Falling Softly

I can count on more than one hand the number of times I froze in panic during a real life emergency—the kind where, for one second, I wondered if maybe this was it. If maybe that semi pushing 70 merging into my lane on I-95 on the way home from my teaching conference would indeed end it all. If maybe my sister wouldn’t cough out the goo-goo cluster she was choking on and we wouldn’t laugh fifteen years later that her near death experience involved the word “goo goo cluster.” If maybe Lainey finding a bottle of hydrogen peroxide at someone else’s house meant more than just a hysterical mom on the phone and a vomit-it-all-up episode five minutes later. Unfortunately, I know what the inside of an ambulance looks like and I’ve clutched and pleaded and superstitiously made silly promises to God if he’d come make a quick fix. But, thankfully, things have ended up okay.

Saturday morning, Nella flipped back from a sitting position too abruptly and hit the back of her head on the tile (and before you brace yourself, let me preface this with…she’s totally fine). Every baby’s probably done it at some point during their first year, but this time her cry was a little off. Brett and I ran, and I scooped and pressed her close to my chest waiting for that hysterical second round of wailing that always follows the first cry and that long inhalation. But it didn’t come. She went limp, fluttered her eyelids and just kind of passed out. And I went nuts. I like to believe that during these times you’ll strangely rise to the occasion and pull yourself together like I calmly did during the RSV episode, but this time not so much. My heart took off in a wild race, I swear I stopped breathing, and I walked—in circles—stroking, patting and muttering over and over and over “She’s not okay, she’s not okay, she’s not okay.” And Brett tried to calm me down, assuring over and over and over “She’s okay, she’s okay, she’s okay.”


It lasted only about thirty seconds. In those thirty seconds, I lost my mind and found it again, and yes, it was scary as hell. She finally opened her eyes, scanned the room, flashed a “you people are nuts” look and smiled. And I fired commands to check her status. “Nella, clap. How big is Nella? Wave bye-bye, Nella.” And she did every one of them. Our pediatrician okayed the situation and Dot (friend/nurse) came over to help us keep an eye on her and joked that after a bump to the head, Nella can speak fluent French now. Because, after really scary moments pan out to be okay, there’s still a bit of an uncomfortable emptiness, and humor fills it perfectly. Like all those “she can finally wear yellow” jokes we made when Lainey’s freaky prolonged jaundice got the all clear after our newborn spent ten long days in the hospital. Humor is a welcomed breath of relief.

Brett’s taking it out on the tile, cursing the poor porcelain squares that line our floor as if they have a personal vendetta against our kids’ heads. And, appropriately adapting to the Men are from Mars profile, he wants a solution and thinks carpet is the answer. “That’s it,” he yelled after Nella finally came to. “Blank this blankin’ tile. We’re getting carpet.” And I smile and laugh and let him have his moment because he needs it. The thing is, I get him. I get wanting to fix problems, and if we can buy cabinet locks to prevent future peroxide accidents and my sister can swear off goo goo clusters for the rest of her life, then there should be something we can do to secure the possibility that this won’t happen again.


But you can’t cushion your kids. You can’t send them into the world bubble-wrapped and helmeted even though you want to. You can’t carpet their universe, hoping their falls will always land softly. You love and let go and thank the modern world of advancements in safety for airbags and outlet covers, baby gates and bike helmets. And when our kids fall—and they will—you scoop them and hold them and tell them it’s okay.


But he’s still not kidding about the carpet.


By late Saturday afternoon, I pretty much forgot it all happened, reminded here and there by a quick flash of her grin. And the rest of the weekend proceeded with a nice brew of nothingnessness plus somethingness that equals a whole lot of good.


Friday night, we met Baltimore family Ryan and Lauren and their beautiful girls, Ava & Millie, for sunset and now I wish they lived here because we hit it off big time.


This sweet family is just starting off on this new journey as Millie is only 12 weeks old. And though Down syndrome seems to be a little common area in our lives, we shared a lot more in common too. I loved that moment–that first hug between me and Lauren–between two mamas whose futures took a little tangent last year. And in that one hug, there is a magical transfer of pain and hope and celebration you can’t explain. But we can explain that we love Millie and her beautiful family.



Lainey wanted to wear a “fancy dress” for our frozen yogurt girls date Sunday.


…and Swiper swipes again.


Our family knows how to rock out some ice cream if you haven’t noticed. It’s our treat of choice. Except during Girl Scout cookie season…then it’s Samoas and cold milk.


Cue a change of ice-cream stained clothes followed by lazy Sunday afternoon with a trip to the lake where we pretended to fish with big sticks and cooked our invisible catch over a bundle of pinecones and dried leaves. It was delicious.


My favorite lately? When Nella steals Lainey’s puppy and Lainey flips and tattles on her.


So, we’re good. Avoiding tile but happy.

Lainey fell asleep in her chair last night.


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Nella’s rockin’ her Tiny Hiney bling:


Have a fabulous Monday! And if you fall this week, may you fall softly.


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  1. I have never commented but I am a regular reader of your blog. I don’t really know what to say other than, I think you are amazing. I think your children are amazing. Your photographs, your take on life always bring a smile to my face. Keep on doing what you’re doing, because you rule at it. Happy Monday!

  2. Your little loves are beautiful!!

  3. So glad Nella is okay, everytime I hear that bang that comes when my little guy topples over I hold my breath until I hear him cry. It is awful to know he is hurt, but there is something reassuring about hearing him react to the pain. Boo to tiles!

  4. THank GOD that Nella is ok. And i am with brett, on the carpet! Hitting the head is always somethign to take seriusly. My very tiny grandbaby fell and had a TBI – traumatic braininjury. can be AWFUL dangeruos and he was in hospital for nine days so it is so smart to be on cautious side. HE is also fine, thank God but oh, it was the worst ting we ever went thru. Hugs to little Nella, to all of you. Love to you..

  5. The pictures of the girls sharing the ice cream are meant for frames :) Glad Nella is ok, but scary nonetheless!

  6. Nella’s crinkled up face smile is just like my little girl’s smile. I love it.


  7. Kelle, your photographs just scream classy. I adore the turquoise and red color combination on the girls. Nella is becoming so animated, it’s a ton of fun to see her personality develop. Lainy is such a good big sister too. It seems like she has a heart full of patience and love for her baby sis.

  8. Oh, I am so glad little Nella is okay and you were able to enjoy ice cream by the afternoon.

  9. Clutching my heart….whew! WHEW! That’s all I can say….
    Much love,
    Kelly & Nora (we’re reading this together….as always :)

  10. Your blog is always so refreshing. Your stories and photos are always amazingly inspirational! And… glad everything is ok with Nella!

  11. I can commiserate with your utter panic and anguish when Nella fell… because I’ve been there. My son fell down a full flight of hardwood stairs, bouncing his precious head on each one of them and I was powerless to stop it. Running after him as he fell, shrieking all the way, but still powerless. It’s quite possibly the worst feeling in the whole world. :(
    So glad to hear Nella is ok! Hope your family is accident-free for a long, long time.

  12. The larger picture of Lainey gives you a hint of how she will look as a grownup Love your blog Glad Nella is ok Kris

  13. First of all…I’m glad Nella was ok! Our 7 month old did the same thing the other night, and I was calm enough because my in laws were over and said he was fine. Secondly…I love reading your blog, and have been inspired to start one of my own. Thirdly…I’m hoping to have a girl someday, and would love to buy ALL of your little girl clothes from you! WHAT GREAT STYLE you & they have. God bless you…

  14. So glad that little cutie is ok!! Those moments are never fun. Love the pic where Lainey is feeding Nella Yogurt so cute.

  15. This made my heart sink. Reminded me of the time I took my twin daughters, who were about Nella’s age, to the park by myself for the first time. Let them slide down the slide where I’d catch them at the bottom, but as the one came down a little fast and flew off the bottom into the dirt, I realized in 1 second that she was hurt. She was limp and purple and not breathing and I nearly had an aneurysm. SCREAMED at the top of my lungs for ANYONE to help us. Seemed like she was OUT for an hour, which really was only 30 seconds, but OMG it took 10 years off my life. She had the wind knocked out of her and I will never forget this day as long as I live. Scary as hell.

  16. So glad that the girls are ok. You are a great mama :) Big squeezy virtual hug.

  17. Oh god, it never ends. Ever.
    My 13 year old step daughter passed out in the bathroom a few months ago while I was brushing her hair and I was hysterical! Crying and shaking her shoulders and laying on the bathroom floor (which in our house is like a profession of love, cause, eeewwwww!) and she gave me the same exact look that Nella gave you when she came to.

    I’m the worst in an emergency. THE WORST! Glad Nella’s just fine :)

  18. Yes, we cannot bubble wrap our children and the occasional accident is part of toddler terrain…but such moments are certainly times for “Thank you God for what didn’t happen!” Having been on the phone with you during those anxious moments, I rejoice all is well. During this crawling, sitting phase–unfortunately, you just have to do “The Chase,” and try to make sure the sitting maneuvers happen on the carpeting…but I know she has done those maneuvers out on the driveway as well, and carpeting really doesn’t work well out there. Those girls are certainly looking like sisters–and how nice to have met Millie and Ava and their parents! I am duly impressed Lainey shares the sacred puppy with her sister–that means alot!


  19. As a mom I totally understand those moments of terror we sometimes face during mommyhood. I’m so glad Nella’s ok. Give her a love squeeze for me.

  20. Kelle, again I wish I really knew you, so that I could give ya hug… This post touched me in a very personal mommy place. So happy that Nella is A-OK:) I love all these bloggy friend connections you have been sharing with us…so very freakin cool!! Cutest swiper ever & I love that Lainey doesn’t really seem to mind!xo

  21. You described Mommy Panic perfectly. My giant dog knocked down my one year old, and her eyes glazed over for maybe 10 seconds but I was ready to hit the hospital. Your Nella/spoon set reminds me of my Natalie (only 9 days older than Nella), who is now utensil obsessed!

  22. AWWWW! SO scary! But SOOOO glad to hear that Nella is ok!!

  23. I’m so glad Nella is okay! I loved the pictures of your new friends. Mama and babies look so beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful week Kelle!

  24. the same thing happened to my 18 month old..smacked his head on the asphalt driveway and i scooped him up waiting for that all out scream only to look at his eyes roll back and his lips turn blue as he passed out. scared the blankity blank out of me. he earned his first trip in an ambulance and a nice visit to the e.r. but all was well…thank god!
    glad nella bounced back so quickly!

  25. So sorry for Nella! I bet you were freaked. Glad she is okay.

  26. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes…your words are so beautiful. “You can’t carpet their universe,hoping their falls will always land softly.” My, oh my. Doesn’t that just sum up every mother’s wish for her child?
    ps. Tell Brett that the first time one of you spills red wine on the carpet, he’ll mutter, “Stupid $%*&ing carpet. We’re getting tile.” True story.

  27. Ack! I’m dreading the first time I experience a panicked moment like that with my little guy… ’cause I know it will happen eventually. SO glad Nella’s ok. And that’s it – I’m going to get ice cream today even though there’s a foot of snow on the ground. Mmmm, sprinkles.

  28. How Scary Kelle! SO glad that Nella is okay. Thanks for sharing Millie nd her family with us. She’s such a little doll!

  29. Oh how scary those moments are! I am so glad Nella is ok! (And your sister too LOL)
    My little baby girl has just started sneaking her Big brothers toys away. She thinks that is so funny!

  30. 2 summers ago i was at my sisters place. her husband had already gone to work, it was a little before 8am and i was still asleep. she and her daughter, who had just turned 1, were in the kitchen. my niece fell backwards and hit her head. she barely let out a cry, but i heard my sister’s cries for my help. i run out of my bedroom (no pants on! i hate sleeping with pants on) and see my niece in my sisters arm, limp and turning blue. my heart stopped in that moment. i didn’t find out until later what had happened, for all i knew she had choked, swallowed kitchen cleaner, etc…no idea! my sister ran out the door and i followed her, got to the end of the driveway and realized i can’t go to the ER in panties and a tanktop! i run back in, throw on some sweats, but by that time they were gone. i run down the street to the ER. it’s pouring down rain and i have on mismatched flip flops, no bra, my brother-in-laws huge baggy sweatpants that are practically falling down to me knees. i call him and tell him what happened in between gasping for air. i run into the ER still in a complete panic and i can hear her sweet cries. oh, how WONDERFUL it was to hear her crying! never thought i’d feel that way! but after seeing her unconscious, limp, turning blue….to know my sweet niece was alive and crying…incredible.

    so so happy Nella is doing fine. i know how scary it is, even the hours afterward making sure each little thing she does is “normal” :)

  31. So glad Nella’s okay!! I’ve known a few of those moments of terror, and we, too, try to insulate Samantha’s world for her. Wondering when we’ll actually let our 4 1/2 year old go up and down steps on her own. People keep saying they’ve gotta fall to learn, but I am SO not ready to let her learn like that…
    Beautiful pics, as always. Looking forward to seeing what carpet you pick out. LOL

  32. As a parent of three – we’ve had several of those heart-stopping moments. So glad she’s ok!! She is looking like such a big girl now – her face has just changed so much lately. You do such a wonderful job of chronicling your life – congratulations (and thanks for sharing!!) Enjoy the day!

  33. Thanks for everything…that is all I can say!

  34. So glad Nella is ok. Bret seems like a really sweet daddy. If only we could bubble wrap our kids..

  35. I am new to the bloggin world, and to this blog. However, I have TRULY enjoyed reading your blog. You have a such a beautiful perspectiveon the world and all it has given you. You are truly inspiring.

  36. What a lovely way to start my Monday… thank you :).

  37. I am so glad Nella is okay. Love the pictures of Lainey feeding Nella frozen yogurt. So precious!!!

    “And if you fall this week, may you fall softly.” – brilliant!

  38. Oh my gosh, how scared I would have been too. So glad Nella is alright. And that fancy dress Lainey wore for your yogurt date is too cute!

  39. SO SO SO glad that Nella is okay! I had flashbacks to when our son, Brody was learning to walk and walked into a corner of the wall and went limp. It seemed like an eternity that he was limp in my arms but I realized that it was only seconds. I remember that my hands trembled for the rest of the day. By the way, I adore your dad’s comments. Wondering if he has a blog, because I can only imagine what a huge hit it would be!!! Amazing pictures.

  40. I definitely have had my “is this it?” moments – scary, but reaffirming that I am alive and human. :)

  41. Adore the pics of Lainey feeding Nella. Glad that your little one is OK. I would be lying if I said that hadn’t thought of bubble wrapping my two year old more than once. :)

  42. Geez kids can really scare us to the core can’t they!? We had an episode(minus the fainting) with Cali this morning, and the cry was just that much different that I panicked. Thankfully the 3 min of hard sobbing seemed to do the trick, and all was again well with the world.

    Glad all is ok. Can’t wait to see your new carpet 😉


  43. I hear you about the scary “injuries”. So glad Nella’s okay and that she has parents that want to protect her all the time. Every girl deserves a daddy that wants to “carpet her world”. Go Brett! (-;

    Would love a chance to win. We could use another item to add to our adoption fundraiser! (-:


  44. As always, Kelle, beautiful pictures. Your girls are adorable.

  45. I totally understood this one! It reminded me of the time I found an empty bottle of children’s Benadryl in my daughter’s room and her asleep in her bed…or a week ago Thursday when we took my son to the ER for vomiting and a high fever and he became unresponsive! I swear that was longest two minutes of my life! I am so glad that Nella is OK! And I hope you find a carpet that you like! lol

  46. I know that panic. It’s happened more than once with my now 19-year-old son who has had his share of stitches and broken bones. He nearly gives me a heart attack every few months! So glad Nella was OK.

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  48. Very happy to hear Nella is okay! I love her smile. :) As always, beautiful pictures!

  49. im writing from ontario Canada, Today is family day and I lieing in bed with my mom watching cake shows, and sharing this post with her
    I wanted to ask…what makes the girls laugh so hard that their grins are so big it make me laugh?

    so glad Nella is ok, you and Brett will soom be too….falls always seem to be harder on parents and/or caregivers.

  50. So happy to hear that Nella is ok, poor baby girl and mamma!!! Sending luvs&hugs!!!

  51. my little one just ate cat poop. that’s right. after totally freaking out and running straight to google it appears she will be fine– but seriously.. heart attack. what creepy disese is she going to die from being thought number one. soooo glad nella is okay. and seriously she is such a beuty. she’s mesmerizing. :)

  52. As my 6 month old becomes more confident, I keep waiting for the moment where he realizes what it feels like to fall…although I never want it to happen, it will, and it will be another one of his (and my) learning experiences together. So glad to hear Nella is okay!!

  53. So glad your scary incident turned out fine!
    I am obsessed w/ ‘jolly roger’ shirts for little girls ever since my daughter’s 2nd bday party (almost 2 yrs ago) themed “Pirate Princess!”

  54. Oh Nella girl! Oh Kelle girl! I’m sending a *hug* to both of you. We had a similar episode at our house saturday night….It started with hardwood steps and a 10 month old at the bottom, a bloody nose and a freaking out mama. Everybody’s fine but it does put our jobs as mama’s into perspective…we can’t prevent everything….but I’m sure gonna try. (:
    Blessings to you all and your carpet search. (:

  55. I would like to think I would handle those emergency moments calmly, knowing the next step to take to put everything right, but I’m afraid I would really freeze up and go blank. Sounds like you handled it well, had Brett there to calm you and thank the Lord Nella is just fine.

  56. Thanks for your blog… breath of fresh air! :)

  57. I’d love a bling shirt! So glad Nella is okay.


  58. So glad she is ok. Sigh. Love the frogo sharing pics. hugs.

  59. I love this, and SO glad Nella is OK (had a mini-heart attack reading the blog). And as SOON as little Ellie gets here, I want her to rock the sparkle T. We know that with some complications of her DS she’ll be in the NICU for a month (duodneal atresia) but that’s not gonna keep her from dressing like a rock star! <3 Now if only Little Miss Stubborn would get here….

  60. I’m glad she’s ok. And I love how you said we can’t carpet our kids world. Hopefully they will be tougher for all the bumps and bruises they get along the way.

  61. Love your blog. Love your photos. And especially love the skull & crossbones tee that Nella’s rockin! ( but Most of all happy Nella is ok!:)

  62. I am so glad Nella is okay.

  63. I have been in the same situation as you exactly. My now 7 yr old hit her head, and the same drama unfolded. I freaked!! I am so glad Nella is okay and that you had a beautiful weekend.

  64. Glad Nella is alright! I just love her little baby body so much! & Lainey too! :)

  65. I’m glad Nella is okay. :)

    Have a wonderful week!

  66. Lanie feeding yogurt to Nella is precious!

  67. So glad Nella is OK! I had a scare with my Piper like this when she was 2 months old and hit concrete when mom was pushing her in a stroller…a freak accident as she shot out of the leg hole in the stroller! It’s so scary but a comfort to know that they are ok. I have become a regular reader of your blog…I love it! The last pic of Nella having ice cream is adorable…both of your girls are dreams to look at.

  68. Oh we have definitely had some situations like that around here! I am sure it was so scary. So glad she’s ok!

  69. I am sooooo the one that freaks out in those situations and my husband is the cool, calm one (thank goodness!).

    So glad your sweet Nella is okay!!

  70. Oh my goodness. Nella’s outfits in the ice cream pics and the sittin’ in the grass pics are flawless. Adorable. I want to eat her up.

  71. That first picture of Lainey feeding Nella ice cream is just too adorable for words!

  72. How scary for you but so happy that little Nella is ok. We have ceramic tile in our main area, kitchen, entryway, a lot of it. I HATE HATE HATE it! Add a few large Setters to the mix and I am constantly worried that our 12 1/2 mo. old is going to break her skull open on it :( Or, when she gets upset, she is starts tantrumming …she sits down and hits her head on the floor!!! Yes, even the tile. I hope she learns fast the difference between a soft head-banging spot and a hard. We are going to switch out the ceramic to laminate tile-looking flooring. Hoping the laminate is a little bit more forgiving than the ceramic tile. Go, Brett, Go! 😉 Because even when they are older and they run on the tile, despite this mom’s constant direction to WALK!! the littles don’t remember. All it takes is a wet spot or socks that don’t grip and down they go :( Anyways, I guess it’s Monday babble for me. Just SO HAPPY again that Nella is fine! Happy New Week, Kelle~

  73. Goodness that’s terrifying! I’m glad Nella is feeling better. Parenthood is scary at times – so worth it though :)

  74. Mine is a house full of panic-induced moments like that because mine is a house of boys. But it’s my middle boy who (at the ripe ol’ age of 6 in just one more sleep) has been at the center of those moments more often than his brothers combined! When he was just 6 months old he started something called Breath Holding Spells. It’s an involuntary condition that came about when he suddenly experienced a strong emotion like getting mad,getting scared or getting hurt. He would do the exact same thing your little Nella did. The cry was always a little off, his eyes would flutter, his lips would turn a weird color and he would pass out. It happened on a somewhat regular basis until last year when it stopped. It was terrifying every single time. I hope that Nella never does that again but just in case, I thought I would share our experience with that.

  75. May we all fly and fall with angels….happy Monday.

  76. Awww, bless Miss Nella’s heart…and head! May she forever fall softly! We have three little sons who also have Ds and they are just starting to get mobile/sit/crawl. I’m praying they fall softly as well. Debbie

  77. I’m so glad she’s ok. I’m now loving our carpet even more.

    I love the pictures of Nella with her ice cream. You can tell she loves it already :)

  78. I know that feeling and it sucks. After, it’s like did I really just lose my mind. Live and learn.

  79. What a scare! Those moments are hard.
    Good to ser all is well and that Brett is just like my hubby Marcus!! :-)
    “Gotta love ’em”.

  80. It doesn’t matter if it’s happened to pretty much everyone. It’s a totally different ball game when it’s your baby, right? No matter how many times they fall or bang their head, that panic/worry never gets lighter. So glad Nella is all good. :)

  81. So glad Nella is okay! Love the pictures, as usual. Especially the ones of Brett & Nella outside and Lainey sharing her ice cream…so sweet!

  82. Actually I think bubbel wrap would be an awesome idea!

  83. So glad to hear that Nella is okay! My little girl is in that stage of bumping and falling a lot and I am terrified of that one big bump.

    I also think it’s a great thing that you are able to help other mamas on their journey and relate to them in a way others can’t. Little Millie is adorable and Nella’s smiles are great. The pictures of Lainey feeding Nella ice cream are just precious.

  84. I remember when I had my first child 11 yrs ago and my daughter was sitting up on my parents kitchen floor and she fell forward and hit her head. She had a giant goose egg on her head. Both my husband and myself freaked out and took her to the ER. I remember the doctor telling me that children are spongy, I told him to tell that to my emotions. Glad to hear Nella is ok!

  85. I laughed for real at the “blank this blanking tile” reaction. My husband would have the exact same reaction! I’m glad Nella is okay.

  86. those terrifying moments remind us how precious life is. super glad nella bean is ok. make sure you post photos when brett bubble wraps the floor!

  87. My little man (8 months) did the exact same thing a few days ago. We have a rug over our tile floor, but it was still a hard thump. Thankfully, he’s fine, but I know exactly what you mean!

    So glad Nella is ok.

  88. Feeling grateful that all is well & Nella is ok. It always amazes me how resilient our children are & we’re the ones left shaking & in (or near) tears!

  89. So glad Nella is ok!

    Those ice cream feeding pictures are so precious. Lainey is a wonderful big sister.

    I need Nella’s blue jumpsuit in my size. Swoon!

  90. We need that Tiney Hiney onesie for our son since his older sister randomly decided his name is Little Pirate.

  91. There is no worse feeling. none.
    So glad she is feeling better, and congrats on you getting or not getting carpet. My husband is the same way. He insisted on attaching foam corners to everything when our kids were a bit younger. It is good they care so much.

  92. I feel your pain…it’s a helpless feeling watching them fall or hurt themselves and that shock on their face before they start wailing. I dread hearing that sound coming from my 9 month old daughter.

    I have found that the Boo Boo Ducky freezie thing from the drug store works to make them feel better and put a little smile on their tear stained face.

    Boo Boo Duckies all around today!

  93. So glad Nella is okay…I’ve been in that terrifying place more than once with my 5 kids. I am an ICU nurse and can handle pretty much anything, but not when one of my babies is hurt!

  94. All of my kids have taken a nasty fall. Its never fun. Glad little nella is OK.

  95. Praise God that Nella is ok! I’m with Brett, bring on the rugs! We had the chance to put down tile a few years ago when reflooring our kitchen & possible slips and injuries where what made me decide against it, and that was back in the day when we thought we were done having babies. Love the spoon swiper! And how precious is baby Millie? LOVE

  96. How scary! A very similar thing just happened to a friend’s daughter–fell back, hit her head, cried and passed out. Glad all is well!

  97. Experienced the same FREAK OUT mode this week. Several ER visits and few nights in the hospital due to RSV and two other virsus. I really need to work on hitting the CALM MODE when this stuff happens. No fun when our babies our sick/hurt. Glad Nella is ok THAT is the important thing:)

  98. Agh your tile story almost made me cry- those moments where you just are left wondering can be awful…When my son was 6 months old, we were at a company picnic, and I was letting him suck on a piece of watermelon- he sucked it right out of my fingers, and into his throat. My CPR training in me took over, and I immediatly flipped him over and down into my lap, and smacked his back….the watermelon came flying out and he SCREAMED his face off! And I picked him back up, held him, and then broke down. But I’ll never forget the adrenaline taking over, before my emotions had a chance to. It feels good knowing that yes, indeed, if my baby needs me, I can do it. When my daughter was in the hospital this fall, they did a spinal tap on her, thinking she had meningitis (she had a virus, shes fine!) I went out into the hall with my husband, and he asked if I was okay. I said yes. And then broke down. I just remember thinking oh my God, my child may have meningitis, and may die, what am I going to do without my little girl? I can’t live without her, my life isn;t my life without my baby….and all turned out well & fine. Being a parent is the scariest shit ever.

    Oh and tell Brett- we have carpet, and my kids still take some pretty darn good falls on it! I am so happy Nella is okay!! And Nella’s new little friend is a beautiful, beautiful girl!!!

  99. So sorry Nella got hurt, it is so much worse when our babies have accidents.
    Love Nella’s outfit in the Sunday pictures.

  100. I couldn’t believe your post today! My daughter fell Saturday night and busted the back of her head open. It was horrible! 5 hours, $200 and 2 staples later…she is alot better than I am LOL! Its amazing how tough they are, I cried more than her! Glad your sweet Nella is ok! Would be nice if we could prevent these things from happening!

  101. So sorry Nella got hurt, it is so much worse when our babies have accidents.
    Love Nella’s outfit in the Sunday pictures.

  102. Can totally relate. My daughter fell backwards off a picnic table – head first – woke up and could not see or talk – and when she started talking it made no sense. Soooooo scary. Thank God she was ok – but I was freaked for weeks. I love the new pics of the girls – I want your girls clothes – LOL – they are so stinking adorable. It’s a happy day when you update your blog – better than my Martha Stewart magazine :)

  103. sometimes i wonder how i will handle those incidents when i become a mother. like you said, id like to think i will be calm cool and collected, knowing just what to do. but in reality, i think i might borderline that psycho mom. so glad nella is ok! looks like you guys had a good weekend!

  104. I had to share this link with you. As an Intervention Specialist, I have witnessed the kindness time and time again from regular education peers. This is yet another example. Thanks for sharing you life with us. You are an inspiration!


  105. Cried reading this post because that had to be a very scary moment in time for you as a mom. My son slipped on a slab of cement hidden in a lake that was meant for wheel chair access. The slab was covered with moss, but we couldn’t see it and my son, who was three at the time, jumped up and when he landed back on his feet, he slipped on the moss and, like it was in slow motion, we watched helplessly as his feet came out from underneath him and the back of his head bounced off the cement. I have never been so scared in my life. He just cried and cried. My husband, a doctor, thankfully knew what he was looking for in his eyes (concussion, etc..) but it didn’t change the fact that I was totally paranoid about what the effects could be. I took many pictures that day before he fell and when I come across them, I still tear up thinking of that moment. Maybe I sound overreactive, but it was just a really scary moment.

    Anyhow….I get why Brent wants to carpet! I would too! :)

    And the dog he is holding in the pics w/ Nella…my son’s favorite toy when he was a baby! He loved singing and dancing with it! Great toy!

    Lainey is turning into such a “little girl”! She is so beautiful! Your pictures are always beautiful, but there are some really wonderful shots of Lainey and Nella on this post.

    Thanks for sharing!

  106. Im glad her little head is okay! My heart stops everytime one of my girls get hurt and I totally overreact and keep feeling the bump on thier head thinking its a internal hemorage or something- wow- nuts :) I loved the last post where Nella is learning her words- so darn cute!

  107. So happy to hear that Nella is ok! My boy is SO different from my girl. He has been walking for a month now but since he could move he would find (and still does) anything he can to smack his head on. While he does bang his head on EVERYTHING he is around there is still that heart drop to your stomach feeling when the cry isnt the same. Scary feeling!

  108. This post totally struck a cord because my little guy is 8 months and just getting the hang of sitting independently. He falls back several times a day and I cringe every single time. Even the carpet doesn’t seem to be enough.
    Glad to hear that Nella ia okay. God Bless.

  109. Glad Nella is okay!!!!

  110. Well thank goodness Nella’s! okay! I’m not good at handling panic situations, but I’m glad everything turned out okay!
    Lainey is getting so big! It’s really beautiful to see that bond between sisters that Nella and Lainey have.

  111. Most parents don’t do so well when the emergency involves their own kids. My husband could rock star the epi- pen and heimlich until his own kid needed them!

  112. wishing we had your weather… we got 9.5 inches of snow in Lansing, MI last night.

  113. nella is just fabulous. what a cutie in her bling!…and baby millie looks just about as sweet as she can be!

  114. My mom still tells the story of when I flipped out of my dad’s arms and hit the wooden kiddy table before landing head first on the hardwood floor in Scottie and my bedroom. I was rushed to the ER for stitches, all the while all mom could think about was the 9 month old little from our church that had died earlier in the month after falling off of her momma’s powder table. Loving littles is a tough job!

  115. i believe its the bumps and bruises that make us tougher parents.. even if it can be scary as hell.

  116. What a scare! so glad she is fine. what a sweetie little Millie is…

  117. I love Nella’s little pantsuit (for lack of a better term!) — where is it from? Glad the little monkey is okay!

  118. I’m glad beautiful Nella is doing fine.I know how you feel. My 15 month old has hit his head so many times, I’ve contemplated buying him a helmet as well…

  119. I hate that feeling you experienced with your baby girl! I had one when my little boy was about 10 months old and it was the worse feeling EVER! So glad she is okay!

  120. Glad she is ok. I have no kids and I can only imagine the fear.

    Love love the picture of Lainey spooning ice cream in Nellas mouth.. So cute!

  121. I think you and I had a duplicate day on Saturday! Our child was a gym class and another girl was chasing my daughter for a ball and she grabbed the back of my daughters shirt, pulled her back and then pushed her forward. I ran to her as quick as I could and I swooped her up and ran out of class like a bat out of H*ll. It scared me so much! They are only 2!! Fortunately my child was fine. Glad to hear Nella is fine as well:)

  122. so glad your sweet girl is ok. yes, we have all been there…for me: lucy falling down the stairs, eloise crashing to the kitchen floor from the kitchen counter in her bouncy seat (mother of the year award for this one), and finally, eloise found in a pool that she had fallen in to. (no one saw it happen, but we are sure we found her seconds after-we were right there. scary.) in every instance our girls were totally fine. mommy….totally not so fine. terrifying moments these are.

    on another note… a friend of mine just gave birth to a sweet little boy who has down syndrome. i immediately sent her the link to your blog. the next time i saw her she said she had already found your blog via two other friends. you and your amazing words are definitley making the rounds. thank you. 😉

  123. Yay for Samoas and milk!!! I love Girl Scout Cookie season!

  124. I am so glad that Nella is ok.. Poor baby girl..

    Love the photos of Lainey feeding Nella the ice-cream.. Simply gorgeous xx

  125. Hmmm…crying till they pass out…..sounds familiar. Only my two-year-old doesn’t stop at passing out- she even stops breathing!! The first time it happened I totally lost my cool and started yelling at her (yes, very helpful, I know).
    I rushed her to the ER, convinced she had epilepsy, brain tumor, cerebral hemorrhage, anything you can think of (and I’m a nurse- I can think of a LOT of things).
    Turns out that because she has narrower airways due to her DS, this sometimes happens if they cry really hard. And if you on top of that lift them off the floor real quick, which I most certainly did, it doesn’t exactly help the situation….
    Now I’ve learned to just pinch her cheek, and she bounces right back:)

  126. I have never commented on your blog before, but I am a regular here. :) You are truly an amazing person! You inspire me to be a better mom/wife/person every day.

  127. So glad Nella is ok! One time I was watching my dear friend’s son and he hurt himself. He let out that first shriek and like you I was expecting that second burst of crying with a huge inhale, but it didn’t happen. His eyes fluttered and he just fell back against the sliding glass door. Can I get a HOLY $#!^? I scooped him up and had that moment of panic, but then he came to. He looked at me like I was nuts and then snuggled in. When my friend got home she said “oh, i forgot to tell you that he sometimes faints when he gets upset.” !!! She still owes me a margarita from that incident!!

  128. Oh my heart! Even knowing she was fine I cried like goon. That is just the most horrible feeling and I am so glad she is ok. Give that tile a few razzers for me! Love the Tiny Hiney shirts.

  129. I still feel a little funny leaving comments about your kids when you don’t know me! But Lainey looks like she got older overnight in this post. You take such perfect pictures of your kids, I hope to be able to catch the daily memories of my kids a tiny bit as well as you do. Love Tiny Hiney’s stuff and their name 😉

  130. That’s some serious Nella Rockstar bling!

    So glad Nella is ok. Brought tears to my eyes. From the minute they are born, we try so hard to protect our kids. Although a tough job-I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  131. My 2 year old son gives me a heart attack almost every day with his antics – I need that bubble to live in!!

  132. I’m glad Nella is ok!!

  133. Such a beautiful post Kelle. I love seeing your girls having fun and am glad Nella is alright. We had the same thing happen to our 9 month old yesterday — carpet makes a world of difference!

  134. So glad Nella is okay! The ice cream photos are gorgeous! I can’t wait for fancy dress and ice cream weather up here in the NE!

  135. I’m so glad Nella is ok. As mum of a 12 year old, a nine year old and a baby, seven months, I know that feeling, holding breath- waiting for that redemptive cry… Most of the time they’re ok, but we have also had to take the kids to hospital to make sure they’re fine. They always were. Better safe then sorry!
    Little Millie and her sister Ava are adorable. True beauty! <3 And Nella and Lainey sharing icecream- love those pics.
    Also agree with Brett- carpet it is!
    Be safe, and fall softley! :-)

  136. Your words are perfect… just what normal mommas think…

  137. I only recently stumbled upon your blog, and am so glad I did. I so love reading about your beautiful little girls. I sit on the couch with my laptop every day at 1:00 (precisely when my 2 year old daughter goes down for her nap) and I take a break with a trip into your world. The beauty in your photography, the elegance in your writing and your sweet little babies help me to see the beauty in my own life as well…as moms, we can so easily fall down the slippery slope into frustration (especially with toddlers!!), but you have helped me to find a peace that I haven’t been able to tap into in a while. And, you have motivated me to revisit my photography hobby. Thank you for sharing your life with a bunch of strangers who think you and your family are amazing :)
    PS – so glad Nella is okay! How scary when they’re sick or hurt!!

  138. I am so thankful Nella is fine!! I am a fellow freak-out-in-a-crisis kind of Mom:-) I would have loved to wrap my kids in bubble wrap, but they didn’t like the idea very much;-)

  139. Hello from Michigan! So glad Nelle’s ok. :o) I’ve been reading your blog now for a couple of weeks, and have to say that I’m addicted! I check everyday to see what new adventure has come your way. I smile (big) when I visit. I knew in my heart that God would give me a special needs child someday, and that day came twice. Our firstborn son, Ross, was born with kidney failure. He lived only 4 months, but I was blessed to be his mother for 4 months and enjoyed every minute of it! Then came our second child, Ian, and I knew from infancy that his thermostat was set differently – he has Asperger’s. Basically, it’s high functioning autism. Everyday, for us, is a journey, and I thoroughly enjoy diving into your world to escape from mine for a few minutes. Thank you! :o)

  140. Your words always rock my world! I think I gasped like I was Nella’s momma….

    ((((HUGS)))) my on line friend

  141. So glad Nella’s bump was just momentarily scary. And that the pretend fish over the pretend pinecone fire was delicious.

  142. Kelle, I so get where you’re coming from when you say you can’t cushion your children from the world. It’s something I’m struggling with right now with my Mia who starts kindergarten this fall. We have to have her officially “labeled” for school, as the “developmental delay” label she has now won’t work in school. So, in 2 weeks, my sweet baby girl will be officially labeled as being mild, moderate or severe. :( Why? Why can’t she just be Mia? I know that she’ll get more services with an official label, but she is so much more than that. So, while I want to cushion her and protect her from the world, I’m going in armed with as much knowledge as I can to make sure she gets what she needs, and that includes the chance to do anything that she wants to do.

  143. I am so glad she is okay, we have been there this year with our Hali. I am usually pretty calm and when she fell back and hit her head she did the exact same thing Nella did….I freaked! My husband was working from home that day and calmed me down but it was the longest 30 seconds at that time. Looks like you had a great rest of the weekend. I love reading and looking at your beautiful pictures!!!

  144. oh i feel that mummy fear! :'(
    it brings back memories, we were on a ferry trip home from living in spain, and they had a climbing thing and the newly made friends’ little boy fell right on his head and bounced onto his neck and i’ve never felt so much fear for anyone in my life, he too did the flutter eye pass out thing, but was thankfully fine. i will never forget it :(
    With my daughter it was her finger in the door hinge. took the top off and we spent the next 24 hours in hospital for clean up surgery, the mummy guilt plagues me forever, but her finger looks okay now. The nail even came back.
    So glad Nella is ok!

  145. So glad sweet Nella is okay!!! Those heart-beating-so-fast-mama- moments are not always so fun, but happy endings are!!! Here’s to hoping you all have a wonderful week! Happy Monday to you too!
    Sam D.

  146. There’s a picture of Lainey in this post that reminds me of a couple of my girl. The kind of photo that gives you a glimpse of what your daughter is going to look like as a grown up. It’s the one taken slightly from above her right before the one of her falling down from laughter:) I love it.

    And so happy Nella is okay. I have had my share of very scary moments with my Cecilia and always come out of them stronger and able to harbor more love in my heart.

  147. I LOVE Nella’s “so big” pose. She gets me every time!!!

  148. oh boy, i am so glad to hear that Nella is fine!!

    i love that striped outift that Nella is wearing, it is freaking adorable!!

    glad you had a nice weekend!

  149. I know what you mean – waiting for the second round of crying that comes with an injury. Glad Nella’s okay.

    Also glad to see another Millie! My Millie just turned 3!

  150. December 15th was a day I will never forget. My children were outside & after spotting where each of them were – I ran inside to use the potty. In 15 seconds (yes, 15 seconds, my husband & I reenacted & timed it!) my 2 year old did something she’s never, ever done. Entered the pool area & fell into the pool. My quick thinking sons pulled her to safety, thank God. And thank God for His protection & His mercy. On all of us & our beautiful children.

  151. Go….carpet the world Brett!

  152. so glad nella is okay — those moments are so scary, and i would have reacted the same way in the absence of that earsplitting second cry.

  153. Love the words today. Good thoughts. Good thoughts. We were tempted to carpet the stairs a few times. My son has a permanently calcified lump on his skull from jumping off my bed and hitting the jiprock and making a dent!..and that room had carpet! So you are right- you just can never tell.

    Love the blue jumper. It’s adorable. Wow- Nella is doing so well. And Lainey is just so sweet to her sister.
    Wishing you many more safe moments.

  154. Wish I could take photos like yours. So beautiful. My two year old turns and runs the other way when I get my camera out. Your girls are well trained!

  155. I am glad Nella is ok. It looks like you have another fun weekend!

  156. OMG I just squeeled with delight when i saw Lainey’s fancy dress. I just found that same dress at TJ Maxx and after my daugther shed dramatic tears about not wanting that dress, I did a Valentines photo shoot of her in it and she.loves.it.now! So glad Nella is okay!

  157. Can’t image what I would have done if my Emerald got knocked out. But I might have cussed too. Glad y’all are alright!!

  158. Oh, I know that feeling. My son had a seizure when he was almost 3 and the 911 operator ended up telling me I needed to calm down and put my husband on the phone. I like to think I remain calm in most emergencies, but when you think something is wrong with your kids it is all out the window. I wanted to give a huge shout out to Momma and Nella (a little late) over the flash cards. She is a rockstar for sure!

  159. A few things…
    1. Love the pictures of Lainey & Nella by the lake. So precious!

    2. Ava & baby Millie are too cute.

    3. Glad Nella’s noggin is okay :)

    4. And I just love your great big mama heart. Thanks for making me a better mama.

    Angie from Ohio

  160. I love that photo of the papa with his little girl- it made me cry sitting in my office at work. So very touching.

  161. So glad all is well. And thank you for that link on your RSV story. Our Ever was hospitalized about a month ago with RSV. It was…awful. And now I worry still. REading about anyone else’s experience is very comforting.

  162. I’m so very glad Nella is okay! I love how you capture the beauty of everyday life with your camera lens. Thanks for the constant reminder to live life to its fullest!

  163. When I read about Nella tile incident I knew exactly what you were talking about. Our oldest daughter, now 7 years-old, had the same thing happen 3 times between the ages of 1 and 2. After an over-night stay at the hospital for monitoring they chalked it up to a breath-holding episode that most kids will grow out of. Scary for sure and something that I hope no one ever has to go through, but like you said, in the end…all is well.

  164. So glad that Nella is okay. It is a terrible feeling when your child gets hurt, I too would have been so scared! These pictures of your girls are PRECIOUS!

  165. My friend pointed me to your blog last week and i love reading your story, your girls are just beautiful, i so hear you on the falling my son is 3 years old, and we are waiting for his next eye test to tell us what sort of lens he needs for glasses (no wonder he was forever falling over) but his eyes getting worst and the falls are more often so much so one day he fell skinned his knees as they do, no blood your all good up you get cuddles and hes away, then my sister was around and he fell again that afternoon and yip got the same places this time there was blood and he got his elbow good too this time, blood everywhere poor wee thing this time plasters fixed it hehe…..they were nearly healed then he did it again so im saying hes going to have a awesome little scar there on one knee which is getting quite deep now, but yip kids fall all the time but what you went through sounds super scarey gladed to hear and see that Nella is fine though, i love her smile it would melt anyones heart just so cute, love the photos of Lainey (hope i spelt that right) sleeping so cute total bliss :) reader from NZ :)

  166. Ok, my heart skipped a beat and I’m not even a Mama! But your girls and your inspiring words have totally captured my heart. Thank you for being you.

  167. I am so glad Nella is ok. I am with Brett. I want to carpet the world to protect their falls. Falls are indeed inevitable – but I don’t want them to fall and get hurt, just fall and figure out how to get back up. Does that even make sense? Gosh I am glad she is ok. My heart froze as I read it.
    The photos as always, are gorgeous! Nella is rocking the blue eyes and I swear you can’t have two happier girls if you tried!

  168. Poor Nella Bean!!! Glad to hear she’s alright!!

    I know that feeling all too well – of holding a little and just knowing something’s not right. I was a nanny for 3 1/2 years and we made it 3 years and 4 months without any injuries that a band-aid, ice pack and a little TLC couldn’t fix… Those last two months were dotted with ER visits (ok, there was only two – one for each of the kids!).
    Emily was almost 4 when she was hit in the face with the wooden seat of a tree swing. I picked her up and she passed out in my arms – Pure PANIC doesn’t due justice to what I was feeling! I started crying, cuz ya know that helps! And all 6 other adults and 7 other children that were around rushed over. And all I kept saying was “Something’s wrong!” I think it was about 30 seconds Emily was out, but it felt like FOREVER!! She ended up with the worst black eye, a mild concussion and ice cream for dinner… Still one of the absolute scariest times of my life!!
    I feel your pain!!

    Sometimes it takes pure chaos and utter upheval of the quiet normal to get you to truly appreciate “just another day”!

  169. Your blog fits in SO well with my “Monday Moments” theme of starting the week with a smile.

    No matter if your post starts out happy, sad or scary, you and your precious girls always bring a smile to my face!

  170. Nella’s ‘so big!’ is beautiful! I feel you on the tile – we’ve got a combination of marble tiles and hard wood, and my almost fifteen month old (who’s been walking for about two months, but spent three weeks of that crawling thanks to the flu) has two legs absolutely covered in the awfulest looking bruises.

    I love watching them grow, but I sure miss what came before.

  171. Did the nurse mention breath- holding? It’s where they cry so hard that they don’t catch there breath. One of my sons did it a couple times when he was a baby…the first and second I was in the same place you were…FREAKED OUT. In fact the second was an ambulance trip to the ER where they did a CAT scan and the whole deal. Only to be told finally that he just didn’t catch his breath and passed out. Then they told me once he passes out, he will automatically breathe again. He did it once more after that and since I knew what was happening I just held him till he passed out and caught his breath. Ask the pediatrician,
    only because she may do it again- it’s nothing to panic
    over- they told me its quite common- not a DS thing my
    son does not have DS just to be clear. Talk to her about it
    just to reassure yourself, because with my son, if he got
    really upset from a fall or something, he would do that
    same cry…..you can also breath in their nose to try to get them to catch their breath. Just for peace of mind ask the ped about it…..

  172. Those are some heart melting smiles that your girls have.

  173. every post is soooo amazing, thanks for being soooo real!

  174. I love your blog! Your pictures are just beautiful.

    I am typically great in an emergency involving my kids. All but once, at least. My parents briefly lived in a very old house, and one of the staircases was narrow and twisty. The old wood steps were fairly worn as well. I took the two kids I had at the time to visit. As we were were coming downstairs, I was first down the stairs, carrying my 13 month old. I slipped. I fell. I couldn’t hold him. Somehow, he missed the last few steps, but landed on his back on the kitchen tile. My parents hurried down the stairs to me. I just screamed for them to get Tommy. He wasn’t crying. He was just lying there. I couldn’t really move as I had just twisted my knee and landed hard as well. Man, I was scared…and completely in a panic. Thankfully, my mom used to be an emergency responder and worked in an ambulance. He started crying while she was working him over. We hauled him to the ER, as I wasn’t convinced he was fine. But he was. Completely and totally fine.

  175. My heart dropped reading this post….Im glad to hear Nella Bean is ok! It hit me close to home..She looks so like my girl!
    Make it a happy week, i kno we will <3

  176. I’m a nurse and I see all the scary stuff and know too much. So currently my 6 month old has a yucky cold, and she might as well have the plague because I’m watching her like a hawk. Every. Single. Breath she takes. I understand how upset you got with Nella. My husband would have blamed the tile too!

  177. beautiful

  178. O My goodness…my heart stoped beating for a moment just reading this! We have had one head trama as well, and I too did not handle it well…called my husband home from work in a panic to make him take us to the dr…My little guy was just fine though, and im so glad to hear that Nella is too:)
    Again Beautiful photos!!!

  179. I am a freaker-outter myself and I think my heart stopped while reading about Nella’s fall. You know the part where you said she was fine? Right at the beginning? I’m freaker outter enough to skip right over that and STILL freak out over your story. :( I’m SO glad she’s okay and that you’re okay and that Brett’s going to demolish that blankin’ tile. <3 Much love.

  180. I hate when they fall like that! With my second she fell when my snuggly broke….and hit the floor…I did half catch her so she luckily didn’t hit the tile floor full force but still it scared the life out of me. I cried more than she did!

  181. Oh man, I still cried even though I read (with relief!) that Nella was okay after her bump!! If only they knew how they affect us!
    I can’t get over how big Nella’s getting – what a beautiful little girl, just like big sis and her momma!

  182. When our 5 year old was 8 months old he held his breath because he got mad..Went limp, lips turned blue the whole works. I went nuts as well waited for that big breath that seemed like it took forever and then said “THANK GOD”. He did this off and on. I would give him stuff just so he would not until one day I figured out that he was going to be OK and sure enough he stopped holding his breath when he was mad. Oh those babies of ours. Now I know why Mother’s say they get gray hair early.

    That picture of Nella and the Ice Cream shop with her lips puckered kills me oh my that is the cutest. And Lainey and her new friend beautiful!

  183. OM Gah Kelle!!! Chase did the same thing to us on Valentine’s day…’cept he fell off the coffee table and then puked. Scary! Just letting you know…you’re not alone! hugs and kisses sent your way!


  184. all mothers share this fear- harm coming to our babes (now that my oldest is 11 i have new fears- it doesn’t end with tile). makes me pause, and appreciate a wee bit more.

    p.s. tile is an awful surface! i agree with the hubby. :-)


  185. Poor girl! So happy to hear she’s okay!! My son holds his breath when he cries, too, and has passed out more times than I can count. It’s not a pleasant experience.
    On a brighter note, I LOVE the ice cream pictures!! And Lainey looks beautiful in her fancy dress!! :)

  186. So glad Nella is ok…..
    My one year old had her first big fall last night. Flat on her face, ripped that little piece of skin that joins your top lip to your gum. Blood everywhere, tears rolling down her face and I knew I had to keep it together as she needed me. Needed me to make her feel better, needed to see on my face everything was ok.
    I wish there will be no more days like that to come but I know they will come…………

  187. Kelle,
    I so much enjoy reading your blog. I too have a beautiful daughter with D S, Audra Margaret. Your posts touch my soul, knowing exactly what you’re talking about, and how you feel. We vacation in Naples Florida every winter and from the looks of the beach pictures, it seems you are close to that area. I would love to meet you in person, I think we would have a lot in common! Thank you for sharing your life, and reminding me it’s the little things that matter, and to never take a day for granted.
    God Bless you and your beautiful family.
    P.S. Audra LOVES looking at all the pictures of the beautiful girls. She points and says “mom, I go there?”

  188. I just love those pictures of your girls sharing their ice cream! I am not looking forward to the “tile” moments that seem to be inevitable. I am 5 months pregnant, and know that those are things I will need to be prepared for. Maybe I will start replacing tile with carpet now! Thank you for always having so many great things to say, I look to your blog for inspiration and answers. I love it!

  189. Kelle-you are amazing. Your photographs, words, and view on life are beyond inspiring. I always love your pictures, but I have to admit…the one of Lainey feeding Nella yogurt is a fave! LOVE it! Love the concentration on Lainey’s face and the way Nella is leaning in to take a bite, while eyeballing the cup for her next bite. :) Sweetness.

  190. So glad Nella is ok! And you have inspired me with your photographs to learn to capture the little moments in life!

  191. My son is the champion of the pass out scream. He did it for a solid year and scared the tar out of loads of my friends and relatives. Don’t worry if Nella keeps it up. My pediatrician watched my son do it once and said “Oh man, that’s textbook. I wish my med students were here.” haha. It’s horrible to see, but it does get easier to convince yourself that she’ll be ok.

  192. Almost the exact same thing happened 2 months ago to my 2 year old son Shepherd. He hit his head and we were trying to calm him down and telling him to breathe but he didn’t. He turned completely blue and he was lifeless. I was hysterical and I kept thinking, “Oh God, please don’t take him from me…” It was my scariest mommy moment ever. My husband called 911 and by the time they got to us, he was awake and breathing again. They said it’s a common thing that happens, but it was seriously the scariest moment of my life!!

  193. So glad your sweet baby girl is ok! Such precious photos. HUGS!

  194. This post covered me with cold chills and made my heart stop because I’ve been there. My oldest is five and a half now but she did this three times between 10 and 18 months and has never done it since. It only happened once because of a bump to the head but it was always when she had taken a spill and would cry so hard she couldn’t take a breath! Her eyes would roll back and she would go limp but only for about 20 seconds or so. Ugh, it’s hard to think about even now. So glad Nella is okay and thank you for clarifying that early in the post or you may have just killed some of us!!

  195. Great post. Happy Week!

  196. Kelle, where is Lainey’s red dress from? I absolutely adore it!
    So glad that Nella is ok… we had a very similar experience which made me want to rip out the tile too :) I totally understand Brett’s thinking :)

  197. oh poor nella. hope her noggin is alright. and those ruffle sleeve bibs she is wearing are TO. DIE. FOR.
    anyway, the tiny hiney mohair flower tanks are adorable. perfect for Everly’s summer wardrobe!

  198. Oh my goodness, so glad she’s okay! I go through the list of questions with my 3 year old (she’s fallen on her head numerous times). So scary though!

    Glad you could meet up with another family, walking the same road. We met up with blogging friends this weekend as well-so much fun to get our boys together. There’s that connection that no one else can really understand.

    Love Nella’s little blue outfit btw!!

  199. I love “Girl Scout Cookie Season.” It makes me somehow picture teams of girl scouts walking through the cookie fields with big green baskets, carefully plucking the ripe Samoas and shortbreads off the vines and then bringing them to their little cookie stand at my grocery store where they stand, tilting their little girl scout heads in a silent but convincing appeal…and I stop, entranced in their siren call, and hand over the money in exchange for the fruits of the season. Well…somethin’ like that. I will buy some today in celebration of my Nella’s surviving her first big, bad bounce on a tile floor.

  200. I love how you have met so many new families (friends) since Nella’s been born! Amazing. By the way, the Baltimore girls are absolutely beautiful.

    And of course your girls and your words and your photos just continues to add beauty to my life as well. So glad Nella is super okay. Thanks again for sharing your life with us — even those scary moments!

    Sending lots of love and cushioned falls (if need be) to you!

  201. I have to know where you got the overalls with the ruffle shoulders that Nella is wearing the the last few pictures. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and must have it for my Macie.

    on a side note, its my job to be calm in emergency situations. I am after all a 911 dispatcher. lol. but when it comes to my babies or my family…I freak out. I think its instinctual.

  202. All mothers have moments like that. Where from one moment you go from walking thru life…until the next moment you realize what you could lose. You are an awesome Mother…and awesome Woman…I love reading your blog.


  203. So glad that Nella is ok! My daughter did the SAME thing just a few months shy of a year! She fell backwards from a chair and passed out in the same way!! I remember just not even thinking and running into the hall way of our apartment (I was home alone with her) screaming for help! Our neighbors called 911 and of course by this time she had come to! Quick check at the doctors and she was fine!

    Amazing how they can scare us in an instant! Happy to hear the rest of your weekend was better!

    Love your blog!

  204. How incredibly scary! I just love seeing your beautiful girls!

  205. Glad to hear nellas okay, I remember all too clearly when Alexis first bumped her head.

  206. My heart skipped a beat…I couldn’t read fast enough and so glad my eyes caught…’she’s totally fine.’ My momma heart did a roller-coaster flip-flop as if it was my own Little. So glad to hear she’s ok :)

    and btw–totally want to get some of those awesome cards from your last post!

  207. Poor Nella!!! I hate head bumps! Worst Mommy feeling ever…

  208. Oh my, how scary! I’ve been lucky enough to avoid that bad of a scare with my boys. I did experience a little bit of one last week when my 3 yr slipped and fell on a heating vent, slicing the side of his stomach. Luckily my sister has some medical experience and could bandage him up while I held his hand.

    Love Nella’s ruffley overalls!

  209. I can’t even imagine what 30 seconds of a passed out baby in my arms would do to my mind and heart. I am SO glad she is okay. carpet sounds like a good idea :)

  210. so so glad that she’s okay. i think i would have been freaking out too. thank goodness for calm husbands.

  211. oh man, so glad she was ok and no er visit was needed.

    funny Saturday night my husband and I were eating tagalongs and samoas after the girls were in bed … and I was like, oooooooh we’re living on the edge this Saturday night huh?! haha

  212. Glad Nella is fine. Little Millie is too cute!

  213. How funny — we’re getting rid of our carpet this week in favor of tile. Trade? 😉

  214. Since Nella’s not walking, I’m dying to know- how you keep her white tights so clean? My daughter is 13 months and not walking- so her pants and tights get filthy no matter how hard I scrub our floors.

  215. Love Lainey’s mix matched outfit on the beach at sunset…so cute! And so glad Nella is fine.

  216. That Nella, she’s SO precious! I’m glad she’s okay. How scary for you.

  217. Scary stuff for sure! My eldest has survived three big bumps to the head, which meant nearly getting speeding tix as we raced to the ER, but so far, our youngest has avoided any falls. It won’t last, but oh how I pray that it does!!

  218. Ummm…that blue romper one-piece that Nella is wearing…where can I get that? So stinkin’ cute and I am so glad her little noggin is a-ok!

  219. So glad Nella is okay! What a scare!

    I had the strangest dream last night, and I didn’t even remember it until I read this post today. I dreamed that I met you and the girls for some reason, and that you use aliases on your blog. Their names really aren’t Lainey and Nella, and yours isn’t Kelle! You let me in on your real names (which of course I can’t remember now), and our kids played together.

    How’s THAT for strange? I have no idea what triggered it, but it cracked me up. 😉

  220. I just took another look at your pics on this post again and oh wow. I love when sweet Nella does the “so big” hands and when Lainey flashes that precious shy grin. Be still my heart! (-: Those little angels get me each and every time. What a blessed family!

  221. That pulled at my heart strings and of course – teared up and started to cry. So glad Nella is okay – thanks for prefacing as you told the storey. :) Happy Monday – hope you guys have a good week full of nothing & everything!

  222. And I was considering swapping our carpet for hardwoods…no way, Jose.

  223. Samoas and ice cold milk is perfection. Glad little Nella is a-ok-k!

  224. We had a similar situation this weekend and I was equally devastated… My one year old (just a couple of weeks younger than Nella) somehow pushed his tray out of it’s locked position in his high chair and everything, including him, pitched forward onto the floor. I FREAKED out, wondering if anything was broken, whether he could have a brain injury…everything was covered in egg and he was crying like crazy! Thank goodness he is okay. I want to BURN that tray! The thin line between everything will be okay and nothing will ever be okay again is awfully small….. Scary!

    Glad Nella is fine and thanks for the lovely post. Beautiful photos as always, and fabulous outfits on the kiddies!

  225. Ah, poor Nella! My little one rolled off the bed (a pull out so fortunately it was only a few feet) a few weeks ago and it mortified me.

  226. so glad nella is okay! and i just love all the little tights you put on her. i hope i have a girl someday so i can put tights on her. hehe! thanks for being amazing kelle!


  227. I remember when this happened to us, a head bonk, a long held breath, and the eyelid fluttering then passing out. I have never been so scared. I’ve sense learned a quick blow in the face causes them to inhale. Glad she’s okay!

  228. Your girls are adorable. I love the photo of sweet Nella with the frozen yogurt dribble on her chin. Her eyes are the same gorgeous shade of blue as her dress.

  229. Your girls are always dressed so cute! I want to go shopping for my 3 year old daughter with you!

  230. I’m so jealous of all the outdoor fun. I’m starting to get spring fever but it is still cold here.

  231. Holy Heart in Throat here as I read! So Glad Nella is okay!!!!!! Also, so happy you have the connection between families who have become friends.

  232. You inspire me to be the best mama I can be.

  233. I don’t know how I stumbled upon your blog, but I LOVE it!! Nella is just BEAUTIFUL!! I am the oldest of six girls & my youngest sister, Mary, has DS {she is 18}. She is an angel sent from God to better our family :)

    Your blog is very inspiring & uplifting!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!

  234. My son is constantly banging his head on the floor…I even contemplated finding him a helmet for like, 5 seconds, before my husband vetoed it. lol. And every time I hear that bang my heart stops until I hear his cry and I see him toddling over to his momma for a hug. And then I know it’s all ok :)
    P.S. I LOVE that outfit Miss Nella is wearing during your trip to the lake! Super cute!

  235. Ahhh my last ‘frozen in time moment’ was my fault, so I had that extra guilt to face. My Delaney bit her triplet brother (all 3yo) and when I told her to go into the corner she flat out refused me. I picked her up by her armpits…walked her to the corner and when i got there she went limp (fling arms in air to escape I mean)…I set her on the floor before I would drop her and at the same moment she flung herself forward to run…she ended up smashing her forehead into the corner of an electric baseboard…blood everywhere!
    Anyhoo…people tell me its only the beginning. :O
    :) Thanks again for letting us look into your beautiful lives.

  236. This comment has been removed by the author.

  237. Oh that tile incident it just so scary!!! I’m so glad she is okay!!! That picture of little Millie and Nella just melts me! So so sweet! I love all of your photography and I’m loving that it is warming up a bit over here in the west so that I can get some shots of my kids outside!

  238. So happy Nella is fine…

  239. So glad that Nella is okay!

  240. Love the pictures of you on the beach with Ryan, Lauren, Ava and Millie. So glad you met!

    So glad Nella is ok-You describe that feeling of fear when a child gets hurt so well. Been there done that a few too many times and I’ve also seen the inside of an ambulance. Not fun!

  241. Oh, so scary! I still remember clearly my daughter’s face all still & ‘out-of-it’ when she fell from her cot at 15months old. Those moments following, were long & so scary. She ended up being fine but boy oh boy..talk about giving Mumma a heart attack!!!
    Loving your ice-cream photos Kelle and LURVING Lainey’s fancy dress :)

  242. I’m so glad to hear she is ok!! This post brought out so many emotions and the lasting one being relief to have those people in my life I love. Thanks for another awesome post!

  243. LOVE Thin Mints. Hubby LOVES Samoas. You tell a wonderful story, even though it started a bit scary. I just LOVE your pictures. So gorgeous.

  244. The picture of Lainey sharing her ice cream with nella is priceless. I LOVE IT!

  245. The pictures of Lainey feeding Nella ice cream are so precious! What great girls you have!

  246. So glad Nella is ok!

  247. So glad to hear that Nella is okay. Love the pictures of the girls sharing ice cream.
    Also, LOVE that cute onesie!!

  248. Oh I’m so glad Nella is okay, and you’re right; it’s so scary when something like that occurs – a very similar thing happened when my daughter was younger also.

    I absolutely adore all the photos of your little family, and I love the clothes you put your girls in! (especially loving how Lainey dresses herself these days!).

  249. Busby fell onto his head from his high chair onto tiles and i did the non breathing screaming race down the hall with him he was fine as well but i hated the tiles for a long time after and then my poppy chased a friend at the supermarket checkout and fell and bashed her head and passed out cold in my arms for over a minute! it was a man on the checkout and he calmly continued to ut my shopping through the till until items started falling onto me and my unconcious child, only then did he stop and ask if i needed help! duh and again she was fine but oh boy, us mummy’s nerves dont recover so well from these bangs! my extra special girl with smith magenis syndrome however who hurtles through life like a hurricane has never had a bump but did turn blue coking on melon so i think i have a full set of panic, but wouldnt have it any other way xxxx

  250. I had my 1st baby scare when my son decided he wanted to drink antibacterial hand sanitizer. I was in the car and didn’t have any numbers for Poison Control. I didn’t want to freak out, but I thought for sure he was going to die on me right there in the car. He didn’t have enough to even make him drunk. Ha… its funny now, but I was sooo scared then :-)

  251. So glad Miss Nella is okay and I love how much hair she has… maybe it cushioned her little noggin. :)

  252. Those are the Mommy moments that I do NOT enjoy! Where your whole life just stops for a few seconds. With four littles of my own..we’ve had several of our own. One even involved a life flight out.. Thankfully all is well now :-) And I know that I am a better Mother because of these moments.

  253. Whew, aren’t those falls the worst!! Kendall has taken many thanks to her older brother and each time my heart stops! Lainey and Nella are so cute together! And……..now I want some girl scout cookies!

  254. We actually had a fall this morning. Wet tile and a super fast 2 and a half year old don’t mix. But all is good once we did the its ok and soothed the bruised cheek. Hope there are no more falls in your house, and I agree NO MORE TILE….

  255. I knew exactly where you were going when you said sweet Nella bumped her little head. My daughter use to have breathe holding spells anytime she bumped or fell from age 1-2. They were never easy, I’m so sorry you and Brett had to go though that, I know how scary it is :( Glad everything is okay though and yet again, your pictures amaze me!! Laney & Nella are beautiful!!!

  256. You do know there is GS samoa cookie icecream? I love your blog and your family!!!

  257. Way too cute! I’m glad Miss Nella is okay. :-)

  258. First: I am so glad that she is ok! How scary. Second: Samoas are the best and my favorite cookie too!

  259. I’ve had several of those fall and don’t breath moments with my girls and it doesn’t get easier…but we don’t call 911 anymore:) Motherhood is tough, but it makes us better and sometimes you have to experience the bad and ugly to remember and appreciate the good and to embrace it all the more!

  260. I have to tell you, ive been following you since Nella was born , and this is my first comment..you have simply the most beautiful children!! Nella I just want to scoop up and cuddle!!

  261. How cute is Lainey sharing with Nella!? I had to show those pictures with my older daughter and tell her that Lainey was “a really nice sharing big sister” and doesn’t my girl want to be a nice big sister and share too?

  262. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures of your girls sharing ice cream (especially the one where ice cream is dripping down Nella’s chin). What sweet little girls you have! The pictures definitely need their own pages in your girls books this year!

  263. So glad your little one is okay. I know how scary moments like that can be…especially for us mommas! Beautiful pictures and a beautiful post (as always!).

  264. if this posted twice, im sorry in advance!

    A. if anyones kids (or grownups) could rock wearing a safety helmet, im sure it would be you.

    B. tell brett that carpet is gross :)

    C. look at all the hair on that new baby’s head

    D. are those freckles on your girl childs face?

    and E. if anyone ever replied to my comment how would I ever know? hehe

  265. So often those falls are so much harder on the parents. Glad everything turned out okay.

    Love the beautiful photos, as always.

  266. So glad little Nella is ok!! How cute is that sweet blinded out shirt she is wearing? And that picture
    Of Lainey asleep in the chair? I LOVE finding my big guy asleep on his little couch. Have a wonderful week!

  267. I love how you edited what Brett really said after Nella hit her head.. Glad to know that she is o.k…

    We got snow again today here. I love your beautiful weather better. Wanna trade?

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  268. So glad Nella’s okay. My mom tells me about when I fell backwards off her bed at about Nella’s age. I conked my head and passed out for a few seconds. Mom says, “I was so terrified! The dial on the phone wouldn’t spin fast enough!”

    Also wanted to say what a lovely family your Baltimore friends are. Ava and Millie are beautiful, and I especially liked the picture of Millie snuggling up to her daddy’s chest. Sweet, sweet. It’s obvious that if they lived closer, y’all would be burnin up the beach on a regular basis. Maybe you’ll be able to travel to Baltimore to participate in Millie’s first Buddy Walk?

    Have a lovely day, all!

  269. I have total mommy panic, and I am the worst in scary situations. I remember when Landon was about 11 months, he was playing by the couch and then suddently started making some strange noises. I raced over and he must of found one of those outlet plugs under the couch or something. It was wedge in his mouth. I completely panicked ever though it took me only about 2 seconds to grab it out of his mouth and he was completely fine, I was ready to rush him to the hospital!

    Leah Asuncion

  270. The blue jumpsuit is adorable!!! where did you get that from. Of course Nellie makes it look that much cuter!

  271. Love how you test Nella with the “so big”! She should wear that black shirt to her “Nella’s Rockstar” events.

    I wanted to ask you about her crocheted sweater, but I think I’ll just shoot ya a seperate email :)

  272. So glad Nella is ok! So many Florida houses have those tile floors- something similar happened to my lil Aaron when visiting Grandma Butzie there.

    Those onsie shirts are so cute!

  273. Oh goodness, I’m glad she is okay.

    Nothing is much scarier than those seconds that last a lifetime after your baby falls.

  274. I laugh because I know those few seconds of waiting for the BIG wail after the initial “cry”. I’m so blessed that it has always come. So glad Nella is okay.

  275. So glad to hear all is well after Nella’s spill! Scary times for sure! Thanks for the boost as I emotionally recover from a scare on the snowy highway and worrying about how it might have impacted our baby inside my belly. All is well thankfully! And thanks for the soundtrack to my working at home day after I finally made it back home. Happy Monday! (Wishing for your weather right about now!)

  276. Thank you for this post…the part where you say “you can’t cushion your kids” is exactly what I needed to hear today. I’m a new mom, and I stay at home with my daughter. I’ve gotten so paranoid about everything, all the possibilities, that I dread leaving the house unless it’s with my husband. I get so scared that something bad will happen, that it almost paralyzes me sometimes with fear. Your words made me feel so much better…I can’t shield my daughter from the world and everything bad in it, but I can be the best mom I can be and enjoy every moment. Thank you <3

  277. Just look at Nella’s gorgeous blue eyes in that aqua shirt. So striking!

    We had a fall on hardwood floor when our youngest was 15 months. She is two years old now and still sports the broken front tooth she suffered during the fall. Oh, how I blame myself for the fall, the new smile, the whole dreadful experience. I can only hope that we instill in her a healthy self-esteem so she can weather the comments about her snaggle tooth that will surely come along (until it falls out in four or five years).

    Glad Nella is no worse for the fall!

  278. oh man, being scared like that is NO fun. So glad that sweet Nella is ok :)

  279. It’s great that you met another great family!
    I’m glad Nella’s okay after her fall! Those moments are scary, and such a relief afterward! It’s crazy how we can take for granted simple things, even playing on the tile!

  280. I am so glad to hear that Nella is ok… I too have experienced those baby throw their head back moments but never with such a scare following.

    I love the beautiful pictures of your girls, in this post, but of course in every post.

  281. We’ve had moments like that here, I tend to freak out as well! I’m so glad Miss Nella is okay.

  282. I love that they eat ice-cream, I love that Nella wears skulls. What rockin’ awesome kids. Well done mama.

  283. Kelle,
    that’s what makes us appreciate life & our little ones….

  284. Beautiful babies, love your blog!
    Jackie from PA

  285. Nellas smile is my fav. I could scoop her up and kiss her sweet almond eyes! Yeah, my boy is just shy of 2 and I think poison control is going to block my number soon :)

  286. I don’t know that I’ve commented before but I just had to say…
    God knew what he was doing when he brought you Nella and Nella to you. There is nowhere else either of you should be and it’s beautiful.
    Although I haven’t been touched directly by Down Syndrome, these amazing gifts from God have always been such an inspiration to me. I always knew I wanted to be involved in working with special needs children but it wasn’t until recently that I knew what I needed to do. Your blog has helped me solidify my path. Thank you for being you, and being real, and for sharing your ups and downs.
    At the age of 38 I am finally going to be starting college with my end goal being a teaching degree specializing in Down Syndrome and Autism. I’m excited and scared, but so hopeful!!
    You’re truly an inspiration and I can honestly say I thank God for this site!

  287. Your blog makes me happy. I can’t wait to read your book!

  288. Oh I could feel the panic. I’m so happy to read about Nella’s full recovery. You’re right on so many levels about not being to protect our children from everything in life.

    Be still my heart! Millie is beautiful!!! Congratulations to her family!♥

  289. Glad to hear both girls are okay!

  290. Gotta take the time to comment on your post – it was lovely and it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.

  291. So glad Miss Nella is okay! We’ve had a couple of scary head bangs here too…..so unnerving!

    Love Lainey feeding Nella ice cream….too sweet!

    And Samoas and cold milk? Girl, you are SO speaking my language with that one!

    Sara :)

  292. Eek! Glad Nella is ok:)

  293. I LOVE that Nella always has a smile on her face! So beautiful!!

    Parker constantly hits his head and when my dad is over he will say “you need to get rid of that chair” or “that coffee table needs to go!” I try to explain that I can’t just get rid of all of my furniture to protect him, but when he cries I almost feel like I could!

    Heather @ http://icthroughyou.blogspot.com

  294. Gosh that is scary, I have been there more times than I would like to admit! I am glad sweet Nella is okay! By the way, the close up pics you have…looks like I see some freckles 😉

  295. So glad sweet Nella is doing fine after that fall!

    Tell Brett to install Cork flooring. It is super stylish, easy to clean and makes for a “softer” fall.

  296. Our pediatrician gives the same advice as you…that we can’t bubble wrap our kids. So you are in excellent company.

    Thanks for the disclaimer that Nella is okay…my heart leapt into my throat at the beginning of your story!

  297. Nella is beautiful. I love Tiny Hiney. Their clothes will be adorning my boys for Jack’s rockstar birthday party this year.

  298. loved this one today kel! i wanted you to know i shared about it on my blog & linked back you. thanks for being awesome.

  299. glad to hear nella is okay , i think that fall made her cuter !!!!

    lainey and nella are so lovely.

    happy monday.

    love and blessings

  300. so glad Nella is all smiles and butterflies!

    we second the ice cream love but hip, hip, hooray for samoas too!!

  301. You sound like a brave momma! I would have been either rushing out the door to the Dr or calling someone right away! I get so scared when anything happens to the littles! So glad Nella came away with just a little bump on the noggin!

  302. love this post…oh, and sooo know that feeling!

  303. Falling is the worst. Our little one has been learning to crawl and stand these days and has taken her fair share of tumbles. We did buy an area rug for our hardwood floors to help make her play area just a little softer :)

  304. I love the new header, Kelle

  305. I’m so glad that Nella is feeling better and is OK….what a scary feeling!

    I love the picture of Lainey feeding Nella…precious!

  306. Woo! My heart jumped up in my throat when I first started reading this post. Glad to hear all is well.

  307. So glad Nella is okay! Ice cream is the treat of choice around here too. And I love the pictures of Lainey sleeping!

  308. It is beyond silly (and somewhat embarrassing) to admit how geeked out I get when I see Nella wearing something Lindsey has hanging in her closet. This time? The awesome gray flower shirt in the beginning of this post. It’s too cold for Lindsey to wear hers yet, but nice to see Nella rocking it out. BTW – I flew from Delaware to Arizona this weekend to see the husband (away on business) and get away from the snow. Yeah…this girl shows up the one weekend there is an “abnormal snow event” in the desert. Seriously? In fact there was snow or some other precipitation across the whole country, it seemed. Except Florida. It made me smile and think of the Hamptons. Please, please, soak up some rays for the rest of us.

  309. So happy Nella is ok. You are right, it is scary to raise kids. For so many reason, and yes, I want to put my kids in a bubble too sometimes. I know it’s impossible but we can dream can’t we?!?

  310. Wiping tears away….I am so glad your sweet girl is okay!! I love that your husband’s first thought was “*@&%ing tile…We’re getting carpet.” Beautiful pictures this week. I can’t get over how blue Nella’s eyes are! And that sweet baby Millie…stunning.

  311. SCARY! And it is life…but sometimes we could do without our little loves falling (or dislocating their arm – in our case!). Can I say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pic of Lainey with her bangs hanging down. Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

  312. Oh that Mama panic… I swear my heart started beating faster just reading your description of Nella’s fall. The feeling of stomach meeting throat… had it just the other day when Quinn ran out into the street, one that is usually abandoned, but at this exact moment happened to have a car driving on it. Oh-so-grateful for a close call instead of real emergency.
    And good gracious Miss Millie! She is so adorable. I love the shorthand that exists with parents who are on the same journey… finding more in common than our extra bit of magic is a bonus.
    p.s. And seriously, Happy Fun Pants is one of the best screen names ever!

  313. Hi I’m dropping by from sunny Singapore all the way on the other side of the pacific ocean. Just wanna say I love your blog, especially the photos. Awesome! Looks like it came straight out of a catalogue. :))

  314. I am SO glad Nella’s doing okay. Love the picture of Lainey asleep in the quilt.

  315. I know that fear oh so well!!! Laughter and smiling is the only way for me to get through any of the medical stresses! (funny enough, but I blogged about that just last week.)

    I absolutely adore your girls’ outfits. I wish boys clothes came that frilly and cute. I’m sure my husband would disagree!

  316. I haven’t had one of these experiences yet. My 1st born is just a week or two behind Nella. I’m bracing myself and hoping I rise to the occasion.

  317. Thank goodness Nella is a-ok!

    That shirt is adorable – I hope I win!

  318. Thanks for reminding me that it’s OK when our little ones fall…that the important thing is to be there to pick them up with a squeezie (that’s “hug” in our house!).

  319. Ugh, so scary! So glad your little nugget is fine. Great photos as always!

  320. I just absolutely love your blog! That is all :)

  321. With 5 kids we have had more then our fair share of those moments, where it makes you stop and cherish every moment…..even they are okay in the end…..so happy to hear that she was okay!!!

  322. I love how you’re such a positive and beautiful influence on so many families, it’s such an inspiration to better my own life. AND my 6 month old daughter has down the quick backwards thrust to the ground too! It’s scary! But I’m glad Nella is ok:)

  323. I don’t think I would have been as calm as you were! I’m so very glad Nella is okay :)

  324. My heart sank reading through your descriptions of the ‘incident’! I’m SO glad you put a little disclaimer in there.

    I’m loving how protective Brett is.
    Those girl’s have to know how loved they are!

    Send me some sunshine!

  325. I know exactly how you feel my daughter was playing today and was so excited she ran into the door…and she def hurt herself the cry was different she acted different and she had a red spot for proof. but i completely agree you can’t protect them everything but you can be there to hug them and wipe the tears away.

  326. I love the new header on your page. And do all husbands swear when their kids fall? Our twins used to fall a lot when they first started walking and my husband swore like a truck driver! Never understood it but so glad I’m not the only one. Falls are scary. Glad everyone is okay.

  327. My babe had the scary RSV. At 2 1/2 weeks old. Some seriously scary stuff. It’s been a little over a year now and that week at the Children’s hospital still haunts me.

  328. If you fall this week, may you fall softly. That is just too beautiful for words.

  329. So glad Nella is okay! Get the carpet!

  330. Kelle-Love your blog! You always make us laugh and you are such an inspiration! My Ava Grace (Who is only a few weeks older than sweet Nella) also fell off her chair on Saturday and cracked her cheek on my son’s train table. She really bruised her face, but we are sooo thankful she didn’t break a bone or that the fall didn’t even touch her eye-even though it came close! Such a scary moment but thankful for angles!
    Ps. Can Millie (love the name) get any cuter????

  331. I’m so sorry for what happened to your little girl! That must have been awful for you too!! So glad she is okay!

  332. Could so relate to this post! Been to the emergency room quite a few times. Had my heart skip many a beat.
    I’m SO glad Nella’s okay..and glad you told us that up front. I’m with Brett on the carpet. My second child through himself back so much as a baby, I always had to have a pillow behind him!

    Your words and pics are amazing, as usual.


  333. my boys used to pass out regularly after head-bumps like that…after multiple ER trips and CT scans, we concluded that they just held their breath too long before that “second round”…glad Nella’s okay!

  334. Kelle-You always make me laugh and are an inspiration! My Ava Grace (who is only a few weeks older than Nella) also fell on Saturday. She fell off a chair and hit my son’s train table. She hit her cheek bone and pretty darn close to her eye! We were so scared and I thought I might have a meltdown myself. When I realized how bad it COULD HAVE been, I knew angels were protecting her!
    Ps. Can Millie (love the name) get any cuter???

  335. Love the bling! Glad Nella is OK. Moments like that are definitely scary. I’m proud of you for pulling through. The pictures on the beach are gorgeous, as is that little Millie. Glad you found new friends =)

  336. We (my 2 girls and I) are total Lainey/Nella lovers! Our bundle, Jack, was born last year with DS and we treasure his little red head and hope it never goes bonk on tile:)

  337. you’re SO right…while we can’t cushion their every fall, we can be there to love on them when they do! glad nella bella is a-okay!

  338. Gorgeous pics of the girls eating ice cream – just stunning!!!

    This weekend alone we fell off a tall chair, pinched a hand in a closet door, and one paper towel roll came very close to an eye. I understand this post, and blankety blank tiles!!

  339. Oh how I know that feeling. The long silence before the scream kills me. It feels like eternity even if it’s only a half second!

    Thanks for your beautiful blog-I love watching another rock star grow up along with mine 😉

  340. Love to read your blog…Now I resort to leaving it on my computer to listen to the playlists all day…love your tunes…Thanks!

  341. Poor Nella bug! Though it sounds like it was more traumatizing for Mama and Dada in the long run!! Glad she’s back to her sweet and smiley self.

  342. First major fall was my oldest daughter’s head on the edge of a bookcase. One humongous goose egg! I am so glad Nella is fine. Loved the first picture of Lainey feeding ice cream to Nella. Would you please frame it and sell it on your blog:) susan

  343. My heart sank as I read of Nella’s fall, even after you prefaced that she was okay. How scary and how blessed you are!

  344. Well, I don’t appreciate all of the gratuitous grass shots you’re throwing in my frozen face. Not one little bit.

    ps – Nella’s blue overalls? Yum.

  345. Poor Nella! I’m glad she’s okay! :)

  346. Oh my what a scare, poor sweet little Nella! Damn those nasty tiles… I’d be cursing them and rushing out to by a carpet too! 😉

    And as for that skull onesie your little rockstar is sporting? LOVE! I want one for ME! 😉

  347. Oh Kelle!
    Nothing worse, so happy that Nella was ok… we spent part of our New Year’s Eve in the ER with our youngest who had a run in with a campfire rock! Forehead meet rock, rock meet forehead. OUCH!
    Seriously thinking about bubble wrapping my second born!

  348. Love that picture of Lainey laughing on her back in the grass…what a beautiful, fun moment to capture! As always, I feel like I am right there rocking life with you all when I read your posts. Thank you for sharing:)

  349. I love the new header :)

  350. I have had to school myself against reading all your comments, too – because they are so lovely!
    I’m so glad your Nella’s bean is okay. Your girls make me smile – they are both beautiful and so are the littles from Baltimore!
    Making me wish for spring with all your fun clothes – 6 inches of the white here tonight.
    Blessings to you all!

  351. Bangs, bumps and bruises all in a days work for a child, but the thing that all parents wish could take away from a child’s experience. Glad to hear Nella is okay, prayers for “carpet filled lives”.

  352. What a weekend. I completely understand your panic…my husband was carrying our one year old daughter while ice skating today and fell. Our daughter was fine only because my husband sacrificed his own body to keep her safe. He is limping, but she is undamaged.
    Our older daughter fell in the bathtub when she was 2 and left us briefly. Shear panic. I am not a first responder. I freeze. She turned out fine too…just like Nella.

  353. Oh my God! Poor Nella! I read your story and flashed back about 6 months ago. We took my step-son to the mall to play on the climbing structures he loves. He tumbled down, no big deal-he’s pretty rough & tumble- but this time, he cried out. We told him to come to us and he stumbled, unable to put any weight on his foot. I work with kids so I stay pretty calm with injuries. Not this time. He was fine, comforted (with my swearing to NEVER EVER go back to that mall again!) and walking on his foot within a few minutes. He was fine, I however, could barely eat anything my stomach hurt so bad. We’ve have not been back to that mall since. I am so glad Nella is ok.

  354. so glad Nella is ok!! I have to say I held my breath reading the beginning of your blog!! and thank you for prefacing the story with “she’s totally fine!”

    LOVE the new header!!!!!!!


  355. Hand. Green hand.

    LOVE your girls and the photos… and I may have changed my thoughts on getting the carpet out of our bedroom.

  356. Kelle,
    So glad Nella is ok. I know the feeling! Our first, who just turned three, fell back on the hardwood floors just a few days after that actress died from a head injury from falling on the snow slopes. I was soooo paranoid. Nella is precious and growing so fast. Her personality just shines in the pictures you post. Thanks for sharing.

  357. We had a head bang and near ER visit last night too! My little Ellie tripped over her little piggies and hit her forhead on the corner of the coffee table :(

  358. Hi I have been reading your blog for a while now and just thought Id say I had one of those heart stopping moments a few weeks ago. When my little girl was spun a little to fast in the jumper by her brother (a bit like a spinning top actually)… she just went limp from dizziness but it was enough to make me heart stop. I held her a little closer that night before bed. That moment reminded me that there will always be a bit of me living outside my body in both my children.

  359. Carpet head-banging can lead to some pretty scary baby situations as well. Any kid injury is so much more terrifying than it really should be!

  360. Those pictures of the girls eating ice cream are precious…They get more beautiful by the day. Thanks for sharing. Glad Nella is okay. I can handle many things but to see one my children hurt is too much. Glad that my husband has a more level head in those situations.

  361. Whew! So glad Nella’s melon is okay :-)
    Yes, with my two boys, we’ve had plenty of scary-fall moments… Nothing too serious but several of those too-long ER waits.
    Your photos are amazing as always… LOVE the ones of Lainey feeding yogurt to Nella & the ones of the families on the beach. Insta-bonding feels so good!! And what a beautiful family they have, too… Sweet dark-haired girls w your sweet blondies!
    I also love the one w Brett making that face next to Nella. You are definitely a master moment-catcher… Like all the best pro shooters!! :-)
    Bless your family, your friends, and all of your fans. You have created a special virtual spot of sunshine for so many people! Your photos, your words, your generous & honest sharing of your thoughts and your Small Things are very much appreciated…

  362. Oh my god Kelle…How scary! I know anytime one of my kids bump their heads, I worry for hours! I’m so glad she’s ok!

    I must tell you, that video in your last post with the flash cards SO brings me back to the early days with my Ryan! :)

    Keep doing what you’re doing, because everything you’re doing is all right! :)

    Oh and for what it’s worth, I’m with Brett, would ya get that F’ing carpet already?! 😉

    Laura & Ryan

  363. you are the queen of really great blog headers.

    and i have made a few fantastic “enjoying the small things” mix cd’s for me and for friends.

    can i thank you for sharing? i love to hear updates on your family, love the pics of the girls. somehow feel that i “know” you. i find myself reading your posts and just agreeing all the time. if there was a “like” button on here like there is on facebook, i would surely ask for a “love” button.

    thanks for sharing, kelle. beautiful, as always.

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  365. love the tiny hiney shirt on Nella.

  366. Beautiful pictures like always and you made me cry again! My little boy is 10 months old and I worry all of the time that he will hit his head. I always throw a pillow behind him but he does not always fall where the pillow is!!

  367. As parents, we’ve all been there with the holding of the breathe and not knowing what is going to happen next. I’m so happy to hear that Nella is ok. :)

  368. So happy to see another post… Yes, that tile is brutal – my girl screams like crazy when she smacks the back of her head!

  369. So glad that Nella is okay!

  370. Glad to hear Nella is OK! I haven’t heard the bump yet, not looking forward to it if/when it happens :(.

  371. ACK what a fright…mine fell off the bed, it’s the most frightening moment! Glad little miss Nella is a-okay :) And I must say blue and red are gorgeous on her!

  372. I have been following your blog for a while now and wanted to let you know how much I love the new title banner. The pictures are adorable. You are a such a talented photographer/writer and mom most of all. Thank you for writing something so many people love to follow.

  373. my brother flipped backwards out of his high chair once… i remember being 3 or 4? and watching my parents go through the exact same thing you just described. fortunately, he was fine, and glad nella is too. :)

    my best friend is pregnant, due in september… so i’d love to win a little something for her! :)

  374. Thank Goodness Nella was ok. How scary <3

  375. I am so glad Nella is okay. As a soon to be first time mother (35 weeks pregnant) I am constantly worried about things like that that which are beyond my control. Hopefully you install some carpeting and it doesn’t happen again! :)

  376. soooooo thankful baby nella is okay!!! lovin’ her overalls, and that girl has the sweetest smile :)

  377. Your girls are just too precious!! The pigtails and tights, I love it! And Nella’s eyes… they’re such happy eyes! Glad everything is okay:0)

  378. I just want to tell you…your little Nella is absolutely beautiful! She melts my heart.

  379. This post was a welcome relief from the emotionally and physical rallying we have been going through here in Wisconsin on teacher’s rights. I am hopeful our lives will, like yours, be shaken for a time but back on the track to enjoyment soon. DEMOCRACY for ALL! Stand up for it, it is not a spectator sport.

  380. Nella reminds me of my little girl, maylee. she also has ds and is 18 mo old. i found out about your blog thru my friend who has a mutual friend of yours. i would love to meet sometime. i will be in florida in march! anyways just wanted you to know how much i love your blog and the photos. your birth story reminded me of my own. have a great day.

  381. Kelle, I just love Nella. But Lainey, oh sweet Lainey, just steals my heart. The picture of her looking down with the sun cascading over her blonde wisps just slays me. As an older sister with one younger sister, I feel like I can relate to her. I get her, and her special relationship that is just beginning to blossom with Nella. What beautiful girls you have, and you are such a good Momma to celebrate them both. Cheers!

  382. Poor little tinkers :( I’m so glad she’s o.k. I have a daughter with Epilepsy and I still panic every single time. I can’t help it. On another note, I dig the bling and my bff is pregnant with her first girl(out of four) and would love it :)

  383. oh my….how scary for what you went through for those 30 seconds that probably felt like 30 minutes I’m sure.
    Glad Nella is a-ok.

  384. Oh how I wish I could keep him safe and warm forever. I know I can’t. Let’s hope for some soft falls. Because as hard as he falls, I know I’ll be falling harder.

    Extra kisses for Nella. And a big ol’ smack to the naughty tile.

  385. Those falls are sooooo scary!! I totally hear you on that!! Your weekend looks so fun!

  386. Today’s been a day of sheer terror and horror for me. I’m in Christchurch, New Zealand. But I jumped online and I’ve gone to your blog and it’s cheered me up to no end so I thank you for this. I’m going back over entries that I know has made me smile and I’m reading it in between bracing myself with aftershocks.
    Thank you so much :)
    With much love and hugs,


  387. *knock on wood* I haven’t had any scares yet with my 2 month old, but I keep having nervous visions of her bucking and me dropping her on our stone hallway floor…
    must.learn.to.relax! so glad nella’s ok!

  388. Oh so glad Miss Nella is OK! LOVE the photos of Lainey feeding Nella ice cream. So sweet! Have a great week!

  389. Sophia has passed out on me 4 times. The first time was pure panic followed by a trip to the ER. After the third incident, I took her to the cardiologist and neurologist. All test came back fine. The neurologist said Sophia had breath holding syndrome. Nothing serious but scary when it happens and thank god something she will grow out of! Glad Nella is okay.

  390. SO thankful that little Nella is okay! I absolutely LOVE the pink flower tshirt she was wearing, and the dress she is wearing in the icecream photos! You have such great kiddie fashion sense :) Glad you all had such a fabulous weekend.

  391. I had one of those “I can’t get it together moments” when my youngest cut her forehead. I just paced and held her and cried until I could manage to call a friend to come over. She definitely needed stitches but I couldn’t think straight to even make that decision. Third time around you would think this would be like an old hat, but it doesn’t get any easier.

    Glad Nella is ok.

  392. I’m so glad she’s okay! Our youngest, who is now 2 1/2, had an episode on New Year’s Eve when she was only 1 year. We had a house full of about 50 people and didn’t notice her over in the corner, choking on the skin of an apple. I suddenly felt this urge … “find Kara! where is Kara? she’s been too quiet. Go find her.” and sure enough, there she was, tucked away in the corner, turning blue, and not breathing – all because of apple skin! I had to scream out to get the room to quiet down and ask someone to help me, because in that moment, I forgot all the CPR classes I’ve taken. I felt numb and stupid and helpless.
    A friend grabbed her, stuck his fingers down her throat, she choked up the apple and boom. Done. All better. My heart didn’t stop beating all night though. And I kissed her a few more times in her bed that night.

    I’ve often wanted to bubble wrap the walls in my house. Now that the kids are older, I think the bubble wrap would be to protect the walls :)

  393. Love Nella’s pouty lip yogurt picture, and I love big sis Lainey feeding Nella and Nella’s little birdie mouth wide open. So very precious! I am SO relieved and SO THANKFUL that you let us know ahead of time that Nella was ok. Not cool, and I’m with Brett…get some good soft carpet. The girls are so beautiful, and I am continuously encouraged and inspired by you! Thanks!

  394. You had a right to be scared. Friends of ours had a similar situation when their youngest boy was just about a year. His head hit the wood floor and it all was bad. Little Z ended up in the hospital with swelling on the brain. He pulled through just fine, but I swear what a freaking scare. And tell Brett they still have the same wood floors. Glad all is well.

    And BTW, Samoas rule!!

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  395. love the ice cream shots~ and the close up of lainey’s face. precious precious.

    and i’m w/ brett~ blank the blankin tile and get carpet!!!

  396. I’m glad Nella is Okay – I was scared for a moment!

    I had a scary episode like that about two weeks ago. I was folding up Julia’s clothes and putting them away when she came running towards to me smiling. She triped on a pillow she had been playing with earlier and fell face first. There was that moment of silence (the calm before the storm) and then that wail – the one that as a mommy you know is not the regular I’m tired cry.

    Well I scooped her up and she had blood on her face and on her fingers and I was terrified. She opened her mouth and there was blood on her teeth – so I ran downstairs with her got her some ice and wiped her face and hands and the bleeding stopped. I was so afraid one of her teeth was loose. I kept trying to wiggle them to check if they were still solid – I probably checked two or three times much to her annoyance (by this time she was enjoying the ice cube)

    Turned out to be a small cut on her lip – but man, blood + my baby = Sirens and Red flashing lights from Kill Bill.

    We may need more carpet around here too =)

  397. I am so happy Nella is okay. I don’t have children yet, as you know, but if I did I could probably completely understand that moment of pure panic and “this could be it!” and “what do i do!” all mixed into one. But your little baby is okay and so very smiley!

    I remember when I was younger my mom told me not to go on my bike down this huge hill like the big kids were. She trusted me to wear my helmet and stay off that hill. I did neither and I still have the faint scar on my forehead from the flip I did over my handle bars. As a kid, we can only be cushioned from so much because sometimes we need to fall, we need to have those close calls. are they scary as heck for parents? Hell yes. But they serve purposes and we just need to hope that one of those bad moments that do happen isn’t the one that finally does us in. But nella is a trooper and probably CAN speak french now. le peu d’amour.

    I can see a perfect mix of brett and you in lainey, she is just such a magical little sprite. She always looks so very happy and like she is in her own little creative world. I love seeing her outfits she picks out, I think it’s so unique and lainey. I love the “i want to do it!” phase in kids- it’s when you finally see THEM and how they want to dress. Not just what they like that mama or daddy put on them. They get to pick the outfits they actually think is “awesome” no matter how much it hurts our eyes.

    Have a great week!

  398. Better carpet the driveway and sidewalk too!

    Glad Nella is OK, that had to be so scary and I think all momma’s know from one extreme to the next how scary their hurts can be.

  399. Reading this I almost started crying, even with the preface.

    I’m glad that N is doing well along with eveyone else.

  400. Glad Nella Bean is okay – that is so scary! We went sledding today, and I was a nervous wreck; convinced that any moment one of my children would crash into a tree. It is so hard to let them fly, but they do and all is well. I can’t tell you how many heartbeats I’ve skipped since I became a mama. Love the pic of Lainey with her yogurt, the side glance makes her look so much like you (though I usually think she looks more like Brett). Have a great week!

  401. Beautifully written–took me back to a few of my own frightening moments that we want to both forget and remember.

  402. So glad Nella’s OK. I would have freaked the blank out too. GORGEOUS pics in this post!!

  403. Glad Nella is okay! And little Millie is beautiful!

  404. Glad Nella is okay! And little Millie is beautiful!

  405. Hi, i’ve always been reading your blog and its so inspiring.

    Hope Nella is fine!

  406. I am so relieved to hear that Nella is okay. And as always, you are an inspiration again. Thank you for your words of wisdom and comfort.

  407. So glad Nella is ok!

  408. I hate those moments with kids that leave your heart beating out of your chest, luckily they are usually few and far between, glad Nella is just fine!

  409. I totally get that feeling of thinking that if a scary situation were to happen I could completely keep my cool, which of course is easy to think when everything is alright. I thought for sure I could handle any crazy situation, my husband is a police officer, I was a dispatcher, between the two of us I had heard enough stories to know that when shit hit the fan I’d keep my cool….so so wrong! When Madison was 10 days old I was still regrouping from the news of being told she has Down syndrome. Well at 6am I was nursing her and then 5 minutes later it all turned into a scene from the exorcist. She was vomitting horribly and then turned blue and stopped breathing. Thank the Lord for my husband because he actually did keep his cool and started CPR, me on the other hand I was screaming bloody murder, falling to the ground crying, trying to figure out if I call 911 or grab the car keys. Thankfully my husband was able to quickly get her breathing again and I grabbed her and we jumped in the car to drive to the hospital to get her checked out. I prayed harder in that car ride than I ever have in my entire life. Looking back now it oddly enough was somewhat of a good thing because in that scary heart pounding terrifying moment I couldn’t care less that she had Down syndrome, it was the furthest thing from my mind, she was my baby and she was in trouble and I begged the Lord not to take her from me. Thankfully everything turned out perfectly fine. She is now 2 1/2 and healthy as can be!I’m so happy that Nella is okay!!! Those bumps can be so scary.
    I love all the pictures of your babies, they are gorgeous!

  410. I have a 6 1/2 month old named Amelia. After Christmas, she was lying on her playmat while I took down the tree and decorations (in the same room). I had stuffed paper towels down in the holes of the playmat to keep the toy bar in place. A. managed to pull it apart, take out a paper towel and do what she does with everything–put it in her mouth. I heard her make a soft gagging sound and turned around to find paper hanging out of her mouth. The rest was in her throat so far that I had to scoop it out with my fingers. I held her and sobbed. All I could think was, “What if she hadn’t been able to make a sound? What if she’d passed out and I thought she was napping? What if that had been it?” It was my first scary mommy moment and it still makes me sick to think about.

  411. oh- i really got scared for a moment when you started talking about nella falling :) thank you for the reasurrance!

  412. Glad to hear Nella is ok. I would have freaked out as well.

  413. Especially delicious photos today, friend. Lots of life and vibrancy. So true what you say about humor post-trauma. It’s good medicine. xo

  414. I’ so glad to hear Nella is okay, maybe Brett would be willing to compromise with an area rug??
    Little Millie is absolutely adorable and I think Lainey’s blue bows are the perfect accessory with her fancy dress!

  415. Accidents with littles can be so scary, but the worst is when one happens when you’re not with them! So glad Nella bean is okay and will continue to grace us with that gorgeous grin of her. I have to tell you, every once in a while, it tears me up a little… you have such a beautiful family!

  416. Way to scare the crap out of me!

    We had an incident like that a few weeks ago. My daughter is starting to tryout food and she started gagging on a piece of watermelon. Her poor dad said, “That’s it! No more food for her.” Damn watermelon.

  417. Pics and both girls keep getting more and more beautiful!!!!
    Nella! Glad to hear she is ok. How scary!!!!! I don’t like how scary being a parent is……..
    At least we have humor…….

  418. Wow! 415 Comments in just over 30 min – But I can totally see why. I have just started reading your blog – so wish it had been around when I was starting my trip to Holland about 8 and a 1/2 years ago. I love how you see the beauty in everything – it has taken me a lot longer to get to this point. My boy is a total wonder to me – he is in a regular second grade class, writing the same tests the regular kids are, and doing super well. You are doing a wonderful job with Nella, she is going to do so much more than anybody anticipates, and will blow their socks off, just like my Jack-sprat does. Can’t wait to read more.

  419. THank god she is well.

  420. i’m sure out of 400 comments, mine is just another ‘share’ story BUUUUT i totally feel your pain! this happened to my son all too often when he would fling back and bang his head on our hardwood floor, scared the daylights out of me. the most recent scare with us was him having a febrile seizure. i lost my breath and had the ‘this is it’ feeling but i’m happy to report he is perfectly fine. i too, did the same thing as you and fired away with commands like where his eyes were and what a doggy says! ;]

  421. I love reading your blog! I’ve never left a comment, but I just have to say that Nella is so adorable. Your photography is incredible!

    I’m glad Nella is okay.

  422. I fear those moments with every part of my soul. One time my daughter got something in her eye and I thought she was having a seizure. Good luck with the new carpet! :)

  423. So glad Nella is okay…and I have found that in those moments of “kicked in mommy adrenaline” I always freak out and have not been able to bring myself to a point of “it’s okay these things happen” and with 5 kids it makes me look like a total whacked out woman. But most of the time I appear normal:)

  424. as usual, your words touched me…tears sprang to my eyes as I thought about the terror you felt…so glad nella is okay…and that you share your life and words with so many people here!

  425. Thank goodness Nella is o.k. Your daughters are just so stinking cute and your new friend is just precious. Have a happy week!!


  426. so happy that Nella is okay!

  427. We curse tile, too (and hard wood, and concrete…the boy has a BIG head!)
    Beautiful analogies and gorgeous pictures. That Millie is adorable, as are her big sis AND mama!
    Craving frozen yogurt (and a sunny afternoon to enjoy it!) now…

  428. My little guy took a tumble when he was about 7 months old. I freaked and the doctor at the ER seemed more concerned with me then he did about the goose egg forming on my boy’s head!! Recovering from that moment is great and being in that moment truly sucks!

    Glad everything is fine with Nella. Great blog and photos (as always)

  429. So glad Nella’s okay!! The pictures of the girls sharing ice cream are so cute!

  430. this sounds like it was a mini nightmare!!!! i’m so glad Nella is doing well and you guys followed that with a great weekend =)

  431. SO glad Nella is alright! What a scary moment I can’t imagine seeing her black out like that! I think I would FREAK out!!! I always fear when something like that is going to happen and wonder “Will I know what to do?” “I hope I respond calmly and do the right things.” “I hope my husband, Brett, is home if and when something happens!”

    Loved when you wrote what Brett said, “Blank this blankin’ tile. We’re getting carpet.” LOL

    LOVED Lainey’s little whimsical side piggy buns. :)

    And what a cutie is that Millie!!! :)

    Beautiful post as always, Kelle! :)


  432. Oh those moments are so heart-wrenching. And those moments really hit home and remind me that parents really don’t get a handbook, but the love we feel pulls us through. So thankful Nella is okay.

    – amazing photo of Lainey, the one where you adjusted the lighting and she’s looking down a little..

  433. I love that I can cry with you and laugh with you! I vote for carpet too!

  434. And PS. LOVE the new header!!!

  435. So glad Nella is okay. Your tile story zipped me back in time when my son took a big spill–The falls from our tiny, wobbly toddlers are gut wrenching!

  436. I am so relieved to know Nella is ok. My heart skipped a beat at first and then saw she is fine.WHEW! Your new friend Millie is such a little scrumptious dollface! Just when I thought your children could not get anymore beautiful you go and post these treasures! I’ve said it before and I will say it again,and again.This is such a gift you are giving your girls. All these little moments documented forever. You are such an amazing person. You have taught me so much from looking into myself and finding who I am and taking the bull by the horns to learning a new way to take photos of my loved ones. Thank you so much!!! You rock,your babies rock..everybody rocks!

    Squishess to you and your littles:)


  437. I am so glad to hear Nella is fine. I must say I have had a fair share of those moments with my four little ones. It never gets easier!
    I just adore the picture of Lanie feeding Nella ice cream. Just precious!
    Just wanted to add that the girlscouts now make cookie icecream. So far we have tried the thin mint and somoa. It did not disappoint. Dee-lish!!!

  438. I’m glad Nella is ok! Too bad we can’t always cushion or prevent their falls!

  439. Oh goodness. I’m so glad she’s okay! I had one of those moments when my first baby was little. She fell and got a scratch on her head above her eye, but there was blood all over and I was CONVINCED her little eye was a goner. We rushed to the car and raced to the hospital, and when we got there, my mom wiped the trickle of blood away and there was only a tiny scratch near her eyebrow.

    I knew that when I had kids there would be heartstopping scary moments like these! It’s all too much!

  440. Great reminder this morning…as I look at my poor son who has a nice shiner as a result of stepping on one end of a stick and it coming up and smacking him in the face (very cartoon-like). As much as I want to buy him a helmet and wrap him in bubble wrap…I need to simply remind him that he is safe and loved as he adventures in the world…even though that involves some bumps and scraps along the way.

    And can I just say how much I love the pics of your girls eating ice cream. My 2nd is just a few days old and seeing siblings interact (mine, yours, anyones really) is so heartwarming.

  441. It must be the way men and women are universally, because every time one of our children gets hurt it is me saying “she’s not okay” and it is my husband saying “she is okay”. Good thing for my husband, because without him I would totally lose it!

  442. thank god she’s ok..i know the falling on her head feeling all too well! always love the swiper pics..! :)

  443. So glad Nella is okay! My Bella took a nasty fall on our steps and hit the corner of one of the wooden pillars. She looks like she was punched in the eye, but luckily she’s fine! Always makes your heart skip a beat or two. I love the pics of your girls eating icecream. We live in Utah, so no trips to the icecream shop…yet. (I told my husband to pick a school in Florida for his Master’s) Have a great week!

  444. So glad that Nella is OK! I have had those moments before…where seconds feel like hours. Thankfully, none with my son yet but I spun off the highway once and missed a large tree by inches. I could just see my car heading towards it and I couldn’t do anything. Scary! Let us know what kind of carpet you get 😉

  445. Ugh those moments are terrifying and heart stopping, but they make us appreciate evrything so much more! I hope yu all had a great Monday.

  446. We had a similar scare with our daughter Keziah when she was running through the house and somehow slipped and fell straight down on the back of her head (she was 2 I think). No cry, eyes rolling around, Mommy’s heartbeat tripling in rate…
    But thank goodness she turned out fine :)

    BTW – love Nella’s polyester-style-jumper/outfit in those later pictures. It made me smile :)

  447. We too had a scary fall on tile on Friday. I’d like to say it’s my first, but unfortunately not! Very scary!!

  448. I was holding my breath as I read your post about Nella…my son up until the age of 3, was diagnosed with “breath-holding syndrome.” When he got upset, he would cry and hold his breath and pass out for about 30 seconds. It had us so worried for awhile. Happily, he grew out of it.

    So I hear ya, Mama, motherhood is not for the faint of heart.

    Nella is sooo adorable by the way! And how sweet is Lainey, sharing her yogurt! Awww… :)

  449. There are times when I want to get rid of the tile in our house too. Too slippery for sock feet.

  450. so glad sweet Nella is ok!

  451. I love coming here to get away… and to see how beautiful your girls are!
    I am so sorry that Nella took a fall, but so glad that she was perfectly fine!

    Last night, I found out that I am expecting our first baby!!!! As in took a test last night and it was POSITIVE!!! I am over the moon excited for what is to come.

    After reading here for so many months and wanting to have our own baby, I can finally say that we will! I too hope to have many picnics, tea parties, and teach a child all of the wonders of the world.

    Thank you for your daily inspiration! I cannot wait to read more.
    and I love the new header!

  452. Wow! That would have been scary, we had a similar episode last May when Ivy fell face first in the driveway and there was so much blood I just knew she had knocked out all her teeth, luckily it was just a busted lip and chipped tooth, but I’m always the one that does well in situations like that…my hubby is the one that freaks. But after it’s all over and everything is okay all I can do is cry. It’s almost like fear won’t set in until it’s over.

    Glad Nella is fully recovered. :)

  453. I wanted to start off by saying that I love your blog and your girls! We are five months into the journey and your blog has helped me so much. I can now say that it truly is more than okay on this side! Loved loved loved the postcard from Italy! She is such a smart and beautiful baby. I am going to have to look into the touch and feel cards. They look interesting and fun!

  454. Holy Crap Kel, I would flip too if my kid passed out from hitting her head. I am so glad it lasted only 30 seconds and that you had Brett there to help you through it. Looks like the rest of the weekend was amazing :) xo

    Jill C.- Chandler, AZ

  455. Thank God Nella is alright!! She is one strong chickie!! :)

  456. I’m glad to hear that Nella is OK! Such sweet pictures and good luck with the carpet/tile;)

  457. My heart stopping moment was when my son fell down at our steps at 2 years old. Of course there were more heart stopping moments after that but that was the first one. I now have a 2 year old daughter and my heart stopping moment for her was when she got the top of her lollipop off and started to choke on it. I saved her life but I definitely had an angel’s help.

  458. Wow. I am always surprised and in awe of how many comments are on your posts. :) I think only once I was like the third commenter. Ha. This time I believe I am 446? Anyway – I love your blog. I am a follwer – I love your pictures – your posts. You and your family are beautiful and you are so inspiring! :) Thank you for giving me some ‘pep’ in my step each day. :)

  459. OMG!! I would have totally freaked out as well and called 911. Glad she came too and is ok! and how cute is Millie!!

    I totally love the pics of Nella eating the ice cream and licking the spoon, classic..

  460. the injuries, illnesses, pain and hurts of our kids always sting a special kind of pain that cripples us in deep and primal places we never knew were moved by love.

    if only these little pieces of precious mortality could be bubbled-up the way our hearts keep them, forever. protected. i suppose it’s only in our hearts and our arms that they have that wonderful soft place of refuge for the bumps and bruises and broken hearts of love gone, gone, gone. may they fall softly into the places of parental refuge forever more…for when they won’t (and i’m know that one day they’ll opt for a different place of refuge), i expect i shall break in those primal places where love has grown all the days of their lives. but don’t call the ambulance for me. it’s a good kind of hurt.

    go on and fall softly in love with this day, groovy girl. and then shake it alive and wild-like.

    big love.

  461. I used to faint as an infant and toddler when I bumped my head. The first time I did it I was 5 months old, and the last time I did it was probably when I was about 3 or 4. Apparently, it had to do with a burst of adrenaline (from being frightened) and an increased need for blood flow, which my heart wouldn’t get the message for so it wouldn’t supply the necessary increase. So I would check out for a moment. My mother said it was frightening, and I can imagine! My heart is still slow today, but I’ve never fainted since my toddler years. I hope Nella will grow out of it soon.

  462. So, SO glad to hear Nella is perfectly 100% fine. My daughter (born 1.14.10) fell a few days before Christmas and had a depressed skull fracture. Skull. Fracture. She’s fine. 100% fine. In fact, we’re all far more traumatized than she is.

    On the funny side, we had already purchased a small little slide for Christmas present. Yes, a falling hazard for our baby with a skull fracture. Perfect, no?

  463. I’m so happy Nella is OK. I’ve definitely been there before with both my kids. My 10 month old Stella fell straight backwards from an upright position and landed square on her head. I about lost it. Those 30 seconds of “Is she OK?” are horrible. Hope there are no bruises 😉

  464. so glad Nella-bean is ok! whew you had me scared there for a second. i recently read your blog post about the little baby sock that you carried around in your purse when you were pregnant with Lainey. My husband and i are about to try for our first, and i will be purchasing a little pair of sweet socks for good luck. i love your half-full life kelle hampton. you may have sainthood in your future.

  465. I adore your blog. Isn’t it amazing how seemingly insignificant things like tile floors can make a parent’s heart flutter with dread? I am so happy to hear Nella is doing well and I absolutely love the outfit she is wearing post ice cream outing. Lovely.

  466. My son, Noah who just turned 2, fell and cut his nose. He had to get 2 stitches. I am nurse, but I couldn’t look when they had to numb his tiny nose and put the stitches in. All you want to do is keep your children in a nice safe bubble of well, you. I understand exactly how you felt when Nella hit her head.

    I just started Weight Watchers, but I will definitely be eating some girl scout cookies. Delicious!

    By the way, did I tell you that I love your blog. I continue to take photos. I bought a Canon. Love it. The photos are by no means professional but I am having so much fun and have some great shots of my 3 kids.

    Thank you for sharing your life and love!

  467. my daughter is obsessed w/ “boney men” she would flip out if she saw the skull/crossbones studded shirt that you have on Nella!


  468. My daughter quoted your blog on her blog, so I just had to read the story behind the quote. Thank you for the reminder on the right perspective on letting our kids grow up. I am a man who believes in prayer and I have tried to live by the motto “Do your best, pray that it is blessed, and let God take care of the rest.” Easy to say but hard to really let go. Thanks again for your beautiful blog.

  469. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of Lainey looking down, where it’s kinda washed out – how DID you do that????? I love it!!!!! share your secret!

  470. I’m so happy to hear that Nella is doing just fine! We’ve had similar scary experiences here just like yours…They are so heart wrenching!

    Nella’s swiping skills are getting better and bolder with each passing day:)

  471. Thanks for sharing the story of Nella and the tile. Glad she is okay. And glad you feel comfortable sharing trying moments like these, alongside the joyous ones!

  472. So glad Nella’s okay. My daughter fell down our wooden stairs a few weeks ago, with me running behind her screaming. Those moments are traumatizing and make you realize how precious life is.

  473. I know how you feel, except I hit my John William’s head on the van door as I was putting him in the car seat and it split wide open! Not only was he gushing blood, but it was my fault. Once the bleeding stopped, so did the crying when we pulled in for our favorite Sonic cherry coke! love your blog!
    Angela from Arkansas

  474. Thanks for sharing the video, Nella is a smart rock star!!

  475. I know EXACTLY how you feel about the fall!! My daughter (15 months old) fell on Saturday night while she was attempting to get away from me- so I felt HORRIBLE because I thought- had I not tried to get her, she wouldn’t have fallen…and I cried, and cried, and cried…My daughter, Janie Ann, after she was over the intial shock of the fall and crying- she looked at me; kissed me, as if to say- “mom, I’m ok” and went about her ways… I know that we will have many more falls, but at that moment it is horrible!!!

  476. I so enjoy reading your blog! I always feel so encouraged and inspired afterwards :) Glad Nella was alright :) and i love seeing Lainey as the adoring big sister!

  477. So great to know Miss N is alright, that spirit cannot be broken!

  478. We had a scary moment too, when my son fell cheek first into our round glass cocktail table. I can’t believe how resilient he is. I think he might be Superman!

  479. Random Comment!

  480. How scary for you. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could put a protective bubble around our kids, but alas, there are so many bumps and bruises along the way. Sometimes I think it hurts us more than them

  481. So glad Nella is ok, that is certainly very scary. I adore the ice cream pictures of the girls, they have such a genuine love for each other, it is so sweet to see! Happy Monday to you all! P.S. Millie is such a doll!

  482. I absolutely love the picture of Lainey feeding little Nella some frozen yogurt, she’s so careful. It’s just precious.

  483. To: Super Girl Nella Cordelia,

    “Joie de vivre”! french 😉

    English: A feeling of healthy enjoyment of life; exuberance, high spirits.

    Merci beaucoup to the entire amazing, inspiring, unforgettable family.
    Enjoy your cookies & milk and carpet too. Hugs.

  484. Love Nella’s little blinged out shirt! So cute!! Your daughters are beautiful. I just recently started reading your blog and I’m in love! It really makes me want to get my camera out and start taking pictures again!

  485. I am so glad Nella is ok. I fell or slipped on the stairs this weekend – not softly but being 8 months pregnant falling softly is hard to do. The part about Nella reminded me of when my daughter fell of a stool and cut her chin open – the scariest thing ever – I was working and I was just trying to figure out what to do – she was so disraught- my husband was home recovering from surgery so he couldn’t come get her – it worked out but it so scary – my mind was racing their was blood _Some how I got her to the Dr the glued her chin and we went back to work. My husband was the same way after -trying to fix it – she had to sit in a new chair etc and today a year plus later you would never have know it happened
    I love girl scout cookie time – I especially love it when I am pregnant.
    I am hoping for no more falls for us- unless it is falling into bed or someplace very soft.

  486. Good post, Kelle. I totally cracked up at Brett’s reaction against the tile.

  487. First, I’m so glad Nella is ok. I can tell you that I have definite freak-out tendancies when placed in similar situations. We had an incident a few months ago where William was running so fast that when he tripped and fell and hit his mouth on the stair, his Daddy screamed. There was blood everywhere, and seconds later a pretty terrified/shrieky Mommy jumped/flew down 9 steps and somehow brought order to the situation. To this day, I can’t remember how I did it. But I wrote in a notebook so I wouldn’t forget, popcicles stop both tears AND heavy bleeding from the gums. Take note mommies. 😉

  488. So glad Nella is Okay. we have had scares like that too, mainly our youngest (and last) who is 4/1; you know ate a whole bottle of children’s tylenol, had stitches at the age of 1 1/2, has a chipped front tooth and the other one is gray colored(just waiting for them to fall out at the appropriate time!), and I could go on and on! Little Millie is a doll, so cute!

  489. So glad Nella is Okay. we have had scares like that too, mainly our youngest (and last) who is 4/1; you know ate a whole bottle of children’s tylenol, had stitches at the age of 1 1/2, has a chipped front tooth and the other one is gray colored(just waiting for them to fall out at the appropriate time!), and I could go on and on! Little Millie is a doll, so cute!

  490. To: Super Girl Nella Cordelia,

    “Joie de vivre” – French 😉

    English: A feeling of healthy enjoyment of life; exuberance, high spirits.

    Merci beaucoup to the entire amazing, inspiring, unforgettable family. Blessings.

    Enjoy your cookies & milk and carpet too!!

  491. So so so glad Nella is okay, we have had many head bumps at our house and they always take my breath away! As always thank you for your blog! Your photographs and lovely outlook on life are a bright spot in my day!


  492. So glad Nella is okay. It sounds like she had a pallid synchope spell. My older son had them — in very very similar situations — when he was younger. They are not harmful to the kiddo but very scary to the parent. Definitely worth chatting with your doctor about — just to get the info. Basically, the body’s way of reaction to pain or other stimuli.
    The first time it happened to my my son, I just about lost my mind.

  493. I HAVE A CONFESSION: I love your blog, have grown to love your girls and family… drink up your photos on a regular basis but here’s a little secret (don’t laugh)… I use your blog as my music box :) Does that make me weird? I love your music taste, so I read, enjoy, and turn it waaaay up and let it play. Makes me happy. Thanks!!! That is all :)

  494. Sweet baby Nella! I am so glad she is ok. Your babes are beauties, and so it sweet Millie!

  495. LOVE your new header!

  496. I’m so glad to hear everything turned out okay. Accidents can happen so fast it’s scary! We had an incident last week where they kids were playing in the pool and before I knew it my eldest who is 8 had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. We’re very blessed that he is okay and back to his normal busy “boy self”. Please could you update your PO Box on your contacts page? I would love to send you a little something for Nella from Sunny SA…it totally rocks :)

  497. What a scary story! I am glad that Nella is fine. I am expecting my own little girl in June and would love to win a cute blingy onesie for her!

  498. I’m so glad to hear that Nella is okay. When I read that line, I gasped. I know the horror and the “the world stopped” still moments being a mother myself. I would love to know how is it that you get the most perfect pictures of your children? I have tried and tried to capture sweet moments like I see on your blog and I fail…miserably. I just love seeing the “moments” in their lives through your pictures and within their eyes.

  499. LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts!

  500. yum. now you have me jonesing for some froyo. my little and i love to have yogurt dates, where sometimes she’ll even share a spoonful or 2. loving your posts as always. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  501. My girlfriend has the SAME EXACT thing happen to her daughter. she fell, hit her head and went to take that large breath–didn’t–and had a seizure. It was horrible, and it may happen again, but her daughter is wonderful and healthy! Such a scary moment for you!

    I so admire your honesty. You have become an inspiration to me to just be me–emotional and vulnerable.

  502. Love the blog!!!!! Also, LOVE the blingie tee…

  503. Ahhhh…… baby hurts are the absolute worst! So glad Nella is ok.
    When my little girl was almost 8 months old she dislocated her elbow rolling around on the living room floor. I was a total basket case. Luckily my husband was on his way home from work as I was headed to the ER – which he had to tell me to do because I was so out of it! Such a minor thing, but all we ever want is for them to always be ok.
    Glad the rest of your weekend turn out well too. I love reading about your adventures!

  504. so glad nella’s ok. i understand the flip outs.

    i think i remember the goo goo cluster incident.

    have fun choosing new carpet. :)

  505. So glad you said….”(and before you brace yourself, let me preface this with…she’s totally fine)” because I had oh shit! OH shit!!, OH SHIT!!!!! running through my mind….so thankful she is okay!

    xoxo, Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  506. Picture of Lainey feeding Nella ice cream is priceless. I have 2 girls and I hope they share moments like this too. Sisterhood, I never had it and so happy my girls do. So glad Nella is ok.

  507. Thanks God Nella is fine, I know how you must felt! Something like that happened to my baby last year, he flipped back and hit the back of his head on our hardwood floors. I remember crying like crazy, thankfully my husband was right there and made sure that Adrian our baby was fine. I couldn’t sleep that night, I felt so much anxiety and I went in his room every hour to make sure he was fine. It’s a good a idea to replace the tile because once she starts walking she is going to fell down even more.

  508. Glad Nella is OK!

  509. i needed this today. this morning, while i was upstairs, i heard a sickening thud and the “i’m seriously hurt” screams from my almost-2 son. my 4-yo daughter was scared and crying. i raced downstairs to find blood pouring out his mouth from a cut inside his lip. i hate these moments. i hate that i was out of the room and didn’t see exactly the way he fell or how it would have impacted his head or neck. and now? he looks like Rocky.

    love nella’s little vintage overalls, by the way. what a find!

  510. Falling… oh boy. Mine have all fallen. Even hold their breath until they pass out. Such a scary moment. So glad all is well!

    Those ice cream pictures are amazing! Lainey is the best big sister ever! And that pic of Nella, after eating the ice cream and lips in kissy mode as a dribble of ice cream heads down her chin, is BEAUTIFUL!

    Have a great Tuesday.

  511. In our world ice cream season and Girl Scout cookie are one and the same. We usually order about 10 boxes (yes I said 10, because you know they’re only sold once a year, that equates to less than one box a month…if you have them around that long) and every couple of weeks throughout our warm months we’ll MAKE ice cream in a Girl Scout cookie flavor. We’ll make peanut butter chocolate ice cream with Tagalongs crumbled up as well as a few scoops of peanut butter and some chocolate syrup. NOTHING is better than Girl Scout cookie homemade ice cream on a warm day (or a cold day).

  512. First let me say I’m so so happy Nella is OK. And second can I say that she is just so freakin’ adorable – you must have to stop yourself from gobbling her up!

  513. I’m sort of a new follower! My BF CC (POSH) loves your blog and now I do too! I’m glad that Nella is okay! What a scary thing to happen!
    Lots of hugs and prayers for your family!

  514. Sooo glad Nella is just fine! I don’t know if it was the mind set reading about the incident at the beginning put me in, or just coincidence, but the photos in this post seem even more ethereally beautiful than ever. I particularly love the peace sign shirt Lainey is wearing on the beach and her little toes under the quilt in her chair.


  515. Ugh – that is scarey stuff!!! So glad Brett was there and most importantly that Nella is just fine! Hope your week only gets better!

  516. I find it amazing that you have the energy to go everywhere and change your girls’s clothes specifically to every single outing

  517. I love that you call her swiper. I have a swiper too. Yep, her swippiness is just getting started but every time she swipes something I think of your Nella Bella and laugh and thank you for giving the name swiper!
    And big sis hollers and tells on our swiper too, lol.

  518. “But you can’t cushion your kids. You can’t send them into the world bubble-wrapped and helmeted even though you want to. You can’t carpet their universe, hoping their falls will always land softly. You love and let go and thank the modern world of advancements in safety for airbags and outlet covers, baby gates and bike helmets. And when our kids fall—and they will—you scoop them and hold them and tell them it’s okay.”

    Truer words were never written. Beautiful!

  519. My son’s tiney hiney could use a little bling. :-) And that Nella and Lainey, they are such beauties.

  520. Oh poor little sweet Nella. I’m so glad all is well. The part you wrote about putting them in a bubble made me burst into tears. My little guy has had far too many stitches in his little life….I guess I’m slightly emotional about his scars. I would like some cushy carpet for glass tables and porcelain seats, please. 😉
    Yay for meeting new friends, and ice cream dates!
    Your girls have the best smiles!!

  521. Glad your Nella is okay. :) Little Millie is such a doll!

  522. So glad to hear Miss Nella is okay after her little fall. That would be so scary, but I bet you handled it better than you think.

    LOVE, love love your pics. Especially the sharing of the yogurt pic. TOO cute.

  523. So glad to hear that Nella is okay. How scary.

  524. So thankful Nella is ok. Kudos to dad trying to find a fix! Love your awesome photos…..please have a camera give-away next! :)

  525. I needed to read this I think. My 15 month old feel down our front stairs on Saturday and got his first ever swollen and bleeding busted lip. He cried for 5 minutes but 3 days later I still feel guilty!!

  526. Love your blog. I have only been following for about a month, but love it. My son hasn’t held his breath like that after falling, but sometimes I wonder. Glad Nella is okay.

  527. Isn’t Lainey growing up to be the most gorgeous girl??!! There are some stunning photos of her in this post – beautiful :) Oh and so glad nella is fine! I too have lived that moment with my girl and yep it’s scary as hell.

  528. WOW, how totally scary…but SO glad baby girl is ok!
    P.S. L-O-V-E the skull n cross bones T!

  529. Thanks for always brightening my day. I’m so glad Nella is ok. I can’t even imagine!

  530. I totally know that heart stopping panic when something is just not right with one of the girls! I have two and both of them suffered a seizure when they were close to a year old. It didn’t get any easier the second time! So so scary! I am glad that Nella is A. OK!!!

  531. Had one of those spills today. Except it was the little girl I babysit for and she landed on her forehead! Boo!

  532. You summed up perfectly the seemingly inappropriate humor that fills those life-is not-yet-back-to-normal moments. I seem to be an expert at inappropriate humor…and thanks to your words now understand myself a little better. So glad little Nella is okay and that wrinkle in the net of safety held up. My eyes always fill with tears when I hear of a fellow mama’s brush with that cruel hand that has the power to topple our world. I thought you wanted hard wood floors…maybe with a thick pad underneath???? It seems now’s your chance…

  533. How terrifying. So relieved all is well. You can never know exactly where danger lurks, but I still like the idea of carpets, not just for safety reasons really, I just feel more at ease on them! A mundane thing, but if you do get one, ask for a thick cushiony foam underneath – we just got a new carpet with an underlay and when you walk in that room you notice a huge difference and a spring in your step!

  534. ugh! i felt your pain while reading about the fall!! been there! :(

  535. Glad to hear Nella is okay. How scary!

  536. Wow. I stopped breathing, even after I read that she was ok. We’ve had our share of falls, as well. Scary stuff. Glad she’s ok!

    Love that tee on Nella! Total Rockstar!

  537. So glad to hear that Nella is all right. It must have been scary when it happened. Love the pictures of Lainey and Nella with the ice cream.

  538. Glad all is well.
    That romper Miss Nella is in is too die…LOVE!

  539. Kelle, I have those panic moments all the time! I am so glad to hear Nella is alright!
    Oh,, and I’m a post late but Ive go to say that you have a little smarty pants on your hands. Girlfriend’s got some flashcard skills! Loved the video! Enjoy Italy!

  540. So thankful Nella is ok after that scary tumble! My little man is 6 weeks old and i find myself constantly trying to “bubble wrap” him during the day!

  541. your blog makes me want to have lots of little ones every time you post

  542. Any family just starting on there journey of DS needs someone like you to lead the way!! Your words work wonders and honestly make me see the beauty in EVERYONE!! The pics today of Lainey and Nella dressed up for date night at the ice-cream store…made my night!! Safe travels on the tiles Miss. Nella!! Heather Lavigne from Saint John, NB

  543. OMG! Kelle. I am so glad Nella is ok. It wasn’t long ago that I read about how baby’s “pass out” when in pain, as a sort of defence mechanism. The body sort of “shuts down” and “reboots”. Scary scary stuff.

    And BTW: Even after 5 kids, I still go into “flight” mode when one of my kids is hurt. Weird thing is… if it is someone else’s child, I am the hero… but if it is my own… I totally panic and loose control. :(

  544. Omg, adorable!! I need that shirt!

  545. We are right there with you – our little man is currently working on pulling up and cruising, therefore he is also working on falling… makes my heart catch every time it happens, but the look of pride when he gets up after a fall is beautiful. So glad Nella-bella is ok~

  546. Right there with ya on the scary. My 2 year old, Aeryn fell from a step and smacked the back of her head on a stone tile at my sisters…and didn’t cry at first at all. A few months later, hubby left the bathroom door open and she got the peroxide. There wasn’t much left in the bottle to begin with and we didn’t know if she’d actually drank any or not. We found out later at dinner when it all came back up. The next day we had locks on that cabinet in case the door was left open again.

  547. So glad Nella is ok!!! I’m sure that was so incredibly scary! So sweet with the ice cream pictures :) love them!

  548. Pregnant with our first and just registered for our shower. Decided this time we’d scan good items…things that would actually be a treat to receive, unlike when we got married and registered at Target for things like batteries and Bop-It.

  549. Sometimes I think Poison Control know me personally. I love looking at your pictures. They are beautiful.

  550. So vividly remember those panic moments. Every good mama has them. The only good thing about carpet is it’s softness and warmth on cool days.
    Beautiful pictures of the girls. And baby Millie is so sweet.

  551. Kelle
    Your girls are so precious and sweet..and I think you are a wonderful mother..Have been following your blog for awhile now..I love your writing..You speak a lot about how I feel..Thanks for reminding us about those important things!!

  552. I love it that you share stuff with us. I have two boys. I wouldn’t leave my youngest at home with my husband for the longest time. He is my wild child and I knew he’d get hurt. In a moment of weakness, I agreed to leave him on Black Friday so I could shop with my girlfriends. 6 stitches to the chin. I told him so…

  553. these pics were the perfect nightcap!
    when our baby girl fell and hit the coffee table my hubby left and came back w. a 600 dollar leather (too big too brown) ottoman for our living room.
    oh well. daddies will do what they will 😉

  554. Happy Nella is ok! I had a moment like that with my nephew last week; 5 years old and took a HUGE bite of his sandwich and began to choke. For a split-second I froze, then I thought “ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod” and in the time it took me to get up and run to the other side of the table, he had thankfully coughed it up. But my goodness, those moments…

  555. So glad Nella is ok! I actually fell on our tile in the hallway a few weeks ago (slipped on my daughters clothes hanger). Majorly hurt my arm, and was worried since I’m 8 months pregnant. All was ok, but an immobile arm for close to two weeks. And all my little girl could say was “Mom are you ok?” “That was your hanger not mine!” lol.

  556. oh, kelle! nella is just so precious! the pictures of your girls eating their ice cream are so dear. i am so grateful to hear nella is okay . . . i hate it when the babes are hurt or sick. it’s THE worst. thanks for sharing your lives with us. your girls are beauties!

  557. I absolutely love love love the 7th picture up of Lainey…. gorgeous!

  558. ok so when my son was about a 8 months old he started pulling my hair. he didnt do it to anyone else. i taught him “nice touches” which he happily practiced on the faces of many friends and family members, but continued to pull only my hair … and bite me too. i never got angry, i mean it totally hurt, but it was what it was.
    one day when he was about a year old he was tired and crabby and i was rocking him to sleep. he began the hair pulling ritual (which i now know is signal for “put me in my crib NOW” and i placed him on the floor facing away from me and said,”NO” (I had not yet learned IGNORE RE-DIRECT). This happened twice more, but on the last one I sat him down away from me and said “NO” much more abruptly….sidenote: we dont do a lot of yelling in our house….well, he lost his mind and started crying so hard that lost his breath and passed out. His little low-tone body allowed him to plop down and slam face first onto the floor in a full straddle split. (Looking back it was very impressive)…i too had “that” moment…this is it….i scooped him up begging him to pull my hair, bite me ANYTHING just to get that magical spark of spirit back in. it took him a few seconds to come to and then he fell asleep on me and i thought for sure i would never let him go again.
    these are our babies….theyre everything…all of it. i totally get it.
    i love that your husband wants carpet….i love that he wants to protect her…he’s a good daddy.
    your family is beautiful…and youre a great mama kelle. be well. nykki

  559. PS do you know that there is no frozen yogurt anywhere in hartford???!!!?? thats just crap

  560. My boy is 4 months and even though you said Nella was OK I still held my breathe thru the rest of the story.

  561. How is it possible Lainey looks like Gwyneth Paltrow in that beautiful photo where she is looking down??


    Nella’s post-ice cream outfit is the best outfit ever–where on earth did you score that pantsuit??


    Dude, Lilit had two bad falls the other week (Avi never had a single fall) on our hardwood floors and after the second one I was like, seriously? She is fine and we are always more traumatized than they but still, I have been hauling her in the sling a lot more and surrounding her with pillows since then . . .

    Sending love from the California Bay Area!

  562. I feel like this blog was written specifically for me to read today! I don’t comment often, but I’ve been following since you were pregnant with little Nella. Last night, my 7 month old fell out of his highchair and I’ve just been berating myself ever since. He’s okay aside from a tiny cut near the corner of his eye. But it hurts me when he gets hurt. You can’t cushion your kids, you’re right. No matter how much you want to and no matter how scary the “what-ifs” are. All you can do is hold them and love them and kiss the boo-boos away. And carpet the house. :)

  563. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog i can’t get enough of it!!! this has probably been asked before but where did you get that blanket thats in alot of posts? i totally want one :)

  564. Nella’s big blue beautiful eyes are amazing. Im glad to read that she was okay after her fall, all can be fixed with a hug and kiss from mama

  565. My heart absolutely stopped reading this, just as the rsv one which hit so close to home….my girl has some delays stemming from her rsv stint, and I don’t know if it’s that which makes me so much more intrigued reading your blog or your writing…or if it’s that you have 2 beautiful girls like me 😉
    Glad Nella is ok and if you do find that bubble to put your babies in then please let me know, I need one or four for mine.

  566. Okay, I just have to share. I have 3 healthy and active kids, all who have (by the grace of god and my never ending good fortune) been healthy and free from trauma. However, I know that feeling you are describing. When my baby was about 10 months old he had a crying jag where he fell backwards, went limp and stopped breathing.

    I died a million deaths in that 10 seconds and acted in the most embarrassing show of mother terror-induced lunacy. I basically responded by screaming “he’s not breathing”, running around in circles and then, in the strangest move of all, tried to give him “mouth to mouth” which was really just me blowing frantically on his face and up his nose. During all this, my husband just scooped him up and patted him. In that short time, I literally panicked at my helplessness. It was awful.

    In hindsight, it was a defining moment for a baby brother to 2 doting much bigger sisters. For months, every time that boy cried, someone started screaming “he’s gonna do it again! make him stop crying”. Boy is a genius, I tell you! My oldest still laughs hysterically at the memory.

    Life is funny and humbling.

    I am grateful for these little walks down memory lane. Have a great day, Kelle.

  567. The inside of ambulances are not my happy place. I had last month to attest to that.

  568. I love your blog! Love to read about all the just regular stuff you do with your kids that reminds me of the just regular stuff I do with my kids (minus the beaches and February outings that do not involve hats and mittens )

    How scary for you about Nella’s run-in with the tile. Next time you have a child scream, then the pause and if they don’t take a breath even though you know they need to, blow on their face. It works and they will take a breath. We have to do that to my baby all.the.time.

  569. cute babies please share kids
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  570. So glad Nella’s okay. Love the pictures as usual. Can’t believe how big your girls are getting. They are too cute.

  571. cute babies please share kids
    Footwear collection

  572. Sounds scary! I’m gladd little Nella’s OK.

  573. nella needs to stop getting cuter every day. seriously. i can’t handle it. cuteness overload.

  574. Im glad your ok.. As mothers our harts jumps when our kids experience hurt or pain…

  575. Bring on the carpet I say, glad Nella’s ok.

  576. Oh my dear baby clothes in heaven, WHERE did you get that one piece blue/ purple coverall that Nella is wearing?! Please tell me NOW, so I can put MB in something similar for spring.

  577. Great post! As always! :)

  578. Asleep in her chair, she’s pretty perfect. Love Nella’s peasant blouse. Your new friend’s baby girl is adorable.

  579. Hi Kelle, I’ve never commented before, but want to tell you I love reading your blog. It helps me to celebrate every moment with my two kids. This was in our local paper and I thought it might be something you’d be interested in. It’s a blog by a 21 yr. old DS girl and her mom. sarahely8989.blogspot.com Have a great day!!

  580. So glad Nella is okay. Every picture I see of your girls makes me smile. I especially loved the one of Lainey feeding Nella the ice cream. You have an awesome family!

  581. Here is my random comment :) Love your blog!

  582. I’ve been reading for months…and I finally caught up to today!

  583. Glad Miss Nella (and mommy) is Ok after the fall! I love each and every little space between Lainey’s teeth! Precious! My Finley has a gap between her teeth and I just love it!

  584. ha ha – i think we all think we will respond one way and do another at some point. thank the Lord for grace.

  585. i love love love this site… your photos always manage to leave a smile on my face…

  586. In love with the pic of Lainey feeding Nella the ice cream. Her face is so concentrated.

    Sorry about Nella’s fall but glad she is okay!

  587. I got teary reading about Nella’s fall…hasn’t mom been there. I certainly have!

  588. That so brings back memories. Sam LOVES to flip himself back for some reason. We have had to really watch him and help him to see that he can hurt himself if he isn’t careful. He usually does it and then bursts out laughing. He is starting to grow out of it though.

  589. hehe. tiny hiney.

  590. My little one started to toddle this week, and it’s been so hard watching him fall – this was a perfect message for me today. Love to you!

  591. I am so glad Nella is ok and it looks to have been an amazing weekend.

  592. So glad Nella is ok.
    Wishing you all the best!

  593. Thanks for this post…My grandson has just started to walk. He fell hard and hit is little mouth, with his new little teeth, on our coffee table. I tell you what, I wanted to chop that thing into fire wood…still do. I’m thinking our tile needs to go too! So thanks, for reminding me that we cannot carpet the world for our little ones, but we can be there to pick them up.

  594. So glad that nella is ok! The photos are just adorable as always!

  595. Must be the week of head injuries, because my 17 month old fell, his his little head on concrete, was dazed, threw up, and an hour later was hungry, laughing and back to his usual self. So, so, so scary though! So glad our little ones are so resilient!

  596. Must be the week of head injuries, because my 17 month old fell, his his little head on concrete, was dazed, threw up, and an hour later was hungry, laughing and back to his usual self. So, so, so scary though! So glad our little ones are so resilient!

  597. So glad everyone is ok! Your girls are the sweetest! The pics of them sharing ice cream, adorable!

  598. So glad everyone is ok! Your girls are the sweetest! The pics of them sharing ice cream, adorable!

  599. <3

  600. So glad Nella is ok:)
    I have a litle son, a few months older then Nella, and he`s had a couple of bruses. He loves to climb on everthing, so he`s a challenge to watch.
    Have a nice day!
    Love Silje

  601. The photo of Lainey feeding Nella the ice cream melts my heart. It’s a good one. A really, really good one.

  602. So glad little Nella is OK! Love your pics as always!!

    Karen H.

  603. I have often wondered how I would react in an emergency situation… still don’t know! Just glad Nella was ok!

  604. I have been following your blog since you posted Nella’s sweet, amazing birth story. I LOVE your photography, your reading, your take on life and how you live life to the fullest. I admire how you have taken a could have been tragedy and made it into something wonderful! You and Nella make the world a better place. I have a sad situation, that has taken place in my life regarding my brother in law. He had his biological son placed for adoption without his consent. He was lied to the entire time by his ex girlfriend that they were keeping the baby. We are trying to spread the word about his case, and I know you have had great success in doing this. If you have any pointers on our blog or how to spread the word to get his child back I WOULD LOVE to hear from you :)

    Glad to hear little Nella is fine! She is adorable!

  605. That’s one way to get your husband to buy you new carpet.

  606. her poor little head…glad all was well. what a scare.

    love reading your blog. although my path is somewhat different…(a preemie, 28 weeks that resulted is a brain bleed and c.p)…..and i have travel 18 years on my road, i love your entries and they give me a smile and a warm heart.

  607. I’m so glad Nella is ok! Your girls are adorable!

  608. love the shot of the feet in focus

  609. Kids can scare the socks off you!! Glad things turned out well for your family.

  610. So happy Nella is okay!! Question- where did you get her darling romper??

  611. Phew, so glad she is ok. I’m the fall apart in an emergency kind of girl :-( Unless its my DH who has THE most random things happen to him.
    Last one, was being taken off the stage on a stretcher and the whole audience clapping for him!

    I just love watching you girls grow via your photos. Full of love and laughter always.

  612. Falls are always hard for a mom. I think we can all relate to the big breath and the wait, wait, wait for it they are going to scream. Happy to hear everyone is doing well!

  613. My moment was when my daughter (now 4) was 18 months old. She had a febrile seizure. I will never, ever in my life forget what it felt like to lift my daughter our of her crib as she struggled to breathe and started turning blue. It was terrifying! Parenting is scary stuff.

  614. The picture that sums up this blog? The one with you and your family in the car. (The 8th picture from the top.) Why you may ask? Because of the shirt you are wearing in that picture. I don’t have a Supergirl shirt BUT I do have a bright red Wonder Woman shirt that I bust out on days such as the one you blogged about today.

    Have a blessed day!

    Btw, as I read your blog I had to lip sync Strong Enough with all the emotion splattered on my face. Can’t sing it out loud b/c people in the office might scare easily. Love that song..

  615. So glad Nella is okay! Love your precious family!

  616. I came by your blog via another via another and read your “falling softly” blog post. It really got to me.
    My little 8 months old daughter fell down from her changing table a couple of weeks back. I have had many bad nights since thinking and re-living it.
    Your post got me writing, and I wrote our story, cried, and published it on my blog.
    Anything can happen and every day is a gift.

  617. I have been reading your blog for a while. I just wanted to tell you how utterly gorgeous your girls are. Nella is absolutely stunning. I am so glad that she was fine after her incident. I know how horrifyingly terrifying that must have been.

    I LOVE Nella’s monogrammed dress/shirt. Do you mind telling me where you got it from?


  618. I love Nella’s laugh and smile. She is so beautiful.

    And Lainey is such a great big sister sharing her ice cream.

  619. kelle,
    look at a blog
    she is 3 or 4 comments above mine
    her name is meagan
    i could be wrong but it looks as though she has pics of your lainey on her blog claiming she is someone else.thought id tell ya cause id want to know.
    also you have the most beautiful children.
    god bless ya

  620. I enjoy your blog so much! I have a 4 month old with down syndrome and reading your blog at times is like seeing my own thoughts on the screen. I also have a 4 year old daughter and she loves her sister so much and doesn’t see her as different at all. You are a wonderful photographer and wonderful mother.

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