Enjoying the Small Things

This is why I love blogging.

…because at the end of the day, I finally sit in the red chair to edit a few pictures. I settle into my nook and turn my speakers up, cueing the dogs to come curl at my feet, one on either side, as I begin the process–sorting my favorites into a folder. I slowly click forward, one photo at a time, and smile. Things I’ve forgotten I snapped. Sweet smiles I overlooked. Moments I might have never thought about again.



But now they are frozen, magnified by the size of the screen, glorifed by the glow of computer light, and I stop and really look at them…and remember it all.


The sky seems bluer, the trees more vivid and life just a tad bit sweeter.



And somehow this ritual of stringing photos and words together makes me more grateful, more aware, more present.


And I like that.



Breakfasts with Friends.
A new Wednesday ritual–one that will definitely stay. We house swap each week, and this week brought a small group of friends to my kitchen. I love having people in our house.



Which reminds me of a particular afternoon when I lived with my grandma and grandpa. The living room was full of visiting friends, and I watched as my grandma hurried around the kitchen, pouring coffee and arranging food trays to serve the friends that laughed and told stories in the other room. I offered to take over as certainly, she’d rather be part of the conversation in the living room. And my grandma smiled a different smile–the all-knowing “I have this one figured out” smile and replied, “No, I don’t have to be in there. I just like hearing them.” I know exactly what she meant.




Hunting in the Woods.
Lainey’s favorite game right now is hiding tiny things in the woods and making me hunt for them. Like these baby chicks.


Eleven chicks she hides under pinecones and dried leaves, and she remembers where every last one was placed.



More “Ohs”
The Bath Oh, ranking slightly below The Beach Oh, but still pretty high on the list of Ohs That Make Me Smile.


Nook Spruce-up.
Had to hang my Abernathy art above my desk (“the only thing I am 100% certain of is what I am doing exactly right at this moment now”) and needed something different. Small but necessary change. I can’t have things looking the same in my house for very long at all, or my inspiration gets stale.


Baby Dolls.
It’s happened on its own with both my girls–their love of baby dolls. Nella’s finally given up bossing them around and now she’s gentle…but if you’ll notice, Lainey still puts them in their place.



Her Squinty-Eyed Smile.

Almond eyes magically transfrom into almond slivers when she smiles, and I’ve memorized this face and see it in my sleep…sweet little crescent moons that get me every time.

But full moons are quite lovely too.


And the barrettes? Adorable stay-put gems from new sponsor, Coco Penny. The barrettes stay in all day, work brilliantly with baby fine hair and can be clipped onto everything–purses, belts, headbands, you name it.


Check out their amazing assortment of headbands, clips and embellished onesies, and use code “smallthings” for 10% off your order. (Nella’s worn our favorite felt flower clip practically every day this week!)


TWO commenters on this post will be randomly selected to receive a $25 gift certificate from Coco Penny. And because I love hearing what you have to say too, in your comment tell me what’s the last thing that made you laugh?

The last thing that made me laugh: Lainey tattling on Nella as in “Hey Mom, Nella’s being mean to me!”

So yes, this right here is what I like about blogging. Feeling *that* much more aware of the little things that add up to one big thing. And I tie a grateful note to the string of a balloon and then I let it go…into the void, having no idea where it’s going but feeling good watching it float, float, float away.


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  1. Laughter recently:
    1) Ellie’s tears and screams when I began singing “Don’t Stop Believin'” (score 1 for 80s-hater husband.)

    2) My mom attempting to figure out blog commenting (love you mom!)

    3) Me trying to speak Spanish and telling my husband I wanted to watch a “Comida Romantica” or “Romantic food” for our movie night

    4) Nella’s Oh-Face

    5) My husband and Ellie curled up in bed this morning, making the same face, both refusing to get up!

  2. I love this. Seriously love it.

    The last thing that made me laugh was going through silly photographs full of silly faces.

  3. My husband and I always have some sort of banter before bed, we tease each other….inevitably we’re both cracking up. Love him!!

  4. when talking about spring with my 6-year old Joey, I told him the trees would soon have blossoms.
    Me: do you know what blossoms are?
    Joey: that animal that pretends to sleep??

    Love him!

  5. I love this post. :o)

    The last thing that made me laugh was having a dance party last night with my kids. So much fun!


  6. Cute bath pictures! My daughter (she’s 2) tried on my bra this morning. We laughed and laughed!

  7. I love this post! Last laugh… easy! my baby laughing this morning… it’s infectious!

  8. my favorite moment has been going on for about a week now.

    My 4 year old just heard the new Selena Gomez song on Disney Channel “who says” and she has been singing her little heart out Who says who says you’re not worth it, who says your not perfect who says your not beautiful tell me who said that.

    Something so special about those words and them coming out of my little girls soft voice makes my heart jump.

    Because who says anyone isn’t perfect, worth it & beautiful, I just wish I could keep the world around her just like that song for ever!!!!

    Love the Nella O face and of course Lainey hiding things, Audrey is always hiding notes and making me look for them :)

  9. ahhhh , love your post.
    last thing that made me laugh…noah is putting his shoe in the printer !

    love and blessings the doughtys

  10. Last thing that made me laugh was belly hurts type of laughter – my husband trying so hard to do yoga with me, (his first time). I don’t think that needs more explanation.

  11. Just laughed a few minutes ago when I caught my almost 2 year old on her potty chair in the bathroom — “I go pee pee mama”..with a magazine in her hand! Wha?

    Btw, thank you for constantly reminding me of all of ‘the little things that add up to one big thing’. Today is a sweet day after a rough week & then to open this post & read your words & see your pictures just added another element to the day. Reminders always provided by you. Gratitude.

  12. very cute barrettes.
    last laugh – this morning playing “tent” under the sheets with my son and husband.

  13. Love this blog because I feel the same way. :) The last thing to make me laugh? My almost 3 year old, Grace, kneeling down to clean up some yogurt spilled on the floor by her little sister Lily (whose FIRST birthday is today!) for me this morning so that I didn’t have to stop feeding her to do it myself. When she squatted, she farted. Without missing a beat, she said, “Scuse me, mommy, my booty farted.” And I laughed. out. loud.

  14. The last thing that made me laugh was a picture of Nella’s gorgeous smile above! She’s the most adorable little girl!

    But before that, I laughed watching a hilarious comedy. 😀

  15. Love how my little girl makes me laugh every day. Yesterday, it was a joyous laughter as we watched her figure her hands out and slowly crawl across the floor!

  16. Oh dear! Nella’s oh face is precious!

    I was just laughing when I turned around to see that my little Isabelle had fallen asleep, sitting up in her bumbo. Watching dinner prep is exhausting.

    I have a great little giveaway I posted Monday on my blog – one day left to enter. Anyone is welcome to check it out :)

  17. I was in Disney with my family last week and was super sick. I was laying a on a bench waiting for them to get off a ride when a little girl in a princess costume came up to me asking why I laid down. I told her I was sick. She proceeded to tell me she “pooked in the car…it was nasty, but not too nasty.” Gotta love an honest 4 year old princess :)

  18. The last thing that made me laugh:
    This morning Abby (my 3yr old) and I played “make-up” and I used concealer to give her one nice unibrow that dipped down to her nose in the middle. When she looked in the mirror she exclaimed, “Ooohh Mama, I’M ANGRY!”
    I’m still laughing! :)
    Have a great day!

  19. The last thing that made me laugh was a funny forward email from a coworker. I normally don’t take time to read them but it did actually make me laugh out loud —sshhhhhh. I’m supposed to be working 😉 And as always your photos today make me smile. Happy Friday Eve!

  20. The last thing that made my heart and throat skip a beat… was last Sunday during church services,(heads where bowed) silence was upon us and my littlest says, “MOMMY, I just had a cricket and it stinks”… and then hearing the giggling and snickers from the row behind us.. Yep my girl proclaimed she had gas in church… Bless her little sole…

  21. Kelle, I love your blog! I come over all the time and love to see your sweet princess’s! They remind me so much of mine! When I read that Lainey tattles on Nella, Same as my almost 6 year old about the almost 2 year old :) they crack me up… the last thing I laughed at was when my almost 2 year old comes runnin down the hall screaming mom, poopey is coming!!! That means it is time to go potty… we are potty training… she hates it in her pants and it is a look of terror on her face that she knows it is coming and doesnt want it in her pants :)

  22. The last thing that made me laugh was a youtube video of Ellen interviewing Kaley Cuoco about the Shake Weight. HILARIOUS!

    I love that Lainey tells on Nella. My 3 year old tells on his brothers, too: “Yuke (Luke) is bothering me.”

  23. I laughed this morning watching my 2.5 yr old son try to figure out his Diego camera when he looked up and said “Something’s not quite right here” in a very 43 year old man voice (my husband being that 43 year old man!!)

  24. Oh what made me laugh!!!

    Dylan in the tub with her brother. she LOVED it and she had the biggest smile

    Drying Dylan’s hair and watching her fall in love with the baby in the mirror who kept talking to her.

    Having my daycare text me and ask if my son Drake got into the sugar doughnut because he was acting like Dash of the movie The Incredibles.

    And listening to Dylan try to laugh. She does a coughing thing instead and it’s really is the cutest thing EVER!!!

  25. Those clips are so adorable. Especially on the head of one of your kiddos!!

    Last Laugh: At the pet store with my son and him laughing at the parrot that was saying “bye bye” made me laugh :)

  26. I laughed this morning when I woke up! My son Noah was right above my head, lips puckered, waiting for a kiss. I wonder how long he was there? :)

    The flower clips are adorable! I need to order some for my little baby girl Emma.

  27. Something my 9yo said. He is aware I blog about his sayings so now I can’t put them out there as frequently. 😉

  28. Lainey has the prettiest eye color (and eyelashes) I’ve ever seen! I love the way they go with her wispy blonde hair.

  29. Last Laugh: The shower game we played at my baby shower over the weekend: Guessing which candy bars where melted into diapers. Seeing my friends, smell, lick, brown diapers…best laugh ever :)

  30. The last thing that made me laugh was when I texted my husband to tell him what episode of Flight of the Conchords I was starting my morning with and he replied with one of my favorite lines from the episode. Is it sad I laugh out loud by myself?

  31. Love those clips – cutest ones I’ve seen I think. My latest laugh was last night with my husband over how absurd living with my parents (temporarily) can be. One of those things that’s really not funny, but it kind of is.

  32. Your posts are always so kind and peaceful. Love them.
    Last thing that made me laugh? My 2 year old. Peeing on the potty and saying ‘mommy, daddy will wuv dis!’

  33. The last thing that made me laugh was last night when my daughter was playing peek a boo in the bathtub with her washcloth and toothbrush! Hearing her was “where is it?” and “there it is!” is priceless!!!

  34. I love Lainey pointing her little finger at the baby doll lol.

    It looks like Lily has a new sibling, at least it looks like Lily when she was an infant. :)

    The last thing that made me laugh was looking at all the hairs the straightner missed this morning while i was still half asleep.

    Have a great weekend. :)


  35. I last laughed at my son this morning singing my alltimefavorite song from my alltimefavorite movie, “Under the Sea” that he’s learned from an old Disney’s Sing-A-Long vhs tape. And his look when I knew more of the words than he did!

  36. Great post! I love both of your daughter’s smiles, their entire faces light up.

    Last thing that made me laugh was doing Just Dance on the Wii with my 6 year old twins. We rocked out!!! So fun xoxo

  37. Last laugh: listening to my 2 year old organizing her underwear: “this one is for Wednesday. this one is for Tolater. This one is Wednesday. This one is Tolater. Wednesday. Tolater.” How perfect a word is “tolater”?!

  38. I need to learn how to take pictures. I love your blog.

  39. the last thing that made me laugh was my almost 3 yr old son. We had the following conversation yesterday after I got out of the shower.

    him: mommy look at your hair
    me: yes its wet and messy
    him: no, its perfect. I love it

    Then I gave him a hug for being so sweet and he started to give me a foot rub. Then he rubbed my legs and noticed they were prickly here is what happened next:

    him: mommy what happened your legs?
    me: huh?
    him: they’re yucky


  40. The last time I laughed was while watching my one-year old daughter act a like a pesky little sister and annoy her 2.5-year old brother by snatching pieces of the puzzle he was working on. She’s little, but she already knows how to and takes delight in irritating him. LOL

    Luckily, even though she bugs him, he loves nothing more than to give her kisses :)

  41. last thing that made me laugh- my son’s little friend singing “mocha face” by lady gaga (instead of “poker face”). it’s hilarious!

  42. First time commenting – I love your blog! Very inspirational and so true to life. Thanks for sharing.
    Laughter lately – my singing along with Mary Poppins, and my almost 3 yr. old walking over to me, chubby finger on my lips and said, “Mommy? No sing…no sing mom.”

  43. Sweet sisters.
    Last thing that made me laugh was yesterday when my daughter (2) picked up an old blackberry and put it to her ear and said, “Hi, Grandma, I play with mommy and I go pee pee!!!”.

  44. The last thing that made me laugh was my dog coming out from under my red blanket that he stole… he looked like little red riding hood. Or maybe the wolf wearing the hood.

  45. New to your site and just adore it. Your girls are beautiful and your love for them – so heartwarming. I love it.

    I’d love to be considered for the giveaway. My daughter is six months old and nothing stays in her super-fine hair. Thanks, again!

  46. you described exactly what I love about blogging! I love the memories we’re making, the journaling we’re doing and how fun it is along the way – sharing it with others, etc…

    The last thing to make me laugh was my 2 1/2 year old sweetness coming up to me in bed and saying “Mommy, you ready to get up? are you sick? did you pee in your diaper?” :)

  47. Putting my daughter in the car after we were shopping at the grocery store past my 2 year old and 7 month olds nap time. SHe was so well behaved that when she batted her eyes and asked for a treat in line, I couldn’t say no. She picked the yellow bag of m and ms because yellow is mommy’s favorite color. So I strap her in the car seat looked down and realize the yellow bag has peanut m and m, which she can’t have. I just started laughing so hard because this has to be the 5th time we grabbed that darn yellow bag not thinking. A tear started down her cheek before out of my purse came a bag of fruit snacks and all in the world was better. Brown bag, brown bag, brown bag, but you know next time we will grab that so much inviting, enticing, bright yellow bag again, so I just had to laugh!

  48. Sunday we celebrated our twins’ first birthday. I laughed AND cried while they ravenously dug into their very first cupcake. Not a single bit of frosting was unlicked (is that a word?) and we found crumbs in every nook and cranny that night during bath time.

  49. Those cresent moons are darling! And as much as I don’t like tattling it always makes me stiffle a snicker, sisters are amazing. Great post kelly!

  50. The last thing that made me laugh is my 7 month old’s crazy open mouth kisses…sooo funny I can’t help it!!

  51. Love your blog! So inspiring!!! And your girls are beautiful and perfect! The last thing that made me laugh was last night when I was bathing my boys and me oldest son pointed to my youngest sons nipple and said “Boobie Button!” So we’re going with that…a nipples is a boobie button:-)

  52. When my son took care of business in the potty and then exclaimed, “Eeew, stinky!” My thoughts exactly, my son.

  53. This is my first time commenting on your blog but I have been following for quite awhile now. I just have to tell you that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about this blog, your pictures are Amazing, your girls are Beautiful, your words are Inspiring, you are a Wonderful mama, you make me want to be a better mama to my 1 year old and oh I just LOVE it all! I think I have gone back and read almost every post cause I just can’t help myself, it brings me so much joy and happiness because you are just Awesome!!! Lainey and Nella, well they are just 2 of the cutest little things I ever did see and their clothes and their smiles and their love for eachother and and and…. You get the point!!!
    The last thing that made me laugh, my 1 year old daughter pushing the button on her farm fridge magnet over and over again so she can dance, too cute!!!

  54. Love the post, the barrettes, the oh’s!
    Last thing that made me laugh;
    – My girl’s laugh and million faces she makes. She is very expressive an is doing so many “crazy” new things every day. Love every minute of it.

    Happy Thursday!
    Enjoying the small things

  55. You are such an amazing writer, I could read your words over and over.
    They give me such inspiration and hope for the future of not only my daughters life but mine.
    You have a positive spin to everything.
    I have to agree whenever I start to write my favorite thing is to curl up with my laptop and starting going through the 1000s of photos Ive taken not wanting to forget any moment or memory!

  56. Too tired to remember laughing out loud, last time.
    Smirking smile? Yesterday evening when Johannes proudly announced that he now can wipe his own cute little butt :-) *love*

  57. The last thing that made me laugh? When I handed my 13 month old over to my husband pretending that I hadn’t noticed her poop…. so then he got to change her!! LOL… I might still be laughing a little!

  58. The last thing that made me laugh was my boss comparing me to a 50 year old man…I am a lower 30 year old lady! :) Love your blog!

  59. Youre story to me is as well phenomenal, unlike your daughter she is missing a chromosome (chromosome 7) so she has a deletion of a couple of genes one being elastin.
    Williams Syndrome is so rare the only people I can turn to a lot are those of down syndrome, I cant find much support on Williams but found what I could and it does help.
    Thankyou for helping me

  60. I love the clips! My Beatrice would look great in some spring flowers!!

  61. The last thing that made me laugh was my son doing yoga last night right after his bath wrapped up in a towel. He came out as I was doing my yoga and sat on dad’s lap doing it. Then got down next to me and did a downward dog! He is full of awesomeness! :)

  62. Love laughter! Recently heard in our home: Our little two-year-old guy waking up from his nap to look out the window and see snow (in spring, in ohio, yuck!) and shouring excitedly, “It snowed! It snowed! Go play in the snow!” What perspective!

  63. Your girls are so beautiful!!

    I laughed out loud when my daughter with Ds told my husband and I “You two should get a room!!” when we were kissing good bye this morning.

  64. The last thing that made me laugh is when my 5 yr old son asked me what was the point of buying Glue if we didnt have any crafts!

  65. the last thing that made me laugh was when I was simply walking and talking with my husband this morning on our way to our classes.

  66. My four year old Liam has a stomach bug that has been lingering for days. I thought he was better so we ventured in the car yesterday to pick up the big kids at school. Of course, he threw up all over himself about half way there. As we pulled into the parking lot, he looked at me with glazed eyes and asked, “what smells?” I couldn’t help but laugh. Thanks for your blog, it really makes my day and gives me a pick me up when my lives seems mired in the dark. Thank you!

  67. I laughed this morning watching my little one start to warm up and smile and clap at story time at the library. It’s something I took my older daughter to every week at this age, but can’t seem to get my act together with two kids to get there anymore. Today we made time and it was so worth it, she smiled, she danced, she clapped – she loved it!

  68. The last thing that made me laugh was my 8 month old figuring out how to walk (as in one-foot-in-front-of-the-other) in his walker to where ever I am in the kitchen. He just follows me around. But our kitchen has enough floor space that if he is on one side he can walk his little self across the rooma and it’s so cute!!

  69. The last thing that made me laugh was listening to my 3yr old daughter explain to my dog that running in the street is very dangerous and asking him “am I clear?”

  70. The last thing that made me laugh was watching my 10.5 month old daughter move from me to my husband to beg for some of our dinner (I had already finished mine).

  71. Yesterday, my twins, who are almost 3 and always beating each other up were hugging and kissing each other, rolling on the floor and just loving each other up. Then later, my 7 y/o was writing a list of April Fools Day pranks to play. Laughed so hard at that, because I remember doing the same thing at her age.

  72. My most recent laughs were thanks to reminiscing last night with my mom and sister about silly things that happened when I was growing up.

  73. the quote from your grandmother…i know exactly how she feels. i l.o.v.e. to entertain, being in the kitchen, preparing everyone’s favorite, creating a new drink, and i love to be the one in the kitchen just listening to life happen around me. it’s probably my most favorite moment. the last thing that made me laugh was my hubby, last weekend when our oldest had a serious ear infection (and became a huge drama king) instead of getting frustrated, we laughed our way through a horribly long day, with 3 very unhappy little boys, and still managed to snuggle with smiles on our faces at the end of the day!

  74. love your pictures of your girls so much…. they are simply beautiful!

  75. The last thing to make me laugh was my 10 month old snatching my 5 year olds bagel this morning. That cream cheese covered grin made me chuckle. Too cute!

  76. Em, 4: El, does this tickle?
    El, 2: Yeah.
    Em: Then laugh.
    El: Heh heh heh (total deadpan)

    There’s nothing better than overhearing conversations between these sisters.

  77. The last thing that made me laugh was my Little Bean, Evalyn. She’s in this stage where she tries to make her lips buzz, but she doesn’t quite know how to, so she blows bubbles. And the sound is so distinct that when she does it in her room alone, it’s hilarious! She’s also been talking much more this week. And I love it!!!

  78. Oh gosh, don’t know if I want to admit this or not…

    I was trying on bikinis (GASP!) with Ellie with me in the dressing room, and I put one on and she goes, and I am not kidding…

    “Mom, that is hideous.”

    She is 4.

    Needless to say, I didn’t buy that one…I did laugh hysterically, however. Gotta love their honesty!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. Thanks for the giveaway! The last few things that have made me laugh are hearing all 4 children chatter and laugh at the dinner table and this morning hearing a very persistent and hopeful woodpecker pecking at my rain gutters. It’s a nice way to wake up.

    Blessings, Betty

  80. Great photos and great pictures of your girls!

    The last thing that made me laugh was my daughter’s response to the question “Where are you today?” Mommy, I’m in Hawii! Good place to pick!

  81. Last thing that made me laugh… I’ve been trying to get my daughter to stop eating her boogers, so I told her that she gets booger breath and booger kisses are yucky. So she replies, “What if I kiss you like this?” and puckers up and blows a boogery kiss in my face. Gross, yes, but cracks me up like only she can.

  82. I love the way you string words with your photos. You are more inspiration to me than you will ever know. I love the clips!

  83. The last thing that made me laugh was my sweet 8 week old daughter looking up and smiling at me at 2:30 this morning when all I wanted to do was climb back into bed!

  84. Love it!

    Last thing to make me laugh: This morning my five month old, after months of being sabotaged in many ways by her 21 month old big sister, finally got her revenge. She smiled, reached up for the handle of her big sissy’s pacifier, and popped that sucker right out of her mouth. It was hilarious already, but her big grin made it all the more funny. She knew EXACTLY what she did. :)

    Have a great day, Kelle!

  85. I am in love with the squinty eyed smile. What made me laugh recently? My 3 year old telling me that when she grew up she would get married. Slight pause, then saying, “maybe daddy can be my bride.” ha ha.

  86. As I’m taking my son to catch the bus this morning our german shepherd pushed me to the car, my son and I was laughing our heads off because it was almost like she was saying hurry you don’t want him to miss the bus again!

  87. My last laugh was when my little girl grabbed her purse, threw it over her arm and waved bye-bye! Not sure where she thought she was going… :)

  88. Another beautifully worded blog, with pictures of two sweet little girls to compliment it. :)

    Last thing that made me laugh… My twin toddler boys sharing a big old smoocheroo, right on the lips. Sweetest thing ever. <3

  89. Love it as always..

    The last thing that made me laugh happened this morning. My 2 yr old son is getting excited for his 3rd birthday next month. He looks at his sister and says ” You wanna go my birfday?” then he looks at me and says ” ma, Em needs hat, we get hats k?” :)

  90. My 21month olds new, “mad face.” His nose gets all scrunched up, he closes his eyes and yells “NO!” Gets me every time :)

  91. My Emma, sitting on the toilet, yelling at the top of her lungs, “MOOOOOM! MY POTTY DOESN’T WANT TO COME OUT!!!!”

  92. I love blogging for that reason too. It’s so awesome to be able to “freeze” these moments and remember them just as they are. Breakfast with friend sounds like a good ritual to keep up for sure! You’re blessed you have wonderful friends around you.

  93. The last thing that made me laugh was early this morning going into my little guys room to set his alarm and hearing him laugh in his sleep. Love the good dreams!

    I love your blog and you have such a precious family. Wonderful writing and photographs. Thanks!

  94. The last thing I laughed at was the picture of Nella and Lainey playing baby dolls. The one where Lainey is telling them off. Not because of the pic of them, but because of Barbie in the corner! Whoa girl! LOL

  95. i am loving those sweet moon eyes of nella! last thing that made me laugh…having a little pop-n-lock dance sesh this morning (to some dj unk’s “walk it out” ofcourse) with my toddler while it poured rain outside and my 8 month old laughed at us, proving how very crazy we indeed looked 😉

  96. The last thing that made me laugh was my boyfriend suggesting that we should have a celebratory beer – at 7 am – after we successfully woke up obscenely early for university course registration and got all the classes we wanted. (Going back to sleep was the option chosen…because I didn’t want to get out of bed to get the beer! 😉 )

  97. What’s the last thing that made me laugh? Well, it happened about 1/2 hour ago. I was at my internship at the local high school and one of our students’ tried to guess the year my supervisor was born in. She is a beautiful 30-something year-old woman, but the student said, “You liked those roller rinks they had back in the 50s, right?” To which we all died laughing. Although not born in the 50s in the slightest, we can all enjoy some poodle skirts and saddle shoes!

  98. We call Evan’s little almond slivers- his smiley eyes :) and we love them dearly as well.

    The last time I laughed was listening to my 8 yr old explain to her 5 yr old brother that when he gets to first grade he will have to dissect a lima bean. “I have to suck on a bean??” Cracked me up.

  99. The last thing that made me laugh was my almost 2 yr old giving me one of his famous “tongue kisses”. He basically sticks his tongue out and wants you to kiss his tongue. Gets me every time.

  100. The last thing that really made me laugh (and my husband too) is how our one year old daughter has learned to crawl off of our bed and crawl into the living room. We may *think* she is still asleep and have some Mommy/Daddy time and we hear her push open the door and crawl into the room we are in. The first time this happen, we laughed so hard!!!

    Beautiful pictures!

  101. Blogging is such a therapeutic tool… I find I have a much better perspective and sense of humor about lifes ups and downs when I imagine friends, family and strangers reading the stories.

    Like when my son intentionally peed on my bed last weekend… wasn’t so funny in the moment, but I got a little buzz thinking of how amused my loved ones would be when reading.

    Keep it up, we all love it!

  102. And we are so thankful you love to blog! B/c you are what inspires me to be a better mom. 2 things that made me laugh…My 5 year old had to take a -sh word to school today…he asked me “Could this be a “shamborine”…holding up a tamborine.

  103. Last laugh- gavin showing fiona how to splash in her first sit up bath with her crazy twin brothers, and fiona laughing hysterically at this new experience. Love the sibling dynamic.

  104. Love your blog…love your little family!

    The last thing to make me laugh was my 2 year old son Patrick!

    He had to have the Tomato juice he spotted in the pantry. HAD TO HAVE IT…

    I poured it in his cup…he was oh so happy! He took one BIG GULP…and said ewwwww YUCK as he shivered. It was SOOOOO FUNNY! I was laughing like an Hyena.


  105. Another funny moment this week – My son calling me from a friend’s house telling me about this awesome snack he was having. He told me he’d bring home the recipe. The little girl’s mother wrote me a note saying “Ryan likes his cucumbers sliced long and flat” and she drew a diagram. Crazy kids!

  106. I get so excited after I click on “Enjoying the small things” in my favorties and there’s a new post:)

    What’s making me laugh these days…the fact that my 3yo girl calls her big brother “Luke Skywalker” instead of Jacob!

  107. The last thing that made me laugh so hard that I had tears streaming was when my 4 year old nephew said to my 2 year old niece, “Mais, did you know it’s against the law to marry your sister?” Where do kids come up with these things??

  108. Love your words and your pictures. You constantly remind me of the important things in life and make me want to strive to be a better mother!

    My 7 month old little girl – always doing something to make us laugh!

  109. My little guy telling me, “Mom, this makes me serious!” (Last night, over something that concerned him.

  110. I have a bunch of kids, so I laugh everyday, but the biggest one from the last few days was when my 5 year old made this revelation to his 3 year old brother while they were watching “Oswald”:
    “You know, Weenie is just a big old hot dog with no ketchup or mustard.”

    Said very matter of factly. lol

  111. The last thing that made me laugh: As I was teaching my first graders all about dinosaurs this week I asked, “So, who can tell me where the dinosaurs came from?” A sweet little face raised his hand and said, “Their mommas poop them out in an egg, but first she has to take a magazine with her to the bathroom like my dad!” OMG! Gotta love those seven year olds!

  112. My most recent conversation with my 3 year-old:

    Avery: Mommy, you like Kyle Busch.
    Me: Yes, I do. Do you?
    Avery: Yes. I like Denny Hamlin too.
    Me: What about Kevin Harvick?
    Avery: No, he’s a bad driver mommy.

    2003 Christy would have no idea who those people are.
    2006 Christy knew but didn’t care.
    2010 Christy knows, cares and watches.

    You come a long way, baby?

  113. This morning as my 4 year old was being “independent” and was struggling to get her socks on. I was getting her lunch ready for preschool and I heard her say in an exasperated tone, “Heavenly Father, you’re making me NUTS!” It was so random and unexpected that I just burst out laughing. I’ve been trying to teach her to express her feelings to Heavenly Father when she prays instead of just saying the same phrases over and over. I guess that translated over into every day life, too…not just when she prays. Kids are great.

  114. yesterday, my son, while getting out his tractor to take his friend on a ride, told her, “this is going to be the ride of your life!” he’s 3, she’s almost 4. watching them drive around in this tractor, looking like an old married couple, was so adorably hilarious, i’m smiling now…but his comment led to a laugh-until-my-eyes-cry kind of laugh.

  115. I told my 3 year old I was going to the grocery store and asked what she wanted me to buy…She goes to the pantry looks inside and says…”well, we have dora soup and fruit snacks so I guess just crunchy cheetos”
    My 1 year old says “ahh-choo” then waits for a “bless you” from whoever is around and then laughs :)
    Oh and if we get to laugh at ourselves…when my husband says something negetive or is the “fun police” to the kids ex. “no pudding its so messy and y’all just had baths”…I will repeat in the Eore/Debby Downer voice “we cant have pudding its to messy” and me and him both crack up because he knows its funny! (you kinda have to be there for that one).

  116. The other day my daughter was look especially cute, so I took a bunch of photos- for “no reason” according to my husband, but really because I wanted to remember.

  117. My sweet little Logan grasping at straws when he is in trouble or ‘time-out’ (usually for sneaking off & stripping down naked only to pee in the floor not on the potty…you rebel you) to make me giggle & let him out 30 seconds early before his minute is up. He knows what he is doing, he’s got it all figured out I tell you.

    Yesterday it was him singing his new favorite song, OMG by Usher, while in time out. I heard a sweet little “oh oh oh-oh oh oh oh-oh ohhh myyy ossshhhh” followed with a “I obe you mommy, kisses mommy? kisses kitty?” while I was in the kitchen.

    That’s time-out cuteness to the max if you ask me. And yes, as if you had to ask…he got up 30 seconds early.

  118. My 2 year old son singing “life is a highway” and eating baked cheetos at lunch today. He was in his own little world with his head swaying. My girl would love some new hair stuff! Thanks for the giveaway!

  119. LOVE Nella’s turquoise knit shoes! (want them in MY size!)
    Reviewing life as it is captured on film (digital, as it may be) does lead to magnified gratitude for those precious moments. Thank you for sharing your little moments with us…I appreciate the flight of your beautiful balloon as it flits past me in this great void.
    OUT LOUD, I laughed when I found my daughter in her too-big-for-her RED cowboy boots and self-done 6-barrett hairdo this morning. She does not get her flare for style from her jeans-and-sneaks Mama!

  120. ive never comented before, but i heve read your blog for a while….i love it….you make me remember to enjoy the little things….so thanx!
    cute girls and nice photos!
    the last thing that made me smile..and laugh was my 9 months old girl playing peekaboo with the curtains this eavning…….the cutest thing!
    love from norway!

  121. The last thing that made me laugh:

    A few minutes ago I was sharing my bowl of left over ziti, broccoli and chicken with my 14 month old. And she squinted up her face in a big smile as she picked up two pieces of ziti and made them dance together, while saying “Da, da” (I think she meant dance). How could I tell her to stop playing with her food when it was so cute.

  122. Love your blog! Love the clips. Last thing that made me laugh…Boston Ron on Surviver last night.

  123. You have a knack for making me realize what is most important in life after reading each one of your posts. My girls sure would love those “hair pretties” as they call them. The last thing that made me laugh was my (almost) 2 year old baby boy throwing a temper tantrum over a twinkie. He sure put on a show!

  124. Blogging is the best therapy for anyone that is creative.

  125. Last thing that made me laugh: My 16-month-old daughter saying “bread dough”. Sounds like “BoDo”, and is ohsocute.

  126. Just started following your blog a few weeks ago and I have to admit I’m boldly stealing tons of your “activity” ideas. I needed some fun inspiration for my 2 1/2 year old (that 1/2 is so important to both of us). I am about as type A of a mom as you will find; I plan and schedule everything… your blog is really helping me see the fun in just being there and being present.

    Last laugh: As I walked in to my son’s class room last night to see him with an apron on “making coffee” for his teachers. He looked up and proudly announced that “I pee like Daddy, not like you”. So proud that he has mastered the standing up thing… but it was pretty funny to me and all the other parents picking up!

  127. At our playdate this morning, Anna (almost 2) and Oliver(just turned 2) were sitting together at the little table eating oranges, Anna suddenly stood up and pointed at Oliver’s face and said very clearly, “Boodgers!” Then went to the bathroom to get him a tissue.

  128. The last thing that made me smile, as in, after it was over.. getting locked out of my house for the 15th time THIS year..
    being pregnant makes you very forgetful..

  129. the last thing that made me laugh?

    it had to have been just being with my baby. i love her and all the little things that only a mom notices…makes me love her even more and make me laugh!!

  130. You make me try to take better pictures….I’m jealous!!!

    Laughed…I dreamed last night, as a wedding gift, my aunt made me a homemade lampshade cover out of tissue paper, held together on the seems with heavier cardboard! I laugh even harder when I repeat it!!

  131. I love this post. Actually, I have loved every single post I’ve ever read of yours. They inspire me to be a better woman, mother, friend, etc. and have opened my eyes to truly enjoying all the small things.

    The last thing that made me laugh – in talking to my soon-to-be 3-year old, I told her I just couldn’t believe how grown-up she was. How she started out in my belly and now she was such a big girl that I was so proud of and loved so much. She gave me a hug and said she loved me too. And then she said, “if I was in your belly, Mama, does that mean you ate me? You really shouldn’t do that. I was just a little baby.” Priceless!

  132. What made me smile today:

    My sweet girl standing on the counter (so she can be taller than me) dancing with me so she can hold my hands and make me twril like a princess. :)

  133. my friends ! love your blog :)

  134. Beautiful pictures, as always.

    The last thing that made me laugh was the little boy on campus today who told his mom “I love you, but I don’t like you right now.” Then he gave her a big hug. So cute!


  135. Love your blog! I’m now following :)
    The last thing that made me laugh was my brother (he’s in preschool) asking if Steven Tyler was a boy or girl :)

    Have a great day!

  136. The last thing to make me laugh? My 3 year old son telling me that my 17 month old son was sleeping by saying “Mom, Carter’s sleeping. He’s such a punk-ass.”

  137. Today is a busy day for me so being able to quickly sit down and read this post was very relaxing for me. Thanks.
    Also your picnic with Lainey is Adorable! Love it!

  138. What made me laugh today, was when my little 1.5 year old pretended to sneeze over and over again, with the full body motion, hands covering her face and sly little smile.

  139. My last laugh? My naked 2 year old little girl who bent over to pick something up, pooted and startled herself. It had me clutching my stomach and gasping for air kind of laughing.

  140. Last thing that made me laugh… my nine-year-old son telling me that he thought he should clean up the kitchen “in case someone stops over.” Is that MY son?!!

  141. The last thing that made me laugh was my daughter playing in her exersaucer. She gets a kick out of pulling on the toys and yelling at them.

  142. My little boy finally figuring out how to wave good-bye this morning and then clapping to congratulate himself!!

  143. The last thing that made me laugh was the outfit my husband put on our daughter to go out yesterday. White onesie with pastel polka dots and brown pants with cream polka dots. Come to find out they went to the barber, mall, and lunch like that. Dots and dots match, no? LOL!

  144. OK, the huge granny-grinning photo of Nella Bean looks just like Madeline Albright would look if she negotiated world peace! This post came and the right moment to prevent me from being distracted by what some might feel is the important world! This is far more important. I want to hunt for chicks in the woods. Really bad.

  145. I first have to say this post made me cry and laugh all in one. I remember my grandmother say the same thing to me and I didn’t understand, but I sure do now.
    My last good laugh: My 3 year old son coming up to me and saying “Mommy did you know you are the best mommy in the whole world. well besides your mommy and daddy’s.”

  146. Hi Kelle,

    Because of you, I have captured more and more of those amazing moments. I take my camera everywhere now. Every once in a while, I capture magic :)

    The last thing that made me laugh was today when I was visiting my son at school. He was celebrating his 7th birthday during his lunch, when all of a sudden, of one his girl classmates cofesses her love for him in front of the entire class… My son turned beat red!!!
    I couldn’t help but giggle :)

  147. My girl, who will be two on Monday was climbing on a chair trying to see the birdies outside (her new thing) Me: Catie! Please get down, you are going to hurt yourself! Catie: No thank you, Mommy! I have been encouraging the please and thank you thing… hey! At least she was polite :-)

  148. The last thing that made me laugh out loud was when my 2y/o Caroline came to me with her swimsuit saying that daddy was taking her to the ‘sunny beach’… when really daddy was trying to fix the faucet and said ‘son of a b**ch’…

  149. Recent laughter:

    Waking up this morning to my 14-month old son babbling away on my cellphone, leaving one long voice mail on best friend’s phone (which I’m sure will get a chuckle or two out of her when she hears it).

  150. Lovely! Last thing(s) that made me laugh. My sweet baby girl laughing hysterically in the bath tub – I have yet to figure out just why. And just this morning, when she walks her push toy into something (couch, wall, fridge etc), looks over her shoulder all sheepish at first and then flashes a cheeky grin – hey mama, a little help here! I could listen to that hysterical laughter and see that cheeky grin til the end of time.

  151. how sad is it that i can’t even remember the last thing that made me laugh. it’s been one of those days. but you have inspired me (again) to just let it go and not let anything stop me from enjoying my beautiful kids. thank you.

  152. Last thing to make me laugh – dropping my sweets off at daycare and after saying “I love you” to her, she responds back with “RO U” Makes me think of Scooby Doo :)

  153. Last thing to make me laugh was trying to take a picture of my son and niece both wearing only a diaper and matching giraffe slippers on.

  154. I love how you ended this post.

    Last thing that made me laugh – we’ve started a game with our girls to see who can put away their laundry the fastest…what made me laugh is the determination of my 3 yo daughter running with all her might to put her clothes in to her room – and maybe even her drawers…seeing her skip to the finish line with a sneaky grin on her face (where will we find those clothes?)

  155. My husband and I laughing at our new 6 month old puppy (and English Mastiff weighing in at 60 lbs!) as she “settles” down to sleep next to our bed, moving it with her big bones and lulling us to sleep with her dog “sighs.” What a stinker!

  156. Always love your posts – especially the last one with the video of Nella learning “dog.” As a graduate student in Speech Pathology, seeing this warms my heart because I know how very important it is!!!

    Last laugh – my dog giving me the evil eye when I made him get out of the nice warm bed this morning and go out into the cold! Hey, if I have to do it, he has to do it!!!

  157. A few days ago we were in a hurry and I laid out some clothes and asked my husband to put them on our two week old daughter. It wasn’t until we got to our friends house and took her out of the car seat that I saw them – the two adorable pockets with bows on them on the back of the dress. (Sigh). Poor baby Cassidy was clearly wearing her dress backwards. :)

  158. My 2.5 yr old discovered the harmonica…enough said! He is SO into it, and we can’t bear to take it away from him! It is so cute and funny how much concentration and breath goes in to it for him! He is oh so proud of his new talent!

  159. My husband makes me laugh and after 13 years. I’m thinking that’s a good thing!

  160. the last thing that made me laugh
    was hearing my 7 year old son lecture his 20 year old sister on the type of man she was allowed to marry.

  161. Your girls are so precious! That last thing that made me laugh was a funny comment from a friend on facebook.

  162. Evie makes me laugh so many times a day, it’s hard to remember each one (of course, she frustrates me equally haha). I think the last thing that made me laugh was just before nap time when Evie “tooted” (loudly) and our dog max sniffed HIS butt because he thought it was him. Evie thought that was pretty hilarious. So do I.


  163. Last thing that made me laugh: my 2nd grade students in my music class this morning. They formed a train of percussion instruments, banging as loud as they could, and pulled me into their circle to be a wild “Indian” for a few minutes. Love it!

  164. i am also a photographer, and this is exactly why i love it. every where we go, i will be snapping photo after photo, and my husband will tell me “i’m missing it,” but i know i am not at all. i am capturing it, and looking back is my favorite part. seeing everything i missed the first time. it’s amazing.
    gorgeous pictures as always, by the way. :)

  165. the last thing that made me laugh…that’s tough, i’ve been battling a nasty cold for days now. In all honesty, it was probably looking at my sickly self in the mirror trying to get ready for work this morning. we all must be able to laugh at ourselves :)

  166. Laughter yesterday: I was putting towels away in the bathroom when I realized that the living room where I’d momentarily left my 14-month-old son playing with his toys had fallen far too quiet. I sprinted down the hall to find him throwing handfuls of dirt from the pot of my beautiful palm house plant all over the kitchen floor. And when my mouth fell open, he looked at me and giggled…a giggle that makes my heart smile and my frustrations melt away…and rather than scold him, I burst out laughing and grabbed my camera while he gleefully threw dirt all over the floor. And it was wonderful.

    I love your blog, Kelle. I love your words and I love the pictures and your girls are so beautiful they take my breath away.

    And I have wondered for far too long – how do you manage to get YOURSELF into the pictures as well? Does someone take them, or do you use a tripod? Hundreds of thousands of pictures of my son – I haven’t missed a day since his birth on 1/9/10…but very few with ME actually in them. Do tell!

  167. This comment has been removed by the author.

  168. My last laugh was 10 minutes ago when I was rocking my 17 mo twin boys before naptime. I found myself explaining what the tail on their stuffed puppy dog is. “Little boys and girls, and mommies and daddies don’t have tails. Just some animals do.” Then one replied “No, no, peenie, mama!” while grabbing the crotch of his diaper. So now I apparently have delve into the differences between tails and penises.

  169. Another great post! Please tell me where you found those ADORABLE turquoise knit shoes Nella was wearing with her white top and adorable flower clip? Millie NEEDS them!!

    Oh, something that made me laugh…last night, we were sitting down at dinner. We put Millie on her play mat while we ate. We looked up a couple minutes later and Millie was giggling as she got to the other side of the room. She just rolled, and rolled, and rolled until she got there. Ryan, Ava, and I were cracking up! She joined us at the dinner table afterwards…:)

  170. The last thing that made me laugh was my 3 year old called me and told me “I’m just hanging outside, wearing my Justin Beiber shirt whoo hoo” LOL

  171. Love the pictures of the girls with their dolls! Laughing is such good medicine for the soul. I have to little boys – 3 & 5. So laughing comes often. My favorites are when we eaves drop on their conversations!

  172. The last thing that made me laugh…was my husbands excitement to the fact that I remembered today is opening day. GO GIANTS!

  173. The last thing that made me laugh was…this morning when my daughter was singing every word of Time Of My Life – by Black Eyed Peas…I guess she has heard it so often in the car, she has memorized the words…she’s 4!

  174. Recent laugh…just a couple hours ago when my youngest addressed her Nonno “grandpa” by his first name! Talk about being on a first name basis, gets me every time!

    Love, love, love the blog. It just gets me every time.

  175. Love your blog!!

    The last thing that made me laugh was my 2 1/2 year old daugther telling me that “I was a good girl.” It is something I have been telling her a lot lately and I guess she thought it applied to me too.

  176. 1) My son makes me laugh everyday when he does the “Hot Dog Dance” at the end of Mickey Mouse…he is so free and his LOVE of LIFE makes my heart hurt…LOVE my little man…

    2) I laughed so hard at work yesterday about a silly little idea of having lunch in the copy room because it’s so warm in there! Then, I laughed even harder when telling my hubby about our brilliant idea and him not seeing the funny-ness in the story…gotta love girl friends!! :-) (PS – I’m laughing just thinking about it…)

  177. The last thing to make my heart laugh was being at my 15 week ultrasound yesterday and my 3 year old son asking me, “mommy is the baby going to come out right now?” Oh how this is going to be a long pregnancy!

  178. Luckily I teach fourth grade to an amazing group of kids. Secretly pregnant (about 2 and a half months along with baby number 2), one of my students, who I nicknamed cabbage patch because she has those adorable dimples the dolls have says to be, Mrs. O. I don’t know how to tell you this but…your looking a little rounder in the belly area. I said what do you mean? She said “Girl, are you getting fatter or you havin another baby”

    Best way I have ever been asked if I was pregnant. I looked at her and said…I’ve been eating too many snacks I guess and instantly texted my husband. So funny. Love my kids at school and of course my boy at home.

  179. The last things that made me laugh was my baby son in Alaska calling me (at work) and asking me if my 6 yo grand daughter could get on her mom’s facebook.

    I told him yes. Well apparently last night she type – Hi Uncle Drew this is Hannah i need 25.

    I know this was true cuz Hannah told me when I the got home that she asked her Uncle Drew for 25 (bucks) for an iTune gift card to buy the Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 movie for her iTouch.

  180. the last thing that gave me a good chuckle was watching my fiance FINALLY clean out some of the clutter we have hoarded away in our dining room. I ask him constantly to go though it and today, without my complaining, he just sat their going through the boxes one by one. Love him :)

  181. Your posts and playlist always lift my spirits. The last time I laughed was just a few minutes ago when I was tickling Levi. I can’t hear him laugh without laughing myself!

  182. YAY for the small things, Kelle. You have such a way of bringing sunshine and joy into our lives.

    Our recent laughter comes at our 13 mo. old daughter’s expense. Well, not laughing at her… okay, yeah, I’ll admit it – we ARE laughing at her, because she’s funny!! In particular, my husband and I randomly will start imitating her cute little mannerisms. Like when I open a door, I have to say “OH-paaah!” (open) just like she does (no, we are not Greek!), or when my husband is tired, he pretends to suck his thumb and play with his eyelashes with his index finger just like she does. I love that she is such a little personality now that we can’t help but imitate her. And while it sounds mocking, I’ll remind you all that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. 😀

  183. What a great post…as always! I love the clips. They would be perfect in the baby-fine hair on my little’s head!

    Last thing that made me laugh: Last night Ella (2.5 years), jumped into her Daddy’s arms and hugged him.
    Daddy: “Oh boy, that was a great hug!”
    Ella: “But, Daddy, I’m a girl!”
    That innocence gets me every time!!

  184. A man brushing his teeth in his car this morning. Now, I’ve seen it all :)

  185. The last thing that made me laugh was that the thing that finally helped her fall asleep for her morning nap was having her hair brushed.

  186. On Monday, my son came home from school and said he told his teacher (in reference to school pictures), “Well, you can take my picture, but I’m not buyin’ any!” (all said with attitude and a flip of the hand).

    LOVE this post! Love how you express what’s in my heart–about the memories picture provoke, and the smiles, when looking back through them!

  187. I love , love, love your pictures!!! My baby turned one today and I can only think of how blessed I am. I was just laughing at her trying to nurse, talk to me, and perform acrobatics all at the same time. Definitely loving life :)

  188. I laughed and laughed today when my 1 year old sat on the vacuum cleaner like a horse, then pressed the button. It turned on, and he jumped a mile, running away from it. But he was cackling like it was the most cleverest thing in the world, and so he went back to try it again! :) x

  189. I adore your blog and your happy refreshing outlook on this fun job of being a Mommy.
    Ok- what made me laugh- right now when my four year old got home from school and said “someone died today, my teacher knows it. they had to use the Learning Center so God could come get them.” I panic thinking something awful has happened until my good friend reminds me that our preschool is at our church where funerals take place. Doh! Ha!

  190. Love this post! As always!!

    And those hair bands are too cute. I have a couple nieces that would be adorable in them!

  191. The last thing that made me laugh? Our golden retriever walking into the room with a sheepish look on her face and a harmonica in her mouth.

  192. The last thing that made me laugh…a biter biscuit and my daughter’s love of sharing it with the dog!
    Have a wonderful day!

  193. Also the coupon code smallthings is invalid. Just thought I’d let you know, maybe I’m doing something wrong though!

  194. the last thing that made me laugh? that would be this morning… picking my daughter up from the kid center at the gym… me-“did you have a good time today playing with the kids?” lylah-“yeah… i guess so…” me-“what’s the matter?” lylah-“there was this one little girl who told me straight on that she didn’t want to play with me and be my friend…. and that my shirt was ugly…”
    me-“well what did you say to her?”
    lylah-“i told her that she wasn’t a very nice little girl and that her momma didn’t raise her right!”
    …. and of course she says this while the little girl is standing there with her momma… i look up and see two pairs of eyes staring holes into me… i couldn’t help but laugh…. like mother like daughter….

  195. The last thing that made me laugh was a conversion my fiancé and I had while watching Wheel of Fortune, about whether or not Pat Sajak and Vanna White hate their jobs, complete with inner dialog for both stars :)

  196. Laughter is my sweet little toddler insisting that I blow raspberries on her neck. Even though she knows it’s coming, she dissolves into uncontrollable giggles. Who can resist baby laughs?

  197. The last thing that made me laugh, was looking down at my sweet lucy on the changing table as she beamed her great big smile back at me, one hot second after screaming bloody murder. Ahh… the sweet days of an infant and the moments when you just have to let go and be present. I am happy to say the second time around, I am doing just that. Love to you and yours Kelle. It has been awhile since I commnented, but I still love seeing your gorgeous photos and reading your beautiful words. xo

  198. and this is why I adore your blog. I always leave it feeling so happy and positive! the last thing I laughed at was my 18 month old Sophia *talking* with the two little youtube sensation twins on Good Morning America. She was having a big old conversation with them.

  199. Feeling my little girl move inside me. I’ve been feeling her for about 2 weeks, but I still chuckle a little when I feel her and am so lucky she is mine.

    Laughing at the irony of a girls trip this weekend to Napa Wine Country when 5 of the 10 people going are pregnant, but so happy to enjoy, laughs, smiles, and girl talk with some amazing women.

  200. This isn’t the last but it happened not long ago…my son, Jackson (age 4), scored his first goal in soccer. It was just at a scrimmage at practice but I was so proud of what a long way he’s come from last year. So I told him he could have a treat. Then I told him his treat would be dinner at McDonald’s (where we don’t eat a lot) and he could even have a chocolate milkshake. His response: “But mommy, McDonald’s is DINNER, and dinner is NOT a treat. A treat is something you buy at the store.”

    Score one for Jackson…he got both a treat from the store (twizzlers) AND McDonald’s, with the chocolate milkshake.

  201. This morning, my 4-month old sweet girl let out a squeal, but looked around completely shocked as if to be thinking, ‘Who did that?’ I laughed until tears came as she had no idea it came from her little lungs.

  202. The last thing that made me Laugh was when my newly 2 year old Son was singing to his Baby Siter ..So Cute and So funny..I read your blog Pretty Much everytime you post…Love It!!

  203. My last laugh, when my daughter (2)said “Hey, where my drawing?” as we backed out of the driveway. The chalk ‘drawings’ were made two weeks and two snows ago.

  204. I laughed at the “nella’s being mean to me” because just yesterday, my 10 year old son opened the bathroom door as I was showering and said “Mom, Calvin(our 15 month old)gave me a bloody nose!”
    “How?” I asked and he replied “he jammed his finger really far into my nose… I was doing something nice for him(reading him a book) and he did something really mean to me.” I didn’t know whether to laugh or worry about how “mean” our baby is!!

  205. I have been a silent fan for a while. I “enjoy the small things” at lunch every day, or everyday you post rather. I laughed last when I fell from a bad landing lastnight at step aerobics. Laugh it off!

  206. Love the felt clips! My 5 year old will find an excuse to wear them everyday!

    Last thing that made me laugh was my husband tickling my daughter and son after he came back from a job interview.

  207. Oh! Those barrette’s are just adorable!

    Last thing that made me laugh: a group of teenagers throwing coins at each other for no apparent reason. The joys of life :)

  208. Just watched the video of Lainey and Nella so that is the last thing that made me laugh…such a beautiful moment!!

  209. My husband just landed a great job. Full of new opportunities and chances. When he told me I was so happy I started laughing! So excited for my man. :)

  210. That last thing that made me laugh was when my 5 year old called me in to show me the “clubhouse” that she made in her closet for her baby sister who was not quite as excited about it as she was. : ) Never a dull moment. Love it.

  211. the little picnic table on the wood line touched me… I remember doing that w/my sisters as a young girl- in our very own little world… and yes, your blog is a meaningful place for MANY people- not just you my dear.

    my how you have changed LIVES.

    and can I tell you what makes me feel like crying? okay, crying??? A Wednesday morning breakfast with friends- there’s too many things about that- I’m afraid I may NEVER HAVE!!! So jealous. So teary eyed. Sniff, sniff. Okay, rant over:/.

    Love ya. AND the black outfit would totally rock one of my bowtie belts. Give me a holla with your color preference- I expect to hear from you:).


  212. Something about this post made me teary eyed. My camera battery has been sitting uncharged for months, but after reading this, I got up and plugged the charger in. You capture the way I feel when I look back at the pictures I’ve taken.

  213. The last thing that made me laugh was when we recently went outside and my daughter stood in the middle of a puddle, whining because it was too “dirty”. Ha :)!

  214. love it! beautiful post and pics, all around :)

    the last thing that made me laugh was last night at work (i’m an OB/L&D nurse) when a new big brother asked his mama, “can we put him back in dere now?”

    (and, of course — my 2.5 and 4.5 yr old daughters crack me up on a daily basis as little sister tries to ‘mother’ big sister around!)

  215. I remember in Nella’s birth story how you said that every beautiful vision you had of two sisters growing up together was gone/different. Those two precious girls playing with their babies TOGETHER is beautiful! It definitely is the small things.

    Jake (my 3 year old) to his teacher: Wanna hear me beat box?

    (Very) surprised teacher: Sure! Who taught you that?

    Jake; My mommy.

    Who says parents aren’t cool!?

  216. your words are so wonderful. i had a friend post on facebook about how photographers these days don’t capture meaningful photo’s anymore. they just capture pretty pictures. i disagreed. the photo’s i take of my children are incredibly beautiful. they evoke REAL emotion.
    and something that made me laugh today… my sweet boy. he’s really just started talking lately and just about anything he says gives me a little laugh. he brought me his star wars action figures and told me all about “his guys”. he’s incredible.

  217. The last thing that made me laugh…my 2 1/2 year old picking up my 11 month old to stop her from getting into the dog’s food. She was so proud of herself :)


  218. Love the pictures and your beautiful girls. My favorite one from today is the one of Lainey sitting by herself at the table. Tha last thing that made me laugh today is the youtube video of the twin boys having a conversation between themselves – adorable, and fascinating!

  219. I always love your photos, you must have a hard time picking favorites. The one with nella sleeping touched my heart so much and made me that much ready to have kids of my own. (but i will refrain!)

    What has made me laugh recently? Oh, geez, Kelle. That is not a hard question to answer because I am the champ at laughing, making others laugh or just having a good time! Today has been business as usual cause I’m at school but I think this morning I laughed when my sweetie called me up. It makes me laugh that he thinks about me and calls me early in the morning as I’m heading to school.

  220. I SO agree about blogging – you said it perfectly!

    The last thing that made me laugh was my 21-month-old daughter dancing in her booster seat while eating breakfast!

  221. Kelle…I love your blog so much. Sweet, sweet girls!!

    The last thing that made me laugh? My three-year-old responding to my “Tatum, what are you doing?” with “MOM! I’m in the potty! Don’t bother me!”

  222. when my 2 year old wandered around the house this morning saying “Jesus, where are you?” We have recently started going to church and she is constantly looking for Jesus…in the kitchen, in her bed, in her heart…etc. Kids are just so darn funny sometimes. She also loves putting her dolls in their place too, just like Lainey.

  223. Watching my 4 yr old son this morning at the dentist trying to squirt the water gun into the dentist’s mouth! God bless that man.

  224. My three year old Sofie telling my entire family, great-grandparents included that ,”Mommy has a hairy toony.”…I’ll let you guess what she calls “toony” :)…I fell to the ground laughing in the next room and then quickly prayed they didn’t quite know what a “toony” is!!!

  225. the last thing that made me laugh–i got home from work and plopped down on the couch for a minute. my 3 year old son said “MOM! what are you doing? you can’t sit down!” as if i were insane for thinking that i would get a minute of reprieve! hahaha! such is the life of a momma! love it.

  226. Hmmm…the last thing that made me laugh.

    “You can do it Grant, you can do it. Go buddy, go.” My four year old cheering my 10 month old on as he crawled down the hallway to our bedroom. I thought someone was running a marathon for a minute. Nothing like sibling encouragment to make you smile.

    BTW – I think the full moon eyes are beautiful and a the bathtub “oh” is priceless.

  227. as always, loving looking through all of your beautiful photos.
    last thing that made me laugh? probably when my drama queen and her best friend were playing Angry Birds and giggling hysterically. or maybe when my Beast came running down the hallway completely covered in a fitted sheet, barking like a dog.
    yeah. that’s the way we roll.

  228. Does the “professor” still wear her cute glasses?

  229. the last thing to make me laugh was one of my high school students making fun of me for calling my style “boho bag lady.”

    I love those clips!

  230. I had a hysterical laugh cry moment with my baby puppy. He got neutered yesterday and is sporting the cone. Every time he goes outside to potty, he trips over his cone and falls on his face. It’s so sad, I cry, but I’m laughing at the same time.

  231. Great post!! I giggled as I read that you wanted to hear what the last thing was that made us laugh…

    Driving home from the grocery store late this morning with the kiddos in the back (4 and almost 2 years old). Our ritual on our rides home is to call Daddy at work cause he likes to hear both kiddos talk over each other so they can be heard by him… I push the hands-free/bluetooth button on the steering wheel and hear “say a command” from teh lady in the steering wheel. As I’m about to say “redial” both kids call out in unison “redial”. Then as Owen, 4, sees me smile he continues, “Say a command! Call Charles mobile!” (Charles is my hubby’s co-worker!!) Needless to say we were laughing so hard Daddy had no idea what we were talking about!

  232. My husband took me out to lunch today and on the way back to my office he was singing and dancing in the mini van to “Hold on for one more day.” By Wilson Phillips. That was the last thing that made me laugh. Tears running down my cheeks kind of laugh!!

  233. The last thing that made me laugh was last night when my 3-year-old daughter asked my husband out of nowhere at dinner if he wanted a bunny to jump on his ears. I don’t know why it was so funny, but pretty soon we were all laughing so hard that we were crying. Love the blog and the girls and the pics…keep it coming!

  234. I’m so happy to see Abernathy Art make a reappearance. Also, I can think of about 1,000 people I would love to give those adorable clips to

  235. Seeing my poor hubby curled up on the couch suffering from the man-cold. I feel bad for laughing….but there is apparently nothing worse than the man-cold.

  236. When my 4 year old son said to me, “Mommy, turn your face around,” when he really meant “look at me.”

    I try to record all his funny sayings in a journal. Some don’t make it in before I’ve forgotten, but this one did!

    Love your blog, Kelle. Your positive attitude is so inspiring!

  237. Lovely photos as usual. My recent laugh was this a.m. at 430a.m. when my daughter woke up whining when I went to see what was the matter she told me ” my ice cream gone Mommy someone tooked it” Her eyes were closed.. poor thing dreaming about someone taking her ice cream…lol

  238. Honestly, the baby floating face down in that last photo made me laugh! Your girls are precious :)

  239. The last thing that made me laugh had to do with a story my daughter and I read called Otto. In it he goes through many trials and at the end of each it says “poor Otto!” The other day when Zoe asked where my winter hat was, I said I left it at home. Her response was “poor mommy!” Had to laugh out loud.

  240. Those clips are adorable! I don’t have a baby (yet!) but I would love to stock up on a couple…and hope we have a girl :).
    It’s been a bit of a rough day, so, honestly, the last time I laughed was last night, when I watched an old episode of My Name Is Earl. I love that show! Joy cracks me up!!

  241. So sweet. I love those kinds of moments.

    The last thing to make me laugh happened about ten minutes ago, while I was baking cookies…my 8 month old daughter was sitting on the floor, and started playing with the wall. I laughed out loud and she looked up and laughed too.

  242. The last thing that made me laugh was my daughters tball game. Four year olds playing tball is the cutest thing…you can’t help but giggle the entire time.

  243. I am from SC and we have had nothing but rain for the past week it seems. A friend of mine’s daughter said on March 20th, “why would God make the first day of Spring on such a nasty rainy and cold day?, He can do better than that!”

  244. Charlotte running over to the computer desk and slapping the seat because she wants to watch home movies… of herself. Watching her light up and giggle at herself makes me laugh. Every time.

  245. loved this post!

    The last thing that made me laugh was listening to my best friends 1 year old telling my mom stories in that delightful baby chatter!

  246. I love that you blog because you’re teaching me to enjoy the small things, and lately it has been ,OH, so good!

    I last laughed at my 18 mo old daughter after she busted my lip with her head because she didn’t like what I fed her- my girl has a mean spirit! LOL it’s things like that I’m learning to appreciate because in 10 or so years she and I will be laughing while I tell her this story.

    XOXO Karolina

    PS I love the bath photos!

  247. Sitting on the couch with friends, looking through pictures of a maybe-potentially-new-house, and them going on and on and on about how I’ll be able to see my “kids” (I don’t have any yet) playing in the back yard from every window. I love that my friends can see me in that house. And I love that my friends are excited for me to have kids. Not any time soon though :)

  248. Adorable! My three year old son dancing to Dinosaur Trains. :)

  249. Nella + tricyle = The Shizz.

    And I love blogging for the very same reason you described. I haven’t completed my randomly assigned, peer reviewed study on whether blogging really makes one more grateful and aware, or if there are simply more grateful, aware people drawn to blogging in the first place.

    But I’ll let you know when the findings are published.

  250. Laughin Out loud @~

    My 3 month old crawling herself(low muscle tone? My butt!)
    into the couch. Once she realized she couldnt go any further…she cried like ive never heard her!

    My 11 yr old dog who has been too jealous to luv on Audrey…Got up w her old hips and kissed the baby when said crying took place :)

    <3<3 Video = made me cry i was so happy!!

  251. I laughed yesterday at that youtube video that went viral… you know, the twin boys babbling at each other? So cute!

  252. I swear your girls keep getting cuter and cuter!
    Last thing I laughed at was my almost 5 month old son laughing. We were having a little giggle-fest.

  253. That picture of Nella next to the red tricyle – awesome! She and the sock monkey both look very serious.

    The last thing that made me laugh was when I spilled guacamole on my pants at lunch. Definitely made me look extra professional for the rest of the workday!

  254. I lvoe Nella’s smile, it really make sme smile right back at her. Another favortie is pictures of her laughing, I cna tell it must be contagious to hear it for real.

    The last thing that made me laugh was actually this morning my little guy (12 months) was walking in circles with his hands straight above his head kind of in his own world. Then he caught me watching him and started gut laughing, like he knew how silly he was and could not even try to act all cool about getting caught.

  255. caught my husband mixing up the words to a nursery rhyme when singing to my son. He replaced BINGO with MICAH…then he gave him a treat like he was a dog!

    Love your blog. Nella’s “Oh” face makes me chuckle every time as well.

  256. Oh, goodness, the last thing that made me really, truly laugh, was when Samantha was in the bath the other night and let rip in the bathtub.

    Me: “What was THAT?”

    Samantha (giggling): “My bum!”

    My girl has a wicked sense of humor, and I laugh just as hard at the re-telling of all of her antics.

  257. Last night, watching my little 1 year old trying to find her groove, shaking her tush and learning to snap her fingers at the same time. Too cute!

  258. How could Nella ever be mean? They are so sweet to eachother 😉

  259. I love this post.

    Last thing that made me laugh: walking into my daughters room (who is 11 months) to get her from her nap, and her sitting there with a “kissy face.”

  260. “Enjoying the small things” posts are my favorites, Kelle!

    Okay it would have to be the way my 2 yr old just told his 8 month old brother to “get that out, you will choke it, Lukey.”

    I guess he was listening.

  261. The last thing that made me laugh was my son, who begged his daddy to get on the floor and “play roar” (pretend to be bears) by signing “please” and saying “Roar?” over and over and over in that sweet, little “don’t you want to play?” voice he gets as soon as Daddy sits down on the couch.

  262. The last thing that made me laugh was watching my son (2) and daughter (4 1/2) playing together and seeing them figure something out together.

  263. when i downloaded the pictures i took of my daughter the other day and looked at her new funny camera smile.

    love the clips!

  264. LOVE this blog! I’m a special education major, and watching your daughter Nella grow just gives me more and more inspiration and solidifies why I’m going to school to become a special education teacher.

    What’s the last thing to make me laugh?
    The sun. I woke up this morning in Milwaukee and walked out to my first class and… The sun was shining. It was flip-flop weather and there was a slight breeze, but the sun was shining bright as ever. I picked up my pace and just laughed– out of pure happiness. I laughed and laughed because spring is coming. It’s amazing how moving the littlest things can be!

  265. My 1yr old’s increasingly more intense games of peek-a-boo as he will “hide” behind ANYTHING and think he’s seriously surprising me with very dramatic “re-appearances.”

  266. the last thing that made me laugh was my son Boston. Told me this morning that I was not his friend, but instead his princess. :)

  267. oh gosh, this is random… but the last thing that made me laugh was the conversation my husband and I had in bed last night. Part of it included me asking him what he would name me if I was a mangy dog. (“wigglebitch”, in case you are curious).

  268. The last thing that made me laugh was Nella’s sweet, smiling face in that picture! You must have to pinch yourself regularly to handle all that cute=)

  269. The last thing that made me smile? That picture of Lainey putting her dolls in their place. Hysterical… made me think of my 16 month old who just learned “no” and says “no no!” constantly, wagging her finger or whapping whatever it is she’s telling no. Now I miss my baby! :)

  270. Every night at bed time when Wes is fighting sleeps he says, “I want the cheese!”. Cracks me up every time.

  271. Funniest thing lately: My 21 month old baby boy shaking his finger at me and saying “No No” when I ask for a kiss. It doesn’t stop me, not for a second.

  272. Oooh pick me! The last thing that made me laugh…simply listening to my (11 month old) daughter laugh..it gets me everytime!

  273. You blog never fails to leave me longing to be a mother..

  274. I am new to your blog and I love love LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful story with the world! The last thing that made me laugh was my wonderful Four year old telling me that Jesus must’ve needed a really tall ladder to make the moon!!!

  275. The last thing that made me laugh is when my husband just lifted our son out of the bath tub only for him to rip the longest, loudest “stinker” on his arm. So funny.

  276. …watching the You Tube Video,this morning of the twin babies having a “conversation”. So cute, check it out!

  277. The text I got from my husband this morning that read like this (his conversation with my two year old little girl)

    Me: Aubrey, when we get to school I am going to tickle you!
    Aubrey: No daddy, you don’t tickle people who love you.

  278. My last laugh was enjoyed with my little ones in our daily kitchen dance-fest after lunch. Its always the best!

  279. The last thing that made me laugh was my 3-year old’s interpretation of his chinese fortune slip in the cookie. It read: A clean conscience is a good pillow. A half-hour after we read this to him he “read” it back to me: A good pillow… is clean.

  280. My little 20month old knocking her sippy cup over for the 10th time and in complete frusteratio slams it upright on the table and says ” no milk, don’t!”

  281. my sweet baby girl, sadie, makes me laugh every single day…today i laughed when she ran up to me and said,”ticka ticka” and gave me tickles!

  282. The last thing that made me laugh was your dog video (because I just watched it!). Before that, was my 1 year old giggling like crazy when I caught he in the act of playing with the curtains.

  283. The last thing that made me laugh was when my six year old daughter looks at me and says “mom can you take me to the bank”
    me-“what for”
    her-” I need to get some money out to buy the barbie nail studio”
    me- really??? Sure…. i was cracking up!!!!

    Your little girls are precious!

  284. I just have to say that your blog is awesome. I love how you are open about everything that you are going through with Nella. As a mom of a special needs child there are so many different emotions, guilt and feelings that you go through. I love reading your blog.
    Nella has a beautiful smile.

  285. Last thing to make me laugh: My 5 year old handing me elastics. I asked her what they were for. She needed ponies in her hair, because her hair was “electro-stati-cuted.” She makes up the funniest words. :)

  286. The last thing that made me laugh was my baby girl (12 weeks). Her new favorite game is to spit out her pacifier and yell about it. Not an angry kind of yell, more like a “look what I can do, and hey, where did that binky go?” kind of yell.
    I love baby discoveries.

  287. The last thing that made me laugh was my baby girl (12 weeks). Her new favorite game is to spit out her pacifier and yell about it. Not an angry kind of yell, more like a “look what I can do, and hey, where did that binky go?” kind of yell.
    I love baby discoveries.

  288. My daughter, Maddie, just had her 1st OT session and by the end she was covered from head to toe in food! I was a little stressed out about how to clean her up and I’m pretty sure she ruined her clothes and the floor is stained, but she looked up at me with the biggest, proudest, cutest smile that made her look like a clown and instead of feeling stressed out, I just let it all go and laughed, which made her laugh and my 3 year old laugh. I love them!

  289. How can you not laugh all day when you have 5 littles under your feet? =) I had to giggle when my 15 month olf looked out the window and saw his brothers jumpng on the trampoline. He began to bounce and jump right where he stood, wishing he were out with them!

    I’d LOVE to win some cute clips for my girlies!!

  290. The last thing that made me laugh was my puppy mimicking everything the cats does….he seriously thinks he is a cat.

  291. last thing that made me laugh:
    my middle girlie’s knock knock joke at lunch today:
    knock knock.
    who’s there?
    aren’t you glad i didn’t say banana.
    um, did i say it right, mommy?
    you said it PERFECT, baby girl! PERFECT!

  292. The last thing that really made me laugh was (and I should be ashamed to tell you this) my four year old daughter asking very innocently “What the hell is this?” while in the organic food section of the grocery store. Note to self, don’t use that word anymore…

    Love the hide and seek game :)

  293. my little girl (age 5) returning from getting us chocolates for dessert. She said she had something hard to say. She then said, “i have 3 chocolates, and you have 0.)

  294. last thing that made me laugh: my oldest daughter having a pretend conversation on her cell phone with her cousin, complete with the pauses, inflections, interjections and comments and phrases you’d hear any adult say and of course a few lines like this added in too: “what?? you just saw pocahontas walking down the street? cate, now you know, pocahontas lives in the woods.”

  295. The last thing that made me laugh….Was my 4 year old getting as much snuggles from me as he could while laying in my bed and saying “momma, when I get boring (bored) over here, I’ll go into my bed” 2 Minutes later, he was fast asleep in my bed. I secretly like when he gets boring while cozing up to me at night after we read a bedtime story and I chase him off to his room.

    I love the hair pieces! By the way, where did you get the turquoise shoes Nella is wearing in picture #7. They caught my eye, as did her eyes. I LOVE when I can see my babes’ smiling by just looking at their eyes.

  296. Thing that made me laugh last: My 5yr old daughter telling me that she should stop suking her thumb because she’s embarrassed followed up by “but I CAN’T mom I just CAN’T stop!” So cute!

  297. The last thing I laughed at was my daughter! We were at the mall in the new play area and she was running around and exclaiming “Ooooo” and “whoa” at everything. Her face and hearing those noises from a one year old was priceless!

  298. Thats why I love blogging too. :) Exactly what you said! And the last thing that made me laugh – my 2 year old little boy giving little “gasps” of excitement as I put in Curious George the movie. He’s seen it enough to memorize it – but it’s like I’m giving him the best gift in the world every time he hears the opening song. :) Cracks me up.

  299. I love having my blog to always look back on and remember the stories Ill probably forget with my boys.

    The last thing that made me laugh was a conversation I had with my 2 1/2 year old. He asked why I played on the computer during naptime and I said because I go to college. He replied with
    “your mom goes to college”

    Best quote ever!

  300. The last thing that made me laugh was when my son asked for a dress to wear to match his sisters. He was so excited when he came running out of his room wearing a basketball jersey my hubby found! Great compromise for both – dress for the little man to wear and the knowledge that it’s not a real dress for the grown man!

  301. Last night, walking into my two year old’s room to turn off the light and discovering that after mommy had kissed her goodnight, she had gotten out of bed and removed her pajamas. I found her, fast asleep, wrapped in her best blankie, wearing a pair of socks belonging to her 10 week old sister…and nothing else!

  302. Oh, I so get the “why you love blogging.” Me too, me too! It forces me to take pictures I would have otherwise overlooked, think, “oh, I’ll remember that!” Our favorite is to look back and see what we were doing a year ago.

    The last thing that made me laugh was my almost two year old. She plugs her nose and says “peee-you, peee-you” when she goes to the bathroom :)


  303. My daughter loves to dance. Unfortunately for her, she got my sense of rhythm. Think Elaine (from Seinfeld). Makes me laugh every time.

  304. Last thing that made me laugh was my 22mo old, who never wants to talk on the phone, reaching and frantically yelling “I do hi!” while I was on the phone with my mom last night. She suddenly decided she no longer wanted to be left out of phone conversations.

  305. Hmm, last thing that made me laugh – Here are two: My Mom (who is terminally ill and has dementia/she is only in her sixties/said when I visited her at the facility where she now lives)

    She said, Does anybody have any cigarettes? Now she has never smoked in her life! We all just laughed and laughed, including her!

    Then just yesterday my little 5 lb doggie was so happy I was home, she was running too fast down the stairs and actually took off in the air, twisted round and round and landed (thank goodness) at the bottom of the staircase, on all 4 legs-

    I love it!!

    Shelley from FLorida

  306. Today is my daughter’s 3rd birthday and when she woke I said, Happy Birthday, you’re 3!! She’s responded and said, I don’t want to be 3, I want to be 10. :) Really made me laugh.

  307. Last thing that made me laugh was Olivia crawling around with her empty PEZ dispenser, pausing every so often, to clack it against something and say, “Oh. Oh. Oh.” and move on.

  308. Love those barets, barrets, barettes? Just how do you spell it? Who cares, they are too cute!

  309. I LOVE your blog!!

    The last thing–Hmm… My son said his feet were “sprinkling” instead of “tingling.”

  310. Things that make me laughright now….that viral video of the twins “talking”, playing “I’m gonna get you” and having my little screech with delight, my silly, silly hubby and finally the way it almost sounds like she says “Hey!” when I walk in the door from work. All of these sure do get the laughing juices flowing!

  311. The last thing that made me laugh…

    I live in California. In California, we recognize Cesar Chavez’s birthday, meaning our library was closed. Unbeknownst to me, I drove over there to get my book on hold. Big yellow sign saying they are closed, which I was completely bummed about, but not as much as the guy behind me. “Screw Cesar Chavez!” I couldn’t hold it in. I laughed out loud.

  312. The last thing that made me laugh…

    I live in California. In California, we recognize Cesar Chavez’s birthday, meaning our library was closed. Unbeknownst to me, I drove over there to get my book on hold. Big yellow sign saying they are closed, which I was completely bummed about, but not as much as the guy behind me. “Screw Cesar Chavez!” I couldn’t hold it in. I laughed out loud.

  313. Peering into the living room to see my 18 month old son has climbed onto the coffee table … and listening as he says to me “careful mama”. :)

  314. The last thing that made me laugh…. watching Gabe try to use the blood pressure machine at the physiatrists. He kept trying to put it on his ear and then would laugh hysterically when it fell off.

  315. My two year old just scrolled through the guide on the TV and somehow determined which channel Curious George was on. Changed to it, put the remote down and folded his hands in his lap. How do they know these things??

  316. Most recently, I laughed at my 2 year old… who has emptied an entire container of baby wipes in order to “hide” things in our living room. Yep, toy trucks, the ottoman, his cup… all cleverly hidden under baby wipes. The best part? When I ‘find’ everything, he begs me to close my eyes so he can hide them again. So, of course, I do :-)

  317. The last thing that made me laugh was my baby girl grabbing my face to give me big ol wet kiss! The last thing that gave me a little tear in my eye is what your grandma said about hearing her friends. so sweet.



  318. Recent laugh: Conversations with my almost two year old.
    Whenever she says bye bye to anyone she tells them to “take care” – such a grown up sentiment for a little girl.
    She’s also caught on to my habit of saying “really?” She says it in response to everything. This was one of our conversations this morning.

    Hi, Julia!


    Yes, really! hello.

    Okay, take care….bye again.

    What more do you need to have a satisfying conversation! So fun.

  319. The last thing that made me laugh was sweet Nella’s bath oh face! I laughed because just yesterday my 13 month old daughter made an oh face and I instantly thought of Nella!

  320. Scene – Justin (3yrs & living with Down Syndrome), yells “daden” [Jaden – 5 yr old brother] “NO, my camo” [Camel toy]. I turned around from making breakfast and laughed as Justin ran off with the Camel toy in tow, with ‘almond sliver eyes’ beeming success! I couldn’t resist and laughed out loud!
    The sky is bluer. We (my husband & I) say blue is bluer all the time to describe a moment.

  321. The last thing that made me laugh was my co-worker asking me what the name of the “skinny” pterodactyl was on Land Before Time. (I remembered it was Petrie).

  322. Latest laugh – I was at a playdate with my 3 year old and his buddy. I took them to go potty and my son’s buddy sat on the toilet to pee. My son looked at him puzzled and says ‘let me show you how we do’s it’, lifts the toilet seat, drops his pants and turns to his friend saying ‘see we boys. we have pee pees. we don’t pee out of our butts, we stand up!’

  323. My last laugh – last night I met up with several girlfriends for pizza and wine. With that many ladies and that much wine we laughed all night!

  324. I am new to your blog but read Nella’s birth story in a magazine … Parents maybe. A good friend recently shared your blog and I love it! You are an inspiration in so many ways!

  325. The last thing that made me laugh was when I had to take my 7 year old to the bathroom at Wal-Mart last night,and as we were leaving, she said, “I can’t believe they make you pay 25 cents just for a napkin in there!” I laughed and cringed all at the same time.

  326. Recent Laughs: When I picked my son up from preschool and he ran to me screaming, “Mommy, this is my best friend Sammy”.

  327. Small things are wonderful!

    Last thing that made me laugh (hard) was hearing my 3 year old daughter yelling at the dog last night “Pollack get outta my room! Mama, make P-man get outta my room!”

    Sibling rivalry maybe? Poor puppy just wanted to lay down on her bean bag.

  328. The last thing that made me laugh was when my husband was pretending the oven mitt was attacking him. Don’t worry – he showed it who’s boss.

  329. This is crazy I know, but the last think that made me laugh was finding out I had a near 100% in the class then bombing the quiz. ( I only reason I think I was able to laugh is because I had just found out that the lowest score gets dropped).

  330. oh geez…that’s easy! Jack (my 5 yr. old bouncer): “Mom, you don’t really need to worry about bullies or anything because I just figured out how to block punches.” Awesome…I feel safer already. All is well :)

  331. The last thing that made me laugh was my daughter Brooklyn asking me…”what else sing” me “What else are you going to sing?” Brooklyn-“itseee spider”!!!!

  332. I was trying to hide my giggles as I read about you to riding your bike to the park (soooo something I would do). My baby has her crib very close to my computer so I was trying to be quiet. I felt like a school girl with a laughing fit.

  333. The last thing that made me (belly) laugh…realizing that colored bubbles were a really really bad idea as my husband cursed crayola and my 13 month old had the most fun that he will never know he had! Love your blog! Every post makes me smile!

  334. My most recent laugh was at my 3 year old when (after our 7month old son rolled into her ‘space’) I overheard her say “Please God, make Mitch go away!” Laughed out loud!

  335. Well I had to laugh today to keep from crying…kids (6, 4, 2) have been sick, now I am sick, hubby is heading out of town for a week and i head to the basement to work on some laundry (I am so behind…) and find that the sewer has backed up in our basement…oh goodness! Just moved into our first house 2 months ago…had to laugh…or I would have lost it (truth, I may have lost it a little bit…)

  336. The last thing that made me laugh was my four year old telling me a joke she made up herself. It didn’t make a lick of sense but it was adorable that she thought she was hilarious!

  337. My hubby and I singing Happy Birthday to our little guy in bed this morning, and having him bury his head in our pillow as if he was embarrased:)It’s his First B-day.. so I laughed, and then cried because I can’t believe he’s 1 already.

  338. I know a sweet little one with fine wispy redhair that needs those barrettes!
    Last Laugh…. finding my three year old standing in the playroom, surrounded by three empty jars of glitter.

  339. What made me laugh last…that is easy…my 4 month old giggling at me when I tickle her feet…gets me every time! Her giggles are infectious!

  340. It was pretty cold this morning, and my three-year old came in from jumping in freezing cold rain puddles. I told him his cheeks were red because it was so cold…after he drank a cup of steamy hot chocolate he says excitedly, “Look mama, my cheeks aren’t red anymore! They’re blue!”
    I wonder where they get some of these things…

  341. The last thing that made me laugh was our soon to be 6 year old whispering into the radio speaker to let the radio announcer her birthday is coming up on the 8th. I suppose I best get on the phone with the radio station so they can wish her a happy birthday. Love your blog!

  342. i love your blog & read it everyday. have you seen monica & david? it’s a new hbo documentary on two kids with down syndrome that get married….it looks so sweet & thought you might want to look into it.


  343. definitely something my husband said last night… he’s hilarious!

  344. The last thing that made me laugh today was….when I was in court for my CASA (I am a Court Appointed Special Advocate, I advocate in court for abused and neglected children) kids and the judge told everyone to hold on because the hospital was calling about his pick-up….yes, he told everyone to hold on so he could talk to the body shop about his car getting a new radio…There aren’t alot of funny things that happen in the court room and it made me chuckle.

  345. The last thing that made me laugh was my almost 4-year old making her birthday invitations, gluing it in all the wrong places and saying with satisfaction: “Perfect!”

  346. I love the pictures! I am supposed to get my 50mm lens in the mail today. I am dying to get out of work so I can run home and scoop it up.

    The last thing that made me laugh was when I was in a 1st grade classroom today we were comparing a variety of things and I was standing next to another teacher and this little boy goes, “Mrs. Rollinger you are a giant!”. Shesh!

  347. i laughed at my 2 year old’s proclamation that, ‘papa has nipples but he can’t make mama milk like you.’ such honesty and matter-of-factness. :-)

  348. The last thing that made me laugh was the picture you posted of Lainey pointing a finger at her baby doll! That had me laughing out loud!

  349. About an hour ago when my 4 yo announced to me that she now has a new way of skipping. Followed by a demonstration where her legs flip out to the sides on every skip.

  350. LAst thing that made me laugh, playing on the floor last night in K’s room. I was laying on my back and sat up, so I started doing sit ups. K asked me what I was doing, I said exercising. Fast forward to way past her bedtime, I heard noises coming from her room and caught her in mid superman jump on her bed. I asked her what she was doing…you guessed it, EXERCISING!!

    I love looking through old photos too. Just started printing our family blog into books. Now I can do it any time of the day, love it!

  351. You always remind me to have fun, Kelle. Thank you.

    Today I laughed as my baby boy tried out his new chompers on my shoulder, so excited to see me that he knew no other way to show it than to squeal and bite me.

  352. My husband thinks I know you because I’m always talking about Nella’s “oh” face. It made him laugh when I finally was like “huh? I know…her but don’t like…know her know her.”

    The last thing that made me laugh was this morning watching my 19 month baby boy wage epic battle between a makeup sponge and a toilet paper roll, complete with karate sounds.

  353. Following another favorite blogger’s cue, my daughter and I are writing six-word novels and texting them to each other across the miles. Even though we differ on all things political, I laughed myself off the chair when she texted me this:

    Sarah Palin elected President. World ends.

  354. Last thing that made me laugh:
    That poor face-down baby doll in Nellas bath in your last photo.

    And before that:
    My thesis advisor making a face at me and telling me sarcastically “Well, first of all, there aren’t enough so’s in this poem.”
    So’s really are the plague of my life.

  355. your little girls have the most beautiful eyes!

    something that made me laugh..yesterday I was listening to a local morning radio show and one of the hosts said to “picture a moose on roller skates when you’re having a bad day” :) definitely brought a giggle out!

  356. Love this post!

    I was laughing at my 5 year old last night explaining her recipe to me on making cookies with her Grandma. One the the sweetest things I have heard. Quite a few interesting ingredients in there!

  357. My little man, he’s 12 months….open mouth kiss me while I was talking to a friend. Sometimes we all just need a kiss.

  358. When I picked my 4 year old up from preschool today. All 15 kids were laughing hysterically at a singing and dancing toy dachshund. It was such a joyous and contagious sound. All those sweet little innocents belly laughing with such gusto. There wasn’t an adult who didn’t join in.

  359. Last thing that made me laugh was playing “eat the fingers” with my 18 month old this morning.

  360. The last thing that made me laugh was my mom telling me the story of her driving over not a curb, but just about a retaining wall.. just my mom to do so :)

  361. The last thing to make me laugh…
    listening to my 11 month old sweet girl giggle as she played keep away from our puppy…with the puppy’s toys!

  362. The last thing that made me laugh was my 2 year old dancing, completly naked after her bath in the kitchen and screaming “mommy your turn!” then “daddy your turn” when she wants us to join in, she even told the dog “arnie, your turn” makes me smile just thinking about it now.
    I love the picture of Nella sleeping-soo sweet

  363. While I thought my three-year-old was napping on the couch, I hear him say “Mom, I think it is so silly that you had two babies in your belly. All mommies should have two babies in their bellies”. I laughed and told him that yes, indeed, twins are awesome!

  364. I asked my 3 year old son yesterday what he wanted to be when he was older. He told me a star. I asked him what he would do as a star and he replied so seriously ‘I would twinkle twinkle’. My kids make me laugh each day and their innocence warms my heart.

  365. I could get lost in those luscious almond eyes. That Nella melts me.


  366. My little girl has a love for baby dolls also and she just picke dit up on her own. They are all over our house and the majority of them are naked:)

  367. I just had a nice chuckle over the names my son assigned to his action firgures that were surfing on a blue piece of paper. Their names: Nookooshoomoo, Nakienaki, Leenaluna, and Scott.

  368. My little one is 11 months and just getting enough hair to sport those adorable barrettes. Love them!

    And the last thing that made me chuckle was my little boy telling me he’d had an “ass-dent” because he couldn’t make it to the potty on time because he was racing speedboats (aka laundry baskets). Made it a non-chore to clean up the pee. 😉

  369. My 18 month old DD imitating the big kids at storytime, sitting with them :)

  370. when i told my boyfriend, alex, that one of our friends is really hating his job and having a rough time, Alex responded promptly with “Poor kiddo, i hope he finds a new one.”
    It made me laugh because our friend is 22, and deff not a “kiddo” but sometimes when youre upset, kiddo is the best, and my sweet boyfriend picked up on that and made my day brighter :)

  371. The last thing that made me laugh? I took my 3-year-old boy into a shoe store and told him I would be quick, but he REALLY had to be a good boy. He nodded solemnly and told me he would be nice. As we were leaving the store, he declared “I was such a nice boy, I think I need to get some french fries from McDonalds!”

  372. Beautiful!
    Last time I laughed is when, my daughter looked up at her papi and smiled a smile she had never done.
    It was so cute, but so funny!

  373. This have made me laugh several times the last week: my eight month old little girl is doing big things in her diper, crawls over to me, sits by my feet and… shout! She shots out really loud, like a grown person. She starts long way down in her belly and yell out! This happend every time the last week, and I crack every time!

    Love the eyes! Beautyfull little Nella!

  374. Love the Squinty-Eyed Smile!

  375. The last thing that made me laugh was my daughter attempting to sing “rain, rain, go away” she is 19 months old and it was hilarious and amazing all at the same time :)

    Thanks for sharing your girls with us, they are so precious!

  376. Watching my 1 year old try to cuddle our dog, she is relentless! Our dog doesn’t love it, but sticks around with the most pained expression! Priceless! I love that our baby loves her puppy : )

  377. The last thing that made me laugh? My 4 year old thanking Jesus for taxes during his bedtime prayers :)

  378. The last thing that made me laugh? Watching my little guy get so upset because the dog ate the egg he put on the floor. I guess that egg was for later and not for the dog. :)

  379. I would love to win! : )

  380. My 3-year old. When she caught me looking at child-size bike helmets on the Internet, she said, “I think we should go to the store to try some on. I have a really fat head, you know.” So it was off to Walmart to pick out a pink panda helmet. 😉

  381. oh I so know and appreciate the “listening” of others in the house as I flit around trying to attend to needs. It warms me.

    What made me laugh last? This morning, super early, going to check on Grae and she’s sleeping all splayed out, she wakes, says “hi mamma” and flips over, butt up in the air. Oh I love that girl!

  382. I laughed all afternoon with my little sister, who came over to clean my house so that I could put my swollen 37-week pregnant feet up and relax. :) We especially laughed at a video I found on my computer while scrolling through old folders- we had taped her and her husband trying (unsuccessfully) to do leap frog as part of a hilarious board game. We laughed until we cried that night- and it’s still that funny. :) Love the little clips!

  383. My two kids coming down the slide as a train (muddy boots and all) with a neighbor friend. My Katelyn (with DS) with big smiles and loving it!

  384. Kelle-

    I don’t recall how I came across your blog, but I am so happy I did!! What you wrote about Nella’s squinty-eyed smile; how you memorized it and see it in you sleep…gave me chills and tears in my eyes. For some reason it hit me. Thank you for writing about your life. And please don’t stop! :)

  385. My two boys sitting at the dinner table last night having an asparagus eating contest. Funniest thing to watch and couldn’t be prouder.

  386. I laughed today at my yorkie who has discovered that I am pregnant and HATES when our little peanut kicks her when she lays on me! HA! Soo very funny!

  387. My son took off crawling today and the first thing he went for was the gunky old cracker crumbs and forgotten Puffs underneath his highchair. I laughed when he beat me to his goal and was reaching wildly for the food while I attempted to scoop it all up!

  388. The last thing to make me laugh out loud was listening to my little one with DS laugh and laugh at Vegitales…He loves it and I do too! He gets the biggest kick out of The Hairbrush song! :)

  389. Ella (My 2 11/2 yr. old) telling me how her big brother (16) is sick and has to rest..not that it is funny but her telling me a story…any story…makes me smile and laugh :).

  390. My parents were visiting last weekend. My father told my daughter Cassidy (16 months old) “no” in a stern voice. She turned around and pouted her little bottome lip soooo far out. My Father felt so mad and said “it’s ok, it’s ok” and my daughter turned to look at him and started laughing hysterically!

  391. The last thing that made me laugh was my 4 yr old daughter putting a shovel on her head and saying “look at me, I’m Sir Shovelhead!”.

  392. First of all, I want to tell you that I am a HUGE fan of your blog. I only found it recently, when a fellow photographer sent me to it. I’m only an aspiring photographer, your talent amazes and inspires me.

    Secondly, I LOVE those hair barrettes/bands! I have been wanting to make something like them, but am afraid that my creative ability (or lack therof)will fail me.

    Most recent laugh…my 2 (nearly 3) year old daughter is in the midst of potty training. This is HUGE, as I just KNEW she was ready at 20 months. Fast forward over a year later and I find myself laughing at that alone. She was on the potty the other night, doing the big business and after a minute of sitting quietly, she looks over at me and says “Mom, what are we doin?” How easily they lose focus at that age :-)

  393. I absolutely love your blog!! You have such a beautiful family. Today is my 30th birthday and the last thing that made me laugh was a comment my 5 yr old daughter made today. I asked her how old she thought I was, she said 10. When I told her I was turning 30 she said “WHOA! {giggles} You’re getting ollllld” haha. gotta love kids!!

  394. My baby Edythe’s chatter woke me this morning, and when I went to her room she flopped like a fish in her crib out of pure excitement. I now love mornings, as I get to wake up to my sweet little Ede. Life is good.

  395. I love how you can already tell that little Nella is going to be a firecracker and I am slightly sad that she has stopped bossing her dolls. Hilarious. My Jack’s almond eyes turn to slivers when he smiles as well. I go to bed each night thinking about those beautiful almond sunrises. Love reading as usual.

  396. Last laughter moment: this morning while grocery shopping with my boys in the produce section, they each grabbed a plastic bag and hung them off their ears to make big long beards-when an elderly man spotted them and gave them a “hey I like your beards!” comment, my 6 year old hammed it up a few notches and started to dance out some hip hop groove moves (with his hanging plastic bread) for the man-OMG I thought I was going to have to perform CPR this man was laughing so hard!!! Once he caught his breath, he looked at Zach and said “thank you for making my day, for making me laugh like that!” Two aisle over, I stood alone laughing my head off!
    I love those spontaneous moments, when he jumps out of the ordinary and goes with it-he is my free spirited one!! He makes us laugh each day!!

    Wishing you all laughter throughout your days…

  397. i love the bath O too :)

  398. Last thing that made me laugh was my 2 year old daughter in the backseat this morning on our way to daycare and work. She still loves to play peek-a-boo. She says in her sweet little playful voice “Mama, say boo!”. As I tried to explain that I was driving and couldn’t play right now, she said “Mama, what you do?”. Gosh I love her :)

  399. The best thing to make me laugh today was my 9 month old screaming with joy when she heard the Hot Dog song on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She is hilarious!

  400. So, my twins have been charm-free today and not so funny… but thanks to Nella’s squinty-eye smile, I’ve had a big smile on my face and a chuckle every time I look at it again. Thank you!

  401. Last night when my 13 year old son leaned into kiss our 4 month old on the head she began to giggle before he even touched her. We all laughed. He repeated his kiss several times and the giggles multiplied and overflowed.

  402. The last thing that made me laugh was my 2 year old telling me this morning that she did not have an accident and pee on her minnie undies….daddy did it! LOL Where do they come up with this stuff??

  403. the last thing that made me laugh was my little guy doing a new thing.. shaking his head no.

    love love your blog!

  404. the sweet sounds of my girls (1 and 4) fighting about silly things like toys and baby dolls. :)

  405. The last thing that made me laugh….my friend admitting that she has embarrassing music on her ipod shuffle! LOL

  406. I loved and laughed at ( but tried to keep quite cause my babies are playing) at the dolls part. Those must be some pesky baby dolls and trouble makers too! Ironicly right as i got to that part my daughter walks in with a silk around her shoulders carrying her doll.

  407. I love, love, love your blog. Your pictures are beautiful and your babies are absolutely adorable. Last thing that made me laugh…my 19 month old “talking” to daddy on the phone. She doesn’t really talk yet, says “HI” and that is about it. She made her baby doll wave at the phone and then had the phone wave back. Her little imagination just gets me all the time.

  408. My oldest is potty training and we are trying to get over the hump where he will poop in the potty. Last night his Granny told him that if he did she would buy him a puzzle. So he woke up all excited about the task that needed to be done today…lol. Needless to say an hour later I walk into the playroom with him telling me “I’m almost done mommy” I asked him “why didn’t you tell me you had to go potty” He then smacks himself in the head and says “awe man I forgot”. It is just so funny to see my little man acting like an adult and wondering where he picks up these things!

  409. Love this post. Blogging means the world to me, too. Last thing that made me laugh was my SON wearing a little girl’s Easter bunny hat I had just knitted. He won’t take it off… guess it’s time to make another one. :)

  410. The last thing that made me laugh was walking into my room and hearing “I Wanna Hippopotomus for Christmas” blaring out of my speakers.
    Apparently the ipod was on shuffle.

    I love your pictures of the girls playing with dolls. :)

  411. My coworker spent 15 minutes or more using her sweater saver (the thing that shaves the fuzz balls) she was clearly frustrated because it wasn’t working…. An hour later we realized she never took the cap off!…. Ready for the weekend!

  412. The last thing that made me laugh was the twins I nanny for. I was driving them somewhere, and said out loud, “oh shoot” only to hear a chorus of “oh toots” from the backseat. So silly

  413. So glad I tumbled by your blog. As a fellow Neopolitan,(sent over by Mrs. Burd, I think) I love recognizing your pics of local places and those ladies of yours are just tooo cute. A mom of two boys loves to see all the pink.
    AND…yes, laughing out loud this morning as I looked into my rear view mirror and saw my 2 year old ‘raising the roof’ to some dance music we were enjoying!

  414. Walking into my toddler’s room to say good morning today and she was laughing hysterically. What a great way to start the day.

  415. I love the idea of having friends over for breakfast once a week – I’m going to have to try to get that going!! I love those colored bottles w/ the flowers in them – where did you get them? Love all the pics – as always!:)

  416. A couple of hours ago we were at Trader Joe’s. My 3 year old asked if she could ride in the cart while her little sister rode in a stroller. I told her I couldn’t push both a stroller and cart at once and she said, why not mama, you HAVE two hands??!
    And I laughed hard.

  417. cute clips, so great for spring, if it ever arrives to eastern pa!
    the last thing that made me laugh is my 3 kids in the van this morning asking for “anytime you want it” on the journey greatest hits cd and all 3 of them singing along! great way to start the day!

  418. My baby kids. Its a bit funny how jealous my baby girl can be to her big brother, when he sits on my lap.She tries to push him away- alwyas, making this funny face.

  419. i love the almond eyes. i work with a girl who has down syndrome, and her almond eyes tell so many stories and show every emotion.

  420. My baby girl joining in with our little doggies for a rough and tumble play :)

  421. Love the photo of Nella sleeping on Daddys shoulder…or I guess Im assuming it was daddy:)

    The last thing that made me laugh, where some old photos I happen to run across today, of my high school girlfriends and I on a dance dance revoultion in an arcade, that I had forgotten about:)

  422. Laughter, comes at strange times. Today, as I stressed, I was called into the dance studio. My middle daughter had an accident, and I needed to clean the floors. I wanted to cry…but had to laugh as I tucked my 4 year old into a size 3 diaper and washed the floor and then sent her out to dance barefoot…because, well that is what us moms do.

  423. It’s great to take a little time out for gratitude every day!
    My laugh story: I had to laugh yesterday when my husband caught a flip of veggies from the habatchi cook with out blinking.

  424. The last thing that made me laugh was my daughter who was trying to pump like me – she was holding it to her belly button and said mommy – no milks coming out. It made me laugh and helped me not to think about the pain. My 9 day old baby boy makes me laugh to when we ask him a silly question and he smiles.

  425. Hmmmm…the last thing that made me laugh…My husband making a joke about his chosen lyrics of the day FB status…Something about a lumberjack and wearing woman’s clothes…Happy thursday!

  426. I laughed my deepest, fullest, most fulfilling laugh yesterday at lunch, when a sudden move from a coworker next to me scared the bejesus out of me and I flung my bowl of boiling hot butternut squash soup right in the air, only to have it do a nifty flip in the air, spilling soup over absolutely everything…my hair, my cleavage, my clothes, my face, my shoes, my desk, my paperwork, my friends…and after a long pause of awkward silence from the many people who stared at me open mouthed, I had that impulse to either laugh or cry, and upon seeing the tiniest glints of a smile in the eyes that stared at me, I howled with laugher. Laughed until my stomach hurt. Laughed till I didn’t care anymore about my soaked clothes, my soggy predicatment. It was fabulous.

  427. You’re words and perspective in life continue to water my spirit. Thank you for daily inspiration and love.

  428. i absolutely loooove reading your blog… you really know how to pull heart strings with your words and photos and you definitely inspire me to be a better person… (i hope thats not creepy since i dont really know you haha) but anyway… the last thing that made me laugh? well, i’m house/dog/cat sitting this week and a few minutes ago i was watching eclipse on the recliner with the two dogs (schnauzer pups) on my lap… when it was over i had two little puppy noses all over my face which made me laugh and it was like they knew it was tickling my funny bone so they kept licking me and doing it more, making me laugh more and more and more and it was wonderful!

    enjoy the littles of your day :)
    – suzanne

  429. I love the photos of the girls in the bath tub – so cute!

  430. Amazing.

    The last thing that made me laugh happened as I was reading your post. My dog, sitting below my feet, having a very vivid and vocal dream :)

  431. My almost two year old has been having the greatest conversations on her play phone. I love to sit back and just listen but lately it has me laughing as well.

  432. Where oh where did you get those beautiful colored bottles that you have the yellow mums in on your countertop? They are lovely.

    I love this post. Was refreshing and had that perfect timing you have mastered.

    The last thing that made me laugh? Just got home from the doctor’s office with my two littlest ones, there to have Amos’s ears checked (those darn narrow canals with DS)- and Jacob, the two year old yet-to-be-potty-trained bigger baby brother tells the doctor

    “my ears don’t have a penis, my penis is in my ca-loth diaper.”


    Love those almond eyes and the oh face and the hair accessories. Watch out for those ears that DO have a penis.

    Sorry, my bad. It just came out.

  433. Last thing that mad me laugh: Now that my daughter can crawl, she go straight for her jumperoo. We hadn’t really put her in it in months and didn’t realize that she missed it so much!

  434. Kelle, I love it all..My grandbabies laugh and always make ME laugh. The 2 1/2 yr-old said “Mammaw, do you have a belly button? Can I see it?” I asked HIM, “Do YOU have a belly button? Can I see it?” HE said “OF COURSE, Mammaw!” Too funny. Three grandbabies and I am one very blessed 55 year-old! Love from the Blog Mama~

  435. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and life with us.

  436. The last thing that made me laugh – My DH said that while I was at the Salon, my daughter told someone at McDonalds that I was getting my hair “PAINTED”. Dye to a 4 year old – how else do you comprehend it!??! (:

  437. Happy Thursday! What made me laugh was listening to my 18 & 20 year old daughters playing upstairs with the oldest daughter’s 2 year old godson. They were singing songs and all three of them were laughing hysterically. Music to my ears! Made my heart skip a beat and the tears welled (didn’t spill over though) up while I thought to myself, “You did good, momma!”

  438. Last laugh: My sweet 4 month old, Lilly, attacking her Glow Worm’s face like she wants to eat it.
    Poor girl doesn’t own a barrette, will definitely be ordering one from Coco Penny!

  439. Beautiful pictures, as always! The last thing that made me laugh… my 4-year-old, of course. Nothing funnier than 4-year-old antics!

    sweetpeasandsassafras at yahoo dot com

  440. Actually reading some of the comments from the other readers :)

    Love your blog, and love your kiddos! Thanks for sharing!

  441. Receiving a phone call from my soon to be deployed son. It makes my heart light and happy just to hear his voice. He can always make me smile.

  442. The last thing that made me laugh: My 2-almost-3-year-old put on her coat and shoes and told me, “I’m going shopping real quick, Mommy. Give me a big kiss. Be right back!” She then proceeded to push her little shopping cart around the house, raid the pantry and ask questions like, “Do you need some corn?”

    Oh how I love my littles!!

  443. The last thing that made me laugh…

    I just watched the Top Chef finale and I cried, yes CRIED, when they announced the winner. As in “I am just so dang happy for them” kinda cry. And then I cracked up. Because who cries watching Top Chef? That’s when it really hit me that I am definitely pregnant.


  444. My last laugh was last night when I went in to close my 4 year olds window….found him fast asleep laying on his back, arms by his side and 5 stuffed animals covering his entire face. So cute!

  445. The last thing that made me laugh was my baby girl. She loves to grab ears and noses and it’s so funny to see her expression when she finally gets it. I take lots of mental photos!

  446. eating cereal in bed this morning.. the chomping wakes my husband up and he continues to tell me how much i remind him of a chimpmunk! i laughed and continued on with my early morning feast! :)

  447. My one year old who just said “love you” for the first time as I put her to bed. It was the sweetest thing and I just laughed out loud :)

  448. Your pictures and girls are gorgeous. I love reading your blog as inspires me a lot of things and perks me up even when I am having a bad day!

    The last thing that made me laugh:
    My 13 months old’s scrunched face when she licked the lemon wedge. She likes the lemon though!

  449. i laughed hard today as i was “sword fighting” with my almost 2 year-old son, and we were chasing each other from room to room :)

    p.s. your pictures in this post are beautiful!

  450. The last thing that made me laugh…I teach Kindergarten and one of my kiddos was in trouble today for screaming across the room. He had to leave his math center game and had the choice to write something on his white board or he could get a book and read. He chose to write and after about 10 minutes he comes up to me with the following written “I do not like you Miss Tucker because you took my watch”…best part about it was I had taken his watch the day before and that’s not even what he was in trouble for at the moment!!

  451. The last thing that made me laugh was my 5 year old insisting on the Spiderman “panties” (actually boxer/briefs) that her daddy would love for his b-day. He has a few interesting gifts lovingly chosen by his 2 and 5 year old little girls.

  452. My daughter blowing raspberries as she crawled around the nursery – she did it with such purpose!

  453. Your girls are so darling. My 8 year old has downs and there is something about it when you get those smiles! :) Cheers, Mollybelle

  454. The last thing that made me laugh/cry was when my four year old told me my butt is as big as Kung Fu Pandas!

  455. My sweet little 2 year old loves Annie. She grabbed my cheeks and got real close and said to me “I love you Ms. Hannigan!” heheheh

  456. The last thing that made me laugh was when my 2 year old grandaughter pointed to out some dust under a bed and told me how beautiful it was…?!?

  457. My little one log rolling across the floor in her attempt to “leave the premises”…she just turned 8 months old.

  458. I love your blog! Nella might be a cutest little girl i have ever seen, and those eyes!

  459. Well your post made me smile but what really made me laugh was hearing my 4 year old Caleb sing ‘Sweet Child O’Mine’ in the next room just a few hours ago. He had to fill in quite a few words with some humming but I knew what he was grooving to :)

  460. First off, LOVE your blog. You truly are an inspiration. I look forward to reading your posts daily :)

    My 2.5 year old has been cracking me up when we are at a stop light. She yells at the cars next to us to “GO!” & “LEAVE” all angry like. And, when the light turns green she thanks them :)

  461. I’m sure I’ve laughed more recently than yesterday, but it must be the thing I remember most… My son Shepherd had a doctor’s appointment yesterday because he has a sore throat, and when I asked my 3 year old if she had one too she said, “No Momma. Girls don’t have throats. Only boys have throats.”

  462. What a beautiful life you live :)

  463. My air conditioning recently went out in my car and we live in Florida so you know it’s HOT already. So my 5 year old told me that she was melting one day in the backseat. Love it!

  464. Running around the house, chasing my 2.5 year old son while balancing my 11-month-old daughter on my hip. Both kids were squealing and screaming with delight, when suddenly my son stopped, turned around and shouted out: “Oh, I just love you guys!”

  465. The last thing that made me laugh was watching my 1 year old play with her dolls right before nap. She spent a good 20 minutes putting them on her chair, off her chair, under the blanket, on top of it……

  466. Oh the last thing that made me laugh was my youngest (almost 2) stealing a French fry from his sister after bring told he had to eat some more chicken before having another one. Apparently the rules don’t apply if you snatch from someone else’s plate.

  467. the last thing that made me laugh was when my co-worker called to tell me she had found the note that she had written the book on that she needs to read, but had lost a check for $250. Its a daily thing with her! :)

  468. I love how Lainey hides things for you, it’s adorable :)

  469. tickling four of my kids on our bed and saying, “I have a lot of children!” We all laughed.

  470. Love it!

    Last thing that made me laugh… this morning at the library I sat down on a chair and my purse squeaked against the table. In the very quiet of the non-fiction section my 2 year old enthusiastically announced “mama, you make a loud toot-toot” Oh my… haha!

  471. The last thing that made me laugh was my anniversary card from my husband this morning. It made my day!

  472. Your writing is so inspiring to me. :)

    The last thing that made me laugh was my little one year old, Ava standing on her little red rocking chair and rocking away. She climbs on everything these days.

  473. The last thing that made me laugh… I beat my dad to my house today. Neither of us speeding, but we always take different routes to get to the same places (and usually from the same place like today). I knew he was going to beat me when I turned and he stayed straight, but when I turned onto the road I live off of, I could SEE HIM COMING and knew I was in the lead. I laughed such a laugh that Ella asked me what was funny. “I beat the silver fox, Ella… I beat the silver fox”

    *BTW in the photo of just Nella surrounded by dolls, we have the one on the right (soft body, hard limbs) dressed in pink & white. Ella named her “baby sister”. Think she’s dropping hints?

  474. I laughed at my therapist’s office this afternoon. He’s good like that.

  475. Last night when a co-worker told me I look like I exploded. 35 weeks and counting….

  476. The last thing that made me laugh was my chihuahua puppy, Bitsy Boo, carrying his squeaky hotdog in his mouth all over the house. He loves that thing!

  477. Last thing to make me have a really good belly laugh, and every time I think about it too, is our son. He is the George Costanza reincarnate! If you ever watched Seinfeld and ‘The Gymnast’ episode where George eats an eclair out of the trash… That’s our son. He’ll be 2 April 20th. We couldn’t help but laugh! :) Hope it makes you laugh reading that!! haha
    Those hair clips are SO cute!! They’d certainly look super cute on our little Naomi’s head. She doesn’t have very long hair yet, but she has headbands! :)
    Love your blog, love your photography. Beautiful.

  478. The last thing that made me smile today was reading your blog:) It was a soft little giggle followed by tears in my eyes….because your blog is one of my guilty little pleasures that I look forward to EVERY day. And every once in a while I get teary–because your story is that wonderful:) The pictures and words of your world are wonderful. Thank you Kelle for letting all of us have a glimpse into your amazing, beautiful world. Much love to you and your darling family:)

  479. The last thing that made me laugh was my 3 year old getting mad at his leapster and telling it, “ugh, you’re pissin’ me off!” yeaahh, I’ve really gotta start watching what I say around the kids…

  480. The last thing that made me laugh, this might get long, but I’m going to appologize for that right away. The business I work for was robbed last night, well not robbed, but broke into. The “kids” couldn’t get the safe open, so they decided to make a ‘poop’ mess all over the bathroom, and urinate all over the office floor. This is gross, and I don’t deal well with that type of stuff. One of our employees said “Jes you didn’t need to stage a break in just because you plugged the toilet” it made me chuckle!

  481. This comment has been removed by the author.

  482. Nella looks like your husband in the second picture! The last thing that made me laugh is the video on you tube of baby twin boys “talking” to eachother- so freakin’ cute and funny!

  483. The most memorable thing in the past 24 hours that has made me laugh is my 4 yr old son pointing to the floor and saying “Did you know that this land is my land?” in a very serious voice :)

    Love those clips!

  484. My 3 year old son telling me his turkey sub was “deeee-liciious.” And then changing his mind, “No Mumma, it’s turkey-licious!” :)

  485. The last thing I laughed at was as I tried to navigate grocery shopping with 3 kids and my son yelling about having to go potty, really loudly with the umm anatomically correct words…never hurried out of the frozen foods so quickly 😉

  486. Today before I went to school I enjoyed your post with Nella saying dog. I cheered along with you and both I and my mom felt like we were apart of the family. Thank you for making my day with all your little happenings!!!

  487. The last thing that made me laugh was my daughter. She is 6 months old and everything she does makes me laugh because she’s so inquisitive, whether is staring in awe at curtains or eating her feet.

  488. The last thing that made me laugh: my daughters new made up word for something great- mommy this is “spec-tabulous”

  489. So much laughter- its the fuel to my soul… most recently my 1 yr old giving my husband the “stink eye” while getting buckled up in the car seat.

  490. Having a staring contest with my two year old! Love those clips!

  491. You’re always an inspiration Kelle!

  492. My little boy just started making his own little oh face and I heart it so much! Probably the last thing that made me laugh was Silas handing the cat her ball and saying “Keee”. So smart and funny is my little man.

  493. beautiful colours out in your neighbourhood right about now!
    last thing that made me laugh was watching Lainey say “DOG, DOG, DOG”
    and Nella repeating her when no one expected it. So cute!!
    love the barrettes:)

  494. The last thing that made me laugh was my sweet girl trying to gently pet a picture of a saber-toothed tiger after I called it a kitty. Oops- before I finished typing that, she licked clean the bowl of veggie dip, so now that’s the last time. :)

  495. the last thing that made me laugh was hearing my little one wake up belting the abc’s, twinkle twinkle, the eensy weensy spider, and several other favorites…i wish i woke up that ready to take on the day! love her and love those clippies! (and love your blog)!

  496. This comment has been removed by the author.

  497. I just came out of a meeting at work where the PRESIDENT took my picture and used an app called “Fat Booth” to doctor it up. I havent laughed that hard in a loooong time….I was howling when I saw the end result. Try it out – I have to imagine it would be hilarious to do it on a family photo.

    Your photos always amaze me because you capture so much and the girls are beyond adorable…but also because there is something so “classic” or “americana” about them. The one of Nella with the sock monkey and iconic red tricycle. LOVE IT.

  498. I giggled nonstop while making Cake Pops with the little girl I babysit. We giggled as we would sneak licks of cake batter or her little puppies licking our toes as we dropped sprinkles to the floor by accident. It was a perfect afternoon of small joys.

    I love your littles and I look forward to your blog posts!

  499. most recently, this conversation with one of my 9th grade students made me laugh:

    student: Those kids don’t know anything about Harry Potter.

    me: Yeah, but just think about how richer our lives are because we do.

    student: *rolls eyes* I bet they don’t even know what a horcrux is.

  500. The last thing made me laugh also made me cry, my daughter learned how to sing. She was singing along to “C is for cookie” and got about half the words right :)

  501. Oh, I wish I could be in a Wednesday breakfast club 😉 Such lucky girls!

  502. My 2.5 year old saying to her 10 month old crying sister, “Mama, I want to compassionate her!” and giving her a hug.

  503. last time I laughed- after turning off the lights I gazed one last time at the baby monitor (Ben is 7 months). Told my husband that little fuzzhead has more hair than he does! (we had a cut-your-own-hair casualty last weekend)and we had a good laugh while we cuddled up to sleep.

  504. adorable pictures and lovely words–as always.

  505. First off, 11 baby chicks…maybe you have one of ours?! I’m student teaching kindergarten right now and I have a birds nest (kiddie pool & hay) set up for dramatic play…including wings and masks for the children to wear and plastic eggs in the nest that have those exact little chicks in them. Mysteriously…one has vanished :o) Since Lainey can remember where she puts all of hers, maybe she can help us find our missing one!

    Last thing to make me laugh- the sassy little attitudes and ingenious thoughts/comments I get out of these six year olds. It was a crazy day :o)

    PS. Loved Lainey teaching Nella “dog”…precious!

  506. Your pictures are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    My kids make me laugh on a daily basis. Yesterday my 6 yr old son decided he needed to try on his sisters Tinkerbell costume.
    I love seeing your pics of Nella, they remind me of when my brother was that age (he is now almost 21). You should check out his blog,

  507. The last thing to make me laugh was when my 7 month old daughter gave me her rotten grin! She’s been sick so I steamed up the bathroom and took a warm bath with her. She turned her head up to me, scrunched up her face in a purely rotten smile and huffed a bunch of boogers out of her nose! I was crying from laughing so hard!

    Oh, and in sweet Nella’s squinty smile picture, she looks so much like her Mama!

  508. Just found your blog! Love it! The last thing that made me laugh was the feel of hot spit-up on my forearm. My sweet little five month old was sitting on my lap facing away from me and I felt it before I even knew it was coming. The joys of motherhood!

  509. The last thing that made me laugh was listening to my boys play pirates! They boss each other around and talk like pirates! Too cute!

  510. My baby girl as she stops nursing, looks up at me, starts smiling and laughing and then goes right back to business. Does mommyhood get any better than this?!

  511. My 17 month old daughter was trying to pour water over her head from a cup and kept dumping it directly onto her face, or missing her head completely. She and my 5 year old son were laughing hysterically, which naturally meant I was as well.
    I love the pure laughter of children.

  512. Your photo’s are absolutely gorgeous and you inspire me every day!

    I am awarding you with the Stylish blogger award!
    check out my blog to see what you gotta do!


  513. Having my own baby girl this summer. I can’t wait!! I’d love to get her some wonderful accessories from this cute site! :) Love your blog!!

  514. Nella’s “oh” face. Gets me every.single.time. She is precious. As is Lainey.

  515. 1. My dog slipping and sliding because of the meds she is on from being spayed.

    2. my 6-year-old son putting on my 4-year-old’s princess stilletos and saying “what?” when I started laughing.

  516. The last thing I genuinely laughed at was talking with my four-year old nephew on the phone and him telling me that he would come to DC to teach the bad guys who broke into my apartment that it was bad to do that.

    I love the faith that kids have in people being able to change.

  517. What made me laugh today. Lily getting throwing up all over the place at Joe Cool, finishing and saying “shoo fly” because she was trying to get the “bug out her tummy.”

    I felt like I was being punkd when she threw up in the quiet overaged salon on the gray haired man’s shoes who was not amused.

  518. My son Ryan was checking out the blog with me this time. He think Lainey is “pretty like a princess.” I couldn’t agree more.

    The last thing that made me laugh? Ryan was having a meltdown the other morning and since my husband was short tempered that morning, I was trying really hard to be the cool, calm one. Until he left. Apparently my patience left with him. I finally yelled to Ryan, “You better lose that attitude really quickly!” And he followed it up, without missing a beat, with, “I don’t want to lose it. I LIKE my attitude!” I started cracking up – and the rest of the morning was calm and pleasant.

  519. Great post!

    The last thing to make me laugh was my son. He is three but has an awesome vocabulary. He never uses the simple words. Today he told me that his tummy was uncomfortable and that he was not pleased about it. I love listening to him talk!!

  520. We have a swiper in our house too, and today she was swiping laundry (clean thankfully) and appeared in the doorway wearing three pairs of my underwear around her neck and her sister’s pants on her head like a hat. Honestly, I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard.

  521. i laughed overhearing two of my students mimicking me.. it wasn’t to be disrespectful. it was downright funny!

    those clip are cuuute!

  522. I love all the pictures! The last thing that made me laugh was when I picked Baylee up from school and she was deciding what to put on her cookie cake. Let’s just say they don’t make a cake that big. She said it has to say “Happy 5th Birthday Baylee, because this is a big birthday.”

  523. I left a snarky comment on my cousin’s FB post and just cracked myself up. Sittin’ all alone in the carpool line to pick up the kids and I’m laughin’ my butt off. :)

  524. I think the last thing that made me laugh was my 2 year old saying “I hold you” for when she wants me to pick her up. How can anyone resist that!

  525. I just had a fantastic laugh with my co-worker as we skimmed through a 26 page “awkward family photos” email. A good laugh makes me feel refreshed…

  526. Gorgeous girls, love those flower clips. Will have to check them out since I finally have a baby girl to dress!

  527. my son got his haircut yesterday. and were planning a family game of hide and seek after dinner. we hid behind the couch for my husband to find us. while we were hiding he said “good thing my hair is short now , daddy wont see it sticking up and find us”. too cute!

  528. The last thing that made me laugh was my dog “dancing” around his chewy because he was sooo excited :)

  529. What makes me laugh is when the dog passes gas, and you can see one little face after the other scrunch up in disgust. then… “EWWWW LUNA!!!!”

    Gets me every time.

  530. I had a huge laugh out loud moment today while scouring the racks at Goodwill trying to find a great deal or a fun little trinket, I did have success, I found a Jacadi jacket for my son and some new yellow candle holders but what I was dying over was this framed picture I think made out of tooth picks and random crafts items of “Adam and Eve” it was outrageous and I even showed it (while cracking up) to the complete stranger next to me, she looked at me like I was nuts but it was the oddest creation I have ever seen!

  531. oh boy…the last thing that made me laugh…getting home from work today and finding 3 dogs in my house when I only have 2. That meant that my husbands best friend has (finally) moved home from Kansas and brought Jaba over for a playdate with his girlfriend! Now they are all tuckered out laying at my feet!

  532. My most fave thing ever is listening to my little 3 year old play pretend with is dino’s but what makes me laugh is when we get to the part with the 3 hillbillies in Princess and the Frog and he belly laughs through the whole scene!

  533. I love the pic of Nella coddling the baby while Lainey is putting them in their place.

    On Anna Cate’s birthday we talked about how she didn’t want to come out and I was in labor a long time, and she said, “I guess I just liked blood.”

  534. The last thing that made me laugh? Watching my 5 month old jump so high in his jumperoo that he looked like a little jackhammer. Love him!

  535. The last thing to make me laugh was my patient when I told her she would be on Amoxicillin, she was so excited and she told me she has been waiting forever to have Amoxicillin again. Seriously hilarious :-)

  536. The last thing to make me laugh was my five year old son singing new words to christmas carols. Among his new and improved lyrics, he was saying what is good to eat and what is bad to eat. He was totally cracking me up with his creative little mind.

    Love the hair bling… I am barrette crazy!

  537. Your blog reminds me to be more present in my own life. I love the Bath Oh! <3

  538. Last thing to make me laugh:

    My 3-year-old who is newly potty trained was in the bathroom with me while I was taking care of business and she exclaimed, “Oh WOW Mommy! You did it! That’s amazing!”

    And for the record – I’m totally incapable of typing that and not smiling! 😀

    Beautiful post, Kelle!

  539. What made me last laugh….last night my son & I sat together reading a group of short silly stories he had written at school & after about the 4th one we realized that he had started every one with Once there was a boy named Nick (his name). So as we turned the page to read the next one it was instant chuckles that once there was a boy named Nick…
    Man I love that kid!!

  540. Last thing to make me laugh wasMy 20 month old standing on the coffee table and my mother telling him to get down and when she stepped closer to pick him up off the table he very fastly sat down and scooted off the table and smiled <3

  541. My one year old Nash leaving the room and then running back in and screaming/laughing to get a reaction out of us…..of course we laugh at him and then he does it over and over – so cute!!!

  542. Things that have made me laugh today…

    1. the funny face my bulldog makes after he yawns.

    2. My husband play threatening me with his all-time-favorite Grandpa Weeks quote,”I’m gonna put something on you that not even AJAX will take off!”

    3. My 9 month old’s laugh is infectious…I’m just sayin’!

  543. Finding out the songs I love most from my new Zumba class are by Flo-Rida, Enrique Iglesias and Sean Paul w/Eve. Maybe I’m more hip than I thought!

  544. We were outside playing and it is quite muddy right now so we all had on our rainboots. Well my 18 month old’s boot got stuck in the mud and out came her foot and landed in the mud with a *squish*. She looked disgusted and horrified at me because clearly, it was my fault. Then she decided she could take the mud off with her hand, making her hands and one foot muddy. Her reactions were great.

  545. The last thing that made me laugh was my mom telling me a hilarious story of a man hitting on her at work. She works at a funeral home and she was helping the son of the deceased when he proceeded to tell her that he needed someone to spend his fathers life insurance on and that he is known for spending thousands of dollars a night on a woman and it would blow her mind. She is happily married and had to decline, luckily her co-workers were in the room to witness his pick up lines.

  546. You do such a great job at blogging that I feel like I know you and your kids. My littlest is just a couple months behind Nella so I am always saying to myself “oh ya, that’s going on here too.”
    My latest laugh was watching my one year old spontaneously kiss her baby doll! (the same doll she also throws around)

  547. the last thing that made me laugh was my husband holding my 11 month old’s hands while she walked into the kitchen, wearing my ipod arm band. gotta love a baby that works out!

  548. The last thing that made me laugh was hearing my 6 month old, sweet baby girl, snoring like her Daddy. She is all sunshine and roses when she is awake, but once she falls into that blissful sleep, she snores like a truck driver. It would be hilarious, except she sleeps on one side of me and my husband sleeps on the other, so I get surround sound. Alas, it’s worth it to wake up to both of them.:)

  549. First thing that comes to mind…www.damnyouautocorrect.com. Please take a look. It is hilarious.

    And my 1 year old running away naked, dimpled butt and all, as I try with great effort to change a diaper and give in to the laughter as he smiles back at me knowing he got away.

  550. Last thing that made me laugh? My Mom playing an April Fool’s joke on her boss and hearing about it through chat. :)


  551. Love your “new” little nook. I am the same, changing things every other day to keep our home alive. My husband thinks I’m a bit crazy, but I think little lovely changes are part of the natural order of things and should be welcomed into our home often!

    Love the bath OH. Whenever I look at her Oh pictures I find I’m unconsciously making a similar face…then I giggle at myself.

  552. I was taping kids at school and I went into a Pre-K class room to have the kids yell “WELCOME TO PARKSIDE”. Instead they were all hiding in a closet from me, waiting to scare me. It made me laugh out loud :)

  553. My son saying “Whas Sat?” (What’s that) over and over and over! You have to laugh to keep from going nuts!

  554. When my dog tried to jump on the couch and missed! poor baby!!

  555. I am now officially in love with Coco Penny!! Thanks a lot…now I’m going to have to spend money 😛 I guess I won’t have to if you pick me though!!!

    The last thing that made me laugh was my daughter telling me about how she had no fun at her swimming lesson today while trying to suppress a smile.

  556. These sweet girls’ faces are just what the doctor ordered this afternoon. My little man makes me laugh lately when he peers around corners trying to prompt his daddy or I into a game of chase. He laughs hysterically when he sees us and we start towards him. Nothing sweeter!

  557. My 3 year old Macy says to my 5 year old Myah, “Our parents just don’t get it…” She lays this on me as I’m trying to figure out their Fisher-Price laptop… Nice.

  558. My best friends made me a scrap book for my 30th birthday, I had so many laughs showing it off to friends at work today, pictures bring back so many memories and I will treasure this gift forever.

  559. Honestly, the last thing that made me laugh was the picture of Lainey scolding her babies, I about died!

  560. My girl wearing her princess dress, princess heels with one missing heel, sunglasses missing one lens, necklace & crown while carrying her purse in the nook of one arm and pushing the baby stroller with the other.:)

  561. These pictures made my day! I know what you mean about your night/blog rituals. I usually read all of my blogs (read – mainly yours) at night, after my shower, while sitting on my bed, right before I go to bed. Oh and In Nella’s bath oh face I really see a resemblance to Lainey!

    Recent Laughter:
    1.) Watching my almost 1yr old “discover” a head of romaine lettuce. I love watching him touch it, squeeze it and then try to eat it:0)
    2.) I’m a HS math teacher and today I took a fairly difficult lesson. When I showed my class our final example, one of my junior boys whimpered… It was funny!! We all laughed!

    Have a great weekend:0) Those make me laugh too!!

  562. Noticing as I laid the baby down that my three year old was strangely quiet. Peeking in the other room to check on her, I found that she had put on her swimming suit (it was forty degrees and raining outside), and climbed up on her night where she was sitting “reading” a book. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

  563. Mirabelle had on the same Old Navy onesie as Nella – the one with the pink/coral trim. There’s hope for MB to be a fashionista yet!

  564. You wanna know the last thing that made me laugh? Your comment about Lainey saying Nella was being mean. Because that is something I would hear from my two little girls as well :) Thanks for making me smile.

  565. We’re potty training this week, so there’s lots of funny and cute things that happen around a newly underpants clad tushie. But, today, I absolutely cracked up when my daughter came to me, open armed and said, “I love you.” of course I picked her up to hug her, and that’s when it happened. She tooted on my arm. It was like fireworks going off! We both laughed so hard, and I swear, she orchestrated the whole thing on purpose.

  566. I just love your blog and I’m so glad every time I take a couple minutes to wander through your very own private paradise that you have chosen to share with all of us that my best friend told me to check you out. :-) Thank you!

    And last thing I laughed about was while sitting at my desk working and at first I didn’t even know why I was chuckling and then I focused in on the background noise and the song that was playing on Pandora was one that my hubby and I made up goofy alternate lyrics to long ago. I, of course, called him and we laughed about it together sharing a brief moment of sunshine in an otherwise mundane day!

  567. Recent pics of my sweet baby nephew’s first nights in his big boy bed. He chose the stack of blankets on the floor meant to protect him from falling out for the time being as his “bed” every night for several nights, each night settling in a different location. My favorite was the one where he was half on the real bed, half on the blanket stack, a foot lower, tushie up in the air! Too funny!

  568. Ah, what has made me laugh lately. My 2 yr old arguing with me that her eyes are white not blue. Touche.

    She is also obsessed with rhyming things with the word poo. She also grabs my face, brings it really close to hers and whispers sweet nothings into it. So sweet.

  569. The last thing that made me laugh was my son rapping his spelling words while studying for his test! A nine year old, studious Eminem!

  570. The last thing that made me laugh:

    My dad was teaching my 4 yr old how to draw skeletons the other day. Well she got up early and used her markers to draw a skeleton on herself, with most of the bones in the right spots. Funny but laugh out loud funny when we went swimming and the marker wouldn’t wash off in the showers. You should’ve seen this one woman’s face when my daughter walked out onto the pool deck in her bikini and marker skeleton bones!!

  571. lovely as ever.
    the last thing that made me laugh…my dog stealing our workmans sandwiches today…not that i didnt feel sorry for our friend but my dogs naughtiness is legendary! x

  572. My hubby and I worked from home today because of a daycare issue. all day we’re running around with our daughter, trying to squeeze in work & conference calls. This afternoon baby was napping, we were across the kitchen table typing away and I looked over my laptop and said “hey” and smiled. he repeated and we both laughed. Today is our wedding anniversary too!
    love the photos as usual. Nella is so cute. I’m already checking out Coco Penny. My daughter will have hair that needs a barrette some day!

  573. I love Nella’s “Oh”! The last thing that made me laugh was a phone call with my husband in which I laid down the law about sleeping on the couch tonight if he was going to imbibe with the dudes. A pregnant lady needs her sleep…have be firm! Have a good night….

  574. such a great post!
    what made me laugh today?
    my daughter walking up to me and grabbing my boob and saying bb= i want your boob mom {aka} milk please! lol. ya she’s 15 months old. maybe its time to wean? lol

  575. I love girlfriends little teal booties!
    The last thing that made me laugh and cry was hearing my 3 and 1/2 yr old son, who happens to have childhood apraxia of speech, tell me in the most beautiful sentence that if that train sound wakes his baby (talkin little sister here) that she will be mean and mad bite the train. She is indeed a biter.

  576. Most things that make me laugh come from my 3 yr old son’s mouth. That kid can come up with some of the sweetest, kindest things and some of the strangest, sassiest things too. But I love him. :)

  577. My 2 1/2 grandson trying to copy his 12 Aunt doing flips on the trampoline….priceless.

  578. I am usually the one to give our girls a bath but tonight my husband helped. As we are sat watching our girls play he suddenly gets a water toy and soaks me! Something small but it had me laughing….him not so much because my three year old and I got him back pretty good!

  579. oh my God girl.
    you sure can write.
    almost every single post makes me tear up, nod my head in agreement, and smile BIG.
    you have a gift.
    many gifts.
    i love visiting here.

  580. Love, love, love the pic of Nella sleeping!

    Thing that made me laugh recently: my 4 year old picked up her asparagus from her plate in a bunch, smiled and said to me “‘Gratulations!” as she presented me her asparagus like a bunch of flowers :)

  581. What’s the last thing that made me laugh? Easy – the picture of Nella with her smile-induced almond sliver eyes ! I actually laughed out-loud.

  582. Love this blog and check back daily for your updates! Your words always bring a smile to my face and put a extra ray of sunshine in the day! The last thing that made me laugh? Well I’m a teacher, so the list is endless but today while my kids were busy working around the room, I had music playing in the background and began singing along with “It’s a Wonderful World”. Well, one of my sweet kids got up from my table and walked away and said, “Maybe you should keep your day job”. Ha! Gotta love them!

  583. My husband makes me laugh everyday! He’s so genuinely funny! He sends funny texts and emails to me all day. I giggle a little just thinking about him!

  584. What great small things today! The last thing that made me laugh was my baby girl calling herself ‘Pretty Raleigh Sue’ after my husband was singing it to her. So cute!

  585. Last time I laughed… when my little girl made a face while drinking her medicine, but then chugged it down anyway.

  586. The last thing that made me laugh was my 4 year old daughter. She makes me laugh every day. This time she asked if she could tickle the baby(in my belly) and then did.

  587. the last thing i laughed about was my husband making up a song about our puppy not going potty in his cage. so funny. he is always making up random songs and it just makes me smile :o)

  588. the last thing that made me laugh was my almost 10 month old daughter, graycie. she thinks it is absolutely hilarious to crawl over to the curtains and hide behind them. she shakes the curtains and just loves being all wrapped up in them. it is the only thing that makes her laugh really loud and we just laugh right along with her. baby laughs = love!

  589. The last thing that made me laugh was silly faced photobooth pictures of my co-worker.

    I love following your blog and enjoy seeing your world through photographs. :)

  590. Last thing that made me laugh…watching my daughter watching herself on Skype. We skype with my parents, we’re in Indy they’re in Naples. My 17 month old daughter watches herself on the screen instead of my parents. She smiles, laughs, points and even kisses herself. So cute…so funny!

  591. My two year old pointing out pictures of Rupunzle dolls and saying “present birthday” over and over

  592. The last thing that made me laugh.. talking on the phone to my 2 year old nephew this morning :-) His first question to me was (and always is) Where’s Kaeden? and my answer is usually Kaeden’s at school. My Nephew is comeing to visit TOMORROW! I haven’t seen him since the end of January!

  593. About a half hour ago reading my six year old son’s journal. He wrote about his cousin who has 1000000000000000000 cents and how she can buy anything in the world. He also wrote about me and how “budeful” I am! Gotta love them!

  594. Last thing that made me laugh came right after seeing those two hilarious twins babbling at each other on the news. Apparently it is a huge You Tube sensation. Quite funny. A teacher friend just called and asked me if she could switch her 5th grade chairs with my kindergarten/first grade chairs for April Fool’s day tomorrow. I forgot it was April Fools day, and loved the idea of the prank! (although I was not so happy to hear she was still at school at 7:45, despite my admiration for her dedication). Now I can’t wait for school tomorrow! Can’t wait to write March 32nd on the board, and see what else I can come up with!

  595. The last thing that made me laugh was my 3 year old son having a conversation with his cousin on the phone. His mannerisms and they he communicated was hysterical! There was even an “Are you serious?!” thrown in there!

  596. nice barrettes…they look beautiful in your daughters’ hair!

  597. Adorable barrettes! One thing that made me laugh today is my 19 m. o. daughter dragging around 2 open umbrellas on the ground, while whining at me about the raindrops falling on her face!

  598. The last thing that made me laugh out loud was when my 2 yr old told me “you’re not the boss of me…don’t tell me what to do!” I am in for it! Enjoy the spring:)

  599. Your girls are soooo adorable. I love the way you love them. I agree with you… I have to change things up in our home frequently too.

    The last thing I laughed at was when my daughter, Lily, (just a month or two younger than your Lainey) said: “Mommy, can we get a rainbow doggy when we move to our new house? If we get a rainbow doggy, I’m going to name it ‘Tag’.”

    P.S. I saved the pic of your picnic table. I’m planning on copying/building it from pallets this summer for my little ones. My daughter already said that we’re painting it “rainbow”…. I’m beginning to see a pattern here with her and rainbows. :)

  600. what made me laugh? this HILARIOUS video, which is all of 4 seconds long, but is genius. it’s described as a woman going back to work after 30 years of being at home… it’s priceless!

  601. LOVE the board with the pictures and chalk. You are so creative! How do you think of this stuff?

    The last thing that made me laugh was Jason told Jana that he loved her and she took his finger and put it on his mouth and said ‘shhhh i know” Like she was saying stop I know I am darn right loveable. That is her thing right now telling every one shhhhh. It is cute and makes me lol.

  602. I watched a pretty funny “handwashing dance” video today at work. I could just picture all of the hospital employees doing the dance every time they washed their hands.

  603. my 19 month old insisting on going out for a walk in the rain, pushing her little doll stroller, and then stopping to say hi to the daffodils, our first spring flowers.

  604. I just stumbled upon your blog this week, and think that I am now up to date after reading it during almost every nap time since Monday. 😉 I have two little girls, too (2.5 yrs and 1 yr), so reading your words has made me laugh, cry, become inspired, etc. Oh, and now I definitely want to move somewhere sunny. 😉
    To pick only one thing that has made me laugh today is tough, since my girls crack me up on the hour, but since one just woke up, I will have to only share one. This morning, my toddler made up her own song in which every line consisted of “I love my ____.” (Insert Mama, sister, dog, etc.) It was pretty catchy!

  605. The last thing that made me laugh was my 3 year old telling my 1 year old that she’d like to keep her around for a while.

  606. My Betsy(5) was being quite impossible today and I told her I was almost out of patience. Her reply…a long sigh and “dig deeper Mama, just dig deeper”. Filled up my empty well o’ patience with laughter instantly!

  607. You know what I like @ your inspiration nook over your desk? I like that you attacked another item in the house with the burgundy spray paint. I laughed.

    Now I must return to be Glinda again and tell Alex to close her eyes and click her heels together 3 times. Dude, I have to get this on video. It’s so cute to hear her whisper “there’s no place like home” with her eyes closed. Eek!

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  608. The last thing that made me laugh was my 17 month old daughter stopping in the middle of the grocery store aisle, flopping down on her belly, and “swimming” in the middle of the aisle while laughing her butt off. She did it like 7 times. I was in tears I was laughing so hard. :-)
    I love your blog. My Bug and I read all the new posts (she likes to look at the pictures of your girls :-))

  609. The last thing that made me laugh (and when I say laugh I mean crying laugh he is so funny) was my 3 year old dancing to a new nursery rhyme CD…he has different moves and facial expressions for each song…it will make anyone’s day!

  610. Today was full of laughter- but the best was my 4 yr. old renaming Raggedy Ann to Curly Shirly. Maybe it is not so funny it writing but hearing her say it was priceless! I love your pictures & the barrettes!

  611. The last time I laughed was this morning when my two kiddos were singing a made up song, that they had dance steps to. And the dance steps consisted of both of them “shakin their booties” as hard as they could! :0)

  612. Somehow your ritual of stringing photos and words together makes me more grateful, more aware and more present in my own life…and I thank you.

    I’ve just come to the end the most fabulous day with my 9 month old daughter. My most recent laughter (and it was belly laughter), was her putting her little finger in my ear to make me laugh. She’s learning cause and effect and I love that its not just me trying to making her laugh anymore. And I love the way she crinkles up her nose when she smiles. Sigh…I’m in love.

  613. LOVE those barrettes. You always manage to find awesome products!

    Esther Dush

  614. The last thing that made me laugh was my three year old grandson quoting the baseball scene from Chicken Little. It is just so cute.

  615. The last thing that made me laugh was when my good friend surprised me with a visit to my classroom where I was teaching. She had driven almost 6 hours to visit and stay for the weekend!! Definitely made my day :)

  616. The last thing that made me laugh? Finding a wadded up tissue in my daughters (19mos) footie pj’s. She sticks the randomest thing in her pj’s! The tissue itself wasn’t that funny, but just the reminder of that little idiosyncrasy of hers makes me chuckle. I have found: crayons, spoons, cell phones, small books (yes books), and a random assortment of bath toys down in her pj’s. She’ll run with a funny little hitch in her step and say “ook oook!”, and I’ll know there’s a surprise waiting!

  617. I love to craft…. You can express your sense of style through that… i like to make earrings and jewelry out of pop tabs, gift cards, etc. stuff u don’t see everyday!
    love the post!

    Also, a random thing about today: we tried to give homeless lady a bag full of snacks and a drink cause my mom likes to help homeless people. She said “I can’t take that because I don’t know you.” how insulting. haha!

  618. Tonight at the dinner table my 6 year old started making silly faces and rather tell her to “eat your dinner” I said….let’s all make our silliest faces!! FUN!!

  619. This comment has been removed by the author.

  620. Oh gosh, my 10 month old baby girl makes me laugh…she is pure joy!

  621. This morning my 3 year old Carter and I were teaching Annabelle (2 months old) to roll over.

    To give Annabelle some encouragement I said, “Rolling over is hard work, but you can do hard things Annabelle.”

    Then, since this is such a good principle, I thought I should also teach my 3 year old about work ethic, “You can do hard things too Carter.”

    Carter responded, “Yeah” ( big sigh) “I work a hard job at the city.”

    I started laughing, this sounds like something a 40 year old would say, not my 3 year old. I don’t think he knows what a city is. . . I do think he knows what job means. . .

    Your girls are so cute

  622. The last thing that made me laugh was my little boy…almost 1…singing “E-I-E-I-O” before bed! Precious! I love your blog!

  623. Sitting at The Atlanta Bread Company for lunch Monday my 3 and a half year old proclaims, rather loudly to me that, and I quote, “Mum cows have 4 penises that milk comes out of”

  624. The last thing that made me laugh was my 2 year old son asking the waitress at Cracker Barrel yesterday if she wanted “some of his pancakes.” She didn’t hear him and he yelled “What? You don’t want none pancakes?” My husband and I were dying of laughter. So were the people at the table next to us.

  625. The last thing that made me laugh was just a few minutes ago. I’m a high school English teacher, and my husband is helping me come up with April Fool’s Day pranks for my students tomorrow!

  626. The last thing that made me laugh was a report from daycare when my 2-1/2 yr old was reminiscing with one the caregivers about a time she babysat. When asked, “Is Kelley a good cook?” she thought about it for a minute “Kelley’s a good cook. Mommy’s a good cook….Daddy makes soup!” She’s sassy like I imagine Lainey was at that age.

  627. I haven’t laughed really really hard in a long time, until today!
    It was this video:
    (watch at 1:16 – the Luda rap!)
    So funny!!
    Love your blog!

  628. The latest thing that made me laugh was Nella’s smiley face! I scrolled down the screen and just had to laugh at the joy that jumped out at me. :-)
    My little boy made me laugh today because he has started blowing on all his food, hot or cold, to cool it down. He blew for quite a long time on his ice cream cone. 😉

  629. My two year old. I swear every little thing she does is hilarious. Especially when she randomly lies down on the living room floor and pretends that she is swimming! :)

  630. last thing that made me laugh was my younger daughter telling that she had shared with her teacher that her Grandpa’s middle name is “Valentine’s” (he was born on Feb 14). i was correcting her to say it is “Valentine” so said his full name “John Valentine Dane” and her takeaway from that was “Wait – why did he copy our last name?”
    uh honey – where do you think we got out last name from? we got it from daddy and he got it from Grandpa!

    it always amazes me how many things I “think” they know but find out it has never been explained to them (they only now “get” that their Aunt and Grandma are my sister and mother LOL)

  631. I love your blog, your girls are beautiful and love your comments with each pic…I wish I had taken pics like this when my older girls were little…I have a 15yod with a chromosome deletion.

  632. Told my not very talkative 2 year old to get away from the toilet and he said “No way, Jose!”

  633. Beautiful, as always! The last thing that made me laugh was watching my three little honeys squirm and huddle together in the bathtub tonight as I turned on the showerhead to rinse their soapy bodies!

  634. The bath Oh?! Magnificent!! :)

    The last thing that made me laugh…..
    My little Monster playing with his uncle and accidentally pulling his pants down while trying to pull up to a stand.

  635. I laughed at a face my bf made

  636. This post was just beautiful.

    The last thing that made me laugh was my boy doing his happy dance in the back of his papa’s new truck. It consists of him running in place really hard (he’s 18 months old) and he just looks so pleased with himself while he’s doing it. So fun and funny!

  637. My 1 year old, Wyatt, is obsessed with Justin Bieber’s “Baby” song (gotta love older cousins). He dances and spins and sings “Baba, Baba, Baba OOOOHHHH!” I die laughing everytime. Today it was on and I started dancing with him and he stopped cold and said “Nah Mama (no Mama).” Apparently my moves were not impressive. The parental mortification begins at an early age apparently!

  638. My latest laughter comes from my little one year old’s new word: uh oh!
    Except she pronounces it AH oooooh. So funny!

  639. Okay well I am totally laughing right now while watching an old episode of Sex and the City. But before that the last time I laughed was while putting my two year old to bed tonight. I was kissing her all over and through her giggles she told me to, “dop it Mommeeeeee”. And then when I stopped she said, “kiss me mommy, kiss me!” What’s better than that? :)

  640. You don’t know me…but, oh my goodness, I love your blog! It helps me notice the small things in my life too : ) The last thing that made me laugh…a silly comment from my husband during our kid free dinner at Wendy’s tonight. It was like we were dating again…sometimes I forget that we LOVE to LAUGH together, in between all of the decisions, chores, and bills.

  641. My 19 month old son who recently dropped the second “Ma” from “MaMa”… Now sounds like a kid from The Little House on The Praire… Cracks me up all day long.. “Hi Ma!!”. ” Wuv youuuu Ma”

  642. Last thing to make me laugh is my husband getting me with another “that’s what she said” – one of our favorite games – and one that he seems to be leading!

  643. The thing that made me laugh – truly laugh out loud today was while I was driving downtown Cincinnati in the middle of backed up parade detour traffic. I was frustrated with being stuck in such horrible slow traffic when I noticed the van in front of me. A dove landed on the top of it, on the bike rack. And sat there. Kept sitting there, looking around like “wow!” while the driver just kept moving forward. It was awesome :) It finally flew off, but it sat there for a long time!

  644. My husband said I looked like a sad monkey because I had just came back from signing my baby up for pre-school in September and my 3 year old son chimed in and said “NO! Daddy, she is a beautiful girl” Made me laugh AND melted my heart…

  645. My 3 year-old daughter saying “Can you really believe that?” makes me laugh out loud every time I hear it.

  646. My last laugh – my 2 3/4 year old daughter sitting down in my nursing chair and turning on the breast pump, telling me she HAD to pump and we could play ‘in ten minutes MUMmy”.

  647. I just got a really good laugh as my naked two-year old stomped around in my three-inch heels before his bath!!

  648. Tonight, I settled in with a glass of wine so that I could read your beautiful words about life. The blessing of my life, celebrates her 1st birthday tomorrow and reading your words really helped me to focus in and look back on all the moments of this past year that I may have past. They way that you can make people stop and look at the “good, bad and ugly,” but see the beauty in each, is a wonderful gift.

    Oh, and we seem to share a love of the quote, “This above all, to thine ownself be true.”


  649. Love the barrettes, so cute!
    Most recent thing(s) that made me laugh were the funny things my patient’s said at the end of my shift.

  650. Last thing that made me laugh: my Lilly trying to join in in big sister conversation by contributing “Boys drool, girls rock.” When told that didn’t rhyme she said “Boys drool….girls chool.” Naturally!

  651. My 2 and a half year old son knocked a small (and very light) table onto his younger sister (almost 1). When I asked him if he meant to hurt her, he said no. Then why did you do it? I asked. To squash her head. Oh Lord help me. I had to laugh and then explain how squashing actually does in fact hurt

  652. Kelle,

    I’m not sure how many of these comments you actually get to filter through with so many each day! But I hope this one makes it to you. In fact, I will pray that somehow it does.

    I just recently read a book called “One Thousand Gifts” By Ann Voskamp. I believe it’s made a big hit, at least everyone that has read it that I know loves it. The truth is, it reminds me a lot of this website. You have been given such a gift of finding joy in each little moment, and you express it so well for the encouragement of others. That’s what Ann’s book is about. I wanted to pass this on because, although I don’t know you, it seems like something you’d really enjoy reading.

    With Love, from Sarah

  653. Well, Nella’s crescent moons are officially the last thing that made me smile :), but the last thing that made me laugh was just a few minutes ago when I was putting down my girls. As I was tucking in my 5-year-old, my ever- sneaky three-year-old was caught under her covers trying to slip both of her little feet into one of my slippers, which she had grabbed off my foot. I couldn’t help but get the giggles. Not sure why I found it so funny, but she’s just such a nut and is always getting into something. Anyway, my giggling made her giggle and then my 5 year old started up and we couldn’t stop. <3

  654. LOVE IT. The last thing that made me laugh was my 6 year old telling my 5 year old…”I don’t want to hear any more of that nonsense!”

  655. The thing that made me laugh was today a student asked if he could call me “Miss Awesome” instead of my real teacher name because he said I deserved a cooler name.

  656. It was today….my girlfriend and I both admitted we’ve passed gas at the most inopportune times (like during intimate moments with our hubbies). I told her mine sounded like a bullhorn….hahahahahahahahaha!

    Still laughing (a snorting laugh) at that one,

  657. My last laugh came from the picture my husband posted on his facebook wall tonight. It was supposed to be of my 4 1/2 yr old daughter’s new haircut. But in the background, my 3 year old son is clearly doing a no-pants carrtwheel / handstand! So typical of life in our house!

  658. Last thing that made me laugh? My 2.5 year old telling her brand new baby brother all about Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Linus. And telling her brother to remember that he’s “got to take direction” ala Lucy in the Charlie Brown Christmas special. :) Love my littles and love reading about yours.

  659. beautiful
    last thing I laughed at was my son telling me that it was ok for him to miss his college class tomorrow because his professor”understands that he( my son) needs his sleep”


  660. looking down in the tub to see my baby boy owen’s smiling face, only to realize he was peeing everywhere (and loving every minute of it).

  661. Her Squinty-Eyed Smile
    so sweet.

    and Laney putting her dolls in their place made me laugh…

    The last thing that had me laughing was while my daughter was shaing an utersound picture her 2 year old daughter looks at it and says awww thats pretty. her mother asked her do you know what it is? she says sure its a pretty ROCK LOL

    another funny I have to share is while my 2 year old Granddaughter was over viiting she wanted to hold our small Yorkie, I told her remember Shes small so if you hold her you need to sit on the floor on your butt and hold her in your lap. well she got this odd look on her face looked at me and pointed at me and said you do not say that bad word to me…( Butt). LOL

    they can sure keep you laughing…

  662. First: Love your blog!!! Best blog I have found so far! Nella and Lainey are both gorgeous children and you are an inspiration to all parents to strive harder to be present and available and make memories with their children!!!

    Last thing to make me laugh was my baby (10 month old Sophia) trying to lick my cleavage in public…she breastfeeds and I guess appreciated the view 😉

  663. Last thing that made me laugh was remembering when my sister and I would jump on our twin beds (in the same room), and our Dad would come in and playfully throw us down on the bed. Then we’d hop up, one at a time, and sing Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” until Dad turned around, acting surprised, and throwing us down again. We thought it was hilarious, and apparently I still do.

  664. ~The last thing that made me laugh….My 13 month old walking around carrying daddy’s shoe all proud like and saying “Daddy shoes”. Made me laugh, smile and almost cry at the same time!

  665. The last thing that made me laugh was my husband just being his silly self. We got married 5 months ago and it has been SUCH a blessing!! :)

  666. The last thing that made me laugh was my 18 month old daughter running after my 65 lb dog saying “tiss tiss!” (translate “kiss kiss!”) and him stopping, turning, and reluctantly obliging with a giant lick across her adorable little face.

  667. Last laugh was when my 1 week old son projectile pooped all over me and the couch:)

  668. I love the almond eyed smile. There is a little girl with Down Syndrome in my 4 year old Sunday school class and she has the same almond squinty smile. She has a special place in my heart and since I “met” Nella and your family it makes me see her in a different and wonderful way.

    The last thing that made me laugh is my almost 8 year old daughter reading a sign (in a ghetto neighborhood) that said “If you buy alcohol for minors you could go to jail” and asking “What is a minor?” After I explained the sign she said “Oh, I thought it meant a ‘miner’ like the seven dwarfs on Snow White.” :)

  669. My 17 month old daughter Charley blowing bubbles for the first time at swimming this morning – we both laughed and laughed. Love it and love your post :) Laney x

  670. The last thing that made me laugh:

    A little girl in my Senior Kindegarten class who turned to me during science class and whispered…”sometimes I get lucky” when I asked her what she meant she came over and whispered in my ear “I’m at the sand table today…lucky!”

  671. The last thing that made me laugh was my almost-4-year old son talking to our cat…Owen said, “Oh Brody..for goodness sakes! Eat your dinner.”
    Wonder who he heard that from? :)

  672. I laughed pretty hard at this comment from my 4 year old son today: “Mommy, I have asked you 83 times already–can I PUHLEEZE have some milk” The funniest part of this is that he said this the first and only time he asked for milk. lol

  673. Love the post and love laughing.

    Last laugh:

    After bath time with my 16 month old boy. He never lets my get the nappy on, instead he does downward facing dog into a somersault.

    That my friend, is a 10 :-)

  674. Last laugh was at my daughter’s attempt at an April Fools joke which was hiding a squeky alligator in my bed!

  675. I LOVE those clips. the last thing to make me laugh was when my 4 year old said that he had ” to send a lot of e-mails” on his fake keyboard. Love your blog (I have a 6 year old girl with DS)

  676. Oh, I can so relate! I love that we can have photographs to look back on, helping to trigger buried memories. Even the simple ones seem so much sweeter in hindsight and I like that too.

    By the way, don’t enter me in the giveaway. I don’t have any little girls yet so would rather those cute little accessories go to a little one who would squeal with delight, as opposed to my boy who would probably just grunt and then see what it tastes like. 😉 I just wanted to comment on your post, regardless of the give-away. :)

  677. The last thing that made me laugh…

    When my daughter grabbed my face when I was talking to Daddy and said, “stop talkin’ mommy, I wanna talk to you”. hahaha

    Love your photography! Inspiring!

  678. My sister told her 1-year old that she’s going to have to buy her (the baby) an iPhone!! The girl loves mine! I literally laughed out loud!

  679. Love this post Kelle :)
    Okay, the last thing that cracked me up today was this conversation with my soon to be 3 year old about her upcoming preschool days:

    Mommy: “Michaela, tell me, what are you going to do when your teacher tells you to sit down in class?”

    My 2 year old: “Get up.”

    LOL! And my poor concerned 5 year old…”Mommy…I am so worried about how she is going to behave…”

    Thanks for this fun post!


  680. Two things made me laugh today (at least that I remember)

    1. My kids making funny faces with Oma and Opa on Skype. I love that they can see each other and that my parents can take part in their life (at least a little bit).

    2. My babygirl trying to sing the ABCs in only 13 letters or so and in the end screaming “Next time won’t you sing with me” out of nowhere 😉

    Beautiful post, as usual. I love looking at all the pics.

  681. I wish I had original words to tell you how much I love reading about you, the girls and your whole family. It’s beautiful and most importantly REAL.

    What made me laugh recently?
    My daughter doing this: http://thebarschfamily.blogspot.com/2011/03/eddie-loves-me-this-i-know.html

    Thanks for all you do for all of us!

  682. Three men came to our house yesterday morning from LifeLine (a charity store) to pick up some old furniture and one had a long pony tail. My 3 year old stood at the top of our stairs and yelled out to me at the gate with the men “Mum! The one in the black shirt has girl hair!” I had to contain my laugh inside until they were gone.

    The last thing to make me laugh was probably a “you had to see it” when my 5 month old was doing his belly flopping over to me and moved his hands too early and just fell straight back down – he wasn’t hurt but it was cute watching him try to work this “moving about” thing out.

  683. Great post, Kelle. Love your pictures as usual…Nella’s “oh” face never gets old!

    Just had a laugh tonight when I brought my 5 year old home from karate. He was trying to imitate the older kids by doing some more difficult moves. It’s always funny to see interpretation!

  684. Hiding in the kitchen while listening to my three-year-old ask the same question to me over and over and over again. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing, she never stopped! She finally realized I wasn’t in the room and came looking for me, looking quite annoyed and continued to ask me the question she had. I finally answered her and laughed so hard. I wonder how long she would have gone??

  685. what made me laugh recently? my four year old sprite makes me laugh all.the.time with her wit. but most recently, i came downstairs after putting her to bed to find her JUST.6 year old brother pretending to be a statue in the living room. cracked.me.up. 😀

    OH…and you have NO idea what you just did to my bank account with that link to abernathy!! thanks a lot!! lol!

  686. My little man playing t-ball with a gaggle of other 5 year olds had me laughing yesterday. The fact that they all rush to the ball after it’s hit just makes my day.

  687. Beautiful post. You truly inspire me to enjoy the small things. Thank you!
    The last thing that made me laugh was my 20 year old brother singing Anastasia songs at the top of his voice! He will make a great daddy someday =)

  688. My two year old trying to sing the alphabet getting to “LMNOP” and saying “M&M’s and Peeeeeeeee” :)

  689. Laughter.
    1. My boyfriend’s 2 year old shaking her head and saying “Oh Da-aad.” when he goofs something.
    2. My girlfriends at work and I continuously finding the same joke hilarious!
    3. Watching my cat roll around in catnip. HA!

  690. My boys had me laughing many times tonight, but the one that stands out for me is dancing in the kitchen with my 19mo baby. “I Will Survive” came on and I started grooving as did my little guy. I found out that he knows what “just turn around now” means because he did just that and giggled with glee as I laughed and laughed. (his dancing makes me laugh anyway, but this was especially amusing)

    (and my nieces would love some pretty hair bows :-)

  691. The last thing I laughed at was a little inappropriate but made me giggle for the next couple minutes. A girl at my work {who’s very shy and doesn’t talk much} was asking about child birth. She said “when do you lose all dignity? When you have your legs spread open and every one watching you give birth, or when your in the bathroom taking a dump and your child just barges in! Haha made me giggle, because it’s so true!
    Also, laughed at my daughter running for the hills when her nephew laughed at her {then spit up} she acted as though a bomb went off!

  692. Last thing that made me laugh was my 2y/o reading to me snuggle puppy by sandra boynton!

    I so hope that I win!

  693. last thing that made me laugh was justin saying…”i have gone up and down these steps like 20 times today.” and then he paused and said…”i complain a lot.” i laughed mostly because it was just funny between us because we are married. but either way it was funny.

  694. The story that made me laugh the hardest TODAY was my friends little girl:
    Mommy: “Aliza, I have a secret for you…You are not the boss.

    Aliza: “Mommy, it’s not a secret unless you whisper!” Whispering, “I have a secret for you! I AM the boss!”

    Love your post!!! Enjoying life in my little world too!

  695. My husband eating pudding with a ladle for dessert because it was the only spoon in the drawer.

  696. Oh I think a good blog is therapeutic as well. Sigh – life slowed down and written out is so very romantic. And as for my latest giggle…

    My little man “scoopin’ poop” in the back yard with his little plastic blue shovel.

    Trainin’ him right and early! :)

  697. The last thing that made me laugh? My friend and I had babies 3 days apart (I had twins, she had a singleton). I text her before to let her know that, on her 10 month birthday, Georgiana has started to crawl properly. Never fear though, Henry (twin brother) is still porpoising. My friend text me back to say that’s OK, Fred (her boy) will probably continue to flounder for a while! We have fish for boys!

  698. Last Laugh; My sweet three year old Isaiah saying “Wook mama,I have boobies too!” while looking in the mirror after his bath.

  699. Kelle,

    I have been following your blog for some time now.. and I would have to say you are very inspirational… And I absolutely love all of your posts about your little ones.. Lainey is just adorable and I say she looks alot like you and Little Nella she is just so stinkin cute.. I love all the oh faces, that you post… I also liked where Lainey tattled on Nella for not being nice, that is just to funny.. I know you will probably notice if you go to my blog that I haven’t done much with.. Im still try to ponder up some things to write about.. But all of your posts are absolutely amazing…. I hope you have a great day!!!!!

  700. The last thing that made me laugh was an entire conversation held between my 2 1/2 yo Aeryn and myself, spoken entirely in the “blebber” sound of flicking your tongue back and forth against your top lip.

  701. The last thing to make me laugh just happened tonight. My husband and I had to go to a work event and my mother in law watched the girls. I asked her to try and keep my oldest awake until we got home as my husband and I have both had work events all week and I just miss them. I knew the little one would never make it so when we pulled into the garage and my big girl came running out in a Dora nightgown, cowgirl boots, a princess crown holding her babydoll, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. The imagination on that girl is amazing and makes me laugh everyday!

    Love this post. Thank you as always!

  702. My 2 year old daughter singing “Old McDonald” and inserting the word “butt” in the place of an animal with a “shake shake here and a shake shake there…” She’s hilarious sometimes!

  703. Reading “Snowballs” by Lois Ehlert with my 20-month-old, Ellen: When we read the page where they collect different things to use for making snowmen, we name all of the items: popcorn, sunflower seeds, etc. Every time we get to the peanuts, she says “Ellen.” I kept trying to figure out why she felt such ownership of the peanuts, especially since I don’t think she’s ever seen a peanut up close & personal before. After a couple of days of the same scene being replayed over again, I realized she was saying her name in reference to the peanuts because we call her “peanut!” 1 for the gifted toddler, a big fat zero for the early-childhood-educator-mom!

  704. The last thing that made me laugh was hearing my daughters (Audrey (5) and Brianna (3)) go mermaid hunting in their bedroom to see how to become a mermaid too :) They’re so funny

  705. Today a student of mine was coloring a picture of Cesar Chavez when she said, “If he has orange on his shirt he DEFINITELY ate a hot dog!” It cracked me up!

  706. The last thing that made me laugh was my son’s (18 months) new favorite saying. He will stop whatever he is doing and say “two. wee. GO!” I giggle everytime. :0)

  707. Watching my youngest walk around the house (he is 16 months) in his t-i-g-h-t pajamas…that define each and every one of his 28lb curves.

  708. I couldn’t help but laugh (and cringe) this morning, my dear little two-and-a-bit-year-old daughter came to the collect the mail with me, and I said to her “Let’s see what the postie brought”. My little parrot replied “Boshte” (pronounced bosh-tee), but it kinda sounded like she was saying, albeit enthusiastically, “Bull sh*t!”. “Boshte, Mummy, boshte!” I had to say very loudly, “Yes Baylee, POSTIE”, lest my neighbours think she was swearing her head off! It made me giggle on an otherwise non-eventful Friday morning at home :)