Utah, Metah, We All Tah for Utah

Toto, we’re not in Naples anymore.


So, I’m pretty sure I’m going to wake up Friday morning, completely bewildered. And I’ll swear it was a dream. A good dream. A crazy dream. A dream where, in the middle of a nutty month, I somehow wormholed my way to the snowy crags of Utah.


And just like that dream where I’m trucking down I-75 in a riding lawn mower, singing patriotic tunes with my old Sunday School teacher, my hair dresser and my Uncle Dale, I’ll remember all the crazy details…ones I’ll rattle off to Brett because, if I don’t, I might forget.

I’m going to tell him about the icicles.


And Vivian Park.


And getting lost in a maze of hallways at a T.V. studio at Brigham Young University where I met amazing people who were kind and funny and good.


Random enough for a crazy dream?

I am thankful for opportunities this year.
Opportunities that have allowed me to deepen my belief in the fact that the world is full of so many people who make meaningful efforts to live fully. I am thankful that Nella’s birth has brought many of these opportunities but that even without them…we’d still have Nella. And that is more than enough.


I was hesitant at first when BYU’s Fresh Take T.V. inquired about being part of a series of inspiring stories they wanted to film in the middle of December. I knew travel would be challenging that time of year, and I wasn’t crazy about being away from my family right before the holidays. But then I checked them out. And I smiled reading through their mission…to see the good in the world. To be the good. To push people to be more. And I was sold. It didn’t hurt that a free trip to this place was part of the deal…


I met some pretty cool life-lovers today.

So, back to this dream.

My friend Nadya was in it too.


And the dream revealed great truth as good dreams so often do. It revealed that Chicago has just been trumped. As in my new most favorite place on the face of the earth..evah.

Behold…the magic of Sundance.


It belongs on your Bucket List…just trust me on this one.


It’s unreal. I tried to express my amazement of the place today, but every good word I thought of seemed to cheapen the beauty…so I used naughty words instead, because they’re already cheap.

So there was a lot of “Holy-what-have-yous.”



And after about the fifteenth picture I texted to Brett, he calls me and said, “So I take it you’re gonna wanna go back?”

Dude, you think? You walk in the ski lodge restaurant and they seat you with their standard question of “Picture window or Fireside?”…as if it’s booth or bar. I’ll have both, thank you.



Holy what-have-you.




Real life will awaken us soon when we head back to reality and laundry piles.

But for right now, there is snow. And I am happy.


Bucket List, Baby.

And speaking of buckets, how’s about one for you? Our new sponsor, Heal My Sole, features homemade body products made with all natural ingredients. A holiday bucket filled with an assortment of sample goodies will go to a random commenter on this post! And right now, there’s free shipping for orders over $35 (unfortunately, no overseas shipping).


My travelin’ girl awaits. (and I miss Lainey, but she stayed with Daddy making the arrival home all the sweeter)



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  1. Seriously…I want to steal your baby.

    Don’t worry, I *won’t*. Plus, I’m in New Zealand, so there’s minimal risk of stalking. But…she is kinda delicious.

    Just a bit. 😉

  2. Wow! Looks like fun. XOXO

  3. Shiver me timbers! That looks cold but BEAUTIFUL!

    Have a wonderful time with baby snow bunny aka Cheesecake.

    It’s raining in L.A….and my feet are freezing.

  4. Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration of joyfulness to me! I love your family, I love your pictures, I love reading what you have to say!! What a neat opportunity for you and Nella to go on this awesome trip!! Merry Christmas!

  5. Oh wow….this place looks so friggen amazing!
    Here in Australia, we’re right in the brunt of a super hot summer & as I type this, we’re experiencing a MAMMOTH thunder storm which is so humid & sticky…..so seeing these snowy, icey photos, just melts my heart & makes me smile!! So magical & pretty!
    Add to my bucket list ~ TICK!
    And Oh Miss Nella, I could eat you up….she is so so SO gorgeous!

  6. I can’t believe you guys are here, in Utah!

    It’s so amazing to me that you find it so “holy what have you” I’m so used to it that I think the bare trees and dirty snow are the worst.

    Florida is so green and warm! Beaches and palm trees! No need for puffy coats, leather gloves and ear warmers just to run to the grocery store!

    The grass is always greener, right?

    Someday I will appreciate this place.

  7. Oh wow, that is breath-taking! I want to go to Sundance someday. So cute. You look great, by the way. And of course, Nella is adorable as usual.

  8. Love your blog, but don’t comment much. I had to say how fun it is to see you in Utah! I went to BYU and my parents live in Salt Lake City. Glad you are loving it and it will be fun to see your story when it airs. Beautiful pictures, as always!

  9. BEAUTIFUL! beautiful baby, beautiful place, beautiful story!blubellepixie@yahoo.com

  10. Holy-what-have-you that is one winter wonderland! We’re just getting flurries here, and I was cursing them a bit because I’m new to driving and I’m a tad scared to be driving in that but…bring on the snow, baby! If it’ll look anything like THAT place, I want all the works!

    I love how happy Nella looks to be just hanging with mama, checking out snow, wearing her adorably huge coat, and rocking the cold-red-cheeks look. Freakin adorable!

    I would say this was a great dream, one that you shall have to have again. Brett should be worried, he might not see his wife OR his youngest cutie pie ever again…you guys might just want to stay there, sipping hot coco by the fireplace, with the amazing view.

    And good for you that you got the opportunity to do this TV thing. I think your story, while equally scary and heartbreaking has become this beautiful wonderful thing. Because when I look at nella all I see is happiness and beauty and I may not know you personally, and I certainly don’t know your sweet little Nella, even I am happy she is in this world. Because this world is shaped by those in it, and I am so glad she will grow and prosper to be a kind, giving, unique soul who will no doubt bring so many smiles and much happiness to those she meets.

  11. Aahhh! You have found my neck of the woods. Well I am a bit more north. Aren’t the mountains here divine? I heart them. I am glad we finally got some new snow for your stay. I hope you have an amazing time.

  12. Oops, I had waited all day to post on your blog on your new update because I wanted to say thank you, but I clear forgot in all that typing I did!

    Thank you very very much for commenting on my blog post. It meant the world to me, and that’s a HUGE understatement. Just…I really appreciated it. (:

  13. Kelle,
    Wow! Utah looks beautiful!
    And Nella is just so gorgeous in her snow outfit!

  14. Wow! Totally adding that place to my bucket list! Thanks so much for sharing!

  15. HI!!
    SO GLAD you made that trip!!!Nothing like SNOW in December, although cold it warms the soul!!!!I MUST see SNOW at least once per year and I am an AZ girl!!!The pics are beautiful!!!!
    UTAH, yes I have been but not in the winter, so I must go there!!

  16. Oh, my heart is full. This little baby who so quietly entered our lives, who wrapped her little fingers around mine, who seemed to say…”You have no idea where we’re going”, this little girl who bumped this blog around the world and is loved in Norway, Dubais, New Zealand, Australia and so many other wonderful places is still grinning into new hearts and telling them of hidden delights under disappointment, the wholeness found through brokenness and the true perception of perfection. Yes, my heart is full…of her.

  17. That looks like SUCH a lovely place, I’m adding it to the bucket list immediately. We’re anxiously awaiting some snow tonight, so hopefully there will be a winter wonderland in VA in the morning :) Safe travels!

  18. Stunning – Sundance, you and your girl!

  19. Beautiful. It’s added to the bucket list! Glad you and Nella got to enjoy some snow.
    Nella is beautiful as usual.

  20. So I’ve been reading for a while now but haven’t commented until now, Christmas seems as good a time as any :) Just wanted to let you know how much you have impacted me this year. When I read your blog I then get up and am a better Mummy to my girls who are 5 and 1, I see so much of them in your 2. Your writing is beautiful, on so many occassions you’ve bought me to tears, some of sadness, so many of joy. And your photos are just beyond words. My husband will see me giggling away and he’ll ask me what Lainey and Nella are up to now! While I think they are both just so precious, I must say that Nella has captured a little piece of my heart. So Merry Christmas Kelle, and thanks for sharing so much of yourself to have such an impact on so many. Emma xo (from all the way in Melbourne Australia.)

  21. I love all of your pictures. it looks like you are having a great trip.

  22. Man I have to agree with what someone else said, FL sounds better to me than any cold, snowy place. I lived in Orlando one winter and I loved it. I’m sure if I lived there for a few years I may miss the cold and snow, but I would welcome the chance tp miss it. Love all the Nella pics, she looks like such a content little girl!

  23. Kelle–You and Nella are just soaking in the snow and seasonal joy! We can feel it as we read your post!!!! Love it!!!

    Thanks for sharing the joy!!


  24. absolutely breathtaking! I love how peaceful and beautiful snow is! Hope you are having a fabulous time :)

  25. Utah looks gorgeous!

  26. Looks like you are having a great time. I bet Lainey is missing you like crazy!

  27. Looks like you are having a great time. I bet Lainey is missing you like crazy!

  28. I remember when I went to Utah to visit some dear friends. They drove us around to see the sights in their van. I sat on the floor between the bucket seats and kept saying “wow”…not even realizing that I was doing it until they burst into laughter….after my 100th WOW! So happy you are getting a taste of it. Merry Christmas beautiful Kelle.

  29. I’m thinking I need some snow in my life, a trip to the mountains is officially on the todo list.

  30. So beautiful….short of words.
    Love seeing you sooo happy with your baby. Where’s Lainey? Miss seeing her in the pics.
    Do you realize that you and Nella are famous by now? :)
    Enjoy the snow!!!!

  31. Wow, that place IS breathtaking! I want to go NOW! And I’m already sitting in the middle of snow~N~ice~filled~Michigan. Somehow, that place looks better!

  32. What a winter wonderland you’re getting to enjoy! Beautiful place and beautiful baby!

  33. Kelle-love your blog and the way u write! Your simply amazing!!!

  34. I love love LOVE waking up to find a new post from you! My daughter (*almost* 1!) and I sit together, and I read while she giggles at Baby Nella!

    Enjoy Sundance – we’er planning on heading there in the next year or two and I.CANNOT.WAIT.


  35. Holy what-have-yous….Amazing, enjoy the snow, people & mostly your little delicious Nella…I’ve learned through life that good, real good comes out of things we thought were “not so good” We grow, learn & appreciate the important things in life…..

  36. I love reading your blog! I’d also love to win a Heal My Sole bucket!!

  37. Beautiful. That girl has seen more of these great states in her first 11 months than I have in 32 years! And she seems to be a very pleasant travel companion (not to mention gorgeous model)! Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

  38. Thank you. I needed that.

  39. I swear every year I forget how beautiful snow is until we have the first snow of the year (I’m in MI). Looks like a great trip!

  40. You get around sister..in the best of ways, of course!!

    Looks like a great adventure!!!

  41. I always love your pictures! Enjoy!

  42. It looks like you’re having a lovely time in Utah! What fun to escape the craziness of December for a short while. That’s so exciting!

    How did little Nella react to the snow? We just got our first dumping on where I live in Canada, my 10 month old was right into the snow without hesitation. :)

    Go ahead and Heal My Sole! 😉

  43. I am so jealous of all this snow everywhere!

  44. I recently moved to Ohio from Utah for my hubby to go to grad school. Oh how I miss Utah, good ol’ ‘tah. I can’t wait to return, of all the places Ive lived (and there is alot of them) Utah is my home and one of the most amazing places. I can’t believe you were there!!Oh ‘Tah!
    The Heal my sole stuff is just what this momma of a 2 y/o and 6 week old needs…

  45. I anxiously await new posts from you. They make me feel better about life & inspire.

    Thank you Kelle for you devotion to this blog & for the inspiration it brings to me, one reader.

  46. I’m a Louisiana girl and i’m not very fond of the cold, but i have visited places that snows, while it was snowing and it’s GORGEOUS….as are the beautiful scenes you have captured!!

  47. I am so freaking jealous. I am from Utah and I haven’t been back in Winter for 4 years and I miss it. I also miss my family around the Holidays but that goes without saying right? Glad you enjoyed it.

  48. what absolutely gorgeous photos (and baby Nella!)

    i love learning of new places to visit.

    Jessa R.

  49. What a beautiful place that Utah! I have only seen snow once and that was in a quick trip to Denver, CO where my husband had to travel and work for almost a year it sucked him not being home with the baby and I but we do what we have to do sometimes. But it was beautiful the snow that is. And now that my baby is 4.5 she is so eager to see snow, she brings me the map and wants to know where we are and where is the snow because she has plans for us to drive and see snow.

    So until we can be there and take time from our jobs there is only the dreams of this beautiful place you and your sweet baby Nella have been.

    Thanks for the great post!

  50. Totally breathtaking. And all we got was ICE last night!

  51. Looks like a beautiful trip!! I love the snow too!!! And Nella looks adorable as always!
    I have been looking for a new all natural product to try. I will have to check them out!

  52. Thanks for sharing Kelle!

    I wanna kiss that baby…she is a peach♥

    Merry Christmas!!

  53. Well, now I wanna go there! :) Those mountains…. gorgeous. Chicago is my favorite place too. You are a Michigan girl and I am an Indiana girl and if we both love Chicago then I’m sure I’d love Sundance too…. just like you!

    Added to my list!

  54. oh my bucket list grows every single day… on the tippy top, go to Italy!

  55. Beautiful post, beautiful location, beautiful girls. You’re amazing. And now Sundance IS definitely on my bucket list!

  56. Kelle, you have some magic. Up to the point I saw your pictures of winter, I was blaming EVERYDAY of its coldness, and darkness, those 3 sweaters I have to wear.. But now I can really see the beauty. I should kick my ass right now, I have everything and it is still not enough… Shame on me!

  57. Looks like a beautiful trip!

  58. Kelle Hampton!!! Always perfect!!! I love you, my dear!!!

  59. Holy-what-have-you! Metah wants to go to Utah! I’ve never been in winter. It was an amazing shade of green when I went in summer.(many many moons ago.)

  60. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I’m so happy for you and Nella…..and for them getting to meet you and NElla.

  61. Beautiful place!!! I might actually listen to you and add this to my bucket list of amazing places to explore.
    You look happy! and Nella smiles so pretty when she sees your smile… You are always a reminder of the power of love and the power of great actions.
    Merry X-mas Kelle! xoxo

  62. What a beautiful trip!

  63. wow!! Utah looks amazing. i never thought of going there but now i just may have to. Nella looks adorable with her little scarf sitting fireside. is the show only showing in Utah?? will we get to see it????? have fun!

  64. Glad you got a little snow in your holiday month. It sure does make things a little more magical! We got 18 inches last Saturday here in MN and a few more this morning. Enough!

    Oh, and my bucket list just got longer!

  65. Looks really pretty. But awfully cold! lol

  66. I love how your ordinary days look like sweet sugary goodness and love and fun in pictures. I swear it makes me want to climb in with and give that sweet Nella a squeeze and pull up a chair in that Lodge and swoon over a latte. It would be so fun.

    Joy Kinard in SC

  67. You would also love Vermont!!!!! Check out Stowe sometime.

  68. Really puts you in the holiday mood!

  69. I would love to see snow. Never seen it before. ENJOY!

  70. Breckenridge is also beautiful! It’s such a cute ski town :)

  71. Oh I trust you honey- Utah is def. on my bucket list. Not even my bucket list- my in the next 7 years list we need to go to Park City, Disney TWICE in that time frame…now if only I could find someone to give me a free trip!!! lol Our time will come, it will. I am so glad you got to have this special trip with your Nella bean; you got some great pics & made some awesome memories!!

  72. Ooooh, so beautiful! I’m in Mass and we’ve been waiting very (NOT) patiently for the snow to come. Fingers crossed!

  73. I was lucky enough to grow up in Park City. I miss it especially this time of year.
    Safe travel!

  74. WOW! What a beautiful place you are in and Nella is just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your journey.

  75. I have to admit jealousy at the snow… I live in Colorado for goodness sakes and have yet to see more than a dusting. The mild winter has been a blessing for my little one’s first… but I’m still ready for one good blizzard before Christmas!

    What a fun giveaway :).

  76. Beautiful!! Maybe you will see Robert Redford…That would be icing on an already beautiful cake!!

  77. I’ve been out in my backyard taking pictures of the snow piled up on the chicken coop and puppy footprints in the snow. It’s a whole new kind of beautiful, no?

    When will your story be up on their website?

  78. Beautiful pictures! I want that chandelier with the berries in my home. Happy travels!

  79. I’m officially an addict–I just love your outlook and genuine cheer. Oh and those cutiepies of yours don’t hurt either. In fact, I’m awake on a NC snow! delay checking your website b/c I hadn’t had my fix since your monday post and you rewarded my clicking. So glad you got to see Utah, I’ve only been there once but it is one of my favorites and I want to go back. Keep us posted on when BYU’s bit will be available on this great connecting intraweb. And perhaps, if they’re hosting lovelies like you and Nella, then I’ll poke around their website a bit more too to see what other smiles it brings me.

  80. Amazing pictures as usual! :-) Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful life with us!


  81. Nice! :) We’ve got lots of snow here in Northern Michigan right now… My hubby will be hitting the slopes tomorrow.

  82. So glad you girls enjoyed Utah, I also love it! Bron and raised a Cali girl, but have lived in Utah for the past nine years! You should come vist more often, fall is also gorgeous!

  83. Well we’ve got the snow, but not all of the coolness as Sundance! Enjoy your bit of winter before you head back to sunny Florida!

  84. All that snow must have been a fun (and shocking!!) change for Nella. :)

    Time after time when i read your blog i’m always amazed at how your hair looks…you rock those straight bangs amazingly!! (i’m kinda jealous)

  85. I live in the North – isn’t the snow marvellous! I really love your shot of the hot chocolate and the fireplace in the background. Makes me want to nestle in front of the fireplace with my own mug, with a little added irish creme, and enjoy it too! Love your blog!

  86. Honestly – I can’t believe how much cuter your little Nella gets e.v.e.r.y. single day. I can’t stand it!! Such a little love bug! Give her one more big squeeze from her great on-line admirer!

  87. WOW that place looks amazing!! I want to go there!

  88. How wonderful for you! Your blog and your pictures are such an inspiration to enjoy every day – thank you.

  89. This is where my husband and I honeymooned a year and a half ago! Our sweet baby girl was born nine months later :) Utah will always hold a special place in our hearts. Your blog is truly inspiring.

  90. Looks awesome! I have always wanted to go to Utah!!!

  91. Beautiful pictures as always!

  92. Beautiful (you, Nella, and Sundance… all of it)! Adding Sundance to my list…

  93. I’m happy that you’re getting to experience snow and all things wintery this year. Looks like a beautiful place. Enjoy every moment… oh wait, look who I’m talking to! Of course you will!!!!

  94. I wish we had snow like that here! Perfect for a soft blanket and warm tea!

  95. Utah looks absolutely amazing! Definitely on my bucket list of places to visit for some skiing!! Love the pics of beautiful Miss Nella enjoying the snowy mountains :)

  96. Thank you for inspiring me to get outside and capture the snowy craziness we have in our own little town!! … Also I have been dreaming of visiting a ski-hill-all-snowed-in-lodge for quite some time and I think you may have found one that will fulfill my log cabin dreams. Enjoy!!

  97. Gorgeous! I’m adding it to my bucket list. Right. Now. :)

  98. You were at my alma mater! Isn’t the BYU campus beautiful? And aren’t the people so kind? (My brother and my mother-in-law are both professors there :) Sundance is just magical. You’ll definitely have to go back in the fall when those gorgeous mountains are covered in shades of red, orange, and yellow. We’re flying from D.C. to Salt Lake City today and your post got me doubly excited!!

  99. kelle,
    im laughing.
    i was just thinkin when nella gets old eneough to read your blog shes going to say she is surprised she is still here, cause when i was a little baby “everyone” wanted to eat me!
    shes simply yummy!

  100. loveeeee the post :)

  101. I’m hoping for snow like that at Christmas. I’ve missed the seasons for as long as I’ve lived in AZ. Luckily my in-laws live in the mountains of northern AZ. The area up there is generally blessed with a white Christmas, and I can’t wait to go get my car stuck this year 😀

  102. I love everything about your blog…i love your writing, i love your pics…i love your kids…great blog!

  103. Wow, never had Utah on my travel list before, but it just got added. I don’t know if it’s really that beautiful, or if you are just a master with your camera. I’m thinking both! 😉

  104. When I read your blog I find myself a little sad. Sad because I didn’t know enough the first time I had little kids to stop and find the wonderment of it all. But then I’m reminded to stop feeling sad so I don’t miss the opportunity to find it now.
    Nella is surely one of God’s greatest creations. So beautiful and that smile UGH, she makes me melt. Looks like she loved it too. :)

    Thanks for a good start to my morning.

  105. Beautiful! I have yet go out West at all, but will definitely add it to the list for when I do! We are getting our first real snow of the season here in Virginia today. Holed up at home with my two little men, loving that we’ll be in our pajamas all day! :)

  106. ahhhhhhh…so THAT’s what you are doing in Utah! :)

    Gorgeous. My husband said that Utah is one of the most beautiful places he’s ever seen. But I’m high maintenance. Snow seems awful cold. And wet. Hmmmm…

  107. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful Nella and gorgeous place. You are experiencing what I call….The Gift of Glee! I posted about that on my blog today. Enjoy another gleeful day in Utah! susan

  108. I love that you can find the beauty in life no matter where you go! I’m sure some people were grumbling about the cold and snow, but it’s so inpsiring that you can see the good!

  109. I heart UT. Seriously one of the most gorgeous places ever. Glad you got to go on another adventure :)

  110. Ok.. I totally laughed, smiled and even shed a tear. That place is magical.I laughed at your comment on reality and laundry. How True (at least for me, ugh!) I also laughed at the pic of your cocoa mug and the beutiful scenery. My friends are always seeing me with my camera and I thought.. HEY she takes pics all the time too!!!! And the fact that you went on your trip with one on one time with your daughter. That is special. I only have two kids and always worry about spreading my love and quality time with each child. I commend you! It looks like it was a grand time and I love the pics.

  111. OK, so I want to visit and experience the “Holy-what-have-you” splendor of Vivian Park…really I do…Calgon, take me away into that dream world of snow and ice and sparkle and joy!

  112. Even in the deep South, we’ve had bitter cold the past few days….but nothing as cold as Sundance looks!
    Beautiful photos!

  113. Living in Atlantic Canada, I sometimes forget that there are people in the world who actually appreciate snow and it’s prettiness. It has reminded me to “stop and smell the roses”…well, stop and look at the icicles at least. Sometimes I forget about that when I am shovelling off my deck for the umpteenth time already before January. So…thanks for that!

  114. It looks so cold but your huge warm smile makes it look like such a great time. That Nella bean sure is a good traveler. Enjoy!

  115. I shamelessly in love with how in love you are with life. :)

    You inspire me.

  116. Wow, what a beautiful spot. Great opportunity – can’t wait to see what 2011 holds for you and your family.

  117. Your pictures make me wish it would snow so I could play with my little guy and gaze at that magical look on his face as he throws fistfuls high in the air.

  118. Every post makes me smile. That’s all.

  119. My husband and I took a trip to Utah a few winters ago- our engagement honeymoon we called it. The snow was amazing and we’re from Western NY so we’re not lacking in the snow experiences! I’m glad you had a nice trip! Nella looks like she enjoyed it too!

  120. Nella is such a happy girl!!!

  121. Loving the photos and wishing it would really snow here in Georgia instead of just dusting us and then turning to sleet. Also just want to let you know that I’m loving your playlist. Sometimes I put your website up in the background as if it were itunes. haha. Have very safe travels and a very merry Christmas

  122. Kelle – BREATHTAKING pictures!!! Enjoy your time!

  123. Looks like a great place. I was hoping for snow for Christmas up here in NH, but nothing yet. Just 0 degree weather. Either way, the holidays will be merry :)

    Happy Holidays


  124. Woohoo!!! Have fun, you two!! :)

  125. Ohh I just adore Nella’s sweet little smile!! I’m from Canada and just LOVE the snow at this time of year (and many other times of year up north here as well, of course! Hahaha)

    Love your blog so much… happy holidays and Merry Christmas from Jennie in Canada!!!

  126. Looks like a BLAST! Have FUN!

  127. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful place!

    Have a wonderful time on your trip. :)

  128. I love a post filled with smiling Nella pics! A great way to start my Thursday :-)

  129. Wow. What a beautiful place to spend time with your daughter! Enjoy!

  130. Sign me up for that snow adventure! Love the looks on Nella’s eyes in some of these pictures…looks like she enjoyed herself too!!

  131. Love the sweet pictures of your lil Nella!!! Such a love!!!

    Your making me want to go to Utah now too! I love the snow… esp snow covered mountains! We just got back from Colorado. We went for our 1 year Anniversary!! Whoot Whoot!

  132. Makes me wish that we had snow and not just the cold here in Kansas!

  133. Ah, Sundance…I may or may not have kissed a few boys up there in college. You’ll have to bring Brett there, it’s too beautiful to kiss the one you love on a ski lift at night. Huddling so close to keep warm.

    This is my first comment I’m a big fan!

  134. It looks absolutely magical and makes me yearn for snow in our West Texas town.

  135. Sundance looks stunning. It’s definitely going on my bucket list.

  136. I’m a Florida girl too so that looks like too much snow for me, but it is really beautiful!

  137. So gorgeous! My husband and I lived in Utah for a couple of years. It was so beautiful…the winters are just magical.

  138. Gorgeous pictures, as always. I love how well you capture Nella’s beauty. She’s adorable!

  139. Wow.. You have done some travelling this year!! New York, Montana, Utah! Where next, maybe come see us all here in England!!

    Loving the snowy photos. Nella looks like she is having so much fun with her Mama!

    Merry Christmas! xxx

  140. oh you’re in our neck of the Rockies!
    I’m a Florida native, but my heart belongs to the Rockies and BYU!
    Glad they treated you well!
    Can’t wait to see the production!
    You are an inspiration, Kelle–thanks for sharing your warmth even when there’s snow on the ground!
    much love to your sidekick, Nella.

  141. I love your Uncle Dale! Top 5 sweetest guys that I know. And as far as him singing patriotic tunes down I-75, I totally can see that happening. But maybe on a bike or the back of a fluffy float instead of a ridiing lawn mower. But who knows. stranger things have happened, right? :o) Happy Thursday, Kelle. Keep smiling!

  142. Bucket list just got longer:) thanks!

  143. What a beautiful place to visit. Nella looks right at home! Even though the up’s and downs it’s still been a good year. Thanks for sharing your inspiring stories!

  144. Nella looks so happy in all the pictures – she’s lovin’ it! So glad you got to take an impromptu trip – they are fun!

  145. Kelle~So excited for you! Your life is getting bigger & bigger every day as beautiful Nella grows big & strong & happy. She is a treasure. Utah looks lovely. Makes me want to go out & photograph icicles when I’d rather be sitting on a beach somewhere.
    Enjoy everything & safe trip home.

  146. Just beautiful! What more is there to say, really?

  147. Love the snow! i’m in Eastern Canada and all we’ve been getting is rain :(

  148. Nella is so beautiful it makes my heart ache. I love your writing and your photography. It’s Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  149. Wow! Beautiful pictures! Utah has been duly added to the Bucket List!!

  150. Wow this place really looks amazing, I would have had a tough time choosing between picture window and fireside! As always the pictures are beautiful.

  151. Soooooo pretty Kelle!! Seriously stunnning….not to mention lil’ Nella is adorable as ever. I’ll definetly have to check out Sundance at some point….looks amazing. Safe travels home you two!

  152. Oh my gosh, that place looks amazing.

    And cooooooold.

  153. Ella is such a happy girl-I think she might be a future snow bunny!

  154. Nella is so adorable! And that mug of cappucino in front of the fire? I so want to be there RIGHT NOW.

  155. Looks like another wonderful adventure west with your littlest! I know how you long for snow, and as a fellow Michigan gal (Go Blue!) I know how a little white stuff this time of year feels a bit magical!

    Love the buckets :) Would be happy to give one as a gift to my mama who has opened her home to us and will take in our first baby too when she arrives this spring! (or maybe I’d keep it for my own pregnant self…)

  156. I never thought of Utah being a must travel spot. It looks beautiful! I’m glad you are having a blast and getting your snow on. :) Nella is a snow bunny this week. So adorable!

  157. What a beautiful place! It’s totally being added to my bucket list. Isn’t it great that Nella’s birth has inspired so many to see the good in life and want to do good and share it with others. Enjoy the snow Kelle, I’m looking forward to coming to Florida this spring for some warm weather. It’s currently 10 degrees here :)

  158. So beautiful!!! My lovely KY is covered in snow and ice right now, and it is beautiful! Not used to all this snow in KY, and especially not in December. I’m hoping for a white Christmas…keeping my fingers crossed.

  159. I’ve never been to Utah, but I might have to add it to my bucket list. Beautiful!

  160. Here I was crossing my finger that the temps might get above freezing (so the road might thaw and we can escape our snowy icy prison) but after those pictures…well…maybe I’ll uncross them and see if snows some more. Beautiful! Glad you got to have some December snow.

  161. Oh my goodness, it looks wonderful there! I live in Southern WI (near trumped Chicago :-) ) It is TOO COLD right now, we can’t even enjoy the snow. Nella is absolutely adorable! I’m glad you had a great trip!

  162. Amazing post – I so love your blog what an inspiration you are. And that little precious Nella, she is just the most adorable baby ever!

    Beautiful snowy pics, nice to come back to Florida!

    Shelley from FL

  163. I love how just one thing can change your whole life. You have seen your change and flowed with it. I love your blog, reading about your days and your family. I think my husband gets tired of me talking about it. When he is nearby and I am reading it, I holler, come look at Nella and Lainey, they look so cute today! Its funny he knows who I am talking about right away! :) Glad you and nella bug had a great time in the snow. Stay warm and safe!

  164. Adding it to the list- thanks for sharing!

  165. Salt Lake City is beautiful any time of year, but obviously you picked the right time to go!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours!

  166. I’m from Utah and I love it here! I am so glad you got a chance to visit! I can’t wait to see your little video with BYU TV. :o) I’m a fan.

  167. That place looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! As always your pics are great :) Nella is a just a sweet doll baby! Hope you all have a blessed Christmas :)

  168. The power of Nella…she makes me smile…every single time.

  169. utah is one of a kind! and i’m sure it was nice to see the snow once again; although, the weather was cold enough to get some snow in FL this week! crazy!

  170. Looks wonderful…would love to sit fireside with you and baby Nella!

  171. What an amazing trip! I’d love to make it there someday…

  172. beautiful pictures! Have so much fun in Utah!

  173. ooh, Sundance snow looks much more enchanting than Detroit snow…which I’m knee-deep right now!!

  174. Nella is the spitting image of her sister in that first picture. And I’ve always heard Sundance is great!

  175. I want to be in Utah…and I want nice feet!

  176. I found your blog a month or two ago, Elisa Lou blogged a link to Nellas Birth Story.

    Oh my. I am 39 weeks pregnant and when I read that I baaaaaallllllled my eyes out. It was raw and honest and very very moving. Especially the complete upturn at the end, when you just *know* everything is gonna be ok. Wow you are an incredible writer and I’ve been following your blog ever since.

    Little Nella is seriously the cutest little pumpkin in the world. So much so, would it be awful to steal Nella’s name should my little one be a girl? Due Christmas Eve, it’ll be my 3rd. So blessed.

    Thanks again for sharing your life and your AWESOME photography. You are a beautiful family and I’m sending you lots of love across the water from the UK.

  177. Looks like fun and beautiful . Laundry piles are so worth the wait !!!!!!

    love and blessings the doughtys

  178. Beautiful… all of it; Sundance, the Mountains, the fire, Nella, and the blog. :)

  179. I was so excited to see that you were in Utah!! I live here and love it too!! The holidays are such a fun time here! I hope you have a wonderful time enjoying the rest of your trip and meeting new and wonderful people!

  180. Beautiful pics as always!

    Where did you get the beautiful quilt that keeps reappearing in all your photos? I am totally obsessed with beautiful comfy quilts, but am having a hard time finding them.

  181. Ahhhhhh-mazing! That snow is so beautiful! And so is your soul…that’s why you are able to touch so many people and are given these opportunities! Keep it up!

  182. Beautiful! A little pre-Christmas snow for Nella, and she looks so very content.

    To know your family through this blog truly warms my heart. And all these adventures you could have NEVER imagined that first night, now almost one year ago with a whirl of emotions. I know how you felt, and maybe that’s why I am moved so deeply every time I visit. It surely is a wonderful world.

    Safe travels home, and Merry Christmas, Kelle.

  183. Snow has a way of making everything magical, and so do your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  184. Love it! I’ve always wanted to visit Utah. You’ve convinced me.

    Also, that babe of yours? Too precious for words.

  185. It looks like Nella loved it as much as you did! Such a beautiful smile. And I’m glad you got your snow! We’re still waiting for ours in Boston…

  186. Wow! Utah is be-U-tiful! Never been there but. . wow.

  187. Hello Snow Goddesses,

    Loved the photos of you and Nella shining bright before a snowy picturesque background. Some of the backgrounds look so beautiful that I found myself questioning, is this place really real? But I know it is because I can feel it is and God is the coolest artist eva! Happy to hear about your getaway… and you got snow, baby!!! Real snow! During the part of the year where it is most desired! Thank you for your blog, your fresh perspective, and sharing the beauty of your two beauties…and Merry Merry Christmas!!!

    Much Love, Val-Marie :)

  188. Looks like a beautiful place this time of year! Only been to Utah in the fall…and Nella is adorable!

  189. Kelle,
    Your blog makes me so happy! And although like you, I had the shock of my life this year, I am so proud to have a baby with Down syndrome!!!!
    Merry Christams!

  190. I love how Nella looks at you so adoringly…she is just a doll!

  191. I had no idea Utah was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. You make me want to go!

  192. Wish I could have seen what Nella thought of the snow :) Hope you have a great time on your trip!

  193. oh snow! i am so jealous. so glad you got to enjoy an awesome trip with nella!!

  194. That is Christmas for me! I used to live in British Columbia- at Whistler/Blackcomb and everywhere looked like this. It is truly gorgeous. Our Ottawa winter hasn’t had its usual amount of snow yet, but it will come- I have no fear.
    Looks like you had an incredible trip! GORGEOUS!

  195. First… I love that you are a traveling mommy! You don’t let it keep you from seeing the world! I love to look at your pics and put myself in them!

    Have a very merry christmas!

  196. LOVE this post! And what a gorgeous place! The profile pic of nella by the fireplace with that adorable scarf on is precious!!! And her quilt, LOVE IT! My little yummy has a quilt just like it!
    Oh and PERFECT song to go with this post! you have a gift for that! You should be doing soundtracks for movies!!

  197. dear FullBucket,

    Again, your pictures amaze me!
    I have been to Utah a few times, but suffice it to say, I don’t have any photos like this. (Granted it WAS years ago, before I even owned a decent camera anyway). But still.
    So glad you went with your Nella-bean to do this…for her, for you, for us, for SO many others out there.


    Seeing it all through new eyes

  198. I love that you came to Utah. I’m a native who goes to BYU. This post made me really happy. Sometimes, because of school, I forget about the beauty that is just 15 minutes up the canyon. Thank you!

  199. The picture of Nella in the big poofy jacket with the big poofy shoes just brightened my day tenfold–and it was bright already! She is just so sweet. I’m glad you’re getting to see some snow, and I hope the travel back is easy.

  200. I lived in Utah when i was a little girl-loved it!

  201. It’s great that you’re in Utah! We live in Idaho and LOVE it out here. I love the snow and your pictures are beautiful!!

  202. Beautiful! I love the picture of Nella in her big comfy coat. Looks so cozy!

  203. Gasp! I want to hang that Vivian Park picture in my daughter Vivian’s room!! LOVE!

  204. What a perfect little travelin’ buddy! It looks like Nella is having just as much fun as her mama! I hope we’ll be able to see your tv appearance on the web..

  205. Sundance looks gorgeous! Almost as gorgeous as Steamboat Springs, CO, where I am from! Just kidding, but not really, it’s definitely a “bucket list” place too. You guys look like you are having SO much fun! It’s wonderful to see! Nella is just deliciousin her little red striped scarf!I love it!

  206. Snow makes everything just a little bit more magical. I know I’m falling in love with it all over again. And this is a good thing, since its comin’ down real good out there…snow day for schools in this little town today!!

  207. Wow, I have to say I am not a fan of the snow. BUT these pictures may turn me into a fan, they are so beautiful! Glad you are enjoying your trip!

  208. Oh no, is Lainey gonna be mad…she is missing out on playing in the snow, Mama. I’m sure she will understand. I’ll take fireside please, it is pretty cool that they ask that/ Enjoy your trip and the loveliness that is home when you return.

  209. You’re pictures are amazing, what a beautiful place to visit!!

  210. What a beautiful place–thanks for sharing your photos!

  211. I get to cross off one of my bucket list items today: seeing my first baby for the first time. I’m drinking that 32 oz of water and holding it strong, cause Baby, I get to see your first picture today!

  212. Added to my bucket list…as always gorgeous!

  213. Oh I am so HAPPY you highlighted part of my world…grew up 10 min. from Sundance, graduated from BYU, and still live in “Happy Valley” or Utah County as is the real name. If you ever want to bring the whole family back, know that you are welcome to stay at a total stranger’s house– No really, I am serious:)

  214. Such a beautiful place! thanks for sharing it trhough pics :)

  215. Amazing! AMAZING! (you and the locale) What an amazing time and experience. I love the picture of you two outside, beside her stroller at Sundance where you can see how much she loves you and how, just like her mama, she, too, will be amazing.

  216. So beautiful! Your photography does it justice, I think. I’m sold; I would go there.

  217. It looks beautiful! I am so glad you got to have some snow this holiday season!

  218. Beautiful! That is all I can say! Even Nella looks like she’s having a blast! Enjoy your mini-vacation with your little one!

  219. Beautiful pictures to show off a beautiful place. I absolutely love seeing snow pictures and especially when cutie babys are in them. You are a precious Mom to Nella and Lainey and think it is great that you are taking the opportunities you have been given. Thanks for sharing

  220. Did you happen across Robert Redford while at Sundance??? Looks absolutely gorgeous there!!

  221. I live in Utah, and love Sundance. Actually, I love a new snowfall anywhere. The variety of the seasons is one of the best parts about living in Utah.

    And just out of curiosity, were you at BYU taping? For a show about bloggers? A neighbor of mine works for BYU TV and was mentioning the show.

    Glad you could see our beauty and enjoy the snow.

  222. Snow! Yay! It always makes the Christmas season so much more real!

  223. Can I say how much I love that you take that fabulous quilt everywhere. As you were strolling Nella around with it in Utah, I’m certain it still had grains of sand in the seams from your last trip to the beach!

  224. I love your pictures of the snow. I’m wishing just once I could experience a white christmas.

    Having a little blog giveaway myself for a $20 Home Depot gift card.

  225. Beautiful!! That’s an awesome dream… hope you don’t wake up too soon! :)

  226. one of my favorite childhood memories…drive through the canyon on a summer eve (or fall eve) and stop at sundance for homemade walnut suckers. the best. when we go to utah now, my kids look forward to the same tradition. sundance is magical. so are the utah mountains. there is healing in them, i know it! soak it all up for me too. i miss it this time of year. february, not so much…

  227. So glad you got to fall in love with Utah. I lived there for 2 years and seeing the mountains every morning never got old. I was amazed every single day.

  228. It looks awesome! Thanks for setting an example that makes me love my life and my baby even more!

  229. Your pictures just sparkle with holiday cheer!

  230. Oh My Goodness! Utah looks amazing. Definitely on my bucket list now. Definitely.

    Nella, I love her, I really, really do. So precious.

    And your Uncle Dale? Sounds like he knows how to have a good time! My kind of guy :)

    Suck the marrow, friend. I know you will.

    Angie from Ohio

  231. I love your blog. I love your photos. I love your girls.

    That about sums it up.

  232. I have always wanted to visit Utah and those pictures make it even more desirable!!

  233. I grew up in Utah, loved it there. Your pictures and your family are beautiful!

  234. I love Utah too! Glad you had a good time.

  235. My dad is fron Utah and I haven’t been back in for.ev.er but this post makes me want to go.

  236. As a loyal reader of your awesome blog I am so excited about this! We live here in Utah and I am so excited that you are paying a visit to this very cool state! I look up to you so very much Kelle. That sounds a little freaky I am sure since we don’t know one another.. but from one special needs momma to another.. you have so changed my views on having a child with special needs and I am so grateful for your ever inspiring words! If you ever come back.. wanna have a play date?!! Utah is wonderful isn’t it?!

  237. Bundled up babies are the best!!!

  238. GORGEOUS! And to visit for free….. for a good cause…even better!

  239. All your pictures of snow make me smile and remind me of home. This past September my husband and I moved. My mom and dad and brothers and sisters are still back home all 14 hours away and they have snow, lots of it. So any glimpse of snow warms my heart and reminds me of home. I really miss it. Looks like Nella is quite the fan of snow, I love her little flowered jacker, so sweet.

  240. Your post brings tears to my eyes – thank you (again and again and forever) for reminding me what truly matters….

  241. Love the pictures and glad you and Nella are having an adventure.

  242. Simply beautiful. You, Nella, the mountains. Love it all. We have snow here. LOTS of snow. But you capture it so beautifully with your pictures and words!

  243. i was wondering where you were! now it all makes sense, beautiful photos! nella gets cuter by the minute. happy holidays!


  244. Sundance has been on my bucket list for years. Mostly cause I have a mad crush on Robert Redford.

    As always, your post is like a little mini vacation for me.

    Thanks for that.

  245. Gorgeous! I am in the north, but we have no snow right now – just cold!

  246. I love that you and Nella are in Utah! I was born and raised here and it really is beautiful…especially this time of year! You should visit Sundance in the summer…it is wonderful then, too. Merry Christmas, Kelle!

  247. Your blog is so inspirational – I absolutely love how you document your life with your beautiful family:) Your Nella is beyond gorgeous! Beautiful phots and loved your post:)

  248. Wow! Talk about a winter wonderland! Gorgeous. I am looking out my window at hills that are starting to turn green and wishing for a little snow! Never going to happen where I live in CA but one can dream!

    LOVE your multicolored knit gloves! Where did you get them?

    Nella’s smile brightens my day every time I see her. Thank you for your blog, for you post and for your life. :)

  249. Absolutely breath-taking! “Utah” is now being prioritized on my life list… :)

  250. Wow – Holy What Have You – I wish I was there at this very moment. I too live in Florida – and I’ve never experienced Christmas in a place like that and boy would it be so wonderful to one day!

  251. How very exciting! Nella looks like she was loving it too! I love reading about the adventures you have with your girls! Very inspiring!

    (P.S. wonder if I used enough exclamations in this comment…)

  252. Definitely added to our list of places to see…the ultimate in picturesque. I hope the show went well, and Nella is just precious in any environment!

  253. Beautiful. Makes me want to pack a bag and my girls and head to the snow. It’ll be in the 60s here for Christmas. It just isn’t right.

    Merry Thursday!

  254. What an amazing opportunity! Have fun.

  255. How happy I am to see these snowy photos. I am from Provo Utah but live in England now where it only rains at Christmas time. I was just feeling homesick and wishing my family would send me some snow photos when you already beat them too it! (My family also has a cabin in
    Vivian Park!)
    Thank you! The snow photos are gorgeous and so is your little lady.
    Merry Christmas!

  256. SO beautiful! Love the snow!! Nells looks so cozy and joyful in all of those pictures. :)

  257. As a native Utahn, I’m so glad you’ve discovered the “best snow on earth”! There’s no place like it, and your photos brought a little bit of home to me. Thanks.

  258. I’m so Jealous! I would do just about anything to be snowed in somewhere now! The weather in Phx is supposed to cool down “slightly” today with a “slight” chance of light rain…. and I’m so excited!
    Love the pics of pretty Nella, she is getting so big!!!


  259. Just beautiful, Kelle!

    I get the Sundance catalog a few times a year, and I pretty much find something I want on every single page! Love their stuff!

  260. I wish we got snow that beautiful in SC

  261. Oh my goodness – I LOVE the pictures. And now I want to go there. I mean right now. This second. Thanks for sharing!

  262. I am in LOVE with Utah just looking at these pics! What a dream destination! Thanks for sharing! BTW, I want to just reach into the computer and smooch little Nella in that last picture! Just look at that precious face! MUAH! :)

  263. Bring some of that snow to Alabama on your way home! :) Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  264. Looks lovely! We are buried under about 30 cm of fresh fluffy snow right now. Not quite as picturesque a setting, but Christmas-y nonetheless. :)

  265. Welcome, welcome! So glad that you and Nella could stop by for a visit. Although I must admit that Florida is sounding much better to me right now :) Next time you come, visit Sundance in the fall. Gorgeous is an understatement. We went hiking right behind Sundance in September and even though I’ve grown up here, I was thrilled with beautiful amazement. Travel home to your lovies safely!

  266. Utah at Christmas is now on MY bucket list. How freaking beautiful! How is it that you make everything you do seem so magical?? I’m envious… :-)

  267. stunning – the place and Nella!

  268. This is my home! I’m a born and raised Utahan and I love my state. The things you can do and the amazing nature all around every day. Can you believe those mountains?! It’s like they’ve been painted against the sky. I hope you got to see Park City as well; such a cute quaint place where the stars flock for the Sundance Festival in January. I just go to people watch and see the beautiful women in fur :)

    I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself. Definitely come back.

  269. Reminiscent of Michigan’s U.P! Yah, der, eh? Glad you got some snow-time to renew the soul!

  270. I spent last December in Alaska…this makes me miss it so much. Beautiful isn’t it? Btw, the face Nella is giving you when she’s sitting in the stroller and you’re kneeling next to her? That’s what makes me want to be a Mommy.

  271. I WANNA GO! Looks truly delightful.
    We are at home today for snow day #3 in KY. We love the snow here and are thinking about heading to that delightful place pictured for lunch…well not really but that would be nice.
    Love the pics of that delish little one all bundled up.

  272. As always, love the photos. Utah is a wonderful place, I’ve never been to Sundance, but if you ever make it back, make your way to Teton Valley, Idaho and Jackson, Wyoming. I grew up there and it is oh so wonderful and beautiful.

  273. love your blog! started reading it when Nella was born. She is adorable BTW! I live in Utah in Salt Lake actually, and was shocked when I read that you are here in the freezing but usual December Weather! I sit here and read your blog and dream about being somewhere warm, where I can take my baby outside without hats, blankets and bundle me’s. and you are loving it here in Utah with all it’s cold! At least it welcomed you with a beautiful new blanket of snow :) everyone needs a little snow for Christmas, glad you are loving it. And hope you come back. All the seasons are actually very beautiful here, maybe try fall next time. You will love the leaves at sundance!

  274. i have yet to visit my friend there during the winter. but now i might have to.
    and i LOVE the fireplace or window question. that makes my heart smile.

  275. Oh Utah. My hometown. Those pictures remind me why I love where I live with every fiber in me! I wish I would have know you and your adorable baby were just a hop skip and jump away from me. I love your pictures, and the way you write, soothes my soul. Come back to Utah again, I’ll show you more of this wonderful state!
    Merry Christmas!

  276. Having joined your growing readership the week after Nella was born, seeing these pictures and reading these words (she’s so big!!) makes my heart warm. She is so beautiful, and she is because of you.

    Enjoy the snow! :)

  277. I LOVE Utah! It’s a gorgeous state. Enjoy the snow

  278. Being a displaced Minnesotan living ind San Diego, I could really go for some snow about now. Thanks for the beautiful post to give me a dose :-)

  279. I had a snowday on Monday. That’s probably the best way a teacher can as for to start her week before Christmas break. Sundance looks like a relaxing and snuggly town. Have you ever been to Saugatuck, MI? I think you’d really like it.

  280. Wow! WHo would have thought! :) another giveaway sounds awesome this time of year! Glad you had a great time and glad you met more amazing people!

  281. I screamed, ran around, and texted a few of my friends when I saw you came to Utah. That is where I am from, and I fall more in love with it every single day. Glad to know that you can see the beauty in the cold as I can. :)

  282. I read this as I’m watching our first big snowfall out my living room window in VA, which just made it all the more Christmas-y and cozy and wonderful. Thank you for your blog-it brings joy to so many hearts! (mine especially-I work with adults with different abilities and my husband is pretty sure that I stalk you via your blog, which I might, just sayin’)

  283. Oh Kel. I love this. I was thinking about you this week. Every morning that Al Roker did the weather and he said that Florida was going to be cold I thought “Oh YAY! Kel may get snow….or frost”! I love this. I could bite your Nella! She is a perfect girl!

  284. I live in Arizona and my children are asking me all the time to drive them up north for a round of play in the white fluffy goodness.. I love your pictures and holy wat have yous…

  285. Beautiful pictures!!! Absolutely delightful!

  286. No Way! You are totally within 50 miles of me! I live in American Fork which is basically over the mountain from Sundance! I love the Utah snow, tho the cold gets to you after a while. You should check out Temple Square while you’re here, it’s in SLC. They have the prettiest light display of the state.

  287. My parents are from Provo, UT and I graduated from BYU back in 2001. Seeing those pictures made me so homesick for it. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the beauty that Utah has to offer. Mt. Timpanogas is by far my favorite. That’s fun you got to experience a little bit of a white Christmas that you’ve been missing.

  288. Glad you liked Utah, we kinda like it too!

  289. dang kelle, if i knew you were in utah i would have FORCED you to come to my house and hang out with me! i’m so glad you loved your trip here…..it IS amazing, isn’t it? we moved here several months ago but both my husband and i are originally from iowa, that beloved midwest that we share your affections for. I miss the midwest, but this snow in utah really is incredible. it feels like christmas soooooo much more!! : ) come back to visit us, for sure!!

  290. I live in Utah! I live in this “dream”. Ha ha!

  291. I just discovered your blog and can’t stop reading it. I can’t get over the effect that it has on me… my eyes fill, my heart hurts, but boy do I smile. Thank you for creating this little escape, and for sharing all of your adventures with the world. Merry Christmas to you and your family Kelle!

  292. Looks like a wonderful trip. I don’t know about you but that kind of weather gets me in the Christmas spirit!! Yeah for the holidays!!

  293. Oh! That looks like a great trip! Nella looks adorable! I do believe my bucket list needs a sponsor! Thanks for posting beautiful pictures.

  294. I’m so envious. Oh how I wish for a White Christmas. I heard north Florida got some snow. Maybe I need to move a little more north.

    That place looks beautiful. Who knew Utah looked like that?

  295. WOW!!! this looks like the perfect place to visit!! Glad you got to enjoy it!


  296. Nella looks so cute in her winter clothes. It sounds like you had a blast enjoying the snow!

  297. I have been following your blog for a while now and enjoy every minute of it. Utah looks amazing! What an awesome experience!

  298. Looks like you are having a blast in Utah!

    Enjoy the snow :)

  299. Soooo… its not REALLY far… is there a small meet-up with Dig??!! Cuz that would just make this trip all the more sweeter!
    Wow- love Nella all bundled up!

  300. Is Nella’s scarf from Aeropostale?? I seen bears from there wearing them a couple of years ago, and I swear, it looks just like it! Maybe I’m dreaming, who knows. Hope you guys are having fun :)

  301. I can’t believe you are right around the corner from me! Not that you have time to visit some more Bucket list places but:

    *Sweet Tooth Fairy
    *BYU’s mint brownies
    *Temple Square (at night with all the lights)

    …..just a few.

    Love, Bree the Mormon mama

  302. Looks like you had a blast..btw Nella’s hair looks red in the pic by the fire :) So cute!

  303. Man, I wanna go! I’ve never been to Utah before, but maybe soon…

  304. So awesome!! Have a blast :)

  305. I love your blog and I live in Utah. I’m so glad that you were able to enjoy it’s beauty and look past all the stereotypes that comes along with my wonderful state. I love it here and LOVE the snow. Sundance is magical and definately a must for all. Love Nella stinking face!

  306. I haven’t made it to Utah yet, but I’ve been wanting to go. I live in Colorado, so I’m not too far. I’m not a fan of the snow….but your photos are making me wish we would get some…just a little bit though :)

  307. I love Nella’s red & white striped scarf. How sweet and festive!

  308. Wow what a wonderul way to spend a few days in the middle of December!

  309. Beautiful. Enjoy.

  310. Oh this makes me want snow! So thankful I’ll be heading to Maine on Monday. The pictures are beautiful! :)

  311. Utah is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been with the nicest people! when you make it back southern utah is amazing! Bryce Canyon, Zion National park…nuff said! Glad you got to touch some snow.

  312. Beautiful snow pictures. I hope to capture some when I visit Colorado in a couple of days.

  313. Welcome to the place I call home. Utah is divine isn’t it? You wouldn’t believe the National Parks we have too! It is a wonderful place to live. :)

  314. You’re an amazing Mama and I’m so glad got to be around snow. I’m in MN and it’s been the greatest year for now, and I often think about how hard it would be to have Christmas without it. But, as you’ve said before.. it’s more about who we are with than where we are at.

  315. Beautiful! That lodge/restaurant looks amazing. You’re actually making me miss the snow! :) Glad you had such an awesome trip!!

  316. So glad both you (being from Michigan) and Nella got to play in the snow, afterall, this Christmas! Utah looks beautiful. I never had the desire to go there, but might have to go take a look sometime…Just sayin’! Sitting by the fire and looking at the snow (their snow! ~ our four day old snow isn’t looking so pretty right now!) is very warm and festive. Glad you two got to enjoy that together. Safe travels home ~

  317. Wow it is beautiful there! Maybe just a little to cold for me though. Loved the pictures and i’m glad you got your snow this winter :)

  318. I just want to eat Nella up! That is all.

  319. Your photos!! I love ’em. And the quilt!! Where’d you get it? Etsy? Who made it?? I want one!!!!

  320. That looks like a beautiful place! Thamks for sharing, and now it’s on my bucket list! Have a great Christmas Kelle!

  321. Oh so beautiful. =)
    Reminds me of my home town, how I miss my family, beyond belief. xox

  322. Hi Kelle, it was such a highlight to meet you. I’ll never forget it. You’re just as fabulous in person as you are on the blog! Loved Nella and our cuddles. Loved Nayda too!

    Thank you so much for coming to BYU and being part of ‘See the Good’ because that is what you are all about. When I was hired by BYU and was introduced to their slogan I instantly thought of you. I’ll alway be grateful for how you help me see the good.

    So glad you loved Sundance. It really is gorgeous, right! I see that many people are telling you to come back in the fall. You really should. We would love to have you any time. Thanks again Kelle, for everything! Merry Christmas!

  323. utah looks beautiful.. it reminds me of jackson hole, wyoming & pinedale, wyoming.. you should definitely try that out! it’s just so beautiful with all the snow.. and cabins. nella seems to be enjoying the trip as well!

  324. It is amazing how you capture the magic and beauty of a place like that! Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  325. Wow, it looks like such an amazing trip!! Your pictures are stunning. We have our share of the ‘white stuff’ here and it fuels my Christmas spirit like crazy!!!

  326. I have to say that being a Utahn, living here most of my life, moving to Nashville and just moving back to Utah….I can honestly say that Utah is the MOST BEAUTIFUL place in the whole world!!! I am one of the few true Utahns that still get hipnotized by the sparkle in the snow…that still cries at the enormous power of the mountains…that gets lost in Sundance…I love it here…this will always be my home and I love when “out-of-towners” fall down the rabbit hole and find us here…in winter wonderland! Just don’t tell to many people about us….we love the serenity!

  327. I would LOVE to visit Utah! Your pictures are beautiful – thank you for sharing.

  328. Oh snow! It looks like fun but I do not miss it a bit :)
    Enjoy your time and have a safe trip back!

  329. Welcome to Utah!! And yes Sundance does deserve all those Holy what-have-yous! It is beautiful this time of year. So soak it up and enjoy every minute of it. Can’t wait to hear more about this awesome journey that you and Nella are on.

  330. Welcome to Utah!! And yes Sundance does deserve all those Holy what-have-yous! It is beautiful this time of year. So soak it up and enjoy every minute of it. Can’t wait to hear more about this awesome journey that you and Nella are on.

  331. Utah is the best huh?
    Love it here.

  332. I love reading your blog everyday – love the pictures – love being that little bird on your shoulder watching your life move before my eyes.



    rcrmbl at gmail.com

  333. What a wonderful trip. I would love to win that gift basket!

  334. Be sure to post an entry about your little video debut! :)
    We ♥ Utah too!

    Thanks for the bucket giveaway opportunity… Have a very Merry Christmas!


  335. It’s snowing here in Washington, DC, but I don’t have a warm crackling fire in my apartment to keep me warm. Guess I’ll have to make do with a warm heart.

  336. I miss the snow. We always had a white Christmas growing up. Where I live now, we barely get any snow. I’ve always wondered what it’s like to have Christmas with warm weather. That would be so odd.

  337. Absolutely beautiful! I love your blog and look forward to the new posts. Thank you for sharing. Utah is on my Bucket List.

  338. SO beautiful. We have family in Utah, though we’ve never been. You just solidified what I’ve been telling my husband for months- we need to go!

  339. The meal by the fireside looks so cozy & fun! I just love Nella’s smile. :)

  340. Sundance has definitely been added to my bucket list now!
    Nella is so so cute!! Would you mind telling me where you got her scarf?

  341. Welcome to Utah! It is beautiful and I feel lucky to live here!

  342. I may start to apreciate winter one of thee days too. The sunny beaches always see much more inviting!

  343. I live in a place where it could snow 20 cms weekly. And I have always, in all my 30 years, hated it. But recently, seeing the world through different eyes (the whole motherhood thing), I am loving it. I am seeing the beauty in it. The beauty in the cold, the white stuff, the bundling up and playing outside to get some fresh air. The beauty in ice fishing with your Dad, and tobogganing with your nieces and nephew, just to see their excited, joyful smiles. I see the beauty. I no longer hate living where there’s snow 6 months of the year. I wouldn’t change it for anything in this world.
    Merry Christmas. xo

  344. Looks so fun. If it wasn’t 9 degrees here in Pa I would say i wan’t to be there lol.
    Hope the remaining of the trip is awesome!!!!!

    Melissa :)

  345. I have always wanted to go to Utah…bucket list for sure!


  346. Thanks for your new post! I really loved hearing how much you loved my home! Nella is beautiful, I just want to squeeze her.

  347. I am so excited that you came to Utah. I love living in Utah and the snow. I haven’t yet been to Sundance though so that is now on my bucket list (which is about a mile long). I just added “taking a train somewhere” after watching “White Christmas” last night…I wonder if you can do that still. Anyway, I love your blog and I am glad that you had a good time!

  348. Kelle,
    Thank you, thank you! I lived in Utah until 3 years ago when my hubs & I moved to Texas. Your post today made me smile because it’s hard to be away at the holidays & I miss the snow but I wouldn’t trade it for the life we have now. Your pictures and great big smiles reminded me of fond memories! I’m so glad my home state showed you a good time & that you’ll go back with your family-have the merriest of Christmases!!!

  349. Ah, I just have to say it –
    You have a beautiful soul. And I am fairly certain that Nella’s sweet face is the picture of your soul. If I were to look up ‘beautiful soul’ in a dictionary that creates two-word definitions on a whim – there would be a picture of Nella & her lovely mama. The shots of the fireside and lattes and red-striped baby legs had me even though I thought I was sold at the snow- covered wreath. Thank you. From a fellow life-loving mama of 4, a Canadian prairie girl living on the coast & missing the snow, too. Blessings!

  350. How sweet! What a fun trip! Can’t believe I’m #349! What time do people start commenting! (:

  351. THATS christmas-magic!!!
    This scenery is just like its taken from my country (NORWAY)!!! beaytiful..
    Wonder how it is to celebrate christmas in sunny and warm weather..
    Must be strange;o)

  352. Ahh I want to go! have fun!

  353. *beautiful*

  354. This comment has been removed by the author.

  355. So glad you got to see snow this year.. and glad you’re having an amazing time! Travel safe. P.S. Love NELLA’S COAT!

  356. I just don’t understand how all your posts make me teary eyed!! I love how you love life… you don’t meet many people in the world that love life like that.

  357. Hooray! You made it to my home and alma mater. Sundance is lovely and lovely in the summer, too. You’ll have to come back and take your mountain bike up the chairlift and ride down through fields of wildflowers. I needed to see those beautiful pictures on a day I am craving sunny Florida beaches.

  358. Oh man, right now you have ME Me-Tah-ing for Utah. Isn’t Sundance the BEST? I’m heading to Utah for Christmas with my family in a week and now I can’t wait to get there! Thanks for the sneak preview! I graduated from BYU. The people there are amazing. They’ll treat you well.

    And Nella is absolutely to die for…

  359. These pictures are breathtaking!! What an amazing place! I love that last picture of Nella. She is too precious!

  360. oh you capture sundance so well. i love that i get to go to utah for the holidays. it’s a very lovely place in the winter.

  361. I am in the cold and dreaming of a warm toasty Florida (although not that warm this week) and you are living it up in snow covered Mountains. Looks so nice. Enjoy!

  362. Those buckets look amazing!

    I love Utah, I’ve been there once and it was beautiful. The elevation kicked my you know what, though!

  363. Now I really want to go to Utah!

  364. gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous!

  365. What fun!! We get quite a bit of snow here in the winter and I LOVE it!!! Enjoy your trip!

  366. Wow, its gorgeous there! Looks like Nella was lovin’ it too! I love the photo of her looking up adoringly at you while she was sitting in her stroller! The restaurant looks so warm and cozy! Have a safe trip home!

  367. Fun to see pictures of you and Nella smiling and soaking up the beauties of Utah! A big difference from FL, but your zest for life is still the same! Enjoy!

  368. I’m new to posting here, but have followed you since Nella’s Birth. ( not in the stalking kind of way) You have such a beautiful family. Just wanted to say that :)

  369. i went to BYU! great school. thought utah is beautiful, it is also positively freezing. also, this is my first comment on your blog so i just wanted to say thanks — thanks for being an amazing writer and for sharing photos that make me appreciate the everyday. your posts are the highlight of my blog stalking :)

  370. So happy you came to visit. I have lived in UT almost my entire life and there is nothing out there like the beauty of these mountains!! You need to come back again in the summer too it is a different kind of beauty that you would love as well.

  371. I LOVE Sundance! My family has been visiting there for the last 30 some years, and I finally got to go a few summers ago. I have a ton of their jewelry collection, and would love to fill my home with everything in there. It’s so picturesque.

  372. Loving all the winter shots. We had snow up here in Washington at Thanksgiving, but now, it’s all turned to a slushy mess!

  373. Last night I had a dream that I met you. Then I woke up and saw that you are in Utah. I live in Utah! My subconscious must have been telling me you are here! Suprisingly, I have never been to Sundance but I will for sure go there soon!

  374. Oh, well Iowa isn’t as mountainy, but it is as snowy and dreamy. Especially with my 2 little boys to make december magical. Glad you are enjoying yours.

  375. Looks like a great trip! I so want to drive to Utah now.

  376. Loved this post! I’m moving to Utah in a little over a month, and your words and pictures calmed the butterflies.

  377. You were totally in my neck of the woods! Isn’t it beautiful here? I love living in UT. It’s the bestest!

  378. It’s so fun to see you talk about my home state! My hubby got a job out here in San Fran and seeing these pictures are making my heart fill with so much JOY to go home for Christmas. Can’t wait to see the story air on BYU T.V.

  379. Beautiful!!!!

    Oh wow how do you make even your candids so artful (taking pix of yourself…

    I’m so glad you went!!

  380. I love how happy Nella always looks when she is looking at you. So sweet!

  381. What a fabulous trip! It looks gorgeous.
    Could you tell me what hair color you have used recently? I love the shade your hair is currently, and we have very similar complexions….I want to steal you look! :)
    Looking forward to hearing more about the experience!

  382. I love, love, love reading your blog. Nella makes my heart smile, as does Lainey. I could just eat them up! :-)

    Utah is beautiful though, isn’t it? My husband and I drove through there on our way home (to Las Vegas) from our honeymoon in Colorado. Gorgeous! I think he was a bit annoyed with me after a while though because I made him stop at EVERY “sceinic view” spot that we passed! I couldn’t soak up enough of that beauty!

  383. I love, love, love reading your blog. Nella makes my heart smile, as does Lainey. I could just eat them up! :-)

    Utah is beautiful though, isn’t it? My husband and I drove through there on our way home (to Las Vegas) from our honeymoon in Colorado. Gorgeous! I think he was a bit annoyed with me after a while though because I made him stop at EVERY “sceinic view” spot that we passed! I couldn’t soak up enough of that beauty!

  384. I have only done Utah in the summer months so think a trip in the winter would be nice too. It looks amazing. Glad you are enjoying the trip.

  385. Honestly had no idea that place existed! Beautiful!!

  386. I miss UT winters! It just doesn’t feel like Christmas living in the desert that is Las Vegas. thanks for sharing.

  387. How fun! Have a great time!

  388. Oh my gosh… beautiful pictures!! It makes the snow look appealing, and helps you forget about having to shovel snow, scrape the windows off of your car or wait for your doors to unfreeze shut!!

  389. Yay for fun trips! Glad you and Nella had the opportunity to share the experience.

    I am lovin’ the sponsor and the giveaway! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  390. beautiful pictures! nella looks so CUTE snuggled up!

  391. Oh I live in Salt Lake City and I would have LOVED to come and meet you and your sweet baby girl. Our gils are about a month apart.

  392. this looks AMAZING!


    Thanks Nadya for wearing your pink:)!

    Safe travels…


  393. I want to jump in those photos and be at Sundance! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :)

  394. You were in my hometown (well, pretty close anyway.) I agree with it being a bucket list item, seriously, a beautiful place to be. If you loved Sundance with the snow, you should come back and see it in the spring, and the summer, and oh, the colors in the fall…B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. Next time you visit, drive past Sundance up the canyon, take a right when the road forks and drive to a place of wonders called Cascade Springs. Again, beautiful.

  395. Isn’t it amazing to go to a beautiful place you have never been before? I was born in Utah but only lived there a couple years. My grandparents met there, married there, and spent a little over fifty years together in the cutest house in Alpine on seven acres with Mount Timpanogas in their backyard. I LOVED visiting there as a little girl. So many wonderful memories different from the ones I have growing up in the Arizona desert. The cold crisp air, the icicles, the deer running in the backyard, grandpa watching a western in the family room and grandma baking a pie in her 1950’s kitchen. I LOVE Utah. But grandma and grandpa passed a few years ago and a developer came in and bulldozed their home. The home where so many memories were made. So now Utah makes me sad.

    Add Park City to your bucket list with Lainey- she will love riding the Alpine slide and eating caramel apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

    Love the post Kelle! XOXO

  396. Oh how this post makes me miss my childhood home. I grew up in the mountains of Colorado, but now live deep in the heart of Texas.

    What I wouldn’t give to see a white Christmas! Glad that you and Nella had such a great time.

  397. I love how you live life! And the pictures, they are just simply A-Mazing!

  398. Ohmygosh, I jsut saw that another commenter is from Steamboat! Krysta, I so miss that lovely town.

  399. Your pictures are beautiful! Especially of you & Nella ;)Have always wanted to travel to Utah – thanks for the inspiration!

  400. Gorgeous post Kelle! My soles could use some healing… :) Merry Christmas and the best to you and yours for a wonderful New Year…

  401. You made it to our home and YES – we LOVE it! Snow is all around and it is freezing here today but me my boys are warm and cozy just adoring our snow-capped mountains here in UTAH! WELCOME and come again!

  402. went camping in Utah once, beautiful but freezing!

  403. I love Utah so much we just have staycations. No need to go anywhere else.

  404. I want to be there in the snow instead of 75 degree Texas weather.

  405. I live in Utah and take for granted what others don’t have. I was just complaining how cold and miserable it is right now, completely forgetting the sheer beauty of it all. Thank you for reminding me to take a moment to appreciate the beauty that others don’t have. I really love living in Utah and being surrounded by its beauty all year long. The mountains during the Fall are also breath-taking. You should come back then for a visit…you will love it just as much.

    Love, love, love your blog. You are an inspiration and remind me to appreciate my blessings every day.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  406. Looks great!

  407. Yay! you were in my home town! I do love it here with all the snow. I’m glad your baby girl got to touch it. I take my baby boy out in it every chance I get. Guess it’s time to go on a nice day trip up to one of the ski lodges.

  408. Gorgeous pictures….. as always :)

  409. I am grateful to be living in a place that gives me four seasons:) Its truely beautiful!

  410. Looks fabulous! Can it be a tie with Chicago for your most fave place? (I’m from Chicago!) :-)

  411. I love all the pictures that you post on here. I know traveling with a little one is hard and I give you huge props flying with her alone.

  412. Ahh! Its pretty cool to open your blog up today and see pictures of my own backyard!! Glad you are enjoying yourself here and posting such amazing pictures and words about how beautiful Utah really is! Enjoy!

  413. Thought you might like my post today.


    Thanks again Kelle!

  414. Ahhhh Utah. That place will always hold a special place in my heart. I lived in Provo for a couple of years and that’s where I dated my husband and where we lived for the first 7 months of our marriage. My sister lives there now and I love when we get to go visit her and her family. Sadly, I’ve never been to Sundance though (crime since I lived so close!) – that is officially on my list of things to do on our next trip there.

    Will we be able to see the piece that BYU TV shot? I’m sure it’s beautiful and inspiring. :)

  415. I lived in Utah for a year but never made it to Sundance- looks like I really missed out! Gorgeous. And I would love to win a bucket of pampering supplies :)

    By the way, you look so pretty in these pictures. I wish I could pull of the whole dark hair/bangs look- you rock it.

  416. It looks absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  417. Sundance looks wonderful. Utah is definitely on my very long to-visit list …

  418. You’re in my stomping grounds, Sundance is beautiful and I live just down the canyon from it near BYU. I’m glad you had a good time. I love it here. :)

  419. I just moved to Utah and am having a hard time adjusting. Your pictures make me want to get out and enjoy what is here instead of wishing I was elsewhere.


  420. How wonderful! I haven’t been to Utah but it’s been on my bucket list for a while. Enjoy and travel safe!

  421. Love the pretty snow! We have plenty around here in Indiana. I’m just wishing for more time to take photos out in it!

  422. I love the title, very clever.

    Though Sun dance looks amazing I think Chicago has a charm that no other place in the world has. It’s ice rinks right in the middle of the city so right when you look up you are staring into a huge sky scraper! But I definitely want to pay Sun Dance a visit!

  423. I know exactly where you were… I live in Utah! If you’re REALLY wanting a cool place to go, I would suggest hitting up Park City (Utah) during the winter months. You’ll LOVE it! :)

  424. Ohhh and does my soul ever need healing.

    Nella looks like she is just loving snow. But- this girl is on a mission..to LOVE everything and everyone.

    Enjoy your visit!

  425. Seriously, you have the CUTEST kid ever! I think Nella (and Lainey for that matter) is absolutely gorgeous! I thoroughly enjoy the 5 minutes a day I get to spend with *you* as I read your blog!

  426. What beautiful pictures. It makes me miss Illinois just a teensy, weensy bit.

  427. I have always wanted to go to Utah . . . and I have always wanted a bucket full of free baby stuff :)

  428. I live about 20 minutes from Sundance and it’s one of our favorite places. I so wish I could have met you while you were in town, because I simply adore you and completely admire you as a mother. I’m glad you liked your stay here, we are so proud of our glorious mountains!

  429. Gorgeous scenery and a snuggly little girl–has to be heaven. Glad you are enjoying your trip!

  430. Utah loves you!!!

  431. what an awesome little trip! and you got to see some snow! nella is as cute as ever.

  432. My hubbie went to a Utah town years back and has been wanting to take me there ever since…there must be something about Utah!

    I love to see Nella looking up at you with all that love in her eyes – she tells the world without any words what a good mama you are!


  433. Oh My! and I thought it was COLD it central Florida! Us guys down south only dream about places like that. Breathtaking!

  434. What a sweet treat for you and Nella to get away by yourselves to that wonderful place this time of year. You got your snow afterall!

  435. What a beautiful place! So glad you got to see snow! Safe travels home and enjoy! :)

  436. Enjoy your trip! Very beautiful pictures!

  437. What an amazing winter wonderland to contrast life at home!

    I just did an interview with Rachel Coleman, founder of Signing Time (incredible sign-language videos for children, http://www.signingtime.com) about parenting two children with disabilities. She lives in Utah and you will love her attitude:


  438. I just turned 30 yesterday and am loving it-dirty snow, icy roads, wild beautiful 4 year old, amazing hubby, laundry, dishes and all!!! Thank yo for inspiring me.

  439. love the warmth in your chilly photos!

  440. I know you say you have your groove on now in Florida and can make Christmas fun without snow, but I am SOOOOOOO happy that you got a bit of snow in December! :) Love the photos! Beautiful!

  441. How fun! Glad you had a bit of snow! Beautiful!
    Merry Christmas!

  442. I LOVE your blog…adore the way you view the world…am more than a little jealous of your photography and writing skills…can we be best friends??? 😉

  443. A smoky fire in the snow… now THAT’s what we’re missing here!

  444. Needed to post on this one because “All Natural” has been my thing lately and will be hopefuly for a long time to come!

  445. I love Utah! And I love your blog! You have such a sweet family and a sweet spirit.
    I am jealous of you and the snow right now. I live in Colorado and I think the snow has decided to skip us this year!

  446. So beautiful!! Utah, Nella, You. Safe journey home. And blessings be abound!

  447. I want to go to Utah!!! I am reading your blog as I am wearing flip flops! Gotta love Mississippi weather!

  448. I want to be in front of that fire drinking that yummy hot deliciousness… :) It looks beautiful there!

  449. Love the pictures. Those snowy mountains are simply amazing, and Nella is beautiful in her cozy winter coat. Love the fireside pictures too — life is so good! Thank you for sharing with us about your trip to Utah.

  450. I love the fireside pictures, looks so cozy and Nella just looks so incredibly happy! There is a place in my heart for your sweet angel and I’ve never even met her, her smile just warms my soul.

  451. I swear my bucket list has doubled at least since I started reading your blog under a year ago!!!
    Enjoy the snow!! =)

  452. I used to live out West, right near there. I agree that you can’t beat the weather and beauty of the Western side of the country this time of year. So glad you were able to experience it for a bit.

  453. My husband proposed at Sundance. It is a beautiful little place and I miss it. I’m glad you were able to experience it.

  454. Can’t wait to hear all about it. It looks fabulous!

  455. Wow, lovin’ every gorgeous snow shot you took, not to mention that you got to wear fabulous jackets and scarves and winter hats…I am pulling out my scarves every below-65-degree day I get out here in So. Cal. Talk about White Christmas, so cool!

  456. AMAZING!!!!

  457. Hey Kelle,
    you rock,girl! you live your dream! that is soooo awesome! you have a husband who supports you all the way!! that in itself is sooo amazing, he lets you be you!
    thank you for sharing your life with all us faithful blog-readers!!

    have an amazing, safe trip!!

    you go girl!

  458. I hope your trip is short enough that snow/cold remain a novelty to long for!

  459. How exciting, and Nella always looks so happy.

  460. Oh, you have just visited so many of my favorite places. Though BYU just reminds me of school work and finals! I am so glad you got to experience the beauty of Utah in December! Thank you for your outlook on life. It has helped me through many hard times in the past few months. Thank you! ( I still feel weird I stalk a random persons blog in florida – I can’t help it! It lifts me so much!)

  461. Glad you were able to come and enjoy our beautiful state of Utah!

  462. I has a bucket! Oh noes they be stealin’ my bucket!

    I hope someone finds this as freakin’ hilarious as I do.

  463. Love the pics!!!! :) They’re beautiful as always. Glad you got to enjoy the snow!

  464. I’ve been wanting to write for the longest time…..today I was talking to my husband about going to Idaho, Montana or Utah !!! and a few minutes later I see your photos and read your words….YES !!! Synchronicity !!!! It is in my bucket list, I will go there soon….And I happen to love the Sundance catalog and all their products….and the Sundance films, and YOUR words and blog, so inspiring, uplifting and now necessary in my life.
    Thank YOU Kelle, for sharing your LIGHT.

  465. Kelle- you are true inspiration. I look forward each post to remind myself and my family to slow down and love LIFE!

  466. I’m glad you love Utah… we do too (just to visit though).

  467. The pictures are amazing! So beautiful there with all the nice white snow. Nella looks so adorable all bundled up!

  468. O Kelle, those pictures make me want to escape to a ski lodge and snuggle up by a fireplace with hot coco and a big furry jacket. Thanks for posting!

  469. gosh, Nella gets cuter every day.
    So… you stay right there, I’ll hop on a plane and be there in a few.


  470. What a gorgeous place to visit! I will definitely be adding it to my bucket list!

  471. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I have a little guy (20 months) that just had brain surgery to stop/control his seizures and he is doing amazing. But just like you, there are great days and not so great days as mom. Thanks again for sharing – I don’t feel so alone =)

  472. Holy cow! That young lady in the picture from BYU looks uncanny to Dooce’s Heather Armstrong (who, I believe, went to school there, too).

    Enjoy the snow! I’ve got some in Minnesota to share!

  473. Welcome to UTAH! I have lived here for 15 years now and there is no place I would rather be. The winters are a little long, but we make up for it with the most beautiful 3 months of summer you could ever dream of. I can actually say I live in Paradise (because I do) Paradise, UT. Have fun and hope you get to make it back soon! Love your blog and seeing your family grow! Nella is such a beautiful little treasure! Lainey is turning in to such a sweet little lady! Great Job MOM!!!

  474. Sundance is one of my FAVORITE places! Love the pictures, love your words!

    Thank you!

  475. Holy something or other!

    I need to go there.


  476. Seriously. Nella is GORGEOUS. I am always blown away by her heartwarming smiles in your photos. Sundace looks AMAZING. totally jealous, looks like a place you see in the movies! Glad you got a lil snow in for xmas. ;p

  477. I get to see those mountains in a week!

  478. I was getting quite sad when I had not read one of your posts in a couple days. This blog is like a drug to me :-) We have much snow right now, and I love to white crispness :-)

  479. Did Nella love the snow? From what it looks likes, she is most defiantly a snow baby! It looks beautiful there, the snow, the mountains and great friends. Looks like so much fun. Isn’t it amazing the way fresh fallen snow can make you feel? It’s almost magical!

    Beautiful post!

    Lindsey G

  480. Kelle…come to MN too!! We have so much snow. It just keeps snowing and snowing and doesn’t want to stop! I love the beauty of all the crisp, white, pristine snow! I was just looking out the window at the virgin snow thinking I need to get my kids out there right after school and take some photos in it before it’s perfectness is all ruined! I would love a free gift…just in time for the Holidays! Safe travels, and Utah is beautiful, just like you and Miss Nella!
    Happy Holidays!

  481. Ok – Sundance – Bucket List! Check! Looks amazing!

  482. While I am freezing my booty off in Ohio right now, your pictures make me want to move to Utah!!

  483. I live in Utah and I love it, now you know why I will never leave! This place is beautiful and I love having 4 distinctly different seasons. Plus all my family is here and that makes it even better! I am so glad you came to visit, I would love to see the piece they filmed about you!

  484. Holy What-Have-You….I can’t believe you came to my home state….good thing I didn’t know before hand…me & my BFF Susie would have totally stalked you!!!
    So happy you loved our state…come back anytime!

  485. Mrs. Hampton, I’m so happy you and little Nella got to see snow this holiday season! And I’m so happy you had the opportunity to share your story with an even wider audience so that we may all know and love and appreciate the beautiful gift of special needs children.

    Merry (almost) Christmas! Stay warm!

  486. It looks beautiful there, ill have to go there i love place like that…… maybe a nice little honeymoon place :)

  487. I live in Northern PA and we have had snow since December 1st and I’m loving it! It just adds the magic of this time of year:)

  488. Totally loved this post! I’m a Utah native living in London. This is my first Christmas I won’t be back home in my beautiful Utah. Thanks for posting such wonderful pictures of “home” to help me feel a little closer this season.

  489. you…are so much then you even know. ..an inspiration to so many..especially me. i wait in anticipation of your posts, clinging to the peace, the positive, the perfect poetry of your next post. thank you for being, you.

  490. Sundance! Ok! I’ve added it to my mental bucket list! Thanks for the tip!! We might be moving to Utah with the Air Force in 2 years…hmmmm…these pictures make me think it would be OK!!!

  491. What an amazing place! I was dreading snow this season (I live in the Northeast); however, your photos captured the beauty of nature in a way that now has my heart singing “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!” Thank you so much for sharing!

  492. Hooray for stories about good things in the world. And I could use some pampering so I am shamelessly commenting only for that reason. :)


  493. oooo I haven’t been to Utah…but now it is on the bucket list 😉
    This new mama needs some pampering…I hope I win!

  494. What an absolutley beautiful place! Makes me want to go there just to cuddle up in the lodge and watch the snow fall.

  495. There’s nothing like a trip to Sundance in the winter! Glad you had fun, can’t wait to hear about your story with BYU.
    Merry Christmas!

  496. I can’t wait to see your BYU video, please let us know! I think you described it really well: “Their mission … to see the good in the world. To be the good. To push people to be more.” How inspiring. I think I want to use that as a mantra in my life…to see good in the world, and to be the good in the world.

    Enjoy Utah, it’s a great place especially in the snow:)

  497. How exciting to get to go where there’s snow right before Christmas! Dreaming of a white Christmas here in Tennessee!!

  498. I can’t believe there is snow in your post!

  499. Who would of ever thought I would say this>>> I want to go to Utah.. Nella makes the cutest little snow bunny I ever did see!!! Hope you enjoy your trip.

  500. I’m going to Utah for the first time next month and I’m so excited! Glad you got to see some snow before Christmas. :)


  501. That’s amazing Kelle! What a jet-setter you have become!

  502. nella must love sundance as much as you do– her smile!!! the photo of you two by the fire is a must-frame. sheer happiness!

  503. Is that Sundance the store??? I get their catalogs and DROOOOOOL in longing for every single piece of cool jewelry in them!!! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip, and the bucket of body goodies looks lovely. Nella is beaming…as usual. I just want to squeeze her!

  504. OMG I work in Provo…not too far away from BYU!!! That’s crazy that you are here. I really hope you enjoy your stay and I’m really glad that we had those snow storms so you and Nella are able to enjoy it!! Bless you both

  505. An episode of Full House reminded me of you today. Aunt Becky wasn’t able to go home for the holidays and was missing the snow; Uncle Jesse had the entire backyard covered in snow and gave her a pair of gloves. It was really sweet. I thought of you living in warm weather during the holidays and missing the cold. I hope you had an awesome time in Utah!

  506. After living in Iowa I’m totally over snow but I’m glad your enjoying it!

  507. Gorgeous photos! And I LOVED this post.

  508. Love, love, LOVE it!!
    Let is snow…and ENJOY!

  509. Oh snow, how I love thee. These pictures make me crave a good snowstorm. I check your blog daily, and get so excited when I see a new post. And sometimes, at night, I bring it up just to listen to your playlist. Great taste in music, too!

  510. Beautiful! I am pretty fond of Utah myself, and am pretty excited about going out there next month for my sister in laws wedding.

  511. Amazing ~
    not much else to say…

  512. oooh, pretty! I wish we had some snow like that here in Salem, MA!

  513. that baby of yours is smiling on each and every image! precious!

  514. Love your posts! Nella reminds me of my baby girl! ALOT. My little one doesn’t have DS but they really look alike! Nella is so yummy!!

  515. Beautiful pictures!

  516. Looks like you had a great trip.

  517. i’m a utahan like some of your other readers. utah truly is beautiful and its easy to forget it. you are so brave to travel all over with nella. she is a doll!

  518. so when are you going to be on tv?? that place looks AMAZING! your whole life looks amazing.

  519. Glad you are having a gorgeous time, but don’t write off Chicago completely!

  520. You made it to our great state! There really is no place I have found like Sundance. It is so beautiful in the spring and summer and fall, all beautiful and a treat for the eyes, I can never decide what season I like it best in that is how awesome it is year round. They offer classes there too on jewelry making and art that are really amazing.

  521. I love the picture of Nella in her coat next to the snow.

  522. Absolutely beautiful!

  523. Amazingly enough, I’m in Colorado…and our land does not look like that! It makes me sad! I think I should take a trip to Sundance too! :)

  524. I so totally would have chosen fireside, too. Cus you can still see the view and be warm while doing it! Those photos are amazing and I am glad you decided to go.

  525. That place is beautiful! There really is no match for all that snow this time of year!

  526. Well crap. Had I but known you where in Utah, I would have driven with my special needs angel and my five other wonderful kids the hour drive to Sundance and waved hello! Glad our Utah snow could send a bit of Winter Wonderland your way. Have a safe trip home.

  527. ahhh…beautiful snow covered mountains!!! i miss those!!

  528. Hey, you’re in my neck of the woods! Just a friendly blogger from Utah who checks your blog all the time. This is absolutely one of the most surprising places in the world. There are no mountains like ours, no snow like ours and anyone who has been here can’t wait to get back. I’m glad you like it. Welcome!

  529. Thanks for reminding me of the beauty I’m surrounded by. I’ve lived in Utah nearly my whole life, and it’s easy to take for granted the magical scenery I’m encircled by. I usually enjoy Utah more in the summer when we can enjoy the mountains in a warm setting, but it really is beautiful in the winter too. Glad you and little Nella got to come and get a taste of Utah. I’ll look forward to seeing the piece BYU is doing. You are an inspirational writer and a phenomenal photographer. Happy Holidays to you and your lovely family!

  530. Glad you got to play in the snow! As a former Florida baby, I get so excited any time I see the little snow flake icon on the weather channel!

  531. The snow looks so beautiful! I don’t get many chances to see it since I live in Phoenix, but reading your post, I’ll just pretend I’m there as well. :)

  532. My daddy was born and raised there. It’s like my second home. Although I haven’t been back for awhile. Sure miss it! It’s the most beautiful place on earth this time of year. You are lucky girls to be there! Soak it all up. As I can see you are. ; D

    Thanks for sharing!!

  533. holy what-have-you! what a beautiful town. yes, bucket for sure. 😉

  534. What a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing your wonderful family and that precious angel with us.

  535. Ditto with the first poster! Kinda want to steal your delicious kiddo,too! Nella never stops smiling–and even when I’m having a day like today (when the ice cream yulelog melted all over the baby food in my freezer bag; when my daughter refuses to eat her take-out burger because there is onions on it and scrapping them off simply won’t do; when my youngest is wailing because of the new tooth working its way to the surface, when I step on a random toy, slip and nearly bean myself on the coffee table), seeing her her precious little face smiling out at me from the computer screen makes me want to smile right back. And, then I can release the pent-up breath I’m holding, and go and kiss my own babies. And, remind myself, that tomorrow is, in fact, another day.,

  536. You’re adorable! ‘I tried to express my amazement of the place today, but every good word I thought of seemed to cheapen the beauty…so I used naughty words instead, because they’re already cheap.

    So there was a lot of “Holy-what-have-yous.” ‘

    Ha! Smiled through your whole post. It brings me joy to see you and sweet Nella so happy!

    I’m “international” so exempt from the sweet treat, but just wanted to share my smile.

  537. Never been there, but it looks fantastic. I could go for a nice drink beside that big roaring fire right now!!

  538. I think Utah is calling my name!

  539. You were in Utah! So excited you were here (where I live). Love your inspiring posts!

  540. Nella is the cutest! When she smiles so do I. Utah looks beautiful right now.

  541. So amazing to have a good snow experience right before Christmas. I love the pictures, it is now part of my list! Utah during the holidays.

  542. Wow! Utah looks beautiful this time of year!
    You and Nella are just so gorgeous…Stay warm!

  543. We visited THE SAME Sundance resort, where I took my FIRST (…and ONLY) photography class which sparked my NEW hobby turned job: photography! MMMUAH Sundance! (that was a kiss)

  544. We visited THE SAME Sundance resort, where I took my FIRST (…and ONLY) photography class which sparked my NEW hobby turned job: photography! MMMUAH Sundance! (that was a kiss)

  545. You are all over this country girl! Every time I check your blog you are telling us about another wonderful place you are in! Drink it up! This is the good life!

  546. I’m so surprised to see you in my home town! My stomping grounds! I grew up skiing at Sundance, living just minutes from there. I know live in Salt Lake City. My favorites are the summer outdoor plays Sundance has in their resort. Great memories! Weddings are beautiful there as well. Great photos!

    Enjoy your time here! I’ll hope for a little bit more snow for you.

  547. don’t you just love the word “sundance?” i mean, that name alone just seals the deal…but the place looks gorgeous. i’m glad you got snow! :)

  548. Kelle,
    I am from Utah myself and yes it is a winter wonderland. I am a HUGE fan of your writing and most of all your beautiful pictures. I would love to have a shoot with you if you are ever in the area again. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    Sincerely Misty

  549. Oh this twangs my heart! Your blog is my favorite.. so much to say that if there are updates from my sister’s blog or my brother-in-laws blog AND your blog… I’ll 98% of the time read your blog first. And what kills me is that Sundance is about 15 minutes from my home! I feel like there is a celebrity here! Enjoy your stay! And come back!

  550. I never realised Utah was so beautiful!

  551. Loved this post … helps make this cold Illinois day feel a bit warmer!

  552. I know where I want to visit now!

  553. Whhhhaaaattt!!!!??? You are in Utah? Stop it. I live 1 mile away from BYU. WHERE ARE YOU? I MUST MEET YOU NOW. haha I am kidding. But your blog is my most favoritest blog in the whole wide blogoshere. I am dying. Will you be signing autographs anywhere!?haha.really though??

  554. While I agree it looks absolutely beautiful there (oh – and I hope we get to hear more about your part in the series!), it looks so dang cold as well! I’m not even from Florida and I couldn’t imagine being in that cold weather. But I have always wanted to go to Sundance…

  555. Wowzas… go Utah on being uber-gorgeous! And bring on some fireside goodness!

  556. Holy What-Have-You! Amazing pictures and so worth the laundry piles that might be waiting at home! I am sure you enjoyed every second! I am hoping we get to somehow see the results of your work out there!

    Wishing you a merry season!!!


  557. what a fun adventure! beautiful picutres, as always!

  558. Welcome to my area of the country!!! I went to BYU and love and miss it. I hope you enjoy the snowy goodness!

  559. Once again you make me cry happy tears. I too love Utah and grey boots…and all of what you post. Thank you for being a happy spot.

  560. I love snow too! We had big cornflake snowflakes today…It is wonderful! Love the picture story and Nella never ceases to make me smile!

  561. I love how happy Nella looks in UT! I am missing the snowy Christmas scene, as I’m originally from the Northeast but now reside in Grand Cayman (not that I have much to complain about!)
    Congrats on the BYU gig!

  562. I used to live in Utah. Sundance was up the canyon from me. It is a great place to go to in the Summer. They have the Sundance Outdoor Theatre…awesome to go to. Glad you had a wonderful time visiting my home state!!!

  563. Oh, WOW! Enjoy that winter wonderland with your sweet girl, Kelle. Merry Christmas!

  564. Utah is divine, isn’t it? I don’t live there anymore, but visiting the mountains is like coming home…. so glad you were able to experience it!

  565. With every single post, you make me stop and slow down to soak in the blessings we have – our children. You are truly inspirational.
    Keep the posts coming!

  566. With every single post, you make me stop and slow down to soak in the blessings we have – our children. You are truly inspirational.
    Keep the posts coming!

  567. Enjoy the snow and the unique beauty it brings! Safe travels with your wonderful little one! Merry Christmas!!

  568. Your pictures have such a warmth in them… even in the midst of snow! Sounds like a glorious trip!

  569. Beautiful Pictures! Seriously, I need to visit this place!

  570. how bummed am i that you were soooo close to home and we missed out! i am glad you had an amazing time here in utah…and i am glad that utah got to meet you too…merry christmas!

  571. Kelle you are right up the street from my little town! My sister mailed you a letter a few months ago! She also subscribed you to the Ensign and is having it sent to you each month. I just want you to know that you are our other sister. Well that’s what we call you all the time when we get together and talk about your blog! We love you so much! I hope you enjoy Utah and Sundance! It is fabulous! I hope that some day you will come back and visit me and my sisters!

  572. I love that you came to Utah and enjoyed it! Not everyone sees beauty here in my home state (especially those who live here year-round). I hope you enjoy your stay! Provo Canyon is one of the most gorgeous places on earth.

    (P.S. Let me know if you need anything while you’re here…I’m local. :) )

  573. Gorgeous snow pics!!! We’re in New England where the is supposed to be snow, sadly, there is none! :(

    And bucket lists…a bucket from Heal my Sole would be great under my tree this year!!!

  574. i am so happy you are getting to experience snow magic with nella! i just love your outlook on life. i am expecting our first in just a few weeks! you have already taught me so much and i thank you for that!

  575. A secret Christmas getaway… magical!

  576. Utah looks lovely.

  577. So excited to see you were in Utah…even if I didn’t get to meet you. I love living here. I miss the snow (I live in Southern Utah now) and it was wonderful to see all your beautiful pictures! And of course, the pictures of Nella are beautiful too. You are such an inspiration and I am so glad that I have the chance to “slip” into your world each day. Take care!

  578. Beautiful post, as always. Now I can’t wait for the snow in Massachusetts!!!!

  579. I love that the quilt goes everywhere with you. Camping, Utah, you name it! :)

  580. Come to Colorado. We do all that stuff; fireside lattes, mountain-fresh powder, holy-fourteen-thousand-feet mountains goodness. Utah has some lovely spots and all, but I’m partial to CO. Prolly cause I live here. :-)

  581. The mountains are calling me and seeing the pics of what ever deliciousness you had in your mug has made me decide to have some hot chocolate of my own tonight! I’d say I hope you have a great trip but obviously there is no need for that 😉

  582. you always make me cry. happy tears of course. but no matter what you write about, i get welled up. and i love coming back for more!

  583. you got to see snow…yipppeee!

  584. You are in my town! I live in Provo and though it is not as romantic as Sundance, it is pretty special this time of year. I hope you enjoy your stay in our snowy state!

    p.s. My boyfriend took me to the Sundance lodge for my birthday last winter and I sat in front of that beautiful fire and ate the most amazing filet mignon!

  585. Loved your pics, never thought of visiting Utah before until i saw them. Love how Nella and Lainey have changed your lives for so much good.

  586. Loved your pics, never thought of visiting Utah before until i saw them. Love how Nella and Lainey have changed your lives for so much good.

  587. Love love love your posts. Can’t say it enough. Makes me want to go to Utah, right this instant! Next time maybe you can fit Bryce Canyon into your travels, if you haven’t been there already. You wouldn’t be disappointed!

  588. Thank you for reminding us of all the beauty in the world! It makes me truly grateful.

  589. I love how you surprise us with these adventures!

    Love love all the pictures. What a beautiful place to see. Will have to add that to the bucket list!

    Safe travels to you all!


  590. Nella is taking you places!

  591. Simply beautiful <3

  592. That place looks amazing!

  593. When you mentioned you were seeing snow, I couldn’t figure out where you would be…Utah! Looks super fun and cozy. Safe travels home!

  594. Seriously amazing pictures. I’m glad you got to enjoy the snow with your little Nella!

  595. omg i want your life!

  596. Wow Sundance looks beautiful! Definitely adding that to the list.

  597. What a beautiful place… and I am sure Miss Lainey is enjoying Daddy time :)

  598. Utah is my birth state and BYU my alma mater so I was so tickled to see this post. It is an absolutely gorgeous state, especially in winter! As soon as I saw the title of this post I thought, “I hope she went to Sundance!” The very best french onion soup I have ever ever eaten was at Sundance. Sigh, now I’m homesick. Can’t wait to see your story on their program.

  599. Wow… I had never heard of Sundance before, but it seems AMAZING. I may plan a trip there shortly!!! Thanks for sharing this little gem!

  600. Wow… I had never heard of Sundance before, but it seems AMAZING. I may plan a trip there shortly!!! Thanks for sharing this little gem!

  601. Looks beautiful, and Nella is adorable as always!

  602. yeah!

  603. What a great little traveler! Have never been to Utah but this post makes me want to go now.

  604. Wow, you are livin’ the life fantastic, aren’t you? LOVE IT.

  605. Stunning! That would be a beautiful place to spend Christmas!

  606. So nice to get to spend some one-on-one time with one of your children! Really hard to leave the other at home but, after all, she had you all to herself for much longer than you were away this time. 😉

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  608. I am due in five weeks to have our second baby and my body is crying out for some pampering! That being said, I’d love the goodies!

  609. Well, you got your snow! Make you love Florida even more?

  610. The beauty of that magical place takes my breath away!!

  611. Beautiful. I love how snow dresses up the trees and make it so beautiful. The picture of Nella by the fire is delightful – it looks like the she got the best seat in the house. I don’t think I have ever visited Utah in the winter. Hope you had a safe trip back.

  612. Okay goodness…now I have to add something else to my already long bucket list! Looks like a little slice of heaven. You and your sweet Nella have to be two of the most photogenic people on earth…so jealous:)

  613. That picture of Nella in front of the brick wall with the big coat on is award winning! So glad you and Nella could jet off together to such a beautiful place. And I bet Lainey is enjoying some special Daddy time while you’re gone!

  614. I’m not a fan of cold or snow, but the pictures are BEAUTIFUL!

  615. looks beautiful! and glad you are getting to see some snow at Christmas time! Cool buckets, would make a great gift to give or keep!

  616. I Have loved Utah since I went there for the first time in 1990. All of the seasons are awesome!
    Glad you got to have some girl time with your Mini!

  617. On my bucket list is to roam the streets of New Orleans..eat…drink…no just eat all things Louisiana!

    You get to stomp some snow!! Breathe deep and take it back home for Christmas! :) I say this as I am looking out the window at another snowfall. (I just hope it lasts another week-where I live on the ocean it never lasts)

  618. I am so happy for you, Kelle! I was a little sad when I read that Chicago has been trumped … but only for a second because this beautiful world of ours is filled with many gems and I am glad you found one and shared it with all of us!!


  619. Today is my birthday! Do I get a pressie? :)

    Your new-to-you quilt inspired me to get our patchwork quilt out of storage… I love the way it’s tossed on the floor next to our Christmas tree.

  620. Have a safe trip back! I’ve never been out west in the winter.

  621. Every time I see your Nella smile, it makes me smile!! She’s so cute!!
    Never been to Utah, but those pictures were beautiful! And free trip…..awesome!
    Sundance. If only Robert Redford was there too……

  622. I’m so glad you are having a wonderful time in Utah!

  623. Added to my bucket list thanks to you…

    I’d love to win some goodies in a basket.

  624. Next time you are in Utah, we should go to lunch and I can show some more jaw dropping places. I love Utah and you would be surprised what you can see here. I hope you enjoyed!

  625. Gorgeous! So happy you got some ‘winter’ this holiday season! Enjoy!

  626. So, I stalk your blog and today you made me cry with all the pictures of home. I grew up just down the canyon from Sundance and I live all the way across the country now and rarely make it home for Christmas.

    Thank you for sharing part of yourself!

  627. Thanks for the addition to MY bucket list. Safe travels!

  628. Great pics! thanks for sharing Utah.

  629. I love how Nella’s blanket travels everywhere with her. Oh, the places that blanky has seen! You could do a “Where in the world is Waldo” set of posts just for the blanky!

    Happy Christmas and thanks for the chance to win.

  630. Hi!

    I grew up in Paradise, UT just 3 hours north of Sundance. I will tell you that it truly is Paradise. I’m so glad you fell in love with my home state.

    Nella is gorgeous! Such a happy little soul.

    Happy Christmas.

  631. Yep. Holy ‘what have you’! That place is amazing! Glad you girls are having fun!

  632. Yep. Holy ‘what have you’! That place is amazing! Glad you girls are having fun!

  633. Oh Utah.. Utah is one of my most favorite places. Hubby and I got married on the black lava rocks in Snow Canyon at a place called Entrada. Gorgeous. Your pictures are beautiful. Btw.. nella has the most beautiful little ears. So stinkin cute.

  634. I am curious what kinda of camera do you have. I love the pictures you post!

  635. The thing I love most about Kelle is that you find the Holy What Have You’s in everything you do!!! Merry Christmas! So glad you got snow to fill your Christmas lovin soul :)

  636. My heart just broke a little for my beloved city of Chicago. We’ll win you back, but in the meantime Utah seems so dreamy!

  637. I’ve been lurking here for awhile. I just soak up all the beautiful pictures and words about life – and that extra chromosome. We have one too. I’m rooting for you guys.

  638. Yay! Love that you got that chance and that Nella got to see the snow. This girl is already tired of the snow and the cold. Maybe we should trade homes on occasion.

  639. WOW! I can’t wait to hear more about this adventure that you are taking!

  640. Wonderful wonders!


  641. Wow…Utah looks beautiful! We have friends there and I keep bugging my husband to take me! Hope your TV segment went well! :)

  642. I live in the south, like you. And so I really miss the snow at Christmas. Lucky you!

  643. Every single one of your posts bring the biggest smile to my face.

  644. Wow! Looks absolutely beautiful!

  645. Ohhh, Utah looks awesome, especially for the Holidays!
    Love it :)

  646. I’m so jealous. It looks amazing. XOXO

  647. Isnt snow fantasic? I am happy you got to enjoy some..
    I could not live without it.
    Merry Christmas!!

  648. I love to read your take on my home state. We are “transplants” here from NY and it’s nice to see others appreciate it. However, we do like to keep it a secret and you’re spilling the beans!

  649. Wow! What a beautiful place. It’s like God reached down with his frosty wand and gave a wave. I’m needing a little travel bout now, but I’m thinking warm sandy beaches without kiddos. Good old Kentucky looks about like where you are now.

  650. Nella is just as beautiful in Utah as she is in Florida! And unless I am mistaken, the older she gets the more she resembles Miss Lainey, which is a Very Good Thing.

  651. Suck the life out of it Kelle!

  652. SOOOOOOO– once again, I’ll sit here and be jealous, mkay?

  653. She is SO cute! Lovin’ the snow and fire and beautiful scenery!

  654. I am totally an HOUR AWAY FROM THERE!! so flipping excited that I saw utah in the title I was like WHAT in UTAH!! wooohooo!! Im glad you like it and I do hope you come back. I enjoy utah soooooooo much and I know you will more and more each and everytime you come back. 😉

  655. Oh my word I can not believe you were in Utah!!!!! I have always wondered if you would ever come here and you did and I did not even know it. I am glad you loved the snow!! I love to take pictures at Sundance. I live about 25 minutes from there.

    I hope you for sure come back!!!
    P.S. Nella is TO DIE FOR CUTE!!!!

  656. I just told my husband we have to go to Utah for our next trip…Your love of life inspires me!!!

  657. Are you sure Nadya is just a friend? You look like sisters!

    I’m so glad I checked your blog today, I needed to be reminded to find joy outside these four walls. And even though I despise winters in Michigan, I’m going to make a point to bundle up my tiny tornado and take her out in the snow and we’ll dedicate a snowman to you and your littles.

  658. Holy cow! You came to my state! The snow here is beautiful, and I’m glad you were able to experience it!

    I have a 3-month old daughter with DS and whenever I have fears about the future with her I turn to your blog for that inspiration I need. Because that’s what you are – an inspiration to all mothers.

    Love all the pictures, as usual. I see glimpses of my own daughter in beautiful Nella.

    Happy Holidays!

  659. Beautiful as always. Never been to Utah. The beauty of it reminds me of my favorite place to visit. Duluth Minnesota. its 3 hours away from where I live. No mountains. but breath taking views. Have a peaceful weekend.

  660. If you do make it back one day be sure to take your family to Zion National Park in Southern Utah. That should be on bucket lists too.

  661. The photos from your trip are gorgeous… I’m from Central MN so absolutely not a strange to snow… however, what you have captured is breathtaking.

  662. That looks wonderful! Such a nice retreat for you and Nella. I’ll have to add it to my bucket list, as you say :) Enjoy!!

  663. Nella looks so adorable all bundled up!!! I don’t post often because frankly when you have 600+ comments I usually feel like mine gets lost, but I do want you to know how much I enjoy your blog, you have a lovely family and I just love seeing all your lovely pictures.

  664. Beautiful place…beautiful people!

  665. Love the photo of Nella that looks like she is rocking the air guitar!

  666. Your posts are amazing. It is a little piece of heaven when I visit!!

  667. I have never been there but the pictures are beautiful. Nella looks so happy even in the snow. we have 4 in here burr.

  668. I have never been there but the pictures are beautiful. Nella looks so happy even in the snow. we have 4 in here burr.

  669. I have never been there but the pictures are beautiful. Nella looks so happy even in the snow. we have 4 in here burr.

  670. Did you build a snowman?!!? Merry Christmas, glad you got to chuck a little snow into the mix this season.

  671. Yes please to the bucket full of great stuff! Enjoy the snow. I have been watching soft flakes fall all day!

  672. This year I am admiring the snow more than ever! I’ve lived in WI my whole life, but never have I enjoyed the picturesque landscape as much as I did last weekend – taking my baby girl in her first sled ride in our backyard on her 1st birthday! What beautiful sights you have seen!

  673. the snow looks beautiful! I do enjoy a good snow … but only if I am inside :)

  674. I’m so glad that you are enjoying the beauties of Utah. I have family that lives there and every time I visit I am blown away by the beauty. My husband and I are looking forward to a trip early next year to enjoy family, fun, and snow. Have safe travels and a joyful welcome home.

  675. While I love me some heat. (im a Texas girl) I think there is something about cold that makes everyone more glamorous and beautiful.maybe its the red cheeks and nose and furry coats and pretty scarfs? I don’t know but I would love to see that much snow. you gals look fab.

  676. So I have to ask…did you actually own all the coats, hats, boots & gloves y’all are wearing in these pics? I mean, really, who in Naples wears that stuff on a regular enough basis to own it? :)

  677. I love the “I love my mom” look on Nella’s face when she looks at you. You are such a joy to read and I love all the pictures you share.

  678. Absolutely beautiful…and holy whatever’s is right..I’d live to dive right into that cup of hot chocolate!

  679. I’ve been there, I grew up in Idaho kinda close to there. It is amazing. You are right, words can’t properly describe it. Nela is divine :) Can’t wait to see the show you two are on!

  680. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place and beautiful people. Looks like a great time with your beautiful baby!

  681. Gorgeous! Reminds me of my trip to Vermont a few years back…I LOVE SNOW!!! Be safe !

  682. Park City is one of my favorite places to visit during the winter ever! I’m so excited for you and Nella to be able to experience the amazing and vast beauty that is the Sundance area! Definitely plan a ski trip there with the whole family, and if you need an instructor, I know a great one at Deer Valley, he’s the best with kids and parents alike! We are so blessed to live just 5 hours from there, although it can be a scary drive with white outs and wind blown snow, it’s worth it to spend some time in such awesome winter-y-ness!

  683. Gorgeous! I miss snow like that!

  684. I thought I was OVER my severe white Christmas envy!

    (I live in Australia, in QLD where it is currently about 80F and we never ever ever get snow).

    You’ve done it to me again – I want snow!

    (Husband has told me he’ll throw talcum powder on me as I sleep on Christmas morning so I get my ‘white Christmas’. Sure buddy, obviously you have a death wish).

  685. Ahh, the snow! have fun in Utah!

    Blessings during your holiday!

  686. I love the snow! Don’t plan on moving out of Michigan any time soon! My daughter has the same coat as Nella. Isn’t it so soft and cuddly?!

  687. love the snowy photos!

  688. Welcome to Utah! I am glad to hear that you are loving it. It is funny to think how I sit and look at all of your pictures of your home and all the beauty that is there and I don’t think about the beauty of my home, Utah. But after you point it out, I realize we really do live in a beautiful place! Hope you continue to enjoy your stay here and hope you have a saft journey home!

  689. Oh wow, now that’s what I call a winter wonderland! Looks beautiful. Definitely makin’ that a stop on one my one-day-caravan-across-the-USA trip :)

  690. Glad you liked our little piece of heaven.

  691. What a beautiful snowscape to help put you overboard into the holday spirit! It’s everything Winter!

  692. Oh I really want to go there now. You and your sweet Nella are amazing and are doing great things for the world. Keep it up girl.

  693. Utah is magical! Your pictures are amazing– Hope the rest of your trip is amazing.

  694. Utah–my home state! Love all that snow.

  695. You’re in Utah, and you didn’t tell me?! ha ha I could totally be your tour guide. I’ve lived all over Utah including Park City, Provo, and St. George. Although your photos make it seem like a more magical place than I see it!

    It really is an amazing place, but I’m sure Naples is too :) LOVE the photos, as usual! :)

  696. What an amazing opportunity. I have been reading your blog since the birth of my son in March and I am glad I was introduced to you. I always look forward to your posts. Nella is one amazing little girl.

  697. nella-

    you, my love, are the sweetest baby ever!


    thanks for always making me smile. 😉

  698. Snow!! How fun!! I know my boys would have a blast in all that snow :) I will have to add Utah to my list of places to go! Looks like your having a great trip, thanks for letting us enjoy your adventure with you

  699. Oh my goodness, your little one steals my heart every time I read your blog. LOVE.

  700. Welcome to my hometown!!! I was just minutes from you when you were at Sundance. It IS amazing. And your pictures are amazing! It made it look new and fresh when I’ve seen Sundance my whole life. I can’t wait to see your BYU TV thing.

  701. I am so glad that you were able to visit Utah, my home. It’s fun to see it through a new lens and your pictures make me want to leave my warm home and see my mountains this weekend (since we can’t make it to the beach, lol)! And I was also excited to see that you got to meet the amazing Heather! She is so rad and just an awesome person. Nella reminds me so much of my 3 1/2 year old Macy when she was a baby. Now she is the big sister to baby Monet who is Nella’s same age. Anyway… Merry Christmas!!!

  702. You got snow for the holidays!!!!!! What more could your Michigan heart ask for? And talk about gorgeous! Looks just like it does here in Alberta Canada in the Rockies! Just gorgeous and even more gorgeous is little girlfriend seeing and touching her first real winter! Just priceless! This post makes my heart sing!

  703. Beautiful! I spent a few hours there in the Summer about 7 years ago. It’s absolutely lovely. I’m glad you enjoyed your time there.

  704. Oh whyyy can’t Texas get snow like this!? It really made me miss home in Washington…

  705. Enjoy our beautiful west Kelle!

  706. Isn’t Utah the best!? I’ve lived here 22 of my 23 years and some times forget its beauty, so thank you for the wonderful reminder. You should see it in the fall…

  707. so gorgeous!!

  708. I love this post! I visited Park City for the first time this fall and L-O-V-E-D it more than mere words could ever attempt to describe! Your Nella looks happier than ever! Thank you for hosting such a generous giveaway :)

  709. I love this post! I visited Park City for the first time this fall and L-O-V-E-D it more than mere words could ever attempt to describe! Your Nella looks happier than ever! Thank you for hosting such a generous giveaway :)

  710. pictures of nella seriously brighten my day. i love that sweet little smile!

  711. Love that you remind me even familiar places are really sort of amazing.

    And really, how is it that you and your Florida baby are so perfectly attired for all this winter? :)

  712. I can’t believe you got to experience the beauty of my state. I take it for granted so often, but those piles of white frost my life in wintery Logan, UT. Just today I marveled at the crystal creations clinging to all the bare branches and spreading out like spiderwebs across my windshield. It’s a marvelous time of year (even if I’m more than happy for warmth, come… May). If you thought it was beautiful now, come back in April or September. This place knows how to throw a seasonal party better than anywhere I’ve seen. Thank you for sharing your life and the lives of your littles with me (and all your readers). You’re truly inspiring!

  713. Great post tonight! Thanks!

  714. i’ve always wanted to head out west! it looks lovely!

  715. So, so happy you enjoyed a dose of snow to go with your December sparkle….and all for an awesome reason!! Can’t beat the white stuff at Christmas time!

  716. I’d love it!

  717. Oh my gosh, I want to be where that fire and hot chocolate are now! We have not had much snow here in NYC, and I am getting really excited to head home to MN for a white Christmas. Lovely post, looks like an amazing place!

  718. I’m so happy to have found your blog. The pictures and stories always make my day better.

  719. I’ve never been to Utah. What a beautiful place! –Diane


  720. Well done on the show Kelle and thanks for sharing the info about this great organization. I checked out their website and there are some pretty inspiring stories on there. I just linked you on my site for your bath salts…hope that’s ok!

    Those pictures of Nella remind me so much of my Ruby. What is it about babies with DS that they are always “smiling” even when they’re not? Love it!

  721. YAYYYYYY!!!!!! I’m so glad you got some snow right before Christmas!! I’m one of those can’t-imagine-winter-in-FL people, but in all honesty when the kids are grown and gone and scattered across the earth… Bob and I will retire there lol. It makes my heart happy that you got to see and play in the snow. I’m adding Utah and that ski lodge to my bucket list. The pics are amazing!

  722. I LOVE your way with words and just adore your babies. I could squeeze them both until they popped! Thank you for always sharing.

  723. i love utah.. been 2 times.. you make it look warm… I love the fun you bring us.. and the beauty.. the wreath in snow.. your baby smiling at you… your are fun….to follow.. and “know”… congrats on a new adventure.

  724. I love Utah and the snow. Wish I could see it with you!

    I would love the giveaway! I could always use those products this time of year!

    Thank you for sharing your trip. Beautiful pictures.

  725. What a beautiful place! Excellent choice on the ‘fireside’ dinner table!

  726. Love the snow! Christmas just demands snow :)

  727. Loves us some UTAH! Love it here at home! Always a white Christmas & the summers aren’t bad either!

  728. oh my soul delights in your love of Utah. My besty best best friend lives in Utah..and I too love me some Sundance!! It is beyond uh-maze-ING!!! I love LUTAH as I’ve always lovingly called it!! So glad you do too!!!

  729. makes me want to pack up and head out west!

  730. Welcome to Utah! Anytime of the year I believe you’ll be able to use to “Holy-what-have-you’s”, seriously a beautiful state wherever you are. I’m so inspired by your blog and love visting it! Glad you enjoyed you cold-snowy stay, I certainly enjoy your posts and your wonderful photography! Stay warm…

  731. sundance is always magical. summer or winter. even more so when you run into Robert Redford!!

  732. Oh Utah….I so love Utah!

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  734. Enjoy the snow!

  735. Thank you for pointing out the beauty of Utah for all those non-believers, just one favor to ask . . . next time annouce you are heading this way! All us Utah readers would have loved to have known! There are so many other amazing places, we could have sent you some must see tips!

  736. Since I’m in and from Utah, I’m racking my brain to say something great in this comment. But suffice it to say, that I’m glad you got your snow and a little geeked that it was in my ol’ home state. Now you need to hit up southern Utah. 100% different but just as amazing. And if you need a tour guide…I’m your gal.

  737. Miss Nella will be equal parts beach bunny and snow bunny, I think. She is LOVIN’ her some winter-ness!

  738. You are making me miss the mountains of Utah… magical. I’m an Idaho girl, and Utah was our nieghbor. We are in Arkansas now, but we’re excited to see the Utah snow over Christmas. That is so neat that you were part of that TV program. I’m going to go check it out now. You’re awesome.

  739. I read your blog all of the time and I’m inspired. I just love it. I am from Utah, and still live here now. So I was so happy you came here. I felt like you and Nella were celebrities that visited my home town :)
    Have a Merry Christmas~

  740. I was so glad to see you enjoyed our beautiful utah!!! Its truly wonderful here isn’t it!!! And yes sundance is defiantly worth a spot on everyones bucket list!!! And talk the snow… it makes the holiday just all that more special! Love your blog!!!

  741. I miss my babies when I have to be away from them too, but I always remember they get to have that special one on one time with Daddy when it works out that way. Those moments are priceless.
    Now- can we order some of that snow and forget about the icew we always rend up with here in the midwest? Snow days are more fun when they are really for snow and not ice!

  742. We all need to be reminded that seeing the good in the world is something we should be doing everyday. Thanks for sharing, I needed that reminder today. Take Care.

  743. Oh I am so jealous!! BYU is my alma mater, and I haven’t been able to go back for a long time since we live in The South now. But I’ve had many happy days in Vivian park–doing family potlucks and walking around the mountains…and Park City?? I’m pretty sure that during my college years those stores got more than their fair share of my part-time-job paycheck. And Sundance? Beautiful. Simply, BEAUTIFUL. Love, love, love it!

  744. haha, no wonder you were sure you were gonna see snow! :)

  745. Hi Kelle,

    Beautiful pictures…but…

    …and I don’t want you to take this the wrong way…

    …but I’m wondering how you can support a religion/Mormon school that fought so hard in CA and other states to make sure same-sex marriage would not become a reality.

    I’m just confused…that isn’t goodness to me. That’s the kind of intolerance that makes life uglier.


  746. Sir. Frost has coated our trees with his snowy magic here in Calgary Canada. And although we tend to complain about the cold winds, the icy roads and the never ending shovelling…one must step back and take in the winter wonderland that we are blessed with. So we will be building smowmen with carrot noses and flying down the toboggan hill and sipping hot cocoa with mini marshmellows before heading back out for a game of hockey down at the frozen pond. Kelle, you bring out the magic, the beauty in the everyday. And as I sit here thinking about our wintery days, it makes me appreciate the moments even more…because I’m doing it the :kelle hampton” way-blow it up big and invite the unicorns to play…I think I can see them sliding down the toboggan hill…:)

    Happy days to you

  747. Looks like an awesome trip!!!

  748. I just love your family. My son is a few months older than Nella and I have found so much comradery with your family (even though we’ve never talked).

    I’m glad you liked Utah. I’m a fan of the big sky, but not the cold weather. I’ll stay in the south for the weather!

  749. Kelle
    This is my first time ever commenting on your blog. I was born and raised in Utah. I moved to Michigan to be a nanny for a family who had a DS teen son. Best two years of my life. We often travled to FL for vactions.

    I was quickly sucked into your blog by your sweet words. Your stories are so inspiring to me. You just tell it how it is in such a beautiful way.

    I love.love.love Sundance. When I read this post I though for a second “ugh, She didnt even call me!?! We could have met up for lunch” (like we are bff’s) Then I came to the sad realization we have not even ever met.

    Keep up the blogging. Your words inspire me and your family is beautiful!

  750. What a beautiful place to escape to during the holiday season. The lodge looked like a place I’d never want to leave…

  751. gosh. that fire-side table, that cup of hot-cocoa. jealous!

  752. Jen says: