Raise your hand if you’re Unsure.

Random Confession #1: I broke my phone this morning. Dropped it at a bad angle from the height of our bar stools and played the whole deer-in-the-headlights card when Brett walked in and saw the fate of my screen. Like I had no idea how it happened. And now I’m squinting to see between slivers of glass just to answer a call.


But it still works, so we’re gonna rock it out for awhile. It’ll be fun, right?

Random Confession #2: Sometimes I play hopscotch on random tile squares in my kitchen when no one’s looking.

Good. Glad we got that out of the way.

I don’t have a lot to say other than, after a week of overthinking everything, I am comfortably dwelling in a place of not thinking so much. Because if I think that my thinking about how I think affects my thinking, then my thinking about what I think of thinking changes how I think. I meant that to be confusing, by the way. My point is: I push myself to grow and learn and change and, in doing so, sometimes I think too much. Painfully overanalyzing.

The thing is, I have times, like every other human being, where I’m not quite sure of my place or if I’m doing things right. I have insecurities and areas where I know I can grow, and what I end up doing during times where these feelings are more prevalent is freaking out, thinking these feelings don’t belong. I’m more insecure with the feeling of insecurity itself than I am with the origin of the original insecurity. And that wasn’t meant to be confusing, but I’m sure it came out that way.

It’s a whole lot of rambling to say this…Not having everything together, not feeling like I’m on top of things, not feeling 100% confident 100% of the time is normal. And maybe even good for me. When a lack of confidence, insecurity, whatever you want to call it rears its ugly head, it doesn’t have to signal a five-alarm fire to get rid of it. Maybe it’s just a virus and needs to run its course, and maybe scrambling to prescribe something for it is a waste of concern.

I’m learning to embrace these less-confident times as purposeful and simply stepping stones to a greater assurance in the end. And maybe if I’m not the first to “raise my hand if I’m sure,” it doesn’t mean I forgot my deodorant but rather just that I’m working some things out. And when I do raise my hand? I’ll be as sure as shootin’, fresh pits and all.

This week is good. Clear and peaceful and not much thinking but rather a quiet contentment with this very moment. The right now.


~ Right now I am smiling watching the very present confidence that dwells in my little dancer who love, love, loves her ballet class.


~ Right now we are celebrating gulf temperatures slowly rising and the utopian weather that hits south Florida this time of year. Cerulean skies, pillowy clouds, and this invigorating concoction of sun plus breeze.





~ Right now we are getting reacquainted with pools and waterparks.




~ Right now I am completely moonstruck over my firstborn. Feeling very sentimental about how fast that flash of time is between she’s my first, my one, my only and now when things and time and feelings are shared and spread and blended. And yet I am so proud of her ability to ride the current and make very known that she is indeed just fine.



I had a rare opportunity the other night to sneak away with her alone. Rocked her to sleep by the light of the moon, and it was very good.


Her favorite game right now is “I’m the mama and you’re the honey” which is pretty self-explanatory.


~ Right now I am loving listening to my beach-loving husband get all excited talking about the Isle of Capri Sundays to come.


~ Right now I am happy to pencil in more playdates…



…and make necessary room for dates with my own friends whether it’s a quick coffee en route to the grocery store or a planned evening of a rousing “I am Woman, Hear me Roar” chorus. Last night I had the latter with a few girls and am happy to report it was one of those times where every single song that blasted out the restaurant speakers was the best song we’d ever heard. Like Old School good. Toto and U2 and Men at Work. Yeah, that kind ‘o good.

~ Right now I am enjoying turning our garage into our evening hang-out of choice. The modern day front porch.


~ Right now I am unsure, unfinished. And I am happy.

My favorite onesie from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Lee Marie.


Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” ~Mary Anne Radmacher

And right now, I’ll share a nice opportunity to score the perfect spring dress for your little…or yourself from Shabby Apple.


A commenter from this post will be randomly selected to win a free dress, your choice, provided by Shabby Apple, makers of fabulous vintage-inspired goodies. And use this code for 10% off: enjoyingthesmallthings10off.

And, I keep forgetting to share this inspiring video put together by filmmaker Erica Hill for the NDSS. It touched me so.

Happy Midweek, Friends.



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  1. I love that quote about courage. In fact, it was just what I needed to hear at the end of a long, long week. Thanks!

  2. unsure? i’m not sure.
    but i am sure i love those onesies. and shabby apple.

  3. I love the ADORABLE outfits your kiddos wear! One day… I think I’ll dress my little ones in a similar fashion (hehe)… and I <3 your blog!

  4. I just recently started reading your blog and I love it. It inspires me so much. great post. Thanks for that. :)

  5. Your post made my bad-ish day better. Your family is so beautiful- what a great thing to cherish each day!!

  6. I love that quote. “I will try again tomorrow”. Wednesdays are long days at our house, but we will try again tomorrow!

  7. I so enjoy your posts. Loved the courage quote, it spoke to me today.

  8. Thank you for the inspiration. I’m looking at everything that needs to get done before bedtime — and nope, it just ain’t gonna happen. So we’ll try again tomorrow. :)

  9. Are you kidding? I love Shabby Apple so much I would fall over if I won one of their gorgeous dresses. *sigh*

  10. Love all the colors in the photos and the gorgeous faces filling up the lenses.

  11. Precious blog! I so enjoy it!

  12. That courage quote is perfect, beautiful photos as always!

  13. I did the same thing to my phone! Be careful with the glass on your fingers…I put mine in a little ziplock baggie and was still able to use it for texts, emails, etc…had to take it out to talk because people kept saying I sounded weird :)

  14. Love love love your blog! Your pictures make me so excited to bring my sweet 4-year-old boy to Florida this weekend all the way from Seattle! I am taking him to Disney World :)

  15. this blog makes me so happy(: ready for summer. ready for family vacations in the warm North Carolina atmosphere.

  16. I made my phone look exactly like your phone last week. Bummer, dude!

    I love that onesie!

  17. Oh, oh, I am lusting after that dress for my little girl who is being born TOMORROW! Induction tonight! So I very much get the “unfinished” feeling. I’ve been sort of in a daze all day. That being said, I finally got myself a DSLR camera thanks to a) your website and b) little Ellie’s inspiration.

  18. Rejuvenating, as always. Time to stop and enjoy the moment… Because right now, it’s the only thing we can control. So, why not make it something to remember?

  19. -besides the constant uplifting I get from your blog I also get a good half hour of browsing through the websites you post.
    -besides the jealousy I feel from seeing pics of your spring…I see a light at the end of our winter tunnel.
    Thanks for your blog, you rock my socks.

  20. ewwww; i need to some shabby. my first house was shabby chic. life with kids became shabby. now i need some shabby apple to right my shabby-world-axis!

  21. Looks like Nella is sitting in a rainforest in that sweet onesie!! My 4 yr old son and I love reading your posts together, he giggles sweetly at the beautiful girls in your pictures, your Nella and your Lainey.

  22. A girl I work with did the same thing to her iPhone – she ended up selling it to a techie guy for $100. Lovin those shabby apple dresses – headed there now cause my little would look oh too cute in one (or two)!

  23. Such precious pictures as always. I am jealous of all the water pictures. It is not nearly warm enough here in Oklahoma. Those dresses are so precious! Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. Love Shabby Apple…
    and love your blog. Thanks for it :)

  25. Those dresses are super cute!

  26. So sorry about your phone…at least it works! Mine fell in the toilet thanks to my 2 year old and after putting it in a bowl of rice overnight, it just kept dialing my mom when I’d put the battery in…

  27. That onesie is really cute. Gonna go shopping for my friend’s bambino.

    I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at your awesome pictures. Keep it up! :o)

  28. Love Nella’s little onesie. And thanks for the Shabby Apple giveaway!

  29. Love those dresses!

  30. I found your blog not too long ago, and haven’t commented. But I love reading it. And your girls in those dresses?? Adorable.

  31. Oh, I wish I could be in Florida – RIGHT NOW!! I live in a Chicago suburb, so we have a little more time before the warm weather arrives. Can’t wait! Beautiful pictures, as always!

  32. you inspire me soo much, and in so many ways…. Your daughters are beautiful and i look foward to your post!

  33. Kelle, love to read all of your words of wisdom. Even better, I love all of the great pictures of your littles that you post – adorable!

  34. I am so jealous of your beautiful weather and bathing suit days! Makes me even more excited for Spring!!!!

  35. I’m a little jealous of your SPRING! It’s still freezing and snowing in Utah :( A little something out of my control, I guess.

  36. This was much needed inspiration today! Thank you!

  37. I suppose uncertainty keeps us on our toes, reminds us that we have to still treasure those confident, together moments to hold onto when we’re unsure that we’ll ever feel confident again.

  38. That quote was perfect for this week – funny how that happens hey. Loving the cute outfits too – you can’t help but smile because of all the bright colours – like a ray of sunshine!

  39. Nodding my head… I totally understand your “confusing talk”. It’s right on for where I’m at right about now and I just love your perspective! You’re writing is therapy for me to read. And those darling little photos are just icing on the cake. So, thank you! :) Happy midweek to you as well!

  40. Loving your Blog and your inspiration! I’m living through your pictures and wishing for warm weather and dresses in Chicago soon!

  41. Love the different bathing suit options in each photo. Lainey shares a love of bathing suits like my girls do. We live in San Diego, however, our weather hasnt warmed up like yours has…cant wait!

  42. Loved this post. That onsie is darling! Would love some shabby apple!

  43. Loved this post. That onsie is darling! Would love some shabby apple!

  44. that quote almost brought me to tears thinking, that’s me at the end of some days.

    and i love, love nella’s expressions. such precious little ladies.

  45. You’re right – everything doesn’t have to be perfect, and you don;t have to have control all the time, but, damn that’s hard to remember sometimes!
    In other news, I am loving Nella’s onesie as well as the girls dresses – now we know where the dresses are from, care to share about the onesie?

  46. in love with your blog. true love. xoxo

  47. confession: when I read your blog I have to recite to myself, “i love where i live, i love where i live, i love where i live, right?”
    (would LOVE to win!)

  48. “Oh yes I am wise
    But it’s wisdom born of pain
    Yes, I’ve paid the price
    But look how much I gained
    If I have to, I can do anything
    I am strong (strong)
    I am invincible (invincible)
    I am woman”

    Such an empowering song Kelle…the words resonate I’m sure with you too!

    Cheers to the wisdom we’ve gained through our pain! x

    I hope you sang it as loud as you could…it gives me goosebumps!
    with love
    Diana x

  49. Awesome post. I love the picture of Lainey in her dance coustume. She is so stinking cute!!

  50. Loving the shabby apple! Thanks for the chance to win!

  51. I LOVE Shabby Apple! And I love that you have warm weather. We’re sort of freezing here in Utah. Darn this Utah weather.

  52. We live in central Florida, and I can say that we are enjoying this time of year and these temperatures as much as ever!

  53. It’s rainy here in sunny California today… and my little ones are all sick, but reading your tales from another coast brightened my day just bit!

  54. The towel shots were great…

    and know I’m as unsure as you are, except you have fancier camera skillz. :)

  55. “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” Love this quote. This one is going on my fridge. With two boys and a busy life, I find myself telling myself that tomorrow is another day to attempt again. Never thought of it as courage before! Melissa R.

  56. I love reading your blog even though I don’t have kiddos of my own. You are so real in your writing. Its inspiring on so many levels.

  57. Right Now is a wonderful place to be. Thanks for sharing this post; I really needed it today. :)

  58. I wish I lived in Florida…we vacation there every year…and I never want to leave! Love the warm weather…and the lovely blog!

  59. i am in the midst of one of those overthinking overanalyzing everything weeks. i do the EXACT same thing. i can’t wait until my brain shuts down!

    i love your honesty, your perspective on life & love & your girls. thank you for that fresh southern FL breeze! :)

  60. Pretty much the only thing I’m sure of right now is that I love dresses. And that I wish that Chicago weather would warm up so I could wear them more often :)

  61. I’m so jealous of your swimsuit weather. I would love to have consistent temperatures instead of 20 degrees than 50 degrees. Your girls look so adorable!

  62. Great post. We all struggle and it’s nice to know there is a community sometimes struggle together. Thanks for sharing.


  63. I thinking this morning about your book– any new developments in that department????

  64. I thinking this morning about your book– any new developments in that department????

  65. Thanks for the chance to win!

  66. love love love the shabby dresses… and nella’s onesie is just perfect for her bright and cherubic face… such sweetness… the picture of lainey looking introspective and content has got to be one of my favorites so far… such beautiful girls… oh… and the phone… poor you… my husband did the same thing about a year ago… and he’s STILL rocking it…


  67. how cute! I’m the mama and you’re the honey! hehe

  68. Beautiful pics as always. Love your spirit and your beautiful girls.

  69. your pictures make me long for spring and summer–but they are coming, even to the northeast! today, i saw the first crocuses. they were growing near public housing in the middle of the city, and they were gorgeous and brilliantly orangish-yellow, like they had to reflect the sun that rarely shines in those homes. i love random acts of beauty–someone, one day, planted those little flowers, and they keep coming up, year after year, reminding us that winter never has the final word….
    i hope your girls are enjoying the blooming nature all around them. :)

  70. Ah…

    I am so unsure. Sometimes I wake up and forget I’m in my mid-20’s with a husband and a baby… and then when I remember I just hope God’s watching out so I can do it right :).

  71. When I finish reading your blog, I always decide I have to move some where warmer. One day my family and I are moving south, one day!

  72. well spoken- and those outfits are too cute!

  73. i love everything about this post! enjoy your littles! i know you will.

  74. Love that onesie!!

  75. Thanks for today’s post Kelle, I myself have been reevaluating my thinking. I’m loosening up, bit by bit, the change in my life and the lives of my children is evident, even in only three days! I threw away the guilt of maybe yelling a little too much and expecting more than they can give…they will love me when I’m old, I know it!

  76. I’m not even sure how I stumbled across your blog, but I very much enjoy reading your words. Your pictures are great, but your words are better. You have a talent for writing down what I imagine a lot of us in the blog-o-sphere are thinking or feeling. Enjoy your little ones! :) – lauren
    {lauren_kay13 at yahoo dot com]

  77. Oh, I have 2 little peanuts who would LOVE a dress from SA….pick me!!! I LOVE that onsie….Nella is soooo darn cute!!!! Vintage fabrics here we come baby!!

  78. Your not the only one feeling like you are :) I’m right there with you.

  79. So sad about your phone! That is my worst nightmare! And I love that quote; exactly what I needed to read tonight. Your girls are adorable as always, and I love those dresses!

  80. I’m so jealous over your awesome weather! Love your blog, and your girls!

  81. Oh man, your phone looks bad :( I have to say, I’m impressed that you are going to hold out on buying a new one! I think I’d have been headed to the store almost as soon as I could have picked it up off the floor!
    Your pictures are so great! I especially love the one where Lainey is buried in the sand. So cute! Your weather looks wonderful! Enjoy!

  82. That photo of confident Lainey is so beautiful. I can’t believe she will be 4 soon!

  83. Oh how I love when my firstborn (who is now 8) let’s me snuggle him to sleep :)

  84. The girls get more and more beautiful everyday. Thanks again for always speaking what your feeling with such honest! Onward and upward!!!

  85. Another great post…your’s always get the gears in my head turning. Thanks for what u do!

  86. I did something similar to my phone a while back…just covered the screen with packing tape to keep all the pieces together. Worked like a charm!

  87. Argh, I HATE breaking phones! :( Sorry to hear that. LOVE those vintage dresses your girlies are wearing – SOO cute!

  88. i love love your blog and what you have to offer. it brings so much to each and every day for me. keep doing what you are doing. you are going places, BIG places, girl.

  89. Yesss, another Kelle post! Your blog posts are the sprinkles on my ice cream of life, seriously.

  90. Loved everything about this post

    Especially loved the girls swimsuits and the dresses….ADORABLE.

  91. you now have me fantasizing about my two best girlfriends U2, toto, men at work and michelob ultra and/or margaritas….sigh. sounds like fun!

  92. Oh, that onesie. Could you go ahead and put that on the list of items I wish I could borrow (for myself)?

    As for me? I had an insecurity freak-out today in the shower. Maybe everyone understood your “thinking” line, or maybe I’m the only one. But I assure you of this: I got it. And the idea of being slung sideways by the whole idea of insecurity vs/ the actual insecurity itself makes perfect sense to me. I’m not exactly sure when I learned that I should bury my insecurities so dang deep.

  93. When my kiddos were little (they are now 28, 30 and 34) I received lots of criticism on how I did things. Daddy and I agreed in our approach to parenting, and now all those critics LOVE LOVE LOVE the amazing adults that have resulted.

    Sometimes it’s easy to feel inferior or “not enough” or some other lie, but we give our lives for our littles and IT IS ALL THEY NEED!! So I say congrats Mama! Your family is lovely, all 4 (6?)of you.

    I love looking forward to your blog every day, and you inspire me – a 6 time grandma. A very young one of course. 😉


  94. Being unsure is probably one of my favorite feelings to experience. To me, being unsure means that I’m blessed. It means that I was put in a position where I have an endless amount of possibility. It’s awesome. I’m eighteen and in college with a special education major. But I also want to teach English in high schools, counsel families, work in an alternative school, be a singer or songwriter, a dental assistant, a marine biologist… Trust me, the list goes on.
    Am I ever sure about anything? No, not really. But I think I’d take ‘unsure’ over ‘sure’ any day.

  95. I think generally confident people feel a bit out of sorts when unsure about things–good for you for working to be okay with that feeling. It’s really easy to get swallowed up by it all!

  96. This whole post makes so much since to me. And better explains how I feel than I ever could.

  97. It’s important to not over think things. It takes away from being in the moment : ) Your girls are beautiful. I would love to win the giveaway!

  98. Tomorrow is indeed another day so enjoy every moment! Flylady has helped ease my perfectionism – it may not look perfect but it is better than where I started!

  99. Exactly! Even the confusing parts. I whole-heartedly agree with you and can completely relate!

    Today, thankfully, I had a visiter for 1.5 hours who hung out with my kids while I put away laundry…there aren’t words to describe how wonderful that is. And another friend is dropping off warm supper tonight because our whole household is sick. I’m starting to see the light at the end of my bummed out days.

    Thanks as always for the post:-)

  100. How fun… swimming in March! :)

  101. Love those dresses!

  102. I just love your blog and all the inspiration, good laughs, and gorgeous pictures I find here! Your honesty is appreciated. I think we can all relate! :)

  103. Ugh! I am totally unsure about everything this week and reading your blog made me stop over thinking it. I will live in the moment right now and be sure of that. There will be light at the end of this tunnel, xx

  104. I have been falling in love with my firstborn all over again the last few weeks. Almost like she is my newborn baby again. I am surprised by her and I study every detail of her face, feet, hands… She is going to be a big sister not only to her 2 year old brother, but to a baby sister in July. She’s 3 and a half and FINALLY for the first time ever has been binky free the last 5 nights. I feel like her baby-ness is gone, and she’s actually growing up. Not getting a little bit older, but growing up. She wants to go to school, and she let’s us know that she’s growing up by following things with, “I’m a big girl now, Momma.” A new dress would be a lovely gift for her now. :)

  105. I have a confession: Many times I have read your blog and thought to myself…I want to be just like her! Why can’t my life be just like hers! I want to live in Florida, I want to live where it’s warm, I want to be able to take gorgeous photos, I want children, I want to be able to work from home, I want to be crafty! I hate to admit it but I’m a little jealous.
    And it took a good friend of mine (my best) who also reads your blog to say that, “she inspires me”. And she’s right! You are inspirational and today and Monday’s post too just goes to show that you’re human! You’re just like me! Maybe I’m a lot more like you than I thought! Anyway, thanks for being human! Thank you for sharing your insecurities! Thank you for being inspirational! Now go clean your house! 😉

  106. So jealous of the sun…it’s hailing in Seattle today. Please Spring – come soon!

  107. Your blog is always so uplifting and is just the right thing at the end of the day when I am not sure where my place in this world really is……
    I am “borrowing” your quote, it is needed by many.

    Keep smiling and keep posting your influential words and beautifully breathtaking pictures!


  108. Great post and love the quote. Thanks for the chance to win!

  109. OMG! I totally did that same thing to my first iPhone! I rocked it broken for awhile, too. Love those dresses!

  110. My hand is so very raised at this moment. I am not sure that I can do this … this path that God has put me on is seeming very overwhelming at the moment. Of course, in 13 weeks I won’t have a choice but to walk that path. My little baby will be here and I will be a mom and then my hand will be too full of adorableness to be raised. Oh I pray that will be so.

  111. Aren’t little girls the best little things??? I love dressing Addy, she’s so fun! Your girls are beautiful, love reading your posts, such a wonderful writer!

  112. We just made our own little corner of the yard.. Complete with hammock, slide, water table, and bubble machine :-)

  113. The same thing happened to my iPhone. I took it to the Apple store and they replaced it for free.

  114. Very cute dresses :)

  115. I was totally thinking to myself, “Wow!!! Lainey is getting so big!”, and then the next paragraph went, “~Right now I am completely moonstruck over my firstborn…”, too cute!

  116. The timing of this post is unreal for me! Just a few minutes I was crying at how inept I felt today, the past few days. The reminder that this feeling is okay and necessary is happily hitting the right nerve! I love how the universe works!

  117. Everytime I see you have posted, I cross my fingers are HOPE it’s Nella’s first year book. Here’s to hoping the next post will be IT. Happy Spring to you and yours.

  118. I think none of us knows what’s up! I love your honesty.

  119. This comment has been removed by the author.

  120. Oh, those dresses, so stinkin’ cute! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  121. I could use a new dress. :)

  122. Love the warmer temps. It’s warming up here in TX too…yay for park playdates.

  123. I absolutely love the courage quote, I think I want to blow it up and have it smack me in the face every morning, and then tuck me in each night. Thanks Kelle

  124. I am loving your blog right now…inspiring me and giving me the freedom to stop caring about the laundry and enjoy my littles. This morning we played candy land and baked blueberry muffins from scratch and fell asleep together reading stories. When I woke, the little tow head who owns my heart was asleep on my shoulder and I could hear the rain dripping outside and the music playing down the hall and the happy baby cooing in her crib and for that moment, I didn’t care one bit about anything else in the whole world. Thank you for helping those of us who don’t see the world the way you do, to see it the way you do…at least sometimes!

  125. That’s one of my favorite quotes ever: it’s been particularly helpful recently, while I’m training for my first ever half marathon. Anyways, your girls are adorable and my phone looks like yours. I too am just going with it and hoping it holds together for a little longer.

  126. The perfect post for just when I was feeling down on myself. There’s always tomorrow to make right what I thought went wrong today.

    Love that little onesie on Nella.

  127. The quote about courage spoke to me!

    And my girl needs a new dress! :)

  128. LOVE the quote – thank you. These last couple of posts have been great – we’re all just doing the best we can. You are doing an amazing job keeping all the balls in the air. Don’t be so hard on yourself – you rock it!

  129. Great post today! I am jealous of your beautiful Florida weather. :)

  130. “The thing is, I have times, like every other human being, where I’m not quite sure of my place or if I’m doing things right.”

    Thanks for reminding me that it’s OK to feel this way, and that I don’t always have to be a perfectly poised and confident Mama!

  131. I am raising my hand. Thanks for always being so honest & raw. It’s been a rough week & your words today reminded me not to be so hard on myself. My 3 year old won’t go off to college still refusing to potty train. Right?

  132. Ohh, warm weather. I miss it so much I can taste it! We’ve got months to go before green grass and sprinklers in the yard, up here in New Hampshire.

    Love the dresses.

  133. Your post makes me long for the beach here in MI, but that won’t happen for a while. I will just have to enjoy your pics for now!

  134. Unsure is definitely in our vocabulary over here! Loving seeing pictures of your warm weather and your girls enjoying it! Can’t wait til it hits here too!

  135. oh my…that picture of Lainey with the sub behind her is amazing! You better start locking her up from those boys right now! :)

  136. I love your blog. It makes me so excited to be a mom.

  137. This comment has been removed by the author.

  138. my midwest mind cannot comprehend your flordia weather!

  139. one of my favorite quotes, that I often have to tell myself especially when feeling insecure is:

    comparison is the thief of joy-

    I have no idea who said it first but my pastor at church says it often and I like it!

  140. i love shabby apple, i love love nella’s onesie, and i love love love your honesty in this post. xo

  141. My firstborn is growing up too fast too….and he’s just ten months tomorrow. Although, I’m relieved to report that he’s still an only thus far. :)

  142. great post! also, love shabby apple and would love to win!

  143. cuteness

  144. My five-year old Baby would love something from Shabby Apple. :o)

  145. Another fab post! Just to let you know, my Hubby smashed his screen on the front stairs, and was able to get the screen replacement kit from Ebay for $20 (that’s Aussie dollars, so around the same US I suppose). Came with instructions and everything – was easy to do and the phone worked like a dream :)
    And that Shabby Apple gear is awesome – makes me want to whip out the VISA! lol

  146. Love this, you inspire me to be a better mom to my 3 month old twin ladies :)

  147. I love the beautiful outfits the girls are wearing..So cute esp the onesie that Nella is wearing!

  148. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who not only despises housework, but puts it off until the very last minute! Your blog is always so inspiring, and it’s nice to know that we don’t all have to be “super-mom” in every aspect of our lives, to still be super moms! Looking forward to your next post.

  149. love your beautiful pictures, you are truly an artist with so much to give

  150. Such a sweet photo of you rocking Lainey to sleep :)

  151. This comment has been removed by the author.

  152. if that’s an iPhone 4 apple will replace a broken one for FREE.

    i dropped mine and went to the apple store expecting to pay $200 to fix it and they gave it to me for FREE.

    something about the “first one being on them”

    i was in shock.

  153. Little jealous of your warm beaches, pools, and waterparks :)

  154. I love that you are a rock star, a mommy and a honey all at the same time.

  155. LOVE that quote about courage. Just what I needed today!

  156. Each entry I read from you- I hang on the words b/c it sounds so much like me. Thank goodness I am not alone…is what I hear myself saying after I have read your posts… thank you Kelle, for making imperfect, normal!

  157. I love your blog, Kelle! You inspire me and I think you are amazing.

  158. Sorry about your phone-ouch!!! Love the pics of the little ones laughing at life!! Always a treat to sto by your blog and visit. Thank you, Kelle!

  159. Is that how this works? You inspire me. Thanks for writing everyday.

  160. Kelle, your blog is amazing and I LOVE the way you are REAL and your outlook on life is divine :) Enjoy that warm weather down there! xo

  161. BEAUTIFUL photos of your little ones! This is such a great post because it speaks to us all. I absolutely love the onesie and shabby apple!

  162. Wow, your spring pictures make me so jealous. We just got about two feet of snow Monday and Tuesday so I’m thinking spring is still pretty far away for us.

  163. Each one of your blog posts makes me smile. Thank you for your creativity, your honesty, and for keeping it real!

  164. love shabby apple and your girls are precious! just beautiful.

  165. I’m so impressed that you get Nella to smile in so many pics. I usually just get blank stares or speed-grabbing-for-the-camera =)

  166. This mama could really use a new dress after a bad day! And can you send some of that weather up our way while you’re at it? Pretty please?

  167. A to the m.e.n. Loved this post. I totally can understand that headspace. The quote on courage is a fabulous one. And can I say that when you wrote “Maybe it’s just a virus and needs to run its course, and maybe scrambling to prescribe something for it is a waste of concern,” I had to laugh because it was such a perfect analogy. As a family doc, I really appreciate that one. :) Beautiful pictures. Thanks for the inspiration!

  168. I just LOVE reading this!
    But I have to tell you, you really shouldn’t use the broken iPhone, at least DONT put it to your ear! Something about the screen having toxins or something thats very bad for your skin, I read somewhere.
    Anyways, “ha en fantastisk dag” as we say in norwegian. Its 1.40 at night/or morning here so I should really get some sleep. I will probably dream about smiling and having ice cream in hot Naples :) At least thats what I want!

  169. Happy midweek to you! I love dresses for my little girls:)

  170. your pictures are breathtaking.

    thank you for sharing them

  171. Thanks for the inspiration. I LOVE looking at all your pictures. I’m also very jealous of the nice weather you guys have. Today, we had an extra inch of snow and very windy… I need some new summer dresses for my 3 princesses to bring some SUN in our home!

  172. Great post! I needed to read it after the week I’ve been having. I love your choice in song too!

  173. Glad to hear the Gulf is warming up… I’m on my way!

  174. Love it. Love it all… the happiness… the insecurity… the pictures…. Just love it.

  175. I share you feeling of being “unsure” each day I wake up and say to myself “today I will do my best” because really that’s all I can do is try and hope that I get some things right :o) Btw the video was great, I look forward to our first buddy walk this year.

  176. I watched the video and my favorite part… the last lines – “they got a lot of information about doun syndrome, then they went to the pediatrician and said but we don’t know anything about raising a baby”
    I remember feeling like I don’t know anything about raising a baby too, and she doesn’t have ds.
    Loved the video, and loved this whole post. Nellas onesie, Laineys bathing suits and sleeping in your arms. Love it.

  177. That quote was exactly what I needed to hear tonight. Thanks so much. :-) And I to can be unsure of my choices so I take my time. My changing again and again, until I reach a place of piece in my own heart and head. But once that choice is made I plan to always be extremely loyal to it. Your style by the way is inspiring. I love the mixed matchness and vintage feel.

  178. Thank you for giving me a little push to feel more secure and sure of myself ~:)

  179. So sorry about your phone. Thankfully mine has only been dropped a couple times, and it was on carpet (ohh now that I’ve said that I’m sure it’ll drop out on the tile or asphalt now!) 😉

  180. Recently discovered your blog. Love it! Your girls are heart-breakingly beautiful. I have two girls myself. Thank you for reminding me to slow down,and stop worrying so much about the details, and enjoy them more!

  181. I love your blog, and your honesty! I agree that it can sometimes be easy to over think things and sometimes more clarity actually comes when it happens naturally.

  182. Your beach pictures and talking of “Isle of Capri” is making me want to make a Southern Florida trip! Enjoy it and embrace the great weather!

  183. My daughter did that with hers and we bought the replacement glass for it. It came as a kit. It really wasn’t that difficult to replace but I say that because I didn’t do it, I paced back and forth while my husband did it. LOL My daughter stood guard over him watching every move he made while he was doing it too. :)

    Now for the fun stuff: oh bathing suits, sunglasses and palm trees swaying in the afternoon breeze. ahhhh oh it all sounds so wonderful.

    Oh I love that “I am Woman, Hear me Roar” super super super wonderful!

    Shabby Apple = adorable little girls wearing precious clothing.

    I am at 50 a total work in progress. Thank goodness for my 2.5 year old granddaughter that wakes up every morning to make me smile while giving me the best purpose in life. total love!

  184. Oooh, please enter me in the drawing too…I’ve never actually won a contest, but it’s always fun to try!! Love your blog…so uplifting and honest. Beth

  185. the apple store should replace your phone at no cost to you. It’s what I have found to be part of their incredible customer service!

  186. it’s comforting to hear your unsureness mirroring my own:). i’m a new mama and am considering leaving my job- i’m unsure as hell right now, even though being a mama is the most important thing to me, there are so many uncertainties with this decision. and even though your unsure-ness blurb is ambiguous, i totally get it. and it’s refreshing to hear someone say it :). love the dresses- your girls look adorable :). yay, welcome Spring, warmth & waves :).


  187. Your daughter looks adorable in her ballet leotard! I love the way you dress your girls…they never seem to have as many options for boys. Luckily, my son could be naked and still be the cutest.thing.ever. :) (I’m not biased…really lol)
    Would love to win your giveaway!

  188. Looks like you have a beautiful life. Your girls are adorable and your beach pictures make me very jealous. I’m in the arctic, so I think I’ll just keep looking through your photos to give myself hope of sunnier days.

  189. I am very jealous right now:-) What I would give to be able to take my girls to the beach or pool! To get rid of this pasty white skin. To just go enjoy the warm weather. But it is March in Indiana and I’m sure the snow is not done yet. Even though we’ve had a few warm days here and there. For now, I will just enjoy your pictures!

  190. Kelle, you seem to do more things in a few days span than I end up doing all month! You’re awesome! By the way, I love the photo your girls in the pine needles. Reminds me of home.

  191. Love your celebration of spring! And those little dresses are adorable!

  192. as always, such beautiful pictures.
    and thats the wonderful thing about life.. the unknown. if we knew everything… ourselves, who we were destined to become… then life wouldnt be much of an adventure.

  193. Love those little dresses! My little Elise would look so precious in one!

  194. I loved what you wrote about insecurity and other unsettling emotions. Have you read Pema Chodron/Start Where You Are? She’s a Buddhist nun. And she talks about using the pain in our lives to create more compassion for ourselves and others. And instead of stuffing those uneasy feelings down or running away from them, she talks about holding them in a cradle of lovingkindess — unconditional kindness to ourselves. :)

  195. thanks for sharing that warm weather with us :) in 26 days, i’ll be heading your way for our honeymoon and your ocean pictures are getting me hyped up!

  196. Did you read my mind???

  197. Love the blog, love the music and LOVE the weather down in Florida! So jealous, its 50’s and 60’s here in Maryland!

  198. I am glad to hear that you had a snuggle night with your Lainey. As the due date for our second child very near, I find myself clinging to these last moments with my firstborn trying to savor every last minute- while also wishing for this new baby to be in my arms. Lovin’on the Shabby Apple Dresses!

  199. Is is reasonable to drool over sand and salty sea water? I say it is.
    And that onesie is too cute.

  200. Love a new spring dress.

  201. I wanna move to Florida! So jealous of the warmth and sunshine!! Enjoy! :)

  202. loving those dresses from shabby apple, i might i have to purchase a few when warmer weather reaches us. Its March 2nd and still snowing and freezing where i live, so i have to admit a little bit jealous of your sunshine.

  203. That weather looks luscious. All that sun, warm breezes, palm trees…much different from here in Indiana!

    LOVE Nella’s little stuffed camera! I noticed it on her exersaucer. :)

  204. Swimming at the Port Royal Club! 23 days and we will be doing the same! Can’t wait!

  205. i raise my hand !!! i have those days maybe too many , but am slowly learning that there is another tommorrow)))))Maybe it’s just a virus and needs to run its course)))))))
    and I love that quote , it seems fitting.
    your girls are so beautiful like their momma

    love and blessings the doughtys

  206. I have a confession: I’ve been going through a very rough time lately. I’m in a place where I am constantly questioning myself and feeling very insecure. I feel as though no matter how hard I try, it is not good enough. The one thing that always puts me in a better mood is your blog. I can’t tell you how much your positive attitude and beautiful pictures inspire me! Reading your blog puts things in perspective and I feel so thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life. You have no idea how much you have helped me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  207. Kelle- I love your words of encouragement about insecurity. It hits home as I read your blog tonight. My newest little one arrived last week as an unexpected gift of being 3 and a half weeks early! As I deal with post partum and all of it’s ups and downs and everything in between I read your words after putting my first born (only 16 months of age- yes, we planned this) to sleep. I sigh and wonder if I am doing my best. Thank for helping me remember that tomorrow is a new day and that my slip ups are only human. And that loving my children more then anything in this world is truly all that matters. Oh I must go before I start to cry, gotta love the first week after giving birth :)

  208. I’m loving these pictures of Nella and Lainey! I’m sitting here, pregnant with two beautiful fraternal twin girls of my own, and pray to have all of the mother-daughter moments you share with your littles! <3

  209. I agree that it is okay to be unsure sometimes. It keeps you growing, moving and pushing forward.

  210. Is it super creepy that I want to plan a Sunday trip to Isle of Capri in hopes of seeing you and meeting you? Probably so, huh? <3 I love, love those cute vintage inspired dresses! They wouldn’t look that great on my little, who’s a boy, but I could wear one and not look like a crazy cake.

  211. One of these days, I’m gonna win one of the giveaways and look as well dressed as your kids. Love reading your posts and viewing your photogs. Always inspiring–and frankly, we could use a little sunshine up here. So ready for spring….

  212. –Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” ~Mary Anne Radmacher–

    Thank you for reminding me of that quote….I need to put it on my wall!

  213. I love your picture of you rocking Lainey to sleep. Did your husband take it or did you set the camera up yourself?
    My 3 year old is sick (and calm) today. I’m planning to rock him to sleep tonight too. I think he’ll let me, for a change. Can’t wait.

  214. Totally going to buy some of those cute onesies for baby shower gifts!

  215. thanks for the reminder of the need for playdates for ME, too :)
    I think I’ll go fire up the phone right now and get to plannin’

  216. What sweet girls!

  217. Love love love the ones and dresses, and your sweet girls

  218. I look forward all week to your posts. Your girls are darling and so are all of their sweet clothes. You are so blessed to have all of these sweet photos for memories. Love it!

  219. the dresses are so cute!

  220. Thanks for this post. It was just what I needed to hear.

  221. I LOVE Shabby Apple and I’m hoping for once I may be the lucky one. Thanks for once again inspiring me and reminding me that it’s ok to not have everything planned out. Sometime we need creative lulls to recharge.

  222. The courage quote is oh so needed at the end of this day. I may have to say it over and over to myself over the course of the next several days, but here’s hoping it will take and so will the courage. Thanks for the nudge!

  223. I am pregnant with a little girl due in June. She simply must have a gorgeous little summer dress, right? Have a great day Kelle! :)

  224. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! All of it! My hands are BOTH in the air 😉

  225. I cannot get over how gorgeous Lainey is! Ya’ll are gonna have to lock her up in 10 or so years! (Really, both your girls are so beautiful.) My husband and I are trying to get pregnant right now, and having the opportunity to peek into your world and drool over your littles makes the waiting a little easier.

  226. oh, that Naples sky scene makes me miss it so! Nella in that hooded towel and hanging on to the edge of the float=scrumptious!!

  227. I love coming here and reading ramblings or not…I love it all…and I love Shabby Apple :)

  228. I so needed this post tonight. I have been thinking about my thinking lately which has left me so very unsure.
    Thank you for another beautiful post reminding me to stop thinking about life and start living it!

  229. Once again, your pictures and children are absolutely breathtaking.

  230. so wonderful to get a reminder that life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans (thank you john lennon)! my hubs and i are both finshing grad school and spend so much time looking towards the future … i have to remind myself to live life right nowtoo!

  231. I loved the quote about courage! Your blog is always one of the first pages I visit when I get on the computer. I love reading your updates! Thank you so much for sharing your life and your beautiful children with all of us!!

  232. Reading that quote is just what I needed the day I had with my own two little ones. It’s definitely going to be a craft project in the near future and going up in my kitchen. Thank you for the glimpses into your life, I always enjoy reading them.

  233. Your pictures are putting me in the mood for summertime!

  234. I love reading your blog! And watching your girls grow :)

  235. Perfect as always. I love reading your blog.

  236. Love the shadow picture and am very jealous of your warm weather. Spring is teasing us up here in North Carolina with a few nice days and then several cold ones. I can’t wait to be outside in the sun with my littles too…..

  237. That onesie is incredible cute, on a very cute girl. I think there are about ten spring dress on Shabby Apple that I would love to add to my wardrobe this spring, but one would make me a very happy and hot mama.

  238. I would loveeee to be dipping my toes in the Florida ocean. Soak up some rays for me in coudy Pa. :)

    Happy Hump Day!

    Melissa :)

  239. your pictures melt my heart.. what a beautiful family!

  240. this entry’s for my niece! (fingers crossed) and longing for the midwest weather to warm up enough for no sweaters. :)

  241. Thanks for sharing. You always put things into perspective for me. Your girls are getting more beautiful by the day! My daughter is 2 weeks older than Nella and my husband and I still think she grows more beautiful by the day…not sure how that happens, but it does!

  242. what a beautiful video. i definatly see nella doing great things and lainey pushing her to do those things.

  243. what a beautiful video. i definatly see nella doing great things and lainey pushing her to do those things.

  244. I love shabby apple! They’re clothes are perfect!

    Can i have your weather please?!

  245. I am slowly learning the same lesson you are… it’s OK to not have it all together. There’s something wonderful about a hectic day or week to remind you how human you are.

  246. I so wish we could go to a beach like we go to the park. Maybe someday.

  247. Thanks for posting about being unsure some of the time. I have had the same feelings lately and have had to tell myself, “You’re okay, stop over-analyzing things.” Sometimes it really is best to choose to quiet your thoughts and remember that being unsure isn’t the end of the world.

  248. Your girls are so adorable! I’m so happy to have found your blog. Love your inspiration. Would love to win anything from Shappy Apple. Love.

  249. I loved reading this post and I’d also love to win a new dress :)

  250. You always have so many comments that I sometimes feel that I would get lost in the crowd but I decided that I would comment today because I too am having one of those I’ve been thinking too much weeks so its time to stop and just be. Thank you for reminding me that this is OK.

  251. I love the dresses. I really love the onesies!

  252. Love the little clothes you pick out for your girls! So cute. I think it’s healthy for us all to be ok with not being totally ok sometimes.


  253. Love the little clothes you pick out for your girls! So cute. I think it’s healthy for us all to be ok with not being totally ok sometimes.


  254. That warm weather looks divine.

  255. I love how free spirited you are. The weather here has been nice also but not quite that nice.

  256. I’m pretty much always unsure but the things (or rather the people) I’m sure about are total guideposts for me.
    Shabby Apple? I’m pretty sure about it!

  257. Jealous that you’re at the beach/pool in march :) and I love Nellas onesie :) happy Wednesday!

  258. I love this post. So real. So many times I come to your blog to be inspired, to be reminded that life is good even when it’s hard. It was a bit surprising but then comforting to see that you struggle with the same thoughts we all do from time to time. Thank you for writing it all–the good and the bad.
    I have been watching the Shabby Apple maternity dresses for a few weeks now. My sister is getting married this summer and I will be eight(!) months pregnant. I’m hoping to find a cute and flattering dress for the wedding.

  259. I just had one of those “viruses” last week- the thinking and over thinking and trying to figure out my place in the family and in the whole wide great big world. My post about it below:


  260. Oh that beach looks amazing! I wish I was enjoying warm Florida weather instead I am sitting by a fire with a cup of coffee in cold New England weather! I can’t wait for my girl to be old enough for dance school….I got a ways to go she is 11 weeks!

  261. Being unsure is a good thing. Sometimes you don’t know what you want or need until it is right there in front of you:)

  262. You mentioned being unsure of things, and then you mentioned U2. “Stuck in a Moment” is my go-to OMG-what-am-I-doing-with-my-life? song:

    And if the night runs over
    And if the day won’t last
    And if your way should falter
    Along this stony pass
    It’s just a moment
    This time will pass

    Good stuff. God bless!

  263. love the pictures of your little dancer! i can remember days of loving dance class and begging mom to let me practice :)

  264. I’ve been riding high on my own wave of insecurities lately. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one.

  265. I think as moms we are all unsure of our decisions daily. That’s what makes us good mothers :) We have the ability to question ourselves and take a look within.

  266. kelle I love reading your blog. It makes my heart happy :o)

    On the telephone note—they are so expensive to replace! I’ve been rockin’ my broken one for 5 months now. It hurts to think of paying “out of contract” for a new one!!

  267. Is it terrible that…

    when I’m unsure I throw myself into reading blogs because it makes me feel normal…

    or that I get occupied online shopping from so many of the wonderful sponsers you have…

    or that instead of studying for an exam I am posting a comment on here because those dresses truely are beautiful?

    Just curius 😉 Thanks for making me feel normal about my uncertainties.

  268. Right now I’m finding balance in my life!

    Great post!


  269. shoot *curious! I really do need to study 😉

  270. Sorry ’bout your phone. That is the suck.

    I’m in awe that your quiet contentment still says so much. Xoxo

  271. Both hands raised supahigh on this one.

    Also, thank you for that quote. I just got done with my yoga class, and that quote is the cherry on top of the peaceful feeling I am currently feeling that will probably only last about ten more minutes.

    Still lovin’ your blog.

  272. Absolutely love your posts.

  273. your weather makes me green w/ envy ugh I can’t wait to go outside!!

  274. awww, love your new header! It makes me excited for summer:)

  275. Beautifully written as always!! I agree that its in the times of questioning that you are truly stretched. And this Pennsylvanian is jealous of all those lovely beach photos!!

  276. I am having a baby girl in April, and I sure she would love one of those cute little dresses :)

  277. I love Shabby Apple but haven’t bought a dress from them yet so it would be amazing to win one!

  278. This comment has been removed by the author.

  279. You’re an inspiration to us bloggers to keep on keepin’ on…I need to get my priorities straight and put my feelings down on my blog.

    Very jealous of your beautiful weather and the Isle of Capri you speak of. Nebraska doesn’t have any of that :-/

    http://www.papillionmom.com is my blog. I hope to post regularly here soon.

  280. I love Nella’s onesie! I am also jealous of your warm-weather…please send some to Ohio!

  281. Your children are beautiful. And your stories inspire me to dream about my own family to be.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us!

  282. I was just so unsure today when I was waiting in the doctors office and my newly potty trained 3 yr old said he needed to go 3 times while we waited. And while in the tiny bathroom my 18 month old was pulling the toilet paper by the mile and laughing and there was poop and pee and too much paper. I wanted to run. Being unsure is so human. I love Lainey’s sweet smile. My son has the same adorable space in his teeth. Makes their smile extra sweet. Happy mid week!

  283. Your girls are as beautiful as your words.

  284. I am 13 years old, loving photography! your blog is a great inspiration, and i love all the things you can win! i love shabby apple, and would love a new dress!!! :)

  285. I have a little girl with another one on the way. I often wonder if I will miss just being us. I worry if the transition will be hard. Your big girl seems to hanle it like a pro.

  286. A girl can never have too many dresses. Or too much courage!

  287. Don’t let the babies play with your phone – it’ll keep working without any problems, but you’ll lose shards of glass every now and then. If you or your husband are at all mechanically inclined, you can purchase an aftermarket glass screen and easily replace it yourself (and there’s YouTube videos if you need guidance). Amazon, Ebay, etc. There’s also places springing up (at least around here, I’m in Dallas, TX) that’ll do the work for you for way cheaper than the Apple Store would.

    My husband broke his at the Coldplay concert almost two years ago, it fell out of his shirt pocket. Talk about a potentially expensive concert…

  288. Kelle,

    I found your blog and have been so touched by your words! I love your pictures and your writing. Thanks for the post!


  289. Sometimes I think it’s better not to say ANYTHING but then there’s days like today… when I confide in someone because someone was awful to me and they make me see the light… much like you… that we are alike, good natured… all striving to be sure, be unsure together and that there is love, cohesiveness in that… enough said. Much love. xo

  290. Thank you – God bless your beautiful family!

  291. I’m wishing that Ohio was as spring-like as Florida right now. We’ll get there eventually. And we do get Fall, so there’s that.

  292. After a crazy, not so great day, this was just what I needed to hear. Thank you for being honest and vulnerable. Blessings.

  293. Loved that quote on courage. Randomly found your blog and absolutely love it! Thanks :)

  294. First time posting on a blog…ever! You are a brilliant writer and an amazing photographer. I’ve never “known” anyone with a child with down’s syndrome. Thanks for opening your world to others.

  295. I stumbled across your blog a little over a year ago. My mother died shortly after and she left me a little money. I had always wanted a really great camera because I have always taken what I thought were pretty good pictures of my kids and I thought a better camera would make them…better. I never felt like I could really do it, really take those photo’s with a “real” camera. Well, you inspired me as you have so many others, to just find my art and if I like the photo’s who cares if anyone else does or not 😉

    So, I bought the good camera with my mom’s money and I want to thank you and her for it. I actually have a real bona-fide hobby now and I am lovin’ it!

  296. You always include the BEST quotes! I needed the courage one today. Can’t wait to soak up some of that FL sun with my little man.

  297. Kellie, As a Mom and a on the go woman, I totally recommend the Otter Box cases for your Iphone. (No I dont have stock or a hidden financial income off of the company)

    I am a momma of two boys and SWEAR by the cases. I drop my phone ALL the time to the point that I even had my phone fly of the back of a pickup truck onto the road and still never broke my phone. My case got banged up but my phone was brand spankin new. It was amazing. My hubby laughed b.c I would tape up my case and keep going. Till one day he was embarrased at how it was taped up. I had a great phone and a great case that was working that I didnt want to jink it by getting another one. Although I finally did give in and got the waterproof otterbox case. Same great quality. The cases are pricy but well worth it.

    I also want to say how it is so welcoming to see you blog so honestly and forthcoming. That is needed in today’s world. It shows that it is perfectly normal, esp for those of us on the other end reading of all you do. We are women, Mothers and we all have our ups and downs. I look forward to your posts and it gives me confidence every day to go that much farther as a person. In the simple things with my family that counts so much!

  298. always love peeking into your world to see what you’re up to – you’re one inspiring mama.
    i hope to win this drawing….one day….i will. win. something. :)

  299. So fantastic. I am so in love with the number of pictures you take in the course of a few days! It makes me want to capture even more of our everyday and what makes us US! Thanks for the continued inspiration and the reminder that life is LIFE and looks different for everyone and at different times. In our own transition time now. Relishing the things to come! HOPE!

  300. Your pictures are always so gorgeous, & I love the way you & your girls dress!! So beautiful & creative :)

  301. Beautiful photos. I am always so inspired when I come here. You have an amazingly beautiful soul. xoxo

  302. Thank you. I really needed this post today. Yesterday was such a frustrating day for me. I felt like such a bad mommy all day, but after reading this, I feel a lot better. I, too, tend to overanalyze and over think things. I find myself dwelling on my imperfections and worrying about how we’ll make it through. Thank you for reminding me that I should be focusing on right now :)

  303. i love everything about your blog and am so excited when i see a new post of yours in my reader – keep em coming!

  304. my hand is up and waving back and forth. And I’m much further along this journey.

  305. Living in south Florida is looking good right now. The temp was 0 when I got out of bed this morning in our little corner of northwest Iowa. Attended my daughter’s IEP yesterday and it went better than I expected. A new dress to celebrate her progress would be fun.

  306. wow…beaches and splashparks…it’s -35 celcius where I live…and it was blowing snow on my way home from work…

  307. This post is like a ray of sunshine for this very cold mama who lives all the way up in the blustry cold Yukon!

  308. The pic of you and Lainey rocking about made me cry. And the pic of your shadows is almost identical to one my husband and I took outside the coliseum in Rome! Wonderful memories.

  309. I wish it would warm up here. We are so ready for spring! Loved the post like always!

  310. This comment has been removed by the author.

  311. I love the cute clothes on your princesses….and your quote about not being confident all the time…right there with you…

  312. I am so one of those people who think about how I think and why I am thinking about the things I am thinking and end up over thinking…well…everything! Love the quote and, as always, the pictures that are gorgeous in their everyday simplicity. Not over thought!

  313. I just love your blog. I wish I could talk to you because I love what you have to say. The whole thinking too much concept is totally true for me right now. After having my second baby and learning to juggle life with her and a incredibly busy 2 year old boy, I realized that I’ve been too busy/tired to think about how I’m doing, I just do it. And, I think I’m doing alright. Maybe even better because my self doubt and guilt don’t get in the way.

  314. Love all the new “spring-ness” thats all over your blog!! the dresses are adorable!! crossing my fingers for a chance to win :)

  315. Beautiful clothes!!

  316. Jealous of your Florida weather! I am ready for spring.

  317. Thanks! Just the bit of inspiration I needed at the end of a rough day.

  318. This post gave me the courage to say I will try again tomorrow.


  319. oh my….am i ever feeling unsure right now. *anxiety* creeping in at every turn it seems….but now i feel bits of inspiration and happiness creeping in.

  320. Loved the photo of you rocking Lainey. My first born will be three in June and I still rock him every night and I don’t regret it one bit.

  321. The photos in this blog post are beyond beautiful. The ocean pictures make me long to be somewhere like that. Yet another wonderful blog entry!

  322. JEALOUS…is the only word that comes to mindd right now! I love love love your blog…I get so much inspiration from you but the beach pictures are killing me. While i sit here in northern PA with no hopes of warm weather in the near future:) LOL… Love the dresses and would love to have one for my little girl!

  323. So jealous that it is warm enough to go to the beach there! We had a glimpse of spring today and it was blissful!
    Beautiful pictures as usual!

  324. Great post! I always leave reading these feeling so encouraged!

  325. Waterparks in winter..love it! I love seeing how comfy Lainey is in ballet class. I remember your first post when she started out and how different it was then! LOVE your quote on courage. Yes, especially in hard times, sometimes true courage is just getting up each day and doing what must be done. So glad to see you writing about being UNSURE. I don’t think we are meant to always be sure. Love to you and yours from the Blog Mama ~

  326. “right now, i am unsure, unfinished. and i am happy.” that sentence is so powerful – thank you for sharing it. thank you for showing me the courage to admit that “i’m unsure” but that being uncertain does not mean that i cannot be happy.

    you inspire me! and i so wish i was in florida this time of year!

  327. Your girls are beautiful (your photography isn’t bad either!). God bless you and your family.

  328. This post gets me so excited to greet the ocean, it can’t come soon enough!

    The girls look darling in their dresses and my how they are growing.

  329. Wishing we had some of your warm sunny days. I know they are coming to mid-America soon but they look so great in your pictures I can’t help but hope they hurry. Love those little dresses.

  330. love that onesie on nella, thanks for the link to find more goodies!

  331. Love the quite, so true!

  332. Oh my GOODNESS, those Shabby Apple dresses are cute! Normally I spend all my spare pennies on clothes for my daughter, but this time I may have to snag one for myself :-)

  333. “My house is a mess. But my home is just fine”
    Crossing my fingers to win that dress! :)

  334. I totally get feeling unsure, unsettled and insecure! I was there just a few weeks ago and then I got the urge to start planning my one and only baby girls 5th birthday. It snaped me outta that funk and right into seeing that perfect happy smile on her face at her fifth birthday luau….. and mommy will cry all day because she is turning 5.

    Enjoy your babies I wish I could have had more so my sweet girl could be a big sister but I am so very content and more in love with my girl that I ever imagined I could be!

  335. As a Mom of 2 1/2 yr old twin girls it is rare that I get to rock one of my girls to sleep. Enjoy every precious moment of it!

  336. Beautiful as always.

  337. your blog is a breath of fresh air. thanks for sharing your insightful and inspiring thoughts.

  338. oh your poor phone! and now i have to buy a onesie for my little. :)

  339. My four year old’s favorite game is “I’m the mommy, you’re the sweetie!”

  340. I can’t believe you guys are hitting up the water parks already…. Makes me want to move to Florida. I freakin LOVE those dresses, and I’m feeling lucky!

  341. You’re making me So very hungry for summer!

  342. I love Shabby apple, but sadly my bank account doesn’t. I would love to win one!

  343. Okay, seriously? shabby apple… awesome. and the quote about courage… perfect. just what we need. all of us. thank you.

  344. beee-you-teeee-ful post! enjoying the small things, indeed.

    nella gets cuter by the second and i can’t believe how much lainey has grown and changed in the year i’ve been reading this blog.

  345. Thanks for the quote about courage. It was one of those days. “I will try again tomorrow.”

  346. Raise your hand if you’re unsure? Far out! I bet you could see my hand raised all the way here in Brisbane, Australia!
    As always, love to read your blog Kelle.

  347. Thank you for the mid week pick-me-up! I love, love, love that shadow picture!!

  348. This is making me so excited for spring and summer.

  349. Ah, what a refreshing post. Love that onesie, love that dress, and love the fact that I’m not the only one with those moments of overthinking and insecurities.

  350. My now 9 year old used to say, “You be the sweetie and I’ll be the mommy.” :-)

  351. Loved this post Kelle – you have given me a craving for a visit to the beach, just a pity there’s is not one around for MILES! And never mind the fact that we are heading into winter over here in Australia. Enjoy!

  352. whether you think so or not, you do “have it together” my friend…your undying dedication to your family and your ability to “enjoy the small things” is proof positive of that. :)

  353. Your kids are the cutest! Loving the dresses!

    Place called iresq.com can fix your screen! But getting a new one would also be fun:) And sometimes it cheaper (side note: I don’t work for them but they fixed my husband’s laptop after my daughter at a while 6 months chucked a block at it :)

  354. Try taking your phone to the genius bar. I used mine broken for months until it finally conked out. They replaced it for free (a one-time thing) and actually apologized that I’d been using it for so long in that condition. Worth a shot!

    Love, love your blog. :)

  355. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I needed this post tonight! I am in a new school district and it’s not going so well. I went from being a great teacher to people thinking I have a lot to prove and I’ve been feeling uncomfortable, insecure, and pretty depressed. You helped me see that sometimes this is okay. I know this in my head but sometimes it takes seeing it in black and white on the blog of someone I have a lot of respect for in order for it to hit home. Again, I can’t thank you enough.

  356. Everything about this post is totally gorgeous. Even being unsure….And a dress from Shabby Apple? Icing on the cake!

  357. I’m right there with ya on the insecurity part. What is up with that?? As I near the end of my
    30’s (gulp) I keep waiting for some sense of clarity to come…but I’m not sure if it ever will. In the meantime, it’s fun doing the best I can.

  358. The kids are looking suddenly bigger! Very cute little outfits. I love your blog, I’m a new follower and every time a new entry pop’s up I get excited-like I KNOW someone else is out there who “gets it”! Thanks a million!

  359. I think we all have those moments when we are humbled and think do I really know what I am doing? And I am always reminded that although I am part of my childrens growth, I am certainly not the biggest part. And that is when I rest knowing I am exactly the mother that God chose for my children. And so are you. :-)


  360. A new dress would make me a happy girl!

  361. This comment has been removed by the author.

  362. this is the second time in ONE day that I have hard about this Shabby Apple, I think that means I am destined to win :). You are inspiring!

  363. yeah i think we can all agree and say “amen sista friend!” sometimes i just want babies to dress them in cute little onsies like that. omg!

  364. Your posts and photos always make me smile. I say do not hide the hopscotching – do it loud and do it proud! Encourage everyone to join you!!!!

  365. Your children are breathtaking.

    Sorry about your phone!

  366. I love all your pictures! And I too have been unsure, it is okay I think…makes us re-evaluate and take a step back. I had to laugh at the start of your post today…I did the exact same thing to my iPhone a few months back :) And the shabby apple dresses are darling!

  367. I haven’t missed a post in a year, and you never fail to disappoint. :)

  368. Ah sunshine and warm sand….the days in KS bounce back & forth between spring and winter several times a week right now. I loved looking at your “warm” pictures!

  369. I have broke my phone just like that not once but 2 times !!! .. great place fixed my (iphix.ca) it is pretty far but might be an option that is cheaper then a new phone … also we stayed at one of your dad’s rentals in the fall and every time i see a pic of baby’s in the water or palm trees i can remember the warmth on my face and it makes me happy in the long cold Canadian winter ! .. THANK YOU!

  370. Nothing is ever for sure. I think we will try ou entire life to be “sure”. Jealous of the Florida weather- we will be in Key West in 2 days! Can’t wait.

  371. I very much appreciate the human”ness” in this post. So many times I read your posts and think… She does it right, she enjoys her littles, and her friends and the special moments in life and I ask why I can’t manage to be more like that.

    The reality is that there’s a lot I don’t see. A lot of insecurities that are much like my own. And that’s ok. Thank you for being you. And reminding me to be happier with myself not inspite of my downfalls but including them.

  372. I was able to rock my 3 year old last night after she woke up crying. I loved every minute of it! She is always the mommy and I’m the sister-all day. She won’t break character and won’t let me either! Cute dresses and gorgeous pics of your girls!!

    Karen H.

  373. Love your blog! Just wanted to let you know, you can get screen repair kits for your phone. Check out ebay :)

  374. thank you for your honesty! love that quote alot! the picture of lainey with the sun shining behind her and the cute headband on is STUNNING! love!

  375. one of my favorite things about your blog is how perfect the music always goes along with the blog and the pictures. I couldn’t get the link for the NDSS video to work, I am going to cut and paste to a different browser to see if that works for me. I would love to watch!

  376. Your days always look so fresh and refreshing. I continue to enjoy your thoughts and pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  377. I am so jealous of the swimsuit weather and the hanging out in the garage at night, it is cold and rainy and dreary here, I cannot wait for the nice sunny weather! I have two little girls about the same age gap as your darlings and your blog is so inspiring, I love it! My girlies (esp my lil one) would just love a new dress!

  378. These are the things I hang on to as a SAHM of an 18 mo who’s about to burst with her second baby:

    Around here, almost is good enough.


    The idea that if the house looks as bad (or good) when my husband comes home as it did when he left, he can assume I cleaned up multiple messes throughout the day.

    Thanks for sharing that you 1) aren’t perfect and 2) also over think things. We’re all the same, really. We just try to hide it. :)

  379. Oh my what a great video. Thank you for sharing that. I love the dresses your girls are wearing. If I won, I would get one for my sweet Emma and I love the BoHo or gumball.

    I am secretly wishing I lived in warmer climates. We still have lots of snow and will be getting more yet here in Minnesota. YUCK!!!! So thanks for sharing your wonderful weather!!


  380. I am so jealous of your warm weather! We live in upstate NY and right now it’s barely 20 degrees, the wind is blowing and it’s making our house unbearably cold… Loved the picture of you rocking your daughter to bed; it’s so nice to have the opportunity to do that sometimes with the older ones :)

  381. Dont feel too bad about the phone ~ I just got my new one today from the insurance company. I dropped my other one in a boiling hot pot of delicious winter squash soup! Took a few moments to fish it out :) Oh well…

  382. Thanks for sharing your little dirty secrets…the story of your bedroom dumping ground cracked me up. I always try to have it all together all the time, but never seem to succeed. I think if I can have 75% of my life 100% together than that’s fantastic. I guess that’s my goal. I just make sure the 25% that slacks off isn’t anything to deal with my relationships with those I love.

  383. Glad we’re overthinkers together. :)

  384. hand raised high, pit stain and all. cause if there’s anything i’m sure about it’s that i’m unsure.

    and i Really like that Mary Ann Radmacher quote. treasuring it.

  385. Lovin’ those dresses! And the blog :)

  386. we used that quote last year to encourage my mom as she battled cancer, she won.

  387. also unsure about a very great many things…but not my love of shabby apple!

  388. I just recently had my second baby girl and, I too, can relate on becoming very sentimental over my firstborn..my sweet BIG girl. Thank you so much for sharing!

  389. You always bring calm to my crazy day. Your words are inspiring!

  390. um kelle…i love those dresses and so will ava. hope i win. xo

  391. I’m more uncomfortable with the insecurity itself as well, not so much what I’m insecure about. I totally get you. But like you said, sometimes it can be just a passing virus, so I just have to keep reminding myself to let it run it’s course without giving in to the whole “I suck at everything” feeling.

  392. I’m working hard on being content where I am – but all this snow on the North East is really weighing me down.

    A new spring dress for my sweet daughter, would definitely lift my spritis!

  393. Love your posts…love shabby apple!

  394. Everytime I see Nella i say:”look at that sweet baabby

  395. I too, loved the quote about courage. It spoke to me in this difficult day I’ve had!
    Thank you for being so inspiring, so courageous, so fantastic!

  396. I love that onesie and I love Shabby Apple. Your girls are beautiful.

  397. The bit about your first little blonde pixie is so beautiful :) I’m definitely not a momma yet, but you inspire me for when I am.

  398. I love to read your writing and swoon over your beautiful photography! I too live in FL and yes, the weather is amazing right now!

  399. Look at the courage and confidence Lainey has with dance class now, simply wonderful!

    Nella, come on kiddo, your killing me with that smile, and just so you know, I always smile back :)

  400. You are torturing me with pictures of swimsuits and beach. We are buried in snow here in MN and I’m oh so ready for sun! Thanks for the post. :)

  401. Your girls make me smile every time I see them and I LOVE your outlook on life. Keep it coming. :o)

  402. I LOVE shabby apple….and you and the way you always make me SMILE:)

  403. Why is it so hard to just “be” and not think about being…..? I’m an over-thinker too and it drives me bonkers. Love the pic of Lainey sitting in the water. Lovely. xo

  404. YIKES! That phone looks dangerous, like sliding your finger over it to unlock it could result in gushing blood. Please be careful! And (I know you will but I still have to say it) keep it away from the littles. :)
    As the oldest of 3 who has always felt that the oldest child gets kinda screwed, I am SOOOOOO happy to hear that you made some time just for Lainey. She’ll cherish those times!!!

  405. I wish my big girl would fall asleep in my arms like that! Very sweet.

  406. I have to sneak away with my oldest too sometimes for a little one on one time. I get so busy with the my youngest that I forget that he needs some time to be my baby again too! I love this blog and the music, haven’t heard a bad song yet!

  407. Love the dresses… hope I can win one for my little girl! Your girls are getting so big!

  408. Nothing better than rocking your little to sleep!
    And I’m jealous you guys are rocking the swim suits and going to the beach and water parks, while there is still snow on the ground here in Ontario!

  409. Always love all the photos! I think we all go through unsure times…it’s good to be ok and embrace!

  410. Oh, I’ve been dreaming of clear blue skies, little swimmy suits, and sand stuck all over bodies…how I would love to hang with your fam. In a cute new dress of course!

  411. I am sure I love your blog and I am now in love with Shabby Apple!

  412. i. love. your. blog.
    every day i stop by to read it and every day it brings a smile to my face no matter my mood. so thank you. thank you for sharing everything. stories, pictures, etc.
    pretty babes you have :)

  413. So wishing we had warmer weather I am looking forward to some fun in the sun and a summer vacation to the beach!!!

  414. Kelle,

    Is Nella ever not smiling?! She is amazing! What an empowering post! You are just amazing!!!! LOVE the dress Lainey is wearing!! Gorgeous!!!

  415. Love the Shabby Apple stuff– I’ve been eyeing that site for months after you posted about it once before!

    I am enjoying the tone of your posts this week. its made me feel more okay about the 6 unfolded baskets of laundry in my living room! (among other things!)

    And you beach pics- ooohhh do they make me more hopeful for spring here.

  416. I am so jealous of your weather! When I close my eyes I pretend I am in florida though. :)

  417. As I was reading this post I was nodding my head over and over. Right now I am doing to much thinking and not even doing!!!

    Cant wait for posts about the isle of capri!!! I have never been there but feel like I am missing the place. lol

  418. Love the courage quote!

  419. Love the courage quote!

  420. Nella looks so adorable in bright colors. And thanks for the word on soaking up the oldest….mine has had a bit of some life changes lately and I need to spend some more time with just her, Thanks for the reminder…..Marissa

  421. love the dresses…but love the heart behind your words even more. thanks for sharing your journey.

  422. I relate very well to this post and agree. Sometimes you need those times of insecurity and uncertainty to help thrust you forward to certainty and security. Nothing wrong with that. It all makes you a stronger person, confident in yourself and who you are and what you are meant to be…

    Oh and on a random note: I love to hopscotch in our driveway..Get some rocks, use sidewalk chalk to draw the hopscotch board & play with my kids.

  423. love the onesie nella is wearing. and the girls dresses are so cute!

  424. LOVE the picture of Nella in the sand.
    I’ve been eyeing a Shabby Apple dress for a while now! =)

  425. Ahh…the quest of thinking about thinking of not thinking will never end as our mind wanders eternally. Confidence comes with knowing and knowing comes with awakening that, which you have been searching for that has always been and will always be within yourself-it’s a journey that sometimes we make longer than it really has to be.
    Love your writing! Karolina :)

  426. Loving our Spring in Florida, also. Can’t imagine better weather anywhere.

  427. i love.love.love your weather. i can’t wait, here in PA, that is. i also love shabby apple and that onesie is very, very cute. just might work on my expected 4th daughter, 5th child, come july. party on! missy.

  428. I live in Minnesota, and can I just say I would like just a TINY bit of the weather in your pictures! Beautiful! (:

  429. Gorgeous girls! Thank you for another inspiring post!

  430. Another beautiful post. I love how you gave special recognition to your first born. That beautiful girl. Love, LOVE the photo of you two when you rocked her to sleep. Just beautiful!

  431. My college roommate dropped her iphone last year and her screen looked the exact same way. I could never understand why she didnt just get another phone. She rocked it for a good 8 months, and we know you will rock the cracked screen too. We now like to laugh when we see people with cracked iphone’s and imagine how they get them.
    I love your blog! It inspires me so much! I hope one day I can be an amazing mom like you!

  432. Oh how I long to be at the beach with my little girl! Can’t wait for summer! Love Shabby Apple!

  433. Kelle, I meant to comment on your last post too–and tell you that my house looks like your house. Only, I don’t own the chaos so well. And I don’t have littles (yet) to blame the mess on. I too have resolved to be a bit neater–not for the outside judgy world but for my own sense of calm. And at the same time I’ve resolved to accept that my own creative chaos is just that. And it works for me.

    p.s. your girls are adorable as always–I’m jealous of the southern florida warm weather that’s got you all out in swim suits.

  434. That quote about courage is amazing. I love all the ‘summery’ pictures. I am longing for any warm breeze up here in our snow filled world.

  435. Love that quote about courage. Your pics secretly make me jealous of Florida! I can’t tell my husband that because he’d pack up and head south today if it were totally up to him.

  436. thanks for your realness. all mommas need to admit to being unsure some of the time, and to own their confidence when they’re confident.

  437. oh the unknown insecurities that surround us daily. I face them every day, and look forward to the challenge they bring. It’s what is molding me to be the person I am supposed to be one day…and I can comfortably say, I’m okay with the unknown, and look forward to figuring it out as I go.

    As always, your pictures are beautiful, but then again, you have two gorgeous models to capture!

  438. Oh Shabby Apple… How I LOVE thee so…

  439. Those onesie’s are ADORABLE!!!

  440. I was never a dress person until my first came along (now 5 months). I am sure there are plenty of little bundles out there (including yours) who would make those dresses look even more awesome then they already look, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want one for mine!!

  441. Love how real your blog is. Your girls are adorable!

  442. I have been feeling a little unsure lately, and this post reminded me that that’s ok. I love the idea of just being totally present in the ‘here and now’. Beautiful photos, as usual – totally vibrant!

  443. oh, i could use a new dress. it’s been a long winter. a good winter, but oh so long. :)

  444. love that onesie she’s wearing. gonna check out the shop now!

    your girls are beautiful.

    i remember a few weeks back when you mentioned that your girls sometimes sleep with you because time is short & precious. I’ve been thinking about that for weeks and it’s so true! any extra snuggles, hugs and kisses i can get in my day with my girl, I will take it even if it means sleeping in my bed.

    I feel encouraged that sometimes as parents we get to re write the rules and make our own when it comes to our kids, even if it is taboo! :)

    thank you.

  445. Sweet weather y’all been having…care to share!!?? I am hoping to win a sweet dress for my little’s 1 year in a few months..

  446. Oh how I needed you tonight! Returning home after a late, unproductive meeting where my feathers got ruffled, I needed your calm to calm me. Thank you!

  447. Your photos made me long for a sunny beach and a salty sea breeze. I never feel as perfectly okay with being unsure as I do soaking up the sun on a beautiful beach.

  448. I needed this posted tonight. Love the quote at the end and as always, the pics.
    Tonight I am unsure myself….and that’s ok.

  449. i am IN LOVE w/ the lee marie onesie’s.. thanks for sharing!!

  450. Love, Love, Love it! I love your heart, the pictures, and the dresses. So beautiful!

  451. Oh, how I need to sneak away for some alone time with my fist who keeps getting less little!

  452. I am so jealous of all your beach shots. We are experiencing cold temps with a long range forecast not looking all that promising. Maybe I need to move from the cold north to the sunny south!!

  453. Your words so brilliantly match your photos. Does that always happen on purpose? :)

    p.s. sorry about your iphone. I think I would cry. Like a lot.

  454. love the adorable outfits and of course the kids :)

  455. Amazing! Jealous of your warm weather (here in Southern Cali it’s in the 60s…) and can’t wait for ours.

  456. Those dresses are so sweet! I am expecting a little girl this summer and would love one! (will probably go buy one, or two even if I don’t win 😉

  457. Your pictures make me so ready for spring and summer! We still have a couple of months here in the Midwest but I cannot wait!

  458. I love reading your blog! The warm weather looks amazing, your girls are Adorable, and your words inspiring. Thanks for sharing with all of us readers :)

  459. I am jealous of your beautiful weather and beach time!!

  460. This is my first time to be a COMMENTER:) I was born and raised in Naples. I started reading your blog a year ago and had no idea you were from Naples. Now I smile whne I see all my favorite spots, like Dairy Queen, and I yearn to feel the warm sun. I Have 3 boys and last but not least little Isabella. I have had so much fun dressing her and get loads of inspiration from you! ReaDING your blog is my short few mommy moments I get every couple days! Thanks:)
    Mary Lykins Hummer
    Richmond VA

  461. Love confessions! Try this cell phone confession out for size :) My phone slid out of my pocket in the parking lot at work and I didn’t notice of course and after work I proceeded to run it over as I was backing out… 😛 Major OOPS!

    Love Shabby Apple! I’m actually looking at one of their dresses to buy for a wedding I have coming up :)

  462. I love reading your blog! The weather looks Amazing, your girls are Adorable, and your words Inspiring. Thank you for sharing with all of us readers :)

  463. We have the same walker! :)
    Love the “right here, right now” I have to remember that when my 4 year old is driving me crazy, there will come a day when she will no longer want to be with me all the time. and I will cry about it.

  464. This Miami girl is missing home all the way out here on the west coast. Nothing quite like Florida waters…

  465. Well some say life will beat you down
    Break your heart, steal your crown
    So I’ve started out, for God knows where
    I guess I’ll know when I get there.

    “Learning to Fly” by Tom Petty

    This song keeps me going when I have no clue and I just have to have faith that it’s all going to be ok.

    Here’s to thinking less. :)

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  466. WOW. What a giveaway! I loved this post..it’s speaks the truth. Some days I’m CERTAIN I’m SURE and I’m PROUD of what I’m doing..others I feel like I just can’t keep up with a single thing life throws my way. Thanks for the reminder we are all normal. Love your pictures of this week!! Gorgeous weather!

  467. I admire your photography and your honesty nearly equally.

  468. Really really love that quote. Just what I didn’t know I needed, but so did. Thank-you.

  469. Your kids have the cutest clothes!

  470. That quote about courage was good. Also, LOVE the Shabby Apple big girl dresses!

  471. Ok weird, I was literally JUST drooling over the Shabby Apple Ooh La La dresses before hopping on over to your blog. I’m headed to Paris in the spring and I just need a Paris-worthy dress… right?

    Let’s hope it’s a sign. 😉

    Thanks for the beautiful words, as always.

  472. I’m stuck in the same limbo state that you are right now! I envy your beach days too! I wish our weather here in Northern Kentucky was a little warmer. Happy rest of the week to you and your’s.

  473. Love the photos; your girls are so adorable. Thanks for keeping it real and for opportunity to win a dress 😉

  474. Love Shabby Apple and I loves your blog. Thank you

  475. My phone’s been cracked in half just like yours for the last year, but it still does it’s job:)

  476. You are great!
    This post is great!
    Your kids are great
    your photos are great!

  477. I have been amassing spring dresses, in hopes that someday soon Ohio will permit my girls to wear them.

  478. Love the blog. Love the babies! Love the dresses!

  479. Love your blog! And those have to be the most precious little dresses EVER! xo

  480. Love those Dresses!

  481. Overthinking= bane of my existence!
    : )

  482. I loooove those dresses! Sorry about your phone!

  483. my first born 21 month old daughter’s one and only time is ending shortly and i am starting to get so sentimental about it and trying to just soak up the days of this precious time where it’s just her and i. i absolutely love that picture of you rocking lainey.

  484. Its March 2nd here in TN. would you stop with the swimming pool and beach trips?!!

  485. Love this post! Hit it right on! Would love to browse through some Spring dresses and we’re almost beating previous records for the amount of snowfall in the Twin Cities, MN!

  486. Love seeing your sunny photos! I am so ready for spring.

  487. Loved the courage quote – that was just what I needed to hear after falling off the weight watchers wagon today trying to deal with sleep deprivation and sick kids. Tomorrow is a new day and I will try again tomorrow!

  488. Over thinking is the fault of all mothers…we all have a little bit of worry wart in us.

  489. I need a new baby dress :)

  490. Your photos – and your life – just get more and more beautiful.

  491. Love the shots of your girls on the beach – so precious! (Sorry about your iPhone!)

  492. Right now…I can barely keep my eyes open, but I’m going to check out those dresses before I close the laptop for the night…

  493. I have to know where Laineys brown polks dot swimsuit is from. I love it! I hope you say Target… I’ve been on a shopping hiatus and am ready for a few new spring things for my little.

    A Shabby Apple dress for me on the first day of my new job (the 14th, YAY) would be awesome too!

  494. I’m pretty sure that I NEEEED a Shabby Apple dress! :)

  495. Those dresses are adorable! It helps such pretty little pixies are modeling them!

  496. Love your posts . . . thanks.

  497. “Cerulean” was my favorite crayon color! You’re so lucky your skies are turning such a color.

  498. Love the dresses and can’t wait for a warm up here in Ohio!

  499. I over think and rethink and not think all at once. It’s one of those weeks for me. Hearing you out of it gives me hope that next week will be a little more reassuring.
    Maybe ill be sporting a new dress too :)
    the rocking in the moonlight sounds divine

  500. The weather in Florida looks beautiful. Can’t wait until we have some of that in Boston!

  501. WOW Kelle I must say I am sooooo jealous of your weather, and the fact that you live in the beautiful state called FLORIDA!! I have been telling my husband that I want to move there, for no telling how many years now. But, know that one day I will be living there……lol!!
    Once again, I have to say I LOVE the pictures of your girls. They are both so pretty and girlie!! The picture of sweet Nella in her hooded towel is priceless!! I love the sweet look on her face! And Miss Lainey is growing into a beautiful young lady!! Enjoy that sweet Florida weather girl!!

    Heather ;o)

  502. Dude, we got another 4 inches on snow today in New England. Must. Have. New. Dress. Would LOVE to be in sunny FL right now. On our bi-annual trip to FL last Nov my oldest daughter (8) said “we’re leaving pine tree’s for palm tree’s”. So cute!

  503. Now I am feeling a little better about being “unsure” about teaching my son to read. He loves books, I love books; we’ll work it out :)

  504. I love the girls’ dresses! So cute!

  505. Love your pictures, love your adorable girls, love those dresses!! Pick me, pick me!!

  506. Thought I would let you know that my BFF and I refer to you as “our friend, Kelle.” We often talk about your sweet girls as if we live next door. So many times our morning conversation starts out with “did you read what Kelle wrote last night?” We love you, love what you are about, and love that you showed pics of your house:)

  507. I am so glad you posted today and I could have a few minutes of dreaming of sunshine, sandy beaches and palm trees with my family. My “right now” is waiting for a call from my husband from the hospital where he sits with his precious mom as she struggles with her last few hours of life due to a very ugly disease. Our hearts are breaking and I am longing for some “normal” time again. So thank you for the lovely time out I really needed tonight. Your blog never fails to cheer me. xo

  508. I raise my hand to being unsure…and I like it very much too!!!

  509. Great post and love love love your quote thank you.

  510. what a cute onesie! too bad the new baby is a boy!

  511. The Shabby Apple dress that Nella is wearing is the very one I have been day dreaming about for my daughter!



  512. Rocking that first born is so sweet.

  513. I’m swooning over your cerulean skies and breezy beach dates.

  514. I love that onesie. it’s so super cute. And those dresses are absolutely adorable.

  515. what adorable dresses on 2 adorable girls. XOXOOX

  516. Adorable dresses- would love one for my little munchkin!

  517. I too am a notorious overthinker/analyzer of myself so much that many times I’ve wished that God had created a hidden Off switch or Reset button to my brain. It is good and necassary to want to grow and learn and change but sometimes our thinking process can fog up the journey to these potential and very possible accomplishments so much that we wind up forgetting why we originally wanted to do them or just stop before we give ourselves a chance to at least try. SO those times when I catch myself thinking that it’s weird for me to be thinking what I’m thinking…I just remind myself to just stop and just do. And it’ll turn it out just fine, like it always does. Phew..now I’m going to go sit and not think about thinking :)

  518. Have Faith always.. we are each blessed so much. :) happy (almost) spring.

  519. The dress Nella is wearing is of one of my all-time favourite fabrics – I have 3 yards of it stashed in my cupboard, and I go visit it all the time. Love the eyelashes, love the dresses!

  520. can’t wait for more pics from isle of capri. i’ll live vicariously through you since i’m in the middle of a million corn fields in ohio. our pretty is on it’s way… i love spring!

  521. “Tomorrow is a brand new day.” That is my favorite quote. My girls could def. rock one of those dresses! xoxo

  522. I love Shabby Apple! Hooray!


  523. Love your blog. You keep me sane and help me put everything in perspective.

  524. Those dresses are so cute! I make tote bags and have used those same fabrics, they are darling!!

  525. I am so jealous you guys already have beach weather! (I’m in Charleston, SC) I’m ready for beach time…not so sure about muggy summer time though…the pits might not be so sure 😉

  526. Loving to hear that confidence isn’t always easy. Working on that myself. I also really appreciate your honesty and the sage words of Mary Anne Radmacher.

    You and your babies are always an inspiration. Hope you have a good week.

  527. ohmygoodness how awesome are those precious sneak away moments with your kids…one on one time is priceless!!

  528. Nothing could explain more the love and beauty you have for those little ladies :)

  529. Planning a trip to Florida right this second… and I remember playing “You’re the honey” with my son! So sweet.

  530. I absolutely loved this post because you are right, there are some days that are harder than others but that is normal. And I think too many of us try too hard to be perfect that it hurts us more in the long run than helps us. So thank you for your inspiring words!!

    oh and I LOVE Shabby Apple!!

  531. So does this mean yesterdays post was all overthinking? Because I was so on board, at least your house is cute under the mess my house is a mess under the mess.

  532. This blog makes me happy :)

  533. Ooh ooh pick me! Those dresses are TOO cute!

  534. Gorgeous photos! Your girls are so beautiful and you just have a way of capturing their spirit and the light in such magnificence!!

    A quote from Rainer Maria Rilke for you:

    Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms or like books that are written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.

    I also think it is much better to go through those uncomfortable, over-analytical times as we do truly grow at those times. When we are content and complacent, not much changes…those times are important too, but I think some of each is truly the balance we all require.

  535. The sun and sand make me yearn for summer to hit the west coast…

  536. I’m so jealous of that beautiful weather. It hit 42 today and I of course took my two boys out to enjoy the weather! Of course we had our winter coats and hats and I was shaking at one point from the wind. But hey…the fresh air and playing t-ball was still fantastic!

    You live in a beautiful place! ;)I’m living vicariously through you and your trips to the beach! :)

  537. Here’s my random comment: peaches and cream!

  538. Beautiful pictures as always! Love the dresses!

  539. Loved this post and would love to win a dress!

  540. Those smiles just light up the whole world, don’t they?

    Thank you for spreading the cheer!

  541. i needed to read this post. thank you!

  542. Ugh. My heart fell to my stomach when I saw your phone :(. So sorry. The other pictures on the post kindof made up for it though. And that video was so sweet:)

  543. While outside my window the wind blows, and hail falls, your blog is a warm breeze to read!

    You inspire me–your photography, your wit, your writing! And that, I am sure of!!!

  544. I “Heart” that onesie too! So super cute!

  545. Kelle- I’m having an unsure week, and your post just brightened my day!

    I always love seeing the pictures of the girls!

  546. When my cousin shattered his iphone he left it like that and said it was a good conversation starter! Love those shabby apple dresses!

  547. that’s what we all love so much about reading your blog- you have the gorgeous photography to show your amazing life, and yet, you are still human and unsure. I love how normal you are and how well you relate to the rest of us!!

  548. I love love love the ballet pictures, it just melts my heart! I hope I’ll be fortunate enough one day to see my own little girl in ballet lessons!
    Your girls are beautiful!

  549. The idea that it’s warm and sunny there baffles me and makes me insanely jealous all at the same time! I live in Minnesota, where it was -2 this morning and we’re supposed to get a foot of snow next week. Oh how I miss warmth…

  550. Days of being unsure. yep. We all have ’em. …and today, when I was in a slump…I read the funniest thing and started snickering (trying not to wake the napping little ones), then couldn’t hold it in and laughed until I was shaking. My, what good medicine!
    Then, I called my mom to share it with her and couldn’t even get through it without breaking down and laughing so hard she couldn’t understand me.
    I don’t even remember what the difficult part of my day was now. Even tonight, I still break out into a laugh every time I think about it. :)
    Laughter. It changed my day. Really.

  551. Wow Kelle! I know one of the kids in the video! Kimberly lives near me and works at a Starbucks that I frequent! What are the odds I would have known someone in that video??
    Best wishes to you, Brett, Lainie & Nella. Enjoy that South Florida weather! Its still 40 degrees here in NY!

  552. Thank you for the reminder that the ”figuring out stuff” part of life does not have to be scary. It can be exciting, new, and provide a great sense of accomplishment after the fact.

  553. i am in love love love with your blog. its climbed to the top of my favorites in google reader in only a matter of months. cheers to you and your family- who make the most of life no matter what.

  554. Love that quote about courage- it’s just what I needed after a long, LONG day of teaching 4th grade. :)

  555. Love the quote. This is what I feel at the end of each day of being a mommy to a 2 year old and a 6 month old. Every day is a new start to be a better mother.

  556. I love those adorable baby legs covered in sand! I love how Shabby Apple includes every woman and her own style with their dresses :)

  557. Please tell me where you got that bikini for Lainey. I’ve been looking everywhere for it. It was on Zulilly and I missed it. I’m curious what the brand is. Love your blog and love those beautiful girls!

  558. Unsure. Insecure. That is me as a momma more than not. I want to do everything right. Make no mistakes. As long as my children know that I do the very best I know how, the very best I can for them. You seem to have a wonderful balance of time with your babies!

    Love the dresses!

  559. Beautiful post, as always. I am pregnant and could totally use a new, flirty spring dress!

  560. We are inching closer and closer to pool weather here and I just can’t wait!

  561. “Sure! Unsure! Sure! Unsure!” ha ha-can I just say right now how jealous I am of your southern Florida lifestyle!?!? Although I rejoiced today when the sun broke free and the winds were calm enough to open the windows for a while. I threw on “Wicked” and rocked out! I know the neighbors were probably like “What the heck!?!” but it’s Wednesday and it was time to rejoice in the small things! Thanks again for another inspiring post!

  562. EXTREMELY jealous of your weather – but perhaps winning a Shabby Apple dress would be a nice consolation prize…? 😉

  563. I love, love, love your blog!! You’re an AMAZING writer, not too mention super stylish!

  564. I LOVE shabby apple, and I never win anything. Oh well, here’s my comment anyway. P.S. I’m totally jealous of your sunshine, still winter here in Utah.

  565. How could a momma not want one of those precious dresses!

  566. How sweet is that little onesie? I have just decided that your blog is my spring! Reading it and taking in the pictures makes me long for the sun, longer days and water! Ah. It’s like a warm breeze blowing by and the windows open to let it in the house. Okay moving on – Lainey’s goggle picture is hilarious!!! Reminds me of my own goggle pictures:0)

  567. Kelli, it is SO Ok to be unsure, we NEED those times to replenish our confidence.. Noone is 100% all the time…relax, enjoy & be unsure of it ALL!


  568. Sometimes when I look at the comments and I see numbers like 562…I think to myself…is it even worth commenting on. But then I battled with my own head and heart because I just absolutely loved what you had to say…and I feel as though you need to hear from just one more person how lovely your write, how wonderful your pictures are, and how beautiful your two girls can be. I hope you get to read this comment because I really think you should know :-)

  569. Just as you are soaking up the Florida rays, I am soaking up the spirit of your words. You are a gifted writer, and I look forward to your blog each day! Thanks for the great giveaway! :oD

  570. Beautiful photographs. :)

    I like what you said about being unfinished … I feel the same.

  571. The video was very touching. It definitley gives alot of HOPE which is what NDSS is all about, right?

    Thanks for sharing! Love those cute dresses 😉

  572. great quote on courage and I needed it today as I fill out reams of paperwork to do with my sons recent ASD dx. Getting my mama tiger roar ready to do battle for my son through the next 13 year of schooling and beyond in the big wide not always ASD friendly world. Let the battle begin! Thanks for the leg up and pickmeup I needed to hear this and see these gorgeous pics today

  573. Catching up on a couple of blog entries and I’m still giggling over the neighbor stumbling on your hidden mess…I can SO relate and often do the “stash and dash” moments before the company is walking through the door, and then praying that they don’t open that particular door….Inspired to clean and to also “just be” and treasure my kids more every day.

  574. i love that quote, “I will try again tomorrow.” ~Mary Anne Radmacher

    i am currently trying to mass produce enough banners to open an etsy store, but with my two kids always underfoot, sometimes i am just too tired to make yet another one.

    thanks for the encouragement.

    <3 your blog.

  575. Thank you for giving my day a little refreshment after a 12 hours shift:)

  576. Amazing quote. Also, I’m loving all your darlings outfits!

  577. I love that my girl recognizes your girls since I look at this blog all the time.

    That quote really means a lot to me right now as I feel that I need to start again all the time.

  578. God, those pictures of Lainey were amazing…Your girls are beautiful.

  579. With -29 degrees here in Calgary your pictures bring me sunshine when I am in DESPERATE need. I was wanting to order my little ones Easter dress from Shabby Apple so to be the winner would really help my budget, oh and would make my husband happy too!

  580. Sometimes I read something here that is just what I need. I am dropping out of grad school and I am feeling so very depressed. But I am not happy in this program and need to remember that there is much happiness and confidence and bloomin’ to come. The hardest journeys have to start somewhere, right?

    Oh, and, confession, I sometimes do this crazy twirly dance thing through my apartment when no one is home. Just ‘cuz.

  581. Love those sweet girls of yours. I’m so glad I have a little girl.

    I totally hear you on the deep thought moments. I go on that ride from time to time and I always, always come out happy with where I sit in life.

    A Shabby Apple dress would be lovely. I’ve been dream shopping that store ever since I saw a fashion spread with one of their dresses. Dreamy.

    Happy Hump Day,

  582. love, love your blog. i’m counting down the days until spring and summer!

  583. Feeling so encouraged!! Thank you!!

  584. your words ring true to my life right now. i couldn’t have said it better myself!

  585. Can I just say how JeAlOuS I am of your family enjoying the SUN? We just got done with a huge snowstorm in Washington and are now bracing for weeks of rain and wind. But this I know for sure, I’m a happy and blessed person! Thanks for your post!

  586. Love the stash and dash! Exactly how we clean around here. Thanks for the courage quote! Loved it!

  587. From one overthinkier to another ~ Love your blog! :)

  588. I love all the adorable outfits you find!!

  589. love the quote about courage!! one foot in front of the other!

  590. Loved your quotes today. And that dress is adorable. My budget and etsy do not get along :-)

  591. It’s about ten degrees here, but hopefully, spring will come soon. Right now, I’m watching Survivor with my mom and sister, with a wrap on my foot from ballet, after just finishing my homemade sandwich. And I’m happy. And feeling blessed. It’s March — a new month. And I am ready for it.

  592. Thank you. Thank you for being such an inspiring person and reminding us that even the most inspiring people are unsure of thereselves at times. It’s refreshing to read that!

  593. do you know just how fitting that quote was for me … like right this very second?
    i just sent a mama bear email to stella’s teacher and principal about something and then it didn’t go through (damnfreaking email).
    but i think rather than that whole roaring mama bear voice that was in the email … they might just get a quiet voice (with a whole shitload of courage) tomorrow morning.
    thanks for the reminder friend.
    with you (in unsureness.)

  594. I just got hooked on your blog. I’ve laughed and cried…sometimes together. :) Thanks!

  595. “i will try again tomorrow” that is an awesome quote and exactly what i plan on doing 😉
    Love Shabby apple, love the warm and sunny pictures you shared tonight. thanks

  596. Lovely post as usual and I must say that your confession #2 encouraged me because I was convinced that I was the only mom in the world that did silly kid-like things when no one was looking!

  597. I desperately need a glimpse of spring, it has been a long winter at my house!

  598. You rock.

  599. Every now and then I too take a little step back into feeling unsure. That it how I’ve been for the last couple weeks actually. Although I don’t have it all figured out, taking that step back every once and a while brings me forward in simple realizations on what is really important in my life… My boys and enjoying the simple things. I love to read your blog, because it reinforces those same things… with passion! Thank you.

  600. Oh that quote about courage!! Love it :)

  601. …you “live” your blog so well. Even in uncertainly to live for the now boldly. Waterparks and walks with your girls. The little things, and moments made special. thanks for the encouagment.

  602. I would love to twirl around in one of those dresses! Good stuff! Love this post– you do such a great job taking photos of your girls- I am in awe…

  603. Wishing I was in Florida right now. You take the most beautiful pictures. Would love a little girl to dress up after 4 little men. Nella is the sweetest!

  604. Oh please pick me! I was just looking through their lovely dresses for an upcoming wedding in which I’m going to be in lots of photos and need to look fabulous. :) Thanks in advance!

  605. I LOVE that onesie!! eep!

    We are vacationing in Cape Coral this summer and can’t wait to feel that gulf sun!

  606. Heard that quote about courage years ago when I was a middle school counselor…now a mama of two it has a brand new meaning.

  607. So often your posts are so similar to the way my day has panned out…it’s nice to know that somewhere out in the vastness of the Internet, there are mums all around the world feeling the same way :) thank you for sharing! X

  608. Whoa, did you just say Shabby Apple?

    Somewhere in there I also smiled thinking about you playing hopscotch in your kitchen. Play on playa’.

  609. I LOVE Shabby Apple! I have had my eye on a few adorable little dresses for my Evers. Possibly for her bday in 3 weeks?

  610. Your blog always makes me smile & reminds me to take it a little bit slower with my own littles. Thanks for the burst of sunshine & the reminder!

  611. Your daughters are beautiful. Seeing Nella’s precious face makes me smile every time I see it.

  612. AH I am so jealous of your amazing weather! I’m so over the snow here!

  613. Beautiful photos! I love the quote. It has gotten me through some difficult times.

  614. I have a confession too.
    My late husband gave me his old PDA (back when those things were cool and smartphones didn’t exist) after he got a new one. He gave it to me while we were still dating, and it was super cool to me because I didn’t have any fun gadgets.
    One day, I put it in the case backwards… and the screen broke.
    I was too ashamed to ever confess!
    Silly thing is, he would have forgiven me in a heartbeat, cuz he was just like that.

  615. I LOVE that last pic… 100% happiness.

  616. I just love your blog. Beautiful girls, beautiful pictures. You are very inspiring!

  617. Love the onesie and the spring dresses. You and your kids are always what my Nana would call ‘so well turned out’ which means beautifully presented!

    Its nice to have that special time with your first born. I fall asleep with my son in his twin bed everynight after a marathon of book reading (with his baby sister sleeping in the crib nearby) so that, at least that one thing, doesn’t change.

  618. On a day full of sub-zero temps and blowing snow, your pictures were amazing! Thank you for the reminder of warmth and green to come!

  619. Sigh. It hit 40 today and we all thought it was warm here in Boston. I love seeing the beach pictures!

  620. Thank you for putting yourself out there and saying this. Right now, I needed to know I’m not the only one that feels this way.

  621. After a shocking return to the cold of our northern home this year, I find it uplifting to read your light and refreshing Blog. We spent 3 warm years in the wonderful south. Your photos are not just beautiful but take me on a visual journey of your life. Thank you for sharing with us. I swear I can feel the sun’s warmth leap through your beautiful photos. I always look forward to reading your blog.

  622. As always…I LOVE your pictures. They leave me wishing for spring.

    Denise WI

  623. Your girls are adorable in their dresses. So cute and fresh for spring!

  624. it was minus thirty-fricking-eight here yesterday morning, the first day of march, when i woke up.
    i could use a pretty little spring dress for my pretty little thing! :)
    anything other than white and snow and cold!! and the reminder that color will soon reappear….
    thank you for the honest post!

  625. Oh… to have time with just my girls.. or just my boys…to rock my oldest littles to sleep.

  626. that picture of lainey with the sun flare is just gorgeous. can’t believe how early summer comes in florida! love the quote, too. oh, and the dresses – love those :)

  627. Sometimes “Oh the thinks you can think” are a bad thing!! I’m with ya there and it is refreshing to hear you say that. If you can have a bad day, than I can to! Did that make sense???

  628. Suran Wrap the phone it works great, I did the same thing!!

  629. you give me such inspiration. you make me want to be a better writer, photographer, and an all around better person! you are amazing!

  630. Kelle I love reading your blog! The adventures you have with your daughters, insecure or awesomely crafty, make me excited for the I have my own family. PS Today is my birthday. It has been amazing! :)

  631. Just a random….I don’t think I’ve seen the girls ever wear the same outfit twice! LOL. Lainey must own 100 bathing suits :)

  632. Oh….can’t wait for Spring to arrive here in MI!! We had a tease of warm weather and a thaw a few weeks ago, but Winter has returned — you know how MI is!! Soak up some ocean and sunshine for me. Love, love, LOVE the dresses at Shabby Apple!!!

  633. i’m only posting twice because i just saw this and couldn’t believe it came from someone other than you! check it out: http://vol25.typepad.com/vol25/2011/03/new-art-bloom-where-you-are-planted.html
    you have to own this :)

  634. I have those times of uncertainty, alot.
    And I was so looking forward to a Friday night I am Woman, Hear me Roar fest with the girls, but instead I will be keeping my oldest son company in the hospital following ankle surgery. It’s okay though, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Of that I am sure!

  635. Sorry about your phone. That is a bummer! I love the pictures that you share on your blog. You have a beautiful family/life and you are a fabulous photographer. Thanks for sharing.

  636. Your photos make me look forward to summer here! Love them.

    Those dresses are adorable.

  637. I have been struggling with confidence lately. When I hear that other friends are doing things and it’s not because I am not invited but because I have been too busy. It hurts. Thank you for your words today Kelle. They helped inspire. Much love!

  638. I am more unsure than ever at this point in my life….not exactly what I had pictured in my mind when I was young dreaming about my future life. But I like to think of the song from Annie when I feel this way..”the sun will come out tomorrow” and I really hope that it does.

  639. I loved the quote about courage! Thank you for that!

  640. Dude, I am so feeling the same way this week….alas, not every week can be a week of perfection and all knowing. Glad you can find peace in being unsure. Love that pic of Lainey with the soft light (the one with the Uber cut polka dot collar dress). Love the quote too. Great post Kelle and those girls’ dresses are too cute!

  641. random confession of my own: sometimes i’m still scared of the dark and under my bed.

    but that’s probably because my room is so messy, a monster COULD live in there.

  642. You are so inspiring!! Love reading your blog. thank you for sharing!!

  643. Thank you so much for sharing the video! I am passing it on to my freinds!

  644. Beautiful, unsure post, Kelle! Bummer about the phone:( Your girls, they just make me smile!!xo

  645. Love the courage quote — perfect for this homeschool mother with littles.
    Love you, Kelle!

  646. Jealous of your warmer temps, spring has been a horrible flirt here in DC.

  647. Thank you for the great post and beautiful pictures!

  648. Ah, spring dresses! I love that gold lining on Nella’s onesie.

  649. I’ve loved Shabby Apple ever since you FIRST posted about it! I would love to win!

  650. The picture of Lainey right after you explain that she is indeed fine really is beautiful. I have an almost 3 year old daughter and she is my world. I am at a place where I think I am ready for another but then I am not. I always wonder how my Kallie will feel. Hearing you say that she is indeed fine has me thinking. The video for NDSS was inspirational. All that I can say is Wow!!! I loved it:) Nella is such a precious gift and it is obvious that your girls love each other dearly. You are one lucky mama!!!

  651. Overthinking and overanalyzing is exhausting…glad you’re taking a break and reminding yourself that it’s ok!

    Favorite part…the night you snuck away with Lainey!

  652. Is it just me or is your photography getting even BETTER? Your girls have the greatest style!

  653. Love the pic of Lainey buried in sand! It literally made me laugh. So cute!
    And I love that the giveaway is from Shabby Apple! You’ve posted about them before and just this week I was trying to remember the name of their site. I love their dresses! Yay! So now I’m really excited to shop there and I’d love it if one of the dresses were free! :)

  654. I’m so thankful that you use these moments of “unsure-ness” to inspire others. We are are blessed by your willingness to be vulnerable. xxo

  655. Goodness, thank you for all you share!

  656. Oh, I can’t wait for Spring! Up here in MI we had a tease of Spring with some warm temps and a thaw. Soak up some ocean and sunshine for me. And I love, love, LOVE the dresses at Shabby Apple!!

  657. I will always treasure your honesty. It is so refreshing. Also, I totally spilled a big glass of water right on my iPhone earlier, I don’t know if mine will fare as well as yours. I have had my eye on a few Shabby Apple dresses for my baby girl, they are so cute!

  658. Um, can you please send some of your warmth to Chi-town? And maybe some of those beautiful dresses? =)

  659. Can’t wait for weather like that in your pictures!!! Love the pictures of your girls, they are ADORABLE!

  660. Lainey seems to have come into her own and know who she is even more than i do right now!

  661. That quote was so what I needed to hear today! I am so envying your beautiful weather there. The pictures just radiate warmth. Your girls are beautiful!

  662. I absolutely love your blog. Your pictures are beautiful and it inspires me to go take some of my babies! :)

  663. I did that to my phone too. A trip to the apple store and $80 later I had a brand new screen. =]

    I love your blog btw

  664. I feel what you are saying. I love following your blog.

    PS I LOVE shabby apple.

  665. That quote..The one about courage..Just inspired me tonight. I have been on a weight loss journey for almost a year now and the past few months I have struggled…And I know I will be okay because at the end of the day..I have the courage to say I will try again tomorrow! Thank you so much! And I have to say..I can’t WAIT for warmer temps here in Michigan…OY!

  666. I’m getting a little jealous of your nice Florida weather! I wish Minnesota winters didn’t last so long.

    And too bad about your phone, the same thing happened to me awhile ago. Just be careful, you’ll be getting some calluses/cuts on your fingers from the cracked glass!

  667. that is the kind of courage i need! to face another day! to feel like i did what i could do today, and tomorrow is a fresh start. the courage to continue…


  668. Cute dresses!

  669. Right now…I am loving that one of my favorite clothing sites, Shabby Apple, operated by some really fabulous women, is your newest sponsor!

  670. I feel your iphone pain! My husband dropped a cutting board on mine, when I’d only had it for two months. I tried using mine through all the shards of glass….and then he went and got me a new one the next day. :)

    Isn’t it great to have those snuggles with your first born? My oldest daughter is turning six in a week, and I’m always trying to sneak in more snuggle time! I hope she stays a cuddly bug for a long time.

    LOVE those dresses! :)

  671. Courage reminds me of the cowardly lion, bless his heart!

  672. Great post! I find that every state of mind has it’s own type of ‘awesomeness’ whether it’s insecurity or fully in control :) Great summer dresses… would love one for my little girl!

  673. as one of your older readers…MUCH older (sigh) I’ve raised 3 kids and I used to do the, “woulda, shoulda, coulda” talk with myself. Kelle, ride the wave. Go with it, don’t second guess yourself because you’re doing an awesome job. The one thing I know for sure after all these years is that I wish I hadn’t worried so much and just enjoyed the ride. Messy house from time to time? Who cares…it’s a home, not a museum. You’re making memories for your girls and that is what my kids remember, not the Mt. Everest of laundry that I never seemed to conquer. I work in genetic research and I’ve learned so much from my families…mostly not sweating the small stuff. Ruth

  674. I wish I had your weather. We have SNOW and lots of it. I got a work-out in yesterday by shoveling our walk and driveway. Thanks for sharing what you ENJOY. I think too much too, and don’t sleep. I am working on that.

  675. thank you for sharing your beauty, for Nella’s giggles and looonnnggg eyelashes, for Lainey’s gentle yet free spirit and your warm beaches (we live in a frozen ice box up here in Canada)…

    lacking confidence and having insecurities are sometimes just check points encouraging us to reach deeper and embrace the here and now and to welcome these feelings as purposeful moments to grow from. we find comfort and peace in self growth…don’t know if any of this makes sense…but there u have it…my simple thoughts…

    love the quote…it’s going on my fridge…i seem to be living this every day lately…

    thanks for your inspiration to always be on the look-out for beauty in our “right nows”

    happy days to you

  676. Love the dresses and love your blog!

  677. Your photos are always breathtaking, but that Nella just grabs me by the heart every single time. Is she always so smiley? Or does she just love the camera? LOL – she’s beautiful.

  678. Your babes are so sweet! My grandmother lives in Naples, and while I’ve only made it to the Isle of Capri once, I was very young and don’t remember it well. The next time I am in town if the weather permits, hell even if it doesn’t, I plan on heading over to your beautiful sanctuary to soak up all of its goodness. It must truly be a magical place for you to long for it through all of the cold months and love on it through the warm ones. As always, your blog is positively lovely and inspiring. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  679. I, along with others it looks like, am also summed up with that quote. Totally fit at the end of this day.

  680. those kids are too adorable for words!

  681. Love your blog, love your voice, love your photos! Your girls are simply precious!

  682. Your photos make me ache for spring! Just a little longer up here in Maryland. I can’t wait for our daughter to soak up her first spring!

  683. Your daughters and your words are both so precious and amazing. :)

  684. LOVE that quote! And you of course. :) Is that weird? I hope not. You just inspire me, that’s all.

  685. Oh so sorry about your iphone!!! That’s awful! I’m glad you’re still rockin’ it! :)

    I’ve officially planned a trip to the beach for my family… my daughter asks me every day if we are going to the beach yet. I so hope I can get pictures somewhat like yours to capture this exciting trip! Your photography is amazing!!!

  686. Love love love those dresses! Your girls are beautiful. :)

  687. That picture of Lainey that is all washed with sunlight where she looks so serious is just mesmerizing. She looks so much like you in that photo. Beautiful!

    I know what you mean about feeling like the time alone with your first born is fleeting. I try to cherish those rare alone moments too!

  688. one of the best (and toughest) lessons I have learned is to sit with those uncomfortable feelings. You know, hang with them, get to know them, allow yourself to feel them. And you’re right, you stretch and grow. Not that I’ve mastered getting acquainted with the ickies but perhaps with time? and practice? Also, have to say that the messy house blog was awesome because I confess I am one of those mamas who wonders how crafty, blogging, beautiful women do it all when all I have to show is a clean house and cranky kiddos who I guiltily wish I had put down the dust rag for. I might be the opposite side of the spectrum but from where I sit it looks good over there :)

  689. Your choice of music with your topic is spot on EVERY stinkin time!!!! I have no idea how you do it, but I’m amazed! Oh, I love the Cortez dress!

  690. Sometimes I wonder if you’re inside my brain… like a tiny little lightbulb stuck between the areas of “this is what I am thinking” and “this is what I want to say”
    And yes please, I’d love me a Shabby Apple dress for my girl!

  691. I’m also loving my east coast FL weather right now!
    And I agree, unsurity is the place that lets you pick a new path.

  692. i love Nella’s smile in the first two pictures, it reaches right to my heart!

  693. Your posts comfort me. Thank-you :) :)

  694. Beautiful… the girls, the clothes, and the video! I live a crazy life right now with a job, full-time classes for teaching, my home, and my fiance and kids… your blog always makes me smile. The shots you capture of your children are so perfect… I wish I could capture half the qualities of my kids that you manage to get!

  695. Love, love your blog! Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  696. Oh my. Put my name in the hat please!

  697. The favorite onsie is ADORABLE!!!

  698. This comment has been removed by the author.

  699. love the shabby apple dresses…and all the clothes you dress your sweet girls in!

  700. If I won, I would choose the Ruffle My Feathers dress for my daughter – it’s adorable!

  701. The favorite onesie is ADORABLE!!!

  702. Adorable post as usual! :) Totally jealous of your pool weather – it’s still a little too chilly here for that, although hopefully not for long!

  703. confession: would never think about eating a spoon full of white sugar, but brown? well, that’s a whole ‘nother story, and it tastes good :)

  704. shabby apple? i could use a little of that. :)

  705. Being unsure is usually what pushes me forward in life. Its like I need it. Makes me search for answers, etc. And GOTTA LOVE Shabby Apple~ it is so fun to dress a little girl.

  706. Kelle, thank you that quote. If you had read every quote or proverb ever spoken today, you could not have given me a better one for our situation. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve used it for a post I’ve dedicated to my sister today. I know you’re a busy mumma and a very popular blogger, so I don’t expect you to read it, but I’ll give you the link anyway just in case you want to see what I wrote about you and that quote.


  707. *definitely unsure*

    Love Shabby Apple! Love!

  708. Love your blog–love your photos–love your beautiful girls and family!

  709. I needed to read that quote about courage today. It was a hard day in Mommyville. Thanks!

    love to you and yours!

  710. That Jeffery comment^^^ was actually from a Nicole… who forgot to sign out of her husband’s gmail account!

  711. I have to live vicariously through your photos of sunshine and waters and swimsuits and beaches… our days don’t get that forgiving until May or June – nothing a beautiful vintage-inspired dress wouldn’t fix!
    Oh, and if you look closely, you’ll notice I also have my hand raised. See? Yes, there it is – I’m also unsure. And I’m also okay. Most days, anyway.

    little feet in my house

  712. Doh! I *just* made a quilt out of the exact fabric in Lainey’s Shabby Apple dress! I gave the quilt to a new baby, but would love a dress! So cool. And so jealous of your weather right now. But…Love Where You Live, right?

  713. HaHaHa Kelle…I totally play kitchen-tile-hopscotch ALL the time! Only in secret though :)

  714. Being unsure is what makes us look at things differently. If we were certain about everything we would never question what is.

    Love the dresses!

  715. Thank you for reminding me that I don’t have to be 100% confident 100% of the time. We mamas need to give ourselves a break!!

  716. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH the eyelashes on that beautiful litte Nella…and her sweet big sister rockin’ the shades! You are blessed with two amazing gals! Thanks for sharing the everydayness of life with us.
    (its minus 30 today with the windchill and 10 feet of snowbanks in my front yard, grrr)

  717. you’re pictures make a midwestern girl like myself LONG for sweet summer days! :)

  718. Nella is just the cutest little thing. And Lainey…beautiful!

  719. I can so relate to this. I have a tin sign in my kitchen that my best friend gave me that reads, “I understand the concept of cooking and cleaning…just not as it applies to me.” BUT, I am READY to get BETTER at keeping house. And teaching my boys better habbits. The balance is really important to me…and I’m aiming to get better at incorporating my boys into the house work…trying to make it fun and let them help and then everyone get rewards in the form of cupcakes, and picnics and going to the park and candy treats, etc. I’m drowing in laundry and clutter, though….and needing some order. :) This post came at the perfect time for me and was a great source of encouragement and inspiration as usual. THANK YOU for sharing so openly with us. You rock. And those girls just keep getting prettier and prettier.

  720. Your blog is still so inspiring! I would love to win a dress for my daughter!!!

  721. Ahh, your girls are always so stylish!! :)

  722. I am on my way to Southwest Florida tomorrow to join my family for “Spring Break.” I am dreaming of the beach and sunny days and I plan on soaking up for Vitamin D than I ever knew possible! This post just made me more excited for my vacation that starts in less than 12 hours! :)

  723. lovely girls, lovely post, lovely onesies. And since we just found out we’re expecting our first- I thought I’d just try for one(sies) :)

  724. I look forward to reading your blog and looking at your pictures ever day. Thanks for being who you are. :)

  725. Your girls and your words are beautiful as always. I have three girls that love their dresses, about to make a purchase from that shop right now!

  726. Kelle – I am so inspired by your words, your photography, your general outlook on life!
    I’ve just finally caught up on reading your blog from the very beginning, and now I’m really not sure what to do – how on earth can I go an entire day or two without reading about your beautiful littles!!!
    Oh, and by the way – loving these dresses!!!!

  727. Four years ago we spent a few days in Florida, on either end of a trip to South America. It was heavenly! We drove through the Keys and enjoyed those beautiful skies and great beaches – and would totally come to visit again. Someday!! I love your ‘right now’ post today.

  728. Would love a new dress for my first born who also is growing up WAY too fast!!

  729. love love that photo of you snuggling Lainey. Love those mama moments.

  730. …”Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”

    gulp. in the face of some pretty darn big uncertainties in our life right now i needed that!

    only dreaming of swimsuits and sunshine from our still snowy canadian front~ but seeing your pics spreads a little of the warmth.

    i like that. and you. :)

  731. Just checked out the Shabby Apple website…How Fun!
    Thanks for your words today and every day.

  732. Your girls look so sweet in those dresses, as they always do in anything you put on them! I would love a dress for one of my little girls! I also love that onsie Nella is sporting! So cute!

  733. Loved this post. Loved Lainey buried in the sand- such a cute smile!

  734. loved this post, Kelle!
    My husband said there are places you can buy kits to fix your iphone screen for about $20 (someone has probably already told you that by now… I just don’t have time to read ALL 722 comments)

  735. aaahhh…

  736. I always LOVE the way your girls are dressed! And it’d be nice to score a cute little dress because my husband is going to divorce me if I BUY one more thing 😉

  737. love the dresses! i have too much fun dressing my one year old daughter…..your blog inspires me on a continual basis :)

  738. I’d love a chance to win a dress for my niece. She’s such a little girly girl and simply adores “fancy clothes” (her term for dresses and skirts).

    Have a great week of not over-thinking. I know I could use a refresher on the need for those every now and then. (-:

  739. Thank You for being such a great inspiration! Your pictures are soo beautiful, I love to look at them over and over again :) :)
    LOVE YOUR BLOG! I wish I lived in Florida..In Norway where I live, it`s still SNOW and minus degrees… Looking forward to jump into my favourite summerdress and dance in the sun! (in about 3 months…)
    Have a nice day Kelle!

  740. Ive spent the last three “work” days reading your blog…im almost done!! SUper cute dresses for the BeBEs!!!

  741. I absolutely love that quote…very inspiring!

  742. I’m loving the pic of your firstborn in the sand! Especially the bow sticking out–so cute!

  743. Sometimes- right now is right where we need to be:)
    Another great blog that makes me think!

  744. Thank you for getting me in the mood for spring! I can’t believe you are sitting in sand and water. I love how you capture such sweet moments.

  745. also love cuddling my little to sleep.. some of the best moments.

  746. Here’s a confession… I’m on my SIXTH iphone. Yep. 6th. I’ve dropped some and ended up with a screen like yours, one landed in the toilet, and the last one… I answered in the shower when it rang. Why? Because he was THAT cute. Totally worth it. I know I’m crazy. And addicted to my phone. This post makes me want to be near a beach so badly!! Come on summer!