I’m gonna keep this post quick but passionate. Enjoying the Small things, CONCENTRATED. Think caffeine-induced ramble.




If I could enter a little sound clip, it would be a choir of angels.

October. I said October. As in, October is the foreward in the book of heavenly fall. Or maybe it’s Chapter 1. Either way…it’s spell-binding, and I can’t put the book down.

From here on out, it’s blessed madness…starting slow with cider (first gallon of the season in the fridge) and pumpkins and new candles that promise to bring the scents of everything I miss of home into our place…and then gaining momentum at the end of the month with Halloween parades and shipped-in leaves and asking the post office clerk if they have any prettier stamps for the holiday mailers.

A wee South-Florida-style cold-front arrived with perfect timing today, dropping 68 degrees this morning for a nice October welcome. We opened the sliders and breathed in the cool damp air as we sipped our coffee and hoped for more of these soon. And since today is the Fall Foreward, we celebrate.

We paint pumpkins.





‘Sup, little Rockstar.

And when I watch them together–my girls, my daughters, my creative comrades–I catch my breath and remind myself that the sisterhood I dreamed for them is so there, and what I see is just the appetizer of what is to come. Bring it.


Lainey finished her pumpkin with a heap of glitter, and I love it.


The costumes are finished. I made them this year…super simple and super fast. A little hint…




And on a different note, October is Down Syndrome Awareness month, and I’m so happy to announce the launch of an incredible new website for parents expecting a child with Down syndrome. I couldn’t be more honored to be a very small part of it. The individuals who created it passionately put their hearts and souls into something that is beautiful, informative and, I imagine, an incredible guide in navigating the intimidating waters of the first steps of acceptance. If you are involved in any way in helping parents with new diagnoses, please pass this link on.

http://downsyndromepregnancy.org/ A free complete downloadable pregnancy book is available (with photos!) here as well.

And, if you’re in the Naples area, we are having our FIRST Buddy Walk Saturday, October 16th. If you’re interested in supporting this incredible cause, we’d love to see some new faces! Info here.

A homey weekend calls. Pumpkin bread and cider and new cold sheets tonight. It’s all good, Baby.





I’d say goodbye, but somebody says it way better than I do now.

Pardon me but October and I have some wedding planning to do…’cuz I’m so gonna marry it…and have little October babies named Maple and Aspen and Oak. Me loves me some Fall…and that’s coming from a Florida girl. …Happy October.


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  1. Beautiful as always. Love the picture of Nella smiling with her pumpkin. You have such beautiful girls.

  2. Welcome October! IT’s the beginning of my favorite season, too!

  3. Nella is looking so grown up!

    Love Lainey’s pumpkin. Gotta love glitter.

    YAY NELLA!!!

    oh and I love the song you chose for this blog post. Sara Barellies is awesome

    Have a great weekend :)

  4. YAY I love October too! And painting pumpkins ROCKS! They are adorable!
    If you are MAKING your pumpkin bread, please post your recipe!! I’m a banana bread girl, but pumpkin bread sounds divine :)

  5. No joke…those glasses make my day every time I see them!

    From one mommy of a “differently-abled” (not disabled) child, thank you so much for sharing your journey.

  6. I love love love Nella waving! Both your girls are so Beautiful! We love October too!

  7. You had me with Bye Bye! October, in Floridian, is just as rich and resonant a month. Strangely, while it heralds putting gardens to bed, clearing out the outdoor furniture and preparing for winter’s sleep here, there it is welcoming snowbirds, celebrating the return of cooler evenings and stepping up the schedule for “in season.” Enjoy. Squeeze my girls and give my boys a pat on the back. Looking forward to the Buddy Walk!

  8. loving the glasses on nella! she looks so dang cute :) the video at the end is so precious

  9. Yay for October! In Vegas, after temps in the 100s this past week we got a little glimpse of fall with an overcast rainy morning – it was DELIGHTFUL!

    Little Miss Nella is growing up SO fast – LOVE her painting with her big sister. And the video of her waving? C.U.T.E. I loved her proud little smile after she did it. You’ve got some adorable girls there Kelle!

    Happy Fall!

  10. me too, me too, me too!! Oh, how I love this time of year!! I almost felt silly with pumpkins out last week, but now I don’t feel so strange being that its finally OCT!!! In the spirit of spooky, I am planning a kiddie party and I can’t wait. And oh the arrival of the pumpkins soon. so fun. so fun. Love the post, thanks!
    p.s. my Audrey is gonna be a black cat too! Esp. since half of the costume was found in the Target $1 bins. yippeee!!!

  11. If that’s a short, quick post….ahhh, that puts my long, thought out posts to utter shame! Look how small Lainey’s apron looks now! She is getting so big! Wow! Yes, Happy October to you!

  12. So, ten minutes ago I was feeling the strain of a PMS moment…and the big “Ta-da” of that statement is that I don’t have a period anymore! So that tells you how wildly irked I am (teeth clenched)..

    But then I come here for my update and I get lost in “Kelle World” and I think pictures and pumpkins and soft baby hair and cool socks with bright green rubber boots and it makes me feel so much better (((exhale))).

    And I want to start a blog AGAIN and take pictures and do something amazing for someone else and feel big for that one tiny moment.

    Thank you for creating inspiration even when you might have PMS too…


  13. Those little glasses kill me! So precious! Your littles are beautiful!!

  14. Ok sista….the lil professor painting her pumpkin is completely killing me!!! Oh, she just looks like the total and complete intentional little artist…it’s simply too much for my heart! And my toes by the way…are replicas of yours right now…I’m not kidding, stop over to my blog for a sec, it’s hysterical!! The deep red/brown, that has needed touched up for oh, a week or two, love it!! And I so wish I could join you for the Buddy Walk, it’s on my 6 year wedding anniversary, so it’s simply destined to be fabulosity. I’ve also newly stocked my sinks with the pumpkin soap, and by the way….big Fall candles are buy one get one at Bath & Body…get over there!!! Ok…I gotta go watch that video like, 12 more times. Happy October!!! xoxo

  15. Ah the smiles, the waves ,the adorable baby legs.Thank you for sharing!

  16. just saw your article in PARENTS magazine! Congrats :) What an accomplishment! You inspire me…just sayin! Continue sucking up life and reporting it bc you are so good at putting it into words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  17. kelle–i am right there with you! i ahve been anxiously awaiting fall here in tennessee for several weeks now and this week it arrived :) the cool breeze, the halloween decor taht has been put away in our barn loft just waiting to make it’s appearance once again. my girls love decorating for halloween almost as much as christmas! our maggie’s first buddy walk is coming up oct 23rd and we are so excited about meeting other families blessed with sweet little souls like miss maggie and miss nella :0) wonderful pics as always…looking forward to more.

  18. DECK THE HALLS with Orange & Black!
    Woot Woot!

  19. October is my favorite month, but because I was born into it! :o) 17 days till I am 41!

    Loved the painting pumpkins! Nella was so adorable and her smiles just melt me! Lainey helping her with the paint brush! Oh so sweet! Sweet sister bond!

    Happy October!


  20. October is my favorite, too. I love Halloween. My girlfriends and I always had the best Halloween costumes when we were little. Always homemade, the best kind!

  21. Precious wave :)!!

  22. Kelle–I welcomed October today with a pumpkin spice latte, candy corn and harvest pumpkin ale. It’s a beautiful time here in North Carolina and we’re sending all kinds of crisp fall vibes southbound for you!
    I also have always thought of you as a Sara Bareilles kinda gal so it was a double whammy of perfection today with Sara singing along to your fall pictures.
    Happy October to you and your family!

  23. Ok, so Kelle (I call you by your first name, b/c we’re BFF…you just didn’t get that memo yet), I made something for a giveaway on my blog that I’m running this week. It’s my first. And my daughter saw it and asked who it was for. I told her I didn’t know it…someone from my blog. And she said, “I hope Nella wins it.” 😉

  24. Could your girls be any more beautiful! Wow!! I’m new to your blog and looking forward to following you!

  25. Oh Kelle…..where to begin. Congrats on your first Buddy Walk. We are gearing up for our 6th annual walk in the morning. I crave that magic, the friendship, the celebration, the smiles, the laughter, the music, the dancing. There are families who come out only once a year for this celebration and it is GRAND. We are expecting very cool temps here in Iowa tomorrow morning and will be thinking of you as we celebrate the welcoming of fall and DS awareness month here in your midwest.

    Also, thank you for the link to the DS pregnancy site – we will definitely refer to it and use it well. You are such an inspiration to others and the eloquence with which you share your raw,innermost feelings is exactly what people need to hear.

    And, Nella’s wave….oh how I miss the days of the wobbly sit and the pride in the face of my sweet angel when he sat and waved. Priceless! Thank you, Kelle.


  26. OH MY GOSH how cute is Nella painting her own pumpkin!! I am equally excited for fall, I am getting ready to move from California to Virginia and am so looking forward to seeing the foliage and all those wonderful fall things you talk about that we don’t have in California.

  27. You’re right, this is a time to celebrate, love October! I can understand how you feel nostalgic for cooler climes but I’ll bet Florida autumn has its own magic, hopefully you’ll tell us all about it. I have no idea how to make Pumpkin bread, this is the first I’ve heard of it but it sounds gorgeous. I’d like to make it too just so I can get the words Pumpkin bread in to my autumn sentences.

    Nella painting, oh my gosh. And Lainey – what a cute cat she makes!

    Nothing particular to say except I feel so honoured to be waved bye bye to by that little happy Nella.

  28. I love October!!! I’ve already decorated and lit the candles too. That’s as Fallish as it get here in Miami. Love Lainey’s pumpkin and I love how it was sooo easy for Lainey to get Nella to wave. Sisterly love :)

  29. whos that brilliant looking baby wearing her glasses? SO CUTE!!!! and what a beautiful big sister to show her the way… precious.

  30. Kelle~That video made me squeal with delight! She is soooo precious. God, what an absolute angel. Even with the nubby sweaters, thick knit hats, scarves, boots…I just can’t get rid of that chilled to the bone feeling that comes with winter up north. Enjoy the “chilly” weather down there. We’re looking at low 50’s & 40’s soon & for me, it’s time to hibernate.
    Thinking warm thoughts,

  31. your nella is too precious. love that smile paired with her tiny glasses. happy october! blog on!

  32. I love watching your girls grow up. I can’t believe how much they’ve changed in what seems like such a short period of time.

  33. Love the wave! Love the sisterhood!

    And as always, love your quotidian, you Floridian!

  34. This is the first time I’ve commented, but I just had to say that Nella’s glasses are SOOO sweet!

  35. Nella is so stinkin’ cute! Made my day!

  36. Really loved this post!

  37. Loving the pictures!!!!
    We (my hubby, baby, and I) are doing our first Budddy Walk tomorrow! We are in Jacksonville and the walk is AWESOME! I wasn’t able to participate last year because I was ready to pop pregnant! We’ll be walking with my girlfriend’s little designer gene angel, Reed. I hope you guys have a great turn out for your walk!

  38. Do you know about 31 for 21 that Tricia at Unringing the Bell has been heading? It’s a big group blogging every day in October to spread awareness about Down suyndrome. Anyway, it’s pretty cool, you should definitely check it out!

  39. Oh my gosh I want to steal your words about fall! Marrying it and it being the foreword!!! Love it! Loved the photos of them painting pumpkins. I have never thought to do that. Thanks for the project idea.

  40. O.m.gosh. laughed so hard about Maple, Aspen and Oak. You are the funniest.

    Adore the professor and Lainey painting. They are precious.

    When I see you have a new post I literally jump for joy. You make my day. Every time : )

  41. Yay October! I celebrated with pumpkin pancakes for breakfast.

    I LOVE the pictures of Nella painting her pumpkin and grinning. And Lainey walking down the driveway. Such adorable girls. And Nella’s wave… priceless! I can’t wait to see the fun things you do to celebrate fall.

  42. Oh my gosh, Kelle… I felt like today was a bit of a bum day. That video – what a lovely ending! I couldn’t help but smile and laugh! What a sweet pick-me-up!

  43. Me loves me some Kelle words on fall! Fabulously put my imaginary friend (you know of course, cause I don’t really know you, but I like to think I do!). I share your passion for all things fall and totally thought of you when I lit my Woodwick pumpkin candle today. : ) Now I have to go let my almost 8 month old daughter paint her own pumpkin, cause that was just too cute!

  44. There is something about Nella’s little feet/toes that are so adorable to me. Every time I see a picture of her I have to look for those sweet little feet.
    And you have two of the most well-dressed kids I’ve ever seen! I would wear Lainey’s outfits :)


  45. Sweet Sweet professor Nella, she makes my heart melt, and what a great big sister she has! Enjoy your many blessings :)

  46. Nelle looks so grown up in those pics of her decorating the pumpkins…yes…I could just eat her up, starting with those oh-so-nibbly toes of hers…love the legwarmers…
    I am sooo ready for the fall. Our oak tree in the front yard (named “Oakey”) is just starting to lose her golden leaves…heaven.
    Have fun on your walk – sending hugs!

  47. Your children are simply perfect!! What a fun project too! I loved this post so much, I can’t begin to tell you how much it made my heart smile! :) And the little wave bye bye and the baby legs, so precious!

  48. We’ve already decorated for Halloween (son’s request)the pomegranate candle has already made a debut, candy corn is being consumed, halloween costumes are set…and the weather made a turn here in CA. Nice big storm clouds, rain and thunder. O.k. it was more like we were in the South today with humidity but something other than hot blue skies was nice.

    Love little Nella’s glasses and her sprouting personality. Those costumes of yours are sure to be adorable. Can’t wait to see Lainey and Nella playing cat and mouse.

    Hope your back is better. It’s true…a run can cure most things physical and mental. ; )

    Happy weekend to you.
    Lisa in CA

  49. Kelle, we started off the summer by posting about push up popsicles on the same day. And just now, we both posted a picture of an orange frame. We think too much alike! Love the girls costumes too. I wanted my girls to coordinate this year, but what do you do when your four year old wants to be a blue poison dart frog with black spots? ha! Little sister is going to be a garden gnome. She plays the part very well.

  50. Love little Nella in her glasses, she’s so cute.

    Read your article in Parents magazine tonight. Beautiful.

  51. What adorable little punkin’s you have! And I loved Nella waving – my girls will be so excited to see this in the morning. They’re as addicted to your blog and seeing your girls as I am.

    I have a question about the pink plasmacar. Does Lainey like it? Does it run smoothly on pavement? I have a friend that raves about hers but she uses it only in the house. I’m debating about getting one for Christmas and would love another opinion.

    Thanks, Kelle!
    Lynn (your Alaskan lurker)

  52. oh.my.GOSH! I loved this post. I’m a huge fan of October and all the glory it brings with it!
    Also, Nella with the glasses. I want to kiss her cheeks and go on and on {to her face} about how completely adorable she is. When I saw that video…. WOW! I was completely struck with baby fever and I have 3! :)
    Seriously, this post was amazing. But all your posts are amazing, so nothing new.
    My good friend just moved to Florida and I already have dreams of going to see her and then, you know, just, maybe, coming to see you!

  53. I got a little teary eyed when I watched that video! I feel so very attached to nella. She is sooooo sooo sooooooo cute!

  54. Lily was sitting on my lap and smiling at Nella- and started waving back at her during the video!! So sweet, way to go, Nella!! She is so stinking cute in those glasses.

  55. P.S. Probably wishful thinking, but are you going to do the 31 For 21 blog challenge this month?? Please!

  56. i just can’t get over nella’s cuteness in her glasses. they suit her perfectly.

  57. Nella grinning with her pumpkin just makes me grin from ear to ear. Just gorgeous, Kelle. And Lainey’s just such a finely built, precious angel. Enjoy fall – or Autumn as we call it here!

  58. Oh Geez, why do Down syndrome babies get me every time. A fountain of love and happiness wells up inside of me. Much love to you and your sweet sweet family.

  59. Thanks so much Kelle for the beautiful photography you shared with us for the book. They are absolutely gorgeous and capture the beauty and normalcy of our lives. The one of Nella in the conclusion gets me every time. Thanks also for sharing the news with your readers. We were so happy to offer a guide for those mothers traveling a similar journey.

    All my best,

    Stephanie Meredith

  60. Tears are running down my face after watching that video. Love this blog so much…love your little girls, if that’s even possible! Thanks for sharing!

  61. KELLE,
    i love your beautiful pictures, they are so amazing, i too like so many others come to your blog for a nice long breath of fresh air and your bright sunny outlook.
    thank you for that.
    i was wondering if i could get someone to say a prayer for me.
    we have sooo much family drama going on.
    i think im a strong person
    but im not sure im strong eneough for this one.my marriage of only 3 years feels like it might not make it through one more crisis yet the crisis just keep coming one after another.
    ugh, maybe God has something in store i dont know about.

  62. I have no idea how this happened, but Nella’s cuteness is totally magnified by her glasses. I didn’t know she could get any cuter! Both your girls are gorgeous. Also, the cat and mouse idea? Genius! Happy fall!

  63. The sweet love of sister!!!

    You are blessed and I am blessed for sharing just a sneak peak of this wonderful life!

    Thank you Kelle and Happy October!!!

    The girls did a FAB job of those pumpkins!!!

  64. What a lovely little smile to wake up to on this frosty England morning! Nella is just too cute. I’m celebrating October too (it may just be the month my baby is born! Woohoo!) by redecorating the house – painting bookshelves and my baby’s room and possibly… painting the front door to our cottage a brighter shade of red. Yeah baby! Happy Autumn!

  65. Love Nella’s little wave! And that pic of her looking up from the pumpkin, so surprised to see Mama there with the camera.

    Lainey is so sweet with her sister…handing her the crayon (?) and watching to see what Nella will do.

    How is it that I can love these little girls I’ve never even met…and their mom, too!?? Happy October!

  66. Kelle!!!
    I love your blog so much. I love waking up early, sit w my coffee, and read a new post……When finished reading I always feel inspired. I just want to go and create special memories w my girl…..
    And because of that I’m eternally grateful that I found your blog…

    Nella just makes my heart melt…..
    Her smile shines and is contagious.
    Love all the things you are doing for the DS population…and I know its only the beginning…..

    In some of the pics Laney looks like her father so much…….So beautiful.

    Going to buy pumpkins so I can paint them w my girl……

  67. I’m in the Midwest & this is my absolute fav time of year!!! Football, sweater weather, & trees covered in beautiful orange, red & yellow leaves as far as the eye can see! Love it! Also love the video of Nella. Too cute for words! :) Happy Autumn!

  68. Oh that little video clip is soooo sweet. so precious. so adorable. Your girls are treasures! Love, love, love, love your blog. It’s the best!

  69. Gorgeous! Love the photos of your little pumpkin painting artists! Sweet video :)

  70. Cathy with a C, saying prayers here for you and your family. Yes, the intensity of our love and depth of intimacy in this organism we call “family” can bring great joy or wild drama. Amazingly, we are all different…and that is part of its genius. Delicate yet resilient. Easily broken but also forgiving. I pray the drama playing out moves toward a happy resolution, greater closeness, more honest relationships and hey, a group hug! (I specifically told God Cathy with a C–lest a Kathy somewhere enjoyed the blessings he is sending you!) Have a great October day!

  71. Springroll, I so love that you named your tree!!! Yes, trees deserve names–they entertain our children with climbing cubbies and shade them in the sun. Oakey, Happy Fall!

  72. Look at Nella, painting and waving bye-bye! She is seriously one smart cookie!

  73. Oh those pumpkin pictures are too much! They are so cute together! And those glasses? OMG! She’s like a little professor I wanted as a teacher at UCF!!!

    This weather is intoxicating!!

  74. Long time gawker, first time poster. It’s 6am ish in Minneapolis and I’m getting my fix of coffee and the little things. It’s a good morning when there are new photos and stories from Florida. I’m posting today because your wedding planning statement is probably the best things I’ve ever read in blog. I geek out on fall too…good stuff.

  75. OMG! Nella is so cutie patutie!
    She’s really an angel as well as Lainey!
    Not to mention, beautiful photos!

    Have a blessed day!

  76. gotta tell you Kelle, I don’t like to think of myself as someone who plays favorites, but I can’t help myself. Miss Nella Bean, Ph.D melts me.

    Thank you for lending your talents and reach to the support the Buddy walk and the Down Syndrome Pregnancy site. What a great resource!

    I’m wishing you an October filled with pastels, early morning sweaters, and evenings scented with Hot Chocolate.


  77. LOVE LOVE LOVE Nella in her glasses. Love Lainey’s pumpkin with all the glitter!!!!! I love October I’ve got some of my Halloween decorations up already LOL

  78. FALL IS MY FAVOURITE! I’m up in Ontario, Canada and our leaves are changing and there’s a nippy chill in the wind and I just love going for nature walks with my family wearing a big cozy sweater. Love love love this season!

    I seriously can’t wait to see your littles in their costumes… how adorable!!!

    The picture of Nella laughing behind her pumpkin made me literally laugh out loud. So stinkin cute!

  79. I can tell your girls are gonna have a very special bond. And that video is so damn cute!

  80. Oh the video. Sweet girl. Bye-bye till next time!

  81. Nella is beyond adorable in those glasses! I wore them at almost that age and it was no where as glamorous!

  82. Just love how you capture your girls. such happiness. I don’t have time to skim through the love of comments like I normally do so I’m sure this is been said a million times but Nella in her professor glasses? oh my gosh, I have NEVER seen anything cuter. and I have two VERY cute boys so thats saying something ha,ha.
    and the video with Nella in the end? just reduced me to happy tears and giggles. Thank you for letting us in and watching your daughters grow right along with you. I feel like I know them, I applaud new skills right a long with you. such a gift!!!

  83. Kelle, I couldn’t agree more with you in our love for fall. The colours, smells and holiday bliss that comes along with the season. Coming from Ontario, Canada where the temperature is dropping down to 46 I couldnt help but giggle when you mentioned the ‘cool morning’ of 68. I find it so interesting how Fall weather is so uniquely different to individuals, yet many traditions and smells of Fall are the same. Happy October.

    p.s. I cant wait to see the Halloween Costumes- absolutely adorable!

  84. OH.MY.WORD. That video of Nella? ADORABLE. :) I love fall, too, and when I realized that it was October about halfway through the day yesterday, I was psyched. Happy autumn! Excuse me while I go drink my pumpkin spice latte …

  85. Omgsh! I had no idea that fall was cheating on me! I too, was in hopes of some nuptials, but will step aside for your love affair. You could make me maid of honor. Just sayin’.
    I remember the days of fall in Colorado where you’d sit under the golden Aspens as they would applaud the season into existence. Beautiful sound!
    Love your blog and your pictures are amazing! God bless your fall!

  86. “the sisterhood I dreamed for them is so there”….I can see it Kelle!

    Happy October to you too!

    Bye-bye Nella bunny and Lainey Love!

    xoxo, Bug & Ruby’s Gram

    ps….quit playing “cat & mouse” already, AND just tell us what their Halloween costumes are ;)!

  87. Nella is SUCH a rockstar in those frames. Love it.

    Kelle, have you ever heard “Good Life” by OneRepublic? Made me think of you and your love of life :)


    :) happy weekend!

  88. Woke up in the wee hours of the morning, couldn’t get back to sleep because lo and behold, my back is jacked as well…I immediatley thought of you and sat down to read your lovely post! I think the Buddy Walk sounds so cool – I’m really proud of you and all that you do. As for the photos of Nella and Lainey painting pumpkins…well, that’s just extreme, amped up cuteness right there! I can’t believe how grown up Nella looks sitting beside her big sister. On a side note, Jack wanted me to paint his face like a cat last week, then he took the marker because he wanted to turn me into a dog…bite your tongue. (end result of his handiwork had me looking like a paint can had been tossed across my face) And wouldn’t you know it, a little later that night my neighbour called and asked me to come over to help with something….did I remember to wash off my face first? Negative ghostrider. I buzzed the tower. xo

  89. This was wonderful! Loved that you had Nella doing crafts, too! The waving- precious! I am in Western North Carolina, and it is cool and I love it!!!! This is my favorite time of year!

  90. hi! this is amazing. my baby is about the same age as your sweet nella. she was born january 11. her name is scarlett rose. for some reason throughout my pregnancy with her i was just sure she was going to have down syndrome. i don’t know why. i was actually surprised when she was born without it! shortly after that a friend forwarded your blog to me. i instantly felt connected to you and your story. i know it’s silly but i felt like it should have been me. but watching you put your journey out here like this is making me realize it happened exactly how it should have. you are walking through this with grace and beauty and humor and loveliness. it’s an honor to be a reader of this blog! thanks for sharing your story with us.

  91. Too freaking cute. . .nuff said.

  92. Happy October to you, too, my dear! I’m in heaven with it’s arrival… it can’t cool off fast enough for me!

    I loved your bye-bye video! And as usual, your pictures and words are extraordinary. Thank you so much for all you share!

  93. Nella has the prettiest eyes!

  94. Your girls are such rockstars just like their mama! Happy October…we are off to do some fall fun activities ourselves.

  95. Go Nella!

  96. Love the pics of Nella and Lainey painting their pumpkins! How adorable! Lainey is such a good big sister to help her lil sissy out!

    I heart fall too 😉

  97. Okay I pull up your new post, saw Nella painting that pumpkin in her new glasses and SCREAMED “OH MY LORD” so loud that everyone in my family came running into the room, thinking I must have seen a wild animal in the house!!! Can I have her? Please? :)

  98. OMG they are both so beautiful!!! They are growing up so well!!

  99. Love the video of Nella. My little Kyndall, 14mth, was waving feriously back at the camera. It was too cute. I also love this time of year. I am blessed to live in the middle of the country so pumpkin patches and apple orchards adorn our landscape. We will be visiting all that we can stand this year. Ifyou ever want a taste or the midwest, come on over.
    Happy October!!

  100. I think I just squeed–I don’t know HOW, but I’d somehow forgotten about the waving milestone and how unbelievably CUTE it is when they’re first learning how to do it! My oldest started doing it around 8 months old, while we were at Cedar Point–her daddy was riding a roller coaster and I was kind of half-talking to her, half-talking to myself, all, “Look, there’s Daddy, wave to him!” and I got ready to pick up her hand and wave it toward him–and she was already doing it! Now I’m all excited for my littlest (almost 7 months) to start doing it after seeing Nella’s unbelievable cuteness.

  101. I’m settled into my comfy chair with my Saturday morning coffee. My munchkin is watching Treehouse peacefully while I relax to read things that make me happier than a daily newspaper. I love reading your blog. It makes me start my day with an even bigger smile for getting to see the joy in your life. Happy weekend, and Happy October!! :)

  102. We just recently celebrated at our local buddy walk.Wonderful time with friends. So many happy people in one place is awesome.

    Love those smiles, you have a wonderful family. I wish that I was ahead of the game on costumes. I still need to figure that one out yet. Something cool for a teen, yet light and comfortable to dance in. choices???

    Embrace the day!

  103. bells,

    ha, i just a comment that cracked me up.

    nella and lainey painting…i can’t b how sweet that was. i mean i can, but nella in those glasses and with a paintbrush…you had me at glittered pumpkin!

    going to fresh market today!!! gonna pick me a couple up!

    love you. let’s do potato chowder and corn muffins next week…oh, no wait…you can make your bean and ham soup and we can tune into…



  104. Nella in her glasses is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen!!! And I love her toes pointed in concentration while painting pumpkins. Your girls are adorable and exemplify the bond of sisterhood. Good work mama!

  105. As always, I love your pics and comments!! Thank you for sharing your story and your girls with the world. I so enjoy reading about them. It gives me hope to have the same some day. ((hugs))

  106. i have to tell you, your blog has moved to the tip top of my list of daily reads… love you, love your girls!
    if you have time to answer me… what lens do you usually use when shooting in the house? and do you use a speed lite at all or just natural lite? my kids’ faces always tend to have a blue hue to them from the shadows in our house. i am trying to master my external flash but usually end up w/ even weirder shadows!!

  107. Well crap. I’ve become something of a comment junkie. But those pictures of The Professor laughing while painting her pumpkin kill me. And the wave … sheesh. Amazing.

  108. Oh I could just eat that Nella up! She is adorable! I LOVE her glasses! I want some! I LOVE the Halloween costumes! too cute! Yay for fall! I will be thinking about you in warm Florida as I look out my window at the Seattle skyline and the trees that are already aware that it is fall! LOVE your girls!

  109. Seems like the girls enjoyed painting and decorating.
    Love the glitter on top!
    Here in norway the fall is cold now, but it looks like it is still warm where you live :)

    Have a lovely october.

    I love your blog.

  110. I am so glad I found someone who loves fall as much as I do! People think I’m insane, but by August I’m ready for fall. To think about it actually makes me giddy!

    My son was just to a pumpkin painting birthday party last night. My best friend does this for her oldest boy’s birthday party every year. Last year I hosted a pumpkin painting party for all of the little ones we know. It was great and the kids have so much fun!

    Great post. Cannot wait for future “fallish” posts….

  111. I am so glad I found someone who loves fall as much as I do! People think I’m insane, but by August I’m ready for fall. To think about it actually makes me giddy!

    My son was just to a pumpkin painting birthday party last night. My best friend does this for her oldest boy’s birthday party every year. Last year I hosted a pumpkin painting party for all of the little ones we know. It was great and the kids have so much fun!

    Great post. Cannot wait for future “fallish” posts….

  112. Love the pics of your sweet girls. And I am loving that little Nella in her new specs. Is Lainey jealous? Does she want some too? Both my boys wear glasses and Madeleine really wants some too!


  113. There’s a picture of Lainey looking at Nella painting beside her and I can see the wheels turning in Lainey’s head…

    “I am SO gonna repaint your pumpkin after you’re done.” haha…., ah, big sisters.

    Can’t wait to see Halloween costumes! One year I told everybody that they had to find something in the dress-up box, that was all I could do. That was the year James’ remembers everybody thought he was a girl because he wore Kara’s old Pocahontas “dress” (that I made from scratch in better times). He had to keep saying, “I’m a BOY.” haha…see it’s all good, we can laugh now.

    Me too I loooove October! And pumpkin bread here too today, from a mix, from Aldi, it’s all I got in me…but it’s all good, you know?

  114. Oh how I love seeing the sisters working together painting… just a little preview of all the giggles & projects & sister-ness to come. Lucky lucky girls.
    And the bonus video… ah-freakin’-dorable!!!
    Happy fall colors to you.

  115. Happy October! I love this time of year!

  116. We love Fall in our house but we live in Canada so the season really changes the look of our landscape. It’s very lovely here with the leaves changing colors.

    Thanks for again sharing lovely pictures of your girls…it always managed to bring a smile to my face.

    Enjoy October !!

  117. Wow! This is absolutely beautiful, of course, and I must say i come to your blog many times in the week looking for a new post, and whenever i’m not looking a new one pops up in my reader! you are truly beautiful inside and out and those pictures are amazing. wow.

  118. Such beautiful sister photos!

    My Mr. is at Michael’s (Michael’s!) this very moment with my two urchins picking up some autumn decorations. Bring it on!

    I, meanwhile, woke this morning and thought, “Hello, I love you, October. I may live in Texas instead of the northeast now, Autumn, but I”ll always be your girl.”


    bug and the sweet banana

    Sign Posts

  119. Oh my…these pictures are so damn adorable! Great idea to paint little pumpkins…will have to try it with my two. Thanks. :)

  120. The Down Syndrome Association of Central Kentucky’s 8th Annual Buddy Walk was held where I work today. I feel honored to be a part of this event and through your blog feel connected to the cause. Thank you for that!

  121. Your daughters are just beautiful. I love Nellas glasses they suit her little personality so well!

  122. Painting pumpkins! I love it! Fall is in full swing here in the Colorado mountains and it is nothing short of gorgeous, but it’s tainted by the fact that it could snow at any minute promptly ending it. Fall here is the most beautiful time and it only lasts about a month :(. Then we will be in the same boat as you celebrating fall when the weather says differently…But you will be a heck of a lot warmer!

  123. your girls are so sweet! lainey is an awesome big sister. nella has one of the best smiles i’ve seen (and i can’t get enough of her adorable glasses!).

    if i lived closer, i’d totally join you on the walk next week :)


  124. your girls are so sweet! lainey is an awesome big sister. nella has one of the best smiles i’ve seen (and i can’t get enough of her adorable glasses!).

    if i lived closer, i’d totally join you on the walk next week :)


  125. Just looking at the pumpkin painting pictures I get the smell of hot apple pie!!! It is such a cozy warm scene I want to grab a cup of tea and curl up in a comfy chair and watch babies painting pumpkins! :) Stella would LOVE that! Still looooving the professors glasses, you just want to squeeze her! Baby girl was born in Oct. so it’s now my favorite month plus the weather in Florida is my favorite in April and October!!! Enjoy your weekend! :)

  126. Okay, Nella saving bye-bye was just simply too precious!!!! She is a rockstar!!!!!!

  127. That picture of Nella painting her pumpkin all smiley with those glasses…priceless!!!! Your girls are gorgeous!

    Happy October!

  128. rik,thank you for your sweet words and prayers from cathy with a c,
    you have the gift of making others feel special and cared about
    and god knows we all need that
    life is just peaks and valleys
    and i know rite now im just wayyyy down in the valley
    the words you say speak to my heart . thank you.

  129. I love October so much. :)

    The pictures of your girls are precious!! Their expressions are priceless.

  130. When I saw the picture of Lainey handing Nella the paint brush, my heart just melted. What a love she is!

  131. Happy October girl!!

    This post may just be my A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E favorite of your girls! The punkin’ pics are so wonderful. Lainey helping Nella and Nella concentrating so hard to paint her’s…yummy! My little guy is 15 mts and I don’t think there is any way he would sit still to paint, haven’t tried it though, maybe I will soon.

    And Nella’s bye-bye…so fun!

    Y’all enjoy October, I know you will. Thanks for inspiring your readers to give one more hug, read one more book, and play just a little while longer with the kiddos, it makes a difference!

  132. Just adding to the 130 other mama’s who want to wish you a happy October. I look forward to all your pictures!

  133. Love this post and that video is simply precious!!!!

  134. Surely she won’t post today. Hey, it’s Saturday. But wait, you did give us the gift of a post! Loved every picture. Really loved the video. I was transported back to when April was the same age as Nella. Good memories. I am off to make more of those. October coolness has finally hit Cincinnati. Yeah, baby!

  135. Nella waving bye, bye is so sweet! She is such a clever little girl, with the most beautiful smile. Her eyes twinkle when she smiles … amazing! And Lainey is such an awesome big sister. Seeing them paint together warmed my heart.

    Your girls remind me so much of my two little ones who also have an incredible sister bond :)

    Happy October!!!

  136. Just discoverd your blog, and i love it! thank you for sharing your story- it makes you think about the important things in life. Your girls are so lovely! Can`t wait for a new blog-post from you!

    Love from Norway:)

  137. We love October and fall too! In California we just had temps of 105 this past week and I am SO looking forward to cooler sweater weather. I also just got my first gallon of cider today! Won’t last long.

    Love those girls of yours. The glasses are so perfect! I smile every time I see them. Lainey is looking so big. Time flies!

  138. Oh, pretty sure I hear that choir of angels. Early pumpkin-carving last night and pulling out the last fall decorations. My absolute favorite time of year!

    Love the cat and mouse idea. Makes a great duo indeed.

    I just continue to sense the protectiveness Lainey has for Nella in the most recent pics than ever before. Exactly as it should be. Absolutely nothing lost there with your hopes and expectations. Absolutely nothing lost for either of them. And, yes, it’s only a preview of so much good to come. Both lucky little girls, and a lucky mama not missing a second of it.

    Happy Fall, you southern girl.

  139. Cathy, on the way to the mountain, appreciate the valley…there is beauty on every step of the journey. Learn from the valley…feel its depth so you will even more celebrate the height of the mountain that calls you. In the valley, we are more aware of ourselves…we look inward when the scenery is not compelling us to look out. You sound like a beautiful soul. Lean on YOU even when you can’t seem to lean on anyone else…and you will find you are strong enough. You are in my prayers, Cathy with a C.

  140. Seriously, please be cuter coloring a pumpkin wearing your birdie shirt, leg warmers, and adorable little glasses! my little 9 month old is crawling right out of my lap trying to touch Nella waving goodbye in that video….
    super cute little girls you have!

  141. The cuteness is killin me – Nella and those glasses – oh stop it – she is divine
    Please please please tell who did Lainey’s dress?! Love love love.

  142. i need life with a heap of sprinkles.
    tis lovely.
    oh … and finn just sat and waved over and over at nella’s video.

  143. Read this in the morning…nodded my head…went out and got pumpkins for the girls…going to paint them now :)
    Sending love from this very October-ish day in Chicago

  144. I love this post!! It made my heart soar when we got that wave at the end, your girls are oh so lovely!

    Hurray for fall, Halloween costumes, and pumpkin pie. It’s my favorite time of year!

  145. I’ve been reading since Nella was born – and that video of her waving bye bye? I was waving at my screen just like I was right there in front of her! What an amazing moment!

    Thanks for all you share here – your beautiful girls, the gorgeous photos, your blessed family.

    Thank you.

  146. Glitter pumpkin!!! why didn’t I think of that?!!

    Your blog has inspired me to get in touch with the artist inside me again. I’ve started to crochet, sew, paint, bake again and I love it! and my boys love it too.

    I’ll probably be having a few give-aways of my own soon.


  147. I cannot get over the adorableness of your girls. It’s clear that they share such a special bond.

    I’m loving October so far too…you’ve reminded me to pull out the paint & glitter to let my little ones go to town again this year.

  148. Happy October back! It was a cool 55 degrees up here in SD today to welcome in the Fall Foreward. :)

    Thanks for sharing your journey Kelle!


  149. Not only are your children beautiful, you have awesome taste in music!! Sometimes I come here and let your music player run!

  150. We’re getting ready to have our Buddy Walk in Atlanta in a few weekends! It’s one of my favorite times of the fall!

  151. Cathy – I read your comment earlier and want you to know you’re on my heart. Rik is right – you are strong enough. I didn’t believe that about myself but have found I am; in the process of finding my inner strength, I’ve become absolutely certain that everyone has their own hidden vessel of strength. You will find it, and it will carry you through.

  152. Happy October! Smiling…Nella’s video waving is so sweet! The pictures of Lainey and Nella painting together are so beautiful! Love Fall! Love October! Love “your way” of raising awareness for Down syndrome!

    Went to our local Buddy Walk at Central Park on Sept. 25th! It was wonderful…a powerful experience…I cried a lot…my heart was overflowing with joy… :)

    “In the people we meet we can see, beyond the roles we all play, a beauty less visible yet more real than that which society has conditioned us to perceive. To ignore something beautiful and great make us less than we are. To recognize it uplifts and regenerates us. We benefit ourselves and others at the same time.” ~Piero Ferrucci

  153. My goodness the pics of Nella are to much and her saying bye is so cute! Had to comment b/c today we decorated for Halloween and Pumpkin Pies are baking as we speak!

  154. I just LOVE it when Nella smiles so hard her eyes close. Can’t get enough of those girls.

    Enjoy your Florida autumn, but come to Kansas City and we’ll show you how it’s REALLY done. :)

  155. I love fall too! In fact, we are just about to go to the pumpkin patch to ride the “dizzy horses.” I just had to tell you how super adorable Nella looks with her glasses on. Love it :)

  156. That video even got my husband over to the ‘puter. And he goes “OMG! Whose baby is that? She’s cuuuute.” Major compliment coming from the daddy of a 7.5 month old baby girl he thinks hung the moon and no other babies come close to her cuteness. Nella does.

  157. Your girls are gorgeous! I can’t believe how quickly Nella is growing. And I love their sense of style! Does Laney dress herself or do you still help? Adore Nella’s glasses!

  158. Happy October! I love October too.. especially good this month since I’m having a baby! :)

  159. loving october! i just wish it wouldnt rain so much, kinda puts a damper on my orcharding. :(

  160. the kindness of a stranger lifted my spirits today and helped me to soldier on, somehow someway i will get through, the only way out is through.
    thank you sweet heidi for your very kind words.
    and rik you always say just the right thing.
    God knew i needed to hear from some kind souls. ~God bless~

  161. Hello to all. I know this month is Down Syndrome awareness month. Just a reminder – tho many know – October is also Breast cancer awareness month AND Domestic violence awareness/prevention Month.

  162. I don’t think your girls could possibly get any cuter. I am dying from cuteness overload! Just like everyone else, I am LOVING Nella in those glasses. Too cute!

  163. I love Nella’s little glasses!!! Also, with the waving, FEEL VERY PROUD. Peyton just started waving this month and she is almost 11 months. Very advanced!!

  164. Hey Kelle, like everyone else I am in love with your sweet girls. I love Nella’s glasses and sweet Lainey in her Matilda Jane and rain boots! Priceless! I love, love all things Fall and wanted to pass on the glitter pumpkins I just did tonight with my son. It’s only a slight variation on the painting and look beautiful! You coat Mod Podge all over the pumpkin and then cover it with embossing powder that can be found in the Scrapbooking section of Micheals. They have beautiful, sparkly colors that really coat the pumpkin and make a beautiful centerpiece. Then I usually paint the stems brown with acrylic paint to make them pop a little bit more. My son loved it and now I love it for my table! I just love your blog and your sweet family. Thanks for sharing your life with so many! Blessings!

  165. I love that I could finally put a voice to you!
    Nella could be about the happiest baby ever! I am loving her smiling as you are telling her to wave! Adorable, as always!

  166. love the video!! and i LOVELOVELOVE nella’s babylegs. (we are babylegs junkies here!) :)

  167. Have fun at your first buddy walk, we had a good time at ours! so nice to see so many enthusiastic kids!

  168. i don’t think it’s safe for you to be posting these adorable pics of that GLEEFUL SMILE in front of the PUMPKIN and i KNOW it’s not even FAIR to post the video because i am HAVING A CUTE OVERLOAD HEART ATTACK RIGHT NOW! oh my lord!


  169. and p.s. totally making glitter pumpkins now, lainey is a genius.

  170. Seeing Nella’s precious smile, just completely makes my heart swell. Your little Nella and my Avalynn were born days apart and I love reading along…

  171. i love your blog kelle. thank you for your wisdom and ‘marrow sucking’ perspective on life. i love how lainey loves nella…her protective arm around her, more often than not. she is an awesome big sister. and nella..omg..gorgeousness. your posts make me..happy. your dad’s input makes me..happy. so glad i found you! hope florida stays cooler for you!

  172. Kelle-
    I bought my first red cowboy boots today. Totally inspired by yours. I am awaiting their arrival but am soo pumped for them to get here! :) Thanks for the recommendation!!

  173. every time i see Nella’s face I just want to wrap her up and snuggle her!
    and to see her giggling and waving today is scrumptious.

    What a Happy October for you. :)

  174. Oh lil Nella waiving bye-bye is too adorable! 😉 Here in Illnois, we awoke to very cool temps here this morning, up to that point it’d still be in the 80s. When I am wanting some Florida sun and warmth this winter and you some snow, ice, and cold, we could do the house swap thing for a week! Happy Fall! It’s my favorite too!

  175. Go Nella! And Lanie is awesome for glittering out her pumpkin. Such cute girls!

    PS, fall is my favorite too! I drink it up.


  176. I’ve been reading here since April, when I was passing a month’s worth of late nights away in the local children’s hospital holding the hand of an angel. At that point we’d just recently begun the journey to adopt a beautiful soul who’s differences had led her to be forgotten in a world that is sometimes too big to notice those that need our help the most. On that night, I was feeling overwhelmed and wasn’t sure of my own strength.

    I remember reading that night, though . . . and reading . . . and reading. And I couldn’t stop, because the more I read, the more I remembered the possibilities of our new life.

    But what compelled me to finally comment tonight after all of these months of inspiration–is your amazing Dad. . . Rik, your words to a stranger were nothing short of exquisite. You are such a strong soul and I’ve come to find myself searching through the comments specifically for your words. I wish you had a book. The only problem with that would be that I’d gobble it up in a night and then wish you had another. Maybe a blog would suffice in the meantime . . .? :)

    Thanks to this whole family, who I’ve come to fall in love with. Thanks for opening up to us and revealing your inner souls through your amazing words. You’ve captivated my heart so deeply on multiple occasions. And I SO appreciate what you are doing for angels that are born a little differently. I smile as I read about your followers rejoicing in Nella’s waves and appreciating her glasses, partially because I’m rejoicing as well, but also because I know that if that person runs into my bubblegum-pink-rimmed angel, they’ll be that much more accepting. Kudos Kelle. You are one of a kind!

    And Cathy, I pray that you will find peace as you go through this journey your on. I remember a song we used to sing at Bible camp. It had the line, “Break my heart. Tear my barriers down”. I pray that as part of your heart breaks, you will find the glue to build yourself stronger and come out better for it.

    Love and Hugs all around!
    Becky :)

  177. Hi Kelle,
    It was so lovely to see that video of gorgeous Nella waving!
    I also loved the way you gave us a sneak peek at what the girls’ Halloween costumes will be!

  178. Nella’s birdie onesie couldn’t be more darling. Happy Fall indeed!

  179. Those pictures of your girls (especially the photos of Nella and Lainey painting pumpkins) make my heart swell.
    Happy Fall to you, Kelle.

  180. Those pictures of your girls (especially the photos of Nella and Lainey painting pumpkins) make my heart swell.
    Happy Fall to you, Kelle.

  181. I heart the sisterhood.

  182. becky,
    i wish i had a freind just like you in real time.
    thank you for your kind words.
    i just bet your bubble-gum rimmed perfect angel is a real sweetheart and i wish i could give both of you a big giant hug!
    i personaly dont beleive in fate. i think we found this blog and sweet kelle and rik just when we needed it, all part of Gods wonderful and divine love.
    becky take care of yourself and God love ya!

  183. Oh Becky, thank you for your kind words…and you are right, when we open our brokenness to repair, that “weld” is even stronger and we will never break there again! Enjoy October today–it was 42 degrees here this morning…Farenheit for our international readers! Cuddle Alert!

  184. how do you keep your heart from turning cold when you feel so betrayed by the one person you felt would never betray you.
    Jesus forgave his betrayers- but hes JESUS.

  185. I love, love, love your blog. You are an inspiration and your girls are lovely.

  186. Cathy,
    To turn your heart cold is the ordinary response…anybody can do that, and it puts the betrayer in the win column…they draw us into their realm. To cling to what it good and right, to stay open and able to love, to even risk being vulnerable again makes us the winner as we go on and leave behind the brutal and the betrayers. They can’t come with us. They don’t have the heart for it. You have it in you. Maybe it is the JESUS in us…that would be my belief, but I know others beyond my tradition who also find that heart, choose that heart and turn up the heat, chasing the chill away. Like I said, you are in my heart and prayers. Be sure to send that comment, it’s coming, where you tell us life’s beauty is returning.

  187. Love the glitter on the pumpkin…go Lainey. Those were so good! Nella is adorable in those itty bitty glasses. Love the video. It’s fun hearing your voice. Sooo makes blogging more personal. Now I know how your voice sounds. It’s like I know you for real;)

  188. I didn’t think Nella could possibly get any cuter…I was wrong! The girl is a star in those glasses! And I’m starting to see a resemblance between the girls. Thanks for a great post as always!


    My kids and I sat and watched this over and over and over again.

    And by the way… I just bought little pumpkins for my kids to decorate and I did not buy one for my 18 month old ‘he’s too little’ I thought.

    Going back to the store. Thank you!

  190. You 2 should get togehter and make the world even more perfect!
    Check her web, Nella would love her DVD, like my daughter.


  191. What a great video of Miss Nella!

    I’m glad you are revelling in October – it’s my favorite time of year too. It was chilly here this weekend in Indy – PERFECT fall weather.

    I had some hot cider last night as well – Mike’s Hard Lemonade makes a cider – it’s heavenly warmed up! :)


  192. i love the wave… it made the entire post….. thanks

  193. wow, i can’t believe nella can already sit. time flies!

  194. I’ve been following you since Don Miller posted your story on his blog.
    Nella is gorgeous. The wave made my day :)

  195. RIK,
    thank you for your wisdom, it is one of your gifts,and they have been a balm for my splintered heart.
    thank you for being a freind to me.you are right that i need to keep doing what is good and right. i have so much anger that i need to get rid of.
    i loved what you said about lifes beauty returning.
    i know this is true.
    God bless you rik
    and hold you in the palm of his hand.

  196. My husband and I have had a scary and tear filled week in and out of the hospital, nervously monitoring our fresh and high risk pregnancy.

    After reading your post, I led him over to the computer and promised him a moment of pure joy. We held hands and laughed, thankful for the release, as we watched your sweet Nella wave and giggle.

    I’m incredibly grateful for the much needed dose of “glass half full- maybe even overflowing” that I get everytime I visit your world.

    Thank you for reminding me that there will always be a reason to smile. xxo

  197. your girls are SO sweet. I love the pictures of Nella in her glasses! Too cute! Can’t wait to see them in their Halloween costumes. Care to share your pumpkin bread recipe? I’ve only ever made banana, but I bet pumpkin bread tastes fantastic!

  198. This to is my favorite time of year! It’s cooled down quite a bit here in Georgia, chilly at night, but still warm in the day time. I have forced fall upon us all though. Dressing the kids in hoodies and tights, I hope mother nature will see our passion for it, and give it to us at full force! These pictures of Nella are my absolute favorite to date. Your girls are beautiful, and as always, your words are an inspiration!

  199. I LOVE your blog!!!
    You make me cry and smile, and recognize the tiny joyes and treasures of life. I get so inspired to live and embrace every day, even the ones that are challenging!
    I can read and look at the same pictures and adds many times, and still soak it in!
    Thank you so much for using your gift, and for sharing it with us! I was happy to tell a mother of a baby with downsyndrome about you, cant wait for her to read your stories!
    Cant wait for your next post!

  200. To CHRISTY…Sounds like a rough week for you. Hope all is well. From the Blog Mama ~

  201. I can’t seem to wipe the smile off my face since watching the video of that waving rock star! That is awesome!

  202. Sweet love, love, love :) Yay! Love this beautiful post :)

  203. wow! I’m so impressed with the halloween costumes already made!! I wish I were crafty like that…This week, Anna Cate says she wants to be Angelina Ballerina (with Molly being the baby sister from the book…I hope you guys have that book)

    so I’ll have to google how to make the mouse ears if you say it is easy, though I’m not really believing you:)

    Everything is beautiful, uplifting, precious as always. Happy Fall to you!! :)

  204. Hello from Michigan!! I’m a fellow “Michigander” and love your sprit, attitude and post!! Hi Nella!! And the pumpkins totally rock! We’re LOVING October so far and we’re planning a trip to Florida at the end of the month :)


  205. Bye-bye Nella. I put the video on full screen and played it for Kate. She was SO excited both her arms and legs were flailing and she was cooing. She really responds to other babies, it was cute. I can’t wait to see how you, your family & friends rock out the buddy walk-Hampton style.

  206. LOVE Nella’s glasses more and more each post! Happy fall!

  207. Becky-
    I agree with you…..
    I have fallen in love with this blog and this family, but also with Rik and his words. I also search through all the comments to read his. And then it makes sense……

    Kelle’s father! No wonder, Kelle is so mamazing……

    Cathy! Blessing and peace for you……

  208. I love Nella’s ‘Twitter’ shirt! 😀

  209. I happened upon your blog about 2 hours ago and have read about 100 of your entries from both birth stories to the newest to the struggles you faced with life’s challenges. You are an amazing person with such a special heart and God picked you to be such a special mommy to your two very lucky girls. You are an inspiration to so many people and I am just in awe of you and your heart.

  210. Hi Kelle,

    I’m an avid follower and mother of a 12 month old(tomorrow!) son with DS. I want to pass along to you a link that I came across. Perhaps you’ve heard the story on the news, or have come across it yourself, but I wanted to pass it along as I think it is priceless. It’s exactly what I hope for my son, and the kind of people he comes in contact with throughout his life. Enjoy.

    P.S I love love love Nella’s glasses!


  211. So excited to read about your Buddy Walk! We had our 4th annual Buddy Walk last weekend. My good friends started the DSAMC (Down Syndrome Association of the Mid Columbia) as a local chapter of the National Down Syndrome Society. Check out their link here http://www.dsamc.org/ They have done AMAZING things for our community! Will pass on the pregnancy link to them as well! Thanks for all you do! =)

  212. That video is ADORABLE. And it reminds me….my 4 year old little boy loved loved loved the video where you sang Nella Cordelia. He asks to watch it all the time, but lately we can’t get to it….says it’s not available any more. You MAY have to repost that for my Nathan. (: Just sayin…

    Thanks for making me smile.

  213. Nella + Glasses = A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.!!!

    Happy October!!!!

  214. OMG that video is the cutest!!!

    Long time lurker here. I know you get so so many comments to each entry, so i tend to take in what you have to say and not bother you with more to read, but thankyou so much for your blog!

  215. We welcomed October with a trip to the pumpkin patch…beautiful crisp fall morning in Northern KY Saturday was the perfect backdrop to the bright orange globes on the green vines, perfect for a warn apple fritter break before picking out the PERFECT one…and a slew of apples to make apple pie, and applesauce, and apple crisp, and…(yummm!!)

    Because of your amazing (yes, AMAZING!) pictures and words I enjoy here, I got a “big girl” camera and took some priceless photos of my girl…Of, course, I wanted to show them to YOU…but I will refrain. You have inspired me in so many ways. I cannot thank you enough. (but I would like to try…!)
    Thank you!
    E (nkymama)

  216. your killin’ me with the wave!!! love it!

  217. Loved the whole post and am right there with you on October and all its charm. But then I watched Nella’s waves and totally forgot everything you’d just said. ADORABLE!

  218. awwwwww, she’s perfect! how precious!

  219. Oh my Nella is too cute for words in her little glasses!

  220. Love, love, love your girls. I can not get enough of Nella in those glasses. I still squeal every freakin time I see em. I make my husband look at em every time I read your blog too. (He doesn’t squeal, but he agrees she’s adorable.)

    And that video of her waving goodbye! Aaaahhh isn’t it awesome when they learn new things? She’s becoming such a little person. That’s awesome :)

  221. I love love love the new header! I love the fall theme. You are one luck girl to have two beautiful girls!
    OH and I tried the apple cider that you had in a post a long time ago.. and it was amazing! Thank you for sharing you home and lives with so many people…
    and the music is always wonderful!

  222. You make me smile. When I have missed a few posts I always love coming back..I actually miss you guys!

    Lordy I love Autumn! Love the smell of the cool crisp air, the color of the trees and hearing the thumps of the black walnuts falling from the trees, like golf balls heaven! I love the beauty of the earthy orange, gold and green colored trees mixed into the hillside with the red and magenta colored maple trees. I love that my girl thinks we have to collect each magenta leaf on the ground!! The pumpkin patch has been pillaged by 20 excited children that enjoyed a fall get together at the farm. It just doesn’t get any better than this! I am a serious Autumn fan.

    Speaking of love…your girl with the glasses. I. just. absolutely. love. that. mug!♥

  223. Just peeked back here…LOVING the new header! It shows the best of the fall!!! Awesome!

  224. I just love Nella in her little glasses!!!

  225. Awe Kelle! I so love your blog and especially enjoy your pix. I feel like I know your littles! I absolutely love the little professor and her glasses! So totally cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

  226. Congrats on the Parent Magazine article. I loved re-reading Nella’s birth story and what a wonderful gift to show her when she is older. You inspire me to be a better mom each day. I love your Florida Fall decor. Keep the gorgeous photos coming. Happy Fall!

  227. I live in Vegas and like your florida the weather is not saying FALL. But your blog inspires me to make my own fall.

  228. Nella, I’m so proud of your wave!!!! What a marvelous big sister and mama you have cheering you on sweet girl!

    This blog warms my heart and lifts my spirits.

    Many many thanks.

  229. im buddy walking it in va!!!! october is the best month all year p.s. AGREED. on all major points.

  230. Loved the pic of Nella smiling with her glasses. AND what a great idea to paint a pumpkin. Thanks for getting my creative juices going. :)

  231. Kelle…
    I love Lainey’s kitty, your costumes, Nella’s glasses, and painted pumpkins! Oh, and wanted to tell you…. We love to face paint in our house (just for fun) I’m getting better at it. I was fascinated by a talented face painter at a birthday party and started asking questions. She sold me on “snazaroo” face paint. It rocks! Lasts forever comes in a ton of colors and goes on like actual make up. You MUST TRY it. She also said “majestic” brand brushes are good. I went to Michaels with my trust 40% off coupon and snatched up a kit. However I think i’m going to order from their site the bigger pots. Anyway, I just thought I should share the info. We’ve had fun these first few weeks of preschool being whatever starts with the letter of the week. :)
    Michelle-Austin tx

  232. Kelle, I am interested in starting a Buddy Walk in Mississippi. I am going to “buddy” up with a neighboring state this October; but have plans to have our very own next year. If you have any tips for beginning, I would greatly appreciate them!


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