(un)Extreme Makeover Home Edition

If you give a mouse a cookie, he might ask for a glass of milk.

Likewise, If you give a girl a paintbrush, she might redo her bathroom. Then she might be inspired. Like she might feel so fantastic with accomplishing something–with turning a space into something that breathes happiness–that she wants to keep going.

With that said, the weekend was very productive. I spent it in our bathroom, patching walls, painting cabinets (yes, you can paint cabinets!), climbing ladders, and the result is that I am very, very happy.

The bathroom is our retreat. We begin our mornings there, laying out blankets with toys to entertain the babies while we shower and dry hair, and we end our nights there–the girls and I soaking in clouds of buttermilk bubbles before bed. But, it’s been the same old blue and bare for far too long.

While I had dreams of new cabinets and tiles, it’s an expense we can’t afford right now. But, I got creative after seeing a frame I loved, and the rest is history.

Basically, I took what I didn’t like about our bathroom (cheap counters and cabinets, marquee strip lighting, gold fixtures and flat boring stretch of mirror) and made it the focal point until we can afford to gut it. This was all done with paint, 2 inexpensive Ikea frames spraypainted turquoise and glued to existing mirror, and rearranging furniture and nicknacks from other areas of the house…robbing Peter to pay Paul. A few new textiles (towels, curtain, rugs)

Inspiration: Moulin Rouge





…and lots of details.

I hate these lights…but turquoise makes everything better.











Did I say how much I love these frames? I love these frames.


How-to and where-I-got-it-all to come.

And for the few moments I emerged from the paint fumes of the bathroom this weekend, I was met with…

~Chilly temps and fireside coffee.


~Pooped little baby who ditched her toys for a nap on the floor.


~My girl rockin’ the outfit she put together herself. There is absolutely no way I am allowed to dress her anymore. It’s all her…right down to the accessories.

Headband, Gussy.
And thanks, Bob and Pat for my new sweater!

~Bed Gymnastics with Sophie.


~Hats for Cold Temps = Yum.




~Hopscotch with Brandyn.


~Outside fun.


~More making-home-happy.

This one was fun and easy and just perfect timing being that it’s November and I’m missing my Michigan trees right about now. So, I brought them to my hallway with the help of our new sponsor, Designed Designer Decals.


From chic baby room decor to contemporary living room art, this site has it all, and I’m smitten. Lainey had so much fun helping me place it all and choosing where the birds would fly on our wall.


And the general response from everyone who walks in the door now is “Dude, that is the coolest.” Check it.
And a nice little bonus for readers…free owl decal with purchase using code DDFREE088.


Nice, eh?

I cannot believe it’s a week into November already. That means holidays, Baby. (don’t forget the ornaments!) Christmas cards, family dinners, more fires, and our family bigger and better than it was last year.

If you give a mouse a cookie, he might ask for a glass of milk. If you give a girl a month-and-a-half deadline until Christmas and some creative fuel? Well, she might just lose her damn mind.

Now, if you don’t mind, I have a fantastic bathroom, two little babies and a new bottle of bubble bath calling my name. It’s a good night.



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  1. WOW – you TRANSFORMED that bathroom. I love it!!!!

    Can you post a video tutorial for your cute hairdo?

  2. I LOVE your bathroom!!!! You are SO creative and I love it!! 😀

  3. Your bathroom is seriously amazing. You did a fantastic job! It’s amazing how much paint can transform. Wow.

  4. When I saw the Before pic I thought “Well that’s not so bad.” But WOW! The new bathroom rocks!! Love it.

  5. I could use a small little ounce of the creativity that you have. I had grand plans to paint the whole house(!) and bought all the paint (!!) and only one bedroom has been done :( Still waiting on this house to feel like a home…hopefully soon it will.

  6. I love your style. I’m going to check out those Wall decals for our church nursery, how fun!
    Love the photos of Nella in the pink and brown striped hat. Heart.melting.

  7. holy bathroom. Kelle that is beautiful, but more than beautiful it is creative and fun and so very inspiring! My room has been the same teenager-ish room since I was 13. Band posters, band posters, and more band posters.

    Music is still a big part of my life, and its something I want to actually DO with my life, but my room hasn’t changed, but I have.

    I think i might just have to pull a kelle hampton and redo it on a tight budget.

    Those decals? They’re a must in my possible redoing of my room. Thank you for showing us that!

    Enjoy your pazazzy bathroom!

  8. I love the bathroom redo! Especially now that blue is gone! I despise the color blue! But, that is from being tortured as a child with a blue room when I wanted pink!

    I am going to texture my masterbath’s walls and go with blood red with gold accents. My bedroom is gold with red accents.

    Happy November!


  9. Cool bathroom. I love all the accessories. Those knobs are rockin.

    Love the new trees on the wall. Looks like Lainey loves them as well.

    I love how she is dressing herself, she has a great style sense!

  10. very cool redo, however i have to say its the best thing ever when they start to dress themselves!

  11. holy shit!!!!! wow!!!! love that bathroom!

  12. LOVE the bathroom – it looks amazing! And love, love, love the photo of sleeping Nella. Too precious!

  13. Wow! I’m loving those mirrors!!! Anything turquoise can transform an entire room! Love your blog

  14. That is the COOLEST BATHROOM makeover I have ever seen!!!
    I LOVE it!!!! Awesome job Kelle!

    Loving the pictures of Nella in the different hats. She’s cute no matter what she’s wearing!

  15. SOOOO magical.

    I love it.

    It has a bit of a middle eastern flair to it, too. my traveling heart loves it. :)

  16. WOW! You are the pro-star of inexpensive renovations!
    In a few of the shots, I love how it looks like the purple paint is getting lighter as it moves up the wall. At first, I thought you had purposefully done this, but then my smarts kicked in and I realized it was a shadow effect :-)

  17. I love how you have the most creative things in your home.

    all the colors, patterns, wall decals, furniture patterns etc, you’d never imagine them going together…but in your home, everything flows amazingly. I love your creativity and I envy it!

    you have an amazing family and you really cherish the smallest moments with them. you inspire me so much I cant even tell you!


  18. I love the wall decal! It is exactly what I am looking for to adorn the walls of our new baby’s nursery!!! Nella’s hats are so delightful…I have such a hat fetish for my little girl. In fact next year I think I am going to get us matching newsboy hats; inspired by Lainey’s newsboy hat. I would get them this year, but I’ve reached my hat limit for my Little Lilah already 😉

  19. LOVE The pics of your girls in their hats! Kuddos on your creativity. You are so talented :o)
    And I agree – the frames rock!

  20. fantastic! absolutely fantastic! i love the colours. the life. the fun vibe the bathroom is giving. way to go!

  21. HOLY MOSES! Moulin Rouge indeed! I have a blue beachy bathroom too, but you are bold, sistah! I love…love…love it! It’s like Moulin Rouge meets Morocco. Brett is such a good husband to let you do that, ha ha!

    P.S. Is the brown & green hat Lainey is wearing in the last post with the brown button from Nici?

  22. The bathroom looks AMAZING!!!

    I like the wall decal of the trees that is so cool

  23. amazeeeeee-ing!!!!!

    you inspire me. i have had my cans of paint for over a month for my bathroom- now is the time to seize the day and DO it!!!!

    you inspire me and i SO love reading your blog!!!


    p.s. my oldest won’t let me dress her anymore either- and my 16 month old is well on her way. what’s up with that?! :-)

  24. I love that you have one dog in a “before” picture and another in an “after” picture. Looks like the pup went under an extreme makeover, too. 😉

    Great job on the bathroom. You’re productive! It used to take me a week to paint a room—and that was before my two little sprouts came along.

    The dress that Lainey is wearing while playing hopscotch is so stinking sweet. Love it.


    bug and the sweet banana

    Sign Posts

  25. Absolutely LOVE the frames on the mirror! It looks amazing!! I can’t wait to have my own place to decorate!! Living with my parents in the middle of my transition is really cramping my style!!

    Love Lainey’s independence and Nella passed out from playing too hard!! All of the pictures of Nella in her hats are priceless!!!

    “If you give a girl a month-and-a-half deadline until Christmas and some creative fuel? Well, she might just her damn mind.” ~Not to be that person who’s reading your blog with a red pen – but I do believe a word is missing here!!


  26. Beautiful!!! I really love those mirrors, especially painted that color! So creative … enjoy that beautiful space!!

  27. love it. You inspired me. Our little Emma Grace is getting her own room after 4 years. (i know the big brother just moved out with our older son) so I am inspired to get in there and do it.!!!! Lovely what a great job and as always love reading your blog. My dream is we will become best friends someday ahahahahahha! Just joking but I sure love sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading the blog

  28. AH-MAY-ZING!!!!!

  29. dude. your creativity is ahh-mazing. and your husband must really love you. there is no way mine would go for that.
    i should just do something like that randomly one day though. just because i wanna :) haaa…..

    your an inspiration dear.

  30. Are you kidding me? I’m totally impressed!!

  31. Yeah, so I’m thinking I might steal the trees on the wall idea. Hope you don’t mind!

    AWESOME transformations! Love it!

  32. I love the antiquey-looking dresser in the loo!! And I also love your quasi-Asian bun-thingy in the mascara picture. One more thing… I love that you embrace Lainey dressing herself. Mr. Calvin has adamantly done the same since he was two and a half and homeboy looks like he escaped the funny farm lots of times, but it’s all him and what could possibly be better than that? Nothing.

  33. me loves this lots and lots. kelle you are amazing! when you said you were doing it, i knew you would… in a weekend’s time.


    my faves…
    the perfume board, the hanging messages (…wild and precious life…!)
    and all that color!!!!

    i’ll be over tomorrow to visit you and your new bathroom!

  34. WOW!

  35. Nice!

  36. Okay, color me more impressed than I have been in a long time. What a GETAWAY you made of that bathroom! Mentally filing your creativity for when I may need it someday….

  37. so alive and so fun! great job. what a perfect place to start and end your day!

  38. I can’t believe you did that all in a weekend with kids in the house! I can’t even get the bathroom cleaned let alone paint it top to be bottom in a weekend! Very cool; love the attention to all the little extra somethings. It makes me wonder if the Fancy Nancy books are actually about you as a child. :)

  39. Yeah for little girl styling. My fave photos of The Girl are in the outfits she develops in her 2 year old mind.

  40. Thanks! I have the same shitty lights in my bathroom — you have inspired me to think outside the box with them. Did you use regular latex paint to paint them?

  41. I believe that a home should reflect the people who live in it and by the looks of your bathroom, you family is the type of people I want to be friends with!

    Vibrant. Outgoing. Daring. Fun. Loving. Youthful. Beautiful!

    Looks great!!
    Ashley @ http://www.acstylefiles.blogspot.com

  42. That, is the most super fantastic transformation I’ve ever seen! Go girl! Very inspiring.

  43. AWESOME! That bathroom doesn’t even look like the same room – great job! What a wonderful, warm, inviting retreat. Love the decals too!

  44. okay seriously, you really are my idol and i already think you are some kind of really cool super hero. but now, with that bathroom redo, holy crap!!! how the heck did you do it??? it looks AMAZING!!! lately i’ve been feeling like i want to redo everything in our rented townhome and i think you just inspired me to do exactly that!!! You go girl!!! LOVE the colors!! those would make really awesome wedding colors…
    anyways, loving your inspiring ideas as always!! XOXO

  45. Kelle, you are so inspiring! Your home is gorgeous. I love the decals.

  46. Love those mirrors!

  47. Love the mirrors on mirror idea, Super cool. Looks very Morrocan like my bedroom. LOVE! You are brave to go for purple and turquiose together but it totally works. I love the hanging quotes too, nothing like some inspiration when you’re getting ready for the day I’m sure. Those hats are inspiring me to start crocheting, but it sounds complicated. Please let us all know where you find these hats xx

  48. Dude thats an amazing bathroom transformation!! I love it!

    my almost 4 yr stopped letting me pick our her clothes when she was 2 and this past summer she picked out MY clothes!

  49. Ok, so you give a whole new meaning to the word “productive”!!

    The new bathroom is amazing!! If you ever feel inspired, by all means please come redecorate any room in my house!!

  50. Couple of things:
    Bathroom – OMG amazing!! Love the bold and bright colors. I love it!! And I am with you on those stupid lights, we have them in every bathroom as well. Never thought of just painting over the stupid goldness.
    Wanting your secret – how in the world do you get your children to just fall asleep on the floor? I want your secret because I have a hard enough time getting to go to sleep in their beds much less on the floor.
    Happy Monday!!

  51. That bathroom looks amazing! It’s such an inspiration for me as I have the same lights and the same huge mirror and have been dying to change it on a budget.

    And as always the pics of the girls are just adorable.

  52. jaw dropping amazing!

  53. It’s so cute!

    I have to know, where did you get the hanging birdies? I’ve been looking for them since I saw them on another blog!

  54. I know you probably heard Good Life by OneRepublic somewhere else, but I recommended it in a comment a few weeks ago because it made me think of you and your outlook on life, so I was definitely smiling when I heard it play first as i was reading.

    Girl, that bathroom is FABULOUS.

    Loving your posts as always.

  55. It completely amazes me the places Nella falls asleep!

  56. Amazing! Good for you!

  57. the bathroom looks amazing! i am also in l.o.v.e. with those frames – it’s making me think that i’m long overdue for a trek out to the ‘burbs and ikea…

  58. the bathroom looks amazing! i am also in l.o.v.e. with those frames – it’s making me think that i’m long overdue for a trek out to the ‘burbs and ikea…

  59. Jaw-dropping redo! All the details are so creative! I know the girls must absolutely love it…I guess it’s not yours anymore!! We redid our master bath several months ago, and now I rarely get a chance to use it…the kids love it so much.

    Cool trees, too! But it’s the bed gymnastics and the sleeping on the floor that got me!

    Love your blog!

  60. Holy crap girl! That’s effing awesome. I love the plum and the turquoise. And I got those same embroidered flowers that you dangled from your ceiling- but intend to sew them on sheer curtains or even a shower curtain. And the dresser makes a nice touch in the bathroom. You ROCKED it. Nice touch with the frames on the mirror and the matching paint on Lainey’s stool.

    Now you hands must be tired from clenching a brush all weekend. Now go get another cup o’ Joe.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis.

  61. Oh, this is just fabulous! Um, I wish I was that creative :)
    Can’t see which Chanel Chance you have – I recently got Chanel Chance Eau Tendre and it is SO delicious! I love it!
    Very cute girls, as always :) every time my daughter sees Lainey, she thinks it’s a picture of her :)

  62. I LOOOOVEEEE your bathroom, it looks so great. Can you come do my dorm room next 😉

  63. Dude,
    I want to run into your bathroom, swirl around in a silk robe, dance in circles ’til I need to sit, and shake a set of maracas. I LOVE IT. I had no idea that was coming. The frames glued to your mirror? Brilliant! The little birds hanging from a string? Quintessential childhood capture. The hanging quotes? Well, who doesn’t like a good read wherever they are. The perfume bar? Yummy. And did I spot a Spanish fan? Me likey. The Moroccan glass, the turquoise OH THE EFFING TURQUOISE…be still my beating heart. And bite me, Batman. Until a few mintues ago, this Canadian thought she had creative talent. You’re one cool, crazy cat….and in my books, it doesn’t get any better than that. xo

  64. Kelle- I’ve wanted to leave a comment for a couple of months now and finally decided that I was ready. (although I don’t know if you actually read all of these!) On Labor Day of this year, while 35 weeks pregnant with my second child (I have a 3 year old son), my husband and I learned that our baby girl had Down syndrome. I was devastated, to say the least, and leaned on family and very close friends through those first few weeks. One of my best friends stumbled on your website through her D.S. research and introduced me to it. I think that I read Nella’s birth story every day for 3 weeks straight. Reading your story got me through some of the darkest most painful moments of my life. I found strength and comfort in the fact that after that first painful night following Nella’s birth, that your “mommy heart” took over and you began to feel “healed.” I can remember praying that would happen to me, but not really believing that I would be able to feel as I was “supposed to” when my daughter was born. On Oct. 2, 2010, my daughter, Martha, was born. She was beautiful and perfect (to steal your words)- extra chromosome and all…and my “mommy heart” did, in fact, heal the moment she arrived. Your story helped me to get through some of the most painful, darkest hours of my life and I wanted to say thank you.

  65. in-freaking-love with your redo, dude.
    i love me some moulin rouge.
    and you rocked it.

  66. JB. Tears. Thank you. Congratulations on your beautiful, perfect baby girl. Martha…I love it. Lots of good in store for you and Miss Martha, I am sure.

  67. KELLE!! Really, is there NO limit to your talent/creativity/ ingenuity? I just ADORE the bathroom! Wow.. All the little touches and LOVE the quotes. I am so jealous of you and your orginality and talent. The hats on Nella – can you give info on where to get those? You sure are getting me into the Holiday spirit! LOVE the decals – the trees on the walls. Marvelous! Thanks for continuing to inspire all of us.

  68. Great minds think alike. I have that tan sweater you were wearing. I got it years ago for 99 cents and have loved it so much that it’s starting to fall apart. It’s quite sad. AND I have that mug. I want to design my whole kitchen around it. Gotta love Anthro. :)

  69. WOW!! Your bathroom is awesome. Those frames are to die for. I guess I have to make a trip to Ikea soon. 😉

  70. What a great girls bathroom!!! I might just steal this, I love Moulin Rouge. Also, 2 of my daughters (4 & 2) are no longer letting me pick up their clothes either!

  71. Oh your bathroom! There are no words! That is the most amazing transformation. Beautiful job.

  72. Hey Linda! (blog mama)… the rainbow helmet hat my mama made and the other ear flap one was this etsy shop:

    Hope that helps!

  73. Wow, crazy creativeness! Can’t wait to read about the how-tos and about all the delicious details!

    The girls are way too cute. Please tell Lainey to stop growing up so quickly! :)

  74. Wow, crazy creativeness! Can’t wait to read about the how-tos and about all the delicious details!

    The girls are way too cute. Please tell Lainey to stop growing up so quickly! :)

  75. LOVE!!

  76. Your bathroom looks like a completely new room. Amazing.
    Those decals are fun. I can’t picture where I’d put one in my house currently, but I’m determined to find a space!
    Babies who fall asleep mid-play, so sweet. And kids who pick out their clothes themselves, I love the independence it shows.

  77. Perfect & Charming! Love it!!

  78. i cannot believe how grown up nella looks! she is such a doll. lainey has a great sense of style (like her mama)! oh, and your bathroom looks awesome :)

  79. I loooooooovvvve it. I knew you would work magic! The turquoise does help the bulb strip! The frames are the coolest.

  80. GEEZ…I was waiting for a little pic of an aubergine
    wall, maybe a glimpse of new towels, but nooo..what was I thinking? You are brave & crazy & amazing. I wanted white walls in my new house, settled for cream & pale pink & paler blue & bathroom walls the color of my AM DD coffee (large, xtra cream, no sugar). The house looks lovely & I do love the rooms but somewhere inside, I think, there may some bold, wild color freak lurking. Not sure when I’ll allow her to surface but for now, keep me away from a paintbrush!
    I need to first take a class in how to be brave & expressive like Kelle. It looks great. The girls must love it..hmmm..wonder what Brett thinks?

  81. LOVE LOVE LOVE the bathroom!! And the last picture of Nella? AH-DOR-A-BLE! I love the colors in your bathroom. Makes me want to get all kinds-ah creative in my house. Mhmmm Im going to get on that this week.

  82. LOVE the frames! What a great idea.

  83. Awesomeness…photography and all…that last pic looks right into my heart, love.

  84. *gasp* That cherry sweater on Lainey is the first piece of clothing my toddler son picked out for anyone, including himself. He chose it for his new baby sister. I bought it immediately. Thanks for that happy memory.

    That bathroom is colorific!

  85. that bathroom is rockin’!!!

  86. you did that in a weekend?? love it!!!

  87. Where on earth did you buy the ADORABLE dress Lainey is wearing on the pic where she is playing hopscotch? It is tooo cute! Iv been looking all over for something like that for my 4 year old!
    Amazing bathroom.
    Oh and if you think the picking out of own clothes ‘stage’ is going to be over soon..?!?! hmm nope dont think so. im still baddling that one 2 years later… good luck:)

  88. nice Kel…and if you need some Michigan leaves….I’ll volunteer to ship some of mine – it just might be cheaper than paying the city to bag them…

  89. Funky and Fun! I saw those things on the mirror at Ikea…. Looks good :) Having fun with life is what it’s all about!

  90. Girl you have impeckable taste I LOVe it turquoise is my FAVORITE color I just adore those frames who am I kidding I Love it all lol.

    Your girls are angels they are the cutest EVER!!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  91. What did Lainey say about the bathroom? It looks amazing!

  92. This makes me want to go to the paint store and come home with a stack of possibilities (which may or may not ever end up on the walls)! Love the dresser! Love the pics of the girls…but especially love the comment from JB! You are making a difference, Kelle!

  93. I love it, it’s so colorful and full of life now!!! I have the same lighting fixtures in my bathroom and I HATE them. Like you I am stuck with them for right now, but I may try and paint them now for a quick fix, I am a hopeless DIY’er that always has some sort of paint project going on

  94. the bathroom transformation is AWESOME!!!!

  95. Purple is my favorite!!! i love it!!! you are so amazing…I want to try that whole idea. Seriously, impressed!!

  96. Love the decals I am definately going to order a tree for our play garage. Looking at the beautiful picture of Nella remind my of my cutie 4 year old , Hannah, when she was a little one. I love your photographs!!!!!

  97. So that’s what a bathroom looks like Kelle Hampton style. Love LOVE!

  98. Wow, you’ve really been in the zone! It is going to be so much fun using that room. I love the fact you’ve put a wooden dresser in there, having ‘proper’ furniture in a bathroom somehow seems a real mark of luxury!

  99. found this tonight and thought of you….
    scroll to the third page and it is number 5.
    i have 2 of sugarboo’s photoboxes (one for each of my babes) and i can’t even tell you how much i LOVE them.
    i just drool over so many of their beautiful things. check it out. i think you’ll like it too. :)

  100. Now THAT kicks it up a notch!!

    Love it!!

  101. Don’t miss the Michigan weather too much, heating bills stink :)

    BTW I have those same salon style lights in my bathroom and they drive me nuts too!
    heheh :)

  102. Um, WOW! That’s all I have to say about that.

  103. Wow, that bathroom redo is freakin awesome. Totally jealous! My favorite has got to be the frames on the mirror too!

  104. I’m pretty sure I’d excuse myself to use your bathroom and never come out. I want to get lost in there! So much detail…I love it and IKEA!

    Oh, and thank you for mentioning Lainey insists on dressing herself. My daughter has such a stubborn streak when it comes to dressing herself, and I usually fight it and try to get her to wear all the cute stuff I want her to wear…and I end up getting frustrated and yelling. You know what, your right (THANK YOU, again)…it’s time I just let her be HER. She can decide from now on. (sniff sniff). :)

  105. That is the BEST BATHROOM EVER! I love it!

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. You are a creative soul!

  108. I love LOVE LOVVVVVE your bathroom makeover! A.MAZ.ING. LOVE IT. Great job :-)

  109. Beyond…..BEYOND fabulous!!! So inspiring for my “whole entire house” make-over. Love the colors. In large because I too have put “Raspberry and Purple” in my basement…..and I love color!

  110. That is AMAZING and gorgeous and everything I love about DIY makeovers. well done!

  111. What a makeover! So chic!

  112. Read this and thought of you… it is about being a mom!

  113. Kelle, You inspire me. I’m a better mom, person and friend for having read your blog. Thank you for that.

  114. When you post the details, will you post the quotes you hung on the garland? It all looks really cool and inspiring!

  115. “If you give a girl a month-and-a-half deadline until Christmas and some creative fuel? Well, she might just lose her damn mind.”

    I had to laugh out loud when I read this line. It so describes me right now.

    Great job on the bathroom. I’ve been itching to vamp up our place. Maybe in the new year.

  116. that is the awesomest transformation eva!!!! totally jealous.

  117. Love your bathroom.

  118. Wow.. The bathroom looks amazing. I’m in the middle of re-decorating our whole house and whilst I have lots of motivation is it time & money that is holding me back. It will get done though!

    Love the photo of Nella sleeping on the floor
    Love that Lainey has to dress herself. She’s got style!
    Love the tree decor! Looks amazing!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  119. I’m from MI originally, too! We now live in Las Vegas & I’m desperately missing the Autumn leaves. The decals seems like the perfect solution!

  120. Wow – what a transformation. You truly know how to redesign without spending way too much. I’m inspired! Thanks for sharing all your amazing moments!


  121. Wow, way to make use of what you already have! The bathroom looks great.

    That said, my favorite parts of the post were two pictures: (1) you holding a baby while you put on mascara and (2) sweet little Nella sleeping on the floor.

  122. amazing! awsome looking mirror you transformed it into:))

    lovely pics of your girls as always!

  123. wow. you have totally inspired me. i’m thinking a makeover is in order next weekend.

  124. You boldly went where your dad sometimes is afraid to go–into COLOR…or is is COLOUR! I applaud your “push to the limit what you have available!” I too love those frames and can see lots of potential uses for them. I want me some Nella and Lainey Love and can’t wait to see them this weekend! You can bet I’ll be working on Nella saying Poppa soon!
    Grandchildren are the cookie jar of the olders–they are our Chuck-e-Cheese, our Disneyworld, our hopscotch court! They take us back, they let us do it again and do it all right because now we know what really, really matters…loud and lavish love!

  125. Awesome make-over! Looks so fun! Thanks for sharing!

  126. Fabulous job on your bathroom! It looks great!!!

  127. Whoa! I saw the before shots and thought “well that’s not as bad as I thought they might bw” but the after shots, whoa baby, how cool is that!!!

  128. Love those frames and the painted cabinets! What an awesome retreat!

    And the tree decal is killa!

  129. that looks amazing! i’d spend all day in there if my bathroom looked like that!
    and how precious is Nella napping on the floor?! :)

  130. Those are some bold awesome colors! I love the tree decals too. Your girls are growing up so fast and are adorable!

  131. Girl..you rocked that bathroom out..my fav would be those killer frames on your mirror!!!! I have to say that your husband must be a true gem, if I was upstairs in one of our bathrooms making a few creative changes he would be downstairs having a heart attack!!! Gregg is VERY traditional and when my creative side comes out he gets just a tad nervous!!!Kudos to Brett for letting you run with your vision!
    On the decals..I think they may be the best thing since sliced bread. I have them all through my house, Gregg is okay with them because you can just peel them off..although he does get the laser level out to make sure they are perfectly level..tehehe..I just love him! My fav would be one the we got from target, it is a huge cuckoo clock that we put in our Den/Gracee classroom. I think I paid $25 for it and it serves two purposes…it is an actual clock and a fantastic piece of artwork!! Thanks for the discount..I do have three or four bare walls and I am gonna fill up with decals!! FREE OWL..GET OUT! Happy Day to you.♥

  132. looks great! you can replace your lights really cheaply and easily on your own. home depot, lowes, walmart sell light fixtures, some as cheap as $20. just watch a youtube video on how to do it! that’s what i did.

  133. Love the colors in the bathroom…and of course, always love the pics of the girls…I especially love the hats that Nella is sporting!

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. Love the pic of sleeping Nella–totally reminds me of Andy. We have one pic of him standing up sleeping with his head on a chair.

  136. oh my goodness, rich! just oozing with richness of color and detail…it’s amazing!!!! I can’t believe the transformation!

    and I love Lainey’s barrette on the very top of her head, haha :-)

  137. WOW. You are amazing…care to make a trip to Jersey,to help a fellow past MI Resident make her house a home?

  138. kelle,
    your bathroom looks so awesome
    like a really wonderful retreat
    i love what another reader said, i think im gonna pull a kelle hampton
    and re do my bathroom!
    if only. if only i had such talent.
    and nella bean and lainey just get cuter everyday, if that is even possible!
    thanks for the sunshine!

  139. That is THE coolest bathroom I’ve ever seen!!!

  140. Wow! I scrolled down thinking I would see some basic white and tan paint but wowie, wow, wow! That looks fabulous!

  141. AMAZING…WOW…HOLY CRAPTASTIC…insert any other exclamation that describes how impressed I am. Inkberry has never looked so good. It’s like you dressed her up for the prom, hung a disco ball and said “Do your stuff inkberry, it’s your time to shine!” I love that you even painted the step stool. What an amazing gift you gave to your girls (and yourself) with that bathroom…Creativity is flowing all over that room!

  142. Fan-titilly-tastic! I LOVE it! AND I have the same frame, but it was painted green for my middle daughters bedroom :)

  143. I am amazed you did that in a weekend! You rock!

  144. The bathroom looks amazing! I love all the little details you added to really make the room special. The frames on the mirror idea was awesome!

  145. Love the picture of Nella sleeping on the floor too cute. Love the wall decal that is cool!!! I really like the owl.

  146. I am in LOVE with your bathroom!

  147. Your bathroom looks awesome and I love the wall too!

  148. i disagree with the title–it TOTALLY is extreme! it’s beautiful and inspiring, just like you! i’m so glad i stumbled upon your blog…your family is beautiful!

  149. Awesome! We transformed our bathroom this month too! Went for a vintage theme in white, black and mocha. Roll top bath, circular shower rail and lots of mirrors. Totally love it! Fits in with our 120-somthing year old house. Only problem I have is trying to get out of the huge bath with a week left of my pregnancy!

    Big love from England x

  150. I want to move into your home! So comfy and cozy and full of life! You inspire me.

  151. Wow! The transformation is gorgeous and inspiring. You’ve motivated me to finally decorate The Baby’s room.

  152. I love your home! It seems so spacious.

    I have two kids and neither has ever fallen asleep on the floor…totally jealous!

  153. Wow Kelle, you done good! I love all the purple warmth and over the top pizazz! The new sponsor tree’s are awesome too, but that owl…I may have to find a place or two in my home for that little guy!

  154. It is gorgeous!!! Will you please come to Nashville and do mine as well. Actually I will be in Naples in April. Maybe we can meet at Ikea and you can get me inspired. Love your site!

  155. Wowza girl you’ve been busy. I love the “making do with what you have” mentality. I think those spaces are really the best by far. What a fun, colorful bathroom you’ve created. The turquoise frames really make the whole thing pop.

    Super cute decals too.

  156. Love the makeover…Now I’m inspired to get working on my house…it will probably have to wait till after the holidays but my creative juices are now flowing.LOVE it!

  157. Love it all! The bathroom, winter hats and of course the forthcoming holidays!

  158. That looks amazing!I’m working on getting past my fear of change and the “what ifs” of decorating. You rock!

  159. I can’t stop looking at the pictures of your bathroom!! I love, love, LOVE it!! You are ah-maze-ing!!

  160. Wow! What an amazing bathroom! I love it. Great colors and accessories! Too much fun.

  161. Wow! What an amazing bathroom! I love it. Great colors and accessories! Too much fun.

  162. Oh–My–Goodness!! I need a bathroom overhaul and I just couldn’t put something like that together! Jus another way you inspire me! I can’t get over the transformation! Did you just paint over the cabnets and counter? Or did you have to sand it? Also what kind of paint did you use?

    Good Job Kelle!
    What does the hubby think??!!!

  163. I have to admit that at first I was like, ‘Girl, what the hell did you do?’ and THEN…. more and more pictures flew by and the sum of all the details far outweighed the whole and then I was thinking ‘Holy cow!’ THAT is one amazing, dramatic, one how-many-excuses-could-I-possibly-make-per-day-to-get-to-spend-time-in-a-room-like-that!?’

    Stunning. Creative. And by the way, your creative mojo is fueling a whole lotta people who really need it this time of year!

    As always… inspiring. Sending you a day full of chilly breezes that require chunky cable-knit scarves, hot chocolate and a warm rip-roaring fire!

  164. :)!

    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  165. That looks AMAZING! I think I may even be inspired now- too fun!

  166. it looks AWESOME! and i love those trees, too! you inspired me to redecorate myself!

  167. OK Kelle- I haven’t posted in Forever – I love reading your blog- it puts me in such a good mood!!!!
    I love love love your “new” bathroom!!!! however it odes make me feel a wee bit like an underachiever!!!!!!

    Thanks for the good vibes you always send!!!!!!!

  168. Your bathroom looks awesome!! You totally gave me some ideas for my girls bathroom. We have the same mirror and I already painted the cabinet but I LOVE the frames you glued to the mirror. I so need to do that! Great job!!

  169. Just. Gorgeous. The string of birds is my favorite!!! Love the colors, love the addition of furniture, love everything. Color can change your world, it really can. Great job!!!

  170. The bathroom looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. i love the bathroom… i love the bright mirrors… ontop of the mirrors.. I dislike those like bulbs on top.. mine have that too.. Kudos.. it looks fun inviting and very Kelle

  172. Oh man. I am coveting thy neighbor’s bathroom. BIG TIME!!!! You are so creative!

  173. You rock! I’m inspired!

  174. What a fabulous bathroom re do!!
    I want to know how you hung those frames on the big mirror?
    Also, will the bathroom steam harm the wood dresser?

    I can only imagine how your bath time will be now…so cozy and exotic! Nice job Kelle!

  175. PinkCupcake,

    The mirrors (which are pretty lightweight) are hung with a strong epoxy (I think it’s called Powergrab…Home Depot), and our bathroom has a super powered exhaust fan, thankfully.

  176. Adding the dresser in the bathroom made a huge difference. I love furniture in least expected places. Looks like you guys had fun with your mini makeover.

  177. Fabulous bathroom!!! I love the photo of Nella sleeping on the floor!!
    Oh…and Lainey has fierce fashion sense!

  178. Hi Kelle, Love, the dresser and the frames!! My favorite picture though is of a snoozing Nella. Precious :)

    Angie from Ohio

  179. Dude, I just have to say–Moulin Rouge is one of my favorite movies; I love your new bathroom and the fact that you did it by yourself over a weekend–amazing–and my sweet Avi has worn the same pants and shirt combo that he picked out for himself for several weeks–I’ve lost track of time here–so I wash it every night because it’s the only thing he’ll wear. Toddlers are hilarious!

  180. WOW!! Your bathroom makeover is AMAZING!! Purple is my favorite color… I love those walls and wish I was so creative!

    You’re daughters are so beautiful!

  181. The bathroom seems like it fits your personality perfectly. It’s neat how you brought those colors together. Good work.

  182. wow, I’ve been looking at these picture for a while now, so inspirational, I love the results, young, vibrant, a place I would love to spend hours in. Great work!

  183. I need to know your secret…where on earth do you get all your energy from?

    love the bathroom!

    check me out at:

  184. How interesting to me that you decorated your walls with cardinals! Shortly before my daughter, Marin, was born 3 1/2 years ago I was told that seeing a cardinal outside your window symbolized an angel watching over you. Nice thought, right? So just as your story goes, we were quite surprised at Marin’s birth to discover she had Down syndrome. I cannot tell you how frequently during my maternity leave (and, really, quite often all the time now when she is around) I would see cardinals outside in our yard. Our daughter is the most beautiful, clever, loving, little girl on the planet. It is only fitting that she – and you – have angels as a constant in her life!! So blessed.
    Your blog site brightens my infrequent gray and my many colour-filled days, always. Thank you.

    Pittsburgh, PA

  185. I join the rest: I love the bathroom!!!
    I understand what you mean by “the mouse and the cookie…” – first I thought:
    -Of course you can paint the cabinets, I just did that myself. And then I saw how you transformed a whole bathroom!!!!!
    WOW, I’m so impressed. And inspired. Way to go!
    Lovely photos, also. Thanks for sharing.

  186. Your bathroom looks AMAZING! You go girl!!

  187. wow what a FUN room it is now!!

  188. ,,,your “design on a dime” reminds me of the likes of marrakech morocco or bali indonesia,,,have you thought of upholstering your ceiling with the material you used at the shower?,,,i’ll help you.

  189. You are amazing! I love your creative genes! Bathroom looks fantastic! I love turning “nothing into something”. SUPER cute! Love it and can’t wait to see more! :) PS LOVE LOVE LOVE Nella’s cute hats!

  190. I’m inspired! Maybe a bright new bathroom will lift me out of my funk.

  191. Ok I was not expecting this! You didn’t give yourself enough credit in the title of this post. Great job Kelle! How creative is this?!
    And i LOVE LOVE LOVE that dresser with perfume idea. So classy!
    Great job!
    Can you come do mine??


  192. I love your new bathroom! The colors are great. The mirrors, the new knobs. All so fun!

  193. I am absolutely crazy about your new bathroom. I love the idea of the frames on the mirror. Stunning, you executed it really well. And turquoise does make everything better.

  194. Wow! That’s super creative! Well done you x

  195. omg first of all, I just cannot get enough of your girls! They are so beautiful, and you have such a gift to capture that beauty thru your photography!!! second, he bathroom looks great! i love changing up the bathroom! sorry about my punctuation…holding the baby! lol

  196. I am getting a divorce and as soon as I get my own place I am totally rocking your idea!

  197. Omgollygosh I love the bathroom! It’s amazing! And to let you know you really do have a knack for inspiring the rest of us to try creative things we initially don’t *think* we can do. After my almost 2yr old Lauren fell in love with a badalina(ballerina) she saw on tv, I hurried and click click clicked back to revisit how you did the tutu for Lainey’s birthday..and it came out awesome!

  198. Oh my goodness! I love the idea of the frames on the mirrors! I might shamelessly steal that.

    And maybe I will paint the cabinets and add some hardware!

    You’re so creative!

  199. I love your creativity and the way you think outside the box! Great job!

  200. Wow. WOW. Seriously? You flipped that bathroom in one weekend?! I’m not really sure if I feel inspired or insanely jealous…. more inspired for sure since I’ll be purchasing one of the decals for my 3 year olds bedroom wall! I have to ask — did you have much help doing the bathroom?! :) (please say YES).

  201. Rik ** – you are SO right! I always feel that the littles sort of allow the grandparents to be kinda like kids all over again!

  202. Are you kidding that bathroom rocks!! Who wouldn’t want to beautify in that thing???

  203. Comment #203 telling you that: THAT BATHROOM ROCKS!!! I am uber-uber in looooove with all the hanging things! Genius.

  204. Okay, I was expecting a make-over, you know, a little paint, maybe some curtains. But wow! LOL What a serious transformation you did on that bathroom!! It looks soooo cool :) Very unique — so YOU. I love it!

  205. absolutely amazing! I’ve never seen such a gorgeous bathroom!! I’m so jealous! Great job!

  206. So beautiful! It’s a little bohemian, a little crafty, and really awesome!!

  207. Wow! It looks amazing.

  208. LOVE LOVE LOVE the funky!

  209. it is just beautiful :)

  210. Holy Cow! I LOVE it! Who knew that you could do all that with a little paint and some accessories?! You rock, no seriously you ROCK. And as always I love looking at your adorable littles. The dress that Lainey is wearing playing hopscotch…Where did you find it? It is simply amazing.

  211. I’m so smitten with the wall decal that I don’t know what to do with myself. Heaven help my wallet!

  212. Oh my goodness! Just had to comment to say – seriously you are some sort of phenomenon!! How do you do it??! Do all the people who know you just stop every now and then and pinch themselves and think ‘I have one cool friend/mummy/wife…?’ Lou xxx

  213. i love that bathroom. :) I was never too much of a fan of turquoise and purple, but you really made it work. :) How fun to make the bathroom a happy place. :) Thank you for always being inspiring to others! it’ll all come back to you. :)

  214. KickAssTastic Bathroom redo! The hangie-danglie-mobiles will amuse the littles! Thanks for pix of the house, I was hoping to see more!

  215. Girlfriend, you rock! I absolutely love the bathroom! Moulin Rouge! What a fabulous idea! Colour! I think it is beautiful, vibrant, creative, thought-provoking, inspiring, fantastical… so many adjectives. You inspire. Thankyou. Again, how cool is that bathroom?

  216. I LOVE what you did with the Ikea mirrors that you painted turquoise. I’ve seen those mirrors used in lots of different ways, but yours is the most creative. I’m heading to Ikea to
    get me a few of those and do what you did with them. Love that idea.

    The bathroom is really cool. Matches your personality. Vibrate and fun.

  217. OH MY GOODNESS!! What an AMAZING transformation of your bathroom! I am inspired … perhaps there IS something I can do with my 1970s vintage ‘goldenrod’ tiled bathroom afterall – it’s official I am on the hunt for inspiration to match yellow!

    You make me smile and I thank you for that – Happy cooler weather days down there in Florida! (I think I would swap on days when I have to scrape the Ontario frost off my car windows before going to work!)

  218. Oh my goodness! The bathroom is fUnTaStIc!! Love, love, love it! Makes me want to jazz up my boring taupe colored walls (that surround me in every room of the house). We’ve been in our new house for a year and I think I am ready to start picking some color to make it more “mine”. Oh how my husband is going to cringe. I’m blaming it all on you and your amazing bathroom (he’ll really think I’ve lost it!).

    Can’t wait to read details of the what’s and where-froms of your transformation.

  219. Hi Kelle,
    Love the new look bathroom and the Moulin Rouge inspiration.
    Nella looks so gorgeous doing gymnastics with Sophie watching on.

  220. I love love love it Kelle!! Funny thing is I was inspired to finally put up some of my pictures this weekend and our house is starting to look more like “home”, so I totally understand the decorating bug. I have a hate/love for all these wonderful sponsors because they are all so great, but I really need to stay off of Etsy! LOL

    With that said, I just had to get a decal for my bedroom as there is an empty wall I keep staring at wondering what to do..

  221. love the bathroom but my husband would kill me if i did that to ours lol! he is so old fashion… everything in the house the same color and plain colors lol! but i love it!

  222. Wow- fantastic! Really so stylish and COOL!!! And I am in LOOOVE with those decals and seeing them on your wall, I want one even more now. Looks fabulous!!
    I love that Lainey is picking out her own clothes now…..it’s fun to see thier ‘style’ Can’t wait to see some of the outfits she picks.:)
    Nella could be a model for those hats….too cute!!!

  223. Beyond amazing pictures, beyond.

  224. Holy cow! THAT was sensational!! Love the new Nella pics too. Her eyes are just beyond stunning!!

  225. Kelle – saw this post and thought of you -especially Wabi-Sabi =-)

  226. It looks AWE.SOME!

  227. Groooovy bathroom makeover. I love it! I just wanted you to know that I adore your blog.

  228. ok, that’s it. we are soul sisters. moulin rougue? one of my all time favorites and just got to see the ballet. turquoise? the color of my bedroom…a deep sexy shade. the lanterns? world market, hanging from the ceiling in my bedroom. the lamp shade from ikea w/ flowers on it…in my back room, paired with turquoise frames from hobby lobby that look JUST like your new mirrors. i love love love all of it. the color splash in all the right places and shades is so fun and wonderful and bath tub soakable and let’s get ready for a night out wonderful. yay for facelifts to our nests! and the girls just keep getting more and more precious.

  229. The bathroom transformation is fab! It’s an amazing gift that women posses to make something beautiful out of nothing. We work magic and it’s all the more fun for it! I love it!

  230. You did an amazing job with the bathroom. It looks fantastic.

  231. Absolutely LOVE the bathroom. I could never be so creative or so brave. Congrats!

  232. Your bathroom looks amazing, I LOVE IT! It actually reminds me of the Middle East with the lanterns and colors…very ethnic!! I lived all over the MIddle East for 14 years and spent my last 5 years in Dubai before moving to New Zealand in 2009 so you have provided me with a glimpse back into that world!! Most of my home is decorated with a Middle Eastern influence…lots of color, old furniture, and different textures of old carpets, silk cushions etc. Those colors work beautifully together and you have an amazing talent for putting things together. I am in love with those mirrors, what a clever idea to spray them and glue them on your existing mirror. Looks fab!! Steph

  233. LOVE your eclectic, whimsical style. I think turquoise makes things better, too! My library has deep turquoise walls! Thanks for sharing your life on your blog.

  234. I’m a 15 year old girl, and I know down syndrome runs in my family. I used to be afraid about what would happen if one of my future children would have down syndrome, but after reading through your site, my eyes have really opened. I love how caring and open minded you are about everything, and how great a mother you are. It is truely inspirational. Thank you for everything you have taught me, about the world, and myself.

  235. i love the birch decals! and that little girl has style, dressing herself! :)

  236. FUN! so FUN! good for you! I love when the creative bug bites my bum! ha ha ha!
    I see Lainey has your sense of style and fashion! a mini you! Nella’s little hats – SO CUTE!

  237. So I just ordered a decal for the sloped ceiling in our attic reading room…I am SUPER excited! thanks again for sharing about them :)

  238. OMG! I love love love the bathroom!!!! Great Job! I would never have thought to do that, and it looks so great!

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