Mama’s Home and the Professor’s Debut

Okay, with two continental jaunts under our belt and the first day of fall at our door–not to mention a harvest moon, whatever that is–I’m ready for all the comforts of home.

And there ain’t no one to make home feel like home more than a mama.

Guess who’s here?


Grandma Krissy has arrived, and that means late-night board games and Discovery Channel shows and a trip to the yarn store and apple pie and smells from the kitchen and all the things that make an autumn-hungry Florida home seem like Fall.





And this post can’t be too long because, as I type, this cinnamony scent is growing thicker, spreading faster and right about now the perfect sugared crust is bubbling brown and seeping apple-y syrup, and a mug is frosting in the freezer for the milk that will accompany a late pie snack.

With that said…I’m happy to be home.

It took me awhile to feel like the unforgiving sun and prickly grass of southwest Florida was my home, but it feels so right-where-we-belong now. I miss the scarlet maples of a midwest Autumn. I loved the energy and evening glow of New York City’s skyline. I imagined myself in artsy glasses scouring the hippie shops of mountainesque Missoula. But home is right where we are, and after all that travel, it feels good to settle back into our salty sea-breezed, palm-peppered, sun-soaked town.

I rifled through our monstrous duffle bag in front of the front door–the one I haven’t even bothered to unpack yet–for a clean tank top this morning before setting out with Grandma and the girls to feel a little bit of our home. My mom wanted to do something “nature-y”, so to the hot and humid wetlands of Corkscrew swamp we headed for a two-mile boardwalk trail amid thick Cypress woods.






A far cry from Montana, today’s walk had me drenched with humidity after peeling Nella off my chest. And humidity is just a nice word for sweat.


And having this cool, contrasting perspective of having just been to the mountains of Montana made me appreciate our little Florida even more today. Because they are both different and beautiful and rich with all kind of wonder in their own way. Apples to oranges. Moose to alligators. Mountain lions to snowy egrets.


And to top it off, one of our familiar afternoon storms rolled in today, bringing with it very jumpable puddles.


It feels good to be home.

And finally…

The noise of everyday life continues amid the calm of the season. I am learning the joy of celebrating milestones that are extra special. While savoring the magic of her *boneless puddle* (thank you, Philip, for the term) that sinks so perfectly into our shoulder as she falls asleep, there’s also the clapping and the hooting and the Go-Nella-Go! that comes from pre-crawl rocking on all fours and standing with little support.


We love our P.T.!

And finally, the debut of The Professor.

We never forget our gratitude for any of our family member’s health, but especially Nella’s because D.S. does come with a list of added concerns–ones that have found a comfortable place in my mind right between the regions of obsessively-dwelling-too-much and ignorantly-forgetting-about-it. I know they are there. I read the books. I make the appointments. I proactively parent my designer-gened kitten as best as I know how, and that’s a carefully crafted brew of research and instincts, but mostly just a shit-load of love.

With that said, when we took her for her 6 month eye appointment, it took me off guard when the doctor concluded our lengthy appointment with a non-chalant, “So, she needs glasses.” Like it was no big deal. He might as well have just said she had a hang-nail.

It is no big deal. Especially when we are treading a lot worse what-ifs in life.

But I’m still a mama. A mama who’s memorized the sweet face of my almond-eyed one so meticulously, I can trace her cheeks in my sleep. So, it took me a couple swallows and blinks before I got there.

Okay, she needs glasses. This is cake. We’ll rock it out.

And, um…a good internet search for the smallest rectangular frames I could find and a chocolate brown paint job and…behold, I present…

The Professor.


Both Brett and I thought she’d look so different and when we finally slid them on, we just laughed. Our funny little professor. We still have some questions and are a little iffy on the far-sighted script (just one eye), so we have an appointment in Miami in December, but at least until then, we’re gonna do this Lisa Loeb style.

Pie’s outta the oven, so I’ll wrap this up.

But first, I am so excited to introduce a new sponsor: Bel Kai Designs. I’ve had my Freedom necklace for a few months now and its vintagey charm makes it unique and beautiful and the perfect choice when I’m perusing my jewelry drawer for something that will stand out.

Some of my favorites from her collection:

And if any of you have traveled the adoption journey, Bel Kai has the most beautiful Adoption Journey necklace customized for the special place your love was born. Enter “kelle” at discount and receive 10% off your order.

Scrabble game a’ callin. That and some hot apple pie.



Grandma’s here. Much love to come.


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  1. Nella looks way freaking cute!

    Enjoy the amazing feeling of home and having your mama there!

  2. Those glasses are the cuteset things EVER!

  3. Awwww! Professor Nella looks so sweet. Or she could pass as the ‘serious librarian’. I totally love the glasses and it’s wonderful to see your Mom is visiting.
    Have a wonderful time with her!

  4. Oh my word….LOVE the glasses. Presh! And that little denim jacket….

  5. She.Is.Adorable. oh love!!
    Enjoy that apple pie.

  6. Nella in glasses-divine! Don’t want to start anything but Kelle cussing makes you seem less than the smart, beautiful, talented woman you are. It is true it always takes me by suprise to see such words in the midst of your lovely musings. I can smell that pie in your wafting words, I wish it was in my oven! Have fun with your mom.

  7. Skip the apple pie…I could just eat sweet Nella up. Sweet girl is simply more darling with each picture. And those glasses are the best. Good work mama, yes those “little” things about our little ones {DS or not} can sometimes be hard for us mama bears to swallow. Be patient with yourself, you are doing a fine job. And yes, love – good ol’ fashioned LOVE – is a better solution than any worrying, researching or fretting. Welcome home and welcome fall!


  8. I have been so “mama” sick lately. There is nothing like spending ordinary days with your mom and babies. People who live close to their mothers are super lucky.

  9. This just made me smile! LOVE the glasses. Seriously cute. Mom’s apple pie sounds so good! I could smell it while reading your post. I always look forward to reading your blog.

  10. Oh my goodness – those glasses are just the cutest ones EVER! And enjoy the time with your Mum…

  11. Nella is perfect. I used to lie on eye exams when I was a child because I wanted glasses so bad! So now I rock fake ones sometimes! Nella is adorable in them and she is growing so fast! Standing and on all 4’s! Adorable baby. Have fun with your mama.

  12. Kelle, oh my gosh, Nella looks SO precious in her little glasses! You have got to get her as a little Gap Baby model so soon! What a cutie.

  13. I love, love, love those glasses..Nella looks so adorable.

  14. I too only have a prescription for one eye! I wear only one contact and my glasses have a fake lense! It has been like this forever!

    Side note, I love reading your blog, everyday it brings me hope that there is goodness and happiness in the world. Thank you for sharing your story with others!

  15. I’m totally gonna have to make me a caramel apple pie tomorrow..

    Nella’s glasses are too freakin cute! LOVE them! I would get a second opinion too. How do they test that so early? It’s not like she can say NEFC and they say, no, it’s RTOM… Either way, she will rock her new look with the best of them :)

  16. My eyes just filled with tears as I saw Nella is those glasses. They couldn’t be more perfect. of the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my life. And I’ve seen LOTS of sweet.
    Thank you for giving me inspiration to believe we really do have “fall” here in Naples. I miss the midwest SO much this time of year..but after 9 years of calling this my home, you have helped me realize its’ all in what you make it. I’ve already puchased fall scented candles. and can smell your mom’s apple pie from my house. i’m going to make this the best damn autumn Naples has ever seen.

    I never commented on your post from your trip to Montana..but holy WOW. What a wonderful experience for all of you. Online friendships are the best..and even better getting to meet in person. I’ve been there.

    Enjoy your mom time. Hugs to those girls. They are so, so, sweet. I hope to “run into you” sometime at Dino Dig park or the Waterside Gap (where I saw the pics first hand-gorgeous!)..although you’d have no idea who I would be wonderful to really meet the woman who has given me tons of inspiration.

  17. I wish I could come and sit wiht you guys and eat pie right now!! that’s terrific you’re mama is here! i hope you guys have a fun bonding time.

    Nella’s glasses are ridiculously cute. I knwo you will rock this out Kelle.. Just like everything else that comes your way.. no biggie right? She’s the cutest little professor I’ve ever seen! HA!

  18. Nella’s glasses are so cute! Love your blog :)

  19. She does look like a professor. I LOVE babies in glasses. So adorable.

  20. Nella is adorable with her glasses! My little boy who is almost 2 has an eye condition called Congenital Stationary Night Blindness and he is near-sighted as well. He will be getting his glasses in about a month…which will be a big adjustment for him and for me.

    Enjoy your time with your mom and enjoy being home!

  21. she’s still a doll, but you know that. :-)

  22. Oh my! Those glasses are the cutest thing ever…well, after Nella that is :)

  23. ughhhhhhhhhh. now i really want some of my own mama’s apple pie. like now. could she be any cuter in those glasses? i think the cuteness would have to get rid of a lott of the worry that she needs glasses, for me anyway : )

  24. Oh my cuteness!!!! Love the glasses. So glad you get to spend time with your Mom. My Mom is my BF so I am so glad you get to be with her:)
    Kelle, that is so great Nella is standing. Jana could not do that for the longest time. So proud her:) Give her a hug from Jana.

  25. Your posts make me laugh and cry at the same time!

    Nella is so precious in her little glasses!

  26. wow.. i literally just teared up with smiles when I saw those pictures of Nella in her glasses….. SO stinkin’ cute!
    Seeing how you make the best of this crazy southern heat, even though its technically fall, makes me want to do the same… tomorrow after work, i shall be pulling out and dusting off the fall decorations and putting them out for everyone (and by everyone, i mean me, as the hubs couldnt care less if our house looks or smells like fall) to enjoy.
    As always, thank you for inspiring me to enjoy the small things every day :)

  27. OH. MY. SHIT. THOSE. GLASSES. You might just have THE cutest children to ever walk the earth. Seriously made me smile just seeing these pics!!! And God definitely knew what he was doing when he made mamas. :)

  28. Oh my goodness! Her glasses are so cute!!! And SHE is so stinkin’ cute! :) Enjoy Mama being there! I miss living near my Mom, and cherish the times she is in town also…

  29. i am a relatively new visitor to your blog…and i love it! i have 3 beautiful little girls (1,3 and 6) and my middle was blessed with an extra chromosome as well. reading nella’s birth story took me back to our story – your words could have been mine. i too try not to worry about what the future holds. all i know is that i enjoy and love her each and every day and cannot imagine our life without her. she is changing my life for the better all the time and the bond she has with both sisters is already amazing. wow, if i had known 3 years ago what i know now, i wouldnt have cried one single tear of sadness, only joy. i love nella’s glasses…we just got them too a few months ago :) both of your girls are precious, but of course nella has won my heart. thank you for what you have done for ds awareness.
    enjoy the time with your mother…i sadly lost mine almost a year ago and would give anything to have her back.

  30. I laughed so hard when I saw Nella! She looks simply adorable! It’s the perfect nickname for her!

    Hope you rocked that apple pie. I want some now.

  31. My middle baby got her glasses when she was 4 1/2. Made the world open up for her and I am still sad that she could see so little for those first few years. Glad Nella gets to see the big bright world of hers so early. Love ’em!

  32. Favorite glasses in the history of the world, ever. EVER!

  33. Nella’s a little rock star! On her arms and already standing a bit? Wow, that is impressive. Love is very powerful! My Jack sat unsupported @ 10 months, crawled @ 12 months and now he’s learning to walk @ almost 2. It’s so cute and so inspiring to watch. I have a front row seat, at home with my little boy beauties all day long.

  34. Nella looks fab in her new specs! I’ll admit to blinking back tears when I found out my daughter will need glasses in the near future, so I love checking out cute little girls in theirs!

  35. aw. what a doll.
    and grandma time. wow.
    we had some g-ma time tonight too.
    but she didn’t make apple pie. i’m gonna have to talk to her about that.
    now off to find that caramel apple muffin/cupcakey recipe that i saw the other day. i have a hankering for some apple-ish goodies!

  36. OMG, Nella is just SO cute with the glasses! It’s so inspiring to see you embrace those new “challenges” so they really only become pretty parts of life! That must be one of the ingredients to a life full of happiness :)))

  37. I proactively parent my designer-gened kitten as best as I know how, and that’s a carefully crafted brew of research and instincts, but mostly just a shit-load of love. That’s a great sentence.

    It’s crazy to see you and your girls now that I know what you all move like, smell like, hug like, hang like. It’s very cool.

    Enjoy your mama. Peach butter on the stove (never ending! You’ll get yours soon!).

    Margot says:

    I want to say hi to Lainey and Nella but Lainey is sleeping at her house. And I want to say a duck, three ducks to Kelle.

  38. I love reading your posts….you are a cup full of inspiration to everyone!

    FYI- the harvest moon is when the big fat full moon is nice and orange for the farmers to work at harvesting late into the night hours. It’s amazing right now.

    Have fun with those little kiddos!

  39. LOVED this o’ yours: “We never forget our gratitude for any of our family member’s health, but especially Nella’s because D.S. does come with a list of added concerns–ones that have found a comfortable place in my mind right between the regions of obsessively-dwelling-too-much and ignorantly-forgetting-about-it. I know they are there. I read the books. I make the appointments. I proactively parent my designer-gened kitten as best as I know how, and that’s a carefully crafted brew of research and instincts, but mostly just a shit-load of love.” (I’m a Mama of a kidlet with his own special set of needs & concerns….different than yours, but I can still relate.)

    Your blog is new to me (I know! How’s that even possible!?! :>), but so glad to come. Your family is adorable & The Professor has me smiling. I started wearing glasses in the 1st grade. Still have that first pair & they are small….can only imagine the size of hers. :>

    Hope you are settled in & on your way to a great weekend!

  40. My heart just melted! Nella in glasses is the cutest freekin’ thing I’ve ever seen. LOVE. Enjoy your Mama being there!

  41. Oh.

    Is it possible to die from a cuteness overload? Because I think that is what is happening to me right now. Nella is so freaking adorable in those glasses!!! Suddenly, I am feeling a lot better about our ophthalmologist appointment on Monday for my 8 month old… if she does need glasses I hope we can find ones as cute as Nella’s!

    Have fun with your mom!!!

  42. Welcome back to…well I was gonna say Sunny So Flo but it hasn’t been so sunny lately. Nella looks ADORABLE in those glasses.

  43. I love learning from Nella The Professor! She is teaching so many so much! Love her specs!

    Lainey looks so much like your mom to me.

    Curious as to what type of apples your mom prefers for her pie? I have done granny smiths and I read quite a bit to combine granny smiths with other types.

    Glad to see you back blogging! Having some serious withdrawals here!


  44. Oh. My. Goodness. Nella looks absolutely precious in her glasses! These pictures just made my night. :)

  45. I cannot believe how big both girls are getting!! Yay for late afternoon thunderstorms leading to splashable puddles and a rocking baby and rocking some adorable glasses!! My sister and I are taking the kids she nannys for on apple picking on Saturday. I’m definetly gonna bake us an apple pie to fill the cool autumn air with some delicious apple cinnamony scents.

    Nella Beans glasses are barely a bump in the road… you’ll keep rocking true Hampton style right through this without missing a beat… Please check out my post for today (September 23rds post) about a little boy that used to attend the daycare I work out.

    Enjoy your pie, your Nella Bean, your Lainey Love, your home, your humidity and palm speckled sundrenched town (that I love and miss!) and your mom visiting!! (Frosting glasses for milk is an outstanding idea!! Never thought of using them for anything but beer!)


  46. My heart smiled SO big when I saw little Nella in her glasses. That has got to be the CUTEST thing I have ever seen :) And I thought my furbabies “doggles” were cute! Ha, not even close. Beautiful pics as always. Thank you for sharing :)

  47. happy, happy fall, kelle! and it sounds like you are kicking it off right. and the glasses? well, i love a girl with glasses, especially fashionable ones! and lainey, seriously, think i would fit into any of her clothes? i just love her mismatched style! that girl has spunk!


  48. My girl just got glasses a couple months ago at age 2. And I remember the same lump in my throat. Because she has. the. most. beautiful. eyes. And I thought they’d be gone. But she’s still there. They’re still there. Of course. And she looks stinkin’ cute. :)

  49. love the glasses!

  50. I literally gasped at the munchkin in her specs – too too beyond adorable. Having been called Lisa Loeb too many times to count since my sophomore year when “Stay” came out, I think Nella and I are kindred spirits. She’s gonna rock those frames.

    And who is that big, big girl baking with grandma? Where’d the toddler go and who is this kid???

  51. Nella’s little glasses brought tears to my eyes…in a good way…I think her little spirit is so tough and unique and it will surely be such a JOY to “parent her proactively” (favorite sentence of yours up there, maybe ever). Thanks so much as always for your positivity and light. Enjoy your mama!!!

  52. Love Nella’s glasses. Our youngest (adopted from China) got glasses in June (she just turned 3). She wanted sparkly pink frames but the poor kid seriously has NO bridge to her nose so we are now on our 2nd pair (1st pair didn’t work out so well) of wire frames. A glasses strap would help the situation but I just can’t bring myself to do it to her – baby girl’s slightly obsessed with her hair do!

  53. Love Nella’s glasses. Our youngest (adopted from China) got glasses in June (she just turned 3). She wanted sparkly pink frames but the poor kid seriously has NO bridge to her nose so we are now on our 2nd pair (1st pair didn’t work out so well) of wire frames. A glasses strap would help the situation but I just can’t bring myself to do it to her – baby girl’s slightly obsessed with her hair do!

  54. I’m a Big fan of knitting… what project are you/your mom working on?

  55. LOVE the glasses!! She is so adorable!

  56. Sometimes I get so busy at times that when I have down days I just savor the complete relaxation my rural PA home brings me. Sure, do I wish I lived in the city that never sleeps; where I can run out at 3 in the morning to grab something to eat, or maybe go shopping if I so choose? Do I wish I lived in the mountains where I could smell the pine fresh air and just savor it’s earthyness? Yes. But my home, while not always my favorite place, is still my home and I have learned to love it for all it’s worth.

    Oh your mama’s there <3 that means lots of fun, snuggles and love is ahead I’m sure. I still live with my mom since I’ve only been rocking this I’m-an-adult thing for a year now (18 years old πŸ˜‰ but I know sometime in the future I will live my own life. But I will never get too old for vists to or from my mama. She is my constant shining star in a sometimes pitch black night.

    Enjoy pie. Enoy your mama. Enjoy your kids and enjoy that nella, while living with the expectations and struggles DS comes with, is healthy and beautiful and here to experience the love and warmth with your family.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  57. Oh my gosh…her glasses are freaking adorable!!!! What a darling little professor:)

  58. I can’t believe how much Nella looks like Lainey in the left picture with her new glasses! She is absolutely adorable!!!

  59. First time commenting…reading for awhile, because like everyone else, Nella has bewitched me. Totally cast a spell on me. I adore her! She is just captivating. SO amazed by her pre-crawl and standing! And about died from the cuteness in her glasses. Love you Nella!

  60. Your girls are so beautiful as is your attitude! I remember being so shallow when we were told our daughter needed glasses. I didn’t want my perfect girl to have them.

    As it turned out, her eye turned because of a fatal disease and now she is no longer here. I would give anything to have her here in anything….it wouldn’t matter.

    I applaud you Kelle for your honesty and the therapy you are giving Nella just through pure love. She will thrive.
    Diana x

  61. Hi Kelle :-) I’m one of those blog stalkers that has never commented! Just had to on this post. My little girl got glasses too. At 6 months old. We got funky purple frames :-). Nella looks gorgeous as always xx

  62. holy cow. nellas glasses COULDN’T be cuter!

  63. those glasses are fabulous!

    nella looks ADORABLE in them!

  64. That Professor of yours is THE cutest I have EVAH seen! Simply yummy. Like that apple pie you are enjoying right now!

  65. oh my gosh – i love nella’s glasses! so cute!

  66. I seriously just died seeing Nella in those glasses! They are SO her. I really can’t even stand it and it just topped an already fabulous day, if that’s even possible. No big whoop is right…more than like half the population of the world can’t see perfectly (um, don’t ask me where I got my statistics, but I’m just ball parkin’ it here!), but I can only imagine having the rug swooped out like that. But, just think, now she gets to see more clearly all the people in the world that LOVE her and that light up just seeing her BIG grins (so proud she is standing up, big girl!!!) and those sweet little eyes that just look into your soul. Ahhh. Loved your post re: MT, too! What an amazing experience! How blessed are you, Kelle Hampton?! You freaking rock and inspire me everyday. BIG HUGS to your beautiful fam. XOXO

  67. Nella Wafer…love how you be rockin’ the Lesa Lobe look! (hey mama, can you take the cat-eye glasses from Lainey’s costume last year and make them yet the next pair of lenses?). You’re almost as hip as Fisha!

    Lainey – Loving the longer hair. Makes you look like a big girl.

    Kelle – Give your mama lots of love. I Lost mine 5 1/2 years ago. Still love her madly. And I’ve learned that you never understand how much your mom loves you until you become a mom. It’s an astronaut-sized discovery that blows your mind all the way up into the heavens.

    Here’s wishing you lots of fall moments and memories.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  68. OMG, are those itty bitty glasses the cutest thing you ever saw?! Absolutely adorable. I wish I rocked my Lisa Loeb’s as awesome as Nella…

  69. OMFG! I want a little professor of my own! What a doll! Kelle, you are so blessed. And your little professor and your sprite are so lucky to have you as their mama. I have been reading your blog for months and you have inspired me on a daily basis. You have a good soul, great insight, an amazing spirit and endless talent. I aspire to be more like you. Thank you for sharing your babies and your life with the world. I am forever grateful. xo

  70. Oh <3, when I saw your little professor, I laughed delightedly and told an open plan office that your daughter was too cute. :) She’s gorgeous hey, your little DS baby is gorgeous :)

  71. I love the glasses…adorable. Our almost 10 month old has the birth defect coloboma (aka key hole pupils) so we go next week to see if he needs glasses. If he does, hopefully we can get some rocking glasses like Nella’s!

    Also, where do you get her leg warmers? So cute.

  72. Diana Doyle…first off,no words are in my mind right now that could possibly offer you comfort other than: you were graced with an incredible soul and the length of time that she graced your life certainly doesn’t diminish her amazing grace, love and presence…

    Kelle…so grateful to see some serious tending and nurturing happening for you! <3 love the mammas of the world.

    Here’s to fall and all of its beauty; the gift of clear vision with glasses, and the love of several generations under one roof. Enjoy! ~Beth

  73. Professor Nella is ADORABLE!

    Enjoy your visit with your mom :)

  74. We call Graham our little professor too. He has that type of personality too. This journey brings us so many similarities. I remember when we got Graham’s glasses. We had that same feeling of nervousness, then we got them, and saw that cute face and we no longer worried. Now he doesn’t look like our Graham without his glasses! He was our firt post on our little professor:

  75. My 9 month old baby girl needs glasses, too. I have been debating on different types. Nella’s are THE CUTEST- would you mind sharing where you found them? Thanks!

  76. Diana-I’m so sorry about your girl. I’m glad you are reading and finding something good out of all this. Thank you for your perspective.

    Mrs.-I’m sure my mom and dad would both agree with you. Thank you for offering your criticism in a kind and constructive way. It’s hard to do so and still be nice…and you pulled it off. :o)

    Dawn-look for girls knee socks and then cut the feet part off them…voila, inexpensive leg warmers!

    And thank you for all the sweet glasses comments. Passin’ them on to Nella and she’s totally digging them!

  77. Your girls are amazing. Nella rocks the professor look! She is so sweet.

  78. OMG. Seriously. No wait….SERIOUSLY!! How freaking cute is Nella in those glasses?!??

    I literally squealed when I saw her!! She is too much….too too much!!

    She rocks it out for sure.

  79. absolutely PRECIOUS!!!! Love you, Nella….

  80. I want a poster of the Little Professor πŸ˜‰

  81. Oh, Diana Doyle – I was so touched by your comment and your reminder for us to keep our perspective. So sorry for your loss – nothing can be harder than losing a child. To KELLE and family and all here, HAPPY FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN! Oh, i just love the glasses on Nella Bean – the Professor, INDEED! Oh, I can smell the pie baking. So glad your mama is visiting – what a blessing for all. Have lots of fun~

  82. THAT MUST BE THE CUTEST PICTURE OF NELLA EVERRR! Laughing with tears in my eyes….I love that you open the door to your home and allow us to be apart of it all!

  83. Love the pic with Nella and her PT. I’m in school right now for physical therapy and want to work with kids with DS and CP. Love to see the progress that she is making. Go Nella, GO!

  84. Nella is totally rockin those glasses!!!! My little girls has glasses too and she rocks them as well. I love the pre crawl picture to.

  85. Nella is amazing! She looks like she might be cruising soon. And she looks perfectly precious in spectacles!

  86. Nella in those glasses are too cute.. She totally ROCKS them….

  87. OMG! I just squealed out loud when I saw the glasses. Freaking cutest thing ever! Hey, and a huge upside..she’ll never know life without them so it won’t be something she has to get ‘used’ to later when it’s harder.

    And if it makes you feel any better, my son just got his first glasses at 7. Ok, normal right? Except that apparently the problem he has he was born with. And I never noticed (his eye turns in ever so slightly). I still feel terribly that he’s struggled all these years, but he never knew any different and we didn’t think to ask! He loves his new specs though and totally rocks them.

    Rach x

  88. Hi Kelle, welcome home! Your mum looks lovely, I can so see your eyes and maybe Lainey’s too? And she looks like she’s done what mum’s and grandma’s do and bring all sorts of lovely ideas and scents into the house. If that is her knitting, please tell I love that dark pink wool, I’ll bet she is making something exciting ( I can only do scarves, as long that is as someone else casts on and off for me!). Nella’s hat? Your walk looks like my favourite kind, surrounded by trees, and for a minute with the berries you had it looking autumnal, but then the humidity, well.

    I can understand the blinks and swallows when you heard the tiny one has to have glasses, but she always seems to rock it out and then some. She looks not only cute but excited, as if she really is about to impart some very important piece of learning!

    I wouldn’t worry re.that bag unpacking for some time, unless your mum gets sick of looking at it (based on observation of my own mum) and does it for you. I have to go away this weekend, haven’t unpacked my case from last weekend. My only fear is that I thought I had extracted a few of the dirtiest items to be washed in between, if not, uh-oh.

    Have a lovely time with your mum and your girls all together!

  89. those glasses are A-DORABLE! your photos are fab and your girls are sooo cute, but those might be the cutest photos of Nella yet. She’s like “check me out, I’m stylin. My mom hooked me up!” Too cute! and bonus that they help her see!

  90. I didn’t think it was possible for Nella to get any cuter! She’s adorable and she rocks the spectacles! Love your zest for life Kelle, your an inspiration!

  91. OMG she is the cutest with those specs on! You are so right when you sit back and look at how absolutely healthy and well Nella is doing, you are blessed BUT I know even if it is a little hitch in the giddy up it still takes your breath away, but only for a minute ( where as in the beginning it would have been days).

    Kelle, Nella is doing so awesome. All of us do the research and seek the best information we can find to give our littles any advantage we can but in the end it boils down to Nella and she, I can see it in her eyes, is determined. It just makes me smile to see her meet every challenge just “as if” what do you expect. And that is what we as their Mamas do we expect not accept.

  92. oh. my. LORD! she is SO cute in those glasses. i want.

  93. Ok, seriuosly??!! SERIOUSLY???!!! Those glasses…they somehow make her even more beautiful.

    Giggled as I was shoving apple pie in my face and reading about Grandma Krissy’s cooking in the oven. Lainey helping Gram in the kitchen warms my heart somethin’ silly.

    Happy weekend friend!!

    oh…and i see miss bean needs a slightly bigger bonnet…coming right up :) in some yummy fall colors perhaps.

  94. This comment has been removed by the author.

  95. Oh…….Gawd!!! Nella looks SO ADORABLE in her little specs!! You could just gobble her up…

  96. Did you know that Corkscrew is the #1 visited Audubon park in the United States? Even if you aren’t a birder (I’m not) it is still such a special place. In the winter time you can see the Anhinga sitting in the trees with their great black wings outstretched to capture the sun. The Woodstorks breed then too. The weather is so much more tolerable and all the leaves are off the trees so you can see the birds so much more easily. And Nella will see them more easily now too :) Very cute!

  97. Nella is amazing! She looks like she might be cruising soon. And she looks perfectly precious in spectacles!

  98. Oh…. I love the fall season too! I just moved from Florida, and you have to bake and do all sorts of holiday stuff to make up for the lack of leaves changing, fall winds and everything else that comes with fall. I just moved to Arizona… so I think I can expect the same thing over here! I started baking a month ago and put my pumpkins out! On to Nella, so beautiful and I love the glasses! She is so lucky to have a positive and stylish Mama! What a beautiful family!

  99. 1 – I want pie.
    2 – Nella is adorable in her glasses. I have a pair like that myself.
    3 – I so love that sock monkey necklace. Might need myself one.


  100. Kelle,
    I love that you take your lemons, pucker a little, ponder for a quick moment and add a little sugar(or brown paint), sit back and say “Yup that’ll do just fine”.

    I LOVE how you RALLY and I can totally hear you ROAR!!!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


  101. Those glasses are so cute on her I can hardly stand it!!

  102. Don’t those girls know their grandma, just lovely & the glasses are cute, i wear them too, love Posie

  103. Nella is way beyond cute in those little glasses. OMG! I can hardly stand it,seriously. So happy that your Mom is there to make you feel all warm on the inside. Apple pie and iced milk. I’m going to Chicago for my birthday on Saturday, but Sunday may be hit the apple picking farm . I now NEED pie!Happy Mothering!

  104. Nella looks absolutely gorgeous in her new glasses!
    Enjoy your time with your Mom Kelle.

  105. You SOOO resemble your mom! So fun to “meet” your family members!!!

    I haven’t had a chance to read all your comments yet on this post but I’ve heard that if your baby REALLY needs the glasses…she won’t bother them when they are on. In other words, she’ll want them on if she can see better. If she is constantly yanking them off, then maybe not so much and a second opinion might be helpful!!!!

    Beautiful post and pictures as usual Kelle!

    Now off to find that “Nesting Doll” charm for my little Ukrainian princess :)

  106. oh my gosh, the glasses look so cute on her! I mean, Nella is beautiful with or without, but with just makes her look like one FUN chick. Love it.

    I love the way you write. I so badly want you to write a book. Make it on any topic and I swear I’ll enjoy it.
    you get my writing mood flowing and remind me (in every post) to be extra super thankful for the blessings God’s given me in my family, my home.

  107. WOW — Lainey is all of a sudden looking (dare I say?) older! Time is flying too fast as I look at these pics of your girls! They are growing up right before our eyes as I remember what they looked like back in February when I first discovered your fabulous blog! Just adorable!

    And talk about rocking it out! I want a pair of those glasses! Just wait — brown rectangular baby specs will be out of stock and on back order everywhere just like Sarah Palin’s clear-rimmed ones two years ago. hehe

    Glad you are enjoying the home life with your mama. Nothing like it!


  108. adorable!!!! the real question is- does she actually keep the glasses on?! my little guy rips sunglasses off as soon as they are on!

    nella is doing amazing w her pt it seems- my little guy is a couple days older, and he is army crawling, but not up on hands and knees, he still isn’t sitting, and he’s no where near standing. ds definitely isn’t keeping her down!

  109. I remember the day a cardiologist pulled out a piece of paper with a human heart drawn, or more like scribbled, on it. He proceeded to talk and mark all over that little heart. The more he marked, the more my heart sank, my throat tightened. One hole, 7mm to be exact, affected her entire heart. As he kept talking, I felt it coming, the dreaded word, and I begged and screamed in my head, “DON’T SAY IT!” Heart failure. He said it. But he said it like he says it everyday, and he does, since he is a cardiologist and all. Almost 3 months later, which have felt more like 3 years, our little almond eyed, magic chromosomed miracle has beaten every odd and kicked every proverbial butt in her path. Any health issue is going to throw a mother off gaurd, because we love them so much, we don’t want to see them struggle. I almost think it’s harder on us than them. They just want to live to the fullest and soak up every beautiful moment of life. So that’s what we’ll do.

  110. You had me at the glasses. Wasn’t expecting it, caught me off guard. I laughed and cried and wanted to wrap up a big hug and send it in a care package from Iowa: where the leaves may be turning but we have nothing as beautiful as your little Nella!

    I can’t wait to show my older two boys (6 and 4) her picture in the morning – they have already fallen hard for your girls and are plotting the tree fort they are going to build in the backyard when they marry them. Sorry, hope you don’t mind moving to Iowa! :)


  111. Love it. The picture of Nella standing nearly made me cry. She looks so sweet and proud. Where did you find the cute pink knit hat? Hugs.

  112. bells, those glasses are perfect on her. she’s even more beautiful, if that possible!!!

    SOOOOOOOOOOO GLAD YOU ARE BACK! montana’s nice and all, and florida was happy to share, but this is where you belong. 7 minutes down the road from me…ha!

    grandma krissy…can’t wait to hang with her. she’s all stylin’ in that hat with lainey bug.


  113. So those glasses of Nella’s are so ridiculously cute. Oh and btw you have a beatiful mom, & I am glad you are feeling so at home now.

  114. Nella looks totally adorable in those glasses. Don’t worry, they will become a part of her and soon her lovely little face will seem incomplete when she is not wearing her glasses. Plus, there is nothing cuter than a little girl pushing up her glasses when they slide down her little nose – that gesture kills me every time.

    … and the best part will be when she first puts on those glasses and she can suddenly see perfectly. She can’t talk about it yet, but her facial expression when the world is revealed anew will be priceless. Have your camera ready!

    P.S. one of my little girls got glasses at age 3. Feel free to send me a message if you want tips on some very cute, light and flexible glasses which are trampoline-proof!

  115. Nella is beautiful! her glasses are too adorable! Enjoy your visit with your mom! My babies are missing their grandma so much!

  116. She is so stinkin’ cute in those glasses! :) Congrats on making them so stylin’!

  117. Oh Nella, you are adorable in those glasses. She is going to make such an impact on the watch.. Enjoy grandma’s company.. Your blog is awesome..

  118. How grown up does Lainey look in the 1st photo of her. and Nella in those glasses! So cute!

    Enjoy your time at home with you Mum :)

  119. so sweet your Nella, it brought love tears to my eyes.

  120. I am loving the Lisa Loeb glasses. Just proves Nella really is a rockstar! I think the thing I have been most amazed about with each of your posts is Nella’s amazing strength. She sits like such a big girl. And then to see her rocking on her knees and standing up with just a little help! Oh my goodness! Amazing! My little one was so weak with needing open heart surgery and recovering that it really slowed her down. Just didn’t realize how much!

    I’m with you on getting the second opinion on the eyesight. I had one doctor recommend glasses for Morgan and another that wanted to wait it out. She’s done great without glasses and seems to see just fine for reading. We just go in every year to see if there is any change and greater need for them.

  121. Oh Kelle, Nella looks so damn scrummy yummy cute in those glasses!!! She does look like a little wise professor….I just love her to bits…what gorgeous girls you have!!!
    As for glasses….my 2yr old daughter wears them too….for inside time only. It’s taken a while for her to get used to them….she still refuses them some days!
    Enjoy having your Mum there….what a treat! I could almost smell the apple pie cooking from here in Australia…just from your delicious choice of words lol.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  122. Oh how I love Corkscrew Swamp. It is so Florida to me. Being a born and raised Norwegian I made Florida my second home in 1993. I still live in Norway, but venture to your beautiful state almost every year. I love following you blog, how you are making the most of every day, raising your beautiful girls, enjoying every little bit of life and sharing so much of it in your blog. Days at Isle of Capri, sundrenched picnics in the woods – I love it. Heading into a season here with cold, rainy and maybe snowy weather I long for the sunkissed sky of Florida and Florida beaches. Your blog makes me dream it a little every day and enjoying the life I have here and living it to its fullest.

    Thx Kelle for sharing so much and making me appreciate all aspects of life!


  123. I love fall – the coziness of the home increases. :) now I feel like making apple muffins or something… Enjoy your days with your mama around, – what’s better than that. :)

  124. Mmm, apple pie! Sounds perfect :)

    Love Lainey’s pink boots…

    And Nella’s glasses? Girlfriend has good taste, mine are the twin pair! (albeit somewhat larger) XD

    :hugs: to you, amazing mama.

  125. I have been reading your blog for a few months now and I adore it. I love the way it makes me feel to read it and see your beautiful family changing. My little peanut has had glasses since she was seven months old and is also far sighted (both eyes). It was so strange to see them on her at first but now she looks odd without them. It is a constant struggle, now at two, to keep them on, but she knows she needs them to be able to see. Good luck and your girls are such dolls!

  126. Oh my, your little Nella in those glasses is the cutest freaking thing I think I have ever seen!!

  127. Nella is really rocking those glasses – FAB. U. LOUS.

  128. Absolutely LOVING Nella’s glasses! You are so right, Kelle…she’s a little Lisa Loeb!

    PS – “a carefully crafted brew of research and instincts, but mostly just a shit-load of love” is pretty much the most insightful thing you’ve ever said….its perfection in a sentence. : )

  129. cutest. professor. ever. have fun with your mom!

  130. Dang, my heart jumped when I saw my credit for the “boneless puddle” term. It’s like Eddie Van Halen announcing at a concert “Phil taught me that last guitar solo.”

    …and then it jumped again. The Nella bean with the tummy suspended between 4 lumpy columns!! I DO love seeing Nella hit those milestones.

    Is it cheating to put Cheerios as bait!? Ha! What did society look like in the pre-cheerio epoch?

    Oh, the glasses. Nella adds a new mysterious personalty to her bag of heart manipulating tricks.

    Love to y’all; welcome home,

  131. OOOOOhhhhhhh….your lil professor is doctorily darling! The hat completes the look. Although I do expect tweed elbow patches to come soon! And blessings on your lil sack of sugar molding ito the firm lil pie crust that will stand up tall! She’s doing so awesome!

  132. OOOOOhhhhhhh….your lil professor is doctorily darling! The hat completes the look. Although I do expect tweed elbow patches to come soon! And blessings on your lil sack of sugar molding ito the firm lil pie crust that will stand up tall! She’s doing so awesome!

  133. Those glasses have got to be the cutest damn things ever…except for the new “Professor” rockin’ it in style at the Hampton house!!

  134. Your photos and words really do take my breath away. I am a new follower and am in awe. The picture with the glasses is award winning!!

  135. Oh, I just LOVE her glasses. So adorable.

  136. I ADORE your little Nella. Babies don’t come much cuter than this. She is so beautiful. And the glasses ended up being quite a stylish accessory! :)

  137. Nella does rock those glasses indeed! Kelle, thank you for such wonderful doses of love and inspiration and the fact that you also don’t unpack right away either. If you were in a tabloid it would be under pics that say, “Amazing moms, they’re just like us!” :)

  138. Ok so it is very common to have one longsighted eye and one not in kids (down syndrome or not) and wearing the glasses ensures that the eye which is longsighted is used by Nella’s brain and not ignored by it.
    She looks so totally cute in them!

  139. not sure what it means.. spiritually but last night I had one of the only dreams I have had of my father….he has been gone 7 years.. and his son with me.. is Landslide.. and this am.. I get on your blog.. to landslide.. and view a picture of your mom… I have never really seen her.. and If i have I had forgotten..
    I agree with you about research and instinct….Love the images.. as always

  140. i’m sure someone has mentioned this but if those glasses don’t work out, there is a company that makes glasses just for babies with Ds. it’s specs for us. when rachel needs glasses (and we know she will since we both wear them) i will be ordering hers from that company.

  141. I have yet to see a picture that you have posted that is not amazing but GOOD LORD the pictures of your Nella in those glasses just melted me!


    Enjoy the pie and grandma!

  142. I wish I could rock glasses as well as Nella! She’s adorable in them!! We just moved from Idaho to Louisiana and I am having a rough time adjusting to not really having “fall” weather here so it was refreshing to read how much you love fall where you are even though it’s not the “traditional” setting. Good to have some perspective in my life!

  143. AWWWW!!! Nella in the glasses is adorable!!


  145. Nella’s jean jacket is to die for. Love her glasses. And. You look just like your mom! Cute!

  146. I have been running around this house like a nut today and took a second to sit down and read your blog and I’m telling ya…the pics of Nella wearing her glasses…made my day! God lover her…she’s such a doll!!! Heather from New Brunswick!!!

  147. “a carefully crafted brew of research and instincts, but mostly just a shit-load of love.”

    Well said, Kelle! I love Nella in glasses – too cute. Also, that picture of just the skirt of L’s dress and those adorable rainboots is art-worthy.

  148. Love this post! First, I love the photo of you peeling Nella off your chest – she looks positively thrilled LOL. And, I think the Lisa Loeb look is awesome – the glasses totally suit her. And lastly, those necklaces are hot! I think I may need to buy one – but what to choose? πŸ˜‰

  149. way freaking cute is a good description of nella in those frames. fantastic.

  150. Only you would be able to find such an awesome pair of infant glasses!! Nella looks absolutely beautiful in them!

  151. AAAHHHHH THOSE GLASSES!!!! They are too stinkin cute!!!! She is gorgeous, and from one four-eyed gal to another, she looks great in them :)

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  152. i am DYING for nella in those glasses, SERIOUSLY.

    happy weekend!

  153. She is too cute in those glasses. I was at the children’s hosptial the other day (just getting some blood work done, nothing serious!) and there was a little one year old girl with D.S. there waiting to get her blood work done.

    The girl was RUNNING all around. I asked her mom “hey, she’s like 18 months…right?” Nope. She was just weeks over one and running like a toddler. I cracked up at the little fire ball.

    Something tells me that little Nella is going to be just such a fireball as well!

  154. Oh my goodness, that picture of Nella is the cutest picture ever! Such a precious little baby!

  155. Stop it with the cuteness of the glasses on Nella! So adorable! And now I’m craving apple pie….

  156. Girls are wearing empty frames for fashion right now, so really Nella is just WAY ahead. You are too cute lil miss fashionista! xo from Canada

  157. Lovin the glasses:)

  158. There is nothing cuter in this world than Nella rocking those specs!!

  159. Hey there, Kelle.
    *I seriously don’t think “shit” is a bad word anymore, is it? If it is, well then… shit. I’m in trouble.
    *I’ve got glasses just like Nella and am very happy to teach her how to reenact the entire video of “Say” by the lovely Lisa Loeb. Because she WILL be called that and it’s AWESOME.
    *Here’s a quote from the always amazing Tom Robbins that reminds me of your blog’s message: “There are only two mantras, yum and yuck. Mine is yum.”
    *That’s some good shit there, Kelle. Keep it up!

  160. I love that we get to meet your Mom!!!

    Have you thought of putting your landscape photos on cards you would sell???

    Yeah! Nella on the standing and crawling! And her glasses are perfect.

    Hope you enjoyed the late night snack.

  161. Dear Gawd….she is just the sweetest, most perfect baby. I mean, perfectly beautiful! I read often, and rarely comment, but want you to know your amazing outlook on life inspires me daily. And looking at your girls?!? Makes me want more little ladies (and I already have THREE!)

  162. What a cute little Professor!!!!! Love her!
    The last picture is so beautiful, too! :)

  163. Nella,

    i truly thought you topped your cuteness but good God girl you are just a little slice of heaven

    rock those glasses girl

    Eva & Liv :)

  164. Oh my goodness, besides craving apple pie those glasses are the CUTEST things I have ever seen!!! I love, love your blog and your pictures are beautiful!! Your oldest daughter has to be one of the most photogenic people I have ever seen!

  165. Nella looks so grown up in those frames but so adorable!!! I love your posts about your family and your home. You have said it before you always make the ordinary seem so special. I think an apple pie is in the works for today, I can’t hear about it and not do it.
    Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Friday!

  166. I didn’t think that Nella could get any cuter…and then the glasses! OMG this kid is seriously too cute!

  167. Congratulations on the milestone!!! It’s so neat to see her so close to crawling. I absolutely LOVE the glasses. The styles out now make me wish I had never had eye surgery.

    The way I see you with your girls inspires me so much. I hope I can be even a fraction of the mom that you are. You’re awesome Kelle!

  168. Oh My Goodness!!! Nella, in glasses, is the most precious thing i have ever seen! My husband just got glasses yesterday, and I showed him her picture, and he said, “How come I don’t look that good?!?” :) She’s stunning!

  169. Love the Professor! Her smile just makes me smile. :)

  170. The thought of homemade apple pie makes my mouth water. Unfortunately, my mom’s idea of pie is Mrs. Smith’s frozen variety.

    My son (w/designer genes too) got his first pair of glasses for severe farsightedness on his first birthday. There is nothing cuter than a little kiddo in glasses. Fortunately, they make a brand for children with DS that fit so much better than anything you can buy off the shelf.

  171. so freakin adorable in those glasses and i love the last pic. absolutely PRECIOUS!!
    go nella on the crawling and standing.. .getting so big!

  172. Oh my goodness – you have the cutest professor I have ever seen in my life!!! I love that Nella is rocking sweet glasses. As a long time glasses wearer myself, I love to make it a fashion statement.

    I so understand your ‘glad to be home’ feelings after trips to far off destinations, even when those trips are so glorious.

    Happy weekend!

  173. Nella’s glasses rock. And – in the ongoing similarities I seem to find (or shamelessly look for) between our girls – Lindsey has a denim jacket like Nella’s! They’re soul sisters :) Enjoy the weekend.

  174. Oh my gosh… that baby in those glasses….ridiculously cute. I am overcome!

  175. I love Lainey’s tube socks. They remind me of when I was little.

    Nella’s glasses are super chick! My little guy has glasses, got them when he was two. It felt like another bus came by and grazed me when we found out, but you know what, he can see and he rock’s his glasses out just like Nella.

    Happy Autumn to you and your family!!! We kicked off the season with leaf gathering and apple crisp. Love this time of year!

  176. Nella melted my heart with those little specs! Just adoreable!

  177. Nella in glasses is probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. So proud of her, she is doing wonderful!

  178. Not only do I love your pictures but your writing is so uplifting. I really enjoy your posts so much. I am a former NY-er living in South Florida with my husband and kids. Heidi

  179. You’re a good Mama Kelle. Nella’s lucky to have you in her corner.

  180. {Baby} Nella, I love you! And those glasses! You have a way of making my day! ADORABLE!!! Rock on, ok!?

    enjoy time with your Mama in town! :)

  181. What a cutie pie little professor! I want a pair of those glasses too – but if I were to get a pair I’d end up disappointed because I still wouildn’t be as cute as little Nella. Thanks for sharing your life – your girls are just precious!

  182. I am new to your blog and I enjoy reading your posts. You have a beautiful family and Nella is too precious. I love the glasses by the way. My little guy is near-sighted and got his glasses about 8 months ago. They make a huge difference and he looks adorable.

  183. SO excited for Nella on rocking and standing!! And her glasses are precious (I always wanted glasses, scars, and braces when I was younger!). Got all three…yay for me!?! Have much fun with your mama and the girls!

  184. Nella’s glasses are adorable. My best friend’s little girl had to start wearing glasses around the age of 1 1/2 because of a lazy eye. The first year “mom” freaked out for so many reasons but now we don’t even realize she wears them. And they really do help her. So I wish you luck on this new journey with glasses! :)

  185. I could just eat her up in those glasses! Adorable!

  186. squeee! Nella is so cute in her glasses and hat!! Where did you find that hat? I must have one for my lil bug!

  187. I have a daughter with DS, and I took her for her regular eye appointment. No big deal, right! Not when the doctor said those simple words “she needs glasses” I balled like I was told she was dying. I still can’t put into words why. I just know it broke my heart. It has now been 6 months and it really wasn’t such a bad thing, it just felt like it. But after reading your blog, I felt for you. I get it! Good luck, and she is beautiful in her glasses :)

  188. Oh Kelle have fun with your momma. Mine comes next week.

    I want a pair of glasses too. Went to the eye doctor last week and he said I have a slight astigmatism and that I could have a prescription, but it’s optional. Well Honey wasn’t going for an unnecessary $300 pair of glasses. So I’ll just have to wait;) Happy weekend to ya.

  189. Just read this post with my 3 yr old on my lap and when we got to the picture of Professor Nella she said, “Mama I’m sad”. I asked why and she said, “I (big emphasis on the I) want glasses too mama”. Hehe, awwww….Nella trendsetting amongst her peers already πŸ˜‰

  190. She looks so freakin’ cute in those glasses I can hardly stand it!!!

  191. LOVE the glasses! Excellent choice of frames! And Yippee for the 4-point rock and standing – go Nella!

  192. You are the only person I know ( and I don’t even know you) who can make clutter on the living room floor look arty and interesting. I love that.

  193. The unveiling on the professor made my day. She looks stunning in those glasses! Absolutely gorgeous!

  194. OMG……she is the cutest thing in glasses. Enjoy your time with your mama!!

    P.S. love your girls clothes. TOO cute.

  195. Oh, Nella is too precious for words. Happy beginning of fall!

  196. Ah! I just freakin’ love this one! Nella is just so yummy!!!!! Squeeza’ licious!

  197. She is just as delicious with glasses and she without. Honestly, she is just about the cutest thing ever…I adore those big smile photos…priceless!

    Our six year old just got glasses and I was a little sad but same thing, he looks so cute in them I want him to wear them 24/7!

  198. Just when I thought your little Nella couldn’t get any cuter, in comes the professor. Those glasses are too precious!

    Thanks for inspiring me to be a better Mama to my little boy. Your blog should be prescribed as therapy to every Mama out there. I’ve fallen hard for you and your sweet family.

  199. I LOVE Nella’s glasses…so sweet! Enjoy your time with your mom.

  200. Love your pictures – you outdoor pictures make me miss my homestate soo much! Florida is hot and humid but oh so beautiful in so many ways. Thanks for sharing the beautiful parts with us!!

  201. Nella could not look any cuter in those glasses! I LOVE IT!!! She’s definitely rockin’ it out!

    Enjoy time with Grandma Krissy and enjoy the smells of fall!!!

  202. GO Nella! Your glasses are so cute! Teach me more…I’m ready…You are one of my favorite professors…

    Your Mom is so beautiful! I just love the amazing relationships you have with your family! I’m in LOVE with THE WOODS. :)

    “Learning to become responsive – instead of reactive – to all the challenging feelings and emotions of our lives is the key to finding our way back to our original and unique natures . . . back to our wholeness. Our emotions are purposeful divine influxes that continually remind, guide, and support us on our journey…” ~Michael Talbot

  203. I LOVE the glasses! I have some that are similar! BUT they do not look near as good on my as they do your sweet Nella Bean!
    I got glasses in 1887… at the wonderful age of 3. and let me tell you… Glasses then were not nearly half as cute as Nella’s! (I had pink and clear plastic frames that took up half my face)
    She will rock out those glasses and inspire me to wear mine more!
    Enjoy having your Mom in town! It is so nice when they come to your house to stay. Mine only lives 30 minutes away, but it is still so nice when she surprises me and pops over with an apple pie. It is my one true favorite desert!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  204. Nella Bean looks so beautiful!!! She is just as perfect as they come.

  205. I would not have believed it was possible for that little soul to get any cuter….and then she put on those glasses! Gorgeous!

  206. I have been addicted to your blog for awhile but never left a comment…till now. Why not now?!
    You have opened my eyes to a few things but mostly you touch my heart. As a mom of 4 who are all grown and scattered, you remind me of things gone by. What made me finally want to repsond was Nella getting glasses. My grandson who is 3 1/2 yrs old, has a lazy eye and had to get glasses when he was 2yrs old. I truely know how you feel. At first I questioned everything my son and his wife were doing and even questioned the dr. I did research and asked them to get a 2nd opinion. But in the end, the glasses have only helped and really is not the end of the world. True, the little darlins have to adjust to those things on thier beautiful face, and I guess we do too. So hand in there, momma, she will do fine. What a blessing you have in such a precious family. I enjoy your posts so much. The photography especially. You are very talented.
    Thanks for all you do.
    You Texas friend,

  207. “Designer gened kitten”….Love it.

    And kudos to you for keeping glasses on a baby…I have a 8 month old and I am laughing even thinking about trying to keep glasses on his face……

  208. I am certain those glasses were made especially for that sweet face! And here I thought she couldn’t possibly be any more adorable! Cheers to you and your gorgeous family!

  209. Thank you for filling my heart even fuller every day.


  210. LOVIN’ her sweet glasses!!! So stinkin’ adorable! :)

  211. I have always LOVED little kids in glasses, and when I saw Nella sporting hers my eyes welled up with tears. I know it’s probably a little difficult to swallow that she is still so tiny, but already has the hassle of dealing with glasses, but damn, she looks cute!!

    And my daughter and I enjoyed the Tinkerbell Tea Party! She’s so excited to be a pumpkin fairy for Halloween and FLY!! πŸ˜€ Take Care!

  212. Nella’s glasses are by far the cutest things I have ever seen!

  213. Oh.Em.Gee. How freaking cute is Nella with those glasses? Not that her sweet face needed more decoration, but she’s really rockin’ the eye accessories!

    And I can’t believe how big Lainey looks in those pictures! No momma ever really wants to hear it, but she’s changing so fast… such a pretty girl. :)

  214. Nella’s be-spectacled cuteness brought tears to my eyes!!

  215. Nella looks adorable in her glasses! And Lainey is just too sweet for words.

  216. You make me want to go buy fresh apples and some cinnamon and bake pies just to fill my house with their aroma! Love that you are enjoying your mama.

    And OMG NELLA! Those glasses! It’s funny but I was expecting when I scrolled down for her to look so different but she doesn’t at all!! She is Nella with an awesome accessory like Lainey’s beads! Love it! She is amazing and so are you!

  217. Hate those surprises that catch you off guard, but love love love those glasses on Nella! Does Lainey want some now too? Hope you have a wonderful visit with your mom!

  218. Kelle you are very blessed with two amazing little girls! Concerning DS we mamas go through a lot of emotions and questioning as to why and what next but I have found you have to take it day by day but also you have to let yourself have a “this sucks” moment.From what I’ve read Nella seems to thankfully be very healthy and I think its easy to say that it could be worse than just glasses but thats not fair to any of you. I think its almost a necessity to sit down and have that moment where you get mad, sad, upset so then you can get up dust yourself off and help her rock those adorbale glasses. I say this from experience because thankfully my daughter Madison has been very healthy and progresses very well but when I was told she had to get leg braces I was upset and everyones response to me was “it could be worse.” I understand with DS that yes obviously it could be worse but it doesn’t take anything away from what our children are going through now. So I let myself have my moment, got up dusted myself off and now I’m searching for a way to cover the braces with a cool design! Its easy to be a good mom when everything is going smooth, its those bumps in the road that make us amazing!

  219. I didn’t think it was possible for Nella to look any cuter, but seriously? Those glasses look way hip. She is such a sweetie. Love your posts.

  220. Kelle, you don’t know me but I am the wife of a photographer here in Nashville and am learning myself. I came across Nella’s birth story on Babycenter and have been hooked on your blog ever since. I’m so inspired by your story, your outlook on life and your creative style. I find your photography amazing! Thanks so much for what you do and for the inspiration!

    Meghann Byerline

  221. Nella is adorable in her glasses!! We just found out this tuesday that our 3 year old needed glasses. I was able to hold it together until we left the eye clinic but I totally lost it when I got to the car, thinking about how I would not see my little boys bear face as often as I am used to. Once we got to the eye glass center and he tried on the perfect pair I breathed a sigh of relief. It also helped that grandma put me in my place letting me know that things could be so much worse!

    I hope you enjoyed that apple pie, and your momma!

  222. Oh, have a wonderful visit with your Momma. So special!
    Way to go Nella with the PT. Good girl! And I thought she couldn’t get any cuter….I was wrong. Those glasses. Darlin!!!!

  223. Nella’s just so sweet. She reminds me of my little boy who is also 8 months. She seems to be developing really well, ready to crawl, sitting by herself way better than my son can. There is a 2-year old boy with DS in our daycare and he doesn’t crawl yet, so I’m impressed at Nella! She will be so sweet in her glasses :-)
    I follow your blog every day, even though I haven’t posted much. You’re such an inspiration with such a great outlook on life! And I love your photography. Keep up the good work!

  224. I about died at Nella’s glasses. SO CUTE!! Enjoy your mama time, and the pie that comes with it :)

  225. Oh my goodness! Those pictures of Nella with glasses brought tears to my eyes and I had to show my husband. I love the glasses!

  226. The Lil Professor is SO CUTE. I can’t believe how cute your baby made glasses look! I am so inspired by your attitude…I hope it rubs off on so many others!

    Have a great great day – you deserve it!

  227. SHUT. UP!!

    I thought there was no possible way that Nella could even get a tiny bit cuter.

    And then, she did.

    Holy cow. I’ll be opening this page several more times during those moments when I need a smile. :)

  228. I’ve always loved your blog, your pictures are incredible. You have no shortage of love from your readers, but here is a little more! I gave you an award!
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  229. OMG I <3 the Professor! HAHAHA! Adorable!

  230. Love. Love. Love. Nella rocks those glasses! Have a wonderful visit with your mom, Kelle!

  231. Apple pie sounds really good right about now.

    Nella looks adorable in her glasses.

    and Lainey just looks as cute as always.

    Have fun with Grandma there

  232. Sorry, but I’m going to be blunt here, I nearly SHIT MY PANTS at Nella in those glasses. Oh my fricken Lord she is so cute in them I could just faint dead away on the floor!! Now good luck keeping them on, took my Noah 4 years before he finally “got it”. She is nothing but love love love!!! My girls are going to DIE when they see this.

  233. Oh Nella looks so cute-

    I am glad grandma is there to bake for you- My MIL just booked a trip to visit us- She’s flying from Boca to be with us in the dessert- I can smell it already!

  234. Nella looks SO cute in her professor glasses. My little guy has had glasses since he was 5 months old. Check out the website for Solo Bambini, their glasses are super cute and come in tons of fun colors. Pretty soon you’ll think she looks funny without her glasses so don’ worry about it! They enhance her cuteness, really. And if you thought you got a lot of comments at the grocery store on your cute baby before, just wait. It’s not every day you see a baby with glasses. Especially one as cute as Nella!

  235. I thought Lainey looked so grown up in these pics…maybe because her hair looks longer I’m not sure but WOW! And Nella standing is the cutest thing! And the glasses are precious…I’m not sure why she didn’t fling them across the room though…that’s what mine would have done.

    Love autumn!!…here in VA we have all four seasons but it’s like 97 degrees here on the first days of fall…that ain’t right.

    Love your blog and your girls!!

  236. Kelle thank you for your special comment. Your blog continues to remind me to ‘appreicate everything’.

    You have an amazing gift of reminding others through your words and photos of how precious the little things in life are.

    Sometimes hardship and our fate in life opens our eyes and makes us better human beings. Your readers who left me a comment meant so much.

    I look forward to more of your magical posts!

    Diana x

  237. Oh my goodness… those glasses are so cute! A far far cry from the glasses I had as a wee one.

    Have fun with your mama!

  238. Seriously, those glasses on Nella is the cutest thing ever! She’s so sweet :)

  239. Nella is SO cute in her glasses!

  240. Thanks for posting the jewelry, had to order an adoption necklace to commemorate our journey.

    Nella is just precious in her glasses.

  241. I would def. get a second opinion on the need for glasses…When my son was 8 months old a Dr. told me the same thing…i was in to much sock to say ok…so i told him I wasnt ready and I would call back…After talking to a friend that is an eye dr. he suggested a secong opinion because once in glasses always in glasses…so we went to some one else and they said his sight was perfect! now more than 2 years later there is no dout my boy can see fine…Hope you get the new you are looking for:)

  242. 1. Your family is gorgeous!
    2. Those glasses are too much! So cute and see to look at one a babies face! A professor she is.
    3. I love the song HOME on your page!

  243. I LOVE babies in glasses because they’re always the size of Mr. Potato Head glasses, and how cute is that?

  244. The pictures of Lainey baking with grandma= priceless! Nella is adorable in her glasses.. Caleb will be getting them soon too. I hope he looks like a stud in them. Where did you end up finding those ones? freakin cute..

  245. Oh, Kelle, she looks so sweet in her little glasses. That picture of her smiling up at you is just so charming.

  246. oh my word. those glasses on nella are SO CUTE, i’m trying not to squee outloud at my desk.

  247. So cute it hurts if you ask me

    I LOVE yahtzee. me and my moms favorite game.

  248. I’m an eye doctor, and I’ve seen a lot of little ones in glasses, but Miss Nella might just take the cake! How precious is she?? I know it’s all new, but it’s very common for kiddos with “designer genes” (LOVE that!) to need glasses. It was actually a good catch by your doc to find the problem in just one eye. Starting glasses now can help prevent problems (eye turns, or a lazy eye) down the line. But, a second opinion never hurts!! Work those glasses, Nella!!

  249. JENNYCB- You are too funny, SHIT, I feel the same way! PHIL, love that phrase you got credit for!

  250. Those glasses are too cute for words!

  251. I recall well the phone call I received recently. With your voice breaking and tears near, you announced, “She has to have glasses.” You proved you could rally, for within 20 minutes, I received a second call and you had scoured the internet and you had found the first glimpse of your hope, for, if you have to wear glasses, wear glasses with style! You greet each challenge with passion, positivity, purpose and…paint! Rock it out, girl, rock it out!

  252. I didn’t cry when I was told April had down syndrome. I cried when I was told she needed glasses at 12 months old. Weird I know. Now she is 22 with gorgeous blue eyes framed in blue frames, her choice. They go well with her highlighted hair and red fingernails all ready to go to a dance tonight. Such fun.

  253. I LOVE the ruffled jean jacket on her; sooo cute. Her glasses are adorable too! Enjoy your time with your Momma!

  254. Just when I thought Nella couldn’t get any cuter…I was wrong. Nella The Professor is the cutest thing ever. Love it!


  255. oh man, nella looks cuuuuteee!!!! i am just waiting for my boys to get their glasses and they don’t have D.S. just some nice eyesight “issues” from me and their dada :) little harry potters they will be!!

  256. I totally just did a CHEER for Nella’s standing ability…and woke up my baby (HA). oops.

    Nella+Glasses=A VISION of cuteness.

    Your little sprite is growing so quickly too, her shoes always make me smile!

    Happy Mom Time!!

  257. Okay . . . the glasses are awesome! And, YES she will rock them out because I would like to think that “glasses are like shoes for your face”! Too. Stinken. Cute!

  258. Oh c’mon. Nella in her glasses is just the cutest thing EVER.

    Love that your mom is visiting. I may not always see eye-to-eye with my Mom but having just returned from visiting her in Chicago, I can say that there is something very special in being with the person who birthed you! It’s such a unique relationship.

    And THANK YOU for the Belkai discount! I’ve been eyeing that store ever since you posted about it a few months ago. There are so many beautiful things, it’s hard to decide but I will purchase something this weekend, yay!

  259. Go-Nella-Go!! Yes, it is amazing when they reach those milestones. Our little ones, with special needs, are such hard workers and make victory oh so sweet. Enjoy your mama’s visit. In my opinion, there is nothing better. Love Nella’s latest accessory:) She is a doll!

  260. Just when I thought Nella couldn’t get any cuter, there you go with the BEST glasses EVER! Simply adorable. I have a soft spot for glasses on the little ones, as my guy has them, too!

    Enjoy your Mama time. Glad you’re home!

  261. “designer-gened” – so perfect, I love it! πŸ˜€

    And the glasses and the Mom/Grandma being there with you all. OH and pie… I do so love apple pie…

    Okay, I’m done now! Have a great weekend!

  262. OMG!! I can not stop laughing. Your little professor is adorable. And being from the Lisa Lobe era, I can appreciate it so much more. Your Nella is definitely rocking those specs. She is suck a little FOLK/ROCK STAR! Lainey looks so grown-up standing beside your kitchen island with Grandma.

  263. hahaha glasses on babies are too cute!!!! and that denim jacket nella was wearing?? how i wish so badly that they sold that in my size!! she looks so posh.

  264. hee hee

  265. I’ve got a “little Professor” nephew and really, it’s no big deal! He looks ALMOST as cute as the Nella Bean does in hers! LOVE THEM!!! And when you want to have a few extra pairs once she’s on the move………check out zenni opitcal on line – they are cheap RX glasses – my brother ordered 3 prs. for my nephew and they are great extras!

  266. kelle—i found out about your blog through another mom’s blog and i am so happy that i did! we have 3 beautiful girls, our youngest was also born with that magic chromosome just a few months before nella and i can tell you it gets even better! miss maggie rae just, i can’t even put into words the love and happiness that pours out of her sweet little soul…she has just changed our life in a way i didn’t even know possible. i was BAWLING when i read your birth story beacause i felt the exact same…and like youmy fear quickly turned to such a deep love. now we just look so forward to everything our magpie is going to teach us! both of your girls are just beautiful and i look so forward to watching them grow. i would love for you to come over and meet our girls at —and your pics are AMAZING!

  267. Hello, I have never commented here before, though I have been reading for months. I couldn’t help but say how cuuuuuute those glasses are! When you first mentioned glasses I got so sad because the picture I saw in my mind was not pretty. When I actually saw her, I couldn’t believe I had doubted she would be anything but gorgeous.

  268. Nella looks A-Freakin-Dorable in her new specs! Shes definitley rockin’ em!

  269. I totally LOVE the Professor Nella look! How adorable is that?! Will she keep them on??

  270. I KNOW that everyone has already said this, but could that little Nella be ANY CUTER??? Those glasses are sooooo adorable! Well done on finding the right ones. They are so sweet!

  271. Those the the cutest freakin’ glasses I’ve ever seen! It brings out the color in her eyes!

  272. Nella is the cutest thing ever!! I LOVE her Lisa Loeb glasses! Lainey is precious too! I recently stumbled upon your blog, and I love reading about your family! You are so blessed!! :)

  273. Love, love, love the glasses!! Honestly, I did not think she could get any cuter and when I saw that photo, it brought tears to my eyes! And her glasses are kind of like a metaphor for the new glasses my sweet Ian gave me after he was born with the magic chromosome… I love what I see, the clarity and perspective my sweet angel brought me!

    And the fact that she has glasses early will make it so that she is used to them from the get-go… plus she can see well! I still remember struggling to see in school and I finally got glasses in the 1st grade… I should have gotten them years earlier. I still remember the first time my doctor slipped them on. I looked around and let out a long, drawn-out, “wow…” I could see! My mom, though, felt horrible, wondering how long it was that I could NOT see. And I remember looking out the window on the highway on the way home and realizing what had been a blur out my window were actually TREES! So cheers to medical advancements that allow even our littlest ones to see well from the start!

    Blessings and happy weekend to you!

  274. Oh my gosh – the girls are ADORABLE!!! Nella’s glasses are perfect. Does she actually keep them on?

  275. Been following your blog for a while now and absolutely LOVE reading it. I look forward to it every time you post something. I’m a mom of 5, ages 3 months to 8 years. I love the word pictures you paint, your love of life and the amazing pics of your beautiful girls. Those glasses are amazingly cute. We found out that our 2nd daughter needed glasses at 6 months also…we patched for 3 months and she got her first pair at 9 months. She’s now 4 and still so adorable she’s edible. You can do it and you’ll be surprised how many people think you are making your angel wear them just to be trendy. Seriously. :) I’d love to send you a picture but don’t know how. Anyway, thank you for letting me be a part of your life!

  276. Nothing but L.O.V.E. coming your way from North Idaho.. Enjoy your time with your family :)

  277. ROCKING ON ALL FOUR….. and STAAAANDING!!!!! GO NELLA!!! As a therapy momma myself, shew thats amazing! Those glasses.. I die. Cutest thing ever!

  278. Nella the Professor = Edible. Simply adorable.

  279. your blog IS like reading fall… or whatever season it is… it isn’t just reading… its feeling and its wonderful

    (my last comment didn’t post, so i don’t even know if i am doing this right)…

    rock on….

  280. Nella rocks those glasses! On our way to pick some apples from the apple orchard…apple crisp is in our future! Hope the pie was great!

  281. The glass are so cute! She is beautiful with or without glasses.

  282. Nella.Is.Divine. Love the glasses! I could seriously eat her up!!!

    xoxo, Angie from Ohio

  283. O’ My goodness… Nella Bean you are just SO adorable.. I’m loving your glasses baby girl, you do look like a little Professor… Sweet girl you are so beautiful.. Your sweet mama makes us cyber friends just love you and Lainey Love to pieces.. Keep up the GREAT work Kelle, you rock every situation out! May I just say I’m lovin the
    Montana pics.. love the fall scenary.. I’m a Florida girl too and as the first day of Autumn approached and we were still hot and sticky, I was wishing we could take a trip North to the mountains.. there’s a breeze blowing today in Jacksonville so just maybe we will have a somewhat fall like feeling weekend… Enjoy the time with your mom and give those two sweet baby girls a hug/kiss for me…

  284. O’ My goodness… Nella Bean you are just SO adorable.. I’m loving your glasses baby girl, you do look like a little Professor… Sweet girl you are so beautiful.. Your sweet mama makes us cyber friends just love you and Lainey Love to pieces.. Keep up the GREAT work Kelle, you rock every situation out! May I just say I’m lovin the
    Montana pics.. love the fall scenary.. I’m a Florida girl too and as the first day of Autumn approached and we were still hot and sticky, I was wishing we could take a trip North to the mountains.. there’s a breeze blowing today in Jacksonville so just maybe we will have a somewhat fall like feeling weekend… Enjoy the time with your mom and give those two sweet baby girls a hug/kiss for me…

  285. I love every thing about your blog! I love the raw honesty, the pictures, the love, the sharing of your family, and yes…even the cussing because it is REAL!

    Today I read your post and it made my heart ache. Not to be a Debi Downer but I lost my mom when I was 26. Thirteen years and a precious little 2 yr old girl later… I can’t help but wish I was standing in a kitchen somewhere making an apple pie .. Heck even stirring water with her right now would be priceless. Please don’t get me wrong… I always miss my mom.. but today I ached for her in a way that I haven’t in years. Thank you for helping me find that true emotion.

    Your family is beautiful! Love Nella’s glasses and Lainey is always precious. You can tell she is just full of life like her mama!

    Thank you Kelle!!!

  286. I’m so bummed that I haven’t been able to comment with just my name anymore, since I don’t have lots of other profiles… but anyhoo…

    I gobbled up your magazine article! Even though I’ve been following your blog, it made my throat hurt all over again to read the account of Nella’s birth. *sigh*

    And Lainey can rock any kind of boots, just like her mama.

    Enjoy Grandma’s visit!

    But ohmigoodness, she is a peach in those glasses! And hey, no biggie – one of my friend’s daughters (who does NOT have DS, mind you) had to get glasses when she was just a little older than Nella. It’s a life thing, not a DS thing. Riiight?

    I love Autumn! I went apple-picking this week, and made a yummy apple crisp, though I’m afraid I only allowed myself a small serving since I’m trying not to eat sugar. The leaves are changing beautifully, and though we’re still getting some warm days there’s a wonderful crispness in the air.

  287. those glasses couldnt be any cuter!!!

  288. Little Nella in her denim coat is to die for!

  289. How adorable! Rockin’ the eyeglasses, just one more cool accessorie…just wait..big sister is gonna want a pair too! Time for designers to get on board and get lots of fun specs for kids.

  290. I’ve been reading your blog since Sweet Nella was born. You have made me laugh,cry, “Awwww..” out loud, yell for my girls to come look and beg my husband to find me my own Isle of Capri!
    I have enjoyed from afar without commenting.
    But then I saw the pictures of Nella the Professor.
    I have to tell you, they are my favorite pics of her so far! So adorable!!
    Your blog is Awesome…thanks for sharing your adventures with us :0)

  291. Oh, Kelle! Nella looks awesome in her glasses. I LOVE the Professor. Supercute!

  292. That’s the dang cutes professor I’ve ever seen. Nella is way too adorable with her little glasses on! I love it.

  293. Had to come back again today… just to get another look at the professor. She is just precious and brings a smile to my face!

  294. For-crying-out-loud, these are CUTE!!

  295. Your girls are beautiful, and I always feel a bit of nostalgia when I see a wee one with glasses, takes me back to my sister getting them – so, so cute! I know they are necessary, but that doesn’t stop it from being way too adorable.

  296. Nella looks adorable in her glasses! Your girls are beautiful!

    And those necklaces…I’ve put them in favorites and am showing my husband…because of you, my Christmas list keeps growing! :)

    Thanks for sharing, Kelle.

  297. LOVE!!!!!!!! the glasses are brilliant as are the kids and your pictures!

    Now I must go make pie…..

  298. Nella looks so cute in glasses! I have a love for little kids in glasses. My son has had glasses since he was two because one of his eyes turned in. You will get used to her wearing them and then after awhile you will think she looks different without them on.

  299. can i admit that i got choked up & misty eyed seeing those sweet almond eyes in her frames…simply beautiful. πŸ˜‰

  300. Could almond eyes, dancing with the joy of discover, look any more delicious than when traced in oval frames? Ah, she is the professor…because she teaches us so much about life and love, perfection and purpose. I knew, when I would stare at her under the soft glow of billirubin lights, that she would take us into wonderful places–meadows of meaning and cubbyholes of reflection. She looks so wise. Ah, what a gift she is. She is so perfectly Nella!

  301. Oh Gosh is Nella bean not the cutest professor in the world??!! She is just the cutest Kell!
    And I must tell you to get a picture of you, your mama and Little Lainey because the trio of resemblance is just too much!
    Love the love coming from these photos and that cinnamony scent!

  302. As if I didn’t love Nella so much already, “The Professor” is amazing! :)

  303. As if I didn’t love Nella so much already, “The Professor” is amazing! :)

  304. Hi Kelle,
    Confession: I found your blog a few weeks ago. I totally fell in love with this little place of happiness and soul feeding goodness. In fact, I even ration out your older posts so I don’t get through them all too quickly! Your words help me to remember that this life is beautiful but oh, so very short. I too love to squeeze the heck out of each and every day…and your blog just adds to the beauty of each day. Your family is lovely.

    Anyways, I came across this website today and I was like, “I bet Kelle would like these”, you know, cause we’re friends and all! haha, anyways, just passing on the link. Keep on keeping on!

    Erin from Ontario (where fall is in full swing)

  305. Aw, how cute is she in those glasses xxx

  306. I just MELTED seeing Nella in those glasses!!! Girlfriend is a ROCKSTAR in them!!!

  307. Some of these comments give me that “pain behind the eyes I know I’m going to cry” feeling. You are all such sweet sisters in this family. I have to be a bit braggadocia and tell you that, a few posts back, Lainey was wearing glasses. They were just frames–funky and fashionable. You see, we knew then that Nella would soon be wearing glasses and Kelle–I was impressed–wanted to soften the change for Lainey, so she picked up some fun glasses and Lainey loved wearing them. So, when Nella finally got her glasses–it was seen as more fun fashion than function. I think that was pretty cool. But then, I’m the proud Poppa! Peace out!

  308. Oh yeah, want…..NEED, a POSTER SIZE picture of that darling, delish NELLA BEAN in those glasses!! SHE ROCKS!! I am addicted to that stinkin cute face….REALLY!!! I come back here a few times a day just to get my “Nella Fix!” Once she start chatting & babbling, you are going to have to be doing more of the flip videos……..I mean pictures just won’t do then!

  309. Those are the cutest, sweetest glasses I’ve ever seen. Sweet Nella!

  310. Nella is soooooo beautiful..ill admit it, i was a little bummed to hear about the glasses, but i mean woah little girl looks fly! :) I’m not sure anything can damper her preciousnes!!

  311. I love the glasses!!!
    Enjoy the mama time :)

  312. Much like everyone else….LOVE LOVE LOVE the glasses!!! I aim one day to make it down to your corner to explore another seaside world as yours seems so completely different than mine. Thank you for sharing your part of it!

  313. This comment has been removed by the author.

  314. Nella is so adorable in those little glasses!!

    Thought I’d pass on a link to Specs4Us – They are frames specifically designed for kiddos with DS. They are very cute frames and fit small little faces with small nose bridges really well :).

  315. I am in love with those glasses, I think little children in glasses are some of the cutest things. I would love a pair like that to. I love your blog, I read everytime there is something new. Once I started I can not stop! The way you write about your girls and the little things as made me look at the little things as being the big things in life. Thanks your worlds and pictures they are great!

  316. I totally have a sweet-spot for babies in glasses! Nella is such a doll! Lainey is a cutie, too. Loved your Parents article! Love your blog!!! You’re too cool for school!!!

  317. Not sure if I ever saw a baby look cuter in glasses! Absolutely adorable. I am sorry you are facing the glasses hurdle, but so thankful that you found a way to make it over and look cute at the same time!

  318. Ah, she’s such a doll baby! I’m sure someone has mentioned this to you before, but check out for frames made especially for kiddos with designer genes. My Kira has had two pairs of them and they fit beautifully. (And I am in no way compensated by them, just a fan.)

    Enjoy your pie and your mama!

  319. Ok…you’re right, I do want to leave a comment. Every time you post I want to leave a comment. To keep it to the point, you are an inspiration, Kelle! I love your love for life, family & friends. Your words & photographs bring tears to my eyes – happy tears. And they help me get refocused on the people & moments that mean so much to me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, passions & ideas with all of us.

  320. I can’t even stand it….Nella is sooooo cute in those glasses. Can you share where you got them and how you found such a perfect pair for her?

  321. Sorry Momma. As much as you will persevere and you have a great attitude it must have been hard to hear she needed glasses. I cant believe they can tell that in a baby so young. Makes me wonder if I should get my babies eyes checked (2 and 4 already…). But she does rock those glasses out adorably. But I have to ask, how will you get her to keep them on her beautiful angelic face? Wont she pull them off. I know mine would… hmmm XO

  322. There is no baby as cute in glasses as Nella. I actually carted my computer across the living room to show my hubby, who agreed–she’s adorable as the littlest professor.

    But Kelle, you have to help me…I’m lost on Grandma Chrissy. I’ve only been reading since Nella was born, and the family tree business is confusing me–your mom? Brent’s mom? Your grandma?

    Whichever, it’s totally none of my business, just curious. :)

  323. Those glasses are amazing! I needed glasses at such a young age and so long ago I had to wait until I got big enough to fit in a pair and then my choices were ugly and uglier. I cried the first time I had to wear them to first grade. Seriously, they were so bad I actually remember that day.

    Bottom line is that she is beautiful no matter what but those glasses are so stinkin’ cute! And her baby blues, boy do they shine:)

  324. I’ve been reading for a while. You are one of about three “strangers'” blogs I read. And you’re hands-down my favorite, even among my dear friends. Shh, don’t tell. Anyway, I just wanted to comment on this post because a) Nella’s glasses could not BE more cute, and b) my 2-year-old has been wearing glasses for several months now too, so I feel your pain. My Amelia’s eyes were always the most amazing part of her (and still are), and it broke my heart to think of covering them up. It still does. But it’s amazing how we moms just roll with these things – mainly because our amazing daughters show us how. Keep rolling like you always do, girl! You’re doing an amazing job!

  325. My Gracie bug worn glasses from 14 months to almost 2 years. Not a long time but I got so used to seeing them that it seemed strange when she was without them. I love this blog for answering all those glasses questions.


  326. Oh my gosh!!! We just went to the Opthamologist yesterday and also got a near-sighted diagnosis that requires glasses for our little Elijah, 5 months old (Ds)!! The glasses are ordered (pale blue, square frames, wrap around band…very cute but very practical since I’m a bit nervous as to whether he’ll actually wear them!)
    It’s fun to see you guys dealing with the same things, different gender: Our pale blue frames to Nella’s chocolate brown ones, our Boys Hip Hop classes (for my 3 year old) to Ballet classes for Lainey…
    It makes me smile…

  327. Lovin’ the professor! She is such a doll! Just gotta say how much I think she looks like her daddy in the picture where she is on all fours, ready to crawl! :)

  328. You must share where you got them from! They are gorgeous, but I think mostly because NELLA is gorgeous! I love it that you love to spend time with your mom. It’s a lost art for some.

  329. Somebody looks like their Mama!

  330. Nella is one of the most BEAUTIFUL girls I have EVER seen. She is the reason I started reading your blog and now I’ve fallen in love with the way you mother and the incredible way you find the positive in everything. Those glasses are the icing on the cake. I could seriously eat her up! She is simply gorgeous in and out, her spirit radiates through every pic :)

  331. Nella in her glasses is so ridiculously cute. And your mom is so gorgeous too. Nothing like having your mama around!

  332. Nella is rockin’ those glasses. She is quite stylish and looks fabulous.

    For the record, she looks fabulous without glasses too. :)

  333. Ok, so I squealed out loud in delight when I saw the picture of Nella and her new glasses! That is too cute! My husband inquired a confused “what?” at my reaction and looked over my shoulder in agreement that is TOO CUTE! And Lainey…she is STRIKING. So so beautiful! She has SO MUCH DEPTH to those deep lovely eyes. I am super jealous of the homemade pie. Enjoy your mama!

  334. Oh, my heart. Nella is too cute for words in those little glasses! This struck close to home on so many levels–we find out on Monday if my little one (6.5 months) needs glasses, and we discovered when my oldest was four that she’d likely needed them since she was an infant (oh the mama guilt on that one is TREMENDOUS). She’s rockin’ those frames like whoa, you picked amazingly!

  335. OMG…can she be any cuter! Those glasses are incredible!

    Welcome home!

  336. Love love love Baby Nella the Professor. Too adorable for words. And Kelle I love the term designer genes. She is too precious.

  337. Lovin the glasses….melts my heart!

  338. ABG, the lovely lady visiting Kelle and her family is Kelle’s mother. She lives in Michigan and gets down to spend time with Kelle several times a year. I am Kelle’s dad. We are divorced but are good friends…I hope she would say that! She playes the piano incredibly, knows her way around the kitchen like a pro, knits, sews and loves on her babies like she was born to do this. She, interestingly, is a twin. Her hair was always deep brunette…then she kept it that way with some help. A few years ago, she decided to free this beautiful silver hair from its hiding place–and everyone celebrated. Hope that helps.

  339. Rik…once again I wanna hug you. My parents divorced when I was 6. They HATE each other. despise. Talk horribly about each other. You, sir, are a class act.

  340. Oh good Lord. Those glasses. That has to be one of the cutest things ever.

  341. Hey, the lady’s a jewel. When my children gush over their great mom, I want them to remember…I chose her! Thanks for the comment, Michelle, but surely can’t we all celebrate the best and let go of the rest? It’s time.

  342. Okay…you’ve done it now!!!! You have posted the pix of all pix. Nella is officially the cutest baby I have ever seen IN.MY.LIFE. with those glasses on!!!!! LOVE THEM!

  343. Expert Opinion–’tis one thing to possess the expert opinion, ’tis another to express it with grace and eloquence.

  344. Nella’s glasses are the cutest thing I have ever seen…ever! And now I’m going to go make myself an apple pie. Happy Fall!

  345. OK…this link is funny and totally makes me think of something you’d do. AND it happened a few miles away from Missoula. :-)

  346. Agreed, Rik and Michelle! Nodding here with tears stinging my eyes…my parents are also divorced and it took years and a couple of grandkids before everyone could be in the same room. It’s still not comfortable AT ALL. I love seeing examples of other ways to “do” difficult things like divorce, and just life in general. Good Lord, I just love this blog…and stocking feet/funky shoe pictures πŸ˜‰

  347. Nella looks SO cute! My daughter also needs glasses – she’s 2 – but we can NOT get her to keep them on! She takes them off, folds them neatly, then chucks them and signs “All Done”.She’s wrecked one pair already…. Sigh…

    But way to go Nella in the pre-crawling position. She looks SO strong, Kelle.

  348. We all know how cute yer lil ladies are… but those glasses? SO STINKIN CUTE!! :)

  349. Kelle, my grandson (now 4) was born 16 weeks early at 1# 10oz, he’s healthy for the most part, but because of his severe prematurity his eyes suffered great damage and he’s nearly blind in his right eye, he actually started wearing contacts at about 3 months and now wears tough boy glasses…be glad for technology that will help little Nelle to see all the wonders that life has to offer and that includes your beautiful face..also, do me a favor.. if you ever run into my grandson, Gabriel, don’t mention the blind thing because he doesn’t know haha, his glasses help him see and that’s all that matters to him because it’s not fun walking around bumping into things. You have so much to be grateful for Kelle, glasses will just enrich her precious life. And, oh my goodness, she totally rocks them!

  350. oh nella looks so precious in those glasses!
    my grandaughter emily thinks nella and lainey are her cousins caus i look at their pics so much!
    she said to me “maw maw lets go to lainey and nellas house to see nella in her new glasses caus shes soooo cute!

  351. The glasses are adorable! I hope that she keeps them on for you. That part is important. You might want to invest in a strap so that they stay on. And be sure that she is looking through the glasses, not over them. I am an eye doc my profession. :)

  352. I still love reading your blog. I grabbed your button to put on my blog so that others could experience the goodness. And by the way, Nella rocks her specs!

  353. Poppa RIK – love all your posts, AS ALWAYS. To JENNEY – I know, it is so hard to lose one’s mom. They’re always in one’s heart and one thinks about them always, as you said, but some things make one miss them even more – like witnessing Kelle and her mom together here. Kelle, you are so blessed to have such a big, loving family~ And to EXPERT OPINION, what the – – -?! I think your POST is a bit creepy, not the photos from the knee down! But thats just my expert opinion.

  354. Another beautiful post and so filled with positivity and happiness.
    I just lost my Mum a few weeks ago and it brings it home to see such simple mother-daughter experiences shared. Treasure her for as long as you have her because no-one can ever fill the gap that is left behind.
    Keep up the beautiful posts!

  355. Nella looks super adorable in her glasses! LOVE them!

  356. My daughter needed glasses at 3 months and like you the dr. acted like it was no big deal. Even though it really isn’t it was still something to get used to! Like my daughter, Nella looks just a beautiful in her glasses as she did without them! She is adorable!

  357. Nella is precious in those tiny frames. Your posts and pictures make me smile every time, and these are no exception. Have fun with your mom.

  358. Once again you have made me feel part of the family. Like I’m a friend who are telling a story to. I always look forward to reading what’s next. Your family is beautiful!

  359. if anyone could rock out glasses it would be Nella. And my how she does! It’s great that you caught the need for super cute professor glasses early- with a busy, colorful, love-filled life like you guys have she won’t have to miss a single thing because of her sight. Good Job mom, she looks even more adorable!

  360. Oh my little Professor Pea-body! You look like my Jadee!

    See the world in all it’s clarity sweet pea…

    Kelle~ I miss my Mom, I envy you for having your’s there with you sharing in your life and knowing her grandchildren…capture every moment you can.

    Rock those rainboots Lainey!

  361. Love your little professor and perspective on life. Thanks for sharing your journey…

  362. nella gets cuter by the day….you bless me….

  363. We just found out last week that Quinn needs glasses as well… turns out he is farsighted. Ugh… felt like a sucker-punch since we have had his eyes checked every 6 months & thought everything was okay in that department. So I know just how you felt hearing that. After a brief pity-party the ‘roll with it’ attitude keeps things moving along… I know he will rock his glasses as much as your beautiful Nella bean!
    Enjoy your Mama’s visit…

  364. When she starts standing more, I would invest in a couple pairs of the hip helpers (
    They help keep the hips together for standing and beginning walking. She’s doing so amazing! I love your photos!

  365. You inspired me to “invest” in a camera ( Canon Rebel T2i 18-mp)….never even considered it until I read the way you (and heidi) make it sound doable. Canon should give you a kick back!!!

    I’ve got a lot to learn but for tonight, I’m in love with automatic! I just had to share…Sarah

  366. LOVE the professor photos!!! Sooo precious! Enjoy your mom’s visit! My mom just headed back to Florida from a week visit with us. Sob!

  367. xoxo!
    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

    ps….you know you have a Prada connection…………… :)

  368. Love it! Nothing like Momma! Nella’s professorship is well earned – love the pics. Lainey and your mom look super cute together. *sigh* family love is the best!

  369. CAN your kids get ANY cuter?!? I love Nella in those glasses. She is just so squeezable!

  370. THOSE GLASSES. I have glasses envy. She rocks those frames so hard.

  371. Ok she looks SOOoooOOOOooo darling in those glasses!! What a perfect little face :) And I have to say your mama is just as beautiful as you are!! Love love this post πŸ˜›

  372. My sweet Cali(6months) has the same dress as Lainey Love! Target clearance baby πŸ˜€

    Little professor is a sweet one, so presh!


  373. Precious in those glasses!!

  374. I can see how the glasses would have come as a shock, but she totally pulls them off like a rock star!

  375. I was born severely cross eyed (strabismus) and have had a total of four laser surgeries – the first when I was six months old. And I had to have glasses when I was very young and I remember my Mom telling me how much it broke her heart to see me in them – but I was SO proud of them. :)

    And Nella just gets more and more beautiful.

    And now? Now I want pie.

  376. This comment has been removed by the author.

  377. Sweet Nella will look as beautiful as Grandma Krissy in glasses! Adore the pics. She is perfect!!
    Happy Fall Ya’ll! Enjoy!!

  378. Oh my word those glasses are tooo cute! Congrats Nella on getting up on all fours- GO GO GO! Awesome. Love your blog, I come back all the time…And always leave refreshed!

  379. I always sneak a peek at your pics before I read and I thought you put her in little designer glasses just cause they were cute :) she wears them well!

    enjoy your mom.

  380. Kelle,

    Nella looks so stinking adorable!!! I never thought she could get any cuter than she is and now the glasses have done it! She is such a precious baby doll! Lainey is just a sweet little pumpkin! I look forward to each and every one of your posts because your words are beyond inspiring! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing you life with all of us!!

    Erin Dedrick

  381. That there is one darling professor! I could eat her up!

  382. Can you post a link to where you found those glasses? My daughter is two but has to wear infant size glasses bc her head is tiny. Those are exactly what I wanted but couldn’t find! I just love them!!

    I love reading your blog!!!

  383. She looks beyond adorable in those glasses! LOVE THEM!

  384. Nella looks super adorable! I love fall.. and all the things you mentioned.

  385. She can rock the glasses! It reminds me of my little sister (15 years younger than myself). She is perfect too! And she had to wear an eye patch for a few years because she had a lazy eye and would take full advantage of freaking out anyone she could by looking at them and letting her eye drift! I loved it, but it needed to be addressed, so we got the patches and turned it into art class! We all took turns decorating her eye patch and away she went with stylin and very colorful eye patches! I don’t think you lack a bit of love or creativity, so Miss Nella will look precious! You are all in my prayers!
    A Very Fond Reader and Lover of Love!

  386. Well, I have fallen shamelessly in love with you, your blog and your family tonight! So crazy… doing some party research and someone mentioned your fairy bday party and posted your link. WOW! didnt plan to cry my eyes out tonight. Never did find the party even after reading almost all your posts… I smile and my heart fills with joy everytime I see that lil face of Nella’s and then when she is laughing or smiling… SIGH and then… you scrapbook and then… I see an Everyday Display on the wall… LOL Anyway, just had to share how much I so connect with your heart, “realness” <3 and celebrating & savoring life. My heart is full tonight THX!!!! xoxox

  387. Second comment on one post – a first! But I had to tell you I picked up the magazine today and LOVED the article. It was nice reading the story again, especially knowing how you are “living happily ever after” despite the unexpected start. What a blessing little Nella is to all of us – who knew what an impact she would have on so many people.

    And keep taking those feet pictures. I happen to LOVE them and try my best to take them of my kids as well. But I have to tell you, boy shoes and feet are not as sweet! :)

    Oh and while I am on a role, my son is a few weeks older than Nella and is not crawling yet. I think she is going to do it first, go Nella!

    Hugs from Iowa,


  388. Kelle – this was so gonna be a short post – at #389, it should be! I wanted to say how cute the little Professor is in her glasses, & ask if Grandma made the adorable hat Nella is modeling. I wanted to say how I love the pictures of Lainey’s boots under her skirt. As our kids grow, we kind of forget how adorable their little shoes, boots & feet were! I love the reminders. I was also going to comment how secure Lainey is in Grandma’s love, as they share a hug, & that was pretty much gonna be my post!

    Then I read Rik’s comments about your Mom & my eyes teared to the point, I couldn’t see my monitor for abit!

    Though I would never assume that I have lived the same life as someone else, unless I had in-depth knowledge of their life, I am fairly certain that I may have shared some parallel experiences with your folks.

    In 1980, after 10 years of an amazing friendship, 8 years of marriage, & the most beautiful 5 year old ever born!, my husband told me, through his tears, that despite the deep love he felt,he couldn’t stay married to me – that he’d held a secret for all of his adult years, & knew that the time had come for him to live honestly.

    Was it gawd-awful? You bet! But we knew, even on that sad night, that we didn’t want to lose our friendship. I knew he was an amazing Dad, & I didn’t want our daughter to lose out on a relationship with this wise, funny, witty, energetic, charismatic man who was to her, simply her beloved Daddy – without any other label attached.

    In 1980 there wasn’t much ‘help’ for people in our situation, but we did fine. We believed as long as we loved our little girl & respected each other, we couldn’t go far wrong.

    And we did good! (if I say so myself).

    No-one could see what lay in store for us.

    In 1986, my wise, funny friend, who was also my ex husband & Daddy to my daughter, was diagnosed with AIDS.

    For a year, we fought it with the limited resources that were 1986. We laughed together, we cried together, we planned. Sometimes we pretended it wasn’t real! I told our baby – he couldn’t face telling her. Little soldier that she was, she cried & then rose to the occasion, supporting her Daddy with hugs & laughter, & report cards, school pictures & funny stories, & once in awhile some tears.

    When he got too weak to live alone – well – he came home, where he slipped peacefully away, almost a year to the day from his diagnosis – holding my hand in one of his, & the hand of his dearest friend in the other.

    He often told me that he couldn’t have lived his life so honestly, without my support & love, & during that year, he repeatedly told me that he didn’t think he could walk that road either, without me there to walk with him.

    I miss him often during each year. When I look at our beautiful daughter, happily married, funny, compassionate, accomplished, I wish he was still here so I could say to him, “we did good, huh?!”!

    I truly missed him tonight, when I read Rik’s comments – because I know that if Phillip were still here, he’d be saying those same things to/about me – that in 2010, at 60 & 63, we’d still be saluting each other.

    So Rik, thanks for your words. I’m gonna close my eyes & pretend that my Phillip was talking through your keyboard – at least a little bit, to me tonight! Now – I’m gonna stop, because my monitor is getting blurry again, & it ain’t my bad eyesight!

    Kelle – I totally can’t believe how I’ve gone on & on. Sometimes I swear I put my fingers on my keyboard, & it just takes off on me!

    Your blog is not about me(!), & I won’t be the least bit insulted if you crop/edit/delete my post! Talk about lengthy!! If you delete it, please pass along my thanks to your Dad for his kind words to your Mom – & to your Mom for recognizing that because one part of a relationship fails, the whole darn thing doesn’t have to!….Rosemary

  389. I haven’t stopped by your blog in so long. I always mean to & then there seem to be a bajillion things that come up & before I know it, another day has come and gone. I just can’t get over how Lainey has grown evermore into the beautiful young girl she has always been. And sweet Nella..sitting & standing. Wow! We all know how easily time can slip away from us & of course how are littles grow so fast before our eyes, but it’s never more apparent than when we’ve been away from somewhere for a little while & then stop back again. I can’t wait to catch up on all of your wonderful goings-on. And I must say that Nella’s glasses are like the sweet cherry on top of an already delicious, decadent ice cream sundae. And you know she knows she’s rockin those babies OUT! :)

  390. Oh wow those glasses are the cutest thing EVER. She is so darling. Hope you had a great time with grandma.

  391. Rosemary, I was really moved by your comment. You are Grace. I’m sure it can’t have been easy but you took the high road.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  392. Kelle,
    Nella is so cute in glasses!! I love to come here and see the beauty from your lenses. Enjoy each second of your family time, because it is very nice to have mommy around.

  393. Just love the introduction of The Professor!!!! So cool. You definitely rock. Greetings from a fresh, cold, sunny & golden autumn day in Norway :-)

  394. Oh, but Rosemary, this blog IS about you, it is about nurturing love and fostering friendship in whatever form and “family” it reveals itself. It is about building up, about holding a hand through a dark night, is is about celebrating the “little soldier” in all our children. Your story was beautiful; Your love was exquisite. And I am sure, your Phillip always loved you and loves you still. Such transitions are not a rejection of another, but a meeting with one’s self so relationships can be real and honese–even with that “other” who will always be in your heart. Be blessed today.

  395. lightkeepersdaughter,
    ~God bless you~
    you have amazing strength
    and an amazing heart.
    God put people like yourself here
    to show the rest of us how to truly love.

  396. oh good grief. the glasses!!! LOVE!!

    hi krissy!

  397. Seriously amazing pictures!!! Love the glasses!!!! And, there is nothing like a good fresh baked apple pie – especially by mom/grandma!!

  398. Seriously amazing pictures!!! Love the glasses!!!! And, there is nothing like a good fresh baked apple pie – especially by mom/grandma!!

  399. OMG. Those glasses are the cutest thing EVER. Those pictures just made my Monday get a whole lot better. =)

  400. Omygosh, those glasses are too much. She is the most adorable little thing. I can hardly stand it.

  401. I have never seen anyone look cuter in glasses!

  402. nella looks precious in her glasses!! and i am so proud of her on her hands and knees too!! we are still working on little z – he’s got the rolling thing down and loves it but does not like to be on his hands and knees yet. and i’m not a baker but all this talk of apple pie is making me want to be one right now. have a wonderful week, i don’t always post but i love to follow along. :o)

  403. nella looks precious in her glasses!! and i am so proud of her on her hands and knees too!! we are still working on little z – he’s got the rolling thing down and loves it but does not like to be on his hands and knees yet. and i’m not a baker but all this talk of apple pie is making me want to be one right now. have a wonderful week, i don’t always post but i love to follow along. :o)

  404. nella looks precious in her glasses!! and i am so proud of her on her hands and knees too!! we are still working on little z – he’s got the rolling thing down and loves it but does not like to be on his hands and knees yet. and i’m not a baker but all this talk of apple pie is making me want to be one right now. have a wonderful week, i don’t always post but i love to follow along. :o)

  405. nella looks precious in her glasses!! and i am so proud of her on her hands and knees too!! we are still working on little z – he’s got the rolling thing down and loves it but does not like to be on his hands and knees yet. and i’m not a baker but all this talk of apple pie is making me want to be one right now. have a wonderful week, i don’t always post but i love to follow along. :o)

  406. OH, ROSEMARY!! I CRIED, truly, when I read your comment. Such beauty, strength, and truth. Oh, what a love story. For that is what it is, regardless of outcome. You and your Phillip, two amazing people. Actually, this issue recently affected a close relative of mine. I started reading and found out this is quite prevalent in occurence, happening in marriages. There is even a group called Straight Wives Network. But, really, thanks for sharing such a touching story. And I think this blog is for all of us, this family/community created here – so many connections!

  407. Way to go Nella bean!! My little Kovi shares your bday and I love seeing how both of you reach your milestones at the same time. You have one great PT, wish he would come to NY area, we’re in need of some.

  408. Way to go Nella bean!! My little Kovi shares your bday and I love seeing how both of you reach your milestones at the same time. You have one great PT, wish he would come to NY area, we’re in need of some.

  409. -Apple pie looks delish!
    -Nella on all fours! Man, she is an overachiever! ha! My daughter starting crawling at 17 months and I still remember our squeals of excitement that could have been heard miles away!
    -Professor Nella. Changing the world with her smiles.
    -Bel Kai desgins. I so want every necklace on the website.

    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

    And, to Rosemary – What a beautiful story! I cried reading the first time and yet again when I read to my husband! What love! Hats off to you. For sure, “you did good”.

  410. Rik, iCollussus,Cathy & LindaMG – thank-you for your beautiful words!

    When you’ve experienced a great love – it’s always a great love, even if it doesn’t last in its ‘conventional’ form, for a lifetime.

    I was blessed by the love Phillip & I shared…..and, I was blessed again by your responses to me.

    “Such transitions are not a rejection of another”…….Rik, that’s brilliant! I’ve tried to articulate that in my conversations with others for 30 years – and there it is – right in front of me! Thank-you! :)

    And finally – Kelle – I promise to n.e.v.e.r! hog so much of your ‘response-space’ again! :) … Rosemary

  411. ADORABLE!

  412. Love the pictures of Nella and your mom. Reminds me of when I was told my 1 year old son needed glasses. I started to cry at the eye doctors and he was just looking at me and then “it is not that bad”. It is worse for you then it is for him. You are such an inspiration to me on a daily basis! Thank you Kelle!!!!!

  413. Oh Rosemary, i bet Kelle does not think you were “hogging” the space here. I sure don’t. Your words, again, are lovely. ANd YES< RIK always writes the greatest words. I, too, love about “these transitions are not rejection of..”.

  414. I just discovered your blog a few months ago, and I am just amazed by your beautiful kiddos & your beautiful pictures! I especially love this post because my little Elyse got glasses when she was 13 months old. I still remember the big lump in my throat when our ophthalmologist confirmed that she was farsighted & need them asap. I really had no living idea how she would handle them, but other moms encouraged me with the “she’s young enough..” argument, and they were right :) Nella could not look sweeter – if only I had an ounce of your fashion sense – those frames are too cute!

  415. Hi my name is Jill and I have enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your beautiful pictures. My life has seemed to have taken the same turn your has. On September 8, 2010 I gave birth to our second child, a little girl. Her name is Emery and she has Down Syndrome. My husband and I were and still are shocked and full of emotions. Emery is just preciuos! My son, Carson, is 22 months older than Emery. He loves his ‘sissy’ very much. We are not sure where our life is headed but we know that the Lord will make it great for our entire family. My thoughts and prayers are with you family.

  416. This comment has been removed by the author.

  417. Hi my name is Jill and I have enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your beautiful pictures. My life has seemed to have taken the same turn your has. On September 8, 2010 I gave birth to our second child, a little girl. Her name is Emery and she has Down Syndrome. My husband and I were and still are shocked and full of emotions. Emery is just preciuos! My son, Carson, is 22 months older than Emery. He loves his ‘sissy’ very much. We are not sure where our life is headed but we know that the Lord will make it great for our entire family. My thoughts and prayers are with you family.

  418. Hey Kelle,
    I have been following your blog for a while now and I just LOVE it! You are such an inspiration. Your photos are amazing, your words are so heart felt and you and your girls are stunning!
    After seeing Miss Nella in those cute little glasses I had to comment! How gorgeous is she :)

  419. Kelle – those specs on Nella are REDONK! :) She is most certainly the cutest little professor I have ever seen. Wish I had her in some of my college classes… would have been more fun.

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