautiful….your littles are beautiful….You truly inspire me. God Bless

  321. Thank you, again, for sharing your story.

    I read your birth story months ago. It circulates around Facebook for awhile, then the surrogacy board that I am on. Everyone had the same reaction – beautiful, heartfelt, HONEST.

    Then I saw my Parents Mag opened to your story today. My Mother in Law is over and had been reading it. I stopped and said, “That’s her! That’s the birth story that I read and told you about!” to my husband.. he shrugged, he doesn’t “get” blogs. 😉

    Thank you again. :)

  322. Thank you, again, for sharing your story.

    I read your birth story months ago. It circulates around Facebook for awhile, then the surrogacy board that I am on. Everyone had the same reaction – beautiful, heartfelt, HONEST.

    Then I saw my Parents Mag opened to your story today. My Mother in Law is over and had been reading it. I stopped and said, “That’s her! That’s the birth story that I read and told you about!” to my husband.. he shrugged, he doesn’t “get” blogs. 😉

    Thank you again. :)

  323. Kelle~

    AWESOME…just awesome! Not just your magazine article, but you and your family are AWESOME!

    I am inspired by every story I read on here, each week I find myself on the verge of tears reading your blog. Good tears…encouraging tears…inspirational tears. You all deserve this recognition so much! Thank you for sharing your many wonderful stories about life, love, and laughter!!!

  324. This is Joyce. It’s been a long time since I’ve picked up a parenting magazine, but I shall run out first thing in the morning to read your story. Thank you for helping the world to see this is a beautiful life with our girls. Bless you Kelle and family for sharing your life so publicly for others to know.

  325. This comment has been removed by the author.

  326. I just finished reading the article. Even though I have been following your blog since Nella was just a twinkle in the eye, I am still touched and amazed by your raw and beautiful words. Well done.

  327. I had no clue you were going to be in Parent’s magazine. Well, I must go get one now!

  328. I just got a bit teary eyed reading this post!!

    I have been following your blog since first reading Nella’s birth story. You, Nella and your entire family continue to inspire me daily. I cannot wait to get my Parents magazine in the mail to read your story again :)

    Thank you for blogging and making me want to be a better mom to my own two girls :) So glad that your story is able to reach more families through Parents magazine!!


  329. I just got a bit teary eyed reading this post!!

    I have been following your blog since first reading Nella’s birth story. You, Nella and your entire family continue to inspire me daily. I cannot wait to get my Parents magazine in the mail to read your story again :)

    Thank you for blogging and making me want to be a better mom to my own two girls :) So glad that your story is able to reach more families through Parents magazine!!


  330. Beautiful! I’m priveleged to know you through your blog… and to share the journey with you and all the others. Thanks for bringing more light to our — and I mean all of us who love a child with Down syndrome — world.

  331. Your raw honestly is always so inspiring to read. Thank you for always sharing. Here is something I came across that I knew you might enjoy. It’s adorable and touchingly sweet, just like your blog. This little boy loves his sister so much! And the song is catchy too.

  332. Your Birth Story is beautiful just like your two beautiful little girls. I’m a faithful blog reader of yours and every so often (Actually..I’m lying..almost weekly) I go and read Nella’s birthstory and I do’t even get half way through it and I’m crying!! You are very lucky to have such a sweet healthy little girl. I’m going out tomorrow to pick up the copy of “today’s parent”..CONGRATS to you!!! Heather from New Brunswick!!

  333. I received my magazine in the mail yesterday and read it this morning during my early wake up call. A cup of coffee and tears for breakfast. Your sister was right. You have been chosen. You have been chosen as a voice for many moms who have stood in your shoes. Thank you for continuing to share your story.

  334. I teared up again too. I haven’t picked up that magazine yet, but remembering the birth story of Princess Nella and how emotional it all was brought me to those tears again. Hugs.

  335. i bought parents yesterday, came home and had a big ol’ sob fest right then and there at the kitchen table–partly because your story is so very beautiful, but mostly because your story is so very much my story too. anyway, i loved reading it again!

  336. I stopped in Chapter’s this morning and had a look at your article. There I stood, starbucks in hand, crying in the aisle as I read. Beautiful writing, beautiful story, beautiful little girl. :)

  337. I thought my subscription to Parents magazine had ended. And I told my husband so and that I absolutely had to go out and buy the new issue because my favorite, amazing blogger had written a story in it and although I’ve read all about her and her precious Nella and the birth story in her blog, I had to read the story anyways. And to my surprise, what did I find in my mailbox today? The newest issue of Parents magazine. I walked back home, settled my own precious daughter on the floor with some toys and dug right to your story. And my heart swelled went out to you again. It was a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing your story and inspiring me!

  338. I’ve been following your blog for a while now but I never left a comment. I just wanted to let you know that Nella is absolutely beautiful. I love the pictures you take of her and I just want to eat her up. I just wanted to say congrats on the article and getting the word out. You are awesome!

  339. This is so weird because I have this issue laying on the couch right beside me, and I havn’t even opened it yet.

  340. I have just received my October issue of Parent’s magazine and the first thing I did was turned to your story. i have read Nella’s birth story many times and it brings tears to my eyes and heart each time. You are an inspirations to all moms and especially to a new one like me. I can’t wait to read your new posts and laugh and cry each time I do. Thank you Kelle for all you do and keep inspiring us all.

  341. I was on the plane headed to a conference with my October edition in hand, and to my surprise, I opened it to find your story! I somehow missed they were featuring your beautiful family I’ve been following for so long, a kindred spirit who also enjoys the little things, the themed neighborhood parties, quiet snuggles and planning birthdays for a whole year out…just because.

    …and even though we’ve never met, my heart skipped a beat. I was just so proud of you guys and your accomplishments and being able to let the world know! Having read the whole story on your blog, I thought you did a great job condensing it to a few precious pages. And the pictures they chose – amazing.

    Congratulations! You must be so excited! From mom to mom, keep writing. We’re inspired.

    Buffalo, NY

  342. Have followed your blog since Nella’s birth. We have something in common. We both have children with Ds. We actually chose DS. We adopted both M&M from Ukraine last year because they both have Ds. Our family is incredilbly blessed, twice. Was catching up on your blog to see this post of you in Parents. Picked up my mail for the day at the same time. Guess What? My subscription to Parents magazine came today. LOVE it! Thanks for spreading the positive word of Ds. It’s not a curse but a blessing!

  343. you are living good. your blog fits into my daily ritual, and I admire your writing. went grocery shopping today, and picked up The Parents magazine with your story in it. I am a 20 year old student..so I had some eyes on me like what could she possibly need that magazine for. Truth be told, I love your story, and can’t get enough of it’s raw and vulnerable admissions. I hope to be a good mama like you, and make all life’s flaws pretty. you do it well.

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  347. This comment has been removed by the author.

  348. you inspire :)

  349. nagyon nagyon szépek a gyerekeid!
    Gyönyörű az életetek.
    szívesen lennék a helyedben.
    sok puszi Magyarországról!

  350. that is incredible!! i wish i got a copy of that magazine! wow kelle – congratulations! i’m so glad more people are getting to read your story! xoxoxo

  351. Loved this story. My son was born after suffering a stroke in utero. It’s been a difficult road, but he is a blessing still. I have a blog too at http://www.cjengo.blogspot.com, all about him

  352. Just picked up my copy of Parents magazine. One word comes to mind…beautiful!!

  353. i don’t even know if you’ll get this comment but i’m gonna write it anyways. :) i just read this article in Parent’s magazine tonight and loved it. i think you are just precious and i love your absolute honesty. when my son was born 6 years ago we had no idea that he had a condition called treacher collins syndrome. he was born with a cleft palate and cleft lip which was the first sign if the condition. i remember everything happening so fast and i am sure i looked the same way you did. unfortunately i don’t have many pictures if the day. but i wouldn’t trade our experience for anything. we believe God chose that precious one for us and us for him. we are truly thankful for him. i have so much more to say but really i just wanted to say “hey, and that i think you and your family are precious!” :) jen mirabile

  354. I just received my Parents magazine and just finished the article. I loved your story and I am looking forward to following your blog!

  355. Today, after giving up on finding this issue with your story in it … I sit down at my dentist’s office and look to my left. There is YOUR issue of parents. I had been searching for this thing for weeks after you posted it!

    Anyways, I scooped it up and read every word as if it was the first time I had read your story. I cried and blubbered and I know everyone was staring at me.

    But I had to let you know that here I am, all the way on the west coast reading your story and how touching it is to me. I read the story on your blog long ago. But dude, it’s in a magazine!

    Nella is growing up so fast and she is doing so well. You are an amazing mama and I am so thankful that you shared your story on your blog as well as in the magazine.

  356. I read this article while I was pregnant with my 3rd baby but my first baby girl…I read it at a friends house and I just sat at her table and cried my eyes out. It is a beautiful and real and touching story…and 8 months later I stumbled across your blog and I was so excited that I get to see how the rest of your beautiful story goes….as you can see I’m reading towards the present and let me say my house is a little dirtier because of you;)Love love love!

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