Crafts just done went and blew up in our house this week. It’s been a craftastic preparation for the holidays, and I’m loving it.

I used to think the word “crafts” was dorky. Like, if Brett asked “are you doing crafts again?,” I’d clarify “I’m creating homemade splendor” as if “homemade splendor” was more cool. I downplayed my scrapbooking as “photo journalistic memoiring” and pretended I didn’t have a collection of cool stickers and zig-zag shears hidden under my bed.

But, I’m cool with it now. I’m a crafter. I like crafts. I smoke the craft pipe. I fly the crafty freak flag and admit that my heart does a little two-step when I enter the threshold of Michaels. I can only hope my kids will be droppin’ terms like ric-rac and vellum and battenburg lace while they’re still wee littles.

Just wish I could sew. I toy with a needle and thread once in a great while and pretend I know what I’m doing, but oh the joy if I could really sew.

I am a mad gluer though.

Exhibit A: The holiday freak flags that dangle over the playroom now…(pardon the mess)

Photobucket Tree Decal on Wall…totally love. Get one HERE and use code DDFREE088 for a free owl decal gift with purchase.

A little bit of ribbon, tacky glue, fabric and pinking shears. Voila.


And likewise, another craft with little effort and perfect for the Thanksgiving table…


Our Thankful banner. Fabric remnants, cut and glued onto stiff felt, trimmed with lace (yup, glue there too), soft felt letters appliqued (oh, who am I kidding…glued there too) and um, glued again to ribbon.



Table’s already set for our annual neighbor Thanksgiving pajama breakfast, not because I’m so put together and prepared but because the house is such a mess and I’m so behind, I needed something pretty that would inspire me to put the rest back together.

Super easy and inexpensive homemade holiday gift: Button Napkin Rings.

We made ours for our Thanksgiving table this year. Unfinished napkin rings from craft store (you can get a bag of four for a couple dollars), spraypainted and, yes, glued with vintage-looking buttons.


Lainey had fun helping. These would look lovely wrapped with cloth napkins and tied with rafia for a gift, or keep and use for your own table like so:



Place settings this year are the trusty old kindergarten craftastic pinecone turkeys.


We made eight of them yesterday, and Lainey named them all. In no particular order, we have Turkey Dan, Lappie, Little Dan, Little Lappie, Yahkie, Lotsapew, Chili and Dookie. Yes Dookie. She named ’em, not me.


This wouldn’t be completely craftastic if we didn’t throw in a couple more, so hang on. Although our town’s tree lighting is this Monday (wahoo…come down to Third Street, Neapolitans!) and our official family tree ceremony is next week, we jumped the gun just a teensy bit on our fireplace.


Mittens serve dual purpose of advent calendar (countown to Christmas…whatever you call it) as you fill each one with a couple treats and pull them off one by one with each day in December.


Toddler mittens in the dollar bin at the check-out in Joanns plus 2 yards of gold cording plus mini clothespins for a grand total of twelve dollah, no hollah.

Last two…

Material plus felt plus frame plus Nella letting me borrow her tiny little hand to trace equals fun kids table decoration.


…and another great easy Christmas gift. Unfinished wood tray ($5, Joanns), spray paint and creative toddler…



Add a fun mug, some favorite coffee, a doily…what have you…wrap in celophane, and you have a pretty gift for coffee/tea lovers. We use trays all the time. I love to serve company on them, and this one’s extra special because it bears Lainey’s smiley faces.



Before I wish you Happy Friday…

For all those that commented on the beach pictures last post, here’s your chance to come visit. In case you haven’t noticed, Poppa’s vacation rental homes has a button up on the sidebar. The homes are entirely dreamy…lots of bedrooms, pool, hot tub, garden nooks for morning coffee. Anyone in the market for a getaway, they’re offering a 25% discount until December 25 (and any other time, 10% off to anyone who mentions Enjoying the Small Things).

I’ve also updated the F.A.Q. tab on top and will try to add to it as common questions come up.

Also, voting for The Bump’s Best Blog award ends Tuesday. How awesome would it be to have “Special Needs” category win…to remind the world that beauty and joy abound within the households of families who may happen to include a child with special needs? Please help us share this message of inclusion. Click HERE. (you have to scroll down to vote)

And a few from Nella’s outside therapy session this week:


the tamborine, her favorite toy.

Have a fantastic weekend. Or if you feel really crazy…get craftastic.



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  1. Love the banners!

    Great crafting.

    I love the picture of you three girls.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    :) Teri

  2. You are way craftier then me…I can sew..well some things…blinged up my dress for my son’s wedding!

    Is Nella standing in those pics?

    Have a great weekend too!

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome! :)

  4. I ADORE all these crafty ideas!!!!!!!

  5. Nella STANDS!!! My heart just swelled right up :)

  6. Loooove the craftiness! Craft on sistah friend! :)

  7. Great crafts! On my blog I call them Farts and Crafts- cuz that is what my monkeys call em!
    If you get a chance take a look at the dreidel craft I posted today!
    Happy Friday- I’ll put in a vote for you!

  8. i HEART you. too bad we didn’t live CLOSER.


  9. I love all the banners- you inspired me to do one for our kids:) Nella is clearly way off the charts as far as ds goes…if you ever have any therapy suggestions, I bet a lot of us ds mamas would love to glean:) Lots of love and happiness your way- beautiful photos as always!

  10. I love it! I totally got my craft on last weekend making decor for my little Lilah’s first birthday party coming up mid-December! I also made this great NO-SEW cape for Lilah… (so easy and adorable)…

  11. Still laughing from the “smoke the craft pipe” part! Have a great weekend! Hope it’s way warmer than it is here!!

  12. What fabulous fun all that craftin! Great ideas…thanks for sharing girl!

  13. Wowie Nella is standing!! That is so awesome :) I love all your crafts it inspires me to get crafty.

  14. a) I’m a gluer crafter too, glad I am not alone in that
    b) LOVE the advent calender idea
    c) LOOK at Nella stand!! :)

  15. You were born under a rainbow and your mom ate nothing but frosted donuts with rainbow sprinkles. :) I think I love you even more now. You go, girl, and keep sucking the marrow out of life!!

  16. LOVE the advent calendar idea! Craft on….


  17. Love the mitten advent calendar idea!! I think I’m going to be googling tonight to see if I can find some of the mittens in bulk. Thanks for the idea!

  18. Crafting in our home is a daily event and I think I’m going to borrow a few ideas! Lovely!!

  19. I love all your crafts and I am totally stealing your napkin ring idea. I love it and check out Nella the little rock star standing on her own, way to go sister….

    Happy Friday!!!

  20. Nella’s starting to get stronger legs and standing more, but there’s totally a hand on her back supporting her in that photo! Still workin’ on it, but yes…rockstar regardless.

  21. i am a mad crafter myself! i just recently learned to sew. my kids and i spend many hours a week at hobby lobby and they have become quite crafty themselves! when i say that we are heading to the fabric store, they cheer and say, “i love the craft store!”….makes mama’s heart proud! super cute thanksgiving/christmas crafts!!!

  22. Inspiration.

    So happy to see Nella getting stronger!

    Have a great weekend.

  23. Your thank-you gift is coming soon:)

  24. Come live in my pocket.

  25. Goal for the weekend: Clean up and crafting! Thank you!

  26. Ok, Your blog always makes me smile. Thanks for the great ideas… i think I am going to buy 8 blue mittens, one for each night of Chanukah.

  27. Ok, Your blog always makes me smile. Thanks for the great ideas… i think I am going to buy 8 blue mittens, one for each night of Chanukah.

  28. You inspire me in so many ways. I have redone our guest bathroom after seeing your amazing creation, I blew up my two babies faces and spray mounted the photos on canvas, I have frameless pictures hung in our living room, I did a beach photo session with my girl and boy today and I love them and enjoy all the small things a little harder because of your inspiration! Thank you for your advice, your enthusiasm for life and everything you teach. Can’t get enough of your blog!

  29. Love all the crafts!

    Is Nella standing in the first picture with her therapist?

    Have a great weekend!

  30. I love the crafting! These are ideas that I think even I could do and I am not a crafter! Love the pics of both girls. They are so beautiful.

  31. Oh, look at Nella! She’s totally standing by herself! You go little girl!

  32. Kick ASS! Got my craft on too, and totally fake sewed some pillows w/ the kid’s handprints! (been voting up a storm for ya but % hasn’t moved, come on other readers, lend a hand. If you don’t cream them I think it’s rigged…)

  33. I’m a full blown crafter – I even turned my crafts into a full blown business (I’m on mat leave now) and I’ll need to hire some employees before I come back. Bring on the glue gun goodness!

    So proud of Nella standing! And as the snow starts falling in my part of Canada and puffy winter coats are being worn already, can I just say how jealous I am of you guys standing outside in short sleeves? It’s not that I mind winter, it’s just that we’re going to be dealing with this until April. Sigh.

  34. oh homemade splendor, i love it! we got craftastic this week, too- and i am SO VERY partial to my hot glue gun. wouldn’t be home without it.

    as always you inspire me to do better, live fuller, and laugh harder.

    hoping you have a fantabulous weekend!


  35. OMG, that mitten advent calendar is SOOO super cute. I’ve been trying to think of something fun for my 2 year old, and now I’m going to “borrow” this idea. Ella will love it!

    Any way to go little Nella on the standing! I could just eat her up!

  36. Oh Carol, you warm my heart to know our big circle of littles and bigs includes some with a sparkling star of David on their necklace. Yes, mittens for Chanukah are also filled with love! We certainly are one big human family with diverse perspectives, different faith views and a broad spectrum of cultures–but we’re all celebrating the small things.

  37. Love the thankful banner and the cute mittens…great and easy ideas to implement!

  38. I love doing crafts! I made a felt christmas wreath for my boyfriends’ mom this year. I make my own cards for him (ah, love letters from Vancouver to Texas!) and will try to find time to make my Christmas cards as well this year! Crafters of the world UNITE!

  39. I am inspired!! My big kids (8.5 and 6) are out of school for the whole week for Thanksgiving and I need fun, cheap things for us to do. I love the banners and the mitten advent countdown is soooo cute! Thanks for giving me great ideas that will hopefully lead to great memories. On another note, is Nella standing up?! What the what?! She looks like such a big girl lately. I wish we lived close by so that your little Nella Bean and my little Phoebe Bee could play together. They would have a blast!

  40. just discovered maltilda jane here in Savannah. Love it. Love it for grown-ups too!

  41. Superjules, love that comment!!

  42. Smokin’ the craft pipe! LOVE it!

    I get the craft urge during the holidays, too! Going into craft stores like Michael’s makes me itch – but, I love all the cool craft projects on the internet!

  43. Nella is getting SO big So fast! Amazing! I always try to do crafts but my 17 month old boy isn’t super interested! Maybe next baby will be?
    Love those girls!

  44. I am crazy about crafts! I dream of having a little girl so that some of the things I make would be put to some use but so far no luck… 2 boys :)

  45. I love all the crafts! Especially the thankful banner!

    And you know what? You CAN sew. I use to think “I wish I could sew” all the time, and as it turns out, it’s not as difficult as it looks. Get yourself a machine! I bet you’d be a rockstar seamstress :)


    I love all of your “homemade splendour” and how you make each holiday so special.

    And I adore Lainey’s bell-bottoms!

  47. I want you to win best blog!!!

  48. Nella standing! :o) Oh so sweet!

    The crafts were just lovely! Tell Lainey she is an awesome artist!


  49. You are freaking craft-tastic!!!
    I think you may have motivated me to do something this weekend. Nella’s jungle dress – ah-dorable.

    I have a mild panic attack when I walk into Michael’s- so much to look at- not enough time.

    Happy Friday!

  50. Once again, really simple crafts that jazz up the joint. I am a knitter and bead-er… love making really lovely things, but I get stuck in a rut sometimes with my crafting. Thanks for the great ideas. I love that you pair Nella’s turkey hand with a gilt frame. So chic, so fabulous. As usual!

    Have a blessed and rich Thanksgiving!

  51. love the advent calendar! I just bought small ornament stockings at The Christmas Shop for $1 each to make ours! but yours maybe cuter, and is cheaper! great and simple idea!

  52. Look at you crafty girl!! I am inspired now…was in a bit of a lull. Not anymore! Oh and YOU CAN SEW. Buy a machine or borrow one and just play on it. It is super easy! Although, it is super addicting and I have become even more of a scatterbrain sewing. But my girls are always dressed in a homemade mommy outfit! I hope the blog wins!!

  53. I’m going for a very crafty holiday this year as well. Handcrafted presents seem to be par for the course this year. My mother in law will be receiving a renaissance style dress w/underdress. My father in law is getting plate gauntlets to fight with. My mom will get a western (19th century) skirt and possibly a blouse. My dad will get a leather (19th century) western vest.
    We’re quite the eccentric family, but my hubby and I are on a pretty tight budget this year, so I will be sewing, and he will be hammering, and somehow we will create something for everyone!

  54. Great ideas! My 5 year old has all next week off from school and I was trying to think of some crafty projects to keep us busy. I LOVE the mitten idea. I’m pretty sure we will snag that one! I found an advent calendar made from green paper cones to look like trees with numbers on each one but that would take a lot of table space that I don’t have. I love the hanging one you made!

  55. enjoy the weekend with your babes….Kelle, mine are 26, 23 & 19 & I canNOT wait till they are all home Wednesday night…enjoying everything about each of them, scars, sickness, chronic conditions and all. That is what life is all about….love to yours’ xoxo

  56. You crack my ass up with the FAQ response about being born under a Rainbow. Love your snarky sense of humor. Keep it up and keep up sucking marrow.

    And do not fear the sewing machine. Hell, if DIg got you to garden, I see bobbins in your future!!! Nice job on your crafty purge. Love it. God, I fear the investment I will have spent at Michaels, Joann’s and fabric stores by the time I die…but I’ll die with glue burns on my fingers and a smile on my face.

    Nella standing is spectacular and Lainey did a great job with the pinecones. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and by the way, pass that crafty pipe back to the rest of us. :)

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  57. I love all of the craft ideas, especially those cute little mittens! I recently saw a homemade November advent calendar of sorts, where you write down something you are thankful for each day leading up to Thanksgiving. That is also on my list of crafty projects to try…

    But, more importantly, where did you get those adorable boots in the last picture of your post? I love them and need them! Let me know if you can in a comment! Thank you for always inspiring!


  58. Your site is a little dream. I love to come and visit, I always leave with happy feelings and little bit brighter.
    Thank you

  59. I love that I put down my knitting to read your post tonight…my crafting bug hits regularily. My craft room is full of “someday” projects.

    Love that you did the home decor thing, and that you celebrate your inexpensive finds.

    If you enjoy doing it – your girls will too…it’s a love that is caught. Because it’s important to you, it will be important to them. Top that with your encouragement of their creativity – that is one fantastic tray, Lainey – they will see to explore that special gift.

    Keep on keepin’ on, girlfriend

  60. You are my idol!! Just trying to find the time to make a shopping list for Thanksgiving is giving me anxiety. What amazing memories you’re creating for your girls. Such fun.
    Have a wonderful Holiday!

  61. Oh to craft again! But alas, I have one horrendous Masters Final Project to complete. It seems to be missing the final 15 pages of creativity it needs to be done.

    After that however, watch out scissors and glue gun. You are going to get overworked like nobody’s business!

  62. adorable stuff! Nice work. Crafting with little hands is challenging, but so rewarding, too. i may have to steal your “Thankful” Banner idea this week to contribute to my mother’s turkey day. If I’m going to mooch the food anyway, right?

  63. Love love love the mitten advent calendar! Oh and just bite the bullet, buy a sewing machine and ask a friend who knows how to sew to help teach you. You will NOT regret it!

  64. oh my gosh, LOVE the crafts!!! i am still in awe over your bathroom redo!

  65. oh oh! and the nella PT photos are KILLER, what a little dear. we pass the babies doing their PT as we leave my 4 year old’s school and we always stop to watch “the cute babies.”

  66. Can Nella and Lainey come over for a play date? :) They are too cute.. LUV LUV Them. Crafts are awesome… GO YOU for being such a great mom! Love your inspiration.

  67. You are the best, creative mommy ever! with beautiful children!

  68. Oh Kelle – your new FAQ bit just made my evening. The truth is, there will always be the glass-half-empty people out there trying to bring you down. Whatev – they suck the life out of life.

    You remind us all that we only get one life and it’s a damn good one. Thanks for inspiring me to finally start recording precious moments I share with my boys. Seriously. It’s almost like you were holding my hand.

  69. All of these crafts ideas are AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing your craftastic ways : )

  70. You are a brilliant, brilliant woman. Don’t ever take your blog down… I will be forever referencing it.

    And in the meantime, I’m going to make a mitten calendar!

    Simply brilliant!!!!

  71. Those craft ideas are awesome! I love the tray gift idea. My little guy isn’t quite old enough to pull that off, but you better believe I’m tucking that one away for later.
    Also love the mitten idea. Too cute!

  72. Glad I’m not the only one with a craft box. I’ve been through a million craft phases.

    -the sock animal phase
    -the appliqued onesie phase
    -the scrapbook phase
    -the digital scrapbook phase

    – currently I’m in a crochet phase. Everyone I know with a little is getting a cute hat, the preschool teachers are getting scarves. My cats had better watch out or they might be getting sweaters!

    Love the mantel decor, by the way.

  73. Girl, you inspire me! When is that book coming out?

  74. Nella’s hair cracks me up, because my Kamdyn has that same long patch of hair on top. My husband calls it comb-over hair. Too cute.

  75. craftastic and fabulastic. i am stealing all of these ideas, but i LOVE LOVE the mittens!

  76. dying to know where you got your cute little red table & chairs?!

  77. LOVING all your crafts – I’m totally stealing some ideas! :)

    And look at little Miss Nella Rockstar just standing away – you go Nella!

  78. That tray?! PERFECT Christmas present for my momma from my little. Anything he does is GENUIS to her…so Im thinking that would be a cheap and sweet gift! Great ideas!!

  79. Your posts always just bring a smile to my face. I actually saved them up this week to read all at once – to start the weekend. How nerdy is that? Pretty bad…I know. I absolutely LOVE the mitten advent countdown to Christmas – I might have to borrow that craft. And I can’t get enough of your Thankful banner…that will be up at our home as well. I will definitely be voting for Best Blog award! Thank you for doing what you do! :) Enjoy your weekend with the girls.

  80. Kelle, I seriously can’t wait to try these crafts with my little. Thanks for the ideas! I can’t sew either, I am a fellow gluer, but I dream of being a seamstress who creates beautiful, fancy creations. I’m going to bust out the ‘thankful’ banner this weekend since this will be the first year I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

    I also need to add that I LOVE how Lainey rocks the Matilda Jane. We are fellow MJ lovers.

  81. Love the table decoration made using Nella’s hand print.
    You are so creative Kelle!

  82. I am convinced that you are the most creative person on the planet. Oh, and you are a pretty fantastic mom too – your girls are so lucky to have you (and you them as well).

  83. I call crafts…”projects” because I think it sounds more grown-up or something. Isn’t that funny?!

    And I voted again – I’d love to see a “special needs” blog win! How cool would that be??!

    Make sure your readers know that you can vote more than once!

  84. Was Nella standing?! Wow she looks so big! And the crafts are amazing!

  85. Um…love the last pic of you three and love the fish nets! :)

  86. I am trying to fight off the Christmas bug, but it seems like everyone else is falling into the temptation to start the holiday decorating. I don’t know how much longer I can hold on!!!!

    Love the banners!!

  87. Kelle! That is so funny…I love crafts too, I go through major craft phases – currently I am making tons of jewelry for XMas gifts – and yesterday in the craft store I was perusing the samplings of cabochons and charms, and an elderly lady looked at me and said “crafts eh” in a judgemental tone and walked away – like she knew my addiction! Hilarious.
    Love the craft ideas, might be “stealing” a few for myself!

  88. You have inspired me to get out my glue gun :)

    Long time reader here, but rare commenter. But tonight I saw something I wanted to tell you about. I was grocery shopping (by myself which is so rare with four kids!) A ways down the aisle I caught a glimpse of a woman and a girl who looked to be about eight years old. I saw the girl from behind and she had the most fantastic long, flowing golden hair. Oh is was gorgeous. She was helping her mom get things off the shelves and put them in the cart as her mom read her the list. As I got closer to them in the aisle, I saw the little girl from the front…and she had those spectacular almond shaped eyes. Oh she was beautiful. I just smiled and wanted to hug her…and her mama. But of course I didn’t and I walked on by, but oh how I wanted to hug them both!

    Thank you for all your blogging and how you open up this world to people who may not have a glimpse into it otherwise :)

  89. Awesone ideas! I was just in Micheal’s getting things for my little girls 1st b-day on Dec.1st. That place always makes me crazy because there is just soooooo much neat stuff. Party theme…polka dots. It’s going to be fun.

    I’m going to take your advent idea as are all the other readers. It will be a lot better than the cardboard box advent of 2009.

    Lainey looks so delighted with her tray. She is another rock star in the making. You must have eaten only rainbow colored skittles with her. : )

    Nella! Yeah Nella. In no time she will start doing the little baby bop to music. It’s in her genes.

    Happy Friday and keep sucking the marrow. I’ve truly taken it to heart myself and I couldn’t be more grateful to you for the inspiration.

    My vote is in for you.

    Lisa in CA

  90. This post totally made me smile. I’ve never been a big crafter but just this past week I’ve learnt to fly the craft flag also! Thankyou for the inspiring ideas..

    Yay for Nella standing!

    Hope you have a fantastic thanksgiving xx

  91. A few things:
    1. Thanks for adding how to do the templates for photo books in the FAQ’s, that was one of my Q’s! Just in time to do my 2010 photo book!

    2. LOVE that you had some images of your too awesome home in the last few blog posts, it is so stylin and another side of your beautiful life to inspire all of us wanna-b’s.

    3. Saw you moved up a bit on the website for best blog, that is SO great!

    4. AND how does it feel to be like Oprah now!? Whatever you say you love thousands will run out and buy! Use your power for good!

    5. OH and PS hot mama, love that you are somehow able to be classy and wear a white button up and pearl earrings whilst crafting! If you tell me you also peeled and ate a pomegranate in that ensemble I will drive to FL to worship you in person!

    XO happy weekending!

  92. Hello! I nominated this blog for an award! I love your inspiring photos and ideas!

    Take a look and see if you’d like to participate!


  93. Kelle, I am a reader of about a year who has just fallen in love with your family! I was finally motivated to comment when I saw Lainey painting that tray. My brother and I painted a tray for my mom when we were about 5 and 6–red and green paint on wood, a janky little Christmas tree and a sad little attempt at an elf. We gave it to her for Christmas with our names signed and the year. Now we’re 27 and 28, and she still brings it out every December, and amid all the glitz and class of the rest of her decorations, it’s one of my favorites to see when I come home for those few precious days in December every year. I hope that you’re bringing out Lainey’s tray for many Christmases to come! Happy holidays

  94. Love, love , love! Please do not be embarrassed about your love for crafts and write about every single Christmassey thing you make!!! It is truly inspiring and something I get obsessed with at Christmas! Sending lots of love to you and your amazing family xxx

  95. I love that you are a crafter… I am too! I actually started a blog to record all my crafty attempts. I’m always wanting to learn something new. Last year it was sewing, this year it’s crochet. My kids love crafting almost as much as I do. My husband can’t stand the mess we make but I think deep down might like our final products!

  96. Glue is the greatest thing going. I can’t sew either so I use that all the time :)

    I must say, I am loving reading your post while Muse plays in the background. Makes me love it even more :)

  97. Oh Kelle, she’s standing up on her own little legs! Beautiful!!

    And the crafty is good too :)

  98. Danadarcy…you had me with “janky” –a word that peppers our conversations because, well, we all seem to have some things in our stash of belongings that seem to embrace the word. It is sometimes the “janky” things that tell more of a story than the polished and perfect. So, here’s to “janky!” And I love my Poppa turkey…I can’t wait to gush over it!!!

  99. I got the giggles because I am *not* good at crafting (my failure at a recent church activity is legendary), but I think we all have a little closet creativity in there.

    But you? You are quite talented with the crafties, and it would seem Lainey is following in Mama’s footsteps.

  100. Love the mitten idea! So adorable! Thanks for the inspiration!

  101. Yay for glue! I sew, but glue ROCKS & I rarely use the needle.

    Just curious, you get so many comments, do you really read all of them? Here is the question I get a lot…Where do you find the time????!!!

    Great blog, I refer it to everyone! Thanks!
    Love, Beth

  102. your house is amazing! :) i aspire to be that crafty!

    and look at Nella standing up!! what a rockstar :)

  103. Love the banners!

    What a beautiful celebratory home!!!

    And look at Miss Nella standing tall in this big ole world!!! Absolutely lovely!!!

  104. I love that you scrapbook! Me too. I wish that I could sew though but I just don’t have the patience for it. My mom tried to teach me how to knot once and it was super frustrating! I think I’ll stick to scrapbooking!

  105. Love the “Thankful” banner. I’m stealing that one. Craft store here I come!

  106. I know you get 4,365 comments per post, but I just had to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and your family. Thanks for that!

  107. Cracking up over the “Dookie” placesetting! Bahahaha! Thanks for the Saturday morning laugh : )

  108. I loved the first few paragraphs of this. I had to read them to my husband, in fact. My heart resonated with it ever so much – and I too, hope that my girls will grow up throwing around words like “ric rac”

  109. Nella’s a percussionist!! Yeah!! :)

  110. Oh girl…try the real deal sewing! You can do it! Just a little time and you’ll be whipping out glorious projects! It’s so worth the time!

  111. Once again – your post makes my day! Nella is a total rock star!! Lainey looks SO proud of her tray and LOVE the mitten idea -too cute! You just have such a full and blessed life.

  112. Once again, awesome entry! Lotsapew and Dookie totally made me LOL. I can’t believe Nella is already standing so well! WOOT WOOT! Girl, you inspire me!

  113. So. You mean I didn’t have to cut out 50 felt mittens last week for our Christmas garland and I could have just picked up REAL cheap ones from Joanne’s? Arghh! Halfway through my crazy-ass felt cutting debacle, I thought to myself I should just have bought that damn one that inspired me from Anthropologie!
    Good stuff, Kelle!

  114. Amazing little thankful flags and I especially love those little, brown velour bell bottoms. To die for.

  115. Amazing little thankful flags and I especially love those little, brown velour bell bottoms. To die for.

  116. Amazing little thankful flags and I especially love those little, brown velour bell bottoms. To die for.

  117. Amazing little thankful flags and I especially love those little, brown velour bell bottoms. To die for.

  118. Amazing little thankful flags and I especially love those little, brown velour bell bottoms. To die for.

  119. Your gluing kicks a**, awesome! You really should buy a simple Singer sewing machine and be amazed at how easy it is, I think you’d love it!
    I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving! I was also hoping Poppa might post his Beef Curry recipe?

  120. I’m so impressed. I wish I could say that I was inspired but I’m just overwhelmed with the whole idea of it. I might try the pine cones, though. Happy thanksgiving preparing to you:)

  121. Your spunky names for crafting totally gave me the giggles! I so enjoy reading your posts. I adore the Christmas advent idea. So cute and easy. Thanks for the lovely ideas. Have a lovely weekend.

  122. So I just read the FAQ mostly because I was looking for tips on the beach pictures, not that I live near one, but I like the shadow/orangish look of it and wouldn’t even know how to google how to do that and whether it is a way to take a picture or a way to edit. ANYHOW….I am laughing with the last section with rainbows, unicorns and sprinkled donuts in your past. Girlfriend, you are FUNNY!

  123. Love all your caft ideas, and considering I too can’t sew, or draw worth a dang they are all perfect for me to try.

    And my little guy is 22 months old and always dances around to the music on here!

    You so make me miss FL with all your great outdoor pictures. I lived in Tampa for two years and would love a vacca with the family down there.

  124. Your Great-Great-Great Grandfather’s name was Earl? My Grandson is named Earl after his Great-Great Grandfather (my Dad), 91 years old and still rockin.

    Carol from SW MI

  125. Whoa. Back the train up. I am in awe of all the craftastic ideas!!! Had no idea the napking rings came unfinished. I love the vintage buttons. And those banners are so cute . . and the mittens are darling. Girl, you are killing my to do list.

  126. I absolutely LOVE the advent calendar idea with the mittens- I am so on it!!!!!!! This week, I am truly thankful for you. I love what you do for all of us. Pure joy reading your blog…thank you so much.

  127. I absolutely LOVE the advent calendar idea with the mittens- I am so on it!!!!!!! This week, I am truly thankful for you. I love what you do for all of us. Pure joy reading your blog…thank you so much.

  128. You have such a beautiful home and family. :) I bet you are one proud momma! 😉 I love your craftiness – some of the things you do, seem something I would do. lol. I love the turkey place cards, felt picture frame, and advent calendar. Very simple and smart! Great job! Happy Holidays!

  129. Love the crafts! Another craft pipe smoker here. :) What is in the glass with the candles on the fireplace? I need that for my fireplace.

  130. I laughed so hard when I read “I smoke the craft pipe”! LOVE IT!! :)

  131. We are doing a similar advent this year-with Christmas socks from the dollar bin at Target! I got 6 pair of the red/silver/green stripe and the solid red with Santa.
    Now I have to find stuff to put in them!
    Oh and way to STAND Nella !!!

  132. Love all your crafts! I might have to “steal” you idea for the thankful banner. btw…I love your wall with the trees on it…so pretty!

  133. I love these crafts and I love your pictures on the wall in the playroom!!

  134. I love all of these ideas! I can’t sew to save my life…I’m a heck of a gluer too. I have a list of 5 things to do in my 30’s and “learn to sew” is on there. I can’t wait to work on some of these projects. Have a GREAT weekend my dear…I can’t believe how much this site has grown and you’ve got my vote for best blog (EVER!).

  135. A few things.

    1) LOVE the tray and the mittens. I will be heading out soon to grab a few items from Joann’s myself. Thank you!

    2) The crafts are awesome. Keep up the good work.

    3) Is Nella STANDING??? Way to go big girl! Awesome stuff!

  136. Joann’s needs to give you a kickback. I am SO going there this week for supplies to make the napkin rings (great Christmas gift for my MIL) and the mitten decoration! Thanks for the inspiration!

    P.S. I am a gluer too. :)

  137. Well, you just make crafting sound like the “be all do all.” What sweet memories you are making and what a beautiful picture of you and you girls! Just melts my heart! Blessings for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  138. You are SO creative!! Have a great weekend!

  139. WOW, look at Nella rockin’ in PT. She looks like she is doing really awesome with her motor skills :)

  140. Absolutely love it all. Tons.

  141. No this inspired me! Thank you!

    I’m off to do crafts :)

  142. Oh gosh, I went in Michael’s for the first time in months yesterday and could have stayed all day long!! Unfortunately, I was on my lunch hour. Getting crafty with making 175 (yes, 175) Christmas cards for someone and I’ve decided that since my son and I are in this tiny apt for our first Christmas that we’re going to have a handmade holiday. Making felt trees and chipboard ornaments using some of my extra scrapbooking stash! REALLY enjoyed this post!!

  143. LOVE the mitten idea! Went to JoAnn’s today and could only find 7 pairs of mittens and they were sold out of clothespins. My MIL checked near her and found 6 pairs. They told her someone bought 96 PAIRS yesterday!!!! Others must love your idea as well! :) Thanks Kelle!

  144. Thanks for making me feel better about being a scrapbooking geek!!!

  145. Love the pics of Nella standing! Go Nella!!

    Thanks for the craft ideas – love the napkin rings. Going to be making some of these for gifts this year. Trying to save money and this is great! Hope mine turn out as pretty as yours.

  146. Thank you so much for spreading the message of inclusion! Would love you to win The Bump’s Best Blog award! Nella is doing wonderful and Lainey did an amazing job helping you out!

    I knew it! We are related, unicorns show up on my family tree, as well. And, thank God to your Great-Great-Great Grandfather Earl for inventing rose colored glasses because I can’t live without my multiple pairs. :))

    “Whatever the mind holds to and firmly believes in, forms a new pattern of thought within its creative mold, as whatever thought is held in the mind tends to take outward form in new creations.” ~Ernest Holmes

  147. It helps if you call yourself an Indie crafter, you know bringing the chic and independent back into craft. Like it ever went out!

  148. All of your craft are so inspiring!! The sewing thing has always stymied me too….never thought of glue!! I think we’ll do some Christmas banners this year!!!

    I came across this quote today and thought of you,

    “Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.”
    – Martin Luther King Jr.

    I, however, believe that you are able to articulate your heart quite well and it has put me in touch with mine…thank you!! :)

  149. Thank you for showing all these awesome crafts! My kids and I did the turkeys today and we had so much fun :) I have to do crafts with them more often–they really loved it!

  150. i wish i had a hearth!! wahhh!

  151. I am a fellow craft freak! As well as a sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting freak! LOL I get high when I walk into Joanns or Hobby Lobby, seriously! Loving all of your crafty goodness : D

  152. Your babies are so beautiful. I love the music that you play but I can’t find where it is to look for the list of is. Could you send my the information or list of music.

    Thank you,Effy

  153. That is funny you are going craft crazy this week, me toooo!!!! I just realized I can make tutus and my own hairbows and such. I think it was when I went to the Southern Christmas show this week and a tutu was anywhere from 25-$40, good lord for a tutu! A hairbow was $8, of course I didn’t expect them to be on sale there or anything, but I thought it was a bit much. Anyhoo, I am hell bent on learning to sew. I just dusted off my sewing machine and my mamaw came over yesterday to help me out, lol! Oh, she baked us a cake too! LOL! It was yummy! Happy crafting!

  154. um, i don’t know how to sew either…but i feel like it makes me more creative. the hot glue gun is my BFF, for sure.
    i just crafted some book paper wreaths and garland with hot glue. real cute. booya!

  155. Nella is standing?! How awesome is that? I just don’t think she could get any more beautiful….

  156. LOVE all of these ideas and the “Thankful” banner will be made in this home this week!!!! We have the perfect spot to hang it in the entry way to our eating area where it’s also visible from the living room, and we have oh so much to be thankful for! We are also making Christmas ornaments FREE- check this, you just tear up newspaper or old magazine paper into small pieces, soak it overnight in water, blend it in the blender then take handfuls out, squeezing some of the water and shape them into cookie cutters. Remove the cookie cutter once it’s packed in there and let them dry. We’re going to mod podge our boys’ pictures on them and add some glitter and ribbon to hang them from the tree and those we love! Don’t know why I felt the need to give you that play by play, but I got all excited with the crafting. I’m an open crafter, as well. :) I LOVE the picture of Nella standing up and am beaming with pride over her! And little Lainey who isn’t so little holding her tray??? Precious. Happy Thanksgiving! And know that I am giving thanks for you, your precious family, and this blog that keeps me so inspired!!

  157. p.s. if one were to rent one of poppa’s vacation homes, would we get to meet him during our stay? and the hampton family? i’m just sayin’..that’d be some serious incentive. :)

  158. homemade splendor! Love it…..

  159. I really like your Advent/Countdown to Christmas idea. My son has a severe peanut and nut allergy. So the drugstore calendars are out for us.
    Your mitten one is so cute. Now if I could just get off my butt and make it. Happy weekend to you.

  160. Born under a rainbow? Frosted donuts? How have you kept this a secret this long??!! ha! Love it!

    I am guessing there will be a shortage of mittens in the coming weeks due to the “Kelle effect” Adorable idea!

    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

  161. I am about as far from crafty as one can get… but I have to admit you do make it look fun! I can’t draw, or cut a straight line to save my life… but I can buy little mittens & clothespins like a champ. And glue? I am feeling bold now… yes, I do believe I can handle glue… I just may get my craft on this holiday season.
    Beautiful Nella standing so strong… way to go little Bean!
    Happy weekend.

  162. You jumped the gun a little bit?
    I started putting up my CHRISTMAS decorations and playing Christmas music the week after HALLOWEEN!!! This is MY holiday!! Let the festivities begin EARLY!!
    I LOVE the mitten creations on the fireplace! Too cute!

  163. i love the beans in the tall vases… I think crafting keeps our eye on the prize.. beauty and the small things… I enjoy and am thankful for the inspiration you give me.. even if you have a mess her and there… Have a great Holiday thanksgiving.. fly your freak banner high..

  164. AS they say….”You’ve come a long way baby”! I reread your last year’s Thanksgiving pajama breakfast…four comments, YES indeed you have arrived :)!

    xo, Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  165. ** TO EFFY ** Regarding Playlist you asked about: If you scroll ALL THE WAY TO BOTTOM OF PAGE, you should see a square. It is the playlist and lists all songs and artists. Hope that helps, the Blog Mama

  166. we have been working on a bit of fall crafts over here as well! love them all, the advent calendar is my favorite, might be stealing that!

  167. Love the Craft ideas – preschool teacher in me is so excited that my daughter is old enough to do them – my wheels are turning and remembering all I used to do with my classes. It she made a paper Turkey puppet the other day – it was so cute. Today it is snowing so it is great day for making crafts and getting ready for Christmas!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  168. Girl, I once made my own halloween costume, using nothing but fabric & glue! (I was Pebbles, so it wasn’t THAT complicated, but gluing together your own clothing can get tricky, nonetheless….) I can’t sew whatsoever, so glue is a girl’s bff. I am making some crafty centerpeices for my daughters 1st bday coming up, and I get to use mod-podge, which I am sooooo excited for, as it was my fav. media in my high school art class!

  169. Oh and I wanted to tell you too, I work in a pediatric dental office, and the highlight of my days is when I get special needs patients. I love them, each and every single one, especially the kids with DS. They are all just so sweet, I love the hugs they give me, and how they listen to me. Like they know I want to help them, people tend to lose that when they get older, but these kids, they got it. 😉 But on Monday, I was on my way to work, I had read your blog the night before, and I was thinking, you know, I really hope I have a DS patient today, it’s been awhile, and I just need that right now. And lo and behold, came sweet little 1 1/2 yr old Leanna. She had cute strawberry blonde hair just like my daughters. So cute, and so sweet…just made my heart smile. Made my week.


    hahah Kelle you should hire me to be your PR lol :)

  171. lovely pictures :)

  172. Wait wait wait just a minute! Is Nella STANDING? Go Nella Go!

  173. I have to say, I think the best weekends are the ones that leave your house looking like Joann Fabrics and Michael’s threw up all over it :)

  174. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the crafting ideas! I’m such a crafty girl at heart – I just wish I had more time to let that side of myself shine a little more. What great and inexpensive ideas! :)

  175. Love all your crafts. I have such a GREAT IDEA!!! You and the girls come to Cleveland and you can learn to sew in Sarah’s Sewcial Lounge. You can play in the snow too. – I’m sure we will have some in January.

  176. You know what? I don’t think of crafters as nerdy at all. In fact, I’d love to be one! So the fact that you give away some of your ideas and trade secrets (like glue) is a welcome gift for this girl! Your crafts look great- and your post makes me think I could make some of them!

  177. Plug the blog contest at the beginning of your next post! I’ve been voting like crazy but the numbers aren’t changing. It helped that you said to scroll down to vote. Be shameless! I want your blog to win!!!!!!

  178. Love all the ideas, Kelle! I may have to do something with a tea tray for my mom for Christmas. She would love it.

  179. Go Nella…standing!! Woo hoo!!

  180. I smoke that craft pipe as well! And Oh how beautiful and creative you can be this time of year! (even with a small budget!)

    I love the napkin rings. I was in Pier One the other day and they had decorative napkin holders for astronomical prices. But what a great idea to make them!

  181. i usually love crafting.
    but the girly-girls got all crafty up in there while i was upstairs trying to get baby boy to sleep today.
    i wish i was happy about that.
    there ended up a turkey. and a handprint on my floor. in paint.
    and a piece of paper that was COMPLETELY covered in pink, green, and white paint. like dripping covered. and DELIVERED upstairs. d.r.i.p.p.i.n.g. the entire way.
    i think i need a hit off the ole’ craft pipe.
    (which maybe sounded like i actually know what i’m talking about … but i don’t. pipewise. not craftwise.)

  182. YAY Nella is standing, so proud of her!!! Well Done Mommy kelle you are doing an AWESOME Job….. I love your crafts….

  183. That Thankful banner is amazing! I love it and especially love the lace trim and the fabrics you used.

  184. I love all of your crafts! I too enjoy crafting, as dorky as it may sound to others. I may even have to steal some of your creative ideas for our house this year. :)

    Off to vote…

  185. I think thats the first picture of Nella you have posted where she is standing! I love it!

  186. I think thats the first picture of Nella you have posted where she is standing! I love it!

  187. Look at your little Stander!! Go Nella!
    Love the mitten advent calendar. Thanks for the idea!

  188. Ah yes camping. Something about bathing in a river and sleeping all bundled up next to a roaring down campfire just does all kinds of wonderful to your soul. =)

    I hope you all had an awesome time!

    And 2 thumbs up to Lainey on the tray! I might just have to try that out this Christmas season.

    Love and blessings to you and yours!

  189. That last picture is so sweet. Love it. And I love that you fly the crafty freak flag!! lol It’s just fun! The Thankful sign is awesome and I’m totally stealing it. 😉 IF I can get my son to help. He’s such a boy, it’s a struggle at times to get him to fly the flag with me. hehe

  190. So craftastic idea I just have to share while the kids are little…When my boys were young we took heavy duty white paper and imprinted their foot & hand print in red paint. I purchased wooden embroidery hoops and attached the white paper to the hoops (with glue). This does have to be done while the kids feet and hands are small enough to fit within the embroidery hoop (we used 2 & 4 inch hoops). I added red and green ribbons around the edge of the hoops (with glue) and voila we had new Christmas tree decoration! We made a few and shared them with Grandma’s too!

  191. LOVE the banners and especially the mittens! What a great idea!!!

    I know what you mean about sew-lust. I am a knitter, and wish I knew how to sew…

  192. Oh my! Thanks so much for the FANTASTIC gift idea! We LOVE the serving tray! My son is about 18 months old and we will let his artistic ability shine through on those trays for the grandparents and great grandparents! They will LOVE them I’m sure! :-)

  193. Is Nella standing all by herself??? Seriously??!!! That is the coolest evah!

    Thank you so much, Kelle, for sharing your pictures, your family, your self in this blog. I think you are incredibly inspiring… you inspire hope, happiness, positivity, the value and importance of family, and mostly sheer unadulterated joy!

  194. Aww, just have to share…as I was catching up on your blog, my daughter came in, saw pix of sweet Nella and immediately said, “Awww, how cute, is she a miracle baby?” Gotta love it!
    I’m making a mitten countdown for my niece who was blessed with her first baby this past summer, thanks for the great idea!

  195. i love your crafty ideas, especially the mittens! I tried to go to JoAnn’s and they only had blue in my neck of the woods. I was bummed, have been looking everywhere since with no luck. i wish i was a good enough knitter to make mittens in a hurry, but I’m not quite there yet. I will keep on trying :)

    I love crafts!

  196. I love the photos of Nella and Lainey together, photos of love and beautiful moments. My sister is special too and I’m thankful this thanksgiving for her and the full live she lives

  197. Kelle,

    I was so inspired by your cute ‘Thankful’ banner, that I made one myself. I just posted the finished product on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  198. Love the mitten advent calendar and I love crafts! I might just have to try that out this Christmas season.
    interior decorator oakville

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