It Begins with Awareness.

Today’s post is short but meaningful to me and thousands of others of families. Please watch.

Thank you to everyone who sent in videos and thank you for joining with us to share the important message of acceptance and celebration. And thank you to my dear friend who helped me put this together.

If you can’t view the video, please click HERE.

Donate HERE.


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  1. Hey. :)

    The video is telling me that it is private and that I need to accept a “friend request” before viewing.

    Thought you should know!

  2. :( the video is not working, says I have to accept a friend request!!!

    Maybe you are are working on it!!
    Can you believe little darling Nella is a year in a few days!!

    You have changed the way the world thinks Kelle!!

    Enjoy this time!!

  3. Wish I could watch the video, but it won’t let me :( However, I did donate a few days ago, and have been spreading the word! Thank you for your always wonderful words.

  4. Kelle, in YouTube you need to set this as a public video! Can’t wait to watch!

  5. Fixing it now!

  6. I love that there are other people sitting here “with” me waiting for this video.

    Another reason why your blog is a beautiful thing.

  7. Crying in my left-overs.

    And you look beautiful. And so does Nella. And so do all of the rest of those little peeps.

  8. I love words, the ability to string them together to form a coherent message to convey emotion. And yet the words I love are failing me now- except these: I don’t know you, but I’m so proud of you.

  9. So special. I love this.

  10. Fabulous Job Kelle!!!

    You once again deliver!!!

  11. Beautiful!

  12. Tears are flowing! It’s amazing! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    Thank you for spreading the word to the world and speaking out for all of our amazing kids! This was truly beautiful Kelle!
    Happy Birthday indeed! :)

    Laura & Ryan

  13. Beautiful, friend. Powerful, inspiring, motivating. Love you.

    Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
    – Helen Keller

    Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
    – Harriet Tubman

  14. Beautifully said…

  15. LOVE….LOVE…..LOVE!!!

  16. You did a wonderful job. Thank you for including my son. I can’t wait to continue spreading the word.

  17. Hi!

    I emailed you about supporting Nella’s ONEder Fund. I will be donating 40% of my profits to it.

    To help me keep track of orders, this is what people can do:

    Go to my Stella & Dot website here, Next, in the upper right hand corner, underneath StyleWatch, there is a link that says ‘Can’t make it to the trunk show? Find your hostess’ click on that.You will then put in Nella’s ONEder Fund for the hostess information. Nella’s for the first name and ONEder Fund for the last, click search. It will say the party starts on January 13th. Go ahead and click on Nella’s ONEder Fund, click continue and shop!

    Thanks so much!


  19. I LOVE this! I’m totally crying right now. Thank you so much for your voice & your open vulnerability. You inspire me so much, and I am so glad that I found your blog and have been able to follow along on your journey! You make such a difference for your Nella, my girl, and countless other individuals with DS. ((hug))

  20. Kelle that was beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us so we can pass it along too.

    Ever since I learned the story of your family, I’ve totally changed the way I view “special needs” as a whole and have felt ashamed of myself for not realizing how much we are all the same; instead I was focused on how different we are. But really we are much more alike than we are different. So I thank you, just as so many other do, for opening my eyes to that. I am so much more accepting and understanding because of you.

    Keep up the great work Kelle. You’ve made tens of thousands of us more aware and understanding and I just know you’ll continue to reach more and more people.

  21. Kelle, I’ve been reading your blog almost a year and it has really changed the way I see people, especially children, with disabilities. I now want to scoop them all up and give ’em a huge hug. I fully accept your Nella & all children with Downs and other challenges and I will raise my girls to do so as well.

  22. This was beautiful, I loved seeing all of the other beautiful children and of course, I loved seeing Nella. She is such a darling little girl, you are so lucky to have her : D

    You are such an inspiration in so many ways!

  23. Kelle, I’m crying, I’m laughing,I’m an emotional mess! I have never met u, but am so proud of u!! U are beautiful, Nella, is beautiful, Lainey & her love is just pure beautifulness!! Ever single one of the children feature touched me. Yay!! I feel so excited for Nella & the whole DS community!!! A.MAZ.ING

  24. I’m speechless. Beautiful tribute, Kelle. Simply beautiful. Thanks for being such a force for these extra special children! I’m one proud grandma of our little guy, Quinn!

  25. It’s a New Year’s Revolution!!! LOVE IT!!!xo

  26. Wow…let me say that again…Wow. that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing such personal videos with the world. This is going to raise an amazing amount of money for those beauties. It’s gorgeous.

    BTW – I find the picture of you with everyone toasting to be so profound. It’s one of my favorite you have ever posted on here.

    Thank you for sharing your personal videos and all the other adorable videos today.

  27. love this video. you are an amazing person/mother/inspiration/blogger and Nella is so lucky to have so many people who love her!

    You’re gonna raise so much money through this, but also so much people see your story and hear more about nella..LOVE YOUR BLOG.

    xoxoxox Happy almost birthday to Nella :)

  28. Kelle,

    Your video is beautiful and powerful.

    In giving for all of these special children we are also receiving a gift….

    Children that are ‘different’ are treated differently which is sad.

    Savannah went from a normal little girl into one that was disabled, within 12 months she looked ‘different.’

    I still remember shopping in Walmart with her propped up in her big red toy wagon…with my other healthy daughter in a stroller.

    A lady came up to me and asked if her son could say hello to my daughter….thinking it was our healthy daughter Dempsey I pulled the stroller over….”No, she said, he wants to say hello to your older daughter.”

    I blinked back tears as the little boy reached over and spoke to Savannah..who most people were scared of, because she looked ‘different’. I still remember that mom and her little boy and the smile he gave to my Savannah….. I will never forget it!

    Through your wonderful blog and Nella…you are raising awareness and giving everyone an opportunity to touch another!

    You should be so proud!
    with love
    Diana x
    ps; sorry this is so long x


  30. So beautiful Kelle. I nannied for a family who had a baby with Down Syndrome this summer, and I cherished every moment. I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to go to his play group, where the moms and kids with DS and their siblings all got to spend time together. It was so special. This video inspired me to donate. Thank you for sharing your voice!

  31. I am hiding in my office now…to gain some composure. But also thinking, what is awakened in my heart as I viewed this video translates into an even broader, wider embrace, acceptance and celebration of all the differences around us. I hope it speaks in my encounters with the forgotten elderly today, and those from distant lands who call my country home, and those whose lifestyles may be foreign to my own, and those who are broken and bruised by a world that seems to tell them they “can’t join in their reindeer games.” Beautifully done…and I would happily hold every one of these children and call them mine…because I do. Rock on!

  32. This, this is amazing. Purely amazing.

  33. Such a powerful post!

  34. Those smiles! LOVE! Go Nells! Go Avery! Go Emery, Ian, and all the others!

  35. No matter how many times I come in here to check up and see how your girls are doing, I find myself grabbing a tissue! :) It has been a pleasure growing with you this year. I still have no idea how I found you, but I’m glad I did.

    Happy birthday, Nella!!
    Happy birthing day, Kelle!!

  36. Fabulous. Gorgeously done Kelle.

  37. This brought tears to my eyes. Well done!

  38. I wish i had known to send you a pic of my Jack. The video is lovely and I’ll share it with all i know.

    Brandi McKenzie

  39. You have, once again, moved me to tears. Thank you for being such a strong advocate for your daughter and all those beautiful children. Thank you for sharing your amazing story with all of us. I wish you and your family a fabulous year ahead.

  40. WOW – its really all I can say…I cried listening to your story as I have cried reading your story. Great video. I am blogging about your blog and this video next week…hope you pop by to see!

  41. Beautiful

  42. What can I say that has not already been said here- this is beautiful! My son, Henry (11) has been enthusiastically watching with me as the donations keep climbing in Nella’s fund. It is amazing- exciting! You have made so many people more aware- you have certainly caught the attention of my children who peer over my shoulder as I read your blog. Thank you, again, for opening your home, your heart, your life to us.

  43. The video was beautiful, Its amazing to see how pretty these babies really hard. And, its crazy that other people cant see the beautiful in any child.

  44. Beautiful video…you are blessed and you are blessing others. Nella is precious.

  45. Well, I had my good soul lifting cry for the day! Thank you for sharing your beautiful Nella with us. I’m going to share this video with others now!

  46. Diana…
    no apologies about the length of that rich story…beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I hope as much for my Nella.


  47. This is absolutely beautiful. I, like many others, come here and too often find that I am in need of a tissue. And like everyone else I can say that they are tears of JOY!
    Nella is so perfect, as are all of the other children, teens, and adults that you are helping with Nella’s ONEder Fung!

    Of course I am donating! I am so glad that you have touched so many lives through your blog. You are a true inspiration.
    One day… I hope to be a great mom- just like you.

    Thank you.

  48. I’m crying. Beautiful.

  49. Such a beautiful, powerful video and message. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, you are amazing!

  50. So wonderful! I sitting here watching these amazing children with tears in my eyes and my best friends little one comes on playing the piano and I lost it! It is one of the most moving 7 minutes! Kelle, thank you for making so many aware of these beautiful amazing children!

  51. BEAUTIFUL! I love the video! Thanks for sharing her story with us!!! AND YOURS!

    Nella is beautiful!!! She is thee most glammed out 1 year old I’ve ever seen! :) I can’t wait to hold my baby girl in May & GLAM her out like you do your girls!!!

    CELEBRATING Nella’s LIFE!!!!!!!! :) She is changing so many peoples lives & she is JUST 1!!!! :)

  52. Kelle, you should have posted a disclaimer -Do not watch at work, because you will bawl your eyes out!

    Thank you for sharing video of Nella’s first moments. Your photos are amazing, but watching her is even better.

    Love from Colorado!

  53. Kelle,

    I have no idea how you got through saying all the loving things you said in this beautiful message without bawling!! I cried through the whole thing!

    I have been reading your blog for a year now and you have absoluetly changed the way I feel about people with disabilities. Thank you. Because not only have you changed the way I think about these special individuals but that means you are changing the way my children recieve and accept them and the way their children will too. And in this way I can already see the creation of your wish for a world where Nella and all children and people with down syndrome have the life that they want and deserve and it’s happening right now!

    Thank you!

  54. Simply beautiful, what a great message and what a great thing you are doing.

  55. Absolutely beautiful! You are SUCH an inspiration Kelle Hampton! :)

  56. Lovely, amazing, perfect.

  57. ooofffff, mama, you slay me! Kelle, that is so powerful, this whole thing is so powerful… are a hero and I thank you for being you. We made a donation earlier in the week, I might have to make another one. Have a wonderful weekend….. :)

  58. You are amazing woman!!!!! Not mention how wonderfull you are as a mother!!!
    Im reading third day your blog and Im not going stop. I just dont wanna stop.
    Big greetings from Polish in UK.

  59. Thank you. My “special” little doesn’t have Down’s, but the feelings – and the desire to support you – are just the same.

    Thank you for giving me a place to look for an example, even though our journeys seem to have taken place almost simultaneously. Always somewhere to laugh, to relate, to cry, and to understand and *feel* understood, even if we’ve never spoken.

    I thank God that you, Nella, Lainey, and the rest of your family “came into my life,” even via the internet.


  60. Oh Kelle… that was BEAUTIFUL!! However, you need to warn a sista to have a tissue handy!

  61. Kelle,

    As usual, your post/video left me with tears streaming down my face. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings, thoughts, and passion with us. Thank you for spreading awareness about Nella and other children like her and my daughter Ellie.

  62. I know you have heard it a million times…but you are amazing!

  63. Who was it that said “Be the change you want to see in the world” ? You are living that out, and it is incredible to witness and have the chance to be part of the change that I want to see in the world as well.
    Many blessings to you.

  64. Beautiful and I was happy to make a donation! You are truly making a difference every day.

  65. Okay… I am a sobbing mess. I absolutely LOVE this. Kelle… you were meant to do this. You are simply amazing. Thank you, so very much, for all you do for our sweet angels.

  66. Beautiful…simply beautiful…

  67. Wow Kelle! You have done it yet again! This video is an amazing tribute and inspiration to all of us!

    Thank you for sharing with us the personal moments in the delivery room after sweet Nella’s birth. It was another amazing view into your incredible family after seeing your journey in pictures over the last year. I sit here with tears in my eyes and hope for the future!

    Much love!

  68. You did it. You told her beautiful story. Great job :) Love it!

    Angie from Ohio

  69. Kelle,

    I am pretty involved with children and adults with several kinds of disability, DS included. My organization has partnered with L’Arche, an organization that helps those with disabilities live as normal lives as possible in family settings. I have worked on site with them and I can tell you that there are many beautiful and fulfilling years to look forward to with Nella!

    Both of your girls are beautiful and you capture that beauty so well through the lens.

    Happy Birthday Nella!

  70. Man did that have me crying within minutes, not sad tears but happy tears. We had someone similar in our family. He did not have ds but was born with many many things wrong. He was and is so special to me. He showed me what living life to the fullest and how to enjoy it is like. He was taken away to heaven 6 year ago and he inspired me to help children like him. I started helping/teaching special needs children during after school hours. I know you and some many more people know the feeling of joy you get when you see them complete something new and how that sweet smile will light up a room..

    Thank you for sharing some much of nella and your feelings with the world. It shows us that it is ok and expected. Thank you so much. Nella is truly a special girl.

  71. You never cease to amaze me. I am crying at my desk at work. You Rock! There is simply no other way to say it.

  72. Thank you for starting my day with such an amazing video and message. My 2 ½ year old daughter loved it too, especially seeing all of the ”beeuuuuuufull babies’

  73. I have tears rolling down my cheeks, such a beautiful, soul hugging video!

    By the way, my second son’s name is Jonah. We rarely hear anyone else with his name (he is 16 going on 25 *he thinks*). I saw that your therapist has that awesome name too, loved it!

  74. Kelle – wow, just when I thought I couldn’t be any more amazed….you rocked it!! Beautiful words, beautiful faces and a beautiful message.

    Thank you for including our Matty and all of our children that share the common bond of an extra chromosome.

    You are amazing and a gift to this wonderful community.

    Happy Birthday, Nella!

    Headed now to spread the word…


  75. I got chills. Such incredibly sweet sweet faces.

  76. Ahh, another day, another inspiring message! I posted a blog about the ONEder fund the other day, and I’ll have to do another with a link to the video! Hopefully people will find it, cause I don’t have a lot of followers yet, but even if just one person visits, learns, and donates, then I know I helped make a difference. Thank you for all you do, without even realizing your doing it! I hope that I get a chance one day to be such an amazing role model and mom as you…

  77. i knew to sit down and grab the kleenex! oh, kell, this is beautiful and lovely, powerful, and inspiring!

    beckham keeps saying, “NELLA BEAN!!!” each time we start it over. those faces are love and so are the parents that sent them to you.


  78. Yet again, Fabulous job! Your pose, apperance and personality shines through! You are a rock star not only for Nella but the rest of the world! Thanks for doing what you do, I hope you reach your goal.

  79. thank you for making me cry at work :)

  80. Beautiful!!!

  81. I shared it on facebook Kelle!

  82. The world is truly a better place because of you. What a touching video..peace love and UNDERSTANDING. I am glad to have helped, give those little girls a big kiss and take care.

  83. Simply beautiful!!!!

    Thank you for including our Avery and all the other special childrenn that all share that extra chromosome!!!!!

  84. Thank you for this beautiful video. Thank you for being such an advocate for DS. You are inspiring.

  85. Great job, Kelle. For everything you’re doing.

  86. You are a rockstar, Kelle..

    Happy Birthday Nella.


  88. This video seriously made me cry. It could be pregnancy hormones, or it could be the love and beauty of that message. I will share this with everyone I can.

  89. Amazing and inspiring! We see and hear you every time you post, but it was nice to see and hear your voice in the video. You and your family are adorable either way!

  90. Well done Kelle!
    I am speechless.
    And bawling.
    And so very proud of you.
    Thank you for including our Quinn.
    You are amazing!

  91. Beautiful video. Best wishes to Nella!

  92. Beautifully done, Kelle. I am proud to read your blog – you’ve truly made me a better wife, mother, and person. :)

  93. I should have expected to cry but I was unprepared- no tissues near me!

    This video was everything and more, kelle. This world is shaped by our differences, and our unique qualities combine to make up our wonderful, caring, loving society. These beautiful souls have so much to give, you can see it in their eyes when they smile, in their determination when they try to sit up, walk, or even read. As you were telling your story I just felt my eyes well up in tears, but even not being a parent myself, I can sympathize with how you must have felt knowing Nella wasn’t what you had expected- but look, you have gotten so much more wrapped in this unexpected gift. You have helped people see a change in perspective (and had a change in yourself, as well), and have random people coming together to raise a jaw-dropping amount of money (and it’s still climbing)!

    Nella waving in the beginning? Adorable, she is such a cutie. I’ve already shared this video on FB because I think everyone should see it, not just so they can donate to the ONEder fund, but for everything else this video says; that we should love no harder just because someone seems different, because we are all different, we are all unique, and it just gives us more to love.


    I will be back to watch AGAIN! and maybe AGAIN!

    Thank you for what you are doing to make people AWARE!

  95. I LOVED it! So sweet- Nella and Lainey are so luck to have such an amazing mommy! I really liked seeing the video of Nella at the end- she is the one who has captured all of your readers hearts so I was glad you included her video clip! Happy Friday :)

  96. This was really beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  97. I am bawling so hard I can’t even breathe!! I cannot even talk through typing, I am speechless. Thank you Kelle, I love you so much!! Noah sends you a million hugs and kisses!!!

  98. Wonderful video, Kelle! Nella’s smile is adorable!!!

  99. Absolutely beautiful. I wish I had a million more dollars to donate to this extremely worthwhile cause. This video really hits home and I can’t imagine anyone not being effected by it. As always you are such an inspiration!

  100. Absolutely spectacular. Thank you.

  101. Absolutely amazing. Thank you!

  102. Amazing.
    Thank you for caring, loving, doing. :)

  103. There’s just no words that can describe how beautiful that is. You’re an amazing person Kelle Hampton! You really are!

  104. Big, Huge, GIANT KUDOS! The video is awesome!

  105. Beautiful. And you have me in tears yet again. Tears for beauty.

  106. Simply beautiful.

    Thank you.

  107. I never comment but the video was amazing. So touching.
    I love to see pics of Nella’s smile and now getting to see her do it on video, it is even more beautiful.

    Good luck with the ONEder Fund. You and Nella are doing something amazing!!

  108. I am waiting for my flight at the Toronto International Airport and thought to pass my time would check up on my blogs. Little did I know I would be sitting in tears, with dozens of people surrounding me as together we watched. And together we cried. It has been played 7 times now on my laptop as more and more people come by. All strangers. All of us together. All of us hearing your story. This video is absolutely remarkable Kelle. Thank you.

  109. Your blog is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your life.

  110. ROCKIN THE WORLD! Could you have imagined just a skootch over a year ago that your baby would be not only a star in your family but a STAR IN THE WORLD!!! It is a gift that you are sharing and I as your reader and FB friend am better every time I read your blog. To all the other Mama’s and Papas that shared the video’s and pictures of your Stars-thank you for making this world a brighter place.
    Keep on Rockin’ Nella!!!! Keep on keepin’ on Kelly and family!

  111. Amazing video… tears running down my face. Thank you.

  112. You rocked it. You said everything I could ever want to say. I got pissed off this morning reading about all the excitement online of being able to reduce even more the number of babies with DS being born … I feel conflicted, because I once felt that way and understood it. Now, I have two girls with DS that make it really hard for me to understand it. I think today, instead of me rambling and trying to get my thoughts across, I’ll just post this on my blog. Thanks Kelle! :)

  113. The word that comes to my mind in seeing these lovely children and their families is not “different” but “same.” Thank you for your advocacy, but especially your testimony to the value of love, family, and taking the time to appreciate the everyday beauty of our ordinary lives, whatever challenges and opportunities they happen to present us with.

  114. Kelle – you are absolutely amazing! Not only have you made an incredible difference in the lives of all of your blog followers, including me, but now in the lives of so many beautiful children and their families. Look at what you have done in a matter of days to help these children – Amazing! You are a true inspiration to all of us! I hope Nella has a rockin’ birthday! Happy Birthday Nella and your gorgeous little smile!!

  115. This video is so touching and so true! You have said almost everything that I would say. My first baby was born with DS and everything seemed to be great with my pregnancy. I was 27 and the day she came, my first look at her I KNEW something was not right, all I wanted to do was hold her. I watched this video with my 3 yr old son who is 1 year younger and he turns to me and says, “mommy there is my sister…” I couldn’t hold back the tears! I thank GOD for everyday that he allows me to be with the greatest 2 human beings ever, soon to be 3! My daughter has changed our lives inside out, all for the best. Life has never been more complete.

  116. Beautiful! You never disappoint :) Sort of like the Blogger version of Barbara Walters, but you make your viewers cry instead of your interviewees!

    Just a thought, can you create a small blog button (similar to your “share the love” ETST one) that links direct to Nella’s Oneder fund? I’d be happy to add it to my blog, and I’m sure hundreds (thousands?!) of others would too!

  117. Great video, Kelle! I am so happy to hear how much money is being raised. It’s nice to hear your voice and see you in ‘action’ instead of just photos. And Nella and Lainey are gorgeous.
    Love to you all.

  118. Beautifully done. <3

  119. oops, nevermind, just found the button!

  120. I usually skip over video posts that show up in my reader. I’m SO glad I clicked over and watched that. It was beautiful! Your passion blessed me today! Thank you!

    (Oh and I can hear the Michigan in your voice! :))

  121. Just beautiful, I was in tears watching all those beautiful, happy and sweet little faces.

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  123. Thank you. That was so beautiful.

    Thank you for how raw and real you have been about this over the past year. It’s really opened my eyes as well.

    Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  124. Omg I cried and cried… You are such an inspirational and wonderful woman! What you’re doing is so amazing! I wanna wish Nella happy birthday and good luck with the ONEder Fund! Lots of love from Germany!

  125. Kelle, I have no words. I can’t stop crying long enough to process this. Thank you so much for what you are doing for our children and for including Madelyn in the video. I have so much more I want to say, but can’t find the words yet, so for now, just thank you.

  126. I am so touched by your blog. I don’t know you personally, but feel like I do after reading about your sweet family for the last almost year. Your video touched me beyond words and prompted me to donate right away. One day your girls will realize all that you do to educate and inspire others and be so proud.

  127. Kelle,
    I have been lurking your site for awhile and I LOVE it so much. You have a beautiful family and your video is amazing. I am always in awe of people like you who are able to give a voice to issues and just seem to know what to do. Nella is so very lucky to have been born into your family just as you are all blessed to have her (and of course your other children). Hard to express my feelings in a comment, but you have touched my life in so many ways…many blessings to you and your family.

  128. OUTSTANDING!!!! love every amazing kid in the video

  129. AWESOME.
    I am in love with the use of the song “Firework” at the end too. Nella is totally a firework. Congrats on the success of this project. What a great birthday present for Nella. :)

    maybe your reason why all the doors are closed/so you could open one that leads you to the perfect road

  130. Wow that was beautiful Thank you Kelle! Thank you for your words, your photos and advocacy for our kiddos.

    One random question…I’m subscribed to your blog but when you say that you put out an “all-call” for photos where and when is this happening? I have a darling son with DS and would have loved to share his photo too…is there a separate blog page for DS parents? Obviously I’m way out of the loop. :)

  131. Thank you for sharing this video and your hole story, it changes my life ,too.
    I love the part when Lainey first met her sister and loved her right away. That is true love and bless Lainey heart for being such a great sister.
    Happy birthday to nella from Berlin, germany!

  132. Tears. Beautiful, Kelle.

    Connecting with you this past year to share tears, smiles, and every emotion in between has been so special to me. I’m very grateful for it because I can’t imagine having gone through it without you. I needed you.

    Thank you for opening the eyes of so many to the beauty and wonder of our world…To the beauty and wonder of my Drew. (Loved seeing my ‘lil guy in there too. Thank you.)

    Much, much love.

  133. That video is breathtaking, Kelle. I couldn’t hold back the tears. I already gave, a smallish donation, but after watching this I thought, “Hell, I spend $20 on crap at some point this week. Let me put it to something that means so much!” So, I’ll be clicking on that little link again! You have blown my socks of this past week, girl! You have stepped up to the plate and owned your place in this world like no body’s business! Its truly inspirational.

  134. Yeah, this made me cry, laugh and made me want to make a difference.

    I love you blog.

    I was fortunate enough to be able to donate.

    Happy Birthday Sweet Nella, you are so very loved!

  135. Awesome video!!

  136. Love it.

  137. May God Bless you sweet Kelle and all that you are doing for your own gorgeous daughter and for so so many other children/ adults as well!!!

  138. I cried through that entire video. It was wonderful. I found your blog last January, just after Nella arrived in this beautiful world (to change it, I have no doubt). I feel so blessed to “know” Nella and all of you. The arrival of her first birthday seems magical. Another year that we all graced with such an amazing soul. What I really want to say is thank you. Thank you for sharing Nella with the world. You have blessed us all by giving us her story, your story, to hear, take in, and grow from. It seems that we have all found magic that we didn’t know existed. It is humbling but empowering to donate to such a rockstar cause.

  139. I have been reading your blog for over a year and never commented before. But this video completely moved me to tears and I wanted you to know that I’ve shared it on my facebook in the hopes that it will touch my friends and compel them to donate as well.

  140. Thank you so much for sharing! The video of Lainey holding Nella in the hospital, and the exhaustion and pain on your face but the joy on hers, moved me almost to tears. I would have been crying for sure if my 2-year-old weren’t sitting next to me saying, “Baby! Baby!” every time a new picture popped up. This whole thing was beautiful, and what you’re doing to help everybody come together and raise so much for the NDSS is beautiful. Thank you for using your I’m-sure-unexpected-but-still-real fame for such a good cause.

  141. You Inspire me.. You are an amazing person and mother.. Lainey and Nella are so lucky to have a mom like you!!!


  142. Kelle be very proud of yourself! You are the voice. Many many blessings to you and yours.

  143. This post meant a lot to me. this whole “ONEder Fund” means a lot to me. Not because I have a child with Down Syndrome, because I dont. But because I *DO* have a child who is different. a child who was born with VACTERL Syndrome, and because she was born with this one in a million birth defect, she will be left out from things in her life. She will, and had been picked on. She will, and has gotten funny stares from on-lookers. And it is my ONE wish that my sweet little girl is not seen for her differences on the outside, but for the beautiful, intelligent, nurturing person she is on the inside.
    Thank you, Kelle for this blog and for the ONEder Fund. I am holding out hope and praying for a day where our children’s differences are celebrated and accepted by society.

  144. Hi Kelle! You just made me do the ugly cry! What a powerful video.It was so nice to hear Nella’s little voice.SO beautiful.You are truly and inspiration.Thank you so much for giving these wonderful children a voice.

    Love always


  145. What parent can watch that video and not get teary eyed? Thank you for inspiring me with every blog post to keep pushing and advocating for my children with DS. Parents do change things. I love watching the Oneder fund go up and up and up!!! Susan

  146. Kelle,

    So many things go through my mind as I watch this video.
    Firstly, it is so amazing to see Nella in video form. She is just beautiful!
    Second, “Fix you”, how perfect is that song? It and this video had me bawling.
    Third, I’ve worked with children with DS since I was in 5th grade be it mentoring, teaching etc and I remember telling my mom when I was in Grade school, “I hope that I have a child with DS one day” and I remember her telling me that that is not something you wish for and I said to her “I know it sounds horrible but I believe that God knows where these children will thrive, where they will be loved unconditionally” and with some years and some wisdom I might alter what I said a little bit but I still maintain my belief that God knows what he’s doing and he knew what he was doing when he blessed your family with Nella. You are doing such a wonderful job of helping Nella bloom where she is planted and my heart swells when I see all of these fabulous tributes etc.
    Beautiful Kell, just simply beautiful!


  147. Just embedded this on my facebook and blog.

    Thanks for inspiring me as a person, a mom, and a speech-language pathologist.

    I combined this with my “delurking day” post. Hopefully my readers will watch the video.

  148. Kelle,
    You are amazing and I thank you for all you are doing for those with Down Syndrome. I was lucky to have an uncle with DS. The only way to describe him is that he “loved” so much more than anyone else I know. He had a great big heart that touched everyone he came in contact with.

    Thank you for this wonderful tribute to bring awareness and acceptance for those with Down Syndrome. :0)

  149. Kelly – You are quickly becoming a leader in our “family”. We met you at the NDSS conference in Orlando – we are friends of your Neighbor Craig. Please keep doing what you do – it will make a difference. We have started a Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome group here in Palm Beach County and my wife is on the Board of Directors of the Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization. We are going to make a difference one person at a time – Our Benjamin (18 months) has brought so many blessing and so many new and wonderful friends into our lives we wouldn’t change anything!
    Many Thanks,

    Benjamin (18 months) Chari, and Joe

  150. KELLE!!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You shared my Nora with the world! I saw her picture in your slide-show…Aaaaahhhh! I’m screaming and my heart is bursting!

    Sending so much love your way, and a BIG, BIG birthday hug for Nella,

  151. love. love. love.

  152. Beautiful. Perfect. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. Nella changed you, but she changed me too. She has changed so many people and together we’ll all change the world.

    Much love.

  153. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  154. Thank you so much for what you do. My Charlie doesn’t appreciate Nella’s impact now, but certainly will when she is older!

  155. Nella has an admirer :) one of my 2 year old twins watched the movie with me and said, ” I lub Nella, I want hold her” :)

  156. Tears!!!

    Just perfectly said, perfectly visualized – thank you!!

  157. I stumbled upon your blog somehow…and I absolutely love, love, love it! I love what you are doing for our kids! When I read Nella’s birth story, it took me right back to the day I had Jack 3 years ago. It is so comforting for me to read that…just like I wrote it from my point of view those first couple of dark days. Thanks so much for sharing!

  158. I never, ever realized you were the lady who wrote an article in Parents until now. I’m in tears!

  159. Kelle,
    thank you so much for this beautiful message. You and your sweet family are such an inspiration to many.

  160. Thank you for having such an amazing heart. The love that you are cultivating in your children and in this world will be paid forward; over and over again. I pray soon we will all live in a world full of love, acceptance and peace. God Bless you!

  161. This is so beautiful! What a powerful post,you have this prego mama sobbing – my 3 year old came over and said it’s ok mommy. Thank you so much for sharing – I have shared with all my FB friends.

  162. LOVE this video. Love love love it. And the photo of the toast with your face in the background? Captures exactly our feelings when our son Cooper was born with Down syndrome. The total and complete and utter shock of it all. But, almost 4 years later, we feel so blessed to have been chosen to be his parents. Thanks for getting the word out there what a blessing a child with special needs really is. Happy Birthday Nella!

  163. Fantatstic video Kelle!

    I have loved watching the donations roll in and seeing that total rise. Thank you for allowing us to share Nella’s birthday!

  164. Beautiful! I think I started crying about 5 seconds into this video and I haven’t stopped! My sweet Sutter-but turns 1 on Sunday and it’s been quite the year and I wouldn’t change a thing! I’m so proud to be a part of this wonderful community!

    You are doing amazing things for our kids and for that I thank you and Sutter thanks you!!!!

  165. Tears! Love the video, love the message even more. It sounds corny, but I really do believe that we can work together to make life better for our children. My son changed me & I am forever thankful for it. :)

  166. I have been reading your blog for almost one year now, shortly after Nella’s birth when someone gave me the link to her birth story.

    I have throughly enjoyed it. I love waking up in the morning and checking the blog obsessively for a new post:) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blog. It truley puts a smile on my face.

    Your video made me cry, I feel like I know you and your family. Thank you for pouring out your heart to us unknowns, it really is amazing!!!


  167. PERFECT video. Perfect in every way!

    As I wrote under my donation: “In honor of all moms who have turned their tiny surprises into huge miracles.

    Kelle, not only do I look forward to reading your blog entries and looking at your brilliant pictures, I so look forward to seeing the crafts you do, and amazing projects.

    I’ve made many of the things you have posted! And being a first grade teacher I thought I had all the ideas!!!

    Thank you for opening up your life and home to complete strangers. Thank you for sharing your journey with you. Poppa feels like the Poppa of my children. Your children feel like relatives. :) If only I were so lucky!

    You have a blessed family.

  168. DAMNIT Kelle, there went the mascara!

    Seriously; thank you for sharing your pain, your joy, your beauty, and mostly for paying it forward. Just posted this to my FB.

  169. What awonderfully beautiful video!!I wish there was a way to people could hear or view your story at the OB/Gyn’s office so that mom’s who are expecting children with Down Syndrome would have something beautiful to see and give them the support they need in their pregnancies. You a have a special gift and are already making such a difference. You are awesome!!Keep up the good work!! Happy Birthday Nella.

  170. Beautiful video! Happy Birthday Nella.

  171. You and your family are a force to reckon with Kelle! MJ made her donation! xoxo

  172. Wow – just wow. How impressive?!?!

    I shared your blog on my facebook page because it has touched me more than you know. These were my words – I’ve been following this blog for at least a year now. In so many ways it has touched my heart & made me realize the beauty of unconditional love & happiness. Many times I have found Kelle’s encouraging words to lift my spirits when I feel the weight of life sitting heavily on my shoulders. I am sharing in hopes that you will enjoy as well. Enjoy!!

    I thank you for what you are doing, not just for DS, but for all of us mommas out there. You rock sister!

    My husband & I each make a choice of a fund to donate to each year. You have given me so much over a year that I feel it is my turn to give back. No amount of money will be able to give what you & your entire family has given me.

    Keep it up…your doing good things!

  173. DIVINE! Kelle, you amaze me everyday. One baby..
    one voice..accomplishing so much for so many. Sending much love your way. Nella, the world will be celebrating your birthday with you and it will be a very happy day indeed.

  174. Wow, Kelle. You did it again, another amazing, awe inspiring, love filled montage. Tears are streaming down my face, and it feels so good! Thanks for being you, and for all of your wonderful words. Hugs, Laura

  175. yay!!! I love it. Wonderful, beautiful video! I just donated :)

  176. This is beautiful Kelle! You have me in tears with your thoughtful and touching words as well as with all the videos and pictures of so many precious littles. You are an inspiration to me every day!

  177. What a beautiful video Kelle. You had me in tears.

  178. thank you Kelle – for being raw, honest and so incredible. You are teaching all of us how to love better.

    I am pregnant with my 2nd and the moments of Lainey meeting Nella made me so excited for my little girl to meet her new sibling.

    Your family is simply an inspiration

  179. I can’t even…I literally cry almost every time I visit your blog. Makea me soooo appreciate my one wild and crazy life…and your life, and my students’ lives, and the lives of every single human being on this planet. Powerful love…xo

  180. What an amazing thing you did. Because of this so many will be touched. Good golly girl you are a force! That video was just perfect:) Big hugs to you and that sweet little Nella.

  181. Beautiful Video. I’m bawling my eyes out right now and I have to go pick up my girl from school.

    Thanks for sharing your life, and your passions with us Kelle!

    Blessings over you and your family!

  182. Amazing! You spoke and my heart heard! Donations in the mail already !:)

  183. As always, you have made my day so much brighter! Thank you for this! It was a really rough day and I was thankful to have an inspiring post to read from you at the end of the day. I’ve posted a plug for you and your fund on my page … for whatever it’s worth, I hope you can stop by to see, even for a brief second :0)

    Much love from Michigan!

  184. It’s been almost a year since I have found your blog and I now look forward to every post.

    My daughter, Ava, shares a birthday with sweet Nella. She will be 4 next week. When I was pregnant and going through the medical screenings, my husband and I were told that Ava’s chances of having down syndrome were greater that 9 out of 10. While we waited the 8 days for the amnio results to come I did enough research to understand how truly amazing these children are. While Ava ended up not having down syndrome I am still enthralled by these beautiful, intelligent and caring children that are so full-of-life.

    Both your girls are truly blessed to have you has a mom.

    Happy 1st Birthday to Nella!!

  185. I reposted on my facebook page for you! Did I call it or what? I knew you’d shatter that original fundraising goal!

  186. You are AMAZING!! Your girls are lucky to have such a AMAZING mom! You are a resource for the society, for the country and for the WORLD!
    The video makes me cry, smile, laugh!
    Your blog has reached across the United States and all the way to Europe and to Norway!
    I just donated to the ONEder Fund!

    With Love From Norway! :)

  187. Weeping. Openly weeping and I’m not even finished with the video. Thank you for sharing this. My Jackson (nephew) will have designer genes and a special big brother.
    Thank you for all you have done! So many, many blessings to you!

  188. Years before I had children of my own, I read that a child chooses their parent. When I think about you and Nella, I can’t help but think how very true this could be.
    Amazing~both of you, and the sweetest little faces in that video.

  189. WOW this totally choked me up and brought tears to my eyes. Such beautiful words to go along with all those beautiful faces :)

  190. feeling very inspired after watching this video. thank you for awaring me of these beautiful souls.

  191. I sit here completely choked up and tears in my eyes. Beautiful video with such a powerful message. I’ll definitely be sharing it.

  192. I am a Special Needs teacher, and this video is the reason I check in on your blog now and then. We are working hard everyday to advance our children in our community, and love that you are too!

  193. I am a Special Needs teacher, and this video is the reason I check in on your blog now and then. We are working hard everyday to advance our children in our community, and love that you are too!

  194. This is so so good. When you watch this, you think, how could the world miss it, how could we not love and see the beauty, and give these children every possible chance they deserve? But for some reason it hasn’t been as it should be, thank you for making change happen. And also anyone who needs that chance – I know you’re right too about the message being even bigger than it seems, it reminds me that no one should be discriminated against for being different or being themselves.

    Big hello to everyone in the video – seeing those little faces has really raised my spirits!

    Good job!!! lots of love Lucy xx

  195. Kelle, I want to commend and thank you for this video. This video made me smile and cry….and smile and cry, then some more crying, followed by smiling. This video is INCREDIBLE, and I found a piece of my heart going out to every single beautiful face I saw.
    I have known Mara, the little girl in the video who is riding a horse, for about 4 years now. I worked with her 3 summers in her daycare, and I love her so much and I am so proud of her every time I find out about one of her latest accomplishments. I love knowing that there are dozens of people who feel that way about every little, precious face shown in your video.
    Your girls are gorgeous, and by looking at some of the pictures in your blog the love between them is overwelmingly strong, enough to make me tear up yet again.
    I know I am a stranger but just know that I am so supportive of your foundation, and proud of you for everything that you do. Having a mother like you and a family like yours means that Nella is going to have a wonderful life, full of love and laughter and beauty.
    Bless you for what you are doing, and for the beautiful person that you are.

    Give Nella a kiss for me, please.

    Caitlin Herlihy

  196. Kelle, I want to commend and thank you for this video. This video made me smile and cry….and smile and cry, then some more crying, followed by smiling. This video is INCREDIBLE, and I found a piece of my heart going out to every single beautiful face I saw.
    I have known Mara, the little girl in the video who is riding a horse, for about 4 years now. I worked with her 3 summers in her daycare, and I love her so much and I am so proud of her every time I find out about one of her latest accomplishments. I love knowing that there are dozens of people who feel that way about every little, precious face shown in your video.
    Your girls are gorgeous, and by looking at some of the pictures in your blog the love between them is overwelmingly strong, enough to make me tear up yet again.
    I know I am a stranger but just know that I am so supportive of your foundation, and proud of you for everything that you do. Having a mother like you and a family like yours means that Nella is going to have a wonderful life, full of love and laughter and beauty.
    Bless you for what you are doing, and for the beautiful person that you are.

    Give Nella a kiss for me, please.

    Caitlin Herlihy

  197. Sweet Nella Bunny~

    just want to say how touched i’ve been by your little life. what a gift you are!!

    hugs & kisses from a very chilly Canada. :)

  198. Thank you for making such a beautiful video, regardless of how much money you raise, or how much people I donate, I truly believe YOU are changing peoples hearts, and the way they look at the world and those who are different to the norm.
    I wanted to tell you an example of how you have changed my mindset. I have 2 beautiful girls, an almost 4 year old, and a baby who turns 1 the day before Nella. A couple of months after beginning to read your blog, I was in a shopping cventre with my 2 girls, my youngest who was 5 months old at the time. We were approached by a boy with Down Syndrome and his carer close behind. The boy, who was probably about 12, was fascinated with Abby (my baby), and came up to gently touch her face. He asked how old she was, and came back 3-4 times to touch her and ask again her age. His carer was hovering, probably worried that he might offend or scare me.

    In all honesty, if it were not for your blog, I would have been scared. I would have felt the need to “protect” Abby, and would probably have walked away as fast as I could have.

    But I didnt, I enouraged him, and talked to him, and had a moment of connection that I wouldnt have had otherwise. I wish I had been braver and offered him a cuddle with Abby, and I know next time I won’t be afraid, and the only reason to feel fear was because of the unknown. Thanks to you, what was unknown, is now KNOWN.

    PS I have donated a small amount already, and am goin to do so again. I am living in Queensland Australia, where we are facing the worst flooding in our states history, and there is so much need, but I wanted to tell you that you have and continue to move me so much and I’m grateful for the change you have made in me, and I’m sure in so many others. xxxx

  199. So beautiful. I loved so much looking at all the beautiful faces. Your blog brings so much back to me about my daughters first year, about how scared I was, and the grief that I didn’t want to admit to having in the beginning. Now after the 8 years we have had so far, even through her Leukemia treatment, I can’t even tell you how amazed I am, every single day at what a difference she has made not only in my life, but in the lives of everybody that has ever met her. She is the love of my life. I am so grateful to you for bringing us all into your family over the past year, and for sharing Nella and your beautiful blog with us. I can’t wait to see how much money we can raise together!

  200. This was an amazing video…left me with tears in my eyes.

    For five years I have worked for a non-profit organization in Massachusetts that serves individuals with developmental disabilities, many who have Down Syndrome.

    I don’t like admitting I have “favorite” client…but I do! She is a 55 year old woman with Down Syndrome and I love her with all my heart. She gives me joy every single day.

    I will donate and spread the word. Thank you for this!

  201. This afternoon at work while all 13 babies were sleeping I decided to check your blog via my phone… I was fighting tears so i didn’t cause everyone to worry and after I watched it once through myself I showed the other three teachers in the room – and we all four got teary eyed together!!!

    I love how close we are to surpassing the fourth goal!!! =)

  202. I wanted to share the video I made a few years back for Chloe’s third birthday.

  203. Wow, that gave me my good cry for the day. Thank you! This is beautiful.

  204. Thank you for this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  205. Incredible.

    Nella has such a personality, she has grown so much! Your family is beautiful and you are such a kind and caring person, and a wonderful mum.

    Much love from Australia xx

  206. Oh Kelle, this video has me in tears! I feel gutted & inspired at the same time! You have put it together so perfectly! It’s honest & true & beautiful & sad & empowering & motivating…all rolled into one! Little Nella {and seeing her world through your photos & words have CHANGED me & for that I say THANK YOU!
    I shared the video link on my facebook and will blog about it sooooon!

  207. beautiful.

  208. Kelle,
    I wish we could give to Nella’s Oneder fund. Sadly, we are in avery difficult financial season and don’t have any extra. However, I wanted you to know that she and you have touched my family’s life. I was struggling with ppd when I found your blog. The way you approach life and shared your joys, trials and triumphs through this year with Nella helped pull me out of the dark fog I was walking in. Praying blessings for Nella and all your family this year!

  209. Shel, your daughter’s birthday video was beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us! She is in my heart now!

    Nella’s Poppa

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  211. Beautiful. I find myself seeing children with Downs Syndrome like Nella all over my city now. I had to stop myself from running up to a woman in target to ask her if she knew of the NDSS last weekend. I want so badly for children like Nella… bright, smart, creative children to be seen as such… I pray that these contributions add up to something MASSIVE.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your honesty. It has opened my eyes to something I have been afraid to look clearly into… I am changed because I “know” you and Nella.

  212. The video is not working on my computer (my computer is being bad!), but just reading all the comments I am crying.

    Ugh! In a good way! :)

    I can not believe the fund has reached almost $60,000!! What a blessing!

  213. Beautiful. You are such an amazing person and Nella and Lainey are so very lucky that you are their mama.

  214. Katy, your gift of “change” is the greatest gift. Thank you for your sweet sentiments and I hope your life grows brighter every day!

  215. Way to make me cry! Soooo inspiring, Nella is just magical & you are such a beautiful mom. Thanks for this.

  216. Don’t have the words as eloquent as you. The video is beautiful, inspiring and full of love. Congratulations on the amazing total raised on Nella’s ONDer fund!

  217. Thank you so much for your inspiration!

  218. Awesome video!!!

    Please give a quick prayer for my little girl tonight, she’s sick, in the hospital for night #2 with a high fever. Seems to just be a viral infection. But I thought of you while we were there, and when Nella was hospitalized as well (I think my girl had just gotten out last time then as well!), but you said how grateful you were that it wasnt serious, and that this isn;t everyday. It was very humbling to reflect back on that.

  219. Found your Blog threw “Days with Dylan”- love the video it was amazing, posted it on my facebook for all to see, My Daughter Aubrey is now 15 months, and she truly hazs changed my life!!! Thank you for sharing the video!

  220. SARAH RDH, Nella’s Poppa is praying here…there is nothing so frightening. Thank God children are resilient and, while they can become sick so quickly, they often recover on the fast track too. I am praying your little girl awakens to a better, brighter day!

  221. your beautiful and everything about this is beautiful . your changing the world , we all are.

    love and blessings the doughtys

  222. Dear Kelle, Brett, Lainey & Nella,

    I have to say that this video is one of the most touching I’ve ever seen.
    It was just so beautiful watching the family moments after Nella’s birth, seeing you kiss Nella and seeing Lainey hold her new baby sister for the first time. I love the way you speak about Lainey’s love for her sister.
    Thank you Kelle for sharing with us these very meaningful and personal moments.
    To all the children and parents of the children featured in this video-you are all beautiful!

    Kelle, thank you for sharing so honestly and from the heart.

    Love Roksalanna xxoo

  223. Crying and sharing this immediately.
    Thank you for this video. You are talented in so many ways.

  224. Kelle,

    What a beautiful video! I hope Nella has a wonderful birthday and you are able to raise lots of money and change lots of hearts.

    Thank you for seeing the best in everything and everyone.


  225. Awesome video! I love Nella’s giant grin in the videos of her at the end. What a beautiful little girl.

  226. ~*Tears…beautiful tears*~ Hugs to you from Michigan and Happy Birthday this month Nella! You are so loved!

  227. Kelle…Thank you so much for being an advocate for our children. The video is absolutley beautiful and touching. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little Nella :)

  228. Powerful, POWERFUL message!
    You did an amazing job. Thank you Kelle.
    Edith Eitzen

  229. I love your video, I had my husband come and watch it with me when I realized how amazing it was :) Thanks again, for sharing your beautiful life!

  230. It looks like it’s time to raise your goal again…truly amazing. Nella and all these other adorable children have touched the world thanks to you and this blog.

  231. I love that people are telling you where they are as they watch this…in an airport, crying in their office, at work….almost creates a whole nother video in my mind so I will share where I am watching this….sitting criss cross applesauce on a cold cement floor of the batting cages as I watch my boys hit balls on this Friday night.

    As I sat here and watched from my phone ๐Ÿ˜‰ …and watched you with Nella and thought about how much she has grown…and thought about my own birth story…and then saw my sweet Reid’s face pop up on the video as well as so many of his little friends who we have come to know through the magic of this extra some…. the thoughts that kept resounding in my head were “God knew Nella needed you….and God knew we needed you to be a voice for our children” …not that we don’t all have a voice for our children but you have reached and touched so many people all over the world…..and it is making such a huge difference for our children.

    Kelle……..thank you!

  232. Over $60,000.00, woot woot!

  233. Kelle–thank you.
    Thank you for being so honest about the grief that a parent goes through when a child isn’t exactly what they planned. It’s so refreshing to hear that spoken with such sincerity. And even though our children have different genetic issues, mine has Tuberous Sclerosis, the pain is the same. These children come into the world to teach others and they certainly our doing their jobs!

  234. I think I have just watched the video for the 10th time tonight! I will soon be able to lip synch it! I am bonding with every one of these children!

  235. Kelle…this is so special to you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing!! Heather from New Brunswick!

  236. What an amazing video! Before the birth of my son I worked in special ed with some of the most amazing children who had DS. I love the idea of creating a fund to support the NDSS in honor of your daughter’s first birthday. She is a beautiful little girl and is lucky to have such a wonderful mother. Happy 1st Birthday, Nella!

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  238. Kelle, you always know how to make a girl cry and smile at the same time. I can’t afford to donate, I just had surgery and have to pay everything I can to what I owe from that. But I will share this every possible way. You have helped make up our mind about adopting a DS baby and maybe a few other special needs children in the future. Thanks hun for everything you do. You give me inspiration to keep moving forward when I feel like I just can’t go anymore.

  239. Beautiful video!! I’m sobbing like nobody’s business here on my couch in the dark…I have to girls, 14 and 3, I would have a third child but I was young and scared…scare of the unknown, scared of the possible health problems that most often accompany a person with Down Syndrome, scared of how I would react to another person treating my child differently or being afraid of him or her…scared, scared, scared…I let the Dr. scare me, family and friends, independent research…I listened to other and not my heart and it’s a decision that regret still to this day; it has driven a wedge between my spouse and something I never talk about… wish I would have been stronger and had more courage. Thank you for sharing your story.

  240. Kelle this video is beautiful. I cried and smiled at little Nella and then cried again. I work in Peds Cardiology and I have been letting everyone know to look at your blog and donate, including the doctors I work with. You are so inspirational and Nella and Lainey are lucky to have you as their mom, and you are lucky to have Nella and Lainey as your little girls.

  241. I believe you were truly chosen to be the mom of Nella. You are amazing. Love your little family. Take care.

  242. Gorgeous. I was crying like a baby.

  243. Just no words to describe how beautiful this is. We are honored to have our special Luke included TWICE in this video. I just posted it on my blog and on Facebook. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  244. Rik
    I might have you beat on having it memorized! We’ve been in the car driving for almost 10 hours and I keep watching it over and over. Every time determined to not cry but I lose it every time at the end. Especially when I hear Kelle say Morgan’s name. I feel emotionally drained but am so very happy! Happy to be a part of this amazing community. And to have Kelle on our team! Love you and your family!

  245. So beautiful. I posted on my blog too. :)

    Happy Birthday, Nella-girl!

  246. So so so awesome. You are amazing and I adore you.

  247. What a beautiful video. Those little faces were amazing :)

  248. so late to the comments, i am. but baby, this is sublime. rock the ONEder Fund, yo!

    big love to you.

  249. Shared on Facebook!!! Wonderful video…wow imagine such a world!

  250. When I was pregnant my husband and I were told my daughter almost definitely had Down Syndrome. When she was born, we learn she didn’t, but then we struggled to find answers for her medical problems for 9 months. She, along with 60,000 other women in the US, has Turner Syndrome. Thank you for bringing awareness to children with disabilities, and for teaching so many people not to pity us, but to rejoice with us, and to accept our children.

    There are few other parents out their with children with TS, so I hope you know how supportive your blog has been to me, and I’m sure to so many other parents. Thank you for opening up a world of support and understanding for our special little girls.

  251. This video , your voice cracking as you read it, your emotion while watching those beautiful,beautiful little faces Nellas, people we know, neighbors,,,you ,my friend, are changing the world.You were born to be Nellas Mom, no one else could have fit the bill. YOU are the change the world needs to see.If you ever need help,I am here.I want to help these beautiful children.I don’t have a lot of money due to our family situation this year but if you need me I can help.I will start by spreading the word to everybody I know.I have no DS in our family but I did have a 3 yo nephew diagnosed with leukemia when he was just 3 and it truly almost destroyed our entire family.What I am saying is I know how it feel to expect a perfect baby and your heart is bursting over with love, and in an instant everything changes.You are caught off guard, you can barely breathe, your mind has gone foggy at potentially the most defining moment of your life. And as a parent, you soldier on,WE never let them see the fear,only the love.WE envelope them in warm snuggles and try to savor every moment allowed together. Every moments a blessing. My nephew is now 15, he made a full remission,I still pray nightly that it never haunts him again.And then I cry because I know, he remembers.WE are all just so blessed to have our children ;perfect, not-perfect, whatever,To be able to share our lives with these angels is a blessing for all of us. XOXO

  252. What a beautiful video you created…it has brought joyful tears to my eyes! I’m the very PROUD Aunt to Marcus & Macey; two amazing, sweet, loving and precious children featured in this video…and soon-to-be Aunt to a special and very much wanted little girl waiting for her forever family, Masha! My life has been touched and my heart has been forever changed and all because of one extra chromosome! Thank you for opening your heart and sharing with others the joy and amazement you have experienced in this journey called Down syndrome. I couldn’t have said it better myself! :)

  253. LOVE!

    I’m about to watch it again for the zillionth time….I just can’t stop!!


  254. Kelle Hampton, you are AMAZING. I am so humbled and proud to read your blog and witness the difference you are making in this world. Nella’s little life, your struggle for acceptance, your fierce mama-bear love for both Lainey and Nella and your resolve to change the way the world perceives people with that extra magical chromosome have been awe inspiring. Your blog brings a message of hope and humility and beauty and every time I read it I am overwhelmed with a sense of “goodness” and renewed faith in humankind. The simple act of loving your child, loudly and proudly has touched so many hearts, so many lives…I truly believe Nella is an Angel and that she was sent to you on a journey to educate and destigmatize the differences of individuals with Down Syndrome. We as a society need to learn to not only be more tolerant, but to also embrace and celebrate these beautiful people who have so much to offer. I’m so very, very proud to have been part of Nella’s journey, even if it’s been only through your words and photos and I want you to know that your beautiful girl has touched my heart and that you have inspired me to be a better person, to try and make a difference. YOU are the rockstar Kelle…if I can learn to be one tenth the woman and mother you are, I’ll know I’m doing an awesome job. Amazing video…Much love to you and your gorgeous girls. xo

  255. …okay just coming back to say I accidentally left off part of a word in my comment above and it’s bothering me. In my comment I said …his little friends who we have come to know through the magic of this extra some…. and of course meant “chromosome” …okay I feel better explaining that ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I guess on the other hand I could be creating some new slang term for that extra 21st “some” :)

  256. My heart is singing…have watched the video several times…cannot stop my happy tears…You are right it all begins with AWARENESS…This video is absolutely beautiful…a labor of LOVE…Thank you so much for sharing such intimate moments and all these amazing children and adults with the world…Lainey’s lesson about unconditional love is so moving…Nella is adorable…Your voice is POWERFUL…Love your message of acceptance and celebration…Thank you so much for being such a strong advocate for all individuals with Ds…All these beautiful comments warm my heart…

    “Kindness is twice blessed. It blesses the one who gives it with a sense of his or her own capacity to love, and the person who receives it with a sense of the beneficence of the universe. Kindness heals us, because it reminds us of our oneness, allows us to see ourselves in one another’s eyes, to remember that eyes themselves are a miracle, that seeing is a gift, and that the other, no matter who he or she may be, is, in one way or another, a perfect reflection of ourselves.” ~Daphne Rose Kingma

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  260. So nice to come to a place where souls are lifted and energies renewed. A welcome break from the outside world where we are constantly judged, critized and belittled for every small difference, mistake, or imperfection. I love reading the positive encouraging comments! I hope we can all carry this throughout other interactions in our lives and make the world a little more kind, tolerant, loving, and accepting! Thank you Thank you Kelle for your wonderful example!

  261. Donated! Your video was the perfect extra nudge ๐Ÿ˜‰

  262. Hi, Kelle!

    The words “Down syndrome” still sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher honkin’ — “Wah, Wah, Wah… Blah, Blah, Blah…” — to my sons Carl, 4, and Andy, just 3 this month.

    But when I sit on our couch to read your blog while holding Ray — their baby brother diagnosed with Down syndrome shortly after his Dec. 9, 2009, birthday — Carl points at the screen.

    “Look, Mama!” he says. “It’s Ray Ray’s sister!”

    Something about her face reminds him of Ray, and it just tickles me every time he notices.

    Andy just started noticing and saying the same thing. :)

    To celebrate Ray’s birthday last month, I posted a photo from every month of his life on my blog called “Mommy Musings.”

    I titled this entry something like “Memory Keeping.”

    I am a staff writer at a Colorado newspaper, and the blog is on the bottom of the paper’s home page at

    I titled Ray’s birth story, “A Silent Night in the NICU.”

    It ran some time in March 2010, and also is in the archive.

    Anyhoo, lest I ramble on, many thanks to you for sharing moments from your family’s life with our family and so many others.

    You have inspired me to look in more ways than one for more light when I photograph my kids.

    Also, my husband and I are thankful that we could spread the word to our support group and give to the national society on behalf of Nella, Ray and those 400,000 others who deserve more.

    Blessings to you and yours in the New Year & HAPPY BIRTHDAY to that sweet girl, Nella!

    – Pam (Mellskog) Vanden Berg

  263. I’m an ocean of tears–beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
    The response to this fund is truly inspiring. We CAN make a difference when we all join hands.

    You are beyond blessed, and I don’t see why God should stop here–I am certain that your life will grow increasingly richer and your reach will stretch longer as the years go by. You are making such a great impact, Kelle. Never stop, run with it!

  264. Beautiful video! It had me in tears and it’s only 7.40am lol..

    Love Nella in the last bit of the video.. That smile!! :)

  265. beautiful video kelle!…loved it!

  266. Kelle, The video is beautiful. I tried watching it three separate times tonight and each time, my heart skipped a beat. Tears began to fill my eyes and finally on the third time of watching it, I cried through the entire thing. You have such a beautiful soul and your story is so inspirational. I love all the beautiful little faces in the video, my heart aches to just squeeze each and every one of those kids tight in the biggest bear hug they have ever felt. I’m going to talk to my husband to put this site on his Ministry Webpage tomorrow and I pray that people here in Stockton, California are touched by this inspirational move and donate their love to you, your daughter, and to all of those special smiling faces. God bless you.

  267. Beautiful!

  268. GREAT job kelle! What an awesome, powerful, hopefull video. Thanks:)

  269. What a fabulous and very emotional video. As soon as I started to watch it my girls came over to see what I was listening to and they wanted to know why these babies are thought of as different as they are so cute! BTW you and Nella are beautiful! Good Luck with the fundraising! x

  270. WOW Kelle…WOW! xx

  271. That video was awesome!

  272. TCahal,
    Thank you for your honesty. It was brave to leave that comment, and I appreciate it. I am happy you are blessed with two girls to love, and I hope you find peace with what wasn’t to come. It’s okay. Someday, I hope doctors and the givers of “the news” can share a valid, hopeful diagnosis with meaningful resources that share the joy and hope of differently abled individuals.

  273. Love it. Thanks Kelli.

  274. Beautifully done. I think you are proving, though, that It All Begins With LOVE…that love is feuling this Awareness…and it is beautiful.

    I just had to share this with you: my 3 and 1/2 year old daughter woke up from her nap as I was watching this video yesterday and she climbed up in my lap and watched with me. Normally she asks “who’s that?” but instead, she said “oh, that’s Alex…Haley, look, me! There’s Abe” Every picture or video naming another of her friend’s or brother’s friends. See, what is so cool about these little beings is: THEY DON’T SEE THE DIFFERENCE! She didn’t see a bunch of kids with Down syndrome. She saw kids – kids she thought she knew! I love that. I wish we all saw the world the way our children are able to! I think it might be happening, though. I think it might be…
    much love,

  275. I thought if I waited a day to comment I’d know what to say, but I am still in awe. For the truth, the beauty, the sense of belonging, I thank you. Thank you for letting me and my precious Levi be a part. I have shared this video with everyone I know.

  276. Such a beautiful, beautiful video and cause, Kelle. Thank you for sharing it.

  277. Yay! Less than $1000 to go! Just goes to show that EVERY little bit helps! Great job, everyone!

  278. I’ve watched the video and read the comments and have been checking in regularly to watch that number grow! My heart swells and my eyes tear every time!!! When I was pregnant with my 3rd and nearing 35 it seemed everyone around me wanted to know if I “was getting tested?? Having amnio.. to determine if the baby was *OK* I found it so sad (even though I luckily didn’t face any adverse comments to my response) that so many in the world have people so scared of anything less than *normal* For us, we didn’t want to know. It wouldn’t have made a difference and I know I would have spent the next 6 months worrying. I know many to whom it wouldn’t make a difference but would want to know to be mentally prepared. I also know some who didn’t weigh in on what they would do and that’s ok too. I am a strong believer in everyone doing what is right for them. During a terrible personal time my best friend once said “God doesn’t make mistakes” and although I didn’t understand at the time eventually I did. One of the most trying things to happen in my life ironically was the thing that changed it for the better. Nella is your *better life* I can’t say it enough…you are inspirational. These kids are called “Special Needs” Not “Horrible/Annoying/Bad…needs” SPECIAL because they are just as everyone who is considered different.
    Sorry this is so long winded, I get excited for the prospect of an accepting world every time I read your blog.

  279. Beautiful video and oh so very powerful! You are such a beautiful person inside and out and are doing wonderful things. Here’s to rockin’ the ONEder fun!

  280. So beautiful!! It brought tears to my eyes and made me to thankful that I donated…I might even donate again because it feels right. YOU ROCK!

  281. I appreciate your message of wanting to bring awareness of how every child deserves love and recognition. Downs Syndrome is one that most people are aware of, but when I told friends and acquaintances of my grandson being born with Patau’s Syndrome, they didn’t understand what that was and I had to give a lesson in genetics. Many babies born with Patau’s syndrome are stillborn, or live only a few minutes to hours. My grandson graced our lives with his unique personality for 3 1/2 years. Bryson was my hope, my inspiration, the catalyst to change myself and the hearts those around me to bring understanding that children with special needs or a devastating diagnosis are worth every single minute, every dollar for healthcare every bit of energy expended to make their lives better.
    To read more about our angel go to by blog:
    or find other beautiful surviving children go to You will be amazed at the many miracles!

  282. I’ll have to confess that I’ve watched this video more than I’d like to admit. I love it! You did an amazing job. It is exactly the message that I would want people to hear. My kids keep watching it with me so that we can see our Kamdyn. And I cry every time I watch it. Great job!

  283. Goodness! Amazing!!

  284. I have tears rolling down. The video is heart felt and like nothing else I’ve ever seen. God is using you in so many ways.

  285. WE DID IT!! I’ve been watching all morning and we just broke $63,000!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  286. Happy Birthday to Nella! What a sweet 1 year old!
    I shared today–on my blog and my facebook page.
    Your story–THE story needs to be spread. Far and wide.
    It makes a difference.
    Thank you, again and again. Keep sharing the love!

  287. Happy, happy birthday, Nella. I know you’ve changed my life, and I know you continue to inspire others.

    Big hugs,
    the Shortcake family

  288. Kelle, Just go for the 6 figures. If there are 400,000 children out there, that translates to .25 per kiddo, surely they are each worth 25 cents for a grand total of 100,000$ !!!!!
    In the meantime, congratulations on your ever moving target. You are eating the elephant one bite at a time! Here’s to the whole 6 figure elephant!!!

  289. Wow! What a powerful, moving, awesome video! I’ve already given, but it makes me want to give again! :) Thank you for sharing your heart and passion in this video and on your blog. I am definitely a different person because I am more aware about people with Down Syndrome. Thank you for that. I have been posting to twitter and facebook trying to create more awareness and for more donations. Keep rocking it, Kelle! :)

  290. That was beautiful, powerful, and moving.

  291. Anyone have a spare tissue??? :)

  292. This is incredible, beautiful, moving.

  293. Woooo Weeee!!!! Thank you to everyone who spread the word and helped us reach our goal…but how wonderful if it just keeps on growing! God bless you every one. A new world is awakening here…a world that does more than “tolerate” we CELEBRATE!

  294. Thank-you, Kelle! I can’t believe I’ve been sharing the Hampton’s life for almost a year now! You are a joy and an inspiration…..and I am honoured to donate in support of Nella! Thank-you for continuing to share your family’s story/life with us…..

    I would like to speak to TCahal if I might

    …Kelle’s right – it was very brave of you to be so open. Your comment brought tears to my eyes…and I just want to gently ask you to NOT beat up on yourself. Even though we make decisions and take actions at given points in our lives – that we might not make or take – if we were in that same situation a few years later, we must always keep in mind that we do the best we can with what we have and what we know. You did the best you could – and – that’s what you need to remember. Regrets and resentments will only hinder your ability to truly live now. We need always to forgive ourselves, and forgive those we see as having played a part in our regrets – remembering that they too, were most likely acting from a place of “doing the best they could with what they had and knew”. God bless you, girl – and great.big. h.u.g.s(!) to you!


  295. Just a thought. You might want to put a note up reminding people to check with their employers to see if they match charitable donations. I know many companies do.

  296. And I just checked and it appears nearly 24 thousand people have celebrated these precious faces in the video…according to the counter on You Tube…but I think that includes my gazillion replays…oh well!

  297. Kelle,
    Thank you for this – hearing your voice cracking made me crumble into a pile of tears but I was also smiling because Nella and her fellow wonderful extra chromosome friends are just so beautiful. You are an inspiration and I can’t wait to see what Nella is going to do over the next few years – she’s already changing the world!
    xo from Houston

  298. Oh Kelle, I love it! Thank you again for sharing the joy. And thank you so much for including my Macy in the video! Yesterday was a day of many happy tears, first I watched the video, then learned of a friends adoption from Reece’s Rainbow, then watched my own daughter read some new words at 3 years old! The goodness in people continues to amaze me and gives me so much hope, not only for my girl, but for the whole world! That kind of love and compassion is truly contagious seems to be spreading like wildfire! Yay!

  299. You are INCREDIBLE….my daily inspiration. Thank you for making me want to be more than I am xxx

  300. There are not enough words for how beautiful and touching that video was. :)

  301. We are so honored and thankful that our sweet Ian was included in your video (and that our older son Joey had a cameo in the background :)! I had happy tears as I heard your voice telling your birth story and of this transformative 1st year. I cried the hardest when you told of Lainey meeting Nella for the 1st time as I remember the moment my sweet Joey met Ian and how it moved me. Joey lifted me up. He showed me what deep, unconditional, celebratory love is. The love between my boys has been better than I could have ever imagined. Their love is deep and their hearts are woven together. Life does not get any better. As we approach Ian’s 2nd birthday, I keep asking myself, how tears could have been his welcome? He has transformed me, made me into the type of person I always wanted to be, the type of person I always should have been. He has brought us nothing but joy!! Thank you for sharing your story, your words, your photos, your sweet family with us. Thank you for sharing our Ian. Thank you for sharing the beauty of it all. I am so incredibly grateful!

  302. I had tears rolling down my face the whole time watching the video. As a special education teacher I get to spend every day with amazing kids that make my job so much fun. The video and blog do an awesome job expressing how much joy children with special needs can bring into someones life. I don’t have my own kids, but I have pretty much 10 little kids that I stress and worry about each day. I am jealous at times of the families that get to watch them grow forever, while I let them go at 6th grade. I just want them best for them. Thanks for all you do.

  303. Dearest Kelle

    I have been a loyal follower since shortly after Nella’s birth. Stumbled here by coincidence and have never left.
    As I have said in previous post, you inspire me.
    I have always had a spot for DS. i have had a few in my life and they still have a special spot.
    And ofcourse you get my donation!!
    Sweetie stay up proud you mighty lady!


  304. I have to admit that I find myself clicking several times a day “to see how Kelle’s fundraising is going”….even though I already made my donation, read the blog posts, and such. I also find myself wondering how YOU must feel every time you see that number inch higher. I have been part of “paying it forward” on a few occasions and have found it so fulfilling, and yet I can’t even BEGIN to imagine how amazing it must feel to you to see those donations pouring in. If nothing else, it should give your blogging a stamp of approval in the “am-I-making-a-differerence” category. You are changing the way people see kids and adults with DS as well as joining total strangers to forward the NDSS mission. Amazing work…simply amazing! Keep up the GREAT work!

  305. I’m speechless Kelle… AWESOME!

  306. I watched this at Nici’s house while holding Margot on my knee…..tears were flowing from both Nici and me…just beautiful. YOU are an amazing person Kellle….congratulations on the amazing ONEder Fund!

    xoxo, Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  307. My cousin, the cousin who is the same age as me in the family, the one whom I always played with growing up but never knew he was any different than me, has Downs.

    Now, at age 30, he’s a talented artist who volunteers at a local museum and graduated from high school.

    He’s my inspiration.
    Thank you for sharing.

  308. How great to see just-born Nella in your arms getting loved on.

    Will you have any input as to how exactly the $ will be used by the society? Making the world more accepting is so open-ended. Could you choose to sponsor a family adopting an overseas baby with DS, etc?

  309. Dear Kelle, the raw emotion in your voice is so moving and inspiring. We can hear the truth of your feelings. You have really changed my life. I am pregnant at 41 and you know what? Down Syndrome is not even on my “things to worry about when an old lady and pregnant” list!!! :-). It’s just not. Because of Nella, and all the other wonderful and inspiring faces of DS, I just don’t fear it anymore the way I once might have. So when this baby is born “secial needs”
    or no, someday I can say see this Nella Bean? You kinda owe your life to her wink wink!

    (oh and TCahal that was courageous to share that…don’t blame yourself too hard…it’s been a process to get people to change how we see DS as Kelle said…I’ll pray for peace and acceptance for you and yours!)

  310. LOVE the video! TO Sarah RDH – I, too, am praying for your little one! To lightkeepsdaughter(Rosemary)- AMEN to that! *KELLE, or anyone – a few of us have tried ordering the Nella Mary janes from Pitter Patter, showin in last post of yours. The shoes appear nowwhere – are they out? Any way to know if they will get more in? Thanks! – the Blog Mama

  311. Tears fell while watching your beautiful video. I cry when I check the donation page daily. Your commitment to all the beautiful children out there is changing our world. It has certainly changed mine!

    What a difference your blog has made in my life. You have made me aware. You have inspired me to see true beauty.

    Thank you. From the deepest part of my soul, thank you.

  312. Hi Linda, The Pitter Patter shop has SOLD OUT! That’s a good thing because she sold a lot but obviously sad too because people love the shoe. I’ll find out if she’ll be making more.

  313. I watched the video with my daughter, Anna Cate, 4, and my husband whose mother was a special ed teacher for over 20 years and worked with and loved countess people with DS. We both cried. When Anna Cate asked us what “down syndrome” was… she said, “are they sick? My husband said, No, they aren’t sick at all…it is people with very special abilities. She asked how, he said, Well, maybe they won’t learn to read as fast as you but they might give better hugs. I was so proud of the little family moment of teaching acceptance and ok with differences, all facilitated by you and your friends.

  314. that was awesome. After I finish bawling, I think I’ll go make a second donation. I like even numbers – I say raise the goal to $100K – wouldn’t that be astounding?!

  315. as always, a wonderful message that touches my heart. you are an inspiration and nella is too!
    thank you!
    i bought my nella charm bracelet yesterday! i will think of you all when i wear it!
    much peace and love to you and your family!
    xoxo meredith

  316. Hi Kelle,
    I have to say this is amazing! I had a dream last night that you kept raising it all the way to 100,000 – I really think you could do it! I have been sharing everywhere and hope it helps! It is such an important message to share and I will help however I can. Thanks!

  317. Oh Kelle. Thankyou. Continue to build your castles in the sky, for your foundations are so strong that you will always succeed.

    Congratulations is seeing the beauty in all things, because it is no easy task


  318. we’re far away in chicago, but if you ever need chef to do benefit dinner, we’re in!

  319. Wow, that brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for making me aware.

  320. Awesome video! Of course I cried :) and of course, it nudged me to head on over to Pitter Patter’s Etsy shop and order the cutest Nella Cordelia shoes. Love love love them!!! My baby girl is gonna be so adorable in them – she’s only 8 weeks old and I’m already addicted to shopping for her. Oh boy…

  321. Thank you for this BEAUTIFUL video! We have donated and spread the word so others may join us! As always, love the spirit of your blog and appreciate your efforts to build a better world for our beautiful children with DS.

  322. Mama power!!! Wow- look at what you’ve done- your blog is so beautiful- I don’t even know you but you are such an inspiration to me! Just made my donation and yay, you are so close to achieving your financial goal!

  323. Your video made me cry! You are such an amazing woman with beautiful amazing children and I truly believe you are doing such a great service with all of the awareness you are spreading

  324. Thank you!!! I am so proud to be able to say that my beautiful baby Emery is in the video! It means so much to me!!

  325. Thank you!!! I am so proud to be able to say that my beautiful baby Emery is in the video! It means so much to me!!

  326. Thank you!!! I am so proud to be able to say that my beautiful baby Emery is in the video! It means so much to me!!

  327. Jill, you were so proud, you said it three times! Hee hee…and your baby is Beautiful!

  328. Your blog and this wonderful video have a common thread with my new life as a mom. We just welcomed our first child into our family almost 5 months ago. Our little Royce has down syndrome and our home has never known this kind of joy before him! It’s good to see another mom full of that same love!

  329. Kelle what an absolutely beautiful video! Watching Lainey hold nella for the first time had me crying. Your little Nella is the luckiest little girl to have a Momma like you.

  330. Beautiful video, made me cry! I’ve posted it on Facebook too. Xxx

  331. How exciting – just logged my donation and it said you were over $71,000! Kudos to you!

    Sara :)

  332. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for all that you are doing for our kids!

  333. What an incredibly beautiful video! I wiped the tears away and made a donation. And thank you so much for your amazing blog. I found you through Ohdeedoh’s tour of your girls’ room (which is awesome!) and have been hooked since. Nella’s birth story has stuck with me, and I think of you guys often. (Hope that doesn’t sound creepy!) But thank you sincerely for reminding me of the important things in life! I’m doing my best to live in the present and truly appreciate my own family. Blessings to all of you!
    All best,
    Beth in CT
    p.s. I also have a Lainie (our spelling!). She’s about a month younger than Nella. :)

  334. powerful video.. and I will give and blog about it.

  335. Echoing the sentiments of other mama’s whose littles are featured–I get teary watching Cami’s grin toward the end of the video. I can imagine the love and tenderness you put into making this video, as I know how long we communicated trying to get Cami’s lil video into a usable format. Each child and their “moment” is precious, and you did a wonderful job capturing a wide array of interactions. What I love the most is Nella’s spunk when she is sitting on your lap AND that each child looks joy-filled in their clips. Are our children happy 100% of the time? No, they are human like other children; they cry, throw tantrums, act sullen, etc. BUT, their lives are worth living and your video captures this beautifully.

    Thanks again for all you do,

    Jen and Cami

  336. This is a beautiful video that brought tears to my eyes. Your love for your little girls and your amazing generosity is incredibly moving and inspiring. Its not exagerrating to say that reading your blog has changed me, and I’m grateful for that, grateful for all of the beauty you put up for all the world to see. I don’t have much to give to the ONEder fund, not nearly as much as I’d like, but I can’t wait to give what little bit I can and be a part of this beautiful, loving, accepting world you envision for all of us.

  337. Crying. Beautiful. Thank You.

  338. You are an amazing, strong, beautifully compassionate woman, and this touched my heart. You are an inspiration to me as to the mother I would someday like to become. I am planning on sharing this video on my facebook in the hopes that friends and family will donate. I hope that is okay. Thank you for being an inspiration and such a lovely human being.

  339. Kelle – thanks so much for sharing – for laying the path to what we all hope will be a greater acceptance of living beings…i love you and your family…Happy Birthday Nella!! I hope you enjoy being the big ONE!!!

  340. What a beautiful video full of love. It moved me to tears and made me so proud to be a part of this little world where we strive to make a difference in the world. Congratulations on all your achievements – you inspire me!

  341. Amazing and wonderful, and beautiful!

  342. Kelle I am from the Uk and follow your blog. I wanted to say you should watch a video on you tube. Got to Dance group Dance 21 UK program. Downs syndrome dance group that has got through. So inspirational for us Moms of special needs babies xxx

  343. I dont know what to post.

    But I didnt want ‘not’ to post.

    I am so very moved.

  344. A simple saying but so true. We were blessed with one of the most amazing little person in the world and this is what change are life forever..
    “Look at life for what it is not what you think it should be. You might be suprised that GOD is always right and what a beutiful life it is”

  345. I cannot tell you enough: You are beautiful. Your spirit is beautiful. Your family is beautiful.

    I absolutely adore and love you, Kelle. Thank you for continuing to teach so many of us what life is all about.


  346. the tears…

    so touching. thank you.

  347. Kelle- you really are my hero. I get chills every single time I talk about you and what you are doing for the DS community and the world at large. I’m sending you the biggest hug as Nella’s big day approaches. What a wonderful and incredible life lived year it has been!

  348. I keep checking in and watching the fund grow. Over $70,000 now!

    Kelle, you’re Nella’s rock star… and obviously the rock star for many, many others! I am speechless.

    Carry on!

  349. Hi Kelle – I have been reading your blog for a while now. It’s one of the websites I visit in the evenings once I get my 3 boys into bed. I love your photography and share your taste in kid’s clothes :) Recently our 2 year old was diagnosed as AUtistic and now your tales reach me on a whole different level. All the best with your journey and your 2 gorgeous girls.

  350. Loved this, teared up, then posted to Facebook. Thank you!

  351. INSPIRING!! You make me take inventory every time I read your Blog!!! You make me search for a purpose in life. You are a remarkable person. I look forward to every new post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NELLA!!!
    p.s. I would love to buy a “Nella”s Rockstar” t-shirt to show my support for DS.

  352. Thank you, a million times over.
    You are a rockstar, and I’m so blessed to get a glimpse of your magnificent, wild, extraordinary life.
    Thank you for being the voice, the hope for every extra special little in this world.
    Nella, thank you for changing the world, one smile at a time. <3

  353. Kelle, what a beautiful video. I have been volunteering with special needs children since I was 9 years old at the ARC in Hattiesburg, MS. In my 13 years of being there, I have seen a lot of different parents, some good and some bad. Thank you for being an extrordinary mother. Although I am not a mother to a down syndrome baby, I plan on being one someday. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to adopt a downs baby, because I know of the life I could give them. While you are blessed to have Bella, she is blessed to have you as a mother. Thank you for doing what you do, and supporting such a wonderful cause. Have a happy new year and happy birthday to Bella!

  354. Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing of yourself and your lovely family.

  355. You are AMAZING

  356. So, I was lying in bed this morning listening to my daughter, Madelyn, babble, kind of in-and-out of sleep, when I started thinking about the video (mainly the part with Maddie in it) and I had an idea. What if you made another video (or edited this one) to show new or expecting parents what this journey has been like? I know that if I had gone to the NDSS or NDSC website and seen this video when I was frantically searching for information after Maddie was born, I wouldn’t have been so scared or felt so lonely. They have such amazing information on both websites, but I remember still feeling so alone. I wanted to connect with people, to know what it was like for them, to see their children, to know things were going to be ok. Your video shows all of that.

    I found out after Maddie was born that she had Down syndrome, but what about the parents who find out while their baby’s in-utero? They have the drs and geneticists telling them not to have the baby, to be afraid, to be weary, maybe if they saw the video too, their first suggestions wouldn’t be to terminate the pregnancy, but instead watch your video.

    People are afraid of the unknown. I know that I was. I was terrified, but obviously, Maddie has shown me that I don’t need to be. She is the light of my life! This video may have helped me come to that realization earlier. It saddens me that I was afraid to love my baby because of all of the negative possibilities and complications that go along with Down syndrome, but no one should be afraid to love their baby. Fear should not be the first thing that people tell you you should do when you hear the words Down syndrome. These babies and children and adults are filled with so much love themselves, how could that be scary?

    Anyway, it was just one of those early-in-the-morning/ one-eye-open thoughts that I had and I thought I would share it with you. Thanks for listening.

  357. Excellent!!! So uplifting!!!

  358. Shared my coffee cost this morning. Starbucks is no where near as important as Nella and the beautiful babies, children and adults with Downs.

    Thank you for the tears and smiles today Kelle. Happy birthday Nella Bean!

  359. Shared my coffee cost this morning. Starbucks is no where near as important as Nella and the beautiful babies, children and adults with Downs.

    Thank you for the tears and smiles today Kelle. Happy birthday Nella Bean!

  360. Kelle, I want to thank you so much for being a beautiful voice to so many of the same feelings I have had and have stuggled to express. Our daughter Rachel was born in October and I too knew the moment I saw her that she had DS and it was a surprise to us as well. Unfortunately Rachel also had other medical complecations, but gratefully God brought her through it and she is home with us now. I loved your video and have shared it on my blog and on my facebook page. Please come visit my page when you can. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  361. That was so touching. I got all teary eyed hearing about the type of future these beautiful children will face. It’s so sad that we live in a society like that! Nella is so fortunate to have a mother who is making such a hard effort to change that for her. Its really amazing the money and awareness you have raised. The world could use more people like you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  362. I’ve now watched the video about a hundred times. I have chills as you recount the experience of Lainey first meeting Nella, as I had the same experience when our Jackson, now 3 1/2, first met Luke and Olivia. He came bouncing into the room, dancing around, smiling ear-to-ear. He was so happy to meet his new brother and sister and had no idea how sad, angry, and distraught I was. Shame on me! Like Lainey, Jackson taught me so much that day, and in the weeks and months that followed, about unconditional love. I feel immense regret for being so sad, but that sad person in Sept. 2009 seems SO far away now. Luke is such a blessing to our entire family.
    By the way, I saw all of the comments on your Facebook page about contacting media outlets. I just emailed Oprah as well. The ONEder Fund is so worthy of a show in her final season! Moving mountains…it can be done!

  363. What am I going to do all day when I don’t have Nella’s ONEder Fund to check and click refresh all day? I love seeing it amount go up and up.

  364. I clicked on the video Friday at work and immediately had to stop it – as I was crying that quickly.

    What a beautiful tribute to so many beautiful children. Thank you so much for all that you are doing to foster acceptance and appreciation for all individuals with Down syndrome. You truly are making a difference.


  365. You. are. amazing.

  366. I was happy to donate! Please reciprocate and donate to our cause one of the most rare chromosome disorders (Chromosome 18 disorders). You can see more details on our family blog:

    Love your blog, your pictures, your beautiful family! Thanks for inspiring so many!

  367. I love this. A friend shared this on Facebook with me and I appreciate how eloquently you have described your emotions and the journey of having a child with Down syndrome. You have voiced something that is so hard for many of us to describe and often harder for others to understand. My daughter has Down syndrome and is only a few months older then yours. She was born on Thanksgiving day. This year when we celebrated her first birthday, it had extra special meaning for me. My emotions have come such a full circle from the day she was born one year ago and I truly feel thankful for everything she has brought into my life.

  368. You are truly an inspiration, an amazing mother, a compassionate woman, and I find true beauty in all you write. I love your Nella through you. Thank you for your blog, for your story, for your love and compassion that resonates through your words, I can never seem to get enough. Thank you for journaling through your journey so that others can be touched, motivated, moved, and make a difference too.

  369. I bawled like a baby.

    Such an amazing video, your narration was beautiful.

    Along the same lines wondering have you seen this? (8 year old sings about his sister with DS)

    When I saw it I thought of you and yours girls.
    All the best!

  370. Wow, this is unbelievably powerful. Your message made me smile, cry and it sent shivers down my spine.

    You are such an amazing inspiration to so many! You are so beautiful. Nella is so beautiful. Your family is beautiful.

  371. I will secretly be celebrating with you on Saturday! Thank you for touching my heart + giving me strength in a time when I needed it the most!

  372. I have attempted to share this post/video on Facebook but continue to get this message:

    This message contains blocked content that has previously been flagged as abusive or spammy. Let us know if you think this is an error.


  373. Kelle!! You are amazing woman, spetacular mom and a special human being! I loved everything you said… you are such an inspiration for everyone, inspiration for a better life for everyone. Even to myself. You have a beautiful family and Nella is adorable!
    I cried while you were talking in the video, while I was watching all the little faces smiling !! :) You made my day!
    Thank you for being you and doing what you are doing!
    God bless you always.
    Lots of love,

  374. Would you stop making me cry already!!! : ) Awesome video. I love it. I especially loved seeing video footage from Nella’s birth. After reading about it and seeing still photos, it was kind of fascinating to see it all in “real time.”
    Kids with DS are so, so precious.

  375. I loved this video and I have done two posts on this topic recently.

  376. This comment has been removed by the author.

  377. What a beautiful tribute Kelle and what a beautiful thing you’ve done here.

  378. Hi Kelle~
    I thought you should know that my laundry is not folding itself, my dirty dishes are collecting dust, my beds are tousled, my children in jammies….STILL and it’s after noon….ALL BECAUSE I stumbled upon your blog through I heart faces and I haven’t been able to pull myself away from your family’s beautiful faces and story! Thank you for sharing your life with me and many others and I love what you are doing!

    I have shared on FB on my photography page and I have donated in support of my friend Jack…the sweetest little boy with Down Syndrome! He, like Nella, make my heart sing and I am so touched by it all!

    You are doing amazing things, but most importantly, you are being an amazing mamma and one who inspires me greatly!

    Tonya Poitevint

  379. As a mother of a 4 yr old with Down Syndrome, I truly appreciate your video! My daily mission is to help others see the beauty of my son and other children and adults with Down Syndrome and to look beyond their diagnosis and see their true potential because I know there is nothing they can’t do!

    I knew about my son’s diagnosis before he was born and I think that made me love him even more. I did go through the grieving and mourning of a “normal” child when we found out, but if I knew then what I know now, I don’t think I would have grieved. He brings so much love and joy into our lives!

    Thank you for being such a positive advocate! Much love to you and your beautiful family!!!

  380. This comment has been removed by the author.

  381. I used to read your blog every day, and after a few months without reading I have spent my evening going from newest to oldest. So far I made it to this video, which was the most beautiful, honest, wonderful thing. You and your family are such an inspiration. You are changing the way people think. Your sunny optimism mixed with your raw courage and honesty make your blog fascinating. Your girls are so lucky to have you as their mom. Please keep sharing your world with us!

  382. this video is so inspirational. thank you.

  383. I love words, the ability to string them together to form a coherent message to convey emotion. And yet the words I love are failing me now- except these: I don’t know you, but I’m so proud of you.

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