Vicks Effects

Tonight I wheeled the bassinet out into the living room so the little bunny will stay asleep for longer than fifteen minutes. She needs to be by me. She needs her back patted when she stirs. And so tonight I willingly oblige, patting and rubbing that little dip at the bottom of her back right above her diaper when she whimpers. I wait until she’s still and then resume the typing.

Her profile is glowing from the light of the computer, one jammied leg is slung over the edge of the bed, and I can hear her wheezy breath, quick and rhythmic…in and out, in and out, in and out.

I’m generally pretty laid back. Fits and messes don’t seem to bother me, and I happen to like a mini van that smells like last week’s happy meal. But, oh when they’re sick. Dude, it’s rough. I can’t fix it and that sucks. Even my mama jiggle–that little dance I do, clinging little bodies to my chest and wiggling the little jig that always settles and soothes them–it lost its charm.

Both girls have been pretty under the weather for several days now. There are piles of crusty tissues stuffed between cushions and heaped on counters, and I’m low on sleep and high on Vicks vapors. My babies are sick. Their eyes are heavy, their cheeks are peaked, and their sing-song chatter has dwindled to raspy whimpers. Brett and I are running the Gauntlet. Oh, you should see the pre-bed ritual. There’s squeegy-ing of noses and steam baths and Vicks chest-rubs, setting up the sippy cups for midnight whimpers and plugging in the vaporizers. There’s quilt-tucking, back-rubbing, and cough-suppressing until one of ’em finally falls asleep and when she does, oh sweet victory…even if it only lasts an hour. It’s an ugly cold that, hopefully, is on its way out.

But don’t think for a second we let it win. Because Christmas trumps colds.


Oh, the tree. The blessed Christmas tree and the ceremony that grows richer every year thanks to little souls that prance around the room, dragging garland, making messes, unraveling tissue-wrapped ornaments and asking questions about every single one.




We Christmas-tized every last corner of the house while the little time-capsule part of my brain simultaneously gathered memories and stashed, continually making comparisons through all of it…Last year, my belly was *this* big. Last year, I dreamed of what this year would look like. Last year, I had no idea how complete this baby would truly make us.





Lainey’s favorite ornament (PersonalizedFree), placed appropriately at her eye-level so she can point it out to everyone.


I never really thought through how we do Christmas until I had kids. And when you have kids, everything shifts. You’re not just someone’s kid anymore, following through with the traditions your own parents started. You’re the mom. The matriarch. You hold the Holiday Torch–the powerful seed of tradition–in the palm of your hand. Everything your child remembers about these months stems from you. Wow. That’s a lot of power.

I’ve thought about it a lot. I want my kids to know about other celebrations and to respect them, maybe even celebrate them. But I also want to preserve the magic of everything my parents did for us this time of year. We did Christmas in the balls-to-the-walls kind of way. Not so much in presents and money, but in feeling. There was music and candles and lights, scents and sounds and talked-about hype. I’ll never forget the excitement and comfort and hominess I felt through all their efforts…big shoes to fill, Man.


So, we try to do it up pretty good.

Like…”Hey Look! Snow in Florida!” Also known as “Hey Look! These parents take it a little too far.”


Needless to say, there was much tree gazing this weekend…


…and Mr. Griswold had his way with the staple gun.


Seriously though, I’m three days now with very little sleep and my rallying skills aren’t so sharp.

We’re taking a little family trip this week. More to come.

But, in the meantime…

Super stoked about new art in my home. The best part? It’s my brother’s. Check out my cute talented brother, the artist.


And our TWO giveaway winners!

Winner of the Silhouette Cutter: Commenter #195, Hillary: happy thanksgiving to you and the family! we’re so thankful for our surprise 4th baby on the way!! and the other healthy, happy 3 that are here with us. can’t wait till lunch for some southern cornbread dressing, and chocolate pie!!


Winner of the Sticks and Stones Keepsake piece: Commenter #224, Amy: Love the alphabet art (and “like” it on FB)! Where is the half-full glass from??? I NEED one! :)

(oh, and the glass if from Z Gallerie for all who asked)

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Baby is stirring…






The holiday isn’t over…it’s just beginning. Fa la la la freakin’ la!



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  1. Wow, what a amazing christmas tree! Such a great time of year when you have kids, eh? Hope your girls are feeling better soon.

  2. YAY!! 2nd commenter! now I have to go back and re-read LOVE the christmas tree!!

  3. Sorry the littles aren’t well. I know that feeling when you have rallyed about all the hell you can rally and yet you gotta do it again. It will get better. Vicks is a miracle drug.


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  5. I love that you go balls-to-the-wall for Christmas! Is there really any other way? This year, a lot of changes have happened in my life. I moved to Vancouver after a 3 year-stint in Austin, and then the Canadians have gone and changed the immigration laws and I can’t afford to stay here anymore. So I’ll spend Christmas with my Texan love who’s coming up to BC to visit his family, and then I will be going to Stockholm to visit my dad before returning home to South Africa.

    This will be my final Christmas as a (albeit Visa-fied) resident of North America for a long time. It’s bittersweet for sure.

    Happy Holidays to your beautiful family, and I hope the girls get well soon!

  6. Your pictures look so cute! I especially love the one of you and your daughters looking into the mirror. Priceless :)


  7. I can’t believe you’re all decked out for Christmas already!! Way to be on top of things – even with two sick littles!! There’s another badge earned!! Hope Lainey and Nella feel better soon =) We haven’t seen a blue sky like that in a long time!! :::Sigh::: The greyish clouds have been lingering and it has looked as if it could snow for about a week now… And I’m not a fan of snow – although we have enjoyed countless fires over this holiday break – and I thoroughly enjoy roaring fires on cold days!

  8. Nella is so angelic. That picture of the two of you at the end of the post is gorgeous! :)

  9. pull these moments up to just beneath your chin and breathe deeply. it’s all that groovy goodness comin’ on home to roost.

  10. I can’t WAIT to go Christmas nuts this year! Although our daughter is not interested in it at all we love it. We’re a little sad a huge portion of her family (grandparents and aunts and uncle) wont be here we’ll enjoy it and party hard for her anyway. For anyone else like me who was coveting those glasses of Kelle’s…..I went on Z gallerie’s site and couldnt find them…so resorted to google..and…. :) scooooore….my Christmas glass is SO half full…..theres no half empty :)

  11. holy cow, is that you without makeup in the last series of pics?! you look AMAZING!!!!

  12. You are such an inspiring mother! I love your traditions and pictures and everything! I have a sick baby right now too so I know what you’re going thru. We also didn’t let it stop Christmas from taking over our house today!

  13. Put some of that Vicks on their feet and then put socks over it! It sounds stupid, but it really works. Helps my little guy sleep so much better when he’s got a cold and cough.

  14. Love the last few photos of you, MaMa. I dream of being a MaMa as amazing as you… one day.

  15. Kelle you just make me smile. Such a wonderful mama! We don’t have kids yet but when we do you better believe I’m going to go crazy with traditions….the smells, sights, and warm fuzzies! I hope your littles feel better very soon!

  16. Loved this blog…
    My kids are actually sick right now as well (not to mention myself)…
    But im wondering if you’ve tried rubbing the vicks vapor rub on the bottom of their feet. Ive heard it helps them breath better at night. I’ve done it on my kids and it seems to help (I also rub a tiny bit on the tip of their nose).
    Try it out (if you havent already) :)

  17. Please give a tutorial on how you took those awesome tree photos… the one where the room is dark and the tree is lit up, and also the one of Lainey in that awesome perspective – how did you get the lighting to show that nicely?

  18. So sorry the girls are feeling yucky. That tree should help though – so cheery!

  19. Both my little people are sick as well. They sound like a pack of angry seals when the coughing spell starts. I can’t wait for this to pass. The momma jiggle, the goofy faces, the lullabys, they’ve all lost their luster. But we keep trying. Hang in there. I’m right here with ya.

  20. My baby is sick. Stuffy nose. Hacking out the wazoo and oh-so-grumpy. I hope your babies feel better soon.

  21. Funny that I have never “met” you, but can tell when you are having a good hair day. I think the last few stripy sweater pictures scream, “Good hair day!” :)

  22. hey….you are fabulous. did you know that? seriously.
    AND love reading your blog. i can relate to many of your thoughts…but wouldn’t have been able to express the words as beautifully as you…….

  23. Oh I do LOVE Christmas !! What a beautiful tree.
    Love that photo of baby Nella wrapped in Christmas lights.
    Hope your girls are healthy again soon.
    Have a great week from Australia, Dee x

  24. Your tree looks amazing, Kelle!

    Hope your babies are feeling better by tomorrow…and your night is rest-filled for all.

  25. I bought the same snuggly snowman pjs for my 3 year old and almost 9 month old girls:) Feels like I’m looking at mine…

  26. Dude, is your brother single?


    I mean, hope the girls feel better, and your tree looks great!

  27. Congrats to both winners! Oh, KELLE – so sorry that both of your angels are sick. And i hope they are all better soon. I hear you, your rallying skills right now- I think that is understandable. Hope you get more sleep, soon, too! Love your tree and am jealous as I have done nothing yet, to prep for Christmas! Ooh, love your brother’s art, too! Love from the blog mama ~

  28. Man, i guess mommyland isn’t always smiles and giggles, huh? ): But you’ll get through it, and those glazed eyes will soon clear and be filled once again with sparkle. I hate getting sick because i don’t just get sick, it stays with me forever and just knocks me down, so i understand how you must feel right now with both your girls sick AND not getting much sleep because of it. You got this, though, kelle, because for as amazing as you are with the “fun mom” things, you are just as good at rallying it up even when the times are tough.

    I love those pictures with nella holding the lights. They’re beautiful, and she looks beautiful, and I just love how it looks. She is serious a beautiful baby, and I don’t see how many one could say otherwise (although I’m sure they don’t)!

    We have our tree up too, although I missed putting up the decorations because I was at work. But you’re right about the passing on the things to your children. My family does the basics for every holiday but I think when I have kids I’m going to spice it up. I want them to go WILD for holidays and suck the marrow from every opportunity the special days hold. Sometimes the days are long and hard, so when a unique day comes along to celebrate, I want my kids to know that it’s WORTH going that extra mile.

    I’m so prepared for Christmas and the break it brings me (from school, mostly). I’m so ready for hot chocolate, a little bit ready for the cold (although I’m still a Fall girl) and a lot ready for the christmas shopping. I love seeing the lights everyone has up.

    Hope your girls feel better! Try and get some rest. Have a great weekend.

  29. So I am not the first to comment on those last few pics of you, but seriously you look so different. I went back several posts to find a picture of you head on to compare, I can’t for the life of me figure out why you look so different. Clearly you don’t have the red lipstick but it can’t be just that, can it? Regardless you look amazing and so very happy. I can’t wait to get our tree up and the house all decorated. My littlest was under the weather for the last few days and so glad that he really got nothing more than a fever and a few crankies. I hate when babies, kids and/or mommies get sick…so I vote for – it shouldn’t be allowed. Enjoy your family trip!

  30. Your girls are so beautiful! Hope they feel better soon and hope you don’t get sick. Being a sick mommy is no fun…

  31. Poo, sorry to hear the girls are not feeling well :( I see another commenter has recommended putting vicks on the bottom of the girls feet…and thats what I was coming on to say too!! My grandma and my aunties all swear by it and remind me if Lauren even gets a sniffle! As far as I can tell it helps! Hope y’all are feeling better soon!

  32. Can I come and sit and crochet at your house:)??? I’ll help take care of the babies and clean!!! <3

  33. GET WELL SOON…Bless your hearts!

  34. You did do it up pretty good – awesome Christmas tree! And I love the combo of short sleeves & Christmas trees that you have in Florida!

  35. xoxoxoxoxo

    Yep little bit of Kelle left here in Montana for sure. You just wait until I leave a bit of Nici in Florida. Elke and I are serious. Serious. You know what I am like when I am serious.

    Get better babes.

  36. Being Momma when the kiddos are sick is the toughest!! Hang in there… I’m soaking in a few more days of fall and harvest before pulling out the Christmas decorations, but yours are getting me excited for what’s to come!

  37. I can recognize that tree anywhere. It’s from Target, and it is called a “cashmere” something or other, and it is pre-lit, tall, skinny, fluffy and beautiful — I HAVE THE SAME ONE! (If I am wrong I will be very embarrassed). I will never go live again…and I was a hard core live tree gal. Anyway, it is gorgeous, the girls are gorgeous, and I hope they feel better soon. :( And why are those two nice gentlemen fighting over the turkey in your previous post? 😉

  38. I’m sorry the girls still have coughs & colds.. My son has had it for we over a week now.. We’ve had lots of sleepless nights too..
    The photo of Nella with the lights is gorgeous :)

    I’m putting my tree up tomorrow and I cannot wait! Last year my son was only 10 months old so didn’t understand. This year though he’s starting to get excited! He’ll be helping me with the tree and I can’t wait to start traditions of my own for my little family. Love what you said about women and their own family holidays & traditions.. You’re right, that’s alot of power!

    Hope Lainey & Nella feel better soon xx

  39. I hope the girls don’t have the same cold my girls had… its still lingering and its been 8 weeks! :(
    Love the tree.
    Love the striped sweater on you.
    love the new pics of the girls.
    loved the post :)

  40. so cute. Hope the girls feel better soon

  41. Awww big {virtual} cuddles to the little ladies of your house :( Sorry to hear they’ve been unwell :(
    BUT…the tree is up, the magic of Christmas is in the air….and that makes everything all the more sweeter & better!!
    Cheers to these merry times Kelle!

  42. You americans!! just gotta love you♥

  43. I am delighting in my third Christmas as a mummy, but my first with a little believer. Your words about holding the mummy torch really rang true – we are New Zealanders and I’m reinventing our family Christmas celebrations this year to create those traditions and memories. Gumboots instead of stockings, shells and sand on the tree (and the hot melt glue burns to match) and our beautiful local Christmas tree, the Pohutukawa. Nothing says CHRISTMAS like bright red flowering tree everywhere you go!!! Santa wears a black singlet and little white shorts, and he says “Good onya mate” here. But I’m still learning and I needed a boost tonight Kelle – thanks so much x

  44. My babies are sick at the moment too so I am sympathising with you … I am comforting myself with the thought that this means that they will hopefully be well from now until Christmas though because there are lots and lots of fun things to do between now and then and no time for being sick!

    Love your tree. It’s absolutely gorgeous!!!

  45. I wish I had time to read through your comments because I’m guessing someone has already suggessted this. Try putting vicks on the bottom of the girls feet with socks on. It’s a miracle, do it every time my boys get a cough. Hope this brings you some relief.

  46. Och hoping we avoid the colds here this season. Last year, my very tiny 4 month old got the croup, and I spent up all night listening to his horrific coughing and wishing there was anything at all mama could do to fix it.

  47. I just spent a few minutes with a cozy baby on my lap reading your blog and sipping my coffee. She’s snuggled just so playing with a piece of paper…What a great way to start my day.

  48. We have that cold stuff going on at our house except its Daddy. I wrote about traditions on my blog today too- Teaching our children with Down syndrome traditions. You are right about carrying the Holiday Torch. Sometimes that torch gets mighty heavy but it is so worth all the effort we put in to our traditions. My older kids talk about it every time they come home for a visit. I hope the girls both feel better soon. susan

  49. kelle, your house looks so beautiful and so christmasy!
    i loved all your pictures of the sweet babes, but my heart melted over the pic -i think it is garry holding a sleeping nella on his chest on the recliner- ahhh…that is a sweet moment.

  50. The tree is beautiful and I love your brother’s art.
    Sorry to hear about the colds. Miserable.

  51. Your house is looking Christmasy and beautiful!

    Hope your girls are all better soon! Having sick little ones is the worst.

  52. I totally noticed the art before you pointed it out-love it!! Also your red and green flag banner :) Peace and blessings!

  53. Hope the girls feel better soon! Beautiful tree!!

  54. The artwork is awesome! What a talented family you have. Love that Rik and Gary were there to help you this weekend – the sleeping Nella shot is priceless. The girls look happy and gorgeous even when they’re sick! Enjoy your time away – soak in every moment of family time – it goes so fast!!

  55. Did you know (and you probably do) that Johson and Johnson make a bubble bath to help little plugged noses it works wonders when my kids get sick or have colds and they are 9 and 8 now.
    I love your tree, we’ve been collecting ornaments for our kids to and my kids love to place their ornaments on the family tree. Well I am off, I have a couple more candy wreaths to make gotta love craft time.

  56. Rub the soles of your little’s feet with Vick’s then cover with socks. You’ll be amazed! Works like a charm to quite the cough & help them rest.

  57. Definitely put Vicks on their feet and then socks! Works wonders – we are dealing with sick kids now too. Prays for healing for your littles and sleep for you and Brett!

  58. I hope everyone feels better soon and that your able to enjoy your little getaway!

  59. I hear ya, Kelle. My littles are both sick as well. It suuuuucks. I hear my 3 year old coughing and hacking over the monitor every night, and my 11 month old is a congested, coughing, feverish mess. But, can I secretly admit I kind of like it when she’s sick b/c she stops being so busy and independent and just wants to lay and snuggle on me?? SWOON. I’ll take my snuggles whenever I can get ’em! Even if it means my shirt of covered in snot and drool.

    My girl has the same PJ’s as Nella and Lainey!! Love the fuzzy jammies.

    BTW – have you checked out the Portable North Pole? You can get a personalized video message from Santa for Lainey!! My 3 year old has watched his … about a kabajillion times. Check it out!!

  60. I had big shoes to fill with my Mom’s Christmas traditions but Ivy is gonna have sled runners to fill….we’re taking it to the next level. :)

    Hope the girls feel better soon.

  61. Oh please that picture of Nella asleep on your Dad melts my heart!!!

  62. Aww, sweetie, I hope the littles are well soon and that Mommy gets some rest. A weary Mommy is a Mommy who can’t live up to her potential:)God bless and big healthy hugs to you all!

  63. I love the new art. I noticed in in the picture with your feet and the tree before you pointed it out. Very cool.

  64. Awww hope they feel better soon!! It’s sad when babies are sick :(

    So I just thought of you when I was checking out some cyber Monday deals. American Girl has their “photographer outfit” on clearance, which includes: A corduroy jacket with a button front and ruffled cuffs
    Wide-leg pants with embroidered details
    A wool beret with an embroidered flower in front
    Clog-style shoes to match

    It’s you Kelle! lol 😉

  65. you know what I love? I love that you put the Christmas tree right there. not along the wall. not right in front of the window. not with a baby gate around it. just right there! love it!

    sick babies are no fun. i hope they start feeling better soon!

    have a safe and awesome trip! and hey, at least you have lights up outside… my DH never gets it done…. :)

  66. Beautiful tree, beautiful home, beautiful girls, and beautiful Mama! Hope they feel better soon!

  67. Hope your little ones feel better soon! It’s no fun having sick babies . . . such a helpless feeling.

  68. Out comes the nurse in me, but have you taken Nella to the doctor to have her oxygen checked? I’m just saying from personal experience (I own my own pulse oximeter because of the higher risk for pneumonia kids with Ds have) that Morgan and lots of her buddies have had low oxygen without any signs (no blue color, no fast respirations, no fever) just a little fussy, harder time sleeping and a cough. Insist that her oxygen is checked because lots of peds first look for the signs of respiratory distress before checking. That’s the LAST sign with our kiddos. Hope everyone feels better soon and your house looks rockin’!

  69. Every once in awhile I go back to read Nella’s birth story. How incredibly far this journey has brought you in not-quite-a-year.

    Merry Christmas a little early.

  70. We’ve got headcolds and vick’s vaper rub highs over here too. (Am I weird that I just LOVE that vicks?)

    Hope that your girls are on the quick mend and that you and your boys stay germ-free and well. To immune systems and beyond!

  71. Try putting the Vics on the bottom of their feet, not sure why, but always helps my boy with the congestion.

  72. Oh, I hate it when my little ones are sick too. I feel so helpless. But it is also my favorite because it forces me to slow down and snuggle up with them all day. It is so fulfilling to comfort them.

    Do you want to know the BEST VICKS HOME REMEDY? I use it every time my kids get that cough that won’t allow anyone to sleep.

    Just rub vicks on their heels liberally and put socks on over. It is a miracle! The cough stops and everyone gets some much needed sleep. Hang in there.

    Your tree is beautiful!

  73. Nothing like the glow of the Christmas tree to get you in the holiday spirit. Sorry your babes are sick. That’s just the pits. Everything looked really festive and beautiful. Lovin’ Nella’s leg warmers. You have the most fun outfits for those girls. I’m thinking fashion designer should become part of your resume:)

  74. ” Everything your child remembers about these months stems from you.” I have thought a lot about this. And not just these months, but their whole childhood. It is very powerful and yet almost scary at the same time. It makes me want to be a better mom, to give my children the kind of childhood they can look back on fondly.
    When I think about this I cringe at the moments when I lost my temper with my boys, when I was too short with them, or when I was frustrated and just dismissed them. I can only hope and pray to do/be better.

  75. I wish you all better health and more sleep. Mamas are brave souls for their ability to take care of sick babies. It is one of the hardest jobs. :) Take a moment to rejuvenate, you deserve it!

  76. You are so awesome. Your awesome-ness inspires me!

  77. I cannot get enough of Nella’s turned-in toes. What I need to know is, How do you sufficiently stop yourself from eating those toes on a daily basis? I see them on the screen and my impulse is to put them in my mouth. Is that weird?

  78. Snow in Florida!!!!! Awesome!!
    You can never take Christmas too far…….well, unless your’e the Griswolds. LOL
    Hope babies get well soon!

  79. Love your Christmas Tree – I can’t wait to get ours! I have slowly started to decorate and just love this time of year. I hope Nella and Lainey feel better soon – it is not fun having little ones who are sick. I hope you are able to a little more sleep too.

  80. loving all your christmas decor, especially the fake snow! (i’m a florida girl too.) and i hope your little ones are feeling better soon… at least this is the time of year made for snuggling beneath the covers and around the tree!

  81. You’re rounding that bend… almost ready to come full circle… to have one year under your belt.
    Well done Mama.
    Hope your littles feel better soon. We’re right there with you… with two sinus infections, one ear infection & a big fat cold for me… tis the season indeed!
    Love that you have Christmas in full swing… this is the first year we are not traveling & I can not wait to get our decorations out & do it up right.
    p.s. Thanks for the pip & bean heads up… just ordered two capes for Christmas for my little superboys.

  82. I think it’s great that you want to go the extra mile with Christmas(fake snow in Florida…why not?!), it just makes it that more special to your kids, and believe me, they’ll remember the work you did. When I was kid, I lived in CA, and I remember one Christmas when my Mom and Dad left “snow prints” on the floor, from when Santa came. I still remember that memory. Good times.
    Your tree looks great, by the way. Oh, and your little Nella, tangled up in Christmas lights…I about died. Too cute for words!

  83. Love Lainey and Nella’s pictures, your beautiful Christmas tree and your Brother’s Art. Hoping your girls are feeling better today and that you have a wonderful family trip. :)

    ~Much Love~

    “How we remember, what we remember and why we remember form the most personal map of our individuality.” ~Christina Baldwin

  84. SUCH a Beautiful Christmas tree! My fav picture by far was the red ballon! Perfect!!

  85. Being able to huddle around a cozy fire, a glowing Christmas tree, (and the Vicks) just has to make it all better!…Hoping everyone is on the mend and on to enjoying this most magical time of year. Looks like you’ve set the stage for some pretty special memories!

    As always…thanks for sharing.

  86. That Christmas tree is glorious!

  87. love Lainey & Nella’s matching fleece pajamas :) Hope those sweet babies of yours start feeling better soon!

  88. I adore your decorations. And even more than that, your blog. And even more than THAT, your beautiful family. Thanks (so much!) for sharing bits of your lives with your readers:-). I hope the whole family is back to being healthy so soon.

  89. I adore your decorations. And even more than that, your blog. And even more than THAT, your beautiful family. Thanks (so much!) for sharing bits of your lives with your readers:-). I hope the whole family is back to being healthy so soon.

  90. Reading this entry about Christmas has helped a lot with my mind set. I’ve been struggling a bit trying to get geared up for it. I have an 11 yr old daughter and 2 yr old son. My mom who was 61 just passed away before fathers day this year from cancer and I feel like Scrooge. I don’t want to send out cards, or put a tree up or decorate anything. but I have to. for my children. Your post reaffirms this. Thank you again Kelle. I hope your wee ones feel better soon.

  91. how humbling this post is….you truly are blessed! …and how well do you fill those big shoes?! great job!

  92. Hope all of the sickness clears out soon and everyone gets some SLEEP! Have a great trip-wherever you’re headed!

  93. Man, everytime I have a bad day…I look at your blog and realize it’s all stupid, small stuff I get worked up over. Silly. Love these weekend pics.

  94. I’m sorry your girls aren’t feeling well! Praying they feel much better soon. What a beautiful tree you have!

  95. Your girls are sooo beautiful!!
    I love your blog :)
    Have nice day.

  96. So sorry to hear that your little ones have the funk! We also put up our tree this past weekend, and are marveling at our family’s collective look of wonder. We have a 14-month-old, so this is the first year that he’s really seeing Christmas, and oh how I love seeing those lights reflect in his eyes! Thanks for sharing :)

  97. There is alot I could say today. But really I just want to say “Thanks for being here today” for being the encouraging person you are. Today I needed that.

  98. xoxo,
    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  99. I love your new art and your comment about carrying the torch (I’ve never thought of it that way)! My poor baby is sick too, cuddling in my arms looking at your pictures as her eyes are drifting. I love the cuddling as she is now starting to take a few steps and is into everything that doesn’t require sitting still!

  100. Love your tree! And in that pic of tree gazing, I saw the art on the wall & thought to myself “That’s REALLY cool…” and lo and behold…lol Your bro’s stuff is wonderful, I love the lime green set on his site! Now I just need some cash…you keep finding things that are awesome & unique and I officially have a “wish list”!

  101. I just saw that I was one of the give away winners! Thank you SO much! Just sent you an email… Hope that everyone is healthy SOON!

  102. Love love love the pictures of Lainey and the Starbucks cup – we have the exact same one here and my little girl is obsessed with it. I got it for the tree in 2008 after she was born in December 2007 and I went back to work in March 2008 – she wasn’t a great sleeper and I drank more Starbucks that year than I could have imagined – so, it seemed the most fitting symbol of my first year of motherhood…It makes me smile now as my daughter proclaims it her “favorite” ornament on the tree! I hope that the colds are abating and that the everyone is enjoying a house filled with holiday – it certainly is a lot more fun with little ones!

  103. Hope your little ones are better soon! My little guys were under the weather last week. Lovely tree.

  104. Your Christmas decor is beautiful!! Looks like how Christmas should be. So sad the girls are sick! Vicks on the bottoms of their feet & put socks on them…it works wonders :) Hope everyone feels better & have some very merry Christmas memories!

  105. Absolutely gorgeous tree!!

    And snow in Florida? Crazy. We’ve already had our first huge storm here in Minnesota.

    Lovely pictures as usual. :)


  106. i am in love with your tree and all of your decorating!! i hope the babies are feeling better and you are getting rest soon. bradley just got on an antibiotic today, poor thing…ear infection and cough, yuck!!

  107. You always have an amazing photos ever!
    I love it all, Kelle!

  108. Totally love your Christmas Tree!!! And I agree about the traditions… I am loving being able to make our own family Christmas traditions our boys.

    Hope your wee ones are feeling better soon!

  109. Lots of prayers for quick recovery from the yucky colds going up! Your girls are blessed, though, to have such an attentive mama, and some of my best girlhood memories are of my mama caring for me when I was sick. The Christmas decorations are lovely!

  110. Hope the girls are feeling better soon!
    Beautiful, happy family photos.

  111. Poor babies! It’s just that time of year…though it’s hard to imagine getting a cold in Florida. Here in Kansas City though, where it started snowing today? Easy to imagine.

    If it’s possible, your home-ly Christmas traditions make me enjoy my own even more. Once again, thanks for sharing your beautiful life.

  112. Love, love the holiday pics! Motivation for me to start on our own house. How about some Holiday music in your Playlist? 😉 Love your blog!

  113. I found your site by accident and love all of the beautiful photos. My oldest daughter was born with spina bifida so I can relate a bit to having a daughter with special needs. (By the way, she’s 25 now, a college graduate and gainfully employed.) Your daughter was extremely lucky to be born into your family and I can tell you appreciate her for her.

    I had to write because your tree looks almost identical to mine and your attitude about Christmas is also the same, but what really threw me was the photo of the quilt on your couch – I could swear it’s mine. I have one identical to that – my grandmother made it many many years ago. Too funny. May you have a wonderful holiday season!!

  114. beautiful pictures….and you have beautiful babies…

  115. I hope your wee girlie are feeling better today!

    I love your Christmas tree! Our family will meander out to the tree farm this weekend to find the one for this year. I can’t wait!

    Love your brother’s artwork!

  116. Beautiful! It’s my first year with the holiday torch (my first was only a week old for it last year, we were just trying to survive at that point). Your words are so true!! Love your blog:) Happy Holidays!

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