Mid-November Hollah

There are times when it all comes together–when fleeting thoughts in my head are quickly captured and transformed into smooth words that rattle off the keyboard like a moving ticker at the bottom of the screen. There are times when theme prevails and photos and words make some sort of agreement at the beginning of a post to work together to make something meaningful. Then there are times where I want to say so much and like a stuttering kid stunted by a brain that’s working faster than speech capabilities, I just stop. And stutter.

There’s so much I want to write, and I’m stuttering a bit.

The weekend was lovely.


…with coffee and laundry and scattered toys nicely balancing more exciting things like hauling the girls across the Alley for an impromptu Miami trip to see our friend Meg visiting from the North.


Atlantic waves are wild and unpredictable, rhythmically lapping a nice repetition, gaining your trust until you put your baby down for a picture because certainly you’ve figured out their pattern, but no. You back up two sand steps to click the shutter and turn to see a monster of a whitecap slam up the shore, knocking Nella down, chasing Lainey into a crying fit and leaving your almost-see-through dress now basically a soaking wet clear window to the granny panty disaster underneath.

Our winning photo though:


…followed by a mad dash to scoop and swoop and clean off bits of sand and shell that made their way into her suit after the great wave.


We left as the sun was setting, and as I-95 welcomed me for the long drive home, I said goodbye to this:


Florida Novembers are full of promise.


This is the first year I haven’t painfully craved the north this time of year; the first November I’ve spent excitedly anticipating what traditions I’ll add to our own holiday repertoire as opposed to scouring Spiritair.com for cheap tickets to guarantee us a snowy 25th. And there is that part of me that wants to diagnose my arrival at End-of-year-contentment as a direct effect of everything that happened this year, and part of me that chalks it up to the greater conclusion that it’s a grand combination of life–of growing, of learning, of being one year older and one year wiser and yes, embracing the frightening unexpected and finding that it was just what you needed to realize…you are content.




There is so much going on right now–good and lovely and necessary blended in there with monotonous responsibilities. A couple trips coming up. Holidays. To-do lists. And throbbing beneath it all is this recognition that an amazing life-changing year is coming to an end. Within a little over a month, we will celebrate our first Christmas as a new family. We will kiss 2010 Goodbye. I will pack up my beautiful, painful, amazing year of 31 and tuck it next to the others while I pull out a new one. And somewhere, within the next few weeks, I will make a trek to my own Mecca, back to the hospital where I will make peace with it all.


I am so excited–not only to fall to my knees in that blessed birth room and thank its walls for what it gave us–for how it changed us, but for all of it. For stringing Christmas paper chains across the play room and making place mats for our Thanksgiving dinner; for saying goodbye to a good year and hello to new one, full of the unknown.



Oh, how can it already be the middle of November?

Every year, we commence the next blessed weeks of festivities with one little purchase that says “It has begun.” This year, it’s the jammies, the Christmas jammies that await little bodies that will slip into their soft cotton Christmas Eve.


It seems official now. Get your ornaments up (mention “Kelle” on this site and get 10% off.)

My annual brouhaha is unleashed.

In the meantime, we’re enjoingin’ a few little things.

Like Picnics at the Airport where we eat turkey subs to the accompaniment of loud jet-blasts under the shadow of 757s.



And Hidden Treasures like the little coffee/gift shop we passed today and U-ied around to check it out. The shop was closed, but the welcoming cove outside its doors drenched with dangling crystals and birdhouses was open.


Or how about Lainey’s Improved Hoola Tecniques



Or, there’s always a Giveaway!

Introducing our new sponsor, Lilian Eve Designs.

I’ve sung her praises before and love her unique designs. And anyone who can whip up fabulous stuff for not just mamas but babies too deserves a hollah. So, Hollah Lilian Eve!


Spend over $25 (excluding shipping) and mention Enjoying the Small Things in the Etsy Buyer Notes and you’ll receive a free crochet hair band (a great stocking stuffer!).

And one lucky commenter on this post will be winning a $50 gift certificate from her shop.

Hollah to that, Baby.

Happy Monday! Lots of good stuff a’comin!



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  1. WOW, that sky/sunset is breathtaking!!! Love the pictures and I can’t get enough of that cute quilt!!

  2. The photo of Nella on the quilt is STUNNING. And Lainey seems like such a big girl these days! Does your mom happen to have an etsy shop? I love her knitted caps:)

  3. such gorgeous pictures. Your girls are just darling

  4. Hilarious beach story! :) Glad everyone was okay! Those designs are so adorable! Great for dress up and great for going out!

  5. you never disappoint, KH!

  6. I will give my pinky toe to be at the beach today.

  7. Very nice pics once again!

  8. I’d just like to say that I love that quilt!!!! :)

  9. this makes my heart ache for what my life could be if i let it. but i don’t.

  10. Wow your pictures of your girls just keep getting better and better. Beyond adorable! Love the one of Brett holding Lainey by the airport. So cute!

  11. The only thing missing from your blog are the photos of the disasters!

    ps. I love your bangs and I’m strongly considering them for myself.

  12. Thanks for all your lovely posts!

  13. Man, kelle, this post makes me want to grab a glass of cider and sit in front of a large fireplace. (neither of which I have, unfortunately!)

    I think it’s great that this year you are content and ready to celebrate in your own little home. This is where you’re raising your little loves, where they’ll come to visit you one day, perhaps to get away from a cold november instead to feel the warmth of a Florida day. This is what life is about. Becoming who we are meant to be, creating relationships and places to call our own.

    I must say, that is so true about waves. I couldn’t help but laugh as I imagined that mini disaster you had. Too funny!! Although probably not for you, nella and lainey.

    I can’t believe it’s mid november either. Soon it will be thanksgiving, then snow, then christmas lights a-twinkling.

    I can’t wait!

  14. Love the pic of Nella in the sand.

    also love the pic of Lainey and Nella on the blanket playing with the doll :)

    Have a great week

  15. Holla right back at ya:) MUAH!

  16. I LOVE the pictures…. as usual! :)

  17. Love the pics of the girls together on the blanket in the lawn! I can’t wait for my little one to be a big sister!

  18. my grandparents used to take us out to a road near the airport to watch planes land :)

  19. Love the pics with you and Nella! You can tell that little girl loves her mama. :)

  20. Kelle, I love looking at your pictures and can’t ever wait for your next blog.

  21. Has anyone ever told you that your husband looks like Mike from Dirty Jobs on the discovery channel? Just sayin’…. : )

  22. The pictures of your girls playing together makes my heart happy! Lucky, mama :)

  23. I’m drawing a blank on what to comment…Gotta love the end of the day “whoosh” where your brain won’t work.
    You inspire me not to take anything for granted. You capture moments I tend to race through. I have 2 little girls around your littles ages…I enjoy your blog.

    Oh and that coffee looks so good at this moment. :0D

  24. I’ve never heard of picnic-ing (??) at an airport! super cool!!

  25. Gorgeous photos, precious cute kiddies and so-true words as always! I love seeing a new post from you on my Google Reader!

  26. Holla!!! I am a follower and lover of anything cute…like Lilian Eve’s shop!!!!

  27. This will be my little one’s very first holiday season. I am so excited!

    Also, I especially love the Lilian Eve headbands… so… here’s hoping!

    Happy Week!

  28. So glad someone else finds such joy in great coffee.

  29. I was a hoola hoop champion as a child and now I do hoola hoop as part of my exercise routine! Lainey looks too cute hoola hooping! And, of course, Nella looks adorable on the beach and everywhere!

  30. We lived in the Caribbean when my boys were babies and I can totally relate to the unpredictable wave during a photoshoot!
    Great giveaway- thank u for hosting!
    Ren lady of the arts at gmail dot com

  31. Great post. Happy November!!

  32. So thankful for the resilience of tiny little bodies. Now home (after too many days away), and thankful to settle back into our comfortable routines. And, of course, a daily routine has become peeking in on our favorite Naples family for a new post. Beautiful as always, Kelle.

  33. I love how you string together events of a few days and make the ordinary ‘event*ful*’. Like taking a picture of your laundry basket – brilliant! I await with baited breath the arrival of all the holiday posts, full of beautiful pictures of your holiday season, just in time to inspire us all.

  34. Beautiful pictures, once again, Kelle! Especially love the ones of you and Nella on the porch swing. And the serious one of Nella laying on the quilt, I think I see a hint of Lainey in her face! Your girls are adorable.

    Thank you for your uplifting and inspiring words.

    I have the exact necklace as the one you have on (green crocheted). I love it!

  35. Love it! And those cute little crocheted flowers are adorable! Hoping I win! πŸ˜‰

  36. I can’t tell you how much it brightens my day to read your posts. Beautiful words and beautiful pictures. As always. :)

  37. What a blissful afternoon. I’m lovin’ reading this post with the theme of contentment, while feeling the warmth of the fireplace, watching my neighbour put up their beautiful holiday lights, & enjoying a brief respite of ‘quiet time’ before our pre dinner dance party starts. Thanks Kelle!

  38. lol i didn’t even see the giveaway, I was too anxious to ask about nella’s knitted cap:) yay for giveaways, going to check out that etsy seller!

  39. November at the beach..no wonder you enjoy the little things so much! My fingers are so cold I think I may have frostbite, so thanks for a glimpse of sun & sand. I love seeing pictures of the girls, they’re so beautiful & growing up right before our eyes… Precious!

  40. Gorgeous pictures!

  41. I am so happy I found your blog!!! I read your article in “parents” magazine and I can’t get over how beautiful your girls are! I come to your blog daily now and look for updates :)

  42. Love her stuff! I got her name from you when I asked about Nella’s bow and just ordered from her – she was kind, responsive, and so easy to order from! Love your pictures and glad you had a good weekend.

  43. I love your photos of the girls! While you may be dreaming of being up North, here in KY I am dreaming of being able to take my girls outside in the evenings instead of holing up inside since it’s dark and cold outside!

  44. I love posts like this. Millions of things bopping around in your head just waiting to come out. My posts always seem like such a mess. Yours? Just seems to flow.

  45. Hollah back! Your pics are stunning and I couldnt choose a fave if I tried!! Have a magical week!!

  46. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one with piles of laundry and scattered toys this weekend. And stuttering? What stuttering?!?! We hear ya girl…

  47. Your posts always bring tears to my eyes. I come here for inspiration.
    I don’t know how you find the time to post with 2 little ones and all that you have going on. But I am so glad that you do!

  48. Kelle, I love your spirit! :) This post is exactly what I needed to bring some light to my day today!

  49. I love how you always find such joy in the “everydayness” of life…thanks for sharing…you and the girls are so beautiful

  50. I am so glad to make your day Kelle because you make mine when I read your entries. Awesome pictures that brought a smile to my heart.

    May the Lord shower abundant blessings up on you!

  51. Hollah November! What a special month of celebration. Can’t wait to hear about your trip back to the hallowed halls of the hospital.

  52. You have the cutest children in the entire world. My study breaks consist of stalking your pictures. Thanks for giving a tired college kid something to enjoy!

  53. My husband is from Australia and I’m from Colorado, and our first Christmas in Australia was a difficult one for me. Christmas during the hot summer heat is far from the wintery Colorado Christmases I treasure. Luckily, we’re in Boston right now and have plenty of snow. But I know that when we move to the land of Oz permanently, it will be a struggle. I love your contentment and I hope that I, too, will find it when I need it.

  54. As always Kelle, your words leave me feeling inspired and refreshed. I love every post, but it is Mondays that I look forward to most. I need fuel on Mondays and your words & pictures seem to do the trick. Hollah!

  55. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sports the granny panties every once in a while.. :-)

    We actually just bought my sweet little princess her Christmas jamies last night! It’s always a tradition to get new jamies and a movie to watch on Christmas Eve!

  56. I love you! (In a non-creepy way)

  57. SO many great photos in this post! But I’ve gotta say, I love the creativity in the “I love her” chalk shot…sooo stinking cute, Kelle. Reading your blog has become such a bright spot in my day!

  58. Go Lainey with your hoola hoop skills! Love that sunset picture just beautiful and I love the quilt!

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  59. Nella’s smile is so contagious!

    Love the Christmas jammies – That’s been a tradition in my house forever and I can’t wait to pass it along to my children :) Christmas Eve isn’t complete without snuggly new jammies to fall asleep in.

    Happy mid-November!


  60. LOVE LOVE your blog and your amazing pictures… your amazing at capturing the moment !! where did you get your girls jammies ? they look soo sweet

  61. we do the jammies for christmas eve too! i have two girls as well, and just recently had them in matching ones – loved it!

  62. Beautiful post, as always, so thank you! I’m loving Lainey’s little red shoes, would love to find a pair in my size. :) Hollah November!

  63. every time i click on my faves and see that you have a new post i get so excited!!
    it’s like all of the good things in life rolled into one!
    thanks for sharing your honest thoughts and amazing life with us in words and photographs.
    damn i wish i still lived in florida cause i wouldly surely wanna meet you in person and see those angels of yours!
    i lived in florida my entire life..40 years…of the 45 i’ve lived…) until these past few years and i must say you have captured it beautifully.
    blessings girl for all things good now and in 2011.

  64. Oh how I know that Miami sunset. My in laws live there and it’s been too long since we’ve seen it. My MIL lives near the airport over there and I’ve always wanted to take my boys to watch the planes come and go. But we’ve just never made the time. I love the idea of having lunch while watching the planes. We’ll definitely have to make time next time we go.

  65. What wonderful pictures! I love the action shots of Lainey working on her hulu hooping skills and Nella’s wild hair!

  66. Just picked out my little one’s jammies to match too! So excited to see their cute little bodies in them. Here’s to a wonderful holiday season!

  67. Kelle I love your blog! Your pictures are amazing!

  68. Kelle I love your blog! Your pictures are amazing!

  69. It’s exciting to be able to end a difficult year and get to start a new one. Even if you have learned a lot and there has been a lot of joy. It’s nice to say goodbye to a tough time. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  70. I love the picture with the “I love her” on the sidewalk. You are so creative. :)

  71. Reading your blog is one great highlight to my day! Your description and love for your girls is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us. :)

  72. I’ve ordered two of the green crocheted necklaces from Lillian Eve, cuz I loved the look on you! The necklace is ultra cute. :) (thx.)

  73. We’ve started off the season with the same ritual as you – buying new Christmas jammies. In fact, my girls are trying theirs on right now…and I’m not sure we’ll be able to hold off until Christmas Eve!

  74. I like that I can come to your blog for ideas, for inspirations, for laughter and for (at times) tears. I like how today I dropped by…and I understood how you felt. So excitied and full of stammering, stuttering happiness. Holla’ Fall! Holla’ contentment!

  75. beautiful post! i always love coming home from school and reading your new post! makes my day a little bit better :). i love the etsy shop too! gorgeous necklaces!

  76. LOVE the photos on this post… not surprising since I love all your photos!

  77. that picture with Lainey, the doll and Nella smiling SO hard is the cutest picture. I couldnt help but smile the 5 times I went back to it :)

  78. Kelle, My heart danced a little when I saw your giveaway this week! Ever since your post with you and your girls in your matching Lillian Eve digs I have been longing to get matching digs for me and my Lilah! I am constantly checking out her shop and talking myself out of splurging on them. I am a self-proclaimed cheap-wad! I love Lainey’s hula attire and that picture of Nella with her big blue eyes in the white outfit is stunning!

  79. a trip to the beach would hit the spot right about now. loving your pics, as usual…

  80. Oh the pictures that you take make me want to jump on a plane and fly to Florida for Christmas. Its so cold here in Virgina. Thanks for letting us into your life. And your girls are beautiful!

  81. Oh the pictures that you take make me want to jump on a plane and fly to Florida for Christmas. Its so cold here in Virgina. Thanks for letting us into your life. And your girls are beautiful!

  82. The airport! We have enjoyed many a KFC dinner and tree climbing at PDK on a Friday night. A great treat that will be shared with our grandson. We get to do it again. Holla!

  83. kelle, i love your blog. I always say that, and it’s always true!

    i was wondering if sometime you could talk about your experience homeschooling, and if you plan on homeschooling your daughters.

    it’s so cool to see someone so fabulously creative, wonderful, and all-around cool coming from a homeschool background (that sounded not how i wanted it to sound)…

    my point is that i just want to know how you felt about being homeschooled and if it’s something you’ll do for your girls (i am thinking about it for mine)…


  84. Love the pictures! You inspire me to be more creative!

  85. Fantastic photos, as per usual. :)

    Hard to believe this year is about done… next year will be better.

  86. I miss Florida so much. I moved away to WA (state) 3 years ago and I do love it here-it’s home but I miss the beach and warmth and gorgeous sunsets. Thank you for sharing photos.

  87. I found your blog last week through The Girl Who’s. I love your writing and your pictures… perhaps equally. I shared your birth story with my mama and it made her cry. Tears of those first moments and subsequent awe and wonder that all mamas keep stowed inside, tears that seem so easily conjured up by a little reminder of those new-baby times.
    My favorite picture today is the laundry. I don’t know why. It just looks… cozy :)

  88. I’m amazed at how you find time to do it all and to it with such gusto and style!! Enjoy the anticipation of getting ready to soak up the holidays! I know I am…but I think I could enjoy it even more if I had a cute little necklace that my 9 month old could pull at with reckless abandon:-)

  89. Honest to goodness, your blog makes my heart smile every.single.day. Thank you for helping strangers like me to stop and enjoy the small things. :)

  90. Oh how I LOVE your blog! I just found it last week and I think I have read almost all of it..I cried through Nella’s birth story (she is beautiful by the way)! I have linked your blog to mine and wrote a short post introducing it to some of my friends and family so they can check it out also! I have 2 girls- a 3 year old (caroline) and 1 year old (anna cooper) so I can totally relate to all your stories! Thanks to your sweet story I have called the local university (USM) to see how I can get involved in their program for special needs kids :) I cant wait to read more! Taylor

  91. I can’t wait for the holidays! It’s the beginning of celebrating the end of the year, reflecting and bravely stepping into a new year! Woo hoo! I love the pictures-Miami looks mighty nice this time of year.

  92. Oh my…now I can’t wait to see my baby girl in her Christmas Jammies. I remember wearing new jammies every Christmas Eve :)

  93. Oh, Lainey! You must tell us where you got your sweet candy red shoes! We have a Lainee who needs to add to her happy red shoe collection…:o) Happy November to you, sweet pickles.

  94. I absolutely love the sweet sister pics…and the one of laney and the apple? delish!! as always, love the blog!

  95. Your posts always brighten our day. I have been a long time reader and lurker, but decided to jump out of the depths of the internet to comment on this post.
    Thank you for making our day brighter, and giving MY littles something to “ooh” and “aah” over as they look at the beautiful pictures on your blog.

  96. Your littles are just ridiculously cute. It’s kind of obscene. :)

  97. Amazing sunset!! The picture of Nella on the quilt is breathtaking. You’re an incredible mama. Keep up the good work.

  98. Your writing is so beautiful. You just know what to write, how to write it and make it all make sense. It’s like a breath of fresh air to me after a crapola day at the office!

    You make me miss my babies while I’m at work and make me smile with my tears in my eyes with the beautiful pix of our daughters.

    Love the goods from Lilian Eve Designs! Maybe i’m the lucky one?! :)

  99. Great pictures. As always! :)

  100. I can’t wait to start our own brouhaha! We get Christmas jammies every year too

  101. I love to eat and drink up each word your write and picture you take! Oh what a gift you have. Add a beautiful family and you’ve got it made! The picture of Nella at the beach, with the focus on her…..love it.

  102. Love Nella’s face in the picture with Meg. SO CUTE – even pouty. :)

  103. Ah, where oh where did you get those lovely pajamas? I am a BIG fan of new pjs every year for Christmas to clad all of my little ones on that magical night…

    Ah, your Lainey is such a love – and that Nella just brings tears to my eyes in every glimpse your lens gives into her beautiful blue eyes, her huge and soulful grin, and her sweet little leggies and feet when she sits the way she does.

    I feel like I know you, I know I’ve said that before – but I have to say it again – even your quilt – I love it all!

    You have a place and a family to visit up here in Canada (now in beautiful British Columbia instead of Calgary, Alberta!) if you ever felt the need to venture a little more north…and we share more bonds than you know.

    Thank you, as always, for sharing. Wish I could hug you and your sweet girls.
    Yes, 2010. What a year.

  104. Love your posts & pics…as always. Excited to see where the adorable knits come from since I am always loving them in you pics.

    Now, I need Nella’s hats!

  105. Okay so you know the picture of your little ladies with your friend Meg? Nella’s little bottom lip sticking out… I think I just about died when I saw that! It’s sooooo stinkin cute! My nearly 9-month old daughter does the same pouty lip and it’s so ridiculously hard to take her seriously when she pops it out like that.

  106. i love this post, and now am interested in you making it back to the hospital to make peace. i hope you write on that.

    i love Lilian Eve Designs stuff, and could go crazy with $50 to spend on her creations!

  107. Like you, I am eagerly anticipating this year’s holidays. Maybe not as much as next year’s when I will have my own little bundle celebrating his first Christmas, but something about being a baby-oven has made this the first holiday season that I’ve looked forward to in a while. Cheers!

  108. I can’t seem to stop smiling everyday I read your blog! Your girls are so blessed to have a mother that loves loves them so much! Thank you for your words…and adjectives! haha

  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. Having littles in the house make the holidays sooo much fun! It’s like being a kid again:) I am so excited about all the holiday festivities we have planned this year with my 3 year old son and 1.5 year old daughter.

  111. Yay! You’re in a great place right now and it looks terrific on you! Keep it up!

  112. Why is it that your blog posts always arrive just when I need them? Happy Holidays!

  113. Why aren’t you a model? I mean really. I always love your blog but I am a Christmas fanatic so I CANNOT wait for your upcoming posts full of holiday lovin’!!

  114. Gourgeous kiddies, gorgeous words and a gorgeous Mama! Fabulous post Kelle, as always!

  115. As I lie in my bed, with my two sick babies, I love how your post lets me travel. I get to see a Miami sunset, and fall in Florida in a matter of minutes.
    I wish I could show you our Norwegian Winter. It is stunning, white and cold.

  116. Oops, one more thing –

    I don’t think anyone has ever made a basket of unfolded laundry any more beautiful. Thank you for that, too!

  117. love it…as per usual

  118. I am a new reader and I’ve just caught up on sweet Nella’s story. I love your perspective on life. Your blog is like sunshine! I’m inspired by the words you write and your *fabulous* pictures.

  119. Oh Kel! That picture of Nella laying on the blanket, her sweet face. She is stunning. An amazing lady. That Lainey is looking bigger and bigger with each post! Love this! I would LOVE to be your winner!!

  120. I love reading your blog! The way you write is just so astonishing! And keep those beautiful pictures coming!

  121. Such wonderful pitures! I love the idea of a picnic at the airport!

  122. Kelle…Just want to say what I say all the time which is I love your blog and your children, they are beautiful. AlsoI thought I would share something with you that made me smile a million times this weekend. Take a look at this video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NB3NPNM4xgo

  123. Yay, I have always admired those knit necklaces and am excited at a chance to win some! Thanks for another great post.



  124. I love your opening. It is so true, how some times the words flow and some times it’s a stutter!
    I also love how you caught the sun setting behind the buildings with rays shooting out. And, the hula hoop shots, precious and bright!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your year ending…

  125. It’s no wonder why these girls are so beautiful…look at their Mama!! You are beautiful inside and out!!

    Loving the model look Nella is rocking out on the blanket and Lainey the hoola queen-great pics!!

    Amazing how you capture the beauty of life in all your pictures!!

    Happy Monday to you!

  126. Thanks for another super post. Love Love Love these necklaces!!!

  127. Beautiful pictures; beautiful girls. :)

  128. gorgeous pics, as always. i’d love to win the gift certificate!

  129. I absolutelyLOVE the pictures, and those babies are amazingly beautiful! Kelle, you’re such an inspiration to everyone around you!! I have been reading your blog since I was 4 months pregnant, and my daughter is now 8 months old..just a few days apart from perfect little Nella! I looove your stories, thanks for allowing me to be a part of them! πŸ˜€

  130. I am so glad your weekend was wonderful. Blessings to you and your precious baby girls Kelle! Blessings.

  131. I wish I lived in Florida and could wear short sleeves and swim in November. Wisconsin weather is much less friendly this time of year! Hope your girls are enjoying the outdoors!

  132. Another beautiful post :) thank you for pic of the laundry basket!

    I love the new sponsor – I have one of her necklaces and get non stop comments when I wear it. A great way of dressing up Jeans and a top.

  133. Love the picture of you and nella on the swing. I always say there need to be more mommy and kid photos, because they need to look back and say hey look at us! Enjoy the rest of 2010!!! seeing how you and the family are loving nella, i think you already made peace with that hospital room. But visit it and soak it in- and dont forget to bring a tray of goodies for the nurses. they love to be thought of too.

  134. I love the idea of starting your own traditions. So much baggage gets brought to our kids by us it’s nice to think of letting them have their own!
    My daughters have the same first initials as your sweet girls. Layla and Nora. It’s fun to see what cute things you whip or find that have their letters!
    I appreciate the time and love you put into your blog!! Thank you!

  135. After having our boy only 2 weeks ago, with a birth that was unexpectedly painful and complicated, I appreciate you planting the idea to also return to his birth site with gratitude and love for our new addition. Call it postpartum hormones, or something else – but this post made me very emotional as I listen to “Winter Song” and realize that all of “this” is so fleeting. What a beautiful time as the season changes and we take in all of the lovely moments that are given to us. Thank you for sharing.

  136. I love the picture of Nella on the porch swing…man, she is a beauty!

  137. Nice PJ’s! We already commenced the Christmas season with a handmade Nativity scene for my girl (Etsy of course). One piece a day to be tied to the family advent calendar.

    Kudos to a great weekend. I am amazed how big Lainey is. Her dress is the one from Easter and now it looks like a little shirt. Holy cow!

    Wishing you a great week.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  138. I so look forward to your blog posts and pictures…they really make my day. Lainey and Nella’s pictures bring smiles to my face every time.

  139. Like you, in this new place I live, I am no longer sad. I no longer yearn for what was but hope for what is and what will become. Like your 31…I will be having a new baby in June, as I kiss my 31 good bye. Such Hope, Promise, Insight, Intuition, Kindness and Love your posts always provide. Its been my therapy as I have waded through tenuous waters. Thank you. You are truly a gift Kelle.

  140. That photo of Nella in the white crochet-ish dress, lying on the fab-o quilt, is the fourth most precious thing I’ve seen all day, following only behind the 3 sets of chocolately eyes that followed ME around all day.

  141. Your pictures always amaze me. Always.

    And I too am excited about everything that has to do with November AND December right now.

  142. your writing is just absolutely beautiful and evokes such emotion!

  143. When I need a breath of fresh air you site always offers that. It’s a reprieve that inspires me to become better at EVERYTHING. Thank you for that and I’m sure my kids thank you too :)

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    As always, great pics :-)

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    Love the idea of a picnic at the airport. That’s sounds exhilirating to say the least:)

    Can’t even believe you are at the beach in November…we got our first big snow this weekend. You are always welcome to come tromp around in it with us:)

  147. I find it weird that you’re still in t-shirts and bathing suits in NOVEMBER! Here its frosty and grey, and the last of the orange leaves are falling to the ground.
    Love the idea of visiting the hospital room again. I am going in on Weds to have my baby girl. I can not wait to hold her!

    Thank you for being an inspiration. And Happy Thanksgiving for next week (got American friends who live over here in England… love sharing their holidays!)

  148. Another great post Kelle. Pics of your little beauties are always fun too. Gosh, a $50 spending spree at that shop sounds awesome. I know our foster kiddos would love some of those treasures. Thanks for the chance to win.

  149. November, already??? That is for sure! Christmas jammies top my list, along with Christmas cookies, some holiday songs and reading Twas the night before Christmas. :o)

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  159. once again big momma tears pouring down my face. Trying to find matching Christmas pjs for my kids to get me in gear.

  160. I love escaping from school work to your blog for a few minutes to check out the new posts and awesome music. Loving Nella’s precious pout in the beach picture and Lainey’s hula hooping skills! Can’t believe its almost mid Novemeber too.. Hollah!

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  163. I would LOVE to get the Urban Mod Neckwarmer with the Large red flower! Also, I’d like to have the Blooming Couture Holiday Fibre Necklace. If I don’t win I might just have to get a flower clip. They are too cute!

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  191. I also can’t believe it’s November already. I became a mom for the first time in April and am still amazed at how cool being a mom is. And how wonderful it is to watch a little one grow & learn.
    Lovely post with lovely photos. as usual

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  194. We were just down in your area of the world last weekend, and our 2 girls loved the ocean, beach, and waves too. Of course my photos don’t do justice to the magic the way yours do, but the feelings are there!

  195. I love the picture of Lainey’s feet by the chalk “I love you.” When I have kids of my own someday, I’m going to take such awesome pictures of them thanks to all your great ideas :)

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  197. You continue to inspire through words and photos! Thanks!

  198. Ok, I’m up to date on your blog. I found your site last week through a friend who reads it every time you post. I couldn’t just read the birth story post and go from there…no, I had to go all the way back to the beginning. I have read every post and looked at every photo. Inspirational. It makes me want to change the way my blended family does things, so tonight, we made Monday special. Just a random Monday but we may it “Christmas Cookie Night” — we loved it! Thank you for opening my eyes to new ways to celebrate life! :)

  199. That Lillian Eve stuff is CUTE! I love the sweet nella headband!!! I may just have to get myself one, and the crochet rope style necklaces like you girls have are really cute too. I’m going through a style transformation (or rather, a taste transformation, hoping to actually start purchasing these things soon- just went back to work after a 5 month lay off. yay!) and those necklaces seem like something I should have… Love seeing your beautiful girls!!

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    Your photography is captivating. I anticipate your new posts and take in every word and photo.

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  208. I love love love this post, mid November already and I am ancy to pull out my Christmas decor and soak in all the glory that Christmas & December has to offer with my small family. My 4 year old has decided to make her own Christmas gifts (her crafts) and it melts my heart to see the love, care and attention in her eyes! Thanks for your blog Kelle I love reading!

  209. Sounds like a great weekend – love the swing pics the most! Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  210. My mom initially introduced me to your blog and stated, “You are going to love it…this woman has a way with words.” Right she was. I love coming home from a long day, kicking up my feet, and hoping to find an update from your blog on my igoogle. Thanks for being part of my therapeutic evenings.

  211. beautiful pics! hard to believe another year is winding down…but the promise of holiday good things puts a smile on my face. especially when the best thing is my baby’s first thanksgiving and christmas, can’t wait!!

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    As usual it’s wonderfully written with beautiful photos. Love the one of Nella sitting in the sand, the girls with the doll & you & Nella on the swing! Pure happiness :)

  214. I purchased the green necklace from Lillian Eve after you posted about it earlier this year. I got so many compliments!

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    simply lovely.
    i’ve spent a great deal of time today under covers not wanting to exit my room…ever. must tell you that the colors and your plans of the future were a blessing and encouragement to me today.
    keep grabbing life and living it to the full

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  225. I found your site last week and I just wanted to tell you how much I love your pictures and how you tell your stories.

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  227. That picture of Nella laughing as Lainey plays with her dolls is absolutely adorable. One of my favs!

  228. Loving November in a new way this year. My first November living in Florida and learning to appreciate all of the unique beauty that goes along with it.

  229. Love the picnic at the airport. We live near the airport as well & my daughter loves to spot the planes coming in.

  230. It is so much fun to see what fall looks like in the South! It is cool in the Midwest. Love all the pictures of the girls- they are getting so big!

  231. The photo of the Miami sunset took my breath away. I also think Lainey looks like such a little girl (and less like a toddler) in these photos. Why do are little ones grow up so quickly?

  232. The pictures of Nella’s scrunchy face is to die for (and I love Lainey’s concentration with her tongue out, just like my older daughter). I do so love scrunchy baby face! Your work makes me want to keep my camera in my hand every minute of the day (if only I could ditch the office job). Happy beginning of the holidays to you!

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  234. I just unwrapped our holiday jammies for my girls and am just SO excited to see them on. Something about tiny PJs is just so magical :)

  235. Not sure what I’m more excited about – the fact that we’re kindred aiport-loving spirits, or the Lilian Eve giveaway (I adore her stuff).


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  242. im in the north .. and im craving the south..

    cant believe in a few more weeks my january baby will be 1, how is it I am another year older and she is almost a year..

  243. Love all the pictures, your girls are beautiful!

  244. Ya’ll can come up to Tennessee & get you some cold weather…maybe it will give you a taste of home minus the snow…however Opryland hotel has snow this year! We’re only 9-10 hours away give or take. C’mon up! Always love love your pics.

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  246. that quilt of yours has turned me into an Etsy fanatic, I can.not.stop.looking!! :)

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  250. I really love these necklaces. I have been eyeing them up for a while. I hope I win! Happy November to you and your beautiful family. Hollah!

  251. Kelle,
    The pictures of you and Nella on the swing are exquisite. Thank you for helping me.

  252. Love your site, and as always your pictures are beautiful! Happy fall.

  253. As always, so beautiful and inspirational.

  254. Love the pictures…Nella is growing up soo fast… Isn’t is amazing how time flies when you wish it would just stay still for minute? We will also be celebrating a 1st Christmas with our 3rd son…I can’t wait to share the magic of the holiays with him…and yes, he just got his first pair of holiday jammies too… Happy Holiday :)

  255. A life so blessed.

  256. i love the photos and the picnic and that lainey and nella look like wonderful sisters!!

  257. I ordered that chunky lemongrass necklace and would LOVE to get my hands on some of her other treasures! Her stuff is great.

  258. Thank you for a wonderful Monday post :) Have a great week with those beautiful girls of yours!

  259. Every time I read your beautiful posts, it makes me appreciate my family that much more. There really is nothing better than an unplanned day filled with random surprises and places to go! The November here in Ohio is a beautiful thing with bare trees and chilly mornings, it’s hard to imagine a 70 degree November like you have in Florida!

  260. love, love the green porch swing. inspires me to maybe do something to my boring white one. i’ve been dreaming of painting it aubergine for a year–think i’ll actually do it next weekend!

  261. You are all so beautiful! Thanks for motivating me to start scouring the internet for the perfect holiday PJs for my littles!

  262. Love your sweet family. Lainey making Nella laugh with her baby doll is so precious.

  263. Kelle,
    The pictures of you and Nella on the swing are exquisite. Thank you for helping me this year.

  264. Kelle,
    The pictures of you and Nella on the swing are exquisite. Thank you for helping me this year.

  265. Great pictures!! I alwasy love the pictures of Nella and Lainey together!

  266. Looking forward to putting my three little ones in their Christmas jammies! It’s our tradition every year to get new jammies (kiddos and adults) and have Christmas breakfast all together as a family in our PJs!

    Love the pics as usual :)

  267. Looking forward to putting my three little ones in their Christmas jammies! It’s our tradition every year to get new jammies (kiddos and adults) and have Christmas breakfast all together as a family in our PJs!

    Love the pics as usual :)

  268. Looking forward to putting my three little ones in their Christmas jammies! It’s our tradition every year to get new jammies (kiddos and adults) and have Christmas breakfast all together as a family in our PJs!

    Love the pics as usual :)

  269. I can practically see the movement and hear the laughter in the hula hoop pictures. Gorgeous!

  270. I just recently ran across your blog and your amazing journey this past year. Lovely photos!

  271. Lainey’s red Maryjanes are so darling–they scream fun!

  272. I feel so mean saying it, but we have had the MOST amazing fall over here in Wisconsin! It has been so warm and just plain beautiful. The kind of weather that lets you suck every last minute of decent weather out of a day. I think our fortune is running out, though. I also love your music choices. When I am to lazy to get my pandora stations running, I just keep your blog open :)

  273. Tha sunset is breathtaking!! Loved this post. :)

  274. I just recently ran across your blog and your amazing journey this past year. Lovely photos!

  275. I feel so mean saying it, but we have had the MOST amazing fall over here in Wisconsin! It has been so warm and just plain beautiful. The kind of weather that lets you suck every last minute of decent weather out of a day. I think our fortune is running out, though. I also love your music choices. When I am to lazy to get my pandora stations running, I just keep your blog open :)

  276. Isn’t it the best when we can look forward to holidays? I love it! Christmas tree coming right up!

  277. Isn’t it the best when we can look forward to holidays? I love it! Christmas tree coming right up!

  278. I had to linger over that sunset picture. I was born there and we abruptly moved when I was 8 years old. My husband happens to be a Michigander though. We somehow ended up in the foothills of N. Carolina. I love Michigan Christmases. This year we are headed to N. Florida to my folks though. I can’t wait to see my boys, ages 3 and 1 flip out over Christmas fun!

  279. Love the Lillian Eve stuff! I’ve been wanting to get some and now’s the perfect time :) Love the pics, as always… you’re lucky you live so far away. I would be begging to meet you and the girls. I think I’d steal Nella away and smother that precious faces with kisses. Yay for fall and Christmas jammies! I already bought my three the ones that they will wear too.

  280. I am now inspired to purchase my own Christmas jammies….can I still call them that in my 30’s? :)

  281. I love how Nella sits, with her hands on her knees, so matter of factly and so cute. :) Can’t wait for Christmas! This will our daughter’s first one!

  282. you are always doing fun stuff with your kiddos! i’d admire that about you–and love your word play writing!
    From one mama to another–you deserve a holla!


  283. I love reading your blog. It always picks me up when I’ve had a long day and makes me look forward to life as a new mommy next june. I love photography as you do and though I make work as a nurse, my creative side needs the photographic beauty and stories to telkl with every picture. I photographed a wedding this weekend, that helped :)You inspire me as always :)

    Happy Monday!!

  284. Your blog inspires me everytime I read it, and your babies and photos are just beautiful!

  285. Beautiful…the words, the pics, the ideas, the family moments. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have to throw out there to you that I’m thankful for your 2010, and that my path crossed yours this year. I’m thankful for this blog and for your sweet soul. I’m loving this song “blue eyes” and will totally be adding it! :)

  286. I am very new to your blog, and just beginning to consider to venture into motherhood myself. Your writing, photos, and sentiments are precious, and they make me so excited for all of the exciting surprises, both good and bad, that I have coming my way in the near(ish) future. Thanks for such inspiration!

  287. I love the airport picnic idea!!
    I would love me some Lillian Eve too :)

    holla atcha girl.

    Holiday love.

  288. My little love turns one on Saturday. It has been an amazing year and I can’t believe how much she has made me grow and love even more than I thought was possible…. I remember worrying that I wouldn’t be able to love her as much as I love my first. So silly…and so long ago. Little Nella isn’t far behind!

  289. Just returned last night from a quick weekend trip to Miami (myself and two others) to surprise one of our fav friends and honor her 30th birthday. She was very surprised and we had tons o’ fun!

    Your previous post reminded me of our wonderful weekend; seeing your friend asleep on the quilt with Nella…friends get us through! Just beautiful I tell ya.

  290. Your blog makes me happy.

  291. I love love love that quilt!! Sooo gorgeous! It makes pictures just look amazing!

    I am an avid crocheter and I love those necklaces, so I thought I would give it a try, just doesn’t look as cool! So winning one to actually wear and be proud to wear would be fabulous!!

  292. My comments are always the same…so uncreative…just that I am in love with your girls! (along with everyone else in the world!) Happy November!

  293. Your love for life is breath taking. Each and every day brings new beauty to our souls. Kelle you are awesome.

  294. Love the hoola photos! GO Lainey! Thank you for sharing!

  295. Wonderful pictures! Beautiful quilt, one day I will make my first quilt out of my daughter’s baby clothes and her crib sheets…I love finding your new posts!

  296. What a year it’s been for you and yours… I’m glad you’re so very good at quietly stepping back and taking it all in from time to time.

    There’s no way you’ll look back 20 little years from now and regret anything.

    Good job, Kelle. :)

  297. I’m in a hit-and-miss area for snowy Christmases ~ the foothills of North Carolina ~ but I don’t know how I’d deal with moving to Florida where it is certain I wouldn’t have a White Christmas. Good for you for embracing it! (And your girls are still adorable. I LOVE the one where Nella is laughing at the baby doll.)

  298. What a year it has been! The way you capture emotion in your pictures is amazing! Keep writing, even when you stutter ;), your words are never short of inspiring.

  299. Love the pic of Nella in the porch swing – so cute! Fun giveaway – I like her Urban Twisted Cowl.

  300. Loving the blog and looking forward to seeing the pictures of your sweet little family celebrating the holidays. I would love to have a little swag to brighten up my Christmas style.

  301. Love love love your posts! Great necklaces! You sure have a beautiful family!

  302. Holla! Girl, I have a 7 month old and a 2.5 year old and I love your baby girls almost as much as I love mine. Your blog is my happy place. :)

  303. I just want to say… I love your bangs. :) I can never get mine so blunt. Darn cowlick.

  304. Kelle, you have the number one spot on my iGoogle blog list, and I check it several times a day until I see a new post. Then I get all excited because I know what I will find. More beautiful pictures of the most precious people, and wonderful words that always warm my heart. Thank you for always sharing yours…

  305. I scour (is that how you spell it? looks funny…) my blog feed daily for your new posts…thanks for writing and sharing! Your family is beautiful!

  306. I just spent an hour listening to your site music while cooking supper. You have totally opened my ears to new music!

  307. I just want to say… I love your bangs. I can never get mind so blunt. Darn cowlick. :)

  308. Christmas Eve jammies are my favorite!!! I’ve bought and exchanged three different pairs for each of my babies until I finally found the perfect ones! So fun! I love this time of year! It is so magical having babies to celebrate with!!! Oh and Nella’s beach picture is the cutest thing ever! I can’t believe you are at a beach, in bathing suits…in November!!! :)

  309. Dear Joyful November in FL,
    I think I always love your posts because they never fail to make me feel HAPPY.

    Thank you for that.

    Smiling in NE

  310. What a breathtaking sunset! So glad you had a wonderful weekend! :)

  311. Love the photo of Nella with the squished up face on the quilt. Made my day!!!

  312. Love looking at your photos…your writing is wonderful, but takes a backseat to those 2 beautiful littles you have…please keep sharing!

  313. Kelle, I adore that necklace on you! The neutrals are so fun. Have you checked out designsponge? It’s such a fun art blog with tons of project ideas. I was on there pretty much all weekend getting ready for Christmas the homemade way :). Let the decorating begin!

  314. can’t imagine that i will win, but would love too. love your posts. i would gladly trade you an up-north PA winter for a down south Florida one. :) cheers. missy.

  315. Oooh love Lillian Eve Designs!
    Your posts and photos are always so inspiring, thank you for sharing your life with us.

  316. ah november…it’s one of my favorite months. the crispy weather makes for some great evenings of snuggling with babies! so I’ll join you in that HOLLAH!!

  317. I also can’t believe it is November! I am super excited to celebrate the holidays. Thanks for sharing your life and pictures.

  318. Oh I would love a gift card! I would be able to get my very uniquely styled and amazing cousin the perfect Pollyanna gift!!!

  319. I don’t think it’s possible to comment on here without using the word LOVE. I LOVE the picture of Nella on the beach. I LOVE the idea of a trip to the airport without taking a flight. I LOVE how cute Lainey is always dressed. I always LOVE your blog. :)

  320. BEAUTIFUL Kelle!!!! :) Your readers love your writing… even when you feel like you’re stuttering… it’s flawless to us and we don’t see the stutters. :) All of your work, pictures, and writing are amazing. :) You’re an inspiration to find contentment and bring on new traditions where you’re at. I miss home so much too, but I’m trying so hard to really make this place ours, and not dwell on what I thought life would look like. Thanks for inspiring!

  321. i love that quilt..looks like you are getting good use out of it… a blanket to play on, sleep on, and eat on! love the colors and everything about it!

  322. Once again you lift me up with your inspiration and your joy with life!

    Thank you, Kelle.

  323. Always excited to read your inspiring words and gaze at your breath-taking pictures. Please do tell where you got your girl’s Christmas jammies. I am trying to find the perfect ones this year.

  324. Love the picture sequence of Nella and Lainey and the doll. I so enjoy seeing them interact with each other.

  325. A gift card is JUST what I need for Christmas presents….. Please??

  326. I love your pictures! Thanks for sharing! :)

  327. Lillian Eve Designs = so much fun! Would love to have some spending money to do some damage with. :) Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  328. LOVE this giveaway, and LOVE your blog :)

    aleytac at hotmail dot com

  329. Thanks for the continued encouragement to take life by the horns and live it uniquely, colourfully and beautifully!

  330. So glad I stumbled upon your blog! A little rainbow of color.

  331. as always..some beautiful shots of your girls, your little world. as i prepare for my littlest turning one tomorrow, and remember our year, i can’t help be be excited for the ones to come. thanks again for some beauty in the world!

  332. enjoy your blog so much, my dear…

  333. Love your sweet family more with every post!

  334. Kelle. I <3 your blog! i have been reading it for months now. i work at a childrens hospital where i live and have offered your blog to many new moms with babes with the magic chromosome. Many that have babies who are hospitalized for long periods at a time and come back telling me they love it as much as i do. Please never stop what you do, you are a sweet blessing to many!
    ps. i luuuuvve the necklace hope im the winner :)

  335. As always, I check several times a day to see if you have posted anything new. I leave my computer with a new outlook on life and I am always inspired to enjoy the small things. Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many moms out there:)

  336. I love how you embrace the now. You have inspired me to do the same and not always be looking back or for something different. It is so important to just sit back and look around all the blessings and good things around us.

  337. I too just said goodbye to year 31 & am embracing year 32. I still stop at times and wonder, where did the twenties go….but I am loving every minute of the thirties as they fly by. Thanks for sharing your wonderful words with us. So inspirational!

  338. Beautiful blog (and kids!!). We’ve recovered from our first storm of the 2010-2011 winter here in MN. Lots of great times with my girls: sledding and snowman building

  339. I love your little stories about day to day happenings. The almost see through dress hitting the water is something that would totally happen to me!

  340. love your blog, love your pictures, love winning things. :)

  341. Scary how quickly time flies by! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  342. Thanks Kelle! I have been admiring your adorable shirt and would love to be able to share in the fun:)

  343. you make it all look so easy! :) Beautiful as always..

  344. Such gorgeous pictures, as always :) Your blog never fails to make me smile!

  345. Hi Kelle,
    Always love reading your posts!
    Miami looks like a beautiful place.
    Great beach photos.
    The Lilian Eve Design pieces are gorgeous.

  346. You are so inspirational! You have me saving up for a nice camera so I can start documenting my son’s life. I feel like I miss so much all ready, and I still can’t get over how quickly the time goes.

  347. Funny…you are craving the cold and here in Chicago I am dying to squish my feet in the sand for just ONE hour! Love the airport!

  348. oh the beauty of innocence along side the joy of maturity. family

  349. oh the beauty of innocence along side the joy of maturity. family

  350. love the wave story…so true. and i love your chalk writings. and i love your girls. i love november……love, love, love. I’m not descriptive like you, but I guess your blog brings out the love in me!


  351. Novembers really are a nice time of year!! I can not believe we are already to mid-November!!

  352. I just found you over the weekend. LOVELY! I have major catching up to do!

  353. We do the Christmas jammies for our girls too! I’m not on the ball like you are – don’t have any yet! Yours are adorable.

    Also, I love those crocheted necklaces – so unique!

  354. Love the beach pics, so sweet!

  355. I’ve said it once and I’ll probably say it again-I LOVE that your husband is in his sport clothes and you and your ladies are all dolled up. It’s so real! Love it.

  356. I’ve lived in Chicago almost my whole life but I think my heart is aching for some down south winters…

  357. I’ve said it once and I’ll probably say it again-I LOVE that your husband is in his sport clothes and you and your ladies are all dolled up. It’s so real! Love it.

  358. The pictures of your girls always bring smiles to my face! (My husbands too, b/c they’re always so sweet that I make him check them out! …. he smiles and agrees!)

  359. I’ve been hoping for a post today. Yay! Love the new photos. Something about Nella reminds me so much of my baby girl. They are the same age and they both have that lovely innocence about them. Can’t get enough. Hugs to you and your family.

  360. Love love the pictures of the girls playing with the baby doll. Seriously, adorable!! Happy Monday!

  361. Love love the pictures of the girls playing with the baby doll. Seriously, adorable!! Happy Monday!

  362. Love those necklaces.
    Wear did you get the jammies? So cute

  363. I love November too. Mostly because it reminds me so much of family – the holiday get-together and dinners, family pictures and laughing way to hard at things that wouldn’t be funny to anyone else…but family. :) I can’t wait to see your florida holidays while enjoying my georgia ones…

  364. Picnics at the airport?! What a stellar idea! Thank you, as always, for allowing me to sit back and take a moment to soak up all the goodness in my life in the midst of a whole lot of chaos.
    Lainey looks like she rocks out the hula hoop..and the picture of Nella all spikey-haired on the bench had tears rolling down my face. She is a dream. What a gorgeous child!

  365. Picnics at the airport?! What a stellar idea! Thank you, as always, for allowing me to sit back and take a moment to soak up all the goodness in my life in the midst of a whole lot of chaos.
    Lainey looks like she rocks out the hula hoop..and the picture of Nella all spikey-haired on the bench had tears rolling down my face. She is a dream. What a gorgeous child!

  366. we have been wanting to do a dinner by the planes. How great they have a picnic table there. I also love those necklaces. :)Swoon

  367. those crocheted necklaces are just beautiful! hope i win!!!

  368. granny panty disaster – LOVED it! Hysterical! The picture of Nella was totally worth the work though… it is precious!

  369. Love the pic of N giggling playing with L and the baby doll :)

  370. I miss the beach – here in NC we are at least 3 hours from one and by now both the sand and water have lost their warmth

  371. I love the ones of Lainey hula-hooping. You always have the best giveaways!

  372. I love love love the picture of nella on the swing by herself. she looks adorable. :) i had a good weekend as well when the boyfriend came to visit my at school. We bunkered in my room sunday night and all day today. He just left and now it’s time to get back to reality. :(
    Have a great week :)


  373. You can tell that Lainey is going to be such a great mother from your photos… she is going to be just like you :)

  374. What a BEAUTIFUL sunset!!!

  375. I love reading about your daily adventures. Thanks for sharing your life with me.

  376. Awesome. Your girls are precious. I’ve got two little sisters running around my house, too!

    Grace and Ginger and Everything Nice

  377. Oh my goodness the photo of Nella on the quilt with her serious blue eyes and her little pursed lips…amazing. And the collage of Lainey hoola-hooping…pure fun! Isn’t this time of year great?

  378. Kelle-
    You look so beautiful and so HAPPY in the last picture. I am so addicted to your blog! And where do you discover the music?! It’s just awesome what you’ve created here – thank you so much for sharing!!

  379. that picture of Nella on the parkbench is so stinking cute. My husband walked in and saw that picture and smiled.

  380. I had a little mini family shoot this weekend with some friends and found a spot where it looks like we have beautiful fall leaves surrounding us. It’s beautiful. I live at the beach in SC and we sadly don’t have lots of falls colors so I know where your coming from with wanting that. But not everyone can go to the beach year ’round :)

  381. I’m really struggling with a few things right now, and your blog always puts life into perspective for me. Thanks.

  382. Love the picnic photo with Lainey in her cowgirl hat! What a super cutie!!

    Christmas jammies is my favorite tradition ever! My mom and I always bought new jammies every year to wear on Christmas morning.

  383. Oh – and I forgot – LOVE the wave story!! I totally cracked up because that’s happened to me so many times! LOVE IT!!

  384. hollah!

  385. Not sure what Little Lainey is doing to the babydoll, but Nella finding it sooo funny is priceless!! What a photo!!!

  386. The pictures on this post are beyond words. You inspire me to capture mundane and ordinary moments in our life in a new and exciting light and I LOVE it!

  387. The pictures on this post are beyond words. You inspire me to capture mundane and ordinary moments in our life in a new and exciting light and I LOVE it!

  388. I’m also amazed at how quickly this year has gone. How it has taught me to cry harder, laugh longer, and live bigger…We will never be the people we were before our littles changed us…and I have never been more grateful.

  389. I love it! Happy Monday – I know this week will hold many wonderful things – the best is happening Friday – when we find out if we will have another girl or if we will have a boy!
    I love your blog and sometimes just turn it on an listen to the music – My daughter told me today she needed to shake her booty so we turned it on and she really shook it!
    Love the picnic at the airport – what fun!

  390. We’ve been looking for toddler-friendly jewelry (read: no small beads and not breakable in any way). This is it!

  391. Nella’s smile gets me every time… what a precious soul!

  392. The beach pictures are adorable! I am always in awe of your beautiful photography.

  393. Looking forward to your wonderful holiday posts! My three littles were so excited about their christmas Pj’s that they were in them tonight as soon as they came out of the dryer. I hope this beautiful, intoxicating excitement continues for weeks!!
    Love the picture of you & Nella on the swing. Captures pure mommy joy!

  394. Thank you for writing something that is worth reading, everytime I read your blog I come away feeling happy and alive. Your girls are adorable!

  395. You give me hope that things will get better. As I wearily rock my screaming 8 week old, I am exhausted but I am trying so hard to enjoy the small things.

  396. crocheting never looked so good πŸ˜‰
    thanks for the giveaway-

  397. Oh I’ve completely forgotten about that fun family memory of going to the airport with a picnic. We must do that again. Thanks for the reminder!

  398. beautiful and inspiring as always. =]

    we’ve also picked up the christmas PJ’s for my 1 and 2 year olds. getting them to cooperate for a cute picture for our christmas cards wearing them will be a challenge, though!

  399. Ella and I would love to get a GC to that site – lots of fun things to accessorize with!! Thanks for your inspiring posts of another SAHMs day to day story…

  400. lovely post….your girls are so beautiful!

  401. I just found your blog, and it is beautiful. I love all your pictures and your daughters are too cute.

  402. Three cheers for new Christmas jammies! We always wait for Christmas Eve to wear the new pj’s.

  403. Your words and pictures never disappoint. You are an inspiration, and I am looking forward to hearing how your journey back to the hospital goes.

  404. your pictures are so beautiful, as always. what beautiful women the girls you are raising now will be!

  405. your pictures are (as always) gorgeous! Think the only thing more gorgeous are those two sweet little girls :) Love the dress Lainey is wearing while mastering her hula hooping! You have such great style

  406. I’m glad to see little Nella’s feeling better. Your girls are just precious.

  407. Love your photos every post!!!

  408. Love the life you live and love following you! :)

  409. I love the pictures!

  410. I’ve decided when I graduate with a degree and I’m looking for a teaching job, I’m going to apply somewhere with a beach! The picture of Nella sitting in the sand is sooo precious!!

  411. Thank you for posting today! I had a rough day & your posts always inspire!

  412. Next time we go to watch the planes, I think we will have a picnic!

  413. Oh, I love the pictures of the girls in this post – I’m so jealous of the beautiful weather since we got dumped with snow all weekend here :)

  414. I *LOVE* the ‘giddy’ smile Nella is providing in her poses! :)

  415. The beach is beautiful! I love the description of the wave incident. You have such a way with words and photos. My daughter loves to look at your pictures.

  416. I love showing your pictures to my 21 month old daughter. Happy Holidays!

  417. You always have the most lovely photos of your little ones!

  418. I just wanted to share that now not only do I love your blog but so do my children. When my daughter sees pics. of Nella she says I want a baby just like that one and my son says baby, baby!

  419. Another beautiful post, Kelle! As an Ohioan there are days when I would much rather be swimming in the ocean on an 80 degree day than walking to my classes bundled up with hats, gloves, scarves, and winter coats in the 32 degree weather. Enjoy the anticipation of the holiday season with your beautiful family, I know I am ready for it and all the happiness it brings!

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  421. This comment has been removed by the author.

  422. Looking forward to the holidays too. What a great porch swing.

  423. Just posted a link to your wonderful and inspiring blog on my FB page. It is the eve of my “miracle baby’s” 3rd birthday. Arriving 22 months after the pain and shock of delivering a stillborn baby boy, Eden brings a bright light into our life. She is the one who wouldn’t be had our beautiful little boy not paved the way. Your blog represents speaks to me and reminds me how to find joy and happiness out of what, at first, seems like a devastating situations. Thank you.

  424. I think my sweet girlie and I need one of those necklaces! Love the picture of you and Nella on the swing! (:

  425. LOVE the christmas jammies….
    Where oh where did you find them??

  426. I love your blog! Your girls are so precious.

  427. 1) I am already waiting with anxious anticipate to read your ‘post-Mekka-trip post. Got burning tears in my eyes just thinking about it. 2) I made turkeys out of leaves and construction paper with my little people today. And I loved it. And reading your blog is always what inspires me to think of fun little memorable things like that to do with my daughters. I’m putting lunch at the airport on that list. 3) Today at ballet class, I complimented a little girl for her extraordinary kindness (at age 2.5). Her mom replied that she has an older brother who has special needs; and that she believes that’s one reason why this darling little girl is so kind; such a sweet, knowing, deeply feeling soul. And I thought of you. And your girls. And I didn’t want to be a freak, but I just had to tell her about your blog and I hope to God she reads it. Because every mom should. Especially a mom who has obviously given so much thought to why her little girl is so very dear. I heart you Kelle Hampton. You inspire me in very specific, meaningful ways, and inspire me to actually take action to be a more fun, more creative, more grateful mom. This Thanksgiving season, I’m so thankful for you.

  428. Holla! Beautiful as ever! I need me one of those necklaces! Perfect for BC weather!

  429. You & Nella on the green bench/swing thing… absolutely happy gorgeous!
    Loving Lainey’s hoola-hoopin’ montage too.
    Cheers to contentment in the here & now!

  430. Great pics as always!!! :) Love the airport picnic too.

  431. Hollah! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! The picture (on the right) of Nella reacting to Lainey’s babydoll is adorable! Ah, the faces children make!

    Jill B (Overland Park,KS)

  432. LOVIN’ the hat the Nella is sporting! Your precious pumpkins are so sweet. I still cannot get over how much my Grace and your Nella look alike! If you are ever in St. Augustine, Gracie would LOVE to share a merry-go-round ride with your sweet girls!

  433. amazing sunset! where did you get those adorable christmas pjs?

  434. Oooo, awesome giveaway! And lovely photos, as always.

  435. It’s so weird to see ya’ll at the beach when I live in Alaska and it’s snowy and cold here! :) Love all the pictures…. can you tell us what eye make up you use? I love it! :)

  436. The photos of you with Nella on the swing blow away that gorgeous Miami sunset. And it is a gorgeous shot!!

  437. Love every bit of it!!! Contentment…that’s what it’s all about! Hugs to you!
    Thanks for the chance to win goodies…I’ve been addicted to Lilian Eve Designs since you first shared her wonderful etsy shop!

  438. must be PMSing here. This post made me all teary eyed! HOLLAH!!

  439. Cheers to granny panties!

    I hope I win just so this is read by all….ha!

    Happy Week to you!

  440. Happy Monday Indeed!! I also love this time of year and I can’t believe how quickly it got here! My husband has put up Christmas lights but I still have pumpkins on the front porch :)

  441. The purchase of Christmas PJ’s definitely signal the season for us: Helloooo, red and green!

  442. I LOVE the “I love her” picture! Beautiful!

  443. Your pictures are a breath of fresh air, positivity, happiness & hope in a world of crazy politics, violent crimes, debbie downer news casts & information overload. thank you.

  444. Every post of yours is such a joy to read. Thank you :)

  445. loverly weekend my dear.

  446. Would love to use $50 on her stuff. LOVE IT! Love the pics. I am also excited to see what you do for Nella’s 1st bday. I had my 3rd little one right before you did and I am already planning as I am sure you are :)


  447. am I lucky or what? πŸ˜‰ haha
    I love keeping up with your sweet little family! You are such a strong, amazing lady! :)

  448. Nella’s face in the second picture of her, Lainey, and the doll may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!
    I saw the link to Lillian Eve and was so excited to find that orange and black flower headband! I loved it so much in the pumpkin patch pictures! While I would imagine dressing my little one (some day) in something black and orange and cliche for a pumpkin patch visit, then plain onesie and adorable headband couldn’t have been more perfect! I’ve wanted it ever since and I don’t even have a little head to put it on yet so yay for their sponsorship and my lucky discovery :)

  449. I’m LOVING Lainey’s hoola techniques, and her apron dress and not to mention Nella’s amazing, soulful eyes in the shot of her on the colourful quilt! Oooh and LOVING everything from Lillian Eve and I love love love that we’re entering our Summer whilst your side of the world is entering the cold…very cool! I guess I just love this post Kelle…and everything bit of inspiration I got from it. And gosh, if that’s you stuttering….then I must be mute :) Coz you always seem to put so magic into your words!
    Happy November Kelle!

  450. Kelle, where did you get those adorable jammies??????

    Love the pics. :)

  451. My boyfriend loves going to the airport to take photos. Now, I’ll insist we take sandwiches and having a picnic at the same time! Great idea!

  452. looks b-e-a-utiful!

  453. porch swing shots are my favorite. love the picnic at the airport, too.

  454. That sunset is breathtaking…It’s always there to remind us just how great God and his blessing are. I absolutely love those necklaces they remind me of hemp!

  455. Not only do I admire your outlook on life, but I am in love with how you dress your girls. I MUST get my princess a pair of red shoes…I covet the 2 pairs I’ve seen Lainey wear in your pictures. :)

  456. I am a-stuttering tonight also… my words are not coming out right…anyway, beautiful post… nella has magic in her smile… love the picture of her and her sister with the doll on the quilt… you can see her learning from lainey… and i love me some lillian eve… so holla back! :0)

    xoxo ValMarie

  457. We have an airport near us and that seems like a great idea! Once the weather gets warm again πŸ˜‰

  458. I can’t believe it’s the middle of November! But I’m quite excited about the holiday season, and to see what you have in store for yours! :)

  459. I love the Lillian Eve necklace! As a mom of twin toddlers I don’t wear anything but my wedding ring just because everything else is so tempting to be ripped from around my neck and I am extremely allergic to everything I could put in my ears. The necklace looks so soft and definitely kid friendly!!

  460. Can you believe how quickly this year has come along. Can’t believe that Henry will be a year next month and little Nella is right there too. Sure hope we can get all these wee ones together one of these days. I know that Colleen and Lilly would love to meet up in NYC for a Buddy Walk one of these years.
    I’d love to wear one of the darling necklaces by “Lillian” Eve… not just because she shares the same name as my niece, but because I have the perfect winter crew neck top that is screaming for something fab to match.
    Hope all is well with you, Kelle. Cheers to fall and looking forward to the new year!

  461. On the note of returning to the hospital room. My brother, at 26, suffered three major heart attacks of an unknown cause. After 3 open heart surgeries in a row (yea, in a row!) and 17 days in a medically induced coma the doctors had no idea if he would make it. Fortunatly, God spared the young man and we have him here today. Every holiday since then my family returns to the hospital and presents food and thank yous to the doctors and nurses that saved his life. THEY SAVED HIS LIFE! I encourage you to do the same every year. The nurses are moved to tears every time. They SO appreciate it! Best of luck on your visit to the place where it all started.


  462. You are such a huge inspiration to me in every aspect of life; as a wife, mother, craft-maker, photographer, optimist and human in general. I’ve been reading your blog from the beginning while nursing my new little one. Its such a breath of fresh air.
    Lainey is GORGEOUS and I can’t believe how quickly Nella is changing from post to post. She is so beautiful. It makes me terrified of how quickly my little is going to change. I hope life will always be beautiful for you and your family.

  463. A beautiful post!

  464. What a great idea to go to the airpot for a picnic!! I want to do it now!!

  465. I too cannot believe it is mid-November. Loving the airport picnic!

  466. I LOVE your quilt! So versatile!

  467. Kelle,
    thank you for inspiring me to embrace the beauty in what we have (like your warm Novembers)!
    I love seeing your beautiful girls–Nella!!–can’t get enough of those smiles!

  468. I love your blog! I love seeing all your amazing pictures! I hope to one day have the photography skills that you have!!

  469. Lovin’ those Christmas jammies!!

  470. The picture of Nella laughing at Lainey’s doll, ADORABLE!

    I look forward to reading your blog everyday and can’t wait to read what you have in store over the holidays.

  471. Really enjoyed the photos today!

    Yes, it is really the middle of November…. Time flies when you are having fun!


  472. I love the pictures of Lainey and Nella together. There have been a few lately where Nella is looking up at her big sister and it melts my heart.

  473. I think this post has an excellent theme. And every picture is intertwined in just the right way:) Makes me smile! I love love love your photos.

  474. Happy Monday!! Those accessories are adorable. I also heart November!!

  475. Amazing post.. The beach photos are making me extremely jealous! What a beautiful area. Loving Lillian Eve Designs! I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit those! Would love to sport one this fall!

  476. love the dress/tunic Lainey is wearing while hulahooping!! SOOO cute. The girls are beautiful as always!

  477. Those red shoes!!! Ahhhh they are just sooo sweet – childhood personified in a shoe! Lou x

  478. At the beginning of reading this post (after the leap in my heart when I sat down to see if a new one had popped up), I told myself, “I’m not gonna comment, Sarah, you always comment, just enjoy it, you don’t have to comment.” And here I am. I can’t not comment. My eyes are so teary with mixed emotion, feeling like I can nearly feel the pain of this past year for you, yet rejoicing like crazy for the beautiful gifts that came with the pain. I love Nella’s full face “my life rocks” smile. I love how tender Lainey is with her. I love Lainey’s red shoe/capri/tights combo. I love her sunglasses. I love the hilarious-ness of your description of your wet dress contest, I mean mishap. I adore the picture of you and Nella on the green swing. All of it, it all inspires me, and I love it. So, I think I’ll just settle with the fact that I will have to comment on every single post you ever right because they’re just too good and too moving not to. Beautiful. Thank you.

  479. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic of Nella on the green bench! Gorgeous!!!

  480. I just adore the photos of your girls playing on the quilt with Lainey’s baby doll. So precious!

  481. HI!!!
    You put a smile on so many faces!!!
    I love the impromptu picnic, great place and great sights!!!My little grand would love it as she loves Planes!!!I still need to buy my chalk –so we can go drawing all over this HOA neighborhood we live in!!!

  482. I love your words. and your darling girls, theyre precious!

  483. I must say that I absolutely love your blog. I love finding a new post up (almost as much as I loved finding your blog a month ago and reading it all the way from the very beginning). You have an amazing way with words and images and seaming them all together perfectly.

  484. Beautiful!

  485. Gorgeous photos, gorgeous girls, gorgeous words. I’m falling in love with all of it. My daughter doesn’t have Down’s Syndrome, but she is 1 of about 5 in the world and I relate to so much of what you have wrote about Nella. <3

  486. I’m having a rough day today. The kind of day that would make a blockbusting, tear-jerking kind of movie. Your post was exactly what I needed just now… a breath of fresh air and a reminder to just breathe. Thanks for that.

  487. I just love everything about you and your blog! You make my everyday :)

  488. Your photos and your words are just beautiful, Kelle. I truly love this blog.

  489. beautiful!

    and Lainey and Nella on the blanket with the doll is just the greatest!

    thanks for making my day brighter!

  490. I loved all the photos! Makes me want to go to the beach…!

  491. Beautiful post!

  492. Some favorite shots are of Nella and that quilt. O.M.G. and the ones of you and her on the swing. Love the ones of the 2 of them playing with the baby – I had to do a double take because I thought that was a real baby! Um, totally cool idea to have a picnic at the airport – who the hella knew they’d have picnic tables outside! What the? Genius!

  493. I remember the picture of you and your girls with the coordinating accessories. You and Lainey in necklaces and Nella in a sweet little headband.

    PS I’m getting very excited about the Holidays as well. My street started stringing the lights on the trees this morning while I walked my dog.

  494. The pictures that you take of your family are priceless. Each one more precious that the last. Love you blog.

  495. i love your airport picnic. i didn’t know it was allowed. love it. and i love how your quilt becomes tablecloth, if needed. :)
    and i LOVE your optimism!

  496. I love the pictures of your sweet babies! They always start my day with a smile and make me thank God for my own BLESSINGS!

  497. Love it, love it, love it.

  498. i have been reading your blog for about a month now and i absolutely LOVE IT!! i spotted it in a favourite of my friends and i randomly clcked on it! thank you for the stunning pictures and an insight into your world! it is FAb!

    THANKS! xx :)

  499. I feel like I just started reading your blog yesterday. I can’t believe it’s mid-Novemeber either. I love the holidays and I’m excited to leave this year in the dust and see what the future holds for me.

  500. Happy Tuesday! Wonderful pictures as always. The one of you and Nella on the bench is amazing. Undeniable mother’s love, captured in a picture.

  501. love love love the necklaces. i keep trying to spot one when i am out shopping but nothing is ever as cute as these :)

    happy beginning to the holiday season!

  502. love the idea of having a picnic at the airport!

  503. Watching the planes at the airport is also a past time of ours as well. My little had surgery yesterday and on the way home from the hospital she kept yelling “mama I see the planes” it’s amazing how such little things make them so happy.

  504. I am loving that quilt! The picture of Nella on it is gorgeous.

    Michigan says hello :)

  505. Your pictures are always so beautiful! I love your blog. :)

    And the first picture where Nella looks like she is in a pot is PRECIOUS!

  506. Lainey has some awesome hula skills! Wishing you a wonderful end to a wonderfully eye-opening year! You guys deserve it!

    Happy November!

  507. Nice hula hooping Lainey! I love her outfit in those pictures :)

  508. You have two of the cutest little girls! Really “enjoy” following your blog!

  509. kelle,
    your pictures of the babies are so sweet. the one of nella bean in the white crochet top is my fav she looks like shes thinking some deep thoughts,what an old soul. and lainey love with the hoola hoop is too cute for words even. bless you and your sweet family.

  510. kelle,
    your pictures of the babies are so sweet. the one of nella bean in the white crochet top is my fav she looks like shes thinking some deep thoughts,what an old soul. and lainey love with the hoola hoop is too cute for words even. bless you and your sweet family.

  511. I love the pics! I can’t believe the year is almost over! Can’t wait to hear all the new Christmas traditions you and the girls do. Hugs!

  512. Love Love Love your Blog. You are such an inspiration and your girls are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!

    Shelley from FL

  513. Love your blog…love your pics…love that I get such a boost of warm energy from every new post…!!!

  514. your words are always amazing and moving. then there are your photos.. you are also an amazing story teller though your photos. As a photographer I’m always striving to be better.. but more than that I strive for my photos to speak. yours do that. and could stand all on their own. you have a gift. well lots of them.

  515. Happy to know you are content…I know that feeling and its a great one!!

  516. Hollah! What a great weekend.Love the photos and your beach story made me smile:)Enjoy your week.

  517. Hollah! What a great weekend.Love the photos and your beach story made me smile:)Enjoy your week.

  518. Happy “Almost”Turkey Day!

  519. Happy “Almost”Turkey Day!

  520. Hollah for 2010! Hollah for 2011! Your girls are amazingly cute!

  521. Love the cute little crochet dress Nella is wearing near the top. Adorable!

  522. I have to say from your birth story to now things have changed so much…for the better…you had a fear of Lainey and Nella not having the sisterly bond you were hoping for but they do…i think even more than you imagined. When I look at the pictures of Lainey helping feed Nella and playing with her it melts my heart and brings tears to my eyes. You should be proud! You are raising a beautiful, wonderful, kind little girl who is an awesome big sister! Lainey rocks!

    Kim from NJ

  523. I too have decided to enjoy this Florida weather. No, I may not be seeing any snow this year, but that’s okay. I’m sure some people up North would kill for the brevity of our winters. Hey, at least we can still enjoy the beach! :)

  524. I love Nella’s face in the photo of the girls playing on the ground and Lainey has her baby doll. Priceless! As always, thank you so much for sharing your story with all of us and for letting us follow you! You rock!

  525. Holidays are already here!!! How crazy is that… the other day in the grocery store they played a Christmas song and I felt like crying and dancing at the same time! that’s what holidays do to me… I loooove them!!!
    thanks for your always great inspiration Kelle, you are always my best beginning of the day ritual (you and my hot tea). xoxo

  526. Holidays are already here!!! How crazy is that… the other day in the grocery store they played a Christmas song and I felt like crying and dancing at the same time! that’s what holidays do to me… I loooove them!!!
    thanks for your always great inspiration Kelle, you are always my best beginning of the day ritual (you and my hot tea). xoxo

  527. Love your posts, love the shop. You rock!

  528. Does it ever get old to hear how gorgeous your photography is or how beautiful your girls are or what an inspiring, stunning mama you are? I hope not, because i must say it all again:)! Happy Tuesday!

  529. We have a little picnic area like that here in charlotte at the airport – I love going there! Thanks again for a great post!

  530. I’d love to picnic at the airport! How fun!
    Your blog is so inspiring to me.
    :)A fellow Momscout

  531. Love the entire post! I wish you and yours an amazing end of the year! I cannot believe the holidays are already here…eeeek!!

  532. Kelle – love all your photos – Would love to see your christmas card – the pic of nella on the swing is great.

  533. Once again, I am in tears reading your beautiful post. You get me every time! Your story and journey are so inspiring to me. Happy Holiday season!!!

  534. Wow. I don’t care if your posts make sense or not. I’m still going to read them and look at the pictures!!

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  537. love love love nella in the quilt picture! SO beautiful! THanks for the ideas as always, we’re going to check out the planes this week!

  538. Can’t wait to see a pic of the girls in their christmas jammies.

  539. The pictures are always beautiful!

  540. Kelle,
    A wise man once said, “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

    Thanks for constantly reminding me to enjoy those little things.
    : ) Liz

  541. Love the Christmas Jammies! Where did ya get em?

  542. You Florida girls and your outdoor picnics are KILLING my daughter. She SO wants a picnic, but alas, it is 30 degrees here in MI. I’ll have to come up with something…

    Enjoy your week!!

  543. You Florida girls and your outdoor picnics are KILLING my daughter. She SO wants a picnic, but alas, it is 30 degrees here in MI. I’ll have to come up with something…

    Enjoy your week!!

  544. You Florida girls and your outdoor picnics are KILLING my daughter. She SO wants a picnic, but alas, it is 30 degrees here in MI. I’ll have to come up with something…

    Enjoy your week!!

  545. You Florida girls and your outdoor picnics are KILLING my daughter. She SO wants a picnic, but alas, it is 30 degrees here in MI. I’ll have to come up with something…

    Enjoy your week!!

  546. You Florida girls and your outdoor picnics are KILLING my daughter. She SO wants a picnic, but alas, it is 30 degrees here in MI. I’ll have to come up with something…

    Enjoy your week!!

  547. picnic at the airport, what a unique idea….might have to do that sometime. Your creativity and grasp of all that comes with this crazy life inspires me daily. Have a wonderful Christmas season!

  548. What a great start to the day. :) And yay for the holidays! I find myself enjoying them so much more since I’ve become a mama.

  549. We have a place where we can do an airport picnic — I think we will have to do that sometime. :)

  550. your posts always remind me to keep things simple… that’s where the beauty is. thanks for the constant reminder. (p.s.~ i’m loving that quilt~ looks so cozy and perfect for picnics and cuddling)

  551. Beautiful post Kelle! Everytime I read your blog I want to pack the family up here in Philadelphia and move down to Florida. It’s so beautiful and amazing there. Just seeps happiness. Thank you for the smile, as always!


  552. I always say this but your outlook and ideas for life are amazing. Who would have thought of a picnic at the airport, love that!! And of course a gift card would be pretty sweet πŸ˜‰

  553. Oh I Love their headbands! WOW! And, I love the sweet picture of Nella with Laney (where Nella is smiling so big!)

  554. Lilian Eve Designs would make such wonderful holiday presents!

  555. Hallah! I can’t believe how fast November is going as well! Time flies when you are having fun!

  556. You really know how to find the love and inspiration in everything, kelle. I will be forever moved by your writing and your photos. Love the picture of Nella on the green bench, too!

  557. Every day when I come to see your post, you leave me feeling happy and inspired. Your little ones are so incredible and I’m sure that has a lot to do with their awesome mom. Lisa L.

  558. November Topaz Sky, November Rain, Sweet November, all my favorites. November is also the month of my birth, so it is special to me.

  559. This comment has been removed by the author.

  560. it can’t possibly be mid-November already can it? I guess when I look outside the leaves have changed and fallen, the skies turn dark so soon, and the cool winter breeze is sending the birds to fly south. Time to bundle up and get ready for winter. As always beautiful post–and what can i say–that quilt is most definitely getting it’s loves worth! What’s one mans junk is another’s treasure. Happy Monday

  561. Kelle,
    LOVEyour words describing kissing 2010 goodbye– my little turns one this week and what a special year it has been… One of wonder and happy memories of our “new family”! Happy thoughts sent your way! Hollah, girl!!!

  562. I’m drooling over Lilian Eve’s Hair Pretties. Just what I wanted for my little girl! Thanks Kelle!

  563. I’m thinking that next Christmas, when baby girl has made her arrival, that we will wear matching jammies and my son (17 months now) and daddy will wear matching matches – what a cute picture that would be!!!

  564. *matching jammies

  565. Christmas Jammies got me really excited for the holiday. Thanks! I needed that push.

  566. What a fabulous weekend, full of even more wonderful memories!! I too cannot believe its already November…just a few more months until Nella is ONE…cannot even believe it!! Your journey is truly amazing! Thinking about you as you prepare to journey to her birthplace!

  567. Love this:
    “I am so excited–not only to fall to my knees in that blessed birth room and thank its walls for what it gave us–for how it changed us, but for all of it. For stringing Christmas paper chains across the play room and making place mats for our Thanksgiving dinner; for saying goodbye to a good year and hello to new one, full of the unknown”.
    Can’t wait to see what’s coming?

    Those pics of you and Nella in the bench are stunning!

  568. I love Nella’s facial expressions – they make me smile with every picture :) I have been scouting out little boy Christmas PJs for my son, but no luck yet. Have a wonderful day!

  569. Thank you for yet again another wonderful post!! You remind me with each post how beautiful my life is if I just remember the simple things I have.

  570. Great pictures…as always!! The girls look adorable!

  571. I LOVE this post! All of it. Every single bit. The pictures, the clothes, the words, the music, the Lillian Eve cuteness! But what I love the most is that it inspires this mama’s heart to do better, love better, be bigger. It helps me take the focus off myself and place it on those three precious littles God entrusted to me. What an honor to be a part of their story.

    I can’t believe Nella is almost one. Selah just hit that very same milestone and it seems every year passes faster than the one before. I love that you will revisit that place…the one that changed you so. And I love the song that says “your blue eyes are the reason for my change.” How very true. Beautiful!

    Angie from Ohio

  572. The hula-hooping sequence is a treasure. Thanks again for inspiring me with your words and photos!

  573. As always, your words along with your pictures make me smile and give a “boost” to my day! I cannot believe we are in the middle of November with Thanksgiving, my son’s 1st birthday, and Christmas waiting around the corner. I feel emotional when I think of this year coming to a close… 2010 has been a year full of lessons, love, happiness, sadness… and the list goes on. It has been full of a lot of things, and I am not sure I am ready to let go.

  574. some of my favoritist of favorites when it comes to your pictures are of those with nella and lainey sharing sisterly moments. i have never seen sibling bonding like those between your girls. it is so obvious that they have been shown true love just by the way they look at each other. what an amazing mommy they have!

  575. Beautiful sunset and, as always, beautiful girls.

  576. Got my ornaments today! Thanks so much for the discount. TOTALLY buying necklaces for my mom/mother-in-law for Christmas gifts. They will love them. How do you find all of this great stuff?!

  577. Got my ornaments today! Thanks so much for the discount. TOTALLY buying necklaces for my mom/mother-in-law for Christmas gifts. They will love them. How do you find all of this great stuff?!

  578. We live in Phoenix and every year I have struggled with warm Novembers and Decembers and have always found a way to get back to the frigid snowy weather of Northern Nevada for Christmas. this year though it just was not in the cards and I am strangley comfortable with it. It will be our second Christmas with our son and I am so excited to start our own traditions and be able to fully enjoy each moment at home instead of worrying about traveling the whole time.

    Also, I would love one of those headbands, and I love your blog! :)


  579. Got my ornaments today! Thanks so much for the discount. TOTALLY buying necklaces for my mom/mother-in-law for Christmas gifts. They will love them. How do you find all of this great stuff?!

  580. I’m going to have to add the Mommy and Me set to my Christmas wish list! I’m so excited that for my birthday I am finally going to be able to make a purchase from The Vintage Pearl. Looks like I’ve found my Christmas gift too! :)

  581. I use to go to Florida every year when I was a kid. I so miss it. I’m hoping to take my 5 daughters there next year.

  582. I use to go to Florida every year when I was a kid. I so miss it. I’m hoping to take my 5 daughters there next year.

  583. Can you share some fun ideas for making thanksgiving placemats? That sounds like a great tradition to start with my girl.

  584. Can you share some fun ideas for making thanksgiving placemats? That sounds like a great tradition to start with my girl.

  585. nella is starting to look so much like lainey! such cute sisters:) thanks for this post, kelle!

  586. I love this post…every year at this time thinking we’ll soon be closing the 12 chapters to these past months and opening up a whole new book into the new year! Its quite exciting to savor the memories that passed, while anticipating the new treasures to come!

  587. the hula hoop pictures are PRICELESS!!!! Fo shizzleeee :] we love picnics but have never attempted one at the airport. super awesome possum.

  588. I so need something pretty to jazz up my boring tee’s and jeans this winter!

  589. Kelle….
    The first thing I do every morning is read your blog. It always puts me in a great mood and inspires me to love every minute of life.
    I love the pics from the airport! My son would be in heaven there – I still can’t convince him that the stars in the sky at night aren’t really planes!!

  590. I love to see that you’re already getting geeked up for the holidays! Me too. It almost kills me to wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the twinkle lights and Christmas tree. I look forward to seeing your beautiful girls’ faces light up with holiday cheer!

  591. Wishing I was in Florida about now! I love reading your Blog, it makes my day at work a little better! Thanks!

  592. Love the pic of Nella on the quilt. She sure is a beauty! Where did you get those Christmas pjs? I need them for my twins!

  593. I can’t believe it’s mid-November either! 2010 has flown by!

  594. always a good read and as always beautiful pictures and who doesn’t love a turkey sub, i mean really? your girls are beautiful and nella’s smile is contagious.

  595. I am so Thankful a friend of mine introduced me to your blog.I enjoy reading about the life you are chosing to live happily!

  596. I love to show my son (he’s 4)pictures of the girls….he remembers thier names. So we’re scrolling through your post and he says to me ” I love Nella and Lainey” with a big smile. Then he finishes with “and I really like the mom” lol My little ladies man πŸ˜‰
    Btw- your contentment shows in the photos. Love them all!

  597. I adore the pictures of Lainey playing dolls with Nella.. I can’t wait until my girls can play together!

  598. Great pics! I just bought myself a canon camera and am learning/enjoying using it. Can’t get better than kid photography!

  599. I feel the siren call of snowy winter after our super warm October here in Utah. I will get snow we’ve had some teasing snow falls lately but I know the real snow is coming. I love the hush that seems to come over nature with the snow as the noise inside my home rises to the holiday level.

    Thank you for sharing your life, my Dear. Your family is gorgeous.

  600. Like you this year has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I look back at this year a realize that I am truly blessed!!! I am so in love with my little family and in love with my little almond eyed baby girl!!! She has shown me true beauty, love and joy!!! She has blessed our family in more ways than we have ever thought possible!!!

  601. Isn’t contentment one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves? I am glad you are finding contentment in Florida! :)

  602. Just bought our Christmas jammies too!

  603. Love it. Your blog is amazing, your girls are gorgeous, and you have an amazing talent for writing. I’m addicted.

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  605. I came across a blog post by Anna Maria Horner today–it immediately made me think of you and your precious littles. I wanted to share it with you. Nella will be loved, she will know love. And it will be okay. Keep writing & inspiring. ~ Randi


  606. I have never left a comment on here before, but I read your blog daily.. I come to it more than once a day, hoping you have a new post. I love all your posts and I love your girls… I don’t even know them yet. I have two beautiful girls of my own, you inspire me. I love how you take off for random trips of love. I love all the beauty and tears in your posts!

  607. Just purchased our Christmas Eve jammies yesterday! Loved the Miami sunset picture, the one of Nella on the beach, and the wonderful relationship your two girls shared while on the blanket. You are one BLESSED woman! Love your blog and get so excited when I visit and a new post is up. Makes my day!

  608. I love love love Lainey in the hula-hoop pictures!! I bet she can’t wait to master the feat of the hula-hoop!

  609. I am so glad I found your blog. :)

  610. we used to go to the runway near Kennedy airport to watch the Concord…it was awesome!

  611. Love your pictures and your little ones are precious!

  612. What beautiful photos once again! I love the fall and i am loving those cute necklaces! Hollah!

  613. love your blog, your girls are absolutely beautiful. thanks for the chance to win

  614. love your blog! Your life inspires me!

  615. It’s amazing to believe this year is almost over. It’s also amazing to see this transformation in Nella. She has this sparkling personality that I only see in pictures – I can only imagine her in real life. I also look at how much Lainey has matured – she has embraced the whole big sister thing and, as you say, has ROCKED IT!!

  616. Where did you find their jammies? They look adorable and so girly :)

  617. picnic at the airport…love those. The kids are always in ahh.

  618. A wonderful post, makes me so excited for the holidays and coming new year. And I’d love to win that certificate! Happy November.

  619. I’m jealous of your beach days in November. Thanks for sharing your latest bits of life with us!

  620. i love these! plus, it’s always the best to see pictures of that cute little nella girl and lainey too of course =)

  621. I just found your site. Love the photos & your writing. I have 4 boys under 5 (set of triplets in there!) One w oh so beautiful special needs…keep lovin your kids so beautifully.

  622. You have to love the holidays and all the “specialness” they bring! :) Every year goes by faster and faster but around this time I always try to slow down and savor it!
    Happy “early” Thanksgiving to you & yours!

  623. Oh that photo of you and Nella on the swing looking at each other is so full of peace and happiness. She is so full of fabulous expressions these days…love this blog!!!

  624. Love your blog! Read it religiously. I just moved to the North East and am craving WARMER temps right now :)

  625. XO!

    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  626. Please, enter me to the contest either. I really need some colors in my life :)

  627. I know that you MUST hear this every single time you post, but DANGGGGG! Nella just looks prettier and prettier every single day! I just love gazing at the sweetness. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing her gorgeousness with us! And I SO wish that I had a little Lainey for my Benjamin. She is just such a great big sister. Lucky you!

  628. your words make me so happy … they make me teary in a need to hug my daughter sort of way. i want to live my life better because of how and what you write.

  629. A picnic at the airport is a glorious idea!!

    I have a weird question, that I hope you don’t find offensive and I’m only asking out of curiosity. I don’t have any babies yet, and I know my opinion and world view and A LOT of things will change when I do. When my sister got pregnant with her first baby, she asked me what I would do if I found out I was going to have a baby with down syndrome (if I found out from the routine testing). We both said that we thought we would probably terminate the pregnancy if it was early enough. At the time, neither of us had any experience with someone with down syndrome. After that, I discovered you blog and LOVE IT and shared it with my sister, who also reads it now. She asked me the other day, “Now that you know of Nella and love Enjoying the Small Things, what would you do now if you found out your baby would have down syndrome?” and I couldn’t come up with a definitive answer anymore. I have no idea what I would do. I’m just curious if you ever thought of it before Nella, and what you thought you would do? You may have talked about this somewhere in an older post, but if so, I wasn’t reading yet.

    Anyway, I was just interested to hear you talk about it, if you want to. I hope I didn’t offend.

    I love your blog, your adorable little ones, your photography, and your outlook on life! :)

  630. Kelle
    As a South Florida transplant myself, I’ll gladly trade my chunky sweaters for chunky necklaces and headbands because afterall, white sand looks a lot like snow if you squint. Now, if I could just get my family to move down here too :)

    Hugs to your family and enjoy every single second!


  631. A place of contentment is the best place in the world….and when the times come that threaten to take you out of that place….tell it to take a hike. Because there’s nothing better in the world. marissa

  632. I LOVE the last photo of you and Nella. You are beautiful and Nella is an absolute doll. And I adore Lainey’s impish smile – there ought to be laws against that level of cuteness!

  633. Yay for airport picnics! What a great idea. I had forgotten about those. Now I will have to go soon:)

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  635. This comment has been removed by the author.

  636. love the way lainey dresses herself. fashionista, baby.

  637. Finally, my first attempt at commenting on your blog after reading it everyday for the past couple of months. But this post really touched home — a culmination of all things that have happened in 2010 – the good, the great, and the better. And to see how happy and beautiful you all are, and how absolutely adorable and amazing Princess Nella is… it sure does warm the heart. Thanks for all your inspiring posts. I hope that when I have little ones of my own, I will be able to cherish every moment with them as you do with yours.

  638. That picture of “I love her” written in chalk is one I want to copy. You are so creative, and I love it.

  639. This year has flown by and I can’t believe it’s coming to an end! Although, the holiday’s are my favorite time of year and can’t wait to spend them with the ones we love! By the way, LOVE her designs :)

  640. I love this time of year and am trying to enjoy each day of it instead of letting it fly by with no enjoyment. To happy holidays for all of us!

  641. I love the picture of Nella on the bench. And I have to ask, as a mom who pretty much hates 90% of the pictures of herself, who takes the pictures of you? I feel like it’s important to have pictures of myself with my children, but I’m rarely very happy with how they come out. Do you use a timer? Have a remote?
    Also, I can relate in so many ways to the emotions you are describing about the end of the year. 2010 has been full of change, I’m excited to celebrate surviving it and also contemplating all that has happened.

  642. I, too, love how you talk about saying goodbye to this year, and the new year awaiting with the unknown. I have turned my daughter on to your site, too, and she lovs it! To mimi–jamie, I agree- Kelle seems to be living the life many of us dream of. (though I am sure she has her moments, and life isnt always great, but..). Love to you, Kelle, and all of your family

  643. I Love her stuff and would LOVE to win!!

  644. Hollah! You’re amazing! And, how I would LOVE to stuff my girl’s stocking full of these crochet beauties!!

  645. Cheers to an eye opening year! A year of discoveries and rediscoveries. Great post! I love the picture of the girls playing with their baby and Nella grinning from ear to ear as her big sister instructs her how to play with the baby “the right” way-at least that’s how it goes at our house. You can tell how intense the play is from Lainey’s tongue. I am so jealous of your weather. I told my husband that I wanted to move to FL after our first snowfall this weekend. It’s so hard to have kids in a cold climate. I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. You have so much to be thankful for this year:) As do I. I think of you and your family often, not in a creepy way, but an admiring way!

  646. you inspire me. just thought I’d let you know.

  647. Thank you so much for this post today. I am searching for that content feeling and can sense it right around the corner but I haven’t been able to grasp it lately. I don’t know if it’s the quarter-life crisis of 25 that has set in, all the unknowns ahead and all the decisions that have been made along the way, but the anxiety is killing me. You put things so beautifully into perspective for me and remind me to look around at all the good that fills my life. Thank you — I needed this today!

  648. I can only wish my attemps at photography turned out even half(!!) as good as your photos turn out. Beautiful and meaningful pictures. I sooo enjoy them and your inspiration…

  649. Once again after reading your blog I am moved to tears. Again, Kelle, you are fabulous! The girls are getting so big…I’m approaching my daughters 1st birthday and I am having such a hard time with it. Where did the year go? Also, I am sooo in love with you ebay quilt (does the seller make them? or was this a used vintage one? if she makes them, can you tell me the name of the seller? thanks!) Happy holidays!!! <3

  650. Oh what I would give to be on the beach right now!

  651. I can’t wait for Christmas, especially Christmas jammies! My little was only a couple months old last Christmas, this year she will be almost 14 months. And I can’t wait! With Christmas and the new year, I hope a new outlook comes with it. I, also, can’t believe it’s the middle of November…craziness!

  652. i am in love with your beautiful life.


  653. Nella’s smile always makes my day!!! Love the chalk “I love her” pic too!!

  654. I want to be like your family! You add so much lovely to my days, and inspire me in my own blogging and photography expeditions. Thank you for this sweet sweet post!

  655. I love love love Lainey’s apron dress! Where did you find it? Lilian Eve is such a cute etsy shop! My 2nd little girl is named Liliana. She’s a month old today!!

  656. Sigh. I love your blog. And I love giveaways, too!

  657. Excited for Christmas and new traditions with our expanded family as well!

  658. I especially love Nella’s staticy hair on the park bench. Simplistic beauty in the small things – right there.

  659. I love your possitive attitude about everything!I cant help but feel good after i read your blog.

  660. Your post are always uplifting :)

  661. Hollah from Ohio! I love your quilt and the many functions it serves!

  662. Love the pics! And CAN’T WAIT for the Holidays!!! When I was in college we used to go to the airport to watch the planes fly over. Such a fun time!

  663. Oh! I’m going to shop right now! The headband alone is enough to spend $25. πŸ˜‰

  664. Your posts have made me laugh, cry and say aloud, ‘Exactly,’ and laugh even harder. Thank you for the glimpses into your life, your heart and your soul.

  665. Your photography is stunning. The photo of Nella on the bench—freaking adorable! Such little beauties you have there!

  666. What a fun weekend it seemed to be!! Love the picture of Nella by the shore. Hopefully worth the aftermath to you!

  667. Your blog is inspiring!

  668. Gorgeous preciousness as per usual. The photos of Nella and Lainey being all sisterly together on the rug with their dolls are just beautiful. -x-

  669. The sunset photo is amazing! The pic with Lainey, Nella and the babydoll, with Lainey sticking out her tongue and Nella squinting is precious.

  670. Pretty, pretty stuff! Thanks for the chance to win!

  671. We always do Christmas jammies here too and this year I was able to find jammies for all 3 of my girls that match (hard when the oldest is 9 and the youngest 2 are almost 4). Those are kept tucked away until Christmas Eve, then given as a special gift for a photo op.

    Here in Maine it’s been unseasonably warm and I wish the crisper air would find its way here.

  672. your weekends always seem so lovely! I can’t get over the fact that you were at the BEACH and we’re here in the Pacific Northwest expecting snow :)

    Awesome giveaway!!

  673. Hollah! Love the p.j.’s!

  674. As always, love your posts and love Lilian Eve Designs
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  675. And what a year it’s been for you. Nella and Lainey are precious children. You are blessed. I know you know that…

    The necklaces are beautiful.

  676. picnic by the airstrip…brilliant :)

  677. As always, love your blog…check it everyday :) I would also love $50 of free accessories…pick me! :)

  678. As always, love your blog…check it everyday :) I would also love $50 of free accessories…pick me! :)

  679. You make me want to move to Florida!

  680. Thank you for your amazing words…..my life couldn’t be more different than yours, but I’m working on the same thing….CONTENTMENT!!! And you are teaching me how.

  681. Can’t wait to visit Florida in Feb! Up here in Alberta, Canada, it is snowing and blowing :S

  682. I feel like I’m right there with you. Love your blog so much!

  683. Beautiful Nella in white crochet…stunning blue eyed baby girl! :)

  684. Happy Monday to you too (even though it’s Tuesday as I read this!). I’m a school teacher and I begin every period every day with virtually this same phrase: “Happy Monday…Happy Tuesday…Happy Wednesday…While most kids roll their eyes at me after a while, I know some of them accept my optimism and allow it to brighten their day. Hope yours is a great one! : )

  685. I LOVE your blog! The way you use your words are beautiful. I also LOVE your pictures, especially of both girls together. Keep posting and I will keep reading!

  686. Happy Holidays Kelly!! I am lovin it as well and can’t believe how fast this time has come upon us this year….Enjoy.

  687. When I need a little pick-me-up, I check out your blog. You never disappoint! Thanks for the inspiration. And I would love a Lilian Eve Designs creation! Can you help a Lily out?

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    And what a generous giveaway!!

    I think I’ve said it before, and I know you must read through so many comments a day… but your blog brightens my day everytime I stop by. You have an amazing talent for helping us see the world through your eyes- for being honest about this crazy game of life we’re all playing. For being real- and for helping us see that it is possible to not only survive each day but to live it- big. And to see all of the beauty that exists in the world around us. I can be having an awful day and all I need to do is stop by here… and everything makes so much more sense. I’m reminded to enjoy the small things, and I am so thankful to you for that.

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    I too am getting very reflective about 2010 as the year is nearing its close. It was a big year for me. My husband was transfered and we lived separately for 6 months, while I welcomed our second little girl, prepared to sell our home and eventually we joined him a province away from our family and friends. As the dust is beginning to settle on the chaos that was 2010, I am realizing that I am totally content…even bordering on amazingly happy. Bring on the Holiday Season and 2011!!!

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