Perfume Apple Pie…and a little bit of thankful

I prepped for the big day today. Cleaned the baseboards, the toilets, the dust bunnies that have been sleeping in the corners for far too long. I rolled my pie dough and chopped all my apples, finishing them off with a few scoops of sugar and some generous shakes of cinnamon.


After all that work, I tasted, as any good baker must do.


It was awful. Like strong soap.

And then around the corner came Lainey, wearing a sheepish grin and holding a bottle of perfume. “I spwayed it,” she fessed up.

Needless to say…


We’ll start over tomorrow.

I love Thanksgiving. The linens, the dishes, the food, the chaos, the chopping, the football, the heat in the kitchen, and the fullness at the end of the evening.


I noticed Brett printed out some Wikipedia pages on Thanksgiving today. They’re stuck to the refrigerator with a carpet cleaning advertisement magnet, and I have yet to ask him what it’s all about. Probably some attempt to teach the kids as all good try-and-be-a-good-parent attempts go, and I will smile tomorrow watching him pull out his little papers and read through typed explanations about what it is, how it started, why we do it. I love this about him, I do.


And he has me thinking…what do I want my kids to know about this day?


Lord knows I’m all for being grateful. Hell, I ride unicorns. My kids will know we’re grateful–if not from the hot-glued felt banners literally spelling it out hanging over the table, then from the hundreds of thank-you’s we pray throughout their childhood. For good food and safe homes and health and trained doctors and cool toys and loving friends. It’s so important, really it is. But, it’s so done. Like rattling off “I love you” before you hang up the phone every single time, depleting it of its real meaning. When does I love you really mean I love you and when does thank you mean that kind of thank you when you feel it in your bones…when you want to kiss the universe and cement grateful moments into a place where they won’t fade away over time?


I think the true meaning of gratitude arrives on its own. You can’t try too hard to create it; you can’t stress too much about conveying it. Oh, we’ll read the Widipedia pages tomorrow. We’ll talk about Plymouth and Spanish explorers and throw out fancy phrases like “bountiful harvest” that will leave little eyes clueless and confused. We’ll take turns sharing what we’re thankful for this year which will range from less original but still valid answers like houses and jobs to the more emotional blessings of little almond eyes and the tiny soul that changed us. I’ll most likely cry and then pull it together. But still, that’s not the heart of it. That’s not the meaty core of Thanksgiving…the kind I want my kids to grasp and feel.

It will come somewhere in between…when no one’s watching. Right when the kitchen’s crazy and the gravy’s boiling and the football game is roaring and hands are being washed and babies are being prepped and hotpadded dishes are being carefully carried to the table. And someone will holler for everyone to come, and I’ll watch as conversations are wrapped up and bibs are fastened and heads are tipped in laughter. And right about then, I’ll want to grab my kids and kiss them, whisper into their ears….”This is Thanksgiving. This, right here, is being thankful. Drink it in, Babies. Drink it in.”



And then you just hope they get it. That over time, they know that they are blessed and that there are so many places in this world, in this country, in this little town, where there is pain and need and hunger. And knowing just how good it feels to have it, you hope they give it back.

So, yeah. I’m thankful tonight.

And two Thanksgiving treats for you.

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And what’s a holiday without more free stuff?

So, I just got my new Silhouette digital cutting tool, and this thing has crazy possibilities. Scrapbook pages, etching, iron-on designs, letters, rhinestone bling.

I’m going bananas Christmas paper crafting right now. It comes with software ready-to-go, and their website is filled with downloadable fonts and projects. Valued at $299, and one is FREE to a random commenter on this post. Winner will be announced Sunday evening. Hello, Santa!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Kelle:)

  2. Thanks for such a great reminder to drink it all in–maybe THAT’s what I need to print out for MY refrigerator. :) Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. What a great reminder of the TRUE meaning of Thanksgiving. (Besides, you know, the start of Christmas festivities)

  4. Great post about gratitude. Thank you! And Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. And I am thankful to you for all the creativity you inspire, and all the happiness and love you throw you there! And I’m Canadian so I got to be thankful almost two months ago, now I’m just being thankful in spirit!
    Happy Thanksgiving to your beautiful family!

  6. Just finished my Thanksgiving post and came over here to find our gratitude is so similar. I can’t get enough of your blog. Oh and LOVE that Lanie sprayed the apples, that could totally happen in our house.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I have been reading your blog since you first posted Nella’s birth story. Would love to win….plus you make me want to be a better mom. Your kids are blessed as well as your hubby.

  8. way to enjoy the small things! :)
    have a blessed thanksgiving day.
    pax Christi – lena

  9. Happy Happy Thanksgiving Kelle! This year I am thankful for many, many things, one of them is definitely your blog!
    Have a magical turkey day!

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  11. I think we all need a little reminder from Wikipedia on our fridge about the true meaning of tomorrow! Thanks for reminding us of that!!

  12. Cracking up at Lainey spraying the apples! Too funny!

    Hope your family has a wonderous thankful Thanksgiving!

  13. Oh Laniey…. to cute and too funny!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  14. Happy Thanksgiving. I can not wait to see the pictures of your special day. What are the girls looking at in the last picture?

  15. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I wonder if you could share the name of the name of the children’s book you have opened in one of the pics? I’d love to get that, I can tell from that one page!

    Lainey! The little sprite that was momentarily a little minx – but a very VERY cute one so no-one really minded πŸ˜‰

  16. Your little girls are so stunning – so much to be thankful for!

  17. Happy Thanksgiving! Lots to be thankful for over here too!

  18. Love the apple pie story…..
    Lainey is getting more and more beautiful. Such a big girl!
    I’m so grateful for today and for tomorrow. Every day is a thanks giving kind of day. For the small and big moments.
    Love the pic of card. But, will LOVE to win tonight’s fabulous giveaway!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving Kelle!

  19. I’m so thankful that in a world full of busy-ness that you have made the choice to take the time to share your heart with all of us. Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. I feel like everytime I read your blog I know that I am either going to cry or laugh out loud. Today it was a little bit of both! So thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  21. I’m still laughing out loud that Lainey “spwayed” the apples! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    I am thankful for you…truly thankful.

  22. Tellement beau et inspirant, encore une fois!



  23. Oh no … you threw out the apples!!! You could have started a new southern tradition for Thanksgiving … perfume pie!!

  24. I’m thankful for your beautiful blog, Enjoy your weekend!


    I’m guessing the perfume wasn’t vanilla?!

    Oh, well, tomorrow’s will be really yummy.

    Happy T-day!

  26. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Here’s to a great tasting pie – sans perfume tomorrow!!!

  27. I am thankful for your blog.. which makes me be a better mama..

  28. Happy thanksgiving. Your post is so true. It’s good to remember.

  29. Love it! Happiest of thankful days to you and yours!

  30. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

  31. What a wonderful description of Thanksgiving! One my heart feels, but often doesn’t have the words to speak! What a wonderful mom your kids have!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  32. Happy Thanksgiving !!! I love the “Lainey and the apples” story. Too, Too funny.

  33. Let me tell you what. YOU CAN WRITE! I love it! :)

  34. Happy Thanksgiving Hamptons! Even through the stress and worry of this past week, I am reminded of all I have to be thankful.

  35. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle! Thanks for the great reminder – things have been tought this week but I know I have so much to be thankful for in my life.

  36. Love the pic with Nellas two tiny teeth. (Well, I love all your pics, but especially that one)

  37. Kelle, God bless you and your family. I’m thankful for all the people who have had a positive influence on me. I count you near the top of that list. We’re ridin unicorns at the dude ranch, baby!

    Hoping you get the wishbone tomorrow.


  38. I love Nella’s legs. πŸ˜€

  39. I had to laugh at Lainey spraying the apples but then I sobered thinking I was only laughing b/c it was not my child that did it! I can’t believe you are giving away a Silhouette too! *Need* one!

  40. We never did the whole “what are you thankful for thing” until I met my husband. His family pass out little corn kernels and everyone goes around and says what they are thankful for and puts their kernel in a jar full of thankfulness!

  41. Happy American Thanksgiving! Such sweet pictures, as always.

  42. Your gorgeous little babes, love the last photo. So much to be thankful for!

  43. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Kelly!! I would love one for crafts, think of all the great possibilities for school projects and for the holidays! The ideas are already swirling around in my head!

  44. What a great post to get me thinking about what to be thankful for. This October my whole world was turned upside, the same exact way yours was in Jaunary and right now sometimes it feels hard to be thankful, but I am. I so am. I like to look at your posts and see my future..what my babe will be like soon and it makes me EXCITED. So thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  45. Happy thanksgiving Kelle! I definitely laughed about your what Lainey did to your pie, another story made to tell in years to come for you and your family :).

  46. oh this looks so cool! Happy Thanksgiving!

  47. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! This year for Thanksgiving my husband and I are putting aside our graduate studies for one day and are finally putting up the Christmas decorations. I’ve been itching to do it for a month now but I have held off in hopes that it would snow–it didn’t happen. Thus, I will decorate anyway! With a few paper snowflakes to summon the Christmas spirit. I will keep your decorations in mind as I go…you’re my inspiration!

  48. Happy thanksgiving, you remind that there is so much in my life to be grateful for!

  49. What a beautiful post, thank you for sharing with us. This Thanksgiving, although I am hurting with the loss of my husband, I am so very thankful for the best gift he left behind…our 2 year old son. Squeeze your babies and cherish your family. They are what its all about. <3, Erin

  50. Happy Thanksgiving to your family!

  51. Beautiful!!!! I’m so thankful. :)

  52. Happy Thanksgiving! I can’t wait too see that perfectly happy & content smile on my daughter’s face right in the pit of all the holiday craziness and know she is thankful for her warm home and loving parents.

    Wonderful post!

  53. ummmmm, yes please!!! to all of the above. thanks for the lovely reminder to relish in the beauty of the season.

    allyson =)

  54. Just think how tasty those pies are going to be tomorrow knowing that you worked double hard to make them!!
    Great giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving.

  55. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  56. This was a wonderful post on the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  57. BAHAHAHAHAHA Lainey spraying the apples- aaaaaaagh I love it! Sorry, but that was priceless!:)

  58. Happy Thanksgiving!

  59. Such sweet sentiments, thanks for sharing. :) And I am an avid scrapbooker/card maker!! With a baby on the way, you can just imagine all the ideas in my head for projects. πŸ˜‰

  60. Lainey just wanted them to smell pretty(er). :)
    Thank you for writing a post on this crazy busy night. I needed a good kelle fix. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  61. I would LOVE to find one of these under my Christmas tree. I have so many ideas already circulating in my head.

  62. Happy Thanksgiving! An apple pie perfume does sound good. Hope you have a good one. That cutter looks AWESOME!

  63. My heart sings your words, Kelle. Again, Thank you.

  64. That digital cutting tool looks amazing!

    More importantly, of course – a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I’m feeling especially emotional this holiday season (in a very good way) and was tearing up tonight looking at my baby girls (almost 3 and just 1) and thinking about the newest baby, who we get to see on Monday at our 20 week ultrasound. I feel so very blessed this year – lots of chaos, but it’s the beautiful kind! Happy Thanksgiving!

  65. Lainey will definitely be the next Julia Child :) How adorable. It’s refreshing to see your reaction. Just shrug it off, ain’t no thang. Feeling extra grateful this year and your blog always serves as a reminder to be thankful EVERY day.

  66. …but the apples smelled good, right?! your babies are darling. My bald baby boy turns one year old tomorrow–my heart is filled with thanks. I’d love to give the Silhouette a whirl.

  67. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy this wonderful time with your family!

  68. I am thankful for my beautiful almond-eyed cousin, Kenzie, that God has placed in my family this year!

  69. Beautiful sentiments. And sentiments in a good way. no cheese. Thanks as always!
    And that tool? Uh, wild. I’ll never finish school with that baby in my house. I welcome the challenge. :)

  70. Happy Thanksgiving! You couldn’t have summed up the meaning of it all any better. It was perfect.

  71. Your blog always makes me happy! I’m hoping to win the Silhouette…it’s on the top of my Christmas list!! Have a great Thanksgiving boo!

  72. Love your words, love your girls, love your pictures, love your family! I’ve been hooked on your blog for several months and check often for new entries. I’m inspired to be a better mom and person from your words. Thanks so much! (would love to win the give-away!)

  73. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle! Thanks for keeping the rest of us humble!

  74. Happy Thanksgiving!

  75. love the apple story!

  76. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Thanksgiving marks the start of Christmas around here!!! :)

  77. Thanks for being such an inspiration to so many people! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! And enjoy your pie!

  78. Thank “you” so much for sharing your heart! I hope that you and yours have a fantabulous Thanksgiving! I know I will! Lots of love and yummy food!

  79. Perfume pie. Ha. So gross and funny all at the same time. Thanks for another great post!

  80. love your pics! and of course, i wanna win! :)

  81. Happy Thanksgiving from Iowa to you and yours… even the spwayed apples. :)

  82. Who needs apple pie anyway? :)

  83. Wishing you & your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

  84. Can I just borrow your kiddos for awhile? :-) They melt my heart each time I see pictures of them!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  85. I’d love to try the silhoette thingy : ) I’m actually trying to get into glass etching in hopes of making pretty things to sell one day. Hope I win and blessings to you : )

  86. Happy Thanksgiving! Love reading your thoughts and getting a peek into your blessed life!

  87. …I am grateful for one amazing, outstanding, beautiful, eloquent, inspiring, unicorn riding Kelle Hampton!! Through your words and photographs you have taught me to love deeper, to celebrate the everyday and to suck the marrow out of life.
    “drink it in, Babies. Drink it in” …that moment when we all gather in laughter and thanks around a table full of love…that IS the magical moment of Thanksgiving. I feel the same way every time we gather with family and friends.
    Thank you for giving your heart to all of us!!

    Happy American Thanksgiving Hampton Family!
    From Canada

  88. oh and p.s – bwahhahahaha on Lainey spraying the apples!! That kid slays me with her cuteness!!!

  89. It’s 11:05pm of the eve. Toilets scrubbed. Pumpkin roasted and considering rolling out the dough tonight for the hope of “one less thing on my list” tomorrow. And then here’s your post. A guilty pleasure to refuel myself.

    I have been Jonesing for a Silhouette for over a year; but delayed the purchase waiting for Mac compatibility. HOLY CRAP. Lucky 7’s God. You are going to have a blast with the machine. I cannot wait to etch glasses. Use any font of choice…see where I’m going. We know that you love fonts. You can crank up your holiday bliss 400%. Yes, it’s possible chick.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. All of us have lots to be thankful for and should remember why we celebrate year after year. Yes, it’s more than just stuffing.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  90. Thankfulness is in the “small things”, I agree:)

  91. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet Family♥

  92. Ohhh I can only imagine the wonderful things I could do with a silhouette digital cutting tool!! I found a glass etching tutorial that used one and I have been fantasizing about owning one ever since! I look forward to your posts every time i open my computer and am thankful to you for brightening my day with each one you write : )

  93. Happy Thanksgiving!! Good luck on your second try with that pie!

  94. Your girls look beautiful, as always! And gotta say, I LOVE your dishes for Thanksgiving! :)

  95. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  96. Did Lainey spray the apples with your wedding day perfume?
    Happy American Thanksgiving!

  97. There are times I know my munchkin is giving the obligatory “thank you,” but there are times when every part of my heart knows she means it down to her toes. That makes my heart smile. Blessings for a fabulous Thanksgiving, Kelle!

  98. I look forward to your every post and am so thankful that I’ve found your blog and can join you on your journey of raising your little ones. You have such an incredible gift in your story telling, a keen eye for photography and are clearly a great mom.

    For what it’s worth, I can’t believe you didn’t win the best blog award. I checked the other contenders and they had nothing on this little gem, nothing.

    Would love that Silhouette… definetly on my must have list. The possibiltiies are endless.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  99. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet little family. Hope the apple pie baking goes more smoothly tomorrow….

  100. Kelle- you convey so beautifully what I feel in my heart. Happy Thanksgiving to you! so funny about the “spway”!

  101. Feeling grateful for your playlist while I craft, cook and anticipate a full house.

  102. You inspire me to be a better person all around. You are so sweet and patient and I am truly thankful I found this blog. Here’s wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

  103. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  104. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for Kelle’s beautiful words and photos that inspire me everyday!

  105. Happy Thanksgiving…soapy apples and all! :)

  106. Happy Thanksgiving. May we all have a happy blessed day filled with loved one and great food.

  107. Happy Thanksgiving! I am feeling thankful….a super cute 2 1/2 year old girl to play with each day and a 7 mo prego belly keeping our lil guy extra comfortable until Feb!:)

  108. I am so thankful for your blog. It really is my peace at the end of a long day.

  109. So jealous of your girls in sun dresses and summer clothes! We here in MT have been under 1 foot + snow and well below freezing temps for over a week! Brrrr!!! I’ll add to my thankful for list-heat and warm cozy blankies!!

  110. Seriously. It can’t get any better than this. My children, all seven of them, (yep, seven) would benefit from this giveaway…but I’d get all the fun!!! πŸ˜‰

  111. Happy Thanksgiving, Kelle!

  112. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  113. Happy Thanksgiving! Isn’t it nice having new babies new be thankful for?

  114. Thankful for those who are thankful and thankful for my family and thankful for life. So much to be thankful for and so much to live for. Toasting to life.

  115. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family. I love that Brett printed out the history of Thanksgiving- so something my DH would do as well.

  116. I cannot believe Lainey sprayed your apples. LOL Ah, that’s ok. She’s only little once. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  117. I would just like to say that you are one fabulous momma and I am inspired by you!

    I wish I could afford the Silhouette and would be uber happy if I won it!

  118. Hello Santa, is right! What an awesome giveaway.

  119. What a craftastic giveaway idea! Happy Thanksgiving, Kelle.

  120. Happy Thanksgiving, Kelle and family!
    I came across your blog back in March while pregnant with my 4th child ( my 2nd daughter) and haven’t stopped reading….thank you for sharing your small things :)

  121. Happy Thanksgiving! May you have a wonderful day with wonderful apple pie!

  122. Oh no! I can’t believe Lainey sprayed the apples!! It’ll be a funny story to tell her about later though :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  123. happy thanksgiving to you and your family, kelle!

  124. yes i would love this much! love your writing!

  125. Happy, happy Thanksgiving. This is my most favorite holiday. I’m with the ones I love so much and am grateful for each of them. I know you are with those you love too. You inspire me to be a better mom. Blessings to you all.

  126. Oh my gosh when I first saw the apples in the sink for a second I was thinking you were just going to rinse them off and use them!!! (I don’t have a garbage disposal)

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  127. If there was one American tradition I wish we had going on down here in Australia it is Thanksgiving – I love reading how everyone celebrate! So Happy Thanksgiving to YOu!!!

  128. You pinpointed Thanksgiving perfectly – that exact moment of happiness, pure comfort and ease – life is good and inhale.
    Thank you!

  129. Happy Thanksgiving!

    x Felicity x

  130. I’m thankful that through your words, I can learn to accept life with a special needs child…not just to accept it, but to love it. Thank you.

  131. I couldn’t find one thing about this post of Thanksgiving that I didn’t absolutely LOVE! The way that you explained and helped us to remember what Thanksgiving really is about made me stop and think about how much I want my daughter to know about the full true meaning of Thanksgiving and what it really means to be thankful for everything in her life. Thank you for opening my eyes! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  132. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your amazing family! Enjoy the day…eat lots and cherish the many blessings around you. It is such a wonderful holiday!

  133. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle. I get “it” and I’m grateful!

  134. Thanks to you. I needed your comments tonight on thankfulness and togetherness. My craftiness isn’t as thorough as yours at all, but I wish I could be! Happy Thanksgiving.

  135. Being Canadian, our Thanksgiving was back in October. I love Thanksgiving and I love reliving it all again with you all to the south. Happy Thanksgiving!

  136. So, for a split second I thought Nella was sitting IN the yellow mixing bowl! Rats. I sort of wish she had been. Maybe next time?

    I spent my day slicing apples and thinking about what it really, really means today, too. I think you said it pretty well.

    Brew some fun tomorrow…

  137. Thanks for writing this. I have been stressing about having my in-laws here who will probably not like my cooking and will sure be missing my own family. But boy, my son is the best thing in the world. So yeah, I will not forget to be thankful.
    I would love something that would inspire me to scrapbook. I have the pics from my wedding, from my son’s first year…all waiting for something great to put it all together.

  138. Great Post as always! I wanna know if you cried when you had to throw out all those apples?? I would have. My daughter is 18 months and i can just imagine the things she will put me through. Gotta Love em. thank god you tasted the apples before you baked them.

  139. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  140. Thanks for reminding us of the “pretty” in each and every day.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  141. Beautiful!! Thanksgiving has come and past here but we still have Christmas to look forward to.

  142. Happy happy Thanksgiving to you!! And this is the MOTHER of giveaways. I hope I hope I hope I win because I am just entering the world of crafting and beautifying our world.

  143. It stinks that you have to start over again with the apples but what an adorable story to hold close to your heart! Happy Thanksgiving!! I’m off to finish baking my pumpkin pie that has not been “spwayed”. :)

  144. Oh, I hope my little man gets it too! Just the everyday run-of-the-mill good stuff about life. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    May your apples be more tasty tomorrow! (but such a great memory…the spraying of the perfume)

  145. happy thanksgiving!

  146. This year I am more thankful than I have ever been. Being a mother is what I was born to do and my own mother is my inspiration everyday.

  147. LOL! Hilarious that she sprayed the apples. I suppose these are the things that I have to look forward to as my little girl gets older :) I love Thanksgiving. The colours, the food, the family and friends. We already celebrated our Thanksgiving here in Canada but I am enjoying reading all the blog posts about our neighbours upcoming holiday. Enjoy it!

  148. I’ve been painfully addicted to scrapbooking since my son was born. You’ve definitely just added another item to my wishlist. ;]

  149. God bless you all! I love reading your blog-it’s wonderful!

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  151. i love nella’s red tights!

  152. Happy Thanksgiving! Love your blog…’s my favorite by far :)

  153. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday- at my in-law’s we all stand in a circle and say what we are thankful for- I ALWAYS cry, no matter what. It is the one time where we actually put thought into what and why we are thankful for stuff- more than material items. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  154. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday- at my in-law’s we all stand in a circle and say what we are thankful for- I ALWAYS cry, no matter what. It is the one time where we actually put thought into what and why we are thankful for stuff- more than material items. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  155. At least you tasted the pie first! Kids are so helpful :)

  156. Happy Thanksgiving Hampton Family!!

  157. I love how you simply put…”We’ll start over tomorrow.”

    I don’t know if you said it with the ease and understanding that I read it with…but I imagine you did. And it’s a wonderful reminder to me….that things happen. And that’s that.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kelle.


  158. I am not sure if I really understand what this give-away is…but none-the-less, I think it looks amazing. I am hooked any time the word “craft” is mentioned. Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for many things, one of which is discovering your blog this year.

  159. I am not sure if I really understand what this give-away is…but none-the-less, I think it looks amazing. I am hooked any time the word “craft” is mentioned. Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for many things, one of which is discovering your blog this year.

  160. I love this post….really, I do. You just put into words what I have been thinking about all day long. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  161. Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope your pie turns out tomorrow! :)

  162. What lucky girls you have to grow up with such wonderful holiday traditions :)

  163. Argh, you made me cry (yet again).

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  164. I totally need to catch up my scrapbooking and that nifty digital cutting tool would totally help me get up-to-date on my scrapbooks for my two girls!

    Loving this post about Thanksgiving – I’m a Canadian who is currently in the USA visiting my Mom & stepdad for the US Thanksgiving, and my 3 year old is a little confused about why we’re having another Thanksgiving when we just celebrated last month. This post makes me realize it’s not about the date… it’s about the tradition. :)

  165. Don’t all pies taste better with a spritz of perfume? What a sweet helper you have!

  166. Better luck tomorrow with the apple pie! LOL Happy Thanksgiving, Hamptons! From your Canadian friends :)

  167. poor pie! Was it cinnamon-scented perfume? :)

  168. This was a perfect post!

  169. THANKFUL for so much this year! So GLAD to have found your blog. INSPIRED to be creative this holiday season…

  170. Hope yall have a great Thanksgiving and I hope your next pie turns out!

  171. I have been drooling over that silhouette machine for weeks! I’ve been looking at Cricuts but they use cartridges so when I spotted this on a craft blog I decided I need it for Christmas! A free one would be even better :)

  172. We all have so much to be thankful for…you have a beautiful family Kelle.

  173. A post that truly fits your blog title. Definitely thankful for the small, but most important things in life.

  174. Happy Thanksgiving Hamptons! Love the Lainey story. That totally sounds like something my niece would do… Gotta love kids!

  175. simply wonderful, Kelle. Thank you!

  176. I love the Lainey story! Hoping to win a silhouette… I SO covet them! :)

  177. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  178. Beautiful, as always. I love knowing that with every new post from you, I will be left feeling inspired. You make me want to be a better mother and a better person. Your post tonight has reminded me of just how much I have to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  179. Thanksgiving is so my favorite holiday. I love the gathering and celebrating simply to give thanks and not to give gifts!

  180. Have a great Thanksgiving! I would love that cutting tool. Could be VERY fun!

  181. Happy Thanksgiving!

  182. Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for your blog and how it encourages and inspires me.

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  184. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Looks like it will be full of love and kisses♥v

  185. Happy Thanksgiving! (Please let me win, please let me win!) :)

  186. I love your blog! I’m just a college student, but your stories and pictures are amazing. I love taking pictures; yours are a great inspiration. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  187. “And right about then, I’ll want to grab my kids and kiss them, whisper into their ears….”This is Thanksgiving. This, right here, is being thankful. Drink it in, Babies. Drink it in.””

    You couldn’t have summed up Thanksgiving better. Thanks for the reminder.

  188. Oh My Gosh…’I spwayed it’! HAH! Makes me want to scream and kiss her all at once*(imagining it were my kid that did that!) hahah! I’m sorry, better luck tomorrow πŸ˜€

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  189. Much to be thankful for! Love your blog.

  190. oh dear me, i am up to my eyeballs in paper crafts right now. and just for the record, i am also a member of the glitterati. that’s right, a glitter bomb has exploded in my crafting area. i heart it very much. next up is tissue paper flower poms.

  191. Great post! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  192. happy turkey day! hope your next apple pie was a winner!

  193. I love your blog! I love that Lainey fessed up to spraying perfume on your apples! Priceless! I love your ideas on gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

  194. I love your blog! I love that Lainey fessed up to spraying perfume on your apples! Priceless! I love your ideas on gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

  195. happy thanksgiving to you and the family! we’re so thankful for our surprise 4th baby on the way!! and the other healthy, happy 3 that are here with us. can’t wait till lunch for some southern cornbread dressing, and chocolate pie!!

  196. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of perfumed pie. πŸ˜‰ I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!!

  197. Thank you for being so inspiring! I love seeing your amazing pictures and feeling your zest for life through your posts.

  198. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thank you for reminding me what it really is all about!!!

  199. ahhh… so many reasons to be thankful. Even without looking for them. Im thankful I found your blog! Even if I dont have any extra chromosomes running around my house- I have learned even more about acceptance than I already knew. You have opened my eyes to really Enjoying The Small Things.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Hamptons!

  200. You had me at grabbing your babies and drinking them in. :) Love thanksgiving.

  201. Great post as always, Kelle! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  202. I love reading your blog and looking at your pictures and learning all the time about your family. I always think of you and your crafty ideas when I plan for an event of some kind. I just hope you and your family have a wonderful, rockin Thanksgiving :)

  203. I laughed. A good and hearty laugh at Lainey spwaying the apples. Thank you for that. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family and we’ll be doing the same. Much love!

  204. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  205. I’ve been reading your blog for months, since a friend sent me your way. I don’t enjoy reading, I’d much rather be told or shown how. HOWEVER, I LOVE reading your blog. I read every word, instead of my normal skimming. And I sometime read it again. I have thought about commenting before, but thought ‘who am I that could say something to encourage this woman I don’t even know.” But today when I read your post about thankfulness, (it’s not your first) I just want to tell you that I am thankful for your words.

    Kelle Thank you for being transparent, honest, and REAL. We were talking at our small group a few weeks ago…(a few of us women are your followers and yet never comment…lol) about how we can’t wait till you post again. We also talked about how ‘Enjoying the Small things’ has gone viral. I believe it’s your transparency and how willing you are to lay it all on the table. This is a rare gift.

    I am single, with no children yet I have much hope of being a good mum, when I read the bits that you share. I can only imagine what it must be like for your readers that are mothers.

    Two last things, and I will stop. I am a fellow photo bug… and I love how you capture life! Well done! Just having your camera everywhere, I can’t even begin to imagine your lightroom library etc! Inspiring. I have also been working with Adults with Mental Disabilities for the last 9 plus years, and again… I love your blog. I wish more parents would read what you have to say, you are for sure voice that can encourage!! I wish your blog could be something they send new parents home from the hospital with. What a blessing.

    And I almost forgot.. your girls are so beautiful! Seriously I could eat them up!

  206. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  207. hopefully nothing else gets “spwayed”
    loving every drop of this post. happy thanksgiving!

  208. I love the moment when I’m surrounded by chaos, but awash in a moment of clarity, able to drink in the beauty of the relationships that bless me.

    Thinking that we may need to print out the story of Thanksgiving to share with our kids.

  209. After I read your posts I always think to myself, “Yes, life is good!”

  210. Love tonights heartwarming post! Sorry about the perfume pie! Happy Thanksgiving!

  211. I’ve been cooking all day… there have been cookies, cheesecakes, bread, pies, cakes and cupcake all in my poor, old oven today! As tired as I am, my house smells wonderful and my family is happy. I wouldn’t have it any other way.



  212. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without at least one food disaster. Better today, than tomorrow! I am already thinking of all of the cool Christmas gifts I could make with the Silhouette. Happy Thanksgiving!

  213. Happy Thanksgiving! I love your interpretation of it.

  214. My sister sent me the link to your blog one day and I have been hooked ever since. The birth story of her DS baby is very similar to yours but I feel so much more connected to after reading it in your words.

    Thank you for the beautiful honesty of your posts – and for reminding us what we really are supposed to be cherishing.

  215. Happy Thanksgiving!

  216. I agree with you about the I love you thing when you hang up the phone. It does lose its meaning if you do it everytime. My husband doesn’t understand why I don’t say it everytime I hang up with him. It’s when it comes out of know where when it means something.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your wonderful family!

  217. Thankful for your blog. I love reading it at the end of my day. It inspires me for a creative day!

  218. Oh my. I don’t usually comment but this time I couldnt resist. I’m not sure if your giveaway is open to Australian residents but if so I would be absolutely beside myself if I won this.. It would make my day

  219. Happy Thanksgiving!

  220. Like yours, my hubby is always looking for teachable moments! Makes me smile! Happy thanksgiving!

  221. HAPPY Thanksgiving! I hope it is all you dream of and more! Ha ha about the apples! I guess we have to have a sense of humor as moms!

  222. my cousin john once sprayed perfume in his mouth in hopes that it would taste as good as it smelled. needless to say, he was disappointed.

    as an elementary school teacher, i’ve been eyeing a silhouette for some time now. it would be so useful for classroom decorations and crafts for my kids!

  223. aww your babies are so helpful!

  224. What a wonderful post. Happy Thanksgiving to you & you’re beautiful family. :)

  225. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  226. I have often said the same thing about I love yous and Thank yous! Tonight, watching my littlest one sleep and missing my older two kids (with their dad), I am thankful for all of them. Every frustrating moment I spend with them, that I would never trade. Every fight with bio dads and every struggle as a single mother has made me who I am, who they are. And I would never trade them for anything.

  227. Thanks for the inspriation to drink it all in. Happy Thanksgiving.

  228. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  229. I will definitely drink in my babies tomorrow!!! THANK YOU so much for reminding us what is most important. I just found out I beat colon cancer…I am truly THANKFUL this year!

  230. Happy Thanksgiving! Your posts always resonate in the heart :-)

  231. Happy Thanksgiving Hampton family!!!

  232. I love how you just take it all in stride! And by the way….’perfumed pie’ sounds like a delicacy from a fancy restaurant, doesn’t it?

    Happy thanksgiving!


  233. Happy Thanksgiving!

  234. Hello Santa indeed. Happy Thanksgiving!

  235. First off, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family! I am thankful for a lot this year. My son who was born in January, for the chance to be a stay at home mom (even though it meant moving from Tennessee to Vancouver Island Canada with a 2 month old!), for a husband who loves me more than I give him credit for.

  236. Well said (as usual!) and yes, please (on being thankful & a new silhouette!)

  237. Thank goodness you tasted those apples!!!!

  238. Just when the crazies are about to set in, I read your post and POW I am brought right back to reality and what it all is REALLY about!
    Thank you for blogging!

  239. Hope your second pie goes better – hide the perfume first :)

  240. Love the apple pie perfume story! She’ll love hearing that story when she’s older. such a fun thanksgiving memory

  241. I always say this, but your girls are so precious! I love Thanksgiving, and its always great to ponder all the things to be thankful for and remember how truly blessed we all are! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  242. Hi Kelle – loved the blog and loved the idea of a siloutte cutter. I just wrote a blog on how my testosterone filled house is craft-challenged! Would love to give this a try. Thanks so much and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

    (Male Craftiness –

  243. I know what you mean about how to make your kids understand what thanksgiving is all about. It’s so important to make it special for them so not only will they be thankful, but make memories that will last their life time.

  244. your posts always inspire me to pull out my crafty-mom pin and wear it proudly. happy thanksgiving!

  245. I love Christmas Crafts. Woohoo!

  246. We already celebrated Thanksgiving here (in Canada :)) and I have to say it was one of the best ones so far. WE too have a lot to be Thankful for, but my main goal was to actually say Thanks to certain people for certain reasons. It felt really good, because you know the I Love You’s sometimes are said without thought :)

  247. I have been wanting one of these sooo bad!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  248. May you and your beautiful family have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow…and live a little in the knowledge that others are thankful for you, and for your story.

  249. Happy Thanksgiving!

  250. such a good reminder of what Thanksgiving is all about!
    And I love Nella’s toothy grin!

  251. Thanksgiving :). I made my first pumpkin pie today – it looks awesome. The chocolate pie? Looks a little strange… but seriously, chocolate pudding, cream cheese and whipped cream has to taste good together… right?

    Love the idea of all kinds of Christmas paper crafts for our little apartment :). I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  252. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  253. Wishing you and yours a lovely Thanksgiving.

  254. I love your blog! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  255. Happy Thanksgiving!! Your blog is one more thing that I am thankful for!!

  256. Lovely, as always.

  257. OMG, such a good xmas present for my mama!

  258. I am thankful for my babies, who are the same ages as yours, and for finding your blog which is a reminder to enjoy each little hiccup along the way. “Spwayed”… did you laugh or what? :)

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  260. in spite of the strep throat (4 out of 5), the impending blizzard (North Dakota), being far from all our family, and still processing the funeral from last Friday, i am breathing and accepting this holiday for what it is (crockpot turkey and schwan’s vegetables) and will try to live each day with gratitude, not just the holiday

  261. My daughter just turned 3. No one could have prepared me for this adorable, entertaining and ABSOLUTELY FRUSTRATING “helper” phase. LOL! Perfume on the apples is just the beginning. Enjoy~

  262. I just adore the photos of Laney and Nella interacting. I remember when my girls started doing it and it just awes me to watch them playing together. Oh the laughter, even when I’m trying to disciple… how can you disciple when the two littles are laughing??

  263. wow that little gadget looks like WAY too much fun!!

  264. I am thankful for this blog! Although we don’t celebrate thanksgiving where I’m from, it’s so interesting to read about it, and see those wonderful pics you put up!

    Thank YOU, Kelle! <3

  265. I had a similar day preparing and being thankful for Thanksgiving tomorrow, minus the perfume! That’s just too funny!

    I would just die to win the cutter, I hope it’s me!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    -Jenny in Iowa

  266. Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for the good laugh yet again. Poor apple pie :0)

  267. Your girls are gorgeous. I hope y’all have a happy Thanksgiving!

  268. Wow what an awesome giveaway!
    Loved the post…we dont have thanksgiving here in SA, but I so wish we did…to be around family and to drink in all their goodness, ahh heaven!

  269. Lainey needs to hang out with my four year old twin boys! That is so something they would do!!! But they would not fess up- they would only rat each other out.

    Happy Thanksgiving Hampton’s!

  270. I sooo look forward to your posts. It makes my day brighter. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  271. I absolutely love that your toddler perfumed your pie!!! HAHA – reminds me that us mothers have to stick together (and be laughed at by the grandmothers who are getting sweet revenge).

  272. If rather print this page out for my refridgerator! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  273. I completely agree…thanksgiving is in the sum of all its parts its a feeling that is so overwhelming that simply saying you are thankful doesn’t do it justice…..You words are an inspiration to me:)

  274. I love your posts, you have the words most of us can’t find to express ourselves.

    Happy Thanksgiving… let’s give thanks for our having our families, for being healthy and enjoy the small things!!

  275. So very thankful for your talent with bring it to a whole new level!

  276. Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone else!

  277. Sweet reminder to step back and remember to be truly thankful!

  278. Happy thanksgiving :)

    It’s not a tradition we have here but I think it’s a beautiful one.

  279. Now, the perfume and apple pie is going to be an awesome memory to share one day when she’s older! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  280. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family, Kelle! And thank you for inspiring me!

  281. I read your posts like they are coming out of my diary, but they couldn’t possibly because I could never write like that.

    You have the right to be going bananas right now…I am going bananas with the possibility of having such a tool!

    And I had a little moment of jaw dropping and mini fit of laughter when it was found out that Lainey had “spwayed” it.

  282. Oops! Bummer about the apples. You need to get yourself one of those gadgets that peels, cores and slices all in one. It’s lickety split and the kids love to help with it.

    A home that is filled with love is always something to be thankful for. Your girls will one day “get it” I am sure.

    Here’s and excerpt from the poem Roofs by Joyce Kilmer
    …They say that life is a highway and its milestones are the years, And now and then there’s a toll-
    gate where you buy your way with tears.
    It’s a rough road and a steep road and it stretches broad and far, But it leads at last to a golden Town where golden Houses are.

    May your golden house be blessed this Thanksgiving.

    Lisa in Ca

  283. Another beautiful, well-written post Kelle. Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family!

  284. You have my checking my reader feed every day. Never before has one blog grabbed my heart strings and made them sing. I have worked with special needs children for the past 9 years and am so thankful for the beautiful way you capture your girls lives :O)

  285. Happy Thanksgiving! I love that along with the birth of my first baby the magic of the holidays came flooding back to me. I haven’t felt this way since I was a kid, and I’m so so so thankful for it! I can’t wait to spread it around and have my little one soak it up.

  286. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
    With perfume free apple pie!!

  287. Reading your blog is always a highlight of my mama alone time. Thanks for continually bringing perspective.

    I’m ready to get my craft on with a fancy machine. Bring it on!

  288. sweet sweet pictures! Happy Thanksgiving!

  289. I want to thank you for your beautiful post about Thanksgiving tonight Kelle. In New Zealand we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But today, everybody around our country is mourning the loss of 29 brave men in the West Coast Pike River Coal Mine tragedy.

    The men were sons, husbands, fathers, uncles, cousins, nephews, friends, and so much more, who are loved by so many. Our thoughts and love go out to all of their families, friends, rescuers, public services involved and also to the whole community who have lost 29 strong, hard working men.

    I am personally thankful for all the family and friends in my life, and feel so lucky to know them all and always have them around me.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all, hug your families extra close and appreciate them all.

  290. Kelle-I am thankful for finding your blog. You have really helped in transforming me into a better person and mother. I am still working on it, but I love your inspirational blog!

  291. I’m so excited for this Thanksgiving, particularly because of how much more I have to be thankful for this year. I’m going to be an aunt to twins, I’m engaged, and I’m graduating college. Life is so good. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  292. each time i read your posts, i feel all warm and fuzzy inside. you make it feel like it’s Christmas every day. it truly is important to be thankful for everything, even the small things in life that we often take for granted. We often forget to appreciate the beauty of all the little things hidden in the nooks and crannies of life.

  293. My crafty eight year old would LOVE this!

  294. I love reading your thoughts on your blog, amazing. This would be so wonderful to have in my house, the possibilities would be endless.

  295. Wonderful post. Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  296. I just loved this post! Happy Thanksgiving!

  297. I just loved this post! Happy Thanksgiving!

  298. I just loved this post! Happy Thanksgiving!

  299. so sad for the apple pie…aaah, toddler innocence! :) hope the next attempt was edible! happy thanksgiving to you!

  300. Happy, happy thanksgiving!!!

  301. Today I am thankful for a LOT of things in my life…one of which is you…and your blog… and the outlook on life that you inspire every reader to have. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  302. Happy Thanksgiving, Kelle!

    I just “classy-fied” my laundry room with a huge glass lidded jar to hold my cloth diaper detergent. I think it would look so cute with a decal reading “detergent” with some bubbles… my how that Silhouette would come in handy!!

  303. It will come somewhere in between…when no one’s watching.

    Was just thinking of this today… how some of my favorite holiday memories from childhood are the most random. Making shopping lists with my mom at the kitchen table, the excitement of going to the airport to pickup visiting relatives, the chaos of a full house making parents “forget” about normal bedtimes… these are the “in between” moments that stuck with me.
    Tonight I am loving that my house is full of family, my kitchen smells like pumpkin pie and my boys are over the moon playing with their cousins.

    Feeling perfectly full before ever taking a bite.

    Happy Thanksgiving Kelle & family!

  304. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle! I was born on Thanksgiving Day, and I love celebrating my birthday and the holiday together. This may be your best giveaway yet! Wishing your family all the best on this special day.

  305. Beautiful post and Happy Thanksgiving!

  306. I love what Thanksgiving is all about and all of the small sweet moments that come of it every year. This year it will be telling my family that come late spring, there will be a new member of our awesome family. Love, family and the little things are what it’s all about.


  307. Love your blog! Thanks for always being so real!

  308. I checked your blog 2x today hoping for this post! It is just what I needed. I have a beautiful “baby” (She’s 10 1/2 but my “baby”). She understands what Thanksgiving is traditionally, but knows what Thanksgiving means at the core because it’s my favorite holiday!
    Good food,wine,family,friends…the beautiful mess we call life…and I’m going to WHOOP it up and kick some butt on the KINECT tomorrow! Watch out baby…momma is going to drive that raft & whomp YO butt!
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday my friend! Thank you for the pick me ups! I will sit under my umbrella here in rainy Oregon & await the next!

    X’s & O’s

  309. Sorry to hear about the apples, but it’s a great story… hehe. Happy Thanksgiving, Kelle! =)

  310. Thank goodness you tasted the pie! :) Another thing to be thankful for!
    Thank you for being such an excellent writer & photographer! Always know I will find something fun when I stop by! :) And, a silhouette machine, well, that would just be over the top fun!! :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  311. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Kelle. Hope the apples turn out better tomorrow and your day is indeed filled with much joy. God bless!

  312. I hope you and your family have a Fabulous Thanksgiving with lots of love, togetherness, and thankfulness. I’m thankful for your blog each week! Thank you for being REAL!

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  314. I love your thoughts on gratitude. It made me think a bit deeper beyond the basics of gratitude. The gimmies that seem to come along with Christmas has already hit my house. I’m struggling with finding a way to teach my little ones (5, 2, and 8 mos.) about gratitude and giving in a way that will hit home with them. But I’m thankful for them regardless!

  315. Thank you for capturing so many things with your beautiful words. I hope you have a wonderful turkey day with your family.

  316. That totally sucks about your pie- hilarious, but still disappointing to throw out all those apples!
    Great give away! I would love to have that cutter and make tons of cute things!

  317. This comment has been removed by the author.

  318. I think Thanksgiving is like most holidays… overdone. I give thanks EVERY day, not just on Thanksgiving, just like I’m thankful for those who defend our country EVERY day, not just on Veteran’s Day. I will spend my day tomorrow with my family, and I’ll be thankful for that special time… but it’s no different than any other day (except I eat too much…. wait, that’s every other day too!)

  319. Your girls are both adoable, and I love the messages in your posts! Happy Thanksgiving!

  320. She sprayed the apples, too funny! I love it! Happy Thanksgiving!

  321. so true! i am thankful for blogs that make this big world smaller!

  322. I LOVE that it does the etching on glass! That and in the frame it says my name!

  323. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it makes us stop, evaluate, and realize what’s important in life & reminds us to always be thankful.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  324. I loved this blog. Thanks for writing it and for sharing your heart about the overuse of “thank you” and “I love you”. They definitely do those their meaning in our day to day lives.

  325. Oh, Kelle! What you said about saying “thank you” being so overused it looses value and then thank you’s don’t have the weight they should when you REALLY mean them…it RESONATED!!!

    And THANK YOU for your comment on my blog! You are truly inspirational! You inspire me to love bigger and bloom where I’m planted!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  326. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving, the images and words are thankful indeed.

  327. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle, Brett, Lainey, Nella, Austyn & Brandyn!

  328. What a wonderful story to have and remember… I’m grateful for all of mine and the ones yet to come. Happy Thanksgiving!

  329. happy, happy thanksgiving to you guys!!! i can’t believe Lainey sprayed the apples! I would have died laughing! I would love to win the silhouette!I’ve heard a lot of great things about it, and since i just had my first baby girl on Monday it would be a wonderful tool to have!!! Hope you guys have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  330. What a wonderful story to have and remember. I am grateful for all of the stories I have and the ones yet to come…. Happy Thanksgiving!

  331. LOL I hope your pie’s second run goes just a tad smoother. Too cute:)

  332. Happy Thanksgiving!

  333. i love your words about thanksgiving. so beautiful. so emotional. this year my husband & i are going to be alone. too much crazy snow here in MT, don’t want to risk it. even though i’m bummed, because i love being with family, i’m excited to start “our” traditions. have a wonderful thanksgiving kelle! i cannot wait to see/hear how your holiday was! taylor

  334. I love the way you see life, and enjoy it!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  335. Perfumey apples?Oh that is something my little brevin would do with such a face. Is nice to hear others talk about what their thank ful for. We are lucky people. Thank You Kelle for giving me some inspirational words to read on a daily basis :)

  336. Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry the pie didn’t work out, but I’m sure your house smells great!

  337. Thank you, Kelle, for your post and for the blessing that you have been to me through this blog. Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  338. Oh my gosh, Lainey spwaying the apples and that looks like a lot of apples. She was helping. At least you tasted it, but who doesn’t taste the apples all covered in sugar and cinnamon?!? The picture of Nella & Lainey baking…for a second I thought Nella was sitting in the yellow bowl, which it looks like she would have fit and oh what a delish dish she would be.

    I am new to your blog this year and I am all curious to see if you add Christmas music to your playlist soon. Love me some Christmas music, check out Rockapella if you haven’t already.

    I have been eyeing the Silhouette. The possibilities…this Santa would seriously be busy, heck, I might even give the Elves this season off because I’ve got it covered. Well, if I were to win that is…hint, hint:P

  339. The happiness that flows out of your blog is a constant reminder to me to be thankful for everything that we have :) Thank you for sharing your heart with us πŸ˜€

  340. Love the perfume! So glad to know that it’s not just my kids that do stuff like that! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  341. Every year we stand around the table holding cups of cider and saying wat we are thankful for there hasnt been a year that we havent cried. Its could to be with family thanks for your amazing blog!!

  342. Happy Thanksgiving to you all <3
    My favorite Thanksgiving memory was seeing my grandparents sneak off to a quiet kitchen to tell each other how thankful they are (in private. Well into their 70’s they were still so intimate, in love, and thankful for their togetherness.

  343. My kitchen sink looked like that today too :) I love this time of the year!! Have a wonderful day!!

  344. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for YOU.

    Love, Bree

  345. Here in Australia we don’t celebrate “thanksgiving”. But, during this season of Spring & the festivities of Christmas just around the corner, I always love to reflect & give thanks for the beauty & blessings around me! I too hope my child/ren will grow to understand what THANK YOU truly means & feels like!
    Lovely post Kelle! And a Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family!
    P.S. As an invitation designer…I can’t imagine a world without digital cutters….so on that note, I’m thankful for SILHOUETTE’S awesome package!

  346. Happy Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for!

  347. Tomorrow, my home will be filled with families who’s spouse is deployed. My husband has been gone the last 3 out of the 4 Thanksgivings. There will be laughter, tears, kids running in and out of the house, the dog will try to help the littles in the high chairs, and there will be our awesome Navy family. We may not have it all together, but together we have it all! Thank you Kelle for sharing your little things with us.

  348. Happy Thanksgiving, Kelle. :)

  349. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you and your sweet family have an amazing day tomorrow!

  350. I’m a very loyal reader from over here in lil NZ and I’ve been reading your blog avidly since the birth of your gorgeous Nella.

    To be honest it’s one of the highlights of my day seeing a new post arrive in my Google Reader list and it’s all I can do not to speed read the whole thing just so I can get to the end and start all over again!

    Oh and I’ve seen someone else use the Silhouette digital cutter and I have to say it looks da bomb!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  351. yummy….perfumed apples….:-)

  352. yummy….perfumed apples….:-)

  353. yummy….perfumed apples….:-)

  354. Happened upon your blog when Nella was born and been reading since! I’ve never commented before, but thought I would today. Thanks for allowing me to read your blog and your beautiful pictures every week. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  355. you are such an amazing writer! your blog truly inspires me! keep it up girl!

  356. Happy Thanksgiving!

  357. I am grateful I found your blog. It came at just the right time and makes me strive to be a better mom. Thanks!


  358. Eek! My husband just gave me my birthday present… an amazing camera!! I have huge aspirations to capture my children the way you do! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your munchkins!!

  359. Your photos always inspire me to learn more about my camera’s skillz.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. <3

  360. Great post- I love it, and I am right there with you- in the midst of the chaos and the noise and the family, this is Thanksgiving :)

  361. kelle,

    i’m a seventeen year old girl.
    i do not have a normal life.
    your blog makes that acceptable.
    your blog makes that okay.

    today, if i have nothing else to be thankful for, i do have that.

    thank you.

  362. oh how adorable (and yet at least a tad frustrating for you) it is that lainey felt your food needed a bit of a perfume-y touch up.

    Thanksgiving is something that not many people fully get why we celebrate it, history wise, but I think thanksgiving should be less about the history and more about the deep feeling that goes into it. I mean thanks and giving, two very imporant words, are in the title. and those are the ones you need to feel in your core, when you’re raising your glass filled with cider to the sky with friends and family. Or when your smiling so hard your cheeks hurt, laughing so hard your stomach cramps, that’s the definition and “history” behind Thanksgiving, to me.

    Have a GREAT thanksgiving. I am thankful for so many things, and mostly I am just thankful for those I love so much forever and always, and I’m glad they are here, healthy and able to celebrate with me.

    Eat and laugh merrily, kelle! Happy Thanksgiving (:

  363. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! Thanks for letting us be a small part of your world :)

  364. That’s on my Christmas list. That I’ve won’t write out. Or tell anyone that it exists in my head. :)

  365. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I live in England so we don’t celebrate this holiday but you can be sure that today I will be giving thanks for all my blessings.. Especially my 21 month old monster that is climbing all over me as I type!

    Hope you have a fantastic day x

  366. I agree that those little moments looking around when your family and friends are laughing with full tummies, that THAT is thanksgiving! Enjoy yours!

  367. HI TO YOU AND YOURS!!!!
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and yes, my heart is full of gratitude and I am so thankful for so many things, I jsut hope this family of mine doesn’t think it’s to nerdy to say ONE thing you are most thankful for, we must!!!To teach the littles around us, to be thankful, not be greedy littles who grow up to be pathetic little adults!!!So tomorrow as nerdy as it might seem, we will say I am thankful for this house for the oven the stove, for the electricity and all will say OH YES, I agree!!! and mostly I am thankful for them!!!
    hugs 2 U,

  368. Your awesome… I don’t even know you and I love you! Happy Thanksgiving… and I am thankful for your awesomeness…. πŸ˜‰

  369. Lovely post! Happy Thanks giving :-)

  370. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for the wise words, unicorn riding, cowboy boot wearing blogposts. I get so much out of them!

  371. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for the wise words, unicorn riding, cowboy boot wearing blogposts. I get so much out of them!

  372. Happy Thankgiving Day to you and yours! We’ve already celebrated ours last month. Now its just getting ready for Christmas baby!


  373. here’s wishing you a very happy thanksgiving, from us up here in the north, across the boarder, and a hop skip and jump away!

  374. LOVE Nella’s little teeth! And I just saw that printer on TV the other night! It’s awesome!!

  375. Love that Lainey “spwayed” the apples. That’s one of the amazing things about toddlers, how in one action they can do something that frustrates you to the core, yet also makes you smile from ear to ear.

  376. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day! :)

  377. lainey and the perfume made me laugh out loud! :) so cute. have a wonderful thanksgiving. your blog daily reminds me to be thankful.

  378. As a Brit, I was wondering where Thanksgiving came from – was it just a celebration of harvest time or a historical celebration, so now I can check out those Wikipedia pages! We are jumping on the bandwagon and celebrating Thanksgiving over here anyway, we have so much to be thankful for and setting aside a day especially to do so sounds like a great idea! We’re leaving the Turkey to Christmas though and celebrating in true English styl-ey, with roasted pheasant with port and chestnuts and maybe some kind of pavlova for desert… although I might change that to apple pie if that’s the traditional pudding! Anyway, I hope it turns out good, I can’t wait to try it! We also have our own ‘thankful’ bunting accross the table, inspired by you! Hope you all have a wonderful dayXxxx

  379. Happy Thanksgiving!

    and btw, that Silhouette would fit nicely in my stocking. :)

  380. Happy Thanksgiving!

    and btw, that Silhouette would fit nicely in my stocking. :)

  381. Happy thanksgiving to your beautiful family!
    Melanie Segalla

  382. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  383. I always find it strange that Canadians and Americans celebrate Thanksgiving at different times. While I have always enjoyed having Thanksgiving in October, I love that American Thanksgiving is so close to Christmas. For too many people the Christmas season is so busy and so focused on the wrong things – I like that in the US the “Christmas season” begins with Thanksgiving – to stop, gather with family and be thankful.

  384. Oh and I LOVE that Lainey sprayed your pie with perfume!

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  386. Happy Thanksgiving:)! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… what a way with words… as a cooking teacher among other things… I knew what you were leading to w/ the applie pie. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw so hard to get upset though, right? More power to you sista.

    Enjoy the day and all the coziness it has to offer.


  387. I love how nonchalant you are about Lainey ruining all that hard work and love you put into the pie. You are such an inspiration! I think I would have broken down in tears and frustration at having to start over and just gone out and bought a new one!
    As always I love your thoughts on gratitude and thankfulness, and what it really means.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  388. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  389. We don’t have thanksgiving here in Sweden, but as we have many American friends, we have often had thanksgiving dinner. One thing we always do, before every meal is give thanks. Just a little thank you for what we have been given so far each day. So, we do have thanksgiving, and try to make it several times each day. Enjoy your beautiful family.

  390. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I am so thankful for my sweet daughter who is turning ONE on Sunday!
    (ps-have been drooling over the silhouette for a while and would go bananas if I won!) please o please o please! :)

  391. Hope your Thanksgiving is full of joy and moments to drink in! Happy Thanksgiving!

  392. Kelle, what is that book you’ve snapped? It looks divine!! Happy thanksgiving…

  393. Happy Thanksgiving, Kelle!!

  394. Being truly thankful is something I haven’t given a lot of thought to. Thanks for opening my heart and mind to thinking about a deeper thankfulness.

  395. I attempted your banner today and have found a new love of my hot glue gun. The banner looks awesome and hopefully my family will love it too! Thanks for this blog it is so inspirational to me.

  396. Happy Thanksgiving from Canada! You and your blog are just amazing-Thank You!

  397. I love ‘escaping’ into your posts and photographs. I force myself stay off for a couple of days and then type in your website add and let it load up (yup, comparatively slow connection this side of the world) while I get done with the cashbook balancing, appointment diary checking and general tidying up of my desk! Then it’s time for a cuppa and a journey through the ‘small things’. Thanks for what you do & happy thanks giving to you.

  398. Thank you for the gentle reminder about what Thanksgiving and in fact every holiday is all about! Sometimes is just taking it all in, the smellS from the kitchen, mixed with loud conversations and belly laughing babies, random cheering and yah’s aimed at football. Its a perfect day to remind us to be Thankful for what we have everyday.

  399. Laughing over your “spwayed” apples… Admiring your forgiving attitude about it… Drooling over your photos of Thanksgiving prepping. You inspire me and tease the creative spirit in me. I am in love with your blog.

  400. Happy Thanksgiving! I enjoy blog so much!

  401. Kelle, I want to thank you for providing a little haven for me every few nights, something I can read tucked up in my bed which always, always, makes me appreciate my own two babies just that much more. Thank you x

  402. Happy Thanksgiving from England! I have lots of American friends who live over here and usually participate (ok, gatecrash) their Thanksgiving meals. This year though we’re having a day all wrapped up in the house. Just me, my husband and our baby girl who is one week old today! Baby, its cold outside. Frosty blue skies and all.

    Oh, would love to win the cutting tool. Just taken up photography and am feeling inspired… like theres nothing in the crafting world I can’t achieve. Have yet to be proved wrong!

  403. Happy Thanksgiving! Your posts inspire me to be a better mom and enjoy every moment with my little loves..thank you.

  404. I too am so thankful for my family and my life…every up and every down. Drinkin’ it all in, indeed.

  405. Being a New Zealander I have always been envious of the USA celebrating Thanksgiving. I love it that countries stop, families come together and hearts are lifted in Thankfulness.
    Such a beautiful post to read. Happy Thanksgiving!

  406. The perfumed apples made me laugh so hard. Super cute! Happy Thanksgiving Kelle. Much appreciation for reminding us to give thanks each and every day and not just once a year.

  407. Great post, I think what you are saying that gratitude is a way of life. Here’s to living it!

  408. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Been eying the sil. for some time! love crafting!

  409. I hope that when my little guy is at the age to spray and mess up my pies.. I handle it with as much grace as you!

    Happy Thanksgiving – I cannot wait to see pictures from your day!

  410. Happy Thanksgiving!! I love your blog. It really puts life into perspective.

  411. Have a great & wonderful Thanksgiving Kelle…although I have a feeling you will!

  412. my husband woke me at 5 a.m. this morning to tell me he’s not going to work today (it’s his day off)…and while he snored back into a peaceful slumber, I started to think of how lucky I am to have such an amazing family. an early morning wakeup call is what we all need once in a while.

  413. Introduced to your blog at 20 weeks pregnant when we were told our Sophie had DS like your Nella. Fell madly in love with you and your beautiful family. Sought refuge in your photos and words as we struggled to embrace Sophie’s prognosis. At 27 weeks we were advised our daughter was ‘not compatible with life’ and were encouraged to terminate the pregnancy as it was ‘safer’ for me. Today, we’re evermore grateful for our sweet baby girl. We celebrated her fourth month in this big, wide world just this week. While her designer genes are not what we originally expected, and they challenge us on a very regular basis, we are overjoyed she beat the odds and has filled our hearts with a love and light we never knew existed. Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!

  414. I laughed so lard at the perfume in the apples :) I’m sure you took it all in stride, like always :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  415. So glad you tasted the pie! What a great story.

    I would LOVE to win the Silhouette machine, I have been dreaming about them!

  416. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a great weekend with you family!

  417. Happy Thanksgiving! And THANK YOU!
    We don’t have thanksgiving here in Norway, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a nice family meal, and give thanks.

  418. Happy Thanksgiving!

  419. I wish I could capture my life in words and pictures like you do. Maybe I’ll take some photography lessons. Thanks for your beautiful post.

  420. Happy Thanksgiving. Wish I could be with my loved ones this year. But hoping that when our little boy arrives in February, we’ll have one more thing to be truly thankful for next year. :)

  421. wow you have so many readers now. long time since I posted a comment, sorry. no way I’ll win. Happy thankgiving.

  422. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  423. Oh girl, my 6 year old Leilani and I would be in craft heaven with the tool you’re giving away!

  424. Happy Thanksgiving.

  425. Happy Thanksgiving!

  426. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! BTW, we are naming our own bundle of joy Nella Caroline upon her arrival in mid-February.

  427. Wonderful post! Happy Thanksgiving!

  428. So true what you said about the true meaning of thanksgiving but I am still laughing at Lainey spraying the apples. LOL :)

  429. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. American’s pull this holiday off so much better than your Northern friends.

  430. Happy Thanksgiving from Kentucky!

  431. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  432. I look forward to reading your blog every week…I am THANKFUL for wonderful people like YOU, who open the eyes of people like ME, to the “small things!”
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  433. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  434. alyhough i live in a country where there is no such holiday as thanksgiving, you nevertheless gave us all a reminder to just be thankful and enjoy. Thank you!

  435. happy thanksgiving! so jealous that your girls can wear tanks the day before thanksgiving…we had to bust out all the sweaters this week…so cold!! πŸ˜‰

  436. Many blessings to you and your family. Happy Thanksgiving!

  437. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing your family with us.

  438. like you said so many things to be thankful for this year! you have 2 AMAZING kiddos that more people around the world love to pieces! :) Happy thanksgiving to you and your family!!!!

  439. I’m feeling for ya….all of those peeled and chopped apples down the drain? If I wouldn’t have chopped a few myself last night I might not be able to relate so well to your pain. :-)
    Blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  440. I am thankful for you Kelle for giving new meaning to appreciating my daughter with DS, even though it is hard sometimes. Enjoy your “small things” this Thanksgiving and I will enjoy mine with a renewed sense of joy.

  441. I am thankful for the time you take to write this blog and your uplifting thoughts and ways….Your beautiful photos!

  442. Thank you Kelle for your honest words. I enjoy (okay love) readin your blog each day.

    Thanks also for the fantabulous giveaway.

    You rock!


  443. Beautifully written… bless you and your darling family!

  444. happy thanksgiving to you and your family!

  445. I love your blog- you’ve inspired me more than you will ever know :) Happy Turkey Day.

  446. Isn’t nice having a grateful heart. It makes life so much fuller. Happy Thanksgiving.

  447. Kelle, so funny about the apples! Way to roll with the punches! Happy Thanksgiving to your lovely family.

    I would LOVE a Silhouette!!!!!!!


  448. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family! I hope you all have many, many more blessings!

  449. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family! I hope you all have many, many more blessings!

  450. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family! I hope you all have many, many more blessings!

  451. Happy Thanksgiving to your family! Hope the second apple pie tastes better :)

  452. wishing you a happy thanksgiving….and thanks for the great giveaway!

  453. I’d love to win this for my husband (an artist). Happy thanksgiving!

  454. Your blog posts are so “uplifting”! I don’t think I have ever used that word but your posts are just that! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

  455. Your desciption of Thanksgiving made me cry. This will be my first Thanksgiving away from family and I will miss all of that!

  456. we had our thanksgiving last month .. and oh how we ate every last piece of goodness in.. wishing you loads of messy moments because thats the good stuff :)

    now how about that gadget :)

  457. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

  458. You are fabulous! That Silhouette looks amazing! I love that you can download on a shape by shape basis. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  459. Oh how I laughed at Lainey spraying the apples! Priceless!!

    Happy American Thanksgiving (from a Canadian) . I’m sure you’re family is grateful to have you as a wife/mother/daughter/sister.

    God bless you

  460. Beautiful post! I’m thankful for your blog- and oh-so-much! Happy Thanksgiving!

  461. I love how Lainey helped! I have those same feelings of Thanksgiving where I want to tell the kids “This is it!” Such a sweet blog!

    Joy K. in S.C.

  462. you are awesome. it seems you weren’t angry or anything about those perfumed apples. i wish i knew what lainey was thinking at the moment. :)

  463. happy thanksgiving from across the pond. i wish i could endulge in the smells, laughter, kitchen-heat, turkey, football …. that comes with it but this year there won’t be any of that. *sigh*

  464. Happy Thanksgiving, and good luck with try #2 with the pie! Thank you for another wonderful post!

  465. Happy THanksgiving to you and your family, from ours!
    Beautiful post and girls.
    sorry, i laughed at the apples. that is so something my littles would do when helping!

  466. Among many many other things, I’m thankful to have found your blog :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  467. Happy Thanksgiving!

  468. Beautiful explination of Thanksgiving. I’ll remember that today. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  469. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle! I wish you and your family the best this holiday season. Also, to your readers, I would like to say thank you. I have always enjoyed their insights as well. Happy Holidays!!!

  470. I am thankful for your blog and how to remind me to be grateful for everyday

  471. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  472. Kelle, after recently stumbling onto your blog, I now find myself addicted. The way you turn any situation into a celebration of life and all it’s goodness is inspiring. As someone who usually finds the negative in things, this Thanksgiving I am thankful to find someone who can inspire me to embrace the positive. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  473. Happy Thanksgiving to a family who inspires, reminds and reinforces to me that Thanksgiving is about being thankful every day for the small things.

  474. Happy Thanksgiving!

  475. Happy Thanksgiving to the Hampton Family!! This year, you have literally changed my way of viewing life. I have become much more aware of the wonders around me. I smile at the frustrating tantrums, drink in long lashes on my babies and you have taught me to thank God every day for the many blessings I have in my life. This Thanksgiving is different for me. It’s better. Which means it’s also better for my littles and for that I thank YOU. Enjoy your day Kelle. You are one amazing woman!


  476. Happy Thanksgiving my American friend!

  477. Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for reminding us what it is all about :)

  478. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family Kelle!

  479. This post gave me actual tingles!! I sat back this Thanksgiving, watching my huge family lovin’ on my new son…and was oh so thankful that he was safe, warm, and, most of all, loved :)

  480. I love reading your blog. I teach preschoolers with special needs and love them everyday!

  481. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! From a Canadian who had hers last month and is very much anticipating the arrival of Christmas!

  482. I’m thankful that you share your beautiful family with all of us, and I’m thankful to be celebrating the holidays this year as cancer-free!

  483. Your post gave me a cry ball. Your right, amidst the craziness everything becomes quiet in your mind as you look around and realize just how thankful you are to share a life with your beautiful family. Happy Turkey Day! Gobble Gobble!

  484. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for many many things – deep and meaningful, and standard run-of-the-mill things too. I am joining the ranks and am also so thankful for having discovered your blog as it has made me a better parent, I am sure of it. Thank you. Truly!

  485. Happy Thanksgiving! I had a funny small world moment. I posted on my blog that you are my current mom-spiration and a friend of mine has some family friends that live across the street from you! I love me some small world moments!!

    Have a blessed day!

  486. i get it. i totally get it. i hope some day my kids do too!

  487. LOVE this post!!! It is so true….That Crazy happy feeling that chokes you when you’re Momma walks into your house bearing food, your kids squeal, hugs go around….It is the little things, YOU are very right! May God Bless you and your family today and little Lainey and her perfume spraying self! :-)

  488. Just wanted to say happy thanksgiving. I would love to be part of a big celebration today , but I am thankful for my 3 littles and it will be just perfect . enjoy your day. (dont pick me for the giveaway- i would have no idea what to do with that!)

  489. Thanks goodness Lainey confessed before you baked those apples into a pie!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  490. WOW! Happy Thanksgiving to you! What a great look ahead to Christmas also. Seeing this grand silhouette popping up all over the place. Oh the potential for some seriously cool crafting…..God love you!

  491. I am thankful for you Kelle and your sweet family this Thanksgiving. I love reading your blog and being reminded that in a world that focuses on so many negative things, there really are so many small things to be thankful for. Each time I read your blog, I am inspired to be a better person. I thank you for that.

  492. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours Kelle, and thank you for the “thankful” reminders.

  493. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! I’m pretty excited about Christmas crafting myself. Can’t wait to see pictures of what you come up with!

  494. The ruined pie really made me chortle. Children are funny.

    Happy, happy Thanksgiving

  495. Happy Thanksgiving. I’ll drinking in my holiday. There is so much to be thankful for.

  496. Have a very Happy Turkey day!

  497. I agree, I want my kids to truly be thankful and understand the blessing of a simple family gather. Of a hug. Of love. My favorite moments are similar to yours, when you just look around and think “yes, I am blessed” in the middle of noise and laughter and family. Or when my daughter hops of the potty and gives me the BIGGEST hug and says “Mommy, I love you”. Makes me laugh (due to being in the middle of the bathroom with no pants on) but makes me feel blessed even more. Happy Thanksgiving!

  498. Happy Thanksgiving, Kelle and family!

  499. Happy Thanksgiving, Kelle! I just loved this post … and they way you put the “real” meaning of Thanksgiving into words.


    PS – The perfumed apples … now that was funny!!

  500. You’ve got me crying again. I so love the way that you express and document your feelings and life experiences here, and the way that I can relate to the thoughts and feelings that you share.

  501. Kelle, your post made me cry today, remembering to enjoy the small things today. And part of the tears were laughing at Lainey “spwaying” the apples, too cute!I hope you have a wonderful thanksging with your family!

  502. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle! I am also trying to make sure my girl realizes how lucky we really are and to be thankful for all she has.

    Oh how I would love to win this giveaway more than anything :) I have so many ideas running through my head of things I could make with it.

  503. Lots of love to you and yours this Thanksgiving; for me, you have the most to be thankful for, out of all of the people I “know” :)

  504. Happy Thanksgiving! If it makes you feel better my sister in law accidentally used salt instead of sugar in her apple pie last night =) I hope you and your family have a wonderful day! <3

  505. Definitely drinking it in today! Thankful for all of your words Kelle. They are so inspiring!

  506. I love your take on life, love and happiness.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    :) Teri

  507. I would love to have one of these!

  508. Happy Thanksgiving!

  509. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  510. Perfumed Apple Pie…that is a new one! I am thankful I found your blog because your pictures light up an otherwise grey, dreary day in Indiana!

  511. Happy Thanksgiving. So thankful I found your blog, about 9 months ago. You have really inspired me in those short 9 months.

  512. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  513. I am thankful for everyday..Every moment, every slobbery kiss, every poopy diaper…sometimes we just need to slow down to really think about it and be thankful.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  514. This makes me want to rush along our family’s Thanksgiving Day festivities! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  515. I’m up in Canada so we’ve already had our Thanksgiving. However I love being abl eot watch the parades on tv and get to enjoy two Thanksgivings! Enjoy your day!

  516. I’m thankful for you Kelle:) and your wonderful blog that inspires me to be a better Mama:).

  517. I am thankful for the moments and people that remind me to pause and reflect on how truly grateful I am for each day. Thank you for being one of those people Kelle. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your beautiful family!

  518. Absolutely beautiful post–soak it all in today and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  519. Happy Thanksgiving

  520. As I sit here and look at the sleeping baby in my arms, my handsome husband who does so much to provide for our little family, and think of the aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents that we’ll be spending the afternoonn with I just can’t get over how incredibly grateful I feel this Thanksgiving for all that God has given my family. Happy Thanksgivings!!

  521. wow,i’m thankful that you tasted the apples before baking them! :)

  522. Your kids are adorable!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!! I LOVE the last photo.

  523. Hi Kelle,
    Thank you for your lovely post.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog.
    Thank you for sharing all your gorgeous pictures with me.
    Thank you for inspiring me to be a kinder, better Mummy.
    Thank you!
    Kate x
    PS And Thank You Brett too; for encouraging me to have a quick flick through the wikipedia page for myself. Consider one ignorant British girl better eductated as a result! Thank you!

  524. If your children grow up anything like you they will be beautiful, wonderful women.

  525. Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans! We celebrated in October but I don’t mind hearing about it again as I love the holiday! Enjoy your family celebration.

  526. things that i have realized i am truly bone deep thankful for give me goosebumps when i just think about or see them. funny how i get goosebumps at least once through each of your posts. happy thanksgiving kelle.

  527. Loving your blog – it truly keeps me in check about paying attention to all the small things that make such a big difference in life : )

  528. Did you say rhinestone bling?!?!? Oooh! I love bling.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for writing this beautiful, inspiring blog.

  529. Perfume pie (great book title)! What a wonderful story to tell your girls when they are older…love it.
    Happy Thanksgiving Kelle.

  530. What a great reminder Kelle! THANK YOU for reminding me day I read your blog to be a more “present” mom and create wonderful memories with my girls. Have a great day and enjoy your family!

  531. As always, you are completely inspiring! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!

  532. Your blog is simply stunning, I can’t quite get enough! I hope you and you family have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

  533. My in-laws are having 30 people over for turkey day! I’m not sure I’ll remember all of their names, but I will try. =) I hope you have an AWESOME Thanksgiving!! =)

  534. Happy Thanksgiving!

  535. Happy Thanksgiving!

  536. Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope that the day is filled with many special little moments that you can treasure for a life-time!

  537. I felt a little teary when you described the true thankful moment. I know exactly what you mean. I always feel a little disappointed when I don’t feel much when I’m supposed to…I need to embrace the moments when that grace truly happens. Thanks.

  538. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours here in Canada has come and gone. For us it is the snow and the cold with preperations for Christmas. Thanks for your lovely blog.

  539. amen. to all of it. :) happy thanksgiving, kelle. thanks for the tears, the laughter and for sharing your soul.

  540. Happy Thanksgiving to your family!!!!

  541. This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the idea that I’ll be able to share these drink-it-in moments with my (future) babies. Thank you for sharing your family and your love!

  542. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Family and togetherness without being overshadowed by gifts. Hope you and your family have a great one!

  543. As a dual citizen of Canada and the US, living in Canada, I celebrated Thanksgiving a month ago for the first time on the official Canadian holiday, and today I get to be quietly thankful as I go about a normal day of work/life. It’s a great way to spend a day.

  544. your blog is amazing, and teaches daily the meaning of thanksgiving. your photos and words will show your girls the meaning of true thankfulness. happy turkey day!

  545. Have a sweet smelling Thanksgiving! :) I too have much to be thankful for.

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  548. Happy Thanksgiving, Hamptons!

  549. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle! Thanks for reminding us to look for all of the little blessings that can be found in our everyday lives!

  550. Thanks for a great post to remind us all what the real meaning of Thanksgiving is. I am grateful to you, as it was over your blog that my new bestie and I bonded, and I am grateful to her for being a part of my life. I am a NICU nurse and last year had to work a double. Sharing in the day with families as they welcomed tiny new ones reminded me of all I have to be thankful for, and made me more excited to be able to sit down to the table this year with my dear toddler and our family, to catch offhand glimpes of the love and laughter and relaxation we share when we are together, which unfortunately is not often enough. Happy Thanksgiving!

  551. Oh, you say it so well. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet little family.
    With love from MN.

  552. I LOVE Thanksgiving. Thanks for the post and reminding me of all the things I have been blessed with.

  553. Happy Thanksgiving!

  554. Happy Thanksgiving. We’re trying to pull it together with a 16 month old baby who has been vomiting all morning. Guess we’ll be missing both of our turkey dinners. Eat up for us!

  555. Happy Thanksgiving!! I completely agree gratitude comes on it’s own and you can’t create it. ADORABLE about the perfume, how can you not smile at that even if you have to redo the recipe?

  556. Happy Thanksgiving! I love the “I sprayed it”. Absolutely precious and silly. You guys have a great day. Thanks for once again playing santa for one of us.

  557. Thank you for bringing so much JOY !!!
    Happy Holidays :)

  558. I hope to instill thankfulness into my own family. Every Thanksgiving before we eat we go around teh table and say what we are thankful for, it is teh best family tradition but I also wnat to start doing it each day before bed. Kudos to teaching your little ones to be thankful.

  559. Kelle,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I am thankful that you take the time to blog about your life and choose to share it with all of us! I look forward to reading every day – I feel like I am having coffee with a good friend every morning.

  560. Love this thanksgiving perfume memory. And I love the picture you painted of when thankful is felt deep down in your soul. Beautiful. Drink it up babies!

  561. It is so true – true thankfulness comes in moments, throughout the year in fact.

    Thank you for sharing your pieces of thankfulness with us.

    Lisa L.

  562. mmm…perfume apple pie:)

  563. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

  564. My thankfullness doesn’t come with Almond Eyes, but it comes with early intervention therapy, lumbar punctures, MRI’s, and endless doctors appointments. My son has rocked my world hardcore, that music where the lead singer is just screaming into the microphone. I think I’ve sung that same scream about 1000 times by now. My son has changed my world and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  565. Happy thanksgiving to your beautiful family! :)

  566. At least you tasted the apples before you cooked them into your pie and served them to your family.

  567. “I ride unicorns.” Rock on. I fart glitter. lol.

  568. I’d love to know what book that is that you are displaying. Such precious, classic characters & design. I love Brett’s Wikepedia print-outs on the fridge, so cute!

  569. Enjoy your thanksgiving… We are thankful too!11

  570. Awesome! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  571. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle! I hope your day is wonderful with your precious babes!

  572. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  573. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Kelle.

    And that apple incident reminds me of the first time I tasted something with rose water in it. Seriously? Roses are for smelling, not for eating.

  574. Happy Thanksgiving Hamptons! I’m thankful for finding your blog this year! Ana

  575. I have toddlers, and wish I had handled yesterday better than you handled your perfumed pie – it was 100% my fault, but I was making a cranberry sauce and pouring it into the bundt mold, and it tipped and spilled all over the counter, down the side of our bolted-in oven, and the floor. But I love that you say that it’s not about the forced thankfulness – it’s in those in-between moments where our true thankfulness really shines through.

  576. kelle,
    you are such an awesome lady
    your post make me smile, then laugh, then cry.
    lainey spraying your apple pie with perfume, that was funny!
    me being able to so relate to the gratefulness you have makes the tears roll down my cheeks.
    tell poppa for me have a very happy thanksgiving (how could he not?] i gotta get back to peelin the taters!

  577. What a lovely holiday Thanksgiving is! I wish we had something like it over here in New Zealand. Enjoy your day :)

  578. I’m feeling the same way about my little one, and the littles to come. How can I make sure they really get what it means to be grateful, and not just on Thanksgiving, but throughout the entire year. Thank you for always having such inspiring posts. It makes me want to be a really good mama :)

  579. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle! I am thankful for your posts that inspire me in so many ways! Thanks you this beautiful Thanksgiving day

  580. Beautiful photos and a lovely post… as usual. I am thankful today that my husband and son are making the pies for dinner tonight, and I get to cuddle on the sofa with my girlie. Happy Thanksgiving!

  581. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful for my rambunctious daughter, my old soul son, and my step-daughter that is embarking on the next stage of life …university. Too many more blessings to count…and for that I’m thankful!

  582. Happy Thanksgiving! I laughed out loud at the perfume pie =)

  583. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! A perfect post to start the day!!

  584. Would love the Silhouette digital cutting tool! We are upgrading my girls’ computer so they can use it to create art in a way our current computer can’t but they beg to be able to. So this would be an awesome addition to their gift! Thanks for the idea!

    Happy Thanksgiving – so thankful for your inspiration.

    ;o) Alison

  585. Happy Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful that you share your life with the world through this blog!

  586. can you please teach me to take photos as beautiful as yours? You make a messy kitchen sink look like art :)

  587. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

    by the way, those apples looked pretty damn good to me :) i was a little sad when i saw that you dumped them out! haha
    cant wait to read about how your Thanksgiving went!

  588. Happy Thanksgiving, Kelle! I admit, I cried a little on this one:)

  589. While Thanksgiving preparations become a bit complex, when we get down to it it’s about the simplicity of it all. Hope you have a blessed day!

  590. Hoping to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. Thanks for the great read this morning. I loved Lainey’s “I spwayed it”.

  591. Happy thanksgiving! I’m so glad i’ve come across your blog! I hope your pie turns out better today!


  592. You will never forget the sprayed apple pie. Love that!

    To me, gratitude comes from all those little spaces in between the big and small. It rests quietly there, is always there when you need to take a breath and feel it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to your beautiful family.

  593. I’m so thankful for my wonderful family, friends, and life….and for this giveaway! Thanks πŸ˜‰

  594. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle!!

  595. We all need a little reminder now and then to be thankful. Not just for the ‘everyday’ things like jobs, but the truely great things that we tend to foget when the baby won’t stop screaming while you are trying to do 5 other things. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

  596. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  597. Happy Thanksgiving!

  598. I love the way Nella’s little feet turn in when she sits…..freakin’ adorable!!!!

    I would love to have that new silhouette…..crossing fingers……


  599. Lovely sentiments. I appreciate the part about not forcing or worrying over thankfulness. It shines out irrepressible when sincere.

  600. happy thanksgiving! enjoy that turkey everyone!!

  601. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family!!!

  602. Love the pics as usual. Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving, you have much to be thankful for. I am thankful for my 5 beautiful children and all the crazy fun chaos that comes with them :0)

  603. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for the beautiful post!

  604. Thats the perfect time to tell them what Thanksgiving is all about! I’m thankful for so many things but you and your family and this blog is one of them. Your words inspire me and I love the way you love life. Happy Thanksgiving!

  605. I think that Thanksgiving is a great day to start teaching kids that every day is a good day to give thanks, that gratitude isn’t a holiday, its a choice, an attitude, and you surely have that attitude, so I’m sure you’re kids will grow up to have it as well. Hope your Thanksgiving is absolutely lovely!

  606. You always have me finding new joys in life. Happy Thanksgiving!

  607. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  608. mmmm apple pie. I cant wait for my daughter to be old enough to “help” me cook thanksgiving dinner. Lots to be thankful for this year.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  609. You nailed it. that is thanksgiving. pure and simple. have a day of beauty, bounty and a festive reminder of all the blessings that you are so good at enjoying so fully, every single day!

  610. I was just thinking yesterday what we would do with our 15 month old to explain Thanksgiving . . . think anything other than a prayer at dinnertime will probably wait another year!

  611. Such a wonderful blog! I look forward to every post!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!!!

  612. Happiest of Thanksgiving to every single person who partakes at your home! XXOO ~ JO ~

  613. Checking in with you this morning. Thank you for the Thanksgiving grounding. Love & family is really what it’s all about.

  614. Oh man, you really know how to say it!! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  615. Capturing that moment that you so eloquently described is exactly the gratitude I feel daily, but have such a hard time explaining. Thank you, as always, for your inspiring words. I’ll be thinking of them as I watch my lil one drinking it up being able to chase her cousins around for the first time. What a beautiful day!

  616. I am thankful for your blog. You inspire this grandma!
    Have a blessed holiday.

  617. thankful for yet another year of watching my littles grow and love…hope you have a bountiful feast today!

  618. Such a great reminder of what Thanksgiving really should be….may yours be amazing :)

  619. have a great thanksgiving…your blog is so real

  620. have a great thanksgiving…your blog is so real

  621. Oh your sweet post brought tears to my eyes. Yes the blessing of the sweet little souls and the almond eyes- we feel the same just a little north of you. This must be the mother of all holidays for you! Somehow I think the scrapbooking tool should be used to make turkeys riding unicorns over rainbow pictures for your walls. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from us and ours!

  622. Oh your sweet post brought tears to my eyes. Yes the blessing of the sweet little souls and the almond eyes- we feel the same just a little north of you. This must be the mother of all holidays for you! Somehow I think the scrapbooking tool should be used to make turkeys riding unicorns over rainbow pictures for your walls. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from us and ours!

  623. Happy Thanksgiving! You have a great family to be thankful for! p.s. your blog is on my thankful list this year for sure! It has been one thing I look forward to and check for everyday and a piece of sanity for me!

  624. Loved the apple pie story!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  625. When do you get time to do it all =) ?? I admire you finding not only time to have some crafty projects and baking but also time to WRITE about it. Truly amazing… I have a 13 mo and 2.5 yo – I am lucky to find time to read what you write =)
    As for Silhouette digital cutting tool – my best friend Lana would probably fall off her chair on Christmas if that is what she got. That would totally blow the theory of $75 gift budget =)

  626. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Beautiful words.

  627. I love the holidays, I can’t wait every year to put up the wreaths and the fake leaves in the house and then take it all down and put up the Christmas decorations. I can barely wait until Dec. 1st to throw that tree up! Happy Thanksgiving!

  628. Thank out for reminding me to be thankful throughout the day even in the hectic moments! I want to treasure every second……

  629. I absolutely love your blog. The pictures and your stories make me smile every time I visit to read. :)

  630. What a beautiful post, Kelle!!! Happy american thanksgiving to u & your fam:)

  631. happy thanksgiving kelle! thank you for reminding us about being thankful. i am thankful for my daughter, my husband and my extended family and all of our silly traditions of tacky sweaters, weird movies, pictures and all that comes with being a family. i do LOVE us so!

  632. I’m so thankful to have read this on Thanskgiving Day. It reminds me to drink it all in.

  633. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  634. I’m guessing the pie at least smelled delicious!

  635. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your crew!

  636. Aww, happy thanksgiving to you guys! I’m envious of your drinking it all in day… my little has mono so we’re chilling out alone today. Still so much to be thankful for, and thank you for opening your heart and home!

  637. What a beautiful way to sum up the true meaning of Thanksgiving….blessings!

  638. Happy Thanksgiving! I would SO like to be able to get back into crafting with this giveaway! I am trying to make more time for that and reading and traveling with family.

  639. tooooooo funny that Lainey sprayed the pie! happy thanksgiving!

  640. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle! This is our second one with our little guy, and I am so excited for him to have some understanding of what is going on this year!

  641. Love this post! You are so right on about spontaneous gratitude.

    I have never commented before so I’m going to add that I love your playlist and use it as “naptime music” for son, who was born within days of Nella! :)

  642. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  643. LOVE this! Drink, eat, laugh, cry, cook, bake, play and decorate it all in. You are so right, those little moments are what it is all about!

  644. someone I know has this little fake christmas tree and the family member hang tags on it for what they are grateful for that year….it looks lovely…and fun to save as the children grow.
    Have a great holiday

  645. MMMMMmmm, perfume pie. Sounds like a winning recipe! Great giveaway, btw! Looks like something I would adore.

  646. the extra chromosomes in my house keep us all smiling and enjoying life! We cheer when my 5 year old son comes down dressed in his sister’s cheerleading outfit because… he did it by himself! And he could not be prouder! Life is full,good and happy! We never waste time on “why us?” We have from day one looked at it as “why not us?” Thanks for sharing accurately the amount of your life that is dictated by Down Syndrome — not nearly as much as people think! It is there but does not dominate!

  647. So thankful this year – most of all for the sweet little baby kicking in my belly right now, rocking out to some music played through a stretched-out set of headphones.

  648. I love your blog and your photos and your thoughts!

  649. Happy Thanksgiving Hampton Family!

  650. I am thankful for my family, and I really could use that new toy! :)

  651. You have a way of putting into words what I think many of us feel but can’t write so beautifully! Wonderful post.

  652. Beautiful post!

  653. Oh how cute they are!!
    I thought Nella was sitting in that big bowl. What a cute pic that would be.
    I have pies in the oven and I am ready to go.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

  654. Happy Thanksgiving! There is no doubt your littles will grow up knowing just how blessed they are, for you not only tell them, but you show them! Enjoy the day!

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  656. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle!

  657. Thanks for reminding us – the real meaning of the Holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your family!! – Your blog mama

  658. Oh, that moment. That moment you wrote of when everyone is finally around the table. I had never thought about it before, but THAT is Thanksgiving, YES. When everyone in my family joins hands and we look to Grandaddy to say the blessing. It’s then that my heart swells and I think the shouts, tears, laughter of thanksgiving might overflow. Thanks for the reminder…

  659. Happy Thanksgiving today and the other 364! Enjoy!

  660. Your pictures are amazing and I love waking up and reading your blog every morning :)

  661. You’ve hit the nail on the head. You can’t explain what Thanksgiving is until the moment it hits you. Im sure your children already feel it. They’ve been so blessed with you!

  662. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle!

  663. Thanks for this post. My mom died on Thanksgiving 5 years ago and since then I have had a very hard time with this day…but now I have the sweetest little girl that I want to teach the real meaning of this day to…and the task is daunting. Thanks for reminding me this is a task each parent is going through…one that is far from impossible.

  664. I’m thanking you for your beautiful soul-stirring writing.

  665. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your gorgeous family! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog with all the pictures of your two perfect little girls. My 6yo son and 4yo daughter run to the laptop, when they hear the music, and ask for a playdate….every single time.

    Maria @BOREDmommy

  666. I have heard they are amazing machines soooo many neat projects to do!!

    Hope you have a happy thanksgiving I am thankful for your blog and the happiness that it brings to so many people!

  667. At least the pie smelled lovely! Happy Thanksgiving!

  668. Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for always speaking your heart! Enjoy your littles today!!

  669. Hope you and yours have a fantastic Thanksgiving, Kelle! :)

  670. Happy Thanksgiving!!! I wanted you to know I “borrowed” your “thankful” banner idea. It has brought me so much joy this holiday. I will look at during dinner and feel thankful down to my core.

  671. Wishing your family a wonderful Thanksgiving! Those Silhouette machines look amazing! Andrea

  672. While Perfume Apple Pie does not sound the greatest, Apple Pie Perfume sounds divine!

    Hope your Thanksgiving is full of love, laughter, thanks and food. And perfume. :)

  673. Kelle, I hope you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and that the chaos and love and family are everything they should be! I’m off to celebrate with just 50 of my closest family. Hoping for a little love and chaos of my own! XO

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  675. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle! Thank you for reminding me that it doesn’t matter who celebrates the holidays with you. True thankfulness is about such bigger things and I am truly thankful.

    Thank you for inspiring me. I have been more crafty since I started enjoying your blog than I ever have in my life.

    So Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family. Have an amazing day!

  676. Happy thanksgiving to your beautiful family!

  677. Oooh paper crafting? Sounds like fun! I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  678. Perfume Pie! Delicious! Happy Thanksgiving!

  679. I wish that I had just some of the vision that you have in your head. You see things in such an awesome way. While I think of things that I am thankful for I must include faithful bloggers such as yourself that make my blog reading such an uplifting time of reading. Thanks for sharing your life with us. :o) Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    I have more of the blog reading down, still working on the blogging.

  680. Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you and your precious family!

  681. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle! Hope your holiday is wonderful :) Today I’m grateful for so many things, the beautiful world I live in, my amazing husband, my sweet daughter, and my wonderful family.

  682. Those babies, they’ll get it.

    I love the perfume story! I’d like to know what she was thinking when she did that. Maybe she was adding a little bit of love.

    Happy Thanksgiving Hampton family!

  683. Think how grateful I would be if I could win that:) Thanks for you always incredible posts. Sorry about the pie.

  684. Yes, be thankful for the moments…..all of the little moments………every day.
    So very thankful for you, Kelle, & crew!

  685. I know that your girls will grow up fully understanding what Thanksgiving is all about and what it means to be grateful, because gratefulness is what shines through in every post on this blog.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  686. Sometimes I wish I could just drop in and be a part of your life one morning. You have the best perspective of anyone I’ve ever known!

  687. Happy Thanksgiving! Love your rose colored glasses, I have a pair myself!

  688. Kelle, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Cant wait to see pictures of your beautiful table. -Megan from Missouri-

  689. I am thankful for you and your amazing blog! It continues to remind me what a special gift motherhood is! I have learned to really enjoys these blessings of mine!

  690. I am thankful for you and your amazing blog! It continues to remind me what a special gift motherhood is! I have learned to really enjoys these blessings of mine!

  691. This will be my first year hosting Thanksgiving. My husband thinks I’m crazy for wanting to host it… But I know that when the game is on the TV, the turkey is in the oven, and my Grandma is helping in MY kitchen, THAT is Thanksgiving.

  692. This will be my first year hosting Thanksgiving. My husband thinks I’m crazy for wanting to host it… But I know that when the game is on the TV, the turkey is in the oven, and my Grandma is helping in MY kitchen, THAT is Thanksgiving.

  693. Well said. Very well said. Happy Thanksgiving to a woman and her family who knows what Thanksgiving is all about! Oh, and I’d love that Silhouette digital cutting tool…sounds SO cool!

  694. i remember one thanksgiving when my mom mixed up sugar and salt. her mother-in-law, sweetest woman in the world, ate three whole bites of salty apple pie before someone else noticed!

  695. Oh my goodness! I fall more and more in love with you and your beautiful family! I’m so thankful to know there are more life loving families in the world like me! I’m newly married and loving every minute of it! Your blog puts a smile on my face over and over and over again! Happy Thanksgiving to you! You certainly deserve the best!

  696. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle! :)

  697. As always…beautiful post.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  698. I love the look on L’s face in the last picture!

    You couldn’t have said my thoughts on thanksgiving and I LOVE YOU’s at the end of a phone call any better!

    Thank you for giving me words for my thoughts :)

  699. HAPPY THANKSGIVING HAMPTON FAMILY!!! Kelle thanks so much for always saying what I wish I could put into words … you ROCK girl!!
    love to you and yours…

  700. That’s what I want my 2 little girls to understand about Thanksgiving… love and warmth of family. Much to be thankful for! Thanks for your blog.

  701. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts & helping me to remember what truly be thankful is!! You are a blessing!

  702. Wishing you and your blessed family a wonderful Thanksgiving! I really appreciated today’s message…I “drank it all in”!
    The Harnisches (from Elkhorn, NE)

  703. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! You are an amazing person. Thanks for sharing your world with us.

  704. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Me and mine well we just finished a glorious biscuits and gravy breakfast and no to move the living room around to fit our tree in here somewhere!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Momma to 3
    *Shay B*

  705. Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving! :)

  706. I love to come and read your blog. Every time you remind me to drink in the splendor of every day. I hope you have an amazing holiday full to the brim and running over!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  707. Loving the Thanksgiving preparations and the story of Lainey praying perfume, had me laughing. I love when littles try and help!

  708. That first photo of the apples with cinnamon looks absolutely divine. I hope your Thanksgiving is brilliant. That cutting tool would make my Christmas presents so much easier. Cheers!

  709. Happy Thanksgiving! I think I’m going to go print off the wikipedia pages too.

  710. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us. You always have such great insight. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  711. Happy Thanksgiving! I wish I could be crafting with ya! We’d make some great things!

  712. “Can I see too?”


    “What’s her name?”


    Again. “What’s her name?”


    Then he turned the volume way up on the speakers.

    We looked at each other and swayed back and forth. And looked at each other and smiled.

    And here we are posting a comment on your blog. Just me and Gabe.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!♥ And Thank You, Kelle.♥

  713. Have a happy, apple-scented Thanksgiving!

  714. Perfumed apples…that’s a new Thanksgiving treat! So funny – what would we do without little helpers!?

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  716. happy thanksgiving!
    i think that your amazing photos and your wonderfully written blog are doing a fantastic job of cement-ing that bone deep love and thankfulness.

  717. When I was a child I was over at my friends place. Her mom had made 2 cakes. She told us one was ruined! Well we thought it would be funny to spray perfume on the ruined cake, only to find out later, that the ruined cake was actually already in the trash! Oh did we get into trouble πŸ˜‰

  718. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family! :-)

  719. May we always be Thankful for what we have been given.

  720. Although my husband and I don’t have children yet, I hope that in the future we can grasp Thanksgiving the way that you have. It was beautiful!

  721. As always…. a beautiful post. Happy Thanksgiving Kelle, to you and your family.

  722. ok the story about L spraying perfume on the apples made me laugh out loud! I went back and read it to my husband. CLassic!

  723. ok the story about L spraying perfume on the apples made me laugh out loud! I went back and read it to my husband. CLassic!

  724. My hubby is spending Thanksgiving in your neck of the woods! He is a pilot and is in Marco Island today, he’ll be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner ala Marriot. He just called and told me he is walking on the beach in 85 degree weather. The sun is shining in MT, but its about 5 degrees above 0!! Needless to say, Naples area may be our next vacation spot!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  725. Very thankful for what I have too. :)

  726. Very thankful for what I have too. :)

  727. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Kelle! Your blogs are a great reminder for us to appreciate the small things and be thankful for each and every day!

    Thank you and god bless!
    Heather xo

  728. Love your blog! Happy Thanksgiving!

  729. Love that Apple pie story!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  730. I love paper crafting and I love your blog! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  731. Happy Thanksgiving!

  732. I love coming to your blog and looking at your photos.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  733. Again, tears in my eyes, I am reminded that my children are young once, they are here now, they sing silly songs and dance silly dances. Savor. Soak. Commit to memory their wonderfulness, their openness, their everything. Do not waste it. Thank you Kelle, and Happy Thanksgiving.

  734. Happy Thanksgiving.

  735. Thanksgiving is certainly a reminder to take time and be truly thankful. But, I have to say, I am thankful every. single. day. for all we have and yes, all we don’t have. No matter what challenge we could be facing, I always say…it could be worse. And, that is something to be thankful for on any day.

  736. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope the do-over pie turns out ok. :)

  737. Mm…. perfume apples. DELICIOUS. πŸ˜‰
    Have a great thanksgiving Kelle! What a beautiful day it is. Have a blast with your family!

  738. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I have SO much to be thankful for. Love your blog :)

  739. What a wonderful giveaway!! I can see myself getting some good use out of this one!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  740. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving…we are enjoy some snow up here on the West Coast of Canada.

  741. Oh, my…the crafts we could create with one of those babies! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Thank you for being you.

  742. Happy Thanksgiving, Kelle and family!

  743. I’m thankful for women that blog with gratitude! Life isn’t perfect, but it’s awesome!

  744. We don’t do thanksgiving, but I am thankful for all the things, big and little, in my life :) by the way I think I probably would have freaked and screamed at my dd if she sprayed perfume all over a bake 😐

  745. Kelle,
    I thought you might enjoy this story about apples, and a very special little girl named Bella.
    Apples of the very sweetest kind…

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  746. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  747. I too Wikipedia Thanksgiving :) Have a happy Thanksgiving :)

  748. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  749. I was practically hyperventilating when your pictures wouldn’t load! But a reset of modem and voila! There they were. As usual, fabulous post! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  750. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  751. I have so much to be thankful for this year. I am even thankful for your blog (and the blogs of others) who live where it is warm and share pictures. I love seeing your girls in short sleeves/dresses and with chalk in hand.

    Denise WI

  752. happy thanksgiving!!

    you are so easy-going! if my child had sprayed something that i had worked hard to chop and prepare with perfume i don’t think i would’ve handled it so well!

  753. Ohhhh, pick me pick me! πŸ˜‰ I would love a silhouette! I’ve been hearing so much about them lately.

    BTW, love your post about Thanksgiving. We are most thankful to enjoy pictures of your littles since it reminds us of our first two littles who are now separated between Heaven and Earth. Much love to your family on this special day!

  754. Happy Thanksgiving…. Thank you for being so inspiring!!


  755. Gobble, Gobble. Can’t wait to see your holiday pictures full of food, babies, wine & thanksgiving.

  756. You really captured the spirit of Thanksgiving. Have a great day!!!

  757. Ummmm can I come hang out with you for a day? I love seeing pictures of your sweet girls and I think you’re one of the coolest moms EVER. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day :)

  758. Happy Thanksgiving!!! :-)

  759. Happy Thanksgiving! My little bean is snuggled up after a full meal! I love this fellowship and I look forward to my favorite time of year…CHRISTMAS! Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

  760. My heart just sank for you! I’m sure that Lainey was adorable but I’m thinking you may have cried a little on the inside.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  761. Drink YOU in. Love it. Love every word. Soooooooo true. Your writing and photos make tears prick at my eyes. Those moments, the ones that are so familiar that you can barely remember them as moments, are the ones I live for.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kelle.

    PS: Perfume apples?! Hilarious!

  762. I am so blessed sometimes it is scar