I am tired and full and thankful.

Both girls have thick, sleep-depriving coughs that turn heads when we’re out, so we’ve been staying in as much as possible. Lots of fires and quilts and movies and, consequently, one happy mama.

The run-down is simple.

Annual Thanksgiving Pajama Breakfast with our friends Matt & Dede at our house.



Hot coffee and blueberry pancakes, a morning fire and mimosas that got refilled more than they should.

See those little dots on the wall? That’s blueberry juice from a pancake that exploded.

And then happy morning seamlessly shifted into happy afternoon…


With kitchen prepping…



The arrival of ones we love…


And Cheers to a rich, happy day.





He did read the Wikipedia pages, by the way, and everyone is now a Thanksgiving scholar. Thank you, Brett.





My glass says it all, Baby.


One of our sponsors, Pip and Bean capes is having a Black Friday sale, 15% off until midnight Monday, use code “pipblackfriday2010″ at checkout.

And Black Friday is the perfect time to introduce our new Sponsor, Sticks and Stones, featuring beautiful original keepsake art created upon order from alphabet photography. They’ve been featured on Oprah, Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray! Check ’em out.

We love ours! (and Lainey loves spotting the letters!)



For a limited time, Sticks and Stones is offering buy one, get one 50% off as well as free shipping. And they are giving away one keepsake up to a $200 value. “Like” Sticks and Stones on Facebook HERE (if you have a Facebook), and mention in your comment that you did. Giveaway winner will be announced Monday.

Guess what we did tonight?


Yup. Tree is up and fire is crackling. Movie is a’ rollin’…more to come.

Happy Holiday Weekending!


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  1. Ooh, I must know where you got that glass! It’s wonderful!

  2. So, I found your blog the other day, and have not been able to stop reading your beautiful story, starting with the birth of your dear Nella! (Thank you times a billion, for being so amazing, and brave and just sharing your gorgeous life :)

  3. Oh my gosh! What a wonderful post! Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday! Loving the pictures and the girl’s new wall art! I “liked” it!

  4. Sorry the girls are sick-
    looks like you all had a lovely day! Love the pj breakfast thing. SO fun!

    And where are those glasses from? They’re fantastic!

  5. I “liked” sticks and stones on FB….what beautiful work they do! and you as well! Happy T-giving!!

  6. I knew your tree would be up. Well done. Mine is,too :) I love the Sticks and Stones art–very cool! I liked it one FB and it just might end up on my Christmas list!

  7. Looks like you had a perfect holiday :)

    I liked Sticks and Stones on Facebook :)

  8. You are such a beautiful woman, Kelle. Your outlook on life is intoxicating and I absolutely adore you.

    Happy Holidays to you and your sweet little family. May you be blessed with love, health, and happiness!


  9. What a fun thanksgiving! I liked Sticks and Stones and would love one for our family!

  10. Looks like you guys had a great day!

  11. Oh that fire certainly is very inviting.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Be well little ones!

    :) Teri

  12. Thanksgiving pajama breakfast – how lovely! I “liked” Sticks and Stones on facebook. :)

  13. I LOVE those glasses! Please do share where you got them! I “liked” Sticks and Stones.

  14. I cannot wait to start our own thanksgiving pajama breakfast!
    I liked sticks and stones on facebook!

  15. Your cup is great!

    I liked them on facebook.

  16. you, your family, and your blog are amazing! ♥

    i love the artwork and would love to have one in my house! :) (i ‘liked’ them on fb!)

  17. Your photographs are so amazing. I love the feeling and emotion they capture. You must have your camera permanently attached to your hip:)

  18. i liked the sticks and stones… but i like your half full glass like WOAH! so cute <3

  19. What a warm, beautiful Thanksgiving!

  20. YAY, Nella’s first Christmas! If you didn’t already own that mug that would be the PURfect Christmas gift for you! I had my twin and her kids here with me for the holiday and I shared your blog with her. She went to bed and I logged on again and POOF, a new post and already 10 posts from commenters! So thankful for that! Really pumped to brave the WI winds tomorrow to get our tree, isn’t this time of year simply magic!? BTW: Did you win the best blog contest? It’s such a winner to me, life changing, empowering, inspiring, all that and more! If you have time vote for my peanut, trying to get him to win 1st in the “Spooked by Santa” photo contest by Parent’s. He’s 3rd right now, the more votes the merrier (voting ends the 28th).

  21. Love the wine glass! God bless!

  22. I “liked” the frames on fb. I’m SO excited as this is what I’m doing for my friend’s soon to arrive little one, Daenera.

  23. Looks like your family had a beautiful celebration of thanks! (I liked sticks & stones on facebook :))

  24. I love love love the sticks and stones and liked it on fb also :) beautiful idea, enjoy your post-thanksgiving relaxation!

  25. great post, as usual! Glad you had such a wonderful thanksgiving. Not so glad your littles are fighting a nasty cough. I “like” Sticks and Stones on facebook but there should really be a “love” option!

  26. I actually have a loaf of blueberry bread in the oven, a lovely scent that fits in perfectly with reading this post.

    I “liked” Sticks and Stones on Facebook.

  27. I love Nella’s wave!

  28. I liked Sticks and Stones on facebook. Looks like you had a beautiful Thanksgiving! Your Christmas decor is so beautiful too…might make a mitten banner of my own!

  29. I liked Sticks and Stones on facebook. Looks like you had a beautiful Thanksgiving! Your Christmas decor is so beautiful too…might make a mitten banner of my own!

  30. Look at that big happy wave from Nella! Oh I wish we still had a fire place to enjoy toasty toes and a glass of wine. I’m super jazzed about Christmas. I like Sticks and Stones on FB.

  31. Joining in to beg for info on the half full glasses! πŸ˜‰

  32. Beautiful, thankful day in Naples, I can see!

  33. I would kill for a fireplace. For some reason the out of the 560 houses we looked into buying we chose the one in town without a fireplace.

    Our tree was supposed to go up today but I got caught up shopping with the baby while hubs took the older one to a movie. Just as good of a day :)

    And I ‘like’ Sticks and Stones on Facebook now πŸ˜€

  34. Hey!! Happy Thanksgiving :) Love everything, especially the blueberry splatters! I liked sticks and stones on fb, too. Got my letters all picked out and bookmarked!!

  35. “Liked” Sticks and Stones. What beautiful pieces! I’d love to get one for my son.

  36. Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving. Love the idea of a Thanksgiving Pajama Breakfast. Totally doing that next year. Would LOVE one of the Sticks and Stones pictures. And I liked them on Facebook! :)

  37. Oh my goodness – I love those Sticks & Stones names! One of my cousins did one for our Grandparents of our last name on their own a few years ago and I have loved that idea ever since then. Currently I am prego with Baby #2 and am so thankful this year to have a wonderful husband, beautiful 2 year old boy and a baby kicking away happily in my belly. I am due Dec 30th and the part giving me anxiety is that we don’t know the sex – it’s fun but a girl needs to decorate :) I would love to win this name keepsake art to help get my decorating going for my new bundle!! Happy Thanksgiving to your beautiful family – I can’t wait to get our tree up tomorrow!

  38. I LOVE those wine glasses! Where did you get those?

  39. I “liked” Sticks & Stones on FB. Hope the little ones feel better soon! Happy “belated” Thanksgiving to you & your family!!

  40. The Nella in the colour touque and white dress? I’ll take 10. What a cutie!

  41. I love the super cool name art! I “liked” S&S on FB.

    I love Nella. Lainey, too, but Nella melts. my. heart.

  42. I LOVE your Thanksgiving PJ Breakfast and those wonderful wine glasses! I have been looking into buying a Sticks and Stones print for a while now (I liked them on FB too!). Thanks for the chance :)

  43. Your pie looks delicious and perfume-free! I like Stick and Stones on FB!

  44. I HAVE to know where you got that Half Full glass!

    I “like” Sticks and Stones on FB.

  45. I liked Sticks and Stones! Happy Holidays! Looking forward to more festive half full posts!

  46. I just “liked” the facebook page of “Sticks and Stones” I think that is just a cute keepsake! Also your Annual Thanksgiving Pajama Breakfast idea is awesome… I think I shall start that with my little family from now on. :) btw, LOVE you!!

  47. That glass is amazing!

    I also “Like” S&S on FB!

  48. Love, Love the new art! I “liked” it as well. Melony

  49. Love Sticks & Stones as much as I’m loving my second day of food comma….Thank God for housepants that let it all hang out. LOL.

    I’m so jealous that you’re tree is up and running! Soon, very, very soon.

    Peace out,

    Jennifer from Annapolis

  50. like sticks and stones on fb

  51. I love, love, love your tradition of a Thanksgiving breakfast in your pjs!!! That is so cute and looks like a great way to start the day! Seeing littles still in footied pjs makes me happy and want to have littles of my own soon.

  52. I love your ‘half full glass’ where did you get those?! :]

    Great start to the wonderful holidays coming up!

    I liked Sticks and Stones πŸ˜€ Love this giveaway! Thank you for this opportunity!

  53. Oh I would LOVE one of those!!!

    I ‘liked’ them on Facebook!!!

  54. I liked Sticks and Stones on facebook, how creative! I had to look closely to see all the letters, but that made it all the more interesting!

  55. I not only “like”, I LOVE Sticks and Stones on the book. Thanks for the opportunity!

  56. So, this is my favorite post from you in awhile (& that’s sayin’ something)! You had me at the picture of sweet Nella waving by the fireplace! Hope the pie wasn’t perfumed on the second go around! Those Sticks & Stones prints are too cool. I’d love to display one of their originals in my home!

    Happy Holidays! This is the best time of the year!

  57. The photo of Nella with the grandfather figure reading a book caused me to tear up. That is such a gorgeous photo and you captured the moment beautifully.

  58. I LOVE the photo of Nella waving in her little yellow pjs. And I “liked” Sticks and Stones on facebook–I made photo words when I was in photography in high school. I believe I still have one somewhere, though it’s not nearly as good as the professional job, of course. I’m glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was magical, too. Have a happy weekend!

  59. Movies by firelight/Christmas tree light is one of those moments that make you sit back, sigh a little and just relish every moment.

    I love the “name art” and I liked them on Facebook for creating it!!

  60. I “Liked” sticks and stones on FB too! What a fantastic and unique idea!

  61. Loved the girls’ name art!
    I ‘liked’ their work on fb.

  62. Love the half full glass! And the sticks and stones artwork! My Christmas list is about a mile long with all the goodies from sponsers that you post on your blog! I liked sticks and stones on facebook!

  63. Whoo hoo! We got our tree, our lights, and all our snowmen set up for a fabulous winter season!

  64. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    I “Liked” Sticks and Stones on Facebook

  65. Cooking with children is frustrating, inefficient, and extremely messy. Isn’t it awesome! My two year old twins made cupcakes for their daddy tonight as a surprise when he came home. They were so excited. My little boy kept saying, “Mommy this is so fun!”
    I just recently started reading your blog and I am absolutely in love. I can’t wait to read the new posts each day. I am truly inspired by your love for life and wanting to breath in every moment.
    I have always loved the holidays and spending time with family, but now that I have children it is so much more magical! Thank you for giving me so many wonderful ideas. I can’t wait to read more special traditions you do with your sweet babies.
    I “liked” Sticks and Stones on FB. I saw something like this in a boutique the other day, and added it to my Christmas list when I got home. Thanks for sharing and I hope your precious babies feel better soon.

  66. I LOVE the chair behind Lainey! toss a red pillow on it and that’s my dream decor for my bedroom! love the photo of Lainey feeding Nella, they’re so precious.

  67. Sticks and Stones…OMG! I am in love! My fingers are totally crossed that the random number falls here!

    It sounds like you and your family had just a lovely Thanksgiving. I love the picture of Brent? and Laniey? rolling out pie dough. Just warms my heart.

  68. Love Sticks & Stones! I ike them on FB! Enjoy reading your blog every time!

  69. I liked their FB page. And I really LIKE their concept. How creative. :)

  70. I liked them :)

    Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful thanksgiving day with your family.

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. LOVE the picture of Nella waving at the fire!! So awesome! Liked the sticks and stones artwork. I have my tree up too – tis the season!! Can’t wait to hear more about your weekend. Hope the girls are on the mend!

  73. You inspire me in so many ways, every time you post something new!

    I “liked” sticks and stones on facebook…I wish there was a “love” button for them! =)

  74. I liked them on Facebook!!

    What kind of pie is that in the pic above Nella? It looks awesome!

  75. Love.Love.Love little Nella hands spreading her love helping out making thanksgiving din. Oh blue berry splatters yes we’ve had that many times πŸ˜‰ Oh and I “liked” it. Sticks and stones has beautiful work

  76. The moment I saw that glass I thought how perfect it was for you!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all your family from rainy Vancouver!

  77. Baby Nella waving… oh I’m in love!

    Hi sweet baby! :)

    What a perfect Thanksgiving!

  78. A heavenly day…..that is what makes life worth living !

  79. LOVE the picture of Nella waving! So cute! She is growing so fast! I “like” Sticks and Stones on FB now… I’ve coveted a piece of their art for a while now!

  80. YES< I clicked LIKED on Facebook for sticks and stones ! I love it!! Kelle, it looks like you and yours had such a great holiday! Sorry your girls have coughs and are a bit under the weather. Take good care. Love from your blog mama

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. where are those wine glasses from?! they are FABULOUS and i MUST have them!

  83. Seeing as I have three babies, this deal would work magically. 1 free, 1 full price and 1 at 50% off. Pick me, pick me!

  84. The glass half full brought a smile to my face. If you ask me, there are enough people in the world who choose to only see the bad, it’s so refreshing and encouraging to come to your blog and see someone who embraces the good and acknowleges the existance of unicorns :) Oh, and I also “liked” the sticks and stones page – my little boys’s name would look so beautiful framed like that!!

  85. Kelley! I’ve got to know where Nella’s striped hat came from! It’s so stinkin’ adorable!

  86. Yep, that glass was made for you. Very cute.

    Our tree’s up too.

    Oh, and once we went on a nature walk and looked for the letters in our name just like your new sponsor. I took pictures, but never printed them out. Maybe that would be a good Christmas present!

    Hope the girls feel better soon!


  87. aww! Nella is waving in the first one. I love how her toes are always pointed inward when she sits with her legs straight out in front of her. too cute. I “liked” sticks & stones! :)

  88. Your family is so beautiful! These pictures make me homesick for my family! I love the idea of an annual pajama breakfast brunch… especially with mimosas!

    P.S. I “liked” Sticks and Stones!

    Happy Holidays

  89. I loved your thanksgiving post! I would love to win the beautiful art, I like sticks and stones on facebook! :)

  90. I liked Sticks and Stones!

    And am happy to see your Thanksgiving left you feeling as happy as mine did me. :)

  91. I LOVE that Sticks and Stones idea!! LOVE IT!!! I think that might just be a fun idea for gifts for those I have no idea what to get them for Christmas! ;0)

  92. Our baby girl has that same nasty cough :( Hope your littles feel better soon :)
    (I like it on FB)

  93. I liked Sticks and Stones. Beautiful work. I had not seen that before.

  94. Really diggin you’re “half full” glass!
    & the thanksgiving pajama breakfast is a fabulous idea, similar to how we do things around here:)

  95. “liked” it!
    Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving. I wanted to jump in and share that delicious looking pie!

  96. Now Kelle,

    I know that you will get squazillions of responses to this post but if you [or any of your readers] sees this I’d REALLY REALLY REALLY like to get a set of ‘half full’ glasses for our family.
    Could anyone help with a supplier?

    Felicity x

  97. Love the artwork! Liked it on facebook :) That crackling fire looks so welcoming!

  98. The glass is wonderful. I want one very much.

    Your Thanksgiving looked beautiful.

    Enjoy the holidays with your amazingly awesome family!

  99. I’m glad your thanksgiving was wonderful. I “liked”

  100. I’m glad your thanksgiving was wonderful. I “liked” on facebook.

  101. I’m glad your thanksgiving was wonderful. I “liked” on facebook.

  102. The keepsake artwork is fantastic. I have dreamed of being so creative…I like it on facebook as well! So glad you had a fantastical thanksgiving!

  103. Secretly I lust after your house whenever you put pictures up. I live in a teeny tiny house but I guess a teeny tiny house is perfect for a teeny tiny family. Glad you had a wonderful holiday! I liked Sticks and Stones :)

  104. Looks like you had a beautiful Thanksgiving. I love the letter art (and I like them on facebook too!).

  105. Aww man I’m sorry the girls are sick :(
    I’ve been sick for a week, it sucks!!
    This giveaway win would make me feel better! LOL.
    I liked them on FB under my name Sarah C.

  106. I love your glass ‘Half Full’! Very neat. I’m glad you all had a good Thanksgiving, even though your girls have coughs :(
    Seriously though, I love your little Nella! She’s adorable! I want to just eat her up!!

  107. Baby I ‘liked it’! Thankgiving looks beautiful in your house, especially the fact you have friends that you’re comfortable enough with that you can entertain in your jim-jams! And Lainey’s dimple on the one picture…too adorable! Nella eyes are amazing.

  108. After my daily check in on your beautiful blog I am once again inspired…this time to put my tree up earlier than planned! I’m in Canada and so our Thanksgiving was in October, and after seeing yours I can’t wait for next years.
    I have seen Sticks and Stones before and have loved their art from the start. I certainly “liked” them on FB too!
    Jenn- Victoria BC

  109. What a beautiful post and a beautiful family! I “liked” Sticks and Stones on Facebook too!

  110. Ohhh Kelle!!!
    Your glass half full totally made me smile and laugh and I just sooo am feeling that!!
    Your holiday looked so cozy and natural. I love that you shared a glimpse of it with us! Holidays should be cozy and natural!
    Also… I love your dad. Every time I see him in a post of yours I just have to smile. He is so obviously love’n life. His energy is felt even through photograph to someone who’s never met him, many miles away. I love it!
    Give those girls a squeeze. Miss Nella is growing up and I’ll admit, I’m a bit sad seeing her baby features turn to toddler. But ohh, toddler is good. Toddler is so challenging and surprising in so many awesome ways (as you well know, I’m sure).

    Sorry. Rambling. It’s that extra glass half full of wine I just had πŸ˜‰

    Happy holiday weekend!

  111. I “like” Sticks and Stones but actually LOVE them! I wish it wasn’t so expensive, I would love to purchase one for my Godson, who is due any day now.

  112. I LOVE Sticks and Stones and totally “Liked” them on facebook. I’ve always wanted to get a keepsake with my son’s name. Looks like you had a fab Thanksgiving!

  113. Looks like you had a beautiful holiday! Love the hands rolling out the dough = PRECIOUS!!
    Oh and I like Sticks and Stones on Facebook and I LOVE their work!


  115. Definitely like and liked sticks and stones but I loved the pic of Brett and Nella giggling together on the blanket. There’s something so cool about a daddy and daughter. Happy holidays!

  116. You look like you had a great T-day. :)

    I liked Sticks and Stones on Facebook!

  117. I liked Stick & STones on Facebook! Hope the girls feel better soon!

  118. I liked them on FB. The girls look so beautiful. And the crocheted hat on Nella is too cute.

  119. I “liked” it as well! It would be a challenge to find all the letters for my daughters name to create something of that magnitude! Thank you for sharing Kelle!!!!

  120. beautiful photos!

  121. I liked Sticks and Stones of FB! I love the pic of the pie!

  122. I love, love, LOVE your “half full” glass!!!

    Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving… although I wouldn’t have expected any less!!!

  123. Where did you get that glass!? That’s perfect for you. Looks like you had a great holiday. I for one am thankful for your blog. Happy Thanksgiving.

  124. I see that Nella is really interested in using her hands now. Love that wave she gives in the first photo!!

  125. wow, you always end up with the most interesting sponsers! i love the new art work, and i “liked” it on fb…what a great idea!!

  126. I LOVE that glass!

  127. I love that half full cup!!!!

  128. simply enchanting ms. kelle!! love you loving life…it is contagious!
    happy days to you

  129. I LOVE reading your blog… and the Sticks & Stones are beautiful art work.. love them!

  130. That glass is great! Where is it from? Love it!

    I liked Sticks and Stones on Facebook!

  131. Happy Thanksgiving! We don’t celebrate it over here (New Zealand), but I sort of wish we did. That pie looked absolutely amazing. And the whole day looked incredible.

  132. Love the name art. Looks like a great Thanksgiving! I liked them on facebook!

  133. I not only “liked” stick and stones on FB, I LOVE them! Thanks for pointing me their way!

    Happy Thanksgiving to your family,

    -Jenny in Iowa

  134. Haha, I love that glass!
    And I “l” Sticks and Stones on FB, that artwork is awesome!

  135. Thanks for the head’s up about Sticks and Stones – liked them on FB, love love LOVE their work!

  136. I “liked” them and I’m totally buyin some stuff whether I win or not! Such an awesome idea. I love the blueberry splatter on the wall… you should totally keep it there πŸ˜‰

  137. I’ve been waiting anxiously for this post and it was well worth it.

    Sorry you have poorly little girls. My little guy has also had a cough for over a week now so we’ve had lots of sleepless nights and days hurried under quilts :)

    I love that Brett read the Wikipedia pages to the girls.. So cute xx

  138. Love love this! I liked it on facebook toO!

  139. Love that half full glass!!!
    Just liked Sticks & Stones on fb :)

  140. I LOVE the letter artwork! What an awesome idea. I think I’ll buy a few πŸ˜‰ I also love your Blog Kelle. You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you!

  141. I am a facebook fan of sticks and stones…I have always loved alphabet photography! Your tree looks beautiful, I can’t believe Christmas is sooooo close!!!!

  142. This is my first time to comment, but I have been in love with your blog since August. My best friend and fellow special education teacher recommended to me that I read Nella’s birth story. I haven’t stopped reading since then. I also decided to take the plung and start my own blog, so I would start taking more pictures and writing all my thoughts down. I love all the etsy sites you recommend and every picture and idea you post about. Thank you for sharing your talents and family!

    Oh! And the latest thing I am in love with his you glass half full! And the beautiful Letter Art!

  143. Ooh, those Sticks & Stones photos are just beautiful! I “liked” them on facebook! :)

  144. Liked them on facebook! And I love the idea of a pj breakfast on Thanksgiving!

  145. I saw thos pictures at a different blog over a year ago!! I love them! So I liked them on fb!!
    We are about to prepare our Thanksgiving meal a little late!! We dont get Thanksgiving off in Germany so we are doing it on a saturday with friends!!
    Can’t wait for all the food!!

  146. I definitely “like”‘d sticks and stones… I also love those half full glasses! Where did you get them? I always look forward to reading your blog, so inspirational!

  147. Looks like you had an amazing holiday as usual. May have to steal your pajama breakfast idea. Love the photo of Lainey’s little hand!

    I also love the letter art, I liked Sticks & Stones on Facebook.

  148. I am now a fan of Sticks and Stones on FB. Thanks for introducing us to more cool art!

  149. Happy Thanksgiving… looks like one for the scrapbook:)… <3

    Once I decide on my color theme… my tree will be up too!

    Sticks and Stones… I will be checking you out! Featured on all my favs including KELLE!

    rest it up baby…

  150. I am now a fan of them on FB – I’ve always seen these in magazines and thought they were fun! :)

  151. It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day! I think the breakfast idea is a great idea. I love the art and I liked on facebook.

  152. I’ve seen those before! My friends got some as Christmas gifts a few years ago. I liked them on Facebook.

  153. Happy Thanksgiving!
    LIKE’d the Sticks and Stones. I’ve seen those before but never purchased. So cool!!!

  154. Love the glass! That is a “must have”!

    We do the thanksgiving breakfast as well but don’t have friends come over in their PJs. Maybe next year!

    I “liked” sticks and stones.

    Have a great weekend.

  155. Love the pajama breakfast tradition!

  156. Totally love the sticks and stones, went to their site and created my daughters names, that is super cool.. Love the glass half full… Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend… me and mine are getting ready to go to a childrens hands on musuem.. Enjoy! Michele

  157. My heart is too full! What is it about holidays that makes that pendulum of emotions broaden its sweep…the greatest of pure blissful moments and with them, precious reflective thoughts that make your eyes swell with tears. Life flies by too swiftly. Our babies grow up too fast. What a difference a year makes. Last year, Nella was deep in our hopes. Now, she is deep in our hearts. She has truly given us more than we have her. And every time I am here, I see leaps of growth in the boys (Austyn dating?!! Yikes!) Brandyn becoming such a sweet and kind young man. Lainey becoming fiercely independent…where did she get that, Ha! And Nella…studies me just a moment or to then throws herself back into our growing relationship of Poppa and peanut! I hope all readers’ holidays are too full with love this year. No matter what the economy has done you you–it is the best free gift out there!

  158. Maybe I’m just emotional today, but your Thanksgiving pictures made me teary. Your life is so beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us.
    I liked sticks and stones on facebook, I love how you share these amazing finds with us, I’ve purchased things through a few of your sponsors and I have a wishlish a mile long from others!

  159. My tree is up as well! Lovely pictures.

    I became a Sticks and Stones FB fan!

  160. I liked Sticks and Stones on Facebook, so interesting!

    I hope the girls feel better soon! Seems like you are just all set for the holidays. I so look forward to your Christmas crafts and traditions.

    You inspire me on all levels!

  161. That glass says it all.

  162. We’re setting up the Christmas tree and putting out all the decorations today and I gotta say, my little one has LOVED being able to decide where everything is going. I think Christmas is going to be even more fun this year!! I liked sticks and stones on FB- what great art!

  163. happy thanksgiving! your pie looks like your mama made it! good job!

    i love those letter things. i’ve been trying to make the time to take some pictures of letters myself but well i never find the time! i liked them on FB.

    it will be interesting to see how many more “likes” they get from this post.

  164. I liked Sticks and Stones on FB. Very neat..would be a great gift.
    We started to put up our decor until we found a bat flying around our house…eewwww. So daddy had to come home and “get” it for us.

  165. Love your wine glass- and the alphabet art. You always have the neatest things.

    Liked it on fb too!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  166. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday… I just love your pajama breakfast tradition! I liked Sticks and Stones on FB, I think a piece of that art will wind up on my daughter’s wall for Christmas!

  167. We put our tree up yesterday. I LOVE the glow of a Christmas tree! I liked Sticks and Stones on facebook…I would just love to win!

  168. I love the glass! Where can I find one? I liked Sticks and Stones on FB. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  169. LUB the glass half full! I also liked Sticks and Stones on FB, they’re gorgeous!

  170. LOVE your blog! I just “liked” Sticks and Stones on FB. I would love something for a new little boy we are welcoming in February!

  171. So glad to hear your Thanksgiving was all you wanted it to be. We are having our dinner tonight… a few days late to accomodate some family members who couldn’t be here on the official turkey day. :)

    I liked sticks & stones – what wonderful art! I’d love to have my girls’ names done.

  172. Ah! The perspicuitous longings of urnal festivites does indeed broaden one’s sweep of the pendulum of the all-too-brief periods of four and twenty periods of sixty sets of sextant precious seconds spent on this third rock from the sun that all have the great fortune of identifying as our place in our brief span.. To be expelling the sweet gases of mythiucal single-horned equines from the posterior regions of our frail vessels of life. To be belching forth the glitter of lividy after having sucked it from yon marrow of ostei.

  173. I can’t wait to put up our tree, but we have to buy it first! Maybe next weekend :) I love the wall art.

  174. Wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving! Love LOVE the half full glass! Where do you find something like that?

  175. It is finally cold enough here for a fire! This Thanksgiving was so special because it is our last as a duo. I think we are more excited about next year when we can share it with our girl!

    Oh, I liked them on facebook!

  176. That glass is perfect! I have to have one!

    The artwork is great as well. I liked Sticks and Stones on facebook.

  177. I too love that glass! So cool!

    And I liked sticks & stones on facebook.

  178. Happy Holidays!! We thought we were going to meet our baby boy on Thanksgiving day but he’s decided to hibernate for a bit longer!
    The girls are just too beautiful for words!!
    Is it just me or does anyone else wish facebook had a “love” button? Actually I wish I had access to a love button every day! :)

  179. I love the holidays! Specially the cooking and the family and friends. Awwwwww! How much I love it.

  180. I love the sticks and stones pictures. I liked them on facebook too and they really are amazing.

  181. Great Thanksgiving breakfast photo. What a great idea for the holidays.
    The artwork is gorgeous, and would be such a great accent in our house.
    I like it on FB, too.

  182. I “like” Sticks and Stones on Facebook. I LOVE your half full glass!!!

  183. Love the 1/2 Full glasses! Happy Thanksgiving!

    I “Liked” sticks and stones on FB :)

  184. I liked them on facebook. :)

  185. I liked them on facebook. :)

  186. I love your new sponsor, I liked them on FB and I hope to win a frame for my Bella’s room.

  187. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Loved the pictures, and we put our tree up too!!!

    Loved the “Sticks and Stones” name art, but with 4 kids, and being on a budget don’t think I could afford them. :(

  188. Glad to see you had a great holiday…I LIKED Sticks and Stones on Facebook

  189. kelle,
    your family is so beautiful and precious.
    cherish these days they are so swift.
    i laughed at the exploding pancake on the wall!
    hope those sweet little babys are back healthy and feeling good in no time.
    God bless you and yours.

  190. How precious is it that Lainey is wearing PEARLS in that picture?? She is rocking it all the way. And Nella…well, she’s just perfection personified. Love her love her love her.

    I liked Sticks and Stones on FB and now I have the PERFECT gift idea for my mom and dad for Christmas! Thanks!!

  191. I liked them! Your thanksgiving looks great! Love the PJ breakfast tradition!

  192. I absolutely LOVE your blog. I read it everyday. Your inspiration to me. I love love love the new wall art. I ‘liked’ it on fb. Have a wonderful day!

  193. I “liked” sticks and stones on FB. VERY cool. Would love one above our piano.

    Thank you for the pictures you take and the beautiful words you write. My day is enriched because of you.

    I need to buy some pajamas. That looks too fun. πŸ˜‰

  194. I was just at a florist yesterday that had some Sticks and Stones. My younger sister who is getting married on a new years made a comment about how much she loved them. It would be a great wedding present! I liked them on FB!

  195. Love the sticks and stones site….love what it says, something for the person that has everything – so true! I do have facebook and ‘liked’ it and plan to share with others that don’t have facebook. As for your blog, the family picture in front of all of the stockings rocks!

  196. I am a long time liker of sticks and stones (on fb as well!) and your awesome blog too :)

  197. I just found your blog, and I wanted to thank you for sharing. I am a mother of three, and my youngest daughter (who is 6 months) was born with Down Syndrome. I am working my way through my emotions, and your blog is a true testimony that life does goes on and and can still be as wonderful as we envisioned it would be. Thank you again, words can move mountains. Also, I liked sticks and stones on FB.

  198. I liked sticks and stones on fb. Beautiful photos! :)

  199. I “like” sticks and stones…I have told your apple pie story a number of times now…I have to ask though, all of your baking with your pictures look like everything goes perfectly…I feel like when I try to bake with my kids I turn into a nasty mommy…are you always calm when you cook with them?

  200. Beautiful pics, as always!
    I liked Sticks and Stones on FB. What a beauitful idea!!!

  201. Hi Kelle! I have been reading your blog for a while and I am not one to leave a comment,but I have to say I am in love:) My 9 year old daughter and I read it together sometimes and She is in love with Nella and Lainey! Its funny because I saw that half full glass in a catalogue and instantly thought of you.I love that you have that.It makes me happy:) Thank you for sharing your family and your life with us.We are so grateful.You and your family are etched on my heart forever.

    Love Chantelle :)

  202. I liked Sticks and Stones on FB. Their stuff is awesome!

  203. I liked Sticks and Stones! Would love to have my girls names on their walls just like you have Nella and Lainey! Happy Thanksgiving!

  204. Love the new photo art. HAppy Thanksgiving to you and your family and I like Sticks and Stones on FB! :)

  205. I love the picture of your Christmas tree lights with the fireplace at the end! Perfect for getting ready for the holidays and enjoying family! Oh…and I “liked it” on FB! :)

  206. Looks like a wonderful holiday! I love the idea of pajama breakfasts with friends. We went to the parade this year in NYC, and had pajamas on the rest of the day :)

    I liked Sticks and Stones on Facebook; what a great sponsor!


  207. I liked Sticks and Stones, what an awesome giveaway :) Our tree is up, too!

  208. Thank you for the gift idea! Just crossed of the ‘rents and the inlaws from the “what the heck to get” list.

    Just “liked” Sticks & Stones on FB.

    ;o) Alison

  209. So much to be grateful this year. LOVE LOVE that wine glass, please do share!

    I “liked” stick and stones

  210. Nella’s waving :) my babies r coughing too!! The tree is going up today!! Love to u all! Liked it on my fb :)

  211. I liked Sticks and Stones on Facebook. What a beautiful Thanksgiving. Your fire looks so inviting! The girls look so precious as normal.

  212. LOVE the glass half full! What a fantastic recap of Thanksgiving!

    (Also, put me in for the drawing. I did the requirements. :) Love those of Lainey and Nella!)

  213. What a wonderful tradition for Thanksgiving! :) I love that you didn’t clean up the pancake splatterings on the wall – it’s festive!

    P.S. I “liked” Sticks and Stones on Facebook. I also really like them in general. :)

  214. I “like” Sticks and Stones on FB, love your pictures!

  215. Do you all just wake up and look that beautiful?! Seriously, you have the most beautiful and happy family!

  216. great post! love that picture of sweet nella waving by the fire…
    all your thanksgiving pics are beautiful..all of them are full of warmth and love..
    i ‘liked’ sticks and stones’ on facebook!

  217. LOVE the picture of Nella waving hello!!! She’s such a happy baby!!!

  218. I liked it!

  219. Liked Sticks and Stones on Facebook Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  220. So so excited the holidays are finally here! I’ve had my tree up and lit (sans ornaments..) for 2 weeks, lol!! We even got a dusting of snow this morning, squeeee!!

    Happy Holidays pal!

    ..liked sticks and stones :)

    Oh, and good luck with the blueberry splatter!!

  221. I “like”-d Sticks and Stones on Facebook! What a sweet idea for a gift. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  222. liked and happy holiday weekend :)

  223. Oh, please, the half-full glass, the top half, the best half no less, I NEED one of those.
    Please do tell from whence it came.

  224. Love the alphabet art (and “like” it on FB)! Where is the half-full glass from??? I NEED one! :)

  225. I do “like” and love those pictures!

  226. Oh my goodness reading your stories, along with the photos and music always puts a smile on my face! I love your “half full” glass. And super love the Sticks and Stones! What a great idea, I “liked” them. And so, I hope they “like” me back. Also I a Bradley Natural Childbirth educator in the making and put your blog on my resource list for students that have children with ds. You are a great inspiration for what a mother is and should be!

  227. seriously ur girls are the cutest! I love all their faces they make.
    -That glass–AMAZING!
    -I love that he read the pages…so something my husband would do!

    I liked them on fb

  228. Nella is so cute helping you in the kitchen! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Many blessings to you all

  229. We put our tree up too. Cheers to enjoying the holidays!:)

  230. great giveaway…I “like” it on facebook =)

  231. Well said Poppa! We all can find all the blessings we have – we just need to look for them. Your family I’m sure counts you at the top of their list.

  232. I love Sticks and Stones and I have now liked them on FB. Thank you for sharing your life. I love your glass it’s amazing!

  233. Looked like a beautiful thanksgiving! Apple pie looked like it turned out yummy! I have “Liked” the page.

  234. That half full glass is SO cool!

    And having a Thanksgiving breakfast in p.j’s with friends……well……I must do that too!!! So fun.

    P.S. What an awesome collage from Sticks and Stones. We are always looking for things like that in everyday life. Very cool to put those items together to spell names of those we love. THanks for the link!

  235. My boys have that cough right along with running noses. Must be something in the air. I love your glass. So cute and so clever. Where is it from? I also “liked” Sticks and Stones on FB. Those pics are awesome.

  236. Love the glass, it is perfect! Glad you had such a fabulous Thanksgiving. I liked them and love the idea of the letter photos!

  237. I like them on facebook, and I love your pictures!!!

  238. I love that Brett read the W page on Thanksgiving! Daddy’s are good at imparting that knowledge we otherwise would be too lazy to get :)
    My husband always seems to know little tidbits of things that leave my head swirling…. “how did you know that? Do you read the encyclopedia in your spare time?” :) And I love how it leaves our little kids thinking “daddy know everything!”

    Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry the girls are sick. My babe still has that yucky stuffed up nose and lingering cold :(
    Get well soon!

  239. I “liked” them on Facebook and I really do like them, so cool!

  240. I SO liked them on FB:) Love taking a break to look into your little slice of heaven…your girls are beautiful!

  241. I liked sticks and stones on FB. Have a great weekend!

  242. I liked sticks and stones on FB.

  243. I love the picture of the sweet little hand on (I’m assuming) her Daddy’s. :)

    And I liked Sticks and Stones.

  244. I love the glass! I would really like one of the keepsakes for my new family.

  245. I “like” Sticks and Stones…always looking for creative gift ideas…THANKS!

  246. So glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your littles are adorable! Sticks and Stones look pretty cool. I liked them on Facebook. :)

  247. To LIBTENNEY – I, too, lust after Kelle’s home. Our is very very teeny and always has something to fix, but we love our humble teeny home. KELLE – LOVE the “glass half full” ! Poppa Rik, as always, love your comment ~

  248. I sure do like Sticks and Stones and I let it be known on FB! :) Thanks for sharing.

  249. Liking sticks and stones myself, we too have one like that…its our last name, never thought to do the girls! Also, Happy THANKSgiving to you Kelle

  250. Kelle, I love your blog and have been following it since the birth of Nella. Found you through Heidi….I am a good friend of her mom-in-law Linnie. Love your thoughts….photos…energy and emotion.
    Sticks and Stones is awesome….been wanting to get one for my home.
    Have a wonderful holiday season!

  251. Kelle, I love your blog and have been following it since the birth of Nella. Found you through Heidi….I am a good friend of her mom-in-law Linnie. Love your thoughts….photos…energy and emotion.
    Sticks and Stones is awesome….been wanting to get one for my home.
    Have a wonderful holiday season!

  252. Kelle, I love your blog and have been following it since the birth of Nella. Found you through Heidi….I am a good friend of her mom-in-law Linnie. Love your thoughts….photos…energy and emotion.
    Sticks and Stones is awesome….been wanting to get one for my home.
    Have a wonderful holiday season!

  253. Liked ’em on facebook. :)

  254. I love the glass half full glass! That’s awesome & I totally want one! & the picture of miss Nella waving, PRICELESS! Happy 1st Thanksgiving from my little one to yours! Its wonderful to see each year how blessed your family is especially when there are new little faces!

    I “liked” sticks & stones!

  255. I love seeing Nella wave! I liked Sticks and Stones…because I like Sticks and Stones! Clever name and clever idea.

  256. I liked Sticks and Stones on FB and I like them enough to now go shopping! And I love your pictures!

  257. I liked Sticks and Stones on facebook.

    And I LOVE your blog. Thank you so much for sharing. You inpire me to try harder, do more, and simply be a better person. Thanks again!

  258. Little Bee is absolutely gorgeous! She’s growing up before our very eyes :)

    A pajama breakfast…NOW that’s that I call FAB!

    And your Dad was with you…sweet!

    Enjoy this season of beauty, peace and miracles :)

  259. kelle. where did u buy nellas headband with the grey fabric? i need to order one. thanks

  260. It’s a toss up really… which Nella shot I love more… that little wave or helping make apple pie. Have to go with the wave… little yellow bit of wonder! Looks like your celebration was a beautiful one. Love the morning pj breakfast tradition too.
    Happy weekend.
    p.s. Sticks & stones are “liked” on FB

  261. I love Sticks and Stones but have never ordered one…I would really love one. I liked them on FB.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family.

  262. I love Sticks and Stones but have never ordered one…I would really love one. I liked them on FB.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family.

  263. I liked Sticks & Stones on FB. I have been looking for a piece like that for so long!!

  264. i “liked” it! and am still loving everyone of your posts! we’re fighting colds here in illinois too…

  265. i “liked” it! and am still loving everyone of your posts! we’re fighting colds here in illinois too…

  266. Kelle, love your blog. Thanks for sahring your family, heart, and creativity with us. God Bless.

    PS. I “liked” Sticks and Stones on FB. I have been wanting one of those pieces of artwork for a LONG time. I hope I win!!!! ;0)

  267. Happy Thanksgiving to your family! I love stick and stones and I “liked” their FB page :)

  268. I think the picture of Nella waving from the fireplace is the best one yet! And where did you find the glass half-full?? I “Like”d Sticks and Stones on Facebook. Their work is beautiful. Happy holidays, Kelle & family!

  269. LOVE the sticks and stones!!! How cute!! Liked them on FB too :)

    Your glass is Wonderful!!!

    You have so much to be Thankful for Kelle Hampton!!

    Have a great weekend!

  270. Pick me :)…I ‘liked’ it on FB :)

  271. I liked ’em on facebook!

    and I looooove this blog!

    Happy Holidays!

  272. I “liked” Sticks and Stones on Facebook!

  273. I LOVE Sticks and Stones!!! I ‘liked’ them on FB too!!

    Please share where you got the awesome cup!!!!

    Happy Holidays to your perfect family!!!!

  274. liked Sticks and Stones on FB! I love your blog. I check it often and love that you give us such a raw and honest look into your sweet family and life!!! Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!!! Hug those beautiful girls extra tight!!

  275. I love your Thanksgiving pajama breakfast! Looks like a lot of fun…and comfy too! :)

    I love the Sticks and Stones too!
    I also “liked” them on Facebook! :)

  276. I “like” sticks and stones, but I LOVE those half full glasses!

  277. What a wonderful day! Love your wine glass – a great reminder that our glasses are ALWAYS half full! :)

    And what neat art Sticks and Stones has – I’ve been eyeing those for quite a while now. I “liked” them on Facebook also – fingers crossed! Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend, Kelle!

  278. Christmas lights looked awesome in the last picture! I love the name pictures or whatever you want to call them! I’ve wanted one for the longest time!

  279. I remember several entries back that you said “she’s waving… really she is.” Well Nella is definitely waving now. Still waiting to build our fire. ..)

  280. I liked em on FB!

    Judy W in MI

  281. The picture of Nella waving is just precious. I’m so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  282. I “liked” Sticks and Stones on FB. Happy Thanksgiving!

  283. I looove those art pieces! Definitely “liked” it on Facebook

  284. I liked Sticks and Stones on FB… love the idea. Lovely Thanksgiving!

  285. Happy thanksgiving!!

    I was planning on ordering something from Sticks and Stones for my husband for Christmas! So beautiful! :)

  286. Happy thanksgiving!! Love the glass! where did you find that? and Nella’s little wave is soo adorable!

    I “liked” S&S on Facebook:) Such a neat idea!

  287. I love the glass!! Looks like you had a blessed Thanksgiving. We did too, lots of smiles and memories made :) I liked sticks and stones on facebook!

  288. I just posted a “like” for Sticks and Stones. So cute, especially for the kid’s room. I’m so thankful this past Thanksgiving for my sweet little family. My Vivian who has Ds has been signing up a storm lately and saying the words right along with it. Get ready for the waterworks when that happens with Nella! She’s 2 1/2 and her brother was born pretty close to Nella on 1/16. Can’t believe they are going to be 1!!! I need to start thinking of a place to have Tommy’s party since our apartment is too small here in San Francisco. Have happy, wonderful holidays! Whenever I get a break from the kids I like to snuggle up and read more of your yummy blog!

  289. Ladies, they have the half full glass on amazon here in the uk so probably do there too πŸ˜€

  290. What a beautiful family! I love your breakfast tradition.. I’m going to start that with my family :)

    I liked S&S on FB.. how cute!!

  291. I would love to have the sticks and stones for my boys! I liked them on FB!

  292. Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like it was a wonderful day.
    Liked Sticks and Stones :)

  293. Your girls are so sweet and that Nella is just yummy! Thanks for sharing more pictures and Sticks and Stones — I’m a super FB fan now!

  294. Uhhh, excuse me, but the hand with Lainey’s as we rolled out pie dough was mine…hee hee. And we personified the dough and even made it squeal when we pressed the cookie cutters into it and cut out our shapes to sprinkle with cinnamon sugar before baking them. Yes, it was sort of pie dough sado-masacism…but Lainey seemed to enjoy it. Funny, this little girl who has such compassion for every living creature does not seem to mind our cut ups with dough–or maybe it was just my very entertaining and convincing voice-thrown shrieks!

  295. Hope you had a happy thanksgiving! I like Sticks&Stones on facebook. They are actually from my area.

  296. Lovin’ that Nella greeting in front of the fire, too sweet in those bee jammies. I’ve been dying to order one of those name art photos with our last name…it’s actually on my Christmas list, I’m asking the hubby for it. So I liked ’em on facebook and maybe hubby will get lucky and not have to buy me a present after all?? :)

  297. Liking has been done.

    Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and I adore that glass!

  298. gobble! gobble! loved this post and those mittens on the mantle! cute! “liked” sticks and stones on FB! happy holidays!

  299. I like Sticks and Stones! Such a creative idea : ) Id love to have one in my home.

  300. Wonderful pictures as always. And I really love that Half Full glass!

  301. I “liked” Sticks and Stones on FB. I told my husband I have something I want to add to my Xmas list:-) Hope the girls feel better soon, that cough is going around our house too.

  302. Those are so cool! I liked them on Facebook!!!

  303. I love that glass too- please let us know where you got them! I also “liked” sticks and stones! My husband wants one for our new mantel!

  304. LURVE this!

  305. Hi Kelle,
    That is such a beautiful picture of the gorgeous Nella waving!
    I think it’s lovely the way Brett did his research to tell the kids about Thanksgiving. What a great Dad!
    Nice to see Poppa Rik enjoying time with Lainey and Nella.

  306. I liked Sticks and Stones on FB!

    ha ha ha… I almost typed “licked” by accident.

  307. wow, in that second picture Nella looks JUST like Lainey!

  308. I was just looking at a website that makes those letter photos today! So cool!

  309. I was just looking at a website that makes those letter photos today! So cool!

  310. I liked them on facebook.
    Great idea, I would like to see my ordinary name jazzed up with ordinary things :)

  311. I liked sticks and stones on facebook…such fun pictures!

  312. I “loved” Sticks and stones on facebook… those are beautiful!

  313. I really relate, to ” tired, full, and happy” oh ya, and a heavy cough too..Poor girls! I’m feeling for them in spirit. I liked Sticks and Stones on facebook. Have a rested weekend!

  314. Again, great photos!!!! I just can’t stop thinking about that little hand (Lainey) on top of Brent (maybe?) hand! That is so sweet and so soft and so special. That photo really spoke to me!

  315. I “liked” Sticks and Stones on FB. What a beautiful Christmas present that would make for my husband. I love it!

    Hope your littles feel better.

  316. I left you a comment earlier and I must have done something wrong because now it’s gone.
    Anyway, LOVE your photos and your heart.
    I especially love the one of Nella in the little hat and the white dress in front of the quilt. So beautiful.
    I like Stick & Stones on facebook, too – such an exceptional idea.
    I am thank-full too – for my family, all of our blessings.
    Happy day!

  317. Those keepsakes are awesome! I “like” them on facebook.

  318. I too ‘liked’ sticks and stones. How creative. Why can’t I think of something so creative. It really is beautiful!

  319. I “liked” Sticks and Stones on FB.

    But I loved Nella in front of the fire and Lainey with her pearls and long stemmed glass!

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  321. This comment has been removed by the author.

  322. love you, love your little blog and love sticks and stones :-)

  323. This comment has been removed by the author.

  324. like you, like your little blog and I like sticks and stones on FB!!

  325. Looks like another wonderful holiday. Sorry to hear that the girls are sick. I liked Sticks and Stones on FB. Their creations are beautiful!

  326. Thank You, Kelle. x

  327. I love that you put your tree up! I just finished putting mine up with my boys. I “liked” Sticks and Stones! I love thier art!

  328. I liked Sticks and Stones on FB. Andrea

  329. I’m happy you had a wonderful holidays…your pictures are so full of LOVE…moments…feeling. I just want to come over! I can bring wine! haha

    X’s & O’s from rainy Oregon!

  330. Happy Thanksgiving, Kelle!

    I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments of your 11/24 post about the true, spontaneous moments of gratitude and I think that’s what I love most about your blog. It’s there in every post – the savoring of that which makes life most flavorful. Thank you for sharing that with the world and, in so doing, prompting us to be a little more thankful for all that we have each and every day!

    Two things:

    1) I like (love!) Sticks-n-Stones – having been wanting one of those name keepsakes for my daughter… which brings me to…

    2) Our baby girls are just a few weeks apart in age (my Natalia arrived 2/8/10) and soooo many pics of your Nella make me think of my Nattie. I often tell Nattie about Nella and Lainey’s exploits after reading your blog, and I practically feel like you are some extended portion of our family. Hope that comes off in a sweet way, not a stalker way. πŸ˜‰

    Cheers! (And best wishes for kids without coughs ASAP)

    Jenine (and Nattie)

  331. i love the pajama thanksgiving breakfast idea!! we unknowingly had one this thanksgiving with my family!! i cooked a big, hearty breakfast!!

    fan of sticks & stones on fb!

  332. I liked Sticks and Stones – What amazing pieces of art – I love it! So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  333. love the glass as well! you’re gonna have to tell us where you got it! πŸ˜‰
    & I “liked” Sticks and Stones on Facebook! :):) wish me luck! I want to win!!

  334. Love it!

  335. I “liked” the facebook page. I LOVE the idea of a Thanksgiving morning pajama breakfast. What a great way to start out the day.

  336. I’m in LOVE with the name art. Liked them on facebook:)

  337. I liked sticks and stones!! What a beautiful idea!

  338. Perfect holiday…Perfect family.

    I liked Sticks and Stones on FB for my Perfect grandson.

    Carol from SW MI

  339. Kelle I need to know where that glass came from!!!!

    I love your thanksgiving! I’m going to throw a Christmas pj breakfast for sure!

  340. I am so jealous that Lainey looks so lovey to Nella. My Nathan is amazing – except when it comes to his sister – he is a wretched, jealous child to her (and she is such a sweet thing she loves him even more!). And, also, I liked Sticks and Stones on FB. Very cool. I want one and if I don’t win, I may have to try it on my own…..

  341. Glad to hear that your Thanksgiving was a success! Here comes Christmas…!

    I ran over to Sticks and Stones’ Facebook page and liked it, because if there are two things I love it’s good photography and the last name I share with my handsome husband! I wish I could snag one of these for everyone I know.

  342. That glass is awesome! I definitely need one of those.

    I “liked” Sticks and Stones on facebook.

  343. Where did you get the “Half Full” glass?! It’s marvelous. I “liked” sticks and stones on FB. Love the art they create.

  344. Hope your girls are feeling better soon :) I just love the pj breakfast party! How fun, especially w/ Mimosa!
    What a fab idea of the letter photography! I ‘liked’ them on fb and love the chance to win! Here’s to a glass half full!

  345. I love the Sticks and Stones art! I have this with our last name, but never thought of doing it with my girls’ first names. What a great idea. And we are doing the same thing – chilling with our tree up and a fire blazing. Love it.

    Oh, and I “liked” Sticks and Stones on FB.

  346. I just have to say I love the photo of Nella waving! Hi sweet Nella! :) It sounds like you all had a wondeful Thanksgiving!!! I just love this time of year too!!! I also love the Sticks and Stones artwork. What a neat idea! I hit the “like” button on FB! Thanks for having all of these awesome giveaways too! :)

  347. LIKE Sticks and Stones!

    And, I love your half full glass. Where did you get that?

  348. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Florida!

    I “liked” Sticks and Stones on FB. Very cool! I would love my own!

    Can’t wait to see the Christmas decor!

  349. Love it… My favorite picture is def the tree.. We are putting ours up on sunday then we are having a csection on Wed oh my gosh I am having a baby in 4 days…

  350. Love the glass, where’s it from? The pictures are beautiful and it looks like your celebration was wonderful.

  351. I like sticks and stones on fb!!!

  352. love, love, love your glass. That is the motto of my life. seriously.

    Also, love the sticks and stones art. I have seen them before and have tried to emulate that in my own photography, but have always come up short missing something. Their work is fabulous!

    I also love the tradition of the pajama breakfast. great idea!

    also, just want to let you know, when I feel slightly embarrased to be taking so many pictures at family functions and other events, even not significant ones (in others’ eyes), I think of your blog and how beautifully you are able to showcase parts of your life so much better through photography. when I think of that, I just keep snapping away.

  353. Beautiful pictures!

    I am so thankful to have found you and your wonderful blog. Happy Thanksgiving:)

    PS. Friended Sticks and Stones…I love those pictures!!!!!

  354. Love your “half full” glass! Like Sticks and Stones on FB! Love the pictures of beautiful Nella!

  355. LOVE your blog…and LIKE Sticks on Stones on Facebook. Thanks for capturing life in words the way I wish I could.

  356. Our tree is up now also! And I “liked” your new artwork!

  357. Liked S&S on Facebook, they are beautiful! And that glss is amazing, I need to know where you got it!

  358. Sticks and Stones has been “liked” by Lori Beth McPherson!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Hampton Family! Thank you for shining your light on the McPherson Family all year long!

  359. i like them on facebook (wren nelson)
    we also decorated for christmas! i can’t wait!

  360. “liked” the page on facebook. What a creative idea!
    Thanks for sharing your story…your words are captiving and your photos are inspiring.

  361. Awe Nella and Colbie have the same jammies! Love them. Glad you had a wonderful Holiday with your family. As always, thank you for sharing your life with us. Lainey and Nella are gorgeous as is your entire family.

  362. where did you get your glass? it rocks
    i love nella’s hat against the quilt, especially with her beautiful eyes (because they are so gorgeous and so full of some kind of wisdom-joy that it always makes me smile to see them).

  363. a) Liked….those letters are absolutely awesome.

    b) Where did you get your glass?!?!

  364. Love that glass! And I “liked” sticks and stones!!!

  365. …..And you DID do colorful lights! THe smiles on your faces say it all.

  366. This comment has been removed by the author.

  367. Happy Thanksgiving friend. I just love that when I come to your blog I am never disappointed..I am either smiling or grabbing tissues. Nella waiving..Lainey feeding her..Poppa and Lainey’s hand..blueberry stains on the wall..all add up to one big smile!

    You know in the world of blogging I have seen some sites that are full of sarcasm, hate, envy and just straight out cruel..just read one tonight..I am ever so grateful that they are so few and that I am seeing a growth spurt in the “Life is good” blogs and I think your blog has so much to do with it. So I for one am thankful that you are paving the way and making it cool to be happy in a world that sometimes looks down on those of us who do not want to drink from the glass of “half empty.” ♥

    ps…I liked the link on fb.

  368. That glass is wonderful! I liked sticks and stones too!

  369. Nella is absolutely ADORABLE! Especially in that pic of her waving…what a sweetheart! And what a great giveaway! I really, really hope I win! =D

  370. I clicked on LIKE over at Sticks and Stones! Woot!

  371. Love your pics! Great as always!
    I “liked” Sticks and Stones. Great work they do. I would love to have one of those for each one of my kids :-) May need a small loan. Haha!

  372. I liked Sticks and Stones on facebook. Their art is SO cool!


  373. My girlfriend has a “sticks and stones” piece of art in her home and i’ve always admired it! I liked it on Facebook and would love to win – money is short these days what with being out of work to buy art, but I love a beautiful home! Thanks for your blog – I look forward to your posts each day. Such a delight to read. :-)
    Happy Holidays!

  374. Your headbands are so adorable. Have you mentioned where you get them? I want one:) Lovin’ the pic of Nella waving. Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. My neice wants one of those Sticks and Stones pictures really bad. She’s going to go gaga when she sees this.

  375. It looks like you guys have a great Thanksgiving! I love Sticks and Stones, their work is beautiful!

  376. I liked Sticks and Stones!

    I love the picture of Nella in the multi-colored knit hat!!! Hope the girls feel better quick!

  377. Love the glass-half-full glass…so perfect. I “liked” sticks and stones on fb!

  378. I am so excited about the “Sticks and Stones” art!! I just bought a piece last night that said “Dream” and I’m completely in love with it! I’ve never heard of it before or saw anything like it, but I am hooked!!

  379. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving day. My kids are jealous that you already have your tree up!
    I liked Sticks & Stones on FB. In case I don’t win I’m going to start looking for letters to photograph – such a fun idea!

  380. I liked Sticks and Stones on Facebook.

    Thank you.

  381. i got my little boy the same sweater outfit that nella is wearing- i can’t wait to put it on him and snuggle him! she looks so snuggly in hers too!

  382. I liked Sticks and Stones! :)

  383. A Thanksgiving breakfast! I LOVE that : ) You have the best ideas! And that glass? Best. Thing. Ever : )

  384. That half full glass is awesome! Please post where you got it from. I liked Sticks and Stones on fb. They make beautiful stuff :)

  385. I have to say your girls and the boys are so very lucky to have poppa. I look forward to seeing his presence in your pictures. My favorite….he is ever so carefully painting Lainey’s toes. Makes me a bit envious & sad for my boys. Our parents teach us about parenting, though we tend to forget lessons in grandparenting also come from them. Its worrisome, my boys have 4 living granparents and they dont even know it. I am overcome how that one picture has inspired and given me such a lesson…..though a few years off. The picture captured such grace and patience, your teaching those of us poppa that are otherwise grandparent-less. Don’t even get me started about 3 generations riding the NYC subway together.

  386. Like? Oh, no! This is LOVE! How beautiful!

  387. You are definitely blessed abundantly by our good Lord. Your girls are precious and perfect.

  388. Not only did I just order some sweet capes for my 4 little ones, I also LIKED Sticks and Stones and cant wait to add their art to my fron entryway!

  389. PERFECT!! Such a family filled holiday. :) Oh and I ‘liked’ on Facebook!

  390. I “liked” on Facebook. I LOVE the Sticks and Stones artwork. So beautiful!!

  391. I love the name art signs for Lainey and Nella. I liked Sticks and Stones on Facebook and would love to add such an original piece of art to my daughter’s room!

  392. Hope your girls are feeling better real soon! Look forward to see photos of your Christmas tree :)

  393. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    Love this holiday, love your post, love that is the beginning of the HOLIDAYS!!!!! Christmas!!!!

    Love Sticks and stones. Sienna’s name will look so cool on our hallway.

  394. I really really “liked” it on facebook!

  395. Oh I bet Lainey just had a ball playing with an older boy! My little ones just got to play with their older cousins for a few days and they were and are still blissed out!

    I liked S&S on facebook too. πŸ˜‰

  396. More than like….LOVE!!

  397. It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy your family while they are there :)

  398. I love your pj idea! What a great way to kick off an amazing season. Where did those glasses come from? Need some of those from Santa.

    (I liked Sticks and Stones on FB)

  399. I love that vino glass!! wherever did you get it?
    The letters from Sticks and Stones are way too cool, I’m off to like them on facebook and if I don’t win I’m going to have to order some :)

  400. We just updated our little livingroom downstairs, this would be a perfect finishing touch! I “liked” them on FB!

  401. I liked sticks and stones…those pics are SO cool!
    LOVE your half full cup.
    We got our tree up too, love it!!

  402. Yes, Nella waves…and seems to know even when the wave is the appropriate salutation. The other night, I took her on a walk and put her to sleep on the way around the block. Returning, I gently placed her in her bed and patted her just a bit to assure she was still deep in Slumberland. Well, it wasn’t but five minutes that we heard her and when Kelle brought her back into the awakened world in the living room, she, without even the trace of a smile, just waved and waved, as if to say “…’member me? I’m back!”

  403. Love the name frames! Liked them on FB.

  404. rik,
    ” member me , im back”!
    that was too sweet for words.
    stop makin me cry.
    justin kiddin, go on and make me cry.
    there is nuthin more precouis then the memories were makin with our grandbabies.
    drip drip
    my tears
    but my face is smilin!

  405. liked the sticks and stones facebook page, love the glass definitely a positive outlook!

  406. We had a very sad Thanksgiving in our family this year. We went on a family vacation to Marco Island (near you Kelle!!). Included on the trip were my Husband and our two daughters, my husband’s parents, his Grandparents (both 80 and both in Fabulous shape) and his aunt. However, on Tuesday morning his beautiful, sweet, and loving Grandmother had a massive stoke and passed away. It was definitely not the way we all imagined our vacation in paradise would turn out. We do, however, find comfort in the fact that she LOVED Marco Island and the Monday before she passed was spent surrounded by those who loved her most in a beautiful home in a beautiful place.

    Thank you for your beautiful post and the reminder of the “glass half full” mentality. Even though it’s easy for us to be sad, we have to try to remember all of the happy times with Grandma and celebrate her wonderful and long life. She would want it that way:-)


  407. That is an awesome glass!!!! And that pie looked so yummy!

  408. Beautiful! Loved the Wikipedia! haha! πŸ˜€

  409. I love the pj breakfast with friends–we’ve got to do that! My kids would love it. Thanks for sharing your sweet photos and your lovely day!

  410. Love these pictures!

  411. OOps, I didnt see the like them on facebook – just did it!

  412. Sounds like a lot to be thankful for this year! I liked Sticks and Stones on FB. That would make an awesome addition to the display of photos at my upcoming wedding and would be something great to hang in our living room with my new last name!

  413. Love the first pic of Nella waving @ the camera. She is getting so big. And you with her on the counter, you are so patient with them. And the one with her hand on Brett’s hand is breathtaking.
    Thanks as always for sharing your family with us.

  414. I love your blog and your perspective on life-very refreshing! I “liked” Sticks and Stones on FB :)

  415. That wall art is amazing. I liked it on Facebook, and I’d LOVE to get one for my nephew-to-be’s nursery. And as always, thanks for the grace and inspiration; it’s always a peaceful joy to catch up here.

  416. Lovely pictures!

    You’ve captured the sentiment of Thanksgiving perfectly….



  417. To JOYKERNS: I am so sorry for your loss. Yes, surely not the way you envisioned your vacation. take care~ I “liked” sticks and stones on facebook

  418. I “liked” Sticks and Stones on Facebook! I absolutely LOVE that idea. I need to get some for my kids.

  419. Joy…if heaven had a waiting room from which you might catch a glimpse of the beauty waiting behind the doors, Marco Island just might suffice. I am so sorry to hear your family reunion included a farewell–but what precious last sounds to still echo in her ears, the laughter and love of her family. You are in my heart…deep.

  420. love the “half full” glass…i agree with u…it sure does say it all :)

  421. i liked sticks and stones. i have been wanting one of those forever. also– love your glass, where is it from!?!?

  422. I ‘liked’ Sticks and Stones on FB…. what a perfect sponsor for your blog! Their creative original photography artwork suits you perfectly :)

  423. I liked Sticks and Stones on Facebook. Very cute!

  424. Love little Nella waving! Such sweet pictures Kelle!

    I liked them on FB!

  425. I don’t know about you, but I am facing these holidays with a totally different ‘air’ than I have in the past. I too gave birth to a ‘surprise’ in January (1/6/10). My surprise was different; Patrick was born incredibly ill but after 120 days in the NICU, has overcome the most incredible obstacles and is on his way, thriving and smiling and laughing and keeping the rest of us with our priorities in better order.

    Would you take a minute and peek at my blog?: (You can Meet Patrick on 7/14/10 post).

    I read your blog weekly and am inspired by your wit, your creativity and your outlook on life! I feel connected to you by our January babies!

    Thank you for sharing….

  426. I liked Sticks and Stones on Facebook. What lovely and fun art!

  427. Love that glass. Love the beautiful keepsake. (and I now “like” Sticks & Stones, of course)

    You make me want to decorate…

  428. Kelle, there I was scrolling down your post when I stopped and let out an involuntary cry….. the photo of ?a grandfather holding Nella’s face – something in that photo touched me deeply, love that you didn’t put words to that photo because you are right it didn’t need a THING said about it – and yet it sayes a thousand words – of love, protection, gentleness, caring, perfect and tender….. thankyou


    I liked them on fb!

  430. Linda and Rik,
    Thank you deeply for your thoughts. They mean so much. And Rik…thank you for what you wrote. Just like Kelle, your way with words is very comforting and uplifting which is the reason I am a faithful follower of this blog.


  431. Ahh its such a wonderful blessing to live near family members. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  432. that artwork is off…the…hook!!! i am so ordering some of these for Christmas! and where are the half-full glasses from???

    thank you!

  433. Such clever artwork! I liked Sticks and Stones on facebook!

  434. I love your glass! I also love sticks and stones. I am going to be adding this to my 10 month olds Christmas list…. she knows she wants it! :)

    I liked Sticks and Stones on FB!

  435. I liked Sticks and Stones on Facebook. It’s a great idea and came at a perfect time because I’m currently looking for a original, personal Christmas present ideas, especially for my grandmother who lost her mother to congestive heart failure this month. The holidays are going to be extra hard this year so I am hoping to put a smile on her face with a memorable keepsake.

  436. i love reading your blog and enjoy your music. i just heard a song that you may like. its called The Pen Story. check it out

  437. i heart sticks and stones and LIKE them on FB :)

  438. me ‘liked’ sticks and stones! your post drove away my monday blues πŸ˜€ I totally lol-ed at the photo of nella doing a little wave, and did a wave back at the computer screen -_- that picture is making its way onto my desktop for the week! Hi nella, much love! <3

  439. I am LOVING the Sticks and Stones Art, as well as liking them on facebook!

  440. I actually have already “liked” sticks and stones! :) I just like it even more now :) I look forward to reading your blog each day almost more than I look forward to watching Glee each Tuesday :)

  441. I liked sticks and stones on FB, beautiful artwork!

  442. Beautiful Thanksgiving…thank you so much for sharing. And I “liked” Sticks and Stones…absolutely awesome! I would love one for my daughter!

  443. Love your blog! I “liked” sticks and stones on fb.

  444. Love you, love your kids, love your photography. I loved all of your pictures, but the one of Nella in that cute white shirt made me pause. It’s so sharp, and she’s so darn cute! Anyway, A+. We’re totally friends.
    Oh, and I like the Sticks and Stones name thingies! I normally hate those things because I think they look cheesy, but those are really awesome. I’m going to check them out right now! And I liked them on Facebook. Because I’m a sucker for a contest.

  445. Your Thanksgiving looks like it was wonderful.
    We got snow here in Quebec this weekend, and I am now feeling in the Christmas spirit…an alphabet photo would be a great gift for my husband!!!

    Laurie in Terrebonne, QC, Canada

  446. Oh…I forgot to mention that I liked Sticks and Stones on Facebook :)

  447. Happy Thanksgiving, Kelle! LOVE the pajama breakfast with great friends. I might have to start that tradition here!


  448. I love those pictures – and now I “like” Sticks and Stones, too! I may have just figured out what to get everyone for Christmas!

  449. I love the name art. I have been eying one for a while and want to get them for gifts!!! I “liked” them on FB! Thank you for the link to order!!!

  450. Ive been eyeing that glass for a month now.

    I think everytime I would use it I would smile :)

  451. Looks like a great thanksgiving :) love the pj breakfast!

  452. I love the pic of Nella waving and smiling in front of the fireplace. Such a sweet angel face. PS. I “like”d the Sticks and Stones on FB and purchased two Christmas presents for my family… thanks for the recommendation :)

  453. Beautiful Thanksgiving pictures! I “liked” Sticks and Stones on FB. Love!

    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

  454. I love the glass for the wine! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  455. I ‘liked’ Sticks and Stones on facebook. And I LOVE their artwork! The coughs hit our house as well, and Saturday we rested from the parade in NYC, Black Friday Shopping, and lots of turkey – and no one dared change out of PJs all day! Best ever!

  456. I “liked” sticks and stones on FB, i like your blog too!!

  457. Looks like a wonderful, blessed holiday you had!
    I “liked” on Facebook.

  458. Beautiful post! Loved the Glass Half Full! I need to find one of those. I went and liked Sticks and Stones. Love their work!

  459. Beautiful post! Loved the Glass Half Full! I need to find one of those. I went and liked Sticks and Stones. Love their work!

  460. Me likey sticks and stones on Facebook. And me really like to be the winner.

  461. Your thanksgiving looked beautiful and well informed! (Thanks to Wikipedia) Thank you for sharing! The sticks and stones pictures of Nella and Lainey’s names are perfect. (I also liked them on facebook)

  462. The pie looks like perfection!

  463. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Sound like a perfectly wonderful day.

  464. Love the half full glass. I also “liked” sticks and stones on fb. Love the idea of making words out of shapes!

  465. I LOVE the glass half full! That’s the best :)

  466. dear Thankful,

    3 things stand out as my favorites in this post: Lainey’s dimpled smile, Nella’s sweet hat and your yummy looking PIE.

    Always looking for things to be thankful for

  467. Loooove your sweet kids, beautiful photos and finally, the “half full” glass, too – googled it and found it for $11.99 at
    Also has it for $14

  468. This comment has been removed by the author.

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