I Heart Faces

I know many of you follow I Heart Faces and their great photo challenges. There’s a lot of fantastic information and inspiration on this site for anyone aspiring to take better photos.


I’ll be joining the team this week as the guest photographer judge. Check it out HERE, and join this week’s challenge!




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  1. Love IHF…I was so happy to see your interview post up today! Loved reading it – you’re such a big inspiration to me, Kelle :)

  2. So awesome! I’m headed over there right now. Also, I just wanted to say thank you, I was so inspired by your birth story with Nella… She is absolutely beautiful. :)

  3. Ooooo, I so have to check out IHF. Thanks for the FYI and congratulations on being a guest judge.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I got together with a group of girlfriends last night and we talked about how much we love you, your family, your posts, your pictures, just everything!! We secretly wanted you to walk through the door to join us!! :)Just wanted to let you know that you’re amazing and thank you for sharing that with us all!!

  5. Going to check it out now! :)

  6. I love I heart faces : ) Welcome to I heart faces!

  7. thanks for the great link to IHF– I’m just starting my photo business and so far most of my pics are just of my two girls– can’t wait to get better and get some clients!… your words and photos inspire me every day! Thanks :)


  8. Thats so exciting! I never heard of it! Clicking over right away! :)


  9. Lovely interview, and your photography of Lainey and Nella are amazing.

  10. Ooooh, I get to read two posts from you in a row!! :)
    I am a terrible photographer, so I will be checking out that site for some tips! I need to learn how to better capture these adorable moments with my girls.

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  12. I follow IHF and yet to participate in a challenge.. this may have given me the pull to just “do it”

  13. Thank you so much for this. I can’t wait to check out this site. I just got my first DSLR and Photoshop and have taken a class and am dying to get more practice and tips on how to take better photos. So thanks so much!!

  14. Thank you so much for posting about this! I Heart Faces sounds like a fun way to learn how to take better pictures, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Congratulations on being a guest judge! You’re photographs have been a huge inspiration for me to get out my camera more and take pictures of our everyday lives, not just the “special” times.

  15. I’ve never hear of IHF before! I can’t wait to check it out! We love the book “I Love You Stinky Face”. My son got that from my mom when our third was born (my daughter got a special book too) and I got to spend some time reading to them when they came to see us in the hospital. What a great book! And what a great memory!

  16. I just love the yellow outfit pic of Nella. Gorgeous! Happy Birthday to her!

  17. I just love the yellow outfit pic of Nella. Gorgeous! Happy Birthday to her!

  18. I just love the yellow outfit pic of Nella. Gorgeous! Happy Birthday to her!

  19. I was so excited to see your interview there this morning, Kelle. How fabulous that you’re judging this week:)

  20. This Kate Bush song coupled with the pics of your girls is perfect!Absolutely PERFECT! Hope you had an amazing BIRTH DAY Mama! *Hugs*

  21. I’m excited that you are a guest judge!

  22. How awesome to be a guest judge, your photographs rock!

  23. So excited to see you over there! :)

  24. Love the pics :)

  25. Came by via I heart Faces and I so loved reading your post on your daughter’s birthday! And of course the pictures were amazing! What a shindig you had. I wish I could be that creative with my kids parties. Love the colors.

  26. :)
    Next, you should be part of the Shutter Sisters…….

  27. Thanks for posting all this information! It seems like I’m not picking up the camera as much as I used to and this is great motivation.


  28. awesome! I’ve entered a few times. it’s fun to go and look at all the entries each week.

  29. i saw that this morning and was super geeked! there are TONS of entries. when i put mine up, there were already over 600. have fun!! :)

  30. Wow! Nella looks like a little slice of sunshine in yellow!!

  31. It was great to read your interview, how awesome to be interviewed!, and that you’ll be a judge of fellow photographers!
    Hard work though, to judge from so many great photos!

  32. I LOVE your blog! Cried and cried last night when I red the story of the birth of your youngest daughter… thanks for being such an inspiration- all across the world!

    Love, Marit (Norway)

  33. Nella looks so adorable in the photos!!!
    xoxo Cybelle & Fabi


  34. Love everything!!!!!
    Love and Blessings
    the doughtys

  35. Adore the pics! You have an amazing talent.
    Looking forward to more b-day pics!

  36. Love the pics and it was an amazing interview. thanks for the photography tips.

  37. Oooooo Cool! Did not know about this. :)

  38. AWESOME!!! and loved the Birthday Photos…so enjoy reading your blog…

    You have inspired me to take more photos of the kids, but quick question.

    How on earth do you capture “those moments” (you know the ones I’m talking about, without missing out on them?

    I’ve been having a hard time photographing events and still being part of the action…

    Any advise would be great.


  39. What a small world! I was very excited to see that you where the judge this week. I only check 2 places (besides friends sites) on the internet- your blog and IHF! Both so inspirational!

  40. Great interview Kelle.
    I am NO super-talented photographer, but have always loved snapping away behind the lense, and I think it’s been YOUR blog & outlook on life which has made me want to take MORE photos…and better photos of my life! So, thank you! I’m off to check out I heart Faces :) I doubt I’ll enter every week but I’d love to enter from time to time :)

  41. Just what I needed, more inspiration to keep on clicking…you are really getting your name out there…the future possibilites are endless!

  42. We are so excited to have you join us this week Kelle! What an inspiration you are to so many (including me!)


    co-founder of I Heart Faces

  43. I just joined them a few days ago and just did my first post. Happy judging. :)

  44. I was so happy to see you there!

  45. I <3 faces also!
    Gorgeous black and whites! Great shot of Nella in yellow and that last shot of Lainey…man she looks like your mama in that picture! Beautiful Kelle!

  46. i am an amateur but i think every photo you take is outstanding.

  47. Beautiful pictures :)

  48. Kelle,
    Just checked out the link-It was great to read more about what inspires you in photography.

  49. I’ve never heard of it before but now I’m definitely going to check it out. Oh and I second that this song and your angels go together perfectly. Nella is stunning and that is a beautiful picture of Lainey!

  50. Hi Kelle! I was so inspired by your blog! I have started my own blog spreadin around awareness of OCD. Please check out. I would love your feedback. i happend to find out about you from a friend. please check out my log at flurryofworries.com and give feedback through a comment.-a very loving reader

  51. The first one I participate in, and youre the judge? That is awesome!

  52. wooo-hooo!!!! Kelle- that is AWESOME!!! I was wondering who they were going to pick this week- so glad it’s you!


    p.s. I am number 65! (The urth mama one with the solider statue and the baby)…

  53. how awesome is that book “i love you, stinky face”? one of my favorites.
    what a beautiful celebration you had to celebrate your beautiful girl and of course it got me looking back at all of the posts around nella’s birth. and of course there are still tears, lots of tears. your journey has been so powerful. every day i honestly feel like a better person for having found your blog. YOUR BLOG. sometimes that just sounds so ridiculous in my head. a blog has CHANGED. MY. LIFE. everyday i strive to be more joyful, to be true to myself, and to be honest about my experience as a mother…even the ugly parts….because of your example. i couldn’t ever express enough thanks.
    i can’t wait to see what you and lainey and nella have to teach us in the future.

  54. How amazing! Loved reading about you at IHF!

  55. Ha! I was just thinking about finding some photography sites that would be able to help ‘sharpen’ my skills and you read my mind! Thanks for the post and link.

    Any other sites you recommend?

    Continued blessings,

  56. I knew your talents long long ago…K of J and K productions….

    thanks for the link…


  57. I love I Heart Faces! I find it very inspiring and was excited to see you are a guest judge :)

  58. I love me some Nella and Lainey. Always have always will. You always go above and beyond for them and I can see why.

    The new Pink song Effin’ Perfect played in my head while reading about Nella’s birthday. And like I said my Granddad died about 2 days before Nella was born so she holds a special place in my heart. My Grandparents adopted me so it was like losing my Dad. And I was his favorite. In a interesting way reading your blog helps with that. You know life goes on and all that.

    I am in her corner all the way and I will be rooting for her as long as you will let me lol!!

  59. Love you blog I’m doing a post with my top fav 5, You are there :)

  60. We love, love, LOVE, “I love you stinky face”

  61. Congratulations Kelle!!! Your photos are big inspirations for me. Im trying hard to take similar like Yous but I must learn a lot. Anyway our sky is mostly cover with clouds (UK) not like Yours blue one in Florida.

  62. So glad you are judging IHF. It’s helped me learn how to take better pictures. They obviously got the right girl to judge as your pictures are amazing :)

  63. I hadn’t heard of that site. I am learning and loving how to take better photographs. Thanks for the info and great pictures of..your girls. susan

  64. What a great site! Thank you for passing it along :) I didn’t see it in time to enter this week, but next week for sure! Congrats on being a guest judge!!

  65. Tara Whitney inspires you, so I had to check her out. Um, wow – W O W – I was in tears (am I ever not in tears?) upon reading a blog post or two, and just soaking up her images. I just find it so uncanny that now, after reading some of her thoughts, and following your blog for the past ten months – I find it so uncanny that two women whom I’ve never met, who live so very far from where I live (at least I think so, I’m terrible with geography), two other women pour out their spirits and love and selves and they resonate so clearly and so strongly with mine. So many times since learning of my little Amos’s DS, stumbling upon Nella’s birth story one dark & tear-filled night, you have uttered healing words just as I was processing the sane thoughts and emotions. Tara Whitney’s blog did the same thing to me (“hey, I was just thinking that same thing.”), but honestly on a much more profound level than I can possibly portray here, right now.

    Thank you. Again and again. You are amazing. You are inspirational. So many of us look to your blog for that perk if sunshiny gladness to brighten things up, or for ideas, or eye candy – so I want to say a very deep, meaningful, heartfelt thank you.

    Tears. Happy tears, as my babes would say. Love. Joy. Thank you.

    Thank you.

  66. Thanks for the link…

    PS. I Love You Stinky Face is our favorite book in our house.

  67. If anyone should be a judge at iheartfaces, it should be you! Thanks again for all your posts and pointing out Tara Whitney. Off to check her out.

  68. Thanks for the link to I Heart Faces…PS. Love your blog. Sometimes I pull it up so my girls can dance to the background music- thanks for that. 😉

  69. I love you Stinky Face is one of our families MOST favorite books!!!! That made me smile!

  70. I love your photos! Your children are so so precious!! I love the fundraising you’re doing too, it’s so meaningful and important! I am going to add a link to it on my blog, if that’s okay. Thanks for all you’re doing to help!

  71. I just started to read your blog and let me tell you I’m just amazed of you and your little family. The way you use those carefully and yet very describing selected words along with your amazing and dream-like pictures, just thrilles me. And at the end of every blogpost I feel like I want to just cry a little. Not because I feel sorry or anything for you, but simply because it is all so beautiful. And I understand that sometime those hard days come and make the day a little more cloudier, but both of your girls are amazing. And there’s no doubt you are leading them on the right track here in life. You got to give the greatest gift of them all to your children. Life. And Love. And you do it good.
    Just wanted you to know that you don’t just inspire parents of both “normal” and “unormal” children.. I have just turned 18, and have no children. Still your blog amazes me.
    May God bless you. And your family. Lots of love from norway.

  72. Both of your daughters are so beautiful. I always look forward to reading your posts and seeing how much you inspire all of us bloggers!

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