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The cool thing about craft-making and cupcake-baking days is that it doesn’t make you feel quite as crappy when you have days where you’re frazzled or you snap at the whining or the T.V. runs too long or you’re just not feeling it. And we have them, but there’s a strange beauty to those days too. Sometimes, at the end of those days is when I have my best moments. When I sidle next to sleepy bodies in bed and whisper in their ears that today didn’t go exactly like I wanted, but tomorrow will be better and that I love them all the same. Ah, the beauty of Balance. I learned it here and here and, well another time here.
Ebb & Flow, Baby.

We’re a bit crazed with some chaos right now, but it’s beautiful chaos…like the unorganized dissonant tones of instruments as they tune before a symphony. It’s all in preparation of something good, and soon the maestro will tap his wand and all will fall together in lovely harmonies…at least that’s what I tell myself.


Labor Day had us setting out for a little drive up to Gasparilla Island where we met my friend, Rebecca and her husband Jon at her parents’ house and enjoyed a day of beach-basking and catching up.



This girl smiles in her sleep all the time.




Lainey’s totally in love with Aunt A’Becca.


…and so are we.



Ballet is now one of my favorite moments of the week, and in just these past few weeks, I am quite certain I have acquired new wrinkles from all the smiling I’ve done.



Today, we met sweet Ethan whose mama and daddy won a giveaway here awhile back for one of Poppa’s vacation rentals. Nella was smitten, and we got a kick out of not only watching the two of them together but Lainey and Beckham having a ten-minute pow-wow on the cold tile in front of the front door just lovin’ on him.




Jessica & Justin, hoping the rest of your week is relaxing and perfect and just what you need!


Our Nana Kate is not only our borrowed grandma, across-the-street neighbor and a dear friend of mine, but she is locally known as the Naples Nana who works at Baby Gap. She’s worked there for years and calls all the babies that shop there “my babies.” Recently, she worked hard to get Gap corporate to approve an idea she had to have photos of all “her” local babies as the Gap models in our store here, and I love that her passion for this idea and the genuine love she has for the babies that shop there got approved.

…especially because my babies now grace the walls.




I had my old camera this night and some horrible lighting conditions but you get the picture…that my mama heart was swellin’ and that my girls’ pride was matched with Nana Kate’s who treats us like her own.



Kathleen, we love you and you are so freaking fabulous.


And that brings me to the last two lovelies, the first being that September from now on is just Christmas on a cracker. Family arrives tomorrow and there will be love and much of it this week. Next week, I am taking my girls to the Montana mountains to finally meet my dear friend, Nici. We’ve been blogging friends for three years now…e-mailing, texting, talking, Skyping and dreaming of the day we’d finally meet. And Friends…it’s gonna be good. I cannot wait to see our girls together and fetch eggs from the chickens and take walks under blue sky kissing Montana mountains. And these Florida girls will get to wear tights. That’s a bonus. My mama comes down to finish off the month with more love and that? Well, that’s just heaven.

Finally, I am so proud to announce our new sponsor, Tina Steinberg Designs. Her fingerprint jewelry is beautiful and unique, and I can’t tell you how many times I reach up during the day to rub my fingers along the edge of my pendants and feel the fingerprint impressions of my babies.


For a special promotion this month, enter the code “smallthings” at checkout and receive 10% off your September order. Orders over $100 (after discount) also receive a silicone ‘i am not afraid. i was born to do this.’ bracelet. (I feel powerful when I wear mine. Like Wondertwin Powers Activate! kind of power)


Check her out!

And now, I must go whisper sweet-nothings to the babies. They hear you when they’re sleeping, you know.



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  1. i can say without hesitation that your first trip to Missoula won’t be your last! I have circled around in and out of this place for ten years and it is intoxicating. i hope to see you dancing in the streets here, and i can’t wait to read what you think about this place. i’ve read your blog for the past few months….i **know** you like to dance. enjoy!

  2. I LOVE your blog…Its amazing how happy it makes me to read about your life. God bless!

  3. Great photos- I love the new header.

    I love the photo of N on the shelf-so cute!

  4. Have a fantastic trip.

    Oh I hope that my little Ms. Iz hears me when I whisper that her Nana loves her very much when she sleeps.

    Great snaps of your visit with friends.

    What an awesome neighbor, Nana Kate! What a blessing..


  5. Oh wow. How exciting. Two ladies. Two of my favorite, most ispiring blogs. I can’t wait for this! Have a great time in Montana! And I’m crazy about your fingerprint necklace…can’t wait to have one myself.

  6. Have a fabulous trip! I am sure there will be singing in the heavens for sure!

  7. Your blog calms and inspires me all in the same sweet moment…thank you for sharing! And as a MONTANA girl…I hope you LOVE our great State as much as I do! Happy vacationing to you and your family…

  8. I love when you have a new post. Reading your blog is like getting to enjoy a guilt free treat!!

  9. Looks like you had a really great weekend.

    Have fun with family this week!

  10. look at Nella sitting up all on her own! She is becoming such a big girl!!

  11. What a breath of fresh air, loved this post! So random and fun.

  12. Nella gets more and more beautiful…and grown up…by the minute! She never fails to put a smile on my face…

    Does Tina sell the silicone bracelets by themselves??

  13. How cool to see your littles’ pix in a Gap store! What a treat!

    Enjoy the midwest, from one midwesterner to another!

  14. What’s life without some good ‘ol chaos!

    P.s. If you haven’t already, you should listen to “Little Things” by India.Arie.

    It sounds like your blog. :)

  15. Just read Nici’s blog about your upcoming visit and I got all excited…can’t wait to read what the two of you have to say about it!

  16. Love the pictures of the girls in Gap. Funny thing…tonight as I was perusing through the Gap website I could have swore I saw Beckham..or a little boy who I thought looked pretty darn close!
    Would love to see your two sweeties in all Gap stores around..they couldn’t be more perfect models!:)

  17. I love (and needed, very much) your thoughts on balance today. Thanks for your wonderful blog, it’s one of the ones I’m always really excited to see pop up in my Google reader!

  18. I swoon for pictures of Nella smiling and to see her smile in her sleep…well that is just 6 cherries on the most delicious sundae!

  19. i love you. that is all!

  20. Just got my 20 month old twins to bed, and had to go back and whisper a few more “I love you” to them.
    Congrats on the gap pictures, that’s awesome!
    Can’t wait ti hear about the trip.

  21. I agree with everybody, you’ve got such a gift for writing about your life! Whenever I get to read one of your posts (I check in daily, just in case -I’m the one from Montreal, Canada :P) it inspires me soooo much!! I just can’t wait to have a family too and live a life like yours, full of babies and cupcakes, glitters and glue :P!
    Oh! and the Baby Gap pictures are just awesome, that Nana Kate seems like a very good person!

  22. Kel Nella is the MOST adorable sleeper ever! I love the pictures of her new boyfriend. So sweet.

  23. I spent the day managing a tossing-your-cookies toddler as she lay passed out on the bathroom floor (but she was sleeping and comfy, so who am I to argue). It’s those days that drain, but it’s good b/c it’s my calling to be there for her.

    So my relaxation tonight was to check out my cyber “tribe” of lady blogs. First to Dig’s and then to yours. I was so excited to read that you were visiting MT. Oh, you will have wonderful adventures – sleep, no – but what the hell. Here’s wishing both you and Nici and the girls a wonderful visit. Her garden looks gorgeous and I’m sure that you’ll come home 5 lbs heavier from her good cooking. Enjoy!

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  24. Where in Montana are you coming??? I wonder if it’s my sweet, unique town of Missoula! Oh it’s the best in Montana…well I think so after living here for 30 years! I continue to LOVE your blog! My sweet boy just saw a picture of your girls over my shoulder and said, “Oh I know those girls…we are in school together!” Enjoy your family and your trip to Montana…it would be so crazy if I saw you on one of the downtown streets of Missoula!

  25. Love the Nella sleeping picture…adorable!! And the Gap…wow…so cool

  26. I am so glad to know that I am not the only Mama who whispers to her loves at night after a crazy day. Thank you for sharing, as always your pictures (and posts) are wonderful and they never fail to bring a smile to my face! Enjoy your trip! Can’t wait to see the pics!
    PS: Nella and my Carly share a birthday!

  27. What a cool Baby Gap Nana! The photo wall is gorgeous!

    I hope I smile like that in my sleep!! I definitely couldn’t help but smile when I saw that picture!

  28. happy, happy month … can’t wait to see and hear all about the montana mission!!

    hang in there, tomorrow is another day!

  29. Soooo… I’m not really sure how to do this whole entering the blog community thing. I’m slightly shy about commenting on things that happen to people that I don’t actually know.

    But anyway I just wanted to let you know that your words are my dessert. When I go through my blogs I literally leave yours for last because I know that your words will fill my head with sugarplums and that is the way to empower people to enjoy the small things.

    It’s weird that I’ve never commented before because I actually gave you a blog award. I did it a couple of weeks ago, but was nervous to tell you because it seemed silly.

    So you can check out my blog at
    and know that your words and photos inspire me and many more daily.

  30. Kelle –
    The picture of Nella smiling so sweetly and whole heartedly brought a big smile to my face! I absolutely love it!! I’m glad Lainey (and you) are doing so well with ballet!

    Thanks for the link to Tina Steinberg Designs. I read up on it and think I have to wait to order it because my nephew is under six months. I’ll just wait until closer to Christmas. It’ll be a perfect gift from him (via his aunt/godmother) to his mama!
    Thanks again!

  31. your babes are famous! At baby gap 😉 that is so sweet.
    ps. I just noticed your new header. I love it!

  32. Love Tina! She designed a beautiful locket for a friend who lost her baby. Good sponsor!

  33. OH, Kelle, I love your blogs, but I really loved this one. LOVE the Gap grandma and the photos there! And look at Miss Nella Bean, so grown up and sitting up! Oh, a trip to Montana, and you just had a couple of beach trips. I am so jealous. Looks like you all have so much FUN!! Hugs to you..

  34. Is “Nana Kate” at the Waterside BabyGap? If so, she is the lovely lady who has helped us find perfect outfits in the past! I love reading your words and stories–you have a beautiful family and a wonderful way of telling their stories! My parents have a home in Naples and we visit as often as we can–you are so fortunate to call that paradise your home!

  35. Love Kate at Baby Gap. She is always so sweet and finds the best deals for us. Sounds like a wonderful, love-filled month for you all. Enjoyed the pics of the girls, as always. Little buttercups.

  36. I’ve been following Dig this Chick lately. I’ve enjoyed her too. I purposed that we need to make it to the beach this year even though it’s 3 hours away. So we’re going tomorrow! Can’t wait. Best to you.

  37. Nana Kate is a wonderful lady and makes you feel so special at the Baby Gap . We love shopping there. My son, Stevie, is also featured at the Baby Gap(he is the one to the right of the register). I am glad I am not the only one who went and took pictures of the display they did. What a sweet and beautiful thing she did!

  38. If you ever find yourself heading through Nebraska, we’d love to have you and your family stop by. I have followed your blog for a long time and your family seems like so much fun!!

  39. What a fabulous post! I have to ask: Did you take -all- the local Gap babies’ photos? What a gem—and a beauty—Nana Kate is.

    My 22-month-old took her first ballet/tap lesson on Tuesday—and rocked it! I, unfortunately, did not rock the photos I tried to take through the glass and mini blinds. Tips on how to focus the camera when mini blinds are on the other side of the window?

    The railings on the walkway at your friend’s Gasparilla Island home make it inviting enough. Add the water and greenery and sand and sky, and oh my . . .

    And, finally, enjoy Montana! We just returned from a Texas-to-Montana road trip, with stops in Bozeman and Missoula and at Flathead Lake. Beautiful state. I took the best naps ever there. :)

    Bug and the Sweet Banana

  40. What a wonderful entry…you always seem to make my day. I just finished doing battle with my baby’s “Peapod” (travel bed…long story…but where I once loved it, I feel like kicking it to the curb now…)and I was in a FOUL mood – until I found your new entry. Thanks. You have the gift of calming me…
    Nella and Lainey get more gorgeous by the minute…

  41. I love the pendants at Tina Steinburg designs. I hinted to, ok, told him flat out, that I’d love love love one.

  42. Nella looks so sweet sitting up on the shelf with that adorable headband in her hair!

  43. I literally squealed when I read that you are coming to Missoula. “Guess who’s coming to town?!” I shrieked to my husband. He thought I was going to say a favorite band. Even better – a favorite blogger!! I am inspired by both you and Nici every time you post. If I happen to see you along a river trail or in a downtown park, I hope I can muster up the confidence to introduce myself. I hope you have a great trip!

  44. Okay (yes, I always spell that out), your analogy about the instruments tuning before a symphony? Poetry, my friend! Pure poetry!

    You have turned me into a big Ingrid Michaelson fan & today my 2 year old was singing “ohwa, ohwa, oh…ohwa, ohwa, oh” (from the song, Everybody) :)

  45. I LOVE the GAP photos, especially the one with Nella on the shelf, she looks like a little doll! What a great idea that Nana Kate came up with…I think that should be in all GAP stores. Both of your kids should be official GAP models…especially Nella!

    And love Tina Steinberg’s jewelry. A dear friend gave me a fingerprint kit as a gift…what a heartwarming, unforgettable present! I have two boys now and wear one fingerprint pendant with the name facing out, and the other one with the fingerprint facing out. I also got one of Tina’s Luscious Lockets, with charms bearing the names of my sons and on the backs are a sun and a star because my kids are my universe!

    Beautiful, gorgeous post.

  46. Loving the picture of Nella smiling in her sleep….precious! And of course Nella with Ethan is adorable as well.

    Have a wonderful and safe trip – can’t wait to see the pictures!

    Jenny from Iowa

  47. I have to tell you…I was in Temecula wine tasting with friends this past week (yes, it was wonderful!) and because of your blog I stopped at Tina’s house and picked up one of her necklace kits! I can’t wait to get my fingerprint necklace back with my little guy’s fingerprint. What a great keepsake. I’m getting it for my 30th birthday that is coming up next month, yikes! =)

  48. I’m so excited for you and your babes that you get to goto MT. I grew up there and my heart always wants to go back. summers there is not enough. Have a great time and you will LOVe every minute of it!!

  49. Beautiful pictures, beautiful children, beautiful memories…

  50. Beautiful pictures, beautiful children, beautiful memories…

  51. Hope your trip to Montana is a blast! I live in Missoula and can not wait to see your view of Montana! I think this is the Most breath taking place in the world!

  52. I am going to go and whisper sweet nothings to my baby too. Forever my baby.

    You baby gap models are sooooooo cute. I can’t even stand it.

  53. I think my favorite is of the Nella smile. Simply divine. And I noticed your babies up on the wall the last time I was in the Gap. Have fun in Montana with the tights! I’m so jealous…..Marissa

  54. that wee girl has certainly master sitting up on her own! LOVE IT!

    and Nana Kate holding her on the shelf under her picture- she looks like a little doll!!! Speaking of that Naples Nana- what an AMAZING thing she did, I love love love it!

    going to check out the jewelry now… Enjoy your fabulous September! I cant wait to see the wonderful-ness that you catch with your camera :)

  55. Ah, Kelle, I’m so very excited for the two of you. I just finished reading Nici’s post and left an overjoyed comment after her announcement that you’re coming. Now, after reading your announcement too, I’m trying to think of the letters to put together in order to make that high pitched squeal that comes when you’re really really excited. Eeeeeh? Ooooh? I haven’t figured it out yet.

    Either way, have a fab time. You girls are going to make some kick-ass memories.

  56. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Baby Gap wall of photos. SO cute! And what a great idea to make the store more homey and personal. I used to work at Gap, and I think that’s such a great idea! :) Go Nana Kate!

    Your girls (as always) are gorgeous. I love their little outfits in the picture with Nana Kate – SO cute!

  57. Greetings from Singapore!

    I’ve been reading your blog ever since the birth of Nella, and I’m inspired with many things that I read here. Especially your photos.

    Keep writing, and have fun in Montana.

  58. I live 2 1/2 hours from Missoula in Coeur d’ Alene Idaho and you will love your trip! enjoy :)

  59. So gorgeous to see the photos of Lainey and Nella gracing the walls of Baby Gap!
    I love your analogy Kelle of sometimes life being like the sound of an orchestra tuning up.
    Look forward to seeing some lovely photos of your trip to Montana!

  60. Fantastic decor in Baby Gap! What a fabulous gal! :)

  61. Am so very excited for you & dig to meet. What a wonderful time you will have! You are both such amazing, talented & inspiring women… can’t wait to see the pix & hear the stories that come out of that adventure.
    Love love love Nana Kate & the picture wall. Such a wonderful idea & so very cool that she made it happen.
    Wish we all had a Nana Kate across the street. Heck, maybe someday I will get to BE a Nana Kate.

  62. Kelle, I was just wondering, do you do anything special to help Nella with her standing? Cuz she looks like she has great leg strength

  63. Hi Kelle.

    I am a 21 year old girl from Norway, and I have been reading your blog for some time now. I love it! I gives me so much inspiration and joy. I don’t have kids of my own yet, but there are a lot of them in my life and it always has been. I dream that I might some day be half as good of a mother as you are. And also – your photography – wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your small things.

    Elin Svarstad

  64. Kelle, I just whispered in my little one’s ear tonight and thought.”She knows, she knows,she knows.” But when they are so blissfully passed out, it’s hard to convince yourself. :)

    Wow! I think Nana Kate is onto a BIG idea. That wall full of pics is awesome and of course, we all know that those two cuties in green really rocked it. My favorite pic is the one of Nella on the shelf with Nana Kate…she looks like a darling doll. Thank you! ~Beth

  65. LOVE the pictures at The Gap! Your girls are such little models they deserve to grace the walls of the store. I think you need copies of those pics to put in their rooms. Nana Kate was inspired to get pictures of HER Gap babies!

  66. The photo of Nella smiling in her sleep…absolutely divine!

  67. I am TOTALLY loving the photos of Nella sitting, especially the one from behind. Awesome.

  68. lovely pictures at the gap! how awesome is that?!? :)

  69. Love the jewellery. Will be placing an order after monkey #2 arrives in January. :)

  70. The picture from ballet class is AH-mazing! Is that your silhouette/shadow in the glass?? Wether it is you or another mama…it made me gasp out loud!

    It was like a I’m-in-there-with-you-even-though-I’m-on-the-other-side-of-the-glass moment! ALL your images are Droolville, USA!

    Mommyista Love, Autumn

  71. The picture of Nella sleeping with a smile- little slice of heaven right there!!! : ) And baby Gap girls! OMG! TOO CUTE!!

    So glad you and Dig get to meet! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

    Just lovin’ your blog! Tomorrow, I turn 30, and on the day before my 30th bday, I have so much to be thankful for, but feel truly blessed to have found my guilty pleasure- your blog. You have inspired me to make changes, to live my life differently, to enjoy every little thing, so THANK YOU! I’ve framed one of your quotes from your 30th birthday- the one of packing away your 20’s. It’ll sit proudly on display at my party on Saturday, and I can’t wait for all my friends to read it, ask you who are and get them hooked onto your blog. You’re amazing Kelle. THANK YOU!

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  73. Your red boots will be so perfect for a trip to Montana!

  74. I hope you and your girls have an awesome trip to see your friend, I can’t wait to hear about it! Those pictures of your girls up in the Gap store are adorable, couple of little models aren’t they :)!

  75. Thank you.
    It made me smile so big when I read “Stream of Conscieousness” for todays post. You are such a ‘real’ friend for posting one so soon after my comment! Love to you and yours Kelle, and Montana rocks, you will love it!

  76. I love the sleep smiles!

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. Oh so I find myself randomly holding my breath. And I laid in bed last night thinking that if I get up at 5am every morning maybe I could paint the guest bathroom and make new curtains before you get here…I keep thinking next week at this time…Kelle! Can you believe it?

    Next week at this moment you will be waking up in my house for your first morning in Montana. Thick coffee and toast with peach butter will be served while Margot and Lainey run around in footed jammies and Nella and Ruby coo on our hips.


  79. Your stream of consciousness posts are my favorite. That was a great idea for the baby Gap to use locals. You are lucky to have that nana.
    Nella sure is beautiful. I don’t know how you stand it. I’d be kissing that face all day and get nothing done. And your Lainey is pure sweetness and must be the best big sister.

    take care,

  80. LOOOOOVE the Nella sleep smiley picture… she is such a doll and looks like one too in the gap photo where she is sitting on the shelf! I LOVE IT!

  81. Kelle….you must check out this website (if you haven’t already)….the clothes scream Lainey and Nella! is the site with daily deals…but this dress seemed to screen Lainey…

    My heart leaped when I saw the picture of the pictures of your girls in the Gap store….TOO SWEET!

    I too think those babes can hear us when they are sleeping…..must be why they want to sleep with us so much!

    Krystal Maher
    Norwalk, IA

  82. Your endless love for life and your “little” inspires me everday to be a better mother, more creative in my “arts”, and to embrace this crazy thing called life. I love your photography and hope one day I’ll have an ounce of your talent! I am asking my husband for a fingerprint necklace of my son for Christmas- thank you SOOOO much for sharing! Have a wonderful trip to Montana- the West is awesome :)

    Nikki Stotler
    Laramie, Wyoming

  83. Be careful. Montana is God’s country and it will capture your soul. The beauty is unbelievable! I’m an Oregon girl, but ohhhhh I do love to visit Montana. Can’t wait to see the photos you get there!

  84. hope you have a great trip!! and i love your gap babies! 😉

  85. A good friend of mine introduced me to your blog and I have not stopped reading it and listening to the music (in between reading/studying for 4 econ grad courses that is). Thank you for putting a huge smile on my face every day and for loving your girls so much! Your honesty and pure love for life is perfect! I cannot wait to have children of my own and be in awe of them!

    Your creativity has reignitied my love for sewing, knitting and color combinations! Thank you!! This is just what I needed!

  86. I am SO excited for you to visit my cherished Montana with my beautiful daughter as your host! Have a wonderful time….I know you will!

    xo, Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  87. Look at Nella sitting! What a big girl she is. So sweet.
    Nana Kate could be on to something big for Gap.
    My heart always swells when I see a little smiling in their sleep!
    Thanks for the smiles!

  88. and when they’re sleeping is the best time to tell them you love them so. they can’t change the subject and you can go on and on and on and on about how much you think of them. it’s wonderful

  89. Nella Bean is a ROCKSTAR!!!

  90. I always crack up when you say you didn’t have your camera on the right settings or the lighting was horrible, because you couldn’t take a horrible picture!! All of your photographs are fabulous!!!

  91. What a charmed life you lead. :-) Love love love the Gap story!

  92. I started blogging last December and then in February I found your blog. It has been a great inspiration and I now love blogging, and it’s my happy place. I found Nici’s blog through yours too. You inspired me to be more positive and actually learn how to use my husbands fancy camera…I’m not as good as him but I try. And Nici has inspired to learn how to sew. My Mom sews but it’s to stressful for her to teach me so I’m starting classes next week! I can’t wait until you guys meet…that is gonna be one fine blogging adventure my friend!

  93. I LOVE Nana Kate’s idea! Every Baby Gap should do the same thing. I really liked the picture of Nella sitting on the shelf. She looked like a baby doll.

    The Love Touch Charms are amazing…I just wish they weren’t so expensive. Where did you have the blocks made? They are really neat, too.

    Jenny from Indiana – Enjoying the Autum weather!

  94. So excited for you to experience Montana (I live just a few miles from Missoula) and to meet Nici in person.

    You two are easily my favorite bloggers…can’t wait to read about your adventures together.

  95. I love the story about Nana Kate!! What a nice person.

  96. So wonderful! The pic of Nella smiling in her sleep is priceless, something you’ll always remember and shows just how lovely and innocent all babies are. Thank you for sharing. And, your baby Gap is fabulous, what a wonderful idea she had.

  97. Bless Nana Kate’s heart…what a beautiful idea it was to showcase local littles. I honestly think that Gap should adopt her idea for all baby Gap & Gap Kids stores nationwide…imagine the smiles it would bring to each community, let alone the sales.

    I have only been following you for a couple of weeks and already your writings & daily peeks have touched my heart and inspired me to “enjoy the little things” a little bit more every day. Thank you, for that.

  98. I love it when I check in and find a new post…YAY for new posts!!

    Still in love…Jacqueline

  99. I stumbled upon your blog a few months back and I am always delighted when I find a new post. I was compelled to leave a message today because I absolutely loved the bit about Baby Gap….what a great idea and what a wonderful woman you have in Nana Kate!!

  100. Nana Kate is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Please tell us her secret!! Holy Moly!!

  101. I LOVE reading your blog. I walk away from my computer inspired, yes, inspired!!!! So nice to read your beautiful words. Thank you.

  102. Nella is smiling in her sleep, because she is talking to the angels and they are telling her all of their secrets. When I lived in Tanzania, it was their belief that babies still can communicate with our ancestors and the angels and whenever they are sleeping they are making them smile :)

  103. Your second paragraph in this post describes, more perfectly than I could’ve if I’d tried, what my husband’s an my life is currently doing right now. All the stress and hurriedness and urgency of getting things together for our Big Change, which is fast approaching. From now on, I’ll think of that symphony, just tuning up for the good stuff.

    Lainey looks like she is just such a caring, loving soul in the pictures in this post. I know it’s too soon to be thinking this far ahead, but she’s going to make one amazing mama someday.

    And HOW NEAT is Nana Kate’s idea for the photos of “her babies” in the local Baby Gap?! Amazing. Absolutely sweet and beautiful.

  104. Oh my preciousness!!! Your kids are stinkin gorgeous!!! and so are your photos! :)

  105. What a smile that Nella girl has! She can melt a heart hundreds of miles away and more :) Have a wonderful trip to see your friend!

  106. Forgive me for repeating myself – but sweet Nella’s face is so incredibly expressive. I just can’t get over how much she “says” with every expression. I have a feeling she will be like many of us females – in that her face says everything – happy, sad, angry, disappointed, excited, surprised…beautiful.

  107. Your little Nella-bean is getting so big! I love her little smiles while sleeping!

    I’m really hoping my husband will get me one of those fingerprint necklaces… I love them!

  108. Kelle-
    Nella smiling in her sleep is so sweet! I love that the girls get to be models in Gap! What a neat idea of Nana Kate’s.
    Have a great time on vacation! Can’t wait to see the pics!
    Karen H.

  109. Great blog.

  110. Kelle – Your blog is amazing. I found you a few weeks back and have enjoyed every entry I have read so far. You really help me to realize that I need to stop and enjoy the small things in life, my three little girls won’t be little forever, I need to make the best out of it that I can! Thank you so much for sharing!

  111. What a small, amazing little world. After reading your blog I checked out the blog of your “blog friend” from Montana, where we live. Well this is a very BIG state but it sounds as if you are heading to our beautiful, sweet town of Missoula. You will absolutely love it here! I don’t know if you will be able to get on that plane to head back to Florida after this visit. Enjoy Missoula and please, hike to the “M” for a grand view! I can’t wait to see pictures of your trip.

  112. I love Auntie A’Becca’s outfit she’s wearing in the pic feeding Nella! Tell her I said so! :)
    Love your beautful, genuine, loving, and honest..all the time! I want to be more like that!

  113. This comment has been removed by the author.

  114. I love that your little princess smiles so big while she is sleeping. She is so happy in her little life.

  115. I think it’s amazing that you get to visit your blog-friend in Montana! I remember when I read about your friendship with her in a post a while back, and how much I hoped you’d meet face to face one day. Can’t wait to hear all about the adventure!

  116. I LOVE THESE Tina Steinberg Designs pendents! I have been a follower of your blog for the past 6 months, and remember when you first posted about them. I am currently pregnant with my first child, and CANNOT wait to get his precious finger prints in one of these pendents!! Thank you for introducing me to these! =)

  117. I can’t wait to go to Gap to see the girls and the finger print necklace I need to get before Baylee gets older.

  118. Kelle,

    I’ve been following for a little over a month and well, I simply enjoy reading your thoughts on life (and LOVE the photography). Reading your blog is something I look forward to on a stressful day…a bit of peacefulness to emerse myself in.

    Both your girls are growing so fast (I know, I am sorry I reminded you!). Lainey is looking like a little “big” girl and Nella is making such progress in every post. My little buddy is 14 mts and the time slips through my hands all too fast.

    Thanks for the peacefulness.

    And, if you haven’t heard…when Nella smiles in her sleep, her smiles are from the angels that are whispering sweet nothings in her ear!

    Have a safe trip to Montana. May you and the girls have countless new experiences!


  119. ,,,soon MI meets MT,,,have fun with diggy!,,,

  120. I just got the magazine today and haven’t had a chance to check it out. Thanks so much for sharing your story with all of us.

  121. I had a frustrating day today. no real reason, just a few little things that have slowly but surely been grinding my nerves into a finely ground coffee all day. And then I read this. and I have tears in my eyes right now because I know no matter how frustrated I am, the only things that matters is my precious bebe…. thank you for making me smile :-)

  122. That’s such a great idea to put up pictures of the local babies at Baby Gap! Warms my heart :)

  123. Just love your stream of consciousness posts!
    -Lainey’s cheesy smile w/ Rebecca is so cute!
    -I thought of the giveaway winners all weekend. How wonderful you were able to meet!
    -I want Nana Kate to live across the street from me. Cutest Gap babies ever!
    -Another sponsor….yippee! Love the jewelry!
    -AND….Sh**, Sh**, Sh**!! (Sorry, know this is a family blog!) Holy Sh**! You are going to Montana!! Woot Woot!! I couldn’t be more excited that you and Nici are going to meet! I love both of your blogs and know you will have a wonderful time together!! Two amazing writers, photographers, mommas, and women,(and more!!) Man, this IS gonna to be good!!

    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

    Word is that it was Papa’s birthday? If so, may this year be one of his best yet!!

  124. Man, I must say that I’m so impressed w/ Gap Corporate. Good for them for see the passion of Kathleen’s & incorporating her local babies. It’s such a great way to build customer loyalty.

  125. your blog is amazing! the beach from labor day weekend is so beautiful and perfect for the little ones. i am tempted to book flights for our little family to head down there (from cold, windy chicago) this winter!


  126. A friend of mine owns an online jewelry store and this piece made me think of you:

    Maybe she’d be willing to offer a promo for your site since they are a newish business.

  127. I have a very sick obsession with baby gap (all of the employees at our gap know me) so the part about Nana Kate got me excited. What a fabulous idea of her to take pictures of “her babies” for the walls.

  128. That’s so cool that your precious ones grace the wall of The Gap in your area. Seriously, so cool! You are surrounded by such amazing people. My Jack has been in some local Chicago magazines, but not permanently up for display.

  129. After checking out Dig’s blog it looks like you were made for each other :) Hope that you have fabulous time together and I can’t wait to see and hear all about it!

  130. this is the first comment i have left, but i have been reading your blog since feb 2010. my girl is next to lainey in the gap photo shoot and my mother knows kathleen very well. this is how i became aware of your blog. you are a wonderful writer, mother, wife, friend. your blog makes me want to be better at all these things. much love to you and your family, especially those girls. you deserve it 100 times over.

  131. My Montana blog BF is coming here to Indiana to for the first time next week! Go figga.

    Have a ball with those fancy-fun Chicks. (How could you NOT have fun with a gal named Ruby? At least, that’s our motto…)

  132. I’m so jealous of all your beach time. Enjoying some sweaters and cocoa here in the early evening cold for you. Fall is such a sweet time of year, wherever we are.

  133. The pic of Nella smiling in her sleep- GORGEOUS! Thanks for all your words of wisdom Kelle! Your blog is so inspiring!

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. I just received my Tina Steinberg pendants yesterday as a birthday gift from my boys. I just happened to mention a few months ago to my husband that I loved your pendants (I actually started crying when I saw them) and I just happened to leave up the blog post and the Tina Steinberg website on the computer for least 2 weeks.

    I love that I have a piece of my boys with me at all times and the tiny fingerprints on the back feel like a little secret that only I know.

    I do wish the current promotion had been going on a few months ago as I am always looking for ways to save money and I really like the bracelet too!

  136. I often visit your blog at the end of the day. I find it a peaceful antidote to any disturbing media news which I may have seen or heard – despite my best efforts to avoid them. Your photos and notes help center me for a few minutes. I appreciate it and really enjoy popping in on you and your girls. Thanks.

  137. What a beautiful, beautiful, inspiring post as usual. You make me so excited to welcome babies into my life:)

  138. Hi Kelle,
    I love the joy you spread through your blog. Thank you from Seattle.

  139. wow those gap pics are pretty awesome! and i love lainey and nella’s outfits in teh pic of them standing on teh counter at gap! so cute!

  140. I have followed you since beautiful nella was born and I can’t get enough of your pictures! you are a inspiration to everyone or atleast to me that is. keep the blog post coming!

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