Momscouts Unite

Nella woke up with a fever last night. And as soon as I heard the faint cry of her discomfort and leaned over to feel the hotness of her flushed cheeks, I knew it would be a moment–one of those I remember years later. Because among the monotony of all the beautiful good in mamahood like snapping pictures of them blowing out birthday candles and swooning at the first “I love you,” there are rites of passage that aren’t so easy but just as memorable.


I slipped out of bed, clutched her hot little body to my chest and tiptoed out of the bedroom whispering all sorts of “It’s okays” into her ear. I fed, I changed, I Tylenoled and hushed her back to sleep. And just like all the other times when her sister was sick, I layed her back in bed and stayed up hovering next to her, feeling her cheeks, tucking my hand around her neck waiting for the hotness to creep away.

It was only a half-hour fever, an easy night compared to some. But I still earned a pin on my Momscout Vest, one I proudly placed under the rest. The Fever of ’07. The Falling-off-the-Bed of ’08. The Yelling-and-Feeling-Guilty-for-It Episode of Easter morning, ’09. I earned these pins. I wear them proudly. I join other decorated veterans of motherhood who have fallen deeper in love with this honored profession from not only the pretty moments but the ugly ones too.




Some pins stand out among the rest, earned with soul-scraping tears. 2010’s First-Night-of-Acceptance pin was a doozy, let me tell you. But it’s there, proudly displayed among the others, and together it all represents so very much.

Hokey Girlscout comparison? Maybe, but Dude, this is Homeschooled Girl’s once chance for making up a fake club and getting to wear an imaginary vest. Give me Momscouts ‘cuz I never had a prom.

Speaking of Hokey…couldn’t help myself.


And because it’s Friday and we have company tonight and there’s a counter heaped with groceries that need to be taken care of, here’s the quick-version lowdown.

This girl’s getting big. At almost 16 pounds, our girl does a mad army crawl across the floor, claps on command, dances to music and says Mama and Dada (Mama came first…just sayin’.)





This girl just won a pin on her own vest for Accomplished Big Sister for her wicked feeding routines she does with Nella sans adult help.





It’s a sight to behold.


This girl I’ve missed hanging out with and, after a girls night out, a park date and watching her love my girls, I am reminded how thankful I am for my friend.

She fell asleep on a blanket with Nella at the park.


The weather is still the bomb–warm enough for water spouts in the day time and cool enough for nubby hats at night.




And I must show some love for our new paintings by Jana Laurene. I found Jana shortly after Nella was born when someone sent me a post she had written about her little sister who has D.S. The way she wrote about their bond and how capable and amazing her sister was was such a comfort. Little did I know, months later, I’d have a piece of her amazing talent in my girls’ room. Check out her commisioned paitings project HERE.


And, we are so honored to be nominated for The Bump’s Best Special Needs blog and proud to be among other amazing voices! Please Vote for us here!

Poppa just arrived, curried beef is simmering…Happy Friday!


Oh, these two.



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  1. I love your blog :)

  2. The photos of the girls together just move me to tears. One of the things that has touched our family so much is our children’s tenderness towards Lily. It is so precious to watch, and so obvious that Lainey is the same way. I always love the photos of Nella in glasses the best:) Thank you for your words of encouragement the other day…it’s a better day;)

  3. that picture of Nella in the mirror is the sweetest thing!

  4. you are the bomb…dot com

  5. those pictures of Nella in/squished up against the mirror were WAY too cute!
    and how sweet is Lainey?
    love your blog, always. and i voted for you for TB award.

  6. I love seeing nursing babies…..

  7. Love Nella in those glasses!!

  8. laughed out loud at the pic of Nella-bean in the mirror so much that hubby came to look and laughed too! Loved the open mouth on Lainey as she feeds her sister. Blessed xx

  9. I don’t even know you – but I LOVE YOUR FAMILY!!! I so look forward to your posts!

  10. Oh my goodness! Your girls are so precious!!!

  11. Lainey is such a wonderful big sister. Lil Miss Nella is a lucky, lucky girl!

  12. Lainey is such a wonderful big sister. Lil Miss Nella is a lucky, lucky girl!

  13. As always, your words and your photos make their mark on my heart. I must go now and be the best mama that I know how to be….
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  14. awww…poor little Nella…..fevers are no fun at all! You are such an amazing momma! Thanks for inspiring me to be a better one every day :)

    ps..Nella in those glasses….so unbelievably cute!!

  15. No lie, ten minutes ago I said (in my head of course) MAN! I wish I could read a Kelle post to start my weekend off right. And then, LO AND BEHOLD, there it was. And, as always,
    you made my night!

    I love your girls. I love your mommy style. I love your heart.

    Too much beauty for words. Wishing you the most wonderful weekend ever!

    Love, Becky

  16. As hokey as you may think your comparison is (which I didn’t at all by the way) someone actually made badges. I saw it in Parents or something like that awhile ago. :)

    Happy Weekend!

  17. I have never commented before, but have been reading your blog since Nella’s birth. Your girls are so precious and your blog lifts me up in many ways. Thank you for writing…it’s wonderful!

  18. Once again, your pictures are so much more than just photos. They are sweet, funny, kind memories that tell a story. I love seeing the girls together – the bond they already have is palpable! Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Popsicle picture…..TO DIE FOR CUTE!!!! One day I’m going to bring my little Sutter-bug to Florida to meet Nella….I’m pretty sure he’ll think she’s as cute as I do! :)

  20. I love so many things about this post… Nella in her cape. Love it- like any good super hero, she will change the world. I’m quite certain of it.
    And I love Lainey’s Care Bears shirt. They were my fave when I was little…

    Happy weekend!

  21. No, wait. You were homeschooled? Seriously? That’s a fun fact I never knew about you.

  22. your girls are so so so amazingly charming!!!! and the sister love? oh! to die for!!!! and i love the pictures of Nella and the mirror! =) love!!!!!!

  23. What adorable girls you have! Love those blue eyes. I totally can relate to the MomScout. I bet there are many of us that can! Enjoy your weekend@

  24. The pictures of Nella looking into Lainey’s eyes as big sis shampoos her hair make me swoon!!!!!

    I’ve always loved to see littles look into the eyes of the ones they love and love them back!!!

    As a mom with 16 yrs I’ve got badges I’m proud of…and the ones I’m not are there, too….it’s a balance, isn’t it??!! :)

  25. Voted for you!! LOVE the pic with her cute lil face in the mirror!

  26. I Love Your Family…thanks for sharing…have a super fun weekend

  27. What a beautiful post. The pic of Nella licking Lainey’s icepop was too beautiful for words. Also, the way she’s gazing into Lainey’s eyes in the tub..amazing. You’re photos make me want to be a better photographer.
    Have a great weekend

  28. Oh to see those two girls of yours swells my mommy heart to bursting. Glad Nella is better. Have a great weekend.



  30. Love everything about this post.

    I especially love the paintings in the girls room.

  31. Your daughters are darling and their bond is the sweetest, it’s so touching. Thank you for sharing!

  32. Your daughters are darling and their bond is the sweetest, it’s so touching. Thank you for sharing!

  33. L♥ve your girls! well love all of you!!

  34. and of couse I voted for you!

  35. Were you really homeschooled? I’d love to hear more about that!

  36. I adore the picture of Lainey shampooing Nella’s hair! This post makes me miss my sister in a very happy way! I can’t wait to devour those moments when my little Lilah becomes a big sister this coming April!

  37. wow. wow. pass the kleenex. wow. I don’t think i’ve ever seen sisterhood captured so beautifully. wear that vest slathered in badges momma!

  38. I love how Lainey opens her mouth when feeding Nella! My husband always laughed at me when I did just that, when feeding my babies…I just showed him I am not the only one!

  39. Love the one of Nella smooshing her lips against the mirror! I hate it when babies get fevers. I want to explain to them what’s going on, and so I end up hoping they get my soul language through my eyes.

  40. Confess! You posted the Winston in the mirror picture for me! I know you did, because you also played one of my favorite Mayer songs.

    Hope the kidderoo feels better soon.

    …and I think I will post the blog about the lady parts soon. 😉


  41. The bath photos are so quietly beautiful. Lainey seems like she’s already such an amazing sister, she definitely deserves an award.

  42. Glad Nella is feeling better.

    And, the blue duck dress she has brings back grand memories. Grace had a similar one when she was about 6 months old. Amazing how quickly they grow.

    So, I must ask. Have you only yelled and felt guilty once? I am in awe and very impressed. Please tell me your trick???? That is my mama down fall. Not necessarily full on yelling, but getting MEGA frustrated, raising my voice and saying things I wish I hadn’t said–a lot. Sigh….BIG honken SIGH. =( Mama guilt is the worst. I daily try to kick the nasty negative self talk because I AM A GOOD MOM. It’s just that one thing I have to work on daily as a mom and I do try moment by moment to “Stay Calm And Carry On.”

    Again, I’d love to know your secret. If you could write about that it would be fantastic.

  43. I love how you put that…the pins. It’s soooo true.

    How can every single picture be so good.

    Have a great weekend Kelle. Glad Nella is feeling better.

  44. Glad she is feeling better.. your kids are ADORABLE!

  45. Okay, I cannot leave you a comment that does not involve me telling you how absolutely beautiful your girls are, and how I look so forward to your posts and your pictures, and how they just make me smile & feel all warm & fuzzy inside!!! Your writing, and your pictures make me FEEL the love, and make me take a step back, take a deep breath, and jump back into my beautiful babies! You know as moms, we all have those moments we arent proud of…but isn’t it wonderful that the memories of the ones we ARE proud of, the really great ones, are so much more vivid & clear???

  46. I earned the “Stinky Grownup Toddler Barf of ’10” this morning, and this evening!
    Love the adoration on Nella’s face in the tub with her sister.

  47. I really strongly dislike it when the wee ones get sick. I think every mom knows about the staying up next to them to feel the forehead and neck. I read every post but rarely comment – I love your blog!

  48. The pictures of Nella and Lainey made me tear up because I know that bond and feeling of sisterhood since I am like one with my sister.

  49. Looking at those two sisters makes me want another one! Nella looks at Lainey with so much love! We feed our Anna out of ramekins too, haha. They’re perfect for those little portions! Happy weekend!

  50. Wow, that badge thing is great. I should have been collecting badges all along. Tonight I got a cooking badge for cooking another meal when I didn’t want to cook:) It’s summer again in Ohio. Have a great weekend. Susan

  51. Oh my lovin’ heart! The photo is Nella looking up at Lainey in the bath tub is just precious! She loves Lainey so much and it’s clear Lainey loves her just as much. What a special bond they will always have.

  52. Wow. Gorgeous post, gorgeous pictures. I adore those commissioned pictures of the girls. Awesome!

  53. Looks like you only have 1 real competitor, and you are ahead! 46% for you! Good luck!

  54. I love how Lainey opens her mouth as she feeds Nella. It is nearly impossible to feed a baby without opening your mouth and that cracked me up. It’s like putting on mascara, we just HAVE to open our mouths, cause it just helps!!! :)

  55. Your kids are beautiful! And they have become so big! They are absolutely wonderful!

    I have followed your blog for almost a year, and I am equally fascinated over the beautiful pictures and writing every time.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  56. These are absolutely the most wonderful photos of your girls. It is hard being a mum sometimes but those smiles you get in return are so worth it!

  57. Lainey, you are the best big sister ever!

    And Nella, you’re getting so much hair!

    Beautiful post and beautiful pictures! I love them all.

    Totally voting by the way. :)

  58. I want to print out that picture of Nella smiling in the mirror so I can look at it when I feel like I’m slipping into a bum mood. That smile is magic!

  59. It is really great to read your thoughts and see these gorgeous pictures.

  60. Don’t take this the wrong way :) but I never would have guessed you had been home schooled. Maybe you wrote about it before and I missed it.

    Nella ROCKS those glasses. And the popsicle picture … I LOVED it.

    Happy weekend!

  61. it brought tears to my eyes this morning. The words, the pictures, the whole lot really!
    Your girls are just gorgeous and you can see it comes from within. You have filled them with so much love, well done Kelle.

  62. I didn’t know you were homeschooled; that makes me like you even more!

  63. the pictures are priceless..all of them…I never tire of your pictures…or your writing…

    I {absolutely LOVE} the idea of pins for us moms…even the bad days count in your book as deserving a pin….this is why I really like you!

  64. The sister pictures are so precious they brought tears to my eyes. The one of Lainey washing Nella’s hair is my favorite. I love your made up club- and your analogy about the badges. You are an inspiration to so many, Kelle.

  65. Cracked me up to see the title of your post… wrote about a mommy merit badge on my own blog yesterday…
    Must be some kind of fake-scouting-vibe in the air.
    Love love LOVE seeing amazing big sister Lainey in action. And Miss Nella-girl growing up so big… what a treat to see.
    Thank you for sharing your lovelies with us!
    Happy weekend…

  66. Oh my goodness gracious. The pictures of Lainey feeding Nella makes me want another baby right this second. I was an only child, but suspect I would’ve loved being a big sister. I hope my little boy will be as good of a big brother to his younger siblings yet to be created. Seeing your Lainey Love caring for her little sister makes this Momma’s heart swoon. Have a blessed weekend, Kelle!

  67. Love your blog – of course! Now please tell me what kind of highchair seat thingy is Nella sitting in?

  68. YIPPEE!!!! I’m so glad the nomination on went through and that they narrowed it down to your blog and others. You’re already in the lead. But I’m justhappy that there are other special needs blogs out there as well.

    Also, I just now finally got around to reading the October issue of Parents Magazine and noticed the little blurb that the Editor wrote about you on the first few pages. A book?! In 2012?! WOW! Congrats, congrats, congrats! I cannot wait to read it!

  69. I love that Lainey has her mouth open as she is feeding Nella… we all do that when feeding babies, isn’t it funny?
    And I was homeschooled too – no prom for me either (and really, I’m glad!). I want to join your Momscouts club! :)

  70. prettiest blue eyes ever!!

  71. …such extremely awesome sisterly-love pics! Gosh, you have a gift with words and photography! What I love about this blog – because I am not a big reader – is that I can steal a few moments away to just sit and read a post, have a day or two pass, and then come back for more…it is the most addicting way to read ‘chapters’ of someone’s life, which leave me completely inspired!!!

  72. Each time I scrolled down to find a new pic I was sure it was my favorite and then I scrolled some more. I am sitting next to my husband watching our 12.5 month old cruise around the family room and we were both excited to see a new blog from you. The girls are so sweet together. I love catching the sisters I made interact with each other. A magical bond. Enjoy your curried beef! Happy Weekend!

  73. Lainey is the best big sister EVER. And that pic of Heidi sleeping while holding Nella’s hand is priceless. What a friend you have there…

    Happy Weekend!

  74. Great pics, I love the one with Nella smiling into the mirror, andthe one with Lainey helping Nella wash her hair is precious, it’s shows how much love and care she has for Nella and what a great big sister she is..

    I voted for your blog, I look forward to reading your posts. You have suc a way with words and your pics are always amazing!

  75. It’s amazing how sometimes your posts make me cry, sometimes they make me think and sometimes they make me laugh. This one made me laugh. I mean, Super Nella, how could you not laugh?! It is way too freakin’ cute not to get a little chuckle.

  76. I hear you, sister! From one homeschooled Michigan girl to another, wear those Momscout badges proudly. I know I do :)

    Enjoy your weekend. Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  77. Your girls are absolute perfection and the pictures each blog. No words to describe:)

  78. I am a reformed, completely sheltered Michigan girl too, we have to take whatever we can get!
    LOVE the pictures of Lainey washing Nella’s hair, the way Nella is looking at her like she hung the moon is priceless.

  79. I have really been enjoying your blog. Your words are wonderful, photos amazing and your girls beautiful! I love your style too! Thanks for all the mom inspiration!


  80. I cannot believe how big Laney is getting! She has stretched so much!

  81. I love your blog…it is so full of sweetness and light. Thank you and your family for making my day, every time I visit. You all are amazing.

  82. Your pictures are amazing! I love love love the one of the girls in the tub :-) I love your love for life!

  83. Our little peanut is in need of some glasses of her own and I can’t find tiny cute ones…care to share on where you found Miss Nella’s?

    I just love sister bonds:)

  84. Seriously….90% of these pictures just made me cry b/c of how they capture the Love…Love of sisters…Love of friends…and my favortie Love of a mommy!

    I’m glad that little Nella is doing better!

  85. I have been reading for months and have even commented a few times (I mean afterall I have three grandchildren–two of them being babygirls 7 months and 5.5 months old).

    But HOMESCHOOLED!! I homeschooled my children–still am the youngest. Totally awesome! Do you plan to homeschool your girls?

    Another homescooled blog–with pics of my grandbabygirl–


  86. The kids are really adorable
    and Lainey seems like Nella’s big sister!

  87. Oh Kelle, your friend (Heide?) napping with Nella, holding her hand…absolutely beautiful! And Lainey washing Nella’s hair, you can see the love and admiration for her big sis in Nella’s eyes.

    Poppa’s there?!?! Lovin his gals! Perfect weekend!!

    Carol from SW MI

  88. Aww – your children are simply adorable. :) So precious.

  89. Been following you for a while, don’t comment much but read every single post and smile over the pictures. The pictures in this post are incredible. It’s amazing how much Nella’s gentle soul shows through in her eyes. Your girls are beautiful and amazing and it is so great to read about how much you love your life, you have more than enough reasons to. :) Enjoy your company tonight.

  90. As is usually the case, I am in tears reading through this post. Your girls are simply beautiful. Such love between the two of them.. how blessed they are to have each other, and you to have them (and them, you!).

  91. Gosh I don’t have a clue what is sweeter. the ones of Lainey sudsing up her baby sister or the ones of her feeding her. soooooo adorable!!!! If every one could have such an awesome big sister!

  92. Thank you for sharing Nella and Lainey with us, I love your blog!

  93. Kelle, thanks for sharing, as always, and inspiring me, and touching my heart. Love the pics of your two girls – such Sisterhood and Lainey is such a good big sis! Sorry to hear about Nella’s fever; we sure hate to see our kids sick. LOVE the paintings! Everyone, enjoy your time with Poppa. I just love that guy! Love from your blog mama

  94. Love your blog!!!!

  95. for some reason the pictures that brought tears to my eyes were the feeding ones … the baby food and the popsicle! so so sweet! i love how your big girl is so in love with your little girl! :) and thank you for your honesty with your badges!

  96. My first visit and certainly not my last! Blessings to you my dear, you are an inspiration !

  97. gorgeous! thank you. just, thank you.

  98. Thank you for posting those beautiful pictures of you nursing Nella…just perfection!

  99. Prom came and Prom went and I can assure you, from one girl who thought the world would surely end if she didn’t go to Prom… You didn’t miss much. And those Momscout badges mean way more than any prom badge ever will :) So you have basically one-upped us! HA!

  100. The photos of Nella looking in the mirror make me smile ear to ear. And Lainey is looking so grown up!

  101. The pictures of Lainey feeding Nella are priceless. Thanks for making me smile tonight. I need it. :)

  102. This post makes me want to have more babies in a bad way. Our #1 is 8 months old and I can’t wait for her to be a big sister … and she’s not even walking yet! EEK! Super cute pics, as always. Have a great weekend!

  103. Yay for Momscout Badges! I didn’t belong to any club or go to prom and I went to school well except for one year that I was homeschooled in high school. Wear your badges with pride.
    I love the picture of Nella and the glasses and the one with her face smooshed against the mirror – So cute!
    Have a great Weekend!

  104. 4th photo down. by far, best shot ever. made my heart skip a beat. how they say a picture worth a thousand words, that one left me speechless.

  105. You have such a way with words. Thank you for sharing your life and your daughters with all of us. You will never know how much your honesty and sincerity pierces through the hearts of complete strangers. Reading your blog brightens my day and makes me want to be a better mom. Thank You and hug those beautiful little girls of yours, they are such gifts!

  106. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pictures they are so amazing! Nella has such a loving big sis. those picture of shampooing her hair and feeding her…..AWWWWW PRICELESS!!!

  107. These bonding sister photos brought tears to my eyes. I myself am an older sister and I see so much unconditional love between your two beauties. What great souls you have created. And that mirror nose shmushing photo is the best!

  108. I have so many things to say about this post… so here it goes.

    First of all – the picture of Lainey drinking the water from the tap? I friggin LOVE it. I want to put it on my wall in my bathroom because it’s just that ridiculously perfect.

    Next – the pictures of Nella staring right into Lainey’s eyes as she has her hair washed… she’s got total love in her eyes for her big sister. It’s so sweet and perfect!

    The picture of Nella with her nose squished against the mirror? Yep, it made me laugh out loud. Twice. Okay no, three times now… every time I look at it in fact. And the totally cheesy smile in the picture after it? Seriously, she’s a friggin comedian!

    WHERE did you get Lainey’s Care Bear shirt? I want it! In my size! lol

    I wanna be a Momscout too, yo. Where can I get a sash? 😉

    Your words in the beginning of the post about Nella’s fever remind me of a post I did recently on my blog when my 8-month old had been getting up frequently in the night. She doesn’t usually wake up but that week she did almost every night, and one particular night was different than the rest… she just needed me for loving and I gave it to her by the spoonful. I enjoyed every second of every minute of wakefulness that night because I was hit by the harsh realization of how little she would need me like that in the future… it goes so fast. It’s so unfair, but so fascinating at the same time.

    Enjoy your weekend Kelle!

  109. just keep on keeping on….that’s what makes the threads of our life so brilliant. Ups, downs and many colors and emotions mixed in give us each our own eclectic life to mold it hoe we want.
    love to you, Kelle

  110. gorgeous girls..cant get enough of them! what a great mother you are =)

  111. Those pics of Lainey feeding Nella are beyond precious. And could Nella possibly look any cuter in those glasses?! I love them.

  112. I just absolutely LOVE Nella’s smile, it’s just pure, raw love, so so so beautiful.


  113. Ah yes, those two!! Nella will never be alone while she has Lainey as her big sister, and I seem to remember there being some pretty awesome cousins too! Not that I think there was ever any danger of her being alone, but I know you’ve said that sometimes fear creeps in, so just heaping a bit more reassurance on the pile. Love the care bears tee!! Well, Poppa/Rik has arrived so enjoy… and please say hello and tell him thank you for his words commenting on the last post, about saying yes to life, having seen so much living interrupted by dying. There are words I needed to hear and I want to thank him for saying them, I intend to try my best to put them into action. And not just when it comes to germs of course!(even though I am including that because I’m a recovering germaphobe too!!)

  114. How many amazing photos can you pack into one post? Seriously! Lainey lathering Nella’s hair? Smashed nose? Adventures in big sister feedings? Your friend napping with Nella and holding her hand? love Love LOVE!

  115. hey kelle, thanks for your encouraging post on my blog the other day. It really meant a lot that you stopped by and visited our “everything and nothing!”

    i love looking at pics of your beautiful girls….nella looks like she is doing really well developmentally…and the pics of the sisters together are just magical…you are so amazingly blessed!

  116. I too love your blog. You are amazing.

    Your girls….ahhhh, beautiful. such an incredible post…thanks for your perspective and pictures.

  117. Oh my goodness. These pictures are just too much. You have truly been blessed with such sweet, beautiful girls.

  118. “I join other decorated veterans of motherhood who have fallen deeper in love with this honored profession from not only the pretty moments but the ugly ones too.”

    This really resonated with me. Thanks.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  119. I love how the bump lead me to your blog and here your leading me back to the bump. It may not be important but it made me smile.

  120. Love love love, so much love. Kelle, you are one of a kind. I should report you to the emotion police cause it’s just not fair! I have tears almost every time I come here!!

  121. Lainey is such a great big sister….teared up like others when i saw the pics of them together.

    Love your analogy of earning pins…I’ll have to look back over the last seven years and see what’s on my vest.

    Beautiful artwork of the girls, too!


  122. okay LOVE the expressions of lainey’s face whenever she’s feeding nella. the sheer concentration is adorable!! : ) i just love your girls. i’ve followed your blog for so long I feel a motherly little connection to them in a way. I also feel protective of them and just wanted to pass on that last week my sister’s friend somehow found out that pictures of her kids/babies in diapers, in the pool, etc. were being taken from from her blog and used on child pornography sites. I just wanted you to know cause your girls are sweet and precious and darling and ever since i found out about that I’ve been paranoid about my own baby as well as my friends.

  123. Love seeing the photos of Lainey the doting big sister with Nella. And super hero Nella is too cute for words!
    Have a great weekend! xo

  124. There are so many gorgeous photo of Lainey & Nella in this post. The love just radiiates of the computer screen
    thankyou for sharing your family with us all!

    Loving the photo of Supernella!! :)

  125. OH MY FREAKIN GOD!! these are by far the cutest bath of photos of your sweet girl! hands down!!

  126. Thank you for this. We took our 4 month old to the ER on Monday night for breathing issues (croup) and I’ve been thinking so much about how parenting is not for sissies. It’s scary at times.

    I also love that Lainey opens her mouth when she feeds Nella. Husband and I always laughed about doing that with our oldest. I guess everyone does it!

    Love your blog.

  127. Those momscout badges are the hardest and the best for sure! I love your posts! What a beautiful blog!

  128. I laugh, I cry and I continue to be inspired by you. I have not met you, probably never will, but know that many, mnay miles away you bring me so much joy. I know if you were close to me we’d be friends and I would love those daughters as I love mine. Thank you for your words, your laughter and most of all your amazing photography!

  129. This post was absolutely beautiful. I melted. There was so much sisterly-love radiating from the screen. They are truly special girls. Way to wear those badges with honor – we deserve every one of them. Have a great weekend.

  130. first, i want to say that those pictures of nella nursing are beautiful!! i nursed both my kids, and have to say that it was one of the most fulfilling “mommy” things i have done!!

    second, i’m cracking up at laney with her mouth open wide feeding nella – i guess anyone who feeds a baby does that, no matter what their age! my husband and i used to try to feed the kids without opening our mouth, and we’d laugh hysterically at how hard it was!!

    i love your blog! thanks for all the encouragement and reminding all of us of just how great life is!

  131. I’m trying to think of the last time I’ve seen anything quite so beautifully, wonderfully, touchingly GORGEOUS as this blog post?!?! May take a while..

  132. You earned each and everyone of those pins, Wear them proud, show the world! As always, beautiful post. The sisterly love is overflowing and Im lovin every minute of it. Have a wonderful weekend with Poppa.

  133. Kelle, these pictures are some of my favorites. The sister-bond is so apparent. It reminds me of my bond with my sisters. How special and amazing it is. The sibling bond. Especially when nurtured by parents. Something so amazing I don’t have words for it.
    (I love using the word sans)

  134. oh my, those pics of your girls together are priceless! being one of 3 girls i can vouch for how strong the bond of sisterhood is. can’t wait till my little one has someone to feed and love :)

  135. The pics of Lainey feeding Nella are just awesome! Great post, and now I want curried beef!

  136. The picture of Nella with her nose pressed against the mirror is precious. And those of Lainey feeding her…how sweet!

  137. Lainey is such a great big sister! My fav is her washing Nellas hair in the tub, super cute! You are so blessed <3

  138. I love how when anyone feeds a baby, they open their own mouths, to show baby how to open. :-)

  139. I’m so proud of the pics of those two together….I think every mom can relate to those pics…the ones with Lainey feeding Nella and her mouth is popped open, as if by the power of suggestion with her own mouth, she can help her hand aim a little straighter. Preciousness. have fun with your dad!Marissa

  140. Oh, oh, oh how I love the pictures of Lainey washing Nella’s hair and Lainey feeding Nella (opened mouth to encourage the little one 😉 There is already such an amazing tenderness and bond between those sweet girls. Almost brings me to tears — love them!

  141. I love absolutely everything about this post…
    You rock mah socks.

  142. I can’t breastfeed my own 10 week old baby and the photos of you breastfeeding Nella made me cry (because they are beautiful, I was happy for you and sad for me). Then I laughed out loud at Nella in the mirror. Thanks for sharing!

  143. My favs:

    1. Nella’s scrunched up nose against the mirror.
    2. Lainey being a little mother right down to the open mouth we all unconsciously do when feeding a babe.
    3. Nella getting to nurse to her hearts content.

  144. funny how some of the hardest times in life are the most memorable. my boys (they are the same age as your girls) had fevers this week too. it’s that time of year again!
    that mobile is beautiful! do have a post with how to make it? sorry to trouble you, i would just love to make one for a friend of mine. thanks!

  145. Isn’t it awesome to watch the development of sibling relationships? I am moved to happy tears watching my boys interact sometimes – such tender moments. You’ve captured them SO beautifully with your camera. :)

  146. OMG I DIE at Lainey’s mouth wide open while she’s feeding Nella LOLOLOL

  147. Wow….So I love your blog anyway…but today I got goosebumps TWICE with pics you posted!!! Holy moly…yes, i just said holy moly…anyway Lainey washing Nella’s hair….forget it..TOO cute, and Lainey feeding baby Nella popsicle?!?!?! Sweetest things ever!!! I know you don’t respond too much to posts…but where o where did you get the wreath hanging over the crib?? We’re due with our second girl in April…BEYOND-WORDS-EXCITED….and I’m all about nursery decor right now!! I’d love some insight into how you made that mobile-of-sorts!!! Thanks!!!

  148. Absolutely LOVE everything about this post!! You capture such magical moments Kelle…some of my favs…
    – Nella adoring Lainey as she washes her hair…my goodnesss those Nella eyes are full of beauty, wisdom and love!!
    -Supernella saving the world with love…she sure is dude!!!
    -Nella’s squished up nose against the mirror, followed by her classic grin!! That had me laughing…too cute!!
    -Lainey’s wide open mouth as she fed her sis…we all do that and it cracks me up!!!
    -Heidi having a love nap with Nella (girlfriends are precious gifts from God)
    -The sister bond that grows stronger in each post. It is magical this “sibling love” and how they love so unconditionally. The moments that my boys enjoy each other’s company makes the Mama heart sing!!

    Kelle, thank you for this magical post and starting my Saturday morning off full of love, happiness and inspiration to have a “I Love LIfe” kind of weekend!!

    One more thing…your Girlscout comparison is NOT hokey…I LOVED it!! I”ve been involved in many “clubs” but the one I am so proud to belong to is “Momscouts” and I earned all those pins and wear them with pride…all the moments…the good, the bad, the ugly…it’s parenthood babe and all the moments make it magical!!
    You are truly AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!!

    Enjoy Poppa’s love!! And Happy weekend to you!

  149. dear Vested,

    This is one of my very favorite posts since i began reading awhile back. Somehow i am not surprised to find out that you were homeschooled…your writing is superb and your unique creative style reminds me of my 2 grown up (homeschooled) girls. We still have 4 kiddos at home and i love watching their individual talents and intrests unfold. It is a wonderful way to learn and i am so happy and thankful to be able to have a part in that.
    Keep encouraged, you are doing an incredible job with your girls. I always love seeing the photos and how you dress them just “kills me” in a good way!
    Mothers nursing babies is so close to my heart. I nursed all 6 of mine, and count it amoungst the most enjoyable, important, and rewarding experiences of my Mothering career. Maybe one of the best badges of honor since it affects so MUCH of a baby’s life and the benefits reach far into the future as well. (no, i am not a LLL leader, but a firm beleiver in all the breastfeeding research)

    Still adding badges
    My hubby is in FL this weekend on business, and i told him to “wave at you” when he goes through your city! Wave back if you see a big SUV pulling a 40′ flatbed trailer full of lifesize fiberglass animals and stuff. To see what we do go to: or
    You will get a kick out of it all i think.

  150. So, I WAS a girl scout…and I can very vividly remember scrambling to find and then stapling the badges I could locate onto my sash/vest in order to get them on there for whatever event reqired me to be in uniform and sport my merit badges…sewing took too much time, and “who cares anyway?”…BUT these mom badges you speak of…those, I hold dear. I store them in a very safe place, I carefully dew them onto my sash to be certain they do not fall off, or wrinkle, or rip. I do this not for others to see, but for me. Because I care. Because they are worth it.
    Love this analogy.
    I hope Nella is feeling better. And that you are enjoying your visitors.
    Lainey is an incredible big sister. The love in her eyes when she is with her sister is beautiful. Awesome pictures of “those two!” (as always)

  151. The pictures of your girls together are so precious… I have happy tears on my face right now. What sweet, sweet days.

  152. All those feeding pictures are just precious. Lainey even had her mouth open like she was showing Nella how. She is a great big sister.

  153. SEW them! typos

  154. My favorite is the pic of Nella looking at Lainey during bathtime….adoration! I love it :-)

  155. Just wanted to say that I may not post much (or maybe only once in a blue moon) but I read… and I take it all in. It’s just lovely. All of it. Thank you.

  156. I have been slowly sinking into a bad mood all day, kelle. I needed to see if your blog has an update because they make me smile and feel happy, even when I just want to cry.

    And while I believe crying it out sometimes helps, your blog helps way more in me seeing that happy and beautiful things are around us every single day.

    I love the picture of nella kissing the mirror. The girl already loves herself 😉 more power to her. She is a cute, adorable and amazing little girl. She should always know that she is a rockstar.

  157. I think all mothers have those ” We yell and feel guilty” moments. You deserve the badge for “knowing what is wrong and doing what is right”! I know I felt quite proud of those moments myself dealing with sick little ones at 3AM in the morning. I think all mothers deserve a medal of honor!!

    I love the way Lainey looks after Nella. My kids unfortunately will never have an older sibling hovering over them although I sometimes think “the younger by 30 minutes twin” has taken the “I’m your big sister” role in this house!

  158. I know you have heard it before, but I love your blog! 😉
    I also love your playlist. I open your blog up daily and let the tunes play while I work around the house.
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  159. I just stumbled on your blog from Babble. I love your photos, especially the water stomping photos. What a gift you possess, combining your writing and photo-snapping!

    How true, that we fall in love in the high and low moments of parenting…

  160. Please blog about home schooling. I can’t imagine it… What was it like, are you thinking about it for your girls, do you think you missed out. I am soooo curious….

  161. i love reading your blog. my friend (brooke) has down syndrome and we grew up together (she is 25 now, i am 24) I love her so much and reading your blog reminds me of all the wonderful times we had as little kids. you have two VERY beautiful daughters.

  162. I had no idea you were a homeschooled girl! It’s nice to know that there are other “normal” former homeschooled peeps out there. We get a bad rep sometimes.

  163. These daughters of yours are oh-so-stunning! Beautiful post.

  164. I think I’ve only left a comment once before, but I read every single post.
    I’m always in awe over your beautiful girls. Your pictures are always fabulous, and I love the sister love going on.
    Your blog shows so much love.
    And homeschooling–well, I’m one of those moms!
    In NE

  165. Your blog is my absolute favorite. Such beautiful words and pictures. THANK YOU!

  166. love the squishy face in the mirror picture- so cute!! :)

  167. The BEST pictures! Truly beautiful. Big sister taking care of little sister in so many ways….brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing. They are very lucky girls :)

  168. love the pics on this one, esp little miss looking with adoration at her big sister. That relationship you were worried about…its there. :)

    By the way, kelle, just an FYI, you can take it or leave it, but Tylenol is not the best thing for our kids, heres the best explanation I can find of why:

    Glutathione & The Acetaminophen (active ingredient in Tylenol) Issue:

    Glutathione is commonly deficient in individuals with Down Syndrome, due to the extra chromosome & overexpression of the SOD-1 gene. Glutathione is an important antioxidant. It helps scavenge free radicals, deal with oxidative stress & the pro-oxidant state of individuals with Down Syndrome. Acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol & many other OTC drugs), depletes Glutathione levels in the liver (where it is made & stored). Therefore, for a person with Down Syndrome, this situation is very important. Since Acetaminophen depletes Glutathione (which is already deficient in DS), it is a bad situation – a key antioxidant is being even more depleted. It can then cause more oxidative damage, free radicals & liver damage. Tylenol is known to possibly cause liver damage & failure. It is best if Tylenol (and drugs containing Acetaminophen) be avoided, but if it is necessary, they can be used at times. When you have to use them, just make sure you give more Glutathione or N-acetyl-cysteine to help out!

  169. Momscouts! I proudly join you Kelle!
    Super Nella Rocks! She is perfect!
    And what an amzing BIG Sister! Beautiful, Priceless, Perfect!!

  170. Wow. Those pictures really speak a thousand words. I don’t know you at all except through your amazing blog, but the picture of your baby looking up at her big sis in the bathtub is absolutely priceless and beautiful! Sometimes I catch my youngest starting at his big brother like that, in such loving adoration. Thanks for sharing!

  171. I just have to tell you, Kelle, your blog is my favorite of any I have ever read. Your beautiful photos combined with your talent for words and the glimpses into your life are an irresistible combination. Thank you for sharing with all of us! You inspire me to love my life and try harder to be the kind of wife and mom I want to be. I will keep reading as long as you keep on writing!

  172. I don’t often leave comments but I had to tell you that the photo of your two little angels in the bath brought tears to my eyes. The adoring look Nella is giving her big sister is just so precious. I love your blog!!

  173. OMG – I LOVE this post – LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it… and I LOVE that super Nella pic too… I think those pins are somethings very special – I think that for some of us they are ‘advanced’ grade pins – they hurt just that wee bit more – and we wear them with just that little bit extra – a bit like the ‘extra’ that our daughters wear – the ‘extra’ that we hope and pray they will always wear with pride – cos they ARE amazing…

  174. Thank you Michelle! Girl, you are a dictionary of D.S. knowledge…I’m impressed! I’ll check it out for sure.

  175. I always love reading your thoughts and seeing your photos that capture beautiful moments. But today I have to thank you for the memory you stirred. My almost 5 year old wore that cute blue ducky dress on a vacation we had and seeing that dress put a big smile on my face. Thank you for a great start to a Sunday.

  176. Wow…that picture of Lainey washing Nella’s hair in tub instantly made me burst into tears. The gentleness of the elder and the trust in the eyes of the younger…sighh. …beautiful. :)

  177. aw kell! love these pics!
    nella in the mirror…lainey washing her hair…

    photo of nella and i…gotta say…i fell more love with her!

    love you. us hangin together during the business of life is always like…
    goin’ home, dude!

    love you.

  178. Tears just falling like rain!! Love those pics of the girls together. So incrediably sweet. And dont friends just make life so much more bearable.

  179. The picture of Nella kissing herself in the mirror has to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!
    Love your blog!

  180. OMG, we have a “Superpippa” at our house. She’s a bit younger than your Nella. My girls christened our youngest that because she started rolling early and pushing herself up so they figured she has superpowers. They put a little cape on her for Halloween :)

    As some of the other commenters mentioned, I would love to hear more about your homeschooling experience, if you are thinking about it for your girls etc.

    Love your blog!

  181. Hi Kelle ~ Although my kids are almost grown up (well…maybe not so much sometimes!), I thoroughly enjoy your blog and your adventures with Lainey and Nella make me long for the days when my kids were “littles.” In any case, I found this link on Facebook and didn’t know if you’d seen it yet. Thought you might enjoy it ~ Best wishes to you and your wonderful family.

  182. Please, please please share the recipe for curried beef!!!

    We made the crockpot pork carnitas recipe twice this week-ohhhh so good :)

    What other recipes do you have? Your blog always makes me hungry :)

  183. I just wanted to say your so inspiring in your attitude towards disabilitity, you really see nella as an individual. I’m a student nurse in the UK and we had a lecture the other day and the lecturer refered to her nephew the down syndrome. Not her newphew daniel who also has downs syndrome. She defined him by his condition, when he is so much more than a condition. I wish more people could have your attitude and the world would be a better place.

    And Nella is the cutest baby i have ever seen xx

  184. momscout pins? and here I was thinking I couldn’t love this blog any more than i already do. xx

    PS Super glad it was a short non-tylenol-proof fever xx

  185. so much good in this post, but the pic of Nella in the mirror is fantastic!

  186. Thank you for inspiring me to gather up all the badges life has to offer … even when I am striving for more and hoping for miracles.

  187. I always love your photos but, to use one of your lines, my cheeks hurt from smiling at this blog post. Nella looking up at Lainey… priceless. The nursing picture is awesome. I could never get the “right” picture. It either looked like I was showing WAY to much or my daughter was eating my clothes. Last, the smooshy face against the mirror…I LOVED IT!

  188. by looking at your pictures, it looks like your dream for your daughters to be close sisters, is certainly coming true! I love the way Nella looks at her big sister! Amazing:)

  189. I could just BITE that little Nella (with LOVE of course)! My boy makes the same cheeseball smile (eyes shut and mouth BIG with a smile). Nella is such a smart girl and I love hearing all about her growth! That Lainey is SUCH a sweet big sister. LOVE these girls!
    Thanks Kel for letting us love, think, pray and wish big things for your girls!

  190. One of your etsy friends should totally make momscouts sashes and badges! I bet they would be a big hit!
    I hope Nella’s feeling better!!

    P.S. I loved your bathroom makeover too, by the way!!

  191. Those girls of yours are so happy and healthy! You should know that I’ve grown up with several DS members in my family and circle of friends, and Miss Nella is quite obviously the happiest, most well-adjusted little luvkin I’ve laid eyes on. Put that pin on your lapel because it’s worthy of notice!

  192. Oh My Gosh…I’m lovin’ those pics of Nella in the mirror…Priceless!

  193. Hey Kelle, I love checking in with you and your girls everyday! so amazing to see your family grow! I checked in today and saw these beautiful pictures of your girls making lovey eyes at each other and was immediately reminded of a young man I saw earlier today. I was volunteering at a therapeutic riding centre, which has a lot of participants with rockstar genes and after his session was over a young guy, 17, rockstar genes, named Josh came in to the snack room with his mom for some nourishment. He was just so amazingly in love with his mom and younger sister, he refused to take anything to eat without giving them each the same thing. He made his mom and sister a hot dog and made sure they each had a drink. Such a beautiful human being. I don’t know very many 17 year old boys who love their moms as much as Josh does and it just made me smile so big for the rest of the day. These kids love with everything they have and it is just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!

  194. I’m sure many of us would love to hear more about your homeschooling! Perhaps you could share your experiences on this? We’d like to homeschool our kids via e-learning and would love to hear more from you!

  195. Your girls are so beautiful!! Your blog is fab! I have been poking around. :)

  196. I love that photo of Nella with her glasses on….she’s looking at you with a look that’s all too familiar with my Ruby (4yr old daughter with DS). It’s a look that says “I SEE you for what you are and I have so much to teach you”. Such a look of purity. LOVE IT!

  197. aaahhhhhh, the sisterly love. so precious!

  198. Good Morning, Kelle!

    I’ve been meaning to tell you that every time I look at Nella, I think she is STUNNING! She is seriously one of the most gorgeous babies I’ve ever seen! I know you already are aware of this as her mother, but just wanted you to know that I’d very much noticed it too :)
    I am a big sister and have a little sister myself, so I always like to attribute some of the little’s goodness to the sweetness of the big :) I know Lainey’s got something to do with Nella’s goodness too.
    You beautiful women enjoy the week before Thanksgiving!

  199. ,,,L.O.V.E.,,,

    1. nella grinning at nella in the mirror

    2. nella enjoying a pink popsicle in november!

    3. having fun with “auntie heidi” who is beautiful

  200. I love the Momscout Vest !! And you are so right, we have amazing badges and have some that are hard to deal with but in the end we wear them with pride because the badges are our heart and soul.. Thanks for sharing :)

  201. Nella grinning in the mirror is my new desktop wallpaper — it makes me laugh everytime i see it!!

  202. such a sweet & special bond between nella & lainey!! i love that lainey’s mouth is open in every picture she is feeding nella!! so cute! almost like we can’t put mascara on without our mouths open! heehee!

  203. I love how Lainey has to open her own mouth really wide when feeding Nella! Hilarious!

  204. check it out…the “almost-lost-a-finger” incident of ’09

    scouts’ honor.

  205. You have made my monday all the better. Your pictures are always so bright and beautiful. I’m such a beginner and all of my indoor photos don’t turn out. You inspire me to keep on truckin. And your writing has also inspired me to try and keep up on blogging. Thank you for all that you have done and do everyday! Lovin the sister pictures!!

  206. The photos of your girls just brought tears to my eyes. The love those two have for each other is so evident. I am a mom to a beautiful 16 month old girl and 20 weeks pregnant with my 2nd girl. My husband and I wanted a little boy so badly but were surprised to find out we were having another girl. Posts like yours make me realize how blessed we are. We are going to have two girls that adore each other just like yours do. The photos of them together make me ache for my new little girl to get here so I can see the love between my two.

  207. Love, love, love Nella’s glasses…and Lainey is such a sweet big sister, how can you stand it??? I’m dying from the cuteness and the emotion, I truly just want to kiss your girls every single time I see their pictures. Beautiful, beautiful post Kelle…

  208. I love the photo of Nella with her noise squished up against the mirror. Too cute!

    And Lainey opening her mouth as she feeds Nella? So sweet! My husband did that when he feed our little ones. Must be an innate behavior. Or something like that. 😉

    I want to thank you for sharing your blog. You’ve inspired me to write more emotional, personal posts on my own blog. This past week, I wrote some of the best posts in my three years blogging, and now my blog is in the Top 10 in Babble’s top 50 Mom Blogs contest. Holy smokes. Thank you for the courage.


    bug and the sweet banana

  209. I so want to make you a vest with patches/badges for each of your victories and send it with a copy of “Troop Beverly Hills”

  210. oh, how i love your blog kelle…your beautiful daughters, photos and words and how they always go perfectly with the right music.

    and how on days like today, the combination, makes me cry…happy tears. grateful tears. tears just because i can.

    i haven’t commented in a while and things have been so crazy lately with my little family that i haven’t really been up to date with your posts.

    but i’m all caught up now…thanks as always for sharing!!
    xo from NJ

  211. I always love your pictures, Kelle. Always. Today though, I think my heart exploded from cuteness overload. Little Nella Bean is growing up and what an amazing big sister she has in Lainey. I love that.

  212. Nella + glasses + totally awesome bib=Awesome photo!!!

  213. i think i remember a long long time ago (though really only 10 or so months) when i said something to the extent of “just wait. this sibling/sister thing is AMAZING.”
    i was right, wasn’t i?

  214. Night fevers – I think we get double pins for those! It may have been a half hour but chances are you never slept watching and checking!

    I love the water spouts! So much of fun. Water fun is the BEST!

    Glad Ms Nella is doing so well!

  215. The picture of the girls together…they just melt my heart. What a great big sister Lainey is!
    So glad Nella had a short lived “sicky”. :)

  216. Thank you for bringing a dose of joy into my life every time I read one of your posts. And I love how you empower other women to live out their passion!

  217. The tenderness between your little girls is breathtaking…Lainey washing Nella’s hair just killed me! You can just see their love for one another in their eyes. And who doesn’t love a squished nose on the mirror?

    I’m love with your blog and the beautiful moments you capture. Keep it coming!

  218. Seriously- Where are the “Like” buttons on all the pictures? I swoon over just about every single one of them! Your girls, you and your words are beautiful!

  219. I truly love me some funny analogies! I seriously heart the girlscout/mommyhood vests & badges–so true! Surprised someone hasn’t already made those!! lol!!! Good or bad–we ALL do have them!!

    The pic of the girls in the bath, Lainey washing Nella’s hair is SOO Precious! I can’t wait for my boys to bath together. (3 years old & 4 months, But how do you always have your camera ready? I find myself always saying, wait, don’t move! Momma’s going to get her camera! (*right…bc that always works! lol!)

    And the picture of Nella’s super cheese face is SOO my new favorite of your girls! LOVE IT!

  220. That picture with Nella’s face up against the mirror is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time!!

  221. I literally laughed out loud at the cute picture of Nella with her nose smashed against the mirror!!! That is great!!! I love that Lainey helps feed Nella too…that is soo sweet!!!

  222. The pictures of Lainey and Nella touch my heart! You can see and feel how their relationship is having a powerful effect on each other…

    “Love is the real power. It’s the energy that cherishes. The more you work with that energy, the more you will see how people respond naturally to it, and the more you will want to use it. It brings out your creativity, and helps everyone around you flower…” ~Marion Woodman

  223. Love this post! I’m new to Florida and I am definitely craving colder weather. Although, I must say, I do appreciate the sunshine.

  224. this one made my heart smile – those pictures of your daughters together are just priceless and must make you so proud – i can not wait to witness that sibling bond between zachary and the next one to come…. amazing.

  225. oh. i love the sister-helping-sister photos. doesn’t get any better!

  226. Enjoy your blog very much and especially the music you choose. Is it possible to let us know what music is playing? I would love to put most of it on my mp3.

  227. Kelle–
    I read your blog everyday. I’m also a new mommy –twice around. the stress if it all has taken my relaxation away, but i would never change it in a million years. your blog brings me hope, love and inspiration every day. i, also, have an uncle with ds. he is in his 50s and is an awesome dude! my grandma, bless her heart, is 91. she has been through MANY heartaches including losing her amazing husband to cancer and losing an infant child to SIDS…i SWEAR him and his love keeps her going everyday. they have an amazing relationship…i don’t doubt, with him by her side, they will live MUCH longer, happier and blissfully fulfilled. something about those special babies that brings oodles of unconditional love everyday…

  228. Hi! I just wanted to say that I am loving your blog and photos. I started following you in February and have been hooked ever since. My second child who is a girl has DS, and my birthday is the day before yours, and I just had a baby on Dec. 31st. So I totally identify with a lot of your writing. Keep up the great work!!

  229. I love reading your blog, your words are so wonderfully written. I just had to comment on how sweet the pictures of Lainey washing Nella’s hair are! I have a 15mo old little girl, and we’re trying to conceive- it made me hope that she has a little sister soon so that she’s able to do that as well. Those pictures just radiate with love! :)

  230. So many terrific pics in this post! Nella’s face smooshed up against the mirror – love it! and Lainey feeding her – adorable!

    Wear that vest with pride Kelle! YOU deserve to wear i it!!! xo

  231. I am across your blog a little while ago & have been going through older posts and tonight I couldnt wait to get my own little cherubs to bed so that I could brew a cuppa & sit down to read some more of your amazing words. Once again I am left completely & utterly floored. What your pictures capture of your precious girls no words will do justice. The love within your family is so evident in your photos and stories, it inspires me. YOU have inspired me, your daughters, friends, family inspires me. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and all the way from over here in Australia for sharing your story.

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