The Never Ending Story


You know the annoying guy at the party who tells the same story every time? And you’re like, “Dude, we’ve heard this story fifty billion times, shut up” but he’s oblivious to your annoyance and he keeps going, chugging his drink and excitedly flailing his hands as he gets to the climax even though you know exactly what happens because you’ve heard it fifty billion times before…

With that said…

So, there’s this place we go on Sundays.


And I’ll cut to the chase.

Long story short…we like it. We like this place.


Friends joined us again. And we rolled in early, when the tide was high and the legs of the beach tables were sinking and slipping and the waters of the bay nearly kissed the edge of the tiki bar. So we swam and sipped and savored our walks up and down the little beach in search of shells and sticks and critters. We found them.




What the? We think this is a starfish of some sorts. Its stringy tentacles moved like worms. Ew.

And watching it all from my chair under the umbrella had me thinking about how my Florida girls will talk about these days years from now…how they will tell stories of shelling and crabbing and chasing dogs along the dock.



And I will smile and tell them that they learned to walk on those sands, that they tasted their first bites grouper on that shore and that their sweaty little bodies took naps in the shade, snuggled peacefully against towels over heaps of warm sand.


This is my favorite church. This is where I feel “it” the most. And whether its the rich friendship that rises with the tide from the friends that join us or the fact that at any given moment, my eyes can dart from Brett to the boys to my girls to my friends and be met with this obvious enjoyment and drunk-on-life enthusiasm, I breathe the salty air of this place in deep breaths and feel so fulfilled.







Beach blood runs deep in the veins of my girls. They eat sand and get dock slivers and will be able to tell the difference between high tide and low before kindergarten.



I may miss my Michigan Autumns but raising salty sea babies is just as grand.


And so is basking in Capri Sun all afternoon with a shore scattered with people you dig and littles you love.








And my favorite?
Definitely the salty craters.
It happens every time we come. When the sun starts to sink and the tide sleepily slips back, revealing the magic of a long stretch of craters cradling salty puddles. The best shells and critters skim to the surface and the open puddled terrain calls for skipping and crater-hopping and inventing fun games that make you look silly to the diners inside the window glow watching.
But we don’t care. We don’t care because our babies are happy and the sun is magic and life feels pretty much amazing right now.



Night Capri posseses its own magic, different from Day Capri but just as enchanting.

Brett’s eyes were closed, so I fixed it. There. Can’t even tell.

Fifty years from now, I don’t know what I’ll remember. I bet a lot of things I think are important now will be pretty silly when I look back. And I’m sure things I think are presently challenging will be small in comparison to the great big picture I’ll have at the end of all this. I tell myself that a lot when I step foot on the Worrying Road, especially with our added concerns. And I always come back to the place of stripping life down to the bare bones of the essentials. Of what really matters. And this? This Isle of Capri thing we got going? This matters. I’m pretty sure my last words aren’t going to be “Thank God I drove a car.” But you can be damned sure I’ll be talking about our place and our sunsets and the way the tide pooled up in the moonlight and the way we danced with the babies on the wood floors of the tiki bar and drank cold beer with friends until the moon slipped behind the bay.

That, my Friends, is the magic of the Never Ending Story.



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  1. Absolutely LOVE your magic isle. Sun-kissed skin, dried-salty-swimsuits & ice-cold beer… sounds like heaven! I, for one, am honored to listen to your isle-o-capri stories again & again.
    Happy week!

  2. LOVE it!! I laughed out loud at your fix of Brett’s eyes…thanks for that :)

  3. I am so much more inspired, better, more patient and tuned in since I discovered your site this past weekend

    How can I ever thank you for sharing so much in such a way…thank you thank you thank you.

    Rebecca frame

  4. Loved the pic of Lainey and the dog.

    Loved the pic of Nella sitting in the water smiling big

    Heck, I loved all the pics

  5. oh sigh…it’s always SUCH a joy to read your words. i was having dinner last night with a dear friend and we both said that coming to your blog is our little dose of Prozac! :-)

    all the photos are gorgeous- but that one of you, brett, and nella? it’s the BEST!!!




  6. the pic of lainie and the dog is absolutely stunning and i love nella’s gleeful smiles when she is in the water!

  7. That’s a serpent starfish. :)

  8. I will now continue to dream of the Isle of Capri! Keep on sharing! Still looking for our family’s own “Isle of Capri” getaway taste of sweetness. :)

  9. Your isle of capri reminds me of my family’s favorite beach in Florida-The Lighthouse beach on Sanibel. Looking at your pictures makes me miss FL!

  10. I’ve been following for a while, but this is my first time commenting. I just wanted to say how much I love love LOVE that foursome grouping of you and Nella. Such a sweet little glimpse of a mother/daughter bond. They are beautiful!! Thanks for the little dose of sunshine :)

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  13. What kind of wacko sunglasses is Brett wearing, I first thought. Then I saw your caption and lost it!

    Still giggling now, trying to keep it down so I don’t wake anyone up. OMG hilarious!

    Look how Nella is standing up!!!! So exciting.

    Love seeing these pics, wish we could be there with you guys!

  14. Looks like an amazing time! Hi, Im new to your blog :) read your story of your daughter, heartwarming. I love your strength and courage!

  15. My husband were in Naples area this weekend and I insisted that we needed to visit Isle of Capri since I’ve heard so much about it on your blog. You must have a secret location, or friends there. We did not see any public areas, just houses. We ended up going to the Naples pier and Marco Island, but had a great time just the same.

  16. I would love to listen to your story over and over and over again!!! Some amazing memories were captured but my fav photos this post have to be you and Nella sitting on the beach. Her smiles are absolutely heartwarming :)

  17. We live two hours away from your beloved Isle of Capri and I’m really starting to think we need to take a day trip out that way–every time you post pictures I think, holy cow, my girls would have a blast on that kind of beach!

  18. Look at Nella’s cute baby chub!! As it has rained ALL day here in Vancouver and we have exchanged the summer quilt for the duvet tonight, I appreciated this beachy post as a last hit of summer. Here’s to a great back to school week for all my fellow Canuck readers and a great start to September for everyone else! Thanks again for sharing & inspiring Kelle.

  19. when ever my nights are hard and I lay down frusterated. Frusterated that I was frusterated with kids b4 they went to bed and my 8 year old had to help me relax by rubbing my legs……I come to your blog and you put it all back in to perspective. And i want to run into their rooms and wake them up and make it better and kiss them until we run out of kisses (which will be never) and i just need to say Thank You Kelle

  20. I think I need to join your church… I’m feelin “it” just from the pictures!! Absolutely love the starry night and Brett’s eyes… Not to mention Nella sitting up in the water. She’s getting so big!!

    Random question – I remember reading about fingerprint necklaces awhile back on your blog and have searched with no success for the link. I want to order a necklace for my sister who recently had a baby and I’m thinkin that’s gonna be pretty hard to do without the link ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tried googling it and didn’t find ‘the’ site…

    Glad you had a great holiday weekend!!
    Check out my blog if you get a chance


  21. You need a book woman! Or your own movie! Or…a TV show! Oprah, make it happen.

  22. I’ll take that Isle of Capri in a bottle please and send in to California. I live at the beach and we have a personal spot but nothing as magical as the Isle.

    The joy on your faces is priceless. Salty sea babies are the bomb! Looks like Nella is really enjoying the water. Love the pic of Lainey and her friend sharing a little kiss. Sweet.

    Happy week to you.

    Lisa in CA

  23. Starry, starry night. Oh, yes, the Never Ending story. I love it. Kelle, i don’t care if you tell the story of Isle of Capri 500 times. I could no more tire of reading about it, than you could tire of being there! I am just jealous. Yes, I feel your ‘church’ and ‘it’ when i see your words and photos. I can just feel it. How wonderful, and family and friends too. You are truly blessed, my dear. You raising your ‘salty sea babies’ – LOVE it! You can just see happiness and contentment oozing from you. thanks for sharing it all with us~

  24. What a beautiful post. It is so important to stop and realize what is most important in life, thanks for reminding us all of that.

    And your family is gorgeous!

  25. I laughed out loud when I saw Brett’s eyes. And then I couldn’t look away. I hope I don’t see those eyes in my dreams tonight! LOL Bless your family, bless you… this blog brings me great JOY!!!!

  26. I love listening to your story over and over. I can’t get enough of the Isle of Capri. I am so glad your babies love the beach : )

  27. Oh but there are always new things to learn and discover. I think there is so much more beauty in revisiting one place, really knowing it, than in hopping about getting contact highs. I can’t wait to go to the Isles with you!

    Glad you found that writing inspiration…good on ya for giving up and moving on…nothing worse than forcing it only to delete. xo

  28. I agree, you ALMOST got away with fixing Brett’s eyes Kelle :p

    Great update, we have our own Isle-of-Capri here on the Gold Coast in Australia at Burleigh Beach- my haven, and I completely understand why you love everything about your salty place ♥

    Can’t wait for the next update!
    Best Wishes from Stacie in Australia

    Our Blog: Just Life

  29. I laughed out loud when I saw Brett’s eyes! LOL :) You’re too funny. Love this post!

  30. To Beth at FEAS613:
    Fingerprint necklaces can be found at but wait until the next post…cuz there’ll be a DISCOUNT!

  31. Seriously, I too laughed out loud at Brett’s eyes. At first I thought it was a red eye fix gone horribly wrong till I read your caption!! I will have to remember that the next time someone with closed eyes screws up an otherwise fabulous photo.


    PS I love the photos of you and Nella laughing in the water together. You can just feel the happiness seep off the monitor.



  32. I don’t even have to go there to LOVE your Isle of Capri! I feel its magic, I feel the warmth of its sun, I feel my heart smile at the very thought of being there with my loves. One day, one day soon, I’m going to leave my Australian shores and venture to your beautiful part of the world. We have been close, and we will be back, guaranteed! We have to…it’s on the bucket list! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, in writing that flows like velvetty chocolate. Beck xx

  33. I loooove Nella’s smile at the water coming up over her legs :-)

  34. Totally my sense of humor with what you did with Brett’s eyes! Lol!

    How about coming out to Malibu and hanging with my me and my blond little? A new sunset and beach to capture!

  35. Floridian love coming out from you and your gorgeous beach-baby girls. Those little sandy toes…it looks as wonderful as you describe it Kelle so no wonder you have fallen for the Capri place :-) Lou x

  36. I envy your Isle of Capri. I’m still in search of mine… I adore your blog. I was on a road trip to San Francisco for the first time with my best friend and my kids and we needed to make a gas/let-the-littles-stretch-their-legs stop and what do you know, the nearest city to stop in was called Santa Nella in CA. It made me smile and think of you and your sweet girl.

  37. Oh no!

    *pant, wheeze*

    Am I too late??

    I ran here *cough* as fast as I could *snort* to tell you just how AMAZING I think you are…..

    …..but I think a few million people may have beat me to the punch.

    No worries. I’m so very proud to be among your millions. :)

  38. I LOVE reading you Isle of Capri posts. Has inspired me to go find a special spot like that for my little family :o)

    Nella is getting so big, I love seeing her grow and blossom (and Lainey too for that matter!)

  39. It’s all about perspective baby. In this world it can be so hard to stay focused on what really matters and we may get sidetracked here and there but you have become my little compass that helps me find my way back.

    I love seeing nella’s hair come in-adorable.

  40. Aw.. Nella’s chubby little legs. She gets more beautiful every day!

  41. Absolutely LOVELY! :)

  42. Since discovering your blog Sunday evening, I haven’t stopped reading it! I came accross it through your birth story of Nella. Still cry just thinking about it! I’m addicted to birth stories and now totally addicted to your blog! It may inspire me to start one myself! Summer is just starting here in South Africa and looking forward to magical summer days!

  43. You know what I love? Babies that look like Winston Churchill when they laugh. Babies with Sumo wrestler legs. Babies that melt into a boneless puddle when they nap.

    I SO want to give Nella a squeeze and blow raspberries on her tummy.

    Love it, Deedah’s Dad

  44. Simply beautiful.

    A peace of heaven on earth definitely. One day I hope to visit there your photos make it look so inviting…

  45. I’ve never been but feel like I have, now. So beautiful.


  46. Kelle, your blog just makes me happy. Your girls are just beautiful, and the way you write about your life inspires me.

    Thank you!

  47. Thanks for the Happy Monday morning thoughts. Have a wonderful day.

  48. Love the pictures of you and Nella in the water. Lainey looks like she is just having a blast in her pictures!!!! Have a great Tuesday!

  49. You make it sound so lovely, I want to go there myself! Perhaps next time we go to Florida we’ll check it out.

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Nella standing in the water… her little chunky leg rolls are just ridiculously adorable!

  50. Tell it again, tell it again! Beautiful story.

    It must be kind of exciting to have your girls growing up with a whole different environment and beachy memories. They’ll have all your stories of Michigan and visits there, and you’ll have a kind of Florida childhood experience. I like it.

  51. your pictures are always so much fun to look at. You capture moments so well and the exposures are beautiful. Do you shoot in full manual more often or in partial manual modes when you have to take pictures quickly on the go? Your girls are SO cute!! Glad you had such a wonderful time!

  52. Casey…
    I toggle between Manual and Av. At IOC, always 100 ISO until it gets dark.

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  54. Nella on the beach is almost too much. Almost. Love, love, love.

  55. take me take me take me :)

  56. Ha! I love the fix to Brett’s eyes. You’re right. Can’t even tell. I thought he was wearing swim goggles!!

  57. I will never tire of your Isle of Capri stories. A perfect start to my day!

    Although I have to say, I am excited to see what those sweet littles will be for Halloween!!!!

  58. Don’t you worry your pretty little patootie about us getting sick and tired of hearing of your IOC! We are LOVING LOVING LOVING seeing the littles growing up there! I mean Nella Bean sitting in the water with that humongous grin on her face (OMG – I WANT IT IN POSTER SIZE!!), and Lainey Love kissing the pooch……really, you are enriching us ALL with the stories and photos of each visit! Carry on, girlfriend………
    (but keep working on the book!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  59. that isle better be paying you commission! lol. :) love the IOC posts!

  60. hehe ok I laughed at your intro…totally know that drunk guy. But I do love your isle stories and pics so it’s not like that ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love all the pics of the babies with their adorable bathing suits…love that little girl kissin’ the fish.
    Lastly, I loved, and laughed out loud at Brett’s eyes ๐Ÿ˜€ Going to do that to the next photo I have with eyes closed.

  61. LOVE the pictures of you and nella in the surf..

    and really, i just need to go to this magical place.

  62. As a mother of 5, with a set of twins where one has Down syndrome, I understand the looming Walk of Worry. Braden is 8 and I know I could worry about all kind of things for “later” but I’ve also come to realize that each and every day he is so easy to love, so easy to want to be with. When he was born I worried about what 3 would look like, what 7 would look like what 15, 25, 40 and well you get the picture. But really each of these days have slipped seamlessly into the next and the love – oh, the LOVE – just grows for my sweet boy! So, I’ve learned to not look far away into a future but to cherish each day and know that love will always lead the way!

  63. I love the way you fixed Brett’s eyes! It made me laugh! We were in the water all weekend as well! The Isle of Capri looks really lovely!

  64. I know what you mean about your “IT” place. The place where you feel most connected and spiritual. Mine is hiking in these big, beautiful mountains in Idaho and Montana. When I am trekking along a trail with my family all of the worries melt away and I feel peaceful and right with the world. I never get tired of hearing about your Isle of Capri. I would love to visit there with my family someday. It looks divine! So keep flailing your arms and telling the same old story! LOVE it. :) Malissa.

  65. Must be nice going on a mini-vacation every weekend! I think that’s what helps put things into perspective – getting out of the daily grind and into a magical world of making memories and not having a care. I’m jealous!

  66. Wonderful! Like a favorite story before bedtime … I want to hear it again and again and will never tire of it!
    The pic of Brett’s eyes is hysterical! You are a funny one!!

  67. Is that a brittle starfish? I can’t tell the difference between brittle and serpent half the time.

    Beautiful pictures. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

  68. I LOVE hearing your talk about your magical place, but to be completely honest….I may be a tad bit jealous!

  69. I LOVE hearing your talk about your magical place, but to be completely honest….I may be a tad bit jealous!

  70. Gorgeous.

    And I’m not even going to lie to you. I laughed out loud and Brett’s eyes and am STILL laughing at random times as I write this. I especially loved your caption. hahaha :)

  71. I am SO obsessed with your blog. It’s pretty pathetic how excited I get when I see that you’ve blogged a new post. Seriously, you’re fabulous. I love your writing. I love your photography. I adore your precious children. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life. How about y’all come up to Mississippi for a visit..I promise to babysit :)

  72. If I come down there, will you take me there? :) I want to go!

    Then, you can come up here and enjoy our autumn for a day or two…

    I will never get tired of hearing about this magical place.

  73. Absolutely LOVE Nella’s little chubs, she’s so beautiful! And I laughed out loud at how you fixed Brett’s eyes. Very professional! haha!!
    Sounds like another perfect weekend.

  74. Tears…
    your words move me each time I read them and today filled me with a longing for a place like the Isle to call “mine” on our Sundays!

  75. Yey! Just beautiful! Oh my goodness, Nella’s legs are delicious, those pics of you and her in the water are so sweet! I love your happy place and I feel inspired to find one of my own for our little family. i loved your previous blog too- about how you are inspired to write by the joy of your girls and being a Mum, this is so true for me too.

    Thanks again for sharing the magic!


  76. The photo and your comment about Brett’s eyes made me laugh out loud. That is so something that I would do.

  77. That looks like so much fun! We may be moving to Cape Coral or Fort Myers soon. I hope we can find a place like that if we do end up moving there. I, like you, will miss Fall and the changing of the leaves. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!

  78. i never get tired of hearing about your adventures.. even if it was the same thing! heehee!! & i enjoyed the pic of brett’s eyes! lol

  79. What a great day you had! I almost spit my coffee out when I saw that picture of Brett and those eyes!

  80. OMG! Totally cracking up at Brett’s eyes! Well done Kelle! Well done!

  81. Oh my! You make me want to go back to southern Florida again. Breathtaking!

  82. nice treat on a “Monday Morning” after a holiday Monday??? Hm?

  83. Nella’s little rolls on her legs in the wet sand — delicious!

    Awesome weekend! Love,

  84. Bwwwahhh at the pic of Bretts eyes! So funny! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of you and Nella in the water! Her smiles are priceless :)

  85. What a place!!! What a joy to find the place that gives you peace. Mine is any place with the ocean. Something about that magic of that water makes me feel better and that all will be ok!!!

  86. What a lovely day, felt like 3 weeks packed into a small amount of time.

  87. My family has a special place like this, too….it is perfect every time. Everyone needs an Isle of Capri!

  88. I grew up on a sleepy, white sand and pink shell-filled Florida beach. It was the best thing in the world. Your girls are very lucky and you’re right~they’ll remember!

  89. The picture of Nella in the sun bonnet – I just die. She is so precious. Your girls are so lucky to grow up by the water. And even more lucky to have a momma that makes the world a more joyful place.

  90. Oh KEl I love it. First, I LOVE the pic of Nella standing with you holding her….her little thighs look so cute and chubby! I wanna bite her! Kel I love that you not just live but embrace and beat the hell outta life. It brings out the best love. Your babes will not be able to recall their favorite present from you (unless its a car!) but they will forever and ever remember the days when their mama loved them and shared her love and life with them. I love it Kel.

  91. Your Isle of Capri and Stream of Conscience posts are my favorites. I love the picture of Nella in the sand with you holding her hands and her sweet little face cocked to the side with such a happy grin!

  92. I love your blog, but OMG that picture of the wormy tentacled starfish just about killed me. I have a serious phobia regarding fish and the next worst thing in my books is fish. Gross!! :)

  93. I too laughed out loud at your fix of your husband’s eyes. It is already “one of those days” and it is only 9:45 on a cold drizzly Alberta morning. You’re at the beach and I’m finding all our winter clothes…but an out-loud chuckle to start the day, that is a gift. Thank You.

  94. I am so glad I found your blog. We just had a precious little girl 3 weeks ago. We found out that she has Down syndrome when she was born. I have followed your example and started a blog, just hoping maybe I can help others know more and be inspired which exactly what your blog does for me. Thank you so much.

  95. I just have to tell you that I love your blog! I love all the pictures of your sweet girls and the way you write about them! Thanks for always putting a smile on my face!

  96. Love to be inspired by your photos… can’t wait to see your florida fall pictures…
    Nella’s legs are priceless.
    Brett’s eyes … too funny I thought it was sunglasses…3D style.

  97. Haha! I love Brett’s “eyes” there at the end. You crack me up. And that sweet good-night-moon pic of Nella – so cute. You guys are so adorable and heart-warming together. I love watching your lives through your beautiful photos – you are a lovely story teller. Thank you for sharing…again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  98. Great! Great photos! I love ALL your photography, but something about these were really touching! And yes Nella’s baby chub is super cute! LOVE IT! :) Sea side baby raising looks lovely, but here in Ontario, Canada we are bunkering down for blissful Autumn change – I’ll think of you as I watch the leaves change colour and you can think of us here as you swim well into the autumn months! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Blessings!

  99. wow. that smile on your sweet nella’s face is enchanting. thanks for sharing.

  100. My first comment:) i check in often and when Im feeling like i need some motivation to seize the day with my two girls I come catch up. Thanks for having this blog, i have a daughter with SN and love the positive outlook that reminds me that i am oh so fortunate. Your family is beautiful and your girls are so blessed to have such a fun creative momma!

  101. Plain LOVE IT!! No other words..simply a great reminder to drink up the small things in our lives!!

  102. I assure you…I will never tire of your beautiful enthusiastic descriptions of this beautiful place. It takes me there to the warm sun and happy babies while I sit in my cubicle in rainy seattle.

  103. I love your Isle of Capri updates…they make me drip with some of the deadly sins but I’ll make up for that somehow! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I’m in love with the photos of you and Nella in the water…they are breathtaking. After marvelling at your photos, I was bent on finding a way to replicate some of your editing techniques. I particularly love the Hipstamatic effects from your iPhone ap, however I’m a crackberry user so I didn’t want to have to purchase the iPhone just for that. I purchased PhotoShop Elements a few months ago and let me tell you, that little ruby should come with a warning that you’ll morph into an angry pirate whilst attempting to learn how to use it. But lo and behold, I have stumbled across something that works. And it’s Janita-proof so that’s saying something. Download Photoscape (free); it has some really cool features that can instantly transform your photos. Take a regular photo and apply the following film effects: cross process high, potra high…then adjust colour and saturation, apply vignette and a Cali 12 frame and VOILA! Pretty cool results. Thought I would share this info with all you wonderful peeps because it’s such a funky application. Thanks for inspiring us all, Kelle! (even us cheaters who can’t figure out how to use a real editing program!) Rock and roll. xo

  104. The eye fix was awesome!!!

    Love the Isle of Capri posts – they are never mundane…always exciting!!!


  105. This might be my favorite quote of all my favorite posts of your blog–This is my favorite church.

    THAT is how I feel when I am at the beach–which, sad to say, is only ONE week out of the year.

  106. awwww, love hearing about your Isle of Capri heavenly adventure. And the looks on Nella’s face when she’s digging deep into the sand crater, ooooooohhhhhh she’s loving’ it!
    The leaves are starting to change here in NH…the cool winds and still warm sun is our bit of heaven.

  107. I literally laughed out loud from “bretts eyes”

  108. LOL!!! I thought maybe something went wrong with the red eye removal, then I read your tiny caption! Hoo-larious! I live in OH so it is nice to ” be in the sun” with you and your family! When the leaves start falling I could send you some!

  109. Nothing better than water and sand and babies and friends! That’s how our best memories are made, too!

  110. I love how the isle of capri is like a character in your book–so wonderful to have a place nearby you love that deeply.

  111. I’ve never seen anything like that starfish – crazy!
    Love how you photo-edited…too funny.
    As with the other commenters, love reading about IOC. Inspires me to create a tradition that is more often than once or twice a year. Like karlitacat said, so great to get and keep the fresh perspective on life that vacationing often gives.

  112. I love your blog.

    Can you share the name of the font that you wrote the Isle of Capri message on the postcard in? Thanks!

  113. I had to laugh at Brett’s closed eyes, my 8 yr old was asking me what happened to them and I explained to her what you wrote…we had a good laugh!

    First day of school in Michigan today, we’re homeschooling but still start today too…fabulous weather right now!

  114. well, you already have about a ba-jillion comments telling you how awesome you are, so let’s top it off and make it a bajillion+1 :) your inspiration and exhuberance for life is intoxicating…i love it! i check daily to see if i can get my own dose of the isle of capri (via my desk in hot-as-hell arizona!) thank you for your style, your voice, your passion for life, and sharing it all with us!

  115. Oh how I love those chubby rolls around Nella’s knees! What beautiful pictures and a dreamy place – I live vicariously through you in your posts about the Isle of Capri!

  116. DUDE. you have your own petite ya-yas! love this story, even on the 50 billionth time. :)

  117. Love these photos of Nella, especially the one of her on the shore and you with her. She’s getting so big, and you can already see her personality starting to unfold. So cool! Thanks for sharing!

  118. There’s this song called Isle Of Capri by Frank Sinatra that made me think of you. Although the song is about a girl and the Isle Of Capri in Italy, it still made me think of you haha.

  119. OH MY leg rollies!! & love the quick fix eye tutorial! hahahaha will def. have to use that one in the future! :) :)

  120. Of all the creatures above and below the water’s surface, I believe I am most enamoured by these precious children–each with their own energy and identity. I am content just to see the world reflected in their eyes. No. I lied. I still want to squeeze them and hold them while wet sand squishes through my toes. Magic seems to happen there. It is not the place–it is the people that come there. And it is also the reggae music. I think even Amazing Grace, sung by one with dreadlocks, moves the heart.

  121. Loving Ingrid Michaelson. Thank you!

  122. As always, Kelle, I love the photos. Especially the ones of you playing with sweet little Nella in the water. While it’s hard to know exactly what children are thinking or what they are comprehending, the look on her face says she knows where she is and that it’s beautiful.

    Thanks for the loves. :)

  123. I LOVE the photos of you with Nella, with both of you laughing. Almost made me cry.

  124. What a fabulous place – I’m oh so very jealous! Although I do get fall colors, so we’ll call it a draw :)

    Have a fantastic week with your amazing girls!

  125. Yay, I feel “famous” now b/c my little lady Olivia has the same bathing suit as Miss Nella!

  126. Oh my Goodness!!! Look at Nella standing like a big girl!!! I LOVE the chubby legs. Edible!!!!!

  127. My husband is totally that guy at the party!!

  128. Thanks for that question, “what will I remember?”…I needed that reminder today.

  129. Can you tell me what the font is that you used on the postcard, which also used to be in your header? I love it! I’ve searched scrap village to see if it’s there, but can’t seem to find it.

    Great new post. I’m sure all of us “non-beach dwellers” are thankful for your posts about Isle of Capri. We get to live vicariously though your fun days there!!

  130. I just ran across this blog and IT. IS. AMAZING. i. am. inspired!
    What a wonderful family.

    One question, I am a knitter/crocheter as well :0

    I would love to know what type yarn you used for the sweet blanket you made for Miss Nella?

  131. Love love love it. Never get tired of hearing about this wonderful place.

  132. if i ever visit florida.
    ok … when i visit florida. i’m just going to have to go there. it’ll be a must on my list.
    those craters make my heart skip a beat. weird. i must be a ocean girl at heart.

  133. So funny about the annoying guy at the party that tell the same story!! =)

    Lainey looks adorable in her brown/blue swimsuit and the first pic of Nella sitting up on the blanket with her bonnet is amazing! Oh, those eyes!! The salty craters are so cool.

    Also, thank you Brett for closing your eyes! Too funny! I kept looking and looking…thought he was wearing crazy glasses and then thought you attempted red eye fix.

    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

  134. It makes me miss Florida so much. Thank you for providing the beautiful images that I can turn to time and time again during the cold fall days in Maine!!!

  135. more goosebumps girl-you really know how to celebrate life!!

  136. Oh my goodness. Those thighs? The rolls? Ack. Good thing we got my husband neutered this spring or I’d want a 4th baby. Nella is beyond edible.

  137. IOC is where daydreams are made, I am sure of it. Great pictures of your little sand bandits and friends. Love the photo of you, Brett and Nella. You could carve a heart in a Redwood with that picture of love. That water is baptismal…full of hope…love and grace. Keep worshiping that Isle and all of it’s blessings….

    Randi xoxo

  138. Nella’s cute legs in the pic of her standing in the water!! Can I just have a tiny bite? :) She’s adorable!!! And love how you fixed the eyes! I can’t wait to read your blog once I’m home in the evenings.

  139. That picture of you with Nella where you’re both laughing like crazy complete with Nella’s chubby thighs is just the cutest freaking thing EVER!

  140. Kelle,
    My life has been absolutely upside down and how I’ve missed being able to just sit and read your blog and to feel grounded in life and to be reminded of what is really important. Thank you for your posts, even when I don’t have the time to sit and read. I know that I can go to your blog and just sit and enjoy! We used your dad’s poem on the bulletin cover for my dad’s memorial service. It was beautiful. Your uncle Dale gave it to us. I’ll have to send it to you! Hugs to you,

  141. I Love your life and I love that you put the pictures of the Isle to Beautiful Day by U2! I might just have to wrap up my little ones and take a journey down to the Isle of Capri!

  142. In North Texas the closest we get to the Isle of Capri is an eatery called Joe’s Crab Shack.

    Stay with me.

    They have an outdoor playground and in the summer I like to take my kids there and eat snow crab on the patio while they play for HOURS on the playground.

    We usually stay until they close which ensures tuckered out children who sometimes shower and sometimes do not before we pile into bed at home.


    Oh, this post is amazing!

    The little sweet girly in the green swimsuit kissing the fishy made me smile from ear to ear.

    Then I get to the picture of Lainey where she and the beautiful dog’s eyes meet and they are clearly speaking to each other. What a beautiful moment!

    And then. Then, I get to Baby Nella sitting up so pretty with that white bonnet on and she makes me SMILE!!!

    And there is no way this post can get any better when I get to the cluster of pics of Momma and Baby. Nella is laughing so hard playing in the water…

    I start to cry. My family expects it. ‘Mommy is crying at the computer AGAIN!’ (They can hear the music playing on the computer so they know I am reading Baby Nella’s blog.)

    What a beautiful life! Just beautiful!

    I will wipe my face, kiss my kids and go cook a yummy pizza for dinner.


  143. Their tourism office needs to send you a check!! So happy for you. This is a great post, loving all the pics.

  144. Like your love for Capri, and your reminder posts.. I am simply reminding you that you my dear.. are my favorite stranger still. You have no rivals:)

  145. nella just gets more and more delicious all the time. from her glee-filled smiles to the adorable rolls on her legs…..absolutely delicious.

  146. This comment has been removed by the author.

  147. You have yet to bore me with talk of the Isle of Capri. You have made me envious though!!! I could use a little island oasis away from Maine. I will tell you that we just had an amazing apple picking adventure this weekend – I should send you some pics to make you a smidge jealous ; ) Thank you, as always, for sharing your amazing life.

  148. Well, I, for one, needed that little vacation. So thank you for that. It was Vicarious-Grand.

  149. LOVE the eyes! and…the “fifty billion times…” is that a midwestern saying? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  150. LOVE the pics of you and Nella in the water….I can see the joy that you two are enjoying together…Plus, can’t help but to love the baby chub rolls on her legs ๐Ÿ˜‰

  151. Isle of Capri sounds and looks like a magical place!!! BTW Your enthusiasm is contagious!!! love it!!!

  152. What a GREAT post! I want to go to Isle of Capri with y’all and let our kids play together- I know that Nella and Lainey, and my Gabe and Corinne would have a blast together! Happy day Kelle! :)

  153. You weren’t kidding when you said you had a weak spot for hats and bathing suits. I don’t think I’ve seen your edible, beautiful girls in the same suit twice. Keep blogging. Photos of your groovy little ones always make my (Australian) day.

  154. I adore your blog. It’s been a rough year or two in the architecture field and I am looking for my fill of creativity outside of my dumb job. This blog brings out my happy spirit with my children and makes me love my world.

    Tonight’s blog touched so many chords. I started, put the kids to bed, and suddenly it was the “New York” song. Land of my brother, who adores that world but moved to Ypsilianti, Michigan to be with the woman he fell in love with and married a few weeks ago. That song was like a desperate goodbye, ode to Joe and weepy moment to his past all at once. Thanks for the memory.

    Places can be everything and nothing. I’m in Chicago. We had our son in Seattle and escaped there for a 7 year honeymoon. I like to think my little guy’s obsession with saving the planet has come from the cool moist Seattle air in his blood. And I treasure place. We also had trouble keeping on top of our Catholic heritage there. My husband liked to say “Seattle-residents don’t need churches. On Sundays we have rainforests, Ferries and mountains. ” While we have found the Roman Catholic life once again, I’d love love love to spend some Sundays back in Nature’s chapel. It’s been 6 years since we’ve been back.

  155. I love this isle as well and I haven’t even been there (well for real that is. because I feel like I’m right there everytime I see these gorgeous photos.)
    Looking at our green leaves being slowly eaten up by yellow and then orange ones, its hard for me to imagine drinking a cold drink at the tiki bar but oh it looks just a great!
    The shot of you and Nella bean in the ocean where her eyes are closed she is laughing so hard, makes me want to belly laugh myself. These salty little girls are so blessed!

  156. I laughed out loud at Brett’s eyes….

  157. I never tire of hearing about the adventures of Capri. We all have our own “places” within our lives where we go to soak it in – be that it is a setting, a group of friends, a sense of warmth, a rush of love, or a combination of experiences. Ours tonight was a dingy ride before bath time; and my husband Ben and I talk about how we hope that Alex will love her memories of the water. At Martha’s Vineyard, it’s a lagoon down by Menemsha Harbor that’s a tidal pool of sea creatures at low tide. We go there every year, and the experience ceases to amaze me.

    Anywho…Thanks for sharing. You make me want to put Capri on my top 5 list of places to pop open a cold beer.. Have an awesome week.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  158. P.S. The quad shots of you and Nella – oh, melt my heart. The unbridled enthusiasm pouring from her. Makes me miss having a little one. And somehow I can see those shots being added to her book.

  159. brett’s eyes! I died. hilarious.

  160. every time my baby boy sees your nella on the screen he says “I” which means “hi.” he doesn’t talk much but he wants to know your little girl. and so do i!! she is so adorable. she makes my heart melt with each photo.

  161. looks like you found yourself a brittle starfish there! :)

  162. Tell us more!!! Of course this coming from a girl who was born and raised on those very same shores and is now leaving in a place with different seasons. I love both places very much, but still miss my Florida sunshine and beaches.

    And Brett’s eyes were fantastic… I am sure you get lost in those eyes. So funny!

  163. Kelle,
    The Isles of Capri looks like such a blissful place!
    So lovely to see these gorgeous photos of your family enjoying the sunshine and water with dear friends.
    I particularly like the photo with you and Brett cuddling Nella!
    Look forward to your next post :)

  164. ,,,isle of capri a “must see” because kelle says magic happens there and based on the photos she has shared indeed magic seems to happen and when magic happens i’m intrigued so, i add it to my bucket list,,,what a great way to spend the last few days of summer,,,

  165. What is it? It’s a brittle star! You’re so incredibly lucky to have some fantastic marine life living off the coast of Florida!

  166. I think the font is called Suzie’s Hand. Hope that helps! (that is if you’re talking about the script one). It should be on

  167. I personally never get tired of hearing about your Sunday trips. I get to live vicariously through you! We have plans for a Florida vacation next spring. I just mapquested the directions and it’s only a 3.5 hour drive from where we will be staying so we will definitely be taking an overnight trip to this little Island of heaven (from your description and the looks of it). Thank you for sharing one of your favorite places. I can’t wait to go there!
    Oh and I know you know this already, but those girls…beautiful. I love how Nellas hair is coming in all blonde and beautiful!

  168. kelle, i’ve been reading your blog for a few months now… your writing skills blow me away, i feel as though i know you and your family. oh and your pictures, how absolutely fabulous they are…i wish i lived near you, i would be banging on your door begging for you to take pics of my little bunny all the time. i just want to say thank you so much for sharing your life with us… your girls are precious and watching them grow with this blog is amazing! cheers <3

  169. I thought Brett was wearing tanning goggles at first, lol.

  170. I know, I for one, will never get tired of reading posts about your little Isle. It’s such a pretty place and you capture the beauty so well with your photos. And, seriously, I don’t think I can smile any bigger when I see those belly laughs from Nella. Gosh, I just want to squeeze her cheeks. So cute!!!

  171. Love it! That Nella is just squeezeable.

    Too yummy for words :)
    Thanks for bringing a smile to this Texas Girl’s face where it is raining cats and dogs right now! Uggh

    But yet I enjoy the small things too. :) like reading your blog.

  172. Some day when I can afford to fly with my family to Florida, I will FOR sure be visiting Ilsle of Capri just because of your blog……

  173. ditto, baby! loved this post! just like i love the ioc! dude, that crab gives me the creeps, can’t b brett caught that with his hands.


  174. Ok, Brett’s eyes totally cracked me up! Best laugh all day. . .

  175. Love loVe Love it! I especially love the pic of the lab and lainey leaning in for some lovin’s :) So sweet. Your picture taking gift is magical!

  176. I am so envious of your Isle of Capri…wish we had something similar here, but we don’t. So instead, friends gather on our back deck overlooking the field and the woods, and we drink beers and watch the sun set. :) Lovely to have something that makes you feel completely at peace!

  177. Born and raised on the beaches of Naples, Marco, Kewayden, and Isle of Capri. Your pics are taking me on the childhood journey again. Thanks! Now that we’re back in town we’ll have to do it over with our girl. Yours WILL remember the moments you’ve created for them. Those childhood days on the beach are easier to recall than holidays. Is the fish still delish?

  178. I am anxiously awaiting our Wisconsin Autumn here, but when the cold winter rolls along…I will be wishing for a little piece of that isle!

  179. I loved the pics of Nella in the water. She is beyond gorgeous! I envy your life…even if you say it isn’t perfect. It looks great to me!

  180. This is one of the best set of photos you have posted! You captured some great moments! (as always!!)

  181. Wow! I just noticed at the very bottom of the blog, it says almost 3 MILLION visitors so far. that is amazing and speaks volumes about how many fans you have!

  182. Loved Nella’s swimsuit…girl’s got style! Soak in some sun for us in Minnesota! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  183. The picture of you, your husband and Nella is breathtaking. I mean it is really absolutely breathtaking :)

  184. The pictures of you and Nella playing in the sand just slay me. I heart Nella’s happy faces and chubby little legs – SO cute!

  185. I’m addicted. I have to have my Lainey and Nella fix every day… thank you for sharing…

  186. I am so envious of your Isle of Capri and want one of my own! I haven’t found such a place in the almost-one-year I’ve lived in Sacramento, CA… maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough. There’s a lot of moving around in my husband’s and my future, and you’ve inspired me to find at least one Isle of Capri in each place we wind up calling home.

  187. It feels so weird to say you’re amazing to a complete stranger but I read your blog and I think wow this lady is amazing. This has been a rough transition year for us but reading you blog inspires me and in weird way is my own bit of therapy. Your photos are beautiful, the love you have for your family really comes through.

  188. Ok..I realize you get hundreds and hundreds of comments. But, I can’t help but still want to share my love of your blog with you.

    I love the picture Lainey and the dog kissing. Sweet. I love the pics of you and Nella in the water. Your joy! I can hear her squealing! So precious. LOVED the eyes edit..hysterical. Thank-you for sharing your Isle of Capri story..again. I enjoyed it..again :)

  189. The photos of you and sweet baby nella in the water are my favorite. I can almost hear her laugh just by looking at the photos. so precious.

  190. I loved every. single. picture. in this post. My favorite picture is the one of you, your hubby and baby nella. The way he’s looking at her, the way you’re smiling at the camera, just radiates love. i love it!
    & i LOL’ed (at work) at the picture where you drew in Brett’s eyes. lol.

  191. Me and the kids are giggling at Brett’s eyes. Too funny!

  192. right when i started reading this and realized it was about isles of capri i thought ‘hey this place is kelle’s church!” and then you said it! HA! so one day when i come to florida can you take me to your church? i can actually feel Him just looking at the pics and reading your words.. pretty amazing!
    my fav pic is the one of beckham and lainey… SO CUTE
    and you always look so beautiful kelle! no matter what your wearing or how you do your hair- you are supermodel gorgeous! i mean it, SUPERmodel xo

  193. K, I’ve been reading for a while but haven’t commented – had to though because you gave me a giggle. I love the eye adjustment. So often hubby and I discuss the need for an additional “fix” option to open eyes rather than just fix up red eyes. Your family is beautiful, your words are lovely, and your pictures are magical. Thank you for sharing.

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