Going Gray



We are very excited about this weekend. And it is right about now my own childhood memories of costumes and school parades and holding out pillowcases for heaps of candy come trailing back and, oh, they are good.

Today was a big day. Monumental, in fact. Because here I was, having a rare moment of calm and quiet sitting in the salon chair of my beloved hair stylist, and right before she clips, she goes, “What’s this?” Coiled there aside my middle part was this wirey gray havin’ a party all by its gray lonesome. My first gray hair.


And I’m not sure how you’re supposed to celebrate the arrival of gray and wirey, but we decided a trip to the park would do just fine.




Can I swoon for a moment?

Because this one goes to take a picture with me, and she gets distracted by love. You can’t get a serious shot because she’s all up in my biz just wantin’ love, and that kills me.



And, announcement, please. She said her first word. Says it all the time now, and she knows damn well what it means too.


There are these magic moments when she’s tummy timin’ it, scootin’ along the carpet reaching for toys, flipping over to keep herself occupied but really just wondering when someone’s going to come hold her. And right when she’s just to that point of boredom where she’s gonna holler for something more exciting than the trial shampoo bottle Brett filled with beebees to entertain her, I’ll walk by. And she sees me. And she lights up like she just won a new car, and we’ll stop and stare at each other, her with her legs all a kickin’ and me with my heart all a racin’ and then it starts…this mamamamamamma. And it’s like crack. Not in the she’s-promoting-an-illegal-drug-on-her-blog kind of way, but in the seriously-can-I-bottle-this-feeling? kind of way.

And I’ll never forget that my firstborn said that word for the first time on my birthday some years ago. It was the best birthday present I’ve ever received.




So here we were enjoying turkey subs and Sun chips on our blanket under the big trees.


…and while I forgot an extra diaper, I am thrilled I remembered to pack swimsuits.







…and we were happy.



I wish I had a great many things to say tonight. Or something thought-provoking or inspiring. But, all I am is a little swooney and sugary and feeling that the most important thing in the world right now is Lainey’s dimples or Nella’s Winston Churchill grin. So, I will close the sugar bowl and take the sweetness to the cheeks of the babes who wait for me, all sleepin’ and snuggly in our new sheets. Besides, I’m tired and I have some business to attend to.




Giveaway Winner!

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(Editing this post) Forgot to mention that two commenters will be randomly selected to win an ornament of their choice. Winners announced at the next post!

Lainey carried these two ornaments in a little purse for three days this week…even took them to Ballet to show her teacher.

The heart of life is good, Baby.


Go dress up and get crazy. It’s Halloween.


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  1. DUDE!!! I just pulled a gray hair this morning! I almost cried…. I’m only 25 :(

    I love the pictures of Nella in the water! What a great place!

  2. PS. Your Gray is much prettier than mine…. mine was all crooked and pathetic looking! haha! Figures even your gray hair would be beautiful!

  3. I heard you’re not supposed to pull out grey hairs – their friends come back en force to replace them :)

    You, and your kids, are beautiful. I often leave your blog up and just jam along to your awesome music playlist – it makes me smile every day.

    xoxo from Vancouver

  4. Lovely, lovely water shots. And first word?!!! Holy crap. That’s amazing. Congrats, MAMA!

    And yes, hearing it is so like crack. Not that I would know!

  5. I love that you celebrate grey hair.
    I always told my mother to NEVER dye hers. And I will never dye mine when the day comes. Promise. :)

  6. Such beautiful photos. And the story of Nella and saying “Mama” made my heart melt. It made me want to have children :)

  7. omg, that shot of nella from above on the splash pad, with her gorgeous lashes stuck together? just… ::swoon::

  8. I love how Nella’s first word was Mama and how happy she looks she sees you. That’s baby/mama love at the finest. She makes me swoon too.

  9. The pics of you with your “Mama” girl and her funky crochet vest are scrumptious. Happy Halloween!

  10. AWESOME pix, so jealous seeing the pool/swimsuits as the wind in WI nearly took our roof off. Welcome back to my wardrobe long-johns, nice to see you old friends. SO excited to see your girls Halloween/trick-or-treat pix! Meanwhile we’ll be turnin’ up the heat for Halloween!

  11. Ohhhhh so sweet Nella is calling you out! Precious! Your pool photos are amazing Kelle!
    Hope you girls have a wonderful Halloween week-end!

  12. Yikes I just commented and made some error and gone. Anyway…I was on to read your previous post and left quickly and when I came back this was here. I feel like I got 2 for the price of 1. Awesome. The girls are getting cuter everyday. You have a post from long back titled Christmas in April and those pics of Lainey definatley resemble Nella. Sweet.

    Looking forward to Halloween and my two little loves being in costume. Any hey…it’s like midnight for you go get some sleep momma. : )

    Lisa in CA

  13. I discovered a gray hair 2 months ago while I was 7 months pregnant. I got highlights 2 weeks later :) I can’t wait to hear my little bug’s first word when he gets older. xx

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  15. you take the most beautiful photographs and your girls smiles are lovely – I am still waiting for my youngest to say mama but at 13 months we are still stuck on dada! xx

  16. Yes, you celebrate well! I’m 25 and I have grey hairs streaked amongst the blonde, and I gotta say I love it, just as I love the laugh lines around my eyes.

    Love how you made your photos gray to go along with the new hair.



  17. Beautiful photo’s.
    My hair is still naturally blonde… this has the advantage that you can’t see any greys :) There’s probably a few in there but I can’t see them.

  18. I swear, I think Nella is the most adorable beautiful baby I have ever seen in my life! Laney can hold her own too, but Nella— I love her smile!!

  19. You wish you had something to say tonight? My God Kelle, your pictures say. it. all. What you capture in pictures is conveyed in ways words cannot begin do justice to, although your words move me beyond all else. Such angels… thank you as always for sharing and inspiring!

  20. my very favorite thing is the way Ms. Nella always has her little feet pointed and her toes all stretched forward like shes going to be a ballerina right next to her big sister one day :)

  21. The girls could not be any cuter at the park in their swimmies…I love the ones of Nella with her bonnet! I had to chuckle out loud when you called her grin “winston churchill” which is what we called my son’s toothless smile not too long ago…I love that age Nella is at! Happy Halloween to you guys!

  22. I cried when I read Nella said “Mama”. Oh the sound. Beauty.

    And your freshly saloned do is fabulous. I love “the day of” hair. I can never get mine the way my hairdresser does, but dang it looks good that day.

    And I wish I could pinch and squish Nella’s thigh rolls! She has the perfect amount of lovin’.

    And Lainey. Delightful. The shine of her eyes.

    And we’ve all dressed up. Twice. The whole family. As superheros. Yes.

  23. Song you will love:
    “Love me like a river does” by Melody Gardot
    Deep and delicious!

  24. Thank you…for the smile, the warmed heart, the appreciation for love, life, etc. that I have tonight after reading and viewing these pictures. Love them all.

  25. MAMMAMAMAMA!! Eeeek, my heart is swelling :)

    I love the way Nella sits all pretty and pigeon toed…what a sweet pumpkin ! I enjoyed the sugar tonite!


  26. You don’t need to say anything thought provoking or inspiring…you already do so naturally. Love this ‘just simply’ beautiful post – your everyday is extraordinary because of your way with words and real enthusiasm. Thank you for not forcing it.

  27. Those pictures of Nella are just slaying me lately. Those eyes, that smile, those eyelashes. Sigh.

    And Lainey and her obvious silly personality come through in her pictures. Her beauty is also astounding.

  28. You three are a sight to behold!!! How BEAUTIFUL you all are!!!

    And I’m so jealous of you with Nella’s first word ringing in your heart! What sweetness! As an ‘old’ mom, I do enjoy motherhood at different stages…my eldest just got engaged this past Sunday!, but there is nothing that matches that terrific smile, that wonderful word, ‘Mama’, and all that goes with it! Oh, Kelle,
    savor the joys!!!!

    You’re such a great Mom! You really, really are!!!

  29. It’s raining in the Bay Area yet looking at your pictures makes me want to run outside to slosh in the puddles and smile at the grey sky!

  30. love, love, love, love the shots at the water park. ridiculous.

  31. Yay for Nellas first word! I am so jealous that it’s nearly November and you can still wear swimsuits outside! If we were to do that we’d freeze!

    Loving this post! Enjoy your Halloween! xx

  32. Love the chubby knees on the splash deck! Life doesn’t get any better than chubby knees!

  33. Reading your words about Nella saying “mama” made my heart leap in hope of when I will hear that word from my own childrens’ mouths… Can’t wait for that day and reading your blog makes me long for it more :)

    Love to you and yours (and a snuggle for Nella)!

    – Holly

  34. Got all dressed up and crazy tonight at our Halloween party. Good times with friends! Love the last picture!!! Even when you feel like you don’t have anything to say I leave feeling inspired and a little happier. And oh how I miss that little baby voice calling me “mamamama”. My baby is almost threenow. Enjoy it for me!

  35. Love your babies. Love your blog. I started following you in the spring.Told my daughter about it and she started reading. Great photos and sweet babies. Now, my daughter is expecting #3 in Feb. Dr. highly suspects she is having a DS baby. Knowing Nella made us both say bring it on. We love this baby and know life will be beautiful. Your stories have shown us both all emotions are normal and this baby will bless us so much. Just different dreams but still wonderful dreams. Thank you.

  36. My hair stylist found my 1st gray at 25 : ( What a bummer day that was! My grandmother had the most beautiful long silver hair that she would wear up in a bun- never the big beau-font do. I loved it. But at 31 I am so not ready to be silver/gray. SO in the meantime I cover those suckers up! Someday I will rock it like grandma.

  37. oh my goodness Kelle! what camera did you use for the water park pictures? the picture of Lainey splashing the water is amazing! i love it! and how cute are those girls of yous???? and Nella loving the water? A Dor A Ble!!! good job mamamamamamamama

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  39. When I found my first gray hair at 30 I promptly plucked it out and taped it to a black sheet of paper so I could show my disbelieving hair stylist. What they say is true though, pull one out and three come back in its place. :( Happy Halloween!

  40. our days were pretty similar
    Mine started out with a Halloween celebration. I had a hair appointment at 3 and before I went I pulled out the two pesky grey hairs that grow back what seems almost instantaneously before my hair dresser laid a finger on my hair… Not much of a new style but in a couple of months it will be long enough to donate 9 inches to Pantene Pro-Vs Beautiful lengths charity for women with cancer.
    That pesky grey would put no damper on my day with your two beautiful girls around!! I love their smiles!!

  41. I have NEVER heard anyone explain it better than you when a mom hears “Mamma” for the first few times fresh out of a new babe’s mouth. My heart did a little dance and giggle when I read……it totally took me back. Loved it.

  42. Such joy radiates from your photos and words Kelle!
    So lovely to hear about Nella saying “Mama”
    Have a great weekend! x

  43. I LOVE the ornaments :) And they do international shipping – I’m so ordering some :) :)

  44. Happy halloween to you and yours :)
    Cheers from Australia x

  45. Congrats on the first word! Oh and LOVE the water shots, just lovely children you have.

  46. Wow, that pic of Nella in the water, taken from above with the wet eyelashes… OMG, I think that is the most beautiful pic ever!

  47. Those grey hairs! Mine started coming thick and fast after I had my twins and now this momma of 4 has to hit the hair salon often! I’m only 34, not ready to be grey yet!

    A gorgeous post as always Kelle, revving up for Halloween here, although I must stop eating all the candy!

  48. First words are so very gorgeous, aren’t they? I’m jealous. πŸ˜‰

  49. don’t you think the imagery of a baby wiggling and gooing on the floor for you is not inspiring? i love it when babies do that! started out my day in a good way… now if only i could find a baby… LOL

  50. Found my first gray recently too! What a trip. Can’t wait for a first word. And I love that you distract Nella too much for posing….Doesn’t it make your heart sing?

  51. My heart skipped a beat when you said her first word is Mama. That’s just priceless.

  52. She said mama!!!!! WOW! that is so awesome kelle, i can feel the love spillin’ over all the way from here! loving the gorgeous grins of your girls and the mama love. have a wonderful halloween! xoxox

  53. One of my favorite posts ever….LOVED the way in which you described Nella saying Momma and how it makes you feel.
    LOVE it!!!

  54. Don’t get me started on the grey! I got my first one at 18! But if your mother’s gorgeous locks are any indicator you should rejoice cuz’ she’s gorgeous. Very strange reading about people enjoys water time while here in Minnesota we’re going winter boot/winter coat shopping today:) I miss the sun already.

  55. Don’t fret about the gray, a co-worker always told me they were just a different shade of “blond highlights!”
    I know I have said this over and over again but you and the girls are absolutely gorgeous…
    Have a safe halloween…I am jealous if those pictures are right now and you are at a waterpark…here in Canada looking outside my window this morning there is SNOW on my car! Boo :(

  56. Isn’t it awesome that you get to play in the water on Oct. 29th?? Beautiful photos has always. And congratulations on being called momma. it really is like crack, in a good way lol.

  57. YAY!!!! A good old Life is Good post. I love when you swoon & leave love messages in the wind for all who care to accept them. I love, love, love this kind of post from you. Don’t mean to sound critical but sometimes all I want to hear is how much a mama loves her babies & really, really enjoys the little things in life.

  58. I love this post, makes me anxious for the moment I hear my little ones calling from their cribs this morning… nothing better than hearing Mama.

  59. I’m almost 28 and I’ve been pulling out gray hair for years. Hair dye will be my friend.

  60. Mamamamama!!!!! That’s a big announcement. Awesome……
    Best feeling ever.

    And Winston… lol! Sometimes when we look at Sienna and see her delicious cheeks and double chin we call her Winston……
    We won’t tell her :) or maybe we will……

    Enjoy your weekend! Looking forward to the Halloween pics.

  61. it’s warm enough to swim?! we live in NJ and it’s in the 50’s this week. freezing! enjoy your halloween :)

  62. Nella is saying Mama??! WOW, fantastic!!! That photo of her looking at you holding your cheek — Oh my — your children are SO IN LOVE with you! Swoon away, mama bird! Are you constantly updating the photos on your wall??? There are just so MANY great photos!!

    Sprinklers in the park are long gone until next year over here! I love how your girls can wear swimsuits all year long! Enjoy that warm breeze — can’t wait to hear about the girls’ halloween!!

    Lizzy V.

  63. When they speak their first word, it’s a wonderment all its own, bot MAMA….Heaven

  64. I love these pictures!! The water ones – adorable! The swing at the end – perfect! And Nella lovin’ her mama – sooo beautiful!!

    I’m so excited to check out those ornamennts!

  65. Man, the pictures of Nella wantin’ some lovins’….LOVE! How great that she says Mama now :) Best. Sound. EVER!! My little Selah is in that same precious stage of being SO excited when she sees me. And you are so right….it’s like a drug. I absolutely love this baby stage!

    Happy Halloween,
    Angie, from Ohio

  66. I love that first pic of just Nella. She must be pretty close to the sweetest baby ever. She just melts my heart. I love the new banner and the Halloween costumes. They are beyond cute.

  67. I found my first gray hair a few years ago, (you and I are the same age) and have since discovered I have several gray hairs. All in the same region. Turns out my grandma had a gray stripe and I think I’m going to have it too. When that happens, no coloring my hair for me! I’m going to rock that gray stripe!

  68. There really are no words to express how you feel when your little ones say mama for the first time. Priceless really!

    The grey hair thing, I’ve found a couple here and there in my 28 year old curls. I try to ignore them because Lord knows, they won’t be the last!

    Happy Halloween!

  69. Your babies are so precious. And great pics too! I love the water splashes.

  70. When I read that Nella said Mama for the first time I totally teared up – can’t wait to hear it for the first time from my little guy, and yes, I imagine it will be exactly like crack!! The water pictures are so beautiful.

  71. Oh my goodness!! Hearing “mama” sounds way better than crack. Yay for you! I always wish I could come up with the words to tell you how friggin amazingly adorable your babies are, but then, I know you already know. Happy Halloween!

  72. Dude, life IS good!


  73. I feel your pain on the grey hairs, they are poppin up all over the place lately. I guess I should be thankful, I have made it to almost 40 without having to color. Not much longer though.

    Loved this post and the gorgeous pictures and Nella saying Mama, no sweeter sound in the world : )

  74. You and your girls look SO happy! Like happy in the way that the word ‘happy’ doesn’t even cut it! I have a coffee cup sitting in front of me that says “life doesn’t get any better than this.’ and its absolutely right! Hope your Halloween is lovely!

  75. WOW!!! Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for reading my post. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, you beautiful, sweet soul.

    This post was great and is exactly why this blog is just so dear. i thought before you even said it, “nella is such a happy baby:)”

  76. LOVE Nella’s wet star eyelashes in that one picture and could her arm and leg chubs be any more delicious!! OMG I WILL hold that baby in my arms some day, I just know it!!! I have to make that happen, it’s on the top of my TO DO LIST. :)

  77. Ok…you’re how old and got your first gray? Celebrate it girl. My stylist did the EXACT same thing to me….but I was 16 at the time. Now at 30 you should see my gray roots in that 5 days before my dye job. Not pretty.
    I am loving the water photos. Seriously, Nella’s little rolls on her thighs? And the pics of you and your littles. The huge smile on Nella’s face and tongue roll by Miss Lainey. Your girls are just loving on you mama. So sweet.

  78. Happy Happy Birthday, Kelle-mamamamamama!♥

    And Happy Halloween to the most beautiful lil pumpkins around!♥♥

  79. Happy Halloween to your lovely family!
    I’m a sittin here wearing my “Empower” necklace smacking with bravado telling my dear husband “see this, Kelle sent it to me” and he and my teens are all teasin me because I’m really not the fanatic type and I’m lovin every minute of it…thank you!
    Carving pumpkins today, catering a baby shower, and finishing a quilt…over the top Halloween party tomorrow in our new village filled with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents…life is just sooooooo good!
    LOVE the sprinkler park pics, but my all time favorite EVER on your blog is Nella full of glee and love for her Mama #8.

  80. Funny…you said you have nothing to say, and yet you spoke so much to my heart here!
    First, gray gray gray – why do you have to be so wirey?? I would not mind sporting your shimmering hue, if only you would lie down and play nicely with the pretty brunettes who have graced my head for 32 years…Welcome to the club, Kelle! I have found tweezers work nicely for getting THAT ONE *%#* hair out…

    Second, I know that moment. That one where your eyes meet and you both just want to swallow eachother up and yet you don’t want to move for fear you will miss a second of that amazing little person just glowin’ and kickin’ all because YOU are there! And I will withhold my jealousy…mine says “dada” (and “dadadadadadada….”!), but he is so darn cute saying it, I am ok with it…kind of… πŸ˜‰
    And, a park with a pool?!? In October??? Again, trying not to be jealous. Of course, I am super pumped that we get to wear jackets and drink hot chocolate for our Trick-or-Treating and Monsterous After Party “up north” here…(thanks for the inspiration to throw an impromptu party celebrating this wonderful season a few posts back…)
    Now, go figure out how to bottle that sweet lovin’ and let me know so I can get to work preserving mine…
    Thanks for sharing and…
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Hampton Family!

  81. What sweet photos! Can’t wait to see the girls Halloween photos :) I love the photos of Lainey in yellow. Such a great color on her! Totally fits her bright personality!

  82. If your future with gray hair is anything like your moms you’ll look fabulous, she certainly does! I started getting gray at 19. I am now 35 and have decided to go au natural. I am about 50/50 with gray to brown, but I’m tired of getting it colored, tired of roots, and quite honestly just want to be me. Whatever makes you feel beautiful :)

    I wish you and your family a spooktacular Halloween full of treats!

  83. Yay! The daddy at our house worked late last night so we are going to make pumpkin cookies very very very quietly right now πŸ˜‰

    Happy Halloween, have a great weekend making memories with your girls!

  84. 1) Every last picture of your girls inspires me! That Nella just melts me. And her love for you just ooozes through the lens!

    2) Grey hair… I am going to be 33 next month and I am just waiting for one to show up…. I won’t say it outloud cause then it will be sure to happen.

    3) I’m off to have a fantastic weekend with my littles. The park, soccer games, pumpkin patch and trick or treating with friends!

    Happy Halloween

  85. ok. maybe I will

  86. Love this song. Love your blog…I almost cried when you said she said mamma….it took me back…and also made me wonder if I am way to emotionally attached to your blog:) Like you know when people love celebrities- yikes! I don’t want to be one of those…but you are just so real.
    Thanks for sharing your life…and the grey just shows that your life experience has matured into silver joy.

  87. Oh my goodness! Nella’s rolls just make me so happy. I love how happy she is!
    What beautiful pictures!

  88. Nella eyelashes in that one shot are a WOW! So beautiful!

  89. First grey hair? really? I found mine at 22. I was pretty proud. I guess we all have our time to go. I also have decided to let the greys come as they will. I think they have their own bit of beauty to them. Thanks for enjoying even the small things of first greys. They mean you’ve lived and that is good.

  90. Love it.

    Have a wonderful Halloween weekend. Can’t wait to read your Halloween post

  91. Happy first word Nella!!

  92. So stinkin cute! Your girls are adorable! My firstborn said “mama” at 4 months while crying. My 2nd born is 18 months and still only says “dada”. He can say the “m” sound for cow. Close! Have a great Halloween weekend! We are about to leave for the mall and then more trick-or-treating later tonight!

  93. kelly, your photos always amaze me with their elegance and beauty!! the shadow one is awesome! and the one of nella grabbing you-too cute!! your daughters are just precious! and thanks for the ornament website, i am heading there soon, i love me some christmas :)

  94. I keep waiting to find a gray hair! I wonder if it will come, now that I’m 30. For some reason, I want to celebrate like you did. Having gray hairs and entering my 30’s doesn’t seem scary to me, like it did when I was 10.

    I loved all the water pictures. Can’t get over the summer like weather you guys have!

  95. Your daughters sweet eyes and your love for life get me everytime. Thank you for this blog and the sparkle you find in the simple things

  96. When I open up the laptop and scroll down the favorites to your blog and see a new entry … oh good gravy! … I get all giggly! Thanks so much for your words and pics! I love them!

    Oh, and the grey hair … not to worry, there are chemicals to cover that! I was “blessed” with genes of EARLY grey hair … oh well! Playin’ the hand I was dealt!


  97. Love your hair! It looks great! Hope you guys have a fabulous Halloween!

  98. She says mama..love!!!

    It really is the most special word in the world~ Enjoy it Mama …xo

    Those gigantic size eyelashes on little Nella bean…could that be any sweeter!!!

  99. I recently had my first gray hair experience at the hairdressers as well…..mine was all by itself – thick and wiry. You’re so not alone!

    Can’t wait to see the Halloween pics – and yay for Nella saying Mama – makes your heart want to explode! :)



    LIFE IS GOOD!!!!

  101. We buy an oranment every year for my love and I. It has to be a tradtion i love and feel so great to do because we choose it together and then we even add it to the tree and soon our tree will only have oranments that mean something. I love Xmas. Plus we get a new baby for x-mas this year let the holidays begun…

  102. I’m so jealous that you get to splash in the water still! I would give anything for a day like that right now! But at least the sun is shinning today and my boys are out bike riding! Cheers to fun!

  103. Both your girls are beautiful, but I am such a sucker for Nella’s big grin. SO sweet. I love the picture of you and her with her huge smile. Precious.

  104. OH, Kelle, thank you so much, as always for sharing your life with all of us, and your littles and wonderful family. How cute, Nella saying MAMA – isnt it just great?! Oh, a gray hair. Dont worry about it. I have a ton of them and figure I earned every one of them! HAPPY HALLOWEEN. And thanks for all the great giveaways! They are awesome!

  105. Love your photos!

  106. How stinkin’ adorable are your pictures this post. I mean they are always so precious, but these just made me smile from ear to ear. We went to the park last night to soak up every last bit of “park” weather we can and I got almost the exact picture of my two girls on the swings. I love how the little ones always lean over the swing. I have to agree with other posters, gray hairs only mean you are having fun! Thanks for a great post and HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you and your munchkins!

  107. If you came through the past 9 months with only 1 grey hair…I have to say your stress didn’t get to you. As Linda said, forget about it! More important aspects to focus on.

    Oh, what a great weekend. Already went to church for a big fall fest celebration and Alex and I went as Cat and kitten. Meow! Now cooking a fall feast for friends and their little ones. What could be better than carving pumpkins, playing dress up, eating carmel apples, drinking cider and just enjoying the best parts of life. Life happens in the cracks, so I’m stuck in the middle of one for the next few days. And don’t dare take me out of it.

    Keep sucking the marrow, Mamamamamam..

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  108. You are such an amazing writer!! i love reading your blog. I have an 11 month old- she says mama but I don;t know if she knows what it means. I can’t WAIT until she looks at me and says it :) Congrats!!!

  109. Beautiful pics, Kelle! Keep on celebrating life with your beautiful family!

  110. I love the girls’ Halloween costumes! So cute! And, I am also obsessed with Christmas ornaments :)

  111. Beautiful pics, Kelle! Keep on celebrating life with your beautiful family!

  112. I keep hoping that someday our park will install sprinklers like that. :)

  113. The pictures at the top of your blog are adorable!! All of your pictures are great – you have an eye for the different angles and shots.

  114. Happy First Gray!! :-)

    I absolutely adore reading your blogs. Your girls are so beautiful and you capture them in the most precious of moments.
    You are awesome.

  115. I love you photography and your way of storytelling. You always create the best pictures with your words to accompany your amazing pictures! Bravo!

  116. I just love swing set photographs!! I LOVE swing sets!! Happy Halloween and it’s on to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bring it!

  117. kelle,
    you are such a pretty lady that the grey hair can do nothing but enhance your beauty.
    the pictures of the little bugs are adorable as always,
    i wish i had even a pinch of your talent at taking good pictures.
    you and the family have a fantastic halloween!!
    god luv ya!

  118. Love the pictures of the girls at the water park!! Here in Texas we just got our first cold snap so its 70 degrees all day!! Loving the “fall” weather and with it the hope of all things Christmas. I would love some new ornaments to go along with my new family this year!!!

  119. Love the ornaments! My daughter is tree months old, and I am so jazzed for her first Christmas! And I hope her first word someday is “Mama.”

  120. Love the ornaments! My daughter is tree months old, and I am so jazzed for her first Christmas! And I hope her first word someday is “Mama.”

  121. Kelle, I come to visit your blog because you inspire, your love is contagious and your girls are ADORABLE!!! You said you wished you had many great things to say last night…but dude, your pictures spoke volumes of your love for life, your wisdom , your passions and your spirit!! Your photographs are “thought provoking and inspiring” all on their own!! (I do enjoy reading your words too!!!) Thanks for sharing your sugar!!! Oh ya…isn’t it a grand moment when their pumped up energy explodes into a musical concert of “mamamamamama”!

    Happy Halloween

  122. Love the ornaments. Lainey’s is perfect!

    Chunky legs and pudgy feet! What a treat!

    Lainey splashing in the water, so super cute.

    My 2 year old granddaughter came in while viewing your blog, listened to the music and started humming/singing along even if she didn’t know the song it was cute as ever.


  123. I remember when I found my first gray hair….I believe I was 22. Of course I was a momma at 18, so I guess I was due by then!

  124. ok, i am officially obsessed with your blog – i cannot count home times i pulled it last night, hoping for a new post. i suspect that you’d be jealous that i’m in the midwest right now, in full halloween mode, crunchy leaves and all of that fun stuff, but i’m just a touch jealous of babies in the water myself… today i’m loving the halloween preview from my girls – a piglet and a duck. happy halloween to you all!

  125. Yay for Nella’s first word!! Love the tubby pictures! Have a great Halloween!

  126. sweet, sweet pics! there is nothing like hearing your own flesh and blood say, “mama!” love it! congratulations!

  127. Precious. Absolutely precious. Your girls. Your pictures of them. Your words about them. I love all of it, thanks for sharing with all of us.

  128. Love the pics as always! Enjoy your festive filled weekend!

  129. Those ornaments are just fabulous! I totally love them and can’t wait to browse the website to find some for my family!

    I like to think my littlest says Mama, but I’m really not so sure. She definitely sounds like she’s yelling for me while she’s crying, but it could be a fluke. I’m gonna just assume she’s a genius. πŸ˜‰

  130. I love reading your posts, they make me fell all lovie for my littles even when they just got through pitching the biggest fit ever! LOL Thanks!!

  131. I saw you today in traffic!!! It was so funny I looked over and saw the most adorable baby with fingers in her mouth almost like she was making noises and big smile and I was like OH MY STINKING HECK THATS NELLA!!! She really is the cutest. I almost rolled down the window but I did not want you to think that i was some kind of nutty stalker. Love your pics.

  132. oh thanks for reminding me… I CANT WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!

  133. oh man, your baby is gorgeous!
    I just want to snuggle her!!!!

  134. Awe! I love ornaments, anything Christmas really. My husband and I have a tradition to buy one every year with the year on it. Right now money is tight and I didnt think we’d be able to do it this year. It would be wonderful to continue the tradition! Much love to you and your sweet babies.

  135. That baby of yours is sweet as pie. I really like those ornaments! The front door one is way cute.

  136. Oh how I wish it was still warm enough here to wear tank tops and swim! I already miss summer…

  137. I have found some gray hairs too and I am only 25! Ahh!

  138. I’m slightly jealous of your swim all year long weather, while up here in MN we’re gearing up for below zero winter! :)

  139. Pictures can be just as deep and inspirational as words. You got it right girl by sharin the love. Saying mama trumps everything!!! susan

  140. I just happened upon this blog via La Mia Vita and I am overwhelmed at how much your outlook has inspired and touched me. After a rough couple of days–a nasty stomach flu, a stressful week at work–reading something like this puts it all into perspective. When I opened it, the music made me stay as I worked, but later I went back to actually start reading, and thank God I did. You are a blessing to everyone who happens upon this page. Thank you for opening your life to us and inspiring the world in a positive way. And it goes without saying that your family is absolutely beautiful, in more ways than one.

  141. Kelle, sounds like we have the same hairdresser. About a month ago as we were at the salon getting our hair did for our holiday photo shoot, my stylist discovered my first gray. That was after she told me that my little lamb was “sucking the nutrients” out of my hair. Gee, thanks. Love the pictures, as always!

  142. I want to live in Florida and take my daughter to the splash pad in October!

    — sighing in Illinois :)

  143. I was born with black hair and lots of gray! i never stood a chance!

  144. The heart of life is good–love it. Beyond the pictures and the stories, I love your music choices, too!! I was just rocking out to Beauty in the World on my run this afternoon and it reminded me to come check for a new blog update. Now I have a new song to add to my playlist. Thanks for the smiles. Love your posts.
    My little pirate just woke up from his nap. We’re off to a Halloween party, Argh!

  145. How fun that you can still be playing in the water for Halloween. Love the cute ornaments. I have a ballerina who has been dancing for 9 years now. Hope Lainey continues to love the art of dance. It’s beautiful to watch your little one grow into an older ballerina. I am sad when I think of the day that I won’t be hanging out at the ballet studio with all the other mamas watching our girlies…

  146. Girl you don’t have to have something important to say…what’s in your heart is good enough. MORE than good enough. I loved this post so much. Enjoying every little minute with your precious sweet ones. That one of your little picnic made me choke up a bit. I used to take my girls to the park and have a blanket picnic ALL the time when they were smaller. We could still do it, they aren’t too big…things just shift a bit. Enjoy your babes. Can’t wait to see your take on Halloween.

  147. Oh man – I can’t wait to see what your Christmas is like!! Your lives are so magical already…
    Yes, your girls get more delicious every day! Just like my little guy!!

  148. OK, so my oldest daughter just found HER first gray… a new feeling for me.

  149. Ugh! The picture of Nella loving up on you is perfect! My baby girl Raleigh has gradually started to convert from daddy’s girl to a little bit of a momma’s girl recently. And I can’t get enough. Have a fantastic Halloween with your cute little critters.

  150. I cannot wait until Finn says his first word too…priceless! I LOVE how you described the feeling. The ornaments are super cute too – we are very into them around here.

  151. Your BLOG always warms my heart , makes me smile……… and even shed a tear sometimes.

  152. I had the same thing happen to me, except I was 15, 15!!! I could care less though now, nothing a little hair dye can’t fix. My husband started going gray this year, and he just turned 25. I think I took it much better than he did.

  153. would love to get an ornament…fits perfect with our Christmas traditions of getting the kids a new ornament each year…get the gray thing too…at 29 my husband has been out of work for a year…and the other day I think I found my first “official” gray hair :)

  154. I had a grey hair 5 years earlier than you did at 30… I found my first one at 25. So you’re doing well!!! And I love your analogy about the first word. Sheer love.

  155. Love the ornaments! I just moved out of my parents house not too long ago so I’d love to stock up! haha

  156. i simply love this post…everything about it!

  157. Don’t give that gray hair another thought. Blonde, brunette or gray haired you’ll rock it because you can make anything work!

  158. LOVING those water splash photos! What fun!
    And Kelle, Miss Nella steals my heart with every shot I see of her! She’s so delicious!
    Those Christmas ornaments….so so cute! I too have a little ballerina baby who would think that ballet ornament is pure treasure!
    Happy Halloween to the Hamptons!

  159. I’ve never posted before, but I just gotta say I love your blog! AND I’m a redhead, so no gray strands for me….they’re WHITE! I figure I might as well welcome them, cause they’re coming whether I’m ready or not!

  160. Where did you find that rubber ducky to cover the bath tub faucet? I love it and want to get one for our tub! You’re pictures and words are beautiful, as always. =)

  161. Haha! I pulled my first gray hair at 23 after a crazy few months in public education!!! Can’t wait to peruse the ornaments…haven’t decided what our “year” ornament will be this year.

  162. LOVELY as usual! The water shots are just precious! and your little cat and mouse header! To die for!!!!

  163. My first gray hair was pulled a few years ago I didn’t love it but I do love Christmas ornaments!

  164. I love your pictures as always. I really like the ornament site. I have a feeling even if I don’t win I will be getting some from there.

  165. Nothing like a special little ornament to brighten your day! Oh, and I have have several WHITE hairs and I’m a week shy of 24:(

  166. So sweet, I LOVE all the pictures!

  167. You are so very blessed, gray hairs and all.

  168. It’s bad that I forgot to buy candy for the trick or treaters (just got back from a retreat an hour ago, and am flat exhausted from keeping my 1-month old quiet for 2 days)! It’s also bad that I haven’t purchased a single Christmas gift yet. At least I have some ideas now, those ornaments would be great for some of my family!

  169. Swoon away; loved this post and all the pictures. You capture the most perfect self portraits of you with your girls. Any tips you can share on how to do this?

    Have a Happy Halloween!

  170. Sigh…remember the days when I could pull out a stray white hair or two. Hair dye and me go hand in hand. :) Luving the smiles in this post.

  171. “The Heart of Life” by John Mayer is one of my favorite songs of all time! Even John Mayer says he wrote that song from the purist place he’s ever written a song. The song makes me feel good about life, the same way your blog makes me feel good about life.

  172. I had to give them up…..i have long ones now. I’m okay with that though. :) Love to watch you savor your life.

  173. Aaaaargh grey hairs!
    My Mum pulled one out of my head when I was 8, at 25 I had to start colouring my hair to hide them, now at 38 without colour my hair would be more grey than brown.

    Mama – I love that.

    Christmas ornaments – I love those too!

  174. Love your pick of the John Mayer song! It so goes along with you, Kelle. Ooh, I just love the ornaments. I have been searching for nice personalized ornaments and these look great!!

  175. I LOVE personalized ornaments! And yours, are adorable!

  176. how i love fall.. but oh how id love to take a dip in the pool and let my little enjoy a much longer summer.. im a summer baby at heart

    im looking for an extra special ornament for my girls first christmas – this looks perfect

  177. The more you pull them out, the faster they come in!!

    I love that baby’s rubber-band arms!

    I just took my 9 year old angel out today and we found a pink Christmas tree. Needless to say, she spent some quality time picking out some pink ornaments to go with. A Mia-Cate ornament would be just the ticket! Thanks for the chance!!


  178. My husband and I have been collecting ornaments since we got married five years ago. Some years are a one new ornament year, while some have been many more! Love the ballet bear . . .

  179. Kelle~

    I swear every time I say you have posted the “best ever” pics of your precious daughters, ZAP!! you go and post these:)

    The “tub time” pics and the “squirty things water park” pics are the “bees knees” as my father always says!!

    And the “gray” thing……not an issue! You will rock that too…..

    Treasure your little trick-or-treaters (but I don’t even need to say that because I KNOW you will).

    Happy Halloween

    Susan from Boston

  180. One hair definitely isn’t “going gray” yet!

    Love the water pics and the one of Nella wanting loving!

  181. “Mama”…..Best sound I’ve heard! Happy Halloween to you & your little punkins. :)

  182. The trip to the park was a perfect afternoon for your girls. Those are the memories they will remember.

    How exciting that Nella is saying “mama” the most beautiful word in the world for a Mama to hear.

  183. Ohh MY I love those ornaments!! If I don’t win, I’m gonna go order one for my 6 week old. Thank you for your blog!!!

  184. LOVE the photo from above of Nella in the water…her eyelashes look so adorable!

    And personalized ornaments are the best……

  185. I love your weather, but I love ours, too!

  186. This comment has been removed by the author.

  187. Happy Halloween! Love the story about Nella saying mama… so sweet!

  188. Happy Halloween! Love the story about Nella saying mama… so sweet!

  189. Personalized ornaments are my fav. I get my daughter and now will my son one every year…my Mum did the same for me and my sisters and my tree is now full of them! <3 <3 <3

  190. pick me, pick me, pick me! my little grand E needs a new ornament for her tree. i love your music; it makes me smile before i even see your marvelous photos :)

  191. I wish it was still warm here to splash in the water but winter is a coming…….love the ornaments!!! So cute!! I still have one that was made the year I was born…..

  192. “mama” The most magical word in the world…to a mother’s ears:) my baby girl is going to be 17 months old soon, and is saying so much more now…but “mama!” is still my fav:)

    Would Love a new orniment for our Christmas tree!

  193. I love following your blog.. you take such beautiful shots of your girls!

    Also, I would LOVE to win that red door to commemorate our first Christmas in our new townhouse :).

  194. I can’t remember when I got my first gray. All I know is that at 34 I get them all the flippin’ time now. Some days they make me want to cry. And other days I just smile at them. And then I smile at the lines around my eyes. Smile lines. Aren’t they the best?

    Wishing you a halloween weekend full of happiness. Love, Becky

  195. I’m a fairly new reader and I am hooked! I love your posts and I feel like I know you! Your girls are beautiful!

  196. I absolutely LOVED the photos this week! And I loved their matching outfits! Simply adorable. Oh, and those ornaments are amazing – my mom bought me a little ballerina when I was about the same age as Lainey. 20+ years later, it still goes on the tree!

  197. No need to use words to be inspiring… your photos do the job.

  198. My little guy’s first word was “Mama” too! Brought me to tears! Oh and gray hairs, don’t get me started. I have 4 kids…’nuff said :)

  199. Love a trip to the park to celebrate your first gray hair! Happy Halloween!

  200. Kill me with those chubette arms! (not yours Kelle)

    Is she just a little slice of cheesecake!?

    Tomorrow should be so fun for Lainey as they start to know the drill at this age and WOW! look at all that great stuff in my bag!

    And I am ready to make my first photo book of my pictures of my garden and flowers with dew drops shining in the morning sun. My very own coffee table book of the garden and house we love!

    Trick or Treat!

  201. Love your blog! Happy Halloween to your family! Such a special time of year!

  202. Welcome to the gray hair club. There are great and amazing things awaiting you in this club. I am glad that you got to have some fun in the water at the park today. Autumn (my daughter) and I also had fun at the park and b/c we live in Texas, it’s still warm enough to play in the water. Good times!

  203. I am 41 and have 2 gray hairs that keep coming back. My hair is blonde so it blends in nicely! I named one Joe and the other Brianna after my husband and daughter! LOL :o)

    Have a safe Halloween!



  204. I am so glad I found your blog! I enjoy reading it, but even more so looking at the pictures of both your beautiful little girls! My baby girl just turned a year old last week and it amazes me how fast the year has flown by!

  205. Oh and YAY for Nella saying MAMA! :o) My daughter did not say it till she was 2! It was bizarre! But, well worth the wait as I love you soon followed!


  206. Your girls get cuter everyday…is that even possible??:) And a big YAY to Nella for saying “Mama”.

    I’m a HUGE ornament collector….would love to win one!

  207. Love that Nella is saying Mama – our little Avalynn just started saying Dada, but can’t wait for that moment when she says Mama and means me! Those are the best feelings! :o)

  208. Happy Halloween and Hooray for Nella’s first word!!!

  209. Love it! All of it. :)

  210. Lainey’s yellow cardigan: Delicious. Nella’s floral skirt: Yummy.

    My husband sent me off on my own today to get a warm-stone facial and some shopping-on-my-own time. (Yay, him!) While rummaging through clothing at one store, where music was playing, I heard a song that I’d heard before. Where? Your blog. I instantly thought, “Oh. This is the song that played while I read Kelle’s wedding-anniversary post.”

    How crazy is that?! I knew which post featured the song.

    Thank you for broadening my musical horizon. Or something like that. πŸ˜‰


    bug and the sweet banana

    Sign Posts

  211. LOVE that its still warm enough to be in bathing suites there! Congrats Nella on your first word, you go girl! OH and im totally with you on the “dont even get me started on ornaments” they are definatly an obsession of mine too. I have all my ornaments from my childhood, including my “babys first christmas ornament” my parents bought the year I was born. Our tree screams “LIFE” with all the stories behind all the ornaments. Love your blog!

  212. LOVE that its still warm enough to be in bathing suites there! Congrats Nella on your first word, you go girl! OH and im totally with you on the “dont even get me started on ornaments” they are definatly an obsession of mine too. I have all my ornaments from my childhood, including my “babys first christmas ornament” my parents bought the year I was born. Our tree screams “LIFE” with all the stories behind all the ornaments. Love your blog!

  213. Mama! The best word in the whole dictionary for sure!

    I am so jealous of the weather in FLA….we are already sporting hats some days.

  214. Love your blog everyday. It’s one I check always.

    This site for ornaments is lovely. I’m always looking for ones for my daughter every year and this will be perfect. It’s hard to find a swimming one.

  215. Happy Halloween! Adorable photos and adorable ornaments! :)

    Sam Dent

  216. My oldest just started saying “Mommy” this week, too, and it melts my heart every time.

    I’m SO excited for the Christmas season – my absolute favorite time of year. A new tree ornament would be a perfect way to remember our first Christmas as a family of four!

  217. I love that your baby said mama! I’m snuggling my three week old and can’t wait for those days….but of course I’m soaking up these precious new born days.

    Thank you for being so inspiring!

  218. You did it again. You brought a happy tear to my cheek. Precious babies and beautiful photos, as always. Thanks for the dose of happy.

  219. I’ve had gray hair since I was 18…cover it up and keep having fun :)
    Those ornaments are so neat! I’m off to check out their site!

  220. I found my first gray when I was pregnant with my first, who is now 3 1/2 and not one since…so hold out hope that that was it! And as I pulled up your blog, I was detailing to my husband the crazy love I have for our one year old. I feel guilty because it is like a crush…an infatuation. And I am sure that I felt this way about my first…but I can’t remember it this deep…and is it this deep because I know that my little love is my last baby! Glad to know someone else is in sicky sweet love land with me.

  221. The splashing water pictures are amazing!

  222. The splashing water pictures are amazing!

  223. WHEW. i can go to bed an acceptable time now. kelle, i have stayed up way too late many nites the last month because i just HAD to start at the beginning of your blog and read every post up to date! i am caught up as of today and i have enjoyed every minute of reading your words. you probably don’t even have time to read all these comments anymore but i feel like i know you!

    question–if you read them–how did you get this shot of the girls swinging? are you laying on the ground in the mulch?!!!

  224. Such adorable little sweeties! LOVE the pics you and Nella- that little smile is pure sunshine!

  225. This comment has been removed by the author.

  226. Happy Happy Halloween. God bless the babies.

  227. Kelle – your blog is unbelievably amazing! I’m a 23 year old teacher and read it religiously. Seriously. Every post inspires me to be a better person and when the time arrives, a better Mum! Your love for creativity and making each and every day special for your girls, inspires me to do the same in my classroom.
    My best friend has just had a little bubba girl and I would love to give her a Personalised Ornament for her very first Christmas!
    Much Love, Leah x

  228. I’ve got more gray hairs than I can count. It’s time to whip out the hair dye :-(. Love the pics, as usual!

  229. If I spent my time pulling my gray hairs, I would be here all day. They are gray badges of courage.
    Happy Halloween.

  230. I got two greys with each pregnancy and to this day I’m constantly looking out for them so I can pull them out. No celebrating here, lol. Beautiful as always!

  231. I am jealous y’all were in swimsuits today! We had our neighbor Halloween party tonight and I had a turtleneck AND a fleece and tights AND fleece plants under my 2 1/2 year old’s Tinker Bell costume. Happy Halloween!

  232. I’m not quite 25 yet… I have 12 days to go… and I’ve found many gray hairs already!!! O_o Yikes!

  233. Man, I hope I rock out my first gray hair with such grace and power….like “ya I deserve that gray hair! what?!”
    Great post Kelle! ahah

    Loving that bonnet on Nella bean!

  234. i think you should be pleased you are just now finding your first grey hair…i think i found my first one around 25! and half way done with nursing school i have now found a little patch of about 8grey hairs, so for the record, stress DOES cause grey hair.

  235. We have gotten these personalized ornaments every year of our marriage. The first year, we got two small hearts and now we get six small hearts! I love Christmas :-)

  236. tears at these pics.

    and the one of nells gettin’ in your biz?


    missing them and you….

  237. So JEALOUS of your girls getting to be in water…while I love fall….I’m missing “pool” weather!! Have a fantastic Halloween!!!

  238. I just love your pictures. Thanks for sharing your family with us.

  239. My friend pointed out my first gray hairs…yes hairsssss. Sadly they just keep multiplying.

    Also so jealous that the splash pads are still open. Ours are all closed til summer. BOO. I miss FL!

  240. Gray hairs are so hard to take. I have held them at bay for years by constantly changing my hair color. Sigh. Looks like you took yours in stride.

  241. Thanks for the comment – we are expecting this year and would love to have an ornament to celebrate with.

  242. I hope I win!!! Christmas is my favorite holiday!! Love the pictures as always!!!!

  243. If my grandma were still alive, I think she’d be a kick boxer. And seriously, you are JUST getting greys?? Try being 16! Yes, 16. seriously.

  244. I cried the first time my daughter said Mama, but it wasn’t her first word. She said awg (dog) first, because frankly she heard us say it to our two beagle more than anything else I think.

    My front door is red. I love it! It was one of my favorite things when we looked at it for the first time 3 years ago and if it ever needs repainting it’s staying red.

  245. My best friend is 8 years older than me, and she REVELLED in the moment she found MY first gray hair. Oy.
    Also, you can’t tease us with Nella’s first word and then have no video for us too swoon over!
    Keep on writing, I love this blog, and your family as if you were my own :)

  246. I would love an ornament in memory of my dad.

  247. Nella is so beautiful, I love to stop by your blog to see how she has grown…that smile is infectious :-)

  248. I have been following your blog for a little while now and I have to say you have 2 of the most adorable girls ever.

  249. I love your kiddos costumes! So cute!

  250. Your girls are gorgeous!! Hope you all enjoy Halloween tomorrow! :)

  251. I love the ornaments! I used that same website to buy a few last christmas and I will be ordering some this year! A new ornament for every child to represent their year… our little family tradition!

  252. 2 words…Love you!!!

    You inspire me!

    Thank you

  253. Your girls are so beautiful…just like their mamamamamama!

  254. Oh My Gosh! I am beyond in love with the last picture of the girls! I love kids on swings and I’m hoping tomorrow is nice enough to take my little girl to the par for her first time on a swing. (even if it is just for my photo op!)

  255. Sounds like your 9 month old is right on track with my 9 month old. Isnt mama the sweetest word you could ever hear them say? It makes me smile everytime :)

  256. your girls are so gorgeous! i love that Lainey carried the ornaments all over … my girls like to show our new ornaments off every year, too! :-)

  257. How wonderful it is that Nella said Mama! So sweet!

  258. I love the water photo’s! You have such amazing talent! You are so inspiring~in many, many, ways!

  259. These little ornaments are adorable! Ican not wait to order one for my newborn son.

  260. Kelle, thank you for always brightening my day with your delicious words and pictures!

  261. Living in Minnesota your pool pictures make me dream of summer (which is soooo far away!). I think I’ll have to find a nice indoor pool to take my 10 month old daughter to to splash around in.

  262. Love the ornaments! They’re perfect!

  263. I love this blog!! I just wanna squeeze those little chubby arms!!!

  264. Love your blog and your happy little family!
    Happy Halloween!

  265. Kelle-
    Just wanted you to know that I love your blog! i would love it if you ever checked out our family blog- you even inspired me to get a better camera!



  266. Swimsuits and spraygrounds in October! Such fun!

    Pulled 4 gray hairs out since turning 30 this summer…grrr!

  267. Your girls are absolutely darling as usual–love the water shots. :)

  268. Your girls look like they had such a blast in that water park! I love Nella’s little bonnet.

    I am so excited for the Christmas season… even tomorrow, when the streets of my neighborhood will be bustling with costumed, candy-craving little bodies, and all of the porches are decorated with glowing pumpkins, I’ll be thinking about Christmas. :)

  269. I am so completely head over heels jealous that the day before hallowe’en you and your babes are playing in a water park, while me and my daughter are huddled up in blankets and hoodies in the cold fall up here in Canada. I’ve never been huge into Christmas, most likely because of the years of forced cheer from working in retail through the holidays, however my fiance adores it so the past few years I’ve gotten dragged into it, so much so that we still have some of our Christmas figurines out from last year. This year is my daughter’s first Christmas and I am doing everything in my power to make it as magical and special as I can. I know she’s too young to truly appreciate it but I’m going to do it anyway.

  270. We’re almost finished Halloween night here in New Zealand.

    No-one really ‘does’ Halloween here but to my delight I found some trick or treaters this evening. I was so excited I made them walk back to my house with me so I could give them all the chocolate I had in the house. Hah, if it were any other night of the year that would totally have been wrong!

    Anyway, can’t WAIT to see your Halloween pics!


  271. TO MEALZROX88- THAT is so funny. I love how you took them back home and gave them all of your chocolate!

  272. I love, love, love those ornaments. What perfect presents! I’ll be getting one for our little daughter, who is on the way. :)


  273. I have an older brother known to everyone as uncle jimmy(he is 57)
    He has some mental disablities that makes it nessary for him to live with someone to take care of him. Uncle jimmy is the sweetest, gentlest, kindest, fun-loving, child-like person you could ever meet.when i was younger i often wondered IF he wasnt a burden to my parents.
    i couldnt of been more wrong.
    when my dad passed away after 40 years of marraige to my mom my mom was so heart-broken.but she didnt give up on living because jimmy still needed her. when she fell and broke her hip she worked like crazy in rehab,cause she wanted to get back to take care of uncle jimmy. a few years ago she got cancer of her lymph notes. it was a nasty battle. but she never gave up. uncle Jimmy needed her. my mom is 80 now and healthy and happy. but one day when her work here is done and she goes on to glory i know there will be fights in my family over Uncle jimmy. not fights over who has to take him, but fights over who GETS to take him. my oldest sister Linda (61 years old) who has always thought she was the boss of all of us(she still does) will say uncle Jimmy is living with her,for us to get over it. my next older sister Karen (is 56 years old) will most likley sneakaly lure Uncle jimmy to her house with candy,and promises of games of twister, and slap jack, and old maid.it will work too until bossy linda drags him back home with her.
    what i think im trying to say is God gave us all Uncle jimmy as such a blessing, how lucky we are.
    he was never a burden. we all love him so much.
    have a blessed day KELLE!

  274. I fall in love with Nella all the time. She just looks so sweet and full of love. And I love the Christmas ornaments. My husband and I have only been married two years, and I adore building up our ornament collection.

  275. the grey hair. the beloved grey hair. not sure if I should say Congratulations on your first grey or not. At the age of 21 I’ve had my grey’s for 2 years now. So maybe just a ‘welcome to the club’. Beautiful pictures and story as always. My nephew was born a couple weeks ago with an extra special chromosome and I am anticipating all his upcoming firsts. Today- Halloween! On that note- Happy Halloween. I’m off to carve a pumpkin.

  276. I just got teary eyed when reading about the first time the girls said “Mama”. I can’t wait for my little 6 month old daughter to say it. It is such a heart warming experience and so special because when you hear them say it it’s something they will only say to you in their life and that seems magical to me.

  277. Kelle, there’s no way you read all of your comments, and I wish I could just ‘like’ each and every pic! I especially loved the wet eyelash picture of Nella! I have some of those of my girls.

    I have to say you have truly inspired me to celebrate EVERYTHING! I actually think about it when I’m out and feel like yelling at my kids for messing something up at the store. Then, I think, “Kelle would probably take a picture of this and have some whimsical quote for this situation.” I end up handling the situation much better!! THANKS!

  278. Those water pictures are awesome! Love the black and white bathtub pics! Happy Halloween!

  279. Your posts are my treats. Both girls are just soooooo sweet, I could almost eat em!!Lol

  280. Mama…best word ever! Great photos.

  281. Love the ornaments! Your little girls are so sweet, I can only hope my children will be as wonderful!

  282. fav picture of the post is looking down on Nella in the water with her wet, looong eyelashes <3 simply beautiful! enjoy your day of halloween fun!

  283. Happy Halloween :)
    Great pictures as always. I love the picture of Nella smiling at you. She must just melt you heart. I am still anticipating my son’s first word but I practice mama with him everyday. I can’t wait to hear that word out of his precious mouth. There is nothing better.

  284. those kids make my day!

    So gorgeous!
    Can’t wait for the halloween photos!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  285. I have a beautiful little monkey man who needs a personalized ornament :)

  286. I am currently pregnant with my first and you inspire me to be the kind of mother who embraces life to the fullest and enjoys every moment!

  287. The bathroom pics are so adorable… I LOVED the magical moment of hearing my child calling out for Mama for the first time…and even now in the middle of the night from the now 2 1/2 year old.

  288. Your first gray? You’re lucky. I just turned 32 and I’ve been battling them for at least 4 years now. They keep getting worse!

  289. Is there anything sweeter or more genuine than Nella’s smile? What a precious girl!

  290. Nothing more precious than a beautiful babe knowing and loving on their mama. It melts my heart when my little calls mama.

  291. I found my first “pigment free” hair on my 21st birthday; that could definitely lead a girl to drink. πŸ˜‰
    Can’t wait to hear how much your girls love tonight!

  292. It’s one of the best moments when they say mama and know exactly that they want you!!

  293. Congrats on the gray – distinguished sign of living life. Expressions of love ooze from your website on through all the world including my own. Love that you are never without your camera, love that you have a beautiful eclectic ear for music as well as in your heart, and love, love that you share!! May God continue to rain down His blessings on you and your family.

  294. Lucky lady – both my kiddos tortured me for months with ‘dada” and no ‘mama.’ I love the ornaments…we exchange them for all the kids in the family so that we’re building their own collections when they’re older (and we’ll have to send them off with them for their own grown-up trees…weep!!).

    Love your pics of the sunshine as we gear up for our first midwestern winter!

  295. Loved this post today Kelle…I think the images of your life are so amazing and I love reading them everyday :)

  296. Kelle,

    As I sit here and read your beautiful blog, my grays are marinating in dye. My hope is that I can keep them at bay for at least 4 weeks before I have to cover them again!

    I just stumbled upon your blog through another I read regularly. I am so happy I found it!

    When you have time, stop by and check my brand new blog out:


    Blessings to you!

  297. No need for words…your pictures are “thought provoking and inspiring” enough on their own…loving the wet lashes Nella…

  298. You are pretty lucky! I saw my first grey hair at 17 and have been dying my hair since my early twenties :)

  299. Loving the ghost pic :) Lainey and Nella are too cute! Thanks for sharing the ornament website as well!

  300. as always, a beautiful post. The way you describe hearing Nella say Mama gave me chills. Oh how I know that feeling. Happy Halloween!

  301. The splash park pictures are wonderful! So bright & happy & fun… not to mention adorable!

  302. Every morning, I open up your blog at my desk at work and I cannot tell you how your family makes me smile. Nella…that beautiful baby is just made of pure love and joy. And Lainey…what a beautiful and lively spirit she has. It makes days that are stressful(I work with the homeless and mentally ill) so much brighter!

  303. I actually have no idea if I’ve had a gray hair… Actually with all the constant hair colorings/highlights/lowlights I’m not sure what color my hair is…..

  304. Congratulations “mama”! What a sweet moment. Your bathtub pictures are fabulous! I too have a thing for red doors! Cute ornaments!

  305. I LOVE the pics and I also am loving the new Ingrid Michaelson song, You and I. Happy Halloween!

  306. Hi there, I am new to your blog but as I have been reading I could not help but post.
    The way in which you write and capture your emotions through pictures as well as words is breath taking.. seriously!
    I am in awe of how beautiful you are inside and out. You are an inspiration to all mothers and YES.. you did SMILE (during the birth)… I am becoming a follower and I look forward to reading more of what you have to say.
    And WOW!!! Your pictures seriously.. wow! May I ask what camera you are using and lens? And Yes I do know that it is the photographer, not the camera/lens.. but I’m looking for some recommendations here… the camera/lens i can change.. the photographer erm not so much! hehe

    Thanks for being such a great inspiration… you are one of those people whose inner beauty radiates into everything they do

  307. I’ve been pulling grey hairs since I was 16. I’m jealous you just got your first one! Great pictures as always! I wish we could play outside in water in October – but we live in the Northeast, haha.

  308. Grey is beautiful!! I love that your kids love the water. Bathtime is a favorite in our house as well.

  309. I love your pictures of your girls! They are just beautful! Your pictures inspire me to be more creative when taking pictures. I hope to be a amazing photographer like you one day!

  310. AW! I really cannot wait to hear my baby’s first word. My first word was carrot! Your girls are so precious, this is such a beautiful blog! There really is nothing better than Christmas ornaments, I have about 2/5 million of them, but refuse to throw any of them away because of all the memories they each have.

  311. I love that Lainey took the ornament to ballet. How cute!

  312. Glad to know I’m not alone in the personalized ornament craze. We have our first little one due at Thanksgiving and I’ve already been thinking about the “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament we get to add to the tree.

    Beautiful pictures as always, thank you for sharing.

  313. Swooning for my children is one of the most delicious feelings I’ve ever felt. There is something so right, so perfect, about having a moment so saturated with love that my heart really might burst. My precious babies are everything to me, thanks for the refreshing reminder today.

  314. OH my…The swoon pics are GORGEOUS!! The thing I love most about your pics is how effortlessly you capture the girls’ personalities. It’s perfect! Thank you for sharing.

  315. Oh, your girls on swings…pictures of your girls doing ANYTHING – they are just adorable! The pictures alone, say so much. What a beautiful family, all of you – you and hubby and daughters and sons.

  316. Absolutely adorable..
    Not only do I have first word envy (my little lady loves dada) but also sunhat envy – they’re lush! Where do you get them?
    Am loving the water shots! Its like summer is still happening :o)

  317. So sweet!! My 9 month old STILL won’t say Mama, he just looks at me and gives me this devilish grin because he knows I want him to soooooo badly! I think he is going to say “brothers” first, he is always looking at his two big brothers and saying “bru bru bru baaaaa”

  318. i just got a canon rebel and take worse pictures now than i ever have! i always look to your blog for picture inspiration… beautiful pics and thanks for the opportunity to win an ornament!

  319. I too am obsessed with red front doors. Can’t wait to have one someday. The girls in kitten costumes are absolutely adorable. Cant wait to see pictures of your trick-or-treating!

  320. Your girls are so beautiful! And you’re just as gorgeous yourself. I love your photos, they’re all so amazing!

  321. I love the PersonalizedFree website! Only ordered there once a few yrs ago, but I have a two yr. old ballerina lover and must get her her own ballet ornament! Thank you for sharing!

  322. Love the personalized ornaments! Lainey’s is precious.

  323. Ohhhhh I love Christmas ornaments. My mom used to pick out personalized ones for us to open every Christmas morning. I would love to restart the tradition!


    Loving today’s post! I’m so happy you are already talking about Christmas….I’m so excited I can hardly wait.


    Loving today’s post! I’m so happy you are already talking about Christmas….I’m so excited I can hardly wait.

  326. I love ornaments. I could have fun picking one out.


    PS–GO Nella. Mama is such a sweet word coming from your daughter.

  327. OMG ~ Kelle, you continue to amaze me with each and every post. Your blog is like “crack” for so many and gosh lets not even talk about your pictures. Nella is getting so big and Lainey is just adorable! Thanks so much for sharing your life and your family!

  328. When I read your posts, I’m just reminded of everything good in the world.

    and that is such a wonderful feeling.

    I don’t have a child, but I know when I do their first word (especially if its “mama”) is going to blow me away. I was blown away when you said nella said it! I mean, wasn’t she just born yesterday? Soon she’ll be babbling away.

    I’m glad you had a great Halloween, I didn’t go trick or treating (im still young enough to get away with it) but my work had a party for out costumers and I dressed up as an 80’s dancer. It was fun, and I felt beautiful and it reminded me that life is special and great and something to smile about.

  329. I think a trip to the park is a great way to celebrate!

  330. I think a trip to the park is a great way to celebrate!

  331. Photo number twenty (yes, i re-scrolled and counted), with the eyelashes, is utterly magical!! Gros merci. :)

  332. The picture’s of your girls playing in the water warmed my heart on this cold New England day!

  333. Your pictures are great and I love your blog. So down to earth. Thanks again and always.

  334. Your pictures are truly amazing. I have this “itch” to pick up my camera and start shooting every time I read one of your posts.

  335. OK, now you’ve got me excited for Christmas and I was just getting over the loss of Halloween tonight. yay! (c:

  336. Welcome to the club! Having the grey just shows us we’re alive πŸ˜‰
    Happy Halloween!

  337. Love the red door ornament. Going to the site now to check them all out. Thanks.

  338. i love christmas ornaments! and what a lovely post full of simple contentment.

  339. best.pictures.ever. **swoon**

  340. I so get how great it was for Lainey to say “mama” for the first time on your birthday… my first born laughed – full out belly-laughed! – on my birthday! It was particularly amazing and moving because she and I had barely survived a really rough morning and I was just barely holding it together. Her giggling made all the difference… it was like the clouds parted and sunshine rained down. I will never forget it. Thank you for reminding me of such a poignant moment in our lives!

  341. I love that Nella’s first word is “mama”!!!…I was not that lucky,(TWICE!), Nici’s first was Woofer, OUR beloved dog & Travis’ was Nici…

    xo, Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  342. Love the photos of Nella lovin’ on her Mama. :)

    Adorable ornaments too!

  343. Kelle-
    1. I have tons of wirey gray hairs who party on the top of my head & my younger sister loves to pluck…their vicious.
    And secondly I am in love with the picture of Nella where you are above her & you can see her wet eyelashes at the water park…that is a great great picture.

  344. Happy Halloween Lainey and Nella!

  345. Your girls are absolutely ADORABLE!! My little girl is only 7 months old, but I am already looking foward to the day that she first says “mama” How exciting that it was Nella’s first word!!

  346. ahhh I love those ornaments. I know some newlyweds that would love the personalized door one πŸ˜‰

  347. Wonderful pictures as usual, and how awesome is it that Nella says Mama! I love hearing when my sons says it, it never gets old. Hope you enjoyed Nella’s first Halloween!!

  348. LOVE your blog! your pics are great and your writing is inspiring. Thanks for the opportunity to win an ornament.

    ps…i am 27 and have found no gray’s yet…i am always keeping an eye out for that first one though, so i can pull it!!!

  349. So excited to see the magic of Christmas unfold in my 1- year old’s eyes. I have been looking at getting her a personalized ornament.

  350. awww! could your girls get anymore cuter! LOVE THEM! I also think I will definitely have to order that ballet bear for my daughter, Abigail, if I win! :) It’s adorable!

  351. I like that you celebrate your grays instead of crying over them! And celebrating them with black and white bathtime pics is too precious.


  352. I am so grateful that a friend introduced me to you and your LOVEly blog! I adore the pictures and your words. I have two new little blessings in my life. They both came to us this past year – one by adoption and one by a secondary miracle post adoption. What a trip this life is, eh?! Smooches!

  353. To MONICA – I think I, and many, would agree with you – Kelle has inspired us to celebrate everything. TO RYAN AND AMBER- Dont know how similar your story is to my friend’s, but she and hubby adopted baby. Later, they adopted another baby and she found out immediately after, that she was pregnant (after trying for years). So, those two babies are very close in age. Yes, Life sue is unpredictable.

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  355. i’ve spotted a few grey hairs & i’m only 25!! heehee!

    and my heart melted & i turned to mush the first time my son said momma!! it is truly the best thing in the world!!

    and i love that you can go to the water park/play ground in october!! but then again, i am loving this fall weather!

  356. Heh. Just one grey hair, huh? I got my first white hair at 15. That was 25 years ago and now there is a lot of ‘snow on the mountain’ LOL

    Although now that I’m getting snowy white “sideburns” I’m a little more annoyed. To that I say, Whuuuuaaaattttttt the hades?!?

    As always, loverly pics.


  357. everyone is saying mama before my bundle of joy! I hope she learns it soon! Her first word is “go” as in ‘let’s go’! she is so cute just like your precious girls.

  358. that truly is the best birthday present a mama could ask for!

  359. oh, dear. i know i’m a couple years younger than you, and i pulled out my first gray hair at least 4 years ago. and when i got pregnant, i had to start coloring my hair- and since i’ve given birth,i can hardly make it 4 weeks between coloring. ugh.

    i would love to win a personalized ornament. even if i don’t, i think i’ll order. i got a personalized ornament from birth, until i was married from my parents, and i want to do the same for my little guy’s first chirstmas!

  360. Love, Love, Love the door ornaament. My son is getting married this year and oh, how fun that door ornament would be on his new door for the two of them!

  361. love the first word mama!! it made me feel so proud when bayley said it, like i won an award or something!! i love that you celeebrated and posted your first grey hair. I have like 15 and keep trying to hide them…lol

    kelle, your blog has been my crack for the past 2 years!!
    happy halloween!!

  362. How funny Kelle- I found my first gray hair this weekend as well! I’m 28 and not married with kids and feel FAR too young for this! haha :)
    Loved your water photos from your trip to the park! precious moments!
    I am from South Africa- and hooked to your blog. Your one talented, amazing lady- thanks for the inspiration! Paige

  363. Loving the absolutely adorable costumes, your day at the amazing park and celebrating your gray hair … I have a few myself that came in this past year and after my first moment of “what the heck!?!”, thought “hey I’m 30 now, no biggie, let’s continue this journey called life” … Happy Hallowe’en!!

  364. I know you’re missing Michigan this season, so I am sending you a virtual smell of the burning leaves…and color me jealous that your girls can go to the Splash Pad in October! A~dorable sweet pea’s they are!

  365. Beautiful pics. My daughter who is 25 introduced me to your blog in Jan. Inspiring and love filled . Thanks for making my day brighter. I even shared Nellas story to my 90 year old mother . Can’t wait for those Halloween pics.I am 52 and been coloring my hair since I was 40. Think of it as little signs of the WISDOM you are gaining in your life! At least that’s what I tell myself.

  366. I don’t get on the computer a lot when at home so I always look forward to Monday mornings just to read your blog. Thanking for putting a smile on my face on Monday morning after I had to take my son to daycare.

  367. Having a nephew with Downs, I love your blog! It really reaches out to me.

  368. Happy Halloween! Love the ornaments, Halloween is really just the kick off of the Christmas season afterall!

  369. trial shampoo bottle Brett filled with beebees – love it. seriously the man is genius! lol.

    good grief lainey looks like you.

    and love distraction…be still my heart.


  370. I can’t wait to check out the ornament website!! Our tree is decked out all Disney! I love your water pictures. I think it’s great that you get to go swimming in Oct coming from an Illinoisian!

  371. Awesome pics. Love the girls smiles – pure joy

  372. Love the pics on this post and love that you are embracing that gray like a champ!! Thanks for starting my Monday on a good note! Will def be checking out those ornaments – beautiful!

  373. Love those pics of you and Nella lovin’ on one another!! The ornaments are so cute!!

  374. Great photo’s Kelle! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween. Can’t wait to see what you dressed up as!

  375. It’s still warm enough to swim there? Crazy! The ornaments are adorable:)

  376. I just want to nibble on those cute little legs of Nella’s! Love her!

  377. I spy Nellas eyelashes in the birds eye bonnet photo. hello. brilliant. You cant put anything past me.

    And I cannot wait for gray hair if it means park adventures.ballet lessons. bath time sisters. and a little girl that totes around christmas ornaments out of excitement.

    Seriously love.

  378. I love ornaments. We give our kids an ornament each year to put on the tree. One day when they grow up and have their own tree, it will be full of memories of their life. This would be perfect for our little ones. What a great site!

  379. I’ve been following you ever since Donna send my husband a message bragging about you! To be honest, I get so lost in your posts that I often forget he knows your in-laws. Please let Brian and Donna know that Jared misses his “Happy Hamptons”!

  380. What a wonderful treat for you hearing her say that and of course she knows what it means!
    I just love their costumes-hope your evening was festive!

  381. Love your words “Winston Churchill grin”. Perfect description of your little one’s smile:)

  382. Good for you, just getting gray now! For me it was years ago….

    And love the ornaments, we love personalized and special ornaments in our house. Can’t wait to check out this site. Thanks as always for inspriring words and great ideas. Lara

  383. All I can say is kudos that you are just now pulling a gray hair. I have a ton. I find that my hairdresser and denial work wonders!

    There is nothing better than a tiny peanut of a person looking at you with internally lit adoration and say your name…Mom. I love it and melt every time and soak it up, that is until it becomes….Moooom, you’re SO uncool (at least I still have a couple of years with this one).

  384. Personalized ornaments are probably my favorites–even amongst the hundred or so Hallmarks I have.

    And I’m impressed you’re just now getting your first gray hair. I think mine showed up at about 22. Pre-husband. And I still don’t have babies, so I can’t blame it on them, either…

  385. Yay for Nella’s first word, that makes my heart smile : )

  386. Becoming a mama for the first time to a sweet girl in five weeks and I totally heart your blog. Although pregnancy amnesia is in full force, I am trying to pack away morsels from your blogs for winter – from your inspiring mantras (“I can rally” is a fav)to at home activities with your sweet girls. So, thank you!

  387. I love your blog. You inspire me to be a better mama!! I am so in love with Nella. Her smile brings the biggest smile to my face and brightens my day everytime!

  388. Loving the fact that Nella’s first word was mama…you must be beaming :) I’m also loving the gorgeous ornaments that would be erfect on my little tree.

  389. I LOVE ornaments….can’t get enought and I think they make the BEST presents…my aunt sends my kids and I an ornament every year and I look forward to that package with great anticipation.

  390. I am so jealous of your weather, I would love to be able to splash around right now!

  391. Don’t fret the gray hairs, I have come to see them as a badge of honor. lol.. 3 kids later, I’m suprised my whole head isn’t gray!.. Love your pics. Yvonne

  392. I love that first pic of you and Nella. Her facial expressions are just to die for. She’s the sweetest little peanut! And yay for ‘Momma’! I was known as Bobby for the longest time until my son could pronounce his M’s. LOL I loved it so much! :) Such sweet times.

  393. It will be my son’s first Christmas! I’d love an awesome ornament!

  394. I had my first wirey grey too! I am 31, I know the feeling :( It’s all good :)

  395. I just found your blog and want to thank you for all sharing your beautiful life story with the world. You are truly a blessing to me and I am sure many others. Looking forward to following on your journey called life. May God bless you and keep you, that is my prayer.

  396. I just found your blog and want to thank you for all sharing your beautiful life story with the world. You are truly a blessing to me and I am sure many others. Looking forward to following on your journey called life. May God bless you and keep you, that is my prayer.

  397. Every year near christmas time we begin the hunt in our local stores for the perfect ornament that symbolizes some part of our crazy life that year … its our favorite tradition!

  398. Bathtub pictures are always my favorite! You have lots of sugar over there πŸ˜‰

    I have this love for ornaments… each one on my tree has a memory attached… whether we bought it in St. Thomas on our honeymoon, made it in Breckenridge with a dear friend, or was given it by my mother who always pick the perfect one to represent our past year. I love ornaments! I am ready to put the tree up now, but am holding back until the moment Thanksgiving ends.

  399. The best thing about being a blonde is when we get a gray it blends baby! Although the white one in my eyebrow sticks out like a sore thumb! ♥

  400. As always, love your posts! I’m terribly envious that your girls can go swimming in October – it looks like they enjoyed it! :-)

  401. Can I just tell you that I’m obsessed with Christmas ornaments?? Favorite time of year hands down!

    Love the new post and the kiddos are cute as always!

  402. Mama is by far the best word in the world. All of my troubles vanish when one of my boys yells “mama” and then wraps his little arms around my legs in a giant bear hug.

  403. Grey… it means you’re wise! Just go with it; it means we’re growing up and we’ll be ok.
    Now the Christmas ornaments are getting me in the mood for a celebration. I was just looking at some homemade stockings I’m going to start making for baby gifts; I love taking our stockings out every year. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  404. PS… consider grey hair as cheap highlights!

  405. I really need to stop reading your posts in the morning. I always end up tearing up when my mascara is fresh:)

  406. Coolest. Swing. Picture. Ever.

    I am going to have to try that this week with my littles.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  407. Oh my..I know whom I would of gotten one of these ornaments for…My mother in law, the best nana in the world…

  408. Happy Halloween!

  409. Listen, I’m 28 and have pulled out 3 gray hairs already…glad you could stay so calm because i freaked out and I must say how I’m so jealous that your kids are in their bathing suits in October while my daughter is bundled up in her winter coat already here in NJ :(
    But…I love that Nella’s first word was Momma and I love her leg rolls and just wanna pinch them lol…
    Have a great day, Kelle!

  410. To: “Me” – Oh YES< those leg rolls. I just wanna swoop up Nella and squeeze her; she is THE cutest!!

  411. I love the pic of the girls on the swing they always look so happy!

  412. Your children will someday utterly adore the fact that you chronicled their lives so well with words and beautiful pictures. I look forward to reading your inspirational words and entertaining thoughts every time!!

  413. Those swings brought back memories! We used to put the twins in there together, back-to-back :-)

    I love the ornaments!!!

  414. Nella looks so big!! Can’t wait to see the Halloween pics. You are so blessed Kelle – thanks for sharing!! Enjoy every minute

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  416. My mom always says that if you pull a gray hair out, two will grow in its place :)

    Much love to your family. You have truly inspired me.

  417. I;ve had a grey hair since I was 18 :( You’re blessed to just now be getting your first one!!!
    Love the slash pad pictures too!

  418. Such smiles. Love how contagious smiles are.
    I give my god-children a special ornament each year, so personalizedfree is a great new find!

  419. Dreading the day I find my first gray! I’m also excited about Christmas decorations!! Can’t wait to get them out, but Thanksgiving comes FIRST!!

  420. Dreading the day I find my first gray! I’m also excited about Christmas decorations!! Can’t wait to get them out, but Thanksgiving comes FIRST!!

  421. You have done it again! Seriously cute new header! Adorable toes…would make quite the nice picnic treat πŸ˜‰

  422. Your photos are always inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  423. I love personalized ornaments! I was sadly stuck living with family last year and didn’t get to have my own tree for my little mans first Christmas. This year we are totally gonna rock it!

  424. I love anything personalized! YAY, I would love to win :) Pick me! And thanks for another great lunch-break…I love reading your blog.

  425. Love the pictures at the pool! It warms my soul from way up and over here in MN…brrrrr :)

  426. I LOVE, LOVE the water pics. Your blog always inspires me to get off the computer and share a moment with my littles, well right after I post this comment!

  427. Love the pics!

  428. Happy Halloween from Texas!

  429. I was having a bad morning, inlaw family dynamics, want to run away from them all…. but I open your blog and smile. Thanks, Kelle, for giving me that happy feeling this gloomy Monday. Your blog cheers my heart and reminds to seriously enjoy the small things. Thanks so much!!

  430. I know! Last week I found my first gray hair. This wiry thing sticking up. I surprised myself by being kind of proud of it.

  431. This just makes me happy. Happy, happy, happy! Can your girls get any cuter? Nella’s “serious” look kills me!

  432. Because of your blog, I’m trying to enjoy all the small things in my life. We’re almost the same age, but in totally different realms of motherhood. You truly inspire me, a mom who has been doing this job for more than half my life. Thanks!

  433. LOVE the ornaments!! I can’t wait for Christmas!

  434. Oh grey hair…I have several now and can not afford to color them away so I am embracing them (you taught me that!). I think of each one as a piece of wisdom I have gained as a mommy! LOVE the pics of your babes…precious! The personalized ornaments are my FAV…I have been collecting ornaments for 10 years and every ornament on my tree is special, no matching ones, each one unique. We love family ones, one for our doggie, and ths things that are special to us. I the kids one each year and when they are ready to go out into the world they will have theor own box to start out with. I do the same for each of my 7 Godchildren. YEAH for Christmas, its my FAV and for ornaments! XO

  435. I had no grays, and then boom! 6 in one spot. My hair is very short, though, so they kind of look like highlights..:)
    Love the ornaments- will check out the site.

  436. The picture of Nella and Lainey looking up out of the bathtub is so amazing. Looking at papa? :)

    Love the ornaments!

  437. Embrace the grey Kelle!

  438. I just told my parents this weekend that we were pregnant with our first…I used a personalized ornament to tell them! I would love an ornament for our tree! :)

  439. my birthday is tomorrow, i’ll be 34, and i have many more than one gray hair these days… how do they come so quickly??!! :o) i’m loving that nella is saying mamamama – zachary is way into dadadadada much to my dismay LOL those ornaments are beautiful!! my grandfather painted our names on an ornament every year and i absolutely love breaking them out every year. he passed away before he could meet zachary but i definitely want to keep up the tradition and this would be the perfect place to get his first ornament!

    on a separate note, i got my birthday present early (a beautiful necklace from the vintage pearl!!)

  440. Kelle, that last picture is EPIC! I love Nella’s face. Pure joy in that expression. Pure joy.

  441. Your family is just lovely!

    Those ornaments are fantastic…I am on the hunt for the perfect ornament for my little’s first Christmas!

  442. As always, beautiful family. Simple pleasures are the biggest. Congrats on Nella’s first word, Mama!

  443. your littles make me smile :)

  444. No new post Nov. 1st, but wait a new Header. Love toes on a quilt theme:)

  445. I’m 25 and I have like 8 greys! lol.

    Love the ornaments!

  446. Beautiful pictures as always!

  447. You girls are the sweetest! <3

  448. I remember my first gray.. I was all of 12! My mom found it when braiding my hair for a gymnastics meet. It was thankfully absent for a while until it reared its white wiry self on my 21st birthday… I’m 25 now and they’re coming in strong. I’ve been debating on whether to dye or not… I’m hoping to be a momma soon and don’t want the chemicals but I’m not sure whether its too early for me to sport the gray look.

  449. It’s sad that your grey hair is trendier than my grey hairs :)


  450. To GRACEESMOMMY..I am LOL – that was SO funny about the one gray hair in the eyebrow. I can SO relate to that. They sure are stubborn. I am loving those personalized ornaments.

  451. HAHA…my youngest just pulled out a gray hair the other night while I was reading her a book before bed. She said…”Look mommy someone colored on your hair, that wasn’t nice.”

  452. Love, love, love the ornaments! I’ve been begging my husband for weeks to let me put up the tree =)

  453. Love, love, love the ornaments! I’ve been begging my husband for weeks to let me put up the tree =)

  454. Love, love, love the ornaments! I’ve been begging my husband for weeks to let me put up the tree =)

  455. Love this post… as I love all posts. Adorable girls.

    Welcome to womanhood with your gray hair and all. I was initiated at 23 when I found my first gray hair. And now… 3 years later I’m not sure how many there actually are (not a ton… but I just don’t know if it’s a patch or not now) because my hairdresser is great at hiding them! ha!

    Love the ornaments. I would love to have one to hang on our tree this year for my little man’s 2nd Christmas.. .but first that he’s aware of what’s going on.

  456. I just love your blog! I have too many gray hairs now after 3 kids in 15 months lol. Thanks for the link to that shop, they actually have a twins ornament! I looked all over for one! Happy Halloween!

  457. those pictures of them in the tub need to be blown up GIGANTIC and framed!!!!

    but, with all your great pictures, how do you choose?!!

  458. It’s November 1st and I’m so excited that it finally feels like the holidays are right around the corner. Such pretty ornaments. Christmas is coming!!! Hooray!

  459. That one of Nella and her soaked eyelashes? So beautiful.

    P.S. Since I started reading your blog Nella has made it’s way to the top of my baby names list.

  460. I love your photos! I would love to know what type of camera you are using!? I am trying to convince hubby to let me take a photography class! You have a great blog and beautiful girls!

  461. Just had a thought. You need to make a mold of Nella’s feet. I did of Noah’s when he was about that age and I am SO grateful that I did. YUMMY!

  462. Where did you get the white tablecloth that was on your Christmas table last year? I love the white with red underneath. I can’t find one anywhere and want to use this theme this holiday season. I love your blog…it’s great with a good cup of coffee :)

  463. sitting in a meeting this morning….talking about technology and what is around the corner. i instantly think….what will it be like in 20 years when my sprouts are trying to get into the working world…..i hated that time of my life….trying to be the best of someone i really didn’t even know i was….yet….it gave me anxiety for them.
    then….to jump me right out of that ‘gray’ i look at the artwork my 2 almost 3 year old did for us to apply to product for a fundraiser…..we are a family of sticks!

  464. my gray is having to go to the doctor to figure out why we can’t get pregnant…spending time with my dad in his cabinet shop making something for my husband is my color:)

  465. Oh, my sweet Kelle!! How could I have missed this post when I so faithfully check in every single day?? Thank you for picking my name for the gift. Our daughter is going to be so thrilled and surprised. And I think the mama of #3 needs something new for this wee one. I am honored to be a fan of yours :))

    And thank you too for posting so many beautiful pictures of your life. It’s one of the things I love about your blog. Grey hairs?? A sign of a life well lived and a reason to visit the salon again :)

  466. Beautiful photos, Wishing you a blessed and Merry Christmas http://www.inspiredbrush.com

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