Fight or Flight

Don’t ask me how, but somehow the stars aligned for us to be here and not there. Here, 236 miles from home and hugged against a swirl of waters right where the Gulf kisses the Atlantic and they marry and live happily ever after. There, a casual and overly kind reference to a place not as nice where plastic ankle bands are checked before skin is swabbed and poked and I hug and cradle and hope.


Nella’s cold took a turn for the worse Monday when a wheezy cough combined with a fever and vomiting, rendering a limp and lethargic baby who could barely lift her head from her mama to make eyes with mine and plead with her icy blue orbs to make it better. We ended up in the ER for chest x-rays and blood tests, and I spent the day clutching, whispering, kissing and doing a whole lot of thinking about how grateful we are that this is not the norm because, for some people, it is.

The only picture we took in the hospital because I couldn’t bear to peel her off my chest.

RSV test came back positive, and I know enough of both horrifying almost-lost-our-baby and Well-that-was-nothing RSV stories to comfortably settle between great concern and calm assurance. The thing is, hospitals are always alarming when you’re there for your child–even if you know it’s going to be perfectly alright. It’s a place where all the bumper pads of emotional protection and that-would-never-happen-to-us thoughts are stripped down and what’s left is the raw flesh of what-ifs.

And, in the land of D.S. what-ifs, whenever a doctor orders a CBC, for one tiny second, it grips you–that cancer fear. Because there are a lot of increased likelihoods in this world, and leukemia is one of them. And no matter how perfect and comfortable and health-problem free our worlds are, I think it looms there for all of us.

But the other amazement in all of this is the instinctive initiation of the Fight receptors in the sudden surge of Fight-or-Flight that ensues when your baby gets sick or your kid falls off the top bunk or your toddler slips into the deep end with a quiet splash, or maybe you just received news that your brand new baby has a genetic condition that makes her different. You fight, without even knowing it. You rise to the occasion. You jump in, save them, wipe tears, call doctors, hold compresses, pull yourself together and you fight like hell. As “minor” in the world of parenthood snafus as our trip to the ER was, I couldn’t help but recognize the fight that commences and the calmness that deploys. You just know what to do. You tell the What-if voices to shut the hell up, and you advocate for your child– attentively, fiercely, fully.

Turns out Nella is okay. A little wheezy and perhaps not completely herself, but thankfully, we were discharged after her fever faded and her tone returned. We’re on breathing treatments for a little while which is actually a cute little ritual, and she’s already on the upswing.


Upswings are considerably more enjoyable when they come with a little vacation. My dad and Gary have had a Key West trip planned and booked for quite some time and last minute, they had other obligations, so the poor little trip was all paid for and had no takers. Because we are selfless and felt so badly for the lonely little trip, we decided to take one for the team and fill the vacancies. We’re nice like that.

So here we were, discharged from the hospital, ankle band freshly clipped, and we’re cruising 6 hours down to the Keys. Roadtrips are always an adventure with snacks and Cokes and hauling down 41 with a nice game of Extend-a-boob happenin’ back in my seat. Brett’s mom looked back at one point when I was balancing over the center console, butt pressed against the window, shirt pulled up, right arm locked painfully into a brace that kept the carseat edge from slicing into my ribcage, and she just goes, “Now, that’s a picture.” I’m pretty sure I flashed her a few other times in my life and she seems to be unscathed.


And–maybe because I thought we weren’t gonna be able to swing this or maybe because the Fight receptors just clocked out and Flight’s up to bat–but the whole way down, I sound like an annoying tourist, overly amazed and awed by it all. ‘Cuz I’m all, “Oh, this is awesome” and “Look at that sun” and “Oh, a boat! A bird! A fish!” You would’ve rolled your eyes, I’m sure of it.


I don’t have my normal editing software and my laptop’s calibration is all ca-ca, so apologies if the color’s off.

We’re thrilled to have my M.I.L. with us–some Grandma time and family time and maybe, for the first time in a long time, Brett and I will sneak off for a night on Duval alone. Oh, who am I kidding…you’re never alone on Duval.

We stopped in Key Largo for dinner and Brett, being that he has a knack for finding these off-the-beaten-path hidden gems (that’s how he found Isle of Capri Fish House), scored us this quaint treasure of a place for dinner. Snuggled in this little nook off the water lies Sundowners, this low-key, sand-carpeted “naturesque” place where charming old street lights are buried in the sand and enormous sleek hand-fed tarpon emerge off the dock searching for scrap fish from the kitchen.



And the tourist within me goes on and on and on about how beautiful it was until I wanted to slap myself. No seriously, it was beautiful.


…especially this part:


And the little-boy-that-dwells-within emerged from Brett last night when he sheepishly asked the waitress if maybe we could feed the tarpon with some kitchen scraps, and she returned with a smile and a bowl full of neatly sliced raw fish, a pair of rubber gloves and a stack of wet-wipes. You should have seen his smile. Like he was six years old and just scored his first bike.


And Lainey matched his enthusiam for one great show of scratch-this-into-your-memory moments. Those sleek silver tarpon popped the water’s surface with a splash and sucked up that fish so forcefully, Lainey was a heap of laughter, and I was happy to see her entranced and fearlessly peering over the dock’s edge rather than timidly gripping the piling like my shy girl sometimes does.





And Little Bear enjoyed sweet potato fries and a nice salty mist that matched albuterol for an effective natural breathing treatment.




We almost didn’t get to come on this trip. And almost not experiencing anything makes it all the sweeter when it happens. Or maybe that’s just what unicorns say when they’re flying through rainbow prisms.

And because vacations are sweeter when you have cute things to wear, check out our new sponsor Elizabeth Street, a unique accessories and homegoods shop that includes beautiful gifts ranging from headbands and flowered pins to art prints and party decor.


We love our new headbands…


…and have some plans up our sleeve to use these at Nella’s First Year Birthday Party.


I can’t believe we are planning it. My girl’s first year…in less than two months. The theme…”Bloom where you are planted”. There will be growth and love and flowers…lots of them.

So check it. Use code “smallthings10″ and 10% will be taken off your total order!

EDIT: Forgot to mention that a random commenter on this post will win a $25 gift certificate, yay!

And today, we’re happy to be working with one of our favorite websites, Ohdeedoh. Lainey and Nella’s room tour (like Lady Gaga’s tour, only more pink, less pleather) can be found HERE.

There are cats and chickens somewhere on the streets of Key West calling our names. That and maybe a few drag queens.


I’ll take Mallory Square over the ER any day.
Grateful and rested and happy Flight is on duty.



Fly Away, and Happy Humpday.


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  1. I love the picture of you and Nella… You look beautiful. Nella too!

  2. Gorgeous!

  3. My baby had RSV when he was a baby- super scary! His vent was not nearly as cool as the one Nella is sporting!
    Have fun on your vacay!

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  5. I’m so glad that Nella is ok. Does she by any chance have similac? My friends baby ended up with the exact same symptoms and turns out it was related to similac. So so sad that other babies might be getting sick and it is till out there.

  6. I’m so glad Nella is feeling better. Enjoy your impromptu mini-vacation, you deserve every bit of it!

  7. Somehow I had a feeling that this little cold was going to be a bit more than a little cold for your sweet babe. (You know, as much as a total stranger can “have a feeling”.) I’m sorry you had to fight, but so glad it was a T.K.O. in no time.

    And my oh my, have I done the extendo-boob. You do what you gotta do, right? (Thankfully my exceptionally bashful british MIL was left behind in Memphis on our trip back to Houston. I don’t think her pearls could’ve stood that much clutching!)

    Have a wonderful trip.

  8. So glad sickness passed…nothing worse than sick child! Enjoy the time away!

  9. That pic of you and Nella smiling adoringly at each other is amazing!! So beautiful Kelle.

  10. Kel I love it. I love that becoming a mama makes you such a good fighter and no matter what people or doctors say a mamas heart always says “yeah, bring it. We got love and THAT will heal”. Love it Kel. Also, how nice of you to take one for the team and take your dads vacation!

  11. You cannot know how many prayers I have sent to heaven for you all…and that if it was God’s will, you might get away and enjoy some rest and separation from the frenzy of the everyday. And I prayed for our Nella…her health was more important than any plans or schedules. Her sweet recovery and return to herself was our miracle again. Relax, be present in your time there, fully feel every breeze, ooh and ahh over every rainbow shade in the sunset and love on your husband, your babies…yourself! Believe God is behind every perfect moment and He aligns the seemingly random selection of a restaurant on the way, He arranged the top level suite there, He chose the strangers you will meet by the pool. We are all so very blessed.
    Poppa prays from a heart full of gratitude!

  12. Glad to hear that Nella is okay after her visit to the ER. I love all the excited faces feeding the tarpon!

  13. Oh, and every time I see Brett reading now, I wonder if it’s Wikipedia! Just know, the feeding of the tarpon was arranged somewhere in heaven as well…maybe by Nella’s Great Grandpa and Grandma!!! These moments DON’T JUST HAPPEN…they are stirred and poured from heaven’s magical mixing bowl.

  14. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your writing and photography! I’m glad Nella is better and you could take the trip. My fav pic is the one of Brett and Lainey feeding the fish with great big smiles! That’s a keeper! What a memory!

  15. Awww, I am so glad Nella is ok and that you are all enjoying a nice vacation :) Beautiful photos as usual, thank-you for sharing!
    We will be celebrating my second daughter’s 1st Birthday in a few weeks, it is amazing how fast these little ones grow up.

  16. I can so identify with you…my little man had RSV when he was 9 months old. Absolutely terrifying. I don’t think I put him down for several days. How nice to have a trip to lovely Key West as an antidote! I’m sure the salty sea air worked wonders on those little lungs. :)

  17. Enjoy your vacation, get some rest, have some fun! Hoping and praying Nella is back to her sweet little self in no time!

  18. Today that spot looks absolutely dreamy to me.

    Glad to hear that Nella is on the mend, definitely the ER is a scary place to be no matter what.

    Lainey and the fish so precious! I can’t get over how much she has grown up lately. Her and Brett giggling at each = priceless memories.

    Thanks for sharing!

    :) Teri

  19. so so glad your little bunny is feeling better and out of that horrible ER. It’s like the ER brings all these silent fears and “super hero” feels we have crashing down and it leaves you unsure and crazy and scared. Good thing she has a momma to stick by her and hold her and love her. (:

    A vacation right now would be amazing, I’m glad you got yours. It looks beautiful just from the pictures alone, it must have been breathtaking in person.

    My prayers are with nella for a 100% recovery and to keep both your babies healthy, and all of your family’s!

    Happy hump day! (:

  20. An odd thought crossed my mind last night when I noticed my reader hadn’t updated your blog for a few days. I wondered if everything was okay in your corner of the world. I’m glad to hear you’re on the upswing. I just gave my littlest boy a breathing treatment less than an hour ago. Those are no fun. His is a chronic condition and we’re still not used to it. Enjoy your vacation! It’s always more fun when it’s a surprise – kind of like the snow day we’re having today! :)

  21. Talk about the ying and yang. Isn’t great when the universe balances it all out? beautiful images…obviously you don’t need no stinkin’ editing software! So glad that Nella is on the mend.

  22. I love the two photos of you and Nella laughing in the wooden chair. Simply breathtaking.

  23. I SO remember leaning over the center back seat, with one boob out, nursing Henry in the car as we cruised through rural Maine (isn’t all of Maine pretty rural?) I’m so sorry you had to go to the ER. We just went with Henry a few weeks ago for a fever that would not go away, coupled with cold appendages (I Googled the symptoms and it came back with SEPSIS OR MENINGITIS). You explained my feelings that night in the ER to a tee, my dear. It’s superhuman, what takes over you; this incredible fighter-mama persona. So happy Nella is doing better, and I bet that vacation helped her little soul push her little body into feeling better, faster.

  24. Glad little Nella’s OK!!! Key West looks divine, what a great gift after a struggle. I’m totally jonesing on “Bloom where you are planted.” It’s gonna be my new mantra :).

  25. So glad sweet Nella is on the mend!!

    What amazing pictures!!! Love them all, but the first bird pic – I just couldn’t stop staring at! :)

  26. As always, a beautiful post. I’m so glad Nella is okay and that you are currently enjoying yourself in Key West, that’s a nice ending to a crappy beginning!

  27. Your pictures are so beautiful!!


  28. Our entire family had RSV when my younger son was two months old. I’ve never seen so much thick green mucus in my entire life, and I hope to never again.

    I hope Nella gets better soon – from what I remember (nine and a half short months ago), it lasted about two weeks for us.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  29. Your always an inspiration. I partially live through you. You have a way with words to describe how I feel. My babies are sick too and you had me crying with the truth that my thoughts are repeated throughout the worlds with other moms.
    What beauty you enjoy!
    We made a float once for Bloom where your Planted. It one first place…as I am sure your little ones have done in your life.
    Thank Kelle for using your gifts to touch so many people.

  30. Oh, Nella! I’m so glad it wasn’t more serious–I so feel you on the ER visit front, the fight-or-flight; my oldest, Cordelia, was there on Friday morning and is still slowly recovering. Enjoy that much-needed vacation!

  31. Nella is still looking a little peaky, but so glad she’s ok. A sick baby is one of the scariest things in the world… And yay for a fantastic, unexpected holiday!

  32. i’m glad she’s feeling better. she’s a doll!

  33. Again, Kelle, you manage to speak to my soul. I hear you SO LOUD on the Fight or Flight response. It’s what happens when they tell you 20 minutes after your daughter is born that she needs to be airlifted to Sick Kids hospital, and no, you can’t go with her b/c you need to recover from your C-section. I swear, I about tried to get up and walk when I couldn’t even feel my legs.

    Fight/Flight is what happens when you go back and forth to HSC every two weeks for the first 6 months of your little ones life, seeing Pediatric Surgeons, GI Specialists, Cardiologists and Neurologists…and none of them can accurately give you an diagnosis.

    Fight/Flight is what you do when you are told your two month old needs surgery to relocate her rectum and large intestine, which will means she has to have a colostomy bag for the next 4 months, and then 30 minutes into that surgery the doctors find surgrey won’t fix her problem. And they STILL don’t know what’s wrong.

    I’ve been fighting for my daughter since the second she was born. I’ve clutched her to my chest as doctors told us over and over again that they just. don’t. know.

    I hear you Mama. Keep fighting.

    I will too.

  34. ACK!!! Once again you have made me fall to my knees…

    “or maybe you just received news that your brand new baby has a genetic condition that makes her different. You fight, without even knowing it. You rise to the occasion. You jump in, save them, wipe tears, call doctors, hold compresses, pull yourself together and you fight like hell. As “minor” in the world of parenthood snafus as our trip to the ER was, I couldn’t help but recognize the fight that commences and the calmness that deploys. You just know what to do. You tell the What-if voices to shut the hell up, and you advocate for your child– attentively, fiercely, fully.” as I read a sobbed…saying she freakin’ gets it!! Some of my dearest friends don’t call anymore, don’t come around, make short comments when I ask them to wash their hands…YOU GET IT!! You’re my dearest friend and you don’t even know it.
    We haven’t been been on any trips in the last 4 years that didn’t entail a trip to Philadelphia…but when that day comes to slip away and enjoy each other, it’s going to be a celebration.

    Thanks for once again making me feel like I am not alone!!!

    I enjoy taking your trips with you, through your stories♥

    HUGS friend!!!

    Valerie + Madigan

  35. Ok. I’ll admit it. I blog stalk you. :) When I was reading about Nella’s symptoms it sounded to me like RSV. So scary. We were just in the hospital with our little one for that.

    I’m glad she’s feeling better…and happy you guys could take that vacation. You need one after any hospital stay!

  36. Ok. I’ll admit it. I blog stalk you. :) When I was reading about Nella’s symptoms it sounded to me like RSV. So scary. We were just in the hospital with our little one for that.

    I’m glad she’s feeling better…and happy you guys could take that vacation. You need one after any hospital stay!

  37. RSV is nothing to mess around with. Glad you took her right in. It’s usually quite recoverable, but it scares the poop out of us, watching our kids being so sick. Hang in there. Thinking the best thoughts for Nella and all of you.

  38. Kelle,

    You uplift with every post that you make. Seeing pictures of your girls, especially Nella, warms my heart. I cannot tell you how BEAUTIFUL that little girl of yours is – she is simply stunning. You are blessed to be chosen as her Mamma and there is a plan for the two of you and your family that will reveal itself with each passing day.

  39. agh, this post makes me cry – it’s so beautiful and up-lifting – I am so glad Nella is okay. Enjoy your vacation.

  40. Poor little Nella, but she looks so cute with her little nebulizer mask ๐Ÿ˜‰ My girls did, and one still does, hate that thing! What a good girl!!

  41. I know from experience that extra snuggles make RSV go away much faster. ;0)

    Take care.

  42. Speaking of music…the Penguin Cafe! Can’t believe I’m hearing it here. My husband LOVES that piece. Took him lots of time and investigative work to track the name and group down after hearing it on a commercial years ago. Says it is the “happiest little piece of music” he’s ever heard. Think he has even greater respect for you now! :)

  43. What a perfect plan and spot to get that little Nella better! RSV is not fun. Our daughter had RSV at around the same age as Nella. Get better little punkin!

  44. I’m glad you were able to make your trip and sorry you had to go to the ER. My son also has DS and is now 6. He had lots of health problems as and infant so you’d think I’d be used to hospitals, etc. but it doesn’t get easier. In January we had to rush him to the ER barely conscious for what was diagnosed initially as pneumonia. It ended with an ambulance ride to a children’s hospital and thankfully only an overnight stay. It was later determined to be a severe asthma attack brought on by a respiratory virus. I was still terrified. In Aug. he had his 5th major surgery and we had to travel out-of-state for it because I couldn’t find anyone locally to help him. Being a mom has brought out the fighter in me and I am so thankful for it. I’m glad Nella is on the mend and have a great trip.

  45. How scary! I’m so glad Nella is on the mend. My 4 month old baby girl has a nasty cold right now, I am watching like a hawk for sings of RSV. It’s terrifying!

  46. My heart ached when I saw the little hospital band! I’ve never read so fast, just so I could get to the part when you said she was on the mend. Whew! So glad to hear it. Enjoy your vacation! Sending lots of healing prayers to little Nella.

    Your blog-stalker, I mean, avid reader,

  47. I’m so glad that she’s ok!

  48. Big smooches for Nella! Get well pretty one!!! *hugs!*

  49. I am so happy everything turned out okay for your Nella Bean. Our story was as rosey. What our doctor thought was Asthma when I brought him in for an inprompto visit due to wheezing; eventually turned into projectile vomiting, life flight was involved and after 6 months of chemotherapy my 1 year old had a stem cell transplant to keep the brain cancer away.
    We did meet a little DS girl named Keeley that has AML and she is such a doll. She is now in remission and is a little ball of fire!

  50. So glad that Nella is alright. Your post is wonderful (as always). But, what I especially loved is this:
    “Or maybe that’s just what unicorns say when they’re flying through rainbow prisms”.
    Best.Quote.Ever! :)

  51. I am so glad to hear that beautiful Nella is on the mend. I love the photos of your husband and Lainey feeding the tarpon. The expression of glee on their faces is priceless. What fabulous memories you are creating for your girls! Wishing your Nella continued healing and restored health.

  52. absolutely beautiful. I’m so glad Nella is better. I love this blog and your writing, images and spirit and family. at first, I thought, “wow, she would drive down the road with nella not strapped in”, and laughed to think of your nursing her in the car seat. that is amazing!!!

  53. ” You rise to the occasion. You jump in, save them, wipe tears, call doctors, hold compresses, pull yourself together and you fight like hell….”

    We are amazing, us Moms. We can do things we didn’t even know we could do. And, man, you captured that PERFECTLY.

    When my son was in the hospital for 120 days this year, people used to ask me all the time: How do you do it?

    I’m his Mom.

    And really, that’s it. and that’s IT. Its little and BIG all at once.

    Mom’s are amazing creatures, lovers, fixers, huggers, helpers and partners. We can heal booboo’s with a simple kiss, and, when we have to, we can move the entire staff of a hospital to take care of our children.

    Well done, Mom. And best wishes Nella for a speedy recovery!


  54. So glad that Nella is doing better! I bet that was so scary.

    I know that extend-a-boob position all too well from car rides to WI to see my family lol!

    Enjoy your trip!

  55. Hi Kelle! While most days your words and pictures leave me encouraged and inspired, today I was entertained. I could not stop laughing at the whole “extend a boob” dialogue! Oh my, the things us Moms do!

  56. I’m so glad she’s ok. Every mom of every kid with Ds knows exactly how you feel. It’s amazing how we just rise up and deal with all the situations that arise. (and that fear of the big “L” never goes away!) So glad you’re able to enjoy your get-away! Your dad has an incredible way with words – is he working on a book too?? Amazing that Nella looks that gorgeous when she’s sick! Enjoy!!

  57. It’s amazing how childrens hospitals have a way of making us understand what’s ‘real’ in life isn’t it…. I feel like telling people some days, if they are having a bad day to go visit one! They also teach us how to appreciate a healthy child….I’m glad gorgeuous Nella is ok.

    Beautiful post as always Kelle, you deserve a fine holiday! Cheers to you from down under, we are having an Aussie holiday and I’m loving it…just wish I had your camera skills! :) Enjoy
    love Diana x

  58. Dude…I know all to well the extend a boob thing over the car seat with your butt against the window and other car passengers flipping the hell out when they realized what I was doing…ah those were the days.

  59. I am glad to hear that Nella is okay.

  60. Goodness, I’ll say it again you are

    I just might remember this line forever and ever:

    “You tell the What-if voices to shut the hell up, and you advocate for your child– attentively, fiercely, fully.”

    well, that and “extend-a-boob”

    Hope Nella is feeling all the way better just as soon as possible.

  61. So glad that Nella is ok!!

  62. Nella’s smile gets me every time!! So glad she’s on the mend! :)

  63. Oh – love it. So happy you got away…that’s the best medicine sometimes. And I love the image of you nursing in the car while Nella is in her seat. I’ve done that many a time. I call it go-go-gadget boob. :)

  64. I’m so glad Nella is ok! You’ve captured the experience of suddenly finding your child in hospital perfectly.

    I knew nothing about Florida before I started reading your blog and now I want to visit.

  65. I’m so glad to hear Nella is doing OK. Love the pictures of the trip you took. People roll their eyes at me all the time. That’s just too bad! That’s just the way I am.

  66. I am so sorry to hear Nella has RSV . . . my first two girls were hospitalized with RSV for 6 days each . . . so scary!

  67. Oh Kelle~ I can’t tell you how many times my son has been hospitalized in his life. Too many to count. He has a disease where every cold is life threatening to him. And RSV and Influenza are even more deadly! I can’t tell you how many times I have stood by his side doing breathing treatments, suctioning, postural drainage and cough treatments. Even times I’ve seen him turn blue from a mucus plug getting lodged in his airways; despite my desperate attempts to help him. With his disease, it also makes starting an IV next to impossible and he usually has to endure multiple needle pokes. :( Even after this disease of nearly 15 years, it never gets any easier to see your child suffer like that and feel helpless. This time of year is difficult for me as I try to let my kids be active and be with their friends. But, finding that many times I have to say no in order to protect my oldest child from illness! Such a hard line to walk. All of this to say…I definitely know what it’s like and it’s no fun. :( My son is actually recovering now from a mild cold that left him sick for 2 weeks and even battling nightly vasovagal attacks.

    I love reading your blog and seeing the beautiful pictures! Hope Nella is feeling MUCH better now! Oh and I ordered my very own Sticks and Stones pictures!! Can’t wait to hang them up!! ((HUGS))

  68. It is always so scary walking into the ER. I am so glad Nella is better. My gosh she is almost 1 :) Have fun in the Keys!!


  69. My beautiful cousin who never wanted children is actually pregnant with her first and just got a call from her doc saying that her levels were super low and there is a chance that she may be having a baby with Down Syndrome. As I am sure you know, she is not taking this news lightly and is pretty much devastated. I let her know about this beautiful blog I read and how everything will eventually feel ok. Thank you for being that “ok” for her right now!!!!

  70. Oh wow… soooo scary… I was on pins and needles until I read that your little Nella was ok. What a scary visit. So so happy that she’s on the mend.

    Hooray for vacation!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  71. these are things to be thankful for! I’m glad to see Nella smiling :)
    Oh and Key West looks magnificent….especially in this snow.
    Beautiful Kelle :)

  72. Glad to see she is on the mend. Looks like a great get-a-way.

  73. Love all the pics and I am so glad Nella is feeling better! I know all about RSV and those ritual breathing treatments.

  74. I love going down to the keys. I have been lucky since my sister LIVES THERE! yes maam, full time! Anyways, there is a place we love to stop at and feed the Tarpons called Robbies.

    I hope you read this before you head back home and miss it. Its amazing! They give you a BIG bucket of fish and you can feed the HUGE tarpons! I would definitely make time on your way back up to go.

  75. Oh how scary . . . so glad for you and yours that this turned out to be one of those “not so horribly bad” RSV cases. And yeah for filling in vacancies!!

  76. I giggle at your acrobats to nurse on route… Totally been there!

    Lainey is looking like such a little GIRL! She is losing her itty bittyness. My oldest if 6mos younger and I really enjoy seeing what 6 months does- they get taller! :0( So glad Nella is feeling better and you got to enjoy your trip!

  77. glad all is well! get some rest <3.

  78. So happy to hear Nella is ok and you guys are relaxing on a mini vaca! Enjoy!

  79. Bless your heart. I am glad to hear the little buddha is doing better.

  80. SO glad she’s okay. That’s just plain scary no matter what.

    I can’t believe you are hangin’ at the beach and I’m up here freezing my hiney off. It was 12 degrees today. WHY GOD WHY??

    Loved the pics. I just bought my first ever fancy camera online yesterday. The Canon 60D. You were the reason for my purchase. My honey’s cursing you as we speak:) Can’t help it…your photos have changed the way I want to blog. Thank you as always for the inspiration.

  81. Take care of that little Nella. Our 21 month old has Cf and requires inhaled treatments daily so we know what you are going through. Hope she feels better soon…enjoy that fresh breath of air on your va-cay!

  82. So glad that Nella’s okay! Have a happy vacation! It’s freezing here in Iowa so I’m severely jealous of your tank top!!!

  83. It’s amazing what we are capable of as parents. This post brought back memories of enduring some of the most painful and fear filled days I’ve ever lived through while my son fought for his life in ICU. I must say, the FEELINGS are exactly the same, whether it be a case of RSV or in our situation, a congenital heart defect which cost my son his life. A parent worries and feels helpless when their little one is sick and it was with tears of understanding that I read your first few paragraphs and recalled my OWN feelings of despair as I sat by my son’s bedside, unable to do anything other than love him and pray that he would recover. I’m so glad Nella is feeling a little better and that you were able to enjoy your holiday in the clean ocean air. I hope you never, ever have to live through the pain of losing a child Kelle and it is so evident in your writing that no one knows more than you how lucky and blessed you truly are. Much love to your beautiful family and wishes for good health for all. xo

  84. Praise God your little Nella is fine. I hate those trips to the ER with the child that’s not breathing right. Our Jake,now 18, was there many, many times. You handled it well warrior mother, advocate. susan

  85. Glad to hear that Nella is okay. My littlest lady had RSV at 5 wks it was quite scary. I have to say she is looking mighty cute, I just love her in hats!!

  86. I gave you an award! Check out my blog for more info. Cherry on Top

  87. Your girls are so beautiful but Nella looks especially beautiful in these pics! Glad she is okay!

  88. This post took my breath away (no pun) because we as parents do know what to do when our children are sick. We may not know the cause, we may worry but we still put on boxing glove to advocate for our little ones. What we can’t cure medicine can…but was we can do is offer our little sick ones with much love, much hugs, much kisses and to be strong for them.
    You once again, captivated me with your words. You write so beautifully.
    The pictures? Totally an added bonus!

  89. Just a beautiful post! Love it!

  90. SO glad to hear that the bean is okay! My oldest had to be on puffers for a while. Was also tested positive with RSV at 5 months and then had surgery before 18 months. Talk about scarey times and pulling out every bit of strength in you to fight for your little. I hear ya! And then you look around those hospital room s and although you’re gripped with fear, you’re incredibly thankful it’s not worse. It can always be worse.
    I’m so jealous of your mini vacay! It looks magical. And you’re in Key Largo.. like the Beach Boys sing about in their Kokomo song? Cool. REALLY cool.
    Have an amazing time and enjoy every second of it. I know you will :)

  91. Nothing scarier than a baby in ER. Been there, done that, and don’t wish it on anyone. I was so excited when I read about Key WEst….I could hardly wait to scroll down and look at the photos. I’m making my first trip there in January…I’m so excited to visit, and will take any recommendations you have to throw my way. :-)

  92. oh my goodness, i am so incredibly relieved that Nella is ok. i have fallen in love with her from afar and know that she would be great friends with my daughter, who just turned 13 months. we call her Bunny, too. thank you so much for your thoughtful, poignant, and sweet musings about parenting and life. you have provided me with more joy than you will ever know, and have intensified my already boundless love for my little Bunny.

  93. Jana had phenomia Last February it was the longest two days of my life. I went through more emotions than when she was born. When they admitted her my heart broke. Every nurse and Doctor we came in contact with was shocked it was our first time at the Children’s Hospital. So then are fear was replaced with thankfulness. I lost count how many kisses we gave her. WE never left her side. Jason slept with her on his chest for two days. I had to keep reminding myself that I was seven months pregnant with Lanie and needed to calm down. I will NEVER take good health for granted again. Oh it also turned me into a germ o phob. I use shopping cart covers, place mats, instant hand sanitizer like it is going out of style. But that is ok. On Happy News MIss Jana started walking this week sweet baby steps 2, 4 and even seven times tonight:) Oh happy day. Kiss your sweet girls and I will pray they get better soon.

  94. So glad Nella is doing better. I’ll keep her in my prayers. Enjoy your vacation!

  95. Glad to see Nella Bean is on the mend….Your heart is not your own when kids get sick.. nothing else matters!!
    So nice to get away for a little vacay…good for you!!

    Brett is quite the navigator- love it!!

  96. So sorry Nella got RSV! But so glad she’s okay! Right there with ya on telling the “what ifs” to “shut up hell up”! Been there too many times with my Bennett. But that’s part of motherhood with any child, although I suppose a tad more with one that has DS.

    Glad you could get away though! Nella seems to be just fine! We have pics of B with his neb treatments too- pitiful but cute!

  97. I sure hope Nella’s on the mend. Wish my family and I were there with ya. Looks soooo relaxing!

  98. Glad your babe is feelin’ better! Nothin’ like a vacay to make the mama feel better too! Enjoy! Love the headbands!

  99. read the 1st half holding my breath and 2nd smiling, have a lovely break x

  100. So nice to see someone in beach attire as I sit in my drafty old house while it is 30 degrees outside! So happy to see Nella is recovering nicely. Peace.

  101. I’m so glad Nella is okay!!
    Beautiful pictures.

  102. i’m so glad sweet lil nella is feeling better!

  103. LOL Happy Humpday Kelle!

    I am glad Nella is doing better, and that You got to go on this getaway trip. Enjoy!
    Oh, I’m loving the new headbands!

  104. We’ve had those so scary but everything turns out ok trips to the hospital. RSV, pneumonia, dehydration, asthma. Like you, we are so thankful that these are not the norm for us. So glad your little sweetie is feeling better and that you were able to go on your vacation.

    “Bloom where you are planted” was the theme last year for my women’s group and I love the idea. It goes right along with life- all the hiccups, the little bumps, the realization that this is not what I had planned for my life but I’m jumping in with everything I have.

    And you, my dear, bloom beautifully where you have been planted! Hugs!

  105. Love Lainey’s boots…my son has a pair and will wear them all day inside until you ask if he wants to wear them out to play and he takes them off immediately! Kids! :)

    Glad Nella’s okay…we had it too and it’s not fun!

  106. I’m so glad Nella is okay and doing better. We knew she was a fighter and she wanted to go to the Keys for a get away. So glad you are enjoying some time with the family.

  107. LOVE those headbands. I wish I lived in FL too. Especially with a cold MN winter already upon us.

  108. I’m so glad Ms. Nella Bean is on the upswing! We have a lot of that cough / borderline if not diagnosed RSV going around the daycare right now. It’s truly gutwretching listening to these peanuts with wall shaking coughs and the doctor’s shrug it off saying “it’s just a cold”. It’s terrifying being left in charge of someone else’s little (times 13) who isn’t 100% healthy.
    Lainey looks like such a big girl standing on the dock in her jeans and boots! And I can’t believe either that Nella is almost one! Time flies!!
    And the picture you painted about feeding Nella on the go — PRICELESS!! My sister told me the other day that she had to feed my nephew this way… I thought she was the only one who ever did that… Guess not! LOL
    Enjoy your vacation!! It was very nice of you not to let that vaca go unused – but if you ever need help finding someone to take a free vacation – just let me know!! I can clear my calendar in no time!

  109. So Sweet!

  110. This post made my heart happy! So glad Nella is feeling better.

    Last year we took a road trip from Atlanta to the Keys. Our favorite spot was Bahai Honda, and I’d pack the car to get back down there again in a heartbeat. Have fun!

  111. Hospital trips are always scary! I’m so glad Nella is alright!
    It’s great to see your other daughter Lainey wasn’t scared of those fish, because I know I would be!

  112. LOVE the pictures of you and Nella on the beach chair…brought tears to my eyes actually. Glad she’s on the mend!

  113. Glad Nella is starting to feel better and you guys were able to get away.

  114. your girls are beautiful

  115. I hope all you wonderful commenters know you are like cherished family to ours. I sit here and read each comment and my throat clamps and tears run from my cheeks to the keyboard, magnifying each letter. Your words and your stories touch me so. Your love for my daughter and her precious family just overwhelms me. And most of all, to know we are all one human family who hold dear our children who are so exquisitely perfect and precious and leading us to the light. My heart is full. Thank you…every one.

  116. I am so sorry to hear that Nella was sick. My son was admitted to the hospital at the beginning of this month, and I know exactly how you felt. There is a terror mixed with Mama Lion protectiveness. I also know hoe you feel about the first year coming so soon. My daughter will be 1 in 20 days. I cannot believe how fast the year has gone! Your pics are beautiful as always!

  117. My little extra-chromosomed buddy was in the hospital for 5 days with RSV. It’s a nasty little bugger. I’m glad Nella is on the rebound.

  118. So happy Nella is feeling better. You, your words and pictures give me energy to do and be better. Thank you!

  119. Awe I love the fishy vents. My daughter has asthma and when she was little she used it too. Praying for Nella to heal up fast! ((((HUGS to you Momma)))) :o)

    Loved the pictures of Bret and Lainey feeding the fish! So sweet!

    Tell Poppa and Gary if they ever have a trip that needs fillin’ I’ll gladly fill it for them! :o)

  120. I’m glad that Nella is okay. A baby in the hospital is always a scary thing!

  121. Oh my heart. This brought back memories of our many ER trip with my Ashlynn who has DS. The good thing is our kiddos sure bounce back quickly :) Nothing beats the super powers of a mommy’s hug when your baby is sick.

  122. OH, the pic of Nella in the hosp just teared me up. So glad she is on her way up.

    Have a great vacation.

  123. So happy Nella is OK. We experienced RSV at one point years back, but nothing as scary as you described. Key West looks lovely! God bless!

  124. Thank goodness the hospital trip was a short one. Little Nella just wanted to keep things exciting!

  125. Glad your week is getting better! I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a getaway after the way your week started!

  126. oh lord you had me roaring at “extend a boob”… i am SO GLAD to know i am not the only one out there that has done this. i remember my husband looking in the rearview once and saying “oh my god,what are you DOING? is that allowed?” hell yeah it’s allowed. i’m the mom and i make the rules and my baby is hungry. ’nuff said.

    glad nella’s on the mend. nothing scarier than a sick love.

  127. Poor Nella :( Hope she is feeling better now. Good on you for taking one for the team ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy your vacation ๐Ÿ˜€

  128. So glad Nella is okay and everything turned out just fine! Beautiful pictures. :)

  129. I’m glad everything was alright! :) And loving the playlist today.

  130. Your girls are looking more beautiful every day!

  131. OH, I so remember those early winters when my little one with a chromosome deletion would be hospitalized. I couldn’t believe it when we finally got thru a winter without the hospital! Wish I had known you & the other special needs mamas commenting here, as we were going thru it! It does make you stronger and more resilient, but it sure helps to have someone who gets it, to lean on. Even now…
    my little (now 8 y/o!) girl will be having surgery tomorrow… should be no big deal, but still…
    So glad Nella’s on the mend!

  132. Hope Nella-Bella is feeling ah whole hella betta……lol. Your an amazing Mom Kelle! Enjoy the keys- thinking of you from snowy Idaho, Crafty Mama- Crystal

  133. I know the Mom fight mode and it always amazes me that I know just what to do. My Mom always said that I’m like a tigress with her cubs. Enjoy your flight time!

  134. so glad Nella is okay. She is such a beautiful little thing. :o)

  135. Hi Kelle,
    I’m glad to see that gorgeous Nella is all right now. It must have been a worrying time for you but as you so rightly said the fierce protective instinct sets in.
    Beautiful photos from your family holiday. I particularly love those where you’re all feeding the fish.
    I checked out Nella and Lainey’s room on ohdeedoh. It is absolutely lovely. The chandeleir is exquisite!

  136. So glad Nella is feeling better. Things I love this week – that Lainey wears her rain boots when everyone else is in flip flops, that Nella is always cuddled in her gorgeous blanket, and your beautiful pictures that make me forget the record rain fall in my area!

  137. Poor little peanut! Nothing cures RSV better than a little momma lovin’ and salty sea air :) Hope she is feeling better soon. Enjoy your family time and the free babysitter :)

  138. So glad that Nella is on the mend and you are having a nice mini-vacation! Love the headbands! love all the cute websites you are introducing me too!

  139. So glad to hear Nella is doing better!
    Love the pics, the one of Lainey and Brett feeding the tarpon is great.

  140. Oh, Kelle! I’m sos orry to hear that Nella was in the ER, but so glad to see that she is ok.
    How did Lainey react?
    Enjoy your vacation!!!!!

    You and your poppa are so special!!!!
    Love reading your words…..

    Can’t wait to see Nella’s birthday party theme/ideas. Can’t believe she is going to be 1.

  141. Gorgeous!! SO very glad your little Nella is Ok and getting better!!

  142. I can’t get enough of Nella’s smile…love, love, love!

  143. So glad you got to fly…

  144. So glad to hear Nella is responding well to treatment & that your ER visit was so brief. Enjoy family time!

  145. So glad Nella is feeling better…scary stuff! Love the pics! Have a great trip!!

  146. So glad Nella is ok. My little one had a respatory issue last month that landed us in the walk-in with treatments and x-rays. It is super scary when you feel helpless! Enjoy your vaca.

  147. So glad Nella is ok. My little one had a respatory issue last month that landed us in the walk-in with treatments and x-rays. It is super scary when you feel helpless! Enjoy your vaca.

  148. So happy to see that Nella is OK! How scary it is when they are sick….amazing how somehow we know when it is really serious eh?
    A beautiful adventure…I wish I could take trips like that!

    Stay strong little Nella, you beautiful girl!!

  149. Feel better Nella! A small vacation always helps a little sickness go away.

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  151. So glad Nella is feeling better! My little guy has Ds and when he doesn’t feel well he just lays on me all day. It has only happened a couple of times but it sure scared me. I love the pics of you and Nella together! Beautiful!!

  152. Happy Unexpected Vacation!!!
    Have a wonderful, body-healing time.

  153. So glad Nella is doing better and you are enjoying yourself on what looks like a beautiful trip.

  154. So glad your baby is doing ok! I agree with you completely and thank God every time we are waiting at the doctors for my daughter’s hip appointment how thankful I am for my kids health.

    We love headpieces over here so this would be awesome.


  155. Hope your enjoying the vacation :) it’s snowing the whole way up in pennsylvania!

    have a great rest of the week!


  156. My heart was in my throat as I read about Nella’s health scare . . . we had a similarly scary trip to the hospital and ensuing health issues that ate up the past month with our 16 month old. My prayers are with you for a swift and full recovery! Thank you for your beautiful post, yet again!

  157. So glad little Nella bean is ok. and so jealous of your vacay! here in texas it is currently 28 degrees…no good! I would love a certificate for a pretty headband!

    also, i LOVE your hair in this post…did you braid yours a pin it over? or is that a headband too??

    much love girlfriend!

  158. I just love it all! Amazing!!

  159. I love the pics of you and Nella on the beach. She looks so much like you there!

  160. Those two pictures of you and Nella are priceless! SO cute. Glad to hear Nella is on the mend…so sad to see them sick!

  161. So glad to hear that Nella is feeling better! Jealous of your trip. I love the Keys!

  162. Oh gosh! I am so envious as I love Mallory Square and Duval Street! The hubs and I were there back in August and it was bad A!

    Have fun :)
    ps go to sloppys and get on the live feed camereas!

  163. Love. Just love.

  164. Oh a getaway-just what you need. I am praying little Nella is feeling better and that Mama and Dada can get some well deserved rest after ‘I am sure’ some very long days and nights. May this getaway be what you need, give you energy for the the upcoming holidays, and may you let every breeze, sun ray and moment with the family fuel your heart and soul. Enjoy!

  165. Beautiful pictures! Hope Nella makes a speedy recovery!

  166. I am so happy your little is feeling better! These headbands are awesome!

  167. I am so happy she is safe and happy and healing. So happy. Have a wonderful trip! I love that you find joy wherever you go. Love it so much Kelle.

  168. Kelli, I’ve been to the Er plenty a time & the fierce momma takes over. It’s only later, if you let it, the fear could kick in…the what ifs & maybes. It’s not good to allow yourself to “go ” there. Enjoy your beautiful babies & stay in the moment

  169. I can relate to your scary RSV experience. We had to rush our almost 4 month old to the ER this past January for what found out later was RSV. There’s nothing worse than having a sick baby and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to make it go away, but just love on them! I’m glad Nella is on the mend!

  170. Enjoy the vacay! So glad Nella is feeling better. I can safely say that RSV is no fun -we dealt with it last year with our (then) 9 week old who was flown to the children’s hospital for a one week stay :( . I hope she’s better than ever soon!

  171. I’m so glad Nella is getting better, and thank you for the restaurant recommendation! It’s going in my Travel Journal right now!

  172. Oh, how I feel your pain, Kelle. My twin girls were born 3 months early and when Lindsay was 5 months old, she contracted RSV. One minute it seemed like a simple cold and the next I had her at the ER, they pulled her off of me, and ran with her! There was talk of intubating and my poor little baby wound up in the PICU for 7 days. Her twin, Sophie, joined her at the hospital a few days later. RSV is scary and even though your outcome was good, it’s still really scary any time your children are sick; especially, if they are prone to more serious complications.
    So glad that you guys could get away. You deserve it!

  173. I’m so jealous! Flordia looks so beautiful….and I LOVE the pictures of you and Nella on the chair next to the palm tree…so priceless :)

  174. We have a similar breathing treatment mask, ours is a purple dino. Although my little man didn’t take it quite as well as it looks like she is!

  175. I would give anything to be in the keys right now instead of Chicago! Your pictures are beautiful. NElla gets more and more beautiful everyday. She looks like a little lady. I can’t believe she is almost a year!

  176. My middle child had RSV 4 years in a row, we are very familiar with breathing treatments, he would never wear his mask. You are all looking beautiful!!!

  177. I’m so glad that Nella is ok, that is so scary. Love up Key West, we’re freezing here in Iowa! And the headbands are so cute, I’m going to get some for Christmas presents!

  178. We had three negative tests this week, and I have a hunch that maybe you’d understand my disappointed tears I tried hard, but unsuccessfully to hide from my husband. I know it seems silly to tell a stranger this, when I haven’t told anyone else, but you’re so amazingly’re on my list of people I’d like to have dinner with. Your family is achingly beautiful.

  179. My first baby was 17 months when she got the Rotavirus and we ended up in the hospital for 48 hrs. I think the hardest part was being hit with the reality that I will not always be able to protect her. I curled up with her on the couch in the room because I couldn’t stand seeing her in the hospital crib which strongly resembled a jail cell.

    We got through it and she was fine. But the sobering reality of the fact that no matter how good a mom I am, my kids are going to experience pain in their lives sticks with me.

    This, however, does not sadden me. It makes every healthy day beautiful. It helps make the ER trips tolerable. It reminds me that there is a God who is much bigger than I am, who knows more than I do, and, as hard as it is to believe, loves these kids more than I do. I give them to Him and pray I don’t mess it up while they’re in my care.

  180. funny I have been following you a while now.. and I realized Nella’s bday would be coming up soon. I love the bloom where you are planted.. Idea.. I think I will make something for you and her.. in that them.. 1 year.. how fun..


    This is the story about my son and his disease. Unfortunately, hospitalizations have become a way of life for us. We pray that a cure is someday found and that no more children will suffer the effects from this disease or lose their lives way too soon; leaving their parent’s arms empty. ((hugs))

  182. Love the headbands, and love those girls of yours! So happy that Nella is ok. :)

  183. I’m so glad that nella is alright and so happy that you get a vacation! Have a spectacular time. Your pictures and words are , as always, delicious. Heather

  184. I’m so glad Nella is ok!

  185. Oh so happy she is feeling better, sick babies just break my heart. Us mamas know just what to do but that feeling in the pit of your stomach sucks.
    Enjoy your trip!

  186. Hope Nella feels better soon!

    and because I’ve been so obsessed with braids this year, I have to ask if you braided your hair yourself or if it’s one of those neat-o braid headbands? Inquiring minds! ๐Ÿ˜€

  187. When our son was 2 1/2 months old he had a UTI and was hospitalized for two days. It was excruciating! I slept on a cot beside his bed while he slept and slept and slept. He had an IV in his head and he looked so helpless. It was so hard, but we made it through! I think hospitals make everyone feel uncomfortable, no matter whether you know everything will be okay or not. I’m glad Nella is okay! Hopefully she recovers quickly!

  188. I’m so happy you all got to get away despite the ER visit and all the ickiness that goes along with it. I’m happy to hear Nella is on the upswing, and Brett and Lainey look like they are having SO much fun feeding the tarpon! Those headbands are killer too. Have a great trip!! Enjoy the cool front!

  189. What a scare! So glad to hear that Miss Nella is doing just fine. That must have been quite a stressful couple of days – having a sick babe is no fun at all.

    I’m dying to know… how are the Target store brand diapers? I was standing there with a package in my hand last week (while visiting Ohio for the US Thanksgiving) trying to decide whether to get them or Pampers, and stuck with Pampers because I know they do the job well. But I LOVED the polka dots on the Target ones, and they were totally calling to me.

    Funny that you referred to Nella as “Little Bear”… that is the nickname I’ve given my infant daughter Brianna. :)

  190. Nella the super girl! Glad she is recovering and that you all are getting a lovely trip.

  191. Glad to hear Nella recovered quickly from her sickness. She sure is growing up fast. Starting to look like a little girl and not a baby.

  192. Thank heavens Nella’s alright! We’ll keep praying so that her health continues to grow! And what a wonderful and deserved vacation for you and your family! Lovely post, and what beautiful headbands, theres nothing better than an adorable headband to bring an outfit together!

  193. So glad this post ended with a happy smiling baby and a happy smiling mama, too!

  194. I just love your posts! I sincerely hope that Nella bear gets better soon! Those BT though do wonders :) We have been on them for8 months now and what a change!!!

  195. I’m happy to hear that Nella is feeling better- a beach vacation will make anyone feel better!

  196. I’m so happy Nella is doing better. She’s even got a cute breathing treatment machine :) Hooray for a little family vacation!

  197. so glad nella is feeling better! Go ahead you deserve a vacation!!!

  198. Poor little bumpkin! So glad she’s on the mend. Love the pictures of your trip, looking at them as I zip my fleece a little higher and tuck the blanket around my knees…slight twinge of jealously, only slight ๐Ÿ˜›

  199. What a blessing this vacation will be for the family. Rough couple of days with the girls so sick and lack of sleep. Ugh. My little man had a case of RSV too – everything will be okay. :) Love the pic of you and Nella together – you can tell she ADORES you! Much fun!

  200. I’m so glad Nella is doing so well! I have to admit that I had to stop reading and come back after getting the kids to bed to finish. The positive RSV test made my stomach drop.

    My almost 10 month old boy was born at 34 weeks surprisingly healthy after my water broke 4 weeks earlier. He was breathing on his own and jaundice was the only thing that kept him in the NICU for 18 days. A week after coming home we landed in the ER with a hacky non breathing baby. RSV. The stuck him on a jet without me and flew him 3 hours away back to the NICU in Birmingham. I was a MESS having to drive up there at 730pm to be with him.

    This time he couldn’t come out of his little plastic box. He was on high oxygen and his chest caved in when he would try to breathe. I ended up rubbing all of the hair off of the top of his head because I wasn’t allowed to hold him when he cried. We did that for a week and a half before he was cleared to go home again. Now we have the nebulizer with a cute fish mask because every time he cuts a tooth he gets hella congested in the chest.

    Your post brought me back.

    On a lighter note, I love vacations and I can not wait to see what all is in store for the first birthday! I’m a little bit in shock that in a couple of months I will have a 1 year old. Where did the time go?

  201. Loved this post. That restaurant looks amazing! Glad you all got to go!

  202. There is nothing worse than a sick baby. Both my boys were on a nebulizer off and on their first few years. When they outgrow, we’re having a bonfire baby to burn that sucker!

  203. The wonder of your mama love continues to amaze, humble, and inspire me to be a better mama to my babes every day.

  204. Oh I’m sorry to hear little bunny was so sick but so glad that you had a mini-vaca….much needed I’m sure! My oldest is 8 and just now getting over pneumonia and my littlest is 3 wks younger than Nella and had RSV at a month old…We’re planning the 1 yr birthday too and wow, I can’t believe the last year has flown by so quickly!

  205. We had a bout w/ RSV when my littlest was only 3 months old. My hubby is a physician and I am a “retired” pediatric nurse and it was the scariest thing we’ve encountered. Something changes when it’s YOUR child. So glad Nella is on the mend! <3

  206. OMG, I am glad that Nella is ultimately fine. Geez, scare the pants off of us too!

    Looks like you’re loving your hump day. Thanks for sharing warm breezes (I think it’s 30 something tonight). And I’m excited that your “planting” your next party. I can hear your tail wagging….

    Peace out.

    Jennifer from Annapolis

  207. My parents are also in Key West this week. Nothing Beats a little Duval Street and a beer at Sloppy Joes.

  208. I am so happy Nella in on the mend!! :) My baby girl (my first and only…for now) will be one in just about 2 months as well. That was a fast year. Thank you for sharing your story and for the constant reminder to “Enjoy the Small Things.”

  209. Reading the beginning of this post made my heart skip a few beats. I lost my brother to leukemia in January and tonight was my dear friend’s viewing. Cancer took her at just 14 years old and I am blessed to have been her ‘big sister’ while she helped heal me from the loss of my brother. Spending so many years around pediatric cancer patients I have known baby D.S. children and babies with cancer. I am glad Nella is okay. It is a huge sigh of relief. I read every day and if I met Nella today I’d take her into my arms like she was a part of my family.

    I am so glad that your coughs and colds will go and you will have smiling Nella back soon.

  210. There’s a saying that goes:
    “A mother’s heart is only as happy as her saddest child.”
    I know that to be so true, as I have seven children–one of whom has special needs. When any of my babies are sick, I am as raw as I can be–my mother-heart is as fierce as it is fragile.
    So glad Nella is feeling better and you got to recupe at the beach, the land of my birth.
    So fun to see you wearing bathing suits…I live in Colorado now, and it was 22o this morning. Brrr-freakin-cold!
    Can’t wait for Nella’s big birthday–you are one heckuva party momma!

  211. Love the headbands and glad Nella is on the mend!

  212. RSV snuck up on my daughter when she was about Nella’s age too. Scary stuff.

    Hugs mama bear.

  213. glad nella is doing better, the boys have a “duck” as well. :)

    yay for spontaneous vacations and selfless children that help their parents in their times of need.


  214. Thank you all for the beautiful well wishes and kind words. Nella is doing awesome…army crawled about 20 feet in less than a minute this afternoon, after her sister’s doll. Less wheezy, more smiley.

    Sarah McK–I’m so sorry. It is a valid pain I understand. Best to you!

    And my braid is a fakey…one of those teeny-bopper headbands from Claire’s because a braid with my fine hair would be miniscule.

  215. Beautiful girls and family!

  216. So relieved to hear that Nella is okay. Enjoy your trip.

    Hugs! :-)

  217. Just wondering, for the prevention of RSV, has Nella had the Synagis injections? Hope she feels better soon!

  218. i hate, hate, hate when my girls are sick. i would be sick for them any day! your pics are still absolutely gorgeous even without editing!

  219. I adore your blog. You have a way with words and I appreciate your blogging. I love this KW post because I met my husband in KW. Best drag queens and sunsets ever. Get a cuban coffee when you’re there and while you’re at it some cuban food. El Siboney is the best!

  220. Oh, poor Nella. :( So glad she is doing better, it is NO fun to see little loves like that.

    I’m planning my daughters 1st birthday party right now for December 11th. It’s so bittersweet.

  221. oh, little nella, so glad you are on the mend!

  222. So glad Nella is feeling better, very scary having little ones sick, but for me anyway, more so my extra special little. He was treated for croup Friday, then took him back in yesterday because he still wasn’t himself, and now has ear infection and thrush-from the croup treatment. Poor baby got a shot and has to take to medicines! Take care!

  223. I love that Nella’s breathing mask has a little face on it, totally cute. I know I have probably said it before but, thanks for being so real I so appreciate that you share so earnestly.

  224. o, enjoy the flight. soar. ride these lifts with your arms wide open. it’s the victory dance for mamas and papas everywhere after a good and righteous throw down for the sake of the precious babes.

  225. Very relieved to hear Nella is OK and jealous of your little getaway! Lovin’ me a new headband or two :)

  226. My son had RSV and was originally diagnosed with a bad cold but a negligent doctor. I found him blue and barely breathing a few hours later when my mama instinct kicked in and told me to check on him during his nap. You are right, when these things happen, we fight and advocate and do whatever we have to do. It is in the aftermath, the hours after you know they will be fine that your hands shake and you shed tears thinking of the what-if’s.

    Nella is beautiful and just perfect. I am so glad she is ok and feeling better.

    You are an inspiration and I love your blog!

  227. I’m glad you were able to go on your trip! Beautiful pics as always!

  228. Oh I hope your Nella is recovered ASAP> I love the photos of you and her in the chair.It looks like the best treatment for any baby, a Mother’s love!Hugs and happiness to you all!

  229. I am soooo glad that Nella is okay :) I hope you and your family enjoy your vacation!

  230. I always enjoy your blog and your pictures. I feel like I know your precious little girls IRL! So thankful that Nella is OK – God had His hand upon her and I know that you are so relieved!

  231. OH I’m so glad to hear Nella is feeling better and didn’t get you down too bad. RSV is brutal!

  232. My heart sank as I saw the hospital pic but soared when I saw you guys smiling at each other. I even got misty. Thanks for sharing your beautiful life with us!

  233. I’m so glad that Nella is okay and your pictures are beautiful despite the photoshop!

  234. Ha ! I think Brett was way too excited about feeding the fish….love his faces. My husband is exactly the same…all little boys forever.

  235. This is my first time commenting as I’ve just found your blog this week. I love reading about your beautiful family and can feel the love you have for them. I’m so glad Nella’s health is on the mend. What a beautiful child she is!

  236. Oh I’m so so glad Nella is doing better! I saw those first two pics of her before I started reading and my stomach dropped. Hope you have a great relaxing time the rest of your trip!!

  237. Nella is such a happy baby! So beautiful.

  238. Glad Nella is feeling better, and seriously laughed out loud at the extend-a-boob game!!!

  239. When I read RSV my heart stopped… has been almost 1 year ago to date that I learned all too much about this dreaded virus. I am so happy to read that all is well.

    xo, Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  240. Happy to hear everything is okay with Nella! The mini-vacay looks fabulous!

  241. Oh have a wonderful time Kelle! Blessings to you and little bear!

  242. Couldn’t stop thinking about Nella;
    My nephew is so used to his breathing treatments, I still cry when I see how willingly he sits & holds the mask to his little face.
    I’m so glad she’s better. The pictures are amazing Kelle, especially the ones of Brett & Lainey on the dock. Hope all of you soak up the healing rays of sunshine & salty sea air & come home refreshed & good as new.
    By the way, can I say that I just adore Poppa. What a precious soul.
    Love to you, Poppa. You uplift us all.

  243. Oh kelle how scary! My daughter had RSV at just 3 months old it was very scary her’s got pretty bad and we spend 6 days at our local childrens hospital. God bless you and your beautiful family

  244. So glad that Nella Bean is doing better! There is nothing that can tug on a mother’s heart strings like a sick baby!

    Enjoy the rest of your little vacay! What a selfless thing you and your family are doing for Poppa!! :-)

  245. I don’t think I could capture in words how awesome your blog is. It’s just excellent.

    The headbands are adorable!

  246. seriously. two months huh?
    i think i caught your must-plan-birthday bug.
    because i’ve been planning finn’s birthday for um. quite a bit of time now. though i’m finally just admitting it. to you. in a comment. you are totally invited.
    b/c dude. MN in january trumps FL beaches and sand and fish and sun.
    (or maybe i’m just trying to convince myself.)
    enjoy it mama. i’m told this fight/flight thing never ends when it comes to your kids.
    would you have it any other way?

  247. Those ER visits are scary. And us Mamas do jump into Superwoman mode and fight right along side our littles. So glad that Nella is feeling better and sharing that oh so beautiful smile of hers with all the chickens, cats and drag queens she’ll meet in Key West.

    So glad you and your family took one for the team and filled the vacancy. Looks like unicorns are jumping rainbows over there!! Don’t ya just love it when hubbies turn into kids and their laughter is just as contagious and your Mama jaw is burning because of your own constant smile over all the excitement!! I believe that, one of the healthiest most priceless gifts we can give our children is the magic of laughter…the kind that matches their…pure and innocent. And it looks like you Hamptons are filling up your days with alot of laughter. Thanks for sharing.

    Kelle, You are a beautiful, precious, giving soul…I am blessed to have found your blog. You continue to teach the important lessons of life in your “enjoying the little things”

    Happy Flight to you Kelle!

    PS Love the theme for Nella’s 1st Birthday (already?)
    “Bloom where you are planted” perfecto!


  248. We went through scary RSV with our third, once when he was admitted to the hospital and once we just had to go back to using the nebulizer. So scary … they’re so small and helpless, and before they can talk they have no way to communicate how hard it is for them. Ohhhh, this took me back. I wrote one post about our experience with Jake when he was admitted … you can read it if you’d like. So glad Nella is on the upswing!

  249. So happy Nella is ok. I’ve been in that fight mode too many times, and each time I never realized I was in it until we were discharged and the enormity of the situation hit, while driving home. Our babies need fighters.

  250. We just finished breathing treatments too :( Glad to see she is feeling better and full of smiles :)
    What a great thing to have after an trip to the ER…a trip to somewhere beautiful.

  251. This blog moved me, touched me, and inspired me, (as your blogs always do). In fact, it led me to write this: Sometimes when I read your blog, I wish our lives would’ve intersected in a way that would’ve allowed us to be friends. I feel like I could learn so much from you.

  252. Love the first photo of Lainey and Brett feeding the silver tarpon. You can not tell which one is more excited!! What an awesome daddy.

  253. Beautiful baby Nella so so glad you are getting better!

    I thought I was off in my head-thoughts when I started reading the blog as this song is very often the backdrop to my mental musings. Excellent choice in tunes!

  254. The last picture of you and Nella together…melted my heart and made me cry. I have looked at my daughter like that. I have shared THAT moment, when it’s just together time. The time where you know your heart will never be free, from the chains of love…and you never want it to be. It’s in moments like this that anything is possible…

    X’s & O’s

  255. Thank you for the loveliness you bring into my life. It makes me recall the times with my little ones now big and those were precious times indeed.


  256. so glad Nella is OK! that can be so scary! love the pic of her on your shoulder. just beautiful!

  257. So glad Nella is doing better. Enjoy your time away.

  258. Ah, full circle. Or semi-circle, maybe… ๐Ÿ˜‰ My precious daughter #3 was born Jan. 12 of this year and I remember sitting in the hospital when I found your blog. Eight weeks old and 6 nights in the hospital with RSV. I really needed your perspective that night. And it turns out, my little girl just wanted some one-on-one time with her momma. Thanks for sharing your rainbow prisms… :)

  259. Adore vacations. And the Midwesterner (Ohio) in me, longs to live in Florida. One day . . .

  260. this is just a lovely post. you are a lovely little family. ♥

  261. Your words always take my breathe away and leave me with a lump in my throat. beautiful.

  262. Glad Nella did well fighting against RSV. As a pediatric nurse, I can’t believe the RSV season has already begun. Get those baby boogers!

  263. This is my very first comment on your blog! :) Although I have been a long time reader. You have a such a beautiful family!

  264. Lmao @ extend-a-boob. Definitely a crowd pleaser in our house. I’m so glad Nella is ok. rsv is nasty business. My itty bitty is turning one days after yours and I still have no idea where time went and there will be pinwheels at our “pink” party too.

  265. I am so happy she’s alright & that you got such a huge slice of happiness after the trip to the ER. Great post…and I am LOVIN’ the pics of you & Nella together.

    Have you heard Katie Perry’s song “Firework”? …

    “You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine
    Just own the night like the 4th of July

    ‘Cause baby, you’re a firework
    Come on, show ’em what you’re worth
    Make ’em go, oh
    As you shoot across the sky”

    That’s for shining like you do, Kelle!

  266. Oh that picture of you and Nella, just too sweet! I love it!!

  267. I am so happy that your sweet baby Nella is feeling better.

    Enjoy your vacation get-away to Key West and don’t apologize to anyone for sounding like an annoying tourist because those born under a rainbow just seem to know how suck the marrow out of life/moments better than others and aren’t afraid to show it! :) And enjoy your date night … always fun!

  268. Bless her little heart! So happy to see Nella smile at the end of your post. My son, Jeff, had RSV at the age of six months. We spent two nights in Children’s Hospital in Detroit and I can see him rolling around and smiling (in between treatments) in their net-covered crib like it was yesterday. Jeff is 19 years old now and away at college. He is still my “smiley boy” (guy!), but my gosh…it goes by fast! Enjoy your precious babies and enjoy that vacation, too!

  269. aww, nella! poor baby in the ER, having to have blood drawn and all. glad she is OK and feeling better. that looks like such a wonderful vacation! :)

  270. Oh my gracious. I cried when I saw the hospital bracelet and couldn’t read fast enough to find such relief that Nella Bean is ok. I feel like I just watched an amazing tear-jerker happy ending movie. Oh I’m so relieved. And the whole description of the backseat nursing was hilarious and perfect only because it felt like you maybe had be a fly in our car on a family trip. And I always lock the back car door when I’m nursing carseated babe b/c I have this mental picture of the door somehow flying open and me and my floppin’ milk jugs flyin’ out the car door. Talk about tragic for my litlte man if he had to witness that. Pahaha. Anyway, thank you thank you thank you…I can’t say it enough. I will be praying for Nella and her recovery and for you as you care for her and snuggle that RSV out!

  271. So glad to hear Nella is okay! My son was admitted this summer for a severe case of croup. Scariest experience as a mom so far. There is nothing worse than that pit in the center of your gut when your baby is sick and you feel helpless…and nothing like the feeling of complete relief when they’re better again.

  272. i know you already know but…your girls are absolutely beautiful! i was laughing out loud at your breastfeeding during your road trip. you explained it so well, down to the way you try to spare your ribs by stuffing your arm between your body and the painful carseat. everytime i had to do that i was always amazed at how far my boob could really stretch…freakishly awesome!!

  273. I’m so glad little Nella is doing alright. Being in the hospital is never fun. I wish you good health the rest of the holiday season!

  274. The picture of Nella laying there in the hospital brought not only tears but a flood of memories of when my little boy had to have surgery when he was only a month old. The muscle leading from his stomach to his small intestine completely closed off. It took a little over 2 weeks for a doctor to finally find out what was wrong with him. That was 2 whole weeks of his life he went without eating, without sleeping. My heart would break every second I heard him cry, every second I knew there was nothing I could do to help him, every second I watched him get weaker and weaker. We fought through many sleepless nights, him and I. But I’m so thankful for the doctors, nurses and surgeons that helped my little man.
    So I fully understand what you mean by sitting in a hospital thinking about all those what ifs. Two months later I still think about what ifs…I mean, what if they never found what was wrong? Would I still have my little love laying here in bed next to me? And then when I look over at him and see that big ol’ gummy bear grin of his all those thoughts float away and I fall head over heels in love with him all over again.

  275. So true! for us I have on a mat with my littles foot prints is “we will bloom where ever these feet are planted”
    Thanks for sharing you adventure

  276. I always feel like my comments get lost in the shuffle of 500 other people telling you how amazing your words are and how we all look up to you so much. But here goes! Sorry Nella is sick, we have had many ER trips with our little man and it never gets easier. Its like you get home and it was all in a flash, you can run on auto pilot like a pro.

    I had to laugh out loud because I have done the extend a boob a few times and my husband always teases me! It gets the job done, never mock what works! You go mama!

  277. oh kelle, I am so glad that nella is ok, and that you have gotten to take a sweet little break away as well. you have this wonderful way with words that takes what we are feeling in our hearts and the courage to put it out there into the webiverse and it brings together mumma’s and babies all around the world. your words on fight and flight were just how we reacted when our Ella was born 10 weeks premature and needed heart surgery at 3 weeks. Its so true, you button down the hatches, put your head down and fight like crazy for whatever the hell your baby needs. we have never met you, we live on the other side of the world, and yet we love you sista, and your beautiful family tht you share with us, and we are sending a whole lot of love for your nella kitten and lainey love too. Enjoy your minbreak!

  278. It really is amazing how a switch just flips when our kids are sick. I said some things I never thought would come out of my mouth- to a nurse of all people- when my little guy was in the hospital. I’m happy to see everyone is getting better! Everyone out here in CA has a nasty cold too!

  279. Reading this from underneath my blanket on a very chilly Alaskan night, and your pictures warm me up and make me dream about a vacation somewhere warm and beautiful!

  280. I’m glad Nella is okay.

    Looks like you guys are having a wonderful vacation :)

  281. Oh my. So great.


    I gave you a Style Award on my blog. I know, I know, your too busy to play the “tag your 8 fave blogs!” game but how was I supposed to not pick you????

    How indeed.

    You just need to know your changing how I see motherhood and style. In a freaking good way.

    Also, your musical taste makes me think we are 2nd cousins or something.

  282. so glad to see the photos of nella all smiles as the one of her in the er had me in tears.

    we too are planning a 1st birthday- and that also has me in tears. where has time gone- 2010 is over quicker than it began

  283. Hey! I’m random ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m glad Nella’s on the upswing. My 6 year old had pneumonia several weeks ago and I was terrified of my 6 month old catching it. Salt and sun sounds like a wonderful addition to the prescription concoction to me!

  284. Your beautiful girlies blow me away truly they are both stunning. Love Nelle in her Little Crochet Hat. Oh and this…And almost not experiencing anything makes it all the sweeter when it happens. Or maybe that’s just what unicorns say when they’re flying through rainbow prisms…is the best I have read in months.

  285. Oh Kelle…I am so happy Nella is ok. I think that, as a mummy, no matter how optimistic and glass-half-full you are in life, sometimes these things can knock you for six and it’s human nature to think “what if?” But the world is full of colour…only have to look at the key west pics to see that. The grey is forgotten. Happy holidaying my friend. -x-

  286. So sorry for little Nella. I know how those breating issues frighten us moms so much. We have that same breathing mask, but unlucky for us, my little guy was so frightened of it. The 10 minutes on the inhaler were pure torture every time. He’s gotten bigger now and thankfully it’s not as bad when he needs it, which isn’t often.

    What a great get-away. I live in Seattle, so I try to get warm through your photos. We had snow here for Turkey day and it’s only a little warmer now. Brrr…

  287. I hope Nella recoops VERY soon. LOVE the headbands :)

  288. Poor Nella and poor you. Glad she’s doing okay. Enjoy your vacation. looks wonderful.

  289. Poor bunny–glad everyone is doing better. Being in the hospital is so hard for the little ones and mom. Andy never got RSV, but we used to end up in the ER with croup. The treatment was usually pretty simple–steroids and epinephrine, but a few times were very scary. Fortunately, he seems to have outgrown it. Since kids with DS have smaller airways, they are sometimes more prone to croup in the early years, but, otherwise, he’s been fit as a fiddle :-)

  290. So sorry to hear you were in the hospital but so happy to hear that Nella is on the road to recovery. And your holiday destination looks divine! Boy, I’d love to be there right now. We are snowed in! And being the UK, we are not equipped to deal with it at all! Luckily, I have some craft projects up my sleeve to keep C busy! Take care all of you. Sx

  291. So glad to see your time ended on a happy note and that Nella is doing okay! Your posts always make me want to go snuggle on my own babies some.

  292. So good to hear Nella is feeling better. How scary! Poor little thing. I can only think of my daughter getting sick and I feel heartsick about it. I hope you never have anymore trips to the ER and many more last minute vacations! Great post :)

  293. SO TRUE: sick babies, mama instincts, ERs, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT…how awful! And the sweet “life is good” that follows when all of the “what ifs” are quieted and we settle back into the magnificent mundane of everyday. Glad to hear Nella is feeling better, and that her mama has a healthier baby to snuggle closely on beautiful beaches.
    Yay, Lainey for boldly embracing the spotlight!

    And, how nice of you to give that poor little trip some vacationers…Enjoy!

    P.S. – I have a crush on Brett’s spontenaity and “off-the-beaten-path” adventurous personality!

  294. Enjoy your little R &R, you deserve it! Capture all the memories you can :)

  295. Poor baby. Poor mama. So glad she’s better. And what a lovely getaway.

  296. Glad to hear all is well for your gorgeous little bear.

    Your pictures remind me of how beautiful Key West is (note to self: add to vacation list again.) I know you say you miss Michigan sometimes, well I am happy to report, southern Michigan got its first official dusting of snow last night :)

    Happy December.

  297. How fun to be able to take mil along with you on your trip. Some of our best trips have been when we’ve taken our parents with us! The pictures are beautiful…as always! Love Nella’s sweet smile.

  298. So glad to hear that Miss Nella is on the mend. Enjoy your time in Key West – it looks spectacular! :)

  299. Extend-a-boob!!! ROFL

  300. really happy to hear that Nella is ok.

  301. The shots from your trip are so beautiful. I think anyone in their right mind would have gushed like a tourist. It looked so lovely!!! You and the family deserved every moment of joy. God Bless!

  302. Bloom where you are planted… and I adore the pinwheel:)

  303. I’m so glad Nella is alright and you were able to have a little getaway. Key West is beautiful!
    I just love those headbands as well. They are adorable!

  304. I have to admit, as much as I love where I am right now, your warm and sunny photos of shorts and tank tops in the Florida Keys made me just a tinge jealous. It’s been snowing here in Edinburgh for five days straight now, and the novelty is wearing off in the midst of trudging through a foot of snow to take exams and turn in essays for my Master’s degree. So, if you can, take a little moment for the North Carolina girl in Scotland and let that Florida sun kiss your skin for me, okay?
    Oh, and I’m glad Nella’s on the mend. :)

  305. Love it!

  306. Hi Kelle! I am so glad that Nella is on the up and up. It is such a scary,heart wrenching thing to have to see your baby in a hospital. What a perfect getaway.I am sure it was just what your family needed:) Oh,and the extend a boob? LOVE IT!! I have done that many a time on the road with my little man.Sometimes you just need to get er gone haha!!Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!xo

  307. Hugs to you and Nella. My son had RSV last Christmas at 5 months old. Very scarey. Though I do admit they are so cute with their masks on while getting treatments. Enjoy your vacation!

  308. so glad your sweet baby Nella is alright. my kullen had to do the day/nightly breathing treatments and i too, thought it was pretty cute :)

  309. I remember days of breathing treatments, mine had cronic croop when little. I’m sorry you had to go throught that. But you did what any good mama would do, loved through it. I’m glad Nella is feeling better.
    I can’t believe Nella will soon be a year old. I’ve been following along. Your whole family has been a blessing to me personally, even though we have never meet or talked. I’m sure others feel the same way.
    Rock on!

  310. Who still looks adorable in a breathing treatment?? Nella does! Glad she’s feeling better!

  311. So glad to hear Nella is doing better!

    Again, I love your writing… keep it coming! You inspire me to find the love and beauty in everything around me!

  312. I’m impressed with Nella’s acceptance of the nebulizer…it was a wrestling match for us every time. Enjoy your vacation!

  313. So happy to hear Nella is ok! Your trip to key west comes at a perfect time! Enjoy!

  314. kelle,
    im so glad nella bean and lainey are feeling better.
    its so scary when our little ones are sick , isnt it?
    when we were looking at your blog pictures my 5 year old grandaughter emily said, “oh no maw maw what is wrong with our nella bean?” shes so cute, i really think she thinks nella bean and lainey are her cousins or something. your little vacation looked absolutley divine. probably just what you all needed.
    much love to your dad, its hard on a poppa to see his littles sick.

  315. Kelle,
    I am SO happy to have kept reading to see that Nella is just fine! I was nervously skimming through at first just to see! I swear, it’s like we know you :)
    Your trip is amazing and such perfect timing for you guys! ENJOY! You deserve it!!! Great photos and love the ones of Lainey feeding the fish! My son is shy like Lainey so it’s nice when the finally emerge from their tiny shells.


  316. You continue to amaze me, Kelle.

  317. another knotch on your mama belt!
    you sure can rally.

  318. Kelle, I opened your blog this morning to read and once Free Falling started Miah stopped what she was doing from across the room, put her arms up, and started dancing. Music sure is a language Sister and my girl so gets it. Rock on. xo

  319. SO thankful to hear that Nella is on the mend! I am so struck by the sheer joy that oozes from you pictures…it is inspiring to me!

  320. I love your perspective on life. The way you write about it makes me stop and think about how blessed I am, even when sometimes it doesn’t seem that way at all. Thank you for your blog and inspiration.

  321. I’m glad Nella is better! “We’re on breathing treatments for a little while which is actually a cute little ritual” – that made me laugh – we have that ritual in our house too right now, but instead of cute, it’s more like torture :-) And cute headbands!

  322. we’ve done the sick little one, RSV, ER thing…twice…
    so glad Nella’s feeling better! and love the vacation pictures – how awesome to be able to enjoy that beauty after the hospital!

  323. My baby had RSV as an infant too and it is a very scary experience. I am so happy that Nella is doing much better and healing well! What a little trooper she is :)

  324. Love the new headbands!! I also cannot believe your little Nella will be one soon! I have been following you since the Birth Story. It seems like only yesterday that I was brought to tears, and goosebumps, while reading about your amazing new journey. Thank you for always sharing your family and your heart with us!

  325. Some thoughts …
    1. So happy to hear that Nella is doing well!!
    2. Super jealous of your spontaneous trip – have a wonderful time down there!! Soak up the heat for me as I drive through snow flurries …
    3. Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful life – as always!
    4. Love the headbands!!

  326. Simply beautiful. Happy that Nella is recovering!

  327. I’m so glad that little Nella is feeling better. RSV is scary!

  328. Love those pictures of Lainey and Brett! And the others, you’re all beautiful.

    Glad to hear Nella is doing better.
    We’ve been through RSV several times, scary, but it went fine.

  329. Wish I could be there….

  330. I’m so relieved that Nella is ok. It’s always scary when our babes get sick. I totally get the fight or flight thing. We found out on Thanksgiving my father-in-law has prostate cancer and the wave of emotions that hit in a matter of minutes is insane. It ended with a resounding cry of strength and determination . . . we are fighting and we will win.

    Have a great vacation and thanks for yet another inspiring post.

  331. I always enjoy your pictures. I especially love the first one of you and Nella in the blue chair. You can just see the love in both your eyes. Hope she’s feeling better real soon and enjoy your vacation.

  332. I have lived in Florida all my life & have never visited the Keys. That must change!

    Glad that Nella is doing better. :)

  333. I am so glad that Nella is doing better! Have a great rest of your Vacay!

  334. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Your post made me cry.

    We had a scary trip to the e.r. Tuesday with my little one. It’s just croup, but he had such swelling that he was wheezing and had to get breathing treatments too.

    I can so relate to nursing in the car! It’s amazing how flexible a mommy can be when you need to be.

  335. “Unicorns flying through rainbow prisms” Love it!!! I seriously laughed out loud. Thanks for the morning smiles.

  336. I took my sweet baby to the ER last winter w RSV at 6 months of age-its awful!

  337. Glad that Miss N. is on the mend – get some R and R for yourself, as sick littles are no fun.

  338. so very glad nella is feeling better… sending well wishes your way. enjoy your much-needed vacation!

  339. Glad that Nella is OK. Jackson has the same fish mask, but he calls it a shark, so it’s his “shark medicine”! Thanks for the pics of the fish too, he enjoyed looking through your post with me. Have a great week in Key West! Drink a mojito for me!

  340. Several thousand of things I loved from this post:
    Brett’s pic looking @ the menu is great!,
    your comment about not having your pic software, hilarious!!! I think the pics are perfect!
    Nella looking healthy again! you almost made me cry w/ ur description of the fight instinct that kicks in
    and the headbands… I loooove them!

  341. Thanks for sharing your story with us, it’s so refreshing to read about the love and joy your family share every day. and boy oh boy does florida sound lovely this time of year! :)

  342. Thanks for sharing your story with us, it’s so refreshing to read about the love and joy your family share every day. and boy oh boy does florida sound lovely this time of year! :)

  343. I’m glad Nella is A’Ok – looks like she is doing better already;) Your pics looks great with or without your editing tools – the love shines through!

  344. Feel better, baby Nella! I’m so glad you enjoyed this trip!

  345. Poor baby Nella. Hospital pictures always make my heart ache, but they help you to remember how fragile they are and how much all the healthy happy moment matter! Have a fun trip (sure you will!) and feel better Nella Bean!

  346. So glad Miss Nella is ok.. ER’s can be scary, you seem to view everything in such positive light.
    We miss Florida! So glad you’re down in the Keys.. we are hoping to get back this May.. We go every year, but this past one we skipped becasue our new “little” was born last November! We’ll live vicariously thru your trip! Enjoy!!

  347. Oh, how I love to read your blog. Makes me wish that I wasn’t stick up in Canada in this “freezing my butt off” weather! Your pictures take me away to another place – love it!

  348. Kelle,
    I’m so glad to read that you (and your family) are in flight stage. Oh, what a beautiful family.

  349. I’ve done the back-seat-boob-stretched-out-nursing-while-travelling-thing and it is not easy!

  350. Glad sweet Nella is better! I’m jealous of your trip! The next time you have a trip with no trip-takers, I too, will be selfless and take one for the team. :)

  351. Thank you for posting. This is such a beautiful moments and your daughters are so pretty.

  352. I’ve had a sick little babe, too, the past few weeks and that picture of little Nella doing the breathing treatment brought tears to my eyes. She is just SO precious, and I’m so glad she is doing okay!

  353. Aren’t you so thankful for modern medicine that can help cure our little ones in just a few hours time? I can’t even imagine how hard it must have been on Moms in the olden days when they just had to wait it out to see if their baby would live or die. Talk about feeling truly helpless! I’m glad Nella is on the mend and that you got to have a fun vacation. :)

  354. Nothing better!!!

  355. Your posts are always so beautiful and remind me to hug my babies tight! So glad little Nella is ok ~ and that breathing treatment mask is too cute :)

  356. I hope Nella recovers soon! I’m so happy you are sharing your vacation pictures I have always wanted to go to the Keys! Also the music rocks, that is all ๐Ÿ˜›

  357. So glad Nella is feeling better, breaks my heart when my babies are sick! Love the headbands – sooo cute!

  358. Very glad to hear that Nella’s okay! Sounds like the Keys are amazing.

  359. I loved this post. We are in the middle of a flight or fight situation right now and it is amazing how we just jump in and fight with fury. Althought I have two little boys I’d love to win this to give for Christmas presents to our nieces. Thanks for making me smile on a day where there will be many tears shed!

  360. Thanks Rik for your eternal perspective on life and sharing it through Kelle’s blog and family experiences. I share your thoughts about how God arranges every detail of life, whether we are willing to give Him the credit or not. To Him be the Glory in your witness and in the beautiful way Kelle captures life in words that so many of us would love to be able to express!

  361. we love all things that have to do with healthy babies, vacations mid-week, eating outside, road trips, and things for our hair. especially for our little ava

  362. The vent Nella is sporting is super cute! So happy that everything is ok.

  363. You’ve earned another badge for your mama vest. Amazing how the strength just rises as if it is laying dormant in the pit of your soul for such occasions. Enjoy your vacation! Wishing I had a little salty air and a yummy cocktail :)

  364. So glad to hear that Nella is ok. Have fun on vacation :)

  365. Nella-I am glad you are feeling better sweet girl.

    RSV is really scary, my youngest daughter Maddie had it when she was about a year old and it is the pits.

    Your girls are so lucky to have you for a mom.

  366. So glad Nella is feeling better. And looking cute as ever! You are blessed with such amazing little girls!

  367. I’m glad she is feeling better! We’ve had a sick baby this week too, and it sure isn’t fun.

    Love your blog by the way. I love the way you cherish motherhood, and love your babies. I can always relate in one way or another :)

  368. I am so glad Nella is doing better. We have been praying for all of you since it is hard when our little ones are hurt. Enjoy your vacation – it looks amazing.

  369. Thank God Nella is okay!! You’ll be in my prayers sweet baby girl, I hope you get better quick.

  370. The way you weave words and pictures into such powerful stories is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you! Have fun on your vacation in my favorite place in the world! =)

  371. My husband and I visited the Keys last month and had a blast. It is a beautiful place and loads of fun.
    With 4 children of my own, we’ve dealt with RSV before and it is no fun. But, it’s not forever and they do return to their normal selves :)
    Thanks for your constant reminders to have joy in all seasons and circumstances.

  372. Poor nella, she looks so sad. we are hibernating in upstate NY, since everyone up here has a cold. i hope nella is felling better soon.

  373. I’m so glad Nella is okay. We’ve had both types of RSV in our children and both times we felt the amped up courage and insecurity (all at once) the hospital brings.
    I LOVED the Key West vaca photos. My husband also has that knack for finding the little known out of the way spots that are paradise! I loved this post, again (I think I say that everytime)

  374. Your Nella is so adorable, with every picture you post of her, it makes my heart grow that much more for her incredible beauty.

    Lainey is equally as beautiful. You are blessed to have 2 incredible children.

  375. Kelle, just when I think I’m not quite ready for a second child, I read your blog and get excited again. I can only hope that sisters are in my future. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m glad Nella is feeling better. Great post.

  376. Glad to hear Nella’s doing better. My oldest son, now 4 had RSV when he was 2 months and ended up in the hospital for a week. It’s so hard to determine when it’s a cold and when it’s more serious.They’re such wonderful strong little creatures.My newest little guy just had lip surgery and the memories of the hospital freaked me out but we’re just peachy keen now! Thanks for sharing your stories.

  377. My baby girl (now 19) had RSV when she was two. She was so sick that at one point she didn’t even know who I was, and it was so scary. When we got to the emergency room, she looked at the nurse who was putting an I.V. into her arm and said “could you please put some apple juice and crackers in there too?” It just melted my heart.

  378. Thank goodness Nella is ok. How scary for you all!! My baby boy was born January 24th of this year and came down with RSV at just 21 days old, it was so scary and we thought we were going to lose him. Thank goodness everyone is ok!!!

  379. I will never forget the feeling of watching my baby get put in the NICU crib after he was born. We were very blessed that he recovered quickly, and I thank God everyday that we are Here as well and not There.

    BTW – those headbands are gorgeous!

  380. I am so glad Nella is better! I love natural breathing treatments and the headbands! Adorable. Say hello to the dragqueens for me :)

  381. OH, I am so glad Nella Bean is doing better. That must have been SO scary for you, mommy Kelle. I am sure you know that you have all our love and prayers here. My, that was, indeed, generous of you not to let that vacation go to waste. heehee. Looks like fun and you deserve and need it. Love to you and all of your family.

  382. So envious of your getwaway! We are from the midwest and it is getting cold baby! My family loves to get down to your state and beach at Casey Key. Glad to hear little Nella is on mend!

  383. I’m so glad to hear Nella is doing better! How scary for all you to go through. My baby boy was born on January 24th of this year and came down with RSV at just 21 days old. It was a very scary time but he came through just fine. Glad to hear you all are well and were able to make your road trip.

  384. LOVE the pictures of you and Nella on the beach chair, and so glad to hear the girls are feeling better.

    The headbands are so cute! :) Enjoy the Keys,


  385. so glad to hear nella is going to be okay. sometimes salty air can be the best way to heal someone. (that and a caring mommy too!!)

  386. I gotta say, I know that feeling. My heart does a skip and a jumpstart every time we are in the hospital. My 3-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Wilms tumour this summer(finishes treatment on December 20th! YES!!), so we have been to the hospital weekly since then and, even though I know she is doing well and that there are no more lesions present, I can’t help but feel anxious every time we go in. The feeling doesn’t seem to go away until she is safely getting into her pre-bed bath and that little band is snipped off her ankle and dropped into her ‘cancer’ box.

    Glad to hear your Nella is doing well and that your family had the opportunity to heal with that little getaway. What a blessing!

    And…can I say, I am EXCITED to see what you have planned for Nella’s big birthday? Can’t wait to hear all about it. Inspiration for my own little one’s first birthday…..

  387. There’s nothing worse than a sick baby )c: nothing. And there’s nothing stronger than the momma that comforts through it. Sorry it was a rough week!!

  388. i love your braid! going to rock that in my hair this weekend! glad nella is feeling better :)

  389. I’m so glad Nella is doing better. It is miserable watching your little one suffer. I hope the rest of the year proves to be trauma free.

  390. Your trip makes me want to move to Key West….TODAY!! Beautiful post….so happy Nella is feeling better.

  391. I’m so glad that your emergency turned out okay. It sounds like you sure deserved the rest and refreshment of your trip. Thanks for sharing!

  392. I now feel peace about an upcoming road trip and extend-o-boobing! Thank you.

  393. So glad you enjoyed a nice flight with your flock.
    Beautiful and inspiring as always Kelle…

    Thank you for that.

  394. So glad Nella is getting better! I am a very new reader of yours and I cannot get over the photos! your pictures are so beautiful! I am so glad to have found your blog! I’m hooked!

  395. So thankful that Nella is okay. Your description of how a parent feels at a hospital is right on for me.
    The getaway sounds so relaxing and lovely.
    (And fun headbands!)
    I love reading posts where you feel the appreciation for life and littles.

  396. As always, love your blog. So uplifting!

  397. So glad to hear Nella is doing better. These little “colds” scare the bejeebus out of me. I get so scared knowing Colbie’s little immune system isn’t as strong as her sisters. Love all of the pics and so happy to hear you got to join in on the vacation!

  398. Nella’s smile is so unbelievably contagious! My heart aches for you and her as you work through this tough time…there’s just something about motherhood that allows us to truly empathize with one another. I’m there with you…

  399. I am a new reader to your blog and love it! I am a first time mom and love staying home to take care of my 9 month old baby girl. I am also a member of the DS community, so I can relate to your writing on many levles. I just wish I was as crafty as you!

    This post hit home for several reasons…
    My younger sister, Kallen, has Down syndrome. She is 13 years younger than me and I remember all too well the MANY breathing treatments she had to have as a baby. Love the little masks with the animals though…very cute!

    We just got back form a LONG roadtrip (Dallas to Atlanta) and I was VERY glad to be done with the game of extend-a-boob when we got home!

  400. So sorry that little Nella had to go to the ER. I had a lump in my throat the whole time I was reading your post. I could barely make it through my baby’s flu booster shot today…I doubt I will handle ER trips with half your grace.

  401. great post. all 3 of my daughters have epilepsy, so i have enjoyed your blog – diff specifics, but watching your kids have a “difference” & suffer is all the same. & really, it’s amazing how us mommas have that ability to know what to do and just do it. then you look back & are like “whoa! i am kinda a tough gal after all.”
    glad your girlie is feeling better.

  402. It is so scary when your baby is diagnosed with RSV. Mine baby was last winter when he was about six months old. Glad she is okay. Have fun on vacation!

  403. Yay for recovering babies and getaways! So glad Nella is doing better. Enjoy your holiday!

  404. Will you do a post and let us know how you get that cool braid headband in your hair? I love it!

    Get well Nella, poor little duck!


  405. So glad Nella is doing better. We use to have frequent flier miles to the ER for our son’s croup attacks. Never fun but always glad to know they were there to help. Have fun on vacation!!!

  406. So glad to hear Nella’s okay. I loved the part about Lainey enjoying feeding the tarpon’s, it mad me smile, thinking of how fearless I was at a younger age! i should be more like that today.

  407. Oh poor little bunny! My youngest has viral induced asthma so we are quite familiar with ER visits & breathing treatments. No fun at all. So glad FLIGHT got to take over… looks like a beautiful place to land after such an experience. Your writing is gorgeous, as always.
    This, in particular, gave me goose-bumps:
    It’s a place where all the bumper pads of emotional protection and that-would-never-happen-to-us thoughts are stripped down and what’s left is the raw flesh of what-ifs.
    Flashed right back to my own hospital bed hours after my Quinn was born & that sucker-punch that rocked our world.
    Hope you have an amazing rest of your trip.
    Safe travels.
    p.s. Love love LOVE Daddy & Lainey feeding the fish! Looks like so much fun.

  408. OH hugs, health and well wishes! Jared also had RSV when he was about Nella’s age (he’s 19 now). It’s scary and never fun when our babies are ill so hugs to mom and well wishes to Nella and Lainey (that her cold is gone) too!

  409. Glad Nella is feeling better. It’s hard to believe I’ve been reading your blog almost a year! So many beautiful stories you have told! :)

  410. So glad sweet Nella is on the mend!

  411. Glad that Nella’s doing better, such a scary thing to go thru.

  412. So glad to see that Nella is doing better! Hope she continues to heal while you catch up on R & R in Key West.

  413. I love Nella’s dimpled smile!

  414. As always… LOVE! You, your family, your girls, your words, your photos… LOVE.


  415. Oh mama! Been there only didn’t have to go to the hossy for it. My 4th daughter, who is now 4, had RSV when she was six months old. She will still maybe once a year get a good cold that we need to break out the Neb and the albuterol for. So glad to hear all is well for you too and have a wonderful much deserved vacay!

  416. What a wonderful trip!

  417. I’m so happy everything is okay! AND that after all that stress you get to get away and relax. The pics are beautiful as always.

  418. I’m glad sweet Nella is feeling better and that you all had a chance to slip away for a while.
    I laughed so hard at your comment about the breastfeeding game so many of us have all played in the backseat of the car. I know that pose so well. Thanks for the laugh!

  419. So glad to hear that Nella is doing well. How scary that must have been for you.

    Dreaming of being in Key West as I look at your photos. We will have snow on the ground for the next 4+ months and we are freezing over here. So glad I can get a chance to see the beauty in FL we left behind.

  420. Ok random…
    1. Poor Nella, breaks my heart. I hate having sick babies. :( We don’t really feel better til they do.
    2. Love the pics of dinner on the beach…totally reminds me of the South of France. Spent 3 months in Juan Les Pins/Antibes & that pic instantly takes me back to wine and amazing food!
    3. I love those headbands and need need need one to share w/ Stella! :)

    4. Love that you have John Mayers Free Fallin on your playlist, I have it on my Ipod. It’s easy to see why he is quite the ladies man that voice oh that voice.

  421. So glad that Nella is better and that the trip was not canceled. Have a fabulous time.

  422. I’ll go ahead and admit it… I aspire to be you! :) You are awesome, and I am jealous. haha Glad Nella is feeling better.

  423. OMG I am so glad Nella is okay! I can’t imagine how scary that was!

  424. Your girls get more gorgeous by the minute! So glad Nella is back to her rockstar ways!

  425. So glad to hear the little Bean is doing better! Scary stuff, huh?! Everything happens for a reason though…I’m a firm believer in that! Precious memories just couldn’t wait to be made for you!


  426. Having a sick baby always brings up scary “what-ifs”. Glad your Nella is on the mend :)

  427. So glad Nella is healing and things are returning to normal. Hope you had a great time in the Keys!

  428. your vacation looked fabulous! unfortunately up here in canada, we’re trying to find ways to keep warm!!

  429. Oh heavens! I have experienced the RSV, breathing treatments, albuterol misery, and ER trips with most of mine, too. No fun! But I had to let out a burst of laughter at your vivid description of “in route” nursing. Just reading it brought great pain back to my rib cage as it dug into the side of the car seat. Miserable but hysterical at the same time. I wouldn’t be surprised if I inadertantly caused other drivers to veer off the road because of the scary sight they saw! :/

  430. Once again you made me cry! So thankful Nella is going to be ok. I have a friend in TN whose baby boy of just 3 months is in the PICU FIGHTING for his life…needs a heart transplant but isn’t stable enough for surgery….makes me pick up my little and squeeze her a little harder.

  431. Aww, poor little sweetheart (and poor Mommy and Daddy). It must have been so scary to see your baby so vulnerable like that. I’m so glad she’s feeling better.

    She is absolutely beautiful. I loved the pic of the two of you laughing. You are truly blessed!

  432. so glad Nella is ok! It’s always scary to end up in the ER with your little one.

    I also have to tell you my 2 year old is in love with Nella (at least in pictures)… every time I read your blog and there are pictures of Nella, she gets so excited.. yelling Baby! Baby! We could look at pics on your blog all day.. but not in a stalker kinda way.. just had to add that :)

  433. You had me in tears at the beginning of your blog, and then a pleasant turn for the better to see Nella smiling and the family spending time together! Love your family and your blog!! xo

  434. So glad Nella is better…what a great “get well gift”…a trip to the Keys!

  435. Poor sweet lil Nella! I’m sorry Kelle. That’s rough to have a sick little one, but as always, you all rocked it out. What a beautiful vacation! I must say that if a child had to have a breathing treatment, at least they make adorable ones. :) Prayers and positive thoughts headed your way!

  436. My dearest baby is sick right now too…it’s not fun! I just want to hold her all night long and breathe for her!

    I think I need to put experience Florida’s quaint little corners on my bucket list!

  437. im only slightly jealous of your vacation (although you fully deserve it, so glad Nella is ok!)
    Love the headbands and such, (this pregnant momma could use something cute to spice up the drab maternity wardrobe) and something for Baby Girl whos cooking away inside there:)

  438. So, so thankful that you and your little one are home from the hospital! Yay!

  439. So glad ya’ll are happy and healthy!

  440. So happy Nella is feeling better. Look at that Motherly Intuition you have. Love it.

  441. So glad Nella is feeling better. Look at you and your Motherly Intuition. Love it.

  442. So sorry to hear that Nella was so sick but I am glad she is okay now! Hugs!

  443. I love reading your blog and as I read about u nursing over the car seat I can’t help but giggle thinking of how many times I have done the same thing… :)

  444. I love the reference to extend a boob…I have done that many a time on a road trip with my son! I’m always amazed at the ways one can contort her body when needed!

  445. Love that red/white hat on Nella. Scrumptious! And…love to see she’s feeling better.

  446. Gorgeous photos! The fish feeding shots are absolutely priceless.

  447. Whoa…I was in tears reading about the ER trip. So scary when our babies are sick, but my goodness…what a rebound! Key West is magical.

  448. SO thankful sweet nella’s getting better!!
    beautiful pictures!!

  449. So glad Nella is getting well. Our middle child was very sick with Respiratory Infections her first 2 years, after much concern about CF, etc. We had her tested and she sat on albuterol treatments each year for the winter. I remember looking in her eyes, as you did for Nella and my heart breaking. My heart goes out to you. Much Love Ellie

  450. Kelle , Ive been following your post for a short time, but let me tell you , Ive read them all ! Im so in love with everything that goes into your blogs. Its electric, its inspiring, magical, and pure love.
    Your children are precious and Its so nice to see others creating moments in time to make memories. I love it.
    You inspired me to wear yellow fingernail polish or that flower in my hair , just because i can.
    My children are everything to me and I see that yours are too.
    Thanks for the inspiration,,,,,,every post puts an extra skip in my soul !!!!

  451. Two wonderful things about this blog post, John Mayer singing Free Fallin… Or is this song always on your blog and I am just now realizing it? That song speaks wonders to my aching soul. and the Target diapers. I heart Target diapers for my boy so much. Also, I so enjoyed this post, and so pleased that you and yours celebrated a sweet vacation with your beautiful girls. What little miracles. I often find myself being the only one still enthralled with flying, every time I go up, i feel like a child. It’s a beautiful thing really, so thank you for loving those birds and everything else you saw along the way.

    Ps. My little Prince Grant had RSV last year, and did not take the breathing treatments so well, so congratulations :) Im a nurse for a Pediatrician in GA and I always teach the parents how to fight to get the treatment done, so you are very fortunate. haha

  452. I understand the fight or flight I’m currently on day 6 of being cooped up with my sweet little due to a virus that has just kicked her booty this week. I just literally cheered when she ate some pasta & a few crackers…its the little things in life. Ya know? Love the website as always. Glad Nella’s feelin better

  453. I am so glad that Nella is on the mend. How nice that you got to go on a little vaca. Enjoy it!!!!

  454. Great to read your words. Enjoy it every time. Sorry your sweetie was sick but what a way to celebrate her release from the hospital! Good for you guys. Now go ahead and pick me for this gift certificate! God Bless!

  455. ♥Beautiful… precious…innocense
    Lovely Family♥

  456. So glad sweet Nella is ok, that Lainey fit to feed the fish, and that you enjoyed your trip. Had to laugh at the image of you perched over Nella’s seat – a mana will go to any length to make sure her babies have what they need :-)

  457. Oh my goodness! I am so glad she is alright. I can’t imagine what you were going through during all of that. I don’t know what I would do. Praying that she will continue to get better. :) Have a great weekend sweetie! Love your blog and your pictures of your sweet little family – as usual. :)

  458. Nothing like a little game of “extenda-boob” – played that game just a few times!

    Glad to hear your little sweetheart is feeling better. RSV is NO joke.

  459. LMBO at extend a boob!

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  462. FINALLY! I can finally leave a comment. I’ve been dying to respond to every post I’ve read since early September.
    *I love Nella….like my own Nora.
    *I love you, Kelle….like I’ve known you forever.
    *You are my voice. Thank you deeply.
    *Cried happy tears reading today’s post. So relieved for you all.
    The Other Kelly :)

  463. Oh, poor Nella! My little sister had RSV when she was two weeks old. :( It was not fun.
    This give away is too good to be true! Everything is so cute.
    I love reading your blog because I have a little brother with Downs syndrome. People with Downs syndrome couldn’t be sweeter! Everyone needs a person with a disability in their life to help them keep a happy perspective.

  464. So glad it was nothing more serious and y’all were able to enjoy a wonderful trip. I hope Nella is feeling much better!

  465. I also love the words that KWQR loves. And, you know, I can relate to that.

    I freaked out a little when I got your text about ‘maybe rsv’. I was weird when we talked, I know. I am SO thankful for Nella’s health, your friendship, this vacation for your family.

    Cheers (drinking a martini right this minute)


  466. Poor little Nella. I’m so glad that you are able to comfort her in good times and bad. What a Mama!

  467. I am thankful that little Nella is feeling much better! :)
    Paula :)

  468. Glad Nella is ok! Not that there was any doubt. Add another notch to the mommy belt. :o)

  469. I absolutely Adore Your Blog – Sorry To Hear Nella is sick – Hope she feels better soon! I love your words!

  470. Thank you for your another inspiring post. Having healthy littles is something we should never take for granted.

  471. Such gorgeous photos! So glad Nella is well.

  472. glad to hear nella is on the mend!!! and can i please escape this chicago weather and go to that restaurant STAT?! love the headbands, too!

  473. Glad Nella is better! Your pics are still amazing, even without editing!! :)

  474. I love your blog and have followed it for quite some time. Your girls are ADORABLE and I would borrow them in a heart beat. I often go weeks without reading; however, I am glad I read today as it comforts me to know other mommies have sick babies. My little guy (almost 5 months) actually has Non-RSV bronchiolitis (sp) and we have been doing breathing treatments since November 5th. He is getting SO MUCH BETTER and as a new momma makes me SO HAPPY! He hates the treatments so we’ve figured out giving them while he sleeps is the best. Thanks for sharing the good and the bad things that come along with being a mom…you really do inspire others!

  475. Hope Nella is feeling better! Looks like a real fun trip! :)

  476. What a bunch of cuties, the lot of you! SO glad Nella is feeling better.

  477. I’m glad that you all are doing well now, and looking rather happy enjoying the sun. Must say I’m rather jealous as I sit here and type wearing gloves. :) Love the headbands!

  478. We’ve dealt with RSV too…not fun! Sorry about your poor baby! She looks great now!

  479. I saw this and instantly thought of you!

    Check it out!!! etsy ofcourse lol

  480. RSV is so scary! My preemie son got it and even though it looked like a horribly runny nose, I was in fight-or-flight mode for days! Happy everyone is feeling better!

  481. Apologize because the color is a little off? Girl, they looks better than any of my point-and-clicks! You made that bird look like a star!

    I’m sorry to hear that Nella’s under the weather, and hope she bounces back soon.

  482. I’m so glad that Nella is ok. We went through pneumonia with my 8 month old a few weeks ago. It is scary. And I love the Keys. One of my favorite places in the world.

  483. Poor sick baby :(
    On a happier note, I’m glad your vacation was amazing!

  484. I too want to go and hug every mamas neck that has to deal with health problems on a regular basis. We have had a few 2-3 night stays and I was so worried. It gave me new respect for parents whose children are in the hospital more than they are home.
    Your trip looks lovely. If I could convince my hubby that the drive from KY to Fl would not be too bad with 4 kids under 6, we would love to come stay at your dad’s condos. Maybe one day…..

  485. It’s late, but I finally had a couple minutes to plop down and read your newest post. Good for you guys … dashing out of the ER and heading out on a road trip. Living it up. I love that about you! So glad to hear your little bunny is doing okay.

    Lottsa love,

  486. I send prayers and hopes that Miss. Nella is well on her way down the road to recovery.

    I have been blissfully enjoying your blog for about 6 months now. My little sister emailed me this most precious link. And quite frankly, it is what I call’s best kept secret!!

    I am always eagerly anticipating your next post. Your blog has given me permission to reach a whole new level as a mama – a level I longed for.

    Simply put, you my friend, are an inspiration. Now that I am on maternity leave patiently waiting for my baby to arrive, your brilliantness has inspired me to open the blog gates and adopt my own blog. My blog is still a newborn. However…for that, I thank you. Happy blogging! Keep it comin’!

  487. So glad Nella is OK – I have been the ER with my baby for breathing problems and it is a soul shaking experience.

  488. Kelle…I am so so thankful Nella’s fight with RSV wasn’t more serious. My little guy was in the hospital with that for 3-days and it was one of hardest things I have been through and he was the one that was sick. I love your girls just by seeing them on your site. Sending Nella a hug clear from Washington State.

  489. I myself have got 2 out of 3 kids sick (including myself), so I hope Nella gets feeling better!

    Your little get away looks amazing (I’m jealous)!!!

  490. A mother’s heart will never be whole with a sick baby! I quickly learned that just a short month ago, when my 7month old daughter, Raegan, ended up in the ER with a 102.7 fever. Spinal tap, IVs, chest xray, cath– it was heart wrenching! Being a nurse, I’ve always had to help families deal with tough situations, but you never realize how much it’s needed until you’re on the receiving end! I’m glad Miss Nella is feeling better, and isn’t it amazing how nice it is to get out and enjoy the beauty of the world!! “Enjoying the small things” is such a great motto for life :o)!! Thanks for the smiles!

  491. So glad Nella is okay and you got to have a fun vacation!

  492. It does my heart good to know that someone else is still nursing. My little guy is 4 days younger than Nella. I don’t know anyone who nursed, much less anyone who has done it this long. Glad to know we’re not alone!

    Love your blog! I always enjoy your posts. Helps me to stop, think, and see all the beauty in the day-to-day!

  493. Also, I meant to say that I’m glad you’re all getting to recoop in the Keys! RSV can be so scary. Relieved she’s doing better!

  494. Love the photos of you and Nella! She has such a beautiful smile!!!!!

  495. Oh god – so happy your bay is okay.
    Apples don’t fall far from the tree – you are evidently a student of the “Poppa” school of journalism. I realize that there are millions of mommies out there – but that style of writing has a limited audience in the long run. Think “Gratitude Journal” to be joined later by Eat, Pray, Love. You don’t want thousands of copies of your book in the bargain section at Goodwill. So, rethink the next time you’re inclined to cut a unicorn fart.

  496. I am so glad that Nella is ok! My son had RSV at such an early age that he has developed breathing problems. He has to take breathing treatments 4 months out of the year. Just depends on when it flairs up. It can be a really scary thing. Prayers coming your way!

  497. we have had many Boob in the car episodes…lol

    Where did you get that cool mask for the treatments, I have 2 kids with asthma and would love one.

  498. Spontaneous vacations are so great! Glad your little is feeling better, those breathing treatments can be so scary at first!

  499. I love your blog…just love it. The pictures and story of a sick Nella…got me. My daughter has an interstitial lung disease and landing in the hospital even just a trip to the ER is hard…so very hard. There is nothing like having a sick child and just wanting it all better.

    Denise WI

  500. A trip to both sides of the rainbow all in a short amount of time can be somewhat refreshing, no? Kinda like being in a hot tub and jumping out to play in the snow for a minute, and jump right back into the bubbling warmth that never felt so good. :-)
    So relieved to hear that Nella is on the mend. Enjoy your family getaway and fingers crossed for you that you and Brett get that night out!

  501. So glad she is feeling better, poor thing!

  502. so glad sweet nella’s okay. your pics got me all jazzed for a upcoming trip to mexico. thanks for getting me in the traveling mood!

  503. Glad to hear that the ER trip was much less than it could have turned into. I never like the ER, even less so when it is with my baby. Healing vibes sent. :)

  504. Such a sweet little thing… thank goodness Nella is on the mend. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  505. I’m so glad that little Miss Nella is doing better now. How scary to go through that.

    Your extend-a-boob story had me laughing out loud. I’ve SO been there and I could practically feel the carseat cutting into my ribcage as I read.

  506. Oh…Sundowners is such a happy place. :) My husband and I found that restaurant on our honeymoon 8 years ago.
    One of my favorite memories of our week in Key Largo.
    We fed the Tarpon too…those greedy little guys.

  507. I don’t know which I enjoy more…your photos or you writing. Well, yes I do. But the writing comes in a close second. Your blog never fails to make me smile.

  508. I’m so glad Nella is back to her cheery self! I read your post and had a flashback to last december. One year ago this weekend that was us. I tried to focus on the little blessings in the RSV-hospital scene- your post made me want to share:

    We had our momma-in-law here then to help hold down the fort as well. It was a rough month and she did land back in the hospital in January again. We were more than a little traumatized by last year’s RSV season. For us the irony was that her vaccine came in the same day that she got RSV. :( This year we had all our vaccines in early though and started up breathing tx in October and knock on wood no hospital tours yet. Hugs!

  509. I’m so glad Nella is back to her cheery self! I read your post and had a flashback to last december. One year ago this weekend that was us. I tried to focus on the little blessings in the RSV-hospital scene- your post made me want to share:

    We had our momma-in-law here then to help hold down the fort as well. It was a rough month and she did land back in the hospital in January again. We were more than a little traumatized by last year’s RSV season. For us the irony was that her vaccine came in the same day that she got RSV. :( This year we had all our vaccines in early though and started up breathing tx in October and knock on wood no hospital tours yet. Hugs!

  510. extendo boob, bwahahah! Despite my fears of ending up with a set of National Geographic boobs from the stretching and contorting, I am often found doing the carseat nurse..Like you said, you do what you gotta do. I’ve considered while in mid-feed that it’s actually sort of like yoga…The Sideways-Lunging-Hooterbend or something…
    glad your lil’ bean is ok now!

  511. “Love” how you’re rockin’ that outfit by the sea!

  512. So excited to learn someone else does the extend-a-boob on car trips!!! I am sure I have given more than one car a fright as they watch us drive by and I’m in that similarly awkward position you describe, but I will take it any day over a screaming, hungry baby! Thanks for being real about the special, not so elegant things we do for our little blessings!

  513. I can really identify with your fight-or-flight momma-bear feelings! My baby had a bad case of RSV last year during an awful snow storm. Luckily we were able to see the doctor during a break in the storm and get some albuterol which we administered via vaporizor. Then, the snow started again and we lost power which prevented us from using the vaporizer. The roads were unplowed and impassable. Thoughts of “what if” began to cross my mind. No matter, I thought as I fantasized about how I would simple trudge through 20″ of snow, babe strapped to my back, to the hospital 5 miles away. Surely, I thought, mothers long ago had to endure worse physical tests to save their children. Just one hour later the power came back on – crisis averted. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Hope Nella is feeling much better and that you had a lovely vacation!

  514. So glad your baby is OK!

  515. Oh, we LOVE the Fish House! We were just in Marco Island last week for vacation! Have you tried the Peel and Eat at the Sandbar? A-MAZING!

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