Post coming soon, but it’s late and nothing sounds better at this moment than crawling into bed with my babies, so a quick little video from today for now.

This just barely catches the bits of magic happening between my girls lately. Nella crawls the fastest, fights the hardest, pushes the most determined when the prize on the other side is her sister. Today, we caught Lainey teaching Nella how to say “dog” with her flashcards. And the little student performed. The big sister taught the little sister how to say “dog,” and my heart could not be happier.


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  1. I was just thinking about you guys and hoping to see a little bit of sunshine from those two beauties of yours.

    Way to go girls!

  2. they are so cute- Nella is such a great student!

  3. Yay, Nella! And I LOVE hearing Lainey’s voice. It’s so cute to have an audio to go with all of the beautiful visuals!

  4. So precious! Such a good big sister :)

  5. Oh goodness, my heart is melting. They are both WAY darling! Love!

  6. Woo hoo… YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. what sweeties…This is love darlings !!!

  8. So gorgeous!! Go Nella!! And what a wonderful big sis Lainey is!

  9. Soooo awesome! Way to go, Nella! And, Lainey, you are the best big sista!

  10. I love the sweet voices! Lainey is such a sweet big sister!! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and precious moment :) So glad you got it recorded.

  11. How big is Nella!?!? SO BIG!!!

    Way to go big sis…Do we see a teacher in the future?

  12. Yay Nella!!!!! So cute! And Lainey has the sweetest voice! Love it!

  13. NELLA! I am so proud of her. I can hear your beaming voice through the camcorder.

  14. made my heart swell, and tears pool in my eyes!! beautiful girls, doing amazing thing together!!

  15. Oh, that is the sweetest moment!

  16. ok so this brought a tear to my eye. that’s just awesome.

  17. Sooo sweet! What a great big sister :) And Nella is such a little smartypants! Way to go :)

    Angie from Ohio

  18. how can I turn down the background music to listen to the video??

  19. This is very sweet. Love seeing the learning process with children of this age. Made extra special when the wisdom is coming from a sweet big sister to a gorgeous little sister!

  20. yay!!!! Nella said DOG!!! We’re all cheering for her :)

  21. love ALL of your posts! =) they’re such wonderful sisters. thanks for sharing!

  22. Loved this! I get a kick out of hearing people’s voices when I’ve been following their blogs for a while.

    Congrats to Nella! Way to Go!

  23. This is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. My mom swears that since I was little she knew I would be a teacher as I always taught my older sister and helped her to reach her “milestones.” Whether Lainey becomes a teacher or not, she is a darling angel who can teach so much to Nella and in turn will learn so much from her. With guidance from such a wonderful family, both girls (the boys too!) are apt to succeed to their fullest and beyond!

  24. As usual, so sweet! I loved this. Honestly, I know there isn’t anything remotely sad about this post, but I always tear up with joy watching your girls. I’m not even usualy sappy.

  25. xoxo.
    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  26. that is just awesome! what a smart girl :)

  27. Absolutely precious!! Love it, love the love between them, big sister helping… and their sweet little voices! :)


  28. that is just so gorgeous! You know, they learn the most from their siblings and peers :) I have a child with ASD and if her sister is talking, nothing else matters. Take care, Deb xx

  29. Wow, that’s great!

  30. Precious : )

  31. Amazing!!! Love it, Kelle!!! Right down to Lainey in her blue dress!!Lol!! Go Nella Go!!xo

  32. YAY!! Thats awesome!! love Laineys blue dress :)

  33. Thank you for sharing this, Kelle!! I knew it was coming – but still cheered & just about jumped up out of my seat with my arms in the air when I heard that sweet little, “dog,dog dog.” Don’t big sisters make th ebest teachers?!

  34. sister love is some of the absolute BEST KIND! what dollies.:)

  35. Your daughters could give the sunshine a run for it’s money ANY day!

    Lainey’s voice is so cute, she sounds like she can form such good sentences now! How much she’s grown so quickly! And nella looks plain adorable!

    Good job, Big sister!!

  36. Just gorgeous! Just beautiful to see! What wonderful sisters they already are – how wonderful they will be for one another as they grow!

  37. How sweet is that! Lainey is such a good big sister:0) I also like the part where Lainey is talking about going to the pool (is that what she said?) with Dada, Nella, you and her:0)~ I bet you’re so proud of your two girls!!

  38. oh my goodness! That is so precious! I also love Lanie’s line. My 4 yr. old is always saying who will be where: “you and me and daddy and jackson.” Just to make sure we will always be together :)
    love it! congrats!

  39. Beautiful! Thank you for showing and sharing your life w/ us, you are such an inspiration with an amazing family! :)

  40. SHUT UP!!!!!
    you’ve got a smarty pants on your hands!!

  41. Love. It!

    I seriously cannot wait until my girls are old enough to interact like that. Thanks for sharing!

  42. That is so sweet.

  43. They are too precious Kelle!! I am wondering where you got those cards… we need some!!

  44. Way to go Nella and Lainey!

    The proud-heart-swelling–celebrating never stops. Morgan had her 2nd grade music program tonight and I was beaming. Seriously couldn’t stop smiling or get up to the stage quick enough to give her the biggest kiss and hug. Such a proud mama moment.

    I wonder if I’ll someday not be on the brink of tears as I watch Morgan excel in something but honestly think the excitement or proudness never fades with our little ones sporting an extra chromosome.


  45. OH WOW, isn’t that the cutest… Lainey is such a great teacher, she is speaking beautifully and clearly imitating her Mom to the T.. You are an AWESOME MOM…..

  46. Aww! Lainey’s voice is so precious, and right on Nella girl! My boy is almost three and when we say dog to him he says woof, LOL! We are still just as proud. Ha! Good for her though! Woot! Woot!

  47. LOVE IT! So cute. And I love how Nella sits, with her legs up near her body and her arms draped over them. She looks so comfy. Both of your girls are ADORABLE!

  48. Kelle,
    Thanks for sharing this video of your beautiful daughters.

  49. Too gorgeous! Love it!

  50. ,,,smile,,,

  51. This is my first time commenting – I LOVE your blog. My four year old son and I watched the video together – he thinks ‘it’s brilliant’ and then said ‘the mummy sounds like she’s from Scooby Doo’ (we’re Scottish so the only time he hears accents like yours is on TV). You can absolutely take that as a compliment!

    Gorgeous girls, gorgeous family 😀 xx

  52. So precious! Friends forever they will be and it’s cool to see they may even learn a thing or two from each other.

  53. whoo go Lainey and Nella!!

  54. OMG…I can’t even hear the video here at work and I already have tears in my eyes! Can you say hormonal!?!? Can’t wait to actually watch and see it tonight!

  55. That precious, smart girl. You go Nella. Lainey is an awesome teacher. susan

  56. Go Nella! My 16 month old still won’t say “mama” but yells “Dog!” every morning… I should mention that we don’t even have a dog, but we look out the window every day to see the 2 labs who live in the yard behind us :)

  57. Those are the moments..SO sweet! Lainey is such a wonderful BIG sister! Good Job Nella sweets!!!Kelle,your heart must be just popping out of your chest with pride ans love:) xoxo

  58. Lainey is such a great big sister! You must be so proud watching your girls :)

  59. Love starting my day with hot happy tears of pride! Way to go tiny rockstar and big sister star!

  60. I love this because:
    1. it gives me so much hope for Ellie
    2. Lainey makes a great teacher (weren’t you a teacher?)
    3. both girls keep looking at the camera!!

  61. Precious! Nella is growing up so fast

  62. Loved it!!! Thank you for sharing your babies!!

  63. Cute, cute. What a wonderful moment between two sisters!

  64. So so cute!!! Way to go Nella & Lainey!!! My son’s favorite word to say is dog or “goggie” too! He calls every animal a goggie! :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  65. Wonderful! Even more precious that you caught it on video.
    Also wondering how to turn down the volume on the background music so that I can hear her sweet voice.
    Also also, I am looking for unicorns these days too.

  66. Good work, mama! Some sweet and smart little ladies you’re raising there. :)

  67. So sweet :)

  68. That is so sweet/cute!

    Thanks for sharing!

  69. Love it!

  70. Yay! SO exciting when they learn new things!

  71. Oh did this bring back memories for me. My two sons have autism and my daughter has been “teaching” them since she was 3 yrs old. Just like Nella, my boys would work the harder for and pay more attention to her than me or any therapist. People tell me all the time what an amzing job I have done since my boys are driving, attending college, and living happy lives but I always give her most of the credit. I have always felt she was an angel that God sent me first to help me with what was to come. My daughter is now a speech therapist helping children with all forms of disabilities, she knew since she was little that she wanted to help other kids. I can see that in Lainey. I think she is destined to do great things and Nella is too with her sister’s help. It is so beautiful to watch, enjoy every second of it.

  72. Sooo wonderful!!! She said it so well too!!! What a wonderful big sister to teach her little sister her first word! :)

  73. That is wonderful! Congrats to Nella! However I do have one question. The flashcards…where did you get them? They are awesome!

  74. I am so not surprised : ) But an awesome accomplishment nonetheless!

  75. heart melted.

  76. My heart melts as tears roll down my cheeks! What an amazing video, what an awesome big sister, and what a wonderous and incredible Nella!!

  77. Happy tears. A talker and a teacher are emerging. I love when I am there to hear Lainey begin every sentence with “Poppa…” Heart stretching joy!

    –Proud Poppa

  78. Perfect! Lainey is such a great teacher…repetition and all! It is so fun to hear she and Nella’s voices!

  79. Such a sweet moment! (and an impressive mama for getting it captured on video)

  80. This video is priceless!! They are both so adorable, impressed with Nella’s dexterity!! And her talking, of course. I feel like I’m watching your kids grow up, and I don’t even know you! Thanks for sharing parts of your life with us!

  81. SO cute! I bought those flashcards because of your recommendation awhile back and my 18 month old boys love them. Thanks!

  82. What a little smartie! And very lucky to have such a great teacher! Way to go girls!! (BTW, I love it when Nella grabs her toes. Reminds me of my little one.)

  83. I can hardly take how cute that video is! I tell tell in your voice what a proud Momma you are and I recognize myself as a mother in all the videos we shoot, squealing with delight at capturing my babies do a new thing or say a new word. Yay, Nella! And what a great big sister for teaching her!

  84. So cute. I love hearing Lainey talk. I didn’t quite catch what she wanted you all to do, but she is absolutely adorable. Way to go Nella!!

  85. GO Nella!! What a sweet big sister she has :)

  86. Isn’t it wonderful watching them interact? I have an almost 4 year old boy and a 1-1/2 year old girl.
    Both of them said “doggie” for their first word.

  87. Yay Nella!! Way to go girls!! Lainey is a great teacher!!! It’s so fun to see them on video! :) They couldn’t be any more precious if they tried!

  88. I couldn’t hear her say it because the music on the blog but very cute anyway!

  89. Sisters, special.

  90. Awesome! So sweet. Unfortunately I think that with my older kids teaching The Baby how to speak, her first real discernible words will be either, “Poop” or “Fart.” It’s a start, I suppose :-)

  91. What a great moment!!!! So glad that you got that on video.

  92. CUTEST thing EVER!!!
    so proud of Laine for working with her! and that Nella is one smart little girl!!!

  93. way to go nella! i love your blog btw. makes me happy!!!

  94. Loving this video!! So precious watching the girls interact with each other!!

  95. So sweet! I hope my girl gets a sister.

  96. OMG I LOVE this. How awesome!! Funny bc I blogged something similar last night. We have a 4 year old and a (almost) 16 month old. Both boys. And boy do they love each other. Just recently they started playing games together. They’ve always loved each other and have interacted wonderfully but these games seem to have upped the level of their involvement. Our oldest, Jackson, will chase and tackle our youngest, Carson. I, of course, want to stop it so Carson doesn’t get hurt…until I hear his penetratingly deep and happy belly laughs. He LOVES every moment of this and I swear the harder he is tackled the harder he laughs. And my heart beams (once I know he’s not hurt :)). We constantly tell Jackson to be careful and to amke sure he doesn’t hurt Carson but we know they would both be so disappointed if it stopped completely. And I love watching the bond grow even deeper.

    Thank you so much for your post today. There is nothing sweeter than seeing siblings interact like that.

    And Congrats to Nella for saying dog – and for Lainey teaching her :). Awesome.

  97. Yay Nella!
    Beautiful dress Lainey!

    Kate and Madison from Purdue

  98. SWEET!!!! :)

  99. I’ve been waiting for video! Nella has a wonderful teacher!♥

    Way to go, Nella! You keep on talkin’ sister!♥

  100. Your two girls are truly magnicifcently beautiful and intelligent. Never let anyone but limitations on them, which Im sure you know, and I have had to learn with this being a new process. You are a wonderful teacher to them two, an angel in disguise for his daughters

  101. Oh my gravy that was so adorable! Loving when those little ones learn new words! I heard a sweet little (13 month old) voice echo “Jesus” this morning during our prayer time. Awesome stuff I tell ya!

  102. Way to go Nella! Nella is so lucky to have such a wonderful teacher with Lainey :) You are a lucky momma. XOXO

  103. Love the pics and am in love with the new sponsor coco penny!!!

  104. Seriously! How sweet is that! I love those moments. The other day I found my almost 8 year old son reading to his 6 year old sister with his arm wrapped around her shoulder. Love it.

  105. My 6 year old niece and 3 year old daughter were playing in the backyard. I told them they could play in the water, but not to get too wet because my niece didn’t have extra clothes. After a few minutes I heard a squeal and a worried “I’m going to tell your mom.” Well, my niece had accidentally stepped on the hoze nozzle which happened to be left on, so they both got sprayed and ended up soaking wet. They thought they were going to get in trouble, but I couldn’t stop laughing!

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. Precious!! I just had a baby boy and can’t wait for he and my four year old to learn and play together!

  108. That was ADORABLE!

  109. oh my goodness gracious….adorable!!!!

  110. Oh my goodness. This is so precious. My heart is so full watching your girls. What a GREAT big sister Lainey is to Nella. So proud of both of your girls.

  111. Kelle, I was watching this with my 5 month old Henry sitting beside my desk in his exersaucer. I suddenly realized he had gotten VERY quiet, looked over at him, and he was completely hypnotized by your girls :)

  112. Ok, I live in Indiana, and always check out your blog. Scrolling through the blog I see a picture of a girl I know named Erin. Her step mom is a really good friend of mine, her name is Beth Davenport! Such a small world! Love your blog, and greetings from Indiana!!

  113. Just had to tell you: my 17 month old daughter and I were watching the video, and she kept saying “dog” whenever Lainey would say it :-) She’s said it before, but not in a couple months. Lainey is a wonderful teacher! :-)

  114. This made me tear up! Their little voices are so sweet. I’m a big sister so that was just extra sweet for me.

  115. Go Nella!! Precious moment for sure! My mom always talks about how my younger brother taught me to tie my shoes in about 5 minutes after she’d spent months trying to teach me with no luck at all. Kiddos learn so much from each other!!

  116. I love big sisters!!! Awesome job Nella!

  117. The students in my Speech-Language Pathology program couldn’t have done it better. Lainey is the world’s tiniest and most adorable SLP!

  118. Oh, Nella!!! You are soooo smart! Good job little buggie-boo! And I love hearing Lainey’s voice, too… irresistible!


  119. Woo hoo! My sons favourite words right now are “car keys”!

  120. I love it!!

  121. That is so, so, so awesome!! Way to go Nella.. and big sister Lainey for helping her!!!

  122. beautiful!!!! its so cute to put a voice with those gorgeous little faces!

  123. love lainey’s invitation.. so sweet.

  124. yay, nella! i’m an early intervention speech language pathologist and am SO impressed by Nella’s imitation! she’s on the road to talking! so exciting!

  125. wiff dada, and Nella…and you…and me…omg that was CUTE. :)

  126. Oh my gosh!!! Lainey’s voice!!! It is SO sweet!!!! Love that video. I also love the full blue-moon eyes. Gorgeous. And the last thing that made me laugh was Ross Gellar on FRIENDS. These reruns never get old to me. xx

  127. Thank you for sharing. Your life, your lessons.

  128. You capture the little things that make up the big things of life so wonderfully for this mom who knows the blessings of a life with a speacial needs girl…. thank you for your pictures and words…

  129. I could listen to Lainey say “later” a thousand times. It’s the “La-to” that I remember hearing so much from my daughter. That, and the “wiff” instead of “with”..

    Put some more videos of her talking.. Pwease!!!!

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