Enjoying the Small Things…and a giveaway!


Evening Writing Sessions.
I have my beloved $10 Craigslist desk out in the open where I can work during the day and still be with the girls. Where a bookshelf stacked with puzzles and paper dolls replaces cubicle walls and I can, at any given moment, slide off my red chair to lie on the floor for a game of Memory. I love that space. But, I am finding that sometimes I need to be alone. I need a cubicle maybe just once a week. So, Brett rigged up this jankety card table with some crappy polyester table cloth in our bedroom. And though I sit on a rusted folding chair and am surrounded by a pile of bills and sippy cups that have managed to accumulate on the home’s newest catch-all, it’s perfect for me. It’s quiet. And right about 6:00, the sun gives a recital every night…just dances there in that vast space of glass door stretched before me and curtsies behind that mess of trees.



Halloween Candy.
I’m going to quit eating it pretty soon, I am.


We hid it in Austyn’s room, in the third drawer down in his dresser, to keep Lainey from seing it. But, then I find myself sneaking into his room in the dark while he’s sleeping and pulling out the drawer to stuff a stash of mini Twizzlers and jolly ranchers into my nightgown. Our neighbor came over last night and, ten minutes into conversation, he goes, “You okay? You seem really hyper.”

It’s called trial-sized Almond Joys, Dude.

Playing Pretend.
Three-and-a-half is magic with Imagination peaking at this blessed Peter-Pan-ish place where everything is just so…childhood. Little voices and tiny plays performed with bath toys and trinkets and lots of asking for “let’s play pretend.” We run for cover in the afternoon, under blankets and pillows, hiding from pretend storms that shake the house and we tightrope across cracks in the sidewalk lest we fall in the shark-infested waters of the deep cement.


I used to want to be a child forever. Now, in loving this place, I want to have a child forever. And, believe me, it is in moments like this that I find comfort in the fact that the magic of the extra chromosome just might let Peter stay in Neverland a little longer for our family. And that’s perfectly alright.



Gingham Things.
Happy little checks, they are.


Fallish Things.
Like wheat-colored stars in the back yard.


Or pretty little embellishments that take all the color of crisp, fallen leaves and up the ante on a plain tank.

Flower Clip, Lilian Eve.

Sock Feet.


Mary Jane Feet.


And Bare Feet in October.


Having a lot on my plate, but dropping it all for moments like these





Free Things.
So, I’ve already expressed my love for the lillebaby EveryWear Organic carrier which I use with Nella all the time and without, could not have trekked across four states and three layovers with two kids last month. So, when Scandinavian Child offered to send me a diaper bag by the same brand, I was thrilled. I’m constantly swapping bags between the few cheap pocket-less ones I’ve managed to collect, but they all end up lying somewhere with a wad of gum, a few tubes of capless lipstick and a mess of crumpled receipts.

No longer, my friends.

Totally loving my lillebaby Oslo bag which is chocked full of cool pockets and zippers making life so much easier. It attaches perfectly to my stroller with these great snap straps. And, hello…it comes in red.


You too can rock out an organized diaper bag! One random commenter on this post will win a lillebaby Oslo diaper bag courtesy of Scandinavian Child.

So, yay.

Winner will be announced Friday evening.

Happy Mid-week!



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  1. Oh my goodness I love the new header! They are just adorable.

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  3. I am loving Nella in the high white socks!

  4. The Hallowe’en candy is not safe in this household either.

  5. Great bag Kelle! Red does make even the most ordinary item seem so exotic I think :)

    Beautiful update as always, can’t wait for the next!

    Stacie in Australia
    Just Life Blog

  6. I love love love the picture of your girls reading…Nella is so enthralled by the story her big sister is reading! Adorable!

  7. What a wonderful fall day! And that header is so darn cute!

  8. This post is so beautiful. :)

    Loved to be entered..I’m a diaperbag-aholic..:)

  9. ooo I would love a new diaper bag! love the red!

    you are a beautiful soul.

  10. Your pictures are amazing! Love the bare feet one!

  11. Love it! Red is fantastic. I’ve had the same diaper bag for both kiddos and am in dire need of a change. Momma needs a new bag…la la la.


  12. HECK YES!! I need some organization in the form of a diaper bag. My Grandma brought candy over today for our kids…um they are 3 months and 22 months. So my husband has graciously volunteered to eat it all.

  13. Once again…a beautiful post!

  14. Love the sock feet! As the weather cools in Chicago they are becoming a regular sight around here – I had not remembered how different their little knees look when there are socks on their feet!

    Also loving the bag – expecting our third in April and it would be a great way to organize for preschooler/toddler/newborn all in once place. :)

  15. I’d LOVE a new red diaper bag for my new baby!

  16. That gingham topped jam is ThE bEsT! Had it on an English muffin this morning all the way up here in Kentucky!! :)

  17. Lainey’s dimples are just about the cutest thing ever. Aaaaannndd I could really use a diaper bag. *wink*

  18. I have to agree, the header is fantastic. Your little mouse and cat look adorable. They win the best costumes for halloween, I say.

    Oh, if only i could be barefoot in october. It is getting cold cold cold over here, but with that just brings lots of other things to do like hot coco, snowmen and days under blankets watching chistmas movies.

    Lainey seems like a girl who could come up with the best imaginary world possible. I’ve always been like that too, and now more than ever do I wish I could escape to that pretend place of wonder now. I think no matter how old you are, you can always express your imagination somehow, and should do it freely! Playing pretend with a child just makes you look a lot more saner than doing it alone!

    Have a great rest of the week, kelle!

  19. I’m hoping and praying the extra little something lets us keep childhood a little longer too!

  20. Halloween candy has invaded here too :) And the day-after candy sale? It fully launches a hostile takeover. No doubt about that :)

    In other words, your comments regarding wanting to stay a child forever, made me think of what one of my best friend’s used to say, “Why waste your childhood life wanting to be grown-up?”

  21. Loving the small things. They add adventure and excitement to an ordinary day.

  22. I am loving the header with the girls in their costumes!So adorable. I just posted pics of my little Dorothy and Alice in Wonderland on my blog:)Just one more reason that I love fall!Also,I am in love with your wedges…so hot!Happy Mothering!

  23. I want the diaper bag not for myself, but for one of the young mamas at work. It would replace a handy plastic Walmart bag.

  24. Peter pan moments are my favorite!!

  25. Do you carry your camera around with you ALL day! Thinking about a third baby, so yes I could use some organization.

  26. That new header is perfectly adorable! Love it! Even the simplest of pictures you take are breathtaking! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Ohmygosh that diaper bag is awesome!!!! I love the green dress you have on while modeling the bag. :) So pretty!!

  28. You have such beautiful girls! And I have to say that I loved what you wrote about wanting to have a child forever. How true is that? You make me want to play with my kids more!

  29. I am loving the picture of your girls reading on the floor – such a beautiful, quiet moment. I am also loving your new header – the pictures of Nella chewing Lainey’s tail is to die for!

  30. I love your blog! Your girls are gorgeous, and you write beautifully. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  31. We have the same thing going on at our home too but involving a 2 year old and his love for everything blues clues and how that will fly around in the wonder pets fly boat that we have… And I have the same problem about all my diaper bags.. Pick me… i could use a new one and one that will last and be what we need…

  32. We have the same thing going on at our home too but involving a 2 year old and his love for everything blues clues and how that will fly around in the wonder pets fly boat that we have… And I have the same problem about all my diaper bags.. Pick me… i could use a new one and one that will last and be what we need…

  33. I need need need this bag. That is all.

  34. Love the bag, and would love to have one, but I would also like to have your awesome pink wedges. HOT!

  35. I’d love a new red really cute diaper bag for my next baby due in a few months! Thanks for offering it!

  36. Love your new header!!

  37. I love the gingham diaper cover! Super cute. As well as the bare feet in October. There was snow here today. Sadly I think bare feet may be done for the year here :(

  38. Your enjoying the small things are some of my favorite posts. There is just so much to enjoy! I love the pictures, as always. Lovely red diaper bag; I could really use one of those!

  39. You always seem to make my day a little bit better. Tonight has been a horrible night but reading your blog has made me realize that life’s too short…

  40. the halloween candy has been haunting me too, i can’t get enough, pretty soon i’m gonna look like a reese’s if i don’t stop eating ’em!

  41. Love all of the pics and the red bag. So cute!

  42. My best friend just had her sweet baby boy 4 weeks early (perfectly healthy, thank godness!) – but, in true procrastinator style, she had all the “big stuff” done, but none of the “stuff” stuff. I would love, love to fill this with sweet little baby necessities for her! (like how she’s TALL – and never anticipated him being so tiny, didn’t buy any newborn-sized anything!)

  43. loving the diaper bag … how nice it would be to have no excuse to not be organized with that bag!

  44. My little 3 1/2 yr old is living in the land of make believe also. Not a day goes by that I don’t stop and breathe in those moments and wish I could forget everything else in the world and focus only on being a princess in the backyard.
    Love your pictures, your words, and your inspiration.

  45. Love the header! Love the bag! Love that fall is here!

    (However I dislike the howling wind that I feel is threatening to blow over my house right now.

  46. I am such a receipt hoarder!!! I don’t mean to be, but our diaper bag is full of them…and a giant rip in the inside :( A new one, that would help me organize, would be wonderful!!!

  47. i love love love the diaper bag. the last thing i want is one with pooh on it.

    and your new header gave me butterflies. it’s perfect

  48. Baby #2 is coming in January….which definitely calls for a brand new diaper bag! Yea!

  49. Beautiful family…and beautiful pictures. Love reading your blog and being inspired by the small things.And, really the love the bag too. Happy Fall!

  50. Can’t get over the halloween costumes. Love Nella chewing on Lainey’s tail. And thanks for reminding me that because one of my lovies needs in a more special kind of way we get to keep her little for a while longer. Talk about a blessing in disguise.

  51. I love that flower you are wearing and that bag. Socked feet are so sweet and the checkers just kill me. I love it all!

  52. hope this doesnt sounds stalkerish, dont worry i live is aus LOL
    but i love your life…i look at your picutres and i hope one day i have a beautiful family like you with a gorgeous home, and fun holidays.

  53. LOVE the bag, but I honestly love your chairs more. If you gave those away, I would BEG like you have never heard before. I LOVE them!

    Love to see Lainey and Nella on the floor reading together. Children are amazing!

  54. This mama, who stopped working to stay at home with the new daughter, could really use a diaper bag. We moved out desk into our bedroom so I can get school work done… but I drop things to get down on the floor to play too. Papers can wait :)

  55. This post made me smile. Thanks for letting me peek at your days :)

  56. My daughter is also getting into pretend play and it so fun! PS I would love a new diaper bag!

  57. Your girls are so presh, as always. Neverland in your home seems like a magical, beautiful place.

    And the bag? LOVE the red!

  58. okay so loved this post as usual but i will highlight 3 of my faves from today…1) the fact that use the word “jankety”…love that word. 2) that you said “wife-beater”. 3) those plum cork wedges…LOVE!!

    happy Fall :)


  59. You inspire me to spend more time with my little guy, take more pictures, and blog more often to record my life. Thank you.

  60. Love the sock feet.. and I just love Pedipeds :) and I have the same shoes you are wearing in the yard.. Nine West? Cute Post… Now put the candy down.. Walk away… you can do it :)

  61. I love your blog, thank you for sharing like you do.
    PS – Love the bag too! I am a sicker for bags…and carriers!

  62. Love this. I totally understand the sweet siren call of Halloween candy!

    Jen in OK

  63. your girls are adorable! thanks for sharing.

  64. Been offline for over a week, thoroughly enjoying catching up on all the inspiring posts…you make the ordinary extra-ordinary, love it!

  65. I love that diaper bag. I also LOVE Nella’s shoes. Where did you get them?

  66. I love the new header. Your blog makes me smile.

  67. love the little ones in their costumes! I also have a 3.5 yo and she could live in her costume. Hers will be out well past Halloween. She alternates between bumble bee and chicken costumes!

  68. I’m loving the way your girls look at each other as well as your pictures!! The photos are particularly breathtaking tonight!!

    So I have an idea about getting 13 year olds to read your comments. I teach 8th grade and use the student bathroom (ah, the humbling parts of being a public school educator:), and the girls write some not-very-nice things about each other, and I thought, What if Kelle Hampton and Dove made posters of the comments of what all the gals would say to their 13 year old self!!??

    That post really touched me, and I wrote about beauty/confidence/anxiety and raising daughters tonight in my blog, and gave you the props for getting my mind on it. I’d be so honored if you read it; it would be sort of like when Ellen bugged the shit out of oprah until she got on her magazine cover if you read it and added your 2 cents:) you are Oprah caliber, of course;)

  69. omg, the picture of the girls reading together just made me melt. they are going to be best friends. =]

  70. I would love to win that red bag!! That picture with Nella’s legs in the air are so adorable!

  71. Love the new header! Mmmm Halloween candy… I also made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies yesterday with my girls, and they have been screaming my name as loudly as they shout, “it’s fall! enjoy the pumpkin goodness!” πŸ˜‰

  72. I am addicted to your blog and I would tell you that I loved it even if there wasn’t a give away involved:)

  73. WOO HOO! Hump day giveaways!

  74. I loveee the bag!
    As always your pics and words are so inspiring
    Thank you Kelle!

  75. I love the little maryjanes that Nella was wearing they are just too adorable! I love your posts/blog!! xoxo to you and the girls :)

  76. My dog just ate my diaper bag in an effort to get to a bag of fruit snacks within. Seriously. This red one would make me less mad at him. :)

    Just recently discovered your blog… love the stories, photography, and open and honest way you write.

    Thank you.

  77. Kelle – Your girls are beautiful. I love to stop by and look at the wonderful pictures you take. The music is the perfect touch! Your a true inspiration to other mothers.

  78. Enjoying your little things in this post–the last pic of Lainey, the cool wheat colored star things (what are those?), and Nella enjoying a good story from the big sis.

    And enjoying mine–foam letters and numbers that my little man loves (even if it’s just to chew on for now), him shaking his head “no” when you ask if he wants something to drink…and he doesn’t, and the conversations that we have even though I have no clue what he is saying (he’s one).

    Thanks for reminding us to simply open our eyes.

  79. Love the photo of Lainey reading to Nella.

    Would love that diaper bag.

  80. A new (not to mention freebie!) diaper bag to play with would take the bite out of this SNOW in October.

  81. Absolutely love this post! The part about Peter Pan warms my heart, as does your blog! You and your family are amazing and so is that red bag :-)

  82. oh yes puhlease!! thank you so much for the opportunity!

  83. I lovvvve to win a diaper bag. My hubby and I are adopting and we don’t have one yet!

  84. I love your girls. I’ve been following your blog since Nella was born…My baby had health problems shortly after he was born in Jan. We’d love to win the Diaper bag! Always needing one…esp. with 7 little people around to need momma to carry stuff.
    my blog is: joybell74.blogspot.com

  85. I’m finally commenting, and not only stalking your glorious blog. Thank you for sharing your stories, family, lovely pictures and music. I loved the Carnitas recipe. I will be making it again. Winner. Thanks!

  86. Beautiful pictures as always! Happy Wednesday!

  87. Love the Halloween costumes. Your girls are just so cute! I love all the baby feet pics. I just got my first pair of slippers for my little guy 2 weeks ago from my mother in law. She didn’t quite know what to think when I burst into tears just thinking about those tiny little feet :)

  88. Love the new header (and everything else)

  89. When I came on here there were 72 comments. After reading your post, there are now 86 comments. Wow. I love your blog, Kelle! Thank you for sharing your life with the world! :)

  90. So SO cute pics (yet again!) I love your amazing blog, it re-energizes me :-)

  91. I just sat here and finished off a handful of Halloween candy. I have no chance against all that chocolate yumminess!

  92. The new header is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

  93. Dang, my original comment didn’t go through for some reason. Anyway, love when you do an “enjoying the small things” post.

    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

  94. Thanks for the great post! I have so many friends hooked on your blog now, we all love reading and then emailing about it.

  95. i love this song.
    i love your blog.
    i love the smile that i get when i see kids laughing and playing. it gets me excited about being a mom… one day. not today. not soon. but one day ill be ready. and hope to be as cool as you.

  96. My little one is just starting the pretend phase. I am going to miss this! I love toddlers!
    Love the new header! So adorable!

  97. OMG! Your header just made me squee! out loud. ♥

    And you amaze me. Period. I read every post you write and have since I was first introduced to your blog. Blesssings mama!

  98. My rule of thumb for purse buying? If it comes in red, buy it. It’s a beautiful (and dangerous) rule to live by.

    Happy fall to you and your sweet family!

  99. I love the fall, but looking at the fall weather in your area makes it appear so much more awesome. Warm, but not too hot… But still great!!!

    Cute kiddos, per usual.

  100. oh and ps… to continue my above comment… i did say i dont have kids… but i will say id totally sport this bag without kids! thats a killer bag for my daily organizational needs– class- work– life.

  101. I just found out i am having twins!! I need this bag!!!

  102. Had to laugh at your sneaking into the room to get the Halloween candy….sounds so familiar! Funny how we find ourselves doing this!

  103. I love the little glimpses of your home we get in your pictures. Someday, I would like a photo tour to get all the pieces together! Happy midweek…your post made it brighter!

  104. love those diaper bags! hope i win!

  105. I purposely don’t buy the chocolate mix bag of Halloween candy because I will eat all the Almond Joys in about 5 minutes flat. Seriously.

  106. The small things are a big deal! That’s what life is made up of!

    Also, LOVE the pink heels!

  107. You look so amazing!

    What a great post :)
    I love:
    -Nella’s sock feet
    -Nella’s mary jane feet
    -your pretty purple wedges
    -your pretty blue flats
    -your pretty lipgloss [you just have to tell us what shade it is!]
    -Laney’s lovely little self
    -Your whole sweet family!

    Thank you for lifting my spirits – as your posts + photography always do – on this chilly Autumn night :)

  108. i love your blog! to say im addicted is an understatement, i’ve been reading since nella’s birth. i’m an early intervention physical therapy student and watching nella rock out that tummy time and sit up all by herself always makes me smile.

    anyway, your post entry today reminded me of the taylor swift song ‘never grow up’. i think you’ll like the sentiment!

    thank you for all the smiles you’ve brought to me while studying, nella reminds me to keep trekking! :)

  109. I’ll admit it, I never comment on your blog, but I love that bag and want to win it to give to a very special friend. I’m crossing my fingers. Oh and I love the new header, the pictures of the girls are very cute.

  110. I love the new header too. They couldn’t get much cuter! Reminds me when my little girlie was a kitty many years ago.

  111. Love, love, love tiny “socked” feet! I had my daughter the same month as Nella and I love watching them grow “together”! I adore Lainey and her playing pretend! Such a fun age!

    I have about 4 filthy pocket-less bags I tried converting into diaper bags laying around my house too! Have yet to try out the organized approach! Sounds wonderful!

    Happy Fall from Ohio!

  112. Love, love, love tiny “socked” feet! I had my daughter the same month as Nella and I love watching them grow “together”! I adore Lainey and her playing pretend! Such a fun age!

    I have about 4 filthy pocket-less bags I tried converting into diaper bags laying around my house too! Have yet to try out the organized approach! Sounds wonderful!

    Happy Fall from Ohio!

  113. a diaper bag in red? love. not as much as I love reading your blog, but it is fabulous!

  114. 3 1/2 is a magical age indeed!

  115. Red makes you look great!!!

  116. Great post! Love the new header. :-)

  117. oh!! The zipper on my diaper bag has been broken for weeks now!!

  118. We are a few shades away from snow here…and I am still wearing barefeet…I go down kicking and screaming every fall!! πŸ˜‰

  119. You are one beautiful women! Thank you for carpe-ing the diem in your posts! Sometimes they are just what I need to read!

  120. you’re blog ALWAYS puts me in a good mood. your girls are gorgeous.

  121. Your blog postings are a wonderful treat to help me wind down in the evenings…

  122. um, the last photo of Lainey is so precious. her little smile with that adorable dimple. *sigh*

    and whoa, Nella is crazy flexible! looove it!

  123. I love Fall, it’s kind of a sleepy time. All I want to do is make recipes with pumkins! My little Vivian who has Ds too is also a black kitty this year. She loves wering her costume, and even keeps the ears on. Especially after I showed her what is looks like in the mirror. Life is getting sweeter everyday with my littles. I look forward to reading your blog when they are napping!

  124. I check my reader often, always hoping there will be a new post from you, helping me to slow down and savor every moment of life. Would love the Red bag so I could be ready for my 2 month old grandsom!!

  125. I can’t find a decent diaper bag, either! Fall has hit MT, and it is cold up here!! You should come back to visit in the winter!

  126. I love the desk in your room–especially the fact that it collects stuff! That always happens to any new surface at our house, too.

  127. The handmade cat and mouse turned out great. I love Nella biting Lainey’s tail.

  128. 526 days. That’s how long my pay-down-college ticker has left on it until “I can afford to have a baby”, I tell my friends. And if I can be half the mother you are Ms. Kelle – well then, life would be just swell. Loving your entrance to Fall, and loving that superb diaper bag!

  129. love love love the new header…too cute! and i, like you, am quite excited about staying in neverland longer because of our sweet maggie rae :) and i love nella’s little mary janes…what brand?

  130. 4 years later and I’m still using my free ugly diaper bag from the hospital. :)

  131. Oh my gosh, what a dreamy diaper bag! I would die. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  132. I’m a new reader to your blog and love love love it. You have such a way with words and they touch my soul. Plus, your Lainey Love and little Nella make my heart flutter. The diaper bag looks fab and I would def like to be entered. I have been alternating between a book bag with no pockets, and a plain jane messenger bag…neither of them actual diaper bags. :)

  133. I just love the pic of your two adorable girls reading a book together. That diaper bag looks awsome, wouldn’t mind one of those at my house.

  134. Love love the one of nellaa with her legs up πŸ˜‰ My little guy just started doing that and I get such a kick out of it! Ohhh how I love how positive you are! Your blog gets me ready for a new day thx!!!

  135. LOVE the picture with the two of the girlies reading the book. And the one of them in the grass with your feet. Thanks for always keeping the joy of parenthood alive in your posts!

  136. Thanks for sharing your joy with us–I love reading about your precious girls! That bag looks great!

  137. I have stopped buying Halloween candy until the day of- it works for the most part! I love the bag and the green dress!

  138. I love that you love that Peter may just stay longer in your house! And, that red bag would be perfect to hang on the back of my wheelchair! It frees the hands for other things! Hugs ~ Jo

  139. LOVE the new header!
    Also, I *never* buy the Halloween candy until Oct 31 exactly. Otherwise we’ll eat it all!

  140. loving the new header! cute little cat & mouse

  141. Love the new header and love that nappy bag! It’s gorgeous!!

  142. I absolutely love your blog. Any time I need a precious photo to boost my mood, yours is the blog I read, even if I’m rereading posts I’ve read the day before. Thank you for being my ray of sunshine!

  143. Love the costumes..too too cute! And love the diaper bag too!

  144. Love those little sock feet straight up in the air! Love that diaper bag too!

  145. I love the new pics on the header. The spontaneous ‘bite’ of the tail cracks me up. I guess it was just too close not to grab!

  146. Could that header be any cuter? My goodness, I’m in love!

  147. Love the last picture of Lainey Love and I’d love a diaper bag for my little one on the way!

  148. Oh Peter Pan and Neverland…for some reason that just keeps popping up everywhere in my life right now haha. but I’m not complaining. I like it.

    Love the enjoying the small things

  149. Oh I just love seeing your pictures and updates! Also, love your taste in music. Every morning when my daughter (8 months on the 4th) and I get home from dropping daddy off at work, I plop her in her high chair with some cheerios and I come to your blog so we can listen to your play list while welcoming Mr.Sunshine to the day, enjoying breakfast together and sipping on coffee. Every morning, Monday-Friday and sometimes on the weekends when we are making daddy a special breakfast while he sleeps in! I love your blog – You have been such an inspiration to me! Thank you.

  150. Kelle,
    few people allow honesty to shine & you are a star

  151. Your blog makes me so happy!

    On the saddest of days, I can come here and read your beautiful words, and see your beautiful babies and all becomes right in the world!!

    Nella’s smile lights up the world!! :)

  152. Love the pictures! Love the bag!

  153. I commented on your facebook page, but I will ask here in care you read this first. What is the name of the pig in the picture with Nella? I can’t believe how big she is getting. Have you heard a dada or mama yet from her?

    Happy almost weekend!!!!

  154. Nella’s tootsies up in the air make me happy happy happy! :)

  155. My favorite photo: Lainey with her imaginary friends.

  156. Love the pictures! This post just made me feel happy! I adore the sock feet pictures! Reminds me so much of my first son with his feet constantly up in the air. Love it!

  157. Those are the cutest little Halloween costumes!!

  158. Love the diaper bag, pictures
    are beautiful. Thanks too for
    dig this chick, I love her
    and want to be a Montana cowgirl
    next time around. Funny how reading
    a blog can be so soothing and
    get you to think about things.
    I enjoy my time checking in on
    my internet friends. xoxo

  159. I sooo need a baby shower gift 0 how perfect would that be,

    love the header!



  160. Your pictures always inspire me! And I have a new grandchild coming in April – that bag would be a lovely gift for our daughter as she waits for #3 to arrive. Thanks for sharing!

  161. You know it’s funny, I’ve been reading your blog for a bit, and I sort of feel like I know you. I usually read it through my blog reader, so I never heard the music I guess. But when I heard it today I was like oh yeah that sounds like her! haha! I love it.

  162. I Love that you know when to take a few moments to enjoy your girls!

  163. Love the bag…love your blog…Seriously, you are amazing!!

  164. I am LOVING the new header! Also, love the picture Lainey and Nella reading together. You are all too great… Have a great finish to the week. :)

  165. LOVE the photos… the girls are having a magical childhood, that’s for sure. And love Nella’s mary janes – and pint size knee-high athletic socks. SO cute. :-)

  166. We would love a new diaper bag!

  167. I love that last picture of Lainey and the two girls reading a book together.

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    Love the blog!!
    Aww sock feet are adorable as does the new header (cat and mouse!) How sweet!
    Thanks for writing such a great blog that inspires me!


  174. OMG love the new header – and those fuchsia wedges!!!

    Halloween is starting to take off in Australia (which I have mixed feelings about) but I had no idea chocolate was an acceptable treat! I have a bag of gummy eyeballs stashed in case we get trick or treaters but next year I will know better and get in mini chocolates.

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    and your blog is like halloween candy to me! so sweet!

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  181. your blog is one of the small things i enjoy :) every night when our house has quieted down i sneak into the office to catch a glimmer of your little life and a little inspiration to be a better me………i know things arent always perfect and “we” dont see all the other “stuff” but the parts were do see are magical……….
    so what is in your bag of joy???? a few extra laffy taffys from the tricker treat stash?? :) thanks for the love you share!!

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  186. I was changing my little magic chromosomed baby tonight and noticed how easily her legs reached up to her belly. She just folds right up like a rubber band. The picture of Nella sitting up with her feet turned inward, completely flat to the floor made me laugh. That’s flexibilty, baby. Cute and funny trait to have.


  187. So, I’m only fifteen years old and I stumbled upon your blog somehow. I check every so often and catch up on all your posts and I’ve come to a conclusion. If and when I have a family, I want it to be like yours… full of love. I think there’s a difference between living and being alive and you seem to be living. You’re inspiring and exactly the kind of mom who I hope to be someday. Sometimes I can’t wrap my head around how something can be so full of flaws yet entirely perfect which is what the world is, yet you’re one of the greatest examples of it. You’re just great, that’s all. I appreciate your blog and what it’s taught me- to love. That’s all, that’s it, that’s all we really need. To just love.
    For that I thank you and I’m praying this comment doesn’t come off as creepy but even more so, I pray you read this and just know that you’ve inspired someone (but I’m sure I’m not the only one).
    Thanks, and keep on keepin’ on! :)

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  194. This is my favorite favorite FAVORITE thing you have ever said on your blog. It’s just amazing to me how you capture feelings and translate them into words. Please put this in your book! :)

    “I used to want to be a child forever. Now, in loving this place, I want to have a child forever. And, believe me, it is in moments like this that I find comfort in the fact that the magic of the extra chromosome just might let Peter stay in Neverland a little longer for our family. And that’s perfectly alright.”

    -Jenny in Iowa

  195. I’ve eaten every single last Almond Joy that came in the Coscto mega pack of candy…and each time I snuck one I hid the evidence deep in the trash. If my 3 year old saw candy wrappers….well, I dont need to tell you!
    love your blog. Thank you for being a continuous inspiration.

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    love from SoCal!

  199. thanks for giving me my daily dose of inspiration. ready your blog just before bed makes me excited for what tomorrow might bring. keep on rockin’

  200. The scene with scattered, pocket-less, sorry-excuses-for-diaper-bags sounds all too familiar…especially the random lipsticks and crumpled receipts. Story of my life! Your blog has inspired me to start writing again. Thank you!

  201. your choice of music is just so. perfect. I always end up buying up the music on itunes after hearing it on your site! :) Thank you for that and so much more.

  202. I obsessively check your blog. love the pics- totally inspire me to cherish every moment with my sweet pea :)

  203. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9b7y9UYt_fM

    Not sure if you have seen this…Thought you might like this really sweet video of a brother singing about his little sister.

    I came across your blog a little while ago and I love all of your posts and your pictures are adorable!

  204. Kelle- you have the most awesome style- seriously- its awesome- seriously awesome!

  205. I happen to love love love bare feet and especially baby toes. I wish I could be soaking up the fall right now, but must settle for the beach of Costa Rica. Your pictures are beautiful!

  206. I logged on yesterday and was enthrilled by your new header, it is gorgeous! I Love Gingham or as we call it in SA check clothing. My little girl is 4 and she is so into fantasy play, what bothers me is that she prefers fantasy play to playing with other children but that is exactly how I was a child. I found the part of you going into Austin’s draw at night hillarious :-). Love the pics you posted as usual, totally in awe!! Romaine(South Africa)

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  212. I love to play pretend with my daughter,she has a great imagination and it is so fun to see what she will come up with. They are my favorite times of the day and I cherish them so much.

  213. hello pink mary jane wedges! super cute!!!

  214. So love ‘enjoying the small things’…really puts things into perspective when you post these.
    -Thank you. You are becoming famous, and yet still have so much gratitude for what is really important…don’t ever lose that Kelle! God Bless you and your family.

  215. Love it! Your dress in that pic is super cute too!!!

  216. I just added new diaper bag to my Christmas wish list…And today, we passed a lady carrying a diaper bag similar to ours and my daughter points to it saying, “mama”. I am being identified by my diaper bag. That is sad. It’s time for a new identity!

  217. I wish to tell you that I adore your blog, you, your girls, and your family…

    If I were to be lucky enough to win a giveaway I would would simply LOVE to win this fabulous red Oslo bag.

    Much Love to you and yours.

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    Thanks for sharing your love of the small things.

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    Thanks for allowing us all a glimpse into your blessed life. Your blog is a ray of sunshine!

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    Love that bag!

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  241. I deserve this bag … well, me and everyone else that leaves you lovely comments :) I am about to adopt my first baby Our birth mom was due yesterday and she still hasn’t popped so my husband and I continue to wait as patiently as we can to meet our daughter. So, please, I really really need/want/desire this bag!!

  242. The socked feet perfectly straight in the air, with her body at 90degrees….simply adorable!

    Would love to win, I have a small bag fetish!


  243. Love the cat and mouse header. I love how you write and how you pair it with such beautiful images. And I would love a good diaper bag, pick me pick me!

  244. Kelle
    #1 those purple shoes are hawt!
    #2 that last picture on the post is my FAV lainey pic to date!
    #3 my best friend just delivered her little peanut in the form of a “freak delivery” at 31 weeks and I would love to surprise her with a diaper bag like this since that’s one of those things that was going to be purchased around ohhhh…..39 weeks

  245. My heart was happy when I read the part about Neverland… I too will be there a little longer! We are blessed.

  246. Kelle
    #1 those purple shoes are hawt!
    #2 that last picture on the post is my FAV lainey pic to date!
    #3 my best friend just delivered her little peanut in the form of a “freak delivery” at 31 weeks and I would love to surprise her with a diaper bag like this since that’s one of those things that was going to be purchased around ohhhh…..39 weeks

  247. I too would love to have a child forever. Hopefully, when the empty nest has set in, that’s the void that grandchildren will fill.

  248. I just LOVE your blog! You capture life so well!

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  251. It seems soooooooo unlikely that I’d win, but I’d love to! I comment every single time post!

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    Loving this!

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  255. I am loving that bag! And in red too! Thanks for the great giveaway…I hope I win! :)

  256. Totally relate about pretend play- I spent a good portion of my night tonight corralling horses into my daughters room because they would be so afraid without her :) Love this stage too!

  257. I would love to win a diaper bag. I’m due in April and haven’t even started thinking about such things. Maybe I should!

  258. That flower clip is such a great touch. Just saw your header for the first time– totally cute costumes!

  259. i just stumbled across your site and i love love love your posts! you are a very talented writer and photographer and your girls are so lucky to have you as a mother! looking forward to the next post.

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    Also, I must add, your shoes are fabulous.


  266. Your children are BEAUTIFUL, this blog inspires me on my bad days! puts a smile upon my face!

  267. Count me in!

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    Thanks for the inspiration – you rock!

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    And, as always, beautiful pictures of the girls.

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    Lovin’ Nella and her white socks! So so cute!

    That bag, I love the messenger style it has!


  273. Love that baby bag! Oslo is the capital of Norway, fun to see some scandinavian products over there. :) let me know if you want some of this weather too. πŸ˜› Dark, cold and freezing in October – no bare feet for sure!
    .. only inside the wollen socks in front of the fire place,.. which is kinda cozy. :)

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    I’ve got a princess and thomas the train “actors” ..LOL

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    I love the little Kitty chewing on the Mouse’s tail!

    Have a good friend who is pregnant and would love to gift her the wonderful bag :)

  286. I love that picture of Lainey and Nella reading. So precious!

  287. Hi Kelle,
    I love the new title photos of Nella and Lainey. Can’t wait to see all the Halloween dress up pictures.
    Such a lovely description you give Kelle of the sun doing a recital!
    What a gorgeous picture of Lainey and Nella sharing a book together.x

  288. so much to say. love your new header. love candy. love seeing nella & lainey read together- my little guy is nella’s age, and he usually picks books over toys! i also loved that i spotted olivia the pig- those are MY favorite books.

    and, of course i need another diaper bag…

  289. who wants a bag… i do, I do!

    Right here… the redhead in the back.

    Pick ME! Pick ME!

  290. I remember never wanting to grow up when I was little, and when playing “pretend” was so real!! Now I’m so glad I get to experience the magic of childhood through my little one. Love your Blog!!!

  291. Love this post, as always. Also love the new header. Could they be more adorable? Thanks for making me smile! :)

  292. Now this post I HAVE to comment on. How come I (beeing a Scandinavian and Norwegian) have never heard of the Oslo diaper bag???
    Sounds like a must have if you are Norwegian :)

    I read your post in be last night. Feeling sorry for myself, having a cold and all. And what happened? I felt better! Thank you Kelle!

    My 5 month old is now sporting the same sock look, as she is playing on the floor.

    Have a great day!

  293. been lurking for a while now and have seen little glimpses of your awesome family room chairs. now that i see them in full, i must have them! where did you get them?? or are they one-of-a-kind???

  294. I love reading your blog. It’s the icing on my cupcake day! Thanks for being a ray of sunshine to the world Kelle. God has gifted you with so much joy and contagious love for life – thanks for sharing it with us all. You make this world a better place!
    PS. That diaper bag looks RAD!

  295. And little Nella is munching on big Lainey’s tail! Your girls are adorable beyond compare!

  296. You and your girls just Rock! I wish I could wear that green dress and pruple shoe outfit…I’m big boned…LOL that made me laugh at 3 am setting next to my daughters hospital bed….

    I would love a great bag…hold all that extra medical stuff

    thanks for the chance

    (((((HUGS))))) to you and yours

  297. your new header is absolutely adorable, so so cute, love it! all your photos are stunning, really like the way you look & see things.

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  299. love, love, love the new header!

  300. i love random. i love diapered babies. and halloween candy is like staying a child forever.

  301. I thought ‘wife beater’ was an Aussie slang expression! I learned something today, thank you :) (either that or you’ve just been listening to one too many Aussies?)

    Loving your new header by the way!!

    From Larissa and Baylee in Melbourne, Australia

  302. Oh the photo of the girls sharing a story together is so sweet.Love the new header. And nappy bags – mine is like the Bermuda Triangle- the number of things that disappear down in there is just frightening!!

  303. Oh the photo of the girls sharing a story together is so sweet.Love the new header. And nappy bags – mine is like the Bermuda Triangle- the number of things that disappear down in there is just frightening!!

  304. Love the same small things you love…and the diaper bag!–Julie

  305. Nella is so beautiful!!! And that Bag is Divine <3 <3

  306. Wow, you really know how to capture magical moments with your camera! I always wish your posts will never end when I’m reading them… Your kids are precious <3

  307. Would love sock feet and tshirt weather, its tights and pinafores over here in the UK..
    Love the new header too! How do you have time for all this!? Superwoman x

  308. Hi Kelle
    I’ve been reading your blog for ages now and you always make me smile. Whenever I’m feeling a little down I read your post and your positivity is infectious. I love checking out your sponsors too and have just ordered my first belkai necklace as a gift for my pregnant sister, can’t wait for it to arrive. Thank you again for giving me such inspiration.
    Love Bernadette (Sunderland, England)

  309. Nella’s rockin those Mary Janes!
    Love the bag. We pick our pram (stroller) up from the shop on Friday – our last big thing to collect before D day in 4 weeks! Would be awesome to win a bag to match!

    Big love from England x

  310. The pic is awesome:) Thank-you my lady!!!

    As for the diaper bag- yes, anything baby makes me tear up and just have a little longing to be mommy break down:/- you know what I’m talking about!

    So, I’d stash it away:)!

    LOVE ya. Amazing use of words.

  311. sock feet! eeeekkk! cuteness isnt even enough! precious!

  312. I also love the new header, it is so very cute. As for the diaper bag, it looks wonderful! I have a new Grand baby coming in Jan, I would love a chance to win.

  313. beautiful pictures. your halloween comments about the candy made me laugh out loud!

  314. I was so excited to wake up and see a new post! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the small things, and for all of the beautiful pictures. And I always love a giveaway!

  315. Oh my! Your new banner is too cute for words!

    – Amber x


  316. LOVE the new header!

    I would love to win that diaper bag – I’m expecting in April and need something practical and stylish!

  317. Week-in and week-out your posts remind me how to be present for my little boy and engaged in this big, amazing world. Thank you for sharing LIFE with us.

    P.S. You are totally rocking that green Anthropologie dress and now I have an idea on to style it for Fall. You rock.

  318. Oh so completely wonderful. Love the last picture of Lainey and your own secret adult space for adult work amidst the love of motherhood too. Thanks for sharing!

  319. I absolutely love the new header.

  320. I love the picture of the girls reading together. Those type pictures remind me so much of my sister and I.

  321. Love the diaper bag! I’d love to be the random winner, seeing how mine is falling apart! Love all the pictures!

  322. I will NOT say that I was eating Halloween candy myself while reading this post because it would simply not be true. And because of this I will not have to grab an extra bag at the store to replace what I haven’t been eating this past week.

  323. I’m keeping it simple…..I GOTTA have that bag Dude :-)!!! Happy Day.


  324. Your children are just beautiful! always enjoy looking at your pictures!

  325. Cutest cat and mouse ever! Happy fall.

  326. Kelle –

    I love following your blog. Beyond your wonderful writing and photography – how have so many followers found you? Do you advertise anywhere? I really would love the following that you have.

    Take care and happy fall!

  327. Pretty pretty bag! Sweet pictures.. awesome midweek post! :)

  328. Thank you for sharing your world again and again, you inspire me to be a happier person to see the enjoyment in the small things. Love love love the header, adorable. Having 2 little girls of my own, I would love the diaper bag. Best wishes.

  329. I would like to win. Our first baby is due in 6 weeks and I’ve yet to choose a diaper bag. Too many options and it’s hard to know what the best ones are. AT this point I am planning on using a backpack.

  330. Love to win – love your blog !! :)

  331. I had the most awful diaper bags with my kids!

  332. I love bags!! You have beautiful girls!!

  333. Your girls are so cute and I agree…let’s all be children forever! :)

  334. Ohh I absolutely love the new header! :) Sooo adorable!!

  335. I rocked the bear feet too yesterday on a lovely fall day in Ohio!

  336. Love the Kitty and Mouse! Could really use that diaper bag πŸ˜‰

  337. Red diaper bag made my heart “squee” – I have just been converted to a shoulder bag (husbands old college bag) so this would be amazing!

  338. loving the red diaper bag!

  339. Love the new header! So cute! I can’t wait to see the post of halloween!

  340. Oh, your header. Love Nella chewing on Lainey’s tale! Precious. My daughter is always looking for a better diaper bag. This one looks grand. Thanks for the chance to win.

  341. reading very early in the am while still curled upunder the covers… I needef some inspiration to get out in to the cold and get my day started before my girls start it for me. Thanks for giving me just what I needed!! Can’t explain how tough things have been lately but I will keep trying to “enjoy the small things”

  342. We have been praying for a baby for so long, but maybe if I win this bag, the baby will come…. πŸ˜‰

  343. I, too, am a Mommy to a little 3 and half year old princess and an almost 2 year old princess. The candy wrappers made me giggle because at this age, I have become quite apt at sneaking little tasty morsels into my mouth without allowing two sets of eyes to see me. Sometimes I get caught and am asked, “Mommy, what is in your mouth…open your mouth so I can see.” Makes me realize who really is in charge, and I would not have it any other way. Yet, there has to be a better way then sneaking into the laundry to “fold more clothes” so I can have another Reeses cup! Goodness, do I love my little ladies!

  344. My little one is all about the imaginary play too. I love the little voice that transforms into many other little voices as she plays with her stuffed animals and figurines. I. eat. it. up.

    I thought of you last night as I was trying to get my brother to realize that he needs to enjoy the treasures of every day; and that includes his 2 little ones. I ttold him that he needs to stick his head out a window in a moving car (obviously suggesting that he’s NOT the one behind the wheel); just to feel the rush of wind on his skin. I got a good laugh for that comment, but seriously, do it!

    Hope the sugar detox goes easy on you. Our candy is banished to the car for safekeeping, but now I have 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the house to boot! Geez.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  345. As usual, great post! I’m inspired to try to brighten this dull fall day by looking through some photos of my little guy and making an enjoying teh small things post on my blog.

    Thanks for the chance to win a diaper bad…it will come in handy in 7 months time! :)

  346. My battered diaper bag is like Mary Poppins purse! My kids are always digging in it to find a surprising treasure. I love the gingham diaper cover…I miss half naked babies like we always were growing up in Miami…

  347. I adore the new header, the girls are just precious!

    Red diaper bag….I might have drolled just a bit. Three kids in adn I am still get a little giddy with new bags.

  348. Love the bag, love your shoes!!

  349. I Love your blog! Your girls are so cute!

  350. ohmygosh. LOVE the bag. I’m in a constant search for the perfect diaper bag. stylish and functional!

    I also love seeing how you still do fall without the chilly temps. Thanks :)

  351. That bad is so sweet! I totally have the the random bags all over the house too!

  352. I don’t know which you were rocking more – the adorable red diaper bag or those plum wedges! So cute!!!

    Love your blog!

  353. I think next year I will buy the Halloween candy on Halloween. No matter how long I wait I always eat it.
    Love the girls in their costumes in your header. So sweet!

  354. I love the halloween costumes. They are adorable.

  355. Love the new header! As usual, your pics are amazing! Kinda wish we could still have some barefoot October days…it’s getting chilly in NWOhio!

  356. Ooooh oooh, pick me! New baby deserves a new diaper bag, right? Well, only if we win!

    Loving the festive header. That is the most adorable rodent and feline I’ve ever seen. Have a wonderful day!

  357. I love the new header! Your blog gives me such inspiration. I am a mom of a wonderful 10 month old son, and I am learning to enjoy every moment, and to not worry so much about the laundry! I also would love that bag!

  358. Oh! How wonderful–I’ve heard from others that their quality is impeccable.

  359. love all the clothes your girls wear and love the diaper bag. just had a baby so this would come in handy.

  360. I have just recently started reading your blog, as I stumbled upon it from a friends page and I must say….Im loving it, from tears to smiles or just the love of life you have, I come back and check it every night after I have my 2 little ones in bed! You really do have a way with words and a beautiful talent in your photography! Very inspiring :) Your little girls are absolutely beautiful!

    Love the diaper bag, I can never seem to keep mine organized either! πŸ˜‰

  361. I love the photo with Nella and Lainey reading! So very cute! Thank you again, and always, for inviting us to be a part of it!
    Paula :)

  362. I, too, need to find a better hiding place for our halloween candy! Thought I had the perfect place and then…I found it!

  363. I love reading your blog. I am striving to be a thermostat.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway.

    My sister is expecting her first child in April 2011 & it would be perfect for her.

  364. I am loveing the new header!!! It is way adorable. I love the cat and mouse thing.
    As always I love love love the pics in your post. The girls are growing so fast!!

  365. Kelle i’m three months pregnant with TWINS!! our first(s) :) a friend just told me about your blog a couple weeks ago and i’m hooked – thank you for sharing!

  366. Love, love, love the new header…Nella the cat chewing on Lainey the mouse’s tail…completely adorable!

  367. wahoo! love this post on many different levels. i’m seven weeks pregnant tomorrow so ohmygosh i would love that bag! :)

    thanks for being so inspirational.

  368. A few things…I love Nella. She is only a couple of months older than my boy and he makes me want to put him in cute little shoes and headbands.

    I love your style. I’m 24 and working hard on not looking like a mom. 2 kids have left me frumpy.

    And I love fall. A lot. It will be nice when it finally comes to lower Alabama!

  369. Love the Halloween costumes!

  370. I wonder if Austyn knows your sneaking into his room at night! ha ha!!

  371. Love the bag! Happy Halloween

  372. Well, I’m leaving for Oslo tomorrow. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m meant to win this bag. Hope so :)

  373. Oooh, a new bag, a red one at that – what could be mroe fun!

    P.S. I am loving reading all about your beautiful Autumn…its summer over here! :)

  374. love the new banner across the top. too cute! would love to win the bag, need to keep my 3 very littles organized. and i haven’t bought my halloween candy yet- otherwise i would be eating all week like you! have a super day

  375. 1) I’ve been meaning to say for a few days that I love your new header!!! Nella biting Lainey’s tail is the cutest thing EVER!!

    2)’I used to want to be a child forever. Now, in loving this place, I want to have a child forever. And, believe me, it is in moments like this that I find comfort in the fact that the magic of the extra chromosome just might let Peter stay in Neverland a little longer for our family. And that’s perfectly alright.’


    3) Stealing candy from your kids… I so do that!!

    4) Nella’s feet are something I just adore. With sock, without. Tan feet, or not. Shoes, no shoes. Darling!I just wanna bite ’em. In a playful way.

    5) Lainey’s love for Nella…. precious!

    6) Under your bed… looks just like mine. So glad I’m not the only one.

    7) Card tables as desks… mine is a long banquet table. Oh the sacrifices. :)

  376. I absolutely adore your blog, all your pictures make me smile every day. You are an inspiration and I want to say thank you.

  377. My Halloween candy stash is disappearing quickly too… good thing I bought the extra large bag knowing we would eat some (a lot) before Halloween and knowing that we only get about 8 trick or treaters. :) Shhhhhh!!! It’s hidden in the back of my cupboard that houses mixing bowls and the crockpot.

  378. those purple shoes are KILLER!!! People say I’m crazy for being a mom and wearing killer shoes, but there’s something about a great pair while going about your day that just makes everything better. And the jelly fingers on your dress and baby squeals as you turn the corner? Gravy to that awesomely filling Thanksgiving meal. Gravy.

  379. I love how you make having it all look so easy! :) Your house, your clothes, everything always looks so put together. Can you come to Michigan and show me how it’s done? :)

  380. And, believe me, it is in moments like this that I find comfort in the fact that the magic of the extra chromosome just might let Peter stay in Neverland a little longer for our family

    ^this made me incredibly happy for your family. I too have an (almost) 3 and a half year old, and want to live in this neverland forever… good thing ill get to experience it again in another year and a half :) three and a half is magic!

  381. I would love to rock out the arrival of my third on January 21st, or somewhere close to it, with that bag!

  382. Oh my gosh tell me about it .. the Halloween candy – yikes! and do you know they make a pack called MOVIE TIME??? its got all the delicious treat you generally only buy when at the movies like Junior Mints?? Hello heaven!

  383. I definitely don’t need the diaper bag, but just wanted to say how obsessed my daughter, Samantha, is with that Olivia doll. Although ours no longer has clothes. LOL

    Sweet pics as always!! Love the mary jane feet. :-)

  384. love the little kitty cat and mouse!! and i think we have the same toenail polish on. :)

  385. I love love love the cat and mouse!!!! Adorable!

  386. I also like the new header – your girls are absolutely adorable. As for the giveaway, I checked out her website and I love that diaper bag. I am also a collector of diaper bags, I love switching things up once and awhile!

  387. Hi! My name is Jen and I read your blog every day! My name doesn’t come up in the comments though! Anyway LOVE the bag you are giving away! And I love the pictures of your beautiful girls! Love reading your stories!

  388. cora has oodles of those same animals! she can play with them for hours …
    uhoh. baby calls.
    and yes. i vote to have a child forever too. 3 and a half is beauty.

  389. beautiful!

  390. The new header is precious!

    And, the girls reading together? Adorable.

  391. I love your new header! Nella and Lainey both look adorable in their costumes!

  392. This would be perfect for use with our 6 month old! :)

  393. I love the view from your desk very inspiring. Blessings to your family!

  394. That bag is awesome!

    I love that even if you never said a word in your posts, I would still get the same reaction/feeling from your pictures alone.

  395. This comment has been removed by the author.

  396. Thank you as always for being a bright spot in my day! Your beautiful pictures always bring a smile to my face! Happy Halloween!

  397. My favorite is the part you wrote about Peter Pan and maybe the extra chromosome Nella has allowing you to enjoy Neverland longer, so so sweet!! Beautifully said!!!

  398. Pick me, please! Expecting Baby #4 and looking for the perfect diaper bag!!

    Erin, http://www.thesearemyreasons.blogspot.com

  399. I love the new header – so cute! I am having the same problem with the Halloween candy! HYPER! HYPER! HYPER!

  400. i LOVE seeing nella lying there like lainey…reading with her! all these pictures are just SO adorable..as always!

  401. LOVE the new header! Cute cute cute!

    the red bag is GREAT!! lovin’ it!
    pick me, pick me!

  402. I am working on my own piture wall, I love looking at your pics daily. Your girls are so lucky!
    thanks for the chance to win

  403. Mmm….did someone say Almond Joys? Yum!! I love the red bag, but I am especially LOVING your shoes in that picture!!

  404. Great pics, as usual! Love the gingham things–so creative. I feel inspired today!

  405. the pic of lainey and nella bean laying together looking at a book just made my eyes all water up. they are so sweet together and i know it warms your heart to know they will always have a best friend and secret-sharer in each other. and id love to win that diaper bag for my daughter who is preggo with # 3.
    have a beautiful sunshine filled day!

  406. So excited to rock out Halloween this whole week with my little bambino! Can’t wait for your Halloween post!

  407. I love coming here when I’m feeling down or grumpy… or at the beginings of a mommy funk. Anyone can tell me how good I have it. And I hear them… but for somereason you know the right way to point it out and pull me out.
    And it was great to finially see some mess in your house. I know you say its messy but never really got to see it, for real. I was starting to hate you a little bit for having these pretent messes but then the backgroud of your life always looks pretty pulled together to me. :)

  408. Love the new header, and of course the new RED bag. Just gorgeous, and would look even better on my red stroller! :-)

  409. I like your whole green dress ensemble! From the belt to the shoes, you look fab!

    I’d love to win that sweet little bag for all my kiddo’s stuff!

  410. I love posts like these! Inspires me to stop and think of all the things I’m loving right now! I love the picture of Nella and Lainey reading the book- the look of admiration on Nella’s face is beautiful. And, that last picture of Lainey- adorable!!!

  411. I am loving your purple wedges!! Now I am off to grab a kit kat to have with my morning cup of coffee while my little sleeps the morning away. Thanks for the giveaway! That bag is awesome!!

  412. cute costumes! Love the header!

  413. oh i love it. to have a “real” diaper bag… :)

  414. Love your cuties halloween costumes! ADORABLE!

  415. Loved seeing what you are enjoying this week! :) Makes me want to be on the lookout for the gingham, embellished, and halloween candy things in my life! Every one of your photos are just stunning… you should be proud, you talented, beautiful lady! :) By the way… you are model material. The picture of you with the flower pin… sooo pretty! :)

  416. I always thought of myself as organized until I had two little ones. Now I’m lucky to get out the door with shoes on(instead of slippers!) That diaper bag has my name all over it!

  417. 2 in diapers! Love it!

  418. that nella!!!! cute. cute. cute.

  419. love you,love your baby girls,love reading your blog, you are such an inspiration. Bless you!

  420. coming here to see you, your girls and read about all the love in your house just makes me happy. and reminds me to stop and “take it all in” every once in a while. thank you for that! xo

  421. Love the blog! I go to it every day for a little dose of inspiration! thanks so much!

  422. What an amazingly optimistic take on Peter Pan and its relation to your family! Also, where did you get the high socks for Nella? I have been searching all over for socks that my little Lilah can’t pull off as easily in chilly WI!

  423. I love the header!! What a cute combo the girls make for halloween!! The bag is perfect!! :) So glad you have something else to love! :)

  424. I love the new header – adorable! And I love that bag. I’ve been looking for a new diaper bag for forever and can’t find one I like. Would love to win it!

  425. I’ve eaten a whole bag of Snickers that I had “hidden.” Sigh.

    Good luck with that, Kel!

  426. Love reading your blog!!!

  427. Sweet family! It seems like it is candy overload now through Easter!

  428. If this bag holds the secret to organized outings, then I must have it! (And I have to tell you, I’m relieved to see that I’m not the only mama eating all the Halloween candy before the big night even arrives…)

  429. Though somewhat jealous of your view… I love love love your new workspace and am so happy to hear that I’m not the only mom who manages to clutter up any open surface that appears in my house.

  430. Love the new header! So cute!! :)

    I am so in love with pretty much anything red! That’s a big deal for me because I am a plain jane fo the most part with earth tones or black and white…

  431. oh my goodness only the other day I spied my ideal nappy bag on another mommy in Starbucks, only to be told when I asked her where she got it……….. South Africa! Happens to me EVERY time! So I would love to win your pockety pockety nappy bag :-) xxx ps i love the new header

  432. Your Blog is Simply Amazing! Your Cat and Mouse couldn’t get any cuter!

  433. Happy Thursday! I love your girls’ Hallowe’en costumes :) Well done!

  434. your girls are too cute for words! and i love the way you dress them!

  435. The pic of Nella’s sock feet made me laugh out loud. Man, she’s working those knee-highs.
    And i hate to admit it….but I’ve never tasted an Almond Joy. That shocks me, as I’ve never met a candy I didn’t like. I will locate one today…

  436. I love the new masthead – so adorable.

    I also love this part of your blog:
    ‘I used to want to be a child forever. Now, in loving this place, I want to have a child forever. And, believe me, it is in moments like this that I find comfort in the fact that the magic of the extra chromosome just might let Peter stay in Neverland a little longer for our family. And that’s perfectly alright.’

    Just beautiful. The way you see positives in everything floors me.

  437. Oh my! I love the pictures of your girls in their Halloween costumes!

  438. A beautiful post! Love the series of gingham pictures and the talk of peter pan. And that diaper bag is oh so pretty!

  439. A diaper bag would be awesome….since I am seven weeks pregnant!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be needing one of those soon :-)

    Love your blog…love your pictures…love your perspective…love your beautiful girls!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  440. I love the new header! I can’t wait to see more Halloween goodness!

  441. Yah, I am pretty sure we all need the Halloween candy to go away. My only saving grace is that I have had strep the last few days and can’t eat it :) I always struggle with diaper bags as you do, nothing ever seems to work. I also love that this one comes in red and think the fact that it attaches to a stroller is fabulous. One less thing to carry!

    Happy Thursday.

  442. beautiful post!

  443. I love the picture of your girls reading – so precious!

  444. Kelle, your new header is the best! They are so cute!!

  445. Although my husband and I have only been married for 4 months-ish, I am so excited for when the time comes for us to start having children. Reading your posts I can always feel the joy your children bring you! I love children so much and cannot wait to be a mommy (hopefully next year)!! Thank you for always sharing your family with all of us

  446. I purposely did not buy any Halloween candy yet, because I have a real sweet tooth. However, school parties are today and trick or treat night is tonight so I am sure I will be on a sugar high that will last all weekend!

    Love the new header!

  447. Love the new header! Love the mary jane shoes! Love the gingham! Love your green dress! Love all of these pictures!

  448. I love your blog. You inspire me to be a better mommy! Also, I love free things and wouldn’t mind a little help in the organizational department!

  449. I am expecting my first child and have been looking everywhere for the perfect diaper bag. And the red color just finishes it off (my favorite color).

    BTW, you’re blog always makes me smile, no matter how bad/stressful of a day I’m having!

  450. Love the costumes and loooove the bag.

  451. just read peter pan a month ago to my 4 and 3 year old girlies… so extra loved that imagery you used. & you are not the only one wanting to be the mommy of a child forever.

  452. I need that diaper bag for #2 that is cooking in my belly and making it hard to stay awake for #1!!!

  453. I need that diaper bag for #2 that is cooking in my belly and making it hard to stay awake for #1!!!

  454. Awesome giveaway! I’ve found that those drop-everything moments make the best memories. :)

  455. Things I’m loving

    The new header
    The fall colors in OH
    A new blog post in the morning
    the crochet pin
    LOVE the diaper bag.

  456. Shhh….don’t spill the beans, but I’m 7 weeks pregnant with our 2nd, so I could totally use a new diaper bag :)

  457. those babies just make my heart smile! Thanks for sharing your love of the halloween candy and that you too will have old receipts with some randomness along with them in the bottom of the bag..good times my friend..good times!

  458. Love the bag! And now you have me thinking what I can wear tights with today!

  459. I love the shot of them reading. It reminds me of my little girls.

  460. Enjoying the blog as usual. My diaper “bag” is a mess. Please help.

  461. Enjoy your warm weather – we are bunkering down for the snow that will be coming soon over hear!

  462. Ooohhh … I’ve totally been in the market for a new diaper bag! On a different note … I love, love, love that wall of pictures behind Nella!

  463. Your photos always inspire me to take more pictures in life, even in the off moments. So beautiful.

    & your new header is to die for! Cutest little girls ever.

  464. :)

  465. Love that bag! And could use it for my three kids 3 1/2 and under that I tote around town!

  466. I love this bag! How awesome. I just recently found out that I am expecting and my first must is a cute yet practical diaper bag.

  467. Love your pictures! SO BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing yourself and your BEAUTIFUL family! I really enjoy the “sock feet” too! So sweet!

  468. What is it about chubby baby feet and legs in socks pulled high?! I love it!

  469. Random commenter hoping to win! Looking good this fall…love those girls…want to squeeze them! Happy Halloween!

  470. How beautiful! Every now and then, I stop to think about how much fun I had when I was younger. The games of “Princess” and “House” I would play. Sneaking into my moms makeup and clothes until she would find me, only to jump right in and play too! Childhood really is a magical thing!

    Great post and bag!!


  471. So inspiring!
    Love the bag, love your photos!!!

  472. I just found out my best friend is expecting and this bag is SO up her alley! Even if I don’t win, I’m snagging one of these bad boys. Love your pics, as always. Rock it out, girl.

  473. I would LOVE one of these bags!!!

  474. I love that you make being a SAHM so wonderful. I struggle with it every day, but you remind me how great it can be!

  475. Still loving your blog and checking it religiously. It inspires me. Thank you.

  476. You inspire me – you don’t know me, but you INSPIRE me! OH MY GOODNESS! My husband has asked what has come over me, my usual pollyanna attitude has now been combined with colors and flying by the seat of my pants and enjoying the little things that by themselves would just be moments, but because I/we are choosing – they become MEMORIES – beloved MEMORIES. Whether the random number comment fairy picks me or not – THANK YOU for your inspiration.

  477. For a split second all I wanted to do was comment on your header and then go back and read your post…because that is the cutest ever!! Ever! But after that split second was over, I had to of course read the rest!

    “Having a lot on my plate, but dropping it all for moments like these…”

    I would like to live by this statement.

    Thank you again Kelle…inspirational as always!

  478. Ohh I neeeeeeed this bag!

  479. I LOVE your thoughts about that magical extra chromosome allowing us to enjoy the enchantment of childhood a little longer. What a cool way to look at things. Just yesterday I took a picture of my two year old’s toy in my silverware drawer. I stopped myself from putting it away b/c I know someday his toys won’t be all over the house. I just wanted to hold on to that moment as long as possible. I hadn’t thought about the fact that my almond-eyed baby boy will bless me with his innocence for even longer than his brother will. Thanks πŸ˜‰

  480. First just let me say I love, love, love the halloween costumes!! Ok, now the pleading, pick me! Pick me!! With two littles of my own, I cant tell you how many diaperbags we’ve gone through, a red one would look nice carrying all our stuff!! So again PICK ME!!!

  481. I love a Kelle Hampton mid-week post!

    …and I am so ready to win that red hot diaper bag!

  482. Very cool bag! Would be perfect for an expectant Mom, like me! So loving seeing the growth and beauty of your baby girls. Ah!Great photos!

  483. love everything about this post today – the bag, the pin on the wife beater, the babes, and the song playing in the background. well done Kelle!

  484. Your header is adorable! I love the costumes. Can’t wait for a Halloween recap. :-)

  485. You inspire me to find beauty in all of the everyday things that I normally wouldn’t look twice at. You really have made a difference in my life.

  486. I just love reading your blog! It just makes my day to see those precious littles of yours! And that diaper bag is rockin’!

  487. Yes, a fabulous red bag sounds awesome!!!! I’d love to win.

  488. Loving the picture of Nella looking at her white stockinged feet. :)

  489. I love your new desk!!!

  490. I love the mini almond joys, too! I swore to myself that I would not eat the candy this year before Halloween and even have to go out and buy more for the trick or treating goblins…so I bought pretzels for them instead this year…and they are all still here! HA!

    I also LOVE the bag – especially with your shoes and tights! Ka-YOOT!

    I love your girls. Pure beauty!

  491. I’m soooo jealous of bare feet in October. Here in Canada – not a chance!

  492. Love your post, like always! Great header, too!

  493. Where did you get those pink shoes!? Love love love them :)


  494. A new and improved diaper bag would be so exciting. I’ve been using cloth grocery bags as make shift diaper bags to carry all the baby necessities in denial that I still actually needed a diaper bag. For some reason I convinced myself that my 3 year old son and twin 1 1/2 year old girls would carry their own back backs while I carried my 5 mo olds stuff in a small cute bag… this never happens!

    I know I’ve said this before but you inspire me to grow as a person and better enjoy the small things in my own life! Thank you.

  495. In reference to the new header, my older sister and I were a cat and mouse for two halloweens in a row. Then in there was a year break and my younger sister and I were cat and mouse for two more years.

    PLEASE don’t do that to Lainey and Nella!

    Love your flower clip, I think I’ll go buy one!

  496. Sometimes, as moms, we all need a little time in a cubicle. For me it’s my nightly soak in the shower. It’s pretty much the only time I am completely by myself. I have a 2-year-old son, watch four other toddlers in my home all day long, and am pregnant with twins due in just a few weeks…. so I need some quiet time more than you know. I can completely relate!

    Your purple wedges are fabulous by the way. As soon as I can see my ankles again, I will be in search of fabulous shoes like those.

  497. I love the girls Halloween costumes!! Maybe next year I’ll get creative and make my kids? Probably not, but it’s a nice thought!

  498. I have the perfect mommy-to-be in mind for this bag!!

  499. What a cool bag! I would love to win it! Love your Blog, Kelle!

  500. I so so so need this bag! I’m totally unorganized. I have a two week old and a 17 month old and need more diaper bag room! Please pick me!

  501. Whoa wait…did you say mini Almond Joy? Oh my, we can’t even get regular Almond Joy here anymore. I thought they had stopped making them or something. I have to go tell my husband that we definitely need to move to Florida now…

  502. I love reading your blogs they always put a smile on my face.

  503. Oh my goodness that new header is super cute, LOVE the costumes! Oh and I also love Nella with just her socks on, precious! And as always love the blog!

  504. I know just what you mean about wanting to have a child forever. I always tell my husband I want to shellac (sp?) our girls as 3 year olds! Love your new header, btw….

  505. I just threw our diaper bag in the garbage… I found a 3 week old banana in the bottom of it… (No – I have no idea how I didn’t find it sooner than 3 weeks with that stench…) but after scrubbing… and scrubbing… And then putting it in the washer only to have the washer eat it… Well – it then fell apart. Bummer.

  506. I love, love, love the new header!!!! Your girls are too cute :)

  507. Lve reading your blog. You remind me to enjoy the small things. I am working on being more carefree (with a 7 year old, 6 year old and 4-1/2 month old!).

  508. Love the new header! They are adorable in their costumes!! The picture of Nella with her socks is so caute!

  509. Throwing my name in the pot to see if I am lucky to win the bag…also I LOVE the middle picture in the header. Have a happy day!

  510. I LOVE your shoes in the last photo! Only you could pull those off cause I sure as heck couldn’t! lol I love your creativity! You inspire me to find crafts to do with our daughter Haleigh! I am not crafty at all but we have so much fun trying. We’re making memories together. Thank you so much!!

  511. Another awesome post Kelle! You definately make me adjust the lens a little clearer on what is really important in life. I’m in need of a few more moments of nothingness with my little man!

  512. “So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land…”

  513. Adorable post…adorable bag…adorable girlies!

  514. Love the new header! Your girls are so sweet.

  515. PHEW! I am SO relieved to know that I am not the only one that hides the candy only to go in search of it under the cover of darkness! I feel all “special ops” sneaking in and collecting the contraband and then sneaking back out, undetected, to enjoy the contraband! Your blog makes me smile…it makes me laugh, and it gives me glimpses of encouragement to share with my friend and her sweet Molly…I love the Peter Pan analogy…so very true!

  516. Loves, loves, loves the new header! Cute custumes for cute kids!

  517. Love the bag (and those sweet little mice!)

  518. Your cat and mouse are so adorable! I love the new header!

  519. Love your beautiful perspective on life.

  520. Last year my husband and I ate a whole bag of halloween candy before it was halloween…we had to buy a second bag for the kids.
    I love the girls’ costumes! So cute :)

  521. Nella and Lainey are THE cutest cat-and-mouse I have ever seen in my entire life. And we’re made a point NOT to buy any Halloween candy yet because it’ll be gone and there will be none left for the kiddies… and I’ll get a tummy ache. That and/or a sugar high.

    And Nella with the socks? Honestly… too much! The kid makes everything look so amazingly adorable!

  522. Cutest cat and mouse ever! My little girl is celebrating her first Halloween this year and will be a lady bug. So many things to be thankful for!

  523. What a great giveaway! Thanks!

    Also, your new header is awesome. I love watching your girls grow through their photos.

  524. Ok, so it’s no secret I have a diaper bag/hand bag/purse/carry-on/you name it bag addiction. And in red? O.M.G. Momma likie!!!!

  525. Uhm Yes can you come decorate my house ? THANK YOU soo much !!! You everything so cute !

  526. OK – First I LOVE your header!!! So stinkin’ cute! And second, that diaper bag would be awesome as my first one is in shambles from my daughter! I feel like my muffin on the way maybe could use a new one! Happy Trick or Treating!

  527. OK – First I LOVE your header!!! So stinkin’ cute! And second, that diaper bag would be awesome as my first one is in shambles from my daughter! I feel like my muffin on the way maybe could use a new one! Happy Trick or Treating!

  528. OK – First I LOVE your header!!! So stinkin’ cute! And second, that diaper bag would be awesome as my first one is in shambles from my daughter! I feel like my muffin on the way maybe could use a new one! Happy Trick or Treating!

  529. Diggin’ the new bag and LOVING your new header!

  530. I have hidden the bag of Halloween candy in the freezer. Does it work? Ask the husband who smiled like the Chesire Cat and told me what a great hiding spot it would be—for the kids!
    And seriously in love with probably to coolest bag I have ever seen in my life! Being red is definitely a bonus as it would match fantastically with the perfect pair of shoes that just happens to be sitting in my closet. Here’s to crossing fingers and wishing. :) Happy Thursday

  531. Loving the girl’s costumes!!!

  532. Love your cuties Halloween costumes!!! So very cute. Great job lady on making them. :)

  533. I have never wanted a giveaway as much as this one. If you saw my purse/diaper bag, you would know why. :)

  534. I LOVE that diaper bag! It doesn’t even really look like one!
    I love reading your blog, its really opened my eyes to life and being more positive! You have a wonderful family :-)

    OH and Halloween candy is not safe for a 9 month preggo momma….I can’t keep my hands out of the pumpkin basket of my 2 year olds….Oh well! What 2 year old needs a ton of candy?

  535. I’m ready for Halloween to be over only because the fun size snickers are my kryptonite!

  536. The girls costumes are fabulous!!! and your candy addiction sounds like mine :) But hey it’s Halloween! It’s ok, right?

  537. Your new banner is so freaking cute! The kitty and mouse. Perfect. The shot of Nella biting Lainy’s tail is priceless.

  538. I have the same green Anthropologie dress that you are wearing in the last photo. Great minds!

  539. What a great picture of your girls reading together! The last one of Lainey is just beautiful, too.

    As the mommy of Landon and soon-to-be mommy of another, I know how important (and hard) it is to be organized. I hope whoever wins the giveaway loves the diaper bag. It looks amazing!

  540. I love Nellas brown gingham dress and your purple wedges! Super cute!

  541. I totally need a new diaper bag. I have 3 going right now … there’s the small one to take into the restaurant, the one to take to the big sister’s soccer and then there’s the one for being out for the whole day. It’s insanity!!

    Love the socks!

  542. Puh-LEASE tell us where you got those purple shoes! ::drool::

    Also, PICK ME!

  543. As always – beautiful, beautiful pictures of your beautiful girls. The diaper bag sounds perfect, I’ll definitely have to check it out!

  544. Happy Halloween Lainey and Nella! Love, love the cat and mouse costumes! Also digging the lillebaby Oslo diaper bag!!

  545. amazing how that little clip MADE your outfit. so cute!!! i’m a big fan of gingham too. my girls are 7and almost 11 and they still play together with Barbies and Legos and well…anything. it is so precious to see. so no worries you have a long time yet to enjoy that magic. have a beautiful day.

  546. The more I read your blog, the more I want to thank you for the intimate look you provide into your family – its joys, its struggles and the overabundance of love that is shared. Your family is beautiful and your perspective is real and refreshing. Thanks for the constant inspiration, whether it’s through your words or pictures.

  547. red is totally your color! its my color too… =]

  548. Love everything about you including the new bag! I would love a red one too!!! :)

  549. Love the pics – beautiful girls! All 3 of you!

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  551. I love how your blog can make me laugh out loud…I don’t think my Halloween candy is going to make it till Sunday!

  552. Ok Kelle … You seriously need to hide that Nella of yours cuz I am *this close* to hopping on a plane and coming to your house and snatching her up!! Ok, not really, b/c that would be crazy…but you know what I mean!! That pic of her in her little mouse costume bitting Lainey’s tail?!?! OMG. Priceless.

  553. Precious new header…and the sock feet pic of Nella is my favorite of this post. With the stuffed Olivia next to her, I imagine an unspoken conversation between the two.
    ‘I like laying on the floor.’
    ‘Me too!’
    ‘Check out my feet in these socks.’
    ‘I know. I wish my feet were that long.’
    ‘Wanna go play with my sister?’
    ‘Maybe in a minute…I really like laying on the floor.’
    ‘Yeah…me too.’

  554. Loving your green dress & Nella’s wonderful white tube socks! :)

    The diaper bag is AWESOME…& in red makes it that much better!!

  555. Love the idea of that extra chromosome giving Peter Pan a few extra years of childhood at your house.

  556. I have the same diaper bag problem as you. My oldest is 4 now and I’ve never had an actual “diaper bag”. Now, with my third on the way, I’ve vowed to get a real bag before he arrives. Plus, I love that color red!

  557. super cute bag, kelle! i’m due in april and would love to sport one as well :)

  558. I would love to win the bag! My diaper bag never has enough room!! :)

  559. Inspiring as usual! Thanks!

  560. I am absolutely loving your little cat and mouse! I love how you enjoy the small things…going to go take some more pumpkin patch pictures tonight…you inspire me!

  561. I’m constantly checking your blog to see when you’ve posted something new and I always get so excited when you have. I have to put everything else on hold to read and see the pictures. Please don’t stop blogging! :)

  562. This has nothing to do with your post, but I have to share: My friend in Nebraska had her 20 week ultrasound yesterday and learned there were some genetic abnormalities (heart) and their baby may have DS. My other friend in North Carolina had the same situation a few weeks ago. It was such a joy to share your Blog with them. Being a new follower, I have to say I now feel so much hope and joy for people who have a child with DS rather than sadness or fear. You have not only changed the way they feel about their children, but people like me as well. The way you look at life and your beautiful girls is such an inspiration. Kelle, thanks to you sharing your story, in all its truths, the sadness as well as the happiness. Thanks to you putting yourself out there so many people can move forward with peace. No matter what their doctor’s appointments bring, they know they will welcome their babies with love and HOPE. This is not just a Blog, your words will save lives.

  563. I Love the new pictures of the girls!!!!! I also love the diaper bag. This would be great for us. We found out a month ago that we are having twins. See, I yold you it would come in handy. Happy Halloween!!!

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  566. I am pregnant with my first child. I’m absolutely terrified! I find comfort in your blog and knowing that it all will get done and if it doesn’t, OH WELL! We are telling our families this weekend, our the butterflies in my stomach and tears in my eyes that appear as I type this. Your girls are dolls!

  567. I am feeling your struggle to stay away from the Halloween candy- I can’t seem to resist it either- the other night I couldn’t sleep because I had eaten candy corn pumpkins while watching glee! Jealous of your bare feet in October my uggs have made an appearance and will stay on now until the spring! Loving the pictures of your little cuties- the new blog header is fantastic… The Halloween costumes are fantastic.

  568. Wish I’d had a cool diaper bag like that when my girlies were babes, BUT stepdaughter is pregnant so I know she would love it.
    I love the photo of the girls lying on the floor, with your normal, homey messes in the background.
    Thank you for sharing!

  569. The girls are too cute…especially the feet pictures…I love baby feet:) I can’t buy Halloween candy until the last minute b/c I will hide it and eat it all by myself…Happy Mid-Week.

  570. Your photographs are gorgeous as usual. :)

  571. Great costumes! so much creativity can happen in a rusted metal chair and a card table…enjoy your time alone in the evenings, it makes all the other time so much sweeter

  572. I admit to being a candy addict

  573. You not only have great taste in decor, photography, clothes, but also….jelly!! That is the best jelly of all time! :)

  574. I feel like the Neverland in me “never” left, it was just suppressed for awhile. I’m looking forward to our baby’s arrival in February to bring it back in full force! Love the last picture of Nella- gorgeous!

  575. I always read your blog on google reader. my goodness is your header adorable. i could just hug nella all day long, she is so stinking adorable!

  576. I want the diaper bag!!! :) cute header by the way!

  577. Only you can make a Peter Pan reference that makes me cry. Seriously. And I sooo needed this after a really hectic morning with my two babies. I felt guilty when I breathed a sense of relief after dropping them off at school..and now I want to go scoop them back up and never let them go.

    Other things I LOVE about this post: your flower clip, Lainey’s hat, Nella in nothin’ but a diaper and white socks, and the fact that I’m not the only one with stuff jammed under my bed :) Oh..and that diaper bag ROCKS. I’ll take one, please :)

  578. Love your blog! You really put things into perspective for me as a mom :)

  579. I love reading your blog….you have the best posts!

    And that bag is aweseome….if I don’t win it, I will probably have to run out and buy it!!!

  580. Absolutely LOVE that last picture of Lainey!

  581. Today when my sleepy almost 2 yearold was wrestling to get on my lap while I was reading your blog, he looked at what i was reading. Got a big goofy grin, & said “ella a cat”!!! Girls look sweet in the newest pics:) luv the bag!!

  582. I will say again, I LOVE your writing. I do a little happy dance when I see a new post from you on my google reader! Keep on keepin’ on!


  583. I double heart love the new header! Can’t wait see ya’lls trick or treat pictures! :)

  584. The header is just adorable! Can’t wait to see the cat and mouse marching down your street on Halloween! So you know how I come here and most times shed a tear or two because of your lovely touching pictures? Well today I sat in a mess of tears at my desk when I read this:

    “I used to want to be a child forever. Now, in loving this place, I want to have a child forever. And, believe me, it is in moments like this that I find comfort in the fact that the magic of the extra chromosome just might let Peter stay in Neverland a little longer for our family. And that’s perfectly alright.”

    Seriously, you are amazing at articulating your thoughts…and girl you sure know how to live and love….real BIG. You are such an inspiration.
    My son is in that “pretend” stage and I could just sit and listen to him for hours on end. Love!

  585. LOVING the new banner :) What an adorable idea for them to coordinate! Over here we’ve got 3 year old Little Po Peep and the 7 month old Lamb <3 LOVE LOVE LOVE

  586. Love the flower clip. Love Nella’s Mary Janes. Love your new header. Love that diaper bag!

  587. Absolutely love the new header and that bag is the perfect organization for the mess I’ve created in my purse/diaperbag/preschool artwork holder!

  588. I’ll take one in red. . . yes, please, and thank you! Henry is in the kitchen with me and is swaying back and forth to Ingrid Michaelson’s YOU AND I. So cute, we’ve never heard that one before. Kelle, I love the photos of you in your ‘wife beater’. You’re just so lovely. . . your girls are too. Thanks for being so wonderful.

  589. So I’m guessing you made the adorable outfits the girls are wearing by hand??? Love em! You continue to inspire me every day…

  590. Awesome giveaway! I would LOVE this great diaper bag for my own “Lilly Baby”!!

  591. Red is EPIC! It’s my favorite color! I also love the small things and bare feet and the fact that my girl thinks she’s Cinderella even though I swore I wouldn’t have a girl that was into princess’s and fairies! Little girls are quite awesome!

  592. I enjoy reading your recent blog posts :) You have inspired me to take more photographs, of things I wouldn’t have ever thought about. I love the diaper bad, I have a grandson that I tote around and would most definatley use this bag !!! It’s very stylish !

  593. I LOVE their adorable little costumes :-)!!! Cat and mouse, goes together like a hand and glove! We have Robin Hood, Little John, and Friar tuck here at our house! I love babies in costumes!!!

  594. love your normal-ness in the midst of all your special-ness!

  595. LOVE your spirit, Kelle!

    rock on girl. xoxo

  596. I just told my husband that I want a new diaper bag for this little one, the one I have is full with 3 diaper in it.

  597. You’re rockin’ that bag! Love the dress and shoes. And the kids are darling as always. :) Love their Halloween costumes.

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  600. Good for you to find that you need to be alone sometimes. Every mom does :-)

    Would love that bag!

  601. Thanks for sharing your inspirations, and your love for the small things in life. we could all learn so much from you! Thanks… also really liked the green dress, tytes and pinkish shoes! very awesome….. Sara

  602. My four-year-old also is an expert at playing pretend. Most recently we played that she was a puppy with purple vampire teeth (thanks Halloween!) who likes to fetch the washcloth in the bathtub.

  603. I squealed when I opened your blog. Your cat and mouse are beyond cute.
    Oh, and my soon to be here (but not too soon) little girl and I would love that diaper bag!

  604. Gosh your blog is awesome, so is the diaper bag. We travel a lot- I could use the organization for my little one! Thank you!

    aleytac at hotmail dot com

  605. I have been a little down lately, but the photos of those little smiling faces really does help. And I’m sure you know all about retail therapy and Halloween candy!

  606. Um, can you say cutest Halloween costumes ever? Your girls are adorable. Thanks for the fun giveaway! :)

  607. I would love a new diaper bag! PS – The Halloween header is adorable!

  608. “it is in moments like this that I find comfort in the fact that the magic of the extra chromosome just might let Peter stay in Neverland a little longer for our family. And that’s perfectly alright.”

    This made me tear up. So very sweet.

  609. A lovely post as always. Keep enjoying that warm, fabulous October weather!

  610. I am loving the Oslo bag! Fabulous! And you just inspired me to dress up my stay at home outfit today

  611. i always wonder just how much stuff i can jam into my purse. three diapers, a pack of wipes, two bags of cherrios … i really should consider a diaper bag! πŸ˜‰ beautiful pics of the girls!!

  612. A new diaper bag would be just the thing. I think my converted army bag might be getting a wee bit tired and now with a second on the way I bet I will have more to carry around.

  613. I was a mouse for halloween when I was 8 and had a giant piece of cheese that I wore around my waist as well. So cute.

  614. I love the new header! so Cute!!!

  615. I saw the header yesterday and waited all day for you to update. But I do that everyday. I love your blog and always feel so encouraged and refreshed after I’ve read here.

  616. Kelle,
    You will never know just how much your writing inspires me. I look EVERY single day to see if there is a new blog and pictures. Which BTW lovvvving the new header. You capture lifes greatest moments!

  617. I love, love, love the new photos at the top of your blog. Too sweet for words!! And Nella, the cat, chewing on Lainy’s mouse tail? Adorable!

  618. That is an awesome bag :) And I love how stinking cute you are with 2 babies and a business to run! I am totally not rocking that like! Lol.

  619. ,,,love love the photo of n & l reading the book,,,almost looks like nella is reading out loud, pointing out the pictures to lainey,,,so sweet!

  620. I love the new header!

    Okay, and I would love to win a diaper bag! We just found out a couple weeks ago that we’re having a baby in June!

  621. Enjoying the small things in my life right now…a warm cuppa coffee on a cold morning while my little naps and catching up on my favourite blog!
    Love the cat and mouse – too cute!!

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    What a great bag!

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  624. I want to rock that bag!
    ps Love your cat and mouse :)

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    I want that bag! πŸ˜‰

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    Jamie from Canada!

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    Halloween candy is going to be the death of me too. WHY oh WHY do I buy so much??

  628. Love the coordinating Halloween Costumes!

  629. Hi
    Love your shoes..the black ones..where are they from?!

    and, i loved how you said that you’ll get ‘peter’ in your house longer :) love that.

    as for the diaper bag.. we’re expecting and havent even started looking at them yet! YIKES:)

    Sarah G

  630. I LOVE the tall socks. She is so adorable in them.

  631. Kelle girl, you are so fun to watch — I love the way you grow and let life live…Rock on!

  632. I love the new header!!! So cute!!

  633. Expecting #2 in December – would love to have one of these bags!

  634. Kelle,

    You are AMAZING!! You are a WONDERFUL Momma who catches all of the beautiful things in life! You have inspired me to start being more serious about photography. I just bought a new camera and lens to try to capture the true essence of life and my 5 and 7 year old.

    Lainey is GORGEOUS, but that little Nella has stolen my heart!! EVERY picture of her makes me smile!! LOVE the new header! Simply adorable!!

    Please keep up the good work and the beautiful life you are living!!

  635. i so need organization in my diaper bag. i would love one in red too!!!!!!!!!

  636. Most meaning line of your post to me..
    “I used to want to be a child forever. Now, in loving this place, I want to have a child forever”. I look at them each day and want them to stay young forever.. DO I hear a Jay-z song in the background??
    Love that diaper bag.. could totally use it!
    Your post has made me see that I too have a lot on my plate, but really need to stop everything and enjoy my little ones!

  637. This comment has been removed by the author.

  638. HA! I love the candy wrappers. they remind me of myself. we just bought the candy yesterday and I opened the bag as soon as we got it. Yikes!
    I absolutely love the new header. Your girls are gorgeous as always.
    Please enter me in the giveaway! I am on the hunt for a new diaper bag and that red is absolutely perfect!

  639. Adorable header. Especially the kitty with the mouse tail in her mouth – so cute!
    Two things I’m on a constant search for: great stroller and a great diaper bag, so I’d love to try the lillebaby Oslo bag!

  640. Kelle did you make those costumes? Loving them! Your girlies can make this mama of “3 girlies” smile.(: Have a Blessed week Kelle!

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  642. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I want to just bite Nella’s feet! I love how she’s always pointing them!!!

  643. Your girls are so adorable!

    Of course all bags have to come in red!


  644. Just when I think your kids can’t get any cuter, you change your header.
    You are part of my morning routine, get to work, get my coffee, read your blog. THEN, I start working :)

  645. Hi just wanted to say I love reading your blog and I love your pictures. Your blog really inspires me :)

  646. That last picture of Lainey is beautiful!! One of my all time favorites.

  647. I purposefully schedule my yearly dental cleaning after the month of October. Then I can get all my candy eating in guilt free!

  648. Every spring I delight in the warm weather, because, among other things, it means that I get to see baby/toddler/kid toes again. But then fall rolls around, and oh, how I love those little socks. :)

  649. I love your new header. The girls look precious in their costumes. :)

  650. Believe it or not, we have had some bare feet here in Ohio the past week or so. It’s been strangely warm. Do you want some leaves sent your way? We have thousands and thousands. Here’s to bare feet in October!

  651. Yeah for dropping everything to enjoy those beautiful babies!!! (And I still have those dresses for your girls if you’d like them.)

  652. Yeah for dropping everything to enjoy those beautiful babies!!! (And I still have those dresses for your girls if you’d like them.)

  653. What a great bag! Our bag is always slipping off our stroller : ( Fun size candy is the best part of Halloween with kids!

  654. Cute bag!! And thankfully Halloween will soon be here.. and gone! The candy is just not safe around here!

  655. Your posts always help me to realize that the dishes will still be in the sink in an hour and that my 3 1/2 year old may not still be wanting to play so I go play with him and enjoy our small things. Love the red bag!!

  656. Love the pictures (and writing) as always! This bag would be perfect as I’m expecting #2 in the spring!

  657. Your photos are amazing. No words.

  658. I absolutely feel in love with the red! I am going to need a diaper bag for the first time soon! thanks!

  659. That bag is adorable! I am 7 weeks pregnant and would love for this to be my first baby gift…outside of the sample diaper rash creams the MD gave me. :)

  660. Loving the heels with the diaper bag!

  661. What a great bag! Sign me up, girl!

  662. You…are…simply…said…
    GORGEOUS! Love your sweet family!

  663. Just wanted to say I love your playlist and keep on all day!!!

  664. I’m very excited about your give away…but I also just need to say that your new header is just about the cutest thing I have EVER seen!!!

  665. The new header is SO ADORABLE! I love that Nella is chewing on Lainey’s tail! So perfect!

  666. Kelle, you are so stylish. I adore the green dress/magenta shoes combo. Delightful.

  667. Your posts make me smile!

  668. I am a huge fan of gingham, too! It’s so smile-inducing.

  669. This post is so sweet…I can see *LOVE* in all of your eyes. What a nice compliment to you as a mother that love shines through so simply and beautifully through your girls’ eyes. Thanks for the beautiful post, I need a ray of sunshine this morning.
    The bag is FAB…I want it! :)

  670. Love the bag and you are amazing!

  671. I’m loving the carrier and bag!!! :)

  672. I, too, and enjoying getting to be a child again through my little one (turning 2 in just over a week). Also considering going for #2.
    As always, you inspire me to slow down and enjoy PLAYING with my daughter.

    Now…what color is on your toes in your barefeet picture – it is a great shade!

  673. I wish we could be barefoot in October!

  674. Their costumes are so cute! An organized bag for the kids would be great:)
    ~Jada S.

  675. Love this blog, Love your babies, and Love the red bag!!! Sending Happy Fall weather your way all the way from Texas! :)

  676. I love the Halloween costumes – can’t wait to get my little ones into theirs! I’d love a new diaper bag – not thrilled with our current one. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! :)

  677. What a great bag! And I love the header, adorable!

  678. I haven’t bought any halloween candy as to not eat it!

  679. I love your blog!!

    I love how Nella always has her feet in the air! So cute! Both girls are just adorable.

    As far as my diaper bag goes, I will have it all neat and tidy and my sweet husband comes along and messes it up! HA!

  680. Such sweet halloween costumes!

    We were just approved to adopt yesterday, thus beginning the mad rush to buy baby gear. Or maybe finally justifying all the gear I’ve already bought. Either way, great giveaway!

  681. Yes, Please. :)

  682. Love the bag!!!! And your girls!

  683. What a great bag and red? Come on now…it’s like it was made for ME!

  684. Your kids are absolutely adorable. I look forward to reading every new post you have.

  685. I love those little toophers that are coming in! (translation… Nella’s teeth!)

  686. My 3yr old loves playing pretend. He thinks his hands are seperate friends that talk and sometimes even tell him to behave. Maybe they’re really my friends…?

  687. Count me as a sucker for all things Scandanavian, red and now, with my first baby due in 8 weeks: baby!

  688. Thanks for the giveaway chance! I love love love the wife beater and green dress :)

  689. Your posts always put a smile on my face and make me even more grateful to be a mama. Keep it up!

  690. I love your picture wall in the living room! Thanks for sharing your life and your precious girls with us.

  691. Thank you again for your blog. We just found out we are expecting our own bundle of joy and reading your blog makes me excited for the all the imagination and play to come:) (And don’t forget all the candy sneaking). Happy Halloween to you and your family!

  692. LOVE Nella’s fat knees hanging down with those socked feet up in the air!!! Why can’t my fat knees look that cute, ha ha ha.

    And the day Noah was born, my sister, knowing how much I LOVE the baby stage, looked at me and said “you love babies, look what you’ve got”. And before I even knew that Noah had Down syndrome, my twin girls were going off to kindergarten and I cried. I thought they were all grown up and wouldn’t need me anymore, and I looked at my mom and pointed to my belly and said “this baby better need me FOREVER”. And he will!:)

  693. your posts are always a welcome breath of fresh air… especially when my toddler has spent the majority of the past month crying from his molars.
    and i adore your photo wall and want one just like it! :)

  694. Love the costumes, hope you all have a magical Halloween.

  695. Your pictures capture so much joy – once again highlighting how it’s the small things in life that provide the most…… the Olivia doll with Nella, the Fun Size candy wrappers piled up, the flowerclip and of course the feet, gotta love the baby feet – with our without socks!

  696. Oh I love 3.5 too! My little one is always want to play pretend from puppies to picnics:) I agree it is magic!
    Super cute header by the way!

  697. I had to go buy more Halloween candy because I ate it all. I love the Mary Janes!

  698. Great header! The stroller bag would be super helpful!

  699. I enjoy the new header and pictures of such cute girls in cute Halloween costumes! And the diaper bag looks dreamy : )


  700. Whenever I need a dose of perspective I visit your blog. Today I am going to enjoy the small things, like my first fall back in the midwest in 5 years.

  701. I Love Sock Feet Too! My 8 month old son is a master at pulling them off though, we find random socks all over the place now.

  702. Loving the new header…they’re the cutest cat and mouse I’ve ever seen! We’re expecting twins in March….that diaper bag would be awesome!!!

  703. I seriously want another baby just so I can dress them up for halloween together! And who doesn’t need another bag, especially in red! Love reading your blog, I wait for anxiously every morning :)


  704. so incredible. I love your enjoying the small things posts,they just warm my heart.
    that bag is fabulous!!

  705. OH.MY.GOSH! How cute is the new header! Loving this fall post although, we already have snow here, so I am quite jealous!

  706. Can’t wait to see my littles read together like that some day!! Love your confession about Halloween candy, :)

  707. Love the Halloween costumes! The red diaper bag would be a HUGE upgrade compared to the one that I carry now.

  708. I love the bag, love all of the pics! Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!

  709. LOVE the new header….The girls are totally rockin those costumes. Adorable. I would totally love to get a new diaper bag….scratch that, I NEED a new red diaper bag! Happy Halloween!

  710. what a neat bag. that’s for the possiblity to win! have a great day

  711. Your little girls are SO stinkin cute!!

  712. Can I please borrow the girls. You know. Just for the day. Simply adorable. As always.

    Love to all!

  713. I LOVE your blog and your girls. I enjoy reading them on a daily basis, as well as listening to your music!

    The red bag is awesome, that is one color that you can never have too much of.

    Hope you have a great Halloween with your girlies.


  714. I would love a bag. I love your blog too!!

  715. Love the diaper bag! I recently found one that I love, lots of pockets and still stylish… It’s made by JJ Cole! It was worth the little bit extra that I normally wouldn’t have paid.

  716. Love reading your blog!!
    Your girls are adorable and the new header of their Halloween costumes are wayyyy toooo cute :)

  717. Oh nella sock feet are the cutest! And I think your tank with the crochet clip is pretty sweet as well.

  718. Been following your blog for awhile! Makes my heart smile daily…And I love that bag. Just found out one of my besties is expecting #2, so that would be a great surprise for her!

  719. As always, a great blog read! Love the girls costumes…too cute! Girl, you are rockin’ those wedges! LOVE!!

  720. I`m so jealous you get to walk around bare foot…it`s getting so cold up here in Quebec…

    Oh and that bag looks awesome. I may just buy one for my friend expecting a baby girl in January :)

    Have a great day!

  721. I love the pictures of your kids – so adorable! And I would LOVE an organized diaper bag – I have twins and need some organization in my life :)

  722. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of Nella the Kitty biting Lainey Mouse’s tail.

    You couldn’t have planned a cuter photo!

  723. Can I just say…I LOVE that you have stuff under your bed like the rest of us!

  724. You can never have enough diaper bags … or children’s smiles … or new shoes. <3

  725. With baby #2 on the way I could sure use a new diaper bag. Oh, and the header at the top of the blog is ADORABLE!!!

  726. I love the Halloween header! Your girls are too cute!

  727. Thank you so much for admitting to sneaking Halloween candy, sippy cups piling up, gum on the bottom of your purse, etc.

    : )

    It makes this blog all the more perfect!

  728. LOVE THE NEW HEADER! Happy Halloween!!

    xoxo, Bug & Ruby’s Gram

    ps….diaper bag? or purse right?!

  729. Loves when I have some time to myself, I always feel refueled after and then I enjoy my little ones even more.

  730. With baby girl #3 on the way, I have been going through my ‘old’ stash of diaper bags. Can we say boring?! You know, they’re mostly the black ones you get for free from the hospital. I would be rockin’ with a killer red one!!!
    Your girls are adorable and I LOVE the new header on the blog. Thanks for your crafty words that always inspire.

  731. Would love to win a new diaper bag. Right now I’m just using a backpack – hee hee.

    Love reading your blog, thanks so much Kelle!

  732. love this!

  733. beautiful post.. again.

    i would love to win this diaper bag for my sister whose beautiful life with three children is a constant juggle.. :)

  734. Such an adorable bag and since I’ll be changing diapers for at least another year, I might as well look cute doing it!

  735. Um yeah, those costumes are so darling. I love Nella biting on the tail…hysterical :)

    Thanks for a dreamy little Floridian break from my cool Chicago morning. Love your blog!

  736. OOh! I see you had a pink Starburst….my favorite!!!

  737. Love love love the Halloween costumes and the new header!!! And am in a major need of a new diaper bag with baby #2 arriving Nov 29th!!

  738. I absolutely love your blog! You girls are adorable and the Halloween costumes are so cute. Thanks for reminding me to enjoy the small things in life. :)

  739. I absolutely love your blog! You girls are adorable and the Halloween costumes are so cute. Thanks for reminding me to enjoy the small things in life. :)

  740. I would love to win that bag to give to my sister! She’s having her 3rd baby in February and it’s a boy so her pink Juicy bag will not do.

    Love your blog!

  741. Could your family be anymore gorgeous? You rock! The small things I’m enjoying? Funny YouTube videos that break up the monotony of my everyday routine. The leaves changing color and making everything beautiful hear in Ohio. And, the smiles of all the cute kiddos that I get to work with are the best!

  742. You may have heard this already from another commenter, but it’s probably good to drop the term “wife beater.” It’s one of those words that people use frequently, but then, once you think about what you’re saying, is just so horrifying that you can’t believe you said it in the first place.

  743. Gorgeous diaper bag and gorgeous header!

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  745. you’re girls never cease to amaze in their cuteness!
    amber :)

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  747. Kelle~you.are.awesome.

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  749. if i steal one more piece of halloween candy i will for sure explode:)

  750. Sometimes I feel like you’ve taken up permanent residence in my brain…you are just so IN there.

  751. Sometimes I feel like you’ve taken up permanent residence in my brain…you are just so IN there.

  752. I, too, constantly change diaper bags, searching for the perfect one and never quite finding it. Maybe this will be my lucky day :)

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  754. Thanks Kelle. You are the coolest mom I’ve ever seen, and you are so down to earth. Every morning while I’m pumping milk for my little guy, I read your blog to pass the time quickly. So you could say, you help start my day in a happy way! :)

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